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3 Guys Sports Show Podcast 5/30/14

Jun 1, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's -- thirteen seven these three guys -- show join the conversation now one based blue eyes urging three guys -- show. Oh boy we're going all schools this weekend guys she's very old school radio as I look at an -- show she's. Same -- post a picture of an -- on our three guys sport's showcase the very fact I didn't. It's the fix we have our way out of what we're talking about hey you know my day easily everyone just things that plays on their -- out there -- matter it's. Are there phone now it's not us we get their big tablet and now right now the sharply. But I'll say well we -- much good stuff on Matt Wright ran absolutely this is a great Roberts are you now you'll you can see exactly Lori you know we laid out for youth. That's our show like Alex is going to do -- sex but this is a great chance exact order to comment on it. Yes definitely comment where they comment on the go to the FaceBook page you're not already a fan. Go to the search box from the number 33 guys sports show like the page in -- enjoy -- -- -- NBA of course via Western Conference finals Eastern Conference files. Finals were timeout as Johnny -- -- And isn't a bad thing that he's -- -- of course -- from all hang out all weekend in that. NN in Vegas with the Bronx there sin city through. Is that a bad thing you're not -- we'll talk about it here other guys torture also. Damage has been done the Dallas Cowboys and one brand work is sitting right in front of me. -- Fiona and just literally when he when he about the news of well we're gonna talk about he's just there -- hands down on John Stephens overnight as he has started. I'm asked questions would you rather be -- cowboys Paris and Houston Texans fans that a quarterback we'll talk about -- also when I was -- last week I was an Indianapolis for the Indy 500 guys with a fantastic week all right we're out of talking motor sports. I learned about leadership and I learned a lot other cool stuff and I have a bowl predictions from my -- nothing about motor sports. It's all about. There's some football and there's some stuff that we can -- from referrals for life. Life lessons life plus my friends and we're gonna dig into our sack. At the end of the show bread for the in the show there's three guys sports show mail sacks that as. We've now open at GS for questions are out FaceBook page is he now you name it boom Twitter. And have Casey are got cushioned by the -- minimal control with -- -- a reader questions for us right Casey. He's got a employers on my contract for aircraft after another quick brown well actually it ought to be all right those questions for yes and that's particularly agree we only have an hour of the show and we only have an Arizona I know and I know Casey's been beaten to read the mail -- create apps that you need you know as well they now. Why -- you can just keep on it's an -- our -- as you are slow stage WAH I want their bodies. The spurs -- that's not undertake its three -- series my friends and out say well I'm glad that Patrick Davis is here in Syria by the way. That's Davis spurs -- -- tonight that's we hear another guest for show we are fans of the sport brand New York also in the remain at of course out Franco. We are three yes fortunately I'd chime in anytime you want by the way there have faced looking Ginn -- is my second three exports Jeff it's great to have Patrick Davidson here because. I want ask you man I mean these thunder bone spurs basically they had they they've won at nine straight in that Oklahoma City -- disperse. Last night dope boy what a blow out we saw 11789. I was watching that game the other quarter all the stars of the -- sit on the -- just literally just plain. Plain words of France. Could that Warrick -- anymore for reform -- it was amazing but when there in Oklahoma City. That's not the case what's the deal -- how come they can be so good at home and so -- away. Well if you look at what happened game three it was to see huge emotional lift before. Being that the underpinnings Serge Ibaka back. Going into game four earned the spurs started out slow didn't get it going and really -- in when the bench players start to show up. In the in the fourth quarter the fourth quarter the fourth of game four with huge fresh in game five because they may -- while Russell Westbrook. And Kevin Durant play over forty minutes any game -- just sat the entire fourth quarter it that may have to Penner had any bench whatsoever. Those guys have been arrested and not dead tired going in the game five. And on top of that -- gave -- starters a chance to arrest for them ready for game five so now they've arrested 24 quarters you know other every radio game six -- seven which was huge in this series. Because after that long layoff after the first two games. If it goes the full length. It's five gains and eight days those guys need -- -- Now and let's also say this I know every -- coming out right -- Oklahoma city's -- they're dominating the spurs in Oklahoma City OK but it's it's when Oklahoma city's healthy. Let's not forget the -- haven't -- healthy and Oklahoma City too many times. Over that nine game span I'd say there is maybe four games out of nine where the spurs went in with at least 90%. A lot of times you have star players sitting out games a lot of time over the season -- new. They they put us in a situation or -- the back -- they -- back into the back to back. Or a new law the end of a long road trip. I guess what posture and -- played Tim Duncan that game he's not gonna play you know Tony needs -- money stressed he has no problem resting his guys in those games. So he knew going and they don't they think -- a mental advantage we know they don't because our guys know they didn't play -- Three -- sports are talking about of course the San Antonio Spurs how they played the Oklahoma City Thunder. Looking at the other guys -- CFD. Via the pacers and heat series of course the heat leading the series 32. And that's an -- an airplane in Miami -- he -- a close tapping out. Series over predictions over. And tonight. Thrilling yet and there's no stance and Apple's -- tonight what is so funny guys is watching on television the heat fans are just like man they just know Miami but when -- watch -- -- -- Annapolis you see the yellow -- I -- -- -- -- -- very Oklahoma City -- like yes Miami the Miami Heat fans like men from Miami we're gonna hear -- glad -- -- out all right so yeah mainly due to. Here four years ago and they're not gonna care after LeBron -- It's not a great basketball town and never has been it's -- reason why in the you know Intel Dwyane Wade got there and really builds up to himself what that team was. And they never cared about it Alonzo Mourning is a great player but he never got -- respect because North Miami cared. No you're right and this series and it itself really it's well it's Bennett it's -- for Meeks a little bit more fun to watch in the spurs and thunder because they're games have actually been close. It's still really hasn't been that that thought I mean this is old school these -- kind of stressful no -- really planned. A putting up over a hundred points and it's it's ugly and you got the business is Ray Allen called the book free of glanced email and where else are -- gonna see a guy get blowing in another guy's -- and misery in this game and -- ridiculous they're really as you call the the he had he'd wrapping up tonight Patrick -- same thing as well he wrapping up. And that before that we talk about the spurs the spurs going on I guess tomorrow -- that -- wrapping this thing up in Oklahoma City or is Oklahoma City gonna win this game. And then take you back Santonio about San Antonio Spurs won in seven that's my -- so your finals the Miami Heat vs the San Antonio Spurs yesterday which is what we said the begin this season and I think that a lot of people thought that in a while I think we all I see that we wanna see that again especially spurs fans. School you have to feel extremely jaded after what happened last year victory right there in the grasp of your palms it was right therefore you. I its policy slip away it's still instilled by my friend who text me congratulations right before Ray Allen hit those shots. It says don't blame them that's the release -- blame Alex I remember being with him watching that game and I'm -- yeah. Yeah I I was. I was at a bunker and all of us in every time they were safe then right no. Know some -- ordered victory shots like no you're in good order could tell Liz Dunn. Until I see him on the podium -- lab we're done what is the spurs' victory shot like China -- It's gonna topic Kayla it's not the dealer and this. It's going to talk of command slam and some watchdog is nobody's -- when guys -- -- my -- to a victory meal was with some -- -- -- guys didn't sign the spurs -- old school colors are the top -- scholars -- -- the -- with John -- how -- Matt -- like well we'll see what happens boys and -- -- -- -- me is going to be a great series. It was a fun stuff. Speaking of LeBron James Patrick Davis dimensional while LeBron James going back to Cleveland after this out well there's one -- in Cleveland -- out. James Johnny Mann is now well I mean Cleveland has been making to be a fantastic place because I am going to. LeBron goes back he's not going to read that the first time anyone's ever -- used to be a fantastic place well why wouldn't it be when you have Johnny football and mag king James. Talk about Johnny -- Al coming up next and now everyone in Cleveland. -- embrace and are they he hated them -- I -- around this room. In Vegas is fast we can do what we all knew how we scored against that's coming and some other guys Georgia. By the way chime in on -- ten you do right now the search box seven number 33 -- sports show like the page would love to hear from me Johnny -- self fans come right back present format you wanna hear us. It's -- thirteen seven these three guys -- show. Join the conversation now on FaceBook by searching three guys sports show. I don't mind nothing wrong whatsoever -- one shining Nancy L lead in the Las Vegas. After NCAA -- With the Cleveland Browns see. Nothing at all by the way Alex here and there escorts along what brand and -- war mr. pageant -- Casey Johnson pushing the buttons. Chime in anytime that you would like play to do go to FaceBook got the search -- and -- number 33 guys horse show like the page. Post all you want we've got a lot of stuff of their. This week at Atlanta I'd love to hear comments right especially bad Johnny man's allies and am you win your living near constant actually US military escort show of course talk thirteen seventy. The official station of Aggie sports. Your boy Johnny man's -- claim to the Cleveland Browns and going -- NN Las Vegas apparently a lot of people have problems with it. Except the except Cleveland. I mean this couldn't the stat that the he'd be higher ups. Have an issue that the coaches maybe do but yes fans loved us. Absolutely is already the most polarizing person in the NFL contemplated down not one now on the I like it yeah I feel like they went and of course the fact is with your boy Bronx well I -- see here's the finding of you guys have listened to other guys for strikes hated the fact gronkowski -- -- your wallet out. And he's so good because you hit you wanna hate guys that are that good they can be. -- -- tank -- has departed dad just that guy and -- on Sunday and you work. You Jonny sack him because that's got a guy -- thing I know why you know -- -- it's jealousy. They have -- days. It's not just give him props and his boys well. Now I can because. It's Johnny has Johnny's doing dance like outstanding -- that's just how they were all you know what. They are an extra gear and you know what that's cool because why. They're talking about and I have a friend I went on the west of the friends through this week. And he's in Cleveland. -- you know what. Screw the fact that he goes to Vegas and parties -- -- out I want -- -- and I'm brown my -- -- Amazon and think about it. They're like screw the fact he goes and does this include you know eight. The bottom line Cleveland needs us. We don't have stuff like this I mean there's people like you're nearing the pages and have big rocket does this. There's a spotlight yet but Tom Brady like this Cleveland has no one has had no one for how many years -- star. Forever guys forever you know -- mine -- I mean why not I mean joining Intel came back from Vegas. Apparently he was he -- so much trouble when he landed and several bars or restaurants and a -- spread. On their sane UBU -- to keep on being Johnny Hollywood Johnny man's -- dear thing. What a great thing I'm -- it just seems like Cleveland needs some things and it goes back to look all of -- It's when I go with I think pathetic. The jury hears a parent. And team ever in the -- -- -- just please save our football team. We don't care going to become a convicted of murder if he won sixteen games. -- it's ridiculous that is bars and everybody supporting him. Don't -- -- else's air support. -- I don't have a problem I don't know promised when Johnny Mandel did parting of the Vegas. -- a problem he's posing for all these pictures. And just acting like it's not a big deal to beat these he's bringing on the people questioning he's just going up to it. Realize what you're doing it's the same concert when he -- goes well it's our first of a right to say something that we have to fight it some books on my FaceBook page in the AC all those pictures of me. I'm drinking and everyone in my pictures I'm drinking and everyone in my pictures now I applied for a job when I'm trying to be the spokesperson for a brand. Now they see those pictures don't want me anymore because they know I'm unreliable and that I have problems and I'm gonna be doing this stuff and that's not the image they want. This is not the image that a fair -- the company is going to want. I don't have a problem with him doing it I have a problem with him kind of shelling in your face in going oh I'm better of the. Everywhere but he's a whole different level because you know -- and you know he's a star because. We'd go out and buy us weekly and people to see people partying and doing -- and a whole different level. Johnny Mandela's at that level -- hasn't played down but he is a star. The cardiac she ends are star and mean by any media and watch it please don't compare guys guys guys have the current mass this have a card -- -- played down Bobo. An NFL. No with a dad did more in our career has joining -- now weighted down the NFL know. And say the right they are stars they got I Cisco right. Now it right now if Johnny man's bill if if he does all the stuff -- find he comes out throws three picks and -- stay in his first game. So it's not OK anymore. It doesn't matter how. How we can in Las Vegas is is not gonna make a difference as to whether he throws three picks in the first game where -- throws not throws four touchdown when they went. It's it's about what leads up to it he's there and join the Memorial Day weekend what does France. He's not as these guys iPad there. What the playbook just like all the NFL teams do now you know he's been in some time -- you know it was on the -- sit in the middle seat study unit you have to -- we also I'm a coach what do you think he's doing in there there's no I know it's not -- but but that's your point you made earlier about. About the pictures on FaceBook and how potential employers might give you a hard time nun and a book. Do you myself Alex -- -- -- we've never won a hybrid never want I don't know yes they don't want people researchers they see that they're -- they were questionable. In his case he's already proved himself out. Didn't end up in the public I that he can do what he can do one -- he's great on the field okay now disapprove of the NFL still I get that but. This is not going to hinder him whatsoever he's there having -- you can't go and enjoy a weekend. And embedded. With UB well now there's input in my face I don't -- what are your face -- other people taken photos of him and posting that he's no there haven't. But the guys is what I want and didn't for so many years and so long. We have seen this happen with these guys that come out of college as rock stars and then you see the -- tame him. You see the NFL team or -- or via MLB team or the MBA seem tame him. And they're not the person they used to be. Let Johnny being Johnny how about for once and hit once and the FL's life. Let him be Johnny rocks are up and go out and if he fails and fails -- why let him do what he did in college because he pulled it off let a book. And that if this story comes out that he goes back to -- human induced charity -- if he does this other stuff is still puts out there that he's doing everything. -- love give them a break for going out but if you're is gonna go party party party practice practice and you're not gonna give back the community they communications supports. Well no matter would you on the nominees are gonna be party party party I mean look it's Cleveland for crying out loud I mean if there and if there's any division the containment it's the AFC north. Baltimore Pittsburgh and Cincinnati talk about three outstanding defense is yes he can't be tamed. I looked he's not it it's Memorial Day weekend. And have a good time. I'll say this -- we did hit some comments on the FaceBook page as well Trevor Ogden. -- once it's always -- -- Just. He's this is a good according to I've done mental parting too much terror Trevor Ogden once it's always until it -- That's tool wins big -- one -- and he wins in the NFL I'll take a tool and Marco Ruiz asked the team veterans only ones that you care. Right Andy you know what I'll take a tool that wins the Heisman and sets SEC records I mean the press conference in all of -- -- and what Ollie does is break records. I'll take him but Tim Tebow did the same sort of thing did not get the same type a level that man Zell. No I don't I -- you when it's your right here where. And we did -- didn't even no I don't know. Let me tell us. I know I think it's below normal in the rest guys in -- -- uninsured retreat instead of a meg is I can't I hate this he disguises give -- honestly yo -- -- this war. Make I can't wait -- an NFL just to see what happens in the I can quickly shuts everyone up all detractors he's gonna shut off the guy's lawn. I just blow the roof off the stadium the first time he scored that touchdown in his life so I think you're the man I saw it heading straight says there is this Griffin started on a murder a first -- he's on the grounds for more than a minute. That's. Game one -- one anybody. -- -- -- -- -- -- crowds I have heard on the ground and is heard Ned is is one now alliance nationality now anyways. We'll Simon -- cowboys here at CNN and started Warsaw were blown up joining hands on the Cleveland Browns and have we have been blowing now on the Dallas Cowboys. -- let the case could be worse you could be Houston Texans. And not have a quarterback we're down or at a kicking around in Seattle. Should we be eighteen Texans are -- cowboys that's coming up next and it's great to have brand work here whose team cowboys netstat davis' team Texans. That's their last five minutes in Missouri escorts about a -- chime in on -- India likeness of the search box set with a number 33 guys sports show like that they'd stand. Talk about adding -- doubts and that cowboys fans sections Angeles an -- magnify mass. It's talk thirteen seven these three guys -- show join the conversation now on FaceBook by searching three guys sports show. Not if you lose you job. So we'd love to read your comments -- reading Johnny -- zealous. He's easy party -- sure Z. The serious thing. Well we love to hear you need to chime in on faces again we love you chime in the right now and FaceBook. If you're a cowboys are a Texans fans a lot of drama going on with the right now. Especially cowboys fans William brand work here ask Patrick a lot of a lot of comments are basically grounds. PS we've just also had. Julia Hurst who does not have a problem with. With -- mental -- up in Vegas. I know -- -- brain implants and also. Someone who now wants to be referred to as Texas T percent. -- Trevor Ogden. Hollow Trevor friend of the show -- He wanted to change his name yeah yeah really Dallas you -- no longer and I am I feel like we've been coming up and -- the first half -- great guy we love trailer driver -- he -- and death that's what we ask him he's one of -- few fans and we have very few to listen to us on talk thirteen seven in ten or online and now. He wants his -- handle. What do you think well let me tell you about Texas Steve I. Just -- and that's when he wants me noticed Texas to Texas City, Texas he's a big longhorn fan when I typed in Texas tea into the do listen and I got. Urban dictionary brought this -- Texas unit is now and as a but gasket. A toilet paper toilet seat cover commonly found in public restrooms well so I -- -- is basically the paper the put on toilets I will use -- using them in the sense. Mrs. -- And as text is she on the toilet seat in hand -- Barr. So Trevor wrong and if you'd like we know it's Texas. I'm we can do that we can do that but you're gonna be known as -- -- casket for. I'm looks. But I don't want to admit that -- drivers my boy I don't want him anytime he thought I love I love text is tiny text. Not known at Texas deep breath I mr. -- I. Guys I knew something was fishy when he's at Texas ceiling -- and help this guy out. The -- -- and also just chimed in I know it's nobody's business it's fundamentalism parties that's good stuff I'll tell you guys telling me the minds that. Okay it's all the candidates are that we're gonna find -- all -- see anywhere else gonna find LC sued by the Dallas Cowboys guys. Of course grand marked the biggest Dallas Cowboys fan in the room and a you know what you -- several cowboys scandals in the -- right now and it was such hey did you honestly I felt so bad for you guys. Some -- cowboys -- guy adding Patrick Davis may be just a little bit and he's a Texans guy. But adding more so we -- in the nation felt bad. Earlier this week when you got a horrible news of one linebacker Shaun -- only done for the year Horacio. First practice yet. And kotsay in the act of Benin is a big guy in the cowboys pick in the first round as the and it raises the overall I think all right Zach Martin yes it was you know the cowboys is that we're looking defense in the first round the guys they wanna go -- -- they take Zach Martin's great they're not. And then this happens there's a -- group of people laughing about this the nation is like Sox. The Philadelphia eagle fans. Philadelphia Eagles as you say holes and they are laughing that's just an accident and -- The markets where has lied about the absolutely because you know the cowboys went on -- who we get now. Targets -- Denver like it's one look outside Iowa. They drafted a great guy is gonna that's gonna step in until issues rookie can't the agents from the University of Iowa Brent and I looked at Brent -- I -- I look at you when this went down when this went down I was glad we were we were open open for the best prepared for the worse the cowboys nation my eyes and then when and a news broke. You just look to just put your head down to -- consent aren't -- ago. The next step I mean did you did you feel the season do you feel you're done before the season demons started out because we party to me that you know here's -- fact. He's he's injury prone we've seen that -- has been the last couple years beauty you missed a whole season while I was at Penn State's. He's constantly getting hurt. It's not gonna meaning if the cowboys -- -- It may be in with him on the field they're better but there but they're used to play without him doesn't mean they're going to be any good but they're used to playing without him. I think in any agents was is a great pick up I watched him play for years and I want it he he can step in if he if he can learn the system well he can play well also. These guys that are out on a wire. There's another guy former University of Iowa linebacker pat error. Do I think you're familiar west from his days -- Indianapolis. Deeply -- linebacker there before he got hurt. So they can make it snapped him up to me like thank you never heard of him before a crowd here today everything Iowa before they -- -- signed as -- it is not. Not ask -- yeah. The cowboys -- -- sounds like hell and is how does that defense was. Is losing Sean Lee is is indeed does it does hurt but as bad as they worry it's not gonna hurt him that bad they need to improves all over the fields so my question season done. No okay now a look at Patrick Davis here who is a Houston Texans fan by two -- three escort ship. They aren't talker concerning myself out trying to train and work Patrick Davis talking about is a cowboys' season -- now I look over you and say hey is that. Well I'm -- is a Texas he's down because we know it's been done for a long time but. Randall would you rather be in the cowboy shoes or the tax issues with the quarterback that you guys have. I mean we want what -- to the house by the way Ryan Fitzpatrick. Yeah I. I'd say I -- more -- to -- we're only as many days -- more -- 1998 our defense will be more fun to watch we JJ lodge dating Ryan but. If you're on jury Johnson. Well if you're a guy that's used to winning and wants to win and a better in his how much time on their hands. How do you feel you're Texan I don't want Ryan Fitzpatrick draw me the ball I'm Andre Johnson well and I. No because it's gonna be about conspired -- the guy does have very strong arm he's agreed very accurate very good Smart player. But he doesn't have an arm and that's really all comes down to it's why he's never stayed on the team if he can't get it downfield. And so in case Keenan or -- -- she got their yea TJ Yates is still there. I mean I all I could very well believe we're gonna go there and how we are I was out there as well hold down a big arm yes they are. So if we -- -- -- -- and try and all of our quarterbacks Newsome Frankenstein quarterback. I feel like we are -- pretty good show up this. Here space savage although Iran team is the currency -- -- on these -- -- -- -- -- all right stricker and I'm sorry Texans fans would seriously I honestly nationality and I might. I feel so bad for the Houston Texans fans are now because you have an awful awful. Awful quarterback situation. You really it's not easy and -- as Oakland Raiders how it is his body and because Matt -- terrible I would take that shot. And stern I would only to react hated him I would take Matt's job over everyone right now again all over you know over the news and clearly did not -- the Texans games last year dude I must -- six after pick six and I also watched the Tennessee Titans games in Jake Locker right here and there that's better -- better tackling the -- -- -- take him yeah. -- and which one's going to be worse so watch this year I'm still pleased with the cowboys like I'd rather watch a game like it when they play the Broncos Lazarus 5140. Are you still went out and watch back. Then I am so let's just put up if you're if you like defense wants the Texans if you like offense what to go with together at those two teams could combine. Hello once Dublin to help the franchise it would be good. Some are right now David -- phones are used. So I had. Anything you ask the the same man then when he got going on this season -- Vince wizards' young. Okay c'mon give -- why not a person UT fan wants Vince Young Americans we always do. After Labor Day you'll -- -- steroids available I was criticisms have to -- -- I had yeah. -- hey whine all right they were to come back waiting to break five minutes from now we're going to be back in talking about that where I was last week I've mentioned earlier on the show the other guys fortunate. How many Indy 509. This is -- in -- look. Your like growing tiger announcing its policy NASA now. I'm not talking motor sport and -- an experience I had a hey great. Great life experience I had I wanna share with you guys you're gonna run three guys -- shows. When Jared Graham and Patrick can -- case push the buttons and you got there -- three listening judges will be gets. Good stuff my promises -- -- four minutes Jeffrey guys artistic ground. It's -- thirteen seven these three guys -- show. Join the conversation now on FaceBook by searching three guys sports show. Yeah. So we're talking a lot of Johnny means sell here on the very guys Porsche by the way is Alex here. Military escorts along with -- brand -- -- from a -- -- Patrick Davis Casey Johnson pushing the buttons. Like thank you pretend I know that's a Friday night it's very eight. -- -- just drive managers and Hamas attacks are maybe years Charles wasn't Annan on the G new radio laps absolutely may be on your way to Round Rock Express -- -- is someone on the way to around his right yeah that's you know very receive the message. I'll stand on FaceBook. The way an area that rings and I -- -- tore apart the -- -- really -- a little bit but you know one of the things he said his seat of your Eagles manually lap phenomenal siren thousands of dollars in Eagles man I could be laughing so hard. But the cowboys the Redskins and giants because this division should be yours no problem now -- now handling of anything's an IRA and the Eagles. Something happens bad and the Eagles it's because you sign Mark Sanchez to be your academic I. Pat back half daddy my way that don't match I had read the only when he does -- do you have do you have Sanchez. The Eagles Jersey yet know the digs down. I don't know I Halliburton now I don't even of them are unknown and it folds -- mean I don't sit there's -- and it falls learned. Parents that don't says there's probably count on around yeah that's -- -- -- -- -- the -- we don't I don't I'm very -- days. Bigger in the guy down the road we're in Westlake juries yes -- But together -- expect that. I don't play alienated -- bodyguards alive or dead sprint dot com is on -- -- by the way. The other guy's sports you know saw last week I would I was out I was out and we weren't talking -- Nicole's injuries you know now. We were doing you guys were tied among other things I wasn't in town -- doesn't Indy five hours of the Indy 500 and here we were all jealous. Really -- AMD I have on my very next you know not not to any 500 OK hang out with about your experiences while you were there and I text you have to be done on Sunday unseeded because our random people so here's a deal I know. It -- and that it is we're talking ally and a leg he's right now recommended joining in -- of course but here's the deal guys Indy 500 I went in Annapolis this past week. -- former of course lifetime longhorn Cory Redding Corey Redding now here's the deal his wife Priscilla -- Very good friends of my wife. And grow -- ten years ago so when they were rotating yeah and Priscilla -- quarry we knew them I need them when I was dating my wife as well. So we are kind of -- together we got to get in touch and Corey ended up leaving the longhorns getting dragged by the lions sign a big deal. Had going to the Seattle see don's going to the Baltimore Ravens and then at chuck Modano. Plucking basically core -- could teach Indianapolis Colts the defense that shot taught. In the ball to win the Baltimore system for the Annapolis colts -- was those were tired this year this was -- meet again. Shut them out of broke off the call quarter and said you have to come back you're gonna come back. Scores like -- okay I'm gone back. So Corey invites me out today and apple is 500 this past in October I went to see the Baltimore or I don't -- The colts getting vs the Denver Broncos and -- was amazing which was amazing in which she brought up the Indy five I was like yeah sure why not so the times you sir why not now everyone knows your motor sports brand that I am jumped at that opportunity I. I'm from NASCAR. Come on -- yeah -- -- -- the fact that India OK I figured out why not that this is a great chance this so here guys this is -- So indeed it was fantastic it was great. Seen the people that we're hanging around in this area the VIP area because of course that you're in you're in cores hometown near Indianapolis is colts. Some people wanna talk to you know of course Mark Cuban walking around and guys I'm missing some random names. Cesar Milan beat the dog whisper. Florence Henderson. -- neighbor to talk to all of them. My album the winner of the winner of the voice Josh whatever his name as the little guy and it looks like gas smog I am Jack Osbourne. Several people guy mean is ridiculous but it. I was school that is you know mark Steven was the nicest guy in the world which is of course a Dallas Mavericks owner here's the deal. All that stuff went down it was great it was cool -- people but the best thing I got -- this trip. Was sitting in -- ratings living room. Where there's little daughter a mile lap we're just America. Watching TV and now he's like inanimate popular as dvd for his. It was it -- it was a it was a montage of the 2013. Colts game for the season okay and other games just broken down and twenty minutes of case. The season -- and -- Guys this dvd is not for sale OK so he would he you know we're talking about leadership we're talking about. You know he's talking about you know with a workplace and to time I've been a leader of the work -- -- win mean. This is late night and and he's like you know let me show you sign me and he -- his dvd. And he's like Hilton watch this thing watched things so it starts at DB starts off. With Steve the colts losing to the New England Patriots. You need a playoff game that we are solid and the big -- and some of the coaches put this together right yes cigar shop got a head coach of the the colts but the -- there. So the guy you saw the -- a bit patriots game in -- saw Andrew Luck walking off. And patting TY Hilton on the back saying hey man I got your back no matter what -- that's had a DV started with them -- the -- not like -- man like wow you know. And a dvd basically is called band of Brothers well. Throughout this whole -- draw the CEC. That. They have their back no matter what. Through big wins and through losses and do comebacks -- mean guys the whole season with the colts we all saw comebacks anybody in the biggest comeback -- hall was a playoff game against it's she's still. Indianapolis yes. But in the end the week after you saw a -- army saw Lawson mainland and he saw you now aiming. This is where he saw them band together. And so does dvds started of them all like builds up together all like boom like hey it's all -- we idea -- we gotta we gotta tell his back. And and it's just like awesome because and that dvd ends with they're good they're big winner gets she's so it's like it's unwritten like -- let's go let's go win this thing. And it's like -- If you're workplace or whatever it just makes you watching this thing even if you're not stand the colts it just makes you wanna win you know -- and and then -- -- guys trying to do not -- -- colts had not wanted to us. I feel I don't called -- but -- after watching his TV you can't be any you have to be expanded the colts you know sand. It's just it was just so motivating have just like how it was put together I'm pretty sure may be was put on NFL network. I can't tell you pain but this dvd was just amazing just some like. The passion the colts players have the other day only to have it shows that. And now it's amazing they looked so I can't even do losses and it's like. Look at me you know it's like hey guys we also -- happened so horrible bad today right on the show which. Happens quite a bit. I that we are still in the Mike's turn off to put it's idea we had a great shot on Ottawa area -- on -- back it's this is a life lesson of like no matter what your boys your family. Okay stuff is great you know what dude good times and bad times have each other's back and don't don't running our bus just like take plane -- stuff like hey we got this ready come back. It just great life lessons -- re not these stars -- people. This sitting in corner is live -- Watching Z we just changed my life and it's just like my god you now. So that's somewhat Cheri do you guys just like you know just little things and I I wish I could shared the dvd -- -- want to. But it's just one of those things just have -- is that no matter what you know first I think I don't sound preachy but. Now but I think that's super cool because that's something that. That we don't really know as fans what is really going on Sydell locker room you you assume are you hopes that your team is that way. Mike you know that when teams are losing there's no way it's going that direction all right when you see the teams like you know the patriots for years the -- when Peyton Manning was there are now the way where the way the Broncos -- even the ravens when did you know that they have a great locker room unity that's going on -- the only way -- you're gonna feel sustained. That kind of success and the colts -- means there -- that team on the rise that this is now wanna be under looks third year you better look out for them as a contender for the Super Bowl. -- and he does anything in general guys when you look each other in the face. And there's fifty guys and -- and you say I got your -- let's do this tonight -- rookie or veteran. If you guys are all on the same level and any need you guys and girls and media just put all of them table you -- try to sign someone and you guys guys back. It's just not my greatness and that's what Cory Redding like seriously -- in this trip. And that Fiat 500 it was great but just gain life lessons was even better guys really quick who won the 500. He was Ryan hunter ray. The you have to re dead or do you remember and I memory because you know why I don't even remember what he did or whatever but his cute little kid was -- driver suit and did not want -- -- the breaks my mom and dad were he's -- thirty aren't you worried that he's six. That's what I did -- did decades that breaks he's like even tell how -- why my mom for a few hundred -- The classic. Guys coming up next we'd dig in and -- three guys sacked. Should be -- this is a males act ghastly case John -- as Kasey yet it. Sorry. Oh record in the browser is getting better -- better if I reiterate yes the mail -- to be able to -- in our FaceBook page. And now we'll -- that was it become an accident at three guys for justice by. It's -- thirteen seven these three guys -- show. Join the conversation now on FaceBook by searching three guys sports show. I say he wasn't talking very -- -- seven someone. I saw coach -- summing up -- has such -- the idea. Football teams Indy 500 different dimension Mathieu and -- and got the -- -- say what's -- so just -- far from Texas -- just. He by the way as he's excited and talks all of us looking at brand and market and that pat Davis myself of course -- Franco here. Three ask Portuguese rated talk -- is amazing me Thomas and -- -- -- for the jackass city and club going down June 22 right case John. Yes indeed Simon and June 22 Travis County expo center doors open at four. Program starts at seven it's going to be emceed by a voice of the Yankees Dave south. All the info online -- bags dot org so we're meant January me dipping into our mail sack. Like mail not like our yeah and I yes and AIL yes yes that Casey thank you for clarifying that. But -- lot of the guys that -- -- -- -- for -- is that we have -- -- some of these posts. Really quick on the on the giant man zone we we've talked about all our us. Charlie Gilbert says Vasily no way he he was off from camp so -- his business to do with what he wants on his days office. Texas he says I'll be I think it's what they recover and -- MR -- lover. And then in response sex is Steve Jonas up and says say. If you want to play you see the Mac didn't want them in that's true yes radio it's very funny is that we did our male sex thing didn't chime in all week long you -- -- -- we have a FaceBook comments from you guys. Sometimes we don't anticipate -- critics say you guys I ever went for Chiming in to three -- sports are on FaceBook case John's any questions that we have finance we got about three minutes -- Causing a safe first question out of the sack. If a tree falls in the forest but there's no one there to see it doesn't make it sound for more points. The longhorns in the -- renew their rivalry today albeit in baseball. Does anybody actually care. They have a lot of them yeah so my -- -- -- I -- at I don't think anyone idea of where our response of that. We I mean I I I Saarland along route from for a one on air at 6 o'clock. Central time. -- -- they were plane yeah I think it's great area it'd be better -- isn't actually in the college World Series but even more so if it was on the football field so until on the football field knowing cares -- -- Merit with Steve Ballmer signed an agreement by the clippers for two billion dollars does this make them the most valuable franchise in the NBA. And it's not what team is this no lakers are word -- -- Actually I didn't came down did visit the clippers aren't even are worth about 900 million -- I think day or something like that's the leaders were at one point four bit of one point four billion -- -- -- -- -- it's -- a hole Gloria what sexier and the lakers where you really even even quitting that -- -- sexy wow yeah okay didn't discuss discuss tradition I had jet. What else. Before what's your next question out aren't the Dallas Cowboys a -- only for the season to an ACL there after taking away his contributions from a and thirtieth against the pass last year what chance do you give Dallas of actually making the playoffs. Through a chance to. Not -- give it 5050 that they may record and I you know what I I give -- I give -- -- fifty I high dividends. Guys -- -- was out last year 0%. Ever since and don't make kids they'll make zero present not last year they're not that hey can I say 5050 it's really more illegals no matter what borrowers and their engines -- -- By the way China and on basement guys that brand -- -- now go to the search process the number 33 guys torture like the page in Chiming in on anything NBA Western Conference Eastern Conference finals -- -- -- Texas Dallas Cowboys. China analyst -- our presentation the escorts -- surgeons.