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May 25, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- thirteen seven these three guys -- show. Join the conversation now want FaceBook -- surging three guys sport show. Memorial Day weekend. Everyone now -- especially to. So guys I'm here with tonight mr. Patrick Davis yes and mr. Casey Johnson's Anemia for reservists and Clinton's. Aren't aboard and yes. Pat -- Memorial Day weekend unit courses. I know it's what Memorial Day it would a lot of people and that's a lot of what a fair amount of people that everything is just another holiday to get it didn't -- barbecue and so bugle like call for burning out the school book really come off. It's a day of remembrance -- men and women who died while serving in the US armed forces and it's a big thing we need to make sure we take time to remember the men and women who serve this country. And along those lines after Davis you actually have an event on Sunday. With work funds are going to -- -- raising money. For a for a fund for veterans also but it. It's -- some really cool you do we're -- a big birthday party for the show I don't make semi four point seven awesome I'm a local it's also my birthday to sort -- big party. -- benefiting the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund -- out of little Woodrow South Park meadows. Starts Sunday may 25 three to 9 PM we got six man's four comedians. Is -- great fun all day long an entry -- -- fallen heroes fund is a great charity they started. A number years back actually helping -- family's -- who did not return soldiers who did not return helping out families -- -- money counseling everything they need. And -- are helping us soldiers that are coming back with injuries both physical and mental. The researching brain injuries everything it's a great charity please come out take all these great local bands local comedians. And a lot of fun little address Sunday 39 -- there. And I know it I know it doesn't. Cost again and -- ask you for a donation correct. Yeah I would not let anybody come out and join the -- have some fun get a drink spurs are playing later that night. But we're asking ten dollars adore everything goes to charity a 100% I don't make a dime nobody makes a dime off this all the -- the comedians or playing for free which amazing. It's going to be a lot of fun. Ten dollars a C six -- -- four comedians. That is one hell of a deal I mean what do way what do way to spend Memorial Day weekend. -- so accepting now something like that and all the funds going to charity which which is amazing I'm amazing that you're able to pull this off. It's your -- can -- soldier going to be yeah you're turning 33 in thirty minutes a big birthday our remember my thirtieth birthday I -- and I don't. I thought I. If we do well enough but I I'm very impressed that they bigger able -- the -- this is the second our second year you're doing so appear to -- area. It's -- it's -- -- it's an amazing thing. I went through last year wasn't nearly as big as what you're gonna do this year. I'm expecting big things and hope to see a lot of people out there for those of you libertarians might you know normally Alex Franco who is sit in this chair hosted -- show. While I'm across from him I did in my opinion. He is. Obviously not with us tonight he is this actually. In -- now. Hobnobbing with the problem with the celebs. I mean he's -- he's -- for the Indy 500 -- there hanging out with his friend. Former UC club player and -- current Indianapolis school where Cory Redding. And they were they were at the track today -- -- post a picture our FaceBook page of of who he was hobnobbing with -- was none other. And Texas a and M head football coach Kevin someone. That's trying to get new recruits I mean big this guy it's amazing -- -- I'm Alex -- it is it is it I never cease to amaze me when he says -- pictures of people -- -- -- he always -- a -- -- -- someone. And it's a big bank which is which is gonna set up for us. Another great interview -- coaches night in June. When you hear it here and awesome at Texas and -- tonight's going to be yet the stunning expose on a separate case. All right and we will be their doing -- live broadcast and now of course will be interviewing coach -- someone again this year. Now let's get to what we're gonna talk about tonight in about nine minutes we're going to be talking about the NBA draft lottery -- down this week. Somehow. Cleveland pulled -- off again first pick third time in four years I don't understand -- was going on -- gonna touch on that. Also -- -- to miss our talks at the Texas Rangers. Losing both Prince Fielder answer some -- far. How does it really affect the Middleton on a couple of days visually baseball later on the show the World Cup. Big news went down as we Landon Donovan hero. Retain your day. Permit for the last three World -- not making the roster and finally Patrick the last segment tonight. -- -- we're gonna give. Our top five veterans. In sports history there we've we've got a list of when he. Point people that'd that play professional sports there weren't out there are also veterans -- -- rundown Ellison were gonna give you get our top five we're thinking it's gonna be a fun conversation. Especially on Memorial Day week or for Memorial Day -- up. I'll look that's what I'm really look at -- that's its record yet going to be fun. Let's get started here with the NBA playoffs that's the bit that's the big thing on down. This weekend starting tomorrow got Miami Indiana tied at one apiece and in Sunday's San Antonio. At a local leaders could be hosting the snow in Oklahoma City up to vote. Let's start with dispersed after. Does your team may look unstoppable. Right now. I mean -- let me ask you is this the best it and I'll -- this question our FaceBook page love to hear from you. Is this the best you've ever seen the Big Three play. In there in their time together in Big Three are talking about Tim Duncan Tony Parker monitor and. No not an old idea I've deadly simply better because motto hasn't done well this series -- played OK but not great. The team as a whole just let me rephrase my question from top to bottom. I mean you watch it be they gay and they put in the scrubs the bottom of the bench. There's still make it passes and didn't easy buckets now and first of all. This Oklahoma City Thunder team I'm pretty sure we can put up 59 on. And we're both slow and whites and bad at basketball. And we could do it we issued either because -- horrible -- pretty much anyone in the paint on this team right now. Which is Serge -- comes back which some reports are out there there's a shot -- playing game to break. Say oppressed people of the tricks try to be tricky if you get them. If he comes back then it changes the series I still -- the spurs are playing great the ball movement. And here's the biggest thing you can't let guys like Danny Green and Patty Mills and Marco Belinelli fight their shots. And then try and stop them. If you -- Dallas shut him down from game one in shut down the three point line. Now we've got data green put up 73 last game. How we gonna stop Penelope -- he's put up these shoot what sixty some percent in the series -- -- -- now trying shut down the three point shooters they have confidence now. The may lead if -- bucket goes back. You that they undergo a one but the spurs visceral. We know the first two games they've won by a margin of 52 points -- -- as an -- close and so. That's why what I what I'm watching this team and by the way -- went up the post I put up earlier was asking that question. About about the team have you ever seen the spurs as a team play. This well in the Big Three era I posted a video which was a great video showing how the spurs play as a team and in the thing that they're really bothers me. Is that. For the last decade or even even longer than that it's been it's been more than just a decade really the last fifteen years I think probably since David Robinson. Was drafted -- people called this first born especially though once they drafted Tim Duncan. -- like this team is nothing but boring. You watch the video and it's that they're not boring and and the thing that I like the most about it is that is. Well besides the fact that it it's old school but I guess I'm really old school bass closest team basketball you know like that you had. Good god it's my favorite player of all time Magic Johnson starting out talk as video just -- -- talking about. How great it is and how -- its compare at all to the showtime lakers and how they work as a team and pass the ball until they get that open shot that's needed -- and I would much rather watch it seem like that and watch them when they watch a team like Oklahoma City Thunder where. Russell Westbrook right now becomes down on offense and what's the deal he'll he'll he he'll go straight and note. Bill he'll go to the top of the key and get a screen door to the right -- left and shoot -- shot from about twenty feet out missed it or it maybe eventually look we're Kevin Durant who is. The best score -- -- lawyer know if you are not gonna. Westbrook is playing like Manu Ginobili plays which is erratic and crazy the difference is in this series. Russell Westbrook is the second best player in the thunder Manu is the fourth best player on the spurs. That's the difference is we have three guys hold it down and commodity governor be erratic the only division we need to go play other good players. Alas here's your so right record I mean I -- to me. I just don't even want to box the coming back this this series is Don I settled last Friday that it was the that the spurs sweep them. Yeah I division I mean maybe the -- get a game but did this series is done. We're gonna take a quick break we we weren't able to touch on the east but when we come back -- talk about the -- the pacers as well last the FBA's -- draft lottery. And some of the events that went down tonight and I wanna get your opinion and and hopefully some if you go to our FaceBook page for the search box and a number 33 guys -- Joseph let us know what you would do. If you -- Cleveland Cavaliers GM. Which you bet would you trade the pick would you draft someone what you know did it he would who would you draft. For a talk about that we come back for guess -- -- talk thirteen 78. It's -- thirteen seven these three guys sports show. Join the conversation now on FaceBook by searching three guys report -- Back and better than ever as -- three guys for so here -- -- thirteen 70 AM what a man Patrick Davis it'll estimate. -- -- in the boot to front and make up random war. By the way you can chime in on anything we're talking about right now at his kids did deep into posted on FaceBook right now go to our -- -- The search box at a number 33 guys fortunately both I think we will read your comments on here we love to hear from you. Coming up in there roughly eleven minutes we're going to be talking at Texas Rangers and -- the loss of Prince Fielder that's their season. Also a little bit later we're talking World Cup -- -- Donovan not on that team doesn't matter I don't know and then now we're gonna in the show talking about. Veterans in sports trivia we're gonna go through a listing of our top five right now what do you back to the NBA Patrick. I would left off well. We did get a chance to talk about the east signal in the last segment -- let's bring that up the pacers -- one piece they play tomorrow night Paul George questionable whether it is a concussion. He says he's okay but he's got to be medically cleared were deployed. Doesn't even matter now that they're going back to Miami. Did is this series over. Mean how it all George comes back it's not over this Miami team is not the same team that's why are we talking about they've -- as being into the run. It's it's just not as good a Miami team the role players are there is well. Dwayne -- out there Chris Bosh is you know Chris Bosh so really it's on the broad shoulders. I still the Miami can win it but you could definitely go seven Paul George place. The with the performance that we saw in the fourth quarter the other night from LeBron and Dwyane Wade takes on Olbermann doing what -- you expect superstars to do. Guerrillas Dwyane Wade is a little a little late in his in his years or NBA. But he's he he could still take over games when he when he needs to and they did it and I think if if those two can continue to play. At at that high level and now they've been off since Tuesday. You know those guys they're going to be supercharged ready to go there knows all those old legs is old -- of the Dwyane Wade I. I ice ice I see that when he both teams in Miami going back to Indiana. And maybe they don't take game five but it'll be done in six no matter what. Let's play this way though B if you watch Miami all these throughout this playoffs so many games have been -- down and coming back in the fourth quarter yes. Here's the thing it would need in a dating game one they were up enough and they performed well enough in the fourth quarter but the comeback didn't. Take over Indiana still won the game. And that's kind of what you have to do is. You have to be play -- hard enough that you're gonna Wear them down. And over a series Dwyane Wade will continue to get worse in worsen those fourth quarters if you keep making them work that hard in play that extra minutes. To get back into the game. The last week we both picked cheeseburgers and I'm pretty stick with -- we meet him let's move on the lottery the draft lottery. And -- believable it was a Wednesday night that we -- the draft lottery yes. And some uncertainties in the united somehow pull that Cleveland Cavaliers. Got the first pick again at one point 7% chance of winning. There's not a third time in it for years they've won -- They address the -- -- in 2011. Great they're great pick last year was Anthony Bennett. Also great. Don't know immunity -- -- may -- may -- a role player at some point got makes a big weapon they have it again this year first. After that I have a conspiracy theory I mean is it don't think the NBA is taking this. Payback or LeBron leaving for South Beach a little too far. I'm sorry what are like if you wanna go conspiracy the -- sort of got the lakers would got a there's plenty of -- they would have much rather had that big. That would've made that -- a whole lot better then -- key giving into the cavs blow us. It's like keep giving until until they get it right they can win so they're not a position. Where they have this number one. I -- like I was written a Bill Simmons article where he talked about the new rule should be. That if you win then the third first overall pick in four years you were no longer allowed to celebrate. When you when that take years then I look at shame on air. They should I mean it's ridiculous the spurs what they had the number one pick -- what big when you're that -- Tim Duncan 97 the united seven but it. -- picked inside the top ten cents. No the other time they -- -- Number one pick before that. David Robinson they pick right and they built around it. It's it's I mean there are teams that get it right and their teams that just to bully mess up. Cleveland obviously got it right with a -- but anyone when I got that one right no matter what media is a once in -- messed up day here. Yeah that's right it's a Darko Milicic -- number -- me come on guys who now. If you -- the GM of the cap. You have this first pick what are you gonna do with -- are you gonna are -- -- -- -- we don't we know that Kevin Love is out there Minnesota's. Willing to possibly trade him for good pick or you gonna draft somewhat and build around that. Well first off second or FaceBook page bill with a one and only outbreak -- -- it and had said I'll -- LeBron basket when he wants to do. South other -- just gonna go ahead and does -- -- and ask him. I mean personally for this. I love Kevin -- and let -- get him. But you've got to go to Jolie -- heed this kid is so talented he's so good. And he's healthy. Everybody knows he's helping now. Do I think we do he is healthy. I've heard me any -- boards that he looks fine he's fine he's gonna be okay he's going to be he is a seven foot tall Serge Ibaka. -- that the women playing for four years he has the limitless potential he can shoot threes this guy you put this lineup. Of Irving waiters Tom. Tourists got an interest in Thompson and minuet Angel lead now tell me LeBron is a wanna commend their play with that. Well that's that's the rumor that it because they have a number one picked it that LeBron my command nominates -- that's. I don't believe in taking MB I am sick of people saying that he's the next sixty -- one. I don't think he has bases we have one year Candace I don't think you performed that well being ignored near what you ever saw out of out of a lot to wanna call it. I am firm believer of mutate -- Wiggins or Parker at number one and the fact I actually personally like to -- Parker that the best. Here's I think I think he's more ready to sit in the well hey how many teams the NBA play with a senate right now -- winning there's there's -- to. There's Indiana. And Oklahoma sit there and don't into -- area. Agenda does not your senators Santiago spider. A split its buddies but splitter is not that the high end topics that are. I mean c'mon now he's he's gonna play it at a high level level I'm Tony you always -- -- -- I would always -- the franchise center and that's the only two options here -- -- Kevin -- I -- that's the only. Only two options I don't agree that you always take take the franchise and because the senators have are almost becoming obsolete that is. Dwight Howard plays for the -- pockets where that. It's got a heart and I'm not in beating Kevin Love who can both spread the court as wells planes I don't think Kevin Love -- a senator either right I think give him as a power forward. But that's in today's age he is. He is your franchise center in today's basketball. So -- get. With this first pick gold backed out at this point is would that be enough to entice LeBron to come back to Cleveland. I think you entice -- you have to get Kevin Love. I don't think he was -- come back then be player coach to get these young kids there. I don't think it matters at all I think he stays in Miami four or he goes on and he's testing in -- -- -- -- mother and uses a Miami now really quick we're gonna go to break but. Patrick what the true highlight of the night for the NBA draft watered. What an eighteen year old Mallory evens the daughter of the bucks co owner -- these fools who is there accepting -- -- the second overall pick for the Bucs organization G added. But it was 44000 Twitter Twitter followers in an hour. Let me just say I'm not creepy so now. You can be creepy all day long mouth -- -- play Iowa that. You may have been Ireland -- -- murder record when Rick humpback back. If they're gonna talk taxes raiders of the Major League Baseball the letter read -- -- World Cup and who is your top veteran in sports history we will be right back here with three guests were children. Thirteen seventy -- It's talk thirteen seven these three guys sports show. Join the conversation now on FaceBook by searching three guys courtship. -- Back here on -- Friday night Memorial Day weekend at the three guys work too -- Johnson and a great job we're gonna music tonight -- I really appreciate this the last couple weeks. Not so much yeah. Tonight great job. Well you know we only get DF best work with from Alex Franco I can say that because he's not here I can't run into the studio and -- -- crap -- of -- I'm gonna we get there come on the FaceBook -- when we get talking about how LeBron figure LeBron back yet Scott Mercer says he's not go back the government. You're right I agree -- -- -- By the way you wanna comment on three on our page go to go to FaceBook go to search box have a number 33 guys torture of comment all you want to -- the questions we've asked today yes and we will read all of your answers on air. Major League Baseball Patrick it's that time a year and it's been it's at that time of the and it's going on I mean I don't for US MBA playoffs but for me. It's baseballs are you were almost to June the NFL draft have just have good news NBA play Els is -- -- and a parent Texas. We have we have a couple of teams that are are struggling a bit too I think going and in opposite directions at this point because. The Texas Rangers used to be on top of the world here in the state of Texas and we're on top of the world anyways. It's worded and the World Series. They they were when he nailed west titles made good they are going to go to the playoffs and they've slowly each year beginning worse and worse then and now in the offseason. You know they traded away Ian Kinsler. For Prince Fielder -- been a huge deal to mega stars beyond and they bring fielder and that he's going to be there there cleanup hitter is gonna bash fifty home runs and up mark. Especially when it gets hot the balls are scary and I work like it's about to happen here in Texas I mean it's steaming hot out there today. Guy he goes down he's done for the season. Neck surgery also they lose. Well he hasn't got -- at all this year there second baseman durst a -- far but now he's been diagnosed with him look even more shoulder injuries not eight as well weeks basically. Yeah you might as well as it. Put him out for the season is nobody. Honestly the Rangers I know our could be most teams there why -- looks great. But I mean it's amazing just how many guys they ever had on the disabled list this season we're gonna go through that -- second but. This little Prince Fielder really I mean honestly because I have my piano but I wanna I wanna hear from you I know you're an asterisk rent. But -- do you think is really going to affect the Rangers in their ability to win this season yes. You -- -- out here why don't. Hey guys that much money. Which you can say whatever you want whether him being good or bad you'll pay this much and not give into another player and it doesn't make your team better. He dead money could have been spent filling other holes he could've been in there he could have if you not hurt this season he has better numbers. But he's got an on going neck injury why he's getting it fixed -- -- of all season. So here's my point there crisis in my point -- and make my point. He was sitting through roughly the first quarter this season -- 47 with cavalry. Count them there'll read home run and her neck. So. In the course of this season isn't really going to hurt the team if he is not on the field. I say no he hasn't done anything to date with this team I know he can do is healthy. But he hasn't done anything to date I don't see how it's going to really hurt this team moving forward. I mean yes you you'll lose a guy who it is a perennial all star MVP candidate. But he has done nothing at all -- a -- far done nothing for this team all this season there they're just under 500 a big gamer to order 500. I think of the biggest thing at this point is is getting some of these starting pitchers back and ability also -- as Derek Holland. Martina Perez is a big one right now he pitched well early season is what we come back the deal soon -- Let me ask you this it -- -- the Rangers general manager you've made these moves you kind of blown up what they're doing and gone a different direction. Do you let Ron Washington even finish of the season are you -- fire before is -- -- else. -- -- spewed enough fire and you keep them I mean look you've already here here's the thing. You've already heard this organization in this this is another conspiracy theory that this is really conspiracy this is more just karma debt. This is what happens when you treat a legend like Nolan Ryan like -- which is what they did they -- day. He did so much for this organization. Open cannot -- -- -- think about this is a team that never had a good pitching ever yeah Nolan Ryan comes into the picture all of a sudden. Oh my gosh pitching starved its its its amazing -- working their way after that through the miners immediate. The Rangers were looking outstanding on the mount. These data treat him like like Dirk believes he's with the Astros. Rangers ballpark injuries galore this is karma coming back on the Texas Rangers. And the Houston Astros my friend on the way up best farm system a baseball that I had to before Nolan Ryan. But he's gonna help really guide that team. And really well those young pitchers. And he knows edifying talent not overpaid guys not just go fer what the Rangers are doing now getting guys like a Prince Fielder that's a name with a big contract behind it. Finding the right guys. I mean when you look at what did the Rangers built up with who's with the Michael young's any gamblers and guys a day and letting Teixeira walk and letting guys like that go. To bring in you know the young talent they helped build this team. And I don't think they're doing that anymore I think they've gotten into -- the Jerry Jones style of management which is. I've heard his name before let's would sign him. Right in India and honestly -- other the other big sign they have this offseason should shoot -- has paid off yeah he's played very well. But I mean before this he's a starter we talked about this and it that's a tough division we didn't I I did not think the Rangers. Even had a chance to win the AL west. And a masters -- in their interests not dominate -- a lot about it you know the Oakland days that the of the Los Angeles Angels Seattle errors all did things the better their teams this year as well. And and I liked what they had done. More so than what the raiders didn't and what Oakland just doesn't matter I mean somehow some way every year they put a team on the field. -- that blows people away and right now army the Oakland a's have to be. Team wise. I wanna say the biggest surprise because every year people people say are they can't do it again and again do again. Yet there they are first place in the -- when we -- because who doesn't wanna play for Brad -- Kind of watch baseball have much guys. A hallmark that that but yeah I mean -- -- -- -- you think about the west I mean it's it's the a's and angels and and and maybe the Mariners in there I mean I I I just think that that the Rangers are done. And -- -- before the season started I don't think losing fielder hurts them all is he hasn't done any thing. It's just it's just it's a sad situation going on up. Arlington I mean I I just don't I don't think Ron Washington makes another season they Bailey wanted to keep them after the after Lester. They really wanted to keep it. And I think he's gone. Well I found maybe but fans I think you -- I think you keep the morale for one more years -- but he can do with a team that maybe fully healthy. That I mean I know that I -- like what I. I think -- that that's the right thing to do. But the raiders have not been making that decision. Well I hope you're right they've been making horrible decisions for the last but at least two years -- ever everything outside of Yu Darvish. You don't have education issued shoot -- there have been luck was with with Asian players yes which is great. But that was a bit I wanted to get to the segment which wouldn't have time to that's okay we'll save for another day yes -- take a quick break. When we come back we are talking World Cup and the fact that Landon Donovan is not on the roster. What does that mean for team USA and do they even stand a chance to what is being called. The group of death is -- right as I was being called us the hardest bracket. -- ever existed I mean you'd like I don't I mean I don't know that it matters but we're gonna we're gonna get on that when we come back. You're the three guys portraits are thirteen seventy. It's -- thirteen seven these three guys sports show. Join the conversation now on FaceBook by searching three guys sport show. You complement them. -- James that that's. Us what happens before we went on an organizer basically street play only upbeat music. What does this. Don't even answer I don't want it now and in. Let's get into some -- thank you batted an eye as it because Gary are you sat Landon Donovan did make the team USA roster -- -- -- -- what it is. Mary points that he's not. Resume wow. America and then you've played bad sound of bird out of -- -- and -- and realize we -- in the eighties today's jobs this business. JC reloaded anyways let's get to the World Cup team USA. Roster was announced this week and the end all be all for the last ten to twelve years with team USA soccer was left off of that team Landon Donovan not on there. Making room for rising star eighteen year old Julian green. Interesting pick -- -- -- before we start talking about that let me just throw this -- after. Landon Donovan stats with the US men's national team overall in his career second overall in game exploit these first overall goals. First overall World Cup games and first overall World Cup goals. Easily I think most people saved the best. US player ever on the men's national -- -- What do you think it was the right decision. All right I oblivious way I want soccer. During the World Cup. That fit this the only time I'll watch it our army tip I don't watch dollars a year. So to me as you said the greatest play in US history and -- during the World Cup. During international play laid out that's the guy knew. That's a guy that I saw had made the before they cut down the last roster was on it it would good. Led out of there are no who have written fork river that guy I remember we watched woke up early to watch broke up four years ago yes and seen his emotional speech after his great game. To advance and -- every -- we lose. That was huge it now -- way to Donovan in Milford and cannot be on the team. You just the -- I don't I I think that everyone who you could have gotten a much bigger groundswell of American support. Now there's nothing for anybody to grab onto. Yeah I -- not to mention the fact the you're losing. Leadership qualities out of a guy you're -- you're you're going so young. You don't necessarily -- there are guys that -- the report Clint Dempsey yeah he's the captain the team. But really I mean I don't know that it matters. In a bracket that includes Germany and Portugal the two -- three teams. In that world ranked by -- and it also includes Ghana. I don't other matters -- who teams -- record gonna advance do you really think the US is gonna get past number two and number three in the world. Here's the problem here's the problem I have this is this is really why a people don't watch soccer in America because we're not the best. I don't like this we're building toward the future I don't like. The concept and then we're just gonna lose. It's a lot of -- lied to me American soccer lied -- -- -- they -- it landed out of -- ago. Scored 28 -- the word and who lied to me and make me want to go watch it I think there's a chance but now what at all I'm hearing. Is widowed young we're building for four years now he's had sort of step toward doing so don't even watched that is what I hear from soccer don't even today and just pretend it doesn't exist -- that's what they're tell me. Yes that's exactly what I what I'm getting to a year in of course the head coach of the team year in Klinsmann German. Another another controversial thing that he's done with this team is he's been looking for guys targeting players. That were born in other countries but have US ties like me one of their parents is is the military person. And and their -- military base yup yup three. Three people are born in Germany one that was born Norway and -- -- -- on its earlier more affordable it looks most of his life in Germany. All very interesting. Now Patrick I -- told and they see that -- I'll tell you this do real quick. -- all of the old saying never -- yergin. Etc. so that you can up. And I think that other kids all like Casey. That we actually have a have a caller you know we we talk all the time about you know the FaceBook page and chime in but we we do take calls as well. And we have someone calling and right now who wants to talk soccer and it just happens to be. Former. Three guy himself soccer expert Boxee box in October bench warmer and former former. Chris on just Chris are you there. Yeah yeah we're currently -- -- -- thanks for calling and now we know that you are one of the biggest soccer fans around him and that's one things I loved about going to watch World Cup -- you because you could break it down better than anyone else. I would love to hear your opinion on all of us. Okay are so first things first are so you're going to -- element to it not been. I think haven't had this relationship should Clinton took over and really you know this is gone back -- group stage manager fired Munich in Germany. They can't paper -- to get him on this blog. -- -- went over to Byron Munich didn't pan out came back to a play in the US made plenty of endless -- like you know. What picture. Early last year you know. Fast forward 2013 dollar to take a three month sabbatical guys from the sport. Spent two weeks finding himself in Cambodia Alla. Ricky Williams. Egypt could play well let you know obviously as a coach you're include -- -- I -- like -- like that you know and -- Melissa didn't weigh in on Clinton position decision. I don't think he would admit it so a little bit of background the way. What are we live without out of it. Where did you hear it and now all they have experience. Police fire that was remember Oscar has even played in the World Cup match our players. -- -- remember rosters that played the World Cup World Cup match and I don't know that. He split as well you sort of Brennan is -- number one guy as far as World Cup matches I have just play all the big hero type. You're being talked about it at the beginning of -- how he says the hero. Went and Donovan is a hero and we losing hero type I got to become an energetic routine. He gets everyone -- that they can calamities Enrique Iglesias I can figure hero stayed there. I oh. -- Wisconsin. So what you've gained by cutting Donovan here so it. Honestly I'm not really sure I mean you talked about the other. Would take over him -- -- doing great and I don't hear the question. The -- three year old. Young guy and they even think analysts that are -- want to allow the use 31 years old and shelf so. Really not sure what game love this whole situation -- to believe that your equipment is surely he's probably have many losses doctor -- -- over the years even Donovan has set his (%expletive) himself there you know he's acknowledged that he's not to -- we're used to be something I can understand equipment -- about what have you but maybe he doesn't have the speed and have a quick match. Well. You know. -- -- Mentally it. You know the American unfit to be -- you -- about religion that I just mentioned that we need their data can come in and save the day I would carry the flag for America soccer -- what. I don't know 1214 years now and those guys that are in America that feel the pressure of the United States and hopefully. It doesn't have a bigger affect my performance on the question are the result so ultimately will have experience and experience better cutting dominant. And personally I would get them all to -- because every squad beat the bar even -- lost -- that you -- -- on the way. -- -- -- thank you so much it doesn't get any better than that I mean that's the that's an amazing take. On everything that we that we have that we had on and he took it to another level. Davis background that we didn't know about who would like we -- -- another -- to -- -- was talking -- yes I knew he was -- I'm -- I wish you would -- -- I have one question I -- asked. I want my -- really. Chris I'm here let me ask you real quick or go to break. Do you think they have a shot at getting out a bracket polite. Man without Landon Donovan it's going to be really hard -- he had it to yourself get beat the number two and number three team in the world in Portugal and Germany. I mean I. I wanna say as a patriotic American that we have a shot. Being realistic. I don't expect the American together. Match play early group playing. And real quick do you trust the coach who is named after IKEA furniture. You know aren't we -- -- a great job that you could go very rarely did. He tried to get the Americans -- play a little bit more Europeans -- That's going to be you know quite well in the in the World Cup. But. I have to question his decision by Hillary Clinton and try to -- the mountain. Never trust your name is Chris I heard you heard it right there for a song says hopefully. He will continue -- during the World Cup and beat -- three guys soccer expert and come on here and -- World Cup with us while it's going on. We're gonna take a quick break when we come back we're gonna count down our top five veterans in sports history on the three guys sports show. Thirteen semi end. It's -- thirteen seven these three guys sports show. Join the conversation now on FaceBook by searching three guys -- I also this Casey. Normally I'm I give me crap about that song -- but I am happy that is the weekend at the long weekend. This Memorial Day weekend and we've got to talk about. Veterans. Yeah yeah. Business segment that Patrick I know both of us wanted to duke it out we posted our FaceBook page asking. Ask you for people what their opinion once we've gotten a lot of a lot of beat our ring get to that in a second. But let's run down this list. Former. Athletes who were veterans yesterday and it's a -- -- -- -- it really hit its impressive organ I'm gonna go to Google is quick to try to cut it down five guys is that this is gonna be a pretty. Back segment here. Let's sturdier Ken Norton senior was in the Marines boxer Bobby Jones air -- he was it everyone it was. Bobby Jones golfer Greg -- great golfer Jack Dempsey Warren -- Tom Landry former head coach of the cowboys Joseph Louis. Bob Feller Tom Seaver Rocky Marciano. Roger -- -- David Robinson. Yogi Berra John Wooden the immortal John -- yes. Nolan -- it's the element Pat Tillman Willie Mays Jackie Robinson. Joseph DiMaggio Ty Cobb and Ted Williams right there that -- really. Outside if you if you if you -- Babe -- this list that is it needs of baseball that that's right right there and how much more baseball just that was the long yes I don't know how we're gonna premised on a five maybe we can get some help. They're like us that we had the people that oppose our FaceBook page by way go to search box and number 33 guys orchard can -- right there. Patrick what are we heard so far. -- -- and air Palmer both agreed in Roger's style block Kristen -- Jones I give -- the top three Yogi Berra Ted Williams and Jackie Robinson. And Robert is nice I believe is the named that's anyway I was ointment Iraqi leader. I'm pronouncing that -- one person I was honestly you -- -- this. A purple heart bronze star and Vietnam. Helped the Steelers to four Super Bowls. Yeah I think it was Rocky Bleier -- -- which are like that that's a that's a great grades are great -- now. Power in Paris found a box factored. Let's start Willis is The Who would you have. If you could just if you could pick five of these guys what -- populated northern. I always have to go David Robinson because I'm a homer. But Ty Cobb Joseph DiMaggio. Both of them have to be on the list Tim Williams did 400 he's got to be on was straight that's already put me down and I guess -- I guess Troy Nolan Ryan. I'm leaving out -- stop look. On this list I mean I don't know how you're doing. That's how that's so big this is listed as he Norris is tough it's tough to really. It's tough to -- -- -- how does John -- not on there the greatest college basketball coach of all time and by the way at the player he was an all American three times. Exactly this is the guys Rocky Marciano Joseph Louis. It's the best heavyweights of all time. And there are a Megan Bobby Jones was the greatest golfer he retired it when he is still a dart is regarded as one of the greatest golfers -- Tired early to go into the military yes I mean it's it it mean it's unbelievable immediate I don't know how organized I don't know how I can do this because. In all reality when you look at this to mean you can do this with five guys from baseball but if -- I don't even know that you could pare this down to five guys from baseball because we talked -- Robinson DiMaggio Koppel Williams and Nolan Ryan. Alone and -- that I think that. That in this -- including Yogi Bear now exactly at Rogers solid -- I tell you what here's how I think this is the best thing we can do. And either we knew one -- two things we could just agree. But these guys are all equal they're -- amazing there and there's no way to make this list or we ticket for the FaceBook page and see whatever what else says and then Guevara was later that week maybe -- With the above we agree by these are all amazing people they all served our country which is amazing thing to do and the accusing athletes. And that's just when he there's more to -- what do you know someone else put on the FaceBook page -- to keep this going all Memorial Day weekend let's pay respect. Absolutely. Have to pay respect thanked them for everything that -- Patrick really quick remind us what's going on Sunday with viewing event you have going on a little Woodrow stuff. It matters little what a supplemental three to 9 PM six bands for comics all benefiting the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund. We're supporting the guys in the many women who have given their life and the ones that are coming back. And suffering a little bit coming back we're supporting all of them. It's only we're only asking ten dollars in the door he can't do it immediately give five police still come out of five please come FO this six bands. More comics this is a great show please commands the support 39 little -- -- menace. That's ten dollars that's at ten dollars it's not that much of the night got to get out there may have read I have got to have the -- and absolutely we will be there thank you so much for CNN on this. Memorial Day weekend good at a great time that -- the veterans list. We will see you next Friday here same time 6 o'clock on talk thirteen 78 --