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May 6, 2014|

Austin's Largest Baby Shower benefiting, Any Baby Can, St. David's Women's Center & Austin Life Care.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's Sunday August 27 and you're listening to and -- ostensibly. Erica from the classics division of Austin parks and recreation is here and she's got a valuable proposition for you if you're looking for a summer job where you can stay that. And work outside with flexible hours so if you or someone you know is looking for a great summer job and you wanna help keep Austin's public -- opened this season keep listening. -- sometimes you feel like well I'm just 1% how can I make a difference in the community you'll be excited to hear from -- sense. She figured out a great way to give back to some of Boston's incredible organizations benefiting women and children including saint David's women -- Austin life care and any baby can. She created Austin's largest baby shower it's a wonderful opportunity for you to get involved and do your part. That's all coming up next on inside Austin. Yeah. Didn't. -- So there you are got a few bills and your pocketing a -- -- on. And you could have -- with your friends. -- and still open to him a long week cheers broke lots of laughs if you scandalous stories of the notes. Now fast forward. Jumping your car and head home -- You just -- DW I -- you wanna hear what's next. Time in jail and then. Left the trips to court but to 171000. Dollars in fees and fines. And months and months of hassles so you wanna keep good times from going all bad let's rewind. Plan ahead when you party with friends lineup the sober driver before you go out for a safe ride home because if you get a DWY. There's no going back drink drive go to jail they made us a message from textile -- my life I was facing foreclosure. Some desperate for help I paid them 15100 dollars and never got the help they promised. Don't let the fear of losing your home make use the victim of a loan modification scam. Remember these facts to protect yourself. It's illegal for most companies to charge fees and advance no matter how small. No company can guarantee that can modify your loan or stop a foreclosure. And never send your mortgage payment to anyone but your lender. The easiest way to avoid a scam don't pay for a loan modification. Get free help from a Hud approved counseling agency now. To learn more reported scam or find out if you've been a victim. Call 1888995. Hope or visit loan scam alert dot -- That's 18889954673. And loan scam alert Dodd award. No disarmament. Get the facts. Realized. -- -- Activision actually operates fifty. Public pools if that is not a lot. All my guy and so are -- the pools are open year round program. We have reader open year round eat any curtains in AC. Aren't springs is -- your rounds a year around its so called he would go there in the winter you'd be so seriously I had a swing and -- And 6 in the morning they're there and what temperatures in her sixties. Always has never goes 68 to heights -- and well that is a wonderful tool that -- in -- it's the wrong thing I say that having only been in the summer. When XP it's 120 million degrees outside. Where so weird Disney products division get the resources to operate on these couples conceive another not have been your round needs to got to maintain hammering. Yes we do we get the timing and staff goes around all -- maintain some. Resource has come City Council they went -- to a certain amount of money in. Do the best we can mean most or we'll see every day -- recent years old. They're not new -- although we do have to. Bowls one that does Katerina -- that inundated. Army rule is -- miniature water are able this year I don't know how cool it or street Allen has slides and diving Wellington. Zero -- area code that's very exciting and removing in the industry definitely financially we struggle. Yeah I can imagine that's no small need to a mini water park and a safety first season but the NT percent fowl wind is out of and and they all open on Jean say. This year -- new City Council had a lot of us some money to opener is all missing eight. He's Irish struggling staff in his -- cleanly it's -- air balls are so that we can stagger are hiring okay this the first year that we open on in six and we close on April when he or -- All of our site. Now it was it's a statewide to get everybody in on time it and that they school let out. And then they leave it right before school starts. And the weather's not what's so old that nobody wants it like our ports is that -- you are members are waiting out. So you're you're in a real shortage of -- we need 700 and we have a 120 cent. Well. You need 700 lifeguards by -- sex yet. While out okay such a tall order a tall order a lot of opportunities are. So let's let's just say you know if you're listening and you would like to be a lifeguard or you know someone who would like to work as a left guard on beginning -- sex. The website is lifeguard Austin dot com. Is that Erica where they can begin the application process yes it is there's an actual online tutorial of what to do -- it will go online and you know I heard Austin dot com and I. In seven days -- into our offices and or hundred. At their convenience between the hours at -- eye and hand scandal young the united schedule an interview with the -- interview right on the spot and India to sign up or or sit in on a racer I get to higher get more. So how long does it take that you're not thirty certified -- -- -- to be pleats were like or how long is of course it is 48 hours generally and it at night so meaning students also have -- on the weekend so that. Who do have other jobs are able to -- it and we don't have any indoor balls at this time it is out or -- so we are in so we're looking. In order as to whether yeah well if it's in core chance -- so last week we see a lot a lot more out. And coming in so -- -- If the weather will boost to set then yeah the weather cooperative and naturally that that if it. So it's a four day course and is it like is -- an alternate course off or days or hasn't -- he said in the evening Amy in the course of action that's like a few hours each day you are each a -- And not a huge time commitment -- to act now and it's really Unix and is where most people charge 200 dollars hundred dollar or returned in forty pound that's buried next month and then OK -- you definitely want -- -- not party certified you wanna go through my -- -- dot com. That is that it can be apart and Fisher and the bargain -- man it's going to be -- to earn your rest means teacher or crisis manager and customer service. Does amazing things or teacher -- Yes actually well plus once you have that that skill set. Can take anywhere we were select guard anywhere yeah and then you can apply to whatever else might be -- -- -- -- -- teachers and retirees is gonna make a middle income. Come on by the -- flowers and 088 during the week eleven -- on the -- and there's a lot of ships a lot of in the that makes a lot of sense because it's not just or students you know to be lifeguards went back sometimes that's a great way to supplement your income and have some and being outdoor hoping outsource aimed at ending eight -- yes -- an additional that we not -- -- dean aren't aren't this year the Wear off and chances to win I -- I odds and cash -- just work. Other shipwreck in -- so that's that's anemic comes from city again. Safe and do you also rely on resources and support from the community since must've pools and in the vast majority of pre re -- -- -- vast majority are really only have eight -- -- you actually charged and it's a lot of electoral -- and as ours. 126. And you're looking to get to 700. Yet prior to June 6 and you really need to -- -- because it down I'm guessing that means you can't open all the pools and that means we're gonna have to shut down I mean well in people's waiting areas I hope we're not the and we have shut down all around because I mean Austin summer's top. I mean -- Summers and swimming together like going to oh yeah and with all the all the sites we have it in your neighborhood ask you can work in your neighborhood to where you mean the end we start out. Are starting wages is seventeen and up its -- when he I have now are. As well an -- Just did it. Job is -- -- it's a fun job and it's -- any job that has -- outside. I think also you cannot beat that flowing out and -- this moment of hope and it's a good. So if you if you're feeling inspired and think hey I. This is the summer job that I wanna have whether your student. Or when your teacher you got some time off may be your retiree and you're looking for some supplemental and can't go to life guard Austin dot com. And there's all the information there about applying to become a -- in the quite X division of Austin parks and recreation. And really this is this is a call to action this is a cry for help because. Go from a 120 to 700 light arts 700 needed of origin sex and -- That's a that's a huge number to me but I know it's doable. So it's definitely manageable and if you're excited about doing that then go to left guard Austin dot com check it out. Make the application and go in for the interview now when the necessary which is fantastic -- -- hundred deep -- opening defy. And then tell friend or to France maybe guys all together and working -- like part of -- summer a mile out more than barrier and why not give way to. If they spent time outside doing an important job -- you know you're safe carrying. The health of children and women and men who are enjoying the rules. We and he peaceful here in Boston Mike and it it's. It's -- -- -- to have it really honestly is in. We really becoming an eight in their communities. It was -- aperture and fifty public pool facilities in their around Austin and you're probably thinking of -- pool that is in your neighborhood right now so it's nice to know that you don't have to govern our you can get the training which is only forty dollars. Where -- class in the evenings and on the weekend just convenient LA -- another -- -- kind of gave -- some flexibility there yes and then he working your neighbor has not going to be terrific so. How Clinton to take it quite -- to get up it equals its take some time we do have oldest rule. And in the entry with being deep -- Only eighteen hundreds wow -- Indian indicated Porsche. And its stake in some time. I guess that a lot of our rules are older. And we just worked on maintaining an animal. Now well they do require an awful lot of maintenance from yesterday ushered in extreme it's wonderful that the city has its resources in place on these public pools because. The climate is as hot residents are we want it to an. Want you look at them they -- yeah. Absolutely. So lashing -- how many like -- John player total we -- 500 and I -- around pattern eighty -- So because of that change in the opening period that's where -- -- at this change I mean higher that in -- One year and your staying your opening earlier and staying up the longer it seems like we're opening earlier were staying. Open longer and her hours to change. So we universalist across city there's a standard opening at 8 o'clock in the morning whereas previously we can't temples -- and one in the afternoon. Someone open at ten in the -- mean which is very depending on the area and they need. And City Council decided it would be a lot smarter asked to have all of our open missing time. Can I say I really appreciate that I used to live near Patterson park. And I never could get in the pool was open yeah I never I. The hours were always and I would show up and I got it wrong -- says that is so great that ours are consistently open any evidence all across the city. So if you're looking for a summertime job look no further how about working outside as a lifeguard if you've never been a -- or no big deal. Just go to life guard Austin dot com and you can start the application process and went for the interview. And down the -- division of Austin parks and recreation will hook you up with a class that's normally. Kind of expensive and I had a 15200 dollars it's -- to and is like card -- you guys are gonna do are wary about it at its deal that she absolutely cannot be. If you've always wanted to be a lifeguard or if you've never thought about before until this moment. Check it out life guard Austin dot com. Their 400 deep -- and -- open eight to five to just make an appointment to get went for the yen the application are no. You don't have McKinney is not going to go online and to get a sneak in just coming off this eight I had money writing and will assist you right there. And then two hours vary from week to week once your life harder you try to work same. Hours each week it varies and we do that at people's schedules and we asked her availability at the very beginning at -- And stick to that senator did you have another job or you are planning of the nation DC did you ever -- it's also very simple to trade shifts with other people and cover -- it -- more money I -- that make fancy -- -- more one if you wanted to -- -- things do change especially this summer schedules there are rather flexible -- -- -- and then -- -- still have a summer break and that's not -- ideas that we. At all yeah. Arrange whatever -- you mean. And it's interesting year in this you're in the situation also because. Normally at this time a year and we had some real sort of icy -- aghast at the college. So that was pretty usual on our weather center and people generally want to get into the pool when their cold so dare. They're banking. Folks may be thinking who wanted to get -- to well maybe I'll wait that's exactly and it went Matsui and one on the way too long until -- -- -- -- -- And we want and can now and it is now that we're off I think actually made every week class. Every single week in the month of may -- through an -- -- -- -- needed to cherub with some actually is okay and you also have some classes going on now in April we do. We've had classes on -- since November. OK Aaron which is have been far they haven't been folks that and so darn old. -- table the weather is pretty Gloria if bright now and it's and court sense of the past really week almost two week yeah. So I do you think spring has run -- rancher recently down 71 and the blue bonnet and the Indian pain -- means we're just not appointments that were done under yeah. Even when the clouds -- who read a little bit arraigned. Next eight still going to be 86 Aso -- dairy cattle right. So if you were thinking gosh I need a summer job. Don't wanna flip burgers and tumbling on our Packers star Allen -- -- -- -- to supplement and when your student a teacher I retiree. When he just have some extra time on your hands this summer. And ninety -- outside check out like our cost and dot com. And go ahead and get the ball rolling you can get certified -- Austin parks and re creations are nominal you forty dollars and nice way to be outside and may well above minimum wage lengthy answer. Has some incentives with ipads and stuff yeah we're doing several incentive programs burglaries this year -- inner -- water polo tournament. -- but we're not determine. And we've got a wooden nickel program where it's seen doing something about the neon. In trade -- and worse cool eerily only get the wooden nickel program. As a rash action. -- -- -- A lot of I'm thinking on on the sheer luck and things that we -- people that wanna work and have a good time we're. That is important I mean. I think a lot of facility initiate work as a four letter word -- and that well it can't be fun. Can't be enjoyable -- absolutely not true I I I think work can be like clay I think you can fight if you find the right work for yourself it blurs the lines between work and play. And that's great that's what you want me excited to show up everyday and you get key I mean we need to swim all summer long. And she is so it get it right and it's a vitamin. But the reality is a lot of survived and indeed -- -- -- -- that -- got -- ask -- -- Chinese and outside the better your body can make yourself from identity for a keeping fit in more ways than one right. That's -- If you're just joining us on inside -- on tuchman Erica mall attacked she's the aquatic supervisor. Austin parks and recreation and she's got a call to action for you because they are short. A serious number of life aren't they wanna be able to open all the pools on June 6. And they need more than 500 I've cards to be hired before that time so this is your call to action if you're interested. For the life are Austin dot com and today don't waste a moment if you're not sort of by no problem they will help you get through I'd miss classes are ongoing right now through the end of bank. Now after may are there no more classes Erica we are going to be offering classes is needed to be difficult because -- is like thinking IA it's okay so you know early protects the warm -- absolutely right that's great. Is there any health Erica that you want of sin and about the pools where the Activision -- -- to partner nation you know we strive. Excellence as I say the number one priority. Amber right along there's the customer service and we -- our communities or communities of our rules and there really is no better than were together. To get these bulls open and so that everyone's kids Netherlands families -- are a nation that's pretty. In the hot hot hot summer months and say. We -- or inward or every year we. And successful. And it would be just -- these these are urging hearing it is also in the it would be back. Well sad the website is lifeguard -- and dot com if you wanna work as a life -- the summer or you know someone who do who does want to. I tell two friends for sure. Got -- -- Austin dot com he can get every angle rolling hair and sound go in for an interview that -- 118 Eddie and things will certify New York not already certified. Forty. Erica thanks so much for being here. Thank you had a really appreciate your time. Back in a moment -- -- inside off. Back in his school that's when I started smoking. Almost everybody in -- crowd didn't. Leave go to parties could feel awkward and cigarettes became an easy way to deal with. That. Preschoolers ages ago and still small. It's not like I haven't tried to quit and tried after college than I had thirty. You know I have another big birthday coming -- this year. I love to be done for ever with smoking my than most people say they want to quit smoking but it's not easy. It usually takes several tries before you quit for good. So stop thinking your failure because what you really are is just a normal human being up against a very addictive product. This equator and you dot org or call 1800 -- USA for tools tips and support from the American Lung Association. We support to quit hearing you. Back in the day smoking was in now quitting means so much better. For America's wounded warriors. Coming home can sometimes in the battle itself. Making the transition back to civilian life for active duty with the traumatic injury. Completely challenged the right time. The USO provides every American way to support our wounded warriors and their family. Do every phase of their medical treatment. And lenient. Tell all of us as a community. Can give something back to our heroes. It's how we can save the and assured them that their sacrifice in being recognized and appreciated. Visit US soon dot org to learn how you can make a difference in the lives of wounded warriors and that there. The US it. Do. -- But how often largest baby shower coming to being. Well how can actually do with my pregnancy. I eight was living might be largely 2012. I was US secretary or I was a prosecutor for -- national campaign. And IAE. Was very happy steeped in politics and am taking my Kennedy that level. And when it was over. I. Actually -- connect PR which is your company here often and -- in another comedian. We for small businesses. During their Christmas. And I can eat in between he and the congressional campaign and and the beginning of my accent and I do you realize I was ill I had he blockage. And this man are we pregnant. And I think now I'm out happy -- -- and that you know I can't be happy even like anymore I was -- -- accounts. And and I found out I was pregnant and we were you and and I holidays wrath. I was founded on account I moved out and I found out about. In being an independent person here these issues are now. And I literally laughed writing about here UP one -- Wow. And so here I was talking about every when he felt here in my case that this -- I can act and I'm going to have no help here. And -- -- and think and literally. Well I think my partner and I eat meat on camera but this. Be. Moving on away. So after camp and then then I found out I was thinking that the I think. That the united you know if I think he Medicaid. Is I was the only way to get. Basically. Temple 9000. Dollars month -- My really support. This but this opportunity to cut Medicare and Medicaid eligible LB network. -- as much heat I was class and won the and back -- -- -- when he gave and how is it yes -- -- not not you know. Me having company in down in my eyes and and I ended up. Going well they need it in the eighties and it is not about me anymore. -- during you find yourself in the situation that you could ever -- mentioned. To you right now and I just wrote about it. -- so I was sitting there as we make speeches and display it in the tears rolling you know under control and and and better without me because. Why it to -- that stigma I mean a permit. Me. Eight I -- way it. You know you help. And uh oh it was a heart issue and how to realize that. You know I'm no different meaning now you know I. Downs and you won when he. Meetings and public. And but I didn't want to rely and a completely and then you kind of go our into. And so I looking resources from non profit. He's the evening and company. I mean. That's. And and why I learned was that there are resources out there and I just. In time analyze it felt. -- In pain. And mind away and that was her not so with Austin life care when the first organizations came across us and your life and hit. That they they were clearly -- it it was the only place the only injury I had to actually be happy and I'm hearing Atlanta's. Great in my head about my own issues. And being an argument in. Her mind. But it off. And divorced. And I -- Through there I was playing what do you know really so much. Thank you might care. And it was read her. Challenges. It was your house from what we've. Yet and that was. The only play that. Me she'd be a mom and a half. Had a injury. Hey. You know I can celebrate. And bringing in -- little talent. And I can't even on an island panic. And a and so. And they had so many resources that -- important to -- contingencies and -- and trying to figure out how do you -- fifteen. I'm bill. And what they did is they have a program where -- could earn eighty. We go to programs we learn how to mom how your body. Everything that's going on it every. Other -- oh my gosh you know that was happening that I need to learn about the -- With you know just regular baby yeah classes in -- Indo -- fitness and earn eighty. And TTV that he could hit store and you get. -- easy. To -- or. Anywhere. -- at all. Ollie up cute baby clothes in part. What do you -- program Terri -- more often life care your mission in some of the services that you provide fair well our hope is to provide a comfortable and nonjudgmental place for women and men. To work through the issues surrounding unplanned pregnancies three -- spiritual emotional material support like during was talking about that unlike you learn classes we want to provide education for the whole person and also the moms and dads. To help them become individuals who're who're you writing team -- -- at risk in east. We're blessed this year to be celebrating -- thirtieth anniversary and we're really excited out is exciting congratulations pinky we -- Have a place where wind can come and feel excited about being pregnant know that somebody is gonna walk alongside him. Love on them no matter when you end. Cried with then. Laugh with them just be happy with them and provide a sanctuary -- a lot of times with an unplanned pregnancy. There's so many issues that they got to work through outside the center so we want to provide an oasis for them. Yet unplanned pregnancy the first thing I think is he you know. Women gripped with fear no. My gosh this was not in the cards for what you write to you now. And it becomes paralytic and terrifying and it particularly if if someone does not have familial support more -- single. You know that very scary stuff. We see it every day in and each reaction is is unique -- woman and that we see. Fear we see anxiety we see and enjoy -- You know. That they may not have a support system outside. A life care and so we want to make sure that they have somebody who used his happy with them. I don't I think that's so important during -- talking about often like -- reaction when she walked in the door which was congressional. Station and you know first and foremost are having a baby. That is the -- that because in all the fear and the -- can't Beckett easily she shuffled aside and what a shame because. You know the truth is not everybody can get pregnant how wonderful to be able to celebrate that and yeah it's not without challenges especially it's an unexpected pregnancy. But the top with. I thought that would important work you're gaming into. So awesome like here was the first nonprofit that you kind of came across in your research during. If lions and anxiety not health care in February. 13. A wonderful wonderful wonderful and well. Well did you plan pileup. And she's connected with I think these -- nine news -- -- coming in and in long before. I was ever pregnant I was there three. Surgery. -- -- -- -- -- a great experience I had treatment and it and it seemed you you know I'm Molly speak on anything and can't wait. So so I started going to eat at you and my car -- in equipment -- And I went there and then my. Aunt and -- it on our hands and quiet. Let's actually -- a part of the -- -- and I was going to thinking it practically. I think I'm month the Russian. -- Actually own man and you know everything just warm and it means -- be there. And I was lucky enough QV theme park and people up there. And -- is it with the. Part of what happened for me. And in between then I ran and she is wonderful people here. And -- can't -- man to help you with homers you know I ain't. And in the forties it was my first time child you I mean every time. And anything can happen -- program that allows you to see -- -- -- child in a nurse and NB. Two weeks it's he can help you figured out. To be I think it adds that a person who -- and -- knowledge and issue blocking. Yet repeat but it sounds like really lecturing -- resource and what mother wouldn't want that how did any any baby can get started. So anything he can formed in 1979. So we've been. In Austin for a long time serving children and families and we specialize in -- strengthening informally health. So on the strengthening side work with parenting education give guidance around child development. And on the feeling health site work with children with medical issues and developmental delays. And the pertinent arena was a part of is our nurse family partnership for we which we acquired in 2008. And we have registered nurses accused visit with first time low income moms. And they work with them from their pregnancies through the time when the child is too. So well established program it's based on. Lots of her search showing a positive outcomes of working with women both in their homes with registered nurses and for that length of time. And so we provide great support during pregnancy so preparing for childbirth so. First first time mom there's so many questions you know you find out your pregnant. And then -- it. And we hear from so many clients that. You know. You know I found out I was pregnant and I had no idea what to do and I had nowhere to campaign and so for those -- in any baby can is the place that they go and so. Our nurses work with them in the nurse family partnership program. To prepare for childbirth so they say OK I'm here in here's what we're gonna do. And then after. Delivery continue working with that child so. Just teaching not mom how to care for babies so anything from here's how -- give a baby a bath. And here's you know what -- sleep schedules -- look I can they do -- the medical aspect as well and so they too. Well child checks during those visits to check on the -- while. And really just walk the journey without mom and that child. Through the time that the child -- too. Well that sounds like -- -- educational hug right when you need at at such a critical time. Absolutely and you you hit on the point that it's both you know it's a combination. Medical in the social emotional and so. You know when a -- is in your home I mean what. What any mom wouldn't want that but especially -- first time mom a low income mom lots of whom don't have the familial support and so. There's got medical aspect and also just the reliability and I'm going to be here every week. Walking with you in this journey and we're gonna do it together that Esther how did you come up with a name any baby can. You know the that name was formed. Just as a way to show the potential and what we you know the joke is that people ask us what can any baby due. And we say that they can succeed and that's what we work -- we in power Finley so children can succeed. The agency is actually a product of a merger and so are full name is Annie -- can. There were child in -- resource center and and that's just what we are in Austin as a resource center for. -- children and families. You need support. Yeah that's as witness that's really terrific. Thanks Alison is that tell us a little bit about saint David's. Women -- I gather here at the director of the women's and neonatal services so in particular. Where Doreen maybe had you know flu complications. In terms of maybe her advanced maternal age but also just what was going on your body what are summit the ways that think it's really steps and to support win. When things that -- is very important and historian K commentary and it went -- the minute she in -- labor and delivery. To make sure she felt welcome to make sure she felt reassured that we were gonna take the very best care possible and her and her baby. And and she did command with a premature delivery. And so her baby was admitted into our elementary. Upon arrival into the -- you. The most important thing that we can do for families that make sure that they are intimately involved with the care their. And as soon as the baby is stable our parents are touching her babies and we're showing them. Had actually care for their babies despite being nine respiratory support. And IV therapy. And they're in isolate it. They're not in normal open -- -- is full term babies maybe. Instead we can be a very intimidating place and a very scary place where families in -- our mission. Is to make sure that the families know they are any -- centered care environment and -- -- they -- BD we are fortunate enough to take care of they're baby that ultimately and they are going to take that wonderful little. Come get home and and and Doreen actually showed -- video. A few minutes ago after her baby who is almost ten months old now EU is crawling and healthy and talking. And that is the most successful story that we can speak about it I mean anything -- you at that baby comes out. I am ready to thrive in the world and to be with parents and lovely is Arenas. And to take care of the baby and have the resources available to -- out. And another aspect of our -- Q is and providing the resources that are and les Snead. So while babies in the -- you. And we had our Stanley's have of course the social services case managers. Is that there is respiratory there this speech therapist. Our physicians scientologists. All of our nurses. And everybody comes together as a community to care for every single -- in the U. And then we have any support group -- handheld. And that's or group helps our families while they were in -- -- and then when they go home. They aren't matched up with like families says that when their home in -- now with that baby -- just -- district in the nick you and there are so many things that they don't know prisoners were doing them. And the doctors are doing them that it's wonderful to have the support group of handheld to say in time we're gonna show you how to get there this appointment and I are gonna show you. How to rock a crying baby and we're gonna show you how to make sure that you -- support it. During this lonely times when you're now home alone with your baby and not in that moment. How essential because it is so easy to feel overwhelmed. You get the baby home and then why I mean it's especially that transition from hospital to home. Where he feels so cared for export and almost like you know little and so what you're talking about -- that is. Really important it is it is in it's it's huge value to the family. In a fit it in dean of the -- stay. And we're seeing babies. Now eat -- -- And members of -- had some issues with with learning how to eat because -- future. That's such a milestone. In -- life that now she gets to hold her baby and she gets to beat her baby and the nurses get to step back and watch. You know it's hugely successful and -- every single mile -- that it baby has in the name Q. It's just one step further into their successful story of being a survivor -- I'll be at -- very premature babies. We're incredibly. Thankful and happy and victorians little Isabelle is doing so well that now that it's the Stanley -- -- And within -- -- Davis partnership that makes it so incredibly unique. Well that is and I'm completely impressed by that. If you're just joining us on inside option I'm having an incredible conversation. We'd -- that McDonald's front think it's women senator as well as Terry Johnson from Austin life care and Allison Afghan. Of any baby can and all these organizations kind of brought together here today by adoring fans and her personal situations that during. You found these organizations. You you took advantage of their service says it's obviously been an incredible impact in your own life and then how did you create Austin's largest baby shower. Well there's that are. Story. I. Hit. The table you are. And I came back. I'm in my arteries. Aren't not -- -- and we eat eat eat. He and about my daughter and then that is beautiful human if I keep. Doctor. -- Kids just. Remember her I'll always remember G. Halftime. Her eyes beautifully blue and -- And I just came back from wherever and and IE she was that there -- -- and useful and easy and she -- -- -- you ever need to let you know it. And then she went quietly turned around and she is my daughter's. And and I written to. And -- see. I see her adult after. And -- maybe -- before but you know. But that memory almost. Because I have. My child sure in -- And then I remember. Even know why we mean wrong. -- in Africa faith. Let us remember the nurses. Miners annually. Is there there's buoyancy and it was there and -- beauty who's making the world. I mean tighter studio and if you hit the and I -- -- -- eat. If this issue that's happening. And I had a lot of people around me. I think David -- that need to hear me as much. Here. And I will ever. And says you can't walk away that. And say OK I'm done. It it can't. And at least I can -- -- -- I so I went in and has has learning about the organization. As also learning that there are other organizations that help lead. Meaning. That you know meet Hugh Grant. Park in here and there. That are running and and I decided I had the resources to do something my business. My rollodexes. And I decided to reach out to people I knew and had they -- it is with other countries there. And that and music group -- I wanted to nonprofit. And it helped -- -- -- each year and so I got to pick my favorite. This year but next year -- to look at it there and we happen nomination. Nominee. -- -- hospital. And these non profit. On how often in each anyway. And what we'll do is they'll -- we're doing today on the market -- And we you'll under like an award. Which is me and and basically -- went to my mind or award recipient. Receives which we don't mind. And the other runner -- are hurt if I'm happy he. Eighty and I really need -- now. You know he gave it BP meet actors or the union. And -- -- and my partner C. They. So this is really important. You know it means. That -- small paying. And if -- Africa needs and every -- every -- -- injuries are just never never land and ever and its -- you know I have resources I have the ability. I think it doesn't mind you and -- -- But but definitely I can't be Margaret well the work that they did I believe that the -- sources that I had. Help -- not become home. Help me plan for me Beatty and and I also believe I'm thinking if it's in my life -- -- -- -- And you can walk away from that and say. Well what a great way to get back pain you're creating something branding is with Austin's largest baby shower at the website is atx baby shower dot com. During how can folks get involved with the best way. Well you know we Humphrey call them there the first. He can do is you can log on to the -- -- -- -- -- there. And I go to Indonesia -- and at the donation page you can find out how you can get involved and -- -- just do donations and -- -- the nation's top I. And you can. Close. -- we knew that if I use anything -- Thatcher. And then you can drop. Diapers and where we need -- do. I. And then. If you like -- online donation. And then there -- very ambitious you can create a team they can get your friend and say hey I want -- creative team. Using -- to help this organization. And what you can do is. You know do some online fundraising. We ask that people Tony anywhere between live and when he fifty dollars. And how these -- these. Says there's still ways that you can we have corporations that we might have been involved and -- teams as well. And so if you're not able to physically go out and make you can actually make money. And you don't have to limit and now I'm reaching out my friends across the nation and globe and saying hey. You know I'm glad that these people help me. So -- help me. You make such a good point during when you say it. These organizations. Any baby can awesome life care and the thinking that women -- Texas really helped you not become homeless because homelessness and Austin. It's rising particularly among women and children who says this is really. Right at the heart of something that's happening that's very important in our community. If you're feeling inspired by this conversation and humanity you're part to help women and families. Who find themselves in situations that really are are shocking and scary. Because. Face it from time to time we all need a helping hand you can have your family who would you turn to. Atx baby shower dot com is the website and that's -- get involved in supporting Austin's largest baby shower. This event is benefiting Austin like care any baby can and saint David's health care. And during and it's just marvelous that you had decided this is how I'm giving back because these organizations helped me and I went -- and help. Other weapon so maybe this is really hit a starting point oh my whole focus is I know what I can do. And I know while V and I'm grateful that these people help me see here it's been used. And and -- healthy and are still helping me get to -- That's huge because let's face it even in the best educational programs we have in America nobody teaching you how to create a budget and stick to it. It kind of blows my mind that even college students today have a hard time saving money in and you know. Creating wealth if you will mean that pattern built up for life is difficult to come by little on being in a disadvantage situation. We don't have resources so that is such a Smart program. -- I mean I think we all use that particularly when when your service in this in this path and struggling. If you're just not joining us on inside -- we're having a really interesting conversation we're talking about Austin's largest baby shower that's a benefit coming up that is benefiting Austin life care. Think David's health care. And any baby can and you can get involved. But -- atx baby shower dot com and click on the donate page and you can see lots of different ways treating him whether it's. Getting your financial resources or around donating some clothes and diapers. There's a way to yield can make an important difference in the life of some Austin families particularly. Women and children and if you're feeling inspired encouraged to get -- atx a baby shower dot com. This is really. I am curious to note teary Allison. What did you think wind and during an approach you and say hey I have this idea. I'll let you know like how to give back you guys have been so instrumental in my life. We kind of we surprised when she think knowing knowing Doreen you expected nothing less what was your reaction. When you know for me. Any -- can we were so excited because. Part of the work we do is empowering parents and so you know when a parent graduates from want from one of our programs. The very best measure of success is that they are empowered to go out and make a change and so. To hear back from carrying and say I wanna give back to any baby can I want to do something for other parents because you -- helped me so much. That's the best that's the best success that we can house. Yeah well and for -- I'm so humbled and so proud. Adoring she's an amazing woman and I just on echo what Allison said. We find it. At a beautiful expression of gratitude. When when people when he give back after they've been. Recipients and at services of love and encouragement. Any mean this is a great a great thing that during is doing and just -- she's an inspiration to me. I -- that it's a pleasure to get to walk alongside these ladies and Adam and get to see. How how. Just being encouraged. And I had listened to them have done and and educated -- believe wholeheartedly in our our education program. And how that affects. Your ability to be empowered. CU how you sturgeon resources and and things like. Yeah this. Event what was your reaction. I was so excited. To hear about it during success when her. And her baby and how well she and her baby are doing. In their party and and having -- neonatal intensive care unit is the community that she packed inside the unit. And knowing that the families are so tightly connected because they're in their for the same reason they had a critically ill baby -- they have -- Richard AD. To the fact that and Doreen has recognized passes is just absolutely wonderful we're so thankful for that. And more importantly that we can get story out that once your families believe that make you. There are resource is out there for you and your not alone. You are still part of our -- family. I'm in any support that we can give this drive is in immensely important and we're so happy that we can be a part of this team. So grateful for everything that that he has to turn back. What else or is there anything else you would like that's and my share. Alive and wires and ink and I lent -- I'm doing math and made and he he but -- final -- and everything. And I am greatly honored and humbled. Eight and it rant on and do. -- keynote speaker and -- is the first person who really came on board. And and the and then I'll run her on there. And mean line and these are the best personalities turnoff and can't in aspirin and patter and there are lending their voice. Hughes' issue and helping families in need here and and off the -- reading these fear. And I'm very excited though I partnered with -- -- country. There are great organization. North. And and now. And they have a great facility Hannity and perhaps even care and it's a luncheon. And you're inside thirty I victory. Indeed it is here with him. Going on hand and Iraqi People -- -- I think it's that he'd be cured. The proceeds out of its own money and industries like -- toward the end. And what's great about. It. I mean. Felt it -- has partnered as while and they're doing -- -- the TV and and that we have a very special now and -- campaign in nineteen everyday it just didn't pack our ice cream. And I'm very excited and very grateful that there. Companies. And I'll. Start off and as we all online C. So we you don't need online. That money -- street is the award. Life is at hand that he anyone else's hands that isn't -- -- honestly they. Eight that we if it. And locust street where. And which is different and raising -- -- now you know people. In each area again and I think we're supposed to. And so it gets fifty here and often in history here is the organization. Is -- -- And as well be here. Here and don't need it though all of our sponsors are the you do. Easier. These. And then and you can hear me -- Very. Is it. It out in about -- And -- and he. -- the primary. And so on kidney and it's not just politics -- you know and that you know nonprofit in Italy. Collaborative. Politicians and well liberties and as well. Isn't that -- rather elaborate but if it goes. You can you. And and so I'm very like I'm more. If need be great time -- to make it work. It does sound like a time and if you're thinking hey wanna go and get a couple of friends together. Every atx baby shower dot com and just click on the life line awards and you can buy tickets online. If you're not gonna be in town may seventh and you still wanna have way to support. These organizations -- can do so on the website there's a lot of information on the donate page and again that website is atx baby shower dot com. Well I have to say big thank you to -- or green as well as Allison -- come from any baby can. And Terry Johnson from Austin life care and of that McDonald from saint -- of women senators Texas. Really thanks to you all for being here and sharing what you organizations offered to women and children in this community such important were -- doing. Dreams and -- Think through paper technology. Don't think anything even happened. Thanks for listening to inside Austin. No one day in politics chemistry to kids I'm going to mean architect. 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