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May 4, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's delicious mischief Boston's food and -- radio group. A presentation of specs wine spirits and find her to. And now usually a guy who loves to talk with a -- -- John demeanor. Hello everybody welcome to another edition I'm delicious mr. -- online radio program -- Texas. As always and always and always delicious -- is a presentation aspects flying spirits and finer foods. We have a terrific show coming you from Austin this week and from a place that I have loved in various forms and various functions and and indeed various places for many many many years now. But where -- Austin -- Roy -- -- haven and down in a lot of us know highs while a lot of snow -- that certainly a lot of us know that talent around top because of the -- your family's adventure -- Roy Ayers -- on -- cafe. A place worth going a talent worth visiting if only to eat which is kind of crazy itself. Austin of course has a lot more going on -- round top and the one of the new things going on here is this high haven saying and I am here with guy father and daughter but in this case daughter and father. Tara Roy -- deal. And also the the -- familiar spot Roy air. On -- joining me here for tasting of wonderful things -- Roy -- I haven. In that the middle of a lot of stuff a lot of cool wonderful hippie stuff sorted in in Austin should now now now Tara I mean what's the story on -- haven anyway I think you guys either have or had one inch. In round top. But you know certainly bring it bring in the showed Austin is a pretty big deal. Yeah it is beyond opened up I even around top about two years ago. And it was just a place dressed up overflowed. Customers that just -- -- I -- cafe and of course the cafe only seats forty people and so. We have a spot -- usually so. The haven just evolves it ends and Chris we had that coffees and you can't just have high you have to have high truffles and I shake some high muff and send it. And you have to I guess that's just what you sit up nights dreaming about is that you have to do this and if we do that well then we have to do some. -- exactly what I'd always dreamed about a bakery and cafe never was a place where a bakery that we have to stay in the confines of -- just having high related things are not going well but I want this -- so this is I'm -- and expanding. The bakery portion I. I noticed a certain wiggle room -- -- you you gave me a new phrase I'd never used before high related. Games that option so how just in general how far -- -- in pie is like to -- -- or or or in the in the you lawyer's case jump very high or something bad but I mean I can already tell from what we're tasting in the savory department here that pirate related has has -- room to grow. Yes serious savory high name that sounds he can eat them for breakfast you can have -- different plants you can have them for dinner menu and during the -- Jake put it and then he can't pass here sweet I have towards a course of a string. That's giving giving birth to the famous phrase you want -- that so I think that the grade should not not now but let's let's talk about -- because. You know I'm in other then I'll try to avoid my usual joke about unsavory characters and all that but even with you by the but but what does it mean to you all as a family as as -- As a company if you will seek to have a high concept came in with pie in the name that's easy giveaway. Armed but that actually want to send and does work breakfast and lunch and dinner I mean how how does that do what what does that do to that your vision of this thing. Well we've always known that you could have are any of our prize for breakfast it's coming guys are apple buyer. Okay would you put it auditor during -- class about but these savory pie to what's wonderful about this is now you can. Without having to stretch it or believe anything you can -- truly enjoy. Me hi Princeton's our breakfasts are savory pipelines we do a Margarita chicken that's got. Mozzarella made of basal and chicken and and we took that herb butter. There would be served with -- that the campaign in the group incorporated that into the crust so this is kind of I mean Margarita other than of course the cocktail but -- enemy always means mockery -- pizza Margarita for residents and and you described the main components thereof I mean. It's sort of like -- -- people say pizza -- sometimes but you sort of took those flavors and and made this a very different thing tell me about. The experience of meeting I mean it's an even though it tastes sort of like -- that. It feels nothing like a pizza. Well he's -- exactly right -- I'd describe it it description is what Tenet is also very similar to -- Margarita. Need to. But he it's very more east it's dewy it's delicious all these flavors going on what's wonderful about this why you buy it whole cut it up slice it up put in the freezer you need to pull up by the slice of becomes very. Practical to do -- eating the pie in the evidently it's great for events. And these are. These have created a whole new as we say I told now that savory pies have in mood and the same with breakfast buys the Iraqis as I mean this is that. Says we can't call the keys we've got to -- all this got. -- -- while you are yet he audits that sausage bacon -- can help opinions in his own mind guys. Finish -- in this wonderful. And you just eat for breakfast. And we we shall. I'm not now tell me about over the years. When you and -- visited in round top I mean those have been highlights of my culinary life so -- say that coming and that. You've talked a lot about how much it means to you that the success of the Roy your vision of I am starting amount out that success has allowed you to do something truly beloved. -- your family members and certainly having having Tara beside you hadn't and all of that and both and round top and now obviously here in Austin you know I mean what do you see this new place in Austin as. As kind of growing in May be. -- may -- even enhancing your ability to beat. Patrick Familia send more ways than one. Those -- your words UConn but. I do realize I think I'm going to chimp bit bizarre thing is gone away have been called by czar. Ever since. Present them. Political situation and that's moving away so I think we'll make go to Florida applied -- -- that job but anyway. You know it's a privilege just to work with the family units were able to see this. Peoples always said oh you ghost do this from the kids that run and has no no no that's not something. You -- your kids and and so it's that it's a vulnerability to an honor to work like this and so. We see the pot even as an opportunity to step out you know replicating the popular Caffe he's just non realistic coming. The intensity in the energy in the effort and -- it requires to around -- the cafes and experience and we can't duplicate that experience. The pot even we can -- And here is done that very well. Taking this and creating -- in making that so much more different more so much more over. Then the cafe you know we describe the cafe is funky this is very whimsical I -- very whimsical and very terror. -- so. Take that -- this is very terror we're singing here. How you know come from a family perspective but from your side if you well I mean how. How did it happen that you chose that you fell in love with that were with -- with your dad's world and wanted to be a part of that because. He obviously didn't make you and and knows that the best way to do that by them. But I mean in the end use you kind of get it and also you know do your own thing within -- Can't a loaded question and. -- and well you know I started. I had the Cathay announced twelve years olds and and Wednesday waiting on tables and I thank him making cookies and that was kind of my outlet I -- faking his -- -- and decorating was always my -- economic and and. Goodness I'll let you know what made you what do you think. Made you fall in love with this experience because. I mean nobody who doesn't like to work should have anything to do with the restaurant business obviously I mean there's easier ways to make a buck out there so that's probably not what led you and what did you love about the business that you saw all around you you participated in from age twelve. All I see I. I sell hard -- I see the hard work I know hardware kit in night. Done -- right where I -- and I enjoy that part of it. I enjoy it the family aspect of it and getting to work alongside my family even knows sometimes it is just not easy. And getting to work at my Brothers. And and continuing on this legacy of this legacy. And my dad has created a -- is seeing if you know we keep working hard we would just make him out and am. Mean we have we have something that we can do for the rest of our life if we continue to work hard at this so I am and it's the relationships with then. Customary is -- and the friends that we need bearing his three relations that we have with our employees and our staff those. Guys make us look really great and have enabled us still. Immediacy here right now -- not be at the cafe right the second coming to make -- are needing to make -- Although I -- to enjoy doing that but and you know dad did that at one time. I dated at one time and so now there are others that are helping continue on with the legacy. That is super Republican Party tasting some more things here at Roy Ayers I haven in Austin. But we need to take a break when we come back when the show returns will be doing a great ingrained tasting segment which as. You know it's always a favorite of mine but I promise you that before the hour now back cannot stand back and Reuters. -- -- -- Don't -- that it'll spoil your dinner. Instead here's more delicious this just with your host John -- just. And now from the shells are expected wines spirits and finer foods list is great -- rain. We're going to a very special place we can end the good fortune doing his radio show it seems like it collapsed so a couple of months or so. We managed to go to this place without ever leaving Texas mind you we managed to go to this place several several times and enjoyed wonderful wines each and every one of them met place if you haven't -- jet is Bordeaux yes that region and France. Certainly one obvious and some might even say the best known wine region on the face of the earth but certainly one out the best known wine regions on the face of the arch and one of the most classical one of the most spectacularly. Special places for lying to come from and as always on here and breaking -- I mean I'm trying to get my head around my arms around what makes these places special sometimes its -- sometimes -- climate sometimes. Well sometimes a whole lot of things that produced the grapes that live in the house. Pinned me and make the wind that Jack built our -- built in this case I'm here with Emmanuel (%expletive) tests on. Course gives some wine taste which is my favorite part. But also to tell us a little bit about how this all works them on the one hand what makes that region called poured out so special. I'm looking at several lines for instance called -- superior -- which sounds good to me you know being superior -- -- viewers something. So. So home in fact we've -- In 915 and eighteen cents or five which might quit as let's be settlers gala which is of all those -- -- -- And without -- -- concept code. And no we dollar and even chateau in volatile. And it must -- must on the -- -- Kong which is. Amanda -- Oshawa. Which is based between shattered a leg in a typical man to just write books. So. So let me ask you and I think I got my timeline right in my head anyway. The great classification. And that sort of created a lot of the mystique in the named the nomenclature is aboard out I think happened Y 1865. -- you guys started in 1875. What we doing before that did that with the family like selling shoes or our aural oral Latino with their relationship. To the classification and then you guys became bored no more delay -- people. In fact when I don't know much follow through on the bottle. And boats. No we bring boats OK get -- right on the water. Any Indian Normandy I guess if you're not making boats here a year you know you're making apple brandy in and that's that's really good to all the dust. It's true it would prefer -- the line -- So low written in fact home to -- in them and it equipment it's no Monte. Yes. But. I mean -- their line now and Adam. -- and Kyra manages two to a us to promote tolerance and to him too intricate and exit. So so from what you know the family history. You know what what sort of what did you guys do your family do that was kind of special when you when you hear about great grandfather so and so. I mean what did people say about that guy what did he do that helped create what is now a fairly impressive -- no empire let's say -- what do you what do you what it would've been passed down to you. In fact. To be and that those centers Jack and a one various -- Less were put up. And we we printed it. In 1983. So it's and in fact had no player of aerial work because. Looks acquisitions are seventeen you know. So that's why we have a contingent in ninety in 1990s and. So so as as the I guess great grandson. Of the founder I -- I knew what time. What's your story talk about that a little bit I mean were you always in the wind business or did you go doomed to go build boats enormity for a while our our life. In fact there was -- in in a Monday. So I did not doing a Kenya us and I moved to -- though in 2001. I may actually there. And a demeaning Iowa -- Them ended injection box. I walked weasel Emeka. And you know and to me out to -- ticket changed it to line. And I mean. Instead of not American my. Can't -- -- I guess now. Well so so let's let's -- Beirut one of the questions I always ask board LA right off the bat and in this case I was more interested initially in your family history in which which is always interesting to. But. We you know you do travel the world learned in North America and I'm sure you've traveled a fair amount of the rest of the world over the years. People sort of when you say the word Bordal Diego who. You know I mean why people are even now I mean some in some cases probably even not -- people who who is one of those names that is a crossover thing like on the radio with music I mean everybody knows about Bordeaux whether they drink port no -- -- even drink wine. -- what we. What do you think is the special magic of Bordeaux that that people are responding to whenever they hear the name. No of course Vinatieri chip although because -- supply and maybe you maybe the best -- came into our. And -- English. Have to say -- -- -- The British not even English language but the British have a special relation tell you tell us a little bit about that mean how do you how do you see this relationship because. Mean certainly many of us have heard the word -- for instance and and that often is part of this saga some well but but because the brits don't like to call anything by its real name basically. What what is the relationship of the English as you say to Bordeaux that helped propel Bordeaux to the forefront of the world. Like to have created -- -- conditioning agents and at least tied at present a British left them left and it. So that's why we haven't missed a short question me and made them things thanks to -- two and embodies went on Iran and the war. So it's very important. And I take it that they really loved the winds of Bordeaux and you know so that we knew when you went to. Like a rich guy's house in London and you know 1880s or nineties or whatever. I mean if you got serving wine and if it was red which it probably was then you probably were gonna get bored I'll meet. He is in the history of Bordeaux do we understand why -- the British loves. This -- more than say oh I don't know that either B word Burgundy or. Or -- -- -- owner and he doesn't mean that's a good -- to while -- is why do you think or why does history tell us the British develop this relationship with one -- -- out. To be sure it has to I don't -- and a -- you know bet because maybe its -- is different for them to bring that to bring -- line. And not to -- and I don't know. You know there is that geography thing -- I mean it probably was easier to get the -- get the lion on the ship on the river and then out to the ocean and everybody goes home happy. It's way easier for them that maybe proximity -- -- so others. Thanks to. You know that and so you know and that. It's time when the queen and the Kenya maybe that's right yeah there's always these kings and queens sleeping with -- each other that usually historically explains a lot. So I'm so. Couple minutes left before our break but. If if you had to describe somebody walked up to you instead dime on the -- you know what is Bordeaux wine like we'll talk a little bit as I taste. About the differences between these -- five -- but. If some is that what's -- light in general I mean what are Bordeaux wines like there are generally read. I mean not in our appreciation there there are most often red. What are those you know and they often -- made with a certain set of grapes I mean you know cabernet -- low cab from whatever I forget the five now -- He did outright and so how would you describe the overall experience of drinking a Bordeaux wines or -- from poured out even be more precise. I think that. It's a statistic but still fifty K -- Do you know what I mean yeah. Iowa sophisticated and and what kind of flavor to that I donated to lead these go a little from lighter heavier here before us that the -- so right foods like. Program. Missed a story there. But we -- are so -- -- you know league would like line and second -- And with him so I love solitary and that's that's my out of the many many dessert type winds around the world late artist this and that. I always come back to the beautiful French -- turn. And so -- two. There are parts which are very different I mean you're up that banquet and deduct the right bank sent him the moment it's a -- content this section and on and I didn't guy so. That's so equipment problems to -- times. So so I mean I guess what we're taking away from that is that even though there is a kind of unity there's certainly identity in terms of marketing in speed in the word -- -- there's certainly no sameness there's no uniformity that says -- yet that's just a bunch of people making the same basic line here there everywhere. That you know terror while runs the show in many cases and different sides of the river different kinds of climates different hours of sunshine all those things make -- I would say very different. Lines and I'm excited to try some your lines so he -- well -- tests on. We're gonna be back delicious this will return we'll take some of these lines when we return. I'm still hungry. Here's another helping of -- dismiss chips which are host John Denver is. Welcome back everybody thanks for joining us here on tuition assistance and it should. Killer for today's great -- segment for Michelle the specs now. Now we're tasting wines from Bordeaux one of everybody's secure regions I'm sitting here with Emmanuel has some BA -- Ambrose you wine properties which is a group -- A kind of over an umbrella group a few well in -- with a lot of history going back to Emmanuel is great grandfather. And I love it when that happens in the story's been going back and now hole. Creating making grow mean you know producing marketing all these things. I know at least these five wines are sitting in front of me which said the first one here. Is is the the one that kind of looks back -- beginnings it's called shut -- told us out and the label is interesting because it doesn't look modern like you know Lotta these modern labels decide igniting -- ones with the critters on them from Australia a lot of them look a certain way and they have pictures of this and drawings of that this looks very old fashioned what's the story on this label for starters. Infected defensive the set so. We have responded in I think. And we we used now. -- -- my command great -- oh. To a total. True if he really wrote it I guess 'cause it's it's sort of a script. Exactly and an enemy -- -- says it doesn't say the words chateau as we know it is says CH. And then some weird little quotes at the bottom in the -- you like an abbreviation almost. Sixties an aberration and -- -- that's. Oh we mule right to. And returns -- chateau. In nineteen century. So we are being being taken back I know. I certainly our our president in this country Thomas Jefferson love trench line send. He stopped and signed his name TH Jeffrey since I guess he was thinking that always line labels on -- out. I'm so tell me about this line because some you know Bordeaux superior by the way what does that mean Bordeaux superior I mean. Linguistically it surely means superior Bordal when I'm thinking -- be in French and all it means something more technical than that. Yes in fact Q Bob Dole and other surprise the difference -- many potential projects in fact so you have to produce. That's butlers and Bob -- and other so it depends. Politicians on city. Saw him mow them. And then density you have. And you can you can be -- -- that's. So so I'm -- is not to do what -- A British and I. That. It's got from superior -- or whatever you know I'm so so how. How do you describe this line I know you wanted this to tasted first stem and why is that is that kind of on among these five is it kind of toward the lighter side which is -- how these things work or why why why is -- -- the they'd be the first climber tasting. Because -- They're like and because itself folks behind. That's a Jewish -- thing and insurance -- Despise their impotence army. And or so because we have the material Faldo doing his elbow the Sokaiya doubt order made in the middle box. Which is there ran -- only one -- some of the -- under the spell which Amanda. Which -- to a story. So hum. That consider it -- does it took quite -- well do and Douglas today but some Italian job although another -- -- -- wanna choose between Europe. -- -- Yeah we sept artist -- you can going to test. 56 yes national program. And -- -- we -- make our lines like element out I mean they've passed in French about doing twelve months. I remember. That is that is really cool now one thing we need to touch on here because she if people if everybody is brother or he and his sister knows about Bordeaux wines. There's a general tendency in the world I think I've noticed this and talking with people to think that -- -- aboard know Ali that must be like a hundred dollars a bottle or 200 dollars the -- five million dollars about I mean you know these these crazy kind of -- -- that. You hear about sometimes and auctions or whatever and -- and so tell me tell me yes I mean you know how does I'm looking at a price list here and it's not that bad I mean there's like you know thirteen out in this is these respects prices so you know there are probably often really -- touch but thirteen dollars fifteen dollars up to 25 dollars for instance and -- How do you do you find when you deal with the public and maybe -- really serious public like downstairs its specs signing bottles or whatever I mean people walking in from all walks of life. Do you think -- Are people delighted when when they find out that they can have these lines that they've heard about basically and and not in -- take out a second mortgage. I think the most important for us it to make good wine with a quick credit she. With a good price that must -- time so we and that -- tools to make -- we haven't had haven't addressed via. And mode. We have to respect what so we can do that we have not an advantage or so let's do in my -- -- -- that would put his friend and -- -- people are drinking. -- I think that's a wonderful -- I think people should drink Caroline's Emmanuel now -- something I chateau -- now wrong disarm another Bordeaux superior -- Tom what's the what's the difference we move from this bottle to of this bottle. Obviously you're apparently were going to a different -- what happens that changes the line that -- wrote about it's -- legitimate. So but despite these Sweetney. Meet these new and a -- on mile. And A River Runs Through It that's a movie title but anyway I mean each -- is sort of what divided you might say about river with different different styles one to get onside you out -- -- bank. And the right and they're having its mode Kevin as having known and right -- its momentum so the bread baking Damane Duckett and the right and -- and and so -- what are the great state -- drug use like to argue that are you on both sides of the river is on trying to say or are do you do you your family make one on one or the other side. Countless times. -- town over -- -- on the left side. It marks on them the right -- to -- -- but the -- Malia -- you know or let it tonight. OK except so tell me about -- activity around his arm -- upset they're on the so far this finally is only. Him. -- or ordered -- I mean. They -- denying it that fifty years or. So it -- or so in French about it is a minimum doing -- moms and such a percent that we unity chip but it's look at any sitting -- And respond. 52%. And then just get a small matter. -- -- Right right right so I like all these names that -- tour hasn't power shot towed toward -- G today. Bomb and picture of the tower on it if I didn't know that torment tower. Am -- another board a superior and we heard we heard about what that means a -- bomb bounded bordello. What's the story on this one. But this vine just -- and and two because because it's 60% -- though which is -- ran. Get deeper now is usually one of the less sprint smaller percentage is in a Bordeaux or in any line really -- And and so that gives it what a different flavor is having a different great in the forefront. In fact that you got though. -- -- lots of people -- avoid -- though. I Nelson's tenure us. We we use it. And because because it's -- judge but you gotta do and difficult to make it so but when he's good he's really good and it's -- -- -- it's pretty pretty good. And hagee thinks so but I think so too -- it's just really really amazing it's an amazing line. And I'm I'm tasting all by itself he goes without saying that these would these are fabulous food lines I mean you guys are friends I mean come on you believe include food in with for a change of pace more food so so that's really really super. Armed let's just make sure we get both of these in before we have to get -- not hearing Claudette may get close beer may. A from Oden -- -- 2009. And also a chateau more calm. Publicly -- what's the story. And makes us more probity on you one point 66 to us and the politics at its 100% -- We I don't want to make that count plan because the medal to UB FOX. It's mom. My bank. So is this on the left bank but making -- anyway decades so 100% -- so it's -- -- -- -- and and it's it's just more property would produce. Ten but yeah. And I am I'm luckier sharing this with Maine and and I am certainly grateful and then -- chateau mole com. -- -- -- adult crew bourgeois however what is true bush while I mean by the way. I took justification. Them it's like the Christian right groups. But before from the first justification for refreshing to work in nineteen such too I mean do them but -- -- and -- You mentioned such to a you -- the crippled black Google+ superior and -- fractures and that. And Michael west Kabul for us -- -- and now -- tool we'll wait you aren't accountable for its own we. To pay an extra time. Well I would say it's exceptional anyway now we -- thank you manual is on the may have member original line properties in port -- folks out. So you know this is the way it's done now a lot of these families have been added a long time they have many properties in different parts of all of anywhere but certainly aboard out and they makes an extraordinary lines are as as the French might say some exception -- lines. And we wanna think Emmanuel for bringing them to today's great -- grain as always a preservation aspects and in. -- from the shelves that wind spirit and kind of -- -- one more tasted delicious bit. Coming up right after that. And now for one more by -- delicious mr. here's your host -- to -- us. Welcome back everybody thanks for joining us here I am delicious -- in delicious visit on delicious and it's even obviously for some malicious mischief. Which we do each and every week on this nation now. Now we're in Austin this week and you know we travel a good deal mostly in Texas that occasionally to place other places like Tuscany a pro vons and places that aren't quite as much fun as Texas but I mean we're here in Austin this week at lawyers that I haven kind of new thing. Here I have an offshoot in the kind of an expansion expression -- lawyers round top cafe in mount up a place that many of us particularly Texans from this squadron you know the kind of central southeast quadrant of Texas have -- for years and years and years. I'm here with two people who know a lot about this place and kind of make it happen. Tara Reuters Steele is here and of course not but -- -- is them the guy have -- visited with many times and round top now. Not not Tara how does this place this this I haven in Austin come to pass mean. You know a conversation and it's so. What did you want it to be that would sort of add to and not just merely be more but maybe be a little different from the round top cafe you grew up around. Well I was in a taxi New York actually and I -- of course and nobody expected no less. And that leading TI can't I am heading back to Texas and got a phone call about this building being available. And we originally were -- in Houston puts. The dream is still to go to Houston the dream is for ten. And I'm -- but at least ten we'd better not -- -- and not being used and I'll tell get a well yes I believe that we honestly I owe it to our customers because we have such a great. And based from there but yes Wednesday it'll happen soon. And so anyway -- been attacked seniority and of course unlike -- She knows that building remember driving basket that's like an iconic building within one knows there wasn't a toy joy building took away the neon. And and so they haven itself is that it's adds that severed from the cafe it is and you can sit and drink coffee and you can hear each other talking as in the cafe he cannot hear what you're talking because it's so loud and on the wall there. Cluttered and things in New Haven is that too but it's a sanctuary it's a place where people. And can come and sit and rest and be fed and down. We've just seen that with so many people and and that -- admit it's funny it trickle down to the employees that they call it. That they enjoy they come here because they're like I just feel safe here. So -- Chile is a haven and when we Nate we might call it that I haven we didn't even have a clue that that's why we call that the I haven it just sounded. -- hitting you know. -- so anyways it's it's evolved into that actually. Well -- out more about them and alas every once in awhile I wish radio were more of a visual medium Menendez let. What did you want it to look and feel like because it does look and feel very different from the cafe. I can certainly see linkages if you will bomb but. What elements Tara are they're nearest and dearest to your heart that make this place feel more like haven and -- less like -- cap that. And floods with whimsical it's antiques which I've. Being around seven have grown up around -- seeks her 27 years and so on. You know if you go on my garage he going dad's garage we just seem to collect all this stuff and Haley needed a place to put it. -- and you know there's great old rescue pieces on the wall there's been his letters spelling out pie then there's. Everything's -- and all the signs serve and just describing the highs are ripped out of cardboard. And written on. It's chandeliers in crystals and so it's just and it's very. It's my home honestly it's not my house is like MMR my brother locked in when he. First came in Haney said because it just reminds me of mom's house money you know we're growing up and so that's honestly what it is. That's that that makes it his own special way a haven for you as well as your employees and that now but I mean. How do you see this as you know as the next evolution I mean that we talked about that this could have multi units whereas the cafe at the cafe and cafe. And down but I mean what. You know how does this kind of meet what you see is the need for the next generation and the next chapter. Well you know that cafe we watched the campaign in the pine haven who we have the one in all round top -- -- about two years ago. And we can sit there and see the difference between the two. During the big antique show which is a crazy time. Ten days in the spring ten days -- the -- is remind me not to come work that went OK bet it hit it 888 John Liu and I would have fun on the -- board temperament issue would. -- that would be the I might even start where things are cooperating that at that would be great but there's a 100000 people who down in ten days and people want like a 100000 more than -- top typically cat actually admitted it in them. And -- in we do what percent of your sales those ten days and we saw what we saw the pine haven. Drew in the battle for those numbers they were doing their vs what we're doing that the campaign -- -- this is crazy choir we do you know. That makes so much more sense to take -- by haven which requires so little. Comparison much less operational management oversight. With good stepping in there and so that we saw that as a vehicle to grow and expand. And so it's very it's a logical thing it's not oh my gosh let's go try and do this but this is. You know this candlelight is stupid not to do it -- not -- and we -- it really creative folk focused forest of Saturday member. That line when I think once again for the billionth time of launching delicious mr. magazine I'll think it's stupid not to do it's it's epic epic good logic. So so so looking back you know looking back to the beginnings I mean you guys started out with relatively little I would say in terms of you know that that the cafe and all of that stuff I mean you tell me many a story about those days. -- what do you think it is that the that you and your family UN your family have been -- wouldn't believe. That that makes this makes this success story possible obviously we live in that land of opportunity so. Any success story could theoretically happen. But a whole lot of them down what what do you think it was that from that beginning that you had the faith to do this then and that ended up working so well. Well people of faith is one thing is very much a part of an idea that tag line -- a constant reminder who'd ever thought we'd be doing this. But I remember so clearly drive an end around -- that first time just to drive up there and and end in the in the realized where we are now on what we do now and you know we've it has to do with personal integrity it has to do with Garrett talked about working hard -- has to beat who you are. I mean that you walk into this this is. Who we are this says in Perry is thinking you know the cafes funk and then you know again it's got all my crap on the wall and my stuff. In this this stuff and that definitely will fit in the pine haven and not. That it's wrong but it just doesn't fit over there in and so. If we we know who we are in the food we serve we syrupy crude that we love. In and we know that it's the way it's gotta be good this guy every -- got to be great. That's a hard hard bar high -- to constantly reach. And so but we've got to do we've got to shore up their record in day I -- doesn't matter if it's not the out of court tired -- we've been more conduct when he. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We still that -- it's every fight to. It's not every customer but it's everybody. And that's hard and in this teenage. I mean you know if if if if the -- all comes down to personal integrity. Well like you just kind of -- -- one of the maxim -- the restaurant industry which always says you're only as good as your last meal. I think maybe you're only as good as your last fight and the -- that's really pretty interesting and maybe a little scary battle thanks. But Tara. We just got a couple minutes left. What are a couple of guys that we need that we need to -- today because you guys I mean it's I haven for -- sake you know what what are the -- that you like fast or that maybe even your customers like -- Well the -- funded the sweet and salty units I don't even like chocolate and I Blaine ten to twelve pounds in the last two months because of this I. So it's like it ends fed chief pilot seats on camel and of course everyone is doing the whole seesawing camel shots suddenly had to jump on the bandwagon and well. I think we set the bar way higher than anybody else and now would you empathize seems amazing and of course the Texas trashes. And because well what what what what is the Texas trash what what what counts is trash in this particular by lean on the new music come up but the ties are we. A lot like the Texas trashes episode named after we. Taking out some another story in town and they they have solid. Not that they -- trashy things for the console strategy so you know they they're all attraction apply so we have like left ever pretzels and Graham crackers and chocolate chips in camel. And and my not so that -- I press and then it and it's just amazing the flavors. And then and of course the jungle areas honestly my favorite fruit in its. And apples and peaches and blackberries and raspberries and strawberries. And all of that together with this a sour cream and sugar topping so balance. Pretty fabulous. Tara I think when you straight string out the things up and down. Yes so so in my do you have something to add to that I just in the when we talk about the -- by -- -- talk about the menu here. I really need to stress the pie shakes these are unbelievable. Hi -- I think about it the slice the pie with a scoop of ice cream a little milk. Oh my god is that ever healthy in now we can truly say we -- to feed you pie. So we -- now or riding high from all stages of life. And guy should you know talk about meeting the needs of our customers. Well but since I'm sure I'm fairly confident after this life I'll need to be tube fed at some point. I I certainly know what I -- in the two about how it's coming up buys from Reuters I haven here in Austin or anything you guys ever do in any place you guys ever go it's all okay with me well that about does it from other days delicious mischief as always -- presentation of specs -- experienced and finer foods. Until next time. I'm your host John numbers and I'll see you. --