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He Said She Said Radio Podcast 5/3/14

May 4, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Want to want to. Three people. Live from Willie Nelson's Sierra Vista and -- home builders association of greater -- 2014 parade of homes it's he's said she's set radio on talk thirteen seventy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Annual HPH parade of homes. We are broadcasting live. This show from two to four and we are at the beautiful Texas monthly star home it's the last home at the end of the street there. You'll wanna come down and say yes we're doing our usual schedule of some buying food we're going to be talking to the folks that it's all good barbecue often. And now we've got to where interview interviewing all very. -- built -- that's great idea day and we have the pleasure of having been mordant wit on key financial with us here and he is the sponsor of our live broadcast. Thank you for having me you that. So we started the prayed officially last Thursday and with a preview party right down -- you're either for that actually it was it bash to bash -- it was a data in the half yes. Sort of triple -- -- -- triple grades actually we had some beautiful weather this week -- a -- it's just been beautiful yes it was like California weather. It was a California okay we have -- Texas time get out here and. And joy in text whether. And this past week was Willie Nelson's place we also went on here while 81 play in the backyard it's nonstop play in the backyard in the Netherlands nightly nine holes of golf out here -- hot and the people who own homes in beautiful -- Vista. We'll get to call Willie Nelson their neighbors so that's pretty cool. Yeah that's because -- much better now again that my energy Matthew so dale I'll look out about how closer to the parade. Yeah this is I think the third straight parade that we've done more really involved we've done to homes here in the parade. Really proud of Dennis Overton two extra the star home it's a fantastic home and you know we did have a beautiful causing here we also did a home up to the top of the hill yep she -- get it at that. Beginning in the end and then back again as you leave and then back again as you -- -- seven custom homes and there's -- great as well and we're really excited about that -- toll distinctive styles. The home and that distinctive styles are designed for for us but we love these being in the people put on the parade and and the builders who were working -- So we wanted to come out and I'd come on out and visit us here we've got prize is we've got a lot to gift cards to its all good barbecue. For anybody who participates in the show and not come on in -- see the most. And generally California closets wants you to get into the closet. Get right back into -- back in synagogues and. We'll fill that up for you and now we don't have are a resident one wizard here today that he did get us in touch with clubs and Morton. And so -- one was or John Gerber -- -- got to spend he has he's the guilty parties that. Picnic at the world can often he is as often here right. So in Austin we love to look at beautiful homes and we've got to ai eight tour of homes we've got to cool house tour. But the big Kahuna of all home tour is doing is DHB a parade of Comcast's. And as you know if you didn't listen to show for any length of time that she said state job. Is all about helping people build homes of their home their dreams and if you're in the market for a new home or you're thinking of building a new home I want to get some great ideas. Come on out here to the 59 annual H create parade of homes that Willie Nelson's. You will get to see five beautifully built an appointed homes and they're available they're gonna be open from now through Mother's Day. The parade is closed on Monday and Tuesday so don't come out Monday or Tuesday but Wednesday through Sunday were open and come up and say I'm. And that while some of these holes homes -- sold they were built this custom homes are art to homes that are available for a new owner okay yeah. So and we are like I said broadcasting from one of those and it is the Texas monthly star home and it is built and built by silver can custom homes and sure I talk with Mike grimace over ten because he he's a crazy man. Hey I know that he not only know one home and -- -- -- Heytvelt. New homes hit -- -- a parade of homes that's right he's got a third one under on the way. So Tom. Still a little bit about our listeners the value they get and what your hat company has in store before any operate -- welcome prayed. You know we want to show people obviously the breath of what we do for clients everything we use custom and so if -- the -- -- we're doing -- and they have a bath fireplace sturdy even for the -- we work. Very closely with with the homeowner. On a custom solution for them in their closet space or storage space is all around the home whether to have a pantry -- laundry -- moral wind -- ever. When we're working with the builders' show we want to showcase what we're doing but we also make sure that people understand there's a wide range of you know. Dollar figures that you can spend in that space and so we don't we don't tickets over the top that people think it's unattainable wanna make sure that it fits within one's lifestyle and budget. And yeah and behind the parade home that the owner of that home gets just so much value and at home in these orders. Can't build these homes appointed -- the way they are for the price they're offering it. And any other time I just because it's in the parade of homes so if you're listening come on out will be here from 2 to 4 o'clock in front of the Texas monthly star home. If you want all the details about the HBA parade of homes and how you can be one of the few lucky folks to get home with tons of upgrades. Check out the links on that he said she said FaceBook page you are you can go to a parade of homes Alston. Dot com and you could be live in the jury you know you get out here in the the train come out here and -- the jury met Willie Nelson Sierra Vista and that's we can review Austin trick. Down home style. -- -- -- You brought -- you find life being. Drop in for some light conversation at 10401 Vernon road. More on the -- lining dot com. As far as these -- for. We're just celebrating 75 years -- the twenty Austin area locations and more on the wins when -- dot com. Live from -- Willie Nelson's Sierra Vista and no home builders association of greater Boston's 2014 parade of homes it's he's good she's seven radio. On talk thirteen seventy. All right now I really. -- back. And do you play a little bit -- the name -- to where we're assistance from you know little. About that I do well mr. Ruth Willie Nelson wrote that some of course. That version though is the throwback for me for cleric has its. Something that it did in about 96. -- my bend. Called the supercenters played with Willie -- we did a tribute record Willie Nelson called twisted willing. How did you can buy that we got a whole bunch indie bands back in the early night the mid ninety's. To cover Willie Nelson it's almost as we Revere him so much about growing up this that it Willie Nelson -- own this kid's an Arizona. And guess who got this record together and we were because we did that we were able to actually -- with Willie into a song with -- we did this song. Bloody -- morning and then then he took us on the Tonight Show. When Jay Leno was the -- long ago with him. And Margaret. Adam Sandler well again it was a it was a really catch on it's time now on such a throwback to mean for -- lived in Austin. Was it -- in a -- -- out here in briar cliff I don't spent a lot of time out there and driving into town playing planned -- -- Williams and here we are broadcasting it Willie Nelson Sierra Vista. And just across the street from us we can even see Willie Celso where -- were -- -- we are in the heart of rock and roll oh yeah yeah. And speaking of rock stars we have the rock star. A barbecue with us today we sure do we do. It's Dan Harrington from its all good barbecue. -- here thanks for amnesty and absolutely. We love having you guys out. And that not only are we cannot taste some of your fabulous barbecue but for I don't were kind enough to bring your barbecue trailer out here. For all of the participants that come out to DH did pray to -- Gloria absolute -- food and drink for everybody would have chopped beef sandwich is -- or we have -- who frozen Turkey offer everyone. I like that -- to have Turkey a couple times this week and it's awesome to see who -- So -- even if you know make it out here today between two and four come on out any day. And the it's -- good -- key guys will be out -- they see some homes and have some good barbecue. And it Willie Nelson Sierra Vista so that's a good Dahlia Madrid today. So I dam is with us but dale and psyche. The other two the trio of the -- -- out. Our windows and steering -- let's talk about it since -- they're able to short straw on the -- -- we my now I know our volunteer for this one. Yeah absolutely you're the hand very -- sign for his birthday and on bills what's in store -- -- watch operation while I'm on you know. That's right has all the people who leave here and see all this fabulous through that we're -- So that's available -- trailer but a lot of that you're gonna have to go to the restaurant we we're we're just we're just kidneys started over here you got to swing by the restaurant it's run on the way back it's not but about four miles away from here. You're American Austin is right and left inside to -- for the smoking pistol barbecue -- that's right -- to get either stop by and have some dinner on the way back or pick up some dinner and bring it -- either way to absolute have a convenient drive through for you outside -- more -- and enjoy air conditioner carried out. And for anybody who participates in the show here while we're broadcasting live from the parade comes. We've got some gift cards it's all good RT so you know we're we. We're not afraid given out or we know absolutely not now -- I'm not participate in the show and anyway Telus. What you liked about the homes that you've seen any little thing and -- you'll have a gift card so a little bit at dinner on the way lunch or dinner -- a lot of winners out here all winners at he said she said radio. So Dan tell us a bit about how you guys came to start it's all good barbecue that's a neat story there really is -- freaky. Dale. How can come across each other out by the common pit that they that they had and the -- although much hit it off right away and you know we've. They were under and could cost together having a good time Al Franken I met actually doing the parade of homes about seven years ago yeah. And now we've partnered up inserted in the concession out here and we competed a little bit against each other and then we sort of put our hands together in central let's that's always -- when you guys start doing that -- it's the I'm gonna say there was any very drink -- -- -- are gonna say there was no I'm okay did you sanity there -- absolutely. And a so Dell came over this IDA found a spot right here and spice -- knew there was growing. And civil frank you've got to get barbecued Danny -- barbecue and I've got good barbecue so. While we get this all started up we are stronger on so. We broke ground on it coming up on our two year anniversary here in July and managers say things has been rock and roll a system that started. That's kind of that's a neat story that it's that little bit unusual because usually barbecue is pretty darn competitive and you guys that you know just really took a different spin on it says you know what. We've we've all got some great barbecue let's put it together that that's Lou is stop fighting with each other must put it on the other -- a -- we love -- -- we got I think the best of the best. So what are the most popular items on your menu. My hands all Orioles you -- it is August so. Our top sellers though -- going to be are brisket you know without a doubt this is Texas we're in the planned. If you're really want a special treat on Fridays Saturday and Sunday we have our feet short ribs and our beef back groups and I'd be sure we want for today. OK I wanna leave you out our eyes literally brisket on a bone it's absolutely ridiculous. Baby back ribs members Friday in their own special when we just can't keep enough on stock. And with a special on Friday half eleven dollar half right B -- in 22 dollar for Iraq's Sunni two dollars off for a -- on Saturday it's OK that's great is that she sits favorite. And they they know that I called -- take a ahead and west of preferred beer that you guys merely heavy -- with that. You know there's quite a few but. You know Nancy there's one. Local beer here that's. -- rocker no excuse me solid rock solid rock it's right on here in there right -- on the rise again screwed yeah Alison it's incredible it's it's it's almost like to Chileans Irish red but it. It even easier on the -- like killing insists it is. Also. Awesome keeping -- local here that's right Jack lowered you don't have here at Sierra Vista keep it local so. Yeah and so. A little bit about the he had the dishes that you have in front of us to -- How the first it was start off with who is our award winning brisket. And then now we're both heavily in animal is cut on there which you have your option to get you where you wanted to store. And we -- of our creamed corn it's a green Chile creamed corn so while it is Sweden also has a nice little bite there at the end and and -- next thing up is our. Citi's chairman to riser it's they've pulled pork in cream cheese stuffed Filipino let's -- -- hardwood smoked bacon. Then smoked on the -- and covered with a -- pieces that are Jesus like icing on the -- Well now just like you get out of here that -- was like -- -- just call it get out of here. I mean I think so how come up with -- that's the first some of. -- pulled pork stuff. -- -- You know as much is -- don't wanna admit this that was so for mr. bill that was Dell's idea you know I don't know -- his body Leon and he's a man he's he's gonna work here. -- and I don't know list will be closed for someone alive and I'm Tony we knew we have a hard time just keeping them on the line we are called de -- -- guys Specter prep and stuff all of them to keep them alive now. The -- which specialty in a threat spiced with specialty. And I did -- And let's talk a little bit about the lovely rose wind at our friends at -- liquor has paired us up doesn't know what you want isn't the first thing wanna do you -- especially for the guys is just say. It's located trade this pink stuff it's -- friendly it's toll -- and they do it's. Because it's it's like it's hot out in this is light and refreshing. But -- -- fact it's a rose then this is the this is good shepherd king Belarussian coat around rose. And got it to grow and Josh grave but what happens is they when they when they do this they believe in contact with the skins. Longer than they would for both the white obviously don't leave it in there at all at all. And and so they get a little bit extra. Depth and flavor to the great so it's refreshing yet it doesn't feel to be sent to fruity and and a kind of garlic Rashard -- or something. So it's a great option you know for something refreshing as opposed to just occurs. Yet now it either it got it right it's nice and you like -- -- -- star -- are now that's right both refreshing both favorites -- you know but this is a great option authorities -- -- -- Well we are gonna take a break and when we come back we are gonna talk a little bit -- Mike Graham what's Overton custom homes after we are broadcasting from the Texas star home at DH BA parade of homes. We've got lots of barbecued. Anybody who participates in the showed tell us which is your favorite house. We've got gift cards to its all good barbecues right here a little bit of dinner on the way now. On yeah said -- take a quick break pay some bills and we come back we're gonna have some more food more -- we're gonna talk house. It's an awesome. Songs -- about rainbow room. Loss on the other. Boris and these truce brought you by twin lakers celebrating semifinal here is where twenty Austin area locations or on the web -- lakers dot com. Living by design. Proxy fight by design custom home concierge your dream -- -- -- -- -- -- you don't let building your dream can't. I turned into a nightmare healthcare and at 512917265. He really more on the oh he like designer Donna mills following lives. We -- -- Sierra Vista and go home builders association of greater Austin 2014 parade of homes and it's he said she's seven radio. On top thirteen seven -- We're back and. I'll come out to VH DA Prado comes. You're just crazy totally nuts crazy insane because you don't have this barbecue. -- beautiful homes -- we got it all telling you we've got some lovely rose -- from twin lakers. We've got amazing barbecue from our folks -- it's all good barbecue. We even got a money guy out here so if you wanna buy one of these songs then -- and went on Q financial gonna get she -- up. All right and that's right. So but right now we have my grand. Who is silver -- custom homes and Mike is built to. Of the homes in the operators like we were talking about a little bit before it -- crazy this child was too good yeah guess so he's just got to take the hit. Right. But it's a different experts if you have a home that's hold this for sale and you have a wholly different for a client so you customers -- her friend that's correct. Those are different experiences are definitely different experiences. So we're rocking and we're broadcasting from the Texas monthly star home. And Mike tell us a little bit tell our listeners how the Texas monthly stardom came to date. Well. About a year ago we've built a so the -- showcase home. On the preferred side of Lake Travis got very young man or go the -- out the door and start off quiet hearty kind of joked back yeah. And these guys various magazine publications serve are pretty. Around as they should be of their own branding. And so the living. Would not allow other magazines. Amortize a particular home and it was very nice home. Texas monthly and approach to some that tend to. And in turn. They had expressed an interest the participating in home at some point because -- really enjoyed that particular home. So when this came around it was not a fit for so the living. Because it's in a parade of homes and they can -- to be their standalone deal and man in Texas monthly just rose for the occasion and and it's been a great experience for all of us does that tell us Texans role that's exactly right -- Local pet even brutal -- that's right and we have really kept it local here and it's here locally or local. No clue about -- -- a little about it that's why we keep Jonathan winners. And die in addition to being a Texas monthly star home which brings to end this is this is one of the homes that's available for sale. That's great so if you wanna own a rock star of home though you cannot -- this Texas monthly star home. It's available for sale and the prices a 100000750. That's correct and I you can also own this home completely furnished and accessorized as it is which is just it's beautiful and I Droid for a yeah. A few dollars more for a few dollars more will just tell all these people to get out of your home. Yeah yeah. But in addition to that. From this house won a bunch of awards and I'm gonna I'm gonna brag on you for a little bit -- The best architectural design. Who is zero architect that you really don't -- three more -- -- four -- beautiful home. I've heard and it during the week when we've all been hearing and been hearing the feedback. Is people are so impressed with the flow of this home. That it feels much bigger than it is it's well a little over 4400 sq feet whose -- but it lives and feels like a much bigger home I have and I've -- upstairs I've heard people say the house just keeps going in gallon that's right. But it yet none of the rooms feel like there to -- -- these are all in great proportion. You know there's some places in the house you feel like you tuck away for like you know quiet that's right time is exactly they're really gas. And that's and that's good traits that a good architect brings to -- do custom home definitely. Best innovative design was one of the other warts that that that this time received. And it is different in that -- you've got some features in here that you generally don't find in a custom home that's right -- -- -- about. All right. Well. The just ask green it award was so were. Featured -- that Lou version and -- clothes and they got or no rain and so forth there and it's been well received also yeah it's from night equinox as a blue circular system and they're out here demonstrating has -- apps -- great system but. We have a second kitchen in this -- and that's something that it's amazing to hear different remorse concerning the kitchen. Eight we have gathered table in the middle of it so just telegram mulls over kitchen was. And it's been described as a country kitchen described as a bread kitchen. Dictatorship or Brothers kitchen. They dirty kitchen. We gonna buddy Jane Jolie are and I'll genocide trial in on and we even had a gentleman about thirty minutes ago come through. And he described -- there is. A main cave kitchen he loves to -- and you -- -- -- a TV the refrigerator freezers all the appliances and and so forth they're so it's just an neat feature there as well as and so many others there's a a little talk about that -- area and I love love Victoria Derrick Collins took plum colored loft area bit this stuff correct covering a bit. But -- room where you just wanna get in there and and just relax. You assess just a mood for relaxation -- winding down then just to give place in this kind of tucked away from everything else. He didn't design is so light and bright and it's beautiful. It's kind of nice to have that little room -- decide. That is very cozy and kind of do any feeling you know you just curl up what a great book that's exactly right have one of the things that's great about that space is how it comes off of the -- that media area they have up there. Man with a bar. Which is fantastic future and CU you know what you're spice -- and driving into town for a night out you know is is let somebody look at he's so frequently. Having that your own home we can entertain people from this area at your place and feel like you know at this is a great. Feel like I'm getting a -- address the right thing you know I tell you what this city people come out here might get their saints less food so far has. Then married you know ten minutes worth of -- tragic gallery yeah. Try to ruin our city boys JFK I you know I live I live near became. You know that I go to it's like I drive eleven miles to downtown at some nights is just you know you don't wanna make that trek back out after a night out there see every night out in. That's true that's then yes I mean you don't normally hear that things are right the views are just fabulous out here on the night. Just not seen anything like that along are very for a fresh views and it's interesting because we try to design and build our homes where we bring the outside the end so from the in this home you enjoy the views. Regardless -- said are not -- certainly haven't unbelievable outdoor living area that sort of one of the other awards at this -- one was best interior design and now you're a lucky man you worked with three designers on this house that's. Unbelievable change between Heather Scott interiors and -- home from design which Lyndon Lisa and just in the second and then teamed with -- and together with the interior design and colors and then. Obviously the furnishings and and accessories also. Well and and let's just I mean that kind of goes back to either at the southern living home in damages the first time you've got to dance Gary time we get the band together and now the band together it is back together again. -- And that home was also purchase furnished. That was you know so that's a real testament to the easier it together now -- just bring your suitcases and issues and within the region have -- this year where we didn't really even dishes here just free toothbrush bring your answer and it. -- -- -- -- Best furnishings we talking a little bit about that -- -- designs definitely yes kitchen EI and if we did that two kitchens center -- one best kitchen. And -- cabinet selects works worked with the alumni that's correct. And you also worked with C -- appliances and -- rise. All the beautiful appliances insurance. And we talked a little bit about this but the best unique green -- feature him. You know was our yet equinox Lieberman -- loser out of system you know so if you wanna sit outside of the fire PHB fire pit area to come out to the Texas monthly star wrong. He go outside on the beautiful spacious outdoor living area. You'll see the fire -- over there and just look above you and chances are. If you're standing there and the roof opens for no apparent reason. That's because mister Grimm is inside with a remote control to -- playing candid cameras and interest and that's not a great yeah great impressions -- right now they're likely is it emotions so -- there you go out it's an -- censored. That's right it's. And so. Let's give folks a quick overview of the home a little bit about the style of the size. It's -- -- country contemporary. A sizing there's five bedrooms five baths. I certainly you have to living with comedians and multi purpose. Rooms. You have an unbelievable. Outdoor area that we mentioned earlier with a swimming pool and tar -- and grill areas and and lounging areas stutter and shape that so and -- even come to visit he had a guest casinos in Vegas casino with his own separate outside the entrance and and as we can close them off and then coming goes they wish. A phenomenal master. This week with the bath and a that's spacious room in the bedroom but it especially the -- -- with California clauses phenomenal job there. Thank you appreciate that. You know and the closet is just so well done by California closets that you go in there. You go into the masters Sweden and it's beautiful and has great views and then you go into the master that it is. Very sparkling very much so you feel like a rock star or a massive I would. And then you can go into. On the gallery I so yeah trying to. And so. Mike. Fires that are looking for a new home right now why why do you feel that they should take a serious look at this -- for it. Well on the doodle a number war and it's available I was trying to do this and that's a big deal at all big Jay Leno. Texas yeah but it also gives some ideas of really no later trends in the end coming trends and so forth and the various features and only in furnishings but design colors and so forth there. And today it gives them a perspective the room sizes as we walked through these various homes to get a feel for this and how they're laid out and with their lives house would be more suitable for an accommodate ten. So it is is great for. Planning pre planning and then that moving forward with that plan. Well any other benefit. Buying a home in the parade of homes. Is that there -- just these homes are packed with so many. Features -- -- all the vendors and suppliers wanna show off their their you know their best products and you're exactly right that you can't build this house for the values ghetto build thin air could repeat it for the money now so somebody came and it said bill this exact house. On another launch here this you just wouldn't be able to put that much value it was exactly current homes that is exactly right and it's on a home site that is second to none the views are just so. Distant time and we had a lady standing here. The other day so I think fantasyland go from here that I couldn't see Leno that she thought she could. But as their views are they are just the views and and you know it is cutting interest income is. Limit number of home sites here can mean when. We're really in any and Bobby and Carl. Came up with the concept of this place say. They wanted to just something for just. Privileged few they can live out here in and be here with them into and enjoyed such a phenomenal place. Yet they went to many neighbors now who. Men can't let them just arriving -- just the right now that right to be made early in the restaurant and that is exactly right they're very excited. Awesome well we're gonna take a little bit of a break and when we come back we've got some of the other -- builders to talk to. We're gonna talk with us Overton custom homes again because like we said Mike Green and it's crazy it's double the money and we -- two pounds out here we're gonna talk a little bit about that one. We've got a lot of food we've got a lot of fun we've got winds for anybody who comes by and participate in the show. In any way tell us what your favorite home was tell us what you think about Sierra Vista. Funny little thing and we will reward you with a gift card to its all good barbecue. Right now so we'll be right back you're listening to he said she said radio live from the HBA parade of homes -- -- Airgas. Standard and -- maybe -- her. Living by design. Trust you abide by design custom home concierge at your dreams your home our mission -- still cleaning your dream home turn into a nightmare who told you sharing their 5120917653. More on the web and -- by design done this. -- you're always gonna. Songs about rainbow. -- these truce brought you by twin lakers celebrating 75 years was I want you also an area locations more on the web at -- lakers dot com hurrying to a lot of. From Willie Nelson's Sierra Vista and and home builders association of greater -- 2014 parade of homes and if he said she's got a radio. On top thirteen seven feet. All right we -- back and we are gonna talk a little sports news Dan Harrington -- it's all good barbecue. And Dan I'm gonna tell you no matter how many times I still in there and it's just consistently good all the time. -- that's right I just keep Dylan yeah. So you have brought out a second played before us do you sample and tell us what we've got there. We sure did we. This next Clinton broke for you is got two different types of -- because it's all good -- you -- have. As much -- selection as possible so. We have your sweet and creamy coleslaw and -- mice -- -- blood sugar real -- And any of your -- vinegar for the lighter side. Also we have our smokes. Problem interpret Turkey breast which is again -- a really big hit at the restaurant where my purse I don't know other personal favorites he jumped the and believe the second we don't there is going to be RB -- -- -- -- started out as one monster roster of Canada over there to one another and is. -- yeah yeah -- as yeah and we had a picture that other users on Xavier eternity when he's -- yeah I. We still have that picture of you when you brought it to the show last night back. Don't make me most that he faced. And good news is gonna happen it's gonna have to you know you're gonna have villain it's. And so tell the -- what your favorite dishes are. He -- doesn't brisket I absolutely love them from brisket and the baby back groups I can't talk enough about those two things. And then one other thing I just act. Almost a whole day I have to fight my hand back -- going to get me abortionists in this or tutors are casts all yell. Well that was let's tell us either think yeah I had a dividend that response they know I'm saving the best for -- to relax and then talk to -- are coming -- -- you know not to -- too -- now -- aren't. There's a couple of things amendment this well remember folks. -- out here we've got lots a gift cards it's all good barbecue to give away. Anybody who participates in the show and anyway just combine tell us what your favorite home and. How your join the parade. Anything like that and I need a I need to team players he'd always played a Mars vs Venus changed out. And those people will get a big old gift card to its all good barbecue so we're gonna play that oh probably a little bit after 3 o'clock. My producer is getting the nod yes that's gonna happen and so anybody who wants to put its multiple choice there are no wrong answers it's just a lot of fun it is to be scared yes everything like we said before everybody wins you know. I'm not scary -- a little scary that I am a well. Well I'm scared he has been beaten up -- on the guys for weeks now it seems like I. Mom and does the seventy and a little bit about four folks look at the planned summer parties we got graduation as we got Mother's Day. Father's Day how how can you guys helped. We we absolutely can help a big part of our restaurant is our catering side. We do any size events. You know anywhere from you know your fifteen personal back to our party. To a couple thousand person big company picnic. Who wide variety of menu options for you choose from. Weddings or another really big specialty of ours who do at least two weddings almost every weekend. It's awesome. That's a Texas wedding that that is a -- Not not -- that no rubber chicken at the it's all good barbecue winning absolutely and now. So. Let's talk a little money we got some beautiful homes here Andrea. For people that combined decide that they wanna be. Tell us about some of -- new construction programs and how you can help share. The construction loan it is more like I think -- that is a giant credit card or a line of credit. You just scared every man out there. Yeah. Yeah that's right. And the way that the way that it takes places the builder is gonna let's say. Course you can start with foundation and framing and he's gonna make it draw request. And that's our request is the cost of the foundation in framing and -- we send an inspector out there to make sure that we're releasing money on something that really exists not just a vapor. You know yeah there's not. There actually is foundation and training so. Each time the builder makes to draw. As the balance increases your monthly payment increases. What is the -- -- -- -- -- -- yet that's exactly right and what SA lot of credit or credit card the payments are interest only based on what strong. So wound with home prices on the rise. Our rates still -- Rates are very low year after year I I think can from the previous year what was the best deal that I did or what was the lowest rate and within twelve months. That deal doesn't seem to be as good as it was because. Deals keep getting better and better. So I'm at but. The that inventory is very scarce so to be able to have some beautiful homes out here that are available for new owner. Fear that up with a great finance rate in your team. Yes that's right that's right most of the deals that I see it I describe him as a hot potato. The buyers are there a little bit. Their little bit emotionally attached because they've been through Q3 bidding wars. And when they make an offer it's a little bit above asking price and there's worry is that house in a phrase because. I offered more than the sellers were -- Well any other any other thing that that people that are looking to enter the new home market had to be my -- is to work -- somebody like yourself. Before they go out shopping so that their shopping with money. That's exactly right that that's the preferred path don't just give pre qualified in advance get preapproved to have all of your tax returns and bank statements. Underwritten. What's the difference between pre qualification and a pre approval pre qualification is just verbal. How much money do you make. Two years residence history to your employment history -- assets wears a down payment. With a down payment coming from Federer and so it's a lot easier to get to give pre approved in advance. And that we can make you stronger offer you can close within. As shorter time frame as opposed to somebody that wasn't preapproved. Well and a seller is more likely to you to take your offer so for example here. At Texas monthly star home somebody walks up to us and and wants to buy this home and there already preapproved with with -- and and on key financial. That's a strong buyer here. That's exactly right then and then they'll get a -- -- they they stand to be able to get this on the somebody says well I like it that when you go see if I can go get approved for a long. Well and there's two other such little inventory of around central Texas specifically Austin that. You know everything. It's stiff competition you -- debt lined up guess it was strong and when you go in fact. Tell us a little bit about the the benefit of working with you Dan and your team -- -- key financial well. I look at myself it's hard for me not to put myself and my borrowers use. The mortgage process is what it is it's defined by a Fannie Mae. They come straight out of how Washington. The thing that makes any transaction smooth is communication the more that you communicate. The better the expectations are set and that means there are fewer surprises. And everybody is afraid of the surprises especially at the end. So as long as. You communicate your cooperative. You know there's there's two ways to do it there you can do it if the bar has expectations. That. The way they wanna borrow money -- see the process go. There's a little room for disappointment there. The other way to do it is let me leave you here's what to expect and when to expect it and things go a little bit smoother. Any other part about that. Is I'm sure your team is effective communicators and letting people know OK these are the documents that I need to -- -- get forming in his. So that it's not this constant you know sending them back and sending them back and one more thing and one more thing. Cassette -- just gets frustrating -- -- -- -- is -- these cells that you speak from experience I just I think I am not personal but yes. Working with clients that are that are built in custom homes and and getting ready and financing is a big part of that -- You know these are busy professionals that that are buying this caliber of home. And they're OK with getting a list up front and and you know going in and getting what they need to to get to you. But the constant back and forth gets really -- we're really fast. It does give wearied it. It's just it is you know typically what where the weariness starts is. Once I give on the list and I get all documents then there's a question. What about this deposit. You know we wanna see any deposit and -- payroll. And really what it is is it's a money laundering filter we wanna make sure that there's no bad guys' money in the residential -- real estate in the country. Well and that and you know the whole fiasco that happened that we just don't need to talk about that just brought the housing market to its knees and really the financial markets. Is we're back to show your work on the board yeah which is a good -- yes that's right there's more violence -- -- -- liar loans out. Mom so -- little bit of doubt. The difference between a Jumbo and conforming loan for those who may not. Okay. A conforming loan is a loan that is less than 4171000. -- conforming limit. If it gets dictated every year it's been lower in the past and now it's going to be higher is as time goes on but. The conforming loans is really what you know as the term Danny -- that's. You know 80% loans there's there's more than 80% loans 9095. You can even do. You know three and a half percent down 97%. FHA financing. And these conforming loans are literally it to the process and process isn't as quite as strenuous. -- lending is north of 417. Lots of time to purchase price can end up with conforming limit because it's so close to 417 you can bridge the gap with a with a second lien. But for the most part of Jumbo loan. -- requires the same income and asset documentation. But there's just more or they wanna see more meat on the -- they are -- stiffer reserve requirements. There's some there's a number of things that make Jumbo financing a little bit more tedious than conventional conforming. And. Probably the person view is looking to make the Texas monthly star -- -- any of their homes appear at the parade of homes their home. We'll probably be in Jumbo land probably -- probably -- in general it's going to be tax dollars that's right because we'll take anybody certainly Jack. But we didn't got to square out here will -- credit card you got that glad I -- expressed we're gonna put that. That's so. That we've got a lot of things to talk about we're out here if you haven't heard we are out here at the 59 annual parade of homes and it Willie Nelson's -- this stuff we're broadcasting till 4 o'clock today but that doesn't -- have to stop you from coming out here. We've got the guys from it's all good barbecue out here. Anybody who participates in the show we've got gift cards to its all good barbecue. And we're gonna play the Mars vs -- game show. And that's a big old gift card to its all good barbecue a lot of climate and so we will be back just in just a few minutes. You're listening to he says she said radio on talk radio thirteen seventy. PH PH parade of homes come on out all right. You -- by design. -- abide by design custom home comes here you -- your home or miss. Still building your dream home turned into a nightmare called Kerry and about 129172653. Or on the way. -- -- Tomorrow's first -- this game show sponsored by California. Still country this and they're beautiful downtown show -- system Lamar when there's surprise behind every drawer. And now it's time to come out of the closet and play. The Mars. Vs -- game show. Live from Willie Nelson's Sierra Vista and go home builders association of greater -- 2014 parade of homes it's he's said she's seven radio on talk thirteen seventy. Yeah that's what he's. Half time. Can't we are Moroccan and roll it out here at VH DA -- -- -- beautiful Willie Nelson's Sierra Vista clear for broadcasting live from the Texas monthly star home. And we're about to play our Morris vs Venus -- show and she said nation is ready. Is going down yeah yeah yeah they're talking -- and I mean that the nicest way. No I haven't played first elimination yeah -- -- -- we have playing what should they nation starlink yellow hot and -- yes. Kate Winslet. All around right -- oh yeah I'm like yeah. So before we start the game show ladies you just finished touring the Texas now police are -- -- tell our listeners what he's not okay what did you think. I thought it was fabulous. Little latter we wanna get out loud fabulous in every win -- what was your favorite feature. The colors were fantastic beautiful decorating and they had that second kitchen which rocks completely now you wonder how you -- live without a second kitchen to refrigerators steady dishwasher is twelve sayings it's fabulous. So what would you call the second kitchen. Give her name. They magnitude. This summer mission that's okay this summer can -- I don't think that was on my -- list. Now some markets and we'll be now. -- challenge we -- and there's a fresh tension their the fund kids since catering and heartache catering entering orders -- Gatorade entry into the market. The catering headquarters -- -- again and -- Well you have not come out a few more beautiful on the tour and you -- but we're so glad that you're gonna play -- Mars vs -- game show because Venus is kind of rocked the house he has always rocks that's. So. Oh where are we need this week. With -- who goes first well I think that he's fit nation. One last week trot her get a win here in my mind working and I think and know how to run the show banana. Let's see if it is. Let's see she said loss last week so there first okay so we -- -- A question from one to six. So. Which if you would like to pick the first one you can pick a number from one to sixty how did -- like what. 33. How can I don't remember me. -- number three. Did someone say let's celebrate Cinco De Mayo with a great Margarito out which of these. Is the most expensive tequila in the world -- Okay. 18100. No reports video. Or. Pass you on Azteca. Not now -- -- you both video. Okay you sound like I can't finance -- confident answers for you finally a certain what was it that was illustrious. Past the on Azteca I saw. That's what I'm going when you say I didn't hear him -- guests tell how do we know we lost -- he didn't get so now we only guess -- -- judges all initially we have no idea if you -- -- get enough enlist the -- allowed everybody just cool out yeah yeah we need -- final answer from the ladies. When everything -- on one final answer your final answer. I say number three final answer Bob. Oh wait Obama sat out -- -- and we've got we got like discord in the group we're here. Talk about yourself so. Hey Ben would you give get to the microphones at each one can have a microphone there again. So. So your choices are 18100. Dario growth sit him or two passionate passionate Azteca scarlet -- as she paid big time for both video. Pessimistic cop -- And I'm sticking with that answer hey if you want it you know override the -- man number two finally -- Bob finally don't enforce video. -- the. Oden. Costs over 200000 a bottle and the other and you have less expensive diamonds for packaging so they only run about 2000 -- And there are you the next one. OK guys let's bring it they can't pick number WikiLeaks garden originally passed in the Mike back over to Ben. I was in -- -- not life sees himself yet this is -- -- turn around them. Nice and everything. So Ben since -- our guest today you wanna pick you can't pick number three anything from one -- six. Kind of fun. No numbers. -- go to Mayo. There you -- that's thirty. Parent. According to the national association of homebuilders how many full time jobs are created by building a single family home. And that is full time jobs for a year equivalent. According to the Department of Labor is at three jobs for jobs or five jobs. To build a home. The number of full time jobs being created to build a single family home. You're thinking it's for something and its -- Just right down the middle then so did you come toward that. Finally its final answer is four you're not and I can't handle it -- you know it's a three hour. Three jobs which is approximately 300000 in wages and profits and very close to the median price of homes in the US. How about that. I think in these -- all created more than three jobs yeah just not just a couple more yeah yeah her handicap are sitting in for such a gorgeous home. I wonder handicap annuity that would be the first time. Today. Today. So we're moving back to she says so we cannot -- we have ticket number and -- -- three or five you know your options -- who want to sign 124. Or six. Why the bear no lie no hope hope aliens. The current number one. Seen here. Barbecue means of varying amounts of time in the heat to different people and it said its origins may asserted in the Caribbean. Which of these cooking methods was first used in the Caribbean to start this food revolution this. Grosjean and Grilli in the course smoking in a low and slow one. OK ladies what do you think and. It's got to be low and slow to -- mind. But okay. I threw the pitch last time what do you say I'd pick -- roast and historically they weren't smoke in low and slow. -- listener buried in an MP hit. -- rich that why did that's -- pink car. Could have been. -- tough decision to make roasting grilling and this is in the Caribbean roasting brilliant or smoking influence Lou. So yeah I mean I don't think -- costs low and slow. Demand are strictly guys made their decision low and below you'll be enough to finally answer finally entered the. It's true -- okay. Similar food. Still similar to the hawaiians while grilling has found throughout the US and South America southern cooking in his low and slew indirect at its best. If those guys what is like appeared eager to serve you have two for two really. -- -- Abrams writes good pit windows live from -- -- to -- to welcome to my life yeah. All right gentlemen I'm. Here we go I think it's time to takeover June 4 or six and then. But where number two -- -- yeah. That aren't -- suitable. -- What is the name for Willie Nelson's tour bus -- Good times stardust. Or honey cycle rumors about me -- go down. I can't tell you how many times I have smoked brisket on that bus. Off. They don't smoke a lot of Briscoe on the -- this looks. But it -- it's a great post it absolutely what is its own recently wrote final answer honey circle rose. They didn't test -- LI. Agent. Yes honey cycle rose after the 1980s album and movie of the same name who started a movie with him. -- yeah the blonde girl you to have this in my got garlic there wasn't paid out. Who was the one girl Diane yeah Canon you've got it netstat yeah also yeah. Day. And I wanna know why they get Willie Nelson's bus and we get historic cooking -- in the Caribbean -- at the numbers you got it right. Yeah and for the weekend because we do have extra credit so there will be no tie it we -- discuss it right or not. Behind million -- yeah or sixth floor and I got her four. -- barbecue competition is like golf. There are four major annual events that showcase the best competitor -- however only one of them is by invitation which of these three isn't. Not. Okay which one is by invitation the Kansas City American -- the Houston and stock and rodeo or the Lynchburg Jack Daniels. I -- and -- tech. -- tiger and expecting a Lynchburg Jack Dan suggesting my only answer while I answer yes NBA. -- -- -- -- Established restaurants. And we have a. Nazi -- right now and gentlemen you can win it with this one number six is all that's left it would go to. Willie Nelson's -- land the football and music brought him to which of these colleges in the early years. Baylor. Texas CNN or the University of Texas. That's tough questions. My instinct tells ET. They wanna -- GT. -- -- Do you see Willie Nelson is an -- really real I do not this one a ticket in my beat Baylor. Just because. There's one leader is just dry out and you do this for obvious answer which you can't go away. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Baylor because it's not maroon. -- I don't know beyond I'm. Have nothing to do this. Yeah. -- -- -- on the -- I -- -- were allowed to really play. -- plea deal with your instincts feel experience it and what do you take. I'm thinking and a valid argument with Baylor. Me and my boys and Baylor. Finally answer Liz Taylor how long they're taking what -- -- -- and I. Aleris. Okay. No time -- months it's been months since I want this want -- I'm. Oh yeah there -- tiebreaker. I do do we want to extend double or nothing to the ladies. So what do I care about. This just these bad. All right are split as they got ladies can get double nothing there. Tiebreaker question. The thirty year mortgage has been -- dogs stable for the near future. Bucks on a national level one of these states is shown a higher overall rates which isn't. Texas. New York or Ohio. It's the obvious answers you know now I'm nervous but I tell our listeners -- Ohio is the obvious instant -- New York is obvious answer right now why would they throw Ohio into. -- racers are the yeah he wants out. He has a poker face like no other look like now. Yes. So the highest overall rating our choices are New York Texas and Ohio wealthy New York Texas and I am correct -- -- I think that we need you in the microphone. He won't be Texas because this is a home selling opportunity and no one wants it advertised that the rates are higher in Texas and somewhere else and take Texas off the table. Now we had new York and Ohio. New York's final Lansing area. My. Ohio. Don't try you know appears to have approximately point 25 bases more in their recall ball is in New York on the other hand are almost too high for yet another reason not to me it's too early eighties there's a lot of the winds down the street. Thank you out they had a well well Venus and I played it before you ladies lead there are no loser out. Yeah you both get at 25 dollar gift cards it's all our. Very early favorite barbecue place so be sure to keep listening to he says she said radio on talk thirteen seven. Should we assign some photographed herself so I think we should and here. I think he's brilliant and it may be asking and thank you. Enjoy the parade this get lazy we're gonna take a break we're gonna pay a couple bills tomorrow we come back we're gonna talk some -- other great military. And learn about their homes in the awards and may god you are losing day he said she. Radio -- broadcasting live from the HBA parade of homes and you know really no idea yeah you and I also no need. From the Mars science and show sponsored by California closets in the Texas hill country isn't -- beautiful downtown showrooms and Lamar surprised behind every drawn him. -- His son brought to you by skyline floor -- get designer Greenwood Florian had a fraction of the cost call occurred at 866609. Would order discipline and guidelines floor songs dot com. Live from Willie -- Sierra Vista and go home builders association of greater -- and 2014 parade of homes it's he's said she's seven radio on talk thirteen seventy. Hey we are back and we are having a lovely lovely day out here at the parade at times where broadcasting live. From Willie Nelson Sierra Vista now we've got some great barbecue out here from the folks it's all good barbecue. Stop by and now join the show tell us what your favorite homelands are your favorite feature. Or just any little thing we will reward you with a gift -- it's all good barbecue so that's a pretty fair deal. And now right now what we're gonna do is we're gonna take some time and visit with one of our other parade builders here. Lake Travis builders and we have mr. Larry Ross. Hey you and mr. Larry you are no strangers he he said she said radio. I'm great great show I've -- had the pleasure of being a guest host on about four times down yeah he's said this. And we balance -- every time now go undefeated. I don't it is -- That's where I I've forces who have had been with Daniel before and and we were the winners that first time I remember correctly OK tell that's a long time ago -- -- the last Owens to hook up tonight back there that's. So now you know Larry -- you -- good luck charm he has. To -- Larry there and just rather Larry's hair right so. -- just quick overview. Lake Travis -- Prado. Corporation home is kind of one of the interest in one it was custom designed for a couple out of Atlanta Georgia. This is their retirement home so I know a lot of these are glitzy and over the top this one is glitzy and built to entertain it. They have two bedrooms or for the grand kids down the hall. But my spiel is when you walk into this house you can have five for dinner or fifty for dinner and it all flows just absolutely seamless right -- -- to the pool. You know it was a beautiful weather we've had out here you can see that happening having five and fifty or started with five and ending up with just let me tell you. That'll happen. Just on the grill area alone outside our house we have dishwasher ice maker warming drawer. And another refrigerator and that's on the island -- next to the grill so you can tell anybody -- inside the house yet this doesn't entertain this couple who entertains and they do it in style let me tell you well well. Into Texas Atlanta. -- and I I've talked than -- we have a standing invitation. Fewer and rob an eye out for cocktails because. Which we we have -- what we call martini night that we're gonna drive the old Cadillac out here have a good time so I told -- -- gonna be here and we're gonna be on the show so. Also cost well you know I'm not sure if all of our homeowners that have that will own these parade -- -- that at that conveys with every single. I and every single one of them gets he said she said. And go to -- here again. Get the martini glasses that's right yeah that's right now and in our home I saw that -- half gallon grey goose so I know they have fun trip okay. Come on out to Lake Travis built home not just another reason. And that this has won its fair share of awards. The awards that the judges I gave to this home was the best formal dining area. Absolutely. Not the best pool. It's a phenomenal -- we have polled in house our room full company -- It just got difficult in two. Africa cup that would hurt hurdle. It's -- happy down doesn't even understand there's hardly got medals but I got tired I don't know where they had a just another reason to come out during a live broadcast. So -- Lake Travis has -- and we have our own cool company now what it enables us to do. Is seamlessly build that house in the pool at the same time. Sometimes difficult to get to -- companies all on board with our schedule and everything else so we had that opportunity in Britain Michael have pulled the men do just an excellent job with that. And let's I just want to make sure our listeners know the others awards that you won you won best study. As well as best interior -- treatment. Our architect out of San Antonio Gustavo. You've really got to come in and look up. From the exterior steep -- -- the exterior you'd swear it was two story house. A set of windows up there are absolutely -- they go absolutely nowhere. But if you look up in the center of the living room it's got to be forty feet up there and it is absolutely phenomenal night you get the light coming in from those windows. It shines down her tracks into the living room and just really has indeed affect Susan -- fulfilling treatment I can actually see why he won the war. So. Folks out there that are looking to build a new custom home. What should they take a serious look at Lake Travis -- Lake Travis builders -- you are. A five -- company we only do custom homes brand Ellison and Michael DeMarco have been in the business for quite a few years. We won the builder of the year last year for the Austin home builders association. You get the well -- one of the superintendents I'm also a home builder when I moved here I interviewed by builders chose -- Ellison to build my house. And as long without bill in the house I was okay are retired from shell and then as soon as the house was built -- kind of went crazy. -- said let's put some of that thirty years of shelved to work in the home building industry and I came -- working on one of the superintendent so. We give you a custom. On the spot superintendent on your job every day to give you the detail what you need. We are constantly working with the not only our clients to architects and designers to make sure that your house is custom designed for you. And I think Karen I think you worked with us on the south of the matter. That's exactly right now the only work or looking for a fabulous home and they were looking for a fabulous home site and I drove -- here to tear this that it was one luck and it's like OK we're home. So that's. We like to say that we choose the best people to partner up with. Brent has a phenomenal reputation among the subs and if you're building a home now. Austin is Boomtown you know you don't have a good relationship with the subs you're going to get. McCoy for the -- very quickly -- diligently yeah I'm not gonna get the top subs. We have great -- to do are still work for all of our houses we have great substance do. Are painting. We have framers and were able to get. The top end of the line because we. Brando says is that we pay ourselves and we pay them on time and they come back and workforce so that's a great deal. You know and another part important part of the team not only is the builder and hood and the sub contractors that work on the home. But -- here with undue financial was kind enough to sponsor our live broadcast today and then. Share with us and our lives there with Larry our listeners how important it is to work with a good lender that makes the builders job easier and leaves the house going along. Well. Do things communication in compatibility there we want to we want everybody to be happy. Let me go back to the -- -- our request process and paying -- timely it's very important for the builder. To maintain his relationship with his sons and the best way to do that is just -- I -- timely. But the trick is the drop process has got to be done effectively and efficiently so that the -- can get paid. The the inspection gets done the work really has been done. We -- the builder and the -- can pay us so it's. It's it's it's really important. We -- it and I've just from a bit piggyback on that because. The lenders to come out inspect the job make sure that every draw is being paid for what specifically has been done. It's really important we have a deal with our substitute they submit an invoice on Thursday. They get paid the following Friday. We have that particular week to inspect their performance make sure it's up to speed. And then they get paid based on the performance if it's not up to our specs they don't get paid. That insurers that number one they know the job gets done right number two or homeowners pleased to gets a chance to look at it if they're not from Atlanta let's say. Well and that's a big deal to there's so many people because if you haven't heard a lot Austin is the hottest place to live on the planet room now. And there's so many people that are coming here from all over the country in and quite frankly all over the world -- And it's important see those folks to have a good crew on the ground that's looking down and making sure the homes being built correctly. They've got to builder that's watching over his subs like that and you've got to lender that's watching over the whole process. Of course you have a custom home consultant watches over and every body OK let me given out. Perfect. -- and her shameless plug on ineffective it. My best friend from college is now looking for household like Austin. I was best man at his wedding. And there's only one person that I would send him to and that's Karen -- and I think we have been coming in on the fifteenth yeah we do and some. They'll be well taken care of all I hope so because I devote doc normally don't yeah I do yeah. Can't Obama now there's enough yeah yeah we're gonna get this taking care of in short -- We may have a new person per our mark Mark -- into there are new lending friend right here. I absolutely that's right it's all one big happy family here and he said she said radiant. -- -- -- and do a little bit of a little plug for our our business right here. But we three minutes seconds to three minutes and got -- and I credit it is their problem okay cut me off I'll go have barbecue could. They know we just once they really thanks to the Austin home builders association. Did he said she said and everybody involved. And I -- California closets a group good friend of mine did. You did his closet out in the won the last separate home yet just got sold great and just top notch people to deal with and from the plumber or hurts it Lake Travis -- thank you. Come out. We're going to be who we have gotten so many great leads people enjoying our home I think we just got another when we're going to be building a lot -- down here so. Could -- our enjoy is awesome. Awesome awesome awesome awesome well that's just a little bit at the excitement that's going on out here at the age VA 59 annual HB eight parade of homes. At Willie Nelson -- this that come out and does -- all the beautiful homes meet the builders are all out here today. Have some good barbecue from its all good barbecue come out and talk to us in share with us any little thing favorite feature favorite home. Your favorite thing at the barbecue trailer and we'll reward you with a gift cards it's all good barbecue. But for my Mike back on. I'm living by design. Brought to you by skyline -- -- get designer Greenwood Florian had a fraction of the cost call occurred at 866609. -- -- visit him it's guidelines floor -- dot com. Rain moves are living by design and brought you abide by design custom home concierge your dream be your home our mission -- -- building your dream home turn into a nightmare and called -- and at 5129172653. More on the web -- homes by design -- is losing lives from Willie -- Sierra Vista and go home builders association of greater -- 4014. Of -- is -- said she's seven radio on -- thirteen seventy. Well right. We're a matter of time out here and -- were having a great time marveling again it's like you know their game show always spins things up I think. We -- the game show maybe it was Starr put that earlier in the show gets everybody excited. About the Debian on and and it's an energy don't you know yeah I AAF. And so let's -- getting some energy going. We have some folks from Jenkins custom home here we've got Bethany -- -- And you have a microphone there and worthy of one to Melanie to. Hi hey ladies couldn't housing on its going good it's -- better now that you're here that's going to hear theory GAAP. So. Bethany give us a quick overview of your great help. Well this -- -- home we built for clients over the custom home from the ground up also is a good thing -- need all the good thing gas yes. And down the helmet itself is four bedrooms and it's is this very. Private master. Well there's also drag races out here yeah I love everything you read it on the strait of -- Very credit master suites and and make that kids have their own. And side of the home which is great to expect a big feature everyone's talking about is our hidden wind rain oh yeah. That I that come about tell us about that well we we -- as we always do in our design consultation answer clients against about their hobbies and one of the things they mentioned was one collecting. And so we said then DC -- a space in the home and they said yes because we deal I like I think travel -- -- overseas so. It seemed like -- good thing to do so my husband said. OK so here's -- we're gonna do we're gonna make this home where it has a completely hidden -- And when you open the door you can't see and yet you have to go down steps. Don't make the steps large and then very slow -- -- -- -- feels like you're going away amber you're really not know how to create trick them. And then you come around the corner and you look around the corner analysts and -- in this wonderful place it feels like you've just completely been. Transform to -- spot how cool yeah I went -- to install block and insights that you and I can just stay in there right. Here. And you're the winner has a very interest in story as to how they got here to -- Vista. And if there was a very special reason men and sort of that a dream behind the dream home right writing uber big part of that. I think you you know as Jim was talking to you are -- about him being in the parade of homes out here and he said to this clients. You know. I know this is a hail Mary but would she be interested at all in swapping airlock for a lot over interior resent being in the parade of homes. At that point in their situation they said you know what we definitely want to look at that option because we think that would be a wonderful. Am ideas to them we talked -- she worked it all out worked her magic and then here we. But even even more than that I loved the story about how. Your homeowner was sitting around with him a bunch this friends. And play in the game that we all play you know if you could shake hands with somebody dead or alive who would it -- Hip and who is this person willing Elson so it was and it is the week before we asked him the question how would they like to be in here and had that conversation -- conversation took place right in -- and that's that the first thing you say is oh my gosh we just had this conversation in on our bucket list was meeting Willie Nelson. And that just seems like the perfect thing for Grasso kept. Yeah of course that did it happen. It's got their -- very well out you know when you -- -- when Willie Nelson is your neighbor it. You have a pretty high probability of something like that happening and I remember talking to Eric on the phone one day and he was Sharon that story with me which is a fabulous story. And he says. But you know it cost me X amount of dollars and I sit down and out the handshake cost you that you've got a free Jenkins custom home. Any day he and his wife are just have to really really happy about it. And that's just a neat story and it and one of the many neat stories that that you and -- your team have with your homeowners yet that's the fun of -- -- did. We it's absolutely bill people's dreams everyday it's not a bad job it's often I -- -- we have great jobs and other -- I'm -- and in addition to the one room that we just talked about which won an award for best unique feature. You're home also got -- for the vast library and the best scream and tell us enough votes. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Awesome what are some of the other features in your home that you're finding people coming out to the -- commenting on and laughing on. They're loving -- sixteen say -- slider door that opens up to the outdoor living and so as they walk up -- than big word we hear over and -- -- Patrick did they would be and I wanted to ask. So there lock up and say well because they're leaking out onto his gorgeous view out here. And then they just immediately lock out there and hang out and enjoy the beautiful weather we've been happening and and and the nice feeling just. I think they all just think if I can only be here in just wanna leave -- how tough. Because he had people are staying a little bit longer -- all the Perino says because of views out here are just so beautiful and may I mean they look like -- -- yeah so perfect yes. They give. So. People out there looking at building a custom home. I'm sure that's why they should take a serious look at as Jenkins custom homes -- -- let Melanie answer that she is so good this is my -- Wonderful -- part here Melanie Applegate. -- You know I I think. For us for -- custom homes we feel like it's all about the experience and we wanna making ads -- as possible for our clients and we wanted to be something they enjoy me and they you know they tell their friends and and we we're going to be friends with -- after. And -- and we're really focused on quality and do these things to regulate everything everyone is an absolute perfectionist with our group. And we're design build firm so sick one stop shop for everything not just build the homes we designed them and he and all the -- escape being legal aren't swimming pools so we do everything in house and makes it really seamless for the client and and work you guys Monty thinks they can find some line and you house builder dot com. Or they can visit our premium luxury home idea sinner which is located in bee cave behind the hook under yellow area. Forward thinking of with the -- These jobs are available all the talent to. A couple of our own -- and that's especially out here you can see them now through Mother's Day. And I'll tell you exactly where they're gonna think I had every day except Monday and Tuesday had to -- Right. It is so. Thanks so much and Bethany and and Melanie for coming down and shared about Jenkins has to Montreal have a beautiful home. Integrated comes and I know you all are very proud of them were very pleased to have missed part everything is always great advantage against child okay so you're listening to he says she said radio on talk thirteen 78. And and we will be right back. Living by designing. -- you -- by design custom home concierge from your dream your home -- our mission and don't let our building your dream home turn into a nightmare called Kerry and at 5129172653. More on the web at homes by design -- this. -- -- -- So all living by design brought to you by skyline floor skates getting designer Greenwood Florian had a fraction of the cars call occurred at 866609. Woods or visit him -- -- floor can stunt -- A guy from Willie -- Sierra Vista and go home builders association of greater Austin 4014 parade of homes and it's he's. She's radio all until the third seems. Yeah its -- despite the fact that's a lot of credit save me of some tequila out here drink drink get up and just -- -- -- in the words yeah. A woman take the show on the road it's a lot of fun yeah a lot of fun and sure my he said one consort to do some chasing him yeah you know it's all just great -- yeah. -- is from the north of Spain in the Basque region is called -- is currency. It's there and you know they have -- language up there in the best country Spain this -- normally don't like -- -- -- -- -- -- to any other language on the planet and they don't know the -- it's pretty amazing bound so this is -- -- this -- it or not -- In no rush and it's a really nice because this is -- great with beads. But it's not such heavy red wine they can't have it was something a little bit lighter knowingly went with great to Turkey right and even the salmon and that sort of thing -- is this is really -- -- -- you know if if I was -- one guy like John need. I would say -- strength before -- -- is still -- That's just me enjoy this is good drink it it's good during grind out an uptight. I'll tennis all right -- And thank you twin -- for matching aren't that up with our barbecue they are great partner to the show -- are you can find these ones will have a picture of the bottles posted on the FaceBook site. Just going to any of your neighborhood twin liquor and esque fantasy show than the picture America tell fixed up. The habit especially the wanted to Hillary especially wanted to salary gallery which is he -- and she says come away from how it is we love our friends -- Erica hill country -- -- store. And we have Mike Graham what's Overton custom homes back event. Because you know when you go to -- you get two slots in the share a year ago -- what is what is that worth it it just ain't right we're all worthwhile to. Trying to. So Vista home Mike and that you built in the -- in the hunt in the parade of -- this is also one of the custom homes. You're out here. And I'm sure our listeners what the benefits of building a custom home in the parade of hoses for the -- Well it's already sold I know that connect for building custom only married upon his death. Well it's it's. For this particular home it was a very interesting in that this young couple nice -- couple awarded a contemporary design. And I know and Austin in the surrounding area now contemporaneous kind of a key word for a lot of people and so. It was very. Very good situation to go and desire and the so specifically for them and their young family. And it's unique and some fashions that you and it's a home that will fit anywhere after your neo country taken advantage of all the beautiful views or. And the -- lot because it has said front -- York was swimming pool and water feature in living area and so forth. So it just it was a pleasure to do this and that brought a new perspective. From young a young couple young families I I deal of what they need it for their home. I love the entry courtyard. No concept. Where you know you come in and you've got this wonderful and you've got views out the front you've got up to go beautiful -- Vista views out the back. But you can party in the front yard and not -- like it Jeff Foxworthy you know your redneck if that's -- That's very different kind of party that all parties -- historians are you very private and also it is it is very private. And you know NAV I give a lot of credit choose to use a builder and -- and the homebuyers because. It it has a lot of benefits of building a custom home in the parade of homes. But it really has to be a good it has -- good match any any can be challenging on both sides. Because. Homeowners have to stay on time with their selections. Right because and and the good part that I tell people that if they're building custom home in the parade of homes is. I can tell you the hour at which your home will be -- The final. And that's great for the for the fire. But for the builder it's important to build a -- equality home because -- -- it's your silver -- calling card just aren't buying public. If you were there when cities and and this home has truly bit -- -- quality home because he's taking in quite a few of the awards in this second home as well for me. And I just tell our share what our listeners the awards that when you come into the preyed upon this is the second home in the line -- of five homes. And this home has won best family room. Which is a tribute to the young family that that you built -- home -- on the home for our best work right it's a single story home. Yes which for young family is a little bit different usually you'll find young families it'll do a two story but this is a beautiful sprawling single story. And here's another one -- best kid's -- right so everybody got not as a dishonest your call their own. Best main entry and I think that's what we were just talking about that beautiful courtyard and and the pool that's out there. That's correct and best outdoor living let's talk about the outdoor living a little bit because they've got to outdoor living in a chart. Just like that Texas companies are home has to get. And that's right it's Kenny uniquely. Eight outdoor living the rear of the home capturing all the beautiful your country views us. He screamed in. Torture you it also has very expansive. Area with a huge. You see through pass through fireplace. Wood burning and so forth and I have a -- and nice porch swing that. Used to see a bunch on the front porches of homes now they have that when their view porch. And then you back the other direction the front court -- were speaking earlier that got the pool -- -- water feature. The F -- areas. All the various rooms I opened up suit. That courtyard area where the pool and everything is as well as. I captured the views. From the rear so you know both of the homes and that we have been the parade and and like we tried to do with the majority -- -- and were to -- -- first. We like to bring the outside in. So when you're inside your house is not only very livable but that outside. It just -- that you can touch it just feels like it's right in there which you -- -- capturing it because of all the light. Airy spacious in the windows and doors. And that tell our listeners how they can get in contact with silver to custom homes where they can win -- -- regular people on our web sites Overton custom homes dot com or. They can call our office 512. 2673777. And in addition to be a lot that the parade comes Iran. We have other lots that are available out here and -- of Vista so if you happen to miss getting a chance to own one of the two homes that are available. Would be happy to come out here and show you some lots there all acre plus lot every single lot out here has a view. They're priced from 185 to 250 and will match you up with a perfect plot for the perfect home for your perfect town. And get you matched up with a great home builder likes over to custom homes you know yeah so Mike thanks for joining us thanks for Sharon about those two parade homes. I encourage all of you're looking to build a custom home to contact the folks it's over ten. It's a real good family business and they did they'd love what they do and it's quite obvious because just commanding and look at these homes thanked her for -- and thank you very much. It's sort of take a quick break sort -- talk a little bit more barbecue when we come back as we got the folks from its all good barbecue we've got and more now hear from on key financial when you wanna build your home. You're gonna need to talk to the money guy and Ben is here and ready you're listening to he says she said radio on top. Radio thirteen seventy. Why is. Living by design. Trust you -- by design custom home concierge you dream your home our mission don't -- building your dream home turn into a nightmare -- -- at 5129172653. More on the web at homes by design done business. Live from Willie Nelson Sierra Vista and no hole. Home builders association of greater -- 2014 parade of homes. She's seven radio on -- thirteen. They go well there you -- assets it's not casserole my god should put up for what it's awesome it's amazing. So what you do what we're discussing here and doing a nine over for those who may have just joined us. -- as we have -- with it's all good barbecue out here and he has beaten us like a good -- master does. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And our -- -- Michael -- I salute IE not a -- saved the best for last and that's what we did. Who we have martyrs are casserole which is just -- reviewing and cheesy. That some of the looks healthy is probably not what we're gonna stick with Chelsea and that's our -- AA actually was some. Rendered down vacant. We also have pulled pork which you can get here when are we can do a super dome shell that a racehorse in much. And last but not least we have our baby back Rios and had just a ton of meat on there. They do happen to not have me down there and stuff. So. And for those folks that are that wanna come out and enjoy the parade for from now through Mother's Day it's running. So when you're finished with brunch with mom or whatever come out to the parade. And you can also have some dinner out here you got barbecue trailer out here has since we do have barbecue trailer with -- be pulled pork sausage and Turkey. We have sandwiches wraps and bags of chips from others in my -- -- to talk cancer. There you go there you go being good to -- And do find beautiful homes is a lot to say so you're issued an all girl right there -- about hunger you can work up a congress that you can no catch and it's all good barbecue we've got you located about midway through the parade. Bingo it's untrue way homer stop on the way home. Yeah you know the ladies on the game show earlier had -- -- Sebring some perseverance they have first years that's the extent there's there's still a great barbecue that they did -- first -- And now working folks find you can't -- on the corner of. Easy hills and how or 71 the exact -- to 211271. Last right across street from famous angels -- house okay right. So come on now visit -- visit bill visit Frankie. Tell me heard about him on he said she said radeon they'll treat you real -- it any real good with your energy drill again it. And that's not treat your real fine you come out here to these beautiful homes. And six sooner when you gotta pay for. Best -- didn't -- the and now we've got -- -- now hear from on key financial and then tell us a little bit about what portfolio loan is because these are. These are what's the luxury homes out here. And the client that you -- that is is attracted didn't and is -- these kinds of homes. Sometimes doesn't do conventional -- financing and has more just the sophisticated vehicle. Well that's exactly right portfolio loan is what any Fannie Mae loan is not. If if alone doesn't. Did the exact Fannie -- box then portfolio loan is is a really good plan B or the next best option. The -- portfolio loan is this there's. There can be guidelines there cannot be guidelines but it's more of a decision by committee not decision by guidelines. So. Lots of times a portfolio loan is a really good fit for a self employed borrowers. Self employed borrowers so let's look at it this way. Tax returns -- tax returns self employed borrowers have the luxury as opposed to WQ employees. That's they've -- a little more flexibility with what they can do with their tax returns and a CPA. Is gonna make April 15 as painless as possible for any self employed individual. And if your -- out. Yeah and I got that -- that's the good news via the bad news is the opposite in this -- mission is underwriting guidelines get a CPA in an underwriter are are opposing forces -- -- -- spread out yeah that's right. So you know less a complete borrower can say well I'm making X dollars a year and you know that's kind of their gross receipts. But in the CPA says hey we're we're gonna are we can write all this stuff off. And it's hard for the self -- borrower because if they're right not these expenses. They're not paying income taxes on them and therefore the income is not used. In the eyes of an underwriter. Well and and also these are very popular loans with executives I'd like you said and I individual business owners and doctors and professionals like that yeah that's right and another specific portfolio loan is will we -- an asset based loan. Yes tax return to tax returns and if the if the income is lower so the tax returns say which have a lot of money in the bank veer from that that. Those assets can be calculated into staying power. How likely are you to continue to repay the loan and with fed -- dollars in reserves. We cannot calculate that into monthly income. And it's really really an effective tool -- for the self employed borrowers. Especially in the -- well. How folks get in contact which he says they can talk about their specific needs and and what their application as well my preferred preferences -- myself well. And I -- -- is 26892564. You can visit my website had been Morton got on -- financial -- dot com. Or continued the office. There again and we'll have a link to all of that on the he said she said FaceBook page that will make it really easy for you to get in contact with -- We've had a great time now here it's a little towns like we always do whatever we take the show on the road again. Happy. I have let my favorite he said co -- out here -- -- -- California closets there was such a beautiful closets out here at separate times you. It's all good barbecue -- went on Q financial care -- -- with by design custom home concierge. Your dream your home is our mission. Am are pretty sick Casey here on site and Matt back at the studio if you think it takes -- -- -- until he said she said radio listen to us every Saturday. He said.

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