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Retirement Planning Show Podcast 4/26/14

Apr 26, 2014|

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Welcome to -- save money retirement planning show with Steve stress asking my emphasis is to prepare you for retirement and allow you to lose -- retire. Restaurant just Steve has over thirty years experience creating save money by using proven financial strategies that provide a stable income for the rest of your life to ensure your hard -- is 100% -- Any and all market -- what your retirement money to work for you. By avoiding taxes rising health care inflation. And market volatility does -- save money Texas dot com or call today for your personal appointment 804571298. And now. Fierstein stress escape. -- and welcome to lose -- money and retirement plan and show this is Steve's recess to your host. Then thanks return and on this glorious weekend. I'm located right here in the Austin area in round rock Texas. And the first of all thank. Our local listeners for calling in to show last week and taken advantage of our free meetings and are free book offers and thanks you for just calling in with your questions to really just -- simple or complicated answers. You know to -- your financial questions. And I've been in round -- now for over thirty years from then on thirteen seventy a -- -- talk radio now for over five years. And on thirteen seventy you know every Saturday. At noon and Sunday -- me down. Sort of grab a piece of paper and a pen you're gonna need this number that's 1804. Pars 71298. Intercourse -- web -- to give you some valuable information. His WW. Dot safe money taxes dot com let's say money in taxes all right now. Dot com. So you give us a call 1804. Pars 71298. My team a receptionist for standing by to take your calls 24/7. He and call any time that's 1800. For -- 71298. No I'm licensed by the state of Texas I'm an independent agent. I don't work for an specific company or some large corporation that tells -- representatives what to offer what not to offer. I'm independent who work for you to bring you. The very best services and financial advice and so available today. Should give me a call 1804. Pars 71298. That's 1804. Pars seven. 1209. B eight. Sir if you want more than you know hope and change in this standard advice -- -- go ahead and just put some money in the market and and hope it goes up then if it falls then just sit tight and telecoms Barack. If it comes back at all. If you're happy with that philosophy. And more likes some solid dependable predictable. -- understandable. Advice and knowledge. Think give me a call that 1804. -- 71298. That's 1804. -- 712. 98. No more core value is that I blew that all wealth comes from god. It's my responsibility. To be a good Stewart what god and trust in me. The good Steward should first protect his wealth from loss. In second maker workers are responsible. This philosophy is what I base all -- -- recommendations on. -- give us a call 1804. For -- 71298. Let's introduce my co -- narrow groups are concerned. Grace I think we got a great show lined up this weekend and are you doing today. Bob Dylan great and we sure do Steve I'm really excited about today or gonna hear from Patrick Kelly during the show today and of course he gonna stay close to the found -- -- we're gonna be giving away some of Patrick Kelly's books today. And we've also got a little surprise towards the end of this. We might be given when something now so you'll want to stay tuned for that. And as everyone is thinking about Easter bunnies and we've gotten past a wonderful beautiful Easter week. Mother's Day is right around the corner so we want to thank all of the families that tinian every week you wanna invite you to continue to listen every we -- Saturdays and noon here on thirteen 70 AM and Sunday morning to -- Or jumping in the news Steve just mentioned the market well with all the ups and downs on Wall Street recently. Many market watchers say it's primetime for correction. Harry -- is one of them he says were currently in several bubbles including stocks commodities and real estate that are just about to burst. These bubbles are gonna continue to burst. And there's no way that government can keep a bubble going forever although they're making the best efforts I've ever seen these efforts will fail. When bubbles burst people get destroyed in a short period of time they build exponentially the big burst. Twice as fast or more. So you have to recognize this is the bubble and stocks are getting to really strange right now real estate bubble already started to burst -- burst and many other places. Around the world but this stock bubble were about to see the final stock bubble burst here in 2014. And you need to get out of the way and protect yourself. One house to. Need is what Harry saint shrill what -- what are some of the ways that he can protect yourself and most importantly your money. -- -- -- -- -- more than warrants suits shouldn't -- do not locked in your gains or the gains driven the market. You ever really have those cannons and of course the answer is no fear of all your monitor and on the gambling table. There on the market calls or lose money it's that simple. So you need to have -- diversify in. Then when way of doing those courses with the index accounts Richard Herman talked about. And of course with the index accounts what we do is guarantee the principal. So there's no losses of the prints from bullets are the principles completely protected at all times. And who I don't know of any other investment that we consider that. And of course -- -- you protection for market decline is well so when your cancer locked into the account they cannot be taken away. And of course are other ways to boost ammonium occurrence of those nasty fees and -- and commissions -- come on your mind. There and with our index accounts there is no fees there is no commissions that come on your count. I have to be paid and are paid by the companies. In our -- -- your checkbook. And of course your money's available when you -- -- demolished. We have an exit strategies. Income stream slumps arms and a lifetime income options and missed numerous ways of power which were all funds. And of course one thing that's happened in -- which is another loss this taxes. There are programs we have attached referral. You decide when to pay the taxes on your non qualified accounts so those laws of funds to ruin their accumulating for your. You don't have to worry about -- and -- your returns don't concern. Dismissed senior Carol and continue to compound out for -- Yeah of course along with that we may be you have the opportunity to by reducing taxation for you -- -- we can even reduce some -- -- taxes and Social Security for you as well. So in not only can receive in the tax basis where you we can possibly send some money in the source security side as well for -- and of course that. He is is Larkin in those games -- unlike your mutual funds through your stock your brokerage accounts. You know there market falls you're gonna lose those assets. Here what's your games are locked in your camp they cannot be taken away. So you're gains are guaranteed to not only your principal guarantee. Richard gains are also guaranteed. And of course probably we don't have to worry about this going through your oil and going through probate process we have to do with the courts and judges and all the fees associated with that. This is gonna Paris on tour that you beneficiary. So they're gonna receive rhetorically. Without going through that probate process. And of course -- -- -- she would talk borrowing and keep their creditors and Carter goes away from their phones as well. So you no matter reports from lawsuits or whatever the case going to be you don't have to -- your -- who worry about having them attached to. You're on are qualified accounts. Those -- again. Are there to pass on your beneficiaries and of course the good thing there are receiving your beneficiaries is -- to maintain them in the accounts cannot be attached to either so if you have. Children that don't really take care of the money that's the most important. Ways of protecting those assets. And Steve wants to help keep protecting your assets -- start to the phone call engineer who receive a free copy of Patrick Kelly's book stress free retirement com mail 804 571298. That's 800. 4571298. That call will help you schedule your free one on one with Steve and his team and start complaining for your stress free retirement and speak at Patrick Kelly. You know he's the national bestselling author on retirement he's a great friend of the show. Well you can -- end today to get a free copy of his book but also. We spoke with him and recently we've experienced some new all time highs in the market although Patrick think about these new highs -- Find it very interest gained that right now we find ourselves Marco wise adding new high. First analysis sessions every time I talk about the market. It's important for listeners understand this nobody not you not mean not their chairman of the Fed nobody knows where this market is going to it's important for your listeners understand that. But why I think it's so ironic that right now we're at a new high. Is because I don't think this is being fueled by fundamentals. By strengthen business matter of fact what's so odd about it is unlike normal times when markets rise. You'll find that on days when bad news he released the market goes up and on days when good news release the market goes down and the reason for that is. Everything that's driving this market has been the Fed stimulus about a government. Pumping money into the economy so bad news comes out basically the markets are saying oh my goodness. It's not recovered quite well enough yet so -- fed will continue to put money in the economy. Therefore I think you'll continue to be strong in the markets goes up its exact. First of all nothing goes up on the straight line forever we've had five and a half years of a straight line open to the right. And I know we're starting to get near peak when I hear things like this a friend of mine was talking. And after watching himself miss 2013. Huge gains. And he's a super risk averse guy is a safe money guy and he says you know I think it's time for me to -- him. And when people who are not in the market ever say it's time for me jumping and usually that's a point where things begin to turn so. All -- know as for the folks out there listening is it better to walk away from the table in Vegas when you're up or when you're down. That's -- promoted you soon so well you know how many times you heard this news and if you don't lock in those games that are really never yours. And that's the Q&A whole thing if you don't lock in those cans that are really not sure it's the market changes -- correction closed down and of course you're gonna have losses. You know Patrick wrote to spoke stress free retirement it's just an exceptional read it's gonna provide you with information and knowledge that you really need in. Need to understand. North Patrick is more on national bestselling author. This book that we have the means we're we're not passing out to a radio listeners -- free with no. With no charge woman truth to receive it. This book is just an exceptional read it's it is a book it's over a 130 pages long Swiss based -- a couple page pamphlets were concerned. It has a book is an exceptional renewed -- and he's he agreed. Did Patrick talks about misspoke how to protect your life savings against lawsuits how to create an income stream you never can -- well. Hard to receive unlimited upside came potentials who's your risk of loss just we're just talking about how do you not only get those into how do you maintain a and of course -- -- those annual management -- your stockbroker and no money managers. You know those are all expenses that come on your account to mature -- -- your money and -- you're losing money. By having those those fees paid out. You're after -- to -- to Europe we should left in your account to build for your retirement to -- you see fit. This is just an exceptional read I'm I'm sure you truly enjoy it. Give us a call 1804. Pars 71298. Call my team receptionist providing appropriate information a woman sure. That you received this book. Stress free retirement. Well when we come back we're gonna hear friend Janet Yellen and she'll be talking about now the silent. -- this -- many retirement -- Chile speedster sends you back after this. Did you know if you take the money and run it may cost you dearly when it comes your Social Security retirement benefits you might be making a 100000 dollar mistake or maybe even more he's safe and be sure that -- making the right Social Security decision. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Call right now 804571298. Or visit -- money Texas dot com. -- Welcome back this is Steve's SSP and you're listening to. This save money and retirement plan and show and thanks return and on his lawyers weekend. You know I'm located right here in the Austin area in round rock Texas -- We're here locally so if you can hear my voice you need to give us a call at 1804571298. Take advantage of our free our -- meeting notes no pressure. Come and visit with this were a few minutes in and with no obligations and come in and find out about these exceptional programs that we have. In addition of that of course we if you got some questions and just need some answers give us a call at 1804. Pars 71298. That's 1804. -- 7129. The new discussion questions and new union its dimensions or give us a call. Had been taken advantage of our free meaning or if you like to copy your Patrick spark our stress free retirement. Give us or call -- 1804. Pars when 1298. You know US stocks rose on Tuesday with DS and 500 extending its longest winning run of the year. The S&P had its first six day winning streak since September. The NASDAQ Composite also made some significant gains. -- like things are looking good for the markets right now but Steve is there any truth to that old song what goes up must come mail. That's the truth you know the market is assuming the market goes up and a -- goes down. It never stays on an even playing there for very long period of time so. It is extremely important to make sure that when you do have those gains that you -- would take advantage of those cans and lock him into your account. And that's one advantage of the indexes and annuities that you we talk about is that they have the ability. To lock in those gains. So when the market market correction comes which you were all. You don't have to worry about market lawsuits. Says the key is is set you have to -- those gains because if you don't lock command. Did you really ever have home breast cancer is now. While addressing the economic club of New York Federal Reserve board chair Janet Yellen says the Fed is worried more about persistent unemployment then inflation exceeding 2%. -- recovery precedes it healing -- Curse it's obvious that we will need to tighten monetary policy. To avoid overshooting your target thus far in the recovery. Into this game. There is little question that the economy has remained far from maximum employment. The silent retirement killers who what when Franco who's almost immediately is what we were just talking about -- that was market corrections market crashes. But as being in the biggest concern of retirement planning is another risk. Which must be considered and that's due to its ability to steadily erode the value of your assets Europe here. -- of course this inflation which is the increase in the price of goods and services and commodities. Let's briefly examine our current environment for potential another period of heart inflammation going forward. That of course is the elephant is in the room. And that of course is our national debt. Which is seventeen. Trillion dollars that's seven team. Who you know that's -- nine zeros behind big green and it did he hit it used to be a billion was a lot of money. Now it's truly it's. And of course the problem is that there's this compounds in this continued financial issues and national level with. Current and potential military activities overseas as well also we got that to contend with. And the risk of inflation of course is certainly a promise when you take all this in the consideration. In the big question now is. How can a person approach your retirement. In need -- fixed income solutions. He effectively. Address the risk. Of the increased inflation. Well the recommendation is something you may not expect. And then of course there's the independents accounts and investments in our work with and the companies that have been had just being. There investments. Over the years to directly. Addressed to specific needs of Americans. Who are in or near their retirement years. Q and the expected rise in inflation by many. They of course have established. -- investments which specifically address the risk for you. -- that basis the exposed period surprising information. In summary in the source -- So they're taken the monkey off your back and put -- around companies back so you wanna learn more I'll be happy to meet with you give me a call. At 1804. -- 71298. And today in addition to receiving a free copy of Patrick Kelly spoke stress free retirement when you call. -- receive an additional book on Social Security not -- to do is call 804571298. Com mail to get your free books from Steve extra sense key to schedule your free one on one. 804571298. And be sure and check out the website save money Texas dot com. Well Patrick Kelly is definitely a favorite on our show. And we recently talked to him about. What do you do when you half a financial advisor but they're kind of -- One of the obstacles I've found for people doing what's best for themselves. Is this. Just burn team internal. Desire. Not to hurt anyone's feelings. And I appreciate them -- -- like I care a lot about not hurting people's feelings. But I think we need to distinguish between. Hurting feelings and making a wise business decision which is what your family finances are. The opportunity to leave a legacy for generations. Them most effective way possible and so you sometimes you're gonna need to separate. That yes you know what if you move your money from a long time for a long time broker long time whoever you've been working west. They're not gonna like that because that's taking money away from them but I'll tell you why. That's okay. I'm giving you permission to do that -- -- you need to do what's best for you and those feelings if -- what if that ruins our friendship they weren't real friend to begin with they were just taking you for your money. No pastor chooses so well then that is who -- YouTube and especially -- -- area -- thank -- especially with the economy the way it is and everything that's going on the marketplace the senate. You do have to protect yourself as well. And unfortunately if you are not receiving the writer writer advice you need to go to someone that is gonna provide derided bush for you know. You know Patrick book stress from retirement he talks about choosing the right advisors and what to look for. In addition to how to protect your life savings against moss and how to create an income stream you never can now live and of course how to receive unlimited upside and potential was zero risk of loss. There of course her style and those -- management -- -- stockbrokers in your money managers. This is just an exceptional read it provides you with a disputed and important information that you need to make sound financial decisions. Should give us a call for your free copy 1800. 4571298. That's 180457. 1298. To get your free copy of stretch free retirement. And we've still got some wonderful things to cover on today show so stay with this when we come back we're gonna talk about those rising medical it's. Expenses. The sank many retirement planning salads -- -- here on talk radio thirteen 70 AM. You've heard -- saying that knowledge is power. -- have to save money retirement planning -- it's our goal to educate our clients with a comprehensive and detailed plan that safely helps you retire stress -- we can help you find peace of mind and create a stable income for your retirement years you worked hard for your life -- now it's time for your money to work hard for you don't let taxes rising healthcare cost inflation and market volatility put your retirement income address -- Rusedski will protect your wealth by defending your portfolio. Call today for your personal consultation 80457129. Day. Steve starts where bankers and other advisors -- a retirement plan requires the expertise and experience of -- specialized retirement advisor why -- yourself in the market desperate for a return on your money when Steve and his team can help you create -- money with a guaranteed index accounts will show you how to secure your retirement and insure you never outlive your money call today 804571289804571289. Or visit save money Texas dot com. -- -- -- -- News this morning the chemical. Thanks -- tournament on this glorious weekend. And I'm located right here in the round rock area and in -- in the Austin area should say in round rock Texas and -- now and program administration as a template for over thirty years. You know even on thirteen 70 AM on this and talk radio for over five years. So who who were right here in the local learn who were convenient or easy to get to. And a discussion questions just put -- the -- give us a call 1804. Pars 71298. Be happy to call you back personally and answer those questions or you'll. Or take advantage of our free meeting there have been no cost to you know pressure. Leave the chair spoke at home the -- and in my office or I'll come to you -- your place of business whichever warrants. -- to -- and we can discuss your situation. And make sure that you're doing what's best for you. And that can happen by calling 1804471298. And don't forget to take advantage over pre book offer with Patrick -- the author of stress free retirement. You should call and -- appropriate information to call you back personally and make sure you received that book. They call 1804471298. And of course your website is safe money taxes dot com say money Texas is all turn out. And you know Steve ear on the air a week after week helping people plan for their retirement. But people. They know you well know you've got a great big heart you've got kids you've got agreeing kids. You've got children. That have served and served in our military. I just want people to know how grateful I am for all that he did for us. You aren't big fans of Dave Ramsey's workshops. You're all about educating your clients and -- that's a soft spot with me because. So many people just go on the radio and you know just to share and keep it very you know. One dimensional but they're so much substance and care behind what you do and I mean I just I appreciate it. Most important thing of course where radio listeners has become educated. And all the different options that are available out there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Just all about -- from one product and that's -- -- what we try to do is she doing everything that we can do for clients. Our radio listeners dispersed through and they come in and really we can do is marchers littlest they would like -- the richest some sound investment advice or if they needed a -- a state spending package. We can help with any part of it all what are some of its -- -- our radio listeners have to give us a call and take a few minutes and come in and -- visit with us and give us 1015 minutes from time pickup order to free books would be happy to give that to you and we're scenario is is that you come in you make a friend and get a free book so that can happen by calling 804 -- 71298. And speaking of free bug Patrick Kelly dear friend of the safe money retirement planning show. We recently asked him about in and the benefits of planning for retirement. The new book stress free retirement is really a message primarily not exclusively but primarily. For individuals. Who have already saved most or all of their retirement dollars and the reason entitled stress -- retirement I think it's important six. No one can guarantee something to be stress free because stress can come from a lot of different angles -- -- From you know your 37 year old son who is living in your basement played Xbox all they -- what he's gonna do with his life. Two on number of things but I know one of the things that stresses people out. Is a losing money. And right now on the economy we will live and time and a period of great volatility. The stock market one day is as we saw just recently you know it's up big one day and up down the next day and that's happened for years. I think that volatility. For retirees. Is frightening. They are tired of wondering is that money going to be up today. Or downton is that a rare today visiting green -- day and so what I do talk about this new book is there is a way. For individuals. To be able to put their money somewhere that they can know a few things for certain number one it's gonna grow. Number two they're never gonna lose a profits they make number three they're never gonna lose principle it's a way to put money away safely. Where they're guaranteed never to lose and I think that by itself talk about. Going a long way to helping an individual how the stress free retirement. To know they can wake up in the morning they can put their head in the pillow tonight and know that never ever under any circumstances. Are they going to lose that principle. That is a great thing for them to be able to understand and so. It's not only that because people can do that right now today and in things like CDs and other savings accounts but they're getting interest rate that is so small. That actually they are losing money they're losing money by things like inflation. Just not growing their money faster but what we're talking about my book. It's having the safety but still not giving up growth and that does not only stress free in some respects but it's pretty exciting. It is exciting and Steve people need to sit damage do you mean Indians have a cup a copy hi T com. Now 804571298. -- your free books. And setup your free one on one with Steve stress -- Steve thank you for an incredible show today your final thoughts are. Carlos has been a great show -- this thing that are -- -- should do was give us a call 18045712. By India did he have a safe. -- weekend.