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Financial Wi$e with Suzette Blackburn Podcast 4/26/14

Apr 26, 2014|

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Good Saturday Austin. Broadcasting from the top thirteen seven these studios you're listening to fight its alliance with fewer post season Blackburn. There is huge gap in the public knowledge. Security and you need a specific plan back. Blackburn and her financial life specialty has also been featured weekly on -- view so stay tuned. And she brings the same helpful life changing information doesn't talk radios listening audience. Here's your home Suzanne Blackburn. So security has. Point 700 separate rules governing benefit. And hundreds and thousands of explanations as well. You can literally designed thousands of scenarios based on you and your spouse and if you don't do it correctly -- you could. Literally miss out on 240000. Dollars of lifetime income class that's amazing season. Now I wanna give you guys the status of Social Security kind of what's happening now because. If you look at your retirement like a three legged stool you know one of them is that guaranteed income stream of Social Security. The other which some folks have some folks don't isn't pension and the third. Is your private investments like -- in case for the three -- and brokerage accounts or even savings CDs that might -- in that category but let's just talk about Social Security today so Social Security benefits are what's you know that's a big big a source of income for most of our seniors and in 2011. This particular fund had 8805. Point one billion. In revenue 82 point eight came from payroll taxes 3%. From income taxes on Social Security benefits to appear. A senior right now you're paying taxes on Social Security. That money's going back into the fund. For future beneficiaries. Or for you basically fourteen point two from interest earned. On the government bonds held in the trust fund so the number of retired workers is actually projected to double -- So I mean it's just it's astonishing. If that that's part of the three legged stool and solve many of the people to come and our offices you know don't have pensions. That's strange box. Pardon -- still that might be broke and it's astounding it really is so if you think good terms you know the average age -- retirement. Is 65. You literally could live about thirty years without a paycheck so weary and get that paycheck and that aboriginal Sosa security playing. Let's navigated for a much earlier life expectancy. Absolutely. Most people think that they're gonna live to be 85. Actually -- life expectancy of a man is about 84 life expectancy of a woman is about 85 but you know we're all living longer which is good news. But it presents several new challenges and today's seniors living longer means that there income has to live as long as they do. When I talked to my clients when I talk to folks that are coming in. When you look at if it hard to succeed. In retirement and most of them say he had kind of hard to navigate it's hard to know if I'm gonna be okay and when every you know you're in -- accumulation phase. Of investing. And your money's in growth at all costs mutual funds. And -- feed to death by the average brokerage house it's not built for the average guy in the average woman that's going to retire -- so we've got to build that financial house. As -- talk about you know the roof is the area that's gonna get hit the hardest that's where your mutual funds and so you're -- you're -- day and year and that. Accumulation phase and all your assets are are growing. NSA and you really don't even know what their hand and you don't know with the fees are and you don't know. You might have small cap large cap -- international all that well we had a great then this last year was wonderful but are you chasing returns beat chastened this uptick because I promise it's not gonna last forever. And all of us know that it's it's built on. Borrowed money -- in -- worst we've ever been and we're still paying for wars we've got an entitlement program that Burgess at best two point nine workers are all bits taking care of one. Beneficiary of Social Security that -- east to meet hi Kerry asked yes -- but that's not true for today and so that what. I was saying is that they're that the rules for Social Security are gonna keep changing. Because the factors that got her a sense of security keep changing digging and that -- then. Alison seniors. -- the baby in my generation of iron moving into that program every game across the nation. Well I do know that it's a two week wait for anybody that's retiring from the city of lost then it's two weeks to wait just to get into the HR department to design your plan. This is a big deal folks that the baby boomers are moving to retirement and -- very fast clip -- -- when you say 111000 a day that's tank so -- 111000 of you all are moving into that program. We've got to put a plan together now you've heard me say that you wouldn't take a trip across country without a -- right or at least -- GPS on so why would you go twenty to thirty years and a retirement without a structured. Playing and having a structured plan it's important call my office at 5122159030. And will help you navigate this should we start and stop Social Security should we -- violence to expand that she did take a spousal benefit that. Do you know get 8% -- great but. We need to evaluate because if they use it. Or lose it proposition was -- security right Tammy might think PGA explained that. -- resent our listeners so security is an action where -- sound program know what I mean by that believe -- folks Social Security knows our life expectancy and they encourage us to defer that and that's fine but you've got to look at all factors if you're getting those 8% deferred income credit and you've got enough assets the last you know until you turn that on let's say your retirement age 66 and you wait -- seventy but I -- -- Social Security knows. Think your life expectancy. You know is like I told you before about 84 years old. Still missing those years if you die early. No -- in your family can go back and get those monies so you wanna make sure that we're really evaluating health the decision on should we take ordinary income on distributions of IRAs are retirement accounts should you take your pension. All of that he plays until factor it really isn't just Taylor is turning on and let's go there needs to be as specific. Plan of action call my office 512215. 9030. And believe me folks there's a huge gap in the public's knowledge of those rules so let's go hand to. Specifically how that works now you guys know that story about peanuts right Lucy and Charlie Brown. Charlie Brown wants to kick the football and what usually she -- she holds the ball -- the what she'd do just eat pulls the following the. I'm glad he's done flying all know hard and they need is about to kick the Bali and we. I'll give -- collective scream and Charlie Brown. Under there that's who I feel. At times when I'm looking at the rules -- regulations of Social Security isn't it you know don't take aware benefits don't tell us up then and then take -- away there's actually a bill that in congress right now. That's projected to take away the cost of living adjustment. For Social Security I don't know if you realize that at this new budget that Obama is about to sign. Buried in the paperwork is taking a way that cost of living adjustments just not a good thing folks so again we've got to be Smart. About how we do this now spell also benefits are something if you're married. And there's say an burner that earned more in the Social Security program. And then spouse -- a little less. One tactic. That's very Smart is to call it it's called file and suspend until a spouse as long as you both and retirement at their retirement age. You can file and then suspend and take half of your spouse's benefits that we are not missing out on a -- but you'll are. Benefits are growing. With that deferred income credit. 8% per year just stay tuned folks are gonna go really deep into strategies. That can help you. Believe in a better way folks there are ways to take care of your retirement and ensure that you don't have to worry later in life so we're gonna get back that. And -- further call my office 5122159030. And remember the some folks your financial lives and the rest. Are otherwise. -- -- -- -- If you're planning for retirement you have lots of questions how long moment money last what is needed to support long term here -- -- I avoid unnecessary taxes that the most important question is this. Can I get retirement planning and advice I can trust. -- -- -- -- -- financial is the answer to all these questions and more you see her on TV TV and listen to -- -- financial -- here and talk radio -- -- lantern is more than a financial advisor -- your unbiased financial and -- -- because -- independent big -- -- corporations -- influence your suggestions about what to buy -- or doctor you -- in -- our financial specialize -- personal conservative retirement plans that provide delightful and security he -- and a personal service you when your -- deserved. It's Suzanne lanterns and -- to -- I'm your reasoning and. Planning to -- -- -- our financial dot com investor advisory services offered to global financial -- Capitol Hill seem SEC registered investment advisor. Welcome back to financial lives. With your post -- Blackburn. Welcome back you know. We want fewer hassles. Who have more choices. We don't want to worry about our financial. Status and where we are and if we have enough money in our lifetime and -- in retirement right Tammy who wanna make sure. That we are not gonna run out of money later in life if we've got a good plan we don't have to worry about that right -- heat part of coming in to -- our financial. Is looking at that three legged stool as I told you the Social Security. Is part of that we're depending on that to continue on that's an income stream and there's a bill and in place right now that's about the past our budget for 2014. A federal level. That is going to deny cola. For Social Security recipients is just not a good thing right now I don't know how that's gonna pan out but I'm not like in that for seniors because. The cost of living adjustment. Is what helps you keep up with inflation. All right when the prices if things go up Unita a bigger paycheck to cover the costs. There are strategies that you can use as a couple a spouse in the in you've got a couple of options I wanna. And it is B file and suspend now I talked about the delayed retirement credits you know the government should not dumb folks they know. That we have the likelihood of our life expect in our life expectancy is about. 84 to 86 years old so when you decide to delay. Taking Social Security if you don't have good health. It it might not be a good idea you know. Because you can't go back and get the benefits that you missed so here's a way as a married couple. To collect one of the spouse's benefit while the other. Is actually receiving those delayed retirement credits of 8% per year. So if you're married. And you you both have reached full retirement age you have a couple of options you can claim either your work history or your spouse's. Work history you can draw the spouse to benefit and it allows your own benefit as I said to get those delayed. In come credits until he turns seventy can't it's going to be a lot in over. 3040 -- 3040%. Of that benefit will rise that's a big difference in lifetime income up -- You mentioned that couple weeks you know regarding this. The number of people better Millstein. Is lower on what they're selecting absolutely are -- options it's pretty big numbers and 70%. 70%. Is what we you know there's been a lot of polls done and there's a huge gap in the public's knowledge of how to use these rules in Social Security they're not supposed to give you advice. They'll give you options. But they cannot advise -- -- because -- they make -- mistake there on the -- for so you've got to do your -- due -- you've got to -- -- -- retirement specialist that's what we do we help you navigate that we're not accumulations -- -- not trying to you know -- money at all costs and -- -- -- high risk mutual funds in common -- I'm trying to protect your -- so that we never run out of money -- retirement income for life is what we're trying to make sure that you never have to worry that -- security -- that so -- -- -- financial. At 512. 2159030. Now want to make an offer right now -- You know we have this book it's called the Social Security decision and it is a great resource for you it's called the what when the news and Howell a social security and I -- make that offer right now if you call my office at 5122159030. We will give you that book no charge complimentary -- get that -- no matter what it will be a starting point you know we -- -- call end. Last week and he said. It was so precious if you're listening it was a great call he said. You know I don't have anything right now I don't I don't have anywhere I'm starting right here right now to get the Social Security decisions you've got to do that folks call me and we'll get that going. Now the first five people I wanna add an additional offer you can come in the office and I'll have you help you would navigate. Those choppy waters. And we'll sit down and put a plan for you. Will look at what you have in savings what you've got your 401 -- pricing relationship we'll look at fees you know are you -- in hidden fees believe -- bylaw mutual funds can have didn't -- they don't have to disclose some we've actually had clients. That have come and paying five and 6% that they had no idea about. In their high and high cost mutual funds they got their pay 1% when in reality. With all the churning in the hidden mutual fund the transparency wasn't there an after we'd. -- down and really looked at what was going on it and not be in about 5%. So before you get your returns you're gonna get 5% year. Wire house brokerage house I don't think so folks she need to know what the facts are so growth at all costs might not be a good plan for your retirement to come into the office of first five people that call my office we'll get a full specific planned for you. In my office number is 512. 2159030. And will help you navigate those choppy waters. Now back to the Social Security decision. For you as a couple how do you. How do you know what to do so here's an example. Of how that works on -- -- is a hypothetical Eddie and Sarah they're both turning 65. Our skis -- 66 at full retirement age. -- monthly benefit let's just say it's 14100. And Sarah -- a thousand now. -- filed for benefits. And Sarah. Began drawing her spouse -- benefit. But it was a span also benefit on hints. So she suspended herders and let it get that 8% credit every year and she took half of kids. Right that. That increase their income over the lifetime. By over 200000 dollars in lifetime income Tammy Fuentes and -- -- -- -- there. -- sent that to simple. Decision at the very beginning that you cannot paint and that you've got to know you've got to get together and know what you're doing at seventy. Sarah applied for her own benefits. And with her work history. And the delayed income credits the thousand that she was going to get -- 66. Ended up being thirteen seventy a month now I don't know that you. 370. Dollars additional per month. Every year and you get that for another fifteen years a lot of money folks. And you're in those lines -- ticket coal away. In this recent budget. You know eight debt can be the difference and you guys living healthy retirement -- go see the grandkids you know I'll say this. I want you guys to have a second childhood. With no adult supervision that's the way it should be in retirement. I want you to enjoy your lives not worry about money not reading your hands with the next downturn. And so many -- you all. Are worried that you've got you know -- this one income coming in that we maximize that come into my office 512215903. -- we're giving the book the Social Security decision I'll sit down with the first five callers and well designed years specific plans for you the secondary thing that you've got to look at member that three legged stool I spoke about you've got Social Security. Your private investments. My goodness folks you know it's a middle class lie that you can just stick him in mutual funds and -- the market. It'll always come back just -- open your statements it'll be okay. That's hogwash. It's just -- watch when you get into retirement age because appear withdrawing money. From those accounts that are losing. It's a compound effect it's just it's a killer it's a killer -- eighteen. And so in the year T thousand -- Everybody remembers it. And there are so many seniors that actually and that happened to go back to -- because everything they had a score related to the market. And they are counting on that bringing cam. Will folks we specialize in things that don't correlate to the market. We want to put a lot of different eggs in a lot of different baskets can dwindle even better. We believe you need security in retirement so we're looking as retirement specialists were looking for things that don't. It did or not high risk that are not correlate -- in the market now many of you when you walk in my office you've got things buried in CD's -- You know bank accounts that are slowly losing money. Because they're not earning enough to keep up with inflation and taxation. So come on that the financial lies and will go into some of those. Details. And remember some folks are financial wise and the rest. Are other life. -- -- -- -- Contrary to what you've heard. Is such thing as a complimentary lunch. It serves up in his valuable financial advice for you it's a lunch and learn hosted by Suzanne Blackburn we can't start financial. As the unbiased financial condition you've seen on TV TV. And heard on the talk radio thirteen seventy GM's financial life show Susan Blackburn is specialist retirement planning. During her complimentary lunch you can learn wind managing money is harder -- stands kind of making keep more money in volatile times what strategies are low risk and high return how to avoid probate and attorneys' fees. And how to create income streams that you can't tell him. Reserve your place today for the complimentary lunch and learn Monday may fifth. Register by calling 5122159. B thirty that's -- 122159030. Enron minding -- financial dot com. It's your money from. Checked it investment advisory services offered through global financial private capital LLC its SEC registered investment advisor. Welcome back to financial wise with your hosts -- at Blackburn. All right folks we're talking about Social Security benefits here's the basics. You've got to get with your spouse. And sit down with their retirement specialists. That can navigate through. All the choices there's 2700. Plus choice and does what it's those securities. It's just not a good idea trendy than on your own. You know there's so it's -- -- in the nation. And we have been able to sit down with clients and literally. Increase their lifetime income by 200000. Plus. Over the lifetime income stream that can be the difference for your family. Of going back to work or not are are having the security that you need in retirement. Folks there's a lot of things that are impacting you there's inflation and interest taxation and there's -- market risk. You know when you're watching your accounts and in -- doing great right now the market's going up but it's very volatile. And if year in high risk mutual funds and -- and things that are. You know growth at all costs kind of things in retirement. It's stressful I mean that's one thing that I've noticed some folks that are coming in. Every one without question that walks in my office once a plan. To get out of correlation to the stock market. And insure that they will not run out of money. And that takes planning. You know it there's nothing wrong with -- growth and even aggressive growth are moderate growth but not everything folksy got to take a look at. How do we structure -- plan. You know -- -- here and you're 65 years old there's a lot working against you. Are right you've got to deal with the fact that you might get sick later and that's going to be a huge expense. You've got its deal with what if you die early. Because in the Social Security one of the things I wanted to mention is when one of their spouse is dies. You don't get to continue on with both income streams only the larger of the two. Is going to remain so we've got a plan for that. -- does that mean that. You know if you die early if that's a big chunk of what your income -- as a couple. We've got to make sure -- assets. That are going to replace that income stream. -- follow me now. When you're looking that people that have pensions. That's wonderful but there's a lot of folks listen right -- that don't have pensions and their depending on their private assets. Now. We specialize. In making sure that you've got lots of different eggs in lots of different baskets. That are not necessarily correlated to the stock market if for only depending on the stock market and its gyrations and out of control growth or. Not. Falling like it didn't 2008 and that's going to be. The only thing that's gonna feed you your income stream that's very stressful. Very very stressful. The Wall Street Journal says that we need to take out about 45%. Of our income stream. From an asset that's you know your 401K or whatever the assets are that you got to insurer twenty plus years of income. Well that's great if we have a stagnant number we've got a guarantee growth rate but as you know fox that the market doesn't guarantee anything. It's I'll risk. So by looking at things that are not as risky looking at things that are managed. Looking at things that are even completely separated from the market. It's just a good idea and it's kept our financial we specialize in those asset classes. We try to give you effective. And very efficient. Choices. And we're looking at your taxes -- look at a year in come we're also looking at growth for later there's some stuff folks we've got to put away. For five to ten years for later. And we make sure that it doesn't go away in the market and that is can do nothing but grow and make babies and be there for you later right -- -- Its guidance isn't -- is very important you want to be independently. Financially fit. All right and no surprises. You know just no surprises. We want safe harbors for your financial freedom we really really trying to specialize on that so called my office. At 512. 2159030. And when we plug in the numbers we've got great programs for you that we can plug in the numbers. What's your Social Security payment is 66 we can optimize -- when's the best time to take it should we wait. And let -- get the deferred income credits. Should your spouse take half of years. All that will calculate four in the first five callers I'll sit down with you personally would do an income plan we'll take a look at your numbers find out what he needs he can have peace in your financial plan everybody that calls in will get this book. It's called the Social Security decision. The what when who and how it's spree there's no no charges complimentary. And this will help you get started. On how to navigate in your retirement. You know you're looking right now your your assets you're looking at the 401 -- of foreign three b.s you brokerage accounts savings maybe get some CDs. How are you -- Have you done well last year was great. But -- how did you do in 2008. And now just imagine what if -- taken in come out of those accounts. Can you handle. A 30% loss and is that going to be real for you and continue to maintain an income string for life. We have a great retirement game changer we do meetings every single month and in the month of may. We have a luncheon learned at -- north location. This is may fifth from twelve to one. At the great hills location we will give you strategies. We will give you ideas. That will help you understand. How to navigate your retirement. There's over 2000 rules as I said governing Social Security what are the right ones for you the other meeting is. The first Monday luncheon learned that -- June 2 from twelve to one at the north location. So will have other meetings in between but those for sheriff -- up quickly. And will give you sandwiched by a lunch have a glass of iced tea we will inform you of game changing strategies for your retirement planning. At these luncheon aren't so sign up quickly it's www. Caps are financial dot com. And filling in the blanks and we'll get to set up for that meeting on May the fifth. Our right to call my office 512. 2159030. And remembered. Some folks are finance. To wise. And the rest or otherwise. I'm season like. Individual stocks are -- going doesn't -- -- your investment advisory services offer to. Right the capital LLC and SEC registered investment advice or global financial -- capital has no affiliation with the news agencies represented here the views expressed -- not necessarily reflect the views -- global financial private capital. Global financial private capital makes no representational warranties about the accuracy reliability completeness or timeliness of the continent and do not recommend or endorse any specific information contained -- insurance services and products offered through -- financial LLC. An annuity product guarantees are subject to the claims paying ability of issuing company -- any comments regarding safe and secure investments in guaranteed income streams -- only to the fixed interest product. They do not -- any -- securities or investment advisory products global financial private capital LLC and kept our financial LLC are affiliated companies. Contrary to what you've heard there is such thing as a complimentary lunch and it serves -- -- -- valuable financial guidance for you know it's a lunch and learn hosted by Suzanne Blackburn -- we can't start financial. As the unbiased financial condition -- you've seen on TV TV. And heard on the talk radio thirteen seven -- financial -- show Susan Blackburn is specialist retirement planning. During her complimentary lunch -- learn -- managing money is harder -- stands kind of making keep more money in volatile times and I -- strategies are low risk and high return. How to avoid probate attorney -- And how to create income streams that you -- Reserve your place today for the complimentary lunch and learn Monday may fifth. Register by calling 5122159. B thirty that's why I went 22159030. Enron minding -- financial dark tunnel. It's your money projected. Investment advisory services offered through global financial private capital LLC its SEC registered investment advisor.