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Apr 26, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's delicious mischief. Boston's food and -- radio group. A presentation of specs wines spirits and find her to. And now he's the guy who loves to talk with a smile -- -- -- -- Hello everybody welcome to another edition -- delicious -- the food and -- radio program board Texas. As always delicious mischief is a presentation -- -- wines spirits and finer foods. All we have a terrific show a great show wonderful show off. A fun show for you guys and one of the reasons of course is that a little bit later in this program we're gonna do our great ingrained tasting segment. Always fun and always well educational and that we take something be it wine or spirits cocktails or maybe some new craft beer that there's art there's so much going on in Texas right now in that world that that there's always something to taste always something to talk about. But in the opening and then again in the close at today's show we are in San Antonio and nobody can ever be happier to come to San Antonio and I am. I mean every time I come here not only are there all -- favorites still doing what they do. But there's always new stuff going on I mean it if you haven't been to San Antonio in awhile and if you think that it's it's all cheese enchiladas which I love. Well you have a lot to learn about the new improved San Antonio let me tell you. Our host hotel for today's broadcast to the hotel Valencia right on the river walk and one of the reasons is a lot of good reasons to stay at the Valencia I mean it's a great hotel. I integrate location location location but one of the reasons is that over the years and I don't know exactly how many. But I'm over the years have really fallen in love with the restaurant here at the hotel call citrus. Com and and that restaurant is is as restaurants do from time to time. Learning to be learning about what is important to it over the long haul and also kind of look at -- with some excitement for new things and. And and you days ahead I'm here with two guys who are you know very much a part of the hotel very much a part of the hotel Valencia an absolutely apart of that of citrus. I'm won his corporate chef I Thomas deadly RD who's here and also Richard Ramos who. You know we can trust me to find the guy at the bar and and Richard is as as was described to me. The king of all things alcohol -- her edit them -- app and and that's exactly who I need to meet particularly when we're gonna talk about these wonderful have a narrow margaritas and in just a few moments but. But Jeff Thomas I mean. You know when you when you think about citrus I mean I've been coming here and it's been if that -- -- different things but it certainly had its evolution is. What do you think is most important about it that needs to go on hopefully forever. And what do you think is open for new excitement and and that they -- flavors of San Antonio. Quite honestly think that the the the -- to citrus as it was sixers opened it was a fantastic restaurant still is fantastic restaurant what we need to do. There what we're working on is basically redeveloping and re evil being this great flavors in this great taste that citrus is a ready brought to the table but we're gonna put a playful twist on it. Things like they they have set a tortilla soup it's a pop corn tortilla soup. So that's that's basically the direction we're going. So so so you don't. Where do you where do you kind of envision this direction leading in terms of where it fits in San Antonio because. Having a hotel here I mean obviously visitors play a role but but most people -- shafts wanna cook for local still. You know what do you think that citrus can offer to people B day either of those groups. That that is an up and down the river walk because I mean this is this the busy place this river walk in San Antonio well a lot of people I guess they're called competitors. On a lot of choices a lot of options. You know what do you think you guys can deliver either whether you have delivered the pastor will only deliver in the future that we'll kind of sexual part. On top of the -- higher quality of product and higher quality of preparation where we're looking to. Continued the fun of playfulness of the product and you know I think CNN -- hand I think the river walk and I I was inches the river walk about twelve years ago. And I just loved how much finalized and that word you can hear me repeat because that's. But is good on radio it's okay absolutely and that's what we really wanted to impress into our -- we wanna be inventive creative. So again on papal favorites. Whether it's reinventing. Classics more which is very popular these days or whether it's. Creating a whole -- like to think that we don't just follow the trend that we create trend. And that's what I want teachers to really become I actually call it I dumped it citrus squared these days because I think we -- citrus times citrus. So that's where. I'm not very good at math but that sounds really good and certainly. The dishes -- -- -- more more about that a few moments but but I mean these are definitely citrus squared type -- is not that not done Thomas what's your story because you know you talk and he just for a few minutes you realize. I realized you've been there done that -- -- eaten that you know you have a pretty large repertoire of food ideas. In general are pouring in short -- how that all come together. Ensure. I've been around -- a couple of times and I gotta say that you know I've picked up bits and pieces that works for even a lot farther than New Braunfels. Absolutely hammer joined from New Jersey in. I I've spent time in the Middle East have spent time means I've spent time in you know Vegas and California and you name -- and and every time I would go to a new place I would pick up everything I can. I keep in touch with most of shafts in the can be people that I've met across the board and and we play off each other play ideas off each other. And we become inspired and and that inspiration and that's what our plans are menus are. I can see a lot of inspiration here now. That's beacon an inspiration Richard Ramos. You know you you have the honor of being our our designated local San Antonio and here tonight. What you see the bar here at the hotel Valencia and indeed as part of citrus. Tom what what do you kind of try to make that be for for whether the people are our guests in the hotel or maybe they're just folks from the river walk who wandered in looking for a great cocktail. -- like to consider -- a consistent place to come with a nice on beyond its. Great cocktails. Mean. Fresh products is what we user and pretty much all of our product are all of our. Drinks -- there's infuse her meat fresh. As the king of all things alcohol tell me a little bit about this this this Cobb and narrow Margarito because it definitely has a kick. You know they go I mean it's I didn't even say the word have a narrow without having a kick right. But but what do you think makes his strength so good and of course so popular because -- half the people I'm looking bad in the -- at night are having the strength. Well again it goes to the fresh ingredients that we use and then top quality products as far as the I'm also on being the mix -- mama we use fresh squeezed Lima and a government Bobby nectar which. Is key for Margarita. So so one of the things that impress me because I mean hate seeing kind of a high end creative you know Margarita. In San Antonio was was cool I was glad to do that but. When I saw how many people came into the bar and more looking for find single malt scotches are small batch turbans. I knew that you know this what what so lying you know this isn't Kansas anymore I mean this isn't even San Antonio anymore in some ways the world has changed how how do you. How do you view the number of I I guess you'd say high end or our special spirit that people come in have an order presumably by the shot I mean if or or at least a few media sit -- I wouldn't I wouldn't shoot anything like that to save. Myself. Mainly sipping phenom on the rocks man and a single -- -- a mob is really the way to go Obama. With. What's it been. You know and especially if it's just going to be on the rocks when a mix post partial water soda and there but do not do that -- ball. Well okay that's. I'm so so tell me what are a couple of of like your favorite -- your favorite small -- -- -- or your customers you choose but what are two brands that come up colliding conversation here at the hotel Valencia in your -- RI house but as far as like bourbon whiskey would be bullet or bullet right. Both very very good. Products. Old fashions. Some cost some drinks and are awesome with -- use an old fashioned -- in just really makes the drink. -- Scotch. I would I would have to go with a -- many products. Mom might favor right now is is about -- fourteen years in a Caribbean task. Let it sit a while -- are gets a little sweet you know so. Anonymous trigger or he's a seasoned Scott streaker is gonna love it so it's all around really -- product. So so I notice that whether we're doing matter are something else there there's a certain kind of classic cocktail vibe going on here have you. In the years you've been doing this job you know anywhere let's start that way have you seen an increased interest or renewed interest in classics rather than just. Crazy -- why old cocktails are. Now absolutely in the past couple years Amanda on this as Iraq front seven to five a Manhattan. The old fashioned I mean they're all really come back. With a vengeance I mean there -- very strong so impressive one out of every five drink is gonna be a classic cocktail. That is great I am I'm -- I'm gonna have the mall maybe maybe you're tonight while we do this radio show that would be five. Yet you call that bluff say thank you Richard now chef Thomas. You stay with -- you stay with -- with that's Richard Ramos -- take a break here and malicious mischief when we come back will be doing our great -- tasting but before the hours out of San Antonio hotel -- -- sister's restaurant. And we're gonna -- himself staring me in the face right now and I. Can't wait again so don't go away. Don't -- that it'll spoil your dinner. Instead here's more delicious this just with your host John Burns. And now from the -- -- next wines spirits and find -- news this is braving the rain. We're talking tequila this week which is best I can tell is always always always better than talking Turkey. And out on this breaking ranks segment we're gonna. Taste the new tequila that's out and we can talk about because it caught my guy. For once the well for not a lot of things one there's some very very exciting things going on in the industry are in the world tequila I mean those of us who only think of tequila as. Something we shot or or what ever back in college. Well we haven't kept up because because there's an amazing amount of effort going on an amazing amount of improvement quality excitement. I'm going on in what people some people call the tequila category these days. What caught my interest first. Was seeing that this this particular call titanium. And titanium rather I believe is them is imported by a company in Houston Texas now I know all about that at least -- thing we'll talk about that that. But you know it's it's kind of a Texas company doing. A very Mexican thing engaged tequila and I'm here with a guy the owner of this company is that Robert T -- arena and he is here to tell us all about it and at let me drink so lot so Robert. I mean what is the story so we have to two addresses if you will on the back of titanium tequila well we have product of Mexico and bottle that the distillery. And then we talk about you know being from hot tip hot -- laden or something to that effect in at least go and also important exclusively by premium here in Houston where we're sitting right now what. How does all this work how does all this fit together. In -- in kind of an interesting spin on a Texas story. A great question John as always it's an honor -- -- have the opportunity to meet with UR tequila titanium tequila has been a a production of many years it started about three to have four years ago with a great idea looking for a new -- trendy. Great high end product. That we can appeal to a new generation new market of that tequila drinkers as you -- particular now the second largest selling spirit in the country. Behind. -- behind vodka so well I have partnered up with a great -- visionary an artist in Mexico. And we've been developing this tequila for several years. But the whole new crowd and in mind. So so we'll we'll talk more about that story because I'm really intrigued by the whole thing -- bombed you know. Tell me a little bit about the evolution of tequila. From at least in this country I mean I've talked to a lot of folks from from at least go from -- tequila people if you well. And and they kind of tried to insist to me that there has always been a quality aspect to tequila. And it just didn't come to the states because we didn't care we didn't you know we would look at -- did -- get a little -- not -- to -- But now this is yourself. I don't know how new what's new what's old about this but tell me. What's involved in making a better tequila on the show we talk a lot about better burgers for instance while -- -- better meet that it runs you know mark is an old farm -- table this that -- the other but. I still don't understand what do you do differently. That makes a better to Q. That's a good question John what tequila goes back to at least 400 -- 120 years ago. It was made many years ago by some of the Indians and Mexicans use and very basic. This -- of -- method of making tequila. By using the -- Gavin and using their own methods -- fermentation. And we wanted to do something a little bit different there's such a variety of two -- on the market these days. Hey it's become almost like a wine you know tequila is made from a plant call I got it. It takes anywhere from seven to ten years to mature there's different types of -- -- you have the highland you have the lowlands. He had the head -- details and over the years there's the kind of been a loss. Of our quality and a lot of two kilos even though they're all -- 100% I got a huge difference in taste. We have gone an extra step out and starting out with take great. Crop owner that we picked only did the best select I gather from the highlands which -- -- -- has a it's a little smaller. Nina which is Smart they got -- it's a lot sweeter a lot more Jews. And we started from the very basic bar. All the way to our fermentation. Our style love. In our distillery. Every aspect to make one of the finest tequila is at a very affordable prices well. -- will tell me this because hearing the word highlands -- of course drives me immediately to Scotland in my head. And and in Scotland there's a sense -- with whiskey also known as scotched. There there is a certain almost French version of -- a lot going on where different people from this islanders this part of the highlands or low ones probably are. You know this part of Scotland feel that they of course they'll think their scotches the absolute best because. But but I mean this tequila have anything remotely like a -- why do you you know in terms of where it comes from since your -- so picky about using this particular -- the -- you must like it for some reason. Of course tequila just for those people that don't know. Can only be produced in one certain area of Mexico or -- near what I and how to. For many reasons that has the best soil to grow the I -- which again takes Montenegro. That soil was a -- saw it comes off of the volcano nearby. So as everyone should keep a volcano nearby disengaged and I -- have a tequila and down again absolutely the so as champagne is from France to keep us from Mexico is very highly controlled by the governor Mexico. If you see on the back of the bottle everybody articulate the world have a CRT number and that explains exactly what grower and what distillery has that produces tequila. But it is really important to. Start from the basic part of a good I gather and work your way all the way to the production and distillery. There's also difference in the scouts and people think that -- have worms. And tequila in the -- -- they're very similar but two completely different products for different regions you know you're you're really kind of. I heard my question coming -- coming because. I mean this seems to be some kind of relationship not the warm part I no matter but but some kind of relationship I mean there's and god the kindred spirit this kindred spirit got it. But -- how would you describe to a dummy AKA -- The difference between tequila and -- golf since both of those turn up a good deal on the market particularly in bars and things like that these days. Tequila is. Is off produce and grown a certain area they're -- how to that I mentioned earlier. Miss Skyler is used. Different style plants from the got a family. But it's all done the way for the south in Oaxaca Mexico. So the the the the -- deserve very similar in that you take this. Plan. You grow at 7810 years you take up some apartments color Pena. You distill it there's a a very difference in flavor from the scholar tequila down the -- -- was you the story about people -- -- -- -- -- -- Well that was from a Scott. That was just up and it'd -- years ago so a lot of people think that the Skiles are really. A low injury can there really not -- tequila is is again from hold different region from a whole different type of like got a plan. Well let's let's start let's talk flavor a little bit because some you know before we're through here today and I certainly wanna talk about use is and the way the way tequila can be can be enjoyed but how. How does your I'm tasting at hair and it is very smooth it is very clean tasting. It's it's not rough rugged to -- particularly burning although it is certainly alcohol. Com how do you like to describe it what do you make you know -- in your dreams what -- somebody say it tastes like. The dream part -- off a little bit and they like the got tequila that's kind of dreams rather it just make -- your job in the future. You have such a variety of two kilos and one other thing that we're doing. Is that we're dating a lot of our bottle sometimes putting assert here. To kill -- made from a plant. A plan varies in years so when you you can have a good crop of a -- that picture could vary so you might have a -- and flavor. In different bottling periods of -- tequila. -- -- tequila virtually hasn't vintage yes. And that's part of a new culture that we're trying to educate people on about tequila. You know so so so win it when people do say as I'm not saying. Hey Robert what does it taste like I mean how do you describe the taste of tequila and general. I mean because there certainly is a taste and you have a -- this this particular to you as I would say for tequila or for a while white clear spirit a lot of flavor which I admire I -- this for the flavor not for the alcohol. So it does have a flavor. But how would you describe the flavor of tequila and general and then whatever -- and -- you guys feel titanium ads. We'd ought to kilos will have a certain flavor there is. Such thing as and they got a flavor and it can be a little strong flavor you have to have that and -- to kilos. Now what we've -- strive hard and -- -- starting from the great great plan to start with. We try to be as organic as we can -- uses these plants -- -- we use without using heads of the tails which a lot of the producers do. But. When you during titanium. You don't have to. Have a chaser. You consider that we want people to get away from drinking tequila -- to -- deal lays it was like tedious work you slamming you grab your line your salt. You make a weird face and then you hope your friend doesn't and another shot or it. Are -- like that the bitter beer the bitter tequila face so. What we've done again is we're trying to develop such a good -- tequila as you have it now you don't. You don't have a strong aftertaste that you do have and it got it forward -- There's a certain smell of a doubt that you have to have -- tequila but because our product uses such high quality and got it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Because not only am I gonna follow your dictates time and time again here on braving rain with this wonderful -- -- titanium tequila. But our Roberts here Arenas they -- this will be back with more about breaking ranks segment right after this. Still hungry. Here's another helping of delusion dismiss chips which are host John Denver us. Welcome back everybody thanks for joining us here on delicious -- I -- that comes your mother warned you about John to Mars we're having a good time here this week in Texas well where else would we be after all unless of course it's Tuscany or Paris or Hong Kong -- you know -- -- Buenos -- may be who knows but but we're in Texas -- in Houston specifically. Tasting a tequila. -- a new kind of thing with a great story to tell and it's called titanium. I'm sitting here with the owner of said -- Ted tequila company. Where the stuff itself to its credit he's -- into its legality is made in the state of police go in Mexico but. The company that distributes that and and brings it to all of our taste and all of our tables and all of our glasses is right here in Houston Robert -- -- -- you know Robert. As we talk about the evolution and tequila flavor or tequila. Use if you will tequila appreciation -- the word I'm looking for appreciation. You know I don't think there's too many spirits that are traveled as far and -- a road I mean we've joked about you know college slamming tequila bad hang -- Headaches all this kind of stopped. And that is so much not a part. Of what tequila is winning enjoyed at this level this level of tequila and indeed this level of maturity on the part of the enjoy air. What what do you see what is the social cultural dynamic. That you you haven't. Seen and obviously responded to with titanium you know who we -- trying to market this do and why. Johnson said earlier tequila. It a whole has become now the second largest selling spirit in the world second to vodka. There's so many different brands -- you've got flavored tequila as you've got white you've got totals reconciles all trade you got a huge variety. And I think society is learning more on how to enjoy it because you do have a lot of options these days 1015 years ago. Humana had you know the the -- I don't think wherever maybe some of the few early for drones you didn't have a wide variety of tequila. Given sad. Then also brings about a lot of high quality and low quality. Under percent ago particulates. Would again we're trying to strive to have a great product across the board. That kid that appeals to everybody if you wanna put it -- if you wanna sit that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- do whatever makes you happy but that we're really trying to -- to target a whole new generation. Of of the younger crowd. Of an older crowd but these dollar drinking tequila. So -- let's talk about you a little bit because I am I. I am aware that you have a story that you're that you're not you didn't spend the -- you know most of your life by digging up I got a plants and at least go I mean you've had one or more careers that appointee do you toward this. What about the story behind Robert because that's story in my now Robert is also the story behind titanium. That idea out born and raised in Houston I have my mother is from -- Mexico. Mike David and his board of Mexico where I can the states at a very young age fought the war. That we always sort of grew up with tequila somewhere in the house. And over a period of time kind of learned what the better to hear those words so forth and I started to at a very young age AEA private jet company called priority one aviation and that we handle brokerage or private jets for companies and wealthy individuals all over the world. Back in the mid ninety's. I was approached with the -- opportunity to be the importer per well known tequila now called Kosovo is which is about McCarty. Back in this is in 1994 I spent time down in Mexico near -- out of a I learned a lot about tequila the process -- -- done. And created the company but we could not agree on a territory back then so I continued with my a aviation company of the jets. Given that over the years some of my very wealthy customers. -- some big distillers and I've learned. A little bit over the years more than what I knew back then. On tequila. I yeah I was approached by -- coaster ride in Mexico farewell respected. Political. Marketing director and artist. About a -- he wanted to do. -- division of -- and -- tequila and I as well over the years thought if there's a need for a very great tequila. For the -- a new generation we don't have as you look at the -- is a very modern kind of a sexy. -- doesn't look like -- tequila bottle. So we became talking in death three years later we have created this this beautiful artistic masterpiece called titanium. -- -- Robertson -- radio alas is not a particularly visual medium. Tell me a little bit. That about your bottle in terms of filling in the blank of of of what we can't exactly see because I think it's beautiful it's class C. It has some opportunities bird you know when I picture this on now on a bar NA you know on a shelf on the -- sitting on the bar itself mean things. Like that it seems like it's gonna attract a lot of attention and you mentioned having this this partner in in Mexico this guy who's an artist among his many talents. How did all this come to pass then -- and describe the bottle. Well that was a a very tedious. Job that took us probably about two years. We used to start like likening AM just drawing out stuff on paper we won it to a PO number one. A very -- Bob we wanted to break away from the typical tequila bottle that looks very rustic that looks like it was made from hand and -- glass in Mexico. And then we wanted to create a very catchy name so we start with the name titanium. And then what what does that mean -- what did that he broke both thrilling you know titanium is a very unique very strong -- very expensive metal used enough in a wide array especially aviation type. Materials still have your planes flying around our -- but it also ordered -- and together. But so we just thought it was a very creative very neat name. That if it when you look at the bottom you see how I kind of stands out but we thought. It is just one step off for the Norman sometimes you have to be a little different than anybody else for everybody else. Yeah and and you even showed me earlier how they you get this can be illuminate head Metallica's I can do you know buyers stayed there they're they have little in common except their dark. And I guess that replies to those of us who wanna go there and who do -- don't -- -- Bhutto's life but -- Tell me about the lighting so this can be glowing on the. -- basically yes so what we did you see here John waste area with through about fifteen different style bottles we that it with this but which is a square bottle. It's not real talks -- -- short that's the first. Designed behind it if you're too tall -- it moved to the very top of the shelf if you're too small. As -- you can go to the bottom so we -- of the week if somebody's been paying attention absolutely we put a lot of thought into this so. One of the pursing is a bottle size and size is important as you know for many things that Texas has taught me that at -- that's right. So you can see the size system to -- size having a square bottle. When you grabbed the bottle it has a great feel it it holds well and Canada the sales kind of corny but when people buy you can see. If you hold the bottles. That have 88 -- or revenue -- wide. You have to grab from the neck and sometimes it become unstable and are unstable for bartenders. To war. Because atop their there at the very bottom heavy so we -- have reappoint you over port so that's one aspect of it as you see the writing on the on the a bottle says titanium. At a glance it's kind of hard to read but get your attention so what we've studied. As we wanted something when people I'll just read it lying sideways which is how I intend to end up anyway that's a good point that that. So we knew well lockdown and -- let any liquor store you see all these brands scholars. When you do quick glance you'll see this you might not assuming we ever tells us titanium but it -- tension -- -- makes you come back to look again. So that's another aspect -- is psychologically what should come back against -- things the third is we took a kind of expensive processor bottle. The majority or a lot of the tequila manufactures big ones small. They take it very simple glass bottle that there are really cool pretty sticker on. And it's on the shelves we went one step extra many steps extra dollar with a bottle but we've frost at this this sexy bottle. We've baked into it a turquoise blue bottom. And then -- the -- so you've got a lot of elements here you've got a very -- top. You've got a frost a bottle yet a square bottle with the court turquoise blue bottom. That Turkoglu as we bottom in clubs with light Ernie that a lot of bars have lied to his city a theory need -- will -- I don't know that there's any other bottle. And I could be wrong of any other product presents Cuba that glows like this bottled us but -- involved in this bottle. -- there's certainly as we're gonna thank Robert -- arena owner of premium spirits and also that. The guy behind really that titanium tequila that's now making its way obviously expects stores and in the bars and restaurants with bars and everything and any place in Texas where you can get a drink you can probably start to buying titanium -- very very soon and by the way it's it's it's it's really great of course all by itself either chilled or room temperature and I'm having -- -- to a -- right now because that's the way I do -- but the but the fact is that goes well that way or in a number of -- interesting interesting cocktails obviously margaritas which is how we automatically -- when we see it -- -- particularly here in Texas but. Beyond that a lot of I was hearing from Robert a bit earlier than a lot of the cocktails associated with vodka and I would even say -- I mean you know simple cocktails with -- her or things like that soda. Are really really getting popular using titanium tequila says a lot of wasted enjoy it and you should so anyway we need to take a break here on delicious festive after today's. Great thing great from the shelves next wines -- and -- news. Well -- one more -- coming up right after them. Now for one more why -- delicious mr. Here's your host -- to murder us. Welcome back everybody thanks for joining us here on delicious miss it coming -- this week from beautiful San Antonio imagine anybody San Antonio and certainly not your grandmother's. San Antonio but from the river walk. From the hotel Valencia and -- beautiful. -- beautiful graceful. You know. I don't know even know what to call it but it's a wonderful wonderful property here with kind of a courtyard in the middle very very old world seeming to me and yet also quite contemporary in -- approach to service and revived and we're here -- -- the restaurant that I loved -- forever and now with with -- corporate chef Thomas -- we Arnie and also bar manager all mad men about alcohol Richard Ramos. And also designated local San Antonia and always good to keep us keep us honest Richard ash now now let's. Let's talk about bar menu shaft and here's a couple items one. Is fried pickles and the other I mean which is a wonderful classic kind of southern dish dish. And the other is kind of you herb shrimp cocktail may be -- may be a side order of comfort on. And maybe a side order of the best spicy bloody Mary -- ever put my mouth tell me about these two things in the bar menu here at. At the hotel. What he means from Politico cocktail that's really -- from nineteen -- he's about it that's infused with helping out. To me cocktail sauce and we just thought of me and nice vodka like -- and bloody Mary. Absolutely absolutely and then. We we we -- the bronze instead of boiling in so we're just we're just. Playing on on the way that -- cocktails mean those from cocktails mean. And then -- appear better penalty it's basically it comes down to the fact that I love your router pickle chips and I don't wanna have to go somewhere else to get them you can be here all the time. Absolutely and robberies and attacks spears and her making a -- crispy crunchy better so it's basically instead of the fish and chips it's just that -- when it's. And and what's your. What's your what do you -- what's your taste in pickles that had this kind of a thing this is better than most obviously but. But everywhere from guild of bread and butter too -- these seem very sweet itch but but I love it what and they and then also what about that that dipping sauce because 'cause I can't get enough of that stuff. They're -- -- -- it is essentially -- fresh -- our. It's very fresh very simple. Four ingredient. Are still sour cream the pickles themselves are we're using any sweeter -- it again. You know kind of remembering dill pickles so it -- dill pickles the -- you know a documentary waiting to happen. Grow and growing up in Jersey -- paddles very serious -- we have our we have arduous pickles we have Nardelli because basically. So I I always gonna remember this garlic eat spicy pickles by that we just put a little speechless on it's it's kind of a sweet sour. It's really really good now now Richard Ramos in your car when you're serving needs how to narrow old Margarita as and when you're serving these. Well if you're serving tonight at any moment those those small batch turbans are single malt scotches. Bar menu items really I love the idea of farming is I think chefs in the whole package seems to love the idea bar menu items. You know Deere customers kind of appreciate the idea of having these nifty keen taste to go along right to go along with that -- while they're drinking. Are absolutely they do and and especially coming from a well known restaurant citrus stated they. Catered from across that wall right there exactly so they they know that they're gonna get ago product just because of the fact that it's coming from right across the lobbying in -- citrus at saint -- and that's come from so. That's it that's even a better sell. Well and needs these are amazing and and I might add these are all new in new in the Jewish items we talked about Jewish people these are new wish. Items. Here at citrus and and which is great thanks to chef Thomas here now now. One of the most interesting things in front of me here is is tortilla soup. Kinda sort -- you know here in San Antonio all the restaurants serve tortilla soup fan and I'm kind of a broth guys so you know with spy ace and cilantro in diameter all these things. You really kind of recreated. Tortilla soup in a way that's really kind of pushes the envelope I don't know if you have an envelope on yeah but it pushes it. On tell me give me the blow by blow this because I find that it's really an interesting spin on tortilla soup. We've basically taking it popcorn and -- popcorn entry takes so -- so. Why do you -- how does that -- in your wildest dreams how did you think of tortilla soup and popcorn in the same sentence. Well. Quite honestly the thought came from -- that works for the company and in its creation that we really found love with so. We decided to push forward so it didn't actually come out of the chaos in my head. But it was -- from the cast my head and and to throw a tripled -- and a tortilla. Salts. What is tortilla sultan insult from tortillas assault for tour. But the seeker it is is basically we grind. Nice. And thanks largely to cease all with. Corn tortillas -- -- is the royals the flavors all kind of spread out that's that's our -- makes it simple but it's fresh and it's it's -- So so I'm I'm a lifelong. Hater of foam on any thing but this is the best damn phone. It actually has the flavor that contributes to the hole I mean what's that all about I like to call -- an -- instead of a film lacked. And acumen stead of a film and sounds a little bit fans here and it's. And -- basically means the froth at the city and means like a phone now just getting pain is so it makes me feel better about serving -- -- after fifteen years. And nonetheless that this one was. Eleven tone that was the acidity just bounces up the sweetness of the -- And I have to tell you it really does I IE with my fetish for putting things all on the same spoon or fork in another -- I I made sure I had some of that Q -- and every single -- and it was an amazing version. Tortilla soup that you know went somewhere else and came back again and it's really really good stuff now now. This this entree we have here is -- enemy because. San Antonio is always impressed me as sitting on the border and I don't mean that border. But I mean the border between. South Texas with it's it's strongly mex and Tex mex flavors and and I love those but also central Texas -- with it's it's strongly German heritage and I can't help but think you tell me if I'm wrong but I can't help but think that has a lot to do with something like this this year -- tell me all the pieces and how it came together. Absolutely -- we've always gonna remember the the heritage of Texas and we also went remembered that her did you all the -- that -- on the team. And this one actually came from someone who spent some time in Germany that we evolved into. You know instead of symbol or going or you know. -- type thing we. We did assault. Infused her salt crusted while Borland. And and then did -- -- itself is is made from pretzels and pressed and -- in butter and then we have a compartment Plano which actually reminds you of -- chilies and hearing your Mexican side. And then. The that warm -- salt which can have a German disrupt -- so we just put it all together like that. You know what I what I loved doubly about the warmed habits lies on the huge freak for so called German potato salad using served warm and kind of been agreed with some kind of weird spices that I could never begin to know. And and this this evokes that while being also its own thing and -- it's you talk about remembering this is a tribute and a half to that. Today to the Germans of central Texas to kind of wrote the book on central Texas and I'm proud of you being Jersey boy for picking up on that. In the players are picking up that the simple mustard and the works Armenia. The caraway seeds you know all this kind of flavors that we were put into a sauerkraut. It's kind of reminding you that this favors that there. Well it's reminding me and I'm I'm certainly loving it you know I mean I am getting Fredericksburg -- vibes all over again now less but not least is dessert. And this is an intriguing dessert. And -- you know it it it it was beautiful to look at and as we all know in my vocabulary beautiful look at means like him one of good taste like anything. In this case it has wonderful wonderful flavors to go with -- wonderful wonderful appearance. And you mentioned something about a lemon meringue pie but this is certainly. Doesn't look like a lemon meringue. I what's the story. The inspiration has lemon meringue pie it's. Play on techsters more or less. The flavors as I said flavors coming easy these days we we've spent years and years to perfect slow food cooking and you know all kinds of different. Reductions -- -- so this time I just I mean a beautiful and anchored. Different flavors of -- crests and you know the fresh berries and then the -- deter the -- strawberries and you know you put all that together you have this. Just as bold. Strong. Six receive flavors with the sweetness of the meringue it's. And then in such a play of textures that you know I just losing it does indeed here you taste but -- chance to catch up it's just so exciting through the whole thing. Is not chef Thomas we need to get on out of here -- You know we talked about you know transition new items new menu. You know knew everything really in some ways but but. What do you hope citrus will be in say a year maybe two years in what what kind of restaurant do you want citrus debate. -- busy restaurant figure we we I applaud that and we're going to be we're gonna be that in the next month or so. And we're just gonna maintain it for the next two years three years while while reinventing. Everything we do constantly. Constantly bringing new players in new. New trends we're gonna start here this is where again. Oh I love that I let that start don't follow it sounds like a good plan about thanks to buy a corporate chef Thomas got we RD also out by manager of men about alcohol Richard Ramos. Here at citrus restaurant at the hotel Valencia in San Antonio. Let about a dozen for today's delicious mischief as always a presentation of -- wines spirits and finer foods until next time. I'm your host John -- America is an idol CU did -- next meal.