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Real Estate Investor Power Hour Podcast 4/10/14

Apr 11, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's time for the real estate investor power hour with Danny Weber. If you -- deal turns your revenue producer Danny has completed over 400 real estate transactions in the years he is a licensed real estate and mortgage brokered. Around originate or an insurance brokerage and access to join the conversation by calling -- now 51239. Miles thirteen seventy. Now here's Danny. Everybody welcome to the real estate investor power -- -- -- your host and whoever. And we have got a great lineup for -- -- we're gonna talk about hard money and wholesaling assigning. Today's April 10 and guests tonight are gonna beat Jack Brady who is your last week's sale LoJack LoJack marriage we got wing Corley who came in from the Dallas Fort Worth area. Did you tell him -- hard money say hello there -- -- on. That's gonna get started right -- is this is going to be a hot topic tonight audio investors out there mum if you're starter investor you probably having used hard money or Friday -- it's also called. Where you may have heard some negative things about -- I can say from personal experience I'd probably between thirty hard money loans -- a year in and then -- and though wouldn't. Flip homes or or or do we have any other way. So let's get started right away with Dwyane Wade tell us tell us some reasons to use hard money. But one of the biggest reasons -- speed. We can close deals and -- Lewis 48 hours. Whereas a dimensional lender will take. -- much longer met to carry out conventional lender is his way out there at thirty to 45 day closing. They really should call it easy money not hard money because it's easier to get. Nothing is -- -- money meaning it's there and OK I think they. You know consistent money insists it's money that's less likely billions almost -- -- cash Telus Telus -- exactly what a hard money or or what the difference -- between hard money and say conventional or government financing. -- hard money is. Private money. And we don't have to go through a lot of the underwriting that you know -- government's. Tight money. To go through so you've got some underwriting standards but they're not you know and -- Fannie Freddie exactly tell -- -- -- some -- the high -- to the standard -- -- -- evaluated -- and in an an investor -- hard money. Well mainly were looking at the SS. But with the property. Will look at the ARV. We'll look at the rehab budget. In what what they are begin to then you guys the after -- value after repaired values of hard money guys are screening guys there's not to be used bird. Conventional owner occupied stuff most of time it's going to be property they need some rehab and typically. The loan to value LTV you hear us say a lot is what with your with your company with they mountain. But depends we have a no credit check loan program. Then as 70% of a every and that's no credit check out there guys if you had been burned with the foreclosure short sale or something like that you can still get a hard money. -- get into investing. Exactly. And we also let it but could -- -- credit qualified borrowers. We have a loan program though bill is 75% of ARB. Which is usually on the market that I -- Yes only 5% I know most of the guys that I do under 65% and he said he 5% for qualified borrowers is is really just an incredible because. If you gonna Hilary term conventional -- on the other side you Fernandes you can actually look 80%. And so you -- at a 5% cushion if you gonna turn into renal at some point you know he's in a Fannie or Freddie product. Which it -- I I guess putting it in easy terms it if you have a property. Day you know after the repaired value is going to be worse after he put the grainy and in the car bid and all those good things it's worth a 100000. Dollars. You're going to be able to give -- maximum of 75000. -- that you know from -- mountain capital. You know of course there's little things got a look -- but in general that would be yet are 70000 now. If you're going to acquire that property to rehab -- you're probably going to be -- acquire that property at about 60000. And so there is -- you know -- -- so hopefully section and and that's the cool thing about a hard money lender is that they help that you inject. And in Leland rehab dollars also -- you what -- and it went for an injury have you land that are seven if I were a 100%. Of rehab. Poland and tonight I'm sure cost is to be a fresh price plus the -- OK okay so I got a so so one -- the other difference is that you hear when you do with hardly your private money is. -- You know some -- -- -- 70%. On loan to value you know based on ARB in no alone 75%. Of the rehab budget. Say you submit. And in some of up to a 100% but it's a mix it it you know there's not one hard money -- it's going to be perfect for everybody -- you know -- -- on capitol it -- has an extremely attractive programming in Arlington Texas everywhere right. Yes compared. And we split our fees also we have. You know origination fee is adding all of these on the front and have someone else what what -- tell explain how you feel work on a 100000 dollar loan to 200000 dollar you know. Based known for in his honor in 40000 dollars ARB property. We have these look like on that. Well we have region depending on the the program that they say. No -- credit qualified mean. It'll be two points in the front or flipper one point in the front for someone just doing a degree and -- hold and I have two points the payoff. Seeking getting cheap where you budget and then does that some of these other back and again I think that's pretty -- to look at that thing was get -- -- guys it's three points at closing. In town -- there's some of them their five point yeah front it is it is amazing what these guys will try to charge. But you know the cool thing is is that there there's deals out there that -- even works with so -- in bay mountains. Of course you know did the deal's going to be a lot -- for you because you don't have all those exorbitant cost even your interest rates. Is a lot more competitive. -- 141516%. That I've seen on the marketplace you guys -- exporting. What thirteen or catching their window and that that's cinema now and -- three guys that are thinking about why not get a loan for four and a half percent. Yes but there's all sorts it Ginnie Mae and Fannie -- 43% backing great show all that garbage that comes into play and can't get it quick enough. What this hard money does is it allows you to be an investor to grab that property and do a quick thing you know you are -- -- that -- senior transactions. -- study out he's also we'll have a bit of processing fee of 50595. Dollars. But no other income appraisers there's no hate in these anything -- that's what that's what those guys who don't you use hard money or private money not there are so I am I gonna get heard on this deal and -- would they not Johnny in and you know -- speaking from experience in and have probably done you know a hundred hard money loans on personal properties in the last -- pirating years. Everything's disclosed on our settlement statement this isn't like you know you're not going to sound you know. But I was so we have to find some some store and you know get -- with some cash and you saw those two banks at all. Thumb -- -- -- -- -- can -- review fees now -- any questions guys keep in mind you can call and a 51239013. Seventy that's five point two. 39013. Seven near you can also email your questions in ask Danny Weber at That's ask anywhere average emoticon and in the numbers five point 239013. Seventy. Yeah as a beginning investor I think the hard money. Aspect of the hard money lender is just a vitally important. Part. Being an investor. As a beginner you don't necessarily understand and know the rehab market as well as is as someone who's seen thousands of transactions. Now Wayne what do what do you guys -- our little more hands on from my experience. Then most hard money lenders. Yet and for beginners really helpful thing to have a heart might wonder but it it's another set -- -- on the rehab Budget Committee we see something that you didn't see the first time. They went the other that doesn't expire -- truth. We also review day army that three at night look at the consummate we found a -- that wasn't bombed before so it's another set of experience eyes on the deal. I know eat even myself being you know not I'm not gonna send those experienced guy in the world here but it. I actually tend to fall on the optimistic side and I'm looking at ARBs and I'm looking at a project at unintentionally completely and intensely done. And I'm actually optimistic guy I'm an optimistic guy here in -- -- -- up I find one good -- I don't like twenties in my -- this accomplish you know this is. In Dayton to focus all your -- -- -- one -- to the exclusion of all the bad cops. And so a second set eyes on on these transactions is it is invaluable. Not not to let tell. Tell me again Wayne you know from from being on capital standpoint. What they need proper let's -- you've got an average Joseph or Jane whose -- you know Debbie tuning come -- said you know. One of the corporate jobs or near decent income decent credit. Found can expect to walk -- and and get a hard money no without any problem as long as the the property they are being no TVs there. Is -- the properties okay. Really no we look forward and our borrowers liquidity. You know to make sure they have enough money to to close a deal we like to see about six months worth of. A debt service so so -- is a principal interest taxes and insurance. Is -- six months or is there another calculation they are used for that. You -- to do the closing either rehab yeah I I so so let's at least kick start the rehab though we we don't want to put someone to deal where. And it is gonna fail because used to be dealing simply can't afford it. Right right right and and a -- day from personal experience and I I have flipped six properties at a time paid. Cash for a couple of an Indian hard money on the rest of them but yeah. You know towards you know that process and and how -- you are when you start -- -- -- into the -- and -- -- them that the week of the month because you're running out of cash. And -- you know I can think the entire time was man I should've done hardly and everything. And kept all my cash in the bank because it it windows. And in every -- you always hope to do the rehab and it takes three weeks in you're the first person -- that is gonna -- on -- contract and. It'll sell thirty days after that you know sometimes contracts ball through right we have budgets can go over it takes longer than you thought. So you know if someone might be prepared to be alone for two months and takes four months they don't want to bail because of that. That's right he noted that I was talking to some guys out of San Antonio -- this house guys and it they've got boo -- money I mean and and they're doing tons and deals. They will almost always use hard money. And the reason they do it is its other people's money and it's also a second set of eyes. These guys are experienced but they love the hard money and and they don't they don't even mind paying the 141516%. Now that the money that the interest rates. You know I'm not -- I'd wanna pay 20% but is interest rates almost irrelevant if if you're flipping homes. And you've got the right deal -- got to assume you know best case scenario and that property effort you know sixty days to payments. Worst case scenario -- happy to have one for five or six months and I was actually a whopper is it was a got bonuses of 4300 dollar monthly payment is a five and 2000 -- -- potential creek and I do some palace went towards in that estimate you know it's still make good profit on the back end. But done but our I never look at interest -- always a good terms. All that and the hard money just the cost of the deal I mean it -- it is the at the deal because it happened so quickly end. You know you you are priced out appliances -- when you're making a bit of property discount and hard money is part of the cost the deal and it's what allows you to do the deal. That's right it's it's an intricate part of any investors -- arsenal and and what they should use. And most very profitable. Very successful industries use it as a stand by I mean it's it's it's just a part of the -- -- -- one of the things that I do not -- -- with them a big fan of these days and come depriving hard money is cross collateral as nation. Now ideology -- -- -- for any type of program and you know presence for the folks who don't know if that is his. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What are like you do now a State Department that I known and put that up as collateral SATA hard money guys but no lien against his property for 5060 -- thousand dollars. An outcome the closing -- with nothing I'll actually walk out of closing our walk and closing. Sorry about ten minutes for the documents and later they -- acquired in my account for 4050 grand. Because I'm using the the equity and existing properties -- known. To use secure the hard money deal now they are veto TV other subsites to make since there are many guys to do but it's a lot easier for me and you know it's not a percent success rate so. You know when I do it. -- will use. You know wholly owned property. In it. You know instead of liquidity. And Garcia Ellis is in essence it is -- -- we can use so so so you know other assets for Fannie Freddie include you know IRAs for one case -- are percent of invested you all use the same -- -- -- -- liquidity okay. That really so you use in our I don't. Yeah yeah and awesome so I know we just that's we count that towards liquidity and if you need to. Yeah if you if you need money you can accessibility is an -- yeah not great. What does. It is there any benefit TU come from your company's been around capital standpoint it's -- my pre qualified. For hard money is -- 1003 there or you know loan application you under -- how would they get pre qualified. Well you know at our website. -- on capitol dot com and there's a but never pre call. And it's not -- a three it's and that's a lot shorter form compared. Mailings asking. Aluminum -- information person. The liquidity. Credit -- things like that's. In the advantage that does it it it just allows for that too much more quickly we do get a deal. As I try and you know one of -- day every major training program have been a part of and I've been part of you up on. The one thing -- tell you to do is contact hard money lenders and go through the process because they need to get familiar with it they need to start building those relationships -- good time to do it is now. Before you have that deal on you only have two or three days to act -- three minutes stack. Act you know he and Wilson he had every call letter you'll lose -- a quick call limit -- -- -- just send -- leader. We are still angry. You deathly wanna you wanna get your showstopper is out of the way coming from mortgage banker brokers standpoint. You wanna get your show stoppers out of the way complete because you -- -- -- iron and certainly with Jack says his shoes if you get a deal under contract. And you're your kind you know. Doing this if we pre qualifying you can't close a deal you're gonna problem and may even lose a deal which is gonna cost on to cash. Well it's it's kind of like the dollar aren't the average in those dogs they rundown -- You know then that the cars going by what what are they ever gonna do if they catch that car they jumped the fence and what are they gonna do. It's the same thing when guys are out there trying to buy real estate. I don't find -- house. What do you do you don't have money don't have anything it that's where the hard money comes in and get yourself prepared know what you gonna do once -- which your website again lane. It's WWW. A mountain capitalists they like San Francisco Bay Malcolm. And capital. They -- and capita an icon and you end all over Texas I know your local rep down here not in Austin. Makes a lot of the -- investors and sent in. Certainly sit -- looking good. Yeah yeah it is a jump pushed on him absolutely it's a the other folks don't know we're about to cut for commercial break come out of one I think oh of Islam and lose our four time assist inning Christian Lewis who does our show production and that in the studio. Certainly produces the show they can make sure we sound good. You don't indulge and don't even Jack with the dog and always will be right back in just a known as they do they're losing -- -- Any member. Welcome back to the real estate investor power hour with -- Danny Weber. If you have a question for Danny don't be shy -- now at 51239. -- thirteen seventy. Hi everybody welcome back they investors are we're here with -- poorly from -- -- on capitol that's been on capitol dot com and Jack Grady are. Our local coast here in Austin. You know we're gonna continue talking a little bit about hard money in in private money -- gonna transitional that in a wholesaling and assigning which. If you're an investor out there very pure wanna be invested it -- a lot of cashing need to go to some some -- arguments and deal with some wholesaling and -- is a great way to go. We -- and just a minute. From what I regular ask -- I wanted to go mistakes guys -- using hard money me and most of the time I see these mistakes. In the form of underestimating rehab budgets or. You know our new general contractor that spends 20000 initiatives and 5000 Indian into deep to do anything. To get out so -- experience that you had -- with folks. That that have no one got in trouble in you know obviously you know no named Jane that in the and you know. Talked to these folks who may be new at this about some ways to prevent that. Well hopefully we'd we stop a lot of those problems on the front end like the rehab budgets or underestimating. Rehab or overestimating. Yet prepared value of the property -- by going in that way. By helping him. The main problem lies in what becomes IC news. Not be able to sell. A lot of times people. We didn't mind what they think of property worth a no lead on the market leader on the market -- on the market. Instead of -- dropping the price -- and adjusting to. What the market is -- what what some joint -- board. The track at etc. that's a realtor kind of thing right there boy you overpriced that property and guess what it's gonna sit on the market once it goes past that thirty days. People start not looking at what's good about the property they're like what's wrong with it is -- on the market thirty days you definitely don't want -- -- Yes so that that's that's the biggest problem I've seen in but that fortunately. You know having Hartman undercuts a lot of the other problem him getting into. Rehab budget it's under. Yeah beat the the big mistakes and I do a lot of training -- folks flipping homes in England rehab but you just go to work its. The biggest thing I see people for the biggest mistake I -- spokesman you know number one never built in trash removal and cleanup. They always think the trash and debris can remove itself when she's gonna go away. And then they in and I did -- take on the current about a -- now a central lost and I've probably spent close to two grand. Falling debris removal already and I probably got another piracy center coming. The other thing they never budget for his landscaping. And I don't know if it a lot of wholesaler signing guys that are assigned -- doesn't that kind of pre fab GC budget and I'm always like reshape -- trashing your landscaping a -- put that in there might well summer's gonna pay for that well you know. Another problem ID I see is people get the rehab actually GC in the -- they'll tell us -- money do it myself. Or near ideal taken four times as long. And don't give them market as quickly you know what to eat up you know of that hard money costs that property tax costs you know there's there's a bunch of cost involves. Hold property -- -- I've got there I don't have a generically firm rule but I got to rule that you know I always try to -- my properties on when I'm finished with them on the flip side. And what the appraisal was are higher now -- right now we're a seller's market so -- you -- not wide open but you're close to being wide open only -- -- when you said it's in showings right but at some pointers are dropping. But it in -- day if I'm in hard money in my property sat for you know 34 or five months I'm looking to get out with you know 5000 dollar net -- -- breakeven at that point is to turn the money get back in the game. These there's obviously something -- to count for something I think you right in the rehab but the -- goes. On a breakeven is the wind -- -- -- -- -- back in a play. -- and remember deal same pigs get fat hogs get slaughtered and say you if you don't wondered this and price your property right you'll turn -- and you can get back out there again. Find more properties used the hard money to leverage. And day as -- Hussein during the break won't you got a 100000 dollars you can buy one property or guess what you've done by Tina and if you make in 101000 dollars off ten properties. Our 30000 dollars up one property where did you make more money. Yeah -- I mean it's it's it's very simple to use a hard money and -- make it happen. Yeah we've got the local numbers for being known capitol in Austin not everybody grab -- pen to write this down its five point 2743. 3430 that's 5127433430. That a major local contact here in Austin and again these guys that I I know pretty well it makes all the events in he's in tune with what's going on in the world. So fissure -- on capitol dot com or 5127433430. Boats AJ shield. AJ shields he's he's around here all the time was -- -- -- on the when he -- because he -- eat it to my beer tab. And now I do you -- go. So keep in mind if you -- any questions for this first of the show five point 239013. Seven year asked any -- As Instead got an email question McCain came in. What's. What's a good time to do hard miners are -- trying to do our money vs other times during the year. -- -- and think of any. An instinct always is this adult deal base of the deal makes sense don't -- cents. In yet another question gaming do you do you recommend partnering with they. A real estate agent or broker on all these user -- you think -- investors are setting up to kind of work -- to the sales on these things themselves. Well nest in -- depend on on the investor and the need to be able to. Determine the value he had prepared value of the property in a lot of times. Having realtor can help that way. -- and and if if you are an investor in your beginning investor you're looking at getting hard money. Partnering with somebody like beanie. Is a great idea pardoning within don't want your local -- in meetings and finding an investor that has some experience and saying hey I've got to deal. I've got the money I don't have the experience. Come help me you know what. Getting that kind of experience in your in your ball court is is priceless because instead of break and even now are you gonna make 101000 or 20000 instead of ninth. It's a it's a great idea. We've got I've been mentoring a few folks out there. The the latest couple is Regis in -- should Jones in and hopefully they're listening tonight but. You know Regis Regis had really done any deals with courtroom artist field Dunleavy got on 036 months ago and I think he's POP3 of port deal as they just. -- again we just got his his first that project under contract. Recently and so he's got nothing but success stories but it it's imperative. If you're new investor to partner up with somebody who's got a history of success and and not just the history of talking about success but an actual history of you know settlement statements in Hudson projects that they can bring up pictures insure you because. You know all you folks are gonna find that there's a lot of trash talkers in this industry and and and you know pessimistic we optimistically living an assembly many FEMA says it's a seat on a settlement statement. Until has -- you don't let one and so what one of the ways that we got. To kind of help direct what you're gonna do -- -- investors if you are are micro page on the talk thirteen seventy web site. In you do -- investor power our new schedule weekday schedules we got an investor profile -- -- And we got a PDF for Nextel version but that's gonna ask you budget questions you may not have bought about but it also get you know when you -- when you send it to me. You know how we direct our conversations if you -- investor with what you wanna do how are you wanna do it when you when your returning in any one passage you have to work with. And so you know we've talked a lot about. They now on capitol kind of hard my program that the takeaways you should get from this is give pre qualified. Do not wait you find a deal or do not you know wait till the last meant to twelve -- eleventh hour. -- tinted -- here are you gonna finance something even if you've got cash. Am I still recommend using hard money. And build it and like -- appliance it's just a part of the deal that is just the cost. Absolutely and so let's let's transition motivate wholesaling or signing in. Jackie wanted to feel what I was gonna signing is yeah yeah I guess first of all this is an exciting topic because you can be broke. You can be 21 years old with nothing going for and there are a lot of -- when your torso and assigning right now and that's exactly right my son being in one of them. And you know let. He's got to deal that he was just offered 161000 dollars on and he did. Nothing to the property. Now he's decided to go hitting close the transaction and rehab it in he's gonna make around fifty but that opportunity to wholesale for him at 21 years old. Was there. And so whole selling is a great no money strategy there's a lot of strategies are real estate there's. A lot of them. Operate well within the I need money. Arena then there's the I don't need money arena which is wholesaling. But understand if you have money IE hard money if you have money. The strategies work easier are better right. But most of the problems that folks encountering getting into wholesaling or signing is finding the deals and so I've probably get one email a day. From some investors that I know how many knew the number of groups that I -- managers. Asking me how to right it's an -- and -- tell me you into media say what he doing differently we're doing. In the in the deal is in my mind you gotta do niche marketing you can't send out. You know 101000 yellow letters pink letters letters read there's whatever -- there -- them -- to the same people everybody that's now yellow letters -- his. I actually got a yellow letter on my house I'm flipping and huddle. From one of the from you know a guy that we numbing images -- simulator he's obviously an elegant reason and he's -- because he sent it to me in a public policy and he brother really I'm -- I'm I was gonna say. But but no selling assigning -- -- tunnel that is -- that's basically fining a property. That has a very strong. Loan to value meaning you know you're finding a 100000 dollar home with the seller that's under some type of duress and then have to be negative dress meaning. They're moving out of the country they just got a divorce. Maybe the house is in horrible shape and they can't sell it retail meaning he can go Fannie Freddie years urging because it won't pass inspection or appraisal. And they know that and you're gonna are from you know 50000 dollars on a 100000 dollar ARB property. You're gonna sell it to Jack or myself for 55000. And basically we Tunisia taken. The rights. Of the contract. In having us pay for her another investor pay for so. Most wholesaling or signing deal is in I've seen a sign -- fees as low as 500 dollars us in as high as twenty some thousand dollars and I've done everything in between. -- I've made. I I know one time it's beyond. Title company off of right behind Texas -- -- California to it takes is any Catholic to 44 and and on the -- I had three assignment view is closing in one day pollute the the title Ashcroft had everything ready to reassign and only walked in there -- spent about 45 minutes signing a signing deals. And walked out with 30000 dollars later in the day 101000 for assignment. DDT Texas land and cattle I didn't I didn't absentee landlord. I restarts and Gaza at the half a -- But but but assigning -- if you -- new investor and you know again you don't have a lot of cash this is where this comes into play you know have. I've worked with a lot of investors that use this in you don't need a lot you know you can top two or three assignments are wholesale -- You know 5000 per deal -- up a little bit build up enough. Equity that you can -- step up into hard money loan to a flipper something and then you can really start making money. It's a great entry entry strategy now I did it does require some new knowledge and it also requires some access to certain things I mean like you said you've got to do marketing. If you have no money there are again some no money no Reyna Garcia may not that is the easiest way now takes a lot of nerve to begin and get out they're not gone door at Christian. Over there he looks like Greek goddess or something that he is great at knocking on those doors he bangs on the door we go out and they opened the door for him right now getting a talk to them enact an open the door for me like -- actors share. -- it but it works and get the pre foreclosure list that's free. All right their pre foreclosure list go out knock on the doors talked of these folks and you know what you don't have to have a lot of knowledge because you know who does. Beanie are any number of other good real estate investors that you can find that will help being not in lock down that property yet I found. You know and it's. A lot of those list of pre foreclosure that taxi knows IRS tax you know everything those are very overworked list but. Having said that it works -- yeah having said that if there is some type of karma or. Some things that you know I can walk up to a door bang ornate and get a no inning Jack or Christian or somebody else can come out right behind me. And all of a sudden they're ready to talk to them and so are you know way. It's not a 100%. Perfect scenario but it's a numbers game so if you knock on fifty doors and you -- delighted. You know you do the math you know if you get 15000 dollar signing a wholesale in and spend you know two days doing I can tell you what -- networks are they long for me it sure does. Still growth has said and he's one of the local gurus and town if you -- -- looking for a -- that's a good one as far as training is concerned. Bill says that is a three week. Out program another word to you start doing this and knocking on doors you should have a deal within three weeks that's money in the bank -- wanna close that deal. Danny's a closer I mean anybody that has three deals that behind Texas land and cattle in one day can you know they're closer and so that's the kind of expertise she need. These wholesale deals another very easy way to pick up wholesale deals it's the thing that the city of Austin hates. But we love. Bandit signs. Day work can you. You beat everybody sees this week by homes cash today for your home. Any and everybody laps is all that doesn't work trust me it works -- -- guilty of it and I made him a blanket for this later but I'm actually guilty of if are not mistakes from my own signs for sales and a pick up a couple of -- -- I'm like those guys don't need those -- as bad as -- do -- -- come up and taken -- BC eight to 525 deciding to leave that alone I think I got in Arizona Democrat I guess -- -- -- -- -- They share that. That's a good no money again no money out of pocket are very little three dollars assigned strategy to pick up. You know leads an -- to eight in networking is another one. You have all of these three is that are going around but you're within your -- -- if they know ditch you have the expertise to close a deal guess what. Wind and Molly's brother sisters uncles brands 'cause then. Is going into foreclosure are divorce it's gonna give back to use yet and you're gonna have that out. Cheney and -- that that thing the you have to keep in mind when dealing with anything in the investment world with real estate is everything his time driven everything -- so. You know get back to the hole to the to the to the hard money guys meaning when I step foot on. Or well no leads no doorstep and they don't adore me and Syrian and we're talking I might look it is Thursday we can close as soon as Monday or Tuesday. And I can say that with confidence because the only thing that's gonna hold this up this title work and I can get a schedule cease close deals. Not having the -- try to work and having a schedule C which re real although leans in and judgments or anything that may be on the property. In you know and singled to risk. And people are blown away because the realtor that they talked to said was owed him a little more than thirty days. Gonna -- it just takes time you and your talent we can do and three or five days you'd never I hallelujah. You've got to be clicking that -- goes back in pre qualified in your hard money and building a relationship with your hard money -- they count they have been been on capitol dot com pressured into those guys. And and I got in having in the song all I really need to do was make a phone call now and I know that funds wherever I need it. Almost with no questions asked is it causes the history of success I've got but has this been. I was gonna say a one before way before you know and another break a wanted to give it everybody a web site. This bit of information is worth TN 2030000. Dollars. I write this -- got 2 PM get ready spoke Keogh. Dot com spoke -- dot com this is when you're driving for dollars in UC house. And it's making just like my son chance he would. You win knocked on the door nobody was there he went paid 1497. Per spoke -- dot com looked it up down the lady's name. Address email on number -- earning now -- phone call center another email -- contract. 185000. Dollars comes out at 254. And it needs. I've got. One to four which is a real estate contract I've got stuff when mortgage wraps. I've got stuff foreign you know eating everything and you know when I walk on on site on a property -- updated his property for 56 different ways. And so that you what happens is when you when you're in front of somebody you can tell you know. Pretty quickly if some strategy using is not working and economy getting turned off by -- at that point you gotta be able to switch gears a little bit. And you you've got to have you know ten different types of guns in your holster so to speak so that you can make money on the deal some kind of way and that's that's what I -- his. If you that I believe somebody's called and Carter giving -- -- time you've got to close at some kind of way. And that that's where you're pro and now and that is really and a Billy -- it close which gives you know the knowledge that you have. That's -- the beginning investor really benefits by hooking up -- -- partnering with someone with experience because -- -- bridge that -- you have the enthusiasm you have -- contact. He has the experience. And we we consider that we looked at. Borrowers. They had someone. -- deal -- -- experience and has done we've got to take another commercial break right now thanks everybody for tuning into -- investor are hosted by myself Danny -- we will be back shortly to talk a bit more about wholesaling in hard money. Welcome back to the real estate investor power hour with Danny Weber. If you have a question for Danny don't be shy -- now at 51239. -- thirteen seventy. All right everybody. Welcome back to the real estate investor power -- -- -- whoever we're sitting here with -- poorly from the mound capital dot com and Jack reading a local real estate investor and broker. In heavily -- to issue an apology to attrition. Right now he's not a Greek goddess sees a Greek god he looks like -- -- Greek god and Danny I think you have one as well right what LE NI murdered his name like I said -- lobos and Christian came to us on break he says no it's BL OO votes and I'm not a got to -- not a guy comes -- he said duty we think you are yeah I know so we'll correct it on -- just so you know getting more texts from people laugh and -- But -- keep in mind guys that we got you know if you're new investor -- investor wanted to focus will be to find out you know. You went by and -- you want flips you -- mortgage wraps assignments some -- may be go to the micro page -- talk radio thirteen 7 AM. And downloading and thought the investor profile in we will get you going to -- your focus narrowed his. One of the the biggest problems I see was folks who watch HDTV hear these other issues and wanna be investors and clippers as they have no focus they'll say well. I wanted to -- all right -- wind. Well because I want the money and I quote how much when he do you want well I don't know that that's not a good answer. Or I want. Do you buy and hold in -- wasn't Michael how much cash though you're looking for per month. I don't know okay that's -- -- -- and I could enter again. And so come we will focus stuff is that you know simple formulas this is if you look into the fund a college. Education -- if you look and retired there's a specific amount of money you need at a certain point. And so we always start from the back in and work -- work forward so to speak to figure out what you're gonna need you when you're gonna need you knew what Taylor an investment plan based on that so you you know could be. Five Reynolds or ten browser you know three or knows that with senior notes that are paid off and in teen years that are going to be you know Jefferson cash flow minus taxes and insurance or could be. For Reynolds with you know one to two flips -- only here you know. Minimum net profit of ten K but whatever it is there's a specific math formula that that we need to pay attention to. The track and in your -- and excellent planner an inning and and definitely have. -- got that the scoop on how to help people out and big year you know what what the best. I guess rowdy is to their goal and no one of his strong points. Absolutely not -- my website by the way -- don't let myself a lot on the show or maybe a deal I don't know I don't listen the -- after the -- -- my own simple dot comments on my home simply dot com you can get pre qualified for your conventional rate term refi -- is refi your current property. We also doing -- and obviously real estate brokerages well. So keep that in mind and we so that punitive. If -- got any -- at 51239013. Tony Jackie -- yeah yeah I was gonna say last week we kind of focused. Little bit on the MLS and wanted -- to go back to that as far as the whole selling the the spokes that they want to wholesale. I know there's so much smack out there about the MLS is overrun MLS is overrun but I wanna tell you that in malisse. Lives there's a company in town and actually there -- in multiple states that make any a tremendous amount of money. Out of properties off the MLS they have a system -- like we talked about. Where they acquire those properties put him under contract and a -- sell them straight off the MLS. It is not as simple process to to do deck but you know what -- MLS is definitely a viable way to do it -- again if you're not a real estate agent. Austin is very. Brenly is sparse assistance to realtors if you wanna get. Into the game and get access to the MLS. You can help a realtor you can help them put up there of signs they're a lot boxes. You can help them museum is once they train you you can look first and search for expired listings withdrawn listings. All of those things that you can do to add value to that real estate agent which is going to give you. -- -- Access to beat. MLS. And when you get access to an MLS looking do those hot -- daily. You will have opportunities for deals we were looking at one today on the MLS -- the -- and offers the women on. It was about a 160 it's worth about 234000. -- Right they're sitting on the MLS there's -- of deals out there with the winds -- winds MLS -- a free access spore you. -- and ultimately you know pretty close to free with -- -- signs -- free with door knocking mean free and you broke. You know what there's the opportunity to make money that's why so many people have amassed great wealth in the real estate. Industry yen one of the shows ever gonna do pretty soon we're gonna talk about. You know dumping year a year money -- year into a self directed diary vs their traditional IRA. And having access to -- your entire retirement account to buy and sell properties and the profits you make on back in the count basically tax free. So we're gonna get a guest on the show at least one or two that are familiar with with with the self directed -- game and we should you know having -- the next couple weeks were in talks with the right now. But I used to get up every Sunday morning he wired on some caffeine some coffee and start sending out offers on the in my last. In I just you know I -- that. And a price to a few weeks ago I got two men actually accepted the offer so now I'm actually having to buy two properties in Smith bill for a total of 5000 dollars each of my own homes. For 101000 dollars total. On that I -- didn't want Ramos is now allowed offers any -- on caffeine -- crazy stuff right and so now I did you know I've got to buy him. And you know when oil was talking to another -- are one of my partner was talking to do route they sent out a 153 offers on the MLS they got to love of now that you know. Out of a 153 offers they got -- that they combined speaks simply of our body and wholesale so again MLS list. One of the things aren't asking any and Wayne. Went when we're doing the contract and were writing -- have been I don't know if you guys know we're doing a wholesale are you know we're gonna use hard money. Is there a specific verbiage we should put in special provisions is there any any way that that -- should be written out. Specifically. So that it can be. So that's so that -- seller is aware that it's hard money so it gives you dead said that Al you know being able to jump out of that contract are. Are so that everybody is above board I know a lot of investors ride it justice cash in and honestly it it's not. Cash is. It's not meddling in the -- to say that you know that it isn't exactly like cats do we do require you know it. The lender policy in the pilot -- to trust a company does so and where where an investor can get into trouble is that they put this as a cash deal. They give themselves a short option period option periods up. -- They said they're gonna pay cash what about specific performances are you really could now. Right knowing what I do -- -- -- in special provisions -- some type about meaning you know -- -- -- onto an option period thirty gays -- decent kind of crazy option -- with a dollar earnest money they -- and and I do that because I -- -- -- the folks I'm buying from are not real estate investors even terribly realistic savvy and so when when they see a thirty day option that I explain upfront that hey we've got we've got to evaluate your -- -- -- nice homes. Right am I walking into the Taj Mahal here so the the folks understand that there are issues it could be foundation plumbing -- thing. You know framing -- -- on -- issues and I need time to evaluate those and that's what I tell the folks as -- to thirty day option. And I come under and one -- earnest money security contract. But most the time and I mean 99% the time I know -- -- -- the leaders you know second after I leave militant. Five minutes and a woman in my house. And in your experience speaks to that most of the investors that are that are starting don't have so did the key to this is when you're writing the contract. Do what your realtor tells you -- dude don't put out thousand dollars earnest money not now and has their rules that's their rules that in this game at all and that's right now unrealistic investing. Ten dollars ten dollar -- many hundred dollar -- nineteen dollars option. Forty days thirty days I just row one with a hundred and when he day option. That's so awesome it's a hiring property it's gonna give me time to sell that property -- I think what is is a realtor. I used to brag that I you know was -- as an investor had not too long ago and I was bragging how he. And how -- that's bolder than me I mean I mean anywhere from 2200. Depending on you know the deal itself. But yeah in some in my ideals like even when am I excited to double wrap surge you know. He wanted to double wrapped and another show but I'm Ali did. I'll buy property and just feel ID guilt for the folks who give me property ash has even by they'll actually physically give me apart because they don't make you know anymore and got other things going on in life -- when he committed to doing assignment. A wholesale more -- or I noticed Simon basically and numb. I I feel guilty just offer people can actually how does offer somebody you know I I don't when you do walkway that there's a thousand dollars on TV closing. It's it's amazing -- -- or when you ask an end and -- deal acts which you come to my house and all everybody knows me I was in a blasts via email. In on this on -- sites that I -- by everything I mean I just bought a 67 Camaro -- washers dryers refrigerators are are riding lawnmowers. I -- if I'm walking. Stuff in the backyard I'm like ally to dog you -- -- know -- -- -- you know anything that I can -- when I -- property I -- making -- -- trying to -- to make -- part of that contract and -- meditative place any -- and the time. I'm getting everything amassed in four. Or if I don't get it I won't get it back to the person as a wins they should know you can't have them like OK you know you were thinking you do this is some kind of to push -- thing a bit of a strategy that. And and I think that would be a great at great topic for one of the shows is is is kinda some strategies. And you know how to negotiate some things to do I think that push pull it was awesome. Way that before we end up getting off aired. You mentioned something very important. Putting something. Subject to in special provisions now as a realtor I can't necessarily do that for somebody else because I'm practicing law but if it's my own contract. I can -- subject to lender approval subject to. My partners inspections subject to any thing that gives me a way to get out of that contract if I've made a mistake. And and in any -- this is a very emotionally driven business even myself pretty carpet emotion lack common -- so I get so excited sometime like oh my god how you know. Perhaps it is a lot front -- this house -- this house. On the -- gotta give yourself outs on the on the disk as you going to be emotional high you gonna be overestimating the RB. You're gonna patent you know to this day I'm doing a -- right now on central Austin and to this day -- walk in that house and say I didn't see that before. Had been there is an entire wooden fence behind my chain link fence separating the property from some commercial stuff. An attorney Chris I am IGC. Construction part on the Jonathan is that since always been there. And it was looking out the window that I have owned this house three weeks now and I do not ever remember seeing 886 foot -- -- -- on the property. And you know and that is literally. How this happens. You know all the time. Yeah I you know I had a had a friend that was a realtor and day he was -- house. And train went by and this was the second shown are showing the train wasn't there bunch of trees train came by the lady said there's a train back here and the real to -- like. Well I guess they just built track can't get -- notice I didn't notice maybe I was back there and you don't notice a lot of things so you've got to right here a year outs in to the into the contract and you know they -- it just makes it. Absolutely so keep in mind -- so if you're out there annually -- focused on the more she -- email and I'll ask Danny Weber. At has asked anywhere averaging under Conde -- investor profile for that I can't tell yet. You know that you call -- out with with investors tomorrow to talk about review their profile nature that I understand with open for a -- gonna jump point. -- -- there there investor profile. Completed nothing -- for properties five properties oh we're gonna find what they want how they wanna do it and we're gonna go after it. That's the best thing to do you get get yourself going. I want to thank you got a couple more minutes or wanna thank I'm Wayne coming on from -- -- capital dot com. Thanks for having me on you guys have and yes the great information for -- wealth of knowledge enough. It's a great radio show I recommend people listen to it. Absolutely and in the local rep for being known capital is AJ in his numbers 5127433430. That's 5127433430. Again. Thank Jack -- ether for being on the show he's always he's a wealth of information and him and make him buy dinner one night after -- structure that. I have a last week that there and we are gonna be on pageant show up right after the show tonight we're going to be covered three when Anderson -- -- Anderson -- Mo -- one cover three and we were still looking very happy hour spot for after the show a permanent ones that they -- any contacts in a restaurant bar history young we want to kind of created an environment that. Folks listening to the show connect -- need after the show with us ask their questions in person. And of course that day they're looking for Greek god knows how to do salsa dancing minions he'll be -- well Christian will be there -- mean we you know we get in the good up he would start salsa and test drive. For everybody here. So couple quick things housekeeping things. You know we we had some folks last week we had to cut people off on the phone because investments in the question -- -- more draft. It's I still get email us in and phone call us -- -- a lot of folks and understand that. We are gonna do an entire show basically dedicated to mortgage wraps which is basically Tom any -- an assumption of their mortgage it's basically. You purchasing somebody's property and leaving -- underlying mean in place but transferring that title and entering the closing you -- what part of company title insurance. You've got to change insurance -- your name any typically when Levy the underlying mean. -- Holder's name on the policy is an additional ventured in as a -- of the nuances to it but. I buy property subject to her mortgage rapturous monitoring and -- com. Three or four times a month. It is is how many of these on by an and then reselling or double wrapping them. And aliases such an easy and and great. Strategy right now in the real estate market yea it is it is a complete seller's market the numbers actually every week -- comments are perhaps the numbers for the what the market looks like as compared to. Last year and and it's just crazy when you look at I think the average price for a Seau and in the Austin -- -- to 25 to thirty. The home sold it is up its second lead what lesson too much of inventory on the market -- way lead and it's in some in some subdivisions anywhere where a weaker -- Inventory eminence is predicted -- I have found lately. But you know most of the retail buyers are workers are now are especially the north there are completely given my school's Anderson mergers and the -- they wanna be a specific high schools a specific -- and they are literally not buying any you know so by. And 11100 square foot. 250000 are home to see into a school district Netflix if you're thinking about selling how much there and you know well I'm an investment right now as time itself. We gotta get out here thanks again guys are gonna show I -- -- -- with the real estate investor power -- any move would be back next Thursday at seven see everybody covered -- and Anderson tonight. Thank you.

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