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Apr 9, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Talk thirteen seven these three guys sport show. Join the conversation now one based blue -- surging three guys -- show. You know it's gonna be a good show when we were men and out and Patrick is so you know that's what's so NASA says they guys. I learned how to -- good question yeah. All I. As I said good questions and I was like I. I think I'll -- -- she's. I rolled my eyes I'm sorry I was joking down really well and I'd say it's a form of I don't care anymore and I don't think I know a lot of people carry more all come on now you have to -- a huge. A number seven seed and number eight CDC. Idea he's RNC site he insists he was down all you edit but just like I mean that within. Within hours of Thursday -- when March Madness he got in my bracket went to hell. Gave us. Well -- -- you're gonna -- we want to. Not tomorrow I would I would I'm really gonna care who wanted Omnicare because we're out hang out there and -- where -- -- third base South Park meadows that we will be doing a live broadcast tomorrow and remain tonight while we are there. See who's playing where there. I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm -- the value of UConn Florida in the first game Wisconsin Kentucky in the second -- aircraft. Details along with that I heard -- and work Patrick Davis said -- with us and myself out -- the -- -- pushing the buttons. We are three guys sport show analysis kick -- -- actually say we -- we are coming up an hour there will be AA and an appearance. Well I mean there's there's two and a possible appearance of -- talked about wrestle mania on Sunday he hit the Internet are toss of segment along with tiger -- you know we basically have three topics only time for -- We can break it all down and do all three in one movie super short or we could just pick and will let you pick out there anticipates. Type in Oregon sports on the search box like this -- may -- Tiger Woods or DeSean Jackson. Those are topics that we can pick for the tossup now also we're talking MBA as first finally go down talk about whose -- -- who's the best in right now in the NBA I college football. We got longhorns and Aggies is that rivalry ever gonna happen again. Talk about that and also Charlie Strong of course head coach here we are in Austin, Texas. UT head coach do you agree we're in particular ran in the room and we agree was coaching style some big stuff went down this week also be weakened baseball on a brand was excited excited actually yeah it's like wait I was been a great week great weekend of course the final four going down starting tomorrow. I was just jump right here available before you I guess Brenda before we even go any further I don't know who's gonna win at all perhaps. Did you take the win and all who's your final four my final form and this was deleted it and this has led to always go via a kid who did you have. I have had I have one right Wisconsin. And that's it at Wisconsin Louisville Michigan State and Kansas. -- not very good but but not very bad now Iranian man means but you have the I have your picks -- there you actually saw I want you have Florida be asked. You are on Louisville right in the final yes you have stay and we go we're all in Europe for the Villanova -- delusional along with Florida and -- -- final four. Patrick. But it wasn't good he wasn't gonna enslave them much. Sorry saying you don't remember -- deploy your -- I have looked in a while a lot of Dodgers -- -- here -- eagle final fourth -- I was this final yeah Kansas Michigan State Arizona Louisville. Now into -- -- -- bad going to back up. Yeah I had kids that was wholly and completely relying on -- be coming back. And he did not an intimate -- at all yeah I had if if indeed came back I still say do the best team in college basketball and he just didn't come back so. -- that kind of blew the whole bracket thing but clearly and have a lot of other picks right either. -- -- your way down army belongs I don't like play as far as what I'm in the data -- that the dog there's two other people better. But like seventeen Canadian place in our bracket. Good game and fill out a bracket them your credit to them the item right ahead of -- because yet who your -- indeed -- people who didn't try and all contradict president. Knew -- well. It is being done about it now and his winning the -- wants any news is it. It's a female -- has no interest whatsoever in basketball doesn't care at this and then what do we all know this happens every single year. Someone who doesn't care to the mavericks -- -- but it typically will be a -- Clinton who doesn't care about it just gets in for the fun of it picks -- teams based on their colors -- she likes the names and that's you know she likes the badgers. Does that sushi -- to -- at all yes Wisconsin Florida in the final no one else on the bracket Sabbath. And she works -- Alex statue is on a morning show and Booker myself and Sarah I'm excited for points or zero for gas she's Danielle she is she's great that she's she's. You know the great thing is she's bragging about it I would assume she's got swagger and good for her because she's -- on all the guys that. Actually like enjoyed college bass and put a lot of times their bracket. So good for her again for anyone it's different when leading their bracket that has no business leading -- absolutely and I was gonna say Casey Johnson are needed in the producer box behind me and he might have a shot to an a but I don't I think he's going to get second -- I. I when he does say Casey Johns I would say President Obama does -- know this is this is my bracket thank you very much bigger. Welcome militia -- handled. Actually out my brackets one of -- president today is all tied for third. I always in the second places not that it really that -- -- gonna go through all this but. Brett Booker also on the -- show with you and -- doesn't pay attention to sports -- second play unbelievable unbelievable -- the top three. Three people do not care about sports net on a suit says that it happens all the time you we over think it we think we know or don't it's better just -- not have a clue that's why were multiple zillion dollars and so on so satisfied and I'm really not having a clue. Nor -- -- burial aren't afforded our -- is dead or. Tomorrow 509. And that's when nets have that's when as a tip off the death tip off. Billions tipoff he bludgeoned and -- kicked off first pitch yes debacle -- got to have course UConn in Florida and that. I don't know I mean I have Florida my bracket but I mean it did the obvious is that in the obvious kind of loss this year early in the March Madness you know. Like to Creighton I thought that would go far. Gets a say Kentucky's who of course you have at 749. Tip off against Wisconsin went through this Saturday Alex Florida lost twice this year. To Wisconsin UConn. Teams that are left their last loss to UConn. The -- the change your mind. And coming artist that did possess makes you go one way or the other -- let me -- my favorite camel inside not get right back to you -- to -- the past I would not be taken. I got into this is it's fun to watch this is one of those final format just in both these -- really fun because it is two guys that are playing purely on passion. That don't have the most talent on the court but -- played amazing UConn and Kentucky. And then Wisconsin Florida who both completely user to be there there is on there resume all season has put them in this position so it's definitely fun to see I mean. I I can't union's Florida but I I really like Kentucky I just like the way there. -- -- -- -- -- Talking college hoops here on other guy's sports you can chime in -- -- a page type in three -- sports and number three. And had tells that you think about who's in it or I guess who's gonna win these -- -- two games marked by the way Florida's favor you can of course by six points. Kentucky the favorite point and half -- dropped a little bit so by the point three taken. I'm gonna go with I'm taking the plus six swift for UConn. We can take to win. The plus six for you are -- I have -- -- -- Seattle -- take -- now and then I'm also taking the I'm not going Kentucky's I'm taking the plus one and a half and combine that half point. Kotsay -- justice Ballesteros turned. Is dominated this is our brackets I'm gonna take UConn and Kentucky and join us tomorrow you can come out and then watch the -- -- all go down and hang with us actually only have to do is come down to third base South Park meadows. We will be there at 5 o'clock for the first game however the remote will start around seven will be on air live -- states and we'll be drinking cold corona lights coming -- as they did Simon you know was actually we are pretty damn good time weren't a sports part of the cold front -- absolutely and -- -- -- their -- -- unfortunately back -- pushing -- -- -- I think -- -- pushing -- yes it was a great and works -- perfect it's fantastic -- coming up next here -- -- -- -- show. How we got some big step for EA including now opening a week. Garrett talked baseball -- to -- and -- less -- -- on college football MBA and our tossup. Wrestling -- Tiger Woods British on Jackson's. We ask you down FaceBook and now we're back in formats a ground. It's -- thirteen seven these three guys -- show. Join the conversation now on FaceBook by searching three guys -- -- stick around. We're gonna talk some college football of course being in Austin, Texas got to bring up -- and the longhorns -- sea Aggies a rivalry will it ever happen again isn't happening. The big thing and then went away south course and Aggies went away the SEC's. -- -- -- -- around the -- also in the kicking around the room and you are we do we agree or disagree with the coaching styles of one Charlie Strong. Operating data around and also. Talk it's an MBA and I just say I I I just the revenue little segment during that NBA -- -- Bring them re reveal itself quite an -- guys to decide are now that's the best way to do damn near had par -- No bullet so -- he had to have and yet again your head at -- had to pick a -- real quick what would it be and it mine gonna head our way today is happens be an MBA. So while revealed that us. Good so what did that I gonna have our land and staff. Only -- -- trying to do is get a hands on what you said that aren't good solid is look. I've already checked and carry no I -- take him right by you guys. I obviously you know you would have -- well always stayed -- Davis honestly there's a lot of you don't know what -- don't know what that means the -- someone didn't mean you go opposite. Direction and actual CBO opposite you agree or disagree with these picks the -- and had -- -- -- Here and twenty minutes guys that opening week the of course Brandon super excited yes I went out so Monday actually all three of us JC well -- -- went out Monday wants opening day it was a lot of fun to stay a little long and and all well I did because I like baseball more than you yes you do. Then it was just the baseball and he did just where. One team yes I only wore Red Sox -- normal years pass you would -- cubs menu change -- the Red Sox right Versa. Not this time. I'm glad I did to sort of solid double is there on Monday -- both lost I felt bad because Christmas timing of that announcement into the game watching your team in order I'm not totally stay and half hours and certain. They didn't resistant payoffs are you let me ask you as a stemming -- -- super baseball diehard fan I love me some baseball when. About a -- games past -- Patrick. Big baseball guy. I I like opening day I like kind of the beginning of the season -- lose interest here about a week week and a half Seattle and I'll get back into it once again like all star break out there again. In the casino and you know what people are Clinton people are pilots seem going to punch the radio saying how do you guys a year sports your sports show and you're not that big on -- a look here's the deal. -- -- analyst we don't worry you know -- we're not those guys were the fans of the game the fans of sports and like almost fans we all kind of agreed to baseball's really long a little too long. Cry except -- -- exactly because you never know what you're gonna see like just for instance I know this this is now -- wanna talk rubble right now there's a guy for the Colorado Rockies -- never heard of him his name is Charlie Black man he is 646. Today. With five RBIs for runs scored. He's as a triple -- for the cycle. That's just an amazing stat line it is. To -- so what -- But opening weeks like here's my part to me the biggest story has been. The loss of Clayton Kershaw for the Los Angeles Dodgers prizes this. I thought I had the is that it's not over until my fantasy teams. Having him as as my ace pitcher -- you look he he's. When you think about baseball and you think about the best pitcher ambassador ambassador Mike Trout. Well some might say McGee Cabrera but best pitcher Clayton Kershaw take a guy like that if you take him off that roster the Dodgers. It's going to hurt them in longer right now yes the form one. But in the long run if he's out for a month two months three months whatever there's no way they're gonna survive and that nationally west. The giants and Diamondbacks Padres Rockies are all too good to allow them to to be better than them. So the doctors for as much money as they expense and as much talent they have their if they don't have them on their on our squad did and their rotation. There's no way to make it in the post season taught him baseball -- -- especially here -- -- yes -- want to amend you can get -- -- -- case tried taken three guys torture and -- box the number three like us. Patrick anything that steps. Out as. You know we wake immediately had to -- OPEC -- I gotta go with the Texas teams just because of their performance. -- is actually winning the first series of the year this year. Valerie derby off guys -- great. I believe he left the season with like 45 straight. Extra base hits. And so the you know they've got young guys are coming up and playing well the pitching actually been pretty good in the Rangers the pitcher without you -- Really looks pretty questionable. First you or they lost fourteen to ten on opening night. That that was that was interesting especially to see Cliff Lee for the Phillies give up -- many rounds was was because -- shepherds in his first Major League start on opening day do do that for the Rangers not a not a big thing forming. But Cliff -- desolate. I'm still the Rangers the relief pitching is extremely depleted if they're able to stay in the race in the west don't awhile until Darvish comes back and they give full -- thinks I'd be surprised. No I mean sitting there looking at that dale west. You wonder now I mean Seattle. It didn't seem like been spending all their money this all season was gonna make a huge difference but if the Rangers falter the Astros clearly are gonna be there yet in the long run. The angels' starting out -- injury I mean that's the vision is starting to look like it's a little bit more open for possibly the guys do the right now Seattle. Absolutely speaking -- -- and three in the Mets are on third yes they are that's not the one thing that stands out from an open and wake it has to do that but Daniel Murphy. -- baseman for the Mets criticize her rattled in taking off paternity leave. Which the Mets are on three now. And that you now I think around the -- not connected to deepen knew it but you know the man's got a job. The the now yes sure I mean what he was there for the birth of -- child meets -- two games up I believe -- according to the agreement that that is -- -- or associates and past. There are allowed to take three days two games I'm pretty sure legally with a workforce you take twelve you can take twelve weeks of unpaid. They came -- -- with FM -- -- right so. But it's very funny that you now and this could come back and haunt him as a team because the team is 013 now. And he took that time off. Yeah I don't think it's a big deal honestly mean you'll -- -- and it's a big deal be -- your family but he also just -- on the diamond. Yeah they do is football and there is sixteen -- guess it would be a big deal because because it's so turns sixty today nine. Out because it still your job you think about -- one game is you know a sixteenth of the year -- you have to missed ten games -- two really bit to be a 62 years missed two games. Not a big deal I realize that it's it's a bigger deal because it was opening day of the first two games. But what the Mets aren't that good they're not going anywhere this season. No and let's also put in effect bring in my so both could have days here work to go watch opening day so hmmm I don't blame this guy remnick did it. Which is wanna watch baseball. -- your network it's more important to be looked like -- if your major leaguer and your babies -- important. Aren't you get don't you wanna be there I will be their first probably I'll be there for the birth my first child but if you know if I have a game afterwards. And I have. Mine a family there my wife's family there and I'm just kind of in the way. I might go play if it's the World Series fine if it's if it's football business. Super Bowl fine you know yes you miss certain otherwise I'm sorry you -- I mean I don't have children. I don't I -- I don't know that I ever -- maybe a little Bruno's not a man brings a -- Wallach pest but it's just the you don't miss that. And in the -- of the team you're supposed to have guys are willing to step up there they should be able to step up and play if you're out das Lou Gehrig exactly. -- -- -- Yeah. -- a problem at all the dead -- you do you have a pro -- on the fence. I'm on offense -- -- I mean if he sees he was yet to be there for the birth certificate yes you know but I mean also you know do it. Just I don't know I mean at -- what's paying for his kid but to pay back -- for the roof is his. With his team his salary when he makes that's his job Devin he's allowed to take this off I mean that's unfair. I'm by the way we just got a message on the prisoner experiences Alex you realize -- 160 games this season. And 62 games just saying guys volleys and that's gonna lose a lot more than three you only because you don't start watching the game ninety's so just sane man the end. Found out ten yup family also have Sammy on the diamond you know I'm sand kind of let them down. Look at the record -- three I'd rather I'd rather let my family on a diamond down in my stamp went home -- -- do you live what state as well. Mobile live and on the road what's your teammates habits your wife and -- are much more important. Now we're not gonna like you we don't have the money coming in on a check as he got cut from the team right. My -- -- donated analyze the decision to stay in the worst case scenario I'm witness can be taught the death governor but I think the problem was left. What's guys who -- sciences said what's -- all lists. These -- and said basically bad. -- if he'd have very had a C section before opening day. -- she's -- what spurred this whole thing though that's terror that's why it's in the news yet that's -- -- never that's ridiculous. Hey -- a liner notes. Come back here -- -- and some college but on the other -- sports show Aggies longhorns is that game ever gonna happen again isn't happening thought about that also Charlie Strong. You through this coaching style I think some of us do in the room -- -- magnitude three S ports or like some -- type in the search box three guys torture the numbers three. And that would back performance. It's talk thirteen seven these three guys sports show you join the conversation now on FaceBook by searching three guys -- -- -- They silicon because we we can't at all in this one the lovely hour of finance. Sports radio and Austin, Texas. He's always portrayed -- -- Austin, Texas signed an hour as I'm fairly certain games. Sarah talk and sports over on one or the other yeah there dumbed down gas so we -- so we got real real real load on our back to take for carrying. This -- and ask wrestle mania. Wrestle mania -- LLS sports and sports and it's a sport or entertainment yeah we couldn't -- wrestle -- its own segments we had like these costs and up and with that we with talk about Tiger Woods in the Shawn Jackson. What do we give -- could give the whole you know full -- too will decide that come up here. And now you -- -- -- chime into our FaceBook page let us you know what you think that's legal search box seven number 33 guys sports show or go to FaceBook dot com slash and also the spurs finally went down to the thunder last night we'll talk about who's that and now I guess if they still are really think is the best in him today. Also college college football where are you right here. Longhorns Aggies big rivalry for what years here in Austin, Texas. And now they're saying is that was a thing NN of course they went away when the Aggies when we're in the SEC. Steve Patterson athletic director at it UT has come out and said -- dead they've done all their means of course now. All I DI got he has no interest -- -- reliever who reviving -- they said. Maybe further down the road 220. But as of now now we have we the longhorns have the level we rivalry at Thanksgiving avoid TCU and as Texas Tech last year new deficit riveting good stuff. Good stuff about -- you with the Mossad -- life got. Does a body then you're trying to receive that rival. Or I will see that rivalry again it's all I mean it's business. And know -- to show -- hand -- anybody here not gonna say you know they they keep saying that but it really dole goes down to AN am the reason they left. The big twelve to begin with is they wanted more of -- cut. They want a bigger cut of the action and right now they deserve a bigger cut because they had Johnny man's cell. Give -- two years. When that trade and if it starts a fatal bit. And they're not quite the same -- because it on the Heisman Trophy guy anymore they can still be very good but they don't have that its giant Intel is just a different. Kind of guy he's so entertaining to watch. So once it's give and take away that'll bid given a couple years and now and I'm certainly going to take that you know. 606040. Split -- 7030 split it's give me a lot more likely to just slow. Our area that AA all worked out because you know with -- -- commands Al had to play. Texas subprime would've been pretty no. So it's a good thing it didn't pan out the last two years and obsolete by the way it wasn't just Texas eighty Steve Patterson the citizens. They NM eighty Jason Cook said in November of 2013. That they had no desire to play long Angeles has an AB CS bowl or playoffs. Right now it's both sides absolutely and that's just how way they'll always be with the Aggies and longhorns are never admits it's always going to be. We don't want -- doesn't they don't wanna -- us -- A kid -- on the same way when you hear Trey don't work out -- we'll -- -- no interest in this player and also and they trade for the player it's just the way you do it in business and sports. Because it's all about money at the end of the. And if it's all about money this is the game that would draw money out this I think this is a game that you do not know man -- would let the fans are clamoring for more now than they did they ever happens when. The split because a new team does not take. Less than sixty usually so -- and -- once 5050 nothing else and Texas will never -- That's ridiculous statement should be -- you got people right or it rivalry like back Goldman's -- let it go. I -- dinner we have once here in your world. Are you do that no you do it on Thanksgiving Day at one of the because. It adds so much I've been those games and I went to the game when it was a and M I went to last two home game between UTA and M on Thanksgiving. And that crowd everybody's got ideas that he's given everybody's -- And you see that game starts every reason to it it our last couple years. You're just kind of role and it's no one you don't really ever get that full force into it because everyone it just doesn't have that impact. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- college words if the public college sports every. You know it's it's all the good the players are and they're just for the love of the game we got to put in general make more money but doesn't what is there are the home arena. We're and really got a and every year you switch who's got okay let -- deserves to be on the grandest stage and why that is a little don't you play -- play. We already got one now we Marty got a rivalry that's actually a fun game to locate them play and I'm usually not deadly. Me ask you about that when you're talking about your time I know you and Texas and the Cotton Bowl. That is that's essentially it's just -- dump. The Cotton Bowl like I would rather see that over Jerry. Why why would you -- Oklahoma going to Gerald. I -- you really are you -- have two home games in Dallas that's ridiculous. There -- no I'm actually -- out of line and why did he needs to be brought back its record. DKR can hold a 1141000. People. But they just rebuilt Kyle field hold a ton more -- that's a very good point there's not room for people at BC place here are have Indian television. They've got the -- -- trump brown it's these probably the second largest behind Jerry world. And why would I want a second line in the first 'cause it's got village from. Well no you know they did this Texas motor -- UN. Found what went. You do the rate he -- game at -- source -- make a field in the middle in the infield you can do this what is feasible and racing at the same time no panic at the very -- -- the biggest television in the world. Though I -- -- but anyway. Patrick you make a very good point that's it's the rivalry means he brought back and likely going back and forth. Did you for that point in talking college football more so longhorns' first Aggies have the rivalry will ever happen again on the three S -- -- here talking map that. China on FaceBook got guys another thing that -- master. Steve Patterson of course athletic director at day UT's saying that the longhorns go play in China this year and he wants to him to Dubai. I feel that that's -- -- that's not up the road in Dallas. No he's trying to make he's trying to make a UT Mormon international brand because apparently making like triple what the second school makes a year is not enough to carry by. I mean the basketball team. I kind of don't like it as much now that we show we can actually win some -- -- We're going to be bad cinema on -- care but the fact that we could actually do -- do pretty well at all overturning seniors next -- basketball. I kinda like a good -- maybe maybe one game maybe going game. Let the kids you know elements -- scholarship to get a trip over to another to a foreign land that they get to experience something. But make sure it's not conflicting with school or. Especially this season. Earlier earlier this week we heard a Charlie Strong of course and coach you see we -- to stop practice restart at practice. Because. That I guess the players -- -- minutes weren't feeling that -- average they were just not put much effort into it. If your senior on that team Patrick your plane and you're on you're on the UT football game coach does that do get pissed off this film titled let them with some entitlement. As in the -- -- is Mac never did that. If you do leave I think a lot of home. Might have had in the beginning but the leaders of the team -- all come -- and said that they're behind it and the leaders wanna win. They -- seniors have been through three years that are supposed to be rebuilding its both see better and his team supposed to do but more than has. I -- generate a win in this is this is on the new insulin to make them win. And something like this stuff like that works I mean think about back in the when you when we used to collect. Whenever that what happened. The team with so much more focused so much more into it -- -- -- that -- good practices would get very physical and in in the -- so intense Alex I mean it's just it's it that's what they meet the capsule. When you see coach Charlie Strong need to see intense you don't see. The smiling guy you know I mean it's it's -- and make it change you did the right change a -- -- You're right I'm done or not -- as a JD from the coach grab your face mask can -- yeah. You do you never saw that with this -- this -- longhorns and nothing against coach Mack Brown's city great city great job and less time glad. They need -- and now you Alex Patrick says that the entitlement you feel entitled and you sell your preakness off of that decision -- coach Sean. Get aptly sometime after five Superman movies he knew he rebooting the franchise of every Blu-ray says the happy ending rather at this is normal practice this this this should be normal everywhere who have absolutely -- coming up next atomic dispersed by unanimous on their last night who's the best. Team in the NBA humanness our FaceBook page as well type in three guys sports show. The number three on FaceBook you know you're on merit and that chime in anytime also before we adhere to recap by the hour. And we're also getting called Kosovo where we don't have enough time to fit three more topics so will you decide who will decide in the room here we talked wrestle mania Tiger Woods. -- withdrawn from the masters or. DeSean Jackson -- landed it. Kind of tired of -- actually in the finals there in an interview today -- Terry asks and I've read her resume and if they have flow or -- I -- -- -- -- -- wrestle -- that's that's that's. Coming up next guys MBA taught in spurs going to have dinner last night who's the best name game coming up next and formats. It's -- thirteen seven these three guys -- show. Join the conversation now on FaceBook by searching three guys courtship. So much so many topics so little time that is how life is right -- yeah we are this weeks what's. So we can carry it on tomorrow absolutely tomorrow night we'll be coming to you last from third base towards far South Park meadows. Will be there around 5 o'clock. We'll be going on air live at feet from the until nine may not come -- -- watch groups enjoy cold corona lights and and -- Enjoy man I'd say that's his command hang out. We're good day you know life. These radio these events happen a lot. He's doing remotes happen a lot that's the call more or you know -- -- business and wanna see the talent out there has. This is a big word for us tonight but I'll tell you why I've worked in this industry for ten plus years and I think this room right here with Patrick Davis brand war -- were -- -- John yeah it we -- find room to be around them hanging out watching sports. Is where the fans were fanned. That and that's -- down to we're not gonna sit there and but but there's no no one in this room will ever make you feeling comfortable at the birds is great drink specials to. That's illegal first thought he can't beat the fact there's been brought to you by our friends -- -- -- yeah absolutely so I -- come I have a likable bears a bankable criminalize. Pleasure to have like ten that we are my favorite thing the budget. He had -- -- the value of the -- I -- having ten dollar buckets yes they are a ten dollar buckets during. Final four in achieves a game at third base near the buggy guy but tomorrow -- is that there were going to be there 5 o'clock their base South Park meadows. And coming out before we get a beat before that that -- rights. More -- at 5 o'clock earlier five album but if possibly it's yeah yeah yeah -- the -- for the first hat tip off as the final 9 tonight I am not I am not going to miss any of that so I will be there by -- -- will be there look for us -- we -- early Patrick count on how slow you're going to be now clearly clearly now law high maintenance -- guys like guys -- series against a high generic lender in the right time. Talents got to be taking care of SeaWorld timer ranking you're out there you have -- I drove myself. And hey before reuniting year wrestle mania Tiger Woods DeSean Jackson which we talk bats were doing our toss up that's coming up in literally eight minutes and have a right now let's get into it. NBA the spurs mansion branding you jinxed them last night time now the in the hallway he saudis and all. They got the iron nine million to keep the streak alive you -- morning for an -- -- not. And how great would it be before -- you know to go on air on Friday it's the -- -- game winning streak after beating the pacers the warriors the thunder in the same league stadium the biggest. -- stand CO Patrick Davis here -- a -- bomber -- -- you know it will work and celebrating and the whole game what happens -- what let's just say let -- let me ask you guys as Patrick Brandon. Now that the spurs go down a -- by the thunder. Who's who's the best team in the west is it still dispersed -- that we're not talking records here guy right we're not talking -- were descending with the east as well basically automatic two who's going to be in the finals. Judging from as of right now and and this is going to be interesting to hear from Patrick because even though the spurs with that nineteen game winning streaks that being atop the Western Conference. There -- all four against the thunder this year by a so Patrick to. Big time spurs fan who is the best team in the west. What do you think I'm gonna say -- really think -- say other than my San Antonio Spurs might you know and they are I mean. John I mean the street they were on and they pull their pull and -- they're pulling their stars that during the it and you know the Belmont last night you know I don't. Did they end of a back to back they had a you know long weekend he said a lot of two good teams they played against. You know you're gonna lose some in the scheduling this year. If -- don't they played Oklahoma City at the -- back to backs in some runs. Things of that nature so we just ended up that you know they didn't happen when those four games they put him back to back we're just moments are made everything else. I think it's a different outcome I do think if you put this in a seven game series goes seven. But I still being disbursed and -- seven. The funny thing is if if if this spurs right now the players restarted big matchup against Memphis. They have traditionally had trouble wept in the playoffs. I mean this is not going to be an easy road -- Motorola. Tell you this I think right now the spurs can beat. Any team in the west in it in Sweden five to six games except Oklahoma City. I don't think anyone -- of a major threaten a seven game series other in Oklahoma City disperse. Put -- agree with you talking MBA -- who's the best in the west who destiny's. Brandon he's your rest knees in the -- Abdullah who got -- -- clearly the room three of us. I'm taking spurs' Brent Paterson is politics mr. shouting tonight. What -- -- you with the lakers or. -- like a guy. You know you guys did and clearly were all that you Nardelli was only one team worse than Utah Jazz get out of gas is now you know brand your Marvin. Except when it comes the lakers down GAAP and stick to a Miami I don't like to Indiana's -- -- that means they looked. They were at a home on Monday against the pacers and and it and you stand a chance they were terrible. When you look at the rest these the only other team that I see. Having a possible shot would be Chicago and I don't trust them and all in a seven game series easy don't trust any of them against the heat and a seven game series. I want -- ever thought don't trust anyone these other than Miami because they have so much talent and have a guy like LeBron to take anybody in the west. Although the knicks are looking tough. By the way memorex that I had again ahead Hardaway to death all right -- -- and -- -- going down in Sears three winners and and you sell yes but see. -- -- Cause damage anonymous small window. A lot of I don't know there's a lot of gave god and man and very bit Alex it's my you've got your head but some. You know the time -- and I thought man or woman on here Laviolette. I'm take in the Dallas mavericks and Miami Heat and knicks tonight boys. And I just had time to get them. I'm just -- yes the -- -- are you planning primarily. Miami's already poignant. Dallas is eight point favorite at Los Angeles against the lakers now. This was flown through -- FF FF that's sitting down and their lawyer. I missed it by eight minutes broadly about tomorrow night's. How did you play a lot of night out well there's going to be out whatever's going on after that one game coming up democratic candidate okay awareness. Well around campus. Noel may next time. Daybreak come right back and review our little thing called -- that were taken to -- -- wrestle mania shall we tiger had Tiger Woods withdrawing from the masters are we talking about us. DeSean Jackson signed with the Redskins estimate nearly as fortunate chime in on FaceBook let us know bush talked about second three guys for yourself. And -- search box he's number three -- performance. It's -- thirteen seven these three guys -- show. Join the conversation now on FaceBook by searching three guys a fortune. Right trivia question for -- we -- here you we have brand marketing Patrick Davis myself out trying to push the buttons. Casey Johnson that guy here at their -- Birthday today. How old is for all I know the answer this because I heard this morning okay. -- -- -- -- -- 33 allocate JC Jon ZR finance Mike went and figure out how -- was trying to figure -- -- any gas -- let's say a 35 yeah. 41 yeah I am -- you believe that feels great -- -- down under and -- sure does my gosh now I can barely believe it because he's very successful right now and -- usually doesn't -- very happy -- -- very happy so and what he's almost as old as the army said that he's wearing an absolute that -- big smokey the -- and let me zoom in the board so I mean he's got a real not to. Stop -- so -- get us us man here just -- don't care about sports and I want to -- the voice and pop culture stuff I don't I don't mean this now. Grandmother I ran about a way to say I heard this morning our sister station on -- -- for point 7 a morning show with yet I don't myself Alison Sarah. Monitor Friday they -- senator -- about -- thank -- I appreciate appreciated not much sports in their actually we did mention though this morning as long armed former -- called lookalike. Signing with the Redskins. And necessary on the show as I said there that she was like -- this is integrate easily playing with -- RG three to Texas kids. I think law wouldn't say plain magazine article of course they really sniffed the field. At all he's going to be just kind of hang in the background -- from what I've heard. Throw the whole reason that he signs was because -- -- Shawn Jackson a boy so. It's really not out of both in the community they're -- now and I don't believe the -- -- the guy -- not not not mean it is John Jackson that he's a -- possibly get three top -- about not enough time problem but John Jackson brand and I mean I was going to give us the cliff notes. One minute version of what's going on what's happened with a more weak and where is now and will be successful or is that. Only -- with the Redskins also the end of the NFL PA is looking into the the actual release from the Eagles because of all the statements came out about -- -- yanks. I think it's it's a great -- for the -- horrible for the cowboys as -- -- fan I can't stand it's -- now the Eagles I think Eagles are still the class of the division and the Redskins -- are moving up -- -- -- -- this signing -- so today -- I think it's it's -- it's definitely -- for -- bad for me. Another guy in the the in the yard toss appear Tiger Woods Adidas brand -- same thing -- -- -- -- The -- yes having -- having them back surgery withdrawn from the masters. My question what what do when we talked about this is when you watch it all IE was never golf guy trying. That's just the tiger draw you in enough to watch them. You know why you always want to see -- -- gonna win. That's what's on Sunday now I watch NASCAR on Sunday. Now think she teach the crowd away Texas -- BUN NASCAR's race now they're -- dynasty five honorably the duct dynasty 500 outlets Arnaud de commander duck commander there and. Entire command their whistles broke there was always that's what the new ball game's going to be I can't make fun act as I'm getting ready for wrestle mania so absolutely. Speed RS many of these two guys all pumped up and Jack ressam an image Elizabeth toss -- I'll I can tell and I wrestle mania -- another -- called who's hosting thing that's he is hosting stone cold Steve Austin is. Confirm to appear confirmed there where is wrestle me the rock says the -- -- wanted to be there you know we could see the rock is well and you have these streak of the undertaker 21 -- know going up against. The police Brock Lesnar Patrick really quick. Will history be Doral -- thank you -- -- Find this online and indeed like the spoilers you know and there's moss point -- that -- scripted if someone has -- Scripps. Change five -- beforehand so there's one person wrestling that knows what's gonna happen and only get and demand. Are you serious and a whole line so you're saying Brock Lesnar these guys they don't know who's gonna win and they know they know why they -- supposed to know. A well a lot of times they'll Orlando played matches but they won't claim the bonus until the end let's be real though that matches -- I mean it's predetermined no matter he watched me it's -- serious going on every -- -- you know we got five years exactly six years actually -- targets -- didn't -- saint Vincent -- the head of the IB MW the -- to be sent a text message to Brock Lesnar a metaphor goes on and anybody got a little -- they're. And there him an email them today tells the -- whispers as a catalyst and I. Now they go and talk in the they figured out they fear the day of not not on Friday they'll -- I've -- you've you've got this one you'll lose but don't tell nobody. There yes exactly that addicted to bigger things -- first off. Who's gonna come out that the champ for the night we have we have -- or -- -- but he's. They'll face the winner of the Daniel Bryan triple H match in a triple threat match also what will be the kind of match tonight to steal the show. Patrick Silva vs a corporate came in the old they jealous and that's gonna be there that's gonna steal a show that's -- a parent I think it's gonna be John scene -- why it. Be the champion at dinner tonight. Regular I'm gonna say Daniel Bryant and CM punk comes. -- the rumors the rumors are. How come hang out -- I had I had no on now I'm not good and I am just dying over here I'm just like I'm -- -- -- there's there's someone cringing in the -- -- that someone gave us a chance. 55 minutes ago and so I'm Melissa Easter Yakima is given a shot there's no sports and Austin, Texas right now and then there's times on this time slot. And they just completely. UNICEF I mean guys that we -- talking Tiger Woods and masters DeSean Jackson isn't it seems -- wrestle mania and we have a select its elaborate on wrestle Maine I had. I say this if you come my party on Sunday feel a few drinks. -- barbecues include you come out and have a good -- -- by the end to wrestle maybe you'll be into it. New Jersey you don't -- -- I used to be and yeah yes yes yes on that -- -- -- us on FaceBook type in the search box three guys scored so. For the one listener remaining thank you know the.