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Apr 9, 2014|

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It's a special presentation you know so -- thirteen 78. Coming do you live from third base sports bar in South Park meadows brought you by crown imports and pro -- corona light. It's that the three guys sports show. She. It is not a news show like a lot of slide shows are. We're really -- which is quite obvious but an intro which is fans out there now on its. Jason album be part of shows the images now that Garrett has that voice heard in the entries are at -- new -- on our sister station -- -- four point seven. And I'm Alice Franco from -- Alex and Serra on the Sacramento on Monday to Friday six to 10 AM. -- you know three guys sports show long aside its third base ports aren't South Park meadows got Patrick. Davis here -- -- of those who doesn't weakens under accent or point seven rights to catch him twelve to six on Saturdays and our man mr. brand and work. Who canceled Bush's eight to five like the most we've got to signs all the Jackson. We that's why we come on the show it. Count on the show -- it relieves tension and just hang -- that's the Arafat's Fatah we are broadcasting live Brandon wants Tyrone whereas. We're at third base South Park meadows all you have to do -- head down I 35 you can't miss that we are here. We are sponsored tonight by crown imports and corona light. Specials all night long on Iran a lot of live there are 350 a bottle SA Aaron I've posted army sniper point seven face the page and it was share -- talk thirteen seventy FaceBook page. That you know you become I'll buy -- a by a cold front line you know we're not that pat Hickey and I'm let's say what Alex. You make a lot of money organ on the morning show you know I can power divide -- all bears on out will things but boy what I was gonna do is -- Mexican map expensive. I I -- on the would be expensive -- it would been tossed in the circular folder as I was told once before like that's the trash can exactly Yale circular file. Or do it file that's let -- work with things like that little reason why we're out here is of course college hoops going down final four. And looks like -- someone going to the final right now is as well one UConn -- -- a look at the faces he we are you know there's a lot of folks out here hanging out there were hanging out that you can't afford game a lot of Florida fans still hanging out your mother throwing on the radio but I'm afraid. Yeah probably not a good idea they wanna talk on the radio how much time. Okay yeah they've been here all day in their kind of upset McMahon maybe not FCC and we don't even thought about this. But that final score by the way in case say you just put -- on and that kind of tune out and 6353. UConn advances its use the finals it's funny -- brought a great point. -- drivers were great point last night. Saying that that says the last loss that the Florida pat what do you gasoline on December 2 yes it was. And you know what's coming into this game I don't know why but I just had a feeling the way things are going UConn mainly because of Shabazz -- at point guard. I've really felt like they they had they had. The advantage of the -- they Ronald rolled just like there were a couple of years go with Kemba Walker. And they they proved it again they were down sixteen to. -- point early in the first half. And come back and win by ten by the NC game leaders the hundred Daniel street constantly points ten rebounds. When assistant -- for Florida Patrick young had nineteen points five rebounds and Daniels played all forty minutes after. They did and this is the deal you can't always had that conditioning now with the same deal with Kemba Walker. He did go he go sixty minutes. The kids I mean he's just keep playing and playing and Kevin Ollie it's only six years coach. He's taken over where Calhoun left off yes and really take him personally sick here the coach person made the final four already in you know line. It used to be is where right they've got that connection do you think. Our of course because he was at -- broadcasting live from third base of the South Park meadows of our friends from corona light come on by tear down south I know a lot. Of listeners down south South Park meadows area it's shopping down there's a best buy -- -- PetSmart is a super target. Get her down to Mumbai grab some dinner at third -- sports park. South Park mental by the way pet friendly and -- kid friendly family friendly. That's a cool thing -- to -- -- here for the game out all night long -- you find out who's going to the finals -- gonna play Monday night at 815 for exactly Wisconsin Kentucky going down here probably in less than ten minutes. The back I'm really quick about UConn one thing about that. Jim Calhoun who you mentioned yeah still a specialist system with a team he still their suck it in some capacity helping out but the other thing coming into this tournament. You know a lot of experts were -- Michigan State but those same experts were saying. Look out for UConn because of their guard what good is more than just a grass Napier -- vote right as well. Would you have great guard play and if -- -- you can go a long way and that's exactly what -- this team is doing. They're riding their guards and tonight the hundred Daniel steps up in the middle with one intent played -- forty minutes but it's been the guard play all term and long. No I mean you look at the same this it favors Kentucky in that sense Wisconsin. Much better down in the post Steve. But I can -- he's gonna come through there -- fever guard play they got the young guys in there right now. It's gonna -- -- -- and with the new rule changes in their checking guard they're taking very antics regards a lot more. You know it helps tell you if you driving get a couple guys spell trouble they're playing scared take advantage. Third base that's -- at South Park meadows. I 35 slaughter exits here in Austin, Texas got some shopping do well not that I don't want to come by guys that tip off -- 45. Minutes. We see who else is going that final on Monday. Let's flashback to last night we talked about we give our predictions for what what happened tonight power we doing so far. Well I think I gave my -- UConn was the plus six. -- you easily covered I took what six -- you guys are trying to say who you want us and I'm taking you come on what. And again and I'm like I'm -- you've gone one -- so I'm again you do I took you gonna win. I you know but I stuck with Florida they played so great all season. But I'm happy because they do a friend who is from Connecticut the big you've got you know you know what the great thing is guys for -- McCain look there's not really a great thing for Florida fans right now. Because they are stuck in Arlington and with the loss here's a cool thing. Tomorrow if they are fans of NASCAR. Making low watch. The duck commander 500 and -- And chances are you're in Florida or Kentucky or can tell at EEU like NASCAR. So. It's not it's not a complete loss right -- that's a very good point out the you know what most of what I want what -- surprising. If they had bought tickets at this. Knowing that they were going to be here because there's you know what you. You're gonna buy -- -- usually for all three Bryant's. Faded and those tickets were cheap so if you're fable the buy those tickets you can buy tickets to go see NASA canceled in you know what I thought I -- -- I saw this on the schedule early earlier this year is like what's. Why he -- minutes but you know what how genius of Eddie -- that's the guy that owns the track Texas Motor Speedway his schedule is because you -- on Sunday you have. People come by he said you know what. -- the option of rescheduling this NASCAR race he said no it's all good I'm hoping that these fans of -- cause that's all war. Try out NASCAR on Sunday and what a great thing you know that you could do that sure. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And now we're waiting we got about 42 minutes for example off. Four and I know we've got tipoff here in surely it's it's it's coming up it's -- -- just a few minutes always there. -- one -- I had and I had 49 and you're looking at eastern. And my vent notch. Want to go back and Maria had an all those Paula sponsor a little earlier earlier advice that sort of five minutes and I wish I wish I could blame the -- life but -- -- -- you -- when you have and our friends violently pro life out here. The great specials at third base sports bar. And that brings it -- Dennis. Venus South Park meadows losing your own my along come Mumbai in enjoys college basketball enjoy -- -- -- some -- -- other -- -- -- -- hanging out here. Coming up next guy's got to tell you. Something that that we'll get you fired up when asked this happiness or not having a college degrees and deal breaker. Korea wartime -- college coach after college coaches NFL coaches you name it yet never agree to be successful. -- Patrick Davidson brand and work here see their take on it. And I look at you're your take on FaceBook that's coming up next -- three guys for itself. Live from third base in South Park meadows gave -- three guys sports show. Live from third base in South Park -- that. Three guys sports show. They're down right now is not a bad day in Tennessee Wisconsin. Earlier I mentioned. What's wrong now for another. You're holding your point piecing all the microphones that are -- enough I was like we got to -- our -- -- really quick -- doesn't drive my -- IFI. I'm I'm Mike I want you IDS feel like we know each -- now you're just look here -- handling and Mike what's -- now none out and I didn't our ongoing c'mon now I even rocket and all eyebrows. Kentucky vs Wisconsin that good down here shortly and now we've we are all the way but we aren't that good third base sports -- South Park meadows that's where you can -- a sad -- -- -- corona lights on special tonight 350 come by of course at third base ports are friends of the show friends of the station for a long time now. And that are a family friendly and then I -- -- -- decent shot maybe do some shopping nearby. That's in the best -- the target make the Wal-Mart to Mumbai and every nasty pet friendly and that's not a role here in Austin, Texas. But now we -- watches and groups of north of course early domestic. While we wrap of the UConn game in Florida UConn won 6353. Getting in the this Kentucky Wisconsin seniors to get Kentucky what we're but usually. You tune in and where we -- you know we're going to be we're not breaking down the game now we're not a break and the games -- look you're gonna catch it. We wanna have some some banter back and forth related to what's going down yes so a good deal you know some early in the week -- Patrick Davis and of course -- and work we're talking myself out Franco. -- -- Have been. I do agree you're not having agreed. Make is it a make or break deal because we heard Steve this is Steve Steve -- Alice. Deal former Kentucky player Louisville player of course our and our coaching Louisville with the -- and I got off the job for South Florida. Got reject them when they realize that in finishes twelve -- Schwartz and his degree you have is that a make or break thing you view are the I mean. I'm really look at now -- but he he was a coach -- Manhattan for -- for three seasons in 61 and 39 there were 28 and five this season. They if this season ended in a close loss to Louisville interment this year. You're talking about a guy that can obviously coach. These coaching Manhattan the jazz first it's -- 85 -- I mean made up that a great cause a great -- there I -- was a lesson you mentioned Manhattan exactly so it was a Manhattan obviously didn't catch the this. This little room. Loop -- when everyone a caller that that he didn't graduate tonight USF who apparently in Florida they can catch they catch all these loopholes. You know George O'Leary as well we just contract was signed by the way dec contract it was signed on it was pleasant and still deliver -- -- there was a genius -- they put their country that was a clause in there where they can easily just. They got big time line on his breath. -- but that's already. Like yeah look there's a difference between not having a college degree and then -- you have a bike -- instead taken -- the other guys scored -- I graduated from Stanford in radio broadcasting you like -- and then he realized I'd never went to Stanford think that's. Mark how long you -- -- you -- -- that we would give you Bravo points from exactly half Willis -- really he went to school for four years he fell just short Jimmy this should say look. I have no problem with this not as I it. Look it these -- I was four hours short. The -- more crystal -- no problem lately but is he basketball coach it doesn't matter in his resume not just because that the first part with you I don't his bio -- it is by no I don't mind -- the bio -- -- -- -- little -- like oh my -- I absolutely but on the resonate what you turned in at this level. It's -- six million dollar contract are you judging him on his resume I don't -- You where you went to college or his resume of what he's done coaching I'm saying if you live your -- you're going to get caught you're going to get in trouble. That's I don't think you need to tell -- I don't it -- good coach your good coach I don't think it's a problem if he had to light until the job. Course right here at third base mark -- South Park meadows and you know watching news of looks like. The game is on against Kentucky a leading Wisconsin three hits you. Come out here and watch Scientology is once he's going to be we're facing that facing UConn on Monday at 815 -- -- by the way in my picks tonight are sponsored by crown imports in corona light. And I the reason I know they're sponsored by them this because I'm -- properly. I picked you gonna win I'm thinking Kentucky to win I got Kentucky do I get a Kentucky if they win. Everybody could push article that I could give was we're out here come -- by hang out and grab a beer coming out let's grab some dinner bring. Bring UPS bringing our TV's Jeff -- he needs a lot of good fans so I'm seeing a lot of people in Florida still sticking around and that's very cool them so thank you guys. But a packed house when we got room for he had an incoming and wants -- game lists. -- of course we're talking right now now to. He needed agreed to be -- coach. Because we're talking of course early this week Steve -- -- and coach of Manhattan well I guess he's on leave right now in Manhattan. I was -- right now he's -- right now is in limbo and isn't it nice to UC USA USF and -- says no way. -- the contract in half it to -- guys don't make a big deal or not but I see the part reset packet that is. We line or -- it but doesn't but even it was only twelve hours short. Yes because the lie a -- the -- you can't take it you what does that -- twelve hours short that I think they could've gone okay. But you wonder at that point with some until July that they graduate college they did it makes you wonder about other things. And it makes you wonder about their integrity and we're hiring a coach at a major college. You wanna hire someone with integrity who's going to bring integrity to your program who's not -- you could at this point you worry about our rules infractions we're USF he'll lose scholarships. -- a school you're talking on integrity and a school. -- finished twelve into wanting. This last season they've they've made their first appearance in the NCAA tournament. It's two years ago there was the first appearance in two decades. They don't who cares about integrity you need to win absolutely I mean that's what I'm shocked I. I'm shocked that brain and -- in this side I'm so it is I don't know click. -- college sports are supposed to be better because there is integrity. Because it is about something more what do you according to ask you what man having just one half hot gas and Taylor Davis integrity then after this Kentucky when it. Probably tonight in night Kentucky winning on Monday night all five of those kids are gone -- not talk about integrity is sticking around -- their degree. Well while I mean that's a different story about the thought. I -- I have a big -- -- at any kids don't have to have -- -- -- sticker -- -- -- degree why -- the coaches have to play it and the thing is -- -- the integrity is about what you put on his resume and I and it's and I understand lawyers Sam Patrick. However -- this guy has proven himself as a coach. Over the over the last couple years makes no I don't think it matters whether or not he graduated at what matters is what he's done as a professional. I'm with you that I agree that he should still be the coach. However you cannot lie on your resume if you get caught -- on your resume. What with your defense all we had no I completely hit -- place like you but it won't happen again do it's well now. It doesn't matter it's a lot. Honeymoon was a twelve I -- I was twelve I was -- -- hours he was twelve hours shorter degree basically semester short yes I -- -- online in a month. I may come -- they really want to finish and happy go online and others. As good of our resume that I graduated college I'm gonna put that on their now and then -- -- -- -- -- years short vs twelve hours short a different -- -- -- -- dog three years old ten -- fifty. -- fifth and 49 weeks and I would do three weeks a college. -- -- I don't know you reward I heard -- -- I -- I personally think good good to see some communities it's far overblown they do their -- no reason you board but you know what. I hope I hope Meehan bill back in Manhattan and improvement you know goes good you know -- -- thirty and three Nextel is totally blown away because I'd -- -- people without college degrees like -- right now and the people -- -- would be like -- now. And brand of course to graduate. -- it was a small small Simpson college and in that -- know Iowa love Baltimore. -- or that I don't think it matters at all I think you're talking. Did the reality of voting without a degree out of the needy greedy coach I think I can coach without a degree if you know he gave me twenty years of experience. We'll let you make sure you don't club like Brandon and moving forward today on. April 5. Make sure that Patrick does not club is. Is that resonate anywhere he goes because we're gonna have a statement all I don't know why would Miami have been fighting and he's -- -- our house an integral part on the three guys -- do I Pirate -- says I graduated Westwood high school Emery got putter that's why tape again exactly what. But the other thing with this is he coached with Rick Pitino was an assistant for Rick Pitino okay. Is coaching I'm questioning -- nor -- -- but -- let me ask you this if you USF. Appears university South Florida. Do you really say good no -- here's my guess is they hired him. And he came in and they'd like what you don't know and basically they went out this thing with George O'Leary -- this is their way of getting out -- -- earlier Notre Dame when he got fired for not lying about him big graduating college. Same thing. They've multiplied on the resonates. And both of them I'm guessing is similar situation they came and went so in other words Mercedes he shouldn't try to get the Central Florida job sort of South Florida who's gonna employ you they heard Isaiah Thomas -- everybody. There's an hour. It's one of those stories and Michael Jordan signed up. Playwright you OK so yeah. Who knows I really do it today that's what you curtain and and anyway. Unrelated to do anything but -- -- other -- son Michael -- that's -- there's a -- takes time. The other guys -- Michael Jordan -- on and on TV there's an actor Michael Jordan. Guys should give -- quick update for you baseball fans -- there and the angels beat the Houston Astros top the -- that's up 41 rebel angels on tops our Josh Hamilton has homered in ninety and 97. -- it's not -- up our picks are strong. They are strong Rangers by the way up on the rays 435. Of the -- to come right back. -- -- quick breakdown of everything going on there with this game right now of course Wisconsin because I've never come out. Look -- there's no match up against UConn on Monday may end today Jerry world. You come by the way Dick winters 653. We're back here broadcasting live at third base for its part South Park meadows. -- -- -- -- especially the Mumbai and join with us announced on me tonight. That's a friend who works on his death. We'll see an event. A grant remember. Live from third base -- -- mentos -- that three guys awards show. Live from third base in South Park -- that three guys sports show. Savidge at PetSmart in a bag of food you're Doggett and -- games. He's told one well that's called the -- on tap here Torre -- at third base. For your pets is that they are as relief. You consider kids as soon as they are friendly as well with kids. Bring on us too I'm a photographer for crying out there and it's of course brand war. That's -- Davis myself Al -- over the three -- -- of broadcasting live with our friends in corona -- and we are watching some news right now -- a quick little update from Wisconsin. On top eleven to nine over the while -- just over. Five minutes into the game. That's what this is a good game and you know it Kentucky James Young -- unheard of freshmen yes -- seven of their nine points already but was not -- -- tell you guys. These guys and we have talked about -- you can follow him because there aren't related to -- people who just tuning in for the first time grand -- seems -- -- that hit his -- hot guys out of Iowa and the boy -- follows Big Ten sports and he's and so he knows his Wisconsin -- he called this a long long long long time ago. After the loss. To Wisconsin yes I watched -- game which he would do it and I'm telmex and target genes and they did and they know what Wisconsin is one of those teams that they just do it right. They give a team that you put you look at him. You don't think Yemeni athletes put in all reality they do and they can hit the three from all over the -- just hit one they're now fourteen to nine. And they're the same things we said about UConn played team that is trained well conditioning. They don't get tired of being the game Bo Ryan as a coach so we'll keep you in shape and normally. He has teams that have they they they keep that they keep the kind of low scoring. This a team they can get out Enron and can hit that three with anyone in the country you don't have to worry about them running too much in the beginning of the game who feel we'll just continue to do it. Hurt the entire do you have. Still a quick little TV time out of that game will keep the hot day with the updated score -- am talking about -- -- tech beats Wisconsin and narrowly been missed it UConn. Beats Florida 63 to 53 August Florida fans and we had to do go watch the dot commander foundered over it -- tech -- -- tomorrow. But could put a great way to end the season I'm -- graduated now when we'll really Israel watch NASCAR paycheck to sell a review in ten minutes from now. I haven't asked Brandon Moore and Patrick Davis if they had the power of a club whether he -- baseball club. There -- football team and whatever and you guys at the TV guys to pick who you want your team because we want on ask you how what do you handled. The deal with -- great players that haven't any bad eggs for instance just -- week yeah got to benching one game mentioned that in light. DeSean Jackson. Don't know of his gang member or not but they got cut by the wolf. Their lead in the movie even forget the gang member issues he had yet another issue a sad day in the locker room Jeff. How would you guys deal went down which -- Putnam which you keep them how it's working out if you were general manager slash president's last decision maker for the quad. In -- nine minutes now -- -- that we're talk about that meantime though it's got to put everything going now in the NFL and that man I mean. Say what guys some moves and stuff going down and one supply the only thing I mean we talked last hitting a joke for you guys walking in the studio and said today they just traded because. 71 of the Buffalo Bills. Jokingly -- went in Maryland and in the mix C allow. You may just traded Chris Johnson pills. And I really like and just getting organizers sponsors both what -- why would they trade him he's great running back. Pedigree we know we knew they -- looking go eyewitness. They don't need to may have CJ Spiller and Fred Jackson but obviously that didn't happen soon it was a joke and then in the NB titans cut. Chris Johnson this week yes now where is he going to land gets -- I personally think it's gonna be the New York Jets and there's if there's been one team. Since it's free -- -- and it started visas holder might -- under the guidance about -- next well affect -- -- you know it's funny we got -- and he's like did you see the latest news -- buffalo -- know -- the early days. Did some of the buffalo like did you see the latest news for the cowboys like outlawed but -- back with the New York Jets since Griese started David in the market for a running back. And I think -- -- they've got to be the front runner on Chris Johnson is a very funny though like you know you. -- just releasing a player. Mean you can kind of be scared about it but the fact -- DeSean Jackson the Eagles released him. That makes it feel better for the rest it seems to go on and if they have to release a player just Cottam and not feel bad about it. Well I mean the big deal with cutting Chris Johnson with they still -- a lot of money so they've got to pay about all of guaranteed money that's quite guarantee that even though. You know they're paying a white I mean he had what eight this year eight next series seven -- two years you and that's a lot of money got to. AL and imagine the pressure doesn't. Even you know some people and organization are saying let's keep him around that's a great thing in about seven minutes and how -- guys you know how would you handle a great player like that. Well I think did you know that he was whom he was great. He he -- he's lost that it's OK I do know the funny thing it doesn't seem lost. It seems like easy. You think that's what it is. I mean you know this we're not there at a situation like you know what it's like played on the titans. And I'm like the only weapon on that team. I also think the times have been tricolor Oscars you know Kenny Britt gone. Chris Johnson -- -- and these are guys you taught that you that we heard about that had troubles -- if you're at work you what are you guys are working you saw that your company clean house. And you're like the only weapon there when you be -- down now and really work hard knowing -- check your team is gonna become the Marlins. Considering doing any running back is gonna be hurt without me you know quarterback Tony Jake Locker has been healthy and I sure he's the answer in Tennessee. And they haven't you know without the passing game and without the offensive line the running game does not get it. You know not gonna be is. OK I would I would have angry defense -- -- into violence vows to Alex thank you Ryan Fitzpatrick was my quarterback call us here. What do you mean Jake Locker I go hey right Fitzpatrick the news Houston Texan I can't talk bad about your dad has got -- and Patrick Davis here in Houston Texans guy. -- yet but I mean just looking at the fact that Jake I think really would braves at great they're trying to clean house. And there are basically in the tenth Jake Locker because they help this season they'll go to it begins helping the play well they're rebuilding for the start get rigid Walker's turnover. And what they're doing now is exactly what we're gonna talk on the next segment they're getting rid of the problem children that are in their locker room. Those are guys that that have been rumored to be problem child. Speaking style he's out on the got the word I -- you can Tony Romo hit he's taken less money Jason when these guys taking less money time time against the cowboys. There's nothing within sixty restructured deal can -- do that. Said -- you know it's made me that much -- get them on one funny thing really quick about Chris Johnson now it's. You know that the cowboys could've drafted him soon -- a couple of years ago when they took Felix Jones Chris Johnson was still out there. -- barely imagine how the cowboys taking him instead of Felix Jones. Now two point speed and clean house we -- the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Get rid of one Mike Williams and after another another guy that was that. They've had all this promise all the potentially one good year with the bucks and now he's going to the bills and all of a sudden he's going home all of a sudden bills fans think that he is that they're going to be Super Bowl you know. Super Bowl bound because they're Mike Williams well. I'm so what am I wrong I just saying that because there's a bill Sansa -- yet because guess what you have a couple of other teams are a whole lot better than you right now that division. It may lead to New England Patriots and the Miami Dolphins. The idea don't have problems they will who might be doubled up Mike Wallace who's just the same problem. Right because Mike Williams -- -- big deal move -- move on pots messed up or buffalo can't get done. -- bubble as good -- wings. Saw its more they're great for wind and they're great for losing in the Super Bowl that's my and that's good that that is nature cowboys fans they're talking much has happened and -- -- -- -- -- -- in buffalo fans didn't Houston -- buffalo way more. For that one game. All -- -- enough not enough I -- one frank Reich I'll bring LeBron is growing up and watching that game. I don't know my dad was happy for a month 4130 heiress and a guy and I'm not not pretty not your game play but there are -- there were other moves this week in the NFL while ex BF. Like Champ Bailey go to the saints. I mean really -- but I like. I know it's a big deal because Champ Bailey timeout twelve time all -- the guy's been one of the best corners in the NFL for years I apologize Champ Bailey he's listening right now concise and other moves like you like Jamie D'Amico. But that's not that I've married the -- is there really that big of a deal that that he got that then he went to the saints I mean it's still make little extra money you know with those brownies to pay off a few Texas. I mean it's it's the same thing earlier this where we knew we saw Jared Allen go to the Chicago Bears -- I like down movement. Right enemies alike me and it's kind of like -- -- and I think Jared -- alas he still has some of them left -- find a way broadcasting live from third base towards far South Park meadows we are here watch -- some college -- early this morning this afternoon. UConn 63 Florida 53. Look at right now to score Wisconsin leading big 1711 over Kentucky's a Mumbai and -- -- -- lights 350 year. And you know hand what's the lesson that hang out on the three guys fortunate. Isn't shopping and get target that here got everything out here not to that knows he started shopping -- drink beer -- Lionel I'm not trying to clear let me feel sorry again they're here. Come right back you're gonna talk about it BC guys Patrick Davis and -- -- -- in charge of -- club -- how what they deal with troubled players like yes or else we can DeSean Jackson. You'll hear their opinion and I look here's our face and made. There's three guys sports show like this and chime in on -- we're talking about -- third base. Live from third base in South Park meadows that. You guys -- show. Live from third base in South Park meadows that three guys sports show. Broadcast live yes from third base South Park -- us hanging out here Stanley friendly pet friendly. Combining out and enjoy a cold front alive and bring in Patrick and I got a couple. Feeling -- and absolutely this place is really busy tonight for the final four and I decided great I'm excited you know and I'm more excited I am excited about a couple things and excited in Florida fans stuck around. -- -- -- -- You gonna do believe I now final drown the sorrow I know and that's what they're doing 350 kernel life that's what they're doing that here at third base and I would love to see out here. Game going down right now Wisconsin we just mentioned a little bit of they -- 1711 they kind of close the gap then being Kentucky nineteen to seventeen. Got guy's under ten minutes ago absolutely. And adds I mean that we attempted to get out here in third base South Park meadows that's -- got to give love suited not just you know the Florida Sansa -- of fans of Wisconsin accent he'd -- here. But our co workers have been there I mean -- -- -- a lot of people come out -- and support three escorts -- broadcast here at third base North Carolina. He did our custom intro earlier. Jake you put his head phones on. And now he's been super supportive and everything that we do that building and you cannot to everything so thank you so much coming out -- Thursday's you know their last Thursday the last event we had it with Toronto lights on the quitting time but make cynical point seven. We're required to the park. Up north. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's good but here shortly and obviously exhausted delicate touch you look at these guys and these guys -- swept. They got oxygen to think sun. Because it's such a big damn place. That it's a bit and that's why they had the oxygen tanks they haven't for the fans they are they doing gay you know it. Before you won the next topic but you're gonna talk a little bit more about about NFL and Major League Baseball. -- just really wanted to wanted to chime in on the Buffalo Bills of -- we had to say really quick about them. -- -- -- -- -- I think the Mike Williams pick up was right and it's something he did wrong it's just that his brother stabbed in the leg. So he's really done nothing really that wrong. He's with the same college coaches he had at Syracuse since find Anthony admitted -- -- didn't get kicked off the team they couldn't DP. Do you do you keep. They don't really think it was a four yard out of buffalo he went to Syracuse played -- the miserable teams that were like two and twelve every year Saito was seek employment doctrine if you like I'm a commitment you know the -- -- didn't -- -- on the -- -- -- -- Greg -- former -- point -- was the quarterback. Normally I would say that he's done they've done everything that's -- we'll tell you exiting his green thank you Jay Leno and also our our boss dad Thomas are coming out here and hang on our other our main boss Alan first from his wife command hanging out. Just draw mind you guys just love them coming by hanging out and of course our friends and -- mr. Paul basins in Miami and his lovely wife. Finance portal that the here's a funny thing you know it's funny he brings the Buffalo Bills. Normally I wouldn't talk Buffalo Bills but there is a huge following Buffalo Bills and arson attack there are I don't know what -- -- the deal is glad. -- -- -- -- and we met the -- got to the watch right we've seen it exists we've seen -- and -- -- it's not it's not the Jack -- did it do they exist -- and I've seen absolutely we hung out from a third race before several times and you know what appears here -- latest. I was final which is south talking -- had to bring in Syracuse is every conversation always -- sounded always please excuse he's cut off we've -- -- -- I don't know isn't Syracuse began moving on now before we move on right ahead give you a little update -- work on right now Wisconsin a 23 to eighteen just a rate a half minutes to go in the first half looking good with the plus do would have went above. Wisconsin man -- hockey doll on their -- Map well what try not to do play by play here but -- wasn't either don't have -- and I -- opposite thing as the crowd here everyone I know. That didn't happen so as -- -- Donna that's alienate people relive and maturity -- -- what was -- like what the -- does happen yeah -- monster -- for now 23. Wisconsin won the Kentucky so right before the break I ask these guys being brain work. That's in Davis of course he has announced Franklin here roll through guess warships hasn't it if they had -- -- club whether -- basketball. Football you name it. How would you handle great players but they're baggage bad eggs like and I'm just you know it. I'm going ya self Wiig as a mandate now I am just after you heard about them when they bench in the one game benching. And it's very funny just today one of the -- and never as full a full interview without a translator them. And I I was in Iraq and president I was looking down at my phone about something and I hear in the background look I was like what the hell is he saying -- I'm this man Mexican hi I speak stance that the fastest fans tonight now but I can understand wanting again to those reporters earlier than you I'm not solely an island. I was like. Here here's finding -- surprise me a year from now yourself week. So perfect English incessant -- media has been tough to deal just an -- -- guy like that they've condemned. I think got -- you -- is the Cuban baseball playing Johnny Vento. Very talented -- that he and I'd. And Johnny -- credit yeah I I have John Mark Craig is he hasn't played a pro day and is like yeah W I -- -- is also he's also more accustomed to what's going on and it in in the states. I think -- -- Wiig is a -- that it has its. It's a really talented extremely talented how would you guys deal with not to see ya CL Wii U -- but -- DeSean Jackson who is how to break out and had a great year last series that has -- And any kind of on the Eagles because every player basically was and everybody -- -- he is a bad deal in the locker room mentally the real simple way how would you do -- you do with the Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick Y. That's the simplest way to do it you you he said hey look you know what. We don't we take crap from no -- you come and here you don't mess with -- -- rocket put a little -- you're gone that's how we do it. Media guys -- certainly wouldn't do like Jerry Jones does. Where he allows people to stick around Divx -- cause trouble and you see this around all around professional sports all because. They wanna keep those guys that have what you don't suppose it talent that it took their -- there there there the potential to really I. I really get -- military Robert -- they bring Randy Moss pay no more than bad apple in the locker room -- just always been that guy. And they came in they sell records because they -- be back right and he did what they did with Corey Dylan as well yeah America remember him. They it that's the deal as he goes this is the way that this person that weight that's way know exactly Stephen Jackson. I can't think -- to better model organizations. In professional sports. In the patriots in the spurs the spurs and the funny thing is when you think about those two teams meeting about their coaches aren't enough stupid do their coaches give. By far the worst interviews about it as far as the rest is concerned but for fans like just I love those -- No that was the -- is Stephen Jackson the for example -- for the spurs they had him come up. He was used up from a couple teams not the best apple. People they like him in the locker became in did things right with the spurs got a huge contract with greater growth they brought it back last year. And then coming in the playoffs you've got sick he was a big role yes because he wasn't passing the ball well enough and everything else. They just -- There's good all star caliber player just like -- not played here your -- not that kind that's how you react to those that doesn't go -- -- -- to be a bad apple you wanna if he's not first you're going. You know what -- patterns are trying to were on the same page Alex is not he's god you know isn't saying why don't Wear out and about half -- I don't want to highlight your -- -- not only wanna be -- because seriously I mean -- this is probably why I'm in radio and I'm not running and insulting because I would run the worst. I mean how would have guys like Tim -- on my team. Chad Ochocinco honey I wouldn't I mean you know even -- -- tired and located at W bush said Johnson yeah okay my team to be a reality show how horrible reality shows that's when god either they still be great. He would be terrible right absolutely absolutely viewers got a hard knocks every year Elian I could be. Hospital going to be awful and I had I was assigning our panel and I mean. There's no way I can handle El Paso fighting Franca of data to them. Awful and we we be worse in the Oakland Raiders and our fans will be worse in Oakland rare as well. Oh man of course it's automatic these guys empower these guys being you have Davis and brand or if they can have our. To deal with great players headaches how to deal and Alex would you have a -- stadium oh yeah I -- the players listen I'm assuming they have the other locker room -- current players and I had never -- we really have a lot for a minute we have like he had the good your car and change -- -- ready there and oh man and a straight at me and I saw that tried to stay quite that old time guys that I am I thought I was like man I was -- hasn't the guys have. Today I get a quick update dad in the first 747. Assists last we got Wisconsin -- 25 Kentucky scored to make it when he -- Three points down Kentucky looks like one of these two guys -- -- of course and these guys and taking on. On Monday night and it was -- just hit a three they're up six now saying it's moving management and of course earlier on one end of the game Wisconsin that's not the favorites. Plus one and a half. -- gives a big generous Max. No one does no one doesn't brand -- Big Ten bears and anyone else or take a break and come right back and we'll give me cool billion on what's going on the game as well and we'll get John out here. Broadcasting live from third base South Park -- come by have a cold cruel irony here for the rest of the game. Just because we're down at 9 o'clock doesn't mean that now we're done for the night. Combined we're here to enjoy a cold front with the guys courtship second thirty minutes to ground. Live from third base in South Park meadows that. You guys -- show. Live from third base in South Park meadows gave -- great guys awards show. Broadcast and of course -- out here at third base -- South Park meadows since. Three guys sports arena here of course that was different front lights. Yes colonel I'd always -- -- -- -- doing great stuff lesson that during the except for even Knight has got 350. Toronto life city come on now excess of that time like here's the deal work done in seven minutes. We are done. We're -- broadcasting the game not done. So going down here little quick update for -- -- an update from grand war right now five minutes ago in the first half Wisconsin up 30 this morning more than a little pressure for you we're not done that were done on -- in seven -- right -- -- of the whole game and we're gonna be drinking and have a good time here -- tonight the coming absolutely a lot of fans out here a lot of Florida fans and give Florida fans love for sticking around of course when -- you come on earlier 63 UConn 53 Florida by -- sickened or any -- joined 350 corona lights out here. At third base packed house that we got some room Korean pop by by a beer -- by colonel -- come on out here and hang out and dad you know. Earlier we -- pretty darn good game this afternoon and we saw real good game. And rain and brought up a yacht last night the fact that and then the last loss that was given the Florida was by you know it was my -- Iverson that second they lost twice this year the las Wisconsin and -- UConn and hey you know what they came through again and then you know I think there was. I predicted it -- -- I don't think any anyone else. Anyone that that. I don't know what I'm trying to sing I'm not really stumbling because what I what I wanna say is -- you know at the -- whites only had two if you really if you really thought Florida was gonna win tonight I think you were crazy just just because and here's why because of the backcourt play. A -- right innate fear. Throughout the course the sternum and a lot of people thought Florida where I am I was I lived there my brackets I was good for the first five in the gulf. -- out my brackets look everyone of course she picked ward cope with you we -- when we were talking we're talking Friday night we're we're re evaluating. I'd I'd I -- UConn for sure. Very funny he cares. -- on as you guys and -- I have no luck comes to -- if it's Wisconsin. Against UConn beat you on Monday night yeah I -- new interest whatsoever. -- I got to make -- probably what a lot of people on the stand and why is that. It's -- Wisconsin plays. It Wisconsin plays eight and one must have been his style of basketball. Yes and in no one knows. Anyone on UConn yeah because in all reality as a seven seed they came out of nowhere but. -- -- as Napier has been with this team he's a senior he was there when they won a national champ Jimmie was the backup to Kemba Walker. Yes and as long as he does then you end up on a team like the bobcats like Kim walker did. He'll probably be successful in the back of agreement and no one knows them and no ultimate but you know Kentucky Florida and it says Alex. I don't know like well like you say what would that have meant it would have been awesome. Not Kamal what's your word. Now what about senator -- -- sexy and our eyes and I radio I was like and I have several wars and I thought I might Casey -- singer by the -- but -- but you know it's -- -- -- -- rampant in the -- -- UConn but I mean Kentucky the would they -- seven -- eight -- right but they were the number one team in the country pre season. Number one in the country put all the freshman I'll tell you would be sexier series -- Florida the Kentucky by the look and right now I it's. Wisconsin up 32 point five over Kentucky and of course who mentioned UConn winning earlier 6353. Are still or I still think it's hockey UConn -- traumatic. Let him just because -- even using that as your wife. What it was they Kentucky UConn now czar at Madison Wisconsin no Kentucky's shake his bread and by the way Big Ten country here Iowa guy. Why don't -- Miller knows trying to figure out why does that matter that I would watch Papa my my Kentucky UConn will draw that -- I like how long pause I would I thought I feel like you think I beat -- country to pick the community and parents they don't care if that would drill was big country. -- big dividends in the county Wisconsin UConn not so much Kentucky UConn will draw will draw viewers finally very funny though that UConn and their team that started off I just saw this from some and we've earlier sent out on anticipates. We try to make you followed you type in three guys sports in the number three. They post like refining UConn team assert that go into in league play and they lost -- Houston and SMU. You have you time and I was like no really and went back when I was like -- -- -- guys going in the finals got going on inanimate targets. -- -- to say they start -- bed the night Kevin Ollie did a great job this year all yearlong. You know fixing the problems and you know addressing things as they come and get this team better better. And you better hope that Kentucky can do the same thing because they -- -- run here right now. Broadcast live from third base sports bar South Park meadows were here it's a war on the radio for three more minutes. We're out here -- for another expect -- the game wraps up three be -- -- come -- and take advantage of 350 corona lights are friends kernel out here hanging out. We're hanging out here brand in a lot of people on one of the training topics on Google right now is our final four and finals television. People are confused them what. Channel the finals and beyond and it's very funny because we brought this up earlier off there. Yeah the final actually will be on CBS obviously the final four. On TBS. However the one good thing they're doing as this year he puts his money hazard on TNT and true TV you can watch your team's telecasts so whether -- be. Glory UConn earlier or Kentucky or Wisconsin Kentucky right now there -- there they're telecast on TNT right. Wisconsin on true TV. Which I'm I hate this I mean I think -- just stick with CB. Asks what everyone I mean it is leading me on cable it's tough to find like earlier today. -- is so sad but I I was trying to find fox sports do this morning. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I tried finding fox sports do I found that I cannot pay like ten more dollars. To get the channel and -- trying to get to watch qualifying for his Dutch commander 500 now Larry -- -- dummies no one knows fans then that's. Yet again Alex brings NASCAR and you are fine art and artist by the way before we get out here Wisconsin up 34 point five just under four minutes ago come out third base -- far we're -- cold front lights at 350 and then you're watching -- game here. NF when he apart euphoria and you Hank Stanley friendly pet friendly but the CN here continue -- on our FaceBook page. Second three guys ports of Patrick Davis brand mark we got everything out the way we get I think we -- -- go fully grown on. Thousands dead tonight definitely definitely does the name is it's under Casey Johnson's daisy Johnson attending a lot of fun here tonight 8 o'clock ground imports corona light thank you -- is a person -- -- -- here today. Please. The preceding has been a special presentation a household -- on set. -- -- -- -- -- -- Your regular programming around.