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Apr 5, 2014|

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Welcome to let's get healthy with bills whale on talk thirteen seventy. He's here to take your call and 39013. Seventy and now here's the real story. Welcome to the show for the for the shirt the shirt Tanjug news. There a place of -- and music purchases. We're actually. So it goes into the wheel of the completely destroyed the the legislation. Well in a way were welcomed him. Everybody -- today and you people listening -- thank you very much from. Listen to us and this is sponsored by the people's losses for your pharmacy. It's -- tell you probably have who spoke problems if you have any allergies -- drive. Today most -- be out tomorrow -- everything else is kind of local -- Mr. -- we -- a solution could do different. Cynical about -- thinking that okay. Well -- nice thing is we got some good things to help support people immune system to help the lethality is like our senior spray the run and get people that is. Think he's if oak and cedar which is much like -- We got Blake kept Gordon where this Tuesday -- urine -- notre think yes sir I am -- much like June. Medical school for mentioned that your mantra yes Ireland so for UNH about the medical school southwest skies and it's about the medicine in Tempe Arizona writes ran us out of Phoenix before -- doctorate degree program you -- usual. This incident should go there -- he went there before me will -- for me -- And he managed to you sir you have. Coming to turn. Boyfriend Jim Turner Johnson association with the I have also free and in the studio with us today Marianne de whether he gets the best parent. Yeah -- went the extra. And -- of -- -- near a major threat to exclude and also attending Seth Wisconsin expect the -- -- she'll be gradually to win Maria in July yeah. An exciting yeah and where -- you removing -- shouldn't. You must then she come and also you know so I don't have an agent -- here in the school's recognition and also doing and as with where are from -- and they missed the net Montgomery you. But -- he's in the studio with us as well. Thank you for having. Your pro career you can. Speaks Spanish begins right yes I am OK so cycles and if you don't know English you call him. So then she can help interpret it to recommending I'm just I'm just -- we don't we don't know -- that's okay. But you know still to have -- basket he can because they're simply wrong. Just keep your Russian okay. Yeah. Well you know we we you know we just talked about we're gonna do heavy duty things lieutenant. You know there's one thing that's and I've -- very interest in the other way. If you turn the clock forward which we did if you have -- now you're in trouble right thing you mr. don't Thompson you're okay. You could have more art cardiac. Problems when they do that really you know -- actually appear to turn the clocks forward losing our. Is it if it at a -- a dominant day are. You know that I don't know three to atone for though there's you know I just as general as more attacks. And return the club actors you're part of central whenever it if it has to do anything with sleet and to where they think this really is a good assure you that I usually don't yeah. -- sleep is very important Dallas and of this Acadia and written some. 34%. Increase cartoonish. From just one week to the next while 34% increase. Don't. Cardiologists like well maybe Iran and try to -- -- -- there is did you sleep people. Take that extra hour even when Tom I don't want to go to Florida for a drama sleep routine they were consists we're finally I'm more more. Her dementia alzheimer's. You know you you can't reach you say well classes school you know which you do as -- -- -- -- -- you know you just. Studio for a week or so due mostly for Wii -- you know then that happened during you know you you can destroy us will also -- who. Does better than -- get their regular nightly sleep resident well if you -- and now you can have your doctors. You know doing it yourself you can do is everyone who -- What this is stable shines a light on autism disorder autism -- against. And we have joining us in the CS can be easy. Legacies of Jerusalem. You know we're we're gonna are we -- to have somebody to -- this year to talk about toned. A program politicians joy ride horses alone so my room. I'm sure you would know that not just check your just second receiver in -- -- that's going to be good. But from. Don't have an unsteady Shimon Susan -- is the one out of sixty something and she is now in the war Walter -- is an -- alone. He had -- more often than males now. Then. You know so listen -- that certain. Did I -- for just a chemical from mostly because of Parkinson's disease. And positioning and then just interest and so we we say well most guys -- -- -- you look at it in Austin Houston. -- sorry there's there's deceptions he talks of social -- cause parkinson's. You know speaking of parkinson's there will be a talk -- -- -- on April 9 Wednesday April 9 at 7 PM called the power of participants. So I'm not denying get the lady's name but I know she will be talked about a so that'd be a good opportunity for people come out and learn more three. -- open to the public. Lot of free similar to Richard we should charge what we should think his. Load this -- Okay you could have -- certainly they're getting a lot of good six -- so. A lot of good information and thanks a lot to ask people don't want to -- to -- through your free. Because they think says some multi level program or you know there are so. But that's right we're going to stumble seminar we get some good information and a lot of diversity issues of people have to talk about and to come out and learn more about so. Where does that give -- research -- to miss out you know they're researcher in this -- that. Conduct a series to join us after the break doctor Sebring. Israel -- for a work you lose patience with. Isn't able. And got a mixture of people that didn't he we -- she takes medical school down in Galveston toss them but he's got into alternative medicine then. -- my guess is it functional or integrated whatever the some different things or took him there are continuing -- -- that and I think that you you'll enjoy him he's got some really good. Move. Also typical pro series he's sort of talk about what's happened here with. How the press came out I guess testosterone really no way up but this this recent occurrence -- I -- know the the bad press there was -- published on good good results alone so why. And they really don't know why he thinks that happens. A lot -- -- -- -- -- bad for your initial -- -- bad for the only thing you're in armor I don't know a guy who recently -- there was an archer. Because of America's doctor and here's another station to do so for years but every time he got to polish a Lear he would put down. Public Japan has so much but he -- don't. People we pass especially on -- -- in the us are free universal solution that we have good news. Pakistan do more dilute the more powerful Russians were. So. There are a lot of people in acupuncture music and he's he's he -- there's evidence -- thank you Christian work yet. It be national hospital in Houston has an occupy Richard department and -- -- position goes about a year ago from being lost for nothing you can awesome hospital far from an accident. And it took your. We can I -- For an acupuncture -- Washington. -- -- -- -- -- -- And it's amazing -- -- -- around my 3000 years they have records dating back 3000 years ago showing. Housing -- is now only in China but Africa. Mean numerous different places and unfortunately just came in America. To be mainstream won the 1970s. That this is an amazing still the medicine that is beneficial to it summoning people in the world. So hopefully Americans can kind of get on board -- CPU serve because he can music from headaches the pain relief from. Minstrel issues melt all the seventy -- digested disorders and acupuncture can be extremely beneficial. You really can't yeah. And parkinson's. -- that you cannot know lady here in my departures and now you're just you're twice -- -- -- -- and she -- so -- -- -- -- You should see me like a month ago and mr. Negotiated just help -- does help. I think I just -- too -- -- I don't know -- -- shouldn't you pay your foot grid is not a painful painful but you know it's. It sounds painful yeah don't have done right at that same way. Especially when you feel elated that stress. A -- can mean really so dean -- Fatigue factor is just put your mind off what was Bosnia was -- you. Because you got these deals and even. You go and you say well at least it does that does that doesn't it I read I can sleep I can relax then when I have enough. And nobody can whole process. Things you can be laid down -- insists he -- with me nice music in the background. Enjoying your treatment at the end you will be feeling much better. Himself in the balance out the nervous system you know early -- are you about sleeping cardiovascular issues have been with the change in time. So their balance a balanced enough that -- sympathetic sympathetic nervous system is amazing and this -- first today he always on the go go go being inept flight and fight response all the time it definitely helps the economy down now. Thank you punches -- a -- Commend their dramatic. -- to -- for example a -- of smokers -- Cruces is this a researcher article. Stress can cause people to retain as much salt -- for trash. Well. Then see where McDonald's where did the president and effect but but initially you retain salt. Who do you know and sorting them push you don't have put pressure. When they're with the -- you know in this decree now -- Oreo that's just we worry nobody knows this is something this news. So if we see your results and number pressured during sleep when Jim. Mission but pressured by they give the most accurate because that would be. -- or produce stress levels to it to my right before bed are whether -- this signature passion go to people's houses and -- had so I think -- no no idea what hit. It. Kate. Daily fasting entirely good -- can prove that diabetes and obesity. They also think it's good morning sun. That you Q can lose weight. -- would really good morning so the more recent CB better than even -- I don't know. For what Hillary should there's no they give examples for the resurgent. If somebody is up in the morning at midmorning and they're walking. There a job probably right when I fax her so the other a little -- This is from iron ore body thing I guess right. We don't know but it -- a daily -- Italian meals can prevent obesity. Didn't -- This issue to researchers found that daily fasting daily fasting for sixteen -- threw his weight gain and diabetes progression. There -- version would you destroy do stuff that. We just -- just some banana. To sixteen hours. Greatest start but -- tonight. And son are going the speed with his new wife -- -- but I think it was centered didn't need it would be. It wouldn't it have been -- security skews somewhere right to expect the. Did you there arsenic exposure mission more susceptible to intrusion. To the -- really you know so. I mean I don't know -- know we always suggested that there. Arsenic can. -- -- talk about. Be a problem with with no heavy metals continued permit the Bucharest -- later on the show -- And one last thing is this up too stiff and I -- raspberry. Not glorious. BR why are named after the man in Houston that. Discovered these decode the crazy -- Tony craziness. And pursue New York Times so. In the loss of other articles -- -- nobody -- the -- -- and we're talking about it. It's a swarm of -- move more she towards Houston. People that -- your backdoor. March enjoyed Houston from where we're -- day -- come what they think that they just kind of way to think but this is so what today is going to have a relation. But she's a queen decree that going into Harvard issued an order tally to come alive in the spring -- to have a lot of maybe absent. They are very prolific. You know they -- who wanted to billionaire's. Home -- they -- -- what they do they're going to. Places they have computers businesses they go to homes. And they choose that you the war in golf both of -- as usual boring. -- -- It just knocks I mean it's just UK -- who are now so there's got Tom raspberries. Mr. rich brown ran these -- used to sever 2002 it took control when you're gopher they have to figure out. She gives you species thing. There's judicial south American thirties. And so you'll hear more about the rest period and from the craziest. This Germany as saying they walked to the houses that are haven't they they can't get rid of him. Didn't give it to lose and they want to legislate -- -- they welcomed news obviously if they have cancer killed. Then they the he -- answers walk over the ones that are killed so that'll get into as a person. Fabrice -- -- Mariana. So around your house who root ball change don't we we ran our punter -- group but this like Kimberly would eventually. Remove volleyball coach potted plants who would polished prepare for further as soon. These innocent right now -- -- as hard work. That's going to be it didn't mean you know so -- something -- I don't know I'm -- it's a lose lose but I -- this. They're there the rest of the media doesn't care about Houston. But I -- in. Move -- -- a famous attitude that's bigger and smaller doses you do this is this is cancerous and you know resurrect your you can Google it. RA SP. RY no PRS very lucky but -- just -- -- -- at this I have named after. -- -- -- that but indestructible and it's the wow was a there there are destroying a lot of property thirteen people at a town and house and -- the -- -- lived in the nation is. Specious immense interest or. -- you gonna stick with a incentive FEM Tomo electrical wires the substance enough. Okay no system to competition that would bitterness from it. Well we're we're gonna -- a break here. And -- we have doctors -- joining us so let's take a break in his own. 23 after the -- -- right there you know trajectory -- on a cigarette break given by the way if you're calling out. And told anniversary -- thirteen seventy course traveling to through nano Turkey's ethnic and will be -- More OK let's skip Hilton is coming up. These messages on -- thirteen seventy. Welcome back to -- let's get healthy. -- -- Special shortage haven't. -- dodge Sebring. Are you OK welcome to the show. I have a -- I have played garden would it today she's a doctor and sharply cut back is savoring themselves question. I think I don't know the show before Hampshire with you as the ones who just says she's never met you know that a person we have plenty on show cup time it's been very. The show as -- what what one lady here who is graduating in July correct from the Japan screw himself question. They're both center and their generosity to so this couple customers we're gonna watch your language of your. Can your generation purchases Sebring but -- -- -- its regularly. I mean -- greater access to -- that that thirty minute drive from downtown Austin's. Beautiful drive and -- just sitting behind you can join the country. We're not to let you know where your because of their car everybody can network Irish just you know could there -- here. -- all original that's so. So in ninety how. To Asia region I think one on the on the Internet I have a web site Sebring planet SE BR I NG -- Inclement dot com and there are now also. On that phone number is 512. They scored seven. 56188475618. But with the people at Nordstrom indirect and don't -- -- certainly talked Eric Chase. That. I don't know. I -- I just don't call myself this Rick I have to give your chances are down what do you do when you ladies are. So I would. I don't want to check quick -- something -- talk about hormones are just are true especially you know with foot -- don't you try to do it's just how -- but. This lazy. Jennifer trip dosage refresher to Jonas is. The news division of cardiology says that and you -- failure symptoms. You know shortness of breath for you bent over. If you ever shortness of -- we bent over and having a great way to check this tissue can discovered another great way to check. For older person to see descended over this event over. And they got -- to suppress. That's probably right. Are they think she should just say you know we're the study assist producer cardiologists that particular book. Right now -- so well. Mean taught did a lot of people gender stressed just -- and so I kind of -- screening message. Right. -- ended -- -- Q rich and famous tennis. Then -- to be obedient GOP in the shape adopting a so you you bend over. You -- -- traditional did you Pinto for so I don't says he's -- and android. Right. There was such -- I think that's a good test which is -- I think so anybody can do it. Let's talk about 8%. But I don't know exactly where her -- the big belly to handle and posting up on launching even though you can't pretty. The -- bush surely have a pregnant woman have a shortage of resolution. -- demands that looks pregnant -- it's. So let's talk about just saw -- because I can calls the ability of the belly Kenneth. It really can you know I'm. Understand certain that I do is it. When I examined my patience is -- -- we're damned if you -- to examine who am I notice where they put on traps. Because where you put on track is so it is hormone. And you know I'm not. They put on a punch after the bracket their arms I'm quarter charge at the girl I just I don't you can dish that there should be should be considerably less than a centimeter between your. There and exterior stuff. Quite a bit less in the -- adapt and almost already -- -- just struck. And so you can do the same thing what their belly up above sea. Stumble -- -- about the belly -- it's. Back there yours is placed their -- because of -- orders all issues you know reentry over. And although that is more insulin hurts this kind of the bear Fort Stewart has -- a little bit don't assume that that's that's a division. And yeah that are low are -- Just restaurants and also low on quarters -- -- hamster and two. Declined to -- servers -- used. And so you will see their annual list. The big belly. And you can see low testosterone Democrats -- Because they're usually pale. Cheat -- sandy. -- Good enough. Also. This belly. And so that's a sign -- -- just Yasser. The degree in animation I may have with the quickness of their movement can also be a sign of ABBA yeah go. Restaurant and there's a good rap song and they called it the draft so called agreed to it won't. The color was a -- do have thirty days yeah. You -- to -- is -- should go to the medical books but I think because that you just. We go to man you say well what's going to look at Djibouti due. Let's say they got away from the in the rap song is for your -- or someone you Bluetooth. They taught that we didn't think that's so funny that is so funny but -- -- -- of the medical books and about your. Well about them. Medical redshirt kind of slow when it comes and start saying -- there there's sort of. Well there a sense of humor either says this is your computer you got a if that didn't. We're always so then the stories that by the way. The media has this big I don't know I don't feel did you rethink about just how shall -- thing about testosterone and the dangers testosterone and well we can cause heart problems and all this. Well actually -- Right one of the stood -- by the way doctor a Sebring did you not chicken -- should dial. The bright food it -- I know you choose not just our -- -- and there are just are short chicken without chicken mr. dial which. Never trust us I don't. Did doctors actually do that there were not that first off I'm a clinical basis of low testosterone this is kind of -- being pushed by the media right now we just what sort of pharmaceutical industries. Initially -- I think -- byte think they're getting a little worried about how beneficial it is demand and preventing disease progression in general. Finishing you're just enough that issue saying that that Libya. There's some politics involved in Houston who has this surprised by the -- extra. Runs. This is essentially. I think it's a shame because it's people trying to well -- we got. Lobbyists. Preventing America from going well. So there's there's a prescription drug -- Rolodex -- you can give that person right. Is rare to see him here from hey art I in my DX. Rollodexes. Oh and remember we commend you convert you preventing it helps throughout the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. Retailer has just drawn and you wonder why you can't grow a beard or something like your fiance who proposed this to. Kudos goes to compete -- -- estrogen were displaced testosterone after interceptor. You have to receptor sites such as susteren generally manifest its action on the body. And the second thing is that say rarely. Has inadequate just taught to replace him. Buried their inadequate when somebody's five to 300% to. Well I know where your average user you have some people that -- below 175. And embarrassed. You have to look pretty argued -- Jacob notes that the group of men that are hurting no worse. Some of those guys are probably running around 100 guys are just some level. And in fact when I replace it I tend to go to about 8099050. Somewhere around there. If they have a chronic disease like lung disease or something like Kennedy and what Arctic sea battle for -- Over a thousand and the man and you'll get some really good results. There are actually three times what receptors for testosterone. In the arch -- -- and the and the man's prostate. That is very testosterone dependent. There's structural among the most our -- -- -- additional demand and particularly in the in the art so you have just are strong opening up. Coronary arteries. And there's just an ally as we get older and arteries began the club. What -- to actually get larger and there's little or no loss in the diameter of that opening. Well -- what is going through that artery. And so it has to go beyond the capacity. That artery sued expands. And the straight so that's showing up in the middle so. I'll just -- don't really promotes that activity so Amanda has almost no just just -- the ability to. Open up -- -- change that I -- -- coronary. Vessels is really compromised. When you download or not. What. Is really very easy to to -- distortion because you got to creeps out to do that. I don't -- creams. Right where -- -- -- screens we've got -- old joke these images -- world. Tablet that -- very -- -- its reach to -- and then not have a little pellets that we can insert under the -- That lasts about three or four months. And then there's also don't try to ensure that this. Preferred by some men and articulate my patients decide for the most part whichever way -- like there's. Golf fairly equivalent. This area injectable Salerno inject themselves once a week -- twice -- -- the two weeks. We're just astronauts and they've proven method of -- We're here -- here's a study and other cited -- just dug through studies show freshness that so of course metabolic syndrome were talking about here this cluster. Cardiovascular risk and intentional at a reduced to sort testosterone during which reduces LD you know. That's a bad cholesterol reduce -- distressed us out of this could reduce glucose. How -- is insulin problems. Reduce Syria which approaching it will reduce liver his arms reduce blood pressure reduce -- when they were seen. An increase the good commercial HDL. -- -- -- -- -- -- Now we save people if say if they took testosterone. And all these got eleven. How much are these drug companies loose and I'm not designed for seriousness -- billion dollar more than about them probably true don't ensure if you had a ball together. So is that what you're thinking that maybe. Maybe a silly denigrate. The use is just -- true that. For people who are listening but. I think -- One candidate -- benefited from selling your testosterone because there's commercial version -- you know -- jail except. They're there entirely two weeks in the what -- provides for the testosterone released these guys. Like we were saying earlier ghost I'm. Once terminator 300 or whatever national Amanda just absolutely under discreet yeah. Buttons they benefit from this selling but it's -- -- but they are big you know future Iraqi radar that. You're gonna find that they're really being encouraged. Financially especially up and down the road with all these people not -- -- -- is he's not developing diabetes. And your muscle mass and activity level -- -- bogus. Thought he go to Viagra like. Like table since -- Dallas is -- good nearly as much. Where merit winner during the replaced so. I think that long term they're really young true -- it by taking just dropped the -- situation coming up. Promoting help -- does and that's not what the bombs Yuba and serious about so. I think the idea of using an actual molecule and in particular the body's own -- streets and that whole concept. Being. -- great spark positions. Scared the pharmaceutical industry to death. For the has many doctors physicians and researchers are caller further traction of the paper accused yourself stronger cardiovascular risk. But you know what do you -- did it I mean how many people out there are gonna. Go gonna see that this and Gemma that was in general in November by the way right this year by the way this in your publication. How -- now that. It's bright and Derek Fisher this I don't. They that a vaccine for corruption is is really transparency band that's where the -- about -- these lecture as you're about to conspiracy. And I -- -- who do you CNN and insulated Tesla testosterone do you like bill and about Sarah must allow birth. If patients -- interest in having it done. Well I can't sue. -- should do blood just sort just start strong. And the commandos 45 you can do -- pretty much any -- you want to. And yeah because there's not there's a vile religion should disappear. After about 45 million dollars highest in the morning when you're younger there's little blip in the evening goes what do you they're just marshals aren't aren't getting a new blood vessels and arteries and -- -- most people Larry I offer replacements or use the green. And when you -- as we -- using the current or salary so you think becomes a surged. Because they need testosterone will travel group that fat layer just understand very quickly. This is due to the site and then about bitter about your -- etc. And you'll get very different levels are doing celebrate testing. -- time -- -- is just our strong. Aren't as an expert sisters aren't vs the other side exit so. I wanna be able to repeat that and and I can't do that this is so outrageous and would be the trans am -- and I are -- much. -- because of so it was again thank you can say year year and we're really Texas is so nice little point trying to drive. From south Austin right right turn to how we twelve. We have as of twelve rather than the respirator as compared to 900 dripping springs and now we have two lights and we have actually three nights under restraint so actually come to this. Pressure on twelve your turn south going to be a slow winding roads and no country. The right there on the right hand side of the road bear my big beautiful great candidates are -- acres of it's so treason. And walking and Arizona nice term big log cabin type clinics. What they're thinking right now oh my -- I can for the guy who. Shirley wrote a front Bristol that beautiful we've got. Three plans for people to get involved -- to my BA two extra regular insurance and you and I consult on any patient or what is any need to -- so -- -- really get very well educated. And and so that's why I haven't thought anybody can come and pay cash for a visit. I'm a little expensive early on but I'm not that really expensive and then later -- gets pretty cheap there's people that turned out -- account and every six months or so. And you -- -- they have a problem and which are specialized in helping people that modern medicine's can't help or has has not been able to help. Here you go to mine and what's what's better your 401K your -- We're not gonna lose -- two and one that you don't have a choice you have to make him our economy OK I don't like that smoke and I yeah Jessica it's -- the -- result was a pleasure targets -- you and business it was a web site again. It's a liberal corner dot com has seem the RI NG. EL I NIC EC requirements that come you didn't break all right thanks again. My pleasure -- I've been having a. We can't -- kids and -- don't ever have about the fact. He just couldn't move. He knows stuff he really does so he's come -- -- to. He's trying. To try to make me I'll send it to you agree that widget. We graduate -- and it's very important. I think. Well if I had more hair -- -- senior. -- right we're gonna take a break pierce 63 snows -- you know rock station here. Three not -- thirteen 75123913. Seventy. Matt thanks for helping me today. You know we will be back live with some -- some really good clinical -- institute. Moreover let's get healthy years coming up after these messages mind it's all in the third. -- seven. Welcome back to. He'll be with seals and whales I'm told thirteen to seven. What I like this all goes get a -- -- the big chief reduce your. You don't know. That you. Thank -- and I can't I can't tell you think you don't know around there are so if people if you're listened to listeners -- beat because if you do CPR. That's the beach users can you practicing your fairway you can put you to sing in the prepare for your crazy. You know it -- singer -- do a good job so an occupation to. -- the original throw Williams -- -- two things. Well chicken of post -- talk about something here that people. Would -- exercise within -- -- where they. I love hasn't changed his movement there. -- with their -- just movement this season opener and a benevolent chocolate boom there we go down. Chalk it could prevent obesity and diabetes can study. And -- obesity and diabetes and railway -- what went on attack. Well they should be the article I shouldn't say. But it shouldn't be I don't think it does maybe just like 68 or more. You got a lot of -- you don't wanna get too. Mentor chuck is better Newton. Own. The -- actually arrest there claiming that eating seventy grams of dark Chaka there and I issue reduced to restore -- grosses. Just thinking of the hardening of the orders. So this so -- But you get to a sugar should not careful like Hershey bar. From -- most OC if you notice they still tell you the percentage shot good on abortion. -- important. 67%. Or greater then actually there's some -- -- a 100%. And this pretty bitter they shouldn't do so just erratic but you get used to bitterness. And so people there yes. The highest second hand is 7%. 70% you suggest that -- and yeah -- -- shares before you write English Alicia got figured out medical. Just your keys to -- to get -- So how does a white -- is so good for your parishioners did you just say that in those news. There's just so you worship we have found evidence that microbes -- bodies such is publisher of bacterium. Breakdown of the cocoa solace we cannot in all her -- digest. And so doing that permanent. Permanent. Don't would you refer this releases a number of beneficial compounds without just wrote her problems that may keep -- our vital organs healthy. So you breakdown will be chocolate. Democracy can open. The group it produces anti inflammatory properties from. I actually read them -- as you did invent this movement. Don't use too Smart and I hope now recently -- -- was -- clean and armed midget yes and you see basically he says. I'm chocolate can't seem good bacteria and that includes your digest -- Who were prevented -- in the maroon. But of course everything in moderation ranked. Oh yes she gushed yes they've been -- him because you can. You can overdo even simulation -- for a moment for for for sure -- a big big problem. For those people listen we we like to remind people. They always say wash your sugar rush to Graham's and all that just just know one thing one thing to keep your mind. And for people know that for treatment of this but it four grams of sugar is what he's been beaten them so you read something as forty grams. The sugar. And Coke or something from her past ten grand gesture from each attempt he's been shooting two teaspoons of sugar. Now some two teaspoons sugar cup of coffee who do a lot of sugar went -- -- and just imagine that right. Efficient. So four grams of sugar so I think you just don't know who that conversion factor do you know that conversion factor. Think we need to have talk about -- and you know have admission out. The team teaspoons of people who can't see it in that cult car whatever that drinking is a lot of -- is subject introduction to how or maybe. Social people who do this major casualty distance measure like. Still don't get like poker and our own. This. Cereal this multi colored you know everybody thinks is good for you and then when those used a lot of -- chickened out. And you have Melissa is just measure out forty grams Fisher fifty grams of sugar and -- and coax into. -- -- -- -- I want -- and kiss your -- intrusion -- on his -- and thank you should avoid. Soon. Completely just maybe limitation to -- it's a microwave popcorn win. Because the bags is secure -- -- properly before -- Michael waving. Is that good for you the president to chemicals in the banks -- effectively to put together -- to -- -- conducive sushi included. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- daughter -- fruits. No longer going to be friction. It got organic if you can just not that much responsive if you don't need that much. And you know if you can eat all your fruits are gaining -- go to the Environmental Working Group. And check out there website and they have a list of dirty dozen twelve right the most dirty is heavily Lleyton pesticides clean food. It's of those that a foods that you definitely wanna buy organic when possible. Right now -- organic strawberries -- dipping in chocolate or you've if you're chocolate strawberry shoot and it tastes better they do they definitely did. Canned tomatoes. Canned tomatoes must clearly be -- VP eight musicians broke -- Processed meats and nitrates or any moves -- -- right to it. And -- formed some of them because examined because really they that didn't give it goes smoothly. Well also -- defeated two again you know they've been. Dictatorships. Trans -- right. -- They've been a father who solutions for as -- because. And petitions because they don't -- for -- long history has fetched. So would you -- longer. -- respect hydrogen editorials. He's a chance at taking -- who. And then sort of pop. Sugar causes cancer. The moon and how to process quite flourish. You know they can take -- cancer so we are seeing this. The URU Cuba or some place and they can -- under a microscope put -- little drop of sugar water managed to run with it. And I can she -- distorts proliferating and cronyism. -- Jim votes not general through Gregory Campbell right then they say that because it's. Consider it and didn't -- -- are different. As you grow your own. Refined sugars and rich sugar rush artificial sweeteners and as for joining us. What's good for you. And -- just just avoid -- probably. You know make my life that changed its limit when. Did you get their from the American Cancer Society. Where did they know it's just Yahoo!. Natural or else news magazines. So we agree with a man who so. Did you think they'll be something you can find on some of their cancer foundation web sites and things like that it probably processing -- they've got to put a phone. There's no thanks to who that they didn't mention but I think -- Well. Just just actually. Breezing your guess -- getting a lot talks injured in your body. They probably spring is good time to detox and we do okay. Here's here's something that I'm -- -- he could give to smooth the effort these toxic. Because people were being what put us on our web -- to protect the desert to our current. The solar physics with his one speech. When apple would have to cucumber. This use of tournaments. The -- of one lab. Introduced it was a volatile. This must be very delicious sounds cleansing. Yet it's perfect picnic where we have these rumors are good to know -- so thanks to go to. Now Lori -- got into this -- kicked around these. He eats for breakfast is flawless and -- -- This really a simple majority of business seat then because of high Omega 31 of the best of all right yes he's a raw and all of us was as good. So -- always so on one big one apple have to cucumber juice and partly organic cucumbers for sure -- laws -- gonna tournaments. Didn't. So we -- to number one cause improved food source United States is. Because she tuna there's an opportunity is really the because of the unit. -- -- Through and she went. Melissa you're breaking that we returned to Britain are quick here you know what we'll talk about this after the tiebreaker. We did OK you're able. Some strong. Broad talks and -- -- -- Is what you what's with the problems. There's a poisoning. It is so what happens when you when this when the it's warm from the sound is warm then this goes up the kick it out. And you're the only agent who thought there was going to be Mercury but then of course they are. Have remarkable attempt to -- pretty large fish -- the issue can walk off Newton. There's no regrets and not tuna to always keep the fish colon avoid tuna burgers. If it takes bad heroic stay away from. Asthmatics. And can cause death as some people. This series so that's so uninteresting unit and that something is good for you so just so I guess you do it can potentially -- right. We didn't just take Omega -- that it takes to -- -- I don't know I don't know. We have two new stores this really clean up season in less than impressive things would have. Well what does his talk about right now we're gonna take a break and after the break. We're gonna have doctor Karl tells -- the surviving lung cancer. Patient groups who is a nurse. I do out I don't talk to our -- Jewish -- you're richer but he's he's got really good she just returned. And by the way as a city cast your -- he's really talking about. The phone number is. Three and I don't thirteen 7512390. Turkey's seventy would be respectful. Welcome to let's get healthy with bills whale on talk thirteen seventy. He's here to take your call and 39013. Seventy. And now here's -- way. We'll face again. Job pitching this don't join us after the break -- end you'll be pleasantly. It's kind of little lived and informed about -- which was this really is done. Not doctor help you with -- us. Yes and you have a sixty year career in medicine reserves sixty years. We have a long time actually escalated this and I'll tell much say you start when you're two years old I guess I'm. Now our eyes started crying out about twenty yeah so you're not you're so we don't need to you don't -- to say right emotional lost almost four guys to write it. 82 page OK we'll just say Jesus every night before along with mr. -- -- -- public right. The so the book is you can these -- kisser. Using alternative integrated interventions. Because you didn't you know injuries and you're. -- -- you're just there which is a good decision every hope. Right they gave me six months to live with team on surgery. And -- know what time if I didn't do it. So I didn't do it thinks it -- How -- think that's great and your parishioners and you're generic footer Christian missionary wanna. But what they believe and I mean I mean pharmacy same way I was -- because school you bullies and then doesn't that telepathic way. Well that's the rare strain and I did my second masters and doctorate at Hopkins. And that's one of the most conservative schools in the country this is just this is -- changed after I left. Are used to rebel let's that you are concerned she used to bring some may look good but it's your fitness prime -- it is thought I'm -- I'm Bruce show yet. Friday right here the longest slippery survivor virtue of those who like cancer. I think so and I looked on the Internet and. On the east -- longevity. They were happy if they survive 1015. Years oh and there was one man in England. Who had developed lung cancer in 1972. And I developed -- 1974. And he died in 2000 hands. And so I figured based on land I assure its speed for a long distance. Surviving and no one has questioned their -- challenged me -- I keep saying it. -- -- you should be proud that I think I would. You know we'll talk the Billings and shot because you know you're you're very grateful that you do this and how you do I have to responsible too for your own life did you. And that's what people need to do to have -- Definitely I don't Friday morning governor -- -- -- preferably both to right now we have -- this morning and from what looked like Gordon isn't. Doctor -- -- you like those people -- -- -- do fellow. It is you think he says yes I do yeah I thought I thought I. And then we have a a student to shoot graduates in July things your loan and your. Both my this year he's this year well so she says she's just -- kind of getting her. -- communities don't read you a little bit. I just wish that they would get licensed. -- more states. Oh we do two guys. He greeted Sarah. Yeah I mean it hampers -- and -- hampers the public. You know because I assume that your limited in what you can do and those states that don't license. And I want my -- to be the more progressive like Florida I was shocked today when I was. Looking for net you have the doctor for someone in Florida. And then discovered that states. Are licensed there. Yeah actually think it might be a felony. To break the nature of the in Florida. Little. All I really didn't really. Really and it's illegal in South Carolina. Yes. -- all those that -- two when I stick to stay so how about the mullahs is about to people who do online issue of the if I have no idea -- but I mean I think is a major effort -- across the board cruise now yeah. Didn't -- so. Yeah we're -- it's been around for a fairly long time haven't you. Yes and early -- around calmly and learn it started nature apathy brought idiots American early nineteen hundreds and I believe I first hole started in the 1930s. Or so all zoned out kind. A well we say the vaccine. For all these things are going home is transparency from. Yeah as a person shall we need to have the right to know and that's all the -- -- for the worst organ during the break here. If they document all the things they do really you really well for patience. Getting a well and -- had a -- who can document it and -- it. You know good out there you go the legislature and every -- -- where were allowed to go like disobey what 23 years now. Do you Google I think 2070 comfortably so -- -- documentation of what you've done to save money -- save a lot of money. -- -- -- so you save money did you when you had your problem. Oh definitely Bryant has brought to you we're finding out. -- thousands of dollars per month. Brought to with the chemotherapy unit. They tell you just say this it does Zito for a thousand dollars a -- -- they were writing a history tour that. Well there -- they'll check politicos for cancer through chemotherapy from now so you should tell us a little bit about what happened and how you got involved in this in the and do your are your hero attorneys. Appreciation enrichment. Actually I had a dream that told him to Google for her next race. And I believe in dreams because I believe that this was one way that god speaks with a different listen. And so I went to my doctor and I told him I want the next race because in 1974. Everything. Went through your primary doctor. So. He said what -- -- symptoms and not have known he'd have what do you want him not that I just wanted to I wouldn't know compelling that it would go to extremes. So you -- me and I had the X ray and they found a spot that hadn't been there previously. And so he asked me to command for it biopsies are winning and and and the next thing I know the search and then. The position -- telling me they're gonna do chemo and radiation and chemo and surgery that is lung cancer etc. and that says wait a minute I go home. I think about it I pray about it and make a rational decision and he said we have we didn't take months and that's what the that's my responsibility. Your responsibility. -- -- pros and cons of surgery and chemotherapy and my responsibility is to make the decision. And so I came home and a brand who actually was my -- -- your listeners that he didn't know we even knew each other. And she offered to watch her dreams and pray and hope this and so she says to me what would you like a psychic reading and not sit well. I'm never had one but I don't have anything to lose. -- chief. I mean lined up for reading with pretty -- can Florida. And he also picked up to cancer and said that it should be treated naturally and our dreams indicated this. So my friends at new positions in Vienna Virginia. And he had work for the National Cancer Institute. But he was so successful using -- troll and curing or at least. Putting cancer in remission with so many people that they closed him down and all this brave doctor. Continued in this private practice but I had planned reforms that I wouldn't report it. But they've still got him out of -- five years the Virginia board of medicine took his license. But he told me to take -- -- an extra 2000 milligrams a day. -- gate 25 paper -- -- I took pancreatic and plans. Will be -- -- from Germany that are no longer available because the FDA's and they have abandoned them. And I Turk. I think which is the carrier that helped to get the later drove to the other cancers site. I took about therapeutic doses vitamin -- he has started -- to what 300000. Then went 200000. And went 50000 per year. And -- as you know that side I -- go inside and a pat valuables item and and aside let him well I'm a little concerned because I -- that at such high dose and he said well. He said I'm going to give you vitamin. There will help take care of the toxicity. And -- he gave me. 800 milligram mistake of vitamin. But I didn't have any problems with that I'd sure terrible vitamin CB's I'd Turk. For a Nolan. I -- some other. I took hi fairly high dose of vitamin C. I'd put on a diet that was 75%. Raw fruits and vegetables. With grain and after 875%. Barack could have some court. And then I kept grains and nuts but no protein at all simple carbohydrate. I could have. I couldn't have penis because they were -- source of protein. I took AG pearl which was a protein supplements. And so that was pretty much what the doctor gave me but you know being a nurse and being a public health person. And believing that there are multiple factors that lead up to disease processes that made sense that there were multiple factors and resolving it. And so I answered the mental and spiritual things like prayer. Affirmations. Visualization. Trying to be a better person running to serve others trying to develop my patience my forgiveness. For all the others and and I also contacted a psychic healer in Baltimore Maryland. Old go laurel. I don't know if you are old enough to remember hurt her but she and her husband. Court can't remember. Console I think the world. They were very well known healers and he was an engineer I believe that. In the evening. They it's healing for people -- the world and we're pretty well known. Why did dance and I went back to my doctor every six months. Because the alternative directors didn't ask me to combat so I would expect my primary doctor for X rays so that I could check progress. But he didn't know I was doing anything and so he thought we were in a wait and see violence. And so after about two years. The spot was gone and he says -- now I guess what made the wrong diagnosis. It's just so my friend who is professor of pediatrics when that topic do. At this point he's the medical director for blue cross blue shield of North Carolina. And he asked -- -- -- bring the biopsy and what happened. The X -- of everything for you could look at it and he refute everything. And he confirmed that it was definitely lung cancer. They're great just as soon as you would you do -- was. Was so -- -- still in my mind no whistle I call him after the morning show your -- you're already off. There is no longer about war -- -- -- this is something interesting -- I don't -- people I don't know what it is. Intervention yeah. All. But I didn't mention that just mean the treatment plan. Okay what I didn't recruit because there's some intervention as I guess where you really. You can almost to the psyche of the person. And find out why they have a back follows because there. The -- Grandmother. Try to commit suicide or she do when she was living issues Korean if you do that you know you're out period associate. She she broke her back when she fell and so. They give her and you hope or funeral. And so this this interventionist. Good tells us something to draw him Newser grandmother the -- was Russia back problems worship at all so that hasn't but you -- have thought. Just okay Greg. Now they you know all I had was the and I had the psychic readings in Florida he took from the man but I didn't have anything like that. I think that your mind is so powerful that if you believe that. In all it is probably. Influential issue with the same as when the doctor and the traditional doctor tells patients they've got three months delivers six months to live. I think that is I know they're trying to be helpful and trying to have the patient gets there life in order. But sometimes just to scare them into treatment I think. But I think it's that this service because it's. If they believe that. It probably will be a self fulfilling probably. And it's certainly not more -- and get better when the doctors told them that they're not gonna live more than three or six months. So when I hear from people when they -- -- the doctor told him that. I'd tell them that. That's not a medical diagnoses unless something has been and -- that I don't know about. That is the god diagnoses and only god knows when we're going to die. And then that -- to tell them that I was getting that six months diagnoses. 39 years ago and I'm still here so. You know I tried to un -- The -- damage that may have been -- The doctor trying to be helpful to the patients. What don't you think of that no I don't which you know you know -- condition you have you have to have hope. I know this is -- -- -- I think this is so autism month and and so we have -- Joseph judge are you gotta hope that you know that child like it better. And all this so I think when you lose -- -- This is said. Yeah did you think about. Coffee unanimous. And -- to use that. I know there's doctor. Gonzales uses these coffee -- Muslim and I think it was based on from the doctor Kelly's work. I didn't do anything like that my tactic didn't recommend it. That's -- so the book is called you can beach lung cancer using alternative integrated interventions. Are you can't below the cancer. Doctor Karl tells -- GO VI. Children. Doctor -- heart healthy. Oh great value we also. So what you did would also pertain to all these things you told us and you listen well sure you book but but what so. That's a bigger Promos and can ensure that the things you do as I. I think your words they have done a lot of for a case studies and things and people and it's seems to work with every type of cancer. But it puts it this morning from one problem that I've found with the people that have contacted me. It has stage four and has metastasized. To the ball and especially -- seems to go to the arms. They tend to have so much pain. That's. They can't deal with that by natural means that they have to you know go for something stronger. And one other thing I'd like days and bad is. There when I had cancer 39 years ago I didn't have to worry about the food supply. But now with the genetically modified foods for growth hormones pesticides and. Everything else in it I think anyone that has cancer or want to percent did. If there's any way possible they should try I think he's primarily -- organic food or locally grown food -- say no -- practices. The plumber. Because. It's they've asserts that hasn't been. They genetically modified food. Is not good. -- -- -- -- Those were trying to correct that you know at least label as he can still labeled boring label. Right -- I don't a lot of politics and there will definitely right there. I was just that I think it was a joke but it's -- -- -- just -- -- just a minute. They were going to require all meat to be cooked starting next year you could about raw meat like you care about -- today. All and law and the reason is because E. Coli in the meat and the reason because there is because. But to have that -- actually feed the cows. And and you get these resistant he told you know -- and city of bacterial resistance. And that's a problem with the FDA three or four months ago. Put any adjectives to the farmers could not use antibiotics. In their feet. And that -- about three weeks. The lobbyists got a hold of that and now now what they did in about three -- say well this voluntary. There were forgot there's volunteers all of social pressures are still doing it -- you see a lot of brilliant and bison. -- -- -- -- So please thanks here you're so right -- for a surprise today is just surrender his right front -- ticket home ritual to go to farmers' markets where you say. Right right well you know it of them came back when -- member of the mad cow scare -- And they'd stop importation. Of some of the -- but that didn't last very long either -- all the people whoever was. Exporting it to our country you know raise problems those old days when I hadn't done it. And I also understand that life. Was it Massachusetts are one of the New England states. Was going to pass legislation that the food would be labels as far as the genetically modified foods. And Monsanto. Threatened to cancel they backed down I believe five grand and. Somewhere I'm gonna do a lot of lot of confusion not allowing -- -- -- -- And he's -- because I've developed they -- food allergies about a month ago. And that's one night I I have a lot of friends in Germany I do a lot of work put people in Germany and then there's say. Couple that can mean Germany cookies every year. And I keep them in the freezer I don't like to -- much sweet but every once wawa welcome Sweden truck pulled out determined cookie. Okay. It's there what. -- Burton act up Kennedy I thought oh my goodness I wonder if there's any sweeter and I think in there and I looked and sure enough there was but it didn't affect me. And I wonder if maybe some of the problem with the lead in this country. In little -- that's maybe been genetically modified. And it's it's creating some of the allergy problems. Fluid other that we different it doesn't grows tall. And then group produces more moral weakness so it's all about how production. Happiness I think you replay of mother nature way too much. No -- -- usually I would got a runner pretty quickly were you sick patient you'll see number you have people who are contacts your likes you want to order yet. And -- -- so how does that work. Well bay. Here balcony one way or another comes and so they don't email me I want -- phone and call me. They can't control -- citing California they have the analysts and people sometimes seem to have my name there. And they called me and talk. Time well you know try to provide encouragement and help them you know about what happened with me and if they want to send them chapter from my fourth -- what ideas. It's what if they want to go to a clinic policy you know tell them about. Doctor Forsythe doctor contreras or chapters and -- work. I will prefer them have a list of the physicians reduce the influence conciliation therapy experienced diplomat. I have some -- people put it in various states -- capacity. Doctors. And so I try to sort of act as a resource. Four of them aren't getting whatever it is that they wind. And a lot of times they have a lot of questions about -- -- troll and there were couple site that I used to go to -- -- -- overtake him down sometimes fact can have recently found another one. And -- I bet I know you know where they can get played troll if that's what they want. So I just trying to act as a resource to than some of things. I hear from them two or three times and somewhat not hear from -- -- -- -- And so -- it doesn't take much much time and it's sort of priority for me because. It allows me to help others with me. Helps me and. -- -- -- -- Well that's a key you know what. Because there's ever a sense says try not to be a success but rather a value. As larger -- you live another fifty years probably happy that -- -- if you if you bought steroids but. Yeah. Israel pleasures you're going to Austin hoping Lucas up pray -- -- material to a -- -- you know who good Dusseldorf and whatever and so you know what's. Any idea that you must have had a lot of listeners this morning we speak. After the program. Went to number one lung cancer books in amnesty suddenly. Yeah our as a law says and you know I figured there had to be resolved I had been there for a week maritime. Power. -- something or -- radio. And I have found -- Norwegian and I dropped off the number one for government data doesn't have to say this morning after the show. I was back up to one on the lung cancer books so thank you very much. You're quite welcome you know you're telepathic practitioners you see you're registered nurse. What people are doctors are entries and you can say things that doctors -- saying you know keep their license. Right in front you know we're about your loss you just kind of made her yeah especially out of my age doesn't -- can -- while I think that's not gonna. So I think that the fact you can -- -- -- -- -- As you can you can speak freely and that's the key so more -- that age. I got two years your -- here's elements -- -- it gets enough credit -- conductor -- I don't think. Yeah well I well I got you talk metadata already. So. The book is -- you can beat the cancer. Using alternative methods and 10 what a good thing to do know who. -- disagree great book and thanks for doing it if you're under the proposal. They're saying thank you bill -- you hear extraordinary of a doctor Blake yes. Are you seeing it here a way that's very good thing you know minutes and industries students -- means. We sure do like how hard during copy of my book now I can drop you one and -- Without the great yeah yeah. And look -- in the -- we might just -- -- actually Chester released. Sherron may -- orders and don't distort now be also okay impede our customers would definitely love to have a good enough. I'll since you -- and thank you are. Great all right -- -- thank you okay thanks again picnic and a fact about it. He's a great the that he may have to be established. You -- -- you can. -- This week. Period I don't turkeys and his number called urine culture an ultra conservative. And we'll be right back. More of let's get help is coming up after the my whole thirteen seventy. -- Welcome back. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- June 7. Welcome back to show. -- just knows we're okay. Enjoy the show. -- a little free time we're. Good things you traumatic thing. You cannot. When I was talking about these cells take just face cocktail that warning the website 9% of all E. Coli in meat and spinach. They choose just like ours I'll have now -- about how he there was there's a river nothing just a rumor. Maybe is like if you sound like -- April Tuesday rumor that it goes to require. Call me be -- -- raw majors I know raw milk then would have a sense you know various. Yeah. April fool's joke on -- -- that the key -- entire article about it though. April 1 talking about that and at the and he put a full clue yet who flew the about it then yeah yeah yeah they came out and their listeners can terrible yeah. Yeah so in two days ago I do think it because -- ultimately. -- -- -- stool student then we do the stroke Christians turn somebody away position angles. Fisher warned him that this chances of having -- -- is higher. -- -- -- But -- of that Joseph -- after she goes to stroke but I essentially -- And they say that bent -- broke drugs can help provide protection. From the -- groups and so just something you know you don't see you learn things you -- in school. Here. And the future. So health is tracking just use the skid mounted fuel. To buses out this goes into your skin or understand the tracking device to write a contract yourself. Must have bosses think -- -- -- so for era spends less complete this process. So -- just had a -- time -- get into it today because sometimes what to what talk about that next week. Sears and you can see the pictures English instead of when -- Harry you can know. Got -- key is to watch. Crude -- flush your room. Would there be an engineer so you can help make those in addition. Then you could. About people farms. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Children to the bush years so. Whether -- -- short coupled. Thanks to do that they were. They'll look very happy I guess. Limited is an argument center who knows but you know ways Sophia is somebody you don't argue for you had a good front. -- is somebody who are now watch TV is pushing and -- oh yeah. -- display that -- mostly -- to time may be preventable and reversible. Because you get older you tend to have you know you don't see too much I think melatonin. Is one way to overcome that. And I appreciate you lose smoking when you did you get your older. Indio police also say depression may -- linked to heart failure. Broken heart. That's true they say broken heart does that mean there's something to is that in the death if death -- sentiments remain. And Michelin. -- another shirt cereal characters. In these. You know that mr. serve you know silly question is a producer on the bottom shelf and the idle -- only talk. -- -- pressured. The you know the bottom and you can see this is lucky charm box here and you see guys. The eyes don't look Julio. Who were the characters that are purchase character to that time you know there. Lucky now what happens if they have their -- foreign direct it to Clinton person buying and where the -- -- Some is actually put eyes. -- look in his eyes looking at the person -- more like about a -- enthusiasm while looking at a so they like pertaining to follow you down -- -- and it is it is Apple's gonna fall again -- you know how to paint your data we have just about room filled by the Fisher. Scanning enticing you find me. She's not a parent. We're something interesting that they'll finishes of childish when take charge would be healthy would you want to -- benefit however. Valium so volume vegetable for cancer Baskett and Greg Johnson of -- editorial. Prostate cancer. They did a population studied and they found that to reduce the incidence of prostate consider that. For a cancer. Esophageal stomach cancer. Sleep in in the mood to polling in each house is important actions that helps with sleep. Muscle -- learning and memory. -- -- -- So put Chattanooga. This -- -- -- is China's soon. About drinking coffee is like to decrease liver cirrhosis. -- in the deaths from their virtual machines drinking coffee. And you know. I do want to make sure we mentioned some of that upcoming seminar instituted ideology at people's at people -- while location. April 9 that wins the 7 PM we have an empire for parkinson's seminar. Also on April 15 which is the teens tonight we have a weight loss the lifetimes that says it's. But the people who on the senator Blake line. Location on April 7 a Monday night at 6 PM we have an anti can be campaign Leo does need come out take that out as well is. April 7 at seven stick around and at 7 PM might put seventy none have women's health balance and hormones. Without hormones. So is sounds really it's sustained and PM. Austin will be having the first annual horse -- -- musical music festival. Does it does person one we could reach today across you know lieutenant. -- in Oregon Texas and rent it doesn't give me -- low key soon. Well if you go to people rush to come to a big you can find out about all of this by the federal level is to drive. Correct in their way to -- detail if you -- what talk about next week because this Sunday right. -- that's next Sunday at six under so much air tomorrow or next Saturday afternoon will be talking about morning and afternoon would compliment you because. I'm just sitting lost his child and is free to have to ride the horse. Just distortion free number of jobs for functional and a great you know everything else coming up. No glad that we can't forget about also owned. Don't go just breakfast talk in dailies then I'll have people pharmacies. The breakfast tacos and the sliders and -- what age they are contained. Fresh organic soy free cakes that are from he ends that a -- source free feed milled at the coyote creek are getting mail and Elton. So I don't know if you have ever had these tacos from people that they are so -- middle of the key community when day he had to get -- for -- he lets hope in his taco booking his -- like I love. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So it is because he lives. Though he'd love to stock goes from -- also. It is their -- prearranged and chemicals messages of peace and achieve. Like about a six foot. We sure could feel it eventually he's a great for a short it to. The ones who are in creek is. -- the one the other ourselves here at the you know. Hello -- senator -- -- oh they had to 96. The sporting industry are based there's -- one big -- -- size your hand whoa I think make about a good six. We listened to rectify these are very nutritious. -- But that. Well I have like he's got him in the head at a Goosen hit a moreover to take a break here and three and I don't -- seven George Collins threw a no no Turkey's seventy we'll be right back. Welcome back to let's get healthy -- -- Wales on or other -- seventy. Welcome back to the show this is -- -- oh my -- through. And that Japan will talk but your purchase so that you really can do that you restart your practice in Austin. Marine Maria Maria. Yes you issues and that's going to be in July. The -- Very. You sit here here and you live tonight you're going to -- appears almost to the school there SI go to southwest college pertinent -- the medicine. There was a weather today. I -- as soon I niece now I need in the ninety's so really so you might be a little chilly today. The government no jacket and so yes -- -- than -- he's in the and I don't know I don't see Ryan -- the greater the skeptic 2000 tomorrow. Because there may be there myself but don't tell you that. It is I don't think people here. -- leader we -- more -- -- nobody's really -- to the east and northeast. But right now are -- Sunnis to cleaner don't play well sure because there is so valuable. To reduce their right -- good food. -- can last few days without. Water which can only laugh about. Half a minute or minutes or just take two minutes at the most with a career. -- this very important brave or really we breed. See 20000 time today we inhale and exhale which as well as well we have candidates. Okay well. I don't Brent I don't know forget which they -- -- -- -- tells us to the federal brazen robbery of the law Elisa won't call you. It at LSU got a product that we were just a little time here but you got a product two is working well we've sold aluminum. And almost without exception was generated by bring -- back. We did heavily I found out this morning. Should we sit -- intercepting who showed mayors you know for. None bigger and -- Present machine where we have three different sides of the standalone. They go from 399 before 9959. And I -- and number a thousand square foot 2300 square feet. And 3000 square feet and that's four. Homes without pets supported you know smoking or anything serious or issues that just over a. -- listen there are this they got confused because she thought -- and I was three are my innocence. What I meant hundred so we're just pretty upset and they should go back and apologize but there's just there's a very -- unit to. It did have its complex where I had to do it. Put it anyhow we played in turn on nothing else to do. Within its size are good because you actually do nothing nothing to change and she actually conversed and that's approximately the year doesn't -- throughout your process and -- liberal. Just like hybrid -- in the brown bottles we take the more sure. And the oxygen. Had to go through the machine creates higher profit -- -- its not like you can smell kind of some kind of strong I am older and little gradually destroys any voters. -- airborne mold airborne fungus we have bacteria mold test -- That we sell at all four people pharmacies that you could capture air yourself. And then after tests that there's my body he couldn't -- pretty happy dot com home page. If you home that has no -- and Kathie -- hit another home that had air fantastic. And it's usually a huge difference. Bear fantastic duck congress at the C -- web site. -- there web sites. And we don't all -- so the general issued and also we have traveled -- I had all four people pharmacy and you guys -- a great. Great plan. Whereas this year a little bit after cooling you know maybe bought an air purifier -- men's 200 dollars and it didn't work. Village take. Any of -- -- first home for ten days what do you do your deposits. And what I'll do that in Al -- -- if I won't give you guys gave -- brief. Bacteria mold him he'd just do one before he turned machine on takes about an hour booted a liberal arts. And it's been five days -- does it in the air wolf borrowing that you need if you look here. And then about seven days later did do it again and you'll pay five day later and if you -- big difference between nice days. How about how about mold. Of which -- earlier Bob mould you into problems -- Yet 37 million Americans the Mayo Clinic estimates 37 million Americans. Have chronic and I decided to Brooke -- and I was one of these people. Because of airborne fungus and airborne -- in the -- And an amazing concluded that taking antibiotics doesn't work. Because that is because the -- is more of a look at I don't like an allergy reaction and so some people diagnosed at -- he needed antibiotics. And it's not that successful so. In my case I used to be sick all the time would. Bacterium I mean form. Sinusitis and bronchitis. And I would go back and forth as doctor all the time and -- now my home doesn't need. He kept -- -- the suit on top ten years out I mean this commercial -- -- -- sure you understand that that's always a pleasure nobody. The last thing over you can go to yoga some -- house decision if you can see what she's doing -- longest. We've read that mean if we do several things we have for example we have a service business. So let's say you have a house he won a body or how simple -- just we just wanted to get serious voter we come over and and you know -- -- home. We've done homes that -- you know. I -- that are on the market conditions there for Q3 months because smell like an ashtray or smell and the dog kennel and we have had a baby you're the older completely. Through this great. -- you're right. Thank you so much for talking about here protesting their protests dot com -- All right your fantastic to be on the show appreciative that don't aren't given to him about. So we got to talk grew quickly about your practice yeah. I worked glare like do things about you we'll put you through a. How -- cared the west -- though lassie private consultations. Much in the focus more on. Gastrointestinal issues that just to the issues to people may be -- and as well as. Focusing on building brain held so near illogical issues that people are experiencing. -- recently have McCain's -- so now I can do -- they appear really hadn't built. -- and then you know about some -- yeah. Yeah you about -- bright bright -- I would pass on preaching ups and yet it's a bunch of different cups that their people are realizes difference 1018 he's -- feeling is that it. -- -- Not yet but hopefully soon once we get the new constitutes a room set up already like people's -- you can just elation -- -- well not in the store right now -- on death -- might be his table labeled exactly. Because. Yeah they don't and don't touch the body. The malicious certification I can't talk got you so there's a lot certification in addition to the Indy I got very telco up the good dinner that's amazing for pain relief into -- -- actually done seminar a talk about it and -- for mom made -- -- -- We're cut people out toxins that are left talks -- increased blood flow and circulation today area which is -- nutrients and oxygen Indian -- the toxins like collect plastic -- carbon dioxide out of those being so it's amazing for people for pain joint. Relief and aids -- you name it. It's amazing stuff. Now if you it just an NFL free -- give me. A call add that in the west lakes door five point 23278877. And I can give you more information about that sort -- you were due to a 62 now all coming up this turnaround be working and they're -- Friday and Saturday. Searches Friday Saturday yes sir that's your best bankers are for sure. It's so it was a special moment that she -- until it's now actually in school I gotta at least go on Mondays and he's a cellular coverage do we never with the. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't learn your lesson because I don't changeup believe who presidents. We can see -- -- My lesson now but what should be getting married well in December -- so you never changed. We have been educators on the other -- AM. And I don't know and that's yeah. Just liberated if I can tell you -- us those girls. Let's go there we we appreciate you being on anytime you're in Austin you'll be on the show are you the shows you know -- don't think -- -- know the show it killed region twosome. The same time so little bit you know. So take charge your life business was about right shoulder belt you become a major threat because you -- people who take charge of your health. Definitely -- an -- -- people. About their bunnies and how patient can provide everything for them. Who'd say well. Exactly the right because it's so just as the camera review here. You know we forget what were Joseph or -- that you know how you how you do save money for people because. You get to the core Lucas is the cause the problem right. If you ever get to the court cause of the problem maybe some bad -- whatever. You know you can what can -- it can. You know yeah you can -- all kind of give us an effort it takes you like from -- -- you really can. Premature impulses they send out through your brain is this let's temperatures to only gives the -- -- -- now in my future turn wanna be sweet. You see a lot of do you keep these and was going always video you thanks those coming out. -- grange is good to a lot of people. For many people most definitely yes because it just tends to do some I didn't feel like we talked about it earlier -- in GMO a lot of the weeks out there -- genetically modified. So definitely take and we data that can be a mainly for people and then with the metabolic syndrome. The end so high now days it's definitely taken -- grains will not heard of six. And I'll do you know where the NIH as soon reassurance she used this very. Politicized. And so they take him out of always a few weeks ago that the number one does. In America's attached. Connections for highs around the number two it was brilliant then our daily grill so any thing is with. Lot of graves -- children because the video is number one guys. If you don't put a product like it really only and so effective we gotta go I guess. -- right okay specialists are forced governor sure all Lucy and actually fit.