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Mar 30, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome to living well you radio -- -- hosts -- com. Good afternoon you're listening to living well on radio heard every Sunday afternoon here on talk radio thirteen 70 AM. Streaming live in the top thirteen seventy dot com I'm Teresa -- helping you live wealthier. Resources are available for you living well you radio dot com. -- Rural. Or blue moon. We need to the past you remember a time when America seemed more free. You wonder how we got to place in our country where the government is choosing. What is best for you and your family and everything from education -- how to spend your money to health care. Maybe you've cut your political eggs in the republic and our democratic basket. Only to be disappointed. By the -- post. For more and more and -- -- governments. Are maybe you've turned your church of the Bible looking for answers that he didn't just told told hey the -- the powers that day. Does this sound familiar. What can you do about it what does the future hold for children and our grandchildren and how can we re claim America. For the next generation and pastor chuck Baldwin and view our guest today and you are former presidential nominee and popular radio hosts. -- also the leading authority on our constitution. And religion and liberty and what are your thoughts and what's going on today width with. The government being so intrusive kind are dated day activities. Well first off like a -- subscribe to be on the -- like political law absolutely. I think we're all concerned is that the direction our country is taking is not in the best interest of our posterity. We were built as saying nation. Of laws not -- we were based upon page. Document the declaration of independence assert our rights come from god not government. That is the responsibility of government to secure. The rights for god gave us life liberty pursuit of happiness successor. The constitution codify the principles of the declaration of the bill of rights. Cemented the individual liberties recognized. By our former government. That vision of the founding fathers says you have most yardage knows has been for the most part abandoned. By both of the two major parties in Washington DC. There are some great. Of congressmen and senators in the very state legislatures including their taxes. So a lot of personally. We have some great legislators here Montana. Well there's some wonderful freedom loving people around the country and in the state legislators sort force the problem is that. That the federal government has more and more intruded upon. The autonomy and sovereignty of the states he goes to individuals. The courts have ruled for the most part in favor of this intrusion. To the point we are where we are in until. The American people are believed us and especially want to add at this point especially the churches. And that means the pastor's. Until. We begin to wake up and really truly inform the people. So what's going on. And what they can do about it as individuals of citizens those voters as county sheriff says legislators and mayors and county commissioners except etc. I don't -- we're going to stem the tide of this federal leviathan and. So how did we get hero we've got assist dumb that was set up that it's seemed to work for announced some time. And it's set up with a balance of power separation of powers how we get here. Well we got here. Past I think mostly a lot of that we can go back in history and find some crucial junctures there. Kind of turn the direction of the country away from position of the founding fathers. But let's fast sort of mater memorize I think it and and post World War II. America. We -- a lot of things happened we we have instituted a they direct income tax. The Internal Revenue Service came into being. The Federal Reserve System came -- to -- we've got away from sound money principles and we went two -- Fiat money. Such system and then from that we went to a state. The -- money system whereby we are forward money and not now living within our means. Is a social experiments. Under Johnson and sixties. They've got control act and and many things that really set the foundation for a lot of the things that we are dealing with today. Fast forward. To the administration of George H. W. Bush. And I think that at that that was a crucial in my mind that was a crucial juncture for for people. I really see. The administrations. Of of George Bush number one Bill Clinton and George Bush number two and -- Barack Obama. As pretty much being one law continuous administration. George H. W. Bush was the first one to talk about publicly talk about the new world order. And the principles of the new world order which he began to implement under his administration continued. Under Clinton under bush to. And now under Obama and the escalation of course and each administration seems to be greater. So I think that we are now -- a period of of history that. It essential and critical. That's freedom loving people in this state legislatures in the state governments. And the individuals citizenry. Began to. We claim. For those who have liberties of our of our posterity. Or. I think we're on the verge of some very serious and potentially calamitous. Circumstances. So the new world order define what that means for you and has for many people on fastest conspiracy theory. No it really is what it means to me is it is not as important what it means to people with this talk about it. And what it means to them is. They. First regional government. Merging eventually into a global government. That's been the desire of but tyrants. You know throughout the millennium may go back to the Tower of Babel all the way through. Biblical history you know this is the story of the legal provisions of the Babylonian some Syrians and they get in the Roman empire you. You know you look at all the great. -- Dictators of history they've all had the same basic dream. And that dream is to create. It utopia based upon a global government of course which they've -- To the modern global lists that the desire is not so much. It -- lust for political power poll that's part of it but more more than that to them it is they lost -- financial -- It's all about greed -- money wealth prosperity except her one of the greatest entrances to the super rich of this world. Is national boundaries. Independent nation states are a big pain in the in the rear end to these global us because they. They're not able to quickly easily. Com and smoothly. Do these international transactions. That they they are dependent upon the individual. Rules regulations. Taxes. Imposed duties success Europe. Of the various nations states and when you're dealing with multiple relations states that can be a real pain it is to try and coordinate. -- international financial packaging. And it's the same time you know subscribe to all these independent rules and regulations. This mandated by the various countries. So the desire of the global -- to break down. The boundaries of nation states for the purpose. Of being able to create a -- big global economy and we hear that term all the time. The global economy is what thereafter. But you cannot achieve a global economy. -- until you have some sort of global government manages. And that's their goal in the United States of America courses the last bastion. Of independence and freedom in the world so we're the Big Apple. To them. And the and the biggest hindrance to them salute to achieving their international financial goals so that's what they mean that they're talking about a global us. Financial system. Of which of course they will be the major players them. But don't they already have enough money but at what point is enough enough. If that happened about if you. All manner Rockefeller assess their questions. Am very easy you know how much much wanted to take to make a man happy and and his response was classic he said a little more little -- thing. Yeah and I. And that you know there there is no there is no limit produces the desire in full well. It's an insatiable desire. And so I like her say they look at this as an untapped. Trading field so that that there are dying to be able to master. So the global desires to create the global economy of course the they want the first thing they had to do -- give yourself some money because some money is anathema. To what their what they desire and controlling guess controlled economy. Because of the somebody's system is limited it is used cannot borrow would stand you cannot just print money out of thin air. You are bound by. You -- the limits of of the money that that is in actuality real and substantive. So that is. That's something that they had to do and accomplish that they've got us into Fiat currency they've got to -- who have. A debt ridden money supply system. And so the other able to print money borrow money as they're that there will. -- but still they've they've got this problem of all these nations states. And hindering the free flow of their international commerce so. Few days they desire very much to be able to break down that's very. And by nation states -- referring to. Yeah all all of the independent sovereign nations of the world who lost a. I completely got the United States what are the other states. So -- us. Politicking album you know take Great Britain take. You know of these this. Nations of Europe take South America. You know there's a lot of major players economically in the world economy. And each of these nations have their own individual interests. And they want tries to some degree protect their. Their financial interest on the global market. So they will set up all kinds of duties and impose some. The trading regulations and certain except. And all these international financiers they've got to deal with each and every one of these. Individual nations. And the rules and commerce that they employed. So that's why they would love to be able to set up some kind of a global us financial system. Whereby. Individual nations. Would not be able to gain comfort them and they're committed transaction in the national finances. So we've heard it well certainly the euros and playing today and we've heard of the Merrill we part of you know these regional centers. Around the world right where they would incorporate -- implement. This new world order or at this. Global. Governmental body which is in reality we've got the world bank and we've got the United Nations and we do have already. Some of these governing bodies. Where this in mind right but. Sure what you're saying is they are trying to speed up the implementation. And this global governments. And these countries coming into. You know. I guess the control and power of the global governments. I'm curious and you know European Union was the model. That was supposed to. Set the trend. For what you're talking about that didn't work too well. Not not exactly right and and it's not gonna work well it's. You know god created independent nationhood. You know this is something that a lot of people just want to recognize considerably the -- as any you know any relevancy to what's going on today. But he established for early and can end. -- industry. Well. Individual nationhood. And the very first attempt. At globalization was in the book of Genesis. The Tower of Babel. And we noticed that god directly intervened in that and and I think that you know. God has been intervening in Dole's attempts ever -- but that does not negate. Or or in any way. Stop the and the desires and ambitions of those who seek global government but have -- do your opinion as a as an unqualified disaster. And and -- now you guys. The situation -- that throughout Europe. The spirit of secession and separation. Is beginning to take over the minds and hearts of people we were witnessing this there's been over twenty countries. Just in the last few years that had succeeded. From various countries or separated. So -- ultraviolet someone not most utmost for mob violence but the point is is that terrorism there's no question in the global movement of his of separation independence excerpts taken place. And we see there are here in the United States as well. You got more western counties in Maryland that are trying to see from Baltimore. He got nine northern counties in Colorado and trying to see from Denver. You've got -- Bob -- the California legislature right now. That this is really gaining steam. Throughout. California that would actually divide the state of California in just six yeah they yeah. You know this so this spirit and the mood of people I think his shifting away. From integration and from globalization. And its now I think going into a phase -- that -- the feeling of separation and independence. And secession is more more bowl. Politically not just America but around the world personally I see that as a good thing. So Powell. Are these government global entities reacting to this appearance. The other. They're not they've had their. They're not reacting. Kindly that's for sure you know that they certainly don't like this. And they're gonna do everything they can't stop it including right here our country. Yeah I think we see the forces of big government and centralization. Very much a work in -- pointed -- Obama was elected. I think they felt that they really had the momentum on their side especially when he was reelected. They they really felt that that was -- as good as the global agenda could be. Achieved may do more quickly. And then and then not the but don't know what the message doesn't wrinkle here at home and that was whenever it does at the very beginning of a second term. Dubbed mr. Obama votes have been last year when he and senator Feinstein collaborated on the gun control will have to send -- massacre and they really. Felt that their march they had the bulls. -- that gun legislation which would've it would have been absolutely devastating to the rights. And freedoms of American people that this bill would have done three things trees in the water -- Outlawed all semi automatic rifles. Number two would outlaw all magazines Christian landlord for ten rounds or more. Thirdly you would have created a national database a gun registration. For all -- weapons. That -- that that has passed it is my view it would be the beginning of the end its terms of some of the freedoms that we enjoy the under the bill of rights because the Second Amendment. Protects all of the other freedoms that we cherish. They really thought they had it and lo and behold. They could not even passive in the democratically controlled senate and that you have a chance ever by protesters and they would go to out Soviet showdown but. It did not even pass the democratic controlled senate that was because. The American people for grassroots gun owners and create in this of this country rose up and a very loud voice. And let it be known to their senators and legislators as they were not gonna stand before he Morgan. I've lost and and I think you have seen open defiance. Pedals gun laws passed in fact we're seeing that you cynical Connecticut right now. Where they passed a very similar bill on the state level. And only 15%. The last reporter read but in blackboard dot com 15%. Of the gun owners in Connecticut have complied. With the law to register or turn in the semi automatic handguns and and -- capacity magazines. At least eighty. 5%. Hundreds of thousands. Of Connecticut. Gun owners have openly refused. To comply. With that law. So -- the state of Connecticut the stretchers and figure out what you're gonna do they don't dare Goldwater girl would go to registration that would create another Concord Massachusetts. I love I love the fact that the Connecticut gun owners have. Not registered I think that's fantastic and and you referred to the Second Amendment as being the amendment that protects all other freedoms. That goes a bit deeper with that. Well again it all the other freedoms are basically worked on a piece of paper. The First Amendment to guaranteeing the right of some of worship and and freedom of their and no redress and and speech. The right to be secure in their own houses -- effects in the Fourth Amendment. You know all of the other liberties that we that we cherish in the bill of rights. Are dependent upon the Second Amendment the right people to keep and bear arms not being infringed. It as long -- you have an armed citizenry. You have -- -- safeguard. Protecting the liberties of people. When you remove -- of a citizen Murray's. Opportunity. To defend themselves. Against radical government and that was the purpose -- the -- and it was about squirrel hunting or target shooting was about. Defending. Themselves from radical government -- citizenry to lose is that ability. Then maybe you are -- completely have mercy. To do whatever the powers that be far to time. And all the other rights that we honor and cherish. Are are simply words that there's no. There's no way to back up or too. -- the words it is the Second Amendment. The actual arming and possessing. Weapons. Self defense weapons. Military grade weapons modern weapons -- terrible to military weapons that can keep up people -- So well said -- going to go ahead and go under pray. If you find yourself wondering. Why the government feels it's okay. To intrude on our right. You're gonna punish states can win. In the conversation with -- has stalled plan right after this. Living wealthy radio visit Teresa's team online and living wealthy radio dot com. 1803820830. Now call 1803820830. Welcome to call us. We welcome you Rio which Teresa com. It's yours just now joining us this is Tracy candidly speaking with former presidential candidate. And liberty champion pastor chuck Baldwin. Pastor you recently wrote a book. Regarding that the topic we were just talking about. About the rights to bear arms in the Second Amendment to end the role that churches have played the and this topic. Well thank you yes indeed yeah. While we had a great success. There. Last year in defeating the the gun control bills. I'll put forth by senator Dianne Feinstein. There's the thing that that I noticed that really bothered me was the fact that the vast majority. Of pastors and churches. We're either silent on the subject or if they spoke they spoke in favor of turning in your guns and the government asked you to. Some extremely disconcerting if you go back to our country's beginning. It's a warm up for these but the patriot pulpits of colonial America. There never would have them. A war for independence. These infected in the war for dependents beginning of April 1975. On the green of the church in Lexington where. About seventy mayhem. That assembled in the in the predawn hours. Of that April morning. Twitter must get some hand to faceoff against over 800 billion British portions that were marching on Concord. To seize the cache of arms. There were there and arrest John Hancock and Sam Adams. Who by the way were staying in the home of the pastor. Of the church of Lexington mandolin Jones Clark. And what most history books failed to tell us is that. -- seventy some odd man that stood on Lexington green which was on the green just outside the church where they worshipped every Sunday. -- mostly the congregants of that church. These were mostly men of war on that church congregation. The church of Lexington. Lexington Massachusetts pastor Jones Clark. They were the so called minutemen. That's still the Lexington green and where the shot was followed her around the world war for independence began. That would have never happened. -- Johns Clark and hundreds of other colonial pastors of all the nominations throughout colonies. Reached the principles of liberty freedom self defense etc. -- from the scriptures to their congregations. Every Sunday for months and months and years and years before the events of April 19 to place. So without the picture pulpit supporting America they were called the black Richmond by the British crown. There would have been no American revolution there would have been no declaration that -- -- -- constitution no bill rice had been the United States of America. It was the pay triple -- -- in America that literally. First to this country they gave -- inspiration description or instruction they taught to biblical principles of natural law freedom liberty self defense. It's better. What we do what we don't have an America today is that they triple that. That's the one thing that we don't have in America today we've got a lot of the other elements are still what is the love of liberty in the hearts of many people it's still there. So deep appreciation for the -- by some. We've still got the Second Amendment and people are armed and and carrying their arms and possessing their arms you know we still value the Fourth Amendment. -- there's a lot of these. These issues that are still very much alive and well in spite of everything that Washington DC -- -- the last fifty years. But the one thing that we don't have. Is the patriot pulpit why is that. Well hit it well part of it is because of the of the Romans thirteen. This interpretation. And that we can talk about that too because I think they feed the other. The messenger -- almost thirteen and -- -- -- the government no matter what. Has been taught in this country for at least fifty years or more. What -- what exactly does Romans thirteen say. Yeah Romans thirteen appears to. And that this Christian church. Leave the basic principle. Of submission to civil government and also give us too civil government responsibility. That they have to the people. Paul was not introducing anything new. In Romans thirteen he was simply restating principles that have been stated throughout description pulled pulled a new testament. He was saying that we have a responsibility. To live and saying decent peaceful society that we should submit. Two good lawful government and we all believe that. But he also told government that they had a duty to minister. For that they were not to be a terror to good works but the people. There were responsibilities given. Civil government every human before he is relegated him and delegated and jurisdictional. There's no such thing as an unlimited human. Forty illiterates or -- civil government whether it's family government whether it's home. Church government. It doesn't matter whatever the governing system might be it is a limited jurisdictional. Authority. No the only king of kings and border wars that we have the universe is the lord Jesus Christ everything else and everyone else is subject. To any limitation of the 47. The biblical -- dating back all the way to the old testament. So what we have -- the interpretation that's being presented today. Teresa is that no we export to submit to the government no matter what. Unlimited submission. Stand up. -- part of that too is because of the above the 501 C three tax exempt status for churches operate governors since 1954. No there was no -- 01 C three. Categorization until then you know it's Lyndon Johnson and senator from. Texas soaring. -- created this monstrosity that we know is the father once secret taxes -- corporation status. Churches operate under that. They are given rules guidelines and regulations of what they can't do what they kept saying fixed Federer the churches and pastors have accepted that without question. And so they've been neutered. They have they have no courage they have they have no backbone they have more understanding and appreciation. For the freedom of the pulpit freedom of how the man of god given setup of the preacher -- the truth about your favorite beverage without fear of government. So all that has been lost its all I think part of why we are little we are go to church. So I saw that and my son -- a constitutional attorney. I saw that I would say you know we got to write a book -- to try and set the record straight and so we really frantically got together and started writing. And we wrote a book that's called -- keeper about to keep what Christians should not give up their guns. And we go back into the history of the of the scriptures of the old -- all the way through the -- and we proved conclusively. There's no where does god expect. For Christian people and laid down their arms in the faced. But tyranny or unjust government it's just not there just the opposite. The Bible commands us and expects us to defend. Our families our homes our children our freedoms and liberties successor. And we proved that in the scripture so we wrote the book -- -- book that we rules that you just mentioned it was Romans thirteen MM. This book -- wrote a couple years ago. And that book is titled Romans thirteen the true meaning of submission and -- and we went back -- again scripture and we showed. How that god nowhere expects people to submit to evil government. So so these two books were written as a result of what we saw as the failure of the church and the pastors and in particular. To have to take the stand. In their pulpits. For the principles of liberty. And an energized the people of the church. To resist and to be involved in the freedom fight. 108 -- stern today. Have. The church without that by the one C three status and an old habit without fear. Of any repercussions. Without the government shutting them down etc. certainly you can you -- have a puppet your own home right that. Well we have a couple of fellowship here in the accounts -- Montana. That I pastor and it's not 501 C three -- incorporated and militiamen performed. And I know that there are many hundreds of commemorations around the country that. Likewise do not have these 5123. Incorporated stated so it certainly. Possible to do in fact you know before 1954. No churches. War incorporated there was no such thing as a government incorporated church. Before. 1954. So you know the idea that church must become 501 C three and I must incorporate nonprofit status six that are just is not true but. The colleges universities and seminaries. All the places that are training the pastors and this includes all the nominations. They're all teaching. That the church should do that I mean that's what I was taught when I was in can borrow college. So you -- if you have to you have to try to find the church. All that's independent and impact we have on our website Teresa. Chuck Baldwin live dot com we have a a section they're called the black regiments yeah and so far we have like McConnell eight or 900 pastors around the country. Who have identified themselves. As black regiment pastor. And people can go to that web site and look at the states and find a city and see if there's one near you. Now -- can't vouch for whether or not all these churches are 501 C three or not I don't want to process that has. They all have met the criteria that set up a preacher pastor -- -- an approach from the pulpit to things that are right. Come -- to expand access to accept -- And so what is the advantage to church 2501 C three and use. Then like you said you there are many churches in the United States that art but why would a pastor go ahead and want to come file for that status. Well there's several reasons most of which involves borrowing the money and that's that's another issue that yeah. -- to be addressed in the church. I've I've come to conclusions but I don't go to church should be. Borrow money period I'm not ensure that should be going property. They didn't churches did no property for many many hundreds and hundreds of years. After the church for him but. -- whenever you go to a bank and you try to borrow money to build a building -- property or whatever. I -- about 501 C three most almost lending institutions won't want your money. And so it's it's you know it's a financial consideration they didn't do it not only for. The convenience of being able to borrow money but they also do it would see idea that. Everybody who gets the congregation can can write off there yes. The Internal Revenue Service come tax time so that's not to say that you can't -- off text to a church. -- it's not 501 C three bullets but there is no question about it if you are 51 C three -- Then the thing is to whatever you gotta bite my property or you bar products or whatever you give them that. -- -- the number that you get from Internal Revenue Service from trial. And that means of all your purchases of tax exempt so it all goes back to money. Teresa it's all about money literally in the bar governor of the spending governor of the -- together -- of it. It's all about money and that's that is the dictionary -- That they hold -- has to to get churches to submit to this. What a surprise. I am shocked and so our listeners are completely and totally shocked. And I I've got an opinion regarding churches and their buildings and on the other stuff which is not the crux of our show today but you know the bottom line is. When you submit to the government and you've got that -- tax exempt status by the one C three. Basically you've got a muzzle as a pastor as to what you can talk about. Absolutely and without a 501 C three status you -- a muzzle you could say whatever you choose to correct. That's that's exactly right. And that's what they did Lyndon Johnson whenever he was in the senate. And Texas was really disturbed by the fact that many many of the pastors and churches in Texas very conservative very freedom oriented. Limited government etc. They were on his case all the time you know Glen Johnson wasn't she huge big government social -- type of guy. And he was tired of the churches in taxes the -- Giving him grief I mean he was really facing a lot of criticism. A lot of flak from among the Christian population there in Texas and so. And try to figure out what how can we. Silence these guys -- we get the money and Alvaro out of our business and paying concocted what. We now know is the final ones to protect as a corporation status. And ever since then. Then of course it didn't happen overnight but over a period of time after several decades. The churches and pastors have been for the most part completely neutered. So that's that's why we wrote the book. You almost routine true many of submission. The -- wrote the book. You can promote to keep poor Christian should not give up your -- -- to -- pastors and Christians. These scriptural knowledge and information they need. To -- all that. By standing up for work what is right but refusing to submit to tyrannical government are refusing to restore under my firearms. I am actually obeying god. And if I do not. If I submit to this -- -- -- disobeying god it's it's not it's not just a matter of -- -- Second Amendment of the constitution of the you know all of the political bill of rights it's about obeying god these are scriptural. Principals. That god has given to us that we miss Christians must -- we are derelict in our Christian duty. If we surrender or means of self defense when we surrender the authority of the lord's church to the government. We have abandoned our Christian responsibility we are actually I don't winters and I know that. That's a strong term. -- -- that's really what we've become we become a generation of Christians are adulterers. We are warship being. At the altar of this state has. And we are putting this stay in up in us. Played so preeminence. Above the war ship of Christ and it's just and it's not just politically wrong. It is this -- And we're trying to get Christians -- realized to get back to the word of god. And the scripture principles of truth. That the Bible teachers and give away from all this modern politically correct gobbledygook. That's coming out the pulpits and most of our churches. Use moved out to Montana a few years ago. How slow a bit about that decision and we've been up to send. -- thank you know we were 35 years in the state of Florida. And had a who are really successful ministry there. Was -- wanted to try to -- three at that point yes it was. That's actually say you're -- down from you know you've been on both sides now. That's exactly right. I started the church more from life there in Florida. And not 23 years old it -- you know fresh out of all of college that's -- I was taught to do it. I didn't know anything else and so we incorporated that way and we and we operated that way for this all the common policy -- all the -- must say. That over the last several years in my opinion there. I was extremely outspoken and I paid no attention at all to. The rules and -- 501 C three. Code. I just it would ever wanted to do and. Did you yeah -- color. But the -- before I ran for president I mean you know -- Had a radio talk show you know five days a week two -- that they excited just like you addressed all of these issues so. Did you get to travel all learn and they'll unaudited unaudited that's another story that we could -- -- really no time -- Yes like they'll both sides of the very well. And done. After Lou. We have been there over thirty years on my wife and I our family kind of kind of new and instinctively. That. Our days there were -- that we were not you will be here forever. Am so we began initially study and prayer and research about. Where we would go when we went we didn't win it would be but we wanted to know where we -- gonna go so we knew we set -- all about two or three year. -- Both of researching and studying and I mean we really did it is my camera and I were talking what five heads of households. Eighteen people's time. You know we really. Put our hearts our minds to the task and we looked at the entire country look to foreign countries to be honest. You know we've we've looked at Texas we've looked -- -- are we looked at Missouri look at local hallway we look at. Various parts of eastern Tennessee Vermont New Hampshire we've we've looked at -- rocky Mountain States Alaska. And eventually after. You know several years again I just eliminated one by one by one. How we have person would do was eliminate every everything east of the Mississippi River. And you had a criteria for this right. Feel yes yes and you know until eventually we would probably settle on the rocky Mountain States and then from there can finally Montana also. You know I would say like I said it was about two to three year. Process and course of doing at all doing more traveling to -- around the country so had a chance to physically come up here and speak to people and and see that area personally. -- after a period of several years god just. Made it clear to us that this is -- -- common and frankly -- I just. I love it I mean you know people think when you go from -- you know bombing weather and sunshine and beaches and Eagles -- Montel it's cold and frozen. And deal people complained that all they want but you know I just. I am so glad I'm here do not regret the move one bit. So what he's glad about what what's made it's so awesome plane. I guess for people. More than you think there's. Probably and I've traveled -- 1000 miles across and commonly US. I've -- -- stadium exit for. I've been big cities small towns I've been everywhere and there's some great people -- and a lot of places I would domain. I got a lot of friends in Texas -- I can focus taxes it's some wonderful people of Arizona Oklahoma. There's great people in the eastern Tennessee coming days everywhere I went this I met some wonderful people but. I would I would say this. That percentage wise of population there are more. God fearing the liberty oriented people in the flathead valley Montana than any place in the entire United States of America. So I think that's first. Secondly is this the geographical. Syria is terrific for everything that we wanted we wanted mountains. What we wanted. We know everything -- That's Iraqis affords us. We don't like the fact that it's a rural state constitutional big cities could dominate the politics of the state. We like that very much. The fact that people global web -- trouble alive dot com Teresa. There's a button called the ball was moved to Montana war we outline. Our reasons. Well past her thank you so much for giving us your perspective. And what's going on with this country and talent why we lost so many liberties. While the popular solutions. Put forth I think by the mainstream. Did continue to disappoint. So many of us train across all that a political lines. We do have solutions. And dumb sometimes I think we feel like we down. But you certainly. Have a message of hope. And a great message of and great information. On what our freedoms mean and it's. You know the real the real information not you know the BS that we -- in the mainstream as opposed to you know. -- what the Second Amendment means and what the gun rights mean next that are around so. I do urge our listeners to check you out check out your website if you don't mind listing your your web site's RS. Sure be glad to hand and they confined both of the books. -- listed on the web site says in Romans thirteen. Which the committee submission and to keep them not to people are Christians should not give up their guns. Both those books are clearly. Saying the links are there they can afford those books. Our trip to Montana. That's there on the church -- pastor will be fellowship -- a link to that. Everything and how to reach me contact information and everything is on the web site. And basically that -- the basic web site address is simply chuck Baldwin lies. That's -- my radio show chuck Baldwin live dot com all one word chuck Baldwin live dot com -- Excellent and we will also post a link I'm living while you -- to your website and your resources. Again you thank you so much for joining us today pastor -- problems. God bless you and your family thank you Teresa got bush used to -- yeah. You've been listening to living -- 78 and certain lies at top thirteen insanity. Dot com. I'm free to pin and I hope you'll join me again next week as they show -- ways to live wealthier. Resources are available for you on our web site. At the living wealthy radio dot com. It's. And.