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Mar 22, 2014|

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Welcome to let's get healthy with bills whale on talk thirteen seventy. He's here to take your call -- 39013. Seventy. And now here's bill -- -- -- -- What I was a little. Delay because so okay you know -- a delay is OK drew concern as soon. Well this trailer there's Marcos today today's -- is certainly a pleasure having you keep and your from the great city of liquid liquid sexist so -- -- in the great state takes its how you live like going to. Yes sir -- about two minutes from where work and it's a blessing and -- happy it is only have a two or three minute commute -- -- person classless gets countries insist on a bit. We have really blessed practice and then and liquid Texas. Have got -- for -- myself and we try and treat all. Helpfully and give people a choice between medical alternatives and trend and basically do honestly both so way. But early give the choice of the person because that person can make their own choices about. Their health care in general anyway. And most of us are trying to struggle with natural. What I call drugs army officials intricacies of for a purpose up. But we usually -- -- trying to trying to do something is the body needs. Bonds was a foreign substance the body doesn't need to look at drug. You bring your DA approved trip. But sometimes have to resort to go to -- for drugs also. Except well there's a pleasure of their pressure that's a little delusional you. If you choices if she can't exactly grew on me is diet. Including official on other things that will help the person to get better. And then that -- actually help them. Succeeding of addressing implement inflammatory causes the body and other things that are caused by either chemicals -- environmental causes. You you talked about this for years and you've been on forefront in Austin. With the whole foods movement things like that. Getting naturally. Natural foods things served and are actually real -- that this is a synthetic foods you're just -- those who just about all -- -- ballistic of one mainstream media. I think has been there all along assistants. I think the regular media's front trying to finding out and try to encourage other alternatives which are better freer spotted. Right well there's going to be of some new. Massive new food regulations coming out with obamacare with Obama. Alone and I think it's. I think he's going to be good who are -- -- season. Your banning -- -- you know while which is not a bad idea of mandating calorie labels a chain restaurants and any machines sure. Although calories aren't. Everything all right -- news. The type to meet the type of -- and buy things that the next big difference right. There's a step in the right direction. Hope tennis any new week hoping this'll change -- for the positive Lewis -- the first territory years there with a -- -- -- that is huge. They're just forget it. I don't go away and city of -- is curator of the government's -- and thanks to the you can politics and all this is a certain. Will seek. What was just seen -- alzheimer's. Is growing -- form or. Likely that breast cancer women. All -- show -- far -- two numbers pencil. All part of his so I think that word getting better at finding breast cancer and getting an early. For one. And to the treatment even if it's toxic Tyson treatments are actually working. You know for the people to choose medical alternatives purses. Appropriate alternative. Bought -- -- and nutritionally -- Committed approach. From from other practitioners southern -- so -- I think you know and that does a good alternative sound like -- drive but I think -- says. Otherwise we're gonna run through things quickly before you -- first this afternoon about fifteen minutes but. But attorney general calls for W retailer genetic clues pharmacies to drop selling tobacco products. CBS -- and sure enough cynic I think most we said we're Chris Arnold thirty years ago. As you can remember it into that's so. That was good. We didn't do losing business program to be picked up some business sheriff because a oh far received shouldn't -- something like. -- -- where she dropped to. -- Parcells is totally honest definitely definitely poses lots of problems must have cost her her health care systems he. Well -- and here's something interesting an average brought against more browser after waiting suck so much what you want any ideas about that. Probably because we -- -- all that -- before handed me confident enough that we didn't hit it too many males -- here and tell -- just -- -- or something that shows. To help prevent type two diabetes -- resistance research showed resistance exercise. Yes. It is is best to prevent. Walking is also gonna we know that spread a resistant solutions. Is that part of -- that -- that drill sergeants who have. -- -- it isn't to say well once a week of doing well right -- -- heavy exercise your right. Pushing pushing -- the wall or you don't you know you can do assertion attempt to serve customers can remember us symmetric threat. So -- you need to do if you leave then seeing the same position that pushing hard. As well as some people don't know what the word right symmetric paints. This is a study done in Denmark the -- -- 2000 Malaysian older women and her eight year age. And that's where they can over the study. Has a lot of people that's a lot. Minute average -- so it is over a thousand. -- mean I'm just trying to lower Tuesday muscular condition exercise. You know -- bell sounds like -- -- just talked about him is good. Capsule to -- also enjoy lower risk if you can reduce your risk of diabetes that's great and. And it. That's a more using major muscle groups. I think that's what they're trying to say is he's an image of muscle groups and in that type of exercise. Help sun burned. Located. He was Slobodan in the blow this Willis quite crack did you and muscles. And you know that's a good thing for preventing diabetes 'cause you don't need too much like this and you need some quite -- but not a lot. So we've gone off the -- assembly that -- Well here's here's some things that you you've got to have. And their -- -- paid for -- bottom of the ocean is a book just came out which can show. Washington water he's in he's in -- disorder ocean water enzymes minerals environments. Little support from our Susan who blessed is bottoms cigarette. Right above. It is minerals. We know minerals my knees and was for an -- absolutely. The master mineral and volatile 300 metabolic processes. It's been rich -- about a lot to. The wind is not talked throughout much is potassium. -- As you can now there's been. Big egg together culture has depleted protester from the -- Obama and magnesium too yeah exactly yeah. -- And as for over a hundred years been depleted -- things that make sure you're a program several protests -- and yet yes launches but that's a lot of sugar. Tests it was essential for our -- muscle nerve -- justice system corporate normally you. And also are ready -- -- -- Sure so this could well what's fascinating is one of our our main diet at our clinic. This -- approaching in the what are the main things they recommend this potassium assists. Probably on the scene. Same vein of thought -- Is that a lot of people don't have enough potassium. Other people need to be careful to people taking diuretics. You needed to talk near and dear do you know about that. Not just either some directs it actually keep the testament of body so to have more protests it would be a problem -- every affiliate referenced -- has little -- and she takes time -- Japan -- of -- -- The tortured affiliate facility to be careful. For those folks that. You know feeling whether as soon. This true message we -- -- most a lot of a lot of these -- and lose protest the assert. So you've got to replace current -- which one is which is important to us. Well and some of the ones that they use for that actually some -- -- apologist. On sometimes bull. Increased to -- due to a small extent to and so. -- the stresses and end its interest he's a director of activist seems to work. And I don't know the mechanism honestly -- I really trying to just discriminate -- and you know the stress of drugs anyway. But just they're going to do it and you'll just be careful what that too -- taken a drug tracking this from -- -- this. There is not the usual when a moniker. Approach it's probably going to be of testing for him and about it I'm sorry -- even. Vitamin. -- for about an hour halt time temperature repression ul certification notice would you bust my heart. The -- my heart panel accident has about in the -- and on all the time. So we checked virtually everybody that it was on my side the -- petition sharpness. The very -- I mean I'm trying to encouraged to do it but they can do their own tougher practice I don't push them into must have practiced. It and I do on virtually every patient with my physicals this is what Russia's -- And some people were she's in a single tree in his country does not just for free what's wrong with that. Is that right an office just fit the interest coming in space for. And -- in the past. -- one had to go to Boston hardest because the insurance companies would stop paying for vitamin. And also for around it just European crisis -- high sensitivity C reactor protein which is inflammatory markers you know. -- and so those two tests were crossing my patience on -- dollars. All sudden on what was thought three years of almost four years ago please stop paying for. And I have no idea why they called. Experimental and you know how to try not to pay for things insurance companies -- no you're kidding not to hate or did they just they're such great people -- -- -- so what have to decide at the final. Another test. That would cover those tests without my my patience being charged otter box. As I was saying so it seemed to demonstrate a policy thing and also and you know our our bill like it you know that appropriately. -- -- prowess though wasn't cost -- anything and it wasn't for years. And also on his stop paying for those two tests as quote. Experimental -- So. Anyway in the Boston -- some other great tests like health diagnostics HEL. Tests are excellent they have those tests on their. And are out of network type labs that it really do well it's about getting these good levels forest is -- said vitamin. Per number process of. For pregnant women and -- those about a what do you make sure there you know they get to write novels about a certain. And also introducing more remedies have bought it might give breast cancer precious they better change -- while putted the last so so I think as soon. Good to -- Richard dissidents. I reduced so important is crucial. I mean -- 8080%. Of my folks on the search taking some vitamin B or milk some people watches sobering to -- local. Item -- folks actually have a pretty good on these levels have been. Drinking that count that I kind of built for years the most my folks -- you know 25 below which is really -- I feel for fifty to seventy on levels and some of the tournament of medicine practitioners to for hovered around fifty I don't. Go to that level but I'll go up 200 if somebody wants to run on. Yeah a -- Torn island someplace so it's just a hospital for what you go for your fresh off second what took a regardless of sex with a cigar fertility. If you didn't know I didn't it's known as factors in it to. Apparently. Boost libido. -- -- Interest in this it's it's -- music should fresh fresh with a closures are almost -- medicine your. Is so essential art and talks this minerals and Barroso should potassium. I'm OK bottom received -- Magnesium and communities. -- has -- candidate which is apartment yeah. So it's it's a really good look at the good thing to have around two capsule. Direct and affluent female issues is tough anti catcher religion -- in regard to another in. So we go to revealer you you can -- thanks eating right -- -- home. So and so I think that's a good thing to -- When -- -- when you yourself letter when it went when you get a you can about it oh fruits and pushing -- and so. It's great. I'm putting that down right there on -- -- -- assimilate putting in my Google countered that one didn't go to Google certainly is a user you. Company becomes as an excellent. I'm the root causes you lose the ability to your breast cancer prostate lung colorectal and -- pancreatic cancer. -- fights -- if -- -- the prevention of cancer and he. So that's a great. So we know tumor concurrent. Procurement are good right now he likened it to the right absolutely. Curt Weldon they're trying to reproduced aforementioned new blood vessels. Induced abortion clinic. Yes -- parts of the venture interest. Have yet accidentally used those arsenic that helps us. Honest personally and several levels right. As far as cancer we -- that prevents cancer and so those two possible results on these results could -- Ephraim I want to talk but these we can talk about later in the show. -- -- you do we talk about the tournament. About breast cancer -- garlic. Submissive and like -- think -- if you if you garlic you can -- catcher you're in Peter. Excellent defeat. -- shows the worst thing you can do we have cancer or thank -- cancers duo which which you avoid completely. Unique sugar. You've taken care of yourself under a microscope and it just dropped sugar water and I can't she showed distorts. Looking around just blows at. The reduced vision as to avoid sugar -- in part I was tortured -- -- and -- Out to avoid sugar. Keep Loescher. -- milligrams of sugar in a candy bar. It's four milligrams if you remember one thing for milligrams. Per teaspoon. Stood tennis forty milligrams us in teaspoons of sugar. His interest was sure coffers but it's a lot. Form -- groups. It is. To listen to -- and then. But it worried. Known her she's -- attrition that would be. -- Lot of beneficial -- to her she's absolutely can but we're troubled sort of things too. Because of my things just happen to -- bicycles and fatal diarrhea in children sometimes yep so that's something that -- be aware of so we're concerned things in the nuisance to -- week. So -- new -- and prostate cancer predicts that the deadly -- cancer risk. He unity and attempt just to see current pitching him so you have if you come out on the short end and you you have a daily. Chancellor of the region better has some radical surgery can possibly make sure so. Otherwise you might just give already surgery sure why you are radical surgery you don't need it. Owner recommending not testing in. A lot of the elderly males now. 22. It and it's a permanent task force I actually disagree with some I think we should at least test for them not answer was due to the medical people save and we sent that information. So sonic and say hey I have a possible chance of having that. You know cancer beaches if you live long enough as a male you're probably gonna get proxy cancer. That's what they say so that's why they say it's not that crucial don't know but I. I found a 39 year old white guy with with the with prosecute answer a couple years ago and use really thankful we contact quickly. So I mean it's not. Just elderly get it wants one does going younger folks and the same thing goes with their -- And then we're conditioned middle region. Organizations are committing bus passengers. And -- -- older deals to start -- the pastor when they're older corner when he wanna believe. The latest recommendations I think we're gonna dismiss the cervical cancers early. You know that's I think that's a wise thing to -- -- attractive four point one which we recommend not to of course if they are and it didn't need to pass here. Well we gotta we gotta go or take a break and we're gonna talk to doctor -- -- -- you definitely and after the break. This is going to be very good also this is not just about coffee just look at about it. But she also was on the show few. A few months ago about. Dirt when you're on the show discern -- I remember those -- -- it was good she's good. So you don't like this so which you can do to prevent -- she's very much into -- So let's take a break and we'll -- back. Come back to let's get help you with the seals and whales are. Seven. We'll folks you're about to join me in -- conversation was doctor Jamie Coughlin. Is she's one of the leading us to -- colleges. In the country. Possibly the world. She's so should quietly all over the world. One of the world's torture reflux disease. Then she's been. Listed among the top doctors in America for every year since 1994. Doctor -- you with this. I know I -- I did not know that you were so. Well -- my goodness while. -- in New York Times best -- laughter that's like winning an Academy Awards she's like forever they say Academy Award winner should easily thought. -- you know I've been around. You around a while. DL list that I read your honor roll and you keep your -- OK you got another book coming -- assumed Russian. I never was -- about. The league of first book dropping -- is some viewed by and by Manning is being cookbook follower I think it's more than that he's always supposed to -- to the list. And the second book which is really -- than the main topic about strip today as soon as possible hard top connect market. Still third look at it more overarching NGOs who have. Brief talks as a billion dollar mistake. We we we wasted billion dollars a year this diagnosing or treating and mismanaging sound reflections so. This is sort of a call to action but to be quite honest with you to call he had to call to action has been in the chronic conference next month. In the final chapter is called integrated area just to Madison. I propose that. Followed doctors should be trained to take care of the whole system. Meaning the breathing system from the -- no security along and you digestive system from up. Back at that time in the throat all the way out to cap one's system ought to be treated. Pin it in in its entirety rather -- chopped up in the little -- Well that does so drill your percent of people diagnosed last month or misdiagnosed is that correct to. Semifinal. If I could say one thing to your listeners that steps. If you're not getting the outcome he wants us he may be misdiagnosed. About some of that is announced not. China -- as that is concerned scientists analogies that aren't analogy. In particular. Thousands of big big big big big how many big step must make it not so is this diagnosis. And here's how I know the difference. Here's something now. When you have a breeding attack him more trouble getting here and that's reflux. Keep -- -- hitting your out. Exhaling prolonged exploratory days. That and we should. -- That's an example. It's -- lose you here. It is also how can people who have a growing sounded there really should get really locked and it turns out there a set of switches in the -- And no switch you respond -- soaking up acid reflux can he approached. Still shots down the upper airway upper airway -- -- it. And the idea where I guess there's the good lord wants China wanted to try to keep stopped from going in the wrong friends and so we make. Good. I can't not good at this. It's. It's. Yeah it is terrifying may have missed all the ringers battle of but meanwhile fortified now I can't tell you for sure it's -- whole nation. Before -- five people coming to my office over the course of the last fifteen or twenty years it's turned out to have silent reflux. -- announcement such a common misdiagnosis. Well that's a lot of people. Lot of prowess. I'll say how many people this -- 8% to one out of twelve Americans reportedly has asthma and it 17% of poor nonwhite children. And I'm so I would not say that there and don't give your children without even nighttime snacks and think about big changes in diet and lifestyle. Particularly. Avoidance of sort of popped and so on all these things are tied in together. So I was just smacks of an attempt. Why I don't why but why would you for its coverage we've interviewed you've always well doctor Daniel -- was -- today he was a position where this last time he cancel it he can show because he wanted to be with you against I. Listen I heard you also and I am on -- problem we -- -- get -- get a chance to go to rule -- for a couple of days. Total guarantee our -- -- has been called. A lot of snow that we would actually lots of -- just did some precipitation type. Yeah there are. Let us Australians it's just sad strange whether it's. But you know I mean that the real question is the game besides the fact that people who have. Asylum reflex I have -- destroyer trouble breathing and Hornish on the not expert Torrey. People externally trucks often have many symptoms post nasal drip chronic true clearing the sensation of a lump in the throat. Particularly when you notice that all the time except when you need it that's reflux. Common of course costs. Allergy type symptoms. Coarseness. These are the most intense course difficulty swallowing too I think I mentioned that all of these things tend to be a little bit. A little bit of -- time all the time. And that's what differentiates reflux hears from people other diagnoses. Could they have. On average six of those eight symptoms. So I think that that's -- -- for listeners if you got a little bit of all those things you probably reflux. -- zero decoder Olympus -- sort of am I why did your had to -- got a lump -- raised through that a lot. Not exactly and in particular -- cancers and things yeah most of the cause of lumps but the sensation alarmed as just inflammation and swelling. In some cases misbehavior of the opera now there's no doubt that lives just below. The voice box which is we are predominantly now and get some -- than people. I'm very very I mean when you know the mean they have trouble swallowing really complain about a loved it but -- than cancers most blunt suggestion inflamed swollen Cheshire. Right cancer that's a soft your cancer is one of the fastest growing cancers correct. It is the number one on cancer of the esophagus is increased 850%. Being injured Q percent of them say that again consists of -- -- it is the fastest growing cancer. Reflux cost. -- I might point out she is a very very well known article my colleague can grouping in in Pittsburgh got a doctor Blair joked. And indeed come. But they showed was that -- cost. Is one of the most common. If you will signs of esophageal cancer for people of think clearing the southern conference for years you need to go to happier your esophagus checked swallow your throat it's important haven't checked. Well okay so the big question news because -- miss diagnosed you don't get misdiagnosed for sure. So you're dermatologists. Further there would have learned Austin Austin sure. Well the other yeah I didn't see your nose and throat doctors generally know more about the throat. And so if you have silent reflux that I mean your reflux in your throat silent reflection of the -- reflux or railway reflux. Media -- you know and so -- hopefully. You're here -- it's it's unclear nose and throat talked to also be able to examine the esophagus. Nowadays we use that was an ultra -- instrument. Patient doesn't have to go to sleep takes a few minutes since suck quite say due to beautifully beautifully accurate and objective examination. Through Goldstein -- -- Doctor Who can examine the throat and esophagus given the choice that he should say. Okay so is a special -- when and where the coalition. Well trans financial means through the nose -- -- -- -- preformed an ultra thin instrument. Many years ago now president in the ninety's. Be on camera got so small it was the size of the pins that you considered not on the end of flexible light stick. Some people just swallow and you can look down put them perfectly comfortable in and mining. Their own business and turn on a conversation with you what you look Katrina miraculously the first time you say that's pretty cool. What the book Ouattara but today is a chronic cough is ridiculous. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- there is a puzzle. And so the enigma. The end of Mac enigmatic patients the patients to go from doctor to doctor. I -- I so a patient. You know come believe this -- -- who is eighty. And she's been coughing for sixty years she started her -- when she was born in sixty years of conferencing. And I'm not talking a little bit you know the ones. The disruptive -- happens all the time in the -- no warning. I'm never funeral could go to the theater movie theater or -- anything like that and you know basically ruined her life. And she had seen. Scores of doctors over the years turned -- to get term reflux and the only thing nor have its. Well look we shall have captured them now. Shut up but didn't you would like about half. So -- herald reviewed -- we Richard told Richard Cook book this series looks. And that's a great book by the way if you haven't seen here are gonna -- because it tells you how -- heat. The draft and -- his -- to avoid all this but don't eat he's saying that after 8 o'clock at night right. I think guy I need to joke up on my web sites that -- really actually a presidential proclamation. Clothes -- kitchen today. Still picture of the president on the Air Canada officials say the idea areas that didn't you know we all work Carter. I'm would come home later maybe we can go to the gym after work and and then we get home what are we were hungry and retired. So what happens. We eat a big neon -- would go lions sulfur we reflux so you don't wanna go to bed with a full stomach you don't want to hold read particularly -- evening meal. And so the whole idea behind -- this program would not leading after eight. Is that this. If you you have to pay your -- -- late chances are if you lead after eighteen may have snoring. And -- -- and sleep apnea. And it doesn't help your diabetes and help -- doesn't help your hypertension is certainly an open cholesterol period. Could take a snack conditional upon to have flown by -- So. -- leaving after eight is common is they -- many of our patients we have to I don't know how. Pretty much earlier than they want to. Well they can with a purple pill. And brother -- that pill is notepad that you can't use and any greens and if you -- not a pill. Whether they did that -- there a guitar but side effects is color purple pill and that -- the Cuban people commercial potential. What does that do to even talk. -- proton pump inhibitors are class of -- some process. -- there are more powerful than other classes -- but they have a lot of problems associated with them. One of the biggest problems. Is that these -- -- to actually stop progression of disease they just knock out the symptoms. So everybody can think through that. That's a bit like putting the dirt under the rug. Even -- to turn under the rug for a year he might get away wouldn't. Two years maybe not so much. Five years you've got a problem. And so we're beginning to associated. To use of these pills with the progression of lung diseases hostage Jill disease. And so the answer is. We've fox is not a chronic disease -- -- long term treatment with. If you will purple pills and he recommended at least not. Not by many people I gotta tell you that almost everybody that comes in my office miserables -- on a purple power of one of its -- -- That's ships sailed if you're on a purple pill and you've -- on -- three years you better rethink what's going. You know we get -- side effects oaks so world which you've got you can actually knock out to a reflux can should not truly. Well and one I believe space it's it's based on experience now I've got to calculate I've seen 200000 patients with reflux in my career. -- -- -- -- -- -- The whole idea that reflux is crying to you may be incorrect. Reflux is a vicious cycle going downwards. So the more you read talks the worse your valve works at the bottom of this -- Source that found works the more you -- talks the more you -- talks the worse your esophagus works. In now when you lied down at night. It's obvious becomes if you will -- commission and you know that -- that long skinny big ones you know it's a good visual Lake Michigan and what is your -- -- your throat. Lake Superior. And so it goes into the sinuses and into the throat into belongs. And if you if you gonna be that if you had defeated if you can get it get beyond that. And the way to do it is to go on very very strict diet maybe NASA's depressant. Maybe you need something to help -- hostage a function be restored. Maybe you need the help of the doctor maybe you don't but inevitably it's about diet and lifestyle what you leave and when you leave it. When -- your cancer recognize -- and worsen. Cancer of the esophagus. -- -- know it's there it's deadly it's a very quiet organ when it finally speaks to our message is bad. You know I think that he's the real question is going to big game by the way people ask me all the time. You know you live in New York to get people from Moody's in the end of -- CNN. When you tell him that changed your diet analyzed how little dog don't sell just kind of the go to hell -- in my experience has been quite the opposite. Tom Lehman mom. People who are used to late -- English -- you know also ordering too good bottles -- red wine. And most people when you offer them an all turnover and actually. Fixing their health. In improving the chance to longevity. My experience has been overwhelmingly. The people want to make the necessary changes particularly if you're empowering them and saying okay. Still going to be able to eventually. Do this yourself a year from now he'll graduate. You won't need me anymore. Hit a confident the government thirty seconds before break got to ask you real quick question -- -- it's a -- that you -- Subject. What about bears suffered Titus do you have. Have you seen in these studies that can reassure me. That you guys are not the treatment traverse south -- which is precancerous. There's a recent article just came out -- said that the I don't know the odds are literally what it said is that the PPIs to not prevent progression of disease. That's dead in the chronic -- enigma I give the case and the patient. Who's been on a long term Jamie Kaufman. Well -- -- diet. Nothing out of the -- can't accept help when water nothing animal power can't speak -- on water. Barrett's esophagus is reversible. -- -- Well here's -- you're saying that because prepared throughs -- -- conflict. Well worse than that -- nowadays everything in a bottle basically except water is -- certified to the same level of stomach acid. It's not just the average prepared foods to even the things you think they held things together about you know. The Pepsi and Coke cans and a diet Mountain Dew and follows its -- snapple and Gatorade confusing nature's own vitamin water. All those things are highly satisfied yeah. Or get these books on permanent stores. So will have to find out you can tell us were about these were surveyed were born -- noble. Barnes and Noble's is this -- has all my books in in all of their stores. We like Barnes and all those who see this kind of stuff we were I was recently -- -- -- -- my Barnes and -- union are. They get the stuff online if you global chronic cough enigma chronic -- Jamie Koppen if you Google. Dropping -- you get to me if you Google dropping acid Timothy Leary doesn't even come up. So that's a drop dropping out and yeah I catch half -- I. Got your other than your Timothy -- don't. -- we get creative with their and -- -- review right yeah but I Willingham or Bob hang out there I thought -- Let's check abuse your fourth book I just really scared until you review. Are with thanks again there's always a pleasure. Thank you grandma who would get -- your new book comes out okay. All right let's take a break it is -- C. But to lose it is -- settled for 47 all right so let's take a break we'll do about it. Laura let's get healthiest coming up after these messages are. -- -- Back to let's get healthy -- bills where I am so. So. Tables welcome back to show we're not gonna. -- -- the same. The same marchers here because we're recognizing the whole Rousseau flies through May have just just see. You can you can. We've -- obsolescence of disease. But what about the hold the supplies to prevent disease. Little lady on the show right now doctors that this is here. Doctor Gary -- yes I am pleased are you glad this is okay yeah. There's your thanks very scary yeah I hear you finally got you -- you've got to come to receive a second can you hear me better but never Christiane OK okay. -- the you know I don't normally -- It was ages on the radio with. Thousand people listen but you are nice three years old right and you rather -- Richard. I am truly am glad it. You have -- -- giving a talk tonight right I had a 7 PM. On abortion and second tonight to strike did you talk to -- of north to -- And it's if you wanna find out more you -- there's you potential senator. Tonight does dot org is where this were located but -- do you have done so much. For holistic medicine. You're a mother with a solution miserably Victoria do march. Yes that's the it's good to call that -- I mean I've been -- that could affect. -- -- you're you're the starter desperate you know the American holistic medical association right and that's brought to you and author of many books and you Lewis book. Is a world these old ladies and bet it is well. Please don't assume you're one of the more you absolutely sorry I thought it out of an assumed to have middle Asia area. Has now. But maybe self studying very effective there's little shift we hope you are we won't lose your legs 304050 more years -- -- -- take what you can do. Now I'll do what I can do well I certainly do it Charleston to -- that children get the more learned probably on him during that. Such a case where it takes a lot from regular tour. And I don't do well I think I'm almost there are so -- But you it was a grace is you learn and you or your pictures or are you smiling ensure that you -- You might you have to tonight. When they receive it should be a lot of fun you -- stringent restrictions on acoustic under. Because butcher about in this whole movement is about. You see people together. To live better right to live healthy. Yes yes my foundation the foundation for living medicine who I am not the tired of -- -- fighting. And that and killing medicine. It -- it's gotten us. There -- some time to move on the other things that's it's like all right anti aging. -- he talks not a good when he got a suspect. What are we supposed to do. If we manage. That it's a wonderful thing to be able to age. Hamid -- surges if you go to you look at the. But I'm hot. I didn't -- a you know I decided a while backed bid to. Wrinkles don't ever purchased until we start messing with them. You sure. I as I'm much more interest did an aging into help. Than trying to stop aging process yeah I mean just upstaging the process you're gonna kill yourself and sooner or later. Brother concept because you'll you'll be so stressed out he'll be dead. You stress that you -- -- -- candidate and yet you can -- -- -- -- and it's Smart to just be yourself and there's. Are important in life and then healing and that -- life and love. If you're not -- it doesn't matter. And it's -- isn't part of -- of what you're doing in the way -- -- healing. It's not gonna work as well yes those two -- as basic tips to any healing. Modality you're any healing discipline. Where of this position route to do you try to come to a -- June but he's he's a liquid. And even though he's he's very well respected Jesus do you know but he definitely believes some. Dealing naturally try to get to the natural causes frank so really. You know -- can -- both Don -- as -- they were medical missionaries in India wow that is an MD and and deal also and I have a granddaughter should not chipped that in Bethlehem Pennsylvania. I have Axelsson. And their daughters served. MD is so it's. There's this whole process since. -- The healing and journey. Is there is an important one. -- you mentioned love Terry is Terry is so critical and I'm turning -- -- across from me. Is very caring. Very -- Because he's out. If you look people are you sure you love on YouTube people. Enjoy the person you love and you yourself absolutely and you can say that -- -- which you can cure yourself right stuff -- Every Carol let's say cure. -- you can cure many diseases with. Local delighted to cure each other by laughing all the time of how to integrate and so -- is that something is that I love about doing this shows it. And in a -- on bluster I don't honestly need this I really am blessed to be on because that's me. To give it outlets for you know something I didn't passive about witches. There's some good things about medical mostly. I think are incorrect but it. There's some good things our medical and mostly what we wanna do is is encourage people not discouraged what you're trying to say and encourage them to do the right way it which is you know pull -- and you know things at HealthSouth. It's also including the position -- -- -- one of us and yes they're glued. The man had no matter what kind of work I do. If I can't contact like that life force for the position with a new person I'm working with. It's not -- do much months little -- -- we're we're pleased things that position within that actually does good feelings. -- -- -- karaoke tunes you're just too excited I'm sort of effect because not sent -- you tonight more receptive to most of center. Think coach who -- just restaurant. Go to the -- -- -- -- foundation for moving. Medicine dot org -- that you managed how are you OK with second Celeste thank you that is soon to see tonight. Our hotel restaurant -- did okay thank you don't buy a -- All right we'll take a break here just off the -- in the will be right back. Welcome to let's get healthy with bills whale on talk thirteen seventy. He's here to take your call and 39013. Seventy and now here's the real story. Parade I 013. Seventy keeps a number you have 37 you're listening talking thirteen 73 -- zero. We're like 3633 junior wrecked three night. Thirteen seven you bulletin -- thank. Not production ma'am he's so good thing mastered this this soccer bosses are listening to listen nobody -- okay. And they're -- With Tina. Are you with us -- -- located super. Yeah reluctant to have these -- it is yeah yeah just we can't area. We can't hear you illustrates a total intelligent sleep system just mention a couple of things -- can do that. Children are more reforms but to tell you sleep system so -- -- -- doctor. Why you know Melissa EPA's deepest. Intelligent sleep method but it went to sleep clinic could. See that could help you -- sleep medications about. We need to board that. But I think it is similar forces -- to us okay from out of business a sole purpose of better. And the second thing is is night after the same program will be just south of more comfort germ. Or when he's just sort of you know about where these overeat. -- more composure and snowstorm relished her laughter. And also some people wrote to senator upon what I three and six Tony. So -- was -- try to make it if you can. Abbott ADHD we have with the license term senator. I assume it's the south of -- true. Next to them that laughter against. So. Recover I suppose you will talk about what you wish you were to order this -- Toobin is such a valuable product tonight. What don't we -- be very -- get emotional was shown us and I would imagine people this is not a commercial. We're not pay anybody. How bush apparently for this by the way when -- -- You only in respect and gratitude and there were blue yes and just to us and we need a do that we out of such a great form her people -- speak in Iraq and about different. Valuable thing could not be what how can -- Stand that they guarantee you about your -- -- appreciate like to call it transparency because -- on vaccines don't work. Get people educated on what's going on EP that you're probably purchased in the -- I see people honored with the idea. -- and shot it still we've got to the ground it's on June. -- Like the arbitration it but I I didn't in the industry -- probably going -- eight years. What this is are you Chacon face in a lot clinical need to my cynical look at the current. OK at that I'm. I think keynote that the couple of -- order. Practitioner who who I really enjoyed working with Jim mired in Victor. Pursued any means so what I need bombshell -- talk about our brightest. In particular and our -- and clean it up. A medical student just. Products that is helping dot. Let you know what we're seeing in these spoke earlier about the trees that are right it is just it -- now learned to commit. It kind of competing to people. Because I try to -- not exactly. Track to be osteoarthritis. Are really triggered right now. They covered about a hundred -- medical condition that are all just under the term information. So reduces inflammation. Reduces -- right area and it's our protection our. And it talks -- protection. Secrecy as joint book militants Washington needs as fresh as you get older and asked you know -- you did did you kept moving. And also enjoy repair nicer repairs -- so when you need it right. Yeah and at that thing about medical -- in particular is it's a little sweet spot in between prescriptions. And supplements where. We're able to -- the dietary management have a particular agencies like popular targets -- -- skeletal issues because. The research when it comes to medical -- -- Basically. 46 million adults and 300000 children a year are expected by some sort of typos are -- in particular. I want to talk -- artists but we're also gonna talk about things before. -- that you may not even -- that. Diagnosis straight years and years and years after you start having problems. But what we're seeing it's. Earlier -- Emerson can -- teacher and it's also a good health issues early on were getting more sessions earlier younger. Children and adolescents that doesn't necessary mean baby beavers are the only ones that are getting the kind of issue. Which usually results from the trauma. -- -- Of course age is also part of that he can be genetic there can be genetic. Critical condition but there's also arm of conscience protections that can damage the -- themselves. And we're in particular talking about the cartilage in between the -- So this is the shock absorber cheered -- right -- and -- -- Well well and is so important did you see people in your practice to have this problem. I see people however that have this problem and you know most of what we do. In that steal this is these -- in practitioner. What that they DR skin practitioner -- -- to -- that doctor chiropractor. People put their biggest thing that sort of bring them to the doctors cancellations. And it's the biggest thing that could see them you know the whose major kingdoms it's a lot of work as well. Tell -- -- both experience with that war is as good as naproxen. Like the coach of the Crocs and is also a lease. Deep research behind our governor naproxen -- approximate 88% effective. And pain inflammation. And our -- at 87%. So 1% difference yeah often not quite as effective but it also doesn't have those and that that side effects that you're gonna see. With the end Trent sitting on Jericho in -- planned strike outlook. Celebrex Motrin. They're the huge amount by the fact that people aren't even aware of but it comes to taking those products. And I had to don't even know about it until they end up in the hospital with a believe ouster of. Have solely what's listing as it is internal war Fred. Converted first since then you can you can take this rather unfortunate that probably -- In which plots unfortunately a lot of people you know over the age 405060. Are -- -- the nurse I'm -- course. I would person like -- monitor things that would help stat -- you're making a particular -- But they aren't the thing about continent stretches that they are very restricted at what he can take with them and each with them. And this is a product that has been no effect on the see. What getting a bit. Until -- -- -- what they have deployed yet that any of the blood so he he it can be taken -- kind of -- -- which is. What you what I think positioning is also helps Swedish camp. Our group discount structured personalized increasing skin hydration. Listen trickle formation -- most Henry generation. So worms to your question and might be trying to keep keep your wrinkles down. You know Laura just start tomorrow at noon to two million and I security or negotiate -- flu shot and hope you don't see you had to. Air here -- Sudanese did you doctor -- I -- want to encourage you received a wanna try to writing underworld -- tomorrow lately seen her work that one -- -- -- yes it's. So anyway but -- a -- -- -- look at the world needs the older man to. 0060 really new room. He acts like me so exactly. -- -- college and then it started this super product that has both -- property spirit. That are long term effects -- Sort that are gonna help toward mobility system of the content of our spirits would be like could be joints aching pain. When -- -- use those joint terribly here and act as a lot -- people. Still the morning. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The current extra time to -- can be warm and hot. Don't product current. In -- extract complex process that it. You know we're all familiar with herbs they work quite distinctly and quickly actually show it had a short term effect of knocking Nat king inflammation down. Very quickly actually just alerting guess if she doesn't -- -- about -- -- start off. Well and then the long term. It's going to help. So contrived and rebuilds cartilage is gonna help connective tissue and the skin elasticity -- well that's just a great side effect that's not really why I used to order I've given it to my mom or my Brothers or sisters. Definitely a great by the fact you know me personally I look at that -- in by the blown out thirteen he blown out their shoulder half -- young youngsters that are doing hard -- athletics now. Cheerleading. Gymnastics where guys are just being -- And soon you know in their later years circuit I have kinks worked stealth obviously -- the diet aspect of this sentence and you know what -- -- -- -- its -- cooks man. -- they're -- agency. Cheryl I I am a big proponent of doing lots of greens since you've seen good quality coach -- as well. I'm headed into a medical student so it's an eight powdered formula -- to really communicate with there's a green apple original version had a limited urgent. Which I really like. But we've got. People support is constantly telling me well I've gotten off my medication -- talks stopped taking all my aspirin and Ibuprofen. My -- we're gonna have to go into a secret wedding because of Brittany and -- -- not. It's -- really. Excited that we were able to offer something that he'd just had good without the private sector to another product that the people building them. Know about. -- the car audio issues like you could have a stroke he could have a heart attack. With these kind of instant drugs you can get kidney damage liberty image and and see the bleeding ulcer initiated. Well one of the things that you that you haven't set I think I'm I'm not I'm not listening that closely it should be. Haven't mentioned anabolic. I believe as a specific term. That's building up cartilage -- radically. Instead of breaking down cartilage possibly that the and says can that -- secured the inflation but they don't necessarily -- the cartilage is that correct. Right that's election -- -- it's -- to be able to say that you can actually. You know increase since the cartilage mass. And Anderson these are human trials but they're doing they're not -- trial. Her dog trial they're seen in -- We're trying to get to address it to our larger audience because most people think anabolic as of -- nasty word about. Testosterone or other substances but no this anabolic isn't -- it builds up the body helps the body correct. -- and the future product that we're using. Are two different types of what they're called bio available via active. Collagen peptides. So they're coming from an animal source and there -- Q you know abide I'd like -- like. I'd like helps flights this city to saint staying out of its job doing like a bow on top scorer eating Palmeiro likely issue. Let's just get asked that earlier but I didn't -- chances -- -- brawls yet aren't they aren't you are a lot of the still feel suits my wants us Filipino that they cooked. -- -- -- I think also a -- that's Eckstein out solid balance certain I received in the -- -- the -- daughter earlier and -- -- and I -- and that kind of what we have our grandparents eating yes he basic he she will land. By the way we still you can -- the chicken feet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You cook chicken feet. I think that might maybe more so we'll talk from -- people to do but mainly I meant to see you obviously sick chicken soup viscerally delicious -- -- -- on our collagen. Oh yeah don't force it. You can use keynote is sort of voodoo wrapped -- it -- -- out how. A big CNN of doing things you know going to actually be good -- can. That's why you know we're we promote Helio. But we also promote a period that has good. -- -- Carrier guys had a great sources are -- I like that -- butter now lake. You can just -- -- from the bone -- all my dogs are constantly given. Rob Brown. Cheered each everyone at once a week regular match. -- -- Are we got a I'm lady coming up visual statement. This is -- -- -- that the speaker. At the seminar this coming weekend next weekend and Houston. So -- you know that we are right so this is going to be good. And she wrote superb production -- tell -- -- thank you talk about she's -- us. Assertive chooses C uncertified gaps practitioner. -- yeah San Diego but. Kim -- should two -- certainly. But -- -- you pronounce an oil found out who she is on the show but. She would be she's going to be good. To talk about what you know sub -- sure some good things. About gaps of what they're doing with the student attrition. Tell people what they do you do and so the -- you know actually -- to about power disorder. Epilepsy type warmed -- -- Taiwan. So let's see what to recover from Taiwan is really tough as you can do that so. Droids we're gonna talk about that and -- you'll stick to listen to that -- enjoyed joining you call them turn out thirteen sodium. -- questions for whatever because that would appear practice to -- -- version practiced look at his sister underground. Not to say you do besides. I'll do this I -- Austin you know where you located. At I would keep private clients. Probably lies partly. I'm so relocate here you are you. Attend a crown underground guy about to get a -- odd that I'm just yeah of course but is there a number of the -- are used to room. And I want to see you. Sure it's Bible into Portland 789 -- one. And I also worked her out system. People. It's -- kids. Political control here in the situation ultra prefer out some of the doctor Arab town but I've worked with for -- two time that you know it's well like. Hernandez can manners and. Make an airline now after for -- and I didn't know music out there I was ready really well for -- He's also is actually you know slash. -- -- And it looks and I'm just lucky here and talk exactly fair for an hour -- into the top -- we are super lucky and often. Cheer how'd you know people like bill that that promotes yes alternative here and give people the chance to become their own. Advocates and make their own decisions with the proper education to -- -- have -- On come coming up much of a five year anniversary firm in Madison. And I seen it comes from alternative to more mainstream. It's it's almost warm. Almost center mainstreamed but I if you call left and right -- -- left kind of thing it's there was circles are such a thing in medicine. But I mean it's really becoming -- when the GI doctors are committing profile access. That's fascinating thing our own orbits so really -- talk telling us we need of go to break so. I'm I'm guessing that's not what a pleasure to talk to you. Our our -- or through BitTorrent. Our throat and that brings a bill they are -- -- -- they -- to your -- oaks and -- we turn all the stores -- weeks. Or you're not you know trying to sell your muscles -- but no -- you just found that there were true or your practice. Getting a cherished rookie -- farm receives and. Around. Couldn't figure -- any question to you give me the sounds are or what everyone else for what 78931. Yes -- -- -- level two months. He all right Tina thank you so much that you are seeing a doctor -- -- -- look it up. Our let's take a breaking news. It was against three not Alter G-7 Joseph Connolly question we're talking about today -- just listen SOK to it would appear desolate either way. Let's take a break we'll be right back. Moreover let's get -- news coming up after these messages -- at all. 1970. Welcome back to the show welcome -- to show. -- position. -- to just kind of position I think I don't know what Russians say that in the days are good too there's a lot of -- -- d.s up there so long and they're getting more -- they're doing when they -- time to talk to patients they do it exactly accessible -- -- -- time. And would you just take determined and you you just keep growing you do well out there are blessed surplus. Would -- where you with us. I am angry we have been debating on how to -- less money. This is almost say -- we will how will we show must seriously but most say shoot. He announced that it I debated on hasn't may have furlong. Is zero if I'm let's Sosa right -- act until the right way in Haiti and shoot me no I didn't grow overall with. My. That's our our excuse -- are both lacrosse players. So they love the fact that their last initiated third. Early show there are shown a strident about I'm not simply the crossing was Allstate. In Texas soon blackened -- couldn't play for UT also. -- that's popular movies are older -- Korean Christian Democratic Convention you know people can't we'd love -- love the sport. You -- that old. I'll have occasionally we'll do your kind of archer who were you raised in Houston -- from -- Yeah we'll BS program I am from Houston and about the tight grip and that's part of part of the time and Kentucky Tennessee area and then west Texas and then we moved to Houston which is closer to where my from my parents are from. Really we original Texas and Russian and us and use themselves. At least I don't know -- -- patted down the right so when you are out geriatric and -- -- do we have some some maker Jonathan. Did you know Texas you know -- format there before -- rise forms and value afternoon assists. You know it feels a dream boots steals and a hundred houses helping us another half a political change idea that's right the mood that don't. Or I don't waste any time here because first of all. -- -- the gaps -- GA PS is to gut. And psychology and of psychologists are for the and -- your doctors you talk about that you know upcoming similar coming up. To mr. price and merchant. You know I am I am. I'm excited for Caylee -- -- number one it's like come you know Felix. Others for your very involved and educating. People it failed to -- -- as an incredible foundation that every year we panic at two locations for. Smaller regional conference since the common knowledge that smaller conferences that's that's -- -- marks but some this year our first regional -- in Houston. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He -- -- -- for tonight's last tech didn't do we talked to sell these this morning you can do not okay civilian -- so now. But I think the bush ago which -- Well it is the Kennedys are such an amazing times and ten minutes from it if you're at all entrances and learning. Science data nutrition. For that would be that which come. Should have been passed down by -- passengers. And builds good strong -- and will and shares strong healthy offspring you need to be there. And I know how is going to be talking about a I'm habit but out -- support a healthy pregnancy. And Calif Daniel is going to be there also talking about a lot of good tips for those with fertility challenges and I'm going to be talking about just -- recovery used in the -- diet for disorders like I'm bipolar. Epilepsy. Type one diabetes -- We've had type one -- so I was store what's up with the with the let's just. I've -- so you can actually healthy -- type one diabetes with this done. We can help people with this child with type one diabetes you know while. But you can do this that you can reduce the symbolic surrender. Well we have. Now I am not I'm I'm a nutritionist for the non not a medical doctor or an -- -- so. I don't treat diseases. That I have between type one diabetic would give free up there and twenties while I have. Brussels and that's what their body can't afford them. I'm wind nobody received the right nutrients which is primarily getting a -- he improperly prepared cranes and getting them in office could. Healthy animals that. So we have -- remarkable shift -- come with type one diabetic so we've seen a couple of children's. Become -- -- there there's issues. And probably my most favorite capable -- ever in the last sixteen years of working in the field -- with the young girl. I'm age nine who was diagnosed as bipolar and went. They had been kicked out of school in the second grade. The father because he was the stronger of the two parents typically stronger has. Taken as long sabbatical from ten to help. Careers and home school her hand she would suicidal just homicidal. -- and -- -- her. Story at the conference and into the open every time my share I have to fight back the tears because with such a beautiful thing to watch these parents come alongside her. And using real paid traditionally prepared -- -- getting rid of all the processed -- the mistake of -- natured oil for. Watching them. You know bringing their daughter to complete itself so -- Is it that you're gonna care about how because so good though the other classic I was just might go for that. In the new issue of psychology today than they usually talk about it. Your private -- you know -- to psychoanalytic. Revolution to talk about. Yeah where you can you can relieve anxiety depression solely by the -- -- the victory in the gut. And those -- -- -- great ride so much to assume Lewis. Don't protect us and intestinal bacterial longer on those two those two Victor was -- reduce -- so levels. And I actually help very much with anxiety and stress problems that people have. This is a back this is good bacteria. I literally by the has it on the market. Well educated but there are a number of companies that are producing. Strains of the current what. That's acrobatic within those two particular strain of -- -- dad also would end and we do recommend that you so they could high quality program I think there's a couple of -- that I. I -- in particular. That never accused -- exclusion of addressing the diet is because if you eat you cannot appeal to catch up with us. You know nutrition vehicle you know probe by addict formula -- you have to remove obstacles to heal. Which are improperly prepared grain and -- -- bring down the inflammation types getting out because of improperly prepared cranes and the teenager oil and then you have to bring and then really nutrient dense traditionally prepared. Meet our doctrine -- problems and also getting animals have to choose it would have been available. You know 200 years ago. And are still available today he confessed to learn how to outsource them. Skills and we need to learn another source the need create. There you develop. An incredible appreciation for your farmers. And it -- -- think about protecting their rights to continue to provide future. Right this that this that would be interest interest. So you're talking -- about thirty minutes -- so. My talk will probably be I'm an hour and usually we have a little bit Q donate time at the end of. As let you do it because I'm bouncing detoxification last sought changes so. Black children very beneficial in general toxic -- how to reduce your toxic load in your house was house Clancy and right. Right I just it duchess of -- is not a mineral supplements so. So we talked about robotics -- -- to have that somebody's. We'll look at about a lot of different therapies that people can be found. Adopt and most of these therapies -- I can do and around home is gone so they can actually become a part of their life without that. We really have to get a handle on. What's going on with. The rising cases -- immunity especially among children aren't rising cases of midtown mental disorders. -- -- last November I remember an article. Came out of stating that don't come. But particularly within. The US has done today it was front page story stating that. On the high mental health content for young adults what was actually threatening. That's incorrect assumption made by the affordable. Care act that by ensuring more young people we would actually lower our cost because they're typically healthier. But unfortunately public administration didn't count on -- that we have a growing number of young adults literally one in five -- that are now being diagnosed with mental health. -- Acquisition we listen for years on the show actually go -- -- for some history here -- of their kids. -- can go back and Germans and you are just so unhealthy there was. Timely and help people -- got a growing number of children. That will mentally and physically unable to -- -- that they're aging parents just because of the -- in the rain -- up to the ground you know one and fifteen now. -- -- Canada to Canada candidates to write offs and also world alzheimer's growing growing breast cancer. So right so often emotional group of people this computer problem mortgage company and -- certainly. Slowly arrogant have our hands full that's why we need more more. Opportunities. Like what are provided to the -- and they kind of -- as we need more different. Exactly dislocated read -- and roster in Houston truth. And that's going to be it to -- ought to that the airport to yourself. -- right there by the -- hobby airport a little easier for people to just fly and their. You know. My original and see mode posted that are so I was Saturday more reliance Sunday march 30 years. -- -- the racer real good I just about a hundred dollars. So again earlier this actually is very very reasonable to tools that and panic in that we'll have a great dinner that you while -- -- -- -- I'm. Which will be a fun time to step is to meet others who are like minded yeah it's imminent kitchen -- wonderful kind of education any time. We all get together into enterprise foundation there's such a wealth of information and knowledge and I I didn't. To have fun watching people go away. Killing inspired the mentality and -- awful lot with a lot more parents have to her and contain Allard. And didn't make. The right decisions regarding their children's health care and that's a lot of what we're gonna focus content during the weekend. It's a blessing for which -- doing -- -- solid directors so you to give us some examples of conditions that took a size doesn't he just. That's the -- two ADHD. And. Do you Ph.D. is. You know we have never would I have clinic in California when we work with people all over the country. A lot we can get a lot of ATP ADHD cases -- I've never seen an ATP case. For an ADHD capable where as long as parents we're actually. Incorporated together diet that we weren't able to turn that child around. Thompson came to England and Comcast now with eczema. We've seen a lot of children be able to get off of singer inhalers. We've seen of course. Other chronic conditions like arthritis. And turn around of depression anxiety. Exit. A lot of infertility -- can't help but. In the beginning really -- that. That gas diet just cleanup at that data especially. The cut of the mother that we don't ever forget you know the future father either. And what we find them a little bit of the mother does -- believed. Of course similar incorporating. Properly prepared grange what we continue -- the -- -- -- these supplement its first the most beautiful healthy babies don't. And a great. Didn't miss about him this mathematically to actually had some good recoveries from them ask Clinton -- Now once they were too much earlier. Is dyslexia. Yeah we're sure that you don't. It absolutely does and that's amazing when when the -- he's rapidly marital bliss puzzling is their -- is -- it begins to function at its full potential and all the brain fog clears. The body began to gently detox -- -- patient on an ongoing basis point. And we see the level of inflammation in the body so he has dropped down twenty. -- who is. I don't have a does Craig now you know I have a book I've been working on but it. Only show you -- I would -- so we have to go sure you. To prepare for your book Seattle in order to -- whereas when I. -- Lipitor -- on the -- and we have a web site to them with some information people can go to them our main website is that in him McClellan also dot com. And then our site that's devoted to strictly that the -- has decided to gaps in China dot com. -- to Nancy relations caliakra -- Do you sort celestial products and all. We you'd have had their floor possessive the slope back to -- was the other thing yes you mentioned earlier the other. This is a bacteria. -- would African dialect about Arafat -- not try to casesa jobless okay. This isn't a floor of his -- that is not a regular castle product but it I always a lot of smoke. We need -- we years statistically. There are practically W. A product called to come. -- -- We are pleased dialed -- which was developed by doctor Natasha Campbell must try to do is little. They formulate -- ethnic gaps diet keep the neurologists to. It is gave -- -- -- -- -- diet and she has a wonderful problematic speaker at times called bio cult. And so does just that anime in the month three years and then we just recently. Brought in a new product called champ pro. Capital he takes me in -- Crown probes and that proved developed my friend actually the Williams. And it's a wonderful couple addict. All patriots are increasing in grades like an adult and helping heal the cats. Well it's a great program we we have got to go down to Houston -- has got to go. It's on a more Boston's. Yeah well I hope I hope you can make it because it's going to be a wonderful -- weekend and. Whether or just good very good return right. How -- it is amazing defeated them will be the best did you ever have. I'm not just at a conference that probably anyway I Bruins were absolutely -- Let's do it okay to me use. Yeah let me just you have -- would plan to I'm I'm we have to have celestial show Saturday but -- well it's our concern here in front hair. Well I district actually -- to us but we could do some of the north it's cohosts. So when he can communicate and great great practitioners -- an area -- sure there via. Because there'll be Lou -- own the supersonic -- -- yeah I mean. -- Daniels is so much fun to have you found Chris master John I don't think there's -- a more informed individual when it comes to talking about happened. So there's going to be some wonderful experts there at the end of piece of it -- he's taking that out. We might call you and then. Give you do some ideas fact I plan to help idea when your book comes out let us know what goes I don't even so your book to appears at the store to ensure the great. Well I'm in Atlanta that when it comes -- happily ever I have. Well and -- quite a few clients won't comment of course a lot of family in Texas -- limited to come. I'll be there introducing it. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes my mom my father's Saddam's -- and gone on to my mom is still in Houston and she'll she'll be at the conference with me. -- -- -- -- Can't that is great okay well thanks again for being known and and we're looking forward to tomorrow we'll try to make it just if at all possible while she worked well and so. Give me an email let me know if you are because it left that led to me that. You've got I think America and you -- -- you everywhere can feel about -- public. Or let's take a break Kathryn Reynolds thirteen 73. More don't have. But they go you look at the list of people. -- quite. Why don't I can get some CDs some relief from mr. Obama -- -- CDs recordings. So that you bring those but actually you can share ER. Let's take a brick and we'll be right back. So get healthy he has Antonio after. These messages are and it's -- thirteen seventy. -- That's you know it's kills whales gone so. James is James -- digital. Yes you did I change is -- your house. -- -- -- -- -- Oh it's your office there goes your your losses like he's Cheerios or whatever. So cool commercial rights how you're memorial or a tank credit cause you're checks. But really the. At least erosion -- crossing the past 35 and almost a -- in the country -- -- when they go to do so I'll -- -- to -- teams to stay aloof on the talk shows. Why they had a roach Irish crossing -- 35 can you imagine trying to long. -- these cars don't thousands of cars. Tomorrow will talk about that because we were two weeks ago looked at times talk about what you can do after surgery or before or after surgery right. Right. You know I -- should people to -- they -- and they're going in for surgery. He can you tell me up to feed -- support your healing process. We know ideally of course we're healthy enough we don't need surgery but. Sometimes. You know he really is possessed cancer and so. If you haven't surgical procedure. Then you can still used. -- -- to make sure that you get debentures at all. And the main two things that everybody -- -- sounds. Aren't you Randy are to come on -- And the -- -- Korea. Far Annika. Is four -- -- Through being in pain. And tell the general trauma. To the pink -- you know there. Generally cutting the Cheerios. Oftentimes. There looming -- other part. Around two year old to get access to what they need. -- desire. Dramatic Canadians. Have been resolved. And improve health in the long run but we in that instance they're trauma and army tank can help you to recover from them. And Purcell -- and I think from Montana and certainly any remedy when I have proposed surgical recovery. -- -- You were -- Jiri is kind. Conventional surgery in the scalpel cutting. Them released -- in Korea is particularly good. Can help heal leaves the decision to release scarring. And help -- overall recovery. If you have difficulty with the procedure didn't mind. So those -- -- to remedy is telling everybody to know that and you know we have some really good Perry didn't camp. Who had their own protocols and how do you do you Germany's. But you can also distant alternate those -- -- surgical procedure. And you know and I'm gonna spill is for people's ST eight TH YS EG RIA correct that Cancun earlier but it. I've got to remember so wouldn't that. I took a good job. This is a less Elissa let we're trauma does for you don't you know. -- -- Latin in high school I don't know why but not know why because -- -- Can you mariner -- any news that you don't get to know use yeah you can you -- -- Can get her -- Irish Setter and I truly -- from Gloria what the question is oppressive physician. I've been told but patients other traditions. That aren't just for inflammation is incorrect. This. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm -- several hours and didn't help. So I can say is free information and certainly relative to surgery. There's swelling portion and inflation. Got it solicit the trauma that caused inflation and that's what he's an article for got a predicate. Because I UT Jimmie thank you helps you sleep -- and if you -- have roots. Well now you want to say that. Us. -- how -- he holds slowly there's a dozen years as a man on the live their lives care. The crowd didn't just change that aren't -- two but it garish a lot of other things better. Okay so I could go recovery and it didn't they help someone sleep. Because his good -- renewed -- community information and it's going to help improve paint. So that all those features regimen helps. Some -- right well let's -- you have information just naturally that can't help but there isn't -- against my body because there. You know trans -- from her organs so I just so that would be something to think about what's next are you talked about is also something you should keep around. Right. Island -- that had -- in the lead -- interpret these years. That her. Need all type procedures. Punctures or need a buyout he. Toolbar of let me fifteen years Kuwait's. Being used to happened with. It's night and that -- pitches. Are now being done -- Things went -- punctures. And so -- pair come and leave them. -- going to be better to stimulate recovery after those kind of procedures. Is. You punctures are in and playing. That's especially rich in nerve endings like engine in his fingers in -- and happy should find. -- -- -- -- But regardless of where the procedure creation may be essentially consider them. But any time that the Marines came after the procedure. Is incredibly. Dark. And lead. In his -- so I can. And also if Susan does -- -- -- good news. These these -- tremendous investment schemes enjoyed my personality that was different than just timeshare. Veterinary kind of things will be -- will be seeing those -- and as a warms up. So real quickly to running out of time -- want to Barbara Bernstein who -- you usually assertion. If you had a -- here's fifteen years may mean your sure. That doesn't mean he -- something. That it -- pig but the remedy our shantytown. Is it. Okay that's going to be for the this is scary and turn all. Kind of -- Their choice for the Rangers could be costly come. An earlier I doubt I'll caught up trying to help people -- -- -- they need our senate panel mark costs come. You know you couldn't tell you need to tune up. Can we talk about how they can reach you because the people sent -- general just and so absolutely what can they reach your. They can find me and my practice. Here at 512707. Double load doubles Saturday. Austin lonely -- had come. Boy they can find the ads no less -- your people -- she Tuesday through Friday and that's an area this Sunday. But not tomorrow not to retire tomorrow. And I can tell you there to assist to -- code you get -- times. Good -- to close at two sometimes rebel act and the parents send it soon so -- Tuesdays Thursdays Fridays. At at the store -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Who crashed during warrior here and assets rose to have to leave you the very safe and inexpensive those who like. Absolutely and you know you still given to all the -- -- doctor tell you to do insurers cover from your surgery. But being dragged him and -- -- Sure recover quickly -- me. And completely. -- -- -- We're just gonna stay there sometimes to the -- sector once and a while -- the got okay thanks spring break right now know was the mood in the region who drink -- he's done. All right let's take let's take a week break and we'll see you next week OK -- how much all right thank you have a great weekend in two -- okay. Mr. Franken thank you so much to confront. That's a -- and it's just it's hard to say is that's okay we don't we're trying to Nestle has. Booking your phone number is up 5122639. A seventeenth and BJ's senate practice psychology.