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Mar 15, 2014|

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Welcome to let's get healthy with bills whale on talk thirteen seventy. He's here to take your call and 39013. Seventeen and now here's bill -- It was pretty good doesn't Marquez must sidekick here. Mood. Cowboy Victor courses. -- -- the Celtics is -- we actually sells these traditions so Houston. Hello Richard Texan I am a sex -- that you don't end here my whole life. Did you go to -- -- not much to try to. But I territory -- as belt but that's where you don't know the national the they you know ultra cute overload. -- -- When we're as the Texas actually put his best foot forward I don't know a dozen times but his best foot forward what is others in how water don't root and she. Oh he left forcing growers is that true said listen where we go late applause here. There we go over to crack it. Economic homeownership more secure what is it that -- that I issued a Jewish you do that you know during the day you know like you say it's a different -- lesson you can just. You can smoking ordinance you know they got those that there's an app for that belt there so there's probably -- steroids. What -- our talk briefly about you talk about you later -- practice -- live -- and particularly when my next turn but no that's right well you know what should lead groups or can talk Walsh helped. Don't go are you radio guys -- it's it's a little as afternoons the weather's just. The weather's miserable human cooped up all day along it's like we're finally getting some dry as to have done wrong to bolster current zeroing. Especially now with the most the most Asian -- says the mortgage solutions to numerous longer view relationship between two early. There -- veered so revered don't they have if you. We are the producer producer has of you know especially. When you look out the window and gays census who has -- to. Bulletin wave itself pilotless I'll bear like man has such a great job he promised to pay the interest to come here. Just to DOC dispute growing. -- yeah usually I get jellies and those. -- Prediction -- so -- about predicting heart disease accurately. As you're you're due -- testing that you tell you look at that they still try to destroy ratio. -- less important than your suggestion. That is. Should mr. usually they -- they'll deal Odeo they steal over a -- -- show what won't pay an invitation to notre industry. I. And honestly I don't know that I necessarily agree with that the -- The LDLs need to be taken into that into consideration there because they're the ones that caused the plaques in the arteries. Now unfortunately I think that there's a lot more things that need to be measured as opposed to just cholesterol. Lot of people dropping get a cardiovascular disease out here that early normal cholesterol -- at. -- emphasis -- on and one. They want as you know I don't know but it -- generation twos threes is happiness. In a racial fire or hire can be problematic. So so that ratio deception that is something. That didn't have that there's still have the they'll deal -- they steal a road that's always. Or or each deal the total cholesterol which which combined which combines both -- and -- traits together. -- Then another warm his coronary prostitution. People overlook equivalent to take time to anybody by the way is wondering helping get kidnapped on the -- -- -- hospital has a quick CT scans. Very quick very cheap very easy to get titled measure the celts can -- -- her -- recently yeah it's very cheap. On my strongly -- just -- even I had a couple patients and hadn't noticed otherwise perfectly normal I say you know what your your. Know you used his fifty or whatever elections get it done prudently and sure enough things cropped up this and -- applications need to get taken care of. I'm so you can have that but I don't know of magnesium. And or vitamin. -- -- -- -- Let -- see the are considered approach that it causes chaos English from the -- -- the two issues. I used to be so essentially took possibly. You know make sure that can lead architectural. Isn't it. Syria to -- -- assistant. Homocysteine Sony barely ever hear about the and -- to show has been shown every two cardiovascular disease equal to that ability cholesterol. I was just in damages a lot of new Yorker Walsh and access to resources stress and -- throughout the body. Recurring adverse. Cardiovascular events occurred in patients report from. 2.5 times more often when I was I was just you were -- console you can -- you can correct how easily. B vitamins. -- 69 in the twelfth easiest thing oral sex they say maybe a thousand people every year from -- -- -- team. If you had owners -- If you had a hundred 2000. People die from. An -- issues. No it wouldn't be too difficult. Road and we're about twenty orange music orange and and and testing for almost as seen as a series. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We are bum in addition on you everything you mentioned so far for cardiovascular diseases on our usual panels look work. Come to some of the other things we usually we we measure that a lot of people don't he directly correlating cardiovascular disease include things like fasting blood sugar and insulin levels. On a matter of fact that there. The former head of one of the European medical associations and -- and smaller at ten years ago. International meetings -- that elevated insulin levels have a greater correlation with. Cardiovascular disease then then elevated cholesterol -- Yet most people the -- fasting insulin levels measured or don't coral late blood sugar problems cardiovascular room -- -- well. He was when he is married. Nor do what do you own room. -- -- What I was at -- per year and thought -- -- 31. Billion with a B. There -- billion dollars a year that's why you leaders of -- on this for you won't you'll see. Leave these things change in your future. Literature says cholesterol. And by itself is actually a poor indicator -- Of heart health and -- -- -- -- -- -- stories to assure that people would have to have high cholesterol and I'll send you shouldn't. Shouldn't just to -- can't raise your question or don't check it I'm saying that they live longer. I think as you get older -- these -- cholesterol. Old woman us I think I'm not I'm just blessed my opinion and a symptom of a lot of people who are testing -- now. -- to say that is it better to looking information. And sugar intake. On this drug -- oh yeah this is okay. Currently Custer commission coroner -- cash rentals better test and just. Popular over I think there they go and have their Christian -- in particular -- to play. In fact it well you you are what the other the other major risk factor is for current cardiac disease that almost nobody manages Corley with a please don't -- Somebody have it no secret that horrible. Bowler you know on an urgent progesterone -- a stretcher and for women and right ratios and testosterone permit. When those little go down you can see in direct correlation to the onset of -- and ask what season. In the house of -- -- and no usually by blood it's the most it's the easiest and simplest -- for -- to do though wouldn't know what we we can draw Ford but for those people who don't like it cannot do it by -- -- -- here. It's very easy to -- -- test -- I've heard so optionally different stories for years some things you -- decide that doctors say these throughout the bronze. And is that because -- made money when -- -- us from -- very you know you can do home. Well -- tell her it's your industry standard right now -- just most conventional. And he's don't deal with sell very so they don't know how to interpret its usual free to restore -- You -- scroll through your game this three years ago Schumer changed. It just it was so -- room was actually better there's only test the free. Correct so there's there's going to be -- from random well you either or -- you need to get -- you need to make -- -- written with somebody that knows how to interpret that that's the case. On the thing that it that the thing that that worries me is that they get you get past a certain age. And the conventional medicine turn dress as well you really don't need those hormones anymore and yet we know for. Cardiovascular health from her blood sugar regulation for brain health. Not true immune system for your -- for your muscle system I mean everything depends. Come upon you know well above baseline level those -- they don't -- anywhere they were when you're twenty but. Certainly everybody needs their hormones balanced of the green yet. And oratory but into crime and crime disrupt Turkish. This doesn't that sound scary. From the disrupt -- to current system. On last -- Perfumed. Body care industries. Unleashed an undercurrent instructors. Two people and environment. And encouraged and know that. Reserve your -- stations from. So impressed they say many of them charge there -- reduced by hysterectomies Sheila -- church we shouldn't come home I'm home. Miss this article says many times hysterectomies are the medical system response for women. Is -- struggle to keep producing a -- progesterone initiation. The balance. That's the bosses what can try. As you can measure -- just true. And it could be. Broke through low Richard precious little to. Not quite as bad as having estrogen screen. Mainly I -- -- -- blow up there you've you've got to maintain them and balanced. On the nasty thing about some and a commercial actors -- leaned in men is the fact that we've ammunition if it activates estrogen. Irwin I think this was to have that balance helped that much so I mean an end guys the -- becomes even more. We're tenuous because there are testosterone is trying to -- -- -- -- nothing to balance that -- the. What has often -- -- after produced there and muscle mass. Doesn't perform very well you know they don't you know released a computer drew said really. And also. And nobody characteristics. Or from a for a lot of us trying to show we shouldn't. There's -- should be. So that's these. These disrupt British and constructions and -- really tough. And when they chances are when the throw off she were your testosterone Michigan progesterone. They also who have the executive believes her paintings on the other hormones your body including things like thyroid. Or run on can also affect your record is only your stress response hormones your dream also. I mean it's cascading reaction is is this one kind of falls on the -- takes -- with the next thing you know you're you're having problems with multiple systems across money. Well and so the committee that came up with -- all of the song and then do the report written. So that they -- her public schools around metal -- -- live -- Mercury. Public schools. To children had to us and do you couldn't -- And so just violates his BH TH AL ETH -- -- You're just totally gonna beat me -- that scrabble. But I don't know you do you -- you can do that we're back which probably usual from -- -- phthalates which are plastic. Soft and drive through most question portables. -- and all this water. Are there felons and the plastic. Simpson. As Korea -- additional -- you -- water glass bottles. Plants -- right. -- -- glass of water no termites -- parents assume that you took those cactus to. Brought -- laboratory and channel so the FDA were talked wrote this last two shows -- Why -- Taurus now then I don't think Bruno Holcomb is allowed. In Saudi us soldiers. Until I mean look at -- look at the number two ingredient in and like -- Which is Perlman and vegetable oil -- that -- only disrupts a lot of -- the effects direct strike if you bush. After -- and some sort of paradigm standardize. Are big. Be sure you get these natural -- them come to later for Kim. Be sure you get the June. Of standardized cycle through something have you -- or to what we're getting away from all of these chemicals. -- The body care products. I can pinpoint. This this include the detractors to these chemicals. In the Californians get some -- to keep these but I of these products no we're geo product and you know they don't want. You know assure this contestant. Americorps and the tests and before that. Up pesticides should also Koresh. Medicine agriculture. We know them monarch butterflies and may be extinct to its current manager for agriculture. Our practices. We vulnerable -- for a so that's very won't turn crucial to -- placement like that and so stores and there's software were gonna group -- Gordon. There -- -- software store alert garden. That tracks so far but a class. We stood in front of some greens are like six feet -- -- These -- a lot of peace. Children's people contribute towards an accident shut as saying you UNC went through a lot of like epi pens. And bee -- -- -- in -- -- In Sweden. This is -- critical of the Swedish environment minister. -- Eric. He Kate told the commission that she will sue if they Brewster torture part doesn't trust provision accomplish certain chemicals for public awareness. You also. To start negotiations pretty can you. 'cause she realizes the rest of problem now another sort of government -- election to have to go after these companies that. -- really we don't know we just don't know. So get your did you say give normal -- -- protect your heart -- -- -- -- you know the torture your monetary right we know that dog uses. It is and how you know the problems so we we need to protect our children. Protect our children. Can have children to smelled of the current picture the first round of the tour radio in today's world. So we've told protest too so let's take a break enough network -- here. And this -- don't know if we go through. We got a doctor Christine -- spiel and -- national -- as -- deal with doctor Christian Horner is coming up she's talking she's wrote a book called waking the warrior goddess about. Breast cancer how to protect and fight against it I'm only talking later only doctoring Lewis. About things you can do to protect your brain handle that -- -- freeze about. Exercises over doing that toward the end what coming up on the next to ours. Stay tune this is the let's get to the show here on talk radio thirteen sitting on doctor Victor cursor to -- new day with bills -- Owner operator of people's Boston's favor your description and dishwasher 390 well we're probably 23 and I don't thirteen seventy. Musial we've -- -- calls weren't. So there was there was traffic conditions -- current -- how -- we hear about. Get -- -- coming up after these messages on hole thirteen seven. Welcome back to -- let's get healthy with the bills whale on -- Thirteen seventy. Welcome back to the show -- compared to. Sure we have. We have with a -- -- -- -- Yeah okay what a pleasure to have you back. Children should handle it into your your hero of our -- tell you what you know warrior -- isn't -- to. A great book for every. Plus save man and woman because -- read it to you because they get breast cancer doctor. Yes they do bad you know only about 1% of all breast cancers are diagnosed in men. And that's entertaining is that they were the factors that we kind of women and it is probably one of the most important risk factors and drinking alcohol help me how we know that alcohol is directly. Kind of directly in your relationship. Slipped up breast cancer because alcohol causes the body to produce more executions. At all from world collapses and -- in -- -- -- liver enzymes that are important for helping kids detoxify the body and clear excess estrogen and other body and then also I'm destroyed the B vitamins folate or folic acid. Which is involved in -- mechanisms -- our DNA. The people who are low it folic acid in his drink alcohol to have played much higher incidence of breast cancer. Because of all the different readers -- so the one subgroup of man that has a much higher incidence of breast cancer her meal alcoholic continued teamwork. You know alcoholic actually give reformation called kind of commands via ups. Who who. And also who are important -- With the with the introduced introduction of pot or marijuana clinic can also cause. I don't press the government and they say -- out of. And a lot of different things you know that's going to be it and yeah -- so much. On the social costs because I'm doing and then try and I'm not. News in the -- Her surgeon and author. You hope to -- a certain picture of conditions you have the national board of surgery in the national border plastic surgery. You've got stone passed the first -- all -- -- -- recurring issues countries to play. -- specific surgical procedure cash. Which is reconstruction following mastectomy. And that's -- -- man contest and the rest assured -- so she -- you do that how you get to nationals. You -- to salute them. -- -- And the time the bill. I don't know if it's -- designer and saying even now I met with Bill Clinton that had nothing to do it and it is -- -- -- yeah -- right. You know highlighted her insurance company back in 1980 series they weren't gonna pay for -- through construction and you're 32 year old patient because of the permanent organ with -- -- functions. You're clueless it's -- and -- It's well. You lighting to Betsy Wright powers out I don't. You know I need instead that -- around her tense. You know I was gonna pay and it really gonna take -- inside there was. So many horrible things the insurance company entered game back and then I you know I just couldn't tolerate itself. I think you know organizing. You know legislative campaign. And then just -- a bunch of people that help an organization move we started out in the -- To be a list because it was right after the Clinton health care bill did not go through and they say here. Nothing is going to be here to Washington. So we actually had 35 state laws passed and then I discovered a loophole switches. The employee retirement income securities act -- us. Which has a line in his says 00 pay for any part of your health care you're exempt from any state health care a lot. Well actually means that about 60% of people -- everything -- is -- -- including. You know addition. You know Medicare Medicaid and so forth and I thought well you know who -- -- -- covering so. I was thankful that point you know we need to have a federal law itself. I may have I got really Smart really since cited as a top brands in the bottom and down the latest hi -- I need to meet president Clinton's trip. Except for two weeks silent around finance committee I knew that and that's the united -- president Clinton's. -- less -- two weeks a mess when he knew someone on the Federal Trade Commission have lunch with them at five days later. And 101000 dollar players because -- talking to president. -- yeah in new. Well it's 101000 dollars later you know that's that's what -- and I learned about it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah that's great that's great yeah well you there was only two is you've read -- don't the book hundreds -- pages because you wanna make sure because it's about. -- preventing but I actually. Hoping to fight breast cancer right -- you -- And practically you know what the same things that -- of cancers paintings to help it heal from it because really kind of reversing that process -- so they really have been an explosion every -- last tears coming free throw my book in 2005. Tom there was. Some research got a huge amount of that it had done except I have my first edition -- -- perfect condition appeared later and then this time and I mean it it was unbelievable how -- before they would be maybe fifteen studies on the particular subject analogy. Allen Aaron. -- Arab world there -- our -- -- bottom -- by itself out of the and I like to like to -- to your health soon. Because really doctor -- you do you -- pharmacists who you know we don't learn how much of school. Like chiropractor -- -- -- -- I don't know how -- can go -- because yeah. We're worried about how that was easy victory here was because he's a competitor. Sounds ignorant and -- stuff. Do that doesn't. Know he didn't. But but I I believe that its own it is so critical that. Held every health professional -- needs to know about diet and exercise isn't all these different nutritional that you can tell you know. Saying you know I mean that's absolutely -- I had no courses of nutrition and my medical school -- twenty years later I went to act like has certified and not irritated you know that can get loans at the last sentence. Because India Deepak Chopra talks about. And government has access to medical students to talk with -- twenty years later they still didn't have that course and nutritious. You know I have to do is open of the medically -- Tenet you know common sense -- -- will -- -- mountain ahead. Yeah yeah now has thank you get back -- until you know. I continued the founding father of western medicine says those should be your medicine and medicine the year it's actually. -- to try and pursue social and somebody's barrel. So the social building on that when you talk about a diet that's ideal to try to growth and lower the risks of breast cancer and turn some what are the sort of things and generally you're recommending for your patience and tried to reduce those risks or fight breast cancer -- -- there. I think part doesn't -- to avoid the things I'm favorite so everything in the traditional American -- as a standard American diet with to have diet. It's typical I think if you look at our top task is the only took out the burger that try and a lifetime. You know that -- shake that -- -- Everything in that -- is found something that contributes to. I can't carry -- helper on the other hand -- hand to those things -- -- could be. Now most supportive protective order on our health care plan. Tell all different kinds organically grown plants so. Some vegetables predominately phrase no. He did in different places in the third. Hashish medicinal value and some of the more of those that you can get in the days and as a better -- Who. Are you medically there is that. The camera and say to him well the answer is that it's tough to warn that she seems to. Take over most everything. Still it was the thing is they've all sorts of different. -- kind of stand out. -- -- superffoods tipping -- paper -- and loved one you know and entirety. This term whereas we talked about you know it's boring here and LT you know camera 5500. Studied and you know on it because this just. Almost too good to be true as far as all the different mechanisms of action and drug companies keynote actually studied terrorist to figure out. Some of the mechanisms -- decrease from the there. So drugs. And green tea you know until we hear about that all the time and I believe limited alliance and -- eleven different kinds of cancers. Musher in the very you know another thing that is someone like he's the favorite things because it has such a tremendous support convenient system and HTC which is -- and -- and formula function talking -- it actually upholstered just blend from Japan's. Have been shown to be one of the he most of -- Formulas because says it supports every single file type an immune system so HTC is. -- in Japan and and actually prescribed in the hospital cancer patients because there's so supportive treating these systems. Again I think -- split -- kind of stellar wandered off into the draw -- line that we're discovering now as more and more research. Is being done and how can I change my diet in the last ninety years off day I started doing. A lot. Blender -- You have achieved of the green drinks and and all these different super foods from -- and finally -- and do you know tale of preference factor everything in a blender and you know wonder I didn't you know that's my live action and good morning -- I'll take a different patterns and are seeing good. You know that I put in like a pomegranate. And I. The and the end and -- and -- know it's quite a while you can get really -- charge. Amount of nutrients when needed ballet which is very easily digest the ball because at all what your eyes you know I can't help. That's the only guy he can -- I just -- them to they were -- 120 years old you don't show. And yes I'm older I'm sure we'll have a show for years and I -- -- I am I getting in my hand late yesterday and I don't lose yeah I'm looking. And I got a text they see season I want to know about -- -- she seek is that something like she's talking you were the almost -- crews here in Austin -- So we have your whole cruise around so to to -- target mushrooms. And other other other rushed has also so right so what so the American tee with a surge as. Taylor. The difference saved eight -- -- different than the united. Isn't it isn't it nice to see -- after the -- they're packed correlated compound of drugs -- -- -- -- -- CCC and. But apparently written that is actually more potent. And eating and I should population is that the way that they process because they and Somali children may very small whereas it was kind can't molecules are usually very large could actually increases the absorption -- -- -- Still -- availability of HCD is greater than. Thousand eating -- on the -- -- after getting unity can even -- the button mushrooms termed you know to conduct elections are. One of the top ten mushroomed to help and inhibit. The aroma taste 10s9 which is an enzyme in the -- also helps to convert -- into -- -- that's kind of the executive producer and they. Biloxi -- -- -- time in the medication that they give to women. They have postmenopausal breast cancer. They round pick or the other about Russia and are are really great at that and actually but naturally very high in vitamin. DM and then you know -- -- Circumstances -- wanna get you know -- even. Mormon default tax term picking -- something like eight PC you can even upload cap pulled up and you know -- in your shaken everything kids have. So the capsules that you get the ACC. -- own and by the way mushers are they only plan that digest their truth. They take it up from the Dutch justice right. That makes me wonder how -- system of maybe argument sentiment and I have so so tell you what you have an issue go to. I have a seated in the stores in -- place. This is a generic ingredient because you enlisted and a bunch of different targeting the products they could be -- -- let you know on. Web -- this -- -- you know the one that I didn't personally take -- made -- quality of life. Slam in that's the one that I pick that term I think -- -- you know from the team in manufacturing Japan camp. We -- The viewer or use in a bottle. This is article about her confidence. Gap and how can you reckon you repeat recommend I'm sure that people. Literally. Provide. Network covering. You don't really interest in Quebec Canada fairly expensive for a city of medical research inclined to go in and -- down you know with the question Pete and -- -- Solid research that shows the connection between here -- guy -- cancers are black haired guys. And end. You have parents that smoke. And -- -- -- I -- -- because -- primarily. Bladder cancer you know that shows up. So. You know little highly paid people to kind of you know I can't print print quality drilling has studied they're really going -- and I crisper and he had good even you know they would have aluminum an -- between now has the message and it effects help. You know for me -- -- the concept of like dying from a thousand paper has tried has -- made easy as the researchers don't yet know we know that it's not the best thing for -- -- am excited being conscious. You know you just put your life like everything. I think that's I had a handgun and the people he needed to make sure that you're using organic nontoxic and you know we're so fortunate right now because it how many different companies that are making. I'm nontoxic alternatives very you know everything -- until the completely -- house every single thing you know in the building materials you can find some alternative all the cleaning supplies all -- make -- the -- -- It's there and available in -- has to kind of keep taking your consciousness and everything toxic and -- -- center a nonpartisan election piano truth senator secure of rights as so many people who are going to the prelude it's you know it's -- away from. Grains and things like that level now sits at her. And you know I think it doesn't hurt and angry -- -- has to be really careful with greens are not containment what they were found a hundred years ago I mean I'm wondering where they make a really good point about that and and -- process someday become really so pro inflammatory. And there were taking all that nutrients. Taken all -- eyebrows. Somehow hold -- you know be OK but I think there's a lot of variety in how people react to them. You know you can turn -- -- fame and have plenty that I love about higher paid as it recognizes that we're all individuals are certain people are there react to certain things other people not some people can be hot spicy food and other people can't -- You really have to you know get to know your own body and pay attention to it and I personally can't eat greens I don't digest them around like him you know I feel -- afterward -- -- apparently isn't so I think. I mean very good alternative like -- lot and Amram which are very high encourage flu. And then they come and then bickering instead they don't have that inflammatory effects yeah. When I discovered -- law. But it's really great out there yet and -- breast cancers -- -- minister from yoga. But aren't they do everybody's happy together zero yeah its licenses. Yes so you know we know that trust that something that isn't even he has conservatives. NIH has said that 90% of people who. Let's try to do the users to let you know extract that contributes to the -- honestly is there disease. And I think when we look at cancers particularly breast cancer is invariably. It's kind of Pastrana broke the camel's back court somebody might have been doing kind of some. Yeah things turned from bad things good and something happens and their life for they have a significant you're asking I guess -- allowed to line or. Bonds have a job at what the statistics show is that when someone has something significant like that happens. In the continuing to five years -- that times twelve times higher risk of developing breast cancer. So what I recommend for people is to do a daily at. Access from the -- is just reducing technique. And they these and other cultures that type team -- young -- -- they do meditation you know predominantly in India has always get a lot more here I practiced meditation for twenty years and you know that's kind of form of meditation and relaxation yeah. And the studies show the people who practices -- regular basis have much lower cortisol levels of stress hormone and don't react. This Charlie to circumstances -- their life. So that's a good thing in addition to that again -- that flexibility to it to them we get older we get a little different so that's not how wonderful thing taking your body really looking. Can we got a minute left and how -- like she's just -- -- -- human memory to reverse. So yeah. It's haven't they didn't. And Mary if you -- buyers that was actually discovered in 1930 -- The announcement comes talent that and then they discovered that there was actually present in my eight for the common man is mouth may recover higher. And it gets transmitted to humans. Sunni areas where it is very high and might population which. He is noted in eastern Africa has -- Little -- -- is incidentally is -- breast cancer are much -- they're -- more aggressive forms like inflammatory cancer. Here in the United States when they did that he is looking at tissue specimens of breast cancer they can it was about 40%. So the idea that we develop a vaccine against -- virus would be able to I. And -- 40% of all breast cancer cases just like you really give a vaccine for the cervical. -- cancer that virus nearly two TV. However what they found is that if you keep yourself healthy you know the holistic approach not wanting to you know work -- -- have diet supplements. Exercise I'm going to bed by 10 o'clock against them effective stress -- and techniques. And if you keep consultant to help seeds and here in years not susceptible to that virus depends you know just fight it off she's about. We can do that today we don't have vaccine. -- -- -- vaccine if you really patent does your health. Yeah. Christian Horner were great look quick -- star who -- in the carrier bars. What can -- warrior goddess and put a great book and according terrorists in our stores as people where we need to read this book. Saying hey let's. And on Amazon and -- my web site. Yeah go okay now you can view. Simpson book partition but she gets -- new -- with the addition 150 page is right. -- I could tell an offensive additions come my picture on the cover where the other one dollar and that's what distinguishes that he has. Luke did you just say you got a great picture thank you afternoon. Police and by the way when your 120 you commercial insurer. As you walk the walk Argentina why did I guess I'm talking within America. I felt that I met his grandson he's -- this is -- -- -- Please be nice to order a chicken and it did. -- heard -- thank you so much anyway I don't Galicia for this book Greg had asked for anything can okay. -- about -- -- -- we're going to total break here and went through -- Turkey's seventy I want to. Three and a thirteen 72 will be right back. Moreover let's get healthy is coming up after these messages on -- Thirteen seventy. Welcome back to let. Let's get help you with the seals -- I'm tall. Six change change -- -- it's. -- critters -- college you -- trouble. -- brought headlines headlines -- -- resistant to standard medications. They're serious or we wouldn't have got a lot of excess you know this series to. -- we're -- Charl has allies say you know you can't knock it down that's -- -- she can't scratch. -- can do -- -- well shave his head and everything else well learn of this history has to do that you don't do that which you over not unless you really mad animal. Come on old problem implode here. The couple places one in particular to sterilize her mother's. Nice nice areas twice mothers and there -- 360 torture torture and had an opinion I just I just think there's other places too. -- listening and ears nor another place achieves is good to have a place. If you do if you Google. You'll get toned up just Google. Head -- Austin, Texas. And we will show you wouldn't illustrate several. Several types of flu treatments available. So they're actually there's one who don't come to your house. -- she -- your house been treated. So it's. It's good business -- this is such companies we want him. It goes -- tries to use natural than -- -- she's natural and also I think this is so this ferry life smothers shelves. A product is natural. Her bed bugs so this could never analyses -- -- gorgeous picture you can. -- Gentlemen you do and don't forget don't wait. A -- and I mean when besides the common cold don't want to have this does this. Just have this feeling their vote. -- woman somehow not being good hers and you can get an error that besides that besides the common cold. Blaze headlights are actually the second most common transmitted on to help her center disease. Between -- so it's like gave it it's you know -- down just you know don't don't beat around the bush get on and and make sure you'll and they were came from -- they do have a -- buckle and Nader -- well I'm great did that they sell there as we know. Along with an interest in her treatment and what did you know that crosses national. Nutrition month. Precious is possession cushion -- you you know that mean for the watch for one month a year they actually catch of the restaurants and they're trying. I would say that catch up they're trying they're trying and one of the things are worthy of famous this year. This enjoy the taste of -- right to ensure that takes to be right. -- or learn fruits. -- to shoes that you group with patent. Preston Sunni troops eats well there was solution for hotel. He served on -- -- Airgas. Exit who broccoli who didn't take should. Learn to like these because there are good for your run. Nor doctor there's distortion adulthood. I think the first your world poses. Was your first impression coffee agreed to succumb to reroute if you're going to your child most of us do you don't have Moammar Patricia -- We'll have to weasel who. Which are currently -- that. Position. There were -- -- and on -- I am not a coffee drinker or am I am I have always been teetering or I've never gotten over the text. My wife my wife is the one that can identify just by the smell. You know which which slope where it was grown with time the day was -- -- it wouldn't move one was in when he picked the being you know just she's the kind of sore. Like I never got over I cannot automobiles to live together and we do we do have with a child look -- that we have shall you removed the other. Well but anyways so. We were we -- Scotch and sister. So you can nutritious and -- clear -- probably -- Who would do that. Did you -- swallowed her disputed. He hit an eclectic collection so I didn't ask who he's -- reluctant to and I was. But does stop smoking -- -- and not out of the I was an extreme there I guess I'll learn to like -- you know. Jury jury well actually. So sometimes just -- -- is prepared. When you come -- properly. They did you prepare properly to discuss their premiere for Charles so. So be aware that your broccoli you can look she's are brought to you have to restore that -- Pretty soon you learn to -- Berkeley. Yeah if you if you shoot it long enough and it don't -- couldn't broccoli can actually be quite sweet founders -- -- -- you're chewing along and get anxious are breaking down and insurers out of it. So I mean since it's a very good free and no doubt it shouldn't be drowned and neither cheese or butter to make it palatable what's. You know it's it's quite good myself from my and my wife for examples of some a little rest before worst pool oven roast it with brush with olive oil and garlic. And comment mean it's just it's not only did the same thing for for cauliflower. Come -- for a lot of kids who don't like -- otherwise you'll find that all of that over the -- and worked pretty well. Well essentially psychologists say the industry -- -- -- -- do with tastes. And aren't faced -- learned elect takes sometimes it takes 23 months. So stay within. You know don't give up if you know the center is good for you mushrooms are bigger example you know and I wanted to based and mushrooms green. North of sort of restore -- they don't look good they're grown. You wonder -- you -- -- at all. No hope and of course if you if you won't be so that's okay your. But now know that. It took Hillary is so. But I think that situation national I just want to let you know numerous of people after national nutrition national association -- you know so. And you what I would I would challenge everybody if you don't like your national would you wanna try to get a kick start to the national nutrition month and then again this is not trying to plug but I'm gonna plug anyway come water -- to -- -- season go by the go by the deli. Com go and see what you know what organic cooking looks like a wooden -- trying to won the juices. -- find out what would you -- on these vegetables fruits actually taste. I think you'll find out that that improving nutrition leading the right things as one should know how to prepare them right actually taste really good -- Little rod is that does -- -- -- new -- If you don't like it by the way if you don't have that a ship or you can. Do you bring him back newness about it if you've got a taste it take your new car should I needed her -- beautiful. And so we -- we -- -- -- thank you -- there we will know which is a problem with the so. Where -- where this year everybody else so. So your commercial a little bit. Down -- talk about how to prevent stroke start value -- construction. Well the structure strokes her. Unfortunately on the horizon the United States that going in hand with. Cardiovascular disease elevated blood pressure. And women there are more troops and and things things that we do we do every day than people may not realizing preach reasoning everybody knows about smoking that. Tony people managed to do you have heard the fine print about birth control pills. Mean we know it's when between done depression and birth control pills but it'll increase your risk of stroke as well. Right but also a lot you don't know this public pressure coming up worry Jim -- pressure I'm not a real hard. It just me that I don't -- just dragged on the OPEC in the afternoon that's perfectly high enough to. Like drive downtown tonight. And try to get it and try to navigate trying to find a parking space stereo. So you control your blood pressure or low folate and vitamin B twelve levels. Michigan those people out of who -- him belt set trimming its recent entry and an official rules. -- vegetables sweet talk about that. This messages he ordered Greek. A traditional time. I take of all of all produced refined cereals. Fruits and vegetables. Steps in an old cinema can't say yelling and telling people going by going to new zone that it's so great idea to go fast -- really got a Big Ten -- we'll put a little pressure. -- -- -- -- -- -- honey and Roger makes everything all of course exercise or are we can we can't seriously word he -- a similar Ariel. Carlos to -- minutes. So visit both physical exercise vigorous opposition that women who taught to use most of do vigorous. -- -- exercise and get to consider where he wouldn't say -- need to do vigorous. Because I guess she got -- It is just us strong you have these muscles for a reason so if you don't use on how to be -- not a populism. Don't want. Get me a vigorous about it vigorously for his vigorous about and of course Austral cute little dog called those things for stroke so we gotta go get a heartbreaker to what. And don't go through and I don't Turkey's seventy and we up against the wall here -- against all okay. -- remember abduction during Lewis after these short messages. Welcome to let's get healthy with bill sway over on talk thirteen seven. He's here to take your call and 39013. Seventeen and now here's bill swearing. And welcome back to what could help the show here on talk radio thirteen 7 AM I'll also. Available almost like streaming on the web -- talk real thirteen selenium dot com. We are home of the best caption that afternoon talk radio in Austin, Texas and the best known for music by the way thanks a -- for the guys -- for world. Those that don't know me my name is doctor Victor cursory I -- unfortunately interpreted interest and -- -- -- clinical nutritionist. You're working with mills Quayle and other members of the protestors at people's also -- pharmacy. I'm joining us on the line if anybody didn't catch all that your brains a little bit Fuzzy not quite sure where to start. Now we've got a special guest -- this direction to arena. Dark green. Lewis is it also or does it just doctor -- doctor Louis. I don't like sexual relationship whatever -- -- the house had to -- this is over. Or hate you and Hewitt national conferences or at. Iraq abducted arena as they is also board certified -- -- internist and board certified clinical nutritionist down in Q beautiful San Antonio because. Hopefully have some sun by this point this afternoon. We do -- my -- I'm pretty -- just wrote this morning's accident it hit a. And -- so -- -- we were we were talking alluded to earlier during the break come about about brain health we stir up -- to a stroke and then we kind of ran into. -- the increased risk of photos of alzheimer's another on -- -- disorders. Not which kind of dove -- and what we're talking about here which is so much overall brain helps. -- -- a patient and came to you doctor -- that didn't send you know on Monday I got to kind of brain fog that's going on and not really focusing the way that I am -- I walked into a room kind of forgotten my and there are. They and how would you start if you had to be a lot of extremes with us. Absolutely the first thing I'd do is actually told what chemistry on -- men especially taking their garlic that's just used to be major place to start. And a doctorate Argentina most medical thought -- trying to TSA to think their patients fine and we actually do a more detailed on T three T four T seven. Freaky freaky good for -- -- -- -- for Hashimoto has been your first victory in those type things. You know next week. Just not say that's that's that's huge doctor bill cleaver -- don't nationally. Recognized expert -- settings and estimates that up to half the patients species list. Not with so have a terrorism actually are or are Hashimoto is that they got. From an autoimmune condition but because the the -- -- come and go a lot of people miss the diagnosis can be tested well enough often enough to catch Suzanne embodies their -- Yes and I feel a bit acupuncture behind me to it's. So I actually particular -- minutes and on our hands to second pretty much talent sponsored -- him around that's kind of a neat thing. -- feelings don't Samir palm reader I don't. I I I will look at them I'm not how -- that's endemic to Bible let his head over he'll Tulowitzki -- Christian every Olympics. They have but I can take you instead it's as they never know that this can't army and it's it's -- -- -- -- they get we get tested. OK okay so we'll see you tester you just -- thyroid out and let's say and then again all stressed. Just like that -- to a set if you're gonna test I -- -- the TSE -- not really great test for the as a contest anything. I'm a single value -- mean your free T three is probably your best guess at what may be going on but yeah some sort of plain and most people don't have that run. Become so occasionally look at their -- what -- what do you look at for that brain fog after that. I -- I didn't put -- testing also delays and activity testing. A lot of times this food and concentrator that brain -- that he'd have to be picture pre dementia or. -- pre alzheimer's you could -- have brain -- from eating foods that don't agree with Q and it it can cause -- leaky gut which seems internal console to keep brain. So literally start next. And you you've got personal experience with us. Absolutely and actually. My brain -- might like let's just testing -- -- negative I can just make their stride TH ITT created which is a gluten sensitivity and it was negative. And I was kind of in shock when I ran CNET tale on myself so much positive. I -- about -- slipped my HI LE DT to enable policy and knows I didn't fashion completely negative with no advice at all first for -- -- So either one -- a -- this -- autonomy. And when I got off that -- need to really quit my brain -- volatile might hit 85 I was going to be just tell Libyan alternately get down chemistry from us. And the -- -- pressure god and then we hear so that we can be close that unit. And now I don't have any problems at all not -- -- -- -- perfect and postmenopausal. That play that are -- it is still working on that and I'm about 90% better. -- that's got to mean we knew we worry when Sunni people Michigan and urgent mood disorders and get too much of that brain thought to bring it to me deal kind of -- -- to know what was she did what -- Georgia were Coen true. Pitchers don't really helped keep. On that. Did the competitive balance has really really helped mom and I take a look at yesterday and glad that the specifics for Clinton and Gary. But I got off to gluten got off the -- to kick al-Qaeda to bounce which is great for. Until you don't lead levels and your -- it's really phenomenal turnout -- -- two things that they were well that's a once and it really helps kicking off the shoes and getting on that. They also do com. -- backup -- the brain here bottom machine -- I just can't believe I spent this much money but I really think it is important that. I'd bought it and I views about myself and really. It has helped so much right now then just economics hadn't had a data from other patients. The solution come. The machine is called under -- feedback and this is just it basically helps you read about -- after the brain. She directs you to get down here at sports fan I'm a little lesser -- -- For the soldiers coming back from posttraumatic stress disorder coming back from Iran Iraq and Afghanistan. -- there's simply no reason we should look at Richard Jones. -- -- what what you bring up an afternoon all the Camilla to -- -- and I guess. That's Connecticut Texas and take care and advantageous to get -- -- -- download our local emergency -- -- down the streets the few blocks from where your own -- cafe and. This is a day trip Bill Clinton to go this she says she was treating twos and brand -- here that's a sworn to shoot violence should I. I don't know that I help my life without an op at a no no no less -- Well I think it's about workers Schuerholz and machinery needed to be -- you we -- attempt attempts to don't. Researchers from -- or it. Can. Absolutely dominated the next -- tickets -- sugar levels we let you know what they want CES has only got two. But the first thing I checked. Actually the urine test and I told about that this morning that my patients describing gripe a gripe that I was taught charity of fifteen yards for you way. But -- the best -- at his best -- out there because we can actually pick up -- I'm glucose staring out to the current. -- -- this is -- research when -- moved prettier but -- Three -- workers in particular community tunis to structure approaches totality you impeach now after. Can also. Your -- -- -- -- -- code via you know. -- -- -- -- So if you don't know about social. I did and I tried tried some of the calcium blocker songs. That are on the market now I would have been given to -- but it and I actually had an allergic reaction to us accomplish that too much. But it's yes and that's just a personal experience that again if I think it workers that you can do you some. So why everybody from all sort of go down in the -- just review. -- -- You probably going to be an altitude -- three -- -- the first visit. And deleted some other things on -- -- throw in a screener feedback for you to just get used to understand what's processes. Looks duty cops on you run put chemistry blow out strategically our case. That takes about three hours. Who telescope. I own teachers -- cover most of it but it. No Hamas constituted a chiropractor or even though I do a lot of nutrition act idea actually encounter against a ministry to. So mom that I go ahead and do that even though it's completely illegal for our Turkish student nutrition in the states. That should Julia took the -- you don't have to vehemently. World and I took -- to whom we know who's intent and -- and did the unfortunate reality is that the like natural pass chiropractors are under fire right now. Some are even -- board in this state because you're trying to inhibitors to practice and keep doctors don't like. Doctor green from actually giving this kind of information treatment of their patience. The other controls so viscerally. Usually something. People don't realize AMA is is we won the lawsuit and they turnaround rhesus against those medical doctor after it after us but I know that. Acupuncture just -- it now so blanketed Tuesday. Learned yet how -- and that book we've had the -- Richard dietitians you know because they were taken trying to take over nutrition this measurability. Except pharmacist were still got involved because there. It is just a shame that you have these two little factions after the drug used to you know but I don't get jealous or whatever. -- noise so the product there we don't do you don't work you are not wild -- curious about. Did you did you success -- than him. The it's a gorgeous here with the the kind of balance. The kind of develops virtually because I didn't I don't know. In essence you know what I was secure rose was actually soon so memorial shot. You know because they say no other cities or those can be very beneficial. Yeah I am totally strain of Coca at all you know there's -- YouTube came out of few moments ago couldn't Wear this does doctor. Had a husband and there was actually had alzheimer's you can draw a clock. And so she gave him two -- produced. -- coconut oil a day. And then three weeks you can draw a clock. You know hits they -- reversed and. They did it actually before we actually do that European that we access givers patients a tablespoon of coconut oil. And that is we really gave us access to let it. -- how to study judges so do I mean do your children it is season that. That's coconut all his his value was I was curious if you're and they say America three's elderly. Officials who did build of bill some brains of all of you bring you because of brains can shrink and it outside my front and went in the brain shrinks and miss Chris problems so you gotta keep that -- and cholesterol -- some room. You get -- could tell us -- before he leaves little appoint bill let me just tell you that one thing that actually treated that mitochondria is. Aren't there. And people are doing quite different. Everything it -- -- the frozen foods didn't have to packaged foods it's incredible. When I didn't of the torch to a sort I don't use coinsurance for what you wanna do. So once again corn serve or to get it or you found that a prepackaged arrogance. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know look -- -- that -- they have court circuit known. And that actually free to the mitochondria they can no longer make ATP and -- energy to bring ghost write downs. And yet -- the blues. Median change reckless residue find coconut oil has exactly the opposite effect lacy director and a lot of country and pre activate them so after -- -- kind of like the anti -- -- -- at a secret and it absolutely. Most sort of par we have we have -- -- through the stores and -- -- come down he'll -- a lot of room. A lot of things we're doing like. Gluten slowed to -- products. And so began what it is so so assume this important people like it businesses. And by the way just so we all know the there was an article came out just two or three days ago that the room that is studies looking at what's happening with -- There's a recession -- prices and there to pressure prices are really concerned other sales are not there they're going to don't. Up charm for McDonald's McDonald's my largest states. And they're trying to put a good food I think Tim may be except for the army you know they're in their recent going to be Christian history thing right. And the other day and there are trying except for them did except the meat to load to the potatoes the -- that the onion rings so -- the -- -- on way to get that manually. The kids who have money during he's got to appease -- -- you memorized this. -- -- -- -- We'll have clearly preferred -- I don't know anything. That's that's a. And I got an -- and most hectic has cords have been about a wake. This. And runs into trouble trying to -- -- -- -- big because we know big -- part of part of what part of its. Courts are actually interferes with what stunning girl and browns don't in the brain in this way your body doesn't realize that you actually eaten enough to thirty and everything -- -- addictive. So. We got to -- discarded problems what happened in this morning's show is if people would do I actually. -- you took the colosseum pitchers could you tell us again with the news. -- Cognitive CO OG&E RT LV cognitive balance. It's harder and produce. It hurts everybody treated great stuff. And you Medicaid makes it and it's it's great company had has come to Oklahoma Tulsa Oklahoma. They're good company to list. Whenever you're tortured about -- to see you we have not how snowy it tossed out an option for a catalyst -- run up to see you possess a. Associated -- type -- diabetes is actually on what they -- and alcohol -- to the brain. And what -- the best way to turn that around is to start using towns being able to utilize your shirt again and and -- but he helped put out. Greg thanks. It's doubtful public -- in high dose and it's it's controlled release actually apply it to be able to absorb it all day long. Persecuted yet -- the -- that is -- and antibiotics. You got a little brush and a whole lot of it's pretty low doses -- go vitamin C 120 unabridged talk about and zinc and programs. And they do all these serve or valuable. -- Or try to you know for Friday and continue -- sugar. Level and not spiky so much. As -- just say OK so I definitely don't yes but you aren't project they hamburgers from the fortress of. But go to get it right in the morning it will actually put out your steroid. So take it for lunch and dinner. Does that but it wasn't that ridiculous and immediately high doses -- the ones that aren't. But that's part of this part the other reason that we see -- -- current medications with a that's. -- only a -- going to are you always have -- away from anything else. -- Would you take those who weren't. I don't different you can. Well resort for people to data from the -- commitment. So I know I would imagine a perfect afternoon. I don't alpha because they'll offer courses -- PH area from the -- consumer skepticism council signed CU. So no bones to walk into stores there's a special session and by the way I got to remind people where do this -- products is a report we have -- -- on the show. And that is that we don't. You -- thing you know playing us is education and so it is actually if you can't get enough procedures to go -- podcasts it. -- available at Los distort probably hadn't heard Andrews institute. Sort of delta C news' unique. Yeah because PLC only -- toys today couple book has been don't -- mentioned this few minutes ago as conventional oil fields vodcast it has a half life. Between ninety minutes into our so you're basically to be ticking and every two hours all day -- when she uniform that's controlled left. -- doctor Louis aren't. You're at 1006. Central Park or in central and run. Straight up bombed 281 in theaters this. For a ninth street airport right chemistry from the -- cast you don't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Tell us what she's treating -- good but I must obvious. That whatsoever coverage -- about my thought is is that will be sold by able. For people go down there. You know you're sixty years so we will bring tall order. The sings it well disease because of the things that caller we can assume here. But. Just go to other spent a two hour show. I'm going to be testing right so we don't right. An entrance rights -- to root of that equipment. But I think we might look at tune. Into who. Was a -- Summers is growing is an epidemic. Bryant down doctor Perlmutter says they just found at a time bomb -- -- and sit on their loved pressure. Probably there's a third leading cause is just now Jeff finally notched up -- -- to because what you're dying and they know what they're diagnosed you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But but now we we can diagnosis of -- -- can't -- Yes I don't actually determine that it diagnosis here but I can if you're having every columnist. To me it's best to go ahead and it's getting checked in and get it corrected before -- -- -- your record some players. Bowen and -- more importantly being able to label it as as alzheimer's disease or not is less important. And -- -- -- -- and tearing -- the underlying causes are do you heavy metal toxicity do you have food -- give a tyrant and -- of hormone -- Communist. With the Colin would be called alzheimer's disease -- review no longer and content remembered this issue issues -- opera you know the name doesn't matter as much as figuring out why it's going before. -- know this dialogue jokes about it and don't cause he says that he would larger room trying to remember -- house -- perform a couple of years ago American tells. His prime solutions and shortness what he said you look at your room and can remember quite came into the room. And assisted Al and he says not or brightness because all of a sudden the German Brooklyn inconsistent recruit -- And I know our brain is so but. The disaster jokes about it but Israel Syria -- Israelis say we have somebody that -- full blown out -- -- And so it's been here and yes. If you're. -- comes to the chiropractor that married -- is also a minister and you can also aren't you need right now and six audit we regulate itself. At this position when it happens. -- catch early like I'm gonna see you. And what happens is that. You can excuse to reverse and. You don't like to reverse that and -- I know I'm feeling great now -- -- -- some major changes hands and look at that in the back when I was particularly that I be alzheimer's it down the street and come I'd soared past that number ourselves. Com and so I'm doing really well and that -- let us that a policy -- so. Real quick tournament and reduce stress. Simply about a British. These vitamins magnesium. Absolutely do you. And that they may have to mistake shooters to those don't those count those and Eric had a toxins get off those also. Imaging technology are covered by chip without any sugar. And it is great I mean like New York -- little. Did you have moved tunnels -- -- -- distortion electric. They're for they're used to make as easy as you -- and yeah I thought. But can you say the -- that you used a cousin Donald Trump. I need to cut -- to balance and I also personally take apple telecast sitting at noon and and just make sure my sugar levels baseline and the last thing I do is that it is now Tom DeLay saying it's three minutes of the superintendent says exercise I think this is from doctor Perlmutter and incredibly hard strenuous exercise. I'm not just the term Christian doesn't account and just duty for three minutes past and actually I -- school out here -- match a professor at the nursing school. -- can -- AMP and I'm against Teddy lived. I have to just adopt the disagreement but I exercise and movement and get up and go back cities and towns and really enjoy masks. Really. So I didn't really intense exercise really uncharted and that place intensely stuck in and played absolutely. Could he would come -- -- -- could video though says cardinal. Joy out so well disagree at all what a lot of won't comment yet he sought to say -- you can. If you -- a little too much they say you can do it so true radical person. You can get appear at this stage you put onion and garlic that you can avoid that. Oh really OK and then I like coconut -- two students and let it get. We'll ask you know your like people have been true grit to defer a little bit then you turn yourself around them. And so far you your member to have to be by your strong today. -- half and half the we ought to go to -- mile -- what to go down as you know I just wanted to test system builder Richard. So really actual -- register send two. Units are you don't know to tell. I am definitely not there channel. Yes for different things. So let's the scoop. We're good tens of once again let's give your phone or your do your phone number and -- somebody wants to go down and. Absolutely. I met acuity when it betters my address is 1006. Central Park which tells us Antonio Texas. My -- numbers two and zero point 909169. And you go to web site and look and actually check out come here he can get a visit. And I let's put it www. SPs. And TC got cost. As TNT dot com and we -- to make it. Abu Ghraib you do a lot of you do coverage to -- so. Who -- -- for an 09169. You can go to the web sites and then there were upset nostalgia with health -- dot com. Is that -- description. I -- AT&T T dot com. It was a delicious -- And like Nancy could DCCC. Is that -- stands for San Pedro north care products and yes I am not yeah. Oh cool this great well so are you sure can -- down there you got some good things so. That's good people who go to C. So they would catch up with you were you of those machines. I just. -- -- used to prevention. And testing. And help people to find out as -- -- problem and they they can reverse it. That's a key. We've had a lot of that result from this too attached. One man -- -- -- on -- for social anxiety and it on his second treatment after his second treatment he came in the next stating -- I gave my first discussion my first com. Botox and I didn't break in tears and and run away whatever and they gave me -- radiation -- An unrelated yes so excited when they do this current did a good to see people who. We have coach and extortion to -- Barbara just yourself people. And you'll come back come so easily in my life and listen sure you can treat absolutely such a lead such a need for this. Well thanks a lot for being on. Provided we might look I'll call have or -- okay. Can -- -- singularly appropriate that. But I -- to -- thank you kind of. And thanks very much -- we're gonna be back after these short messages. For. Moreover let's get healthy is coming up after these messages -- finds all. Thirteen seven. Welcome back to let's get healthy with bills whales aren't sold thirteen seventy. -- -- -- like you're number here but it's your call to order restitution place here. This in the news if you -- hormone or users you can call him just feel weird to say. The start but a little more because if you know somebody -- injuries you talk about it. Shorter route route -- throws my experience truly start going gluten free assistant. So if you know our battle through -- throws. Just be aware that around a perverse it's linked to serious disease include -- -- As is new study shows what kind. External drug dose of body fight advanced melanoma. That's a study and that Israeli but if you wanna know more about it you can call -- Carlos no anytime. -- -- because of let you know about the study and then maybe you can be further studies because that's that's a very serious. Condition. Of -- communications. -- own Jewish really cost high cholesterol. What did you know that new king cakes. And communities even. Destroy an assistant. Do you remember who's so so wrong base their report before you run. You wouldn't. Well well I delivered you'll never find me as a nutritionist recommending be leading her legs accomplished through -- -- contention. Well thanks -- -- attrition wants rich on. Here's everything you say to that well but I think I expect what were anything -- -- academia will or may -- some of the nutritional value. I don't disagree with cutting them as launcher on overcoming the man in the deep fried eggs and things like that it's not. No injuries -- doctor Overton already done it. He reduction green Lewis overtime. Gold world words and -- he is that that the key is not over cook your foods to make sure the Jermaine bring -- it's much of those nutrients as possible. So then that's certainly -- cooking it in things like coconut oil as opposed to help them deep channel or her god forbid Crisco. -- -- talk a microscope you talk to a cardiovascular risks earlier from the deep Crisco can cause. Cardiovascular disease incredibly fast because it's it's crystallized -- -- ought to Crisco list crystallized comes it will. Tend to talk about a -- -- 3296 ratios optimal leaning speech about a one to four ratio. Com. Can't see oil has a one to 240. Ratio. And laboratory steps would start that electorate just ravaged what does that it'll generate pretty vascular disease in a matter of weeks. So. Was it was very exciting is that this -- -- -- Crisco. You know you could score that much more shall we if you were found out about it all the people who have all the all the lights that are dead. Mr. and choosing the right pushed on to something that's really really -- nice to know chocolate. Might be they health his senate dodges ever -- tell this article. Over the Toronto -- -- is Marie she get lost some minerals and in chocolate. My knees you would talk about the value -- you close personal. Zinc and as soon -- -- his riches and chocolate. And it talks and most of our nose and tortuous relationship -- and have you grown we reverse roll -- you don't want to see chocolate can assure Charl so heart disease -- and -- -- What study of -- seven -- -- man. Over his fifty year period -- to -- Are the man who consumed the most shocked to Worcester to present -- list like his dying of heart attack. And the man who consumed at least chocolate which percent less likely -- to unfortunate protect. Its efficacy and chocolate or does a fifteen years' time. Foreign sentiment. Noticed that it almost half thousand men and women found that those who -- charter at least five times a week. 57%. Less likely to be -- -- cash for so I -- over this over 5000 men and women. OK and so so I think who discovered the other the next thing we need to be selling its pharmacies these teachers is has chocolate saves lives. Xxx -- chocolate -- -- there was somebody my -- conventional and other -- through and talk and stroke. -- It more than worth 30000 women of other word between the ages of 49 and 83 -- -- most. More -- to emanate from us like it there were -- suffer stroke. A civic study is 30000 women. -- the more chocolate today looks like it is true. You know actually it doesn't or Tricia Walsh -- know. -- -- -- -- Let's see if she stressed out ticker chocolate bar controller we've got Sharpton Howard to always suggests the 80%. Or more. When you say. That is an -- to -- careful Hershey's says launcher at least. Yeah how -- and again it's the it's equality in the -- -- sugars and then candidates -- -- -- -- an extra dark chocolate. Kind -- organic mean those are going to be either do things that are better for you you know eating them. Eating eating your bargain basement -- written -- Halloween chocolate with Lauderdale which. Sugar and a bunch of you know or pesticides herbicides chemicals. -- milk you name it. I mean that's obviously we were three minutes it's the same thing goes for. Symbols on the goes for virtually everything you know there's a good -- -- back channel there's no good meats and that means you don't like on the farm -- stuff is going to be. No longer that factor firm is going to be less it was good for you to -- to the free range grass set. Higher quality foods always carry with the more nutrition and less risk risk overall. Prominent civil regular to reiterate. If so don't be afraid for such a delegate from socially season. Attention to this farm subsidies don't read access to key. We'll have you have you ever heard of this particular chemical is called -- dark car reminded that. Our -- remind. He's -- -- karma might not mean to everybody is that I didn't like are my bill. This which is try yoga mats today you -- and -- yeah yeah. In this kind of tougher -- now. The same chemical yoga and asked -- to reputed to have a good and what we got to pull gluten out of him we gotta have something to make him -- -- -- -- -- we -- and if -- -- want to -- exercise and I was just secure room in -- McDonald's uses this chemical. Wendy's/Arby's. And Burger King. Which which and in the troops are -- contributed to. Well I did an -- a little tougher or make you more -- yoga -- for the people who wanna -- in shape can use you as the -- meg gonna topics you. What is the what do you say one drink there's one drink of us that may have further driving ability of older people. I was -- first person calls in gives the right answer will given sort of like you to go there -- workers say they discourage her right Matt. We have because you you don't you gotta make sure that people get it to don't get it to get upset all the station. 'cause somebody of -- -- whatever sort of where we want to wondering could wondering if this will until you're driving it up her older people -- of people drug. Alcohol. Only wondering just -- and it -- your driving ability. As sort of a troubled English sometimes. Well and certainly. Certainly the yield real Felicia body detox is now officially in -- for your body's gonna be more prone toward. And studio alcohol the. Where there's a nano fiber mesh. -- cheap wearable alternative to dialysis. That they've just come up with wearable wearable I'll turn to two dialysis. So. It filters Jewish product from abroad prefer to remember to lose your natural kidneys do -- -- to smashed us. So that's its world wars and so I don't think it's like like like clicks and super secret underwear or something and we're gonna put this wearable stuffed -- of us -- good Christian. It's like you say your. -- farmer mesh which reasons probably small. Can be wearable and -- -- educated house is already I was in his usual Bob material science. -- Starting -- so. Hard to get -- -- Dialysis it's not easy at all sort of -- sort of took it replaced analysis is important. -- And after the Japanese earthquake. Conditional 2000 many provisions -- record doses. Often have to go without -- until normal hospital sources or so and so if you can't get dialysis. What do you do. I can be serious. To -- -- mesh. Assumed that if you better alternative and the last thing. Early and it is C section reductions. His team to Clinton and took -- the C sections are going to decline in US women are getting C sections today. -- -- -- on the show this was just aren't around the world -- quicker these things that we talk about the show you talk about -- -- you can call and we can do that. And after this break we have. Police -- talk about Teresa trees right. We'll tell about 214 letter word that we always wait until last talked about on the show them -- -- -- gentle disinfection size he's studied his senate okay. What to say they were -- -- -- -- it's three -- 37 reasonable to call if you have any questions seriously you talk about three and a thirteen seventy. And who moved here about. More of let's get healthy is coming up after these messages I'm tall thirteen seventy. Welcome back to let's get healthy and bills -- console thirteen seven. Welcome -- showed -- several segments or you call him. Are you doing there that's okay extra outs or do you simulate. Right now we're got to those tourists of -- now from. This story SE. Recently. Priest's. Priest -- -- -- -- and yeah at least because we're now a week from. Today. That 2 PM. Brian your regular your presentation that's why. That is -- yes that's the east south and more towards her and their conference room here. -- -- -- and so people to learn about this because I'll tell you this this is better than Tai -- satellite. In his early news. Moon and you can become a teacher. You teach your -- out of your teacher maybe you -- people who have listened to show you are surely coming their current teacher and hold their own classes and Churchill BitTorrent. Ever try and a credit to him so there -- culture shift issues and run. So I guess they are you put yourself out of business could you teach people do this and it may be better than you and I noticed he. The planet we believe are going to be how many people want to do you -- could be. Jerry literal so it looked so what does it is still 150 -- but at first. OK okay. It is the our thoughts are that coached true as we launch. Well much current personal -- termination. Eden been learning through probably a social good intentions. Along with exercises chair and crews are -- and who traveled to on get that -- -- -- is Google. Thought Michael this some -- about my coolness meditation. So it is up to refocus on certain things. Yeah I hurt my ankle presentation and a little different colored picture you know they -- definitely. My opponent should get an integrated. Digital -- -- change and we are very intentionally. He -- Our learning took full control intentions. -- -- -- -- it -- -- -- embodying what we wanted to -- going to be anxious erotic wage and they're our researcher at they're worried that she'll -- that -- -- -- -- ideological English and the body. And one demonstration of flash. Guess it even try to release surgically cut cheers for a moment thinking when you're -- -- such Arabs just think calls. Parent chew on until -- around -- much more -- don't let them know their minds right now I knew that she won't. -- can do you ask. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now you didn't actually she will -- you or me has just -- such. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- who needs this is potential. Of the money linked -- yeah it's a long thanks to -- and unique exercises. Just tell her bloody well wanted to do was to body and follow a lot of interest that remind you took design. And the body columns. I earned your kitchen and essential for the mind he won't does not that we -- Speaking sometimes to make herself -- to extract the long term worry -- fact. That that is -- -- in the mind and gay you are under extra man national industry. Get to a public that it worked situation the -- lack of action starring sitting on the computer all day aid. -- -- -- -- their -- disappearing. It's. More than like Israel where that is airplanes. So we -- to reduce the senior cardinal ranks just up front and. Stressed there is provide. Whatever happens is they contribute to metabolic and ultimately -- it. Chances one of the main task is it contributes -- metabolic and voluntary actions are sworn upon them bouncing them -- in the metabolism -- Guess it is a very traditional that would election medical problems we actually get -- -- -- reached. -- -- -- Unarmed guy you beat each term. Hormonal problems. All of you hold your leaders and underlying metabolic and columns from what it's -- and our. First of all right you didn't like patience -- -- -- good intentions. Can lead to try to contribute to -- consultants. -- lead it's designed to bring -- Green body and you are about how I'm. I'm hormonal balance. I'm being army provide gauging take actions I do to move contractually guaranteed entry in the body which trigger -- here's a warning unless there -- -- -- -- -- -- And so Busan -- close together it's like what lying on the -- courage to do both and actually. That's why it could cutting eighteen carat diamond how much are wondering -- left I didn't want an extra -- -- your mind and actually want to harness this potential legendary car off the channel you're out and underlined that it. The mind so remiss in her style very touchy -- that little bit to the decision like a very good program. And it's strong but just fun. Oh yeah she is it's -- and they've been looking -- it I regret is a lot of -- IBM you need to -- Q what do you think they're actually very true it's not great -- -- call will extract -- all. -- -- a lot of fun and all that and this is one the tragedy at the same court lectures I couldn't I can actually take over our bike here. Armed people -- able to try to do you feel that big thing about the actually account for their health. But then -- exercises are boring maybe they're doing them on elections and pushing much content. In connection as I do boring. It can actually the body channels that you can't develop China cannot legally should directional movement we -- Portland becomes well who not enjoy it. This -- not enjoy -- until actually the primal level. Until we don't want speech but that's going to be a pretty important our actions -- be tons and armed armed. That we dean Democrats really can't fit a -- don't. Armed and that the direct parent another -- part of their programmed. For a deadly plot outside. -- that's Arab. Mutual we're trying to beat anybody and exercise its Arab League is a lot of -- energy -- united -- and -- began we currently don't call her old antitrust suit he's got coalition actual energy as a thousand Arnold. We can look at this week -- 200 kids eat some lunch -- -- constant struggle people longer. I -- and they actually tried to log entry so careful when sweet and which candidate they treat credit. We'll get why did you -- you're burning fossil energy and emotional energy transient I want to turn the -- -- each page need energy to Iraq. You can actually get hoping he can he. Scroll down and focusing. We we actually have an obstacle to bringing the site using Russian commercial energy. We go -- to the fat and granderson are sort -- great deal us. -- yeah appetite to come out and -- Groceries we have to -- what a great program but folks go to the south -- store. An extra launch himself toward -- leadership should have been why himself some more march 22 -- students -- from two to 3 PM right as it was today. 2 PM. Catch him all right thank you thank you so much triggered sharing this -- us. The only document and you have Victor room eviction America do we can learn something. All right thanks again Teresa. -- so I think they have this weekend about about. All right we talked about just to review report card just to balance we got to go. From CU. -- -- protests is. -- tells C -- and they ACC the cost of what what -- we don't have those. On noble we don't know but are some sort first players didn't we lecturer doctor -- -- told -- -- we got to -- seconds -- and there's sort of -- that. Doctor richter crusher is always -- to be here don't do it. Did you practice. I do look good does six to anyone any three at the people's well -- of their. If you would like to learn more about me or some of the things that alternative medicine can do trio. Not you'll forgive me -- also don't anybody for free for fifteen minutes just -- see what you do for a number there is 2198600. That's 5122198600. -- sit down talk consumer didn't give you give your alcohol what a great deal. Okay folks thanks for listening to New -- every week kidded the governor sure.