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Retirement Planning Show Podcast 3/15/14

Mar 15, 2014|

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Welcome to the safe money retirement planning show with Steve stress -- their resources to prepare you forward. Retirement and who are you to lose in retirement. Restaurant just Steve has over thirty years experience creating save money by using proven financial strategies that provide a stable income for the rest of your life to insure your harmonious 100% certain. -- any at all market -- what your retirement money to work for you. By avoiding taxes rising health care inflation. And market volatility does -- save money Texas dot com or call today for your personal appointment 804571298. And now. -- -- -- -- Hello Lou and welcome to the save money retirement plan and show and the sister used to -- PR host. Then thanks returner on this glorious weekend. In -- located right here and around rock area in the Austin area. And have been for over thirty years. Showing you call in -- 800 number you -- someone local right here in the immediate area. You know we are Ben like commission on -- now for over thirty years then we're on thirteen seven the -- we're on every Saturday at noon. And now we have an exciting time on Sunday morning in at 8 AM as well so were not on Saturdays and Sundays. Then of course I've been on thirteen seventy now for over five years. Sir you're gonna need this number of some ground repair and grab a piece of paper. Jot down this number that's 1804571298. That's 1804571209. B eight. And the course -- web site is safe. Money taxes dot com and it's WWW. Not safe money taxes dot com. At 1804571298. Norm licensed your -- do taxes I'm an independent agent. I don't work for any specific corporations or large companies that -- the represented knows what to offer and what not to offer. I'm independent. I work for you to bring you the very best services and financial information that you can received today. No my core philosophy is and I believe that all wealth comes from god. It's my responsibility. To be a good Steward of what god and trust in me. And of course it could Stewart should first protect his wealth from loss. And second make it work as hard as possible. This philosophy. Is what I base all my clients recommendations. On. So pick up the phone. Give me a call at 1804571298. By team -- receptionists are standing on. PS from questions shifts to leave the appropriate questions on get back to you personally -- -- -- -- -- -- Wore the event ticket candidates for the free me no obligation no costly future -- at home come in and become educated about these accounts. Give me a call at 1804. -- 71298. Let's introduce our -- grace that concern. Grace I think we got a fantastic show lined up today. It sounds like we do Steve I'm so excited and I'm really excited about the new show time. Sunday mornings at 8 AM so nano like he said. You're on Saturdays at noon and Sunday mornings at 8 AM so it's twice the opportunity. To listen and and find out how to plan for your retirement received tips. And -- Steve was just same date yet that the meeting with him is free and it's no obligation but -- also answer questions we had a collar. Last week they just had a question about their 401K. You're able to help people and answer questions at all they have to do is call 804571298. They can ask a question or setup that -- meeting with these so easy. Like you mentioned is no cost whatsoever they can call any time. And call 24/7. Lead the appropriate information with our team receptionist and how -- back to him personally is -- any questions or. So what the tour for emitting more second happen is to give a good cup of coffee you're too you know. I have a new friend when it's all over. There you go. Like into the news and you know your grocery bill could be going up soon thanks to the weather in California Michael Tyrone explains. Currently 67% of the state of California is in an extreme and exceptional drought -- nearly half of all the US grown fruits veggies and -- weak domestically. Because of the weather. Those crops will be effective. Likely causing a dumping prices possibly up to 10% according to one expert is now -- gonna hit to a store but also when you -- to eat. And it's in a report the Chipotle Mexican Grill chain says the drought along with global warming our business risks faced by the company. With quote increasing weather volatility and changes associated with global climate change and quote prices on greens will likely jump. So the chain could opt to temporarily suspend serving items. -- guacamole and some salsa -- Michael Carroll. IDR. No you know we talked about this quite a bit in the past and of course when you have increasing prices. Whether it be enough food and other Korean or cheer whoever might be what we call us a silent retirement killer. Of course what that is is inflation. You know almost immediately people think of the market crashes in the biggest concern in retirement planning. You know there is another wrist which must be concerned. And that's due to its ability to steadily erode the value of duress such year after year. And that is inflation. Which is to increase in the price of goods services. And commodities. Now that we identified the potential devastating power of inflation. Let's briefly examine. Our current environment -- to access to potential for another period of high inflation going forward. You know the elephant is in the room is of course our national. Which is approaching seventeen trillion dollars that's it's seven team with nine zeros behind it. -- compound our continued financial issues at the national level with current and potential military activity overseas. The risk of inflation there's certainly upon us. The big question now is how can a person reproach in retirement. And need to fixed income solutions. He effectively. Address the risk of increased inflation. Well the recommendation is something that you may not expect. And that is the index accounts. That I work with that the companies that have been doing these investments over the years. I have to wreck clear dressed to specific needs of Americans. Who are in or near the retirement. Given the expected rise in inflation. Meant by many. They of course have established investments which specifically address. The rescue face if exposed to periods are rising inflation. In the summer. This product allows retirees to transferred the threat. Of rising inflation. To the company so you basically get the monkey off your back and on to the company. Wanna learn more. I'm happy to me with your own thoughts and questions give me a call at 1804. Pars 71298. That's 1804. Pars 71298. Intel put it off any longer Steve wants to work we -- he wants to help you build a portfolio so that you can secure your financial future. Any sure your retirement I mean Steve there's so many fun things that people can do in retirement they need to get started on their cleaning. They definitely need you started on a plan and make sure that everything that bishop did all the ducks are in order assists to make sure that everything is set up -- proper way to make sure that there's. With their income streams that they have some spin offs and inflation and and wouldn't be able to make sure that they can continue to lifestyle that they want. We're getting ready to take a break but before we step away. Steve wants you to have a free copy of best selling author Patrick Kelley's newest book it's called stress free retirement. It's an incredible resource -- complaining for your retirement. The next five callers called mail 804571298804571298. And you'll receive a free copy at Patrick Kelly stress free retirement. Stay witnessed more of the safe money retirement tiny step after this. Did you know if you take the money and run it may cost you dearly when it comes your Social Security retirement benefits you might be making a 100000 dollar mistake or maybe even more he's safe and be sure that you make in the right Social Security decision. Calls these Rusedski in the seed money retirement planning -- and 8045729. -- to create a stable income for your retirement years and define peace of mind when it comes to Social Security there are countless ways a couple of can -- retirement benefits they can be confusing and overwhelming that's why it's important to speak with -- expert financial advisor to build a complete retirement plan before you apply for your Social Security benefits call 804571298. -- -- thousands upon thousands of your Social Security dollars on the table that is your -- -- Chris -- in the save money retirement -- -- provide a personal one on -- attention you deserve. Call right now 804571298. Or visit seized money in Texas dot com. Welcome back insists -- used to -- the -- into the retirement plan and show. And Derek and thank you for this tournament on this glorious weekend. You know I'm located right here in the Austin area round rock Texas. And the other thing that -- wanna bring ought to use that you can call our service and any time Tony for seven that's 1804571298. And my team in receptions are standing by if you like to take advantage of the free meaning. No cost -- you no obligation no pressure relieve your checkbook at home just come in and become educated on the accounts that we offer. In addition I could discuss -- questions please just give me a call. We the appropriate information -- our receptionist I would -- back to you personally and answer those questions for you. In addition of that but good volume I'm -- Patrick Caroline. We have for our ten barks from pat this week to give away on this stress free retirement this just an exceptional Reid talks about -- and safety of investments. Talks about lifetime in com's this just arm really really great read them I'm sure you thoroughly enjoy that. If you like one of those books please give us a call 180457. 1298. And speaking of authors market observer and author Harry -- tells CNBC's closing bell the Dow Jones Industrial Average will hit the 171000. Levels soon. But then won't plummet. We see -- another correction in the crash that is larger than the last one every Bobble in these are bubbles have taken us from new highs and every crash was taken at the new lows. So this is hitting right at that trend line about 171000 maybe several weeks from now. We're we would hit this and then the next downside target would be around 6000 by white 2016. -- -- -- -- of course in his book the Democrat for -- this world that. -- also blues who have this will be the most dangerous period in people's lives as far as investing. So the question is of course is are you prepared. For the consequences. Of your retirement actions. Know a few weeks ago earlier return to my radio listeners about the importance of preparing for your retirement income. Arm bring it back to your attention again this important topic -- is. Is your retirement writing our end to major flaws. Chris Paul Warren have your retirement income writing on the stock market going in one direction. That's out. The fact is the stock market can move in three directions. To move up. Down or sideways. Most people of almost all their eggs in one basket. There hire ray is invested in mutual funds that goal. If the market goes up. The 401K. Is invested in mutual funds that only go off if the market pros are. The individual counts are invested in mutual funds that only go up if the market goes up. The problem with this is the market also goes into other directions. Walked through this investing through traditional wisdom. This -- the belief of buying bonds to protect your portfolio. It's crazy. In this new economy. Interest rates are historical -- thanks to the Federal Reserve. But there is a secret the Federal Reserve cannot control the interest rate market. As an investor becomes more and more cars aren't comfortable or worse yet panicked. Interest rates will rise in the cars bonds. Crisis recourse to fall. But still even with historical low interest rates the typical advice is to invest in bonds to bring safety. That was the case when interest rates were falling. But not all interest rates are rising. As rates rise investing in bond funds stand to lose value. Just as quickly as investors whose value on their tech stocks from 2002002. How much were you lose if the stock and bond market crashes together elected didn't 2008. -- you have any principal left. Will you be able to retire on the capital you have. On the return trying to show here in which of course is on Sunday in our ADM was well -- in their own. You know I get calls from people who are worried about the amount of -- the government house. The political games being played and the -- of the economy. The call 1800. Four -- 71298. Give us a call 1804. Pars 71298. Our team receptions are standing guard. And of course all of this who's leading to a perfect storm. For bear market. That we will punish everyone who didn't learn from 2002008. Personally. I'm not willing to let my clients. Lose the Wall Street. I help investors like you. Preparer. You for a financial collapse in the bond and stock market. I work with you to be prepared regardless of what markets for -- -- whatever way the coast. I make sure remark clients have an underlining guarantees of principle. I can help you -- cape from the printing money experiment. My name -- the mistress risky I'm right here in the Austin area. I've been in retirement financial services business for over thirty years helping people just like Q prepare for a comfortable retirement. Calling today we'll talk about you and what you want. What do you need to do in order to escape the next Cameron -- Call us for free no obligation. No -- meeting about what you want in your financial goals. I'm 1804. -- 71298. For free no cost or obligation no pressure. China for a couple car fear Retief let's have a meeting let's get you on the right path. Because bad finances can cause you to lose sleep in Korea and unhealthy. Life full of stress. Stop the nonsense. Call me today. Patrick Kelly is someone else that wants you to live a stress free life in fact he's the author of stress free retirement we're gonna hear from him now. If you had a dollar and it doubled twenty times one to 22 before 48 to 1662 to 3220 times at the end of the twentieth -- you would have just over a million dollars 1048000. To be exact. The reason I talk about this in here is you wanna earn interest on your taxes. Instead of paying taxes on your interest -- say that again if you can you wanna earn interest on your taxes and not pay taxes on your interest or how can you do that it's called tax deferral and this magical doubling dollar chapter. Really shows the power of tax deferral so like I said to be a one dollar in doubles twenty times you can end up wood just over a million dollars 1040000. Dollars. Now if we pay tax let's say 25%. Tax on that 1048000. At the very end. We double double double double double twenty times. And now we assessed a 25%. Tax at the end of that -- -- -- that account would be left for 786000. Dollars in comparison what if we have to take that same -- and pay that 25% tax. Each and every time the dollar doubles. So -- we go from one dollar to two dollars. Of that you don't want -- -- -- -- rights to have to pay 25% and one -- -- 25 cents right to left with the dollar 75 if we had to pay 25%. Tax on just a game. Each and every time that dollar doubled instead of 786000. Dollars. They would be left with only 72000. Dollars. Ten times less think about that -- being able to earn. Interest on your taxes instead of paying tax on your interest every single year in this scenario. You have ten times. More money that is the power. Of deferring taxation and tell the end of when needed. Pastor just choose -- -- say it just as it is invariably explained in his book stress free retirement. A simple and clear explanation. Of different retirement situations. -- -- view how to handle your 401K. Or whether the about -- renews her 457 deferred comp plans -- Non qualified accounts. There's a great explanations in the book and how to make sure your savings are safe and to make sure that your in the income that you received his. Lowest tax basis possible. This just took great read. Now I'm happy to about ten books -- to give out. And you can have warned simply by calling 1804. Pars 71298. That's 180457. 129 news -- he's like that free book and stress for retirement. In the save many return complaining so it'll be back after this. You've heard this saying that knowledge is power. Have to save money retirement planning -- it's our goal to educate our clients with a comprehensive and detailed plan that safely helps you retire stress -- we can help you find peace of mind and create a stable income for your retirement years you worked hard for your life saving -- now it's time for your money to work hard for you don't -- taxes rising healthcare cost inflation and market volatility put your retirement income address -- Rusedski will protect your wealth by defending your portfolio. Call today for your personal consultation 80457129. Day. Steve starts where bankers and other advisors -- -- a retirement plan requires the expertise and experience of a specialized retirement advisor why open yourself in the market desperate for a return on your money when Steve and his team can help you create save money with a guaranteed index accounts will show you how to secure your retirement and insure you never outlive your money call today 804571289. 804571289. Or visit save money Texas dot com. Welcome back. Who sustains -- -- you're listening to save money and retirement planning Charles. Thanks for -- and on this glorious weekend. An -- located right here in the Austin area in round rock Texas. Thus in my office is close and convenient and we offer a free meeting with no obligation and who can leave your checkbook and home. You can come in my office or if you like -- come to you. Whether it be resonance for your place of business whichever you prefer should give us a call and learn about these accounts are just become educated. And have these accounts can help you. Simply by calling 1804571298. That's 1800. 4571298. And of course if you just cuts -- questions you need some answers. Pick up the phone and give us a call. Believe the appropriate information with my team receptionist and I will call you back personally. And answered those questions for -- And of course this is all freedom -- radio listeners who is no cost whatsoever. And the other thing of course Richard talk amongst my buddy Patrick. And our ten books from Patrick. Stress free retirement. That are let's give away. This is an exceptional read. It is a book it is over a 130 pages but it provides you with the information that you need for your retirement to give you a clear understanding. On the right path to give me a call at 1804. -- 71298. -- mature that you receive a copy of that book. Or if you come into the office with a pre meeting and have a cup car appear to whichever you prefer. No pressures and no obligations. -- -- can pick up the book at that time as well. This all can happen by calling 1804. -- 71298. And then she can hear Steve is very passionate about Patrick Kelly's book and how much of -- valuable resource it's going to BTU your spouse. Your family is you -- and a -- for your wonderful retirement years. In fact we recently asked Patrick if he did just coined his most to give minimize what would he say. Now -- had to think about -- I have one that mean there. Message point if if I can communicate this to everybody in the country. If I could communicate this to myself. Years ago I would be so much further ahead and I am today. And it is yes. Don't lose money I don't know how to say it any clearer than that if you could protect yourself. Not a lead over the long term but each and every year to guarantee. That you never lose money. That is the way to build a winning. Portfolio. A winning strategy. A winning savings program for the future. Don't lose money now the key with that -- -- -- effect in my new book. I talk about. In many cases through certain markets just not losing money even if he didn't make anything was still be more than -- markets where. But I'm talking not about I'm talking about never losing money and still not limiting your opportunity for growth. That is a winning proposition. You know Patrick Kelly is always sharing these winning propositions he's winning tips with -- -- And earlier in the last segment he even talked about the doubling dollar. And how I've been a lot of green well speaking of green. Monday march 17 is saint Patrick today and we can't just hope we get lucky and find a four leaf clover for a successful retirement we need a plan to make sure our money is safe for market risk and electric on. All or a market correction doesn't come along and mess up our retirement -- yeah. -- -- Steve people don't have to look for that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow if they play for their retirement. And that's what I can help with is to eliminate that uncertainties and make sure that you don't have to have luck to have an exceptional retirement. There and what we can do is make sure that through these index accounts from what they offer. That you will have an exceptional retirement be able to do the things that you wanna do. But the index account brings to you of course is guarantees approachable. No losses of the principal. This protected at all times your principal was protected. Even when this market declines. We don't have who's concerned about losing any of your principal. You know that's what Warren Buffett's favorite thing was as soon. There's two things here artists the first thing is is don't lose money. The second thing or is make sure you're never forget about number one hedge their audio -- So in the course will laws -- the I'm not concerned about the return on my money I'm concerned about the return of my money from so with these sayings and you them in -- -- artist Gary you're -- -- so it's gonna guarantee their principles so there isn't any losses to a and losses can be search histories and doing commissions coming out your account. With our index accounts there is no fees no commissions become -- of course are going to be paid and unpaid for by the companies come of their chart book. Not out of your checkbook. And of course you have to have the money available when needed at tomorrow's we have exit strategies we can provide income streams. Lump sums and a lifetime income options that are enormously Newton keep -- and inflation. And of course tax deferral is becoming more and more important I don't think anybody thinks that taxes are gonna put on the future. No I think they're gonna do if anything is go up because of our debt crisis. So with tax deferral you decide when the pay those taxes you decide when to spend the money. Do we really accumulate in the macro you've got to a triple compound in effect. We're just grows your interest grows on your what you would listen to the government. -- -- the caricatures can you gains so much more quicker and a faster than if you didn't have that tax deferral. And of course by doing that tester for a we can also married to someone else touches on your Social Security. -- -- something to my views from important studio. And simply by putting together are an excellent plan that provides you with the prince -- guarantees these. Availability the money when you knew without the commissions without if he's taken on your account. Then of course the taxation. But all that is on important -- to once you have the canes who cannot be able to keep -- With our index accounts we've locked in those games for you so it's not like your mutual funds your stocks. And those of course to -- you can't keep the gains as you're ever really have room. So today. You might be up and you account but the market drops tomorrow where you're going to be you're gonna have those losses. So here we make sure that your games are locked him once reluctant to account no matter what happens. They cannot be taken away from you. And of course there's no probate this is paid directly on your beneficiaries who don't have to worry about the attorneys and courts. Graham and chuck -- a statement before it's passed on to your beneficiaries in your children your family. So it doesn't go through repair probate process that goes directly to your beneficiaries. Which we can assist and help to do so with. Little -- no taxation. And of course the other thing is as we provide to make sure that you keep in a way we keep these funds away from creditors and predators. It's protect its and no one can attached to it. Regardless of what happens. So we have all the things in these index accounts that you need plus lifetime income options as well. And that can you be paid off for your sponsors well fertilizer firm her life timer has lifetime. So non -- time to call amounts of time to take action. By calling 1804571298. That's 1804571298. Or check our web sites safe money taxes dot com. Nance our show for today another great show Steve your final boxing the back. Just thank you know alert radio listeners from listening to score this weekend and looking forward to talk -- our next break him. Have a safe and insurers weekend.