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Delicious Mischief Podcast 03/15/14

Mar 15, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's delicious mischief from Boston stood and -- radio group. The presentation of specs wines spirits and find her to. And now he's the guy who loves to talk with a -- -- -- -- -- Hello everybody welcome to another edition I'm delicious mischief the food line radio program toward Texas. As always delicious mischief is a presentation -- -- winds near reds and of course finer foods. Speaking of finer -- instead speaking of wines and spirits we have a great show for you today wherever you are whatever you do it right now settle him settle down and listen because we got some great stuff to taste and some wonderful wonderful food and wine experiences to learn from -- -- a little -- will be doing our great ingrained tasting and that's always special highlight for me since I'm the one who first and foremost gets to taste. But in this opening segment and then in the closing segment -- in Houston this weekend now we are always some place well in where in Houston this week. At a new restaurant called how to coal and if you wanna get your head around what kind of call is all about it tells you right in the manual says Mexican coastal kitchen. And and I find this really exciting -- least one because we still live in a world in which. You know Mexican food comes from some sort of landlocked mentality even -- Max and then. Of course is a whole lot of other reasons to tune in the interest in Mexican cuisine in general. But not least all the coastline has this huge huge coastline -- all the way around. And I'm here with two guys who can tell us a lot about that dash after Hugo Ortega is Sierra means. You know of course is well known in Houston for his Hugo's restaurant in. Backstreet cafe and on and on and on and also Shonn back is here I sommelier extraordinaire one of my favorite wine guys anywhere. But also for this project called how to Cole I'm quite well versed in the in at the everything from wind -- cocktails to beer or anything goes well the beach. Because that's pretty much what we have here at this restaurant is a Mexican beach now. Now you could give us a little bit. How -- this place come to pass and and why -- why do you wanna open yet another restaurant you crazy. Used to discount amid. You decided to is crazy -- is casino mainly gone Danny is somebody told me I am there -- some timing on they have. May he go -- in eighteen states. Sixteen in total eight on the golf course they -- they can Mexican cantv and and then and they -- genius that created a stays on the -- CP calls. So from the -- on the timing on -- AM that we decide they tonight there is some poignant and I and we hopefully we able. To open a restaurant in Anhui you know we've got co which is a dream come through -- I can now field hey you know proud to -- him. They used on hands and me holding any instances Taylor stakes as -- Beyond you know what it is caused such key to any sort -- you know coming from -- -- Well you know in the EU you know yeah and you have. And enjoy this and fought this and everything in between over the years but I mean we still I think. Kind of think Mexico we still think -- hope tacos enchiladas burritos all that kind of stuff and I mean Hugo's you graduated from matte along time ago. But to actually go full bore into the world of coastal AKA's seafood. I mean he I think the response has been phenomenal so far -- for you. The most gratifying thing about seeing your country. Appreciated in this totally different way. It's it's it's crazy man all of those crazed fan recipes. His face and I have heard that we put into an owning up by seafood the respect of this state police. Am AM. You know there is there a way to -- already snapping him from the gold mandated that we mistakes a mind. So they -- -- the -- -- we can't always says 10 minutes on am. We hand they -- they -- a -- for -- Cologne is going to stay put us here waving young we we we leave. And -- -- we use one of the Libyan responsibly and I titled the guy and I believe -- -- -- says years what you 91 long weekend. New bonus along we'd always says how long we -- -- I'll do both depose him and win this time may come by where we have. Many other great -- account from the golf educate people it is indeed the young YT nine Laura has not been days and it. Wonderful -- don't -- AM. Once he is doing is in this comment any we have gay unbelievable -- tuna and in those kind of things and AM. BC is is so much now the other thing is we so close to it is you know who got a list on the I can throw broke from my house and -- ocean. -- I wanna know more and. He hit one of those tune now Leo okay. Hopefully it is sixty thousands yeah. App that would be sure that would be great well let's let's get let's get shot back in here now. Now what excites you I see right here for instance is a brunch cocktail list by Sean backs obviously Europe. You heard that sense of ownership your sense of pride and involve Manning got to call this pretty strong. What what excites you most about this place both the food and as well as of course that the wines -- Beers the cocktails. Well I think when we came across very Caracol and the reason we did it was another opportunity to. -- -- educate but you went abroad in people's expectations and understanding of places that they kind of love but don't really know. And I think Mexico's LA I mean I think Italy was that way for a lot of years -- -- -- was spaghetti sauce to meatballs and it beats up. And they had a really explored the wealth of that country from north to south east to west. How varied and distinct and differ as an. You know the last fifteen years people through you know just like my battalion here and you Samarco -- Have learned a lot more about Italy which in turn has made them learn a lot more about the country and its differences. And I think when that same position when Mexico we shown people a lot more when he goes. But I mean it. Yeah exploring the entire coastal region Mexico allows is a whole new avenue to get people know more about my country beyond Cancun implied -- -- So that would that would be a good thing now now let me ask you I mean it's maybe it's just -- -- -- new steakhouse after -- steakhouse but. But quite often when you're in that mode your mostly looking at red wines which of course are wonderful I mean their union out wonderful wines. But it seems to me looking at the menu here Caracol that that the -- the lure of Hawaii so you know from here there and everywhere has to be. Kind of first and foremost I mean is is that does that make this a little different for you -- have you always been -- heavily seafood and environmental. Well I think that's terrorism it is a restaurant you go ahead and and Tracy had always love seafood I mean. You have a lot of he studies have seen him for years every Saturday good company inning -- -- -- the desire to open a place where you can have the things you it was kind of Paramount and sorry -- incumbent. Not they still they're great talent there's other. I think in the way of wine it was it it we're still trying to educate people that Mexican food can go to line. Oh red or white and I think that's definitely the case here I think a lot of people automatically think -- because we still think that way about seafood. And certainly all the raw presentations. This each -- the kudos and talked hollows the things that are more high an asset in leaner. Are fantastic light lime Millwood -- wood grill on our wood burning out then and all that influences smoke. It allows us to really show people that fish in particular when -- the right way is dynamic with certain types a red line and so. We have a lot of opportunity here in terms of the line to open people's eyes and I think. You know my philosophy and why has always been there's just so much gray line out there. And just so much good line but it's easy to make a good -- a great line when you serve in the right setting in the right company. And it's very easy to diminish the greatness of line by serving and wrong -- so early diminish the food if you -- things incorrectly and so. We got a lot of options here and so we can kind of fit whatever kind of the flavor profile are looking for. You know Sean I was with my daughter I was here last night they kind of called and I was very impressed with they. You know the relative wine knowledge of the of our server I mean you know he's not a sommelier -- like that but he had great suggestions he seems to know the food and and then from by knowing the -- he was able to -- often does some line including the red. With the with the grilled fish and and how do you go about. Helping those people who may or may not have vast amounts of Weiner spirits knowledge should do the good job -- each and every customer needs in the due to build. This experience well for us -- -- you -- it's very unrealistic for me to hit every table specially now at three restaurants out on now I want to hear it. I had developed a cloning -- tell -- -- So what it really matters is that our best ambassadors are always going to be our staff and so we we we have meetings with them where we -- We talk about we trying to understand the concepts of how. Hawaiian works and why we've chosen lines and how it accentuates the food not so they can literally walk up to the table and beat somebody over the head with it but -- that there. Competent enough when you ask those questions if you want to ask those questions they're prepared to push you in the right direction any kind of make you feel comfortable out what you're doing. And and how do we get beyond doubt margaritas I mean how do you go about that I'm sure you have a great Margarita Arabic but I mean that's what people drink in places like Cancun that -- trying to kind of you know is it more about better Margarito is -- about additional things that aren't margaritas. All we you know I I. I think we -- we do fantastic martyr is we have a number of them but I honestly we've done much more wind here Caracol that we have the liquor so far. Yes we sell margaritas but the people instantly gravitated towards the line. I think it makes sense and I think with the subtlety and the elegance of seafood in the highly elegance of the environment that we created here it's only natural that people would gravitate towards line which is. Aromatic at least on -- to actually complex and is the most sophisticated of all beverages and so. What better to have with a sophisticated food that he has created in line so it hasn't really been -- hard push. I think the push is even more. Getting people lot of maybe some bad habits of the line I mean I think instinct for a lot of people is always still going to be -- name tavern -- And as great as those winds are -- police. They wanna be the dominant thing as a table and so if there's a lot of spice or complexity and nuance your food. They don't really deal lower than -- -- Chardonnay is still to this day the greatest thing to have with a perfectly oven roasted chicken and cabernet is fantastic what those grilled steak. You know they don't want too much going on they wanna be does Michelle. So so one take -- is no more bullying my line that's because I John -- give Ortega stay where that's where it -- calling used in this week. Celebrating the Mexican coastal kitchen and we'll be back with more delicious -- right after -- Don't -- dad didn't spoil your dinner. Instead here's more delicious -- with your host John the murder us. And now -- -- expects wines spirits and finer -- This is great thing grain this is one of those lucky days here on now and delicious mischief because we -- going to France that's good enough for me. But we're also going to -- to -- some line now if you are going to court though wouldn't you want the days of mind -- Well we've got some really interesting lines and also some really interesting line ideas about coming from Bordeaux. Where as we know some of the wines can be very very special very very exclusive hard to get cash and therefore aren't this being the world we live in. Very expensive and also winds and I would have to say in my life experience amazing numbers of -- line -- There are quite accessible in terms of both the drinking of them as well as the buying of the -- of course particularly here's specs where that -- that all go to gather. I knew that when a guy from Bordeaux from from one of those great families and I I just. And I think everybody France why everybody I've ever met from Bordeaux has some kind of Beagle family story I'm sure there's conglomerates hiding somewhere you know from this corner that side of the river bed but family stories seem to matter in Bordeaux and how about your family trust what team Paul. Tom how do you what's the story on the TM Paul family and how you guys got to be board -- -- -- and maybe that's the word more delay wine folks. Yes special meaning he's in the -- this season many generations and has an effect we are not tranche of the origin because we are Belgian Flemish. And offers business was it built in 1918 -- 42. In Belgium and -- on. And first business that align business sort of -- I don't know much about Belgium lines so he was a just. An emotional film in one business sending wind. -- putting wind from Portland from Bogle from Burgundy. And so I have my a consistent who have very keen in the wind since so many many years so there you. Are innocently hanging out in Belgium how where they eat French Fries with -- -- -- -- and man like get. Tell me how lol how you guys sort of transferred the farm as they work should choose to Bordeaux meaning into one of the most. -- I don't know respected and legendary wine region is really on our. My grandfather has a good idea to invest in. Volatile region but can and twenty's. He bought -- first serve ground -- close a 19212. On the net touching 24. And then and then the mighty father remove to. Well look to a 1926. To -- Moldova. And and we expand. And by being some new. States. So so and end my understanding what you're saying is that that represented over time over generations a change from being negotiate on which is the more or less them. Buying and selling us sort of a middleman if you will. To actually having chateau actually growing grapes and making Lionel I kind of stuff she won is that is that what I'm hearing is that correct and secondly what is how is that different from being and then negotiate on whether in Belgium or in France. I think we always like in my father as my grandfather to me -- the -- you know and to be close to the soil. The grapes to the always saying -- -- couture. Season it's kind of -- funeral. And the price he'll always be important. To be there again close her from the countryside. And that's always been horrid team you know in a way. And and I love that about the wind winemaking side of things I remember my first visit to Sonoma and California and and I mean that's not even France which has like this glorious rural tradition that. I remember sort of being intimidated at first visit that I was gonna meet all these semi famous walk -- sophisticated wine people. And everybody I'm -- this is twenty years ago or so everybody I -- was wearing overalls and drove a tractor and I thought now this is some kind of cool here they are making wines that anybody would love to drink would love to buy if they can afford them in some cases. And they're still. Overall wearing truck driver in people and I thought that was pretty amazing so that's what you're talking about being close to the. Exactly and I have a different story about that's exactly what you're seeing the other day addition to -- don't -- or reflection of pain upon -- one of the most. Regatta -- states in the although. And one of our English customer combined to the chateau and so those -- and an extra -- but -- to my cousin when it is. And he said that -- Just tonight she's up to putting me you know to to put the banks. And -- do you do it by yourself. And he said of course I do that by myself you know I'm not just of the -- I do that every day. So to assure you that's even with a famous estate -- We still be Hillary because of the nature and do we know dubbed the -- he stopped at the vines and we have to carry. From the -- From the were stopped. Through the grapes through the when making and everything -- details his very important to. France why I'm looking forward right after our break to tasting some of these wonderful wines that you brought us here today and and -- -- there -- that several of them have names that I recognize what whether it's more about the area like Obama are all learn the chateau lynch so I mean this is really. An exciting day for me but but let's let's let's talk about Bordeaux where are you guy is located in -- And because side of the river and things like that tends to come up which bank which grapes are you more on this on the cabernet side in the -- is H Phyllis and unlike what we're talking about here because while people tend to think Bordeaux is one thing -- as a whole lot of things. Yes although he's to be handing the scalable resume but the most of the biggest region in the world under the same name. I think -- is almost as complicated as TA BC regulations and Texas and that's saying a mouthful. So should talk about I mean I don't know do all these winds come have a lot in common are they from such different areas that we almost can't even talk about their -- why they're -- whale or or are anything I mean you know lair what do we tell what and where in -- are we talking about. So we are. Definitely from the red bank the direct bank he's only Syria from Pomona Centennial. And -- -- obviously is mental. Obviously. Yes and but the one of the great which is very important for us gives us so an extra complexity he's he's a company -- Which keys and an extra complexity and the release of him. The best a lot of mental. Well I mean I think a lot of American wine lovers and and certainly people here in Texas know that there are these Bordeaux blends mean there may even somewhere else even -- we whatever we called them they are known as the Bordeaux blends. On the bed -- -- we -- cabernet from because. I've even now seen lines that are build are less shall we say sold not from not necessarily from Bordeaux where I need any wind we're consult I'd be bigger market and has poured out. But I mean in this country -- our our varietal -- where everything is -- mayor cabernet. I -- whole line is called cabernet from what is that great like what is what does it bring that to the table or at least to the bottle in port though. So -- When originating in France brings moving to commit crawl mainly. -- in the wild honey you have anyone so coming from to -- and -- In the right bank the company -- very important. Because it's a grip of course he's more difficult because he reached maturity later in the middle and he has to be really -- and to be good. He's nothing -- us and then. Correct and -- -- he gives you. These kind of we say in green pepper tastes which -- snubbed and he's. Think you like and you'll wind but I like eating gumbo Biden not in line yes but it when. When he scrap it and it's really gays and extra. Quality to the wind and that's really. -- great to know so we like that but it's. It's about Maxi mum of a 50% in the -- and you know so that's. That the party zone but because Melo. But that that is said that is really really super so let's let's talk about a minute and a half left in this segment -- we don't need to identify the price of each bottle let. How did happen that you have wine store I see a little as four not four dollars and 99 cents. And then something else on your very same list I I don't. I don't know if -- even the biggest surprise on the menu but here's something for 101000 dollars her I don't know I mean is that I don't think I'll be Galilee he'll be opening inning and that for me. But how does it work as a as a business. To have products that are more or less. The same product generically they are -- made into wine in the bottle. But with such a huge price differential do you want people to know US as value -- people who know you expensive are all the about. No we we are Judy once they're coming from the around. Twelve dollars to two of them -- very very -- you know that's Torah. Appointees at my house 101000 dollars is very very high yeah it is but you have to say -- t.'s famous which -- bring the priciest. He was back in the eighties called -- which I. Which I introduced in this country and this clinic starring in Pomona and he's become one the most exposing one in the world. OK if you make me out drinks arm she checks and he's a nice if he's he's talked to drink yeah. But then the we have more in very category I I liked you have many goods -- a -- which she's -- can be. Of course when the most of -- -- -- in the world but we have also. The because a range of wind with the best value of suing in the world a piece if you know how to resuscitate. And the wind like you know around the ten dollars. You know rans until could be a pretty that I. Or thirty dollars -- us. Wonderful friends ultimately join us what was. -- trance like state where that's because delicious -- needs to take a break we'll be back in. Taste he's wonderful lines are -- go right after this. Still hungry. Here's another helping of delusion dismiss chips which are host John -- Everybody thanks for joining us here on delicious mr. -- of the. Great ingrained tasting segment from the shells the specs -- -- reds and finer foods and lucky lucky me. I am here expects today with -- -- him home. Who is one of the Family Guy is -- guy like that who who had these wines from -- here action -- -- some you know rather than being labeled are marketed or promoted as TM home which may be on the label yet there's -- -- mention some harsh but I mean these third these lines are -- shadows shadows -- will be three different -- I -- scrutiny for different -- Tom are chateau is as we say in Texas that that would be incorrect. And there's a white -- -- first off. Most people they think of Bordeaux faint of red line and this is why so so do you guys in Bordeaux in general do you make a lot of white -- and we just don't seem to think of that or or is it a little on the rare side. No we do we we do of course losing their poems like points but he's -- It's of course a Mets had less than the red -- but we like the like going to because especially in the area so we'll talk to you. Which she's the could different region. Which Jesus motor. Happiness -- east of a Centennial and respond to is very infamous for the -- grapes. And the so those of annual brown mixed. And this Patricia tush push someone. Has -- DC flesh. And he's a buddy which he's quite unique you know. And that's it was -- and for many many euros for the US to confront -- and then my community. Came back back in the eighties to. -- on these type of Dendreon so sell. Mean it. You see Simeon and you said what does it was W -- What what how would you describe those -- says that in terms of flavor when they come from port -- and you -- area because I mean I. Again again it's a really interesting place to have white wine from. The -- gives. -- have -- media. Large body you know -- buddy we first iciness you know and unless it's going to be kind of progress he can. And the city numeral of -- view -- so specifics labor. Which easier you know this we know Monica sunset for instance. So I think known to know that -- yeah and does so. The bunnies and any nice and that we we we also we know when making. Process just second brilliance in what point you know which he's -- Roanoke. And above all else and which gives again at another six. Facts you know father wine and. Absolutely well while I've been in in light -- -- are in spite of the fact I guess that we are tasting white -- from Bordeaux but stop. It's similar red wine from -- and this is a very interest in lying here this this is that strong coach strong -- -- no word that you're telling us about a fact so is the white but this is chateau black -- only what some what is that -- tell about it in terms of -- -- it has an interest in history or not if if if they do tell tell but also what's the limelight. Yes if -- these wind as a very interesting to him -- story. You know that we had. Her own little war between French and English so I have heard about that war irons you know hundred -- million year war. Or something like that under the award exactly. And and -- director -- the -- Was there and water -- 22. To be in charge and the fact of the -- to be Euro. Two defenders have to -- Euro and we still have many years ago when you we -- we and we dug out some and it's very deeply. We still find some human bones coming from peace time the war it's unbelievable. And so those sorts of very very you all gold saw -- can. Imagine. So what's the what's the wind like -- lack laboratory so clever reason many middle of UCL -- said. When he's 80% mental and -- into us and -- a strong. I -- he'll be supplying these to be between the rounds of every year. Fuji we have agreed bodied. Then he should -- to drink you know something you can have that we any type of food and goods steak or whatever. And you can and even as. And yet very -- for the snack I mean it's goes easy goes easy to drink. And the key words for a full hour winds -- violence. And that's for us is very important because whiny just like food. He -- need to have a good to did you send to enjoy -- so you know stood just. Can be do what you Kovalev bodybuilding get context you know no we don't like that we like wind to be balance and to be drink. Well I'm I'm glad because I think sometimes the world forgets that in. And I don't I don't think the French normally do I think California has a little bit of that cross to bear that burden by the but that said this is an amazing line an end in general I think -- the age old wines of France. I -- ten this year will that experience -- -- to show that wisdom. Of a balancing lines that aren't just trying to punch you in the mouth or something like that and done so so there seems to be mentioned historical connection between -- to look ivory and chateau let's say at -- We we could erupt we are all okay breathe a role I not differently and different opera but. -- what's the story unless what's the what's the you know what what makes it's special and both in the bottom -- out. Passionate appeal release. Famous stories from my community because. My you after the war my parents where World War II -- to not a hundred year -- I don't know in 1926. And there where you know making Iran to Syria and they -- say state piece of one -- fourteenth century manor. And my mother fall in love with the estate provincial police held. Him I'm a father said do you know we -- by these we'd never get to reach maybe. Our. Children and I hope -- children. So he be differences crisis in this area and a two redone -- the soil and so one. And he's very nice -- -- -- and I'm still in the beauty fully states and and the first vintage was back in 1983. And what -- a very good success with the wind and -- she's a very popular brand. Here and everywhere and because it's a great Value Line. And the wind yes of the grade but the gained through same principle -- you know. We we can dream to Milosevic's you know we -- the -- I would Syria. And -- you whatever. -- about getting falling down drunk yeah exactly and and so it's one of people love it Chenault because again these so very sunny to line. Very gusty wind. And a great time and say great buddy could balance anyway. It's a decent demand as our facilities. Quite specific. What about 65 December Alou. And attorneys have to send Kevin a -- -- estimate -- we have the only statesman a rare species. To keep them. Few. Few echoes of unmovic. Because my late father like pieces of brand to -- I do too so it's it's good -- good to have -- around the yard you know so here's viewership -- -- town. So whatever chateau said time is this is the old one I know this much so I can't tell me about you chateau sit com grown man calm -- all I've Palmer all of course is a legendary game each within -- and indeed within the world of wine. Yes addition to settle he's really -- out to be on the most leading to shut doing -- -- although. And especially the -- vintages we have to really you know. Which coroner and the media and recognizes are again with the most a -- nice wine. In -- do. Including the throws throws so we separate property which is about to that the defense because it was a very big. Which quite big for a promotes ties and -- standard to. And the line is very Nolan thought -- specific complexity. And and our customers are really looking for the swine again -- he's legs. Of the class you know he's like -- and then lying you know. And NBC -- -- known expert absolutely exquisite and so we -- very very proud. Of the sixties because of for many years we keep on the same style. And winning trying to be efficient able -- and with the front you know. -- chewy -- goal line like some people did know we really coupons. Under the same style of one that's why I said in addition to self how we don't have customer we have -- That's appropriate term because we keep a customer for generation and. Point out well that's that's quite -- quite an achievement in this day and age where I wouldn't think brand loyalty is what they used to -- -- any in any field in that endeavor we -- think -- slot TM -- for joining us on behalf of his family a multi generational saga if you will in more ago. And makers and then sort of proprietors -- shut donation arm go die at -- black -- very chateau tweak our role and I love ignored here because I'm from New Orleans where the view Garay is but -- -- chateau said -- all her wonderful wines from Bordeaux. So anyway we need to get somebody here that about does it for today's great ingrained from Michelle's. The -- flying experience and finer foods. Delicious missed it will be back with one more taste and one more bite and just one more time right after the and now for one more -- of delicious mr. here's your host John emergence. Welcome back everybody thanks for joining us here on delicious mystery -- -- in Houston this week at a new restaurant -- How to call. And I'm -- this place because in addition to being back was too good good good friends of mine -- give or take them also sommelier Sean back. Who is talking about some amazing pairings of different things. Here at kind of called I mean is just great to be here and eating some two Mexican coastal kitchen food if you will coastal cuisine. I'm not now do you let's talk about some dishes here the first the first thing they came out here and -- as usual were overwhelmed at the table we have more things that we can never eat or talk about. But the first thing was it was from the bar menu here it kind of called. And I was intrigued by this whole idea of loud yes to each Euronext which is almost like a Mexican thing meets a Texas thing meets or whatever. But what this is kind of special even by -- even by everybody else's standards tell me about it. Round him pitching Ted on is his Sam. Probably like well and the most information. -- -- should do we have remaining because heating. Am. And you said whoa when am I did speak in front man you know. We have so many of them. The sale of AMP -- there's so many on it ingredients. And made Tebow made eagle. And I was listening into India too generous in what come on AME that is like. Graham -- -- candidates on the movie of poison them. Days and we -- here in America -- -- is one of those wonderful things that he is going to get any U. On those two ingredients he has put it warm -- in my dad's semi you can use -- AM hone in on them and that. KM east it is easy to say wonderful thing they we him they have that he in the body and am in DC went on. You know there is said he -- to these wonderful. Including the queen nine CD in and day we remain every day and him. And so am I think AM is -- -- these tiny intuitive. Name is shall we say you know its gentleness within a -- -- what can be. And I guess I see yourself on Texas surveys -- Now now one of the dishes that one of the few dishes of the of the seafood way manner that people know from Mexico you're gonna make me say may go I -- But but is is some company China. I mean now we're missing Vijay world a Lotta Lotta people love to Vijay who maybe didn't know about ten years ago. But company China is a wonderful -- said I know you've made better than many many many have had in my lifetime what what sort of the secret to a great -- China. From which is kind of the day seafood cocktail that died Monday and then I mean it's you know by American standards. M due November 10 -- -- in there warming and they would -- ten means to leave Meeks. We did many other things so you can put posters you can put that fail to -- you can with each. AMP company China means and leg to downs for it. You know to hand me but I appealed. Defended it is -- billion. Features that come from the always kind. Mainly to get there that -- -- in your variety marry together here in this company China on these but the the one king going now -- him. They have as saying. -- -- -- -- I think they'll put the needed to they look and AM and what we -- on -- am. Is that would be is to be Cheney or AM Coke daily idea. So I know learn how in these wonderful groups he has. Inalienable they put all to get a and then they always finish it out with him AM -- -- Money go solo so all of AM AM and you read of the united in coal -- of either Obey him him. Any audit and -- name of that thing is hosts our money and -- -- but in Dina it's always shown here. And Dana success eminence us in this case and it doing was those command in early in the the women released on these but to get a decent always who blesses him and the a lead at -- okay -- What this weakness and am AM facility needs these live but the -- recipes distant memories it. There's some -- live with a Leo too much did you because we makes fans love -- even known you know he's not a hassle us but. -- -- -- you can own everything come I'm -- it's just an amazing company John and there's there's another similar looking and cocktail I guess you'd say here. Now Sean tell us about this what's in your bed when we depart from the reds the red of the catch up in the Valentina saws. What are what's in this particular. Last that's the -- posts and octopus and that's where you really see the Spanish influence in the air crews there and Mexico. Yet DiMarco and all almonds in there you got to keep her is you got octopus which you can go to Spain especially on the West Coast disdain you know. From how to ask all the way up but he has got to seat a time of octopus and so. Those kind of flavors have been brought to task here and it's it's a little bit more acidic -- it's a little bit more bases because they keeper that vinegar and -- -- -- flavor. Incredible wind -- it's amazing without putting a one of the great white lines of Spain or. -- -- -- use any excuse to -- out boarding -- we're going to be on Saturday but it's very winds from a Michigan knew it was Sherman -- lot of Italy but it. It loves those wonderfully clean pressure vicious lights of so many countries in the world make. It's -- it's it's an amazing day snapshot now in that is helping with the III and NI USA amazed that we if it would put these two it. And you know money when you see the down with France and it dog abided. Then you're relies heavily day NBC's and it is not out these you know they'll all that was come from the day many there Branyan. To a great frame me his name his face so he put my with the is -- was from the made that -- which is someone you've won their qualities made -- -- but. Am site tried that you know I was thinking where where I am exactly you know anyway we get the wood to put these these two bit. He is just a very good thing. It's just very good. Now and I -- in a very good you have a couple of dishes here that are are different well either because they're just different are because they're different from other versions one is a turtle soup so. Coming from New Orleans where there's turtle soup and almost every meal half the time you know with -- with a tomato bays and Sherry in different things that it. This is totally different from mad. And also here's a vegetarian kind of dish that that is different from really anything I've ever heard give us a quick rundown on these two dishes here. Grand Slam victory in the -- so we become a name based on the bus pulled way back in their poison PP's they used to AM it. In this AM. And the recipe was made the opponent that we used to the stadium and beat these super ended total shale I sit beach. In I'm going doing he's doing and 10 am and demand those in. Him. And -- -- savvy and Diana -- -- is -- -- they'll put Tony the chicken to make a -- and an eighth in the forties. And -- privatization remain on to de Bosco within this of what served in its -- shale. -- -- legs everything in nineties it was heavily damned if we can unknown gave them. It's there. You know killed Hilton at totals cool maybe so but now we have common they have con -- house's. So these total means that that we have had facing today me company audience awaits him. There is fantastic in response heavily AM because the sponsor make good. Any -- is AM sun moon 4050 years they don't -- -- getting into an Indian recipe from the day you still don't bicycle did. In -- -- -- -- -- -- -- nation on day doing wild but probably he we do in this. Once -- upon race. While that that is a good thing now now about this dish here I can neither pronounce it nor describe it I can only eat like several thousand of them. So what is it and how does he get to be that way. -- evidently used to call first stop flying -- beginning TL I can't handle W it but let. Leo any comes AM Anthony Leo is supposed to be is this not the heaviest night let call you also proceed -- coming in shape. An end game basically -- must sound AM bass. -- -- Unum and we make I don't like to -- snipe them and it's like it took the we'd make -- some finally here so we may have let Williams. These but the clearest -- down from the days they'll put left. And -- an imprint Sony -- -- AM that we am dried chickpeas and we down its NEC Sony. We don't know sing that league in -- or your boy and then that's David. Am and being Canadian days between this day is that my -- -- post who did you guys you. What can maintain the shape and there's a sauce on top -- this makes the whole thing it's red it's rich it's. It's amazingly flavorful what's that one of them was saying made it big -- and hopefully they have opening day -- so many -- there what do you think there. Lawn. What he'll -- bandwidth it when he's basically Jiaka not many people know that anybody's teaching that has faced. In a dry -- what he'll. Am. We -- lightly on the commodity and they are we to assume that leak and in south. And new do you -- a water. And it -- be ended in -- what do you. It is just amazing and folks I have to tell you this new restaurant featuring the key Mexican coastal kitchen restaurant Coke out of -- in Houston. It is amazing I mean it's an eye opening. New experience even if you think you know everything -- and I'll -- Mexican food. You probably have some surprises here it kind of Colin thank god. You know sommelier -- back and of course side chef -- Ortega for joining us here to tell us all about kind of called and of course thank you all for joining me here on delicious mischief. As always we're presentation of specs. Why these periods and finer foods until next time. I'm your host John -- -- and IOC EU. At that next meal yeah.