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Mar 15, 2014|

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-- thirteen seven these three guys -- show. Join the conversation now on FaceBook by surging three guys -- show. Do you live from Austin, Texas where this week it is. Home of the cool treats the people I'm telling what SXSW in town Lady Gaga performing last night she actually got huge start. During her performance. How might got a cannot believe the things that happened in the city during SXSW. Torture was in a three guys sports show. In studio with me today. Alex Frankel is how Patrick Davis mixed from excited for seven offices -- local witness that's always Patrick thanks for being here -- always hear come -- And all filling in this week for the first time while Alex is out. We have. Regular -- regular poster on the page in the show also works with us his name is Brian -- Brian welcome to -- thank you -- me finally. Thank you for talking normal appreciate that and -- yeah. I do -- started to do all code and I I know all you started the daily. Oh my gosh been awhile since I've been on here so I got a little excited yes -- down and I'm Brandon work of course we've got an action packed hour for you today. We are gonna be -- talking. College basketball courts March Madness in full effect we've got proper term is going on right now this election past election will be with us. -- -- that -- properly selection Sunday is this Sunday and we're gonna -- that we're also gonna talk -- BAA and later in the hour Major League Baseball. One of the reasons we brought Ryan and this week was to refute some comments from our our final segment last week. That's another guess the show. But before we get to all that. We gotta talk the -- -- we can that his NFL free agency which kicked off on Tuesday that it has been crazy since it started. Patrick. What has been the biggest thing for you this week. He's just the rich get richer. When you watch and didn't everything they kind of went down the teams acted fast and everybody who made the big moves to within a day. All that we're teams that were already good and in the playoffs last year -- winning these teams that you meet you know needed something to help them get over the -- don't do anything. But you what's the Broncos coming out and picking up but to leave and into markets where TJ ward TJ we're getting all these guys. The patriots getting Darrelle Revis. All these guys getting beat these guys were already good getting better it's amazing. But you know what's funny is is to me is how they're able to win win supposedly -- -- Denver Broncos don't have any money -- how they're able spend money or even the New Orleans Saints to the we're shedding money left and right able assigned Jerious Byrd was a top safety on the market from buffalo they give them all kinds of money and they're supposedly struggling to get money for Jimmy Graham. BS -- Patrick your aptly write the rich just keep getting richer. But the thing that I wanted to I wanna ask you guys how do you think. These moves especially in the AFC. With the Broncos and the patriots. And in fact actually refer to them our FaceBook page this week is as the Red Sox and and yankees the way -- there -- duo announced any money and continually bringing in players while they're at the top. How is that going to affect the landscape of the AFC this year is it still is it just the Broncos and patriots and everyone else yeah he's -- -- yes. Absolutely and and here's the deal you you hit it right on the head with the Yankees and the Boston Red Sox comparison it is. Excuse me at the same exact thing and if these are gonna be the only two teams that are gonna fork out the money to get these players. Well why isn't anybody else doing it why isn't anybody else taken the lead of the two best teams in the AFC. You know damn well it's gonna be the New England Patriots in the Denver Broncos in the AFC championship game that's the bottom line. And now let's see how many. Really really good guys we can get for free agency to beat the other team who else is gonna make the AFC championship that's my question to. And I type of you know -- do you look at when you look at last season and KC chiefs had a great season they've lost -- awesome guys here Darren free agency some keep some key pieces. The ravens. You know how don't know what to make of them they they really haven't. Haven't signed anyone big I don't think they've signed anyone that wasn't already on their roster in this. Point but -- there's a name out there for -- yes there is a name out there for them people are -- Steve Smith another huge name getting cut this week. -- -- the big talk is he's meeting with Baltimore and things are going well you just know that Steve Smith and expects top wide receiver money and he's not really anything close that he's not. Top wide receiver and -- that's why. Like everybody in Carolina's all mad and stuff like that that I get treated them wrong keep -- get treated a little wrong and reminds me a lot of Brian her locker around Chicago they kind of did him wrong media but he's just not worth the money you get -- her locker you get to Smith you open up some cap space. Good luck this -- net but he's done is decline I'm sorry. Well you're right he's been evenly for thirteen years but here's the deal now that maybe they've let him go -- in the -- their other top receiver this season he's he's out work in the market. There aren't a lot of free agent wide receivers out there for them to get another that this draft does have some good wide receivers but now they're coming up with nothing at the wide receiver position. To go along with Cam Newton who had a huge bounce back year this past year a split with the team that is expected to contend. In -- very very tough division right now when you think about the saints. The falcons I know they were not good Lester but they've done some great things a free agency the -- suspect especially done great things of regency. Host Carolina even got to compete without without these wide receivers of those guys that go get -- key mix and Miles Austin committed under perform for the trial for -- point. And and that's probably at this point what they're gonna have to you know one other one other thing -- to bring up. Today this is not AFC related but big move this week Philadelphia. Trading for Darren Sproles. Now. There's been a couple of the size of the store first as Darren Sproles be upset. That -- got traded after being told he was going to be released yet so he wanted to pick and choose the team which you know that's fair I -- I totally understand that. But then when you think about the fact that he was traded to the Eagles in that office with Chip Kelly. I think it's a great move both for him and the Eagles and to meet solidifies their spot at the top of the NFC east yet again. What don't -- you would talk with in his ceased to what is their -- doing everybody else in -- -- east is losing players. They're losing star players adjusted -- to slip the giants to markets where we talked early in the cal was all these guys are having gaping holes left. And the Philly just address is this great thing Rio now goes Shawn -- they can run all day long. And we get Darren Sproles had a split out and do all these other crazy things -- how we how you stop our offense. I don't think there's anyway they can't there is an -- and I heard some the other day in the comparison when scrolls around San Diego Philip Rivers excelled in man when he laughed before they got Danny wood had a very similar player. He kind of -- let's be honest and then when he got would head I mean -- that type of player. Just expands an offense so much because defenses are used to the prototypical. Drop back pass. Tough runner now you have a Darren Sproles type player that Eagles team is gonna be the best team in that division in my opinion. Oh absolutely and I don't see any reason why excite DC one reason high. They can't compete with Seattle and San Francisco and ask their defense or defense has -- -- a -- -- the worst defenses in the league last year. Actually don't pull NFC east said for both feet. That's just -- and and know what to plan a defense where you know you're gonna be on the field 45 minutes at a sixty. It's just it's not a it's not a fun defense to play on your offense is gonna go on the field in a hurry up we go by we'll also they scored touchdown took them a minute and thirteen seconds. Back on the field and was. But I mean as you know it's it's good to play with the -- to have that feeling to play with a team that you know is going to get in and put up a lot of points and in that that this kind of thing it's nice and a good 97 when division but pretty easily yes absolutely -- -- all right when we come back we're gonna keep talking NFL free agency we're gonna talk talk talk about some other winners and losers we are gonna talk a little bit more on the cowboys. The Texans. Patrick that your team and we'll talk a little bit about Chicago Bears -- they've made some lives and Brian match your team that players. Oh my god what I have to do you know what's coming sooner or later -- I cannot believe -- Why did we invited -- here I think we'll be right back. It's talk thirteen seven these three guys -- show join the conversation now on FaceBook by searching three guys courtship. Talk thirteen seven these three guys -- show join the conversation now -- -- blue -- surging three guys -- show. Yeah. Lord of -- Casey Johnson working and hard today. Casey thank you so much they appreciate that. He's got friends like don't force. That's gonna take a while we're not gonna WAV file that I was brought -- as you're on the land. You can go to our FaceBook page number 33 guys sport show find -- like the page chime in. Even post and on their all weeklong especially about the senate bill free agency and one of the things that that we wanted to talk about it. And other winners and losers outside the obvious ones we talked about the previous segment. The patriots. The Broncos. The Eagles -- though is he afraid as it is made its rate was but it was announced any trade. But there are other teams who wants about first and foremost I want to talk about the -- He Texans. Because at this point Patrick. They have done nothing either of them one thing what have they done they re signed Gary Graham just. That's the -- that Texas band that tackle -- yeah actually Brian well. There was there was effect that where we lost Owen Daniels David Garrett Graham left to. Then there's just no -- and so it it's better than nothing and ask you what do you think this says. About about the team as far as what they're gonna do in the draft at this point. Number number one pick -- -- now the you know the experts carper and Election Day. From ESPN come out their latest mock drafts that neither one of them have a quarterback of that at the number one topic with them. I think we should make Shea has it's cloudy and piper has smack from buffalo so -- too -- to defense of players there. Probably not gonna they're they're not thinking they're on quarterback what do you think's gonna happen with them at that it at the corner position I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Which is unfortunate because shot at bats in the past been decent enough to get them. You know to to play eight he's an NFL quarterback. Last year he did not look like get it now. If you look at it you know it's a lot of guys is you get to a certain age you start to slowdown and they structured his contract. Correctly in that they can get out of his contract pretty cheaply this year. So they gave him I think he's those two or three years look on his contract but guaranteed -- is pretty much was all last year and so they get out of his contract. And if he walks out you can't have it won't get an opening day. If Matt -- walks out on the field the starting quarterback opening day. You can't start your season with a whole crowd -- back and that's exactly and I -- them because it's if you can't have a guy who clearly proved his time is done. Actually shot pick -- did -- -- last year I threw a -- file for five games around. How all dizzy I'm sorry -- I mean -- while over thirty year -- -- he's up it's got an eight -- at that mental wall and he couldn't come back from it. I. Guy yeah I think you're absolutely right. Now one of the quarterbacks that they I think that they were hoping to possibly sign in and bring in -- they were they -- any good chance to bring him in this week. His former Ers quarterback Josh McCown minute of silent Tampa Bay. Tampa Bay before we get to the Bear Bryant. Tampa Bay. Has done an outstanding job at this point in free agency and had a lot of -- and I think along with the the Oakland Raiders they had they were the right there at the top with the most money to spend. And it's funny because you can look at two organizations. Do you think about the raiders. And the Buccaneers and you can see the difference between a well run organization. Verses one it is at Oakland had the most money come in free agency and they have done. Nothing with that the one move they tried to make it was an offensive -- -- and what's -- name Roger South -- yeah for from the rams. Who was that as his disease a Carty was like the fifth or sixth best kept going in free agency -- -- a huge contract. And then somehow he doesn't pass a physical. Which basically means that the raiders got cold feet when they heard that they were paying him way too much money and now he's back in in that in Saint Louis. So the raiders have all this money and what what do they don't they signed Justin Tuck would have to what's Tampa Bay done. They -- bunch of guys I mean. If you look down the list of who they got just starting out they get just recount which is a big deal because there's not that many quarterbacks out there right now. And you're hoping maybe some it'll come up after the draft but it. I still think Michael Evans a great quarterback to have very he started down the stretch in his most likely going to be their back up but you know Lovie Smith -- first first your head coach there. He wants he wants a veteran and and yes Josh accounts which try to think it was. Was McCown and Chicago. All while -- was their prime yeah and I mean they had on the and his brother they had anything McNown Mick Collins. I'm not and I like I do remember Cade McNown I mean they had everybody but he was a release that money -- he ended up coming back but like -- said I mean. Even not even be the quarterback -- they're gonna target one in the draft in my opinion I think they're gonna end -- taken and cornerback as well and now that's crazy so they have Mike Glenn and they signed McCown. Another gonna target another court -- it they must really not feel good about one in which at the end of last season it seemed like they did yep Lovie Lovie is not a big fan. But more than that who. Patrick -- they -- because -- -- -- -- what this team and that division and the in the NFC south is gonna be one to watch a show off. Is coming over to Tampa Bay and the defensive back. Is coming over there I mean it in the at a lot of me just a lot of smaller moves that they've already made it kind of filled holes. In this a big deal we talk about winners and losers you see where the biggest losers is anyone who waited. -- anybody who thought hey you know this played out you remembered they raise the cap a lot this year. And you saw the teams that knew OK everyone's gonna have a bit more spending money than they expected. We have to make moves now because everyone's gonna be able to afford somebody absolutely and the -- the people who wait. Lost because now they're going in look at -- guys seventh or eighth but they're got to pay big money because they. They know they need him like we talked about the Panthers need a wide receiver if you go negotiate the go what do you do. You're gonna pay me because you have to pay. Yes absolutely it. Three guys for Cho here on the talk radio thirteen seventy most -- both -- slogan their Casey. And then now it can't be there right. Brian we -- let's talk about the bears really quick they've made they made some good moves this week. Gideon as a LaMarr Houston yup and who was the other second signing that they had saw Willie Young from Detroit -- anyone it out of meanwhile look it up because I -- -- media expert coming in today yeah I. Lucked -- I I think this is my sites. Darrelle Revis out new England and I think LaMarr Houston signing is probably the best signing and so far free agency Alford Darren Sproles. When we think the Chicago it was a trade so yeah -- -- even better sorry. So when you look at the -- you always think defense their defense is just sucked last year they were terrible they're getting old peanut Tillman try out the door. Henry Melton you know he's a younger do -- Charles peanut. Charles peanut Tillman and -- All ELL he's probably out the door they got to peppers they needed to that they needed to get that defense Lamar -- since 26 years old Willie Young from Detroit they're stealing from their division. He's 28 years old these two guys are very similar -- work very very well on that defense -- they picked up a couple safeties. You know one from the Packers and MD Jennings I just think I'm very impressed with what they've done. Already and ever since Phil Emery the GM took over. Data eased and on top of his game and an all they really need they just need to do something that defense because that offense is perfectly find the latest probably probably have the best set of skill players in the NFL when you look at all around. Running back wide receiver tied and I mean their their stocks you off the bottom there. Do we really think -- just our brother Dallas Cowboys here can you describe the cowboys all season so -- they're free agency when word. -- you -- it. One word idol -- enough copies this young unpatriotic I don't -- ready -- they're done nothing I mean they've just they've let people Walken and they had to they had they had to get under the cap and you know I guess that's what to do when you sign a bunch of horrible horrible -- -- we need to take a break when we come back we're gonna talk to college basketball. -- -- actually going on right now NCAA tournament starts next week. Of course -- approximately baseball forget sport shall be right back. It's talk thirteen seven these three guys -- show. Join the conversation now on FaceBook by searching three guys courtship. It's -- thirteen seven these three guys -- show join the conversation now what FaceBook by surging three guys sport show. -- hope that at the end of this month and I'm saying I'm the man when I win. The brackets and we're going to be playing here in the office. I've never won one consulate I've come in second several times I've never once one minute and incidentally -- bracket. -- had made it past like the first week it that is crumple it up and throw Democrats and -- a -- of the delay -- -- go to Yahoo! and talk about it. Brian it's stuff. That goal in my home team man and they get -- so. Hoosier coach the always go to Michigan State that seem to go crying all I know all but there there always disappointing you know they're gonna make it to the -- -- and on some. Some gonna go down analysts are they fully healthy right now yes everyone's back everyone's back there Iraq Roman. Well that kind of helps me out because I know -- I honestly I've watched them play several times and if you -- on a regular basis. You know that I am from Iowa and Iowa Hawkeye fan unfortunately after what happened to them last night. But I that was off what cannot believe I mean I can't believe it like I actually predicted to go and -- the they would lose northwestern. But -- watching Michigan State. This year when they're fully healthy and we saw them up close here in Austin when he came in there and play Texas. There are. Very very good and they can beat anyone in the country along with a series you know Syracuse or duke or Arizona mean there's a lot of very good teams. I'm out there but Michigan State's one of them that boy when you're filling your bracket you better keep them in mind another team from bit from the Big Ten Wisconsin. Yeah what they're deal is meant I mean you need to look out for them because they suspect that at. They are very very tough I mean they play that old school Big Ten basketball and and they get it done. Now. Before we get too far don't talk too much Big Ten on us but yes the brackets are coming up selection Sunday is this Sunday. Patrick is there any thing. That -- that is as far as when when the brackets come out anything that you're looking that you're looking for the U expects you know it's like Francis. Do you think Texas will be placed in the San Antonio -- west -- real pressing question. But but that but that would be huge for Texas as far as what they could how far they could go if there have basically have a home court advantage like that. I think that's really depends on what they do in the big twelve tournament you know they've had this problem and many years in the past probably you know ten years of Rick Barnes a lot of the years you come through. You go well there is the self bracket that we can get into and it's gonna help out we'll travel but not too far so. They can work out and really get set point in the season we go all right were in the tournament. But how good -- -- -- how nice area to us is what you -- for me lately and -- move at least to the finals of the big twelve tournament they'll be in San Antonio. But that's what -- one askew is that -- what do you think their chances are against Baylor tonight they're scheduled to play at 830 to play the winner of the Iowa State Kansas game what is going on right now. If they if they make it to the finals and let's say they win how privacy do you see them getting. I mean really after kind of falling apart there at the end of the season. I think the highest if they won the B two alternatives they could get to a seven hand I don't even think they'll get a sixty minute there when the big twelve tournament. Well have a sneaky suspicion that they're going to be playing Iowa State can't display around I joined beat there's going to be very tough. But in any either no matter who they play the -- Kansas City so they're gonna they're disadvantaged Kansas and Iowa State we'll have more fans there. But. I say I like Texas chances is if they especially if they're in San Antonio region to get to the sweet sixteen I don't know. I mean that's that's going to be the big the big question is if they're able to play some more close to home. And losses and everything has also seen some rumors -- Craig might be there and boy oh boy after watching them well that played last night and then how Doug McDermott did. I mean they're going to be tough. Tough tough I know how much you love don't I don't know about the same Manny got man crush on that day and that's yeah did you see the Sports Illustrated cover where they simulated when Larry Bird. Was on the cover back with. Now Indiana State in the two cheerleaders were like battle in front of woman then they duplicated that would make -- -- idea. You know back in the day and current. -- every magazines and fluorescent bitterness forbidden fruit and all I can only imagine the magazine industry is not doing too well but sports magazines I think still duke it out fairly well -- Now I I didn't see that so. Are there any teams. Today you see going into this going in there this weekend whether we which of course we don't know who for sure who's going to be in their -- I'm thinking seems more that that would be more of an underdog pick that could really make a -- and obviously there are some teams on the bubble. -- the other keep going back and forth but a team that you that we know is most likely going to get and but I could make a run that it's gonna end up being like a ten or eleven seed and what one team becomes a mind for me is Oklahoma State. Via bit they have the talent that they can that they could do something. -- did you eat or either wanna -- have a team like that. I hit a -- -- -- and -- piggyback off your team man. I know they may not be a ten or eleven seed but if Texas can play like they did earlier on in the season into the tournament that's my underdog believe it or not -- I'm sure -- certainly dig this northern guy a little more but I don't know I don't nobody expects. That's. What I really think tax this with that team I don't know what's on the bottom line all the luck guys I've seen him play before and -- I'm shocked and I'll tell you what I think that they can go deep into the tournament. Given the fact like Patrick said if they get into. That you don't. But the San Antonio lot of region region I think they can run the table on that so that's my underdog thing. I just I just for some reasons he Texas bacon -- farther than a lot of people thought. Patrick. I mean I was looking that it. And they never really spread mega text or anything like that you're not that surprised again you say North Carolina North Carolina has moved up a lot but they've been playing very well as late. But I mean I got a couple guys -- like Cinderella story watch guys Harvard. How likely cargo plane and Stephen F Austin. Even -- Boston has been undefeated since they lost two games early in the season they went undefeated in conference -- -- it was -- they lost to Texas and then they lost to. Another team. That was not very good. Race is an element in a Masco you know so that you don't lose OK so that's Stephen F Austin that's in -- what are not yet I believe it when a tornado run to in the season while so. Yeah they they've been plenty extremely loyal. And not against big teams -- the same thing he'd always talk about plaguing Israel teams. But they did put up a fight against Texas. That early very early in the season. And I think is the ideal to team needed you to watch for because they've been playing solo to fill out that bracket looking for those teams. Maybe maybe get that through a bracket and a yes I know what fear that those are two teams Harvard and in Steve a false and public four. Three guys sports earlier on talk thirteen 70 AM. Talking NCAA basketball term or not. We talked about Smart on -- talk -- the favorites in -- Patrick last night. When we were out watching Texas to show why bushel lacking on West Virginia and watching in Iowa -- yet. Panel wanted to know how to describe that that pathetic loss against northwestern a question was posed to us that we neither one of -- -- answer death summit oppose it today. And I wanna see why we have to we have to put an answer and the question was. Who who were you going to pick to win the tournament and of course right away -- were both like to do the brackets a -- -- it that would uneasy the brackets if you had to pick one team. Right now. Would you pick to win -- win at all. With the shadow of the doubt Florida. Wow no doubt about it and they are if they shadow or without -- nation without I don't even understand that. It's called a deal idea here's a deal and they lost to scoop rink teams won the Wisconsin Badgers that we talked about Wisconsin and not Connecticut. Fight combined total of seven points they want on it ripped off 23 straight wins this team is the best team in the bracket although I would love deceased party. Take it off but Florida without a doubt I'm thinking Florida -- -- money. I'm going to go for me lately Louisville went by sixty when last night's all go Louisville because who scores you would play 61 wow. What does it do well it. Just it's tough it's tough to bet against I can't I can't do without the brackets understood you easy sale by 61 Nevada now -- familiar at all Florida I think I'm going to take. Do it I know you would say hello Hulu I'm not big Iowa I don't know and I really wanna take -- -- -- -- all come back and actually you know what it wouldn't shock me and all deceased Syracuse if if they don't bomb out the first or second round to go on win at all -- having that now that they are fully healthy again as well. -- I really. I'm pretty sure if Doug McDermott played her Wichita State. -- you do wouldn't be here right now you'd still be home was watching film. Hundred years to 20 years I I am stuck in my midwest -- -- which -- thought they -- and I love all those things. All right Brad figure quick break when we come back Rick talks an NBA some interesting stuff going down right now Phil Jackson and later on we're sort of talks of Major League Baseball. -- -- children back. It's talk thirteen seven these three guys sports show. Join the conversation now on FaceBook by searching three guys sports show. It's told thirteen seven these three guys -- show join the conversation now want FaceBook by surging three guys sport show. So you want to. Okay see now. -- and dad and. Okay. Special thanks to Alex Franco for -- all the music for the three guys sport show. That's Hollywood sometime I mean. Sparta likely to get but there are some songs and I'm like man I guess a synagogue when -- Casey's -- is what we -- Once it's SXSW. Have been right now and Austin, Texas and Reagan out the jams from 2012. I. Was scared I don't know I -- this -- new residents can look at and -- particularly the. That's on work work work plan college by the way out of town is an idea a bachelor party and a wedding. This weekend. -- mean in Vegas. -- Iowa that's a bad combination what that is that is up bad bad combination so we imposed bail will be back next week. Yes and you know and -- -- -- -- -- it is no wonder he's gonna laid out any any wagers on anything I -- I guarantee he's a gambling kind of guy and I guarantee. He's -- he's the kind of got its gonna put some money down especially. On the San Antonio Spurs who just so happen to be playing the lakers. Tonight. You know I'm not have you that last time the lakers got blown out they showed up the next day. That's threatening an intraday and in in the for the thunder again must and they got they are Oregon fans RB Brian well. It was gone off well the reason that a product the -- and and and and you know Alex possibly put an event that was because this person that are doing their normal thing to do when the calendar turns march. They just start. When you know when it away like you know it's kind of like. They're cruise along crews on cruise along and then all of a sudden boom it's time to ticket in high gear and and yet again and in their last five games. They've won all five they've beat Miami they want -- Chicago they beat Portland these are good teams at their beating -- games aren't even close. No I mean if you look it you -- -- -- was earlier in the season they were when they're beating every bad team they played. Just dominating bad teams but could not win against good teams had a terrible record against the best teams are going to be in the playoffs. Andy got worried except for you look to the fact that we had so many injuries to begin the year at one point we had four starters heard the same time. You go look at -- prefer playing with four bench players are starting lineup it's not gonna help us. No but it it's great for them now because those guys they got so much -- out one particular being Patty Mills yeah it's gonna pay off huge dividends come playoff time. I mean it already has now there there there are at this point number one in the last half the game up on Oklahoma City. And if the playoffs restart today to be matched up against the other Dallas to Memphis. Who are disseminate -- and games out. -- does it matter who they match up against the first -- are gonna get passed but it's it's did the funny thing is it's it's like I don't know I don't know. How it happens but every year I mean obviously it's Popovich and Duncan Parker the -- of the veterans generally that are there that it's like OK it's time to kick it in and here we go. 10 and I mean if you look at the that'd be good thing you take from the injuries is that these guys rested and they you know their legs are as tired that point season Tony Parker. Are on the all star break had a bunch of nagging injuries had some personal problems in his life his mind was in the right places body was in the right place possible home. Say don't worry about it go to a couple weeks off his game two we saw no real injury report what was wrong with him a couple minor things. He comes back after that starts put up thirty plus tonight and and stars dominating go. -- pop understands Eagles I don't care we dropped three you know three regular season games because my star player needs to rest if we he's ready in the playoffs that's what matters. So Patrick I'm not gonna ask you this because I know your answers gonna be as -- as a spurs fans O'Brien ask you to. Be in the west. Is there any team at less than any team I mean I'm really really looking at the top four. Oklahoma City LA clippers and Houston and then San Antonio out of those four. Any of that can any of the other three really challenge the spurs tomorrow in the west anything in represented the finals. Well after seeing Houston get demolished by the bulls last night I don't think Houston has a shot if anybody does it's gonna be Oklahoma City I'm not sold on the clip show too cool story name. As I think it's that awesome I don't think -- could take over. San Antonio is just so good they really remind me of the bulls I wish the bulls have Derrick Rose but if they have I think Tom Thibodeau. And Popovich are the two best coaches in the ambient -- defense they play old school ball and they win. And arrest team that's the difference -- San Antonio can rest their guys the bulls they just goal but -- all all out and and then they're drained in the playoffs but. They destroyed Houston last night. I Houston shot like 3839%. From the field that's -- separates the bulls and that's what could dot. You don't kind of messed things up in the east for sure I think we'll -- I'm glad you brought the bulls because that's something that I want to talk about the segment as wells in the east all season long it's been hey it's Indiana and Miami by the way those are the only two teams at this point at a clinch playoff spots. Throughout their -- so and that's what that's all -- talked about those two teams. Lately you've seen the polls. And the Brooklyn nets by the way the Brooklyn nets three you know. This season against the Miami Heat they have the best record in the Eastern Conference since January 1 -- can either of those teams really. Make a run at Indiana or Miami and not a knock them -- -- playoffs. Her I think they have. I mean it's Indiana Miami -- if you look at the bulls have Derrick Rose -- yes. But without their grows its state just it it would meet in the playoffs he -- same team over and over again in -- they're the bulls -- hustle team and and you go look we're not gonna win four out of seven games of -- You can win three out of seven which can knock it went four out of seven. And that's what it comes down to and we talk about the east and the west the difference. The third place team in the east. Is ten and a half games back from first place and the eighth place team in the west. Is ten games back from Korea it's just dramatically. How much better in the west is from east. Well it is now. And I agree with you about the bulls I think the bulls without Derrick -- bring you brought to you you made the point they have to expand too much energy in those games and we've seen that in years past and so the bulls I I just don't I think without their -- I don't see them being able to have to take a seven users monitor those teams now the Brooklyn nets on the other hand. Fully healthy I -- there -- -- but they've they've done a good job this year of making making sure Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett get you know get -- time. Even without. Brook Lopez in the middle which he's you know he was putting up all star numbers before got -- it was an all star last terribly. This this team is still competing. Without Lopez -- -- do you think that they can possibly take down either of these teams are aggressive they're three and August Miami this year I think they can take down Miami because Miami in my mind doesn't have a true center. Not Indiana -- And Indiana apparently is very happy now they have they have two centers were injured Bynum hack it until he is a joke Medimmune -- if if he actually comes to play. I mean think about what 45 years ago at the lakers when he actually decided to play we got put up huge numbers they can be a great dividend off the bench for them. I don't know I IC Brooklyn and mean the biggest threats to those two teams and I just don't see -- happening I don't see anyone taking down Miami wants to come I think they're just too much like the spurs want to come playoff time. -- -- -- It's it's four at a seven games that's the deal and you know when a team runs whether the Bruins the way they run their team when they have a star player who can take a regain. Four to seven just hard to do. Yes absolutely. When we come back we are going to give. Mr. Brian Cleary his chance to rebut the comments. From. Would be would finish better than the tigers this year handy also made disparaging comment towards Justin Verlander which I could not believe even made -- Three -- sport show we will be right back. It's talk thirteen seven these three guys -- show. Join the conversation now on FaceBook by searching three guys sports show. Talk thirteen seven these three guys -- show. Join the conversation now on FaceBook by surging three guys sport show. -- -- -- In studio with me today Patrick Davis. -- Austin my local from X 947. Brian -- fan of the show -- always Austin and there was something last week it that that's I know. Really intrigues you it was a comment that that. One of our coworkers who also works on next time foursome and -- by the name of he said that the Rangers. It would finish with a better record this season in the tigers he also made what I thought was a disparaging comment. Towards Justin Verlander comparing him -- the goal. To compare him to Bret Saberhagen. I don't even know where that came from. I mean unbelievable and so one of the reasons that we had -- on as we discussed I wanted to get your response to these comments. They're obnoxious for one thing the Bret Saberhagen thing is just. I I don't even get worries coming from the only thing I can say about Justin Verlander is. When a pitcher basically declines his velocity goes down we talked about this the other day berliners velocity has never went down he starts at 92 to 94. Through innings five and six on route to a complete game and then hits like 98 and hunter. And this guy is still any league pitcher he is not on the decline he's thirty years old. I just I I just don't see the comparison I think it's totally obnoxious and then the other one. Where the Rangers are gonna have a better record in the tigris. Winner I don't even know where that came from I could see if it don't look at the Rangers made the playoffs even last year I may EB but okay. Prince Fielder coming over -- true. Yeah there are probably lead at the American League in home runs the solid -- often but just like you and I know in fantasy baseball pitch team that wins championships that's the bottom line. And the Texas Rangers do not have to name three supreme. A what now what do you think about the Detroit Tigers you have a solid stacked staff Justin Verlander is the best pitcher on us that he's not even last season. He'd once been one -- I'm sure there are thirty was the best intercepting and Anibal Sanchez who led the league any outrage coming to. Those three -- all loan. Make them probably the best pitching staff in the American League if not colleagues back east and Alexia gone -- actually didn't get injured all the time and they just stuck in the bullpen like they're supposed to be. That staff will be that much better but we got your best pitcher decides Yu Darvish enjoy may think -- bolts are exactly -- We can't talk when it's -- at the segment that type of this whole segment we'll let you get the upper chest -- -- gives you posted all our FaceBook page last week after that comment I settled on -- box -- box that the tigers will have a better record than the Rangers still on the table on -- the -- you know you hear that. All right let's get to something else visually Bristol this is something that you know with the season set to start here here shortly. I want to ask. And we're just gonna go around the room. Teams. -- -- team that did not make the playoffs last year that you think will this year. And a team that did make the playoffs last year that you do not think will this year. And just give a quick explanation why. Let's start with Brian Ross I know you -- -- you've -- bride -- a baseball guy Patrick were basketball guys let's give you a little bit of time you Ugoh -- start yeah I. The first about the sleeper team I think is gonna be the San Diego Padres. -- reasons and EE you know what kid -- were both familiar with the Chicago Cubs organization and Andrew Cashner I think this kid's gonna blow up in turn into a very -- pitcher this year. Tackle park is one of the best if not the best pitcher parks in America. They they went on a nice little streak last year but San Diego's definitely going. To improve and I think -- that weaker division they could come out on top 8590 wins. Addressing you know another Chicago -- connection right there at the -- Mark Pryor worked in their front office now interested -- -- who's the team that made the playoffs laughter that will not this year Pittsburgh Pirates without. Here I got this one with out a channel without her okay. Patrick. You're seeing is I mean I gotta say the team that I think is gonna get over the hump make the playoffs this year with the Washington Nationals as a young team with a lot of talent just missed the playoffs last year. And price are project yes he actually -- yeah. He's he's happy there drug -- -- because every claim every claim some if they've they were drug testament to the nationals and I'll say you know I don't like the Indians I just. I grew up watching what Major League the kids so I'm gonna say they're gonna be bad I don't know. It totally just told both my team I love it's. Now that's all weeklong -- -- popular line actually last two or three weeks about about the Kansas City and I thought -- those you diaper sure that's where I was gonna go to the bill I was gonna I was going national and Indians -- not gonna change it up I am gonna stick with the -- I think the royals -- -- will be able to sneak in. In the in the American League they have. A young immediately but -- thing we talk about -- -- for the last 45 years old -- younger up and coming up. They're this they're that well it's like they're finally hitting their stride their hitters are -- -- second to none I think it in that dawson's a segment on because behind their their behind Detroit -- division but they're pretty damn close it if everything comes together with Billy Boller -- copper -- was stock us. And I catcher Salvador president they are any payments and outscored who at one time was thought to be the biggest prospect of all. And they've got some great young pitching coming up and and there's no they don't there's not a closer in the American League. Better than Greg Holland is in Kansas City so I'm gonna take the royals and for the team that they've made it -- that that's not going to make it this year. I'm gonna go with the Indians because I'm nine and it. -- -- gonna -- -- I think it's no there's no way that they make it again this year or -- and if you beat the royals that's the team that's gonna -- -- yes exactly and always three teens from that AL central Islam they're McNamee -- the playoffs mean via. So I'll probably just gonna be Detroit. Effect -- and the lucky to have -- especially with a stacked as the American League east is this year to be honest -- -- Tampa Bay. Fits the Baltimore the Yankees the Yankees are always there the Red Sox of course I mean I'm just automatically given division of the reds out -- -- -- The crater -- -- -- they'd -- -- -- if they -- remember playing baseball -- Wichita State had a heck of a baseball team are. Patrick Davis Brian Cleary thanks so much for coming in today Casey Johnson or the board's thanks for running everything my name is -- -- cumulus three guys sport show. We will see you next week.