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Real Estate Radio Austin with Steakley and Stubbs 2/23/14

Feb 23, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're listening to. Real estate radio Austin which they actually get stuff. Good afternoon in Austin, Texas and welcome to real estate radio stately in steps. The most important Arab radio every Sunday right here on talk thirteen seventy from fortified PM. Our goal as always is to empower our listeners about every aspect of Euronext a real estate transaction. I am your host Stephen stay clean my NN LS number is 274. 124. I'm branch manager and loan originators with the Texas he met supremely in the near Austin. -- -- here with my co host my friend our director of sales and marketing over there at the Texas team mr. Jason step below Austin, Texas within days and I am good welcome back sickly they had a feeling that feeling fresh. Shock and analysts Marlon you opened up the show. I mean I was at the Helm last week and can you know look around us I -- -- ability. If you're back now welcome back Canada deer in headlights yeah hey -- Lou I'm in the big switch here now. See the glass -- yeah. Welcome back and. Exact location where were you know went to quote -- it was company thinks it was -- were down a little bit of play and but so we would -- Delcarmen. I've never been you have been -- Cancun when I was. Teenager outside and you know because of a few years ago which we love. And it Clio was there was really beautiful and so that the water down their great in this -- here. And it's 81 degree days. 75 degree nights knowing you've obviously been with the doors open -- I think that the resort off pretty pretty credible. Still allow the water still difficult is it yeah. They're just a little bit and -- he had tonight 84. Gets hurt you a little bit sweaty and didn't. Jump. Do you cold water. -- -- free music on the beetle baby Tyson the -- -- saying you get in the wet suit you have the warm shower possible warm water and and and me I need it nice and nice and warm relations Lisa. Yes he did you get this epic. So polar bear. So would also do -- -- a little little little work well now that you know any of you out there they go of these corporate trips you know I get a seat on the the first night everybody goes all Latin Rodin a new party. -- some of the spouses and there are some of the spouses aren't there are some people without spouses are going whales. Bored with her on the intriguing narrative Mexico they just -- free media that senior owns Cingular now. Let's -- -- -- militarism that is like one after another and then everybody's gamer. It is did you like you know it's you know -- here's one just in case she -- -- the best in the past or in front of the lest they were out there were laying on the beach. And we like. The little guy walks and -- Something to jinx -- -- semi. Sure Mo Ito this meeting was okay. Because -- ten minutes later with two nice speak to them I'm like I only ask for letting us all its happy hour. Nice yeah perhaps. We still harbors in the money we'll do is double up the product well that's so that was one of the bad things about this trip and I had no idea going into -- Libya and all inclusive place him. Some people love them some people -- have you had to el Dorado. Royale again and to me an incredible plays beautiful and you know carved out of the of the jungle -- down there. And -- was a massive resort -- -- it was a mile and a half from one end than the constant is at the other end with. Twelve different bars and nine different restaurants and this. But every rest or you go to it's just like you know paying for it yeah he'll feel -- an angry that it doesn't. Yeah I'm with you -- -- the same deal and in grocery character and our our wedding and your stance that's the -- boom. Had a big old beautiful resort yeah it was like brown -- -- If you and it in. -- Jack dean you'll Cerritos although the offering us stuff they did it in like two kinds of beer on draft distrust -- Krejci apparently you run into aluminum -- yeah will be OK so you know I -- Mexican. I wanted wanna become Mexicans right corona. Pacifica they've got -- down over -- -- or bar buddies of self they know what they're doing that yes you know we can get corona Pacifica was if we take a cab out. 45 miles an appliance. -- had to -- yellow plastic bags full of be here sounds like you -- to the resort did this did not this. Had to skip my I got my stuff I -- got beer that I want history or they certain. They were serve and of one bar had that does techies got in the next car and Heineken. Okay and then one or had courage and the -- tough to -- regular us techies Amber's in my favor but I'm sure they're confident green stuff you know they don't have that down now. And -- in the sun warm line it is tough yeah countless young European. Really like earlier really -- Call it taxes to fifty yes. During the busy that's why don't go to all inclusive coming up -- I didn't know doing in the it was going to be us with that said. If you look at it for an all inclusive place this place this is fabulous it's just beautiful beautiful the water's beautiful to have all these men made. Reefs to keep the waves down in front of the planes and looks like huge -- sitting on the water but it's nice big concrete. Barriers while in theirs they're spread out so they look kind of like rocks are little kind of all the Figaro. It makes the beaches like real pleasant night is done keeps all the weeds out now have two good to have I -- go back to next next time I'll probably just a little closer reply earlier even than to lose. I think it's good due to three day Max because they wanna keep everything inside that resort. Britain and in reversal -- we stayed at -- for about five days and we had so another five days outside yet and that was just awesome -- -- -- BO analysis and infinity -- -- -- 120 dollars a -- this -- was gorgeous all -- Engineered everything beautiful but yeah getting that cabin did not -- you know this kind of kind of look. Kind of do little homework but did you get -- some good stuff well we would Idenix Koran it puts today it's kind of like. Spanish SeaWorld. OK I saw some pictures but it's you know it's it's underground cavern capacity until you can scuba or you can snorkel through these caverns and it's like a mile and a half. -- Your move and it -- half a mile per hour. It's -- couple hours to get through -- pretty cool. It's its exit the water's warm because it's heated by -- known volcanic activity whenever. You know cool cool place of -- Seven Hayes. But on the fifth day rolls around here like every -- to Texas. First is she coming to Austin assists it's the stuff. It is just everything that we indeed he found earlier this town that actually flew in last night thirty in my life relative to the relax. How to get there's a picture -- right there it's beautiful retired at. Let's well I mean we're get into a little bit about how awesome here a little bit about yourself -- what's going on your world -- and you know from death. You hear the the baby ticker taken. We're or any day now and yeah it's been an experience so far should go and in -- agree pregnant wife she's just she's doing good she's in for a little bit of -- sleep issues but. The most organs around. We have. You know a little bit of a scare doctors are -- have a good babies and we have the lower ten person Powell and -- size and weight. And give back two weeks later -- because 4% your spine. Could -- potentially eight pound and pound maybe she's like a great enough you -- about that side you know -- bed the other that's I guess up and down but we'll take it we'll take it so. About nine or ten minutes that's a C section therein it is but you know they're thinking and seven a minute we're gonna get this right on the money I think. Right in the middle so lower forty percentile right now within one or two chili cheese time Syria. Yeah right it let's he do and you have babies coming Manson or being close out. We're we're on the way for and he goes you listen and listen -- state radio sacred Stubbs and we have sickly outlast us last week's upwards catching up a little bit but. So yeah he got back from vacation mom about to have a baby but man. You know what's going on out -- got -- couple flowers coming out the grass is all about to change the merger didn't excited and I mean stuff we efficiencies and and learn hello -- they become and -- so here's a plan and for OS right listen up there and get a big old no but next week -- bring them. Asked those two studios. And then right after we're done. Contrition why not be considered idea perfect Sunday evening a certain it. If it's right in this society and if she can give you know. You're looking to get out there and and I do a little bit -- million dark on us would have us -- right when you're a celebrity. With celebrities to take some time -- club -- that's. -- Goodness so what else mostly -- on. And jet chamber of commerce are coming up that this this week. Membership drive that should be fun yeah. We went to the two little pre deal and I mean it's cows and the orange suit orange shoes. I mean he'd look to par opt out balked and the four seasons in course you know I mean I know the Scott -- know he was going to be our present her. -- walk down the hall together of course you know made out of life. -- or what's up what's in demand where did you get that. Can't -- Italy to go oh OK great good for you next thing you know we walked in the same room and he's -- -- -- can be -- into the team per. So it took to get all that going -- but yeah I got chamber -- and I'm excited about that. It and then you've got the paucity of -- rodeos command if we do lose a big deal. You know they were a rodeo is it will be where we have a real estate show and rodeo is up big most of the people that they're ready -- all is. The real estate industry here and tell -- Started many years ago by a you know Billie Jean and bitten in my dad Indians they cleaned Kenny Dryden bill our -- -- much of the tycoons. You know back from the eighties. And Dennis just kind of Boston Boston -- this crazy. Incredible what's on your charitable events now and we're worksheet to donate about fifty Graham this year tally of 501 C three so all that money and all the donations go straight to the kids we like to say it's us. The rodeo scholarship fund but so we'll talk about it a little bit more wanna give people a web address so that they can. To go out and donating get involved if they want to drive when we come back from the break stay tuned. We're gonna hit some finally we're gonna hit some investing tips. We're going to be talking mortgage matters pocket interest rates all that kid's pocket listings you won't want to miss this -- -- Did you know that insurance is the second leading expense in the economy. And with health insurance rates and rising at a record pace in property tax going up and home insurance rates increasing 30% a year over year people are fed on legitimate shrewd choice on your auto and home insurance with a guy waving hello morning -- -- tonight. Who's at insurance. -- -- will -- you rate stood dozens of carriers to fight the best race -- go home and auto for a true choice call god women had five point 26914086. That's five point 206 and 14080. Six buying and refinancing a property is stressful so why can't stress filled closing in on top of that. -- patent law firm Margolis provide a smooth stress free closing for you. -- take a country club attitude -- service we raised the bar and all facets of the title industry we have multiple locations throughout Texas Spanish begin escrow officers and are available after hours on weekends and during holidays and visit PL PC dot com for info patent law firm and raising the bar for closing services. The real thing radio Austin with the local real. This stuff. And seven. Today there Austin, Texas welcome back to real estate radio right here with state -- in -- Britt Reid always preaches on our off your hotline. -- -- 990. Mediator find us on the web real estate radial atx dot com. Apparently left second -- we're talking about what Pasadena we have so rodeo Austin -- about the barbecue cook off yes it's it's in a big portion. A lot of people out there are all involved with -- local real estate here in town you get over the real Jersey get -- anchors. But mortgage guys that title companies the insurance guys and everybody comes together. This huge event and I think they're gross proceeds from the singer. -- north of love every 400000. Dollars trolley took off actually donates impressive you know you think about her body to -- their content frisky intern and ribs with the groups that's not what it's about his about. Making sure people know how -- your barbecue is it's about -- to me. I'm getting bigger Barbara if you advance the heck I could dip nets -- the support for the same reasons why we Villa near his donate to -- Where words were all into especially everybody is supreme lending to give back you up and once a year this allows all of our friends from high school and college in. Over the years we would do this will be up 25 year. Get back together -- -- of the years. Beer barbecue and fans have a good times and every dollar that comes in from corporate sponsors goes and it's tip jars. Every dollar that comes in with somebody gets a beer at the loosely goes that a tip jars and at the end. Or -- do you fifteen green and just our barbecue -- another sixty teams but just our barbecue team's gonna try to -- fifty during and so beautiful if you wanna get involved law -- a -- adopt organ that's LA. PK. SA DI. TK got a war love Pasadena dental work. You click on our PayPal -- can make a 501 C three donations. Lots of sponsorship levels there's a hundred and down there's 25500002000. Corporate sponsors of the five Brandon and we -- -- like twenty grand Astros you Krejci on -- they forgot to donate last year you wanna get nuts and -- to -- and we will take it that's right. Some Tito's vodka on us -- itself in Ethiopia -- get involved folks that operate because come on CS. March 7 and eight they're marquis took off rodeo Austin. Asked for a Pasadena and we get their -- for stay clear studs. Probably put to the Ryder extract. By getting what you just elicited this ship oh yeah we kind of black brown a little bit and second one this kind of reintroduce. Steps in nineteen -- I just look at people we are the industry to worry and in an elegant little bit more than nitty gritty. Seven -- where experts mean -- all things real estate mortgages. Real safe investments homes condos home purchases home refinances. Home equity loans you know looking at for a little bit of cash she gets some kids going to college. Comic -- for that landed a lot purchases. Pretty much all things. Real estate. We wanna be your real estate -- years so did smears doesn't call. 51291988. Real estate radial -- dot com. We can help you with anything it doesn't just have to be mortgage. It can be finding a real turn can be finding the right title company the right home insurance guy the right contractors that's just went through two months. Painter electrician exactly four guy we are your guys you listen this show right now. You -- editor voices we want to hell yes that's the only reason we do this show it's not like were being paid celebrities victim hero Sunday to make you laugh. I mean it's a real estate information shall take information. Email us go on the web site you can contact us through the website real state radio atx dot com. Iraq forward in the nitty gritty let's speak our sponsors you know we couldn't do this show every week without our sponsors but like they run twenty aero runs the CEO of the real estate radio network are -- get a -- Diego. Guy away and end with -- head insurance great. Local insurance guy. Long time lost tonight I mean we're talking forty years plus this guy. At least then Tiffany and Brian over there with the patent law firm our favorite title company here in town a real boutique agency. The best customer service she could ever expect mr. Sam knocked in with Texas best credit repair. JT hasty with Wesley -- washing. You know sand in his credit services if you've got a little being on the air so the leftover from when your college -- just wanna get rid of tough to see him need to find contact information for -- our website here real estate radial -- dot com. And then of course we said Wesley power washing mr. JT hasty if you're ready to give your house a little spring freshen up. You know you get -- some of that oak pollen or whatever on the -- Car chief tees all the guys ever Wesley power washing can give your house a facelift -- -- a few years before you decide to actually pay -- -- yen. Best yet again they -- sponsors we couldn't do this show. Went down to. -- -- -- -- -- -- We like the idea segment that's sort of my favorite having entered his stuff because it's the secret world of chaos ballistics there's -- if you don't know. What a populist thing is basically. In this low inventory market that we got. This is the house. There right now is probably didn't heard eat up a little it and you know there there maybe put -- -- carpet there maybe do little touch up paint but basically the house hasn't hit the market. The only people who knows that this house is fixing hit the market is that and we dishonor on the realtor who they've been talking to. And now you are right to consider yourself blessed reveal listener the show right it's this kind of a big deal it is so you do if you're in the market to. To purchase a home mommy listen up we've got a couple areas Intel will go over we've. -- Condo high and double will get to that but first all talk about this little property in Georgetown. In Georgetown market I mean it's just it's not in the press Dawson has but if you really look into it I mean -- top ten it's growing like crazy they've got multiple offer situations on -- Tom we had a couple meetings last week with thought our bodies a century 21 HS came we're just talking about how. Quickly the markets -- and in Georgetown so if you're looking for home in Georgetown. Com there is one it's it's 200 Indian meadow. It's a fourth to reach -- two car garage. Formal living. Got a game room at a breakfast bar homage to corner lot oversized covered patio. In it to come in under 170000. Dollars us this holds -- by Connie. Heron was such -- 21 HSK. We -- where he'd have more three for 169 -- absolutely rivets. It's incredible and if you if you really drive a little bit talk about Vincent thanks for your buck it is no doubt so the next we've got a subject AT no one. OJ JC brook drive. This is located east Austin to which is becoming a really hot area but for those of you have to take a drive over their take -- -- -- -- go over there. It if you are in the market tougher supplement on the east side I -- this home is common in under 250000. Feet 18100 square foot single family home. Three bed two bath. Built in 1977. And it's it's dirty it's bones are great this homes listen -- Valenti key with with Riley realtors. She's doing a great job doing great things and she knows that besides if you guys have any interest in this property. I give us a call 51291988. What what was that tell that house -- -- -- -- 245. Footer forty so under under 250 right I mean. You can say this serious I mean it's almost downtown during the east Austin couple blocks and on the two good location hot minute yeah -- years you're there so it Jackson's acquittal micro under way to achieve cap that is for sure. So hold on the last hole we have three guys this week out and take a peek out the window right here not just looked at it. It's in the the 360 building on its unit 43 so far this is the penthouse. So some big boy it's it's a Q2 and a half. It's on the 43 floor. That's that's up there yeah I mean that's just Jackson's son try to -- -- -- -- can't get -- that in this guy's up there so. Yet this distant also is designed by Dick Clark it's got soaring ceilings and and floor to ceiling windows. So do you talk about light I mean it's natural -- it's beautiful views you can see for miles it's got gore may kitchens viking appliances. On the deck of the kitchen opens up to the living room and breakfast area in you have cool thing is not that natural light you can press one button and it goes away it's got the motorized -- so well so it just hit one button shades of shades down. A custom sound throughout our pad controls. It's got so -- Tron lighting package which is all custom logic threw out in the California. Clauses say they customized the closet space in there. And this home is common in at about one point eight million in its list by Denise -- -- the -- -- -- if you guys would like information on this property. Please give us call five. 51291988. Next week we'll have some more pocket listings for you got -- wanna say this real quick. If you're out there looking to sell your home or Houston or tests a marked a little bit give us a call. Give us attacks we'd love to put your house. All the show and in if you don't have realtor we find you one also. That it again the reason why we do pocket listings folks. Is because your realtor told you about this week and a low. Inventory market okay houses are flying on the shelves as fast as they come out on. And with a populist thing. You've got a few weeks out this thing -- -- -- hit the markets open if you're listen Michelle you're getting an opportunity to give you not a house and possibly even see it before -- Putting offers on it and then it's that the best is gonna win it and open the most down. -- -- offer letter whose lender letter was the master of the prettiest coming out the most cash yeah -- there's a cash offer -- hosed because they're gonna take this they're gonna take a tax. Offer -- Richard to two loaded going cash offer mean grand if you got to do it but you know if you have an -- opportunity -- finances saying get in there and do that but the with a pocket -- you you're you're and you're not competing with anybody here you're competing with yourself I mean it's it's put your best vote for me -- best offer you -- and and it's gonna give you a good chance to get in some nut at that she really liked. Yeah and if you don't wanna call us directly have your agent -- knew we do populace things every week and on the show reach out to aspire one to 900. 1988 -- real estate radial atx dot com you can email us through a web site. You get listings for all of our sponsors. But contact us to reach these realtors because they're not on the market yet so -- actually calling the radio guys have held in the mortgage cast his first. And they will put you in touch with that with the people that are sell it. So I -- me -- well I would guess I -- -- a really cool tech that are coming up we have -- -- some stuff that we wanted to talk about. From an investment standpoint investor tips let's go ahead is real long segment let's take a quick break stay tuned. We're going to be talking investor tips interest rates asks local real estate news about Sunni communities coming out you won't wanted to. This state to. Did you know that insurance is the second leading expense in the economy and and with health insurance rates and rising at a record pace in property tax going up and home insurance rates increasing to 30% zero -- year people are fed up and shrewd choice on your auto and home insurance with a guy waving hello morning -- off tonight. Who's an insurance. Goosen and we'll shop your rate stood dozens of carriers don't fight the best -- -- go home and auto for a true choice call -- women had five point 26914086. That's five point 206 and 14086. Being denied home loans can be devastating to you your future and your family. Don't go and getting a mortgage alone talk to us sex is best credit repair and build a realistic roadmap. We can improve your credit score by 100 points in just 45 days whether you've been declined alone for a first time home buyer we have the knowledge and tools to help you get approved. Call us at 51230. Wait 6004. At Texas best credit repair dot com. Texas best credit repair and local service delivering real estate results. The real thing radio Austin with the local real. -- -- And seven. Hey there Austin, Texas you're sitting here with stage three games does we've -- covered some a few cool topics and our secret life stuff. Pockets the things. And we're gonna we've actually we've wanna do this for three shows were finally get a Dell into right if we talk about Rachel let's start with the interest rates everybody in the first time they called me they're like. So please take -- When he interest rates still no -- Furniture is going up well the truth of matter is interest rates probably have to go up now you know and -- government pulls out the needle the blood the ivy. The only way for rates to go up vertigo is up so -- the private market gets back into the interest rates -- New Delhi. Bonds have to offer higher yields is easier for private investors didn't buy you know the government can go in -- invited nothing to the healthcare -- -- it's our money. But private investors actually wanna make a return. Right so for private investors to return to the market so they can make their returns rates go bond prices he'll back up. It's just that natural. Progression and real estate and more to -- and billions for like 3%. Exactly. Nobody yeah. It's just not gonna -- so basically you know that. Then the interest -- news you know raise rates are holding were still up a little bit. You know they're the experts. Talking about how the current rate market just makes no sense all right. And it's almost as though Wall Street is positioning the trading -- influence -- as the session on the next round of tapering you know then the -- -- there has -- at half past. Are they gonna pull out. That 85 billion and assertive with 101000000175. Billion -- another ten million dollar 65 billion but most of its -- in 65 billion dollars a month. Have to wanted to stocks have spilled into behind it still artificially keeping the rates low -- for how long and there are. Who knows you know we've we've been predicting it right here on real theory was thickly and studs that. We will see rates at or at least close to five by the end of the first quarter so we got a lot of we have about five weeks away but it. You know we went from fourth quarter two weeks ago in here today -- were closer -- morning -- Democrats up here the Freddie Mac averages you know we week. Give you averages because as mortgage guys we can not quote APR. On line. So the Freddie Mac overnight averages your commission a thirty year fixed right now it's floating between four and half of four point six a little bit higher there the F fifteen has crept up to three point 625. Your ten year fixed. Still pretty low it at three and a half but still up from 3.3 week over week. Andy your FHA your USDA you're VA are your government products still hovering around born a quarter why. It's a government products. In the government pays. Lower yield but a better investment. To the mortgage carriers in order to get these products senior lower rates they're trying to make a more attractive is like he's yours -- -- your Freddie Mac clone. But anyway -- democratic still never afford a quarter and Jumbo loans Jumbo loans anything over 4171000. Here in Austin creeped up a little bit to four point 65. -- again get high as if a four point three vs a four point six it's causing you not to buy a house maybe you shouldn't be buying a house. Everybody wants to get the lowest of the low blood. You should go into this pain is a business decision in this we go to buy a new car you don't hold off. Turning in. At 200000 mile Subaru. Cynthia here that the car loan rates have gone back to two point nine and you don't you just make the decision get off the fence you do you -- you -- bottom line. It could -- that might use it and say it is and they -- 5%. It's not that it's it's not bad give up the fans guys mandatory market they'll find the house buy yourself something nice helps writes so finally after -- three week -- -- -- have no time to get in the show we're gonna talk a little bit about an investor -- -- abuse it. Currently invest in real estate or maybe your your thinking about investing in real estate or maybe. Last Sunday watched an HGTV show flip this house in your -- away. I can do that hey watch TV show got a book coming in the mail all excited and we got some historians and that's what it's a little bit tougher development ever that the show makes it out -- those guys that you see in the you don't do it for ten or fifteen years. And what they're showing you is they're losing money on one out of four flips that they're doing and they're not showing you that that about one that they took you 25 K the other way 35 K the other way they're showing you the ones that. They broke even on -- -- a little money every. But you like Jason was saying I mean it's it's more five and one out of four they're losing money on and their -- at five or six at a time. So you as an individual investor and you're -- in your gonna be your first one. Probably good chance you might lose money okay. I mean you better go in conservatively to harm you have exit strategies you know if it does not sell in six months what do we do today and Sony much what we do. You would cheer exit plan who are your partners do they agree on your exit strategies I mean that's it's very important one -- on where we're gonna hold until we get X amount dollars you gotta know -- -- -- -- you know. Now he Rodgers with and it's easiest people to give you this that way I. -- his -- since. Well maybe you're gonna notice things new north do little -- tech corner I would like to have to bring you an apt to not helpful and in many aspects of your life. The first that we're gonna talk about -- the only -- we're talking about today is cool left for the real estate investor and this is. And after he can use to can convince yourself that maybe this is the right right deal for you the hole and real estate investment game right. It's called cap rates. -- okay CAP. Cap. Reid's pro. -- their description is that it's the easiest fastest and most professional tool to calculate how much money. What a new return you're gonna -- when purchasing a single family home town house or Condo to basically takes all the different the financial things like property taxes and -- await news down payment everything. Let's altogether in gives you -- sometime operator return. Can't -- pro has been professionally designed to allowing non finance proficient. Somebody who is not inviting him her -- Calculate many different scenarios and obtain -- special results of a better decision can be made from its analysis. Calculates net income and cash flow. Estimated purchase price. Which the property -- look at basically the properties at 245 you can look at 245. On May be low inventory market and one offer 250 I usually get to fifty million to 35 Q&A low ball not get the house. If yes. But but it'll show uses the different ways to cash flow of property and it finally shows your cash on cash return which is basically your breakeven. When you start making money prize -- so. It's a really cool -- cap rate crow it's free the campaign a couple of boxing at the upgraded version right now I believe it's only -- Only through iTunes a new iPhone fellas out there ladies out there. I don't think it's yet gone over to to the new ruling drew it cuts but they're working on that cool -- to kind of protect yet. Gotcha I so. We're gonna talk some investor tips that are going to be an official ball in the segments we're gonna bleed into the force segment also but. Investing is time for death and before we get into the tents as wanna make sure there for but he realizes that it. With an investment comes risk. And with risk comes the chance and he can lose your you know what. It's very simple you it took to look at it from from the outside you know that the higher the risk. Better chance -- are your money if you put into speed of the the higher the risk to the pilot pay off yes that's kind of yeah it you know a lot of a lot of folks here in town and a lot of the the folks here in Wesley movie studios are went through. Via the bus to get that back in 8788. I'm mark my Finley was one of them know my dad was a W two employee sold concrete sold lumber per couple of big -- construction companies and down. And the real estate industry back in the eighties was killed on it and he didn't do you know guys went from suburban still Mercedes isn't plains overnight. All right that is a boom. Have I might -- decided to have to start construction companies are building homes will be why not build the American dream and so he he -- -- five or six houses on the ground. And they were great little starter homes 8090000. Which back then yeah we'll -- was. -- 150 range here to be conservative level his his business plan was was good insult college. And so he's all excited get six houses under his belt hats and got some -- lines right. But by five -- lots and literally clothes on those lots in the market tanked and -- yeah. -- -- was nobody was working and nobody was doing financing round. It had a it was and now he's he could take up financing I mean I think will be hopefully everybody lesson shows her what the rate used to be that good -- so why we've talked about several but but other digits in the area was three kids. Mortgaged everything bottom fell out. Crashed lost everything lost the nest egg that's the American dream right you take what you -- You invest it invests in the company if you want to -- in trying to turn your risk ya try to try to give back plenty of really. But just remember folks before you do this be careful not. Don't put all your eggs in one bass do not DF thirty green and a 41 K do not dump thirty -- is he's the first -- That's not what this show is for win not turning commits BP didn't know this. If you take 40% of your nest egg -- and and flip a house. Do it and if you get the time to do it do it but do not risk your livelihood do not risk your family's security by continuing this time with that said. -- -- -- -- -- I did it -- it is Florio are actually think a quick break so you never really blunt force segment. Stay with us investment tips on your first investment -- from -- leaves -- Come back. Buying and refinancing of property is stressful so why can't stress filled closing in on top of here -- patent law firm Margolis provide a smooth stress free closing for you. -- take a country club attitude -- servants and we raised the bar and all facets of the title industry we have multiple locations throughout Texas and Spanish -- in escrow officers and are available after hours on weekends and during holidays and visit PL FTC dot com for info on patent law -- raising the bar for closing services. Being denied home loans can be devastating to you your future and your family. Don't go and getting a mortgage alone talk to us sex is best credit repair and build a realistic roadmap. We can improve your credit score by 100 points in just 45 days whether you've been declined alone for a first time home buyer we have the knowledge and tools to help you get a -- Call us at 51230. Wait 6004. At Texas best credit repair dot com. Texas best credit repair and local service delivering real estate results. The real thing radio Austin. And stuff. And seven. Hello Austin, Texas welcome back to real estate real estate -- and -- trying to go and talking about some investment tips. Rick reed always reach us and our -- hotline if I want to have 91988. -- real estate radial atx and act out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We're kind of motor -- here and Austria finished her day when he carried away and -- it -- split second so just bear with us this. -- so we you we're not we're experts in all things real estate but we're not house -- -- -- of these tips are actually brought to you by and try to Boston capital partners these guys are long time. Austin real estate specialists. -- there they're investors they flipped they do everything in this is there this is their tips and bouquets and little baby instead of trying to coach yet and had a flip your first house. Yes cells but basically. The first -- finance okay. Seasoned real say investors know that you should use hard money revenues bank money prize money it's hard to get -- many easy easy again bright white. Banks require credit reports performers. All kinds of stuff up front business plans. Good credit down payment everything -- construction loans are tough now and nobody's doing construction loans may be two or three -- -- -- You'll never get approved or flip blown three local bank now so. Go hard money. You wanna get a -- many lender call me your -- we don't do hard money at the Texas team is pretty -- but we will put you in touch with a hardly lender. Hard many lenders basically a private network of investors who loan you money. Based on. Your strategy of flipping your x.s and those are important and down the exactly exactly know a lot of the hard money coming in a bad name because it. It's hard money they charge money. Why did they charge money we talked about a little bit last segment risky. Well it's risky now and never to -- wanna make money and spokes business's are business to make money businesses are not bad. They have to make money. You know it's funny and it -- it -- you hoard money you know you when you when you hear that a lot of folks -- you know they just and have a good shouts but when he would come down to it it's just it's private money. I told -- it is privately owned. Bank money and -- they got a pool pull money. That these guys get together and like look we're willing to take risk based on shred -- x.s and those which are looking -- do you current market conditions. -- cost to cure. Future values all those different things are looking to do. Mr. usher in banks can't do it because bank regulators are so up the banks behind. About make each other about how she slipped through the banks won't do this smoke so go to hard money it's expensive. But it's the way to do it in this is how all the guys on all the shows that you've been watching you know I don't think that they don't -- I don't have a line of credit with chase and -- Bank of America these guys go hard money. It's past team close quick do itself with hard money. The do you will get probably a 12% rate. Oh my god 12%. I'll never do that that's like three times the market is who cares about that the stories early to have this house for three months. You're gonna pay 12% on your loan for three for three months big. He'll what's I mean this it's it's minimal -- it's it's the whole rate units how yeah people have out there -- their shopping loans -- and -- Ers go apply for a mortgage what's your rates they need. I want -- if you veteran right. Well our rates are very competitive and with the market the market averages and I don't have the lowest rates don't have the highest rates. But. You know that the spiel. Hard money has high rates and thus there is no way around it but they're the only game in town -- don't have a choice but here's the deal again do not you it's your undies in a bunch because there's high rates are only paying their high rate for a couple months. Points -- mainlanders do -- three to six points six points as a lot out. 2000 dollar house you were talking twelfth -- and but when you have the opportunity to make 40000 on the flip up. The banks leaving you the money to help you -- this live you may put in 10% maybe twenty -- that you're gonna get that money back can still make 33 and. In you can look at it like almost the bank getting into like these these private money lender slash or money lenders and you can almost look and as a partner yeah because they're they're assuming that portion of the wrist solely letting you ponying up your dollars you use -- dollars and therefore you know they take take your -- I did you put in ten or 1520%. And then you lose your book on this deal yeah. Their lives and everything everything and then you're only walk away with a little -- and scratch right after this no doubt no doubt about it. But a case of three to six points yes is expensive you do not have a choice just take kids. Because you paid off you make money in the key to businesses making it. Money and today. So the higher interest rates often make less experience investors were just talking about -- each guy. But to the reality is Innospec -- Dixon -- scenario a short term hard money alone at 12% or even 13%. Can generate much more profit the principle investor than an equity partnership in most cases. That is tough and that underlines yet so that means an equity partnership would be you'd you going to home -- and say hey let's get an event together hand. You you bring you bring the money and I got this idea right and then. What we'll see if we can make it happen and guess what expletive it deepens and he makes 40000 dollars and flip it let's say you pay ten -- end. In bank fees up when yeah that's ten grand. But the banks say that your business they let you flip the house without having some related over your shoulder the builder out for for two months and then you walked -- with. -- and I think the point is you look at is -- it's a calculated. Cost right as you can you can easily calculate so we know my goals flip this house in ninety days well there's a calculated cost what I have to hold OpenId I mean after 120 your would've have told over six months. You know those are some things you can look up but he is a calculating cost so you calculated based on months that -- holding this house. But it's just -- cost of anything -- labor materials get your money I mean it's just one of those things it's a it's a call. Outstanding and its business yes this is how businesses work so a lot of view W two employees needed it's hard to comprehend cabinet. But you have to spend money to make money. It is the bottom line all right so number 11 of the reasons why you'd be hard money is because you can close fast yeah when you go to that auction when you don't courthouse steps and there's a property you can actually make money on that they're gonna sell a 100000 dollar house for 60000. And they're gonna require you to pay that money within seven days -- You can't close and -- mortgage and eleven days knows Texas team it's free weekend yes but you can't do commits alone on this place. So hard money all the way in order close Bastia to have plans so go into this thing. With plans this happens all the time and inexperienced investor puts a property -- contract to close -- two weeks but guess what they have no plan. It plans as what it takes to win a deal mr. -- got to be able to close quit. The investor contacts hard money lender to fund a project knowing that next to cash. Hard money is -- fastest way to get put to -- close on that deal. But if the investor has no plans he screwed all right no plans no specs no budget no loan. Nobody to would you money yeah you don't pull its fourth. So so get your plans upfront. You you don't necessarily need an architect architect begin general contractor of talent somebody's gonna go through this deal with yet. Have everything ready to turn over the -- it's gonna save you some time they get to their city to close quit now this yes that's his. The second reason for advice on on the hardly loan is. Don't lie and lying is is a tough term but here's the deal it's very common for borrowers to try to make themselves look prettier. As we always say in the mortgage business we like to paint a pretty picture borrowers are gonna make yourself look more qualified think about their first -- he turned it right after after college and lord have mercy three pages. Manager of the high school debate. For a -- -- -- a selection CEOs subway. These these banks like shifts to have these hard many lenders wanna make money they're gonna read through that crafts that just don't try to moderate. All right so. -- need to realize is -- -- many guys don't care about credit certain -- they're much more concerned with what they call the value of the asset which is the value of the house what -- -- I mean. However if you fail to submit something if you hide something if you had a bounced check which they probably won't care about but if you did and you try to hide it. That makes you look like you have something to hide you probably won't get hardly Lara because you've become a risk at that point president in the house being your risk view -- the risk because he told a little white -- -- right -- right. Don't lie number three expect to have skin in the game. Sometimes they'll promote these things is a 100% loans they're they're really not all right you're gonna have to put something down especially if it's your purse -- so just prepare yourself. Bora for ten. If team may be 20% on the high -- them prepare yourself you you will have to put money into this deal. Let me instead set a few minutes -- Do not spend your whole nesting and on this deal. You've got a 5050 shot that you're gonna lose it all out. Because you don't really know what you're doing on the first time so now take 20% maybe out of your whole budget or your whole your networks Mariah but not the whole thing. For protect yourself. Cut -- Number four. -- projects through an LLC. Lot of people you know they see. What was that that. That company that there are only showing you prominent Shapiro guys you know you failure legal -- some -- -- -- -- -- For illegals and illegals you got that free -- should have done it -- -- do LC for like fifty bucks that's not expensive it protects you so basically what an LC will do. Is it takes view as the investor out of the equation you'll only be liable for the amount of put money you put -- to you do you put in twenty grant. Do project at 200000 dollar project and if this thing goes but last. You're only in it for the twenty Korean. Info if you don't do an LLC. You're doing this thing on your own the hard money guy. Visit the county and everybody else can come after you -- personally your house or for any damages and let's just say it burns down and you don't have the proper insurance. It's lean on your primary residence come after your credit connect your personal bank accounts -- be in court it's an ugly thing so yeah you're looking to do anything invest electoral state get LLC for sure. Yet video OC so basically if it's passed through its teeth and LOC is not itself subject to income tax all right so your only gonna pay tax. On the actual profits that you get back as as one of the of the owners of the LLC. And it's based on the percentage of ownership all right so have your 75%. Owner and you've got another silent partner I agree Ramon Jeanne. Loaned you some money for this project she still would be taxed on the amount of profit as she hasn't signed deals the tonight to basically in the real estate investment world timing. Is everything loan maturing market timing is everything when the -- cut investors need to have the ability to strike -- strike fast. With the right preparation hard many lender can close alone in two weeks or less. And by following the effort mentioned tips everything we just talked about -- minimize your time waiting for funding and maximize your profit potential. Again all of that Jabber Jabber was. Profits yes you're in business to profit. And -- spread this across the United States. Texas businesses need to process that I the company you work for needs to profit. Stock market has to profit -- Here contractor who comes and -- floors and -- flip. Pass to make a product. Or else guess what he's not gonna be putting flowers in your next -- the controller okay. People have to make money in that the biggest thing is people who are tight west people who were tight on money they got to be able to take their hat on him and realize that every business has a profit margin. Every business has to make money to help you make money and it's that's when you do realize that truly realize that's when you'll start making the big bucks. It's about planning to about preparation -- a lot of these guys still want to deal if you think you're gonna get in their wheel and deal on every single aspect of your your -- an Emmy darling I think when you slept she's real estate investment but some people are looking for long term stuff you're looking for long term -- you give us a call. Tough 51291988. But. I'm just gonna say that you if you have if there's so many variables so many variables so many factors. That that are involved but. You know. Calculating. In in being able to make a decision quick and you gotta be -- to make a decision gets three bids go. Your materials make your list go get it and the cheers catcher house. But you can't have contractors after house with no materials and you don't want them pick up materials. Forty you can save little money -- average yourself how materials there but there's so many things in -- -- factors he just hit the nail on the head. Go out there and get three bids and pick a didn't. Do not sit there and call out and calling call every single person the yellow pages trying to get a better deal. -- takes three. And run with it when with a when you're comfortable when we can turn into three on bids in the you've lost three weeks -- you've done nothing Jason and I see it every day in the mortgage business out will pre approve a client. And then they decide they need to do their due diligence ago shop for a I would guess what folks rates change every -- -- -- to come to us the next day it's -- this guy gave me a better rate. As the market changed out. Same thing goes for business -- three -- first pick three full where you guys -- thirty framers whatever you need -- got -- so I guess we can help abused. We can help you -- I knew that these people all right so. If you're gonna lose money if you wait around you're gonna make money if you can do it in due to -- profit that's the bottom line. I will will will post some of these tips again. If we can actually email you these tips if you'd like to have a need to reach out to us the -- The website real estate radio. Atx that I can get radio -- page or on you since a quick text message do you have any questions anything that you guys -- to just shoot over what real quick we love to hear from yes. 51291988. That are Baghdad's -- ran out of time again. -- the end of our show we hope you learned a little bit more you move forward towards your next home purchase remember will be covering much much more in the coming weeks so always tune in. Real estate radio -- and Stubbs right here every Sunday mortified PM talk. Thirteen seventy. Let's go flip a house in Austin, Texas.

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