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Retirement Planning Show Podcast 2/23/14

Feb 23, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome to the safe money retirement planning show with -- stress -- my emphasis -- to prepare you for retirement and allow you to lose in retirement. Restaurant just Steve has over thirty years experience creating save money by using proven financial strategies that provide a stable income for the rest of your life to ensure your heart ceremony is 100% certain. And -- -- market lost what your retirement money to work for you. By avoiding taxes rising health care inflation. And market volatility does -- save money Texas dot com or call today for your personal appointment 804571298. And now. -- -- -- Afternoon and welcome to the -- many retirement explaining show with financial professionals -- says right here on top radio thirteen seven the day in I'm grace at this since. Day -- doing pretty good -- -- -- -- from a little bit of a cold -- Everything's fantastic no link is Steve Preston on after a call or -- glad you're here because without a fun show lined up for the listeners today. And cast your listening. And daydreaming -- -- day when you can finally retire and thinking about all the plane and he wanna make. -- of the first step towards your dreams all you have to do is call Steve at 804571298. That's 804571298. And the web sites awesome to check it out safe money Texas dot com. The markets have been quite volatile for most of 2014. January was down in February is seen gains that are almost at the point I'm making up those losses. Sam Stovall who is the chief equity strategist at BS and 500 talks about the ups and downs of the market. I think that corrections while they might be delayed will never be repealed. It's just a natural event that we have the stock market rise and then go through tumultuous periods of declines. There's an old saying that the bull market takes the stairs while the bear market takes the elevator and I think that's simply implies that. Fear is a greater motive leader then greed. But let's face it since World War II we have had a decline of five to 10% basically every year and we have had declines of ten to 20%. Basically less than every three years so it's a natural occurrence. I think what is unnatural is how investors react to it primarily because. The stock market has recovered all but it lost for declines of anywhere from five to 20%. In an average of only four months so by the time investors haven't panicked. And have concluded they Muster restructure their portfolios the markets probably already on its way back to breakeven. Nordstrom's talking about his -- in the short term basis where you have a five or 10% drop those. Who can rebound pretty quick you look at even our past week -- so as one day we have about 7% drop in a couple of days you came back. And the problem we have is a two or not all Jewish short term drops were. Five to 10% losses we go back to 2002008. We have forty and 50% losses. And that's what she can not afford to have when you're coming up through retirement. Or -- or close to retirement you have to make sure that. You're not gonna have this traumatic losses. Norm Langer to probably say than that one of my cars is ever lost. Because of market decline and they are lost any of their gains that the -- any of their principal because of market decline. And that's the key here are the other thing of course -- you got to be able locking in your games. The question our businesses in the market is if you don't take those gains. Did you ever really have those gains trend because of what happens is as if you just taken ride the market out. The -- -- -- it's gonna go up in the it is gonna come down. And the problem is you don't wanna begin right up to retirement or close to retirement. Any time within a ten year period and have a dramatic loss and say OK now Almon and get his money back. The other -- knew him as soon you if you have a 50% loss is an example. Which you need is a 100% gains to get back to where he works from -- and also the numbers are not people sort of say if you have a 50% loss of fifty for certain gains not gonna get you back there. Because you don't have the same principle he lost the majority your principles so. Instead of a 50% gain the about 200 -- a 100%. Gain to get back to your 400% to where you were before. That's that the key -- again. Locking in those gains make sure there gains of their when you -- that's what our contracts to. There's no fees no commissions of any kind coming out of our investors' accounts. So you don't have to worry about them and money management for use and broker fees and what have you now try I was you have to get paid you're paid from from the companies are we were -- So the company's real percent of north supremely. Stupid doesn't come out of your investment account the other thing of course is taxation. No one wants to pay more taxes to a -- legally obligated to do so. And so we wanna take advantage of tax deferment. Who are building have our current work as hard as you possibly can force and especially today more than ever. So with tax deferment those taxes are not paid until you decide to -- them when you decide to pull money out then you pay the taxes. The longer you defer. Obviously the better song with two Texas where the are turning and I think everybody's gonna end. At least majority of people I talk to all through taxes or go while they're not good enough on. Through with that in mind again the tax deferment is extremely important. And the other thing that comes with her parents who sent deserves the rumors are you or is your mystery about our creditors and predators proof. The big thing of course who so you -- if you happen to get into a lawsuit or if you end of Harlem bankruptcy. And is not qualified accounts. They cannot attach. To those accounts they are creditors from predators pro choice to win -- protection Manaus it's. And keep it free from losses due to lawsuits from what have you. So his serve and just keep their homes the number of different things that we can do with his unconscious just tremendous. And of course you -- -- -- Warren Buffett Warren Buffett's first who loses don't lose money. He and his second rule was follow rule number one Mary gas -- and shrewd not losing any money is extremely important as far as warm -- concern. And that's with these accounts to the other or the courses will Rogers who largest grocery score was that. I'm not concerned about the return on my money I'm concerned about to return of my head. There again this suit and extremely important or something that's safe. Gives you the ability to take advantage of the market ups and not worry about the garments. Have something that's gonna help you with your taxes. Have something and that's -- canoe attached to or take away from you tend to have social agenda is extremely soon. And someone else that wants to keep your money safe besides Steve is Patrick Kelly he's a friend of our show. And you hear us talk about his new book -- here on the show stress free retirement -- to the point that you're making a moment ago Steve when you were. Talking about there's a big difference between the average an actual cost of staying in the market. Let's listen to Patrick Kelly as he takes that a step further. Most people don't realize that the returns that are reported by most stock indexes and by most mutual funds. Is the average return and the average return. Is actually a lie and I love may be a strong word but it's not accurate that's a better way to put it let me give you an example. If you have an account that had a 50%. Loss in the first year and a 50% gain in the second year. I like to ask people wanna speak to what's the average return of that and many of them if there's you don't do the math osu offense thousand dollars. And it went down 50% I have 500. And went up 50% the -- 750 they'll say well the average return. Is negative 25%. And say well no that's the actual return what's the average return and the average return is actually zero. Think about it if you have negative fifteen. And positive fifty items together that 00 divided by 20. So for instance if some account mutual fund or index actually god. Those two experiences which I don't believe that's ever happened. A negative fifty into closets or do exactly the same number they could report that they had an average return that fund a 0%. Never give I would encourage the listeners out there and they don't want to a mutual fund website and just -- most of time -- Here's our average returns for 1351020. And lifetime of the fund and the reported ever just the problem as we see in this example. Though the average is zero the actual return is negative 25%. Minister elect Obama voted Patrick who's who just says it nice and clear and makes it understandable. Then that's -- course with his book distrust for retirement is all about. It's just an exceptional -- and he's he read it talks about protecting your life savings against lawsuit. -- create income streams that you never can -- live now to receive unlimited upside gain potential was zero risk of loss. And of course how to stop and those -- the management fees to stockbrokers and money managers. It's just an exceptional book you -- -- -- retirement and market -- can't talk highly enough about Patrick just an exceptional in the jewelry exceptional partner for decades and my concern is focused Shuster great read a tool I think everyone should have and you're coming up through term close to retirement you need to read this book. Terrorism markets for her room thirty pages. And emotions are a little brochure a little -- or we're certainly not to you. History stretcher before for the first -- calling home. Who wants take advantage of this stress free retirement like a free copy. My office so make sure that you receive it just -- and we do appropriate information for our team in receptions. This writing you can -- -- I'll call 804571298. That's 80457129. -- call nailed to get your free copy at Patrick Kelly's book stress free retirement you're gonna love it. And when we come that's just history really repeat itself that -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Welcome back to the -- many retire complaining -- financial experts -- says he's right here on talk radio thirteen 78 PM. Are you from round rock cost an area the -- come to you live. All you have to do is call 84571298. Called -- 804571298. To set up here furry one on one with Steve. And of course you get a free copy of Patrick Kelly spoke to stress free retirement and always check out the web site safe money Texas dot com. We you know that's a big question we were talking about earlier with history. Steve -- history really repeat itself. Well that's -- question we're gonna ask or so houses are you were ignoring history. And therefore doomed to repeat it. Will we witness another 40% drop in stock purchase. Are bringing a warning that is -- money experts are calling for a large drop in the stock prices. And of course the question is is will you participate in this destruction. In early 2000 to begin the first beer market in recent history. Many investors were caught off guard investors one from a gleefully don't mean and celebrate their 401K statements and early 2000. To shredding their statements for the even opened the envelope because it in disbelief you know we have reform ourselves to -- used later to 2008. Many of the general markets are around the all turn cars. Again many investors were caught off guard -- market started to rapidly declined and ultimately losing forty to 50% of the value. Investors harder and wealth was lost in short order. -- -- 2013 and again we foreign many markets are at -- again it's all time highs again. Many contribute to rise in the level of the Marcus in the -- juror reserves programs of pumping money into the system. Just change it to can't make enough money to pump into it. Then what happens when the Fed stops that's the most important thing. Furthermore. How much longer can present government run a seventeen. Plus trillion dollar deficit. How Long Will the government handle health care how are we gonna pay for all of us what all happened -- two US dollar continues to fall. You know you do not wanna get caught off guard this time. Although nobody knows course to future for sure when you when things are dropped what there is no excuse to be caught off guard. Yet the market starts to decline. The Norris a select few took lessons that they learned in 2000. They're protected themselves in 2008. You know again. Another select group of investors have learned from 2008. And have taken action to protect themselves. -- you can take action by calling 1804571298. That's 1804571298. And the thing you wanna be is proactive. Not reactive. You can protect your hard earned capital. There are multiple strategies to do so. Wanted to strategies you can uses to build a personal pension plan. The guarantees that you'll never lose apparently you'll never suffer a loss. Better yet your pension can lock -- stock market profits for the year. It's safe. Routines are protected. -- protection money. It gives you the opportunity for stock market gains. And you can't lose any of your principal. Who are the investors who strategy technique -- most. Of course it's this personal pension strategy is for investors who want to know that they will not lose a penny in New York coping. Market crashes regardless of -- security. And it's a person that wants a pension car. And of course as a person that wants tax deferral chair and someone that wants a better than a CD rate. But that's with the same level of guarantees. And something that's predictable. A steady future income and of course investors who wore their gains locked in the future. Without any exceptions. And of course still -- opportunity. For stock market potential returns. The bottom line in this us from investors who are conservative. Closer to retirement. That can't afford to lose large. More -- for that matter. Any percentage of their capital. They want to lock up in -- not worry about meddling with the stock market. They want income they can rely on the you wanna give me a call at 1804571298. That's 1804571298. You know if you worried about the next stock market decline. That could be a final blow to anyone that's considered retirement yeah I can help. I've been in the retirement financial services business for over thirty years. Helping people prepare for comfortable retirement. Also of course this. Radio show the retirement plan radio show we've been on thirteen seventy you know for over five years incredible you know if there's one thing that I've learned over the past three decades. It is that you can't kill the goose that lays the golden egg didn't return money to use your retirement -- Don't let the economy the stock market the politicians. Or emotional threat of a market collapse destroy your chances to have enough money accrued income to return our. And that's appear areas of expertise Steve is you sit day home wins your clients and you teach them. How they can live long in safely into their retirement and not run and -- money. And not have risk of losing their money it it's. And it doesn't cost anything that's in -- simply is too good to be true but it doesn't all they have to do is call you 804571298. You're gonna give them a free copy of Patrick Kelly's book which is an incredible resource they take it home they read it they come back -- with questions. And you build this relationship with your client state carries them. All the way to bring their retirement is not correct the. Yes and distressing this is something they can do is -- call 800 no rude 804 for a 71298. They can schedule a free no obligation first apartment. To see if I can help them build their own safe reliable guaranteed. Retirement income plan. Their own personal pension plan and that all can happen by calling 804 -- 71298. And I loved it even end the round rock Austin area you know don't go to the client I mean there's people they don't wanna you know. -- can -- get out in abound as easily as others you come to launch Steve. Yes throughout Chris will go to them we're happy to go loosen them up through residents from their place of business -- At our office and on -- would do whichever is most convenient to them which are more which. 804571298. That's 804571298. Call Steve and setup that appointment today it's free when we come back. We're gonna talk about. Your retirement more accidents. You've heard -- saying that knowledge is power. Have to save money retirement -- -- it's our goal to educate our clients with a comprehensive and detailed plan that safely helps you retire stress -- we can help you find peace of mind and create a stable income for your retirement years you worked hard for your life -- -- now it's time for your money to work hard for you don't -- taxes rising healthcare cost inflation and market volatility put your retirement income underestimate -- extra -- he will protect your wealth by defending your portfolio. Call today for your personal consultation 80457129. Day. -- -- -- bankers and other advisors -- -- a retirement plan requires the expertise and experience of a specialized retirement advisor why put yourself in the market desperate for a return on your money when Steve and his team can help you create -- money with a guaranteed -- -- will show you how to secure your retirement and -- you never outlive your -- call today 804571289804571289. Or visit save money Texas dot com who. Welcome back to -- say many retirement planning surely it's Easter says skeet. We hope that they tips and news that Stephen sharing with us today. Our team you can ramp -- up to land your retirement and what better resource to have in your hands and Patrick Kelly's book stress free retirement. We want to give you copies nail in fact the next five dollars and get to the phone 804571298. 804. 571298. The next five dollars is changing a free copy of this book is incredible there's over a million copies in print. It's a quick -- it is chock full of information. I'm not a financial expert and I was able to sit down and read this book Patrick is a storyteller. Brilliant I was able to understand and learn. And walk away with so many valuable nuggets. To help me in and help others in our family to share in plain and for the retirement so that and number 80457. 1298. Kolb to gay -- both male. And we're gonna hear from Patrick Kelly a little later in this segment so be sure and stay tuned. All about face for AOL when it comes to their 401K matching program. Earlier this month AOL chair and CEO Tim Armstrong said the company was switching its employee match for funds. Firm quarterly -- annually citing the increase in health care costs in the affordable health care act. However staff complaints about those comments have led to AOL to reverse the policy. Here's a portion of the comments which caused the stir as told to see an end. If you look at our average employee. We would have to actually increased their payments per month. They're gonna make him their health care plans and that's where the balance of that and and the Obama care act and some of the changes that happened there had had increases in our health care costs. We also provide benefits for people without risk pregnancies and a whole bunch of other things. So we're very specific about our benefits package and are also various dozens -- other costs are. And we basically try to manage what benefits we can give -- a very competitive environment. Vs what the cost structures are -- look you know health care costs are going up and they went up pretty dramatically. So we're make a choice whether we pass those on or whether we -- but other benefits. And reduce them in the 401K benefit for people who -- leaving the company is one of the things. That we chose to reduced but the reality is it's a perk is a benefit on top of before long K vs our current employees who have very specific needs. This is so does happen not just with dale -- numerous different companies across the country is they've been cutting back on the for a one case. The ceremonial may have done we're. There opinion at the end of the year if there happens to be additional profits in the goes and look forward can determine those percentages. But you can't really rely on that did you don't know I mean if your plan your retirement and what somebody's gonna do twelve months later it's pretty hard to do any kind of retirement plan which were over -- so it's just extremely important to be able to. Have your own private pension plan you have to have Somalis and decide for yourself so regardless what happens when listed company whether -- security. You know you're gonna have food on table. And that's private pension plan does feature your plan goes with two mature as you uses juicy for the it is secure we sent it up and structured accordingly that it's safe and it's guaranteed. We can actually sent out dollar amounts shall we know exactly how much you need to contribute to make those income or chew chew on in the future. Then we can structure -- we have -- survivor ships from this post will continue to receive the income from their life as well. His -- it's extremely important have their private pension that'll never run out of money that you get a preacher for life was sponsored get a picture for life infrastructure so. And of course today weakening and structure -- help offset inflation. So and not only doing accumulate in a good rate of growth during the growing years. We can structure it's when you start receiving a -- receivers for no matter how long you live human if you lived to be a hundred fifties and spent every dime in the account you're still gonna get checked them and additional that we can structured for inflation. To help you offset inflation this year's storm. Because we do know that is going to be a problem in the future. So it's. Just again something that an area that has to be addressed it's not something we can just pretty much forget about like. Years ago we could rely on a company that didn't have to worry about being fired or anything else but. Today it's not a -- you did you have to take care of yourself you do have to root. To do something that they do you can rely on that you don't have to rely on the private company or government to do for yeah. And someone you can rely on is Steve you can call Steve at 804571298. Steve wants to help -- Steve wants you to have a safe. Pension plan Steve does not want you to Al spin in your retirement he wants to make sure you have enough. Funds to enjoy a stress free and relaxing retirement. And speaking of stress free Patrick Kelly talks about the poker chip mentality in chapter one of his bug. Let's hear an elaborate on that nail. I was at a meeting that happened to be held in Las Vegas as I was walking through the tables I stood over someone's shoulder. And the guy I was playing blackjack which is a very similar this is sort of what the story talks about the first chapter. And he was debating do like playing do or not play what should do this can't end the dealer can -- not looked -- goes. It's just a poker chip. Go for it yeah it's it somehow it and what the purpose of this book. Is to let people know that there is and I'll use the analogy here what if you consider it a black -- table. Where you knew you -- never going to lose the worst you could do was tie or push with the dealer. You're either gonna win or push. Every hand let me ask you first how popular would that table but I'm a citizen -- anyone ever leave. The reality is there is a strategy in this is the purpose of my book just to let people now and -- most people don't that's what we don't take advantage of it. That they can do exactly that in the investment world where they're gonna guarantee they never lose. And they're either tie me breakeven or win each and every year. And that's what the book is all about who's just an exceptional exceptional read. Patrick talks about it how to protect your life savings against losses. Harder create income streams you never can -- live. How to receive unlimited upside -- potential was zero risk of loss. And of course stopping in this management -- stockbrokers and money managers. Says it is just an exceptional reads it is a book 230 pages long but it is smooth easy to understand. Puts everything in -- clear perspective. Stress free retirement this year we're grateful put Obama -- Patrick's take advantage -- which -- give her 800 number or call. That's 1804571298. Yes for your free copy you'll make sure you receive it -- at 1804. Pars 71298. In fact cents a mile per in the new to give away these books today as we want you to poignant first stress free retirement did to the phone we've got. Five more copies to give away the next five callers that -- 804571298. 804. Or 57129. Aid. Steve can make sure you get a free copy of this incredible resource Patrick Kelly's book stress free retirement and you know. Stevie can't buy this book this book is an exclusive offer you cannot go on any of the web sites like Amazon and or your other favorite web sites and -- This is an exclusive offer Patrick Kelly's book stress free retirement. And be sure and check out Steve's website as well safe money Texas dot com. You know I can't believe that we have flown by today Steve that's our show. We hope that everyone listening join us again next Saturday for more valuable retirement explaining tips and news. And as always called a set up your free one on one with Steve. Go to his office he'll come to yours 804571298. It's furry take it -- and javits. Steve will take good care of year seeing your family Steve your final thoughts for today. Well and everybody and have a great weekend and thank you for listening and take advantage of the book coffers stress free retirement. And of course they convention -- -- no obligation no cost just -- your -- at home. Come in my office welcomes your place of business through -- future rewards it's simply because there are 800 number. That's 8045712. And I made him so much great camera.