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Retirement 101 with Sonny Ackerman 2/23/14

Feb 23, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Sunny Ackerman and managing partner -- Texas retirements are resistant to what will. Central Texas -- sciences parents across Texas and Atlanta -- -- -- -- -- It's his clients and becoming dead -- Online and take control of their financial life. Also think now at 3449768. That's 3449768. Good afternoon folks this is sunny Ackerman you're listening emotional retirement 101 that can be heard every Sunday afternoon. From 1 o'clock until 130 them and talk radio thirteen seventy. Today folks how many changed things up a little bit normally in Miami first few moments ago to an introduction to myself in the services that provide. But because of the discussion today that I have that is sometimes some very difficult to talk about my clients. But also isn't in very deep. For those -- do you do listen to my show before you've heard me talk in the past the importance of owning. Both silver and gold for basically what I call wealth protection. Article not to go over who has written by a gentleman by the name of mark a quality. And he's a senior analyst at stands period associates which is an investment research firm. Extent of a Baltimore Maryland they're primarily the largest independent financial research Foreman America. Most of the information on the talk about today is not talked about in mainstream news because as we all know mainstream news primary reports things after they happen. So sit back don't change your -- -- gonna wanna hear about this is a very few people have talked to. Over the last several months are aware of what's happening and how to practice. In his presentation. He discusses the startling events that are coming out of China. And ensure he's found an overwhelming amount of evidence that China is putting and in his final touches on a brand new type of what he calls a secret financial weapons. With a capacity of ending the world's monetary system and -- in the world's monetary says. -- -- -- -- -- Well it's no secret to the United States. He we all know with enormous amount of we can never realistically spokesman -- were preparing. In China but far as our largest creditor now holding close to one point five trillion dollars. Worth about loans to move more federal government. And quite -- they're stuck in the senate stimulus in the in the -- -- get rid of north collect -- aware of it. So the Chinese they realize that we both Americans and the Chinese were trapped in the situation. So the Chinese Government is now taking with you call a secretive and somewhat radical approach to that exactly when -- let's talk about today in this article. Maybe you don't care about international debts or currency wars or battles between the world's most powerful and -- Tisza dilemma that's Central Bank. I don't blame me if this case most people don't. Most people dimension don't pay attention this information but there's one very important reason he'd be concerned about China's in the -- Because it's going to directly make you meet our families our retirements. Our incomes everything going forward folks this is not a question of if it's a question now for wind. How some people think that China will simply just don't amount of one point five trillion dollars in the US stepped. An attempt to destroy the US dollar -- -- that is not gonna happen. Because that would not only hurt the US of course it would. It would also hurt China almost as much -- that hurt us. So instead of the Chinese are taking a radical to an opponent. What to do their finalizing plans on some radical new type with called secret financial weapon. And this type of secret at this very different from anything we've ever seem to war because it could cause crashes in the market. At least temporarily. It's the US government will suffer a major embarrassment as Americans and the rest of the world see that China has basically been playing us like a feel. And more importantly regular Americans will start to lose faith in our currency. And that is the crucial part that I hope you'll remember Chris long term pain affect your investments. The value of your home. In your ability to cure your financial future. Folks listen I realize that this may sound a little bit hard to believe in somewhat rattled. After all how could the Chinese Government actually keeps companies you can. Eventually game changing. In this secret. Well the truth is they haven't. More than -- gave the Chinese Government is published reports about the existence of this secret program. If Schultz he controlled newspapers and wire service. -- official been publicly demanding more money -- its development years. -- -- In eight to 2009. The Chinese officials at -- shocked the world with their announcement of the advancement of this new type of financial weapon. Which is essentially doubled its capacities -- -- years take its place as one of the most powerful weapons of its kind in the war on. And then back in October of your team in 2013. The Chinese Government he gets shot and Steve yet. The government used an editorial in -- -- an agency to call read to you americanized world. Can carry concealed message about its intent to use the new radical web against the United States. So we you can see this very real development which is escalating dramatically. In recent years -- and hit a no win situation. But here's with the Chinese Government does not want you to know what most major news it's. Several of those other experts have picked up on this ideas as well. Recently in New York Times best selling author was predicting that merely say the same events. The Chinese Government is saying -- substantial financial attack happened in mobile financial earthquake to the United States. The business insider called this to your situation and elephant in the room. One of the world's most -- market forces. And lastly Barron's reports that the idea that China is developing his ultimate stealth weapon. Once limited to a few -- blogs. Has mainstream following. And perhaps most importantly how this situation directly. Affect you and me. And what more importantly can you do to a two. Savings and with some of the profits you know make. I will switch simply like to tell you the effects he is available records is what went -- bread and -- not so what's best for you do. See our government has essentially that Chinese into a corner. And we have left them really literally no choice. As I mentioned a few moments ago as China plays out their weapons to continues. I believe we'll see in major shift in the world's monetary system which it seemed to fall. In the US markets and in major disturbance in the US mortgage and unmarked. -- in turn -- affect. Everything about our normal way of life. We start with you know what it is believed Chinese and what they -- Possibly in the very near future. And get them explain how likely will affect our country and what you personally and a person can do about it. I know it might seem hard to believe that any country even this one EC reduce the power hungry China. Actually sabotage and take advantage of the nation are always United States. Which you have to keep in mind is this. Isn't the first time that this has happened. Folks currency wars in annals of central bankers are common as common -- more common than you think. Most Americans probably don't remember this week's hearings something similar Oklahoma too much smaller scale back in the late 1960s and early seventy's I don't know some of -- listeners were around at at times -- -- -- remember this. As I'm sure some if you do remember. A semi listeners are old enough after World War II the US dollar was actually backed by something real instead of just what is is that by today's government promises. Expand our currency was backed by real gold. And as a result US government on two thirds of the world's gold existence. It was it wasn't just too powerful national pass that was also the basis of the world financial system. Every world currency was defined in terms of the dollar. The dollar in turn was to mind as 130. -- an ounce of gold sort of the words took thirty dollars to about one -- -- And ideally this relationship would keep our government. Money printing and check in sellers could -- the BB exchange for gold the government didn't or couldn't just print all the money you want it. And that wasn't the case as we all know they're just. They're doing that right now one thing only form foreign governments could exchange money -- not to US citizens. FDR put an end that it took its tool away. And because of the dollar special status this settle its payments to any country by just putting more to send numerous ex. Everyone else is he -- you use gold. So we sent our dollars overseas. And foreign governments had to watch -- the dollars they held became worth less and less about today. Sounds pretty much like today doesn't. -- it's estimated that during the sixties and seventies we essentially gave away about two thirds of our nation's gold reserves. Around 400 million ounces. All because the US government was -- -- just in the US dollar -- of extreme of 35 dollars and roll -- So the gold standard was dead to within about three years -- mayor was in its worst recession since world war who. With no oil crisis rocketing Stein and this unemployment. 30% drop in stock mark and by the -- soaring inflation. And millions of Americans don't want -- practically overnight. C Europe's nuclear used keep buying into our insane and -- monetary system. It started acting on their own self interest and that's exactly what turned it to me today. Except folks the stakes are much to my attire because China is much more -- -- adversary. Timing is now engaged in a full fledged currency war the United States in the US dollar. And folks Chinese and I respect at all. A top Chinese central banker recently told China's officials. At state run news agency that the country's fully prepared for the coming current -- war. It's the ultimate goal is the Chinese -- stated. To create new dominant world currency to dislodge the US dollar as its current reserve role. In doing so we'll bring you the Chinese to Tibet as much as one point five Tulane in the US government has -- As soon as -- here's the most important to understand how the Chinese to execute its currency war for the next few years. Will likely mean the deal between the opportunity to -- extraordinary sums of money. And potentially losing a fortune. You mean at your current who -- matters much he was an ordinary citizen but folks I can assure you that this world of nearly every American man and woman. Whether you like or not it's China has been hearing for this current war for over thirty -- mr. Rupert break -- this sunny Ackerman. -- you listen -- national retirement 101 that can be hurting every Sunday afternoon from 1 o'clock until 130. How many talk radio. Seven folks can stay tuned up for the centrist voters here. Sunny Ackerman and managing partner when Texas retirement services and so what will. Central Texas area -- parents across Texas and Atlanta for their children's. Streaming into. Sunny and also because it is going to becoming. -- line and take control of their financial lives. Call something now at 3149768. That's 3449768. Okay folks we're back I think you're just tuning in you're listening to sunny Ackerman -- my -- retirement one -- one can be heard every Sunday afternoon at 1 o'clock until 130 on the new talk radio thirteen seventy. If you're just tuning in have been discussing. He what I call almost a tsunami. Of currency -- this going on between the US and China. I wanna go into this little bit further depth and then I -- end up by showing you and telling you win you. Take yourself in the situation because like I said at the beginning on the show a lot of my clients I'd say probably. Two thirds of them have never heard about the situation because we simply don't pay attention to the commodity market. See folks for more than thirty years has the story of the country's political reform here which happened back in 1978. China has been selling more exporting more goods in the newly imported. America's -- just the opposite. And the way it works in Chinese -- very simple. One of business -- dollars by selling overseas. If he hands them money over to the People's Bank of China. In exchange for Chinese currency which is the one and now there's nothing -- about it the Chinese people to bowl were the Chinese Government keeps on the money. But that's just the way it is so for the past thirty years China has piled up a massive amount in the US dollars and other foreign reserves. At first dollar conclude was small because trade between our two countries was quite frankly pretty tiny. Ninety Haiti for example China where in currency reserves. Still has approximately about 2.5 billion since then. Amount of -- currency reserves held by the Chinese Government. Has gone up nearly every year and stands now three point seven trillion. Please do that is an increase. 146%. It's simply -- mind blowing to look at increasing currency reserves since the early eighties. In fact 60%. Of Chinese currency reserves in dollar denominated assets. Including a one point three trillion treasury notes and bills. And of course the next biggest chunk -- eurodollar. And while the Chinese really close to get rid of the US dollar hold since interest rates are hurting you will own source close to zero. The current situation where they're essentially stuck in DC. If Chinese tourists and large amount of their view of the US government bonds. It would push the value of those -- in the -- remaining holdings way down. It because unlike if you were to own -- on the same block in your neighborhood. And he decided. Those house is a sale the same time. Imagine how much that would depress the value of all address the properties. Are for sale this year and it's time. So last year the Chinese did something absolutely remarkable. They opened up an office on Fifth Avenue New York now this office had only one purpose -- was to invest private equity. Real estate and other US assets. He promises but real things could be valued and can be manipulated. Folks Chinese investors are spending millions -- you this real estate. For instance the iconic number one and chase Manhattan plaza in New York where David Rockefeller. Once ran chase Manhattan bank. Now belongs unfortunately to the Chinese. But Holmes who's -- purchases pale in comparison with the Chinese Government secretly -- -- -- -- sex same time. See ladies and gentlemen China knows that as long as we continue to print and borrow unfathomable amounts of money. Here he was on hold on to become worth less and less so the Chinese want to trade in their depreciating dollar and you real asset. And that will get her -- it's only so they make the move far bigger than just buying US movie theaters and building. -- it's no surprise when and in 2011. China became the number one purchaser cold. In the world. -- many people in the gold market this was this was huge shock because for years India has always in the world's leading gold by. Ladies and gentlemen in India. Traditionally seat completely displayed their wealth of -- your entire ending to culture is based on gold. And historically. Silver is played decent -- China. But not anymore. China is also producing most gold in the world. Each year or -- every single ounce is producing China whether it's got on the ground by the government or foreign country. Must buy Chinese lone piece sold directly after the government and here's the main reason. Chinese are now nearly cart path to a Sheen thanks so much -- -- one day soon they will be able to restore the convertibility of their currency. Too precious metal. -- as they were able to do a century ago with the country which when they did was -- Back in China was -- that these -- and complete mess that was looted and humiliated repeatedly by countries such as Russia Japan. Heck even the British and more important the United States. But today -- it's a totally different story. Now China is one of the fastest growing economies on the earth with the largest cash reserve on the planet. And it befits a first -- power. China's currency is on the path to being backed by simply gold. China's desperately wants to return to a status as the world's greatest power in the recognize enormous power of having a dominant world currency. Just like we have the Chinese know. In time -- nearly all governments around the globe containing massive amounts of currency like we are. Back in nothing but look really looked on empty promise. China containing YouTube can't buy back their currency with his precious metal -- entry go -- use over -- to currency. Today it appears they've chosen gold and as a result. They're buying up the world's old supply. See folks China is attempting to corner the cool mark. I read that recently this and this was rumor reported by the great financial store and Richard Russell. He wrote to China wants their currency -- the huge percentage of gold. Thereby make their currency the world's best and most trusted currency. And again. Let me say this may be you don't think these international currency wars will affect you promised you these gentlemen what the Chinese Government is -- and right now -- -- literally every mayor -- any huge way. Over the next eight years this may cost them access to skyrocket. And others to plummet it if you buy gold itself. You gotta know what types to buy out of I'd say and that's when I -- my clients. That's something this and is it concerning either admit college 12 -- -- born 9768. -- -- want to do this process because obviously this Tim has major implications for both UN me. See the Chinese and 102 week in the -- function as international reserve currency. You don't want this in the country's turning to gold reserves instead of the US dollar the Euro. Here we're suppressing the price of gold is a very beneficial the US. And maintaining US dollar role in the international reserve currencies it is today. Now. China's increased gold loser was moments act as a model and leader of the country's -- reserving more gold. Large gold reserves are also beneficial in promoting the true now as internationalization. Of the China's currency which is the -- and of course this is simply what's the government is saying. But remember no government or can you said the investor them -- wants to announce publicly. What they're doing. Now when they're in the middle looks at two major investment play so instead of simply relying on with the Chinese Government -- saying. I think it's much more telling to look at what the government is to -- And here's the overwhelming it and number one Chinese government's massive and secret of purchases of go. Number two -- concealed stakes in the -- when gold mine. And one -- folks number three their ongoing changes to international goals list. First. Have a look at how the government is purchasing gold on the open market. We can say with near certainty that the Chinese Government has been secretly purchased in massive is amount of gold in recent years. And that's because we know for a fact according the most recent years that China produces more than forty. It is for. Tons of -- year. It's almost 60% more gold and Australia. Which is the world's second largest producers. And remembered by laws and -- all this oldest -- sold directly back to the Chinese Government. No gold mines in China not a single ounce of its -- how to lead the country albums after the government reserves. Yes the Chinese Government does allow foreign companies in returning to form joint ventures with local Chinese firms. But even so well foreign companies are free to mind is much -- -- they want in China. Looks every single ounce must be sold back to the Chinese Government the current market prices. So the government is essentially popping up every ounce -- -- China. Can at least twelve point eight million ounces a year ladies and gentlemen mr. -- until about 400 times. And that's just be an. China is reporting over 100. Metric tons of gold a month. Coming through her own -- China's net gold imports from Hong Kong hit a written record high of 136. Tons to ST march loan. And the mega buying from turning. Continues. It imports to Hong Kong as Everett have exceeded 100 tons a month almost every -- months since 2000 -- to thirteen. Also China is imported well over 1000. Tons of old Hong Kong alone just in the last year. Those numbers are up and away from the 2012 thanks Thomas. -- imported back in 2002 and twelve only 830. Were times. Turn nearly doubling their exports from 2000 -- -- this data that I've gotten this comes from the census this then statistics department uncle uncovered. The Chinese Government on the other hand is not make such information public. In 2012. In the Shanghai gold exchange which news ticker symbol -- SG he became the largest trading platform. Fiscal gold in the world. -- ladies and gentlemen exchanges like comics -- in New York still create far more gold on paper. Turn to consumers to want paper contract gold. Don't leprosy. During your recent surge in Chinese gold mine last April in China the Shanghai gold exchange -- eighty times more real. This is old in your hand golden comics to the New York. Last year Chinese troops to India is the world's largest consumer of gold. Gold consumption in China was up 50% first half of 2013. From the previous year. China who lives in general be the number one consumer of gold from now. A private firm and this is it to this area part. I'm proud from just a little -- in Shanghai they can safely house. 2000. Tons of gold which is terrible China's already soaring annual consumption. And the Chinese are doing even more than that. That did you know for example the Chinese just purchased the largest -- -- and America. As I mentioned earlier that Chinese -- -- -- -- near skyscraper in the chase Manhattan tower which was built as I said by the drop back in the fifties. Which you might not knowing what to what's not common knowledge is at his house and the war ruled. -- lowered his old fault longer than a football field is anchored by the bedrock of stories beneath the city streets. The building's architects have written. It was built to withstand the next we knew -- holocaust. Is located next to the -- it is owned by the New York fed. This one belongs to the Chinese. They've also purchase when the most important precious metal exchange's in the world perhaps the most important mentally staying -- On June 15 2012. The Chinese Government purchased the London metals exchange or two point one billion dollars. -- is just it's mind blowing. In the United States governments to dismiss as old as some barbaric relic but in China. In China that -- for many courageous citizens do everything they can do to acquire -- Ladies and gentlemen clearly you can see the Chinese and he's determined to make -- a much bigger part of their financial system in the coming years there's no denying that time and build a powerful secret weapon. In the form of its massive gold stockpile. I believe that China's gold -- and have a tremendous impact on our way of life in the coming years but I understand and maybe tip you to comprehend this perhaps and believe at this moment. It is my hope however that you put your creek ski notions and skepticism decide because as I sit here earlier even though none of us typically care about what central bankers into. This is probably the most important story the world as Americans have ever heard of in terms or financial picture -- Countless countless Chinese would see it totally secret -- plan and held it didn't affect one match in this -- quickly to -- Per Travolta wanna diversify as much of their -- reserved as possible -- the US dollars. And other devaluing currencies which are backed by nothing but foreign government -- by congress'. Number two China wants to establish a world class currency -- by as much gold as possible. Which can eventually be in to quote the world's international trade. Perhaps even become the world's top reserve currency -- dollars. This and please gimmicks like more information regarding this important financial impact it's underway that's already in a way. Nicole at 512 before point 9768. I can show you ways of -- protecting your assets. What I call what I call wealth insurance actually had a -- your profits in this situation as well. Ladies and gentlemen -- -- also touched base with me at my website which is Debbie Debbie -- and I -- -- retirement dot com. You've been listening to sign that much of retirement one don't want to be heard and every Sunday from 1 o'clock to wind their he'd come on the news talk radio into the team's seventy. Gentlemen become informed and.

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