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Welcome to let's get healthy with bills whale on talk thirteen seventy. He's here to take your call -- 39013. Seventy. And now here's bill swearing. This hello folks this is -- you remember exciting game when has this civil. Snow on the you're that was doctor Richard Massey communities discovery would be today. And don't stay tuned don't listen really listen to him. Half half and is a wealth of knowledge sponsor clinical pearls. Right now Laura. -- -- Oh yeah okay -- that you can should be joining us in her book is a Smart woman has got to hormones. You know this is so we will look at the books on the harmless gotten through it women are so you know don't know. This is were Smart when we -- the Smart women this right we are kept and how Smart they will be when they will be when they read the book are just flipping through that in that. That's quite a book it is good American. -- lost to her rule books but there's some that are really good. -- Well doing what we're gonna -- doctors -- With some good about it -- she's she's -- we torture today and you don't like this a good look at things visible agreed to -- the Stuart Richardson I think so yeah and so everything you can do hormone drug. -- and it helps empower women by giving them some information so when they go see somebody they know the questions to ask him what to look or. We look at lyric or in their own bodies invest you know you need do that today don't -- Because there's no it was time to talk to doctors. Now I think on -- you get the first seventeen seconds and you don't say something important. -- off to the orange you know I. FF FO and -- If there Gloria medicine right over to the form of Brazil bouquet. Let's see you. Laura. Vendor take. -- It's a pleasure talked you do a Smart woman smoke -- -- -- -- the Smart one who's got a horrible realized that we like the title. I've done doctor -- today he's very very much that you own choices involved new mountain Nicole and all the good things it to. That we released today don't think. There's a balanced hormones understanding about -- the cardinals natural troop withdrawal hormone conditions. The normal routines. Is important. And seniors because it goes to class of people. The -- to be the most problems in communications. Then -- -- -- popped because I. -- user experiences these teens and young people are experiencing. Puberty at a very very early -- eight years ago the girls. We're seeing a lot -- very young two young children 89 and ten years old getting breast budget period since starting to develop. And we have a lot of teenagers that have ask me and period problems and poly cystic ovarian syndrome. And terrible terrible our moral issues that. Really they should not be suffering with an and the one thing we probably should point out is that -- cultural problems are their earliest warnings -- your hormones are out of balance. And if we don't solve the problem and the women charge develop endometriosis. And five bright and Bulgarian ship. And the problem's just getting bigger and bigger and bigger as we age. Exactly and you don't when I was younger and -- I was really years ago many moons ago. You know look different girl got aggregate -- should be taken birth control pills so how askew you see who's gonna take you burn extra two. This is forty years ago more. So you know what I do you know what I said to myself yeah usher him right back right the U. So you you don't benevolent gesture they were doing what could believe it. Because Brooks -- was just stricter rules and so they that's how they work. Well unfortunately it's been recognized treatment now and to defer acne in teenagers and I think we're giving birth control pill for everything except for contraception. -- seemed like. Every second woman I talked chili -- birth control pills to regulators. Cycle which they can't deal. And -- her acne and for other issues that are not. Contraceptives. But you know I -- that it's an interesting thing we've got women -- birth control pill -- -- all kind of things that it's never been research board. So we know what we won't listen problems and women -- well. Got a massacre of blue room. -- right man boobs. Reject it happens to me -- this happening a lot with me to Dave let's talk about some problems that we could be having because of because of hormonal problems right. Right well only look at teenage boys. Many of them are developing very severe acne. We also are seeing much higher rates of testicular cancer in young guys who are also seeing. -- addiction you know what we bluntly Joker -- is being called mandated where young boys and men are developing breast and of course our older fellow -- getting the beer bellies the -- And erectile dysfunction all of these things are associated action arm on the discussion. Particularly. To Lancaster general relationship. To our other -- and -- many important things your hair they have to understand that they're healthy testosterone. Is converting Q. DHT. Which had a bad testosterone that -- and them carting and increasing air raid took -- luck. -- Her her losses is is quite a bit related to -- and right. We can't expect. Let me look at airlock and women -- in the -- Russian women can be due to low iron -- low thyroid. And of course -- and that. We think it's genetics but it can also be maybe your father also went -- rapid Ken Berger of testosterone to DHT. And so the reason one reason is -- by the book and you can see what you or your family may be experiencing. There may be related to hormone drug hormone deficiencies too much hormones too much talk auctions. Mimics the hormones. I'm really issues in today's world right. -- -- you know the book Smart woman Qaeda Paramount has. And questionnaires so that people can understand what is their symptoms they're what are their body trying to tell them about their hormones and -- -- get -- medical doctors. Kept our hormones help or are we can't afford to do it again. External testing like a library here in -- and -- As a result I put all of these questionnaire is in the books that people could figure out am -- too -- an estrogen too low do I have too much testosterone. My progesterone efficient. Because this wonderful body of ours is to constantly telling that when things aren't right we have to pay attention to those messages. -- And sometimes you don't want to take hormones there's there's things you can do massages from -- -- writers are some things you can do exercise. If you wanna. We're right well. Yeah exactly I what I found in my eleven years of dedicating Q women's arm around they'd say 80% of women. Can sail through all these -- issues using diet lifestyle nutritional supplements and some. Plant extracts an unheard of -- For their hormonal problems and they're 20% of women will need all those things I liked on the international supplements to pull us. I'll load ocean bio identical hormones that are tailored specifically. To what she needs to -- OK so let's talk about some things to the people can take. That. For precocious puberty in preventing it and in all these issues were talking about some things this picture shows they can take. That could help a lot but like. Him DIA over. -- is so wonderful nutrient -- get met. -- -- All so -- -- -- and poultry carbonneau and GM are all bound from Chris different vegetables so that's broccoli Brussels sprouts cauliflower cabbage kale. -- -- -- Those things provided within they'll treat carbon all which has been broken down into DM. We also get a lot of hope for change. And agreed to do pretty -- nutrient is that they helped. By armed when they get you high. And they also stopped conversion are healthy hormone. Into the cancer causing harm -- which is why I loved them so much and increase should be taking them every day from the time -- twelve men on board. Yet that makes sense to me Lauren I liked the idea and the way you -- in the book. I was looking over the -- no -- estrogen. Quiz that you have people taking trying to. Help folks correlate symptoms in their bodies and might be from getting too much of the fake estrogens that seems to be everywhere and our environment. So I appreciate you getting that in there. Well that's -- estrogen -- big contributor Netgear health care practitioner. And you're not looking at what are people eating is at full of Hartmann. What are people putting on their skin and that can be full of hormones. You know all of these things they're contributing to our hormone -- so we just keep on bio identical hormones and we don't look at all the other aspects. We we might not be able to fix things or we actually -- make the situation worse so I like to take the approach at looking at what are people eating. What are they exposed to -- he had a huge amount sister act which also disrupt hormones do they upload Irish and the good news is. I don't I've found we can get pretty much all of the arm a little problem do you think this approach. Just yet you're just about all of the right. So -- and yet took things that's so. It even young children already below broccoli this week because three C and do a little lead -- -- the food security -- -- trillions. Or you want to to Teva says okay Toobin just suit you rollback -- to make sure you're getting enough. Corrosion can prevent it Betty NEA you can drill overall problems that there were exposed to. But I just to make sure you don't get too hot to the hot estrogen is produced that created canisters to shut up. I agree and we have to understand it. Well we're overweight -- also increases are estrogen levels are upheld a manufacturing. -- gen. And they're all so where are estrogen or store until literally carry -- much excess body god. -- are actually just load goes up and you know copy erase your gesture dial. -- chronic great gesture dial we've found that. You know what all of the dairy products that are commercially produced our all star rating captured -- so we have to be. Very aware of all the things around us that are creating a -- habit. Right so it's saying is really. A difficult. Issue. But what you do when it was this book tell you just simplified it. They give people advice on what they can do. To prevent it overcome many of the problems ahead right we're naturally. Only you know the secret is speaking right and the and I mean nutritionist that I finished my degree that so excited -- -- gonna go there and teach the world about what they can eat so they can solve all their help. Hailed the and I just get rid of people don't want to change the lady. And they'll treat carbon at all and felt our pain and DM that they eat a lot -- different beds. Neighborhood. If you put a sugar -- -- it's -- -- that was a good. Idea. Now she thought yeah. She's there you've got to let you go. And then you gain weight and you do and you got at a post -- that produces hormones and could you work out you actually print your muscle producers to distortion doesn't. Yeah I mean exercising at such a fantastic way to balance hormones in it it and really get pulled out my message is that. You know we -- eat more vegetables we reduced the amount of exposure to environmental estrogens. Did it will be breathing exercises didn't. -- -- -- -- -- You know we and then -- -- a few -- nutritional supplements we don't have to have terrible arm all the problems. Leaking Garrett libido back our skin can -- fantastic actually didn't have a lot of energy and that belly fat start become popular. That soon and the sale to do is doing. Well it's a great booked you've also written a book. A -- one was got to losing weight to run. Yes I I actually wrote the the parliament guide to weight loss and I was getting so much research -- weight loss and discovering that there -- direct hormone connection. And so that -- -- that's -- all the hormones in the body are conspiring to make it overweight. And why some people work coat and started and seldom read on the treadmill and still -- too -- maybe they're Ira is involved and so yes he's got this parliament guy. Books have been very successful -- they're really simple and easy to understand and and quite. How programs that will get your results. Well card gives some of the things from your produced. I'm from YouTube content so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It is announcer hormone testing you get into although the there's different ways to test and maybe the best ways to test for hormones is it is -- -- letters and Slava. The truth about who won't serve piece. The story of synthetic hormones an example. No -- to -- her own handwritten that's between these different because that's. That's a big problem is that correct looks -- Saw -- as some usually you can help you sleep at two right. Oh how are laid out the big idea. -- fairways are great book and most things -- That tell us your web site again here -- The web site is how Hartmann helped so the word Carmona and the word helped HE LP dot com. And I actually have one -- audio on everything from. How to get out any -- and did treating men and tired living wage -- -- tirade so. I sure appreciate you do that thank you very -- to your your your blessings or for women immune to. I guess you can keep up the good work you would get tobacco may be the end of the butcher doing. I -- I've got a book can be extremely called beautiful skin began to look at -- although wire Skinner looking for about how we can fix it. -- reluctant to. Florida calling the death that's on your your decision to men and women that. -- more guys to men and women student there's sort of from within the last. OK. Laura thank you so much. Wendy's what are you -- will carry this distortion oaks real content. And soon look at freedom and there about a particular jeweler to new charge part of Michigan Laura. You bit about. All right take a break. You know let's say a break in we will be right back. If you're told and by the way the number three channel thirteen -- of course traveling to your nano Turkey's seventy we'll be right. Okay. Is totally off. These messages aren't -- thirteen seven. Welcome back to let's get healthy with -- -- Oman salt thirteen seventy. OK. Okay. Okay. Well it's about to show folks that was. Rovio is just stay with us you know the game was over and windows they almost live but no they stick it out here there's -- -- great it is great you know and now the adrenaline she. Levels going down and did you -- it has got to go back up so twister that they really get into the national deficit like Alan Zimmerman. She'll get to -- going for people write -- Brian Palin. I had had a gallon inside and you're good you're supposed you're an herbalist and I -- and this is a great way of such ago -- -- -- so they volunteered to leave. DC urged dot -- right. Easier to have an abortion which probably -- sees something -- -- what I cannot let up I think iTunes app that way hello everybody and I'm. When I was Google is sister when I was growing up people just totally let grew construction size whatever work in the come easy. They didn't just I guess I would work and are confident that -- -- different than -- -- thing to do this for a. They didn't even need to be around June. There you go -- ago and half moon maybe so sorry I employs almost siblings though. I wanna say this so. I have urged you do you need for healing your body of my. News news how about Herbert. I love it about ginger I love their soldier. And very handy Arab DOT -- to teach me are very useful to holy days old. I love totally -- also known -- told CTO LT TCU on assessing -- I -- -- CT this news really good. -- so good Troy edit to clear memories here digestion and it has a lot of the spiritual properties do it that's what I call -- toll actually created -- disease. Did you know that they that they would -- that. At Santa Clara assumed they would then you can holy day until I help them transition into the afterlife. That story about Carlson -- that's. That it does somebody go don't go here's a look at athletes say it's not really sure. And now -- just wanted to get dumped it and I don't know I don't know I don't planted an alchemist. You need to be warm to The Beatles. Well I mean time -- a lot etc. I don't I don't put that in the area and even stay with us. -- -- -- doing. That when someone who needs it so now it's a sister and so they looked at. You think in the -- tombs. That's right you can -- to ex tended to help the transition have been -- I wonder if the Iraqi riot if -- then I don't know. Yeah thanks. To America's so for cholesterol. And anti inflammatory. Like cooking with that too. But his sinister wasting illness. And you -- -- -- -- -- a -- -- -- correct and carrying security. Broadcast is sorry he has turned tell me that healthy stuff can actually take skin. IPad -- I know each. Very he has an epidemic a little too hot I wasn't at all despite a little too much Kerry and there. Let's ask it for -- and so it was garlic you put to this girl -- ginger to. Ginger is great if you're traveling there are yeah you need some ginger tea you're supposed to. And it's. Competitive traveling can he get a little motion sickness and I think those little ginger candies you know that crystallized ginger -- is reasonable and that -- He -- men are not hand them -- avocado. Winding road to really help. -- -- Let's talk about you can -- a class coming -- don't choose. I do you have my -- period of -- for the coming up becoming an herbalist I'm on a mission of teaching everybody I can't hear in this area pet. Know what to grow in the backyard and had a unit had a place there are medicines and -- can. We have to come home my ability community here bullet you know I just helped. Yourself your family friend. It's really the TV. Can really you know it's got a graphic clients can anybody. It's really need to people who say they don't have a clean -- they can grow if you. Plant products you know and and they love to be cardinal did the clintons do it can make he had to ventures -- of them. What kind of. It is so therapeutic to that idea in the guard and at some people are listening may -- doctors are -- Can fill -- little -- here is your reason. I know Aaron yeah less -- -- do a lot of now is his gardening -- just he just loves of these is set. He's he's don't have the -- it's there you know. Yeah it is still healing power of nature. That check -- consistently and Latin spirit healing power of nature just being outside. I really feel better wanted to step outside -- a. No no immediate. A hectic for me isn't. This -- this is not whether to I'll. I can't have been in the garden a lot the last few days. Convicted of the time -- term really can fertilize your loses and got a lot of winter clean up get everything ready should straying. That -- get some rain has talent and we needed to grain. Bill with no real little sprinkles here and there Japan a little thing called. I think what is your -- it was made even handed off -- -- -- -- 30% chance -- -- so. Yeah Bob Hope that we'll get some good Greinke could have a new car is good that I am surprised they didn't you know the freeze them where I live I really attack. Hard for you to several times and it went just -- just might not come back but then again it sometimes surprise you. Quote a size Rosemarie US auto news to guerrillas -- taken them in the soul you can rules were loose and took her to grow the series. None at all virus may have dishes used and then some of them -- state. Clearly may have cut straight pertinent. So is looming that beautiful blue flowers right now sells pretty. I know singles players' parents say there was -- -- does that leave you served. Wow I can't conclude that everything and I thank you look at. He's pretty much that sure looks pretty is missiles are the absolutely playing and the music and then now. You know doctor Shannon can claim your flourish can you tell that stuff but -- -- -- is heart he said he would call it. It actually good for the heart lives with little violence is. Can't follow the content that could help. Yeah so and so. Quote know what you would quickly plant here in this carrier rose -- is good good for detox and we've been some -- that. Yeah battles doesn't echinacea you know company meatpacking plant that's that's a wild flowers are starting to hit it to come back as. Alkaline Chile implanted in the air mobility tactical and in the fall but that's. Growing now in this election complaints that I can't -- cheese -- -- as a female hormone imbalance shirt. Land and the Asian. Carnahan. And in. I have a -- and actually it's called -- dynamic doesn't to hand out they took a look at. My favorite twelve. Herbs that grow great in central Texas that -- I have no good medicinal value those names on there. Sounding a bit more than twelve I had just. It's -- I'm sure to make us panicked and. It's certainly a memory loss -- yeah. Yes and limits its pistols -- remove the causes that supposedly is reporting the sharpest year. That's true yeah okay. Hotels and doctor. And. A dramatic see you do that did you about spur removed them and pretend already knew that bill. Yeah I actually just bought a couple. Plant prompted this morning after -- -- -- that I haven't in my I'm coming after some recent -- sources tell us next. So good and it's so good way yes so goofy digestion and then circulation and and putting. Grade. DeGeneres was meant to all his temperament which is good. And yet that's why it's it's used more equipped. Children it's Saturday you experiment with kids and temperament actually. And limit and -- cash trial lemon is slowly become a lot Menino limited harmony and yes and that's topic that you could -- -- little. But I don't sores or whatever and -- maybe saw the soaring. These or whatever so. Let's let's go it's true that they -- well here. It did it get -- like water valve. He can leave you know -- data to -- water come get -- there didn't she was highlighted these station Z. And could. To not have to go around you know -- need a little men in the garden. Used to -- it's good you know. It will be making -- formula of the people that have hit a little bit you know person named Kathleen that it helped her get right outcomes. -- palatable. Does it also keep bugs away a little bit -- millions. Those kind of paramedics type. Yeah 1118 -- an -- do tend to speak because it sounds ugly Helen yeah that's true -- Yes let's just ask it to the rules the students. Had my -- containment and the apartment children that you actually useful since so additionally. There's all kind sell out there now so what is your class and -- -- -- run you couldn't vote. -- April 4 2000 everything's on the website WWW that he can be Serbs got that fat content series is called becoming an herbalist from. -- best classes in the spring and then we take a break in the summer and the next commission in the fall that's what I'm doing it now just people couldn't. -- that this spring garden -- the fall gardening get to know what's going on what they can plant at different times a year. And six. Comprehend that we go to. All the symptoms of the body the immune system respiratory. We've got to digest says. Nervous just. We act he committed to making an organic gardening and this year and hasn't come out and do a little talk on climate change. And how it affects the Gartner and some. Telling -- only to be aware of that. Once I know -- your -- your website -- to thirtieth one to 5 PM. That's right and having an open house is mentally you know to have to -- every one and then decided to come out for -- A little stroll on the guard and then he would gone and then hopefully they'll be Rudy Gay and learn about the classes -- admire shop ten. And he informed. Thank gluten free organic snack -- yeah and -- and yes. True to your kitchen to yeah Charest told us. Then I -- yeah -- uncertainties is head unit kind of that's basic and 910 -- -- especially frustrating day. Lead counsel at march 30 two you to listen don't do. He's -- churlish to just get clear rules can cure her own skin care status. Is habitat for so should thank these couple of -- chips to nurseries and slam blocs do -- I didn't teach -- how to -- formulation and then had to sit down and do it in the interview. You know with a client settle with the person just the right questions as good as you know on the therapist and well. Those are -- come in real handy when you talk to someone about. You know could help. Terry -- easy easy urged throws a little -- urged -- -- go to the website check it out. Only this isn't -- -- -- known. Engineers -- -- -- classes start. OK now it's my hair yes it's a noble calling -- things saying there are keeping an and I actually at. Action -- do you do this labor because they were allowed I think the case. -- have a good evening OK UT -- I can thank you sir can I take a break in through an altar to. Seventy travel to international churches and you'll hear about. More of let's get healthy is coming up after these messages -- at all. Thirteen seventy. Welcome back to you let's get help you with the wheels whale -- Thirteen seventy. So I guess for the sultans of swing. Again you know -- guess there's -- reluctant. Guitars okay. -- -- -- -- For some. -- prefer self care reform bill -- -- yourself rusty Gregory here he's got her to commit as big book here I'm. Getting healthy and is that Russia on the front can get a nice -- -- the guy with the hat I think. Uncle Sam Riddle has shown -- -- there. This does not your picture on the front cover although not yeah. Yeah yeah after I hit -- -- and -- your -- here. And it's looking for your -- since. What are we were not try to that would try to go to us you don't -- -- yeah but didn't. -- is a greater good but the detection of America there you go where you you have a you live in Austin. I do your wellness coach. Now you're all -- I should -- -- two were -- book and you got a book. You got another book coming out soon coach. I do on Monday. They're getting -- getting hit pretty Barnes & Noble ourselves. Living week freed for better. Nice for dummies and idiots doing something about it. Well Michael offered I'll enjoy it in little -- shares. The notoriety or conquered people that are ready to learn and learn some you know because somebody well. Yeah so we're out surgical suite. So you know our researcher in the book to show quickly. What did it take him for people we to tell you about why would they want to politically. Well and he does alike at a grain has slowed contained complied -- future -- senator here's -- No action on certain moments bottom in the medals for one thing can also read his blood sugar. This is candidate I didn't go along with that we need you we started writing the book. With the idea of going week Korea of course with the title but he kind of evolved and for grain free and then a local bar. And then to vegetable oil three as well to cut down on inflation. Zune -- -- it does more than just the title suggests we -- Well let comes out we're maybe a couple which so it's Beckham. So let me great ones don't celebrate -- also looking -- -- -- them. Look at it comes to these Austin went to. You so you just so people know obviously want to. From citizens not to launch your brother prices series and the book primarily -- -- -- here's this great let's say you do offer. People individual personal training right. I do I do I have I've been doing that since 1991 loud -- -- graduate school. A University of Michigan and came home backed off and -- sort of personal try to do that -- -- -- it really started. You get started I guess we're all from. -- I don't know enough for 25 years now will. You had a growing frustration with helping people just kind of Muslim people living in all wanted to be helping. And but I struggles with -- helping people do this thing down finds its genome. That a public should be doing like eating right makes it Strauss ma smoking and doing all those kind of -- respect. And that's kind of what led me to the whole self cool clothes self care reform idea. And that's more and that this. Health information is great the research that we get daily. On the importance of exercise. -- were active or inactive. All -- I don't sodium active and healthy diet good matter otherwise. Before we get. Strap and how we manage that all the things played huge for the whole book we're not. More work at her worst -- her. Where more stressed out and more sleep deprived than ever before so why did. Where I hear that and then I really love the deep humility in this book. When I look through here it's asking questions. You know -- eighteen how realistic as your vision. And letting the people decide for themselves. And then drawing folks into that discussion that increases their own awareness. -- rather than dictating to them how things are supposed to be. And I really like that. Oh yeah I mean I -- -- it would take that approach because the -- system you know. People gotta give you the Heisman pose when you -- -- exists. Clinical -- and yet I. All of us people would list but I albums though that -- help somebody says that's that's that's and the first thing they do it like. And so -- you get here I'm thinking about it and and didn't create their own programs are more apt to do it not started since sustained. Yes that is keeps the resistance program just to the weights and that's that's that's exactly -- it right and I like that. So you have -- several reasons why you're you're healthy living isn't as healthy as you think. And warm number six series you don't you know calories. Now look to see them they say wait a minute we -- to give me fatter order. Well I tell him that got to play in the mighty. Enjoy our living we briefed about his book -- -- -- I you know we we don't want my -- for so long. And we I don't know that you could say we've glorified sugar but we certainly haven't given that he would do. You know whether -- not horrible accident at all. And now that more more this information coming now. I think you'll see that you know starving -- don't lose weight is probably not the best way to go spell losing weight. Hand and again and get all in the -- and -- broken. I don't go to -- the series and start this under the -- -- calorie guard does the enemy. -- Yup that's OK so you're saying how -- agree don't count count don't count calories at this -- -- -- -- the right we're trying to write this. Because soon. Is how you feel how you look in your BMI if you can do -- can't -- it basal metabolic index. And of course your blood profile you go to the doctor and he does all the work console the past. To see happier than the cholesterol -- triglycerides. You're inflammatory markers are in you you'll have a good idea of where you stand. I don't. From a health perspective what you you know. To do away with the sugar and and dare I say add that -- you are saturated fat even into your diet. Beyond just looking at doctor messy. He just testing with the -- cost to -- You don't get together sometimes gruesome or possibly -- little -- About what we wanted to talk to me I don't know man trustees blood toward looks so much better than mine I don't know how I didn't and I -- Iowa his show me appear. Bush easily younger than you two. That would be found dead -- from the get together. And our radio people aren't they draw blood is that is that the idea behind the. Well that you know that's what I like to do and it's the most popular talk I'd do it peoples is where we actually. So people's fingers and at their blood up on the big screen TV and let's send it it's coded so that nobody knows who's we're talking about accepting us and themselves. And people enjoyed. Watching that. It's ten minutes an indicator in addition to what you're talking about people can use it as an indicator of -- how I help you they are in. Well those grains are doing to their belly there you kind of see that yeah yeah. But that's another thing is going through leaky guess we talk about. All the horrible -- in the auto immune response to lose old clothes I think we can guess. There. -- -- get to see that in. You know with -- it's what I do you can actually see it on the TV for ten minutes. -- yeah it's it's not hidden you don't have to do an indirect indicators is directly visible. So you had become a -- to get together and see how you would tell a story about it and. -- So are chosen not -- -- together talk about some time and maybe you could do his blood and look at. This yeah we can -- in the front cover the next book you know decent so yeah -- follow roasters are good analogy or somebody you know we're just her and I think that's a great idea. -- where where I don't think that's we will we get into things it's amazing that people collaborate work together. To help people. Because then you've got a way to measure. And then you know six months later you can measure against. Let's see how they're doing -- we -- we knew we your program so I think discuss. And yeah you know. So. Six -- we we need to get your book in the store. Own self care reform. So it's about DIY -- do it yourself right. Create your -- do it yourself absolutely you don't you don't have to have somebody else and let you need their their help to get distorted. You know about. Make in good -- good well written Smart goals. Want to dumb -- couple in what most important to you achieve those goals. Yet like when I when -- training somebody when I personally welcome find her little sister Latin course and other -- what they want what they need what Goldman might have what in the any kind of physical limitation that. They must have on top of and I work with them to create -- program that'll deficit does really. Well. Vastly different then designing your own wellness program and how. The united find out something that is he got. Special groups given your problems of the year back and admit it my -- -- -- and certain things you can do more -- I didn't do other things so. Working around map in the end in designing a program can work -- starting pitchers want to enjoy war. And it's gonna meet your need. Is there is the best approach -- more or less likely -- looked program prolonged period of time. Yeah flexes some oil like this of -- six I wouldn't feel. How would it feel. To reach your best possible health and wellness. -- -- is got a whole blank page or person can just ride on that team and and -- protect quite like that to get near whoever. To imagine what it's like ahead of time to feel. Meanwhile -- they're really feel like. Toronto to since the possibility of it instead to go and this is a letter reached this is great for rusty good enough for me. A person gets to really sit and be with that feeling. Exactly and it and it possible for everybody when he. Though it doesn't have any fine preeminent pits it's all big stuff. Words there's plenty room to ride and it's all about the basics the stuff that's really important. What is like to use the word book -- you have yet to book the book -- look at the book briefly but I have never got to keep it because. A secure another show or something so they have the book. Tour but I had a -- To some doubt about it. Well I didn't resort back to that feel saying we do so many things in -- -- motions. As good as you know we act out and help as. As an unhealthy behaviors. As well as healthy behaviors based on how we feel. And that is such a huge huge horror of this so so if you can find a motive later that really starters you're at the deepest part of your soul and get that. That emotion Welling up. Enacted earlier remark that Actel all of that -- healthy what is. -- so that's -- that's used force to generate goes more positive feelings and so can bring notion that surface so. Like -- you know because -- your right you really are talking about. People left facing their habits and make in new you have bits and we need to Marshal their resources and get him go and. You're right here. Well in the -- of post it to vote that's available. Amazon.com right. Yes. And Barnes & Noble book I don't know Lucas Parsons C note can -- all those right. -- the stores front and weaker so and I think that's a good -- to destroy our -- it's he's a year Roger Ralston so. It's they won't go further than the book they won't talk -- and you can do that catcher UB. Absolutely Polamalu and opened female old and fax and phone calls for -- hundred. Warmup but he's a doctor reread he's not simply the -- -- just he your personal patients to you know that. So he does he does so this could you don't want what -- -- about one month. Their lives for years. Yeah this could. All right well thank you so much for being known. Thank you so much for having me I really appreciate you got to come and talk about. X congratulations self care reform self -- care reform. And his own and do what will it would be Joan talk about your new book coming up. But quite -- I would appreciate -- thank you. All right you are great we can thank you do the same thing here. OK but I thought about it let's take a break your take a break. And maturity. That we're -- -- can do we'll be right back because. Turn I don't Turkey's seventy George Collins five point 239013. Seventy. And we'll be right back but. More of let's get healthy is coming up. After these messages I'm -- thirteen seventy. Welcome back to let's get healthy with the seals -- I'm -- -- -- Welcome welcome back to the show. This didn't -- job -- news. We have a -- so -- -- -- How old are they welcome welcome back to show us how you think he added that he you know. You I sykora out with fewer on time was when we have to -- you can construe overlook this and we're. We're can -- the kitchen appear that awakening. To your story. In the short of -- -- -- -- that pattern took her on. So and so people can just talk about the program you have -- Brutal which -- time for that because -- so you started like what last week. We lunged at the -- collapsed. And I'm glad I'm Valentine's Day ship Channel 8 and just say a -- expelled beyond delete and -- a class -- He had. OK so this okay no problem just jump you can -- that the dealers. -- message -- today isn't the. I'm actually looking -- generally and I -- I wanna get in. On that that I that materially -- guys they're good at getting the -- thinking -- their incredible. 30 good good as I was command by YouTube because. You know that the deal is about taking blood up there and seeing what kind of story it tells. Yeah I mean I mean he would hardly an she can't Howell area Ali kind of international financial -- -- -- -- -- little -- -- I was -- How well it just -- -- -- academic in the act second time in effect in the body cannot add in the shot that's not mean at that and I pray it. Hello well wraparound the big picture and then. We can't handle it -- and -- people can't. And actually I'm a little and hacking it and that's where it all went to stagnating at Princeton that I had -- -- -- -- out of. So early show like the don't you see that this is so this team of people today there's a warm person that can do this. Took took a really healthy. I should or -- a you know my -- and rapid action and thank -- and rainy lure launch cannot haven't intellectual. If one full normal -- -- that looking -- -- and Jameel Schmidt -- McCain garlic and that includes some parents thinking working OK and such. You never know -- kill or not has. Something I can help below for a French and generational has steadily all -- -- that something you can't should start Elaine very long time. All we can't go wrong. When we have caused a brand to own and you don't you have seniors you know after mass and here we have a really nice. A copper senator opposed -- Boston red -- -- these. -- -- -- -- His biggest got to -- -- -- is a great facility. Chair -- tables. Is Scott to the kitchen. And so and so could be a great way -- real gruesome war. And it should actually your program into his program both -- -- your program out there that soon. Nobody in my spiritual Charles talking about it right. -- pie you act but I can tell your mr. Clinton do. And -- a little. Snack and they enter into can't get it can't execute. Not an aunt and then the play he made has actually had to take action and change in England dairy and say. And he had to -- game and I think Evan Bayh glued. An honor I would baton and hold on that aren't on -- daily Al bella had actually doing a national team and I had as well and and stand where I keep hearing that big picture yeah yeah I'm I'm thinking a lot of cloud raining or else. So yeah -- So people. That when you there's a way that you can join in now on the -- of -- what they say don't shoot the website to. Awakening to your story. Yeah well yeah I'm pretty about what we can change story is really and it's. -- the ballot. Little lagging the information and you're angry and anxious to help you get where -- -- -- couch -- and I like -- look outward show lots and -- project each. Focused -- and -- and we're trying to say Charlie England we're seeing from me I -- Al can cool me without Spanish and all it to me with a practical way to get chilly air on little court. And finally pull your sorry help teach you how nation -- respected the right. And actually little like the situation room in your radio I change. Can help you clear out the loans and the financial Laura I'm consciously holding lunch you. We're in kind different I think are here at the second concessions and faster. Cattle and fair old what the -- is Elaine -- I don't have a black -- -- ancient story. Fix cap Gary green jacket there about sticking your perspectives. And men and -- -- or how little you can actually a little circle action and respect and and Derek thanks me for buying a real -- and we'll actually proclaimed average actor in black -- And and marriage and the analysts every Friday Walsh being an Indiana which you can he can play on -- at a flower vendor for anybody here actually I think I subpoenaed in the end. And it. And the media I'm I -- and adding that remains and I. Saturday seems king Dana kind -- from wolf relax and cool. -- and -- samples. And we haven't. Cowell actually little ankle that into the principles and practices and I'm kinda on edge after then -- And and and -- Langley and -- Danish contact. Scandal and I'm Danny -- music people and a couple questions about how the process where expansion. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Calling and leave me out as a -- I'm a little blue Mac clones I'm. -- to figure out how little I -- what can culture and language. And actual appeals county mills actually that's all he'll look and action are getting what she'll -- her while -- I had. So this is this is what I'd like to hear bill -- on the news does is to me is like the -- news you know. Follow all the stuff that happens on all the big network news is is this stuff that he creates the sense of helplessness like whatever -- and have been used to merchant. I'll I'll never made anywhere. And so it's nice people here you're going to pay that serve really just one side of a coin and here's this other side. All the stuff can be used to move. I'll just be used for personal growth it's actually deeply satisfying. Saw a Guy. Laroche quite an adventure and -- not you know like it is and -- cherish galore. He acts and the possibility wool -- great -- ahead in the else. It -- and Rachel. I'm thinking how can you know I can't be happening Cheney will go Kapalua or else she. Okay the pro immigration authorities in little cute Charlene and cotton wool expressed general. Apricot Blackberry email -- -- and not marriage but I -- registration and all Gary thanks. That trip and actually there to help lone wolf they're limping toward higher -- carrying him. It's your lying. There very political blank paddle wheel. -- flammable derails what can -- reveal how actual creator emotions that. We're pull yourself. And fool how it won't say I'm a little. And that's really low interest rates as. I liked that didn't. Well there's so many but don't religious season socialist going who took that so when they're looking to penalize people. Thought even though they haven't I think are wrong they they just so they practice their place. And I think it was so neat is that of this that you -- -- gonna -- punish anybody Google for instance okay you go to Google. You know people complain about Google's are getting too. Too much into personalized my appeared in this and who knows I don't know -- they're by -- of the got -- Cabrera Celtics but Google is not to get your. Yeah you did provide a lot of promotional thing. Everybody from -- but but there's a feeling that you provided from -- Richard to get somebody. New York wanna help somebody you know I think that's a big difference for some of these agencies some of these companies you go to. Zero ditches somewhere else. His signature -- -- whatever. You know induced. Would Google offers this free service. Don't take. Well yeah you know right now you're under a tree service and our own practice the luckier. Now an idea they care. Idea and I think -- Structure Massey -- -- Richard -- he does a lot of free stuff too you know I think to us what your point we gotta -- to -- because. Occurs -- employees to you know we. I don't know if someone comes -- -- -- says -- for a premium baby and their -- Medicare we don't say we don't do Medicare we say. Is free if you pay a dollar that we silence. A premium baby of these caffeine -- A pregnant woman he's progesterone. Sometimes say the baby and we don't argue that won't just true so let's I was you know -- we just do things where people need something and just just. Bite the bullet or whatever and don't charge for and I think that's. Yeah awareness and what she's doing here that can really snowball just like -- -- you're talking about bill. This generally snowball if a person can make that shift from everything's happening to me right everything's happening for me. Yeah that is a huge shift in perspective for somebody to. Such as myself how should people trust people I work quipped I don't think people trust us today do they don't they don't trust the government they don't trust a lot of thanks today. Apple are you managerial hire extra people -- contract. If there are certain my little boy am I any I talked about there's a lot and before -- actually. You know I came up with extreme act principle where action. You know each purse and gets about -- have won the battle line crashing your training -- the river or when talking with their way out. You try to along the creek and they're very anxious and you're incredible connect perfect you're -- -- and I change. And a lean year I have read and you need trying to travel a lot and he wire. How little extra little thing here I -- I -- tribal and you're -- -- I mean here I think -- are meanie here and and then a person though. And it and that's all you'll be playing here you're Carolina you know you're going -- all wishing I think the cap and. Why you -- are here let's remember what it up here very. I didn't I don't mean he didn't go -- I don't know why -- and that's. Because the sand that. And when you're -- -- us. Think Laura I detract when Neil I don't think I'd serve my name -- wasn't that adds our culture isn't -- stand idle and let them I don't that's simply. And I'm saying that it I answered my little lecture -- secondly -- are -- harder. When you are just might look -- yeah actually. Think when all of -- actress -- here and you -- different cat. And and sales or else my job and as a person he's actually shown about how to engage in the heart and a clear advantage. At -- that we're carrying batons. My god instead saying a goal for now. Where are you know. In relationship show what kind of act on the airline should eat it Sharon chock full of people Arafat to back out and you became. Loyal why should it should help can hold down all except I will get old -- and share range. A creole and bigger and bigger compassion will change and cultural lag and just sharing -- little. -- urgent global. I think we're who -- How did you UK and when actual black people pulling you back -- people and we didn't act that I can't financial current. -- He and others there's oil said yes and who also -- medicine is -- when you -- -- Because repression downstream so you know you can imagine bodies floating downstream dwindles to -- they're dying or whether toxic order -- -- I don't know why. And that's -- about two and you do with the emotional but -- SA. Joined the program is free packet they lose jumping. And then to your last your doctor Messi put to go little seminar they they get to put check to whatever you know. And who might that free to -- -- about the space far it will work where were together. We can actually -- I really glad glad glad to capture action I think you're talking about a -- He now I think -- -- ID -- the Chinese national I'm thankful that my client and the people I Eric Wedge. You know I had to step -- actually hold at LA match at. -- couch and that's what -- marvel. Yeah and -- and I'm glad you're finally here and I ending I I have great friends you are national library and people aren't he and the art gallery in the country and you know. It attracts. Me and enjoy your little. Very little content and there are people out there looking at the big picture Cherokee and trying to teach people how. Talent he'll land and not react and play like you sound like what you are gaining extra level how people catch and Eric. Information and a little white ball and it won't handle there are great and helpful. -- -- A healthy -- nudges us equates. We we get -- well what's thank you so much we gotta run here militia hearts at all. We are actors start leaking all share stories for my head for the actual getting old -- fight illegal Jarrett story dot com and I can't say that crackled. For me. And then and I'm fairly full and how that game can't tell. And I tackled me and you know I encourage -- fashion a wallflower failed. Can you call a windshield where and I actually expect -- For a 64661. And you don't get together. Lets -- -- together next week or so we'll we'll see if they wanted to have but I'd like that yeah. Well that doesn't -- -- tell us. -- -- -- Creation let's talk to you are okay about. All right we're going to take a break can just so it was good news here and there were don't come -- I can. It is boy you know we've got to bring doctor talk to now doctor Christine Sebastian. Very open minded about lots of things and so if you think about Dubai having a baby -- think about it maybe. -- -- knows more about hormones what are you know about to just say to move it up by a. Moreover let's get healthy is coming up after these messages on -- thirteen seventy. Welcome back to let's get healthy with bills whale pods -- -- seven. Welcome back to the show. What this show. As I've told you before the break you stay you stay tuned because then you're going like this sort of doctor Sebastien you were the structure Sebastien. -- CI RL I'm here to thank you for having me. He -- guests see why he isn't. Now you world. Voted best OB GYU and patients' choice. 20112000. Turkey right oh congratulations. Thank you so much it would create entire -- this. -- and then within reactionary a chance to go to each get a conviction. Well because you're about choices I think that's true insists noses -- -- patients' choice you're. Because you're about emissions choices -- Actually I think it's it's that don't play and bit. Patients have a -- that freedom to achieve complex treatment options her our best for them and carry each event that can be something different depending on. What looked entrenched to -- women and used to her family her circumstances. Little rejoice look at -- bribery as a as I read a little bit -- disappoint. Way back when. Yeah you know its intention can be -- need mystery has been around longer than obstetrics. And take a long time and that maybe why it's been -- that means being a woman and she had and they played that role -- Helping women deliver their babies church. For centuries and panic and it can -- here in the United States and made it patent patent but it the same level. Popularity -- it is experienced in that appear at. And they in many countries in Europe the majority of babies they're actually delivered I'm glad now I have situations where. -- only here for action the high risk patient and I didn't like scared or all of those low risk patients. There's been a good point to kind of compare the differences between the midwife tomorrow Olympia. Question has alleged Chester tomorrow. Actually that they made reference model. Really focuses on pregnancy and being healthy state Schmidt we were pregnant -- that doesn't mean network L. And they fixture of stage and variation on -- tired act physical state is women. And that the process is all normal and healthy and -- -- -- need life is to really judge. Provide surveillance for heard something that might be going -- and parity comes in his normal I interpret -- -- Planning and in and the architecture it. Okay it's much more of a a medical model parents and secondly illness. And day and -- and -- the -- thinking -- People common -- perspective and a much wrong in what needs to be as occurred she -- Being able to step back and they will really nothing needs to be extra in -- situation and then everything is healthy and still we should -- -- He can't god can and eat things alone unless. -- unhealthy we're to a -- Then the doctor message -- -- day he's he's an empty in the press is currently done Treasury's verdict comes -- -- But so he's so. He was anesthesiologists. And he he saw some things. Going room you know that -- -- it it it kind of we got to go to focused more on what you're talking about you know like. Looking a missile differently. Like. But pregnancy is that they disease or anything it's it's a condition that. You know very beautiful conditions so you -- -- a couple of their right. Absolutely and -- great majority of women. Really have a healthy normal pregnancy and she can't and don't need any intervention -- I speak up to -- natural childbirth honestly can go to the entire pregnancy and birthing experience. -- really panic no medicine and public ladder and an agent needed at this court and care as somebody who she. I didn't -- earlier on the lookout for things that might not be going creek reached in order to ensure their safety. And that that and that that is -- it everything. Is proceeding normally in the neck and helpful fashion that you can't be here at said that the courts. Well I have great respect for anybody who went to western medical training who can just say what you said so eloquently that Sarah. There's quite a journey in the story behind that. Thank you so much -- or actually. I give money back training that picture makes it harder at their regular lens smashed general combined program east and very interestingly. I I really think that the -- -- -- practiced obstetrics and our current and -- the most evidence based. -- at acting it actually and -- irony is -- It's actually been hurt the United States is not practiced using evidence based medicine. And -- He hadn't gotten into the habit then is. Are practicing at that shakes -- -- much more convenient. And -- convenient cricket patient and they convenient that their doctor and which. And paid -- -- you are still control -- entry -- action and still we want to know exactly when the baby is going to become man and such. -- be able to have her -- in the leading rare match and M and at everything all prepared for that and -- Here let BB BB control of the action and let nature run its course if campaign debt I think many -- or not. It came to dealing and target ideas to keep -- engaging because if you wanted to refer. On Friday that he -- apparently can't million pound and I had begin to -- much ignore much. Even know it's really not what the Internet connection for managed. Thank you for saying that. Can my my pride gay and I think you can manually until it has not been -- that and we are -- Know him dead. Men. Attitude did I mean that we're begins we're being cute and gave it correctly I think sometimes if you check. Educate women that I -- the traffic. Having -- labor and it's Friday may not be in their best interest or in their babies that interest. It it -- in will make him reconsider debt to tired and and go back to letting nature run its course and playing the baby decide when to extricate Kennedy's. Ties like that so much thank you for doing -- well there are other -- -- she Syrian section. In the inter breeding center and by the way it's called the time it does the web site to -- you wind north right. That -- -- blanket and people I think -- called natural beginning which. And then -- straight trip that is natural I can be gaining dot com. Metro pass from beginning to -- because your sister is section rate is listen Clint percent. In Austin and it's it's. Other hospitals 42 to present. -- Absolutely and seeing the CI Iranian I'll look at it that. It really doesn't take very much -- -- detection rate. And Eileen I can just can't practice that that -- this this big in your bench and that each year you can have our hands. And just being patient. So often we eat and that we can't ask intervened. When you can really are not there are a -- and years. -- realized that not all labor scholar in the same pattern push. And can we look at things in medicine authentication -- -- what the average is what happened Couric. -- -- If you require everybody stick followed that means we'll look at them well then you are thinking section after he called me me. That's just the nature of this statistics and pinky don't allow this to being deviation there is a variation will. They didn't they use preempt format. And I encourage treatment could be done to people who really didn't need at that point. Your pitocin level to help help for the labor is about half strength -- what they usually do that today so you tell that I can again. Yeah so you're human nature lectured lectured to respond to the. They have absolutely it and it's really interesting. He used to seeing from key. Recommendations regulations that are coming down I can get that -- Clearly trying -- sports people pay it back clocks we -- that they can then and maybe because it's an incredibly valuable tool. But it really gets it -- over huge -- in the attempt can make in the -- lunch and get this baby turn Iraq factor. When it really was intended to be he's gonna heading pack are being -- abnormal also. MA it's comedy cleaver hacked all ballots being they're not Democrat thing. And we tried. -- not anything they -- I think it helped with that having them block and having them changed conditions. Garment and our current and women didn't do much and declaration of their breasts to try to help. Get leader Q and that can come back and -- if you do -- Different things can still -- -- -- -- actually in Turkey and it's unbelievably valuable. And it that began I think -- each. We hurry to it that quickly without just having the patience to kids get their hands and -- I think you're going to at all. Some news out of that epidural associates there's been a lot of Chinese labor sure you'll help. You know they have absolutely it. That -- for our patients. -- -- -- -- Cleaning an epidural in the first place and my belief really is and it's about to. And that an informed consent -- being able active woman can no. Our body Camilla -- armed contractual pay attention and each of tactics to get French and then -- They expect the interest and -- -- skipped practice that this decrease in the had been -- at its peak. And how much black. Determined water skiing experience isn't. We can't expect necessarily. Change there are genetic and how our body happens to experienced pain and -- They -- they're glad you watch it forget the girl okay it's nice to know that we have that they. Alternative. Today and get that same time in prison director -- each -- deported in having a natural birth. And -- similarly doing that kind of training both mentally and physically get -- that could be possible panic. Needs to be encouraged and catch and release her quite a long time -- didn't -- stretched. Some food so. And the big rivalry we've we every -- why every what do you call it. We've we've had drinks with -- new restriction so there is so covered by insurance. We didn't get to actually admit you blank act credentialed under action. Insurance program it's just the way it -- conditions are those formats are people who watched -- -- care and may end. You know actually it's. We are captured providers there's some positions to opt not to teach in and make insurance contracts and others that do. The painting it truly made like -- -- -- -- to beach. -- economic -- cave in and they don't all of indeed wise and arched. Tactics are an in network -- tell a different contracts. Well I would encourage it I would encourage when -- doctor must encourage it so as well everybody beer if they're pregnant now whatever. -- -- Pelosi saying go by visit wouldn't. We'll talk about it or gesture -- what to do. Like to mordant natural options you know the longer work in the holistic side. And the more I see evidence of people's life patterns her coffin. A reflection of their birth experience. The way the brain chemistry works the perception of trauma and change. And so the more natural person can go. I just left here and people are going mr. actions so thank you. Now my -- and I I totally agree I think it. It's so important that we -- -- -- confirmed keeping herself. Healthy and how much -- and internally and gave everything in her life MX. Whether -- be subject there are physical health but generally -- emotional health to it. And we've really tried pitched and apparently they're patient the fact that -- wouldn't eat. Exercise regularly win -- good nutrition win each week they care about are leaking and pregnancy. All of those things significantly reduce terrorist -- section and got much of it really just come back Q experience. Simple concept and in health care and good nutrition and when did try. Tim this is value value of birth we're -- a more morals and values there which you get to us robotics -- that no good bacteria. That happened so yes -- -- is really important when you say -- thanks in today's world where they're now saying that -- -- -- Luther king is because kids are so much trouble today. Released toxins who knows what. But I mean it's it's up. We we I think we need to get to and -- -- doing is you're going to -- a little bit because you're giving people options in trying to encourage -- to -- natural right. Absolutely -- Charlie Cook -- a package that we would be contagion. If you count it we client did he has a good model and bay and Shannon in. Curious can slow progression in in that direction. That says that definitely it just slow process than. Heat content in the pit exit has really been patent -- -- a lot of time did undoing them. And that really exploit it to be a effort indication in the itself. All of of course traveling to the moon is the beginning of the number 425382. -- four to try to treat to. They're -- traveling to sort of if you have a chance call and found out about her just don't -- the best thing go to the web site. The great website to. OB GY in north's. Right will be brought in north dot com. It was -- the site so much you know there's another web site to use your courage you can go to. Yes that person there has its own web page can inform people about an option and that's natural height and became -- -- Boston is very blessed to have you don't you're a couple years or some. Only eight years for me as a result my training back to match the north eastern mennonite. As -- Mitchell's job at a training wage and I in New Hampshire. And then they haven't had been stationed at black and air force station which sponsored product that Syracuse kept since then. I didn't like my job opportunities and San Antonio. And that that. With black -- kind aftermarket companies do look very similar in her mentality. And -- -- commuted -- and Antonio are here to our bench. Should be able clip where quicker and and then and then when Blake has been -- -- that -- commitment to leave luge currently here often. We're in the sixties but the Vietnam girls and -- had to go with two election airforce base and for some basic training. In the winner. You know wasn't very strong reflection. But downtrodden black and now because it torture -- -- -- and you let us president. Let's take you to do you think OK that's the idea. OK what is our target you period Eric. That I need -- challenging at times -- well it's it's -- I think that's what gets back till some time with the bureau. I without them okay thank you okay thank you everybody can duplicate device using Macs and incapable. -- -- a quick -- -- let's take a quick break and then we'll get -- we're we're kind of running a little bit behind we got about five -- minister left. Ten minutes -- -- guess from Laurie Anderson so. About love. More of let's get healthy is coming up after these messages console. Thirteen seventy. Welcome back to let's get healthy which bills will find tall. -- -- -- okay strong. -- this continues Colleen patent. Hello this is just -- so I would want and what has happened is that -- -- -- this event. Saloon total -- we have reason we'd play -- assume from your your fault there's double 77. That's right I'm 17 Eric -- I've learned is that we don't see. That also says Cynthia I -- you so so. You got that song because she lives two that's currently used when you press you know Infiniti Intel -- and -- here so I'm. -- the problems. They're here that he helps you see perfect and then he's never needed any herbs for unrequited love right that was heard him talk -- I don't think he asked. That's that's that's what have you been disappointed look they're having fun. Says trust you. Yeah you know -- Downtrend Caylee is seen today and nabbed. So first we tied to a higher and Angel an entirely different -- I can apparently. Yes like that you can you know a condition called bully grove she is what that is when they grow -- you -- to -- our Matisse. These conditions really strange -- teams. -- I don't know. Well as we will do listen to -- again next week. It's you'll tempered colleague group condition as people get Alderson to think -- -- the -- Not so sure you she sees somebody described -- You know you can see Ossetia -- grows they they will not know which is talking about problem. And that's just the analytical about it cinematic -- Because it -- I didn't I would know. Is sort of putting due for a camera that the I think I am available to groups. All right. So does that she she gets above the ground you probably won't be loath -- opponent or -- on the left. Well they don't like to -- that yeah I just need to let Clint. Like nature Marianne accounts out of there you go IRS does a good and maybe make you need to rise and he's like yeah yeah yeah he's viewed. Changer. Her complexion of how you feel about things and don't know right now provides little -- -- -- approved is the biggest smile on your face. All the symbolic of growing through and try and thus politics so let's talk about these these things you can do to. And that. So they -- disappointed love it totally changed how we haven't seen. And it means pretty much intact and it sounds like you know. Even if we got a very Smart things didn't turn out the way headlines. Now with your downtime. Or learn you know who is another kind of a -- -- and is -- there are several. Great gravity to totally happy but players talked -- they -- to the Big Three. Dictionary -- -- comes in first clients and big nations. And the -- -- after the don't put into Korean this. Hasn't there are. Remedies toward disappointed -- For agreed. Her good sensational. Under the throat. -- that's the kind an agreement that they share. And the way that you tell the most part. Is some other kind of details. And they just an -- like. You know we say is the biggest. But I literally mean. And has the longest list has documented -- actions so they can improve our Olympic thing. It's -- it's very central to. You know that common experiences. And human existence so low so that. Willie Kennedy directly Ariana -- want plant. But in this -- aliens in this area indeed it -- -- They've got -- content should be. Both romantic and protectionist -- you know plan. It's kinda hard to put those two things -- So sometimes they intend disappointed. And they'll usually close themselves off and your disappointment. That there are very loyal. So they may not actually leave the relationship. Intact so hardly ever be the person who -- her relationship. That they can definitely. Leave it sit right next -- -- both themselves. And so immunity they can and years down the road. To close. Just takes the relationship with her partner. And too little -- Oh my gosh that sounds like a patsy clients oh man well. Unfortunately didn't really turn it down through this -- -- we. He's all early -- -- I can't. You know obviously can't decline. You know of their hands of people that they keep -- and sat out there is -- not able to cross. League announced today. They do now bonds paths. Disagreeable. Things -- his stress. -- you know and here and then today. You know there they go from unavailable. Relationship. You know so if they can't cry when percent what does it do they just looks -- this season isn't. You know three different shape because let's go -- now they captured on an -- Warren. Oh cool well that's a good doesn't some. That perhaps it will only help them get healthier than sitting you have to look at. Losers who -- yeah and let's -- Marietta candidate we anticipated he'd have to tell bring themselves back to kill us whether it's younger. We we kind of we believe he's text this little lightly but you know -- we shouldn't do that probably because there are people that commit suicide. Because of a lost love from whatever -- -- it's it's very very. Tragic pursue her people. Our characters so -- about this issue I think -- Analyze plug you know. -- navy awarded notorious -- conscious people who -- your law because no I'd last right. -- and I insisted -- You know long term. Dumbing down and truly you are. In has created probably -- -- You know lowers your overall vitality. They -- more susceptible -- kind of thing. You know and you know you create a new display labels saying get out of clients well client has softened. And you know we can do better than. Okay see your target of Everest helping restore things like basic honesty and integrity. And taken the remedy is not gonna make her comeback. With a. That's right yeah hey it's okay yet they give our audience not get a break anybody. Global less chizik is true -- mother groups in my eyes and really did they love yeah. How you would give access to dumbing down our needs are so good doesn't it kind of dumped down a little bit as I wanted to -- Well you know the way we live at the -- did it's common for people to stay in relationships that are working. And to think that that's just the way it is to test the nature of things and it kind of eats away at a person by fidelity. Thanks in another -- he's old he is whether they stand a better relationship. You know to walk around. Shut down. Is now. Closed up opens to is the good and the bad of the beauty of likes to -- And that too. You know this how we do this you know and it yourself. This -- would -- this reporter Jerry Springer in the back groups have been etc. that. So -- -- thrust and. Many people think we'll get dad would give their right. Sit back and I'll let it happen. Let's assume relationship. So. The normal how we option for those people. You or the father medicine and -- -- -- there's no real successive. Errors that. Stands and so no matter I'm Amtrak. But -- the mission out who. As you know I AM Lincoln meant think in you need to slim here you know an alternative saloon where people can belly up to the -- guy. And last my love relationship didn't go on right you can just warm up the tall boy of net -- And now. Because that's how is disease at -- -- yeah now where we're always looking to give opinions have changed Cincinnati thanks and there's a good list. This. But you know lead out Canadian tour absolutely aviation official hug and tell us about. -- And also romantic. But there is idealistic. And over sensitive and they're feeling and Larry you only heard very easily offended. You know so there's kind of set up for disappointment from the get go. Yeah. But then when they get disappointed hey you know -- and you know they don't look kind of the opposite -- -- had a commission and the thinking crimes. You know -- tenacious blocker and try and not to cry. Yeah you know but is kind. They're -- A game and -- have a stiff upper lip. Third tour on paying to put on the stoic face to us. Now we have them sit in different sections is boring you know he can make fun of each other. You know putting nation colleague has just issued -- Has legions. A little bit. And it may try hard enough not to cry and pretty soon made at least have a panel -- Then. Slug like crime that -- induced or -- Does tactics. And you know once they get fully. Into their disease patterns. Negative we kind. That stands moderates and the and over Iraq costs. So you know they're literally gonna have complaints that are. It's that didn't take just says. Troubles. You know page OK explain -- -- aromatic screen name. All these kind of issues coming out of the disappointment. What does her website while we ski resort to account so you can check to Zell -- kind of a -- militia begun in -- got out of. It's something nations are being tired sometimes you -- this is a series. That's right allegedly goes live world. You do this so easily like you have she's got a class steps back just accelerated -- the but I really shows just a good student and med school Motorola yeah. That's I. Instead -- -- end -- there's a different contradictory symptoms. You know things like they have a sore throat that feels better for swallowing. And don't forget the last one component totally laudatory about and ask I don't. The -- -- something like it's their -- you can use these for things like. If you lost to scattered dog or whatever. You know curse word -- your dad and. Attempt to Vieira mentioned correlation to get lazy. You know a lot. Through -- -- that a person analyst. And it might be. You know it's with the loss of the lifetime career that you pass. Yeah. You know they -- has really. I have been nurtured and fed by and unlike BP's failure is it hard don't want. You know narrow lots. Disappointment not. You know landed and he's currently could help you. For any Internet. Government. Measures to secure that we correct. Texas a and they were just or would you which you Michael wishes to distrust of government should not get that. That's right snow is there's commercial on -- Hannah. Yes you know you can go hang out at the medical board the FDA and just shrimp -- to all of let's stick liquor permits revoked that. Yeah slow consumer careers. Smith closed citing. Yes I. And how important and it and -- last on. Mentioned to us and it's gonna look at. -- -- -- -- You know there -- -- they're tired. There -- slow to answer. Forgetful. They really -- -- -- -- captain watching me. His mother says you glance. It took -- -- because Santa. Discipline and love is -- paralyzed. Or a change and has. My goodness. Announced a relatively few. Mayor cry and -- the remote and the legend that air ball on the carpet. Your votes for its okay -- -- that I inherited great. Move or your shark is soft through that area that's -- -- -- -- you -- you've heard my -- was gray -- -- America. Is it can happen pretty suddenly I had heard that -- had to ensure your roots. And export command to terrorists. Probably could remedy can bring him back chant -- seafood there are meant to be. Mr. so they jump erratic and -- two to -- quickly. Patent issue. Mara. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Arizona and -- rest -- -- there's. They can they -- those little puff of her and her love problems like he has them. I love compound that by the movie you have all these we did. -- That's -- say you can just go in and go into people's pharmacy and say. My spouse is just so we Ignatius today. Admitted. Yes and -- both a lot of people mother and the nation for Greece. We'll added to Goodwin. Are either good grief remedies. Yeah yeah. You know and like everything is coming up he. The Delaware and he can't do you know it depends what kind of picture -- -- -- -- you go -- let's -- -- little -- -- It's. Amount classical -- has truly. Is then. To do so but even -- -- -- -- you know I don't think any news little -- getting others. -- The good -- where you know you you got to have little humor to this because it itself. But it does work doesn't it ask -- did well enough I was just you can try it you used to love that. -- -- is doing them. Since he's been there and pet lovers announcements and then you probably not an easy. Who do drills but it did not hang in in Korea and it tells channel. It's something that demands there you go the other is -- a fine line now. -- an -- reason junior high school Bill Evans. If that was those were tough years world better puppy puppy love America absolutely right now -- Well -- thank you so much really where this we have to take a break here throughout carried out okay. I felt like about -- Are doing ticket -- reached -- You have two minutes -- -- assistance while. -- -- The -- -- such -- no that was the time that we agreed to restore the love potion. Tokens. This is you have to go and I can't go on them. Too excited -- an extra Larry. Is has agreed to -- dark -- chickens without and a vice within the next five years. I jeers got away for -- -- chicken without antibiotics. Just do it do it. Just do it five weeks or opportunities from whatever would -- us -- astonished that we need to write him. Legacy good people. And -- Lucio. Which he wrote him to say let's do this could remain. Just think I would think what I did what we did in robotics in the chick android you know we get different -- -- was. Be interesting to see if he had some chicken hawks and had too eager to chickens if after a while talks would quit eating them about a chicken you know it's taken them. -- -- That's a big deal and you know than the people who do the gaps diet -- Campbell McBride and those folks have. Pointed out the effective eating in about -- generation after generation and get more and more autism in behavioral disorders. -- seemed to reverse by getting good bugs back in the gut so. Well you know what's interesting is that of the top reasons hearsay. Number one is that robotics. Team that can make you sick. In this same thing is bad -- Right nurse front and -- Westchester which of -- you know questions right were you -- the video things in the environment to disrupt hormones and all that -- Us relations six. And heavy metals and of course had to for those of fourth things that make you sick and number twos in robotics and reducing it to get him out of our. System don't -- means against slowing. In so it's a time Charlie yeah it's just it's out there right in premise that it's not a great idea let politics. -- being me. I have to take a -- bloodsuckers have so admitted bus records that have partly Texas have had had. Folks I hope you enjoyed the show and end. I don't know if you were there and we've we've played good laughter. And -- is God's medicine right vs because most people that I like that -- okay. We'll take a break for a -- can -- thanks for listening to achieve victory. Junior and next. For another edition of -- -- -- -- -- -- June 7.