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Real Estate Radio Austin 2/9/14

Feb 9, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You're listening to real estate radio Austin -- -- -- and stuff on talk thirteen seventy. Now it might be in studio when you're hopes local real estate and finance experts state couldn't stuff it's. Afternoon Austin, Texas welcome to real -- radio with stately and -- The most important our radio every Sunday right here on talk thirteen seventy from fortified PM. Our goal as always is to empower our listeners by educating about every aspect of your next. Real estate transaction I am your host Stephen stay weekly my MLS number is 274124. -- a loan originators of and debris it's manager with the Texas team at supremely and being here in Austin. I'm sitting here at my esteemed colleague my close friend mr. Jason. Stone and yeah so we do -- Fantastic doing good ready for little luck. Warm weather -- pull out those trucks flip flops ma'am I'm down there so we were targeted producer of the station here rocket militia and -- he's like I'm tired of this winter rejects it could act. They're really having an effect I don't mind the cold weather but several days and erode deserves to -- you devoted your life after a stroke or stay home absolutely it's stimulus. Sanofi just get back to your trip to India do you tell how to that it fantastic coming -- -- -- great we had a good pretty big group. Big group it was all business I mean I was in Al. Obama snowboarding fanatics for those who don't know me personally but. Keystone you pay five bucks and they take you know in the snow tank also known as the snow cat run you up to the the peaks of the peaks in the -- cop out enough. You know pearly white snow with a note the above the tree line and and high around and strap in and and creature on tracks which is analyst John he's -- deuce the so is it everything you imagined for your last week. SK yeah ask yeah well the myriad mean what do kids yes well we're we're on baby watch -- and because she had that have her show for outgunned we're on 32 days -- counting cellulose the last trip us not it and why wasn't too excited about it love debate thank you from the do that a more years now but a gallon on back in the swing of things -- I got some sleep some rest stop feel great 32 days we're we're definitely on the countdown Cali has fear again. Bought at a school update ten minutes it last week you know march is a big month for me and -- We we both participates in the big fund raiser at a rodeo Austin it's the barbecue cook off -- I am a chair member of the lot possibly cooking team -- -- -- a lot possibly terra dot -- -- dispel that LAP. SK ED ITA -- -- yes this is our our 25 anniversary 25 year. Out there at the Austin rodeo and that says team that was replaced founded by my dad yeah. Bill Clinton and Bill Archer a key Dryden. Dance stay clean up JD had bitten all the old. Monsters of the real estate industry back Q and eighty's and 90s25 years 25 years so our our update for this week is so we had a thirteen thousand dollars in sponsorship here in the last seven days -- -- -- so we're on track. Two to reach our goal which is 5050000. Dollars we wanted to donate to the rodeo Austin scholarship fund which which sins. If Texas that kids to college it's -- soaring costs -- for years. It's a really great cause innocent really a lot of great people at at the rodeo especially the barbecue cook off it's. It's really everybody. The who's who of the really -- in our industry is. Is really out there at the barbecue cook off so if you wanna get involved if you wanted to donate La Costa -- dot org there's a PayPal switch on there was met sponsorships from two -- fifteen to 40000. You wanna get crazy. But. Great -- again command -- march 7 he -- eight. Rodeo Austin barbecue cook off. Party starts about 1 o'clock on Friday it was -- one of the more in the -- and all day Saturday beer barbecue. In dance right. Yeah. It is bigger -- anyway so what are your world is command. Ali well couple things loved Daytona Austin you know kind of keep mock. Mike you're the graph you folks out there and in one of these things it's -- it's kind of funny I mean I'm I'm get a kick out of religion other their redo -- no -- -- on the tackle even. OPEC meets in how we -- know that -- second -- and that sort of thing but. -- army to me it's almost amusing to see how many people get pulled over have you talked about a cashed -- it's not gonna last week. How -- -- his brutal and his average speed limit Gaza if you haven't heard from 183 to 20/20 or -- packets 55. The the other day Alice Alice in the middle lane I had people to shoot the size and us -- to suvs in a row on the may look like government FBI officials -- Appealed out pulled over stuck on the side and then not -- iron turned back around and I -- two other guys and their running in packs and they are just hammer and folks you -- -- -- -- -- pac man ate jell -- or sign. 55 don't do and tugged it over to would you come over the -- -- coming up 183 item OPEC put the brakes on -- because look what they do it is that I believe they've lived it down to 55 and not just a work zone out into the actual speed limit down to 55. And it's a works out. To talk about doubling your your ticket double will ruin your Sunday there. And -- not help our tough by his new helicopter. The challenge anyway another update Austan real quick apple we all know -- is in town. They've got a two point seven million dollar brand new building going off for actually -- down the street from me on on farmer Bob -- -- Buildings looking at some -- 290000. Square feet. While that's -- it's becoming -- huge. So. In and that's just kind of the beginning. This is nice just to start I mean Apple's total investment -- to be 282. Million. What about the jobless. Job numbers are brick over 3600 so over 3600 jobs here early and coming you know we can't we -- in this half the time the other of that Austin. And all the great companies that are coming here. Andy you know Governor Perry who love them or hate him big guy knows how to attract businesses to Texas and its -- it was flooded with them. -- or make it all the lists as one of the best economy in the nation best local. The combination and it just goes to show you that's while these big companies are coming here yet you talk about Neely I mean this is America's operations center for apple. Yeah yes not just a little a little satellite means this is the operations center for apple by the time they're done building. The -- very close to 800000. Square feet -- how that is I mean that is huge hurdle would it take you to run around the building. Mean and hour at least -- -- that anybody but he just didn't dislike -- a walker on the campus -- seen in our it. So -- as far as Austin in the state Texas a week we talked about this these incentives in Munich they put so. -- thirty million. Thirty million dollars incentives and they broke that down over ten years and once we're done with that -- you know were making money again -- but think about 3000 employees or 3600 yeah innocent. Half of those people are gonna -- half of those people are gonna buy homes in Austin we're a low inventory target. Immediately. Beyond stimulating the economy -- -- this is this is -- Let me thirty governor people committed it's gonna be big for the realtors community for the mortgage people it's going to be big for the community property taxes everything. We just needs more inventory I knew this -- and that you know they broke ground there was no signage out there so me and kind of you drop by drop them by. Seems like you come up with something and I knew it was apple building but I didn't really know because they just little little bitty sign it's like its own a piece of plywood nobody apple slighted if that's you know they're gonna count for something just insanely -- that -- so it's -- and -- Dallas and you guys now let's. When you look at. A middle guys beat if you just tuned into the shell or is this your first time listening to the show. -- steps are experts really all things real estate mortgage investment homes condos home purchases home refinance. -- home equity loans he got a kid that's going to college next year and you're looking how to how to finance that deal. We -- condos. Lots purchases land purchases pretty much all things real estate. Mean steps wanna be your real estate costs a year -- beanie baby Unita call us Bible into. 91988. We can set you up with realtors we associate with contractors. All kinds of folks are sponsors and help out with this show for expert contributors. We'll put -- touch with the right people certified people to help you get the next real estate job taking S era against I want to 91988. Real estate radial atx dot com -- -- Let's take quick second we do -- thank our sponsors who had just mentioned mr. Ron -- hero the CEO of the realistic radio network our affiliate at a scene Diego. Yeah Bob Wayman with -- head insurance a great local insurance agent. Lisa intensity over there with a pat lot firmer favorite title -- -- Austin -- they're -- there you go mr. Sam knock him with Texas best credit repair a genius in the bringing your scores up to maybe where you think they should be and and JT hasty was Wesley Carroll washing if you need a car -- that house going to spree you know get some of that pollen off there. Give JT a call branded a call last 51291988. Will put -- in touch with the eighty these guys are you -- find all of them on our website real estate radial atx. -- -- -- -- -- exactly say we go into that tech corner a little bit and Uga but when we got. To this. This Sunday well it's such an app called called cozy and this is that this is something that you know to me about -- -- -- orbits its prequel -- -- It's going to calendar app for your entire family -- everybody can access sitting in real time computer Smartphone tablet. What does it helps the Stanley kind of keep everything together we know that we've got practice and dance class and in appointments and doctors' visits a piano lessons and and that school pictures and T ball and in my getting somewhere yeah yeah just how familiar anybody did but. You can even do shopping list and of course thing about it is it kind of brings it all together so it's a wait for the whole family to kind of suit to merged their calendars of reminders. All that stuff the cool thing about it it's free. Android. Is that iPhone. Yeah I -- is our android a -- Check it out it's cozy COZ I called the family organizer is a free version. There's also like a twenty dollar version if you really wanna upgrade I think it's to allow you get a lot more services out of it but. Again you know mom puts a date in the calendar for piano lessons -- that they automatically pushes over to all candidates and dad sends reminders to people and what's in the -- reminder exactly and it's since the refiners are you -- miss this thing you know husband can't say well I didn't know we had practice this afternoon. Ladies this -- actually be harmless arrow man that's if you refer guys you may not like Arizona. You know that's that's tech corner of the epic in its called cozy it's the family organizer look for -- in iTunes. We're out of time begins right. Let's take a quick break when we come back. We're going to be targeting mortgage matters and mortgages do matter yourselves this are we stuck in real estate investing tips current interest rates you won't want to miss this Stacey. Did you know that insurance is the second leading expense in the economy and the health insurance rates and rising at a record pace in property tax going up and and home insurance rates increasing to 30% year over year people are fed up and shrewd choice on your auto and home insurance with a guy waving hello born and -- -- tonight. Who's at insurance. -- it will -- you rate stood dozens of carriers to fight the best rates which are home in auto for a true choice call god women had five point 26914086. That's five point 206 and 14080. Six buying and refinancing a property is stressful so why can't stress filled closing in on top of that. -- patent law firm and our goal is to provide a smooth stress free closing for you. We'd take a country club attitude towards servants we raise the bar and all facets of the title industry we have multiple locations throughout Texas Spanish speaking in escrow officers and are available after hours on weekends and during holidays and visit PL FTC dot com for info patent law firms raising the bar for closing services. You're listening to a real state radio -- -- 57. And welcome back Austin, Texas you listen to real state radio with stately in stats are really don't always re just on -- off air hotline. 51291988. Or find us on the web real estate radial atx dot com -- segment TU. Segment and its you know near -- -- you know these two million stubs his heart. Mortgage is the matter yes and mortgages do matter they they've they they're kind of a big deal in this whole real estate game. Yes it's maybe. You might need like this right let's see -- -- -- say yeah let's pass it around going is this was something we like to do you know mortgage matters every week as we like to kind of started off with. A cool segment we do -- pockets listings united. And -- this actual say was actually getting a lot of traction a lot of realtor is excited about it we got people calling the station we actually sold -- house two weeks ago that never hit the market into -- got in touch with each other because of these populace things. So basically what a pocket listing is it is. A fairly decide they wanna sell their home. They contractor realtor they interview their realtor and they've decided to list that home they've come up with a sales price general information about the house maybe they're in the process. You get a little facelift steam cleaning all that stuff wheel house and actually hit the market yet. So pocket listing is a house that's not on the analysts and analyst system -- dental assistant for. It is not into the market nobody knows about this listing except for the family that so limit. The realtor whose -- listed and now. You have tried to benefit you guys as we talk about this just about every week and it's the multiple. Offers situations and if you're just now get in the market you don't know about this most serious and awesome if you find a house that you love. Look at it as a as a as a product idea need to do a follow up and you can't become and you put in an offer next thing you know you got three or four people behind just sometimes five and six folks behind you. Not so the benefit about knowing about a home before it hits our analyst system and goes public goes all the realtors out there. Is you can listen here you can take a quick peak out at before it hits the market. So you you can pretty much try to negotiate. Before everybody else has a chance to. Yeah I mean you can't you can't go take a look at it you've got to reach out to us though 51291988. Will put you in touch with the realtors who were involved. And that way we ET in early -- to possibly see something good that maybe. Do you get a chance to get ahold of that's right I still sort of effort July 1 -- -- really cool building a bit and it caught a few times its downtown comic stuff distort brown building. And before getting into specifics of it I mean. It's but the cool thing about historic buildings expressive brown has. It's low property taxes I gather their -- the rates are fixed in the is that because they grandfathered in everybody just. And it's set for. Ever. It is far as I know for sure is yeah definitely but we we we -- the Browner was -- very hard actually get listings in that building but -- it is but are -- to order what's -- that's -- the age it's always tell us -- that the property taxes in this -- your -- -- up you know like I had. Half of what you typically paid and they are and this one is located a brown buildings located at 72 in Colorado street this particular unit is nine. -- 637. Square feet to one more numbers tell you if you wanna get downtown for lessons 300 here's your chance to assess the list prices. To be around 275000. So -- -- 300000 -- fantastic. It's such an open loft space of concrete floors and ceilings. A community rooftop deck. And work out facilities like once again to give one back you 175000. -- This is not listed -- I didn't properties and it's -- to Hurley. Cellular Hurley and his -- property group that's right all right with listing number two is downtown also it's a house though. 1408. -- street isn't it's one blocked off congress it's a three bedroom one bath it's 12160. Square feet. It's a craftsman. Bungalow. It's right behind him. Where those around 550000. Is where this thing will probably come in net. Oh my brother will stately didn't property group is going to be have the listing on the steel so if you wanna get touch with a give us a check out 51291988. When we get next. News all right Wesley those you look at Wesley got this was for you a story filed both three. Trail of -- rules when I have heard that streak so the house of Wesley five bedroom four -- 5000 square foot contemporary house. In Wesley it's got to pull all sits on half acre. All of your private gated modern this compound solid guys one point three million also listed will state we didn't drop. He -- what he mentioned to me earlier today about about this listing is it's got -- -- all around it and of course it's got an electronic or electric gate. So simple private he called the compound which we did some pretty cool -- this is -- -- out. What's next on the list are moving out to the lake areas Lake Travis. 7062. Comanche trail. I this deal this thing is one mile from the oasis it's a one acre lot on Lake Travis deep water. Dan views it was featured on the cover of Texas home and living in. Contemporary four bedroom four bath it's got -- pool hot tub viking appliances this ruling is alluded. One point 995. Is where this thing's gonna -- at one point 995 million again listed -- I'm a little brother. Will state police did and that property group man. Guys -- fire is that a boy Antonia cherish your last one of the -- guys and if you're just an innocent real state radio stately Stubbs is a quick segment we do called pocket listings and I've you're looking in the east Austin area. I've got one it's -- eighteen -- warned JJC. Brook drive. This is 77 to warn on the right off -- MOK. The 18100 square feet it's a 32. Hot east Austin. It's -- by -- Valencia riot with Riley realtors. And wanna -- out here -- price. 244900. If somebody not a bad and that's real close to downtown also -- once again guys if you want to -- It -- by these properties up please give us a call 51291988. Yeah if your realtor out there is just tune into the show we do pocket listings every week if you like just promote -- -- pocket listings in coming weeks. Give us a -- out. 512990. Mediator find us on the web -- Real estate radial -- dot com you can email us through the website will it be or stubs or spotty and -- ET on the next show. Taxes goaded him or it matters yes we got great stuff -- what's that. This Texas team it's supreme -- steps that are in the mortgage business this is kind of our -- season. And it's it's near and -- to our heart because -- mortgages are important to -- and and mortgages are not easy to get -- they're not difficult. That the media causes everybody to think that the big bag mortgage companies are against Shia. And there're gonna require DNA tests and possible all that garbage -- did you see if you can hear. The truth of the matter is it isn't that that's fact at all. It's actually not difficult to take -- your credit right a little bit of money in the bank and you dig your job you know freedom little job history a couple of years in the same line or at least a month on the job that you're now. It's not hard to get alone folks they -- really great terms. Rates are still low do not be afraid if you're rating right now I think you might wanna buy regular session up 51291988. Pilots are ready interest rates everybody's always like -- tell me about -- what's going on in the -- were freaking out erase -- and 5% that's well probably. Yeah after -- truth is probably -- Wii -- we've been saying it the last few weeks I think ready to Q1 you know it with a tapering that's going on reverend I have to see rates. Close if not driver over and you know historically. My twelve years in the business that's articles along with some folks. Like Fred Myers who's going to be in your little death with a realty Austin but -- price talk about us and rates -- I got into the business he's hit rates were seven and a half the average rate while I've been in the business was around 66 and a half and we're still. Still in the forests of things are good so this week in the news. Same story rates are still holding jobless Clinton jobless claims are down 20000 this month. Nonfarm payrolls are projected at a 170000. It's down. You know from a 185000. Which -- what was expected in the economists -- cold winter weather which is kind of a cop out. It's predictions be wrong on both accounts or think of it it's too cold for people except the unemployment office. Which is why the unemployment it. Was Tony that Leslie and don't know whether it and -- that it was too cold for employers to hire people so that's why the employment figures were down a little bit that the payroll figures were a little bit I mean that. At this point who knows -- that they said that 75000. New jobs created last month in the -- actually December was a flute for a I don't know it was a fluke. But but he did hit that is what we can believe he's I am just saying that I like to say is minus knob and all it takes is a Smart man to say something stupid and breaks kind of hit it exactly -- are -- and rightly. So makes headlines beat the stagnate stagnant market interest rates really haven't changed so. Hear your interest rates the Freddie Mac averages in Iraq quoting you interest rates that we can give you an APR on here. The Freddie Mac overnight averages your conventional thirty year fixed. Sit at about four point 375. Year your fifteen year fixed percent -- you empty investors may be a 45 to sixty years old looking about it. That last house that you want to grow old and fifteen year fixed three and a half percent the ten year fixed mortgages which is. Kind of if you do a ten year fixed your pain that thing off almost as fast he paid her car on. 3.3 75. On the ten year fixed mortgage. Your FHA you're US TA your VA all hovered around forty quarters or your government products about four point 25 times and Jumbo loans Jumbo loans or any loans. Over 4171000. Here Austin covered about four perhaps some guys. Guys rates are still calls hello I mean. In my first house that my wife and I about we were at six and a quarter yeah. I did refinance down defiant few years ago and it just doesn't have made sense for me to refinance again they keep telling myself that we're gonna sell this house but what has eleven. Even back 20045. I mean I think out of their first and second I think the first list was us six and a half and in the the second mortgage was. I mean eaten half 9% -- that we do every artist is conforming. Amin -- -- A paper credit I mean these guys are great credit great job. So six and a half on the first miss them. That cycle that we just refinance somebody a couple of days ago that was a six and a half on the first. And they written nine and a quarter on the second he's out there the other house back in the sub prime days on an 8020 -- only allowed that finesse. And -- we literally save them about 400 bucks a month in Iraq and got him into this new loan with literally no money in the pockets of the refinance boom is not over yet you didn't miss the boat completely you missed this 3.2 five for hates that a thirty year fixed but they're still. Ultra low. But so let's take a short time out. We're gonna be with Fred Myers real kiosk that we come back you won't want to miss this stay tuned. Being denied home loans can be devastating to you your future and your family. Don't go and getting a mortgage alone talk to us -- is best credit repair and build a realistic roadmap. We can improve your credit score by 100 points in just 45 days whether you've been declined a little for a first time home -- we have the knowledge and tools to help you get approved. Call us at 51230. Wait 6000 or at Texas best credit repair dot com. Texas best credit repair local service delivering real estate results. Did you know that insurance is the second leading expense in the economy and health insurance rates and rising at a record pace in property tax going up and home insurance rates increasing to 30% year over year people are fed up and shrewd choice on your auto and home insurance with a guy waving hello morning -- off tonight. Who's at insurance. Goosen and we'll shop -- -- -- dozens of carriers to fight the best rates which -- home in auto for a true choice call god women had five point 26914086. That's five point 206 and 14086. You're listening to a real state radio -- It's seven. Hey welcome back to Austin, Texas you listen to real estate realistically it's done through -- and always reaches of our off their hotline 512. 91980. Later finest on the web at real estate radial atx dot com hi guys we are your jugular a little -- the studio. Dear -- in the commercials. We get a great yes yes Fred Myers list with a realty Austin. Long time Austin. Broker realtor -- in the business for Haver. But we're talking about interest rates because -- is talking about mortgage contenders and -- you -- -- little bit higher four and a half threat but tell this tell agree over the audience oh we're. Talking about so wolf guys thinks -- -- -- well I was waiting for my turn I was listening to that segment in particular myself. In 1980. I had moved from Detroit -- -- I had been working for Warner brother records. And if they want it they had field reps so they filled the gaps between their corporate offices with fielder so I took on southern Texas. Based out of Houston. So I knew nothing about mortgages they knew nothing about any of that and while I was in contract on my house which they paid one. 125004. The interest rates moved from 14%. To sixteen after that in the back. And I ended up spending 50000. A month -- home valued at a -- into a 5000 and I asked you guys so what ways are home at a 125000. South Boston. Today's interest rates -- will with a payment -- could it be about six -- it -- -- via. Thanks so I could've had a Ferrari. Can it some golf club access to sleep or anybody scouts -- grounded -- -- kind of evidence of the story about my daddy loves to chime in talking about the 18% interest rates that we had our house rivers has later Elena and Indio is tells me that's why we -- data. It's. And now so for those used to it and now you're -- real state radio stay clean -- and I think we got Fred Myers here I think he's -- property reductions Fred. Here with with realty Austin Fred thank you for being here how are you sir good -- good so. We got five known Fred for for years in his view out their -- price have from the different if you bought a couple homes are sold a couple of homes here in Austin but. Fred may have lots of news lots of lots of things happen in your world I mean let's let's stop let's talk about so. How do you get that in the rural state business. I play and primarily unemployable. And I think gotten fired from every time they ever had. I'm note sure is fully you know I'm an -- record executive Serge and I had been. In on the music business for a long long time with some of the biggest bands on the planet. My third day in the job was Van -- its fifth day on the road -- and so that was my introductory to Warner Bros. was my assignment -- go be with them you have -- and you know we're homeless say hey if this current -- easy if you thought so anyway and then I had a chance to work for virgin records Richard Branson which is a wonderful experience stones Janet Jackson Tina Turner. Videos great. But I saw the writing on the wall and truthfully they let me live in Austin so under the local music scenes radar. I was only major. Executive that lived here and I was raising my kids and it was important that might downtime was our time. Yes -- get involved in the local scene at all. But this radio station all the other ones that that are in this town I would be bringing Lenny Kravitz -- -- -- or somebody to the studios when they were in my territory. -- so long and short of it is right to left the business. I got fired up and down. It is 1999. -- think it's so I got my real state license in 2000 and dumb. I learned the game and how to play it because unfortunately realtors it's a pastor career. More people had that experience through the real true than having a good experience and it's unfortunate because everywhere it has. Why guys that they're gonna come in make a lot of money it's easy. And they don't really realize that we are problem solvers and our world is about making this whole process. Smooth easy enjoyable and then we use our expertise on value and strategy and so on and so forth. So it's not a pastor career but unfortunately it gets mocked up with that yeah. So once you learn the game and how to play it like any other industry I got really good at it and I really enjoy it. And then -- kind of revolved around new construction. -- I was really blessed with. Some wonderful opportunities of working with three -- street ministry and homes and meritage homes and Mercedes and we know this yes -- all the big players and so I became a move corporal turf for them and then eventually I started my own company called Austin city living real state. And we header you know -- they're still in business that I was with them from the our inception in 2007. To just last year. So so now I mean ACL off the city living they -- hey that's let's turn the page so now. Now tell tell listens to you with now. And with realty Austin and I'm proud to be associated with them for the sheer fact that I decided it was a simple down my life. Get very focused on helping people buy sell and investment and so realty Austin has. Played this game of real estate at such a high level I mean if you go on the web site. You understand their company make up. They're very local they're very giving their theory into habitat for humanity year you know whatever. -- give back a lot so that meant a lot to me to but it. Gave me the ability to focus. It's yeah yeah we talk about -- just in just about every week on our show mean they did great reputation great agents some and they really know what you're doing well we knew it was just. You know three or four years ago before they really popped. It every the end of half of your transactions has the other side has Keller Williams on it out and there's actually been a really great market shift toward now you know realty Austin has a huge. Huge handle on the market here and every -- that we work with every realtor we worked with their -- their technology platform. The way that they cannot train their clients and then the do's and don'ts means great great folks over there. And accessing yummy guys like Fred everybody knows ministry for him to join that team I mean that's just another piece that powerhouse in these guys know what they're new and and out. -- slugger it is estimated that let's talk about the Fred Meyers group that wrote the Aussie well what I just decided to do was simple down so my girlfriend who is a licensed realtor in an accountant by trade and my daughter in law is a real -- and had been an assistant for realtors here in town for quite awhile and it's just stops and so we got this really funky little house on -- extra love that -- all -- it's -- -- was there there was an earlier article I've got -- -- -- records and there it's pretty fun. But it's it's got great character and it's got a great central location and it's and it's a wonderful place legal office and now I focus and my primary goal is it again to help people buy and -- I help with the relocation I'm very involved with our local chamber of commerce which is a really -- chamber. And then I've got a Condo project called overdone -- condominiums right around thirty seconds are described Robert -- it's -- -- you and I kind of ran into each other a little bit -- when that was -- kind of getting on the ground retort that went on madame -- on the lower left her. Yeah well it and basically what it is is it's exactly three miles from downtown but it's got square footage I mean are two bedroom. Two bigger studies 2500 plus square feet. We have a three bedroom that's 3200 square feet. Yet these are priced in the fives up to the 700000. Take that same budget and -- to the downtown tower -- and you're gonna get. -- that square footage shot and enormously chilly feel so -- more square footage. Less UNH -- way. I mean they're they are beautiful yet and I'm not saying anything bad about the downtown -- -- love of those around it should sit everyone has a different criteria they did. And these are more of like a town home styled home. Being a private fenced yard and things at a downtown tower dates supplement with other common areas but this is. Just the small sixteen unit project we have eight happy homeowners. And then you know I have three available like right now three available and how you describe this district west -- I have -- I have 22 bedrooms and 13 bedroom and dumb they're beautiful I mean. I'm gonna do open house this weekend but more importantly it's if you see in my neck and described them it would not have them on our website and we have a website called for doubts living dot com cut. But to see him you really get to understand whether therefore you're not. Got you so you're talking about you know I had a conversation the other day actually at the four seasons and we're talk about the chamber but you told me -- about. Well folks that are -- relocating to Austin he says something that that really. Kind of stuck in my mind that kind of Fred Myers touch that's coming up that -- that you well votes come into town and stuff like you're just like straight to the big house now I mean chooses to think. -- when she'd kind of you know it goes back to the adage of treat some in the way you want to be treated. So if I was to go to Twin Cities that I had a sling no. You know common ground. You know is familiar -- is all completely unfamiliar how what I wanna be handled. And that's important so I won the first being ambassador this town I love this town and even when I was ever to records and neither my rock bands -- my bosses would come then. I would take a month -- of -- In a state -- else they do not leave here no matter how much we offer you stay here -- retreated back. So -- -- but point is I enjoyed showing this town off and so what ideas I have a little tour. And I actually it's interactive -- make people look and get out look at Barton springs and I could feel the water yeah I think that is -- issuers and yet take -- to a little places that means that and to me -- it's a reflection of our town this. And then you know sometimes you never hear from those people again and then that's okay now. But the ones that you do I think they understood. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Realty Austin you won't want to miss this state team. Buying and refinancing of property is stressful. So why can't stress filled closing in on top of that. Here at patent law firm and our goal is to provide a smooth stress free closing for you yeah. -- take a country club attitude towards servants -- we raise the bar and all facets of the title industry we have multiple locations throughout Texas Spanish speaking in escrow officers and are available after hours on weekends and during holidays and visit PL FTC dot com for info patent law -- raising the bar for closing services. Being denied a home loan can be devastating to you. Your future and your family don't go and getting a mortgage alone talk to us sex is best credit repair and build a realistic roadmap. We can improve your credit score by 100 points in just 45 days whether you've been declined a little -- first time home buyer we have the knowledge and tools to help you get approved. Call us at 51230. Wait 6000 or at Texas best credit repair dot com. Texas best credit repair local service delivering real estate results. You're listening to a real state radio off to. It's seven. -- welcome back Austin, Texas it was the real estate radio with stately and stubs or read it always reach out to his office there. 5291988. Or find us on the web real estate radial atx. Back up items existed and -- with this person here with. What do our favorite says all areas mr. Fred Myers with the realty Austin is with those used for you avert. Record -- refused to be everywhere this guy announced that Fred Meyers group realty Austin we got -- here. Man good to have you Fred fails welcome back to -- to the that last segment of our show. So much talk about talk about tell you a little bit your work whereas the let's talk builders what builders had you worked with for you currently working with well. I'm currently working with -- several different level of builders but milestone. Community builders is is one of -- accounts for coming in I'm really proud to work with that group their local there a very. Very powerful local company have that again -- that local mode where they care about community they give back to build a quality home first and foremost. And therein a lot of the outlying areas and and they decent infield stuff too. They've got a great reputation. Stephen what do you know about these guys we loved working with -- I mean just this customer service all the way through but we're about builders Fred what do you think about. Every show we're -- on the low inventory market. And with the builders are trying to do in the land positioning is they're trying to give in this market you heard anything anything that your guy well you know I mean that's what they here's the thing all the major homebuilders that had positions in Arizona or Florida her anywhere else. They got pulled down by our economy because we're very fortunate we are the last people to get affected in the first ones out. And I've been running radio advertising forever nice to say that to be placed to keep people on board with what was going on. And who the local companies like David -- treatment homes buffing -- milestone. They. Weren't as affected because they didn't have positions that were true pulling them negatively got you so the minute that everyone felt more comfortable that we've turned the corner Dayton. You know sort of purchasing -- land position. And that's what's been the difference for them. -- I work -- a little another little company uncalled ideal homes and he's got its Olympic and he's got a little subdivision going out of Scofield farms. Lake Klein and Cedar Park and then a little twelve unit project in north -- converter road block. -- -- which is really critical you're gonna see a lot more that twelve homes for homes eight homes. And here's why the builder gets acre two acres it. Clearly they need to make money and they have to make money on the purchase of the dirt first. People who try to sell homes to builders don't really get that and they want to you know they don't understand it but. If they seldom builder it's kinda hassle free don't have anybody walking through your home you don't have to change anything you have to improve anything. It's an opportunity for you to hassle free sell your home to somebody know it sold to move on. But my point is you're gonna see a lot more that you see -- a lot on the east side of course. You're gonna see it you know down on the south side to a friend of -- -- Mitchell's got a project. I think is the denizens down there. You know and so they're seeking to see a lot more that sort of thing but Galileo and position is is an issue. -- got to be strategic idea in on the night the no the and I mean expressly you know these folks out there right now that there. Are her I mean we packets are talking about just a bit ago that there's only one. Condo project that stuff going on right now. New builds. We have a -- on CNET holiday where a guy you know right. There's not a lot of -- does the cranes is you have to be other build a new until we used to look out the window right now and see what 22 Ukraine's hit an idea that's my personal goal -- I want him this and men engine market a tower I mean because. That's you know that's something that we're gonna have to do as a as a city. And I remember before we went the downturn we do -- compared to what Vancouver it is. And be prepared for us and to be something like that in you know and if you've ever been there you'll see a lot. Alec Miami yeah bombed you know and it it. In a lot of ways it makes sense because it you know it's of virtual neighborhood going upward verses. Horizontally. After that -- we got to go out or he got only two choices so those -- -- -- -- -- -- a -- -- radio stay -- -- and we've got the one and only Fred Myers with the Fred -- group realty -- over here and Fred are but we talked about this whole bit last segment but when people relocating to Austin I mean I know you -- the special touch you grow from around town you -- The -- really sweet spot to make us all love this great city. But what do they need to do where they start. You know it's interesting bit because they have this the most important component is find a real true that sensitive enough to sit. Care about you were needs calm and put them first. And then it's about the schools and minutes about finding the right affordable neighborhood. -- that fits their family needs you know look at the master -- communities. For sure omitted all kind of starts with. Their commute. There affordability and then of course down the line on on its size of the home in the end the features and benefits of the specific house. -- -- -- awesome so Fred you and higher kinda getting in together a little bit and work a little bit on the chamber let's -- about about the Austin chamber of commerce how you got involved with satin and applause thank you for bringing me and I'm excited about a coup de -- get involved. I'm glad -- it I mean here's the -- mean what when you own and operate a company and I don't care what kind of company you are a part of the local fiber. And if you are part of the local fiber than you have to understand that the community itself is. It's important that you have great. Organization's. Inner City Council is certainly one organization and the city government mom. Or federal government is a part of the organization with the chamber. Is a entities that. Is really about. Developing. In sustaining. The the companies that are here right so they put as much effort into. Recruiting in it and I'm getting companies to move feared to diversify our workforce there. Because there was a time when if you chew of one. If you're -- angled and when there if you're too high or reach to automotive for -- two oil. Voted in then you're vulnerable and it affects the community in a really negative way. So if you can have all kinds of opportunities for people to make a living and be much more diversified. Then all of a sudden you've got a more sustainable economy and that's where I think the chamber has been so. Strong and so visionary. And then they can navigate the deferred. Me open waters of how to get in recruit companies. But they also have a retention where they wanna keep the companies that are here happy right. So that they don't move to another from community and and we have that job loss. So it's an exciting organization and I'm very proud to be a part of and it helps me stay. A few steps ahead of our our ongoing development further other industries right now it. They were lol on here in town that maybe there working on yes. Thank you for that's -- that's a great question manufacture. Since Tony was very fortunate in being able to grab the Toyota plant now. And Texas is only one of five states that of taxes and mentor. And so we're working hard. Tony by county to see if there's a way that we can. The change that because it's -- manufacturing. Company moves here. And they have the goods that are kind of this year being stored and distributed from here. That tax could change everything but that also provides a blue collar look -- job opportunities that's essential. Sure you know it's essential to any community and it's and you know I group in Detroit and my dad as a blue collar worker number it really proud of what he accomplished but. -- the fact of the matter is is that's what that it community was mostly built. So I saw firsthand. When the auto industry what went down and the ramifications. Half and of course oil Houston's oil big you know so do you see things there. So I think the chamber is just a very well run organization. I think they've got -- going on. And being a part of its -- Exciting and dynamic in we're actually from time you I. According you guessed it helped me deal a membership event that there are about to do where if you are not a member of the chamber of commerce called Jason Stubbs you're deciding you. Up ahead do it got my team I -- team a six I've got three of us now some -- for three other business owners just used to be an idea for a few weeks and yet I'm Canada -- got a lot of it'll have got it -- to Bala he's got roofing company I've got I got about blame and use that insurance and of course myself but I've got a couple a couple of others. That then I've got tough on almost month we'll talk about a delicious. -- -- anyway it's so yeah that's commerce I'm excited about that up Fred I mean. Ma'am -- -- a huge supporter of -- look forward to this upcoming year. How do well listeners didn't in touch with him. Tricks I'm looking forward to achieve this has been fun for us in the real estate industry because I'm a couple of years ago we -- all just. Trying to survive another precinct on base out -- and though. So we're all paying those bills that got stacked up. But now that that realty Austin my email is spread. -- realty Austin. My cell phone is 5125172300. And this week and I'll be giving that bird counts open house from here on out every Sunday. So continuance looking for a kinda luck and mean that's what might have. And then of course some you know we carry a lot of listings and -- primarily right now as. The market's driven by buyers out is that we have a lot of buyers several quick on -- predict project aware what -- what areas that in. It's you know it's been being called now midtown its 32 and north -- America. And right there you've got Seton hospital you've got -- -- heart hospital you've got central market. And then of course the very -- northern edge of peace park. Bombed so -- it's right there it's a green viewed 3200 grid view which is that one block east and north Lamar. Com but yet bunny has now what I drive neighborhoods as we all do in your mention like apple thing in you and you cruise around. You know the -- watch all the neighbors are kind of really growing up in a lot of ways I mean. For -- is located. Right north UT. Right so you'd think those homes that were built probably in the twenties and thirties about those were originally professors and people tied to that doctor yeah and there's still privately -- they're not you know UT doesn't always mean students that she is sick classification. Area for the Austin board realtors right. But there's some really pretty equal neighborhoods up in and around there there you go there you have it the war and all Fred Myers realty Austin with a Fred -- Group friendly we receive -- I think we gotta get this -- back on Saturday. I gave about the end of our show we help you learn a little bit more suited towards towards your next home purchase. We'll be covered much much more in coming weeks are remembered it suited realistic radio with stake billions does every Sunday from fortified PM right here -- thirteen seventy. Let's go buy a house Austin, Texas.

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