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Diamond Know It All #18 2/8/14

Feb 8, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's time for the diamond now and I'll show presented locally by Austin America's diamond in the closed -- Jordan and Dave the diamond now and all will answer your questions about diamonds gemstones engagement rings. And they may even help solve your relationship problems exist till 8327792678. Or email your questions to David Diamond Hill and all dot com and now here's due in days. It's great -- back another week job. With jewelry in the nose day of I have to. Really wonder about those big old Super Bowl rings. That people we're talking about well they were content of the super blown up there come out the rings but. This who loved it happened and it did happen it was kind of a letter like -- team didn't show on a jump in cellular think it's even make points just two make believe they were there. Yeah I was kind of I watch shut down now me because it was so unexpected turn it over to BB but. But so everybody who wins gets a ring correct this and it's it's really interesting -- not just -- rink secretaries catering. Well okay. As a matter of fact -- own it and it's amazing. Those ratings on the average wait 380. Grams. Of material. Whether it be gold -- platinum whatever and then that's thirteen point four ounces of coal. That's three quarters of a pound while but you know those guys hands are like five times the size of our -- so what does the secretary to that. So many carrier in Florida I'll but don't how special rings made for the front office that's not how they want to guys where I don't believe so. Now I will tell you that if there's diamonds and a that this front office people and some organizations. Picked cubic zirconium instead of -- and that's. Well you know. I'm a little piceance just to get to -- that does not I mean who actually I need to Arizona's claim that team help design it. The teens that are via -- back just Justin's. On the you know Lou a college ring yeah it's growing company they have design over thirty. So and is it already designed affording an -- now I don't know it's up to the team. And it collaborate in the all the team people have input on whether they take that option and not probably not. But it's it's amazing mom there has been this high is. Right. The flashy assume the world -- ever was the ravens OK and that had 243. Round cut diamonds. Well crafted and white COLT with a yellow gold highlights. It weighed just over 380. Grams. There had just under four carats of diamonds mile. An -- and -- evaluate what went well when it costs really kind of funny that the NFL. Gives them. 5000 dollars for a ring. That's their contribution. But for seventy rings the average team gives away a 150. Rinks so the team by some more yet and they had to at those rings end up costing between 25 and 35000 dollars each while. The women. Am not only that the winners get a 92000 dollar bonus each each play gets an additional 92000 dollars for working one day. Until those tickets 43000 dollars 43000 early evening up more than a lot of people and it. Number the whole dealer oh my god they hit a metric they did stay -- could ET. Does each player at the same amount for winning at -- port act -- anymore. That's what I'm under the impression. That it it it's really cut the other Reginald the original ring okay calm was some. Number one their original number one which is the Green Bay Packers who won that one was a single diamond is like an old old fashioned high school ring no. And then -- had a diamond in the senate gold and diamond in the summit now. They do things like comedy how many Super -- they want they add an extra diamond. Like there was you know that thirteen championship be if they put thirteen extra diamonds. Well it's a flashier time to than say like in the seventy's listen Joan game it got more attention that the game. In the players that in the put -- and the game -- this -- -- -- -- Yeah -- Manning has clearing the -- have. He has he has some of the one -- have antibodies that Yahoo! but he's been an MVP. Five to nine weeks from what the only wondering who they say -- he'll have a tough time getting into the hall of fame. And he's considered one of the greatest players ever well the person that got the most rings was my favorite person football with the mean Joseph green. Worrying about what it called the Acura. I don't ever look at. We're living through the kid this year after the the 820 yeah uh huh. So he got so he has six during exile he has four as a player. And he can be -- played from one team. And he has to as player coordinator. And he also for the same team room. Did he ever give rings two former players like you say don't name up does he ever get a ring because fifteen an east what a fun. You say that not exactly that but people like if you treated during the year in the mid to hear from it has been known that teams have given rings because they were part of the reason they they won they played there the first part of the season or whatever have you know. Mom that they were part of them getting to where they were going and they have been wrong. Times where they have given those people -- no but I pay the best thing I learned. Some of the players they get the ring and they give it to charity for auction and they live moving to raise. 11 -- raised. 67000. Dollars for it Sharon wow that's nice that's really nice. It really is I like that so. In terms of counterfeiting is there it did they do anything other events and everything else to -- yes you can buy them on the Internet for 1099 dollars from. So you got -- -- that with your fake Rolex. I've five guy like around document mr. -- Michael attended by the way that brings out of you say that a Rolex. I once had to tell him all the gentlemen who is very very nice he brought in his Rolex and he told me he got from his boss when he retired from the place he worked. I had to be the one to tell him that it was a fake -- now boy. That's. You had to -- because he came into salads. Now we commit that it didn't work what can you just fix and not like trying to explain to -- A Rolex doesn't need -- battery. Well -- Rolex is a self winder home and this was of thank you for however many years fewer than thirty year old life gosh. That's a nightmare. I was terrible hype that really debt from but I didn't go home by admiral hicks you know. Well they don't sell Super Bowl rings there there are presenting sponsor that we would like to thank Austin America's Dimon and the -- -- now -- in breaker for I'm sponsoring. Our show this is the -- know it all show we're gonna talk. Mortgage show about right now Super Bowl the Super Bowl winners of jewelry. Coalition that creative and clever and -- love the -- our homeland and Hillary are presenting sponsor us Americans diamond. Go by and tell them -- will be back with more of the domino and I'll show on talk thirteen seventy. Grant. And -- I'm in love when I met her my life became better than any dream I could ask. I know that I don't wanna live without her but should -- -- -- diamond for Valentine's. I saw some engagement rings it cost and America's diamond but do I want to propose right now maybe it's too soon no matter what you purchase from. Austin American Stein and she'll love that they are the experts say you can talk it over with them and feel confident when you make your selection if it's too soon for an engagement -- consider a beautiful American made American designed colored gemstone piece featured in Austin American Stein and a Suzanne -- land -- it would be nice. Or maybe gemstone -- very popular right now and perfect for Valentine's -- see what's new at Austin -- diamond in the. You're listening to the diamond bella at all show on talk thirteen sanity I see in Jordan we hear host David the diamond no at all. -- knows a lot about diamonds but -- he also knows a lot about. Relationships. And proposing. And this time of year with Valentine's Day right around the corner. We might have some young and listening nor thinking about proposing. Or actually going to propose and maybe you have some pointers for them. On a ways to do it what's you know like today did -- I asked permission anymore for someone's hand -- marriage like in the old days. And it's actually amazing to me. That 78%. Of the people that -- gauge the man. Has. Asked. Permission from meet the one or both. Parent of the bright the prospective bride while that I would it's hot I know I think that was just yes 171000. People -- polls while. So it's a tradition that has not died I was blown away by that -- you know. I thought that was a thing of the past -- with independent kids he'd think nobody would be asking anybody so that's so you ask permission and and then do you have to. The -- when you propose. So Laura I mean that was the other part that I was blown away by that. Just like movie stars -- speed endurance. That fear that this is really funny that. 4%. Of the people who do proposals people that have asked to meant to be married. They used to stand in ring -- I don't know what that means it may you know it may mean rich Cracker Jacks box -- Fake green back and I had -- top fought maybe if -- may be like when I was a kid in the Houston did give he'd give -- your class ring. You know -- steady income maybe that's what they mean by token ring. But only 4% so the majority -- actually have the ring they don't go and get it later. Exactly they do go and then they go and get later sometimes with them with depressants sometimes without but here's the interesting thing. People. That get independent Jewelers. -- 42%. Of the market of the engagement market. -- they went up this last year 2%. Our -- that people buying online. Went down 9%. -- okay. And the reason they gave us because they couldn't see it they couldn't feel that they couldn't touch it okay come and it was a blind item to that at plus eight that was Smart enough and I compliment them. OK on the -- who's gonna show -- set. Okay and and that makes it looks who's gonna stand behind it. So businesses like our presenting sponsor -- America's diamond that's where most people golf. To get the advice and then it's you know definitely say that the service after the failed you have to have in the ring sizing cleaned and all that kind of stuff frank exact. -- and you know what they tell them over the starts kind of funny -- they say they say they have ulterior motives -- and cleaning the clean anybody's drink. Doesn't matter when he bought -- -- enough at the clean anybody's ring and check it make shirts in good condition and that there are no problems so much and a look around you while you waiting. And hopefully she falls in love with something -- some men -- and then. Egypt's future and -- future of pointers to what about so when a guy comes in -- knows he's gonna propose what kind of questions. Does he ask the jeweler. I hope we'll have a them you know the young people to -- going online and they've -- a little bit of research and almost makes them dangerous okay because. Just because they read on the Internet doesn't mean it's true. Like like for example karat size that can get well they ask karat size they ask about the flaws in the diamond. They ask about the certification. But their big concern is warned if she says no knowledge as it shouldn't -- -- have -- that created a thing if you custom make coloring yeah you gonna all that mean eventually you can expect the -- to take that back. After they've custom made her into your have to your specifications. The other thing is that have found. They care about warranty more than anything that's what they care about that they wanna make sure you gonna be giving a service at. They'd like the idea that an independent Julie could talk to the car owners you can talk. You can talk to the people they gonna beat him that could be transferred to Idaho tomorrow. But it with that guy that it will try entering you know -- -- now that imitators and I don't you have to hit the well and it is every -- -- purchase sent an independent jeweler a custom made ring now. Now -- that combined they combined name brands and they can buy American made like Austin America's diamond their primary thing is American made the goods and and then that more expensive but they are better I believe they've -- So the guy comes in anything. This is dismay me think of it because I got my daughter -- for Christmas and a tattoo artist said if you're planning on how to remove the tattoo. You should not be getting one before you've even got net and I shot moves you and a guy comes in and he's planning on how to I return a string if she says now -- -- are probably should NASCAR without. I agree that you should know the answer to that question. Before. Even buy something if for example she has never brought up to vote. You know do you do you do you wanna have kids. OK if she's never brought up she's never taking it to a parent's house. That if she has never said what are your thoughts on marriage okay. Women like to hand to yeah -- that's right and right in the face right now Dave -- is right that yet. So have you seen guys come in an EU outcome has she given you any Hanson he said no yes. I have real. And they are in the dark. And am what I say to them is that. Well maybe you'll audit what you wanna do is we give them an option when they command we said in the while we just put an airplane mounting. Plain simple Tiffany mounting. And that way after you give it to her. Then you can take that ring in the plane mounting bring it back and we'll give you full credit for it and will turnaround in pick out something with her there -- -- that's a good move I always tell people the have to have a budget. You really you know have a lousy salesman really have yet. You come up with a budget don't spend more than you can afford so what about three months salary is again I did you know that gauge it you know I think it's out the window OK I don't buy that I think a person should buy what they're comfortable doing because we don't. -- don't want them to hate. Them after they can really can't make a parked car payment or it's tight that month. But what we're talking about a cheap guy and he's comfortable with nothing well how would you -- him. Well I'd rather see him by something small and and of nice quality. Then something lodge in a low quality well and you -- I've had friends to. On and it's certain anniversaries they upgrade their -- absolutely in Austin America's damaged as adults. It's taken an individual basis even if -- invite him in actually the diamond has to be in good condition and the same condition and but it's a good way to do you -- there's so if you five or ten carat diamond now what do you -- five years. I -- That's not delivering as an embryo to get around us what your kind of town say -- It's a token it's a token of one's love fruit and affection for another aha and then to be in -- and you know what she says well now. He doesn't buy media one carat diamond then I guess he doesn't want to marry me. I I advise you to run run fast. It's fast as you can. -- -- you can still get out yet to. I saw an ad on television for there's an engagement ring on Overstock.Com. And I thought are you kidding. Choking -- are you kidding well you know you bring up an interesting thing. People go into pawn shops and they buy and and I understand there's a price point for everything and you know. Do you want to. Wouldn't that ring was stolen from somebody's house what do what do the person lost -- jobs and they and the cell agreeing to it to feed their family. I don't know if I'd want that -- myself personally. Tuned to for my wife you know this sort of -- but not good luck with -- Now CI you might be right on the not good luck but I had an engagement ring that was and any antique piece from the twenties. That he bought on each day which you know I guess someone would have promise that I loved it because I felt the ring had a history. And in my mind I was thinking it was a positive history. And negative -- like you know but so estate jewelry is something that people kind of like. Obama should go win with full knowing and everything else would have to understand if the woman. If the woman you're going to be proposing to -- Looks at a state jewelry now there's a fine piece of workmanship. From a from a year years past. Looks at it is used. Okay. Then I would buy that for her now. You gotta know what you're asking a straight at the bottom line advice ups Alicia album. And I guess these people who committed don't know they don't talk enough. Okay because -- girlfriends. Getting married. And I'm sure or he just doesn't -- them because I'm sure she said -- look at Mary whose ring I really like that with a little tiny part they diamonds yeah. You know are you same -- men might not listen is that a year you didn't hear from me publicly in his duty at the right. I would like -- I like that a the diamond on all show on talk thirteen Seve we're gonna be back with some. Ideas for Valentine's gifts. Right after so don't go anywhere. I'm in love when I met her my life became better than any dream I could ask. I know that I don't -- live without her but should -- buy her a diamond for Valentine's. I saw some engagement rings at Austin America -- diamond but do I want to propose right now maybe it's too soon no matter what you purchase from. Austin American Stein and she'll love -- they are the experts say can talk it over with them and feel confident when you make your selection if it's too soon for an engagement -- consider a beautiful American made American designs colored gemstone peace. Featured in Austin American -- and a Suzanne -- land -- would be nice or maybe gemstone -- very popular right now and perfect for Valentine's -- see what's new at Austin America's diamond in the. Welcome back in the diamond -- also on top thirteen 78. -- -- -- -- America's -- -- -- Jordan would stay the diamond no at all and this coming up Valentine's Day it's got to be the biggest holiday in jewelry business I was saying. -- this time a year stand spring. Two biggest hardest -- engaged. Springtime champ -- because people getting out of school -- -- -- for getting out of college or some sort of have to high school training they're ready now. You know they. OK let's now we can get gay lifestyle again if you like begins you know so what you're not gonna -- say you're already married and the whole point valentines to step show heard. That you love her what our recommendations for -- you know. I think that you could turn around. And Ohio beautiful little pendant of colored gemstone. Okay and colors that she likes to Wear -- -- good for complexion. -- color of her hair. And that says a lot it's a nice little thing could help also a Valentine's Day if you think you're proposing. You can buy a little envelope and it's not even expensive envelope and inside you put a little piece of paper with your proposal on it. If she could have that necklace for the rest of her life as a memento. Of the engagement it's an -- that -- it looks like an amber would want to live open has a little hinge on that can you see it. I'm trying to picture and like a -- yet it is and it slips up and there's a place took little piece of paper that's a week that it's cute it's kind of feel it. And I know it's it's it's not that over the top not the big showmanship but it's sweet come home. So gemstones and you're carrying -- they could do earrings up and enough for a lot of money and you know what. Jewelry there's no calories with it. You don't have to worry about it a Hollywood and say you know on died and why would you buy a new job clicks and move. Do you do gets a gift list like get Christmas for Valentine's typically actually the people -- time in the they have over -- America's time -- they have a wish list. And so people go in the women go women they pick up things they like so. Doesn't mean the man has to buy those things but at least gives him an idea of how her taste is running in how women sort of changed their mind -- -- -- And their prerogative of today of yet but who said that they said that nobody else. While they sat and and then right after they said that they weren't sure they really meant that payment -- it or not that's not a. My wife can change. -- got a hot wife -- restaurant will go on this restaurant day. And we Rory agreed diamond Jesus how about. The policy. About as I don't really care and and you give an idea and now I don't balance if you're right I don't really care APEC and then you pick me -- about one that exactly. -- made -- I've been in that conversation yet. But when I told you like the other day we are talking about her on the show. The look on her face was not one enjoy did -- know right now so I. I took the copy of the show and I didn't leave -- where she could get. I need to come up with a fifty fictitious name per person -- let's call it grace grace yet winds I don't know it just came to meet them -- discount yeah. A -- grace so we're talking about grace it'll be it'll be my -- can we say Gracie because -- Gracie Gracie yeah and I love Gracie Allen did you via -- I know that too popular minutiae because as they are old enough -- notebook she was a sweetly yeah she was they work do you do well that's right. And George burns and Gracie Allen and is this jewelry story got -- -- you know but I'm Johnny Carson show she was on the show once and he noticed that this gorgeous gorgeous diamond ring on her hand and Johnny Carson mentioned that two of the what a beautiful Conchita and it was a gift from George. That he had cheated on her. And so to apologize he'd put this gorgeous diamond ring and she said I just wish she would do one more time because my other hand is -- And she don't got really sick bed -- and -- delivered a very funny. Which they are kind -- on around the corner if it's too -- to propose that -- -- graduation is a good time as it is and does so -- -- when he had time to prepare 'cause it seems to me the success of the proposal is on the preparation. I I agree and then you should you should do it in a place American away. That is something gonna be memorable it doesn't have to be over the top doesn't have to be with fanfare but just some words from the heart. Know him well in the news this week we did have. Some jewelry -- there were some criminals in New York's with involved with us this lie crazy so you know you always ask me why I like to talk about Robert jewelry robberies and everything. Because they're so stupid okay there's five guys going to cut BA's in the oaks city and in Manhattan. And they and they were robbed and they -- the Jewish door of 700. In 9000. Dollars with that. Rolex Watches -- -- the smashing grabber -- yup yup they used -- underneath the jacket and and they go in and they smash and they grabbed. But wait -- minute. They put masks on once they get in the straw but I want to know just in the -- to the store before they put the -- on. They got all their pictures all five of them OK it's really want an update. I mean on the cameras and -- or -- -- Where the -- -- they put about after they were in the draw okay -- not very real five Smart guy I talked a keg. Now two of them get arrested within 24 hours -- Ready here this you know how hard it is to get around in New York City with a car you know what they get away it was a car. OK I don't know how they thought they were gonna get out of the city fast okay in Manhattan -- any time of the debt gridlock yes. Right so. -- it was their car wasn't even a stolen car so they had the plate number of their car okay so that's how the first to get arrested. And he pled innocent. Okay one of them from. But he had a 70000 dollar Rolex on his wrist. Now. I don't know if you know this split expensive items like that have serial numbers and OK these guys are real brilliant -- okay. The wearing a lot right and he said well he really didn't rob this do all this is what he told the police he drove the getaway car okay and they gave him this watch. As payment on ninth OK in the total was only worth 40000 dollars for these these are real bright guys that. -- one of them have been in jail since he was sixteenth he just cut and released on parolee had merited somebody when he was oh my gosh. And the other one was also -- parole so they're both of them parole violations. And they said that they should have the attitudes gentlemen within days. The other three excuse me and -- cut -- on their streets young big guys out there ivory you know talk about where Europe Larry curly and -- To the young people on the move there. Well probably not a victory students at the -- We'll bring our references into the modern day gifts with the there's also a heist. The celebrity show up -- theory. He got his car stolen yet he got his Lamborghini -- still allow. And when made finally arrested the young me and the young man was only nineteen years old. -- and his with really funny kept a diary of everything. And he planned it. He plans to sell the car rob populate jewelry store which they did not name. San Francisco -- -- according to the police -- kid kept they'd buy there with the values of certain jewelry along with names titles photographs store employees. OK details about the of arms the camera's three wasn't anti Euro candidates are veteran could Trinidad and Clark. -- Up up police uniforms that what he would need is an army ban armor and UC firing of a firearm and a helicopter. The defendant appeared to be a very sophisticated young man that's what the the reporters that while. -- the he know he's now in San quit and that's how sophisticated he is up to six. -- -- Aren't really got about a minute left of the show -- always give -- the final. A minute to share some good parting thought. -- -- -- -- -- I just wanted to know that -- this morning I learned and I have a friend here in Austin who's in the diamond business and he gave her arm. An interview recently and it's funny they they called me they asked me if I wanted to be on the there in this interview and I just I couldn't make it at the time they wanted me to be there. But then what they wanted to talk about. These these these companies as a company here operating out of Boston that does these arm. Cruise lines okay where they run a class on buying. Jewelry while you're on the cruise lines and they and they and then but they give you the opportunity hit rock bottom prices right then and there. And people have been scam. You know and then these people go to their move who -- you weren't they find out they've been ripped off so -- east people. When you get these kind of notices a lot of and you know it's. They tell you their from the cruise line and then not from the cruise like and they're gonna teach you how to buy jams -- not gonna teach out about against. They're gonna teach you how they can take your money and you get screwed so please be aware stopped think look listen. And if it sounds too good to be too true. It is.

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