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Feb 8, 2014|

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Good Saturday Austin. Broadcasting from the top thirteen seventy studios. You're listening to -- financial wise with your host -- that Blackburn no one should have to HMO and do you know all we. Sources available to you cute -- central Texas. Join me. As we discuss these critical issues on financial lives. Blackburn and her financial life specialty has also been featured weekly on -- view so stay tuned as she brings the same healthful life changing information to talk radios listening audience here's your host. Suzanne Blackburn. Welcome to financial life I'm -- that Blackburn. And you know today we've got a very special guest. Bruce Kravitz is here. With age of central Texas and I'll tell you I invited him on I have a heart or our seniors. That we take care of their financial planning. And as we've done this for twenty years I've watched. And the age. Goes through taking care of their families. And also taking care of their spouses and dealing with long term illness it's slippery slope -- is you know we had a guess not very long ago. To talk about the long term care issues. But this is a Fella that it's been introduced to me in age of central Texas is -- It's a program here in central Texas that you need to know about. And so with no further ado wanna tell you about Bruce. He has been the program director of caregiver education. And age of central Texas his role. Is specifically to give support and education to seniors. And the families that take care of folks Bruce is gonna give you valuable information he's going to be able to give you the ability. To navigate those choppy waters of power are we going to deal with long term help us. And it the aspects of aging and in the hole that it takes on the family's. We talked a great deal about this before I invited him on the show and so I'm very very excited about you being here Bruce thanks Suzanne it. So tell you a little bit about what are you actually dealing for the families of Texas. Okay come at age we have five programs. Our first program is our adult day health center. That's a place we're seniors and go Monday through Friday during the day. And we watched them where while their caregivers go to work or just get a break our second resource is our early memory loss support group those -- for people who are in the very early stages of alzheimer's or dementia we get them together once a week to do all sorts of brain boosting exercises to do some emotional support everything we can to kind of extend their cognitive abilities for as long -- -- -- We've got equipment lending programs so people need to Walker's. Crutches canes what have you. People donate that staff to pass and then we give it out to the community to anybody that needs it specially. People who may not be able to afford things. We have computer classes taught by seniors for seniors. Everything from how to turn on the computer to very advanced stuff like had a buy and sell on eBay had to make multi media photo albums and and memories. And then we also have where I work or caregiver resource center where we support. Family members and friends who are. Helping seniors. Through that hole aging process because. Aging is just not something that one person does it affects everyone around them their family members their caregivers our neighbors. And the best way to age is to create this community around you. You know I have clients that are in their let's say. Late forties early fifties and their parents. Are becoming. Candidates for needing. You know home care or some kind of assistance. And these kids are not equipped. With the information that you have. And one of the things that I notices in my own client base they feel. Scared they feel like they they want -- they like their roles changing they go from more of -- Of the child of a parent and a caregiver. And it's into a different dynamic in the relationship. And so by having these resource is that you offer. You can't actually direct them so there's more independents. They don't feel out of control. They have the ability to navigate these waters and not feel scared right. Exactly. Come a lot of people become caregivers kind of very slowly and I don't understand that that it's a very long journey. And they kind of they may start out by just calling every now and then and then maybe coming by maybe started to take. Senior to appointments that. As time goes on it's kind of like them -- for the fraud in the warm water starts boiling out. Once they're not exactly sure they've become a full blown caregiver. And it starts taking over their lives completely. And usually it for many people that point they realized their way in over their head and they need help. And what we'd like to do with our resource sinner is. Is hill people who may be caregivers. Get way out ahead of that and learn and educate themselves so that. As these things start happening they've got all the tools they need for everyone that senior themselves all the family members to have a great. Experience as far as aging. You know we talked about. People go on the Internet and they Google. Caregiver they -- they Google home -- they Google aging parent. And it's overwhelming he told me that it's just it's an overwhelming task to try to figure all that stuff out -- right to larger facility. And it was. It was awe inspiring of how you've you've nailed that you really have the best resources for what seniors need. Very narrow. And those different areas that you talked about so that. They can -- get -- that answers first hand and one thing -- know about people you may want to look at all the stuff on the Internet. It's your aging parent wants eyeball to eyeball contact they want people right. Exactly exactly relationships. Relationship. We do have their caregiver resource center that has books and videos tapes. -- like you said there's so much information out there on the Internet and otherwise. Navigating their way through all of this information and turning it into useful information as were people gets out. So what we do myself in the colleagues at age. We we give people are advice and our knowledge that we've gained on how the system really works. You'd ask for what to do and kind of cutting through the clutter we do and figuring out. What's the best approach and each family's different each situation needs some help advice and guidance and that's what we provide for no charge. Many of the services. Of agents sent to Texas are free adult day care is not that has a nominal charge that most things are available for you were a nonprofit that's that we do I like it. Well you know there's so many things that I love the idea. Because you know equipment for you for health is expensive. Not just crutches I mean we're talking about walkers and wheelchairs and all the different equipment holier -- right right have all been available just as a loan program. Exactly. We give out everything that. We received -- so. As soon as we get a really nice walker a wheelchair. Adult incontinence products. We have waiting lists we get that stuff out as soon as we can says the biggest challenge we face. Is getting people to donate stuff to us that sitting. In their garage or their parents' garage to the grandparents' garage and hasn't been used as we send it right back out to the community and we provide. -- over 3000 pieces of equipment each year. A lot of it goes directly to other social service agencies to their clients as well we don't discriminate we give it to anybody that needs it. So this isn't a place for -- just the indigent this is a place for everybody. Every good resource play so that the YMCA for elderly. I I I love we're we're doing in the dances all the time -- Yes it's for everybody we don't. We don't hit any requirements on. On income for for any of the services we provide a one of the things that was neat -- you and I talked about the Blackstone family right. And the Blackstone family I want you to tell that story because. You know you may be listening today and thinking. You know I've got this covered -- on the go on the Internet trying to do it on my owner you know. -- just listen to this because it's it was very powerful. OK so we've got Kim who's an adult. Daughter in law she's 55. She lives in Austin area and it. Not long ago her mother in law Ruth his 83. Really wasn't. Able to live independently anymore. She had unfortunately alzheimer's. And she really wasn't Ruth. The mother wasn't really safe living in the house anymore so the decision was to move -- in with her daughter and locked him. This is not anything cam had really. Expected it. But. It's kind of tag your head and so what's happened now -- been taken care of her mother in law -- for three or four years and Kim is starting to feel. Burned out. Resentful that the other children of of her mother in -- aren't helping. And Kim's own health actually both physicals well as emotional as. Is starting to it to be at risk because she's just completely exhausted. Does that sound like Q folks. Come back. And we're gonna hear the rest of the story. Of the Blackstone family of how did they solve this dilemma. Is it has the potential. To destroy the family and remember folks yeah some folks -- planning -- line. And the rest are otherwise I'm season -- You have a new appointment on your calendar and it involves me. About one hour of your time and a desire to protect information so make the appointment and keep it hello I'm season Blackburn financial and I'm partnering with author and CPA Eric -- for tax. Hit Tuesdays now that the Affordable Care Act this year it represents the largest pet cat claws and changes that the virus had to implement an over twenty years it. The single biggest change in how we finance health care since Medicare was created in 1965. This is a big deal and now you can get big ideas on how to avoid the high cost of the Affordable Care Act. The next seminar -- Tuesday February 11. From noon to one so join me along like hotly Eric only protects kids Tuesday hit -- tails cast our financial dot com. Investment advisory services offered to global financial private capital LLC and it's easy registered investment advisor. Welcome back to financial lives. -- your hosts who said Blackburn. Welcome back books this is -- Blackburn with funny too wise. And we have a great guest today Bruce Kravitz. With age of central Texas and what we're talking about folks. Is all the different things that are available TU if you have an aging parent if year aging you shouldn't have to age alone. And so today is about all the resources that are available. You know if you're feeling out of control. Losing independents don't know where to turn that's what this shows about. So Bruce we were talking about the Blackstone family and you're giving up picture. Telling the story. About this and really kind of dysfunctional situation and an aging parent -- alzheimer's. -- thinks is that it's very it's very common. The kind of that care giving kind of crept at them on the daughter in law Kim now she's at the mother in -- -- living with her for three or four years. Kim's life has kind of been taken over with care giving she's exhausted she started doing some Internet searches. Thank goodness she found -- she called her caregiver resource center and said what am I gonna do. So. I took the call. And and basically I said you need a break as a caregiver or what about. Sending your mom -- adult daycare a few days a week Monday through Friday. So you can get a break and Schuessel hesitant. But actually. -- when she loved it news -- really looks forward coming to our build a program they do all sorts activities we got to nurse on staff. It gives him the daughter in law a break. And Ruth is around a bunch of other people because nobody wants to be alone. When their old. And so there's a community right now around -- she loves to get to the day care. The other thing I did for Kim is -- does your mother and on need some equipment may be a walker or cane. Sure -- our to have one of those things. And then I said Kim this this journey this care giving journey. Typically lasts seven years. In Texas there's over 850000. Adults caring for seniors. And it's all unpaid -- So along this long journey you need to prepare yourself it's not a sprint it's a marathon. How about taking one of our classes are free care giving classes that we offer throughout -- four county area. And she signed up. Com and she learned a lot of the classes about how to emotionally take care of herself. She learned had asked for help from other family members may not physically be able to help that can actually do some financial help. And she learned had. Deal with doctors and other professionals. You know we talk on this program about financial health and financial wise choices. We believe very strongly that it's important to make decisions that you can use to protect you and your family. But there's other costs not just financial costs and it's your health. Stress. Causes health problems when you agree with that absolutely and so what I have seen in my practice. Is people that take care of their parents. Or aging relatives that don't have the equipment. Of a happy staffed at age of central Austin with. All the information that they need in the resource is that it that they need classes adult daycare. At no charge and it's not for indigent is for all of us it's a resource for all of us. When you operate with the truth of knowing what's available and you you've worked with other people. It lowers the stress instilled -- fifty age year old can't home. Had an opportunity. To not stressed out. And to maintain her own held her own well being your own personal life while doing this caregiver life and the same time would you say that's about troop. Absolutely right -- that's one of the key things of that of the care giving classes this. Opted to make people realize they need to take care of their own health both physically and emotionally. Use resources. Take breaks. Have other family members friends. Or other members of the community -- in this shared journey not a triumph which is aging. Now you know I can share story of a gal that didn't get that type of help you have her name is Susie. And I took care I met them back in 9899. I did their state planning with an attorney. And we set up some financial vehicles to make sure that their money was an order and she began the job taking care for parent she left teaching for their profession. As -- -- parents everything is gone a long fine. But then they started to get in a position. Where they couldn't walk they couldn't take care of themselves. Her father actually was say yeah. Very prominent Dennis. And started to lose his cognitive abilities. And so the cost to her health. My my. 55 year old schoolteacher -- She went through this alone. And and navigated through the VA in the financial nightmare of dealing with health care workers and all that how do you help with. Making sure they've got good choices around getting health care in home care or if they have to go into a facility do you help in that regard as well. Will be will basically what we'll do is we'll sit down with family members and we'll talk about financial issues we'll talk about the options. Hiring private in home care. Verses. Placing a loved one and some kind of residential facility. And and -- also what are the wishes of the senior. Prom -- can those be accommodated. And then what are the various government resources if you've got long term care insurance. If you've got other family members that can help. And kind of based on the finances. The wishes of the caregivers and most importantly what are the desires of the senior. So they can remain as independent as possible. Did the same time remaining safe. And that's always a tricky trade off. The independence of the senior which which they wanna have all of -- wanna have them verses. The safety dead. All the loved ones are are concerned about. And it's a big issue for seniors. 13 senior slip and fall every year you had a -- around -- care we talked about that yesterday. One of the classes we do is is a fall prevention class and that's for. Anybody who wants to. Be. Physically fit and active. And avoid falling because that's a huge. Huge cost to our entire. Health care system for anybody over 65. One of the things that I really would love for you to do -- call my office at 5122159030. We've talked about the financial hole. Physical told we have resource is that we've pulled together. You know I don't tout myself as an expert in everything I've got to have good counsel and that's what Bruce is on the show. We've got good CPAs we've got this resource caught my office at 512. 2159030. And we will help get you in touch with what you need to navigate these waters financially. And also emotionally we're talking about the relationships and the suffering that takes place if you're trying to do this on your own this is not a do yourself kind of the situation. You can do it on your own and it's the cost is a very very high. So call my office we have resources available. And you know Bruce I really want to thank you for coming on today and I would invite everyone to go visit the place pitcher rat right. Well thanks is that thanks Tom. We'd love to have people visit our caller come by. And we're not the experts and everything and if people do need help in financial stuff. We refer out to lots of experts like -- it. Our main location is at 3710. Seater street. Which is near 38 in Guadalupe. Just north of the UT campus. And we also have a road location open round rock. Which is primarily are we instant county location for our adult day center up in round rock. Their website is age of central Texas dot org. And you can also go to -- financial dot com. And put in that you heard this show and we'll get in touch with Bruce. So I'm excited to have you on the show. Again next week and this week this whole first quarter is all about pooling resources of experts. And letting you know that. You know -- financial it financial wise and also kept our financial. What we're trying to do for use your listeners is arm you with the facts -- you can protect your family in every area that's gonna hit you. Because many of these things I think the statistics are one and two of us are gonna need some form of long term care. At the age of 79. You know we're living longer so that's one of -- just look at your neighbor is the only one of the to a via. I know that I'm preparing my life in my family so they don't have to go through a nightmare. So with that said call my office 5122159030. And remember. Some folks are financial lies. And rest. -- otherwise. I'm season Blackburn. Contrary to what you've heard. There is such thing as a complimentary lunch. It serves up in valuable financial advice for you it's a lunch and learn hosted by Susan Blackburn with can't start financial. As the unbiased financial condition you've seen on TV TV and heard on the talk radio thirteen 70 -- financial -- show. -- Blackburn is a specialist of retirement planning. During her complimentary lunch you'll learn -- managing money is harder these days. How to make and keep more money in volatile times what strategies are low risk and high return. How to avoid probate and attorneys' fees and how to create income streams that you can't help list. Reserve your place today for the complimentary what did you learn Monday march 3 register by calling 512215. Maybe thirty that's why would June 2159. -- 34 reminding capstar financial dot com it's your money. Protected investment advisory services officer global credit to private capital Pelosi and SEC registered office devices. Welcome back to financial lives. -- -- -- -- -- Welcome back folks this is series at Blackburn and thank you so much today has been a very special day. We've talked about cared give her training at age of central Texas with Bruce Kravitz now. Couple things it's come on up I really would love for you to participate in tax season. Isn't right around the corner and for the next few months we will have tax hit Tuesdays at my office will begin next week. On Tuesday. Over the lunch hour. And go to my website. Capstar financial dot com to get more information about that and sign up believe me there's limited space. We put that out last night -- party got what or people that have signed up for that so there's limited seating. And it's going to be very impact well I'll tell you that it's so important. It's a really big deal because. I have partnered -- a CPA his name is Eric -- is actually written a book. On the Affordable Care Act it's here folks it represents the largest set of tax law changes the IRS has had. In implementation. In over twenty years. According to the treasury inspector general it's the single. Biggest change. That we had in our financial health care system since Medicare was created in 1965. All my goodness this is a big deal. If you wanna get the big changes and know how to adjust to -- these taxes. You've got to come to financial wise. Tax -- Tuesday's. Now every Tuesday starting next week -- be over the lunch hour and our north office so call in 512. 2159030. By 12215. 9030. Now remember that this is something that my colleague -- Ali he wrote a book about this so it's not just gonna beat me I surround myself with people that are. Very intelligent around these topics. And he will have a PowerPoint to go through exactly what you need to do to protect yourself. An arm yourself with what you need so you'll know what's coming down the pike. OK now I am not a tax attorney and I'm not a CPA. But I surround myself with the best in the business so come to that. Text hit Tuesday call and let me know -- you listen let me know that this is interesting to you that I am bringing good quality. People on the show my number is 512. 2159030. You don't an appointment with us next Saturday on financial life. Then we have another luncheon learn coming up Monday march 3 and we'll be talking about the game changer it'll be a continuation in those -- -- that have come wow. Candy that was amazing we had some feeling good stuff we were talking about so don't miss the game changes in retirement. Will feed you lunch were disgusted. It's no obligation to you I want this to be a resource for you in the Austin area to avoid the mistakes you can make. Your retirement planning and remember folks. Some folks are financial wise hand no arrests are otherwise. I'm season -- Yeah. No individual tax legal or investment advice is -- an investment advisory services offered through global financial private capital LLC and SEC registered investment advice -- global financial trident capital has no affiliation with the news agencies represented here the views expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of global financial private capital global financial private capital makes no representation or warranty is about the accuracy reliability completeness or timeliness of the -- Do not recommend or endorse any specific information contained -- insurance services and products offered through -- financial LLC -- insurance and annuity product guarantees are subject to the claims paying ability of the issuing company any comments regarding safe and secure investments in guaranteed income -- refer only to the -- insurance products they do not -- in any way to securities or investment advisory products global financial private capital LLC -- financial LLC or an affiliated companies. You have a new appointment on your calendar and it involves -- about one hour of your time and a desire to protect information so make the appointment and keep it hello I'm season Blackburn financial and I'm partnering with author and CPA -- -- for tax. Hit two days now the Affordable Care Act this year it represents the largest tax laws and changing of the virus. Had to implement in over twenty years it's the single biggest change in how we finance health care since Medicare was created in 1965. This is a big deal and now you can get big ideas on how to avoid the high cost of the Affordable Care Act. The next seminar -- Tuesday February 11. From noon to one so join me along like hotly Eric -- -- skipped Tuesday's hit deep -- can -- financial dot com. Investment advisory services offered to global financial private capital LLC and it's easy registered investment advisory.