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Welcome to let's get healthy with bill -- oil on talk thirteen seventy. He's here to take your call -- 39013. Seventy and now here's bill -- Here I guess we can start to show we got a buddy -- -- right that's right. Doctor -- is here. That's what I guess -- things you know don't know there's. -- -- -- -- That's it's great stuff. Just keep you know what should he you know should it took to him about it. Like I gotta tell you a lot of gore. That this is I think this is really nice to do this these social. Is the city's central Texas medical sooner. -- -- -- which is amateurs and with the person. Is doing a really good program. Tuesday from two to one. If you whether you have children. The use proceeds -- can go there. Don't have technicians check out the existing car seats. For the manufacturer calls weather of the season just -- talk quickly. Determine if this is appropriate for the age height and weight of the Chicago. How does that all of a penalty department of boundaries and you can ticket is not obviously aren't what they wrote news if you don't have that he whatever they were looking if you -- That's means. Record the -- and potentially. Wrong. Susan -- -- -- central Texas medical sooners' problems coordinator. It's free. But they ask you to schedule. In the number 3363423. You can go to central Texas sooner. Witnesses that are so. You can Google at New Hampshire do do 23363423. Look at that -- again. Show issues have chance to -- injured dodging traffic. And Jordan is pretty weather. Wish the auction just. As -- Africa to goes broker. And change -- later. Take your dog coming -- you can that you don't retreat. You know where these -- it -- -- -- -- just love the dog you just been cooped up a lot. So is good for both you get a couple of dog just. Thanks for the versatile -- in Atlanta. I'm. Did you know that meditation. Has some benefit reduce anxiety depression paid. Attention that meditation prayer. In Soviet brace -- -- military. Does it stood against anxiety depression parent. The good news -- excellent. And they say it's as good as any drug -- -- Herculean. If this is in the American journal of it's American was -- American Heart Association. The influencers social 747. Randomized clinical trials. You probably 3000 power fatigue patients just in the district to some extent it. There you do know her from the same government tuition benefits and foreigners rove being. -- -- proponent of health dramatic call to fly its attention. Body weight on his or its management but to them. First depression. Is is this and depressed. Or if you feel depressed. What's actually slightly better than current protesters' side effects -- current -- sent text. Using a teacher per hour. Well the idea as -- view. -- -- Further. Ethnic that is slightly better senators and smitten. With a penetrator and Kinect. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The commute to you for your missions our best and more of Denver. Team doctor wrote we teams like Travis. It's watch these guys. Is tough stuff. Kinda help entries. Really -- -- the team doctor and team doctors the sister press for a reason it's three years ago. Into Africa. I didn't do much of his top. It right here but we know I never played either it looks fun. It is as -- would have loved to -- -- I don't word lynch there's no pants. And it's pretty tough stuff but you know it's tough but you know in windows they did they -- -- most times pretty safe. That autism is wrong with no illusions that they've really try or that they're very good about that. It. I'm never. Going to be. They have a good team of very in this one state last year. -- My son was Austin cross. That's also I mean you have to Wear equipment of the hospitals our outdoor in the -- either never. It was a once again he used -- it was Austin. And I used to tease us crops which found a church that's not that's -- -- the French church a cult that's the costs of the problems. But measured to you went through -- that would put pressure -- -- written as we should be. About the adjustment. Two systolic and -- -- The -- through -- like it's like if you have a garden hose. You put pressure lenient you know -- Jewish spray the water for your car or should cart. That's what happens when you put pressure is tied to something to -- -- So. You get to you to blood coming -- the hard Republican about to reach coach who is so important. It is. The prevention. For prevention sake should say. The book pressure to keep it normal as this is possible that is through nutrition. Medicines that you have to. Then you prevent strokes assuming continued preventing with blood pressure issues. All Lou. Some of the series now -- talking about intervention or inflammation being caused by slightly higher blood pressure. Soon. He's doing metric oxide your purples in or nutrition. And or drugs. When everything else is now work to control to control the blood pressure will help decrease in terrestrial information. Because this costing you micro. Motorola tires early in my crew injuries on the senate arteries when you put too much pressure on in -- -- And it's something -- by these to have. And today the best that you can do you're wrong. To the culture uses for them to experts went on. Court to scuttle. The she's like Taurus a new report virtual way we can and they have these these units that you used to restore Akron pictures. -- that -- -- of relatively look at that weren't your house you know take a -- -- which. Should be a 120 no more than 220. Assist Alex is atop this 120. Support to our return is -- diastolic -- Regular one toward -- -- units that pressure should. -- And if it goes over 130 over 85 or 35 birdies but they keep change in the blood pressure goals. -- cardiologist -- but if you go over the death that's when -- trying decrease with whatever -- only news. Whether it's nitric oxide -- it is. You know to -- lasts like -- -- truly. Departure means it's like man. Borer with foods like concrete leafy vegetables one -- -- -- -- those details on -- one for -- metric that settles. With a -- paths that wrote a book the -- about that. In -- the you know. Table with number one was a tale and a before -- the green if you spinach. You know those room jury could increase metric obstacles and you guys if you check those holes and people's this will likely like that there's a sub lingual. -- actually -- salary test taken note about five sexist and sentenced to know what metric -- settles our. And see if you're eating enough credence to some people all the induces increased number of greens or daily greens. And the ball pressure will move them. Just always worked at its own people have really -- levels of the ball pressure wasn't affected at all. It was so neat you can keep them just keep him healthy body went. Is that Richard Christmas Rosen. Low fat dairy products -- -- and probably under suspicion here. -- -- sort of metallic salt if you use something. Speaking of that you can actually lower your blood pressure was -- to -- -- If it's not sea -- news and current exploration -- -- possessed a swordfish. As a. Correct this season as he has some you know Trace elements but it's opposite in Florida that -- so if your senses Sony corridor a 20% of people are. That's personal study in twenty years ago still was this true today. Only 20% of people are really truly absolutely corridors salt efficient. -- assault. Sensitive to write the book -- Lula with Betsy means tested without salt. A global pressure and then test it with salt couple days later -- later and you'll see different things in the difference territory -- different. They say prosecutor or protections. Or you lose -- -- -- Most -- -- you couldn't -- Couldn't. And and the Thomas More. Moderate drinking. For a man to -- today. -- I would -- so let's -- it takes to break years of Georgia moralistic breaking news fifteen. You for those sort of -- -- here so. By the way don't call him that number is doing battle thirteen seventy -- 23 no -- have. It will be right. Or of let's get healthy is coming up after these messages pod and -- Thirteen seventy. Welcome back to let's get healthy with -- whales aren't tall thirteen seventy. Welcome back to you folks -- staying -- and he keeps it for this thing and Jordan this is. Very good book is called calorie minute then Jonathan player. -- is a business journal where we felt -- Jonathan. How to go into an okay -- okay they're right here -- around the surface later. BYL a war to make sure people when they look for the book don't look for BA while the would be a war. Measure would like Baylor with a beat us right now that you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I've fourth generation polish so my great grandfather would -- call ski and he couldn't get a job. He would have been a German neighborhood network and the pull people back then they had to change it to sound more German but. We all love each other now to -- it. That's just to have well they got -- the polish joke picture. Up as they speed up we've become like Egypt and your. By the -- -- used when you were a year. You don't northeaster. Seattle -- in a portion chemistry this agree it's good football team to. Absolutely -- world champion Seattle -- -- You know I got out I actually that -- -- -- what reason I found out that the defense has always went for the for the last few years so want to. So I just that well what about -- dollar from the defense. To destroy the -- that mr. ridiculous and sure enough it was true. I think he's got -- They are quite a remarkable game when you have the quote unquote number one offensively and at pelican there what do you. You and certain credit scores what it was the innately. That was too good for you. Well the calorie best is a book that you have written and it took a year to do it because you did a lot of research. He researched a lot of lot of high and high powered. Researchers and commissions that were UCLA. Doctors. -- -- of Tuesday's archer and Harvard to you to get the information right. Absolutely there's a huge disconnect and then just took a intuitively understand the disconnect between what the actual experts the research community and what the mainstream has told. Think about it like any other area of our life for example take -- an airplane or phone. We don't use the same phones we used five minutes ago let alone fifty years ago but we are told the same thing about who. Didn't exercise that we were told. Fifty years ago are we need to believe that there had been no. Researcher or technological progress when it comes to nutrition or exercise over the past years and that's just ridiculous. -- And I'll tell you hundred ridiculous it is on the pharmacists and so I'll recommend. Something like -- threes officials. -- and the lady and her forties or fifties you know especially the ones that were -- Orson originally -- They'll they'll walk the stores -- -- this is pat I don't what is -- I don't gain weight. So that bring about. I think I have a party. Satirical blog post about flax seed oil it would be I know it's it's definitely not the purest form of Omega three oil are rich well you could get but it's the most common. I talk about how ask someone who believes in the calorie met -- that the body works like math equation. If you should take a tablespoon of flax seed oil per day and they'll say yes and then you just do the -- for them. And you state so you want me to gain a hundred pounds in ten years could I add that -- my diet I'm gonna gain -- -- -- eventually right. Were you. -- it's just go. Through their good oils are obviously. Coca at all. Welcome -- a really good at all to. -- -- to reverse. Some cases so the equipment. By the way yes -- rivers means about the vote. Until we're gonna carry this book in the store because you -- right -- target. People you can is how to eat more -- August oh yeah yeah this -- He was you -- Q and don't worry about it. I exercise. Price of -- for two minutes. You'll lose pounds and yours using which is. So simple marshall's own doctor Freeman is still with me it's usually it's. -- He's he's very mature for his book -- -- -- -- in your office cancel its current always do Johnson. -- the week. We take the book management -- in the book the call or whatever and then there's the video when they bring it back to get the money. That where there's. There's -- Checking out everything that is just check in with check. With critic. And if they get this book and read it could change. Now if they easily festivals right that's the key is to the action -- -- Just once a week for ten minutes each -- Yeah that. Vegetables -- vegetables are so critical could we all have probably we spent any time on the Internet thirty -- rumblings that. Fat isn't toxic like we've been led to believe in that protein is important so. I think folks find it pretty -- eat more protein and fat because that's pretty delicious but. -- you'd think that vegetables can only be consumed -- law. It's very difficult to get people to eat the jokes of vegetables that really provided nutritional therapy that reduces the inflammation. Article because -- so. I love talking about vegetables in the context of a wonderful sot hey -- delicious Moody's. Because really insuring you're getting anywhere from eight. To fifteen and another comic a lot and that's the -- -- is small. Per day will literally revolutionize. Your life I cannot tell you how much it -- change your life to take and how much nutrition. And it does work because you've done the work just that -- So this is sanity -- big -- You have and -- essay in the yes this yeah. The -- this is an acronym for the four factors determine the quality. Of a calorie that we're gonna have figured -- if calories and -- and you need to. He the highest quality calorie what does that. Mean what are higher quality calories I thought calories are the most satisfying the captain they need to look up most quickly to keep us for the longest. They're the least aggressive meaning they don't talk about energy or bloodstream all at once causing a bunch of our mobile chaos that's the eight the and you nutrition they provided the most essential vitamins and minerals -- lapses in fatty acids per calorie is possible there nutritious -- -- -- they're in it. Efficiently the and that means their body can't. Stored as fat as easily as potentially other source of the calories so we sustained water fiber protein rich. Whole natural foods. So there were truthful in saying. July low fiber and low protein process edible products. Non starchy vegetables like spinach and broccoli. And you can eat all you want your right. Just go and -- and don't worry about it. You yet your stomach would you would feel horribly uncomfortable long before you became obese if you -- in order volume. Non starchy vegetables. Nutrient that's per team Paul and fast and low fructose -- it's it's one can be amazingly simple. If you just eat as much of those who in that order as you want. Who well now I can understand you have the instant answers yeah -- agreement on the he has consistently -- sugar. She going to be careful ceremony BO OK that your. Local especially. Of starches. Even a torrent -- is delicious organic is is well assists. It's just empty calories and Uga Uga you vote to right. -- What you gotta keep you just said of the calories thing about the -- and keep in mind is that eating at the zero sum game. If you -- it's not that eating. A piece of -- you grew in your backyard sustainably instantly kill you obviously will not. But it if you read that -- your body will. Prompt you to not eat something else so the question is is the -- so that. Thing for unity and certainly if you needed occasionally at one -- what you're trying to you or your body. Focusing on what back to -- is what we're talking about here. So prioritizing. The right types of shoes that recurrence correctly saying. Exactly if you -- are happier playing late with whole -- like the USDA would lead you to believe. That then what what did you just push off your plate did you push off your plate and humanely raised meat or some wild caught seafood -- some. Green leafy vegetables can you push any of those things doctor quite that bad of course if you push doctor played. Dayton Dalton and other process nonsense. Already endured it short but it always relative right. Not keen law. Q you're in no way is supposed to be good you got a essential -- -- like me. But -- kind of store she. -- It's relative so Q what he's a great -- waste relative. To. -- it's also an even better choice relative to -- fructose corn -- -- If you're gonna. Talking a lot instead of eating -- I would much rather you meet KO. -- -- Yet we -- talk about kaelin's that your earlier kisser. Very good foods from Patrick oxide. Which is of those were nowadays the amino tracks that we talked about hypertension. End just treating that with you know for hypertension. It irrespective of weight loss would be -- right. Exactly and I just think sometimes we use starch because we we haven't really celebrated. The role that vegetables can play in our diet for example take stir -- technicians. A stir fry dishes traditionally served over rice or -- why why not just have more vegetables. -- and -- we exactly. Instead to work to do those -- -- They absolutely do and certainly I mean part of the vegetables well as well but if you look at in carbohydrate ratio of I -- Sugar we want my -- to more fire currently less sugar and vegetables do that basketball. And pushed refused noodles and you have to worry about. Other things to such as sugar covered Fisher. Because that. Right all right apart the because it is converge you've gotta the problem with it was the bread and listen to treat -- have to include open. Absolutely and it's just sad because there's so many wonderful. Smarter no alternative why not have. Spaghetti squash which is just like spaghetti or make. You teeny noodles -- what I call noodles or -- and some care or have some bean sprouts or even used like against human being. Vegetables that resemble a musical form or cauliflower rights instead of rice it's just like all of these eight. And textures that we love. We can still enjoy it but we just do it smarter. Exactly. So. You lose body weight with this book. If you follow. Controlled dot beaters this important. Which William rusher -- normal levels. Boost fertility. Boost fertility people -- you know having babies that. So -- casino there. Reduce the size of -- among others a program that people have to. It just three days of Apple's just apple for three days. -- that it does help. With that so -- just goes away but still that's this -- examples are okay. On -- vegetables and Apple's. Or why not just eat vegetables and proteins and whole food facts and like this eating nothing but. Any sort of plant. For three days is probably gonna eliminate most of the toxic substances that are causing -- but it's not sustainable. Lifestyle so when you stop doing that. What about before like other couple come back I mean that you're. Like way out there and I. Educated Apple's pressure -- so that relief from obvious and migrants. You know hit a lot of research and there's and you found that my agrees to growing by just eating this program -- We've been conditioned to. Accept that sickness and discomfort. Are just par for the course of being the person. That's not true just like your heart doesn't have to breakdown it'll break down of essentially. But. The most common cause of death in humans by far in previous generations look natural causes. Bret wasn't he is easy. It was the body just stopped to date headaches and good luck -- yet these are all symptoms of an underlying dysfunction. Caused by toxic imports many of which are crude but also can be stress. And other toxins in the environment. But he's the program earlier. Isn't that. Beat the and that she is. Or buying there are studies and -- and simply because they could never do these studies in people where administering and refugee literally cause they do. Meaning the more that they put in level of inflammation and -- put -- on the area of the brain that regulate appetite to literally evacuate no calories. But ate a lot of amnesty your body would naturally. Attempts to try to store more body fat and burn fewer calories. Just. The greens. Exactly because your body starts to not be able understand. Where -- energy balances. So what are you over in. Index in a store that mode rather than -- burn -- vote. So even if we were addressing it -- and other things that would not affect helped. The inflammation and Greg. As an approachable and a -- right well I'm just saying that it that I treat treat cradles a lot. -- Africa colleagues interpret the -- how to treated for Eagles. In -- even if trajectory Eagles which are dressing inflammation. That's not actually -- inflation brains. From the industries to establish right is that correct. That's exactly right this is really I. I hate to use the term is really geeky but in the top of the theory of everything. And what we're talking about here and just he. Eating the food that provide you the most of what is essential for life vitamins minerals -- Latin Saudi -- And the least of what isn't toxins and sugar up back. Of course itself evident that that would make everything better. And an end and reduced. Negative things it just giving you what you need. One. We got a question. -- just by the content going to mature and Daniel. You have a question. Yes I -- they are may have been mental health pure specialist. About what the people's mental health. I was wondering was this diet said that -- talk about. If people eat more healthy would that. What what the military health declined. In America. Well no question no question who. Was found out that reassures you that. That people. That it improved the that mental health of the people that went on the program. Yes -- -- and -- there's actually a wonderful researcher by the name of doctor drew -- -- or Ramsey forgive me doctor drew who. Based out of New York who has just been wonderful deep work on Omega threes. And seeing how would increase its natural bat helps with and her agenda -- in the brain and it's just amazing amazing things. And. Yeah -- -- you know another -- you know I'm not saying you know and in my blood work you know I just a democracy not it's what people would eat better. Depression would would subside bipolar might you don't -- -- you know it. Well would suggest that you mentioned the book ferocious that your improve confidence and self hosting the particularly OK you think you're okay but Sudanese their buddies were conferences of -- right. Absolutely in the brain isn't really that the brain has gotten inappropriate. -- in the conversation of obesity the brain is the cause of obesity and -- sound silly but everything that happened in the body. Happen because of the brain. So what we talk about I'll just eat less exercise more. How how is starving yourself suppose peculiar -- Netflix saying I have a clogged sink. And the way to solve that problem has -- -- less water into it. We -- -- saw that we have to pick our actual brain fix our system and just starving yourself will never. And that you're used to witness yeah but I thought yet you know that is so is so adjusting to that. As pharmacists a lot of times anti depressants don't work long term. I don't -- so. So we've we get a loan dot program. A program and I tees were -- was something that this does it really healthy eating his -- news. And. And -- would even compound that issue is that that are either one of the few substances they've actually identified. That. Literally iso or clean -- independent of an increase in calories called the body -- game. Because it changes the way your brain works. And consistently in trials you take someone you keep their diet and exercise the exact same put on an app that are in and back into. It. I just did its web site to look at doctor -- rainy or Ramsey. Cut through realizing. That I. Okay thank you should. Well also my detective spoke to doctor didn't do it if you have if it was -- -- option conceit but. But we're -- regard do we have a program where you committed you say or just just action deposit book to cover the cost. Maybe retail whatever to -- you bring the book by actually you can use it. If English is working that you can do that do but I feel so confident about this if you get the book. Each -- -- did -- program rise twenty days assault tomorrow. Is that politics. It's like it's five weeks and it's a gradual transition and and many others like checkbox is that the interactive things so. I think you're gonna want to keep the book is about what -- right in it. But kids definitely that you -- week -- week. But you bring it back you say -- -- -- for 28 days and is just didn't work. We will not only give your money back looked -- That's how strong we -- -- this book. 'cause I have a lot of I've never done this in the book that is about proper reading a nutrition living living well. Because -- thing is gonna. Did you always. Get away Willis that your your migraines are obvious yesterday conditions. You know that makes it may take awhile -- more than once right. I don't -- right in particular on. Who you know doctor -- you'll feel better. And Trout he trotted party to there's tables that are in the frozen department store that have a lot of -- and this is prepared. Prepare your own -- right. Prepare your vegetables and you can prepare deliciously like -- put -- but the coconut oil in there with some put them humanely raised. Bacon in the air to make it delicious do you want to eat them. There's there are good if you -- and yet the rest aren't very. Curry is also couldn't write it for you. -- -- you can you saw that like delicate curry saw on top of your -- to me that. When you look at Asian inspired dishes there in the condition of these these wonderful sauces these they're very fatty but they're usually from healthy fat. You don't look your -- in your vegetables and you just won't need any -- you won't in the city it's just stellar. Well what I find interesting is the really good restaurants that wasn't for an expensive. Used -- -- right sauces. The sauces were -- the rest -- good and -- -- Austin for the people congressional you know what -- UC CH -- is extremely. Popular. There's an hour wait aren't halfway every -- Chico but there. -- sophomore northward now and in the the owner. Of the who's also a master -- Wrote a book. And sauces. And he will give you the recipes resources. So up issues. You -- it's just -- recipes -- sauces the other worked vegetables. If you're brought along the sources. Is that what we're trying to also. Absolutely and I find what people also experiences. Eating these process herbal products really breaks your home's ability to -- because they're these super but it almost like taking the drug. It's the unnatural level just sugar and and -- appropriate amount of salt and profit about what I do it you can spend a few days or maybe teach school he celebrating your tongue to taste. Actual food I promise you look you'll bite into EU law sugar -- After really good because you've never been able to actually -- it before. Such have been smokers. Property -- -- -- uses. You know you learn to appreciate it takes to. And try to get really good market panic you know Cisco is going to be worth it. -- -- Especially season. My of course the other fortunate that means. Reach certain you know chemical alone in about for you would be good. Jobs that we have organic truck or -- system here for more violent times. The people -- and they just can't really targeted to at least I was that are placed. -- just stick to -- anyway right. Would be better to have -- -- a defender. If it snippet about 85%. Yorker cal were to. It's a little bit of sweetener that Coco is actually one of these -- most delicious and healthy foods you could ever read it's fabulous or. Yeah you're exactly right. You've got a list of here even they kill chips you can do your own -- kill children. And ironically at most this surprises most people but it. Ryan or microwave or grinds our. Fabulously help before the natural -- is about 75% protein about 25%. Side and the longer you're not trying them. You know -- high temperature Oriole but rather baking them -- -- awaiting them it's one of my favorite crunchy snacks. And try to get really work from good sources to support anything about the right. You know lectures from a good source -- And I would I would say anything about. And not sound silly anything about anything because nowadays aren't even our water I mean you get the wrong I don't waterway off kind of vegetable that just. Quality over quantity of the general ago. Right it taste better pitcher Jonathan discredit confirmed. Your twitters at Jonathan Baylor is a very. That's correct GAO an eight GH a NBA ILO ROK -- it -- -- -- it gets right ones from. That's the calorie counts as a try to find. A good pardon -- following them. We'll focus envelope wrote the book is a yellow book you can't miss it whenever distort the calorie myth it's a bit a couple of weeks were giving them. I would get these books and we can't found we're gonna -- so -- we're not -- -- -- you can get -- that we were actually very blessed to land on the New York Times blog USA today best seller -- so you'll be able to find him without too much trouble. And -- written articles for anti USA today and a New York Times before you wrote a book right. I would not not those two publications but but quite excuse those two publications are the best seller list. But I I cannot contribute to the publication. -- Some -- what you did this which of your writer to news. This couldn't get rest -- great book this is under region followed just chock full of great information. And if it helps with your health. And you don't take prescription drugs and pharmacists like this will -- business here and that's okay I'm. I'd rather go out of business -- we cut people off the medication that -- been trying to do out of this three year -- -- doing healthy things. This goes out of business what's that. -- Well Roy Johnson better thank you so much in what's against the calorie -- the cavernous and enjoy life support as we all about it. And be healthy. That's a way to -- I don't think just an -- all right. We're gonna take a break we got take a break it is. This -- here twenty. Four set -- there were go for -- -- to hear the reply to them. Could offer him. All right let's take a break open the -- way Daniel thanks for the call three out of thirteen seventies is that if you want my phone calls it poetry and turkeys and I want to course what you. More of let's get healthy is coming up after these messages aren't tall thirteen seventy. Welcome back to let's get healthy with bills -- on salt. Thirteen seventy. This judge judge wrong. The story. -- can't hear you glory of the same house treatment -- So this is Jay's father go arrogant you're here OK well let's talk to bill -- can we do that yes I haven't talked it over -- week. And doctor. You don't know the doctor reduction. Without adding to doctors for shooter comes out there's -- -- -- drink too much. Of. So -- -- sir are you there. Yeah yeah we've got to tunnels are the not to. Yeah Apatow doctor -- is -- isn't you know doctor Frieden. Hi it is Agassi did you know there are -- I. Would say that though they ought do just that we'll see you next week what they see that TV to a -- week. With -- text at the thirty -- which it is just for. You -- pharmacy management etc. Laurie Ellison and you can't let -- right tomorrow this -- assembly tomorrow. You get to Wes likes -- were -- -- of the -- -- choose our leader. Are the the people in this community should be flocking to see you. Because you they got any kind of allergies you know the cedar. Out there mostly -- so. There but where hopefully get a break from cedar here on line this season but. And we get all kinds of things because you know people it saves happens genius tour. Today is have a finger -- Who has had a fever -- You have riveted to. I do. I have several Cutera. We easily our situation. These. Well we have an answer and so all in half with twelve is the one tree you. And if I only had one answer island wanted to be brought talks. Our -- you -- He'll act and a little more. -- -- Is remedy. If you have that kind of restore. Honor -- amount that has. Small blisters Bill -- you know -- watery fluid. There's intense burning ammunition and it changed. Red -- my experience. A lot of times the first time people get this kind of a complaint is. More difficult and some other time in mind but. With the rest Sox -- -- from the other ignorant talk about it might also feel sort of general. Sickness. Or a penis and kind of flew -- -- And if he had to make it pains they have deals that are very moving around. -- that's your situation. -- toxins that choice. You have the kind. Cold floor which is it really is hardly paid off. Is his blisters and clearly -- except little pearls in this -- rent units. Maybe your lives are also cracked. Then you have a look at I -- tactic gravity nature of the area Attica. Yeah. Certain -- Britain very plain old schoolers. There especially painful to touch. Or that cold. The remedy is have bar HE PAR. Have -- all. These kinds more likely and so and a lot of it is talking about. To develop the formation up -- Likely to form rapidly. The person may be able irritable and Canada Chile. And sometimes people who need help how are. Experienced the pain and that there's a splinter or some sort of warm body -- tour. And then. Finally. Attack that our old friend are Seneca. If he has quote so that means -- aesthetic. It's gonna burn. Pretty intensely but that burning is gonna feel better. For -- application of heat. The person that could be chilly restless and DS. And worse -- around midnight. So those human -- for favorites. Hurt global. Us troops -- one more to bring Russia -- talks with kids. So long blisters so -- this water is -- intense burning in Beijing. General thinks feelings. So this -- the most calm of the British. Yet you want to bus up to just keep proper house issues haven't. It would either -- The next. Favorite that's common Libby -- -- very Attica. Let's give me clear fluid that sort of look what little pearls. The lists may also be cracked especially. Lived crack of the court. Have fared well. It is very painful sores essentially to touch it should call. It is the most likely to have -- developed. Well until like 8%. In terms of the doors will be burning. But the burning pain will be better through the application he. The person in -- restless it's idiots and worse around that. We I had a call. After the morning show. And they want to know about it much -- -- called the you know personally but. But the car was. Assists herpes dissolves the shingles also order these right with us also work -- -- yet. It worked yet. Well this school -- preventing or treating them. Treating. Treat because well it's hard to prevent shingles which is it's a typically wants life yes. And it won't actually. Present and soul whatever decade it is usually so later decades 506070. Yeah not younger. Almost here immune compromised although a lot of people. Should -- allotment of number people have chronic shingles. You know have -- in a couple times three times in a lifetime. And it went there would be what we talked about earlier with unions system not being fully functioning. So that this would be a great option for those types -- folks that. At that that type of recurrent shingles. Taylor vaccination which this one vaccination year's favorite yes. Causes older people took the chance of having. -- -- reaction -- a young child would be very minimal current. -- -- Well since I can't get it you can get a number of different pharmacies they can get it because they actually buy apple doses she gathers some of the follows is actually have yours -- -- years of doses ordered ball. And a -- shoppers like me to get it it's not that it's a bad thing position to Boston for you. Our secure -- bill probably don't need to be a huge chain's pharmacy. Yeah well maybe -- -- that -- -- -- we have to go yours too bad but tell me you know actively reaching that just. Well they can't reach me at my private practice. Violence is 707. Double 77. And on and hope -- -- -- -- and he had been listening to our offense. Tomorrow also Tuesday through Friday. It is all right -- thank you so much and thank her half Europe jewel for Austin thanks thanks again. About warrantless break. Reduced -- you would rather. Welcome to let's get healthy with bills whale on talk thirteen seventy. He's here to take your call -- 39013. Seventy and now here's -- -- 3013. To 730. For instance. But. That's it. -- By the way doctor viewers to listen to it shouldn't which. She office. Reaches the calories. So anyway like a former real reform production. So we. -- doctor William Randy Rogers. -- It is OK -- picture. So to reservoirs to cross to. Simulate -- and you know with him. Each year that your web escort if your web site. Doctor -- is DR William Rogers dot com. Doctor William Rodgers took -- Once a week we -- talked about earlier today dismissal protect you have enough to protect. I yes I do. It's it's that flooded the 6012 -- gases. And I uses. The people that have a lot of stressed people. Peripheral nerve disease. People that have that diabetics and start getting numbness tingling in exceed our flag people that have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome people that I haven't. Disk creation with pressure on our X -- capital outlook forecasted and that'll protect. Those two together help the reform the system. It's the homocysteine levels people have elevated the closest thing. From B six B twelve folic acid follows them. -- -- is an inflammatory -- takes a lot of the arteries and so it's helped with that and them. Maybe 14 of the population doesn't but polite very well may get depressed. And so basic because folic acid helps with -- and women of -- control pills. Get depleted of these 6012 folic acid. And that's why they start having anxiety depression after being home a couple of years because it increases the demand. And especially to have about the election problems and they will get depressed just is seriously that is gradually lose -- -- -- live event. They're go to the mainstream doctor you know there might come out of office -- They look like they need to be on prozac or factual error so lax or some anti depressant but they really. Are depleted -- -- six which helped those serotonin production. And so much you know it helps the walls pictures. You know if you can convert to -- -- -- which is what to be about an astute. You can probably that's true at all and truly ever ever -- taken more should be able. The beef items correct especially the right and it's right -- buttons rather it was just -- multi mr. whatever. Well that ultimatum is at the site went -- almost yeah yeah okay that's a little protect actually has the mythical all Arctic front doctor Archer's. Yes Morocco Bahrain and has about four B six and not know. Hopefully catches. Now the forecast is can have a clue that the name of know someone you've been to some of ours and they found that the folate. -- to folate is the way to go and hopefully catch it. I -- -- yeah for the us. So because they're not a -- conferred Bolick has has to to the to the right luckily -- -- right right Sarah. Is that true so. So is better kick it to its worst offensive to get to tetra to fully. And to focus and so that's something that we're looking you to. You know over -- study I read about folic acid to is. The -- sitting out this study and they had like I don't know maybe 181000 women that. They had done ultrasound on her in the first trimester pregnancy of her father. There. Station helped along the world what you know and they got a history parliament and found out that women who have been on folic acid. For a year for a year prior to getting pregnant had significant decrease. The premature delivery. Like it might. It was a 70%. Decrease in 28 -- 32 week preterm delivery and 3236. We had a 50% decrease. If Iran bottoms for a year before they got right in if they started bottoms. After they found out there were pregnant there was no deep -- him preterm delivery because. Today that -- Saudi overeat takes about a year developed inside the -- Before it's delivered so. The bill O'Brien itself in the aid to help of the day has to do. Having adequate nutrition. A year in advance. You know so you start he writes. Taking nutritional whatever. A year before you're pregnant. -- -- Yes for construction here forty -- and a decision because by 1012. We'll get pregnant excellence published -- -- of smoking. And I -- using heroin when all the. I mean that I mean think about it 70% decrease in pre term delivery. On those really early. Preterm deliveries -- and and this was done at University of Texas Galveston vital region -- and here. And the the cost to the society in the cost to the Stanley the harder it is same like those guys are not -- you -- you know until -- 48 weeks old solar hot seat for twelve. Weeks and that's probably a couple million dollars. So -- The -- thing but this amendment you know like OK you just showed. That through prevention and good health and health care policies are sick care. How much we decided. There's also exemption we we go get emotional you know if you do this then you'll save money. That took a bit of my shoulder. About a year ago from an accident and about decide not to do it and awards go to straight. -- issues cup theory the government to cause them and government cares so there Acosta. Oh man -- thousands of dollars of its own right but there's example. Taking women and trading giving it to eat properly. And he really good festivals -- -- things right and so it detects. Right yeah yeah. The civil all the fast food and you know leading Roman noodles and. For. The it's interesting now. How. If people and the babies are healthy years. It's just so we use the wrong France in the -- went with fat and sugar can do to. -- It's it's credible and you know luckily now -- trying recommends that babies they breast being considered. Supplement what formula. The formula also formulas and you might know -- and you might know. I'd look at formulas. On the shelf in because they. They said that saturated fats are so horrible for your health they took. That out of formulas and they put in Africa -- Serbs. And it's every cell in the baby's brightest that as a result was bodies. Has got to that line he's on it and it took fat out of baby formula and put him. -- -- Now they're not that I thought make threes reported there awhile back I'm not sure if that's the reason I that's been a number of years ago so I looked at recently appointed to. Excuse if you look at what they've got a whole lot of African scorcher out and replace the calories they used to be in it from from. Cow's milk fat. Well what we're winning ticket as Amazon or somebody to put together is if -- -- -- baby -- -- There are a particular. -- -- you know him. Yeah right what he's he's on the board present when you -- introduced sometimes -- just. Do we need some good date before the afternoon -- -- -- -- -- you you're fruit don't parent -- Yet consistently well the FDA took that away from us yours ago. Some reported news that we were. And so you know compound and don't current and so we just quit doing it. But that was the debts that there was nothing that worked for -- -- silliness. So. I think this -- was a big fan of breastfeeding. And I think Iraq -- the FDA. We may do a study says that gut check currency weakened to the FDA know -- -- go videos it would to a study. Because they realize that -- You know we all got to show that is it doesn't hurt him but doesn't harm the patient so we -- do that I don't you say all we do there's there's quite a bit of money involved. Did it help -- so so. After the FA. Court review articles lesser -- -- -- -- wanted to do access so of policy effect and if we can do that because. Sometimes if there's one thing this very safe -- we're gonna use all the world. You know that people if there's nothing else that work. Sister that that -- -- again. Courageous -- for the first time in worthless. There's a warrior like show by the way doctor. Retard by you or doctor Rogers. We Randy Roger does and markets. Our. And you're very well respected -- -- community way. Not that you know that she's got a great problems. Thank you. You know I haven't I enjoy. What amount of community I usually psychedelic shopping and I ran a business woman at the register as. She said oh you're my family's doctor not a patient I had you know she mentioned her name man. And I don't know -- -- heard her dad's anger and her brother. And like aerial route to noses which are found in a -- and have a heart valve. Well you know -- and and then and then one over siblings had. But city kidney problems and then have a kidney donated. Film about another family member I -- news is trying to exceed your allocated I'd recognize our that they don't predict him. And -- so you know and demand a -- you that much but so are practitioners that. You know some I want for instance beyond Staten drugs are depleting -- cookie -- they have also problems and so we just total complete team. The most upon -- away in the come back you know you save my life and mr. million people. You know is its -- is so rewarding -- -- -- practice medicine like you practice and. Don't have a lot of you have a lot of pressure says. So guess that drugs -- cardiologists as they handed out like candy and and then they start having muscle problems and and and -- US Korea problems I don't really want tech also but I'll have a stop that drive for -- we could do input on how those cookie Canada and have a restart it -- on cozy camp on time that your boss likes they'll come back. It was attrition we do what the -- -- -- genetic tests that -- pre. Screens so folks that may have the Staten team. Muscle pain and that it'll actually recommended different -- instead of the one will calls it. Camera that they the exact genetic test that the -- part that we do at our clinic and treaties -- them yourself. To screen those folks that really wanna do a Staten. There which I would recommend for everybody bit as opposed folks that are that are wanted to do medical therapy. The most part genetic test action doesn't really good job that cents. -- -- -- -- right and I don't I don't do that many in but let me ask -- question -- are often -- operations of the armed of the -- of the Staten -- the beyond. Generic Lipitor and and and and all those -- fat side able not a Kamal but one problem caller crushed or. That well and even if I don't even care or not are now like to fat side boards but. Did did did -- genetic test which ones are the most easily tolerated that you found. Well you've hit the highlights at the press that -- crest or the main ones. And this fourth monitor and accurately as to right now -- -- get the right ones that. Because they are then they'll follow to the newest ones and the branding will follow this actually also regionally. Metabolize so that won't actually would be better. At least it for the folks -- an hour and underscore I'm not a stat -- I I will prescribe them only -- and other things have not been done properly. -- -- cannot be done properly. End I -- I'd try to do something natural first authorities. And so that then that's right I was at last resort but it's pretty close my last resort or it's -- just medically -- -- do them so. Figures and the Boston says it is critical problem -- better tolerated than the other news just does a genetic a couple of today -- Yes. Well the he was which addresses have been out interest companies are. Refusing to pay for problem Colin making me switch and -- sentenced -- to get the costs and her forever to. Boss -- test it's freer patient. And then you can actually have them on a -- the -- are saying -- they have -- insurance at all but also Artest won't won't -- church of the patient. Or Cleveland clinic -- -- look -- kills trees or two are trying to say Boston or shall want -- numbered companies that are out of network companies that do that Sierra you know. We blew way of thinking about all -- restored. And and I planned I even wrote up for myself and my wife for next week comes from residue on on -- -- And it it is measured all the inflammatory. And that particle counts the clock for all of this is -- or yeah this is a lot but it took extensive test. To the -- company but -- likeness to the patient because they waved. Policies -- couple thousand dollars. It's it's that 3000 for the genetic test policy first test but what happens is they write off about half the tests. The people that have insurance for credit -- -- The runoff. So the countries are doing a good servers for for your clients. And some insurance coverage someone -- So you know there out of network just like if you if -- doctors out of network they can wait there fees. It didn't want to do. But -- -- network replied you know on the assurances. Cannot wait those disease it's at its contract with an insurance company that's that's problem. So what anyway let's get back to that the science so what real reason so let's just aren't doctors they're doing so well. Genetic -- to promote drugs. Are you aware that those guys. -- see that there's there's and and it recommends. I'll hold handled differently -- execution of border. Or because a different. Genetic. In -- changes in your liver. -- that -- he was -- circulated it's important asset our people that are on our pharmacy. Especially here on not chronic pain therapy. That's that's the main reason why most people little beat screenings for that although it's appropriate to do with anybody we actually got approached by companies do that. I just couldn't figure out. What we're which states that -- practice the only real -- have done it because I thought it was a great idea. I couldn't figure out. Which person would be the right on the screens that lets you know and you know try to avoid drugs universalist point by -- to screen for -- you know certain drugs. It's chronic pain people with the logical choice -- -- those folks exceptional. They they can't afford insurance also can't afford it in a number of different. Reasons but I mean it's just. It's hard for those votes to afford you know those types of testing as I'd like to -- an Oscar -- -- several thousand dollar and yeah it's at least. But it sure she's covered for a lot of them. Is just think that. We were gonna gruesome or graphic as one of the things route to -- carpentry so we'll we'll let you know. -- if you aren't usually ten minutes west of doctors talked about the have been doing for law. And you can ask him to another -- was cartons of politics and I want to back to the. The baby formulas a look upon line in the -- Gerber good start has DH day. And it it's not it's not -- bigotry duels from fish but it's. Him out -- oil -- -- -- a LP and that's what they say is a source that -- comic acid in the world is coach Tina. A CO -- and our ideal never heard it noticing that they're saying there's teaches and sources in in there. Gerber in Gerber but it's actually the -- were gentle. Decker gives -- general and what they have let's -- protein purchases just -- So the how much of -- -- -- yeah zero as far as legacy that's what -- I mean it has now does have Alexis. But I mean I don't see any type if I mean I could be wrong on this on our arms treaty through a big list I'm not saying it's natural spot. But -- mean. It looks like they're trying to be as natural possible that is. Saw arm and try to be as balanced as possible to deceive or don't this -- -- promoted because I'm not a goat beard. A lot of true pediatricians do a lot of he's a little safer with us that's manipulation. And natural therapies not. These types of things. Should we take Kubrick -- There's -- cordless -- or take a break into more toward production cycling. And -- -- desperately. A wave of people -- the government to save money right. And Iraq you know thing is. FS with personal -- -- -- We have to study. This news Hollywood that do for a couple of hours but we can't. A story -- the second -- you guys. Let's take a break him by the way don't call it. Renato Turkey's seventy about 123 and overseas that it will be revenue. -- is coming up after these messages on talk thirteen seventy. -- Then again. Welcome back to let's get healthy with bills whale -- all thirteen seventy. This -- us damage to. Spoil much. We're just talking during the break. Doctor Rogers William Rogers we're talking -- or OG&E RS. Quote I'm a fan of yours -- We're just talking issue wrote a book yes. Wanted. You know I'm I'm I'm concerned because what's happened with. What what I've seen jam journal America about association and are losers. The reason we have to have this massive change in health care of and they are changing. The doctor patient relationship which basically been the same for the last 300 years. Now others inserting an electronic medical record and doctors becoming part of a team. And there there just falls to these different protocols. They're gonna after record all this data which is. Governor makes you don't have control. And that never happened before there was we've taken note for patient confidentiality. And and and a and a lot that's been already eroded because of drug companies. I mean that the interest companies have a proxy record if they're paying the bill only if a law. If really did help -- privacy it is just took away the rights to talk to family members. But the government and insurance companies gain full lives to you or is right lost. And so now receiving getting worse under the new obamacare law where there. Air strikes are computers were all all the agencies of the government. There's so. And and they're blaming the this big change in Madison. Because we spend more on massive than any other country. But our outcome isn't that correct. You know but but the book -- -- would have to do with the fact that they took saturated food out of our -- back in the eighties. And put in margarine and Crisco. I -- and then once they found out that trans fatty acids were causing. Significant number of heart attacks strokes and bad health. Then they they left saturated fat and then they added and that's or almost sure. And so and -- Artificial sweeteners. And so help those in but it's now. Have artificial sweetener or conflict scorcher for they have vegetables. Good -- was actually there is no criminal plant there was rapeseed plant it was genetically modified and groaning candidate so they caught. No oil Canadian oil. And when it stripped integration gets -- trans fat problems. Who is not is not really help. Like coconut oil and butter and and extra virgin all of or good so so it in other words the help of our country has gone down hill not because. We're practicing bad medicine is because of some public health issues such as the bacteria. Recommendations. And then also they give vaccines to babies for hepatitis B. When the mother doesn't have -- Caspian in the community wears off by age twelve of fourteen and epic shots again. So you know there's I act I still have never been able to figure out why they give -- -- us -- the mothers have -- negative. Right except the vaccine was available may decide to start giving. But it -- anything the united sisters other folks and families that are Asian descent. That there can deal -- slightly higher risk. Problem quite -- Cecil Pina says -- did recommend the hepatitis B shot for us we still it didn't because I didn't think it was enough of a risk. You know how is hepatitis B transfer our blog right. Pride and you know but by a sore you know or or sexual contact well. You know you gotta have that has circle contact when you're being leader -- -- -- wait until hopefully when you're an adult -- even if it is beat -- so if you're gonna have that type of thing be. Presented to you wanna wait until there is such a mystery fully functional doing well. In media scene but it I mean. Do at all actually took that test the vaccine uses that are available because I was deliver our bases talent a lot of blood on man. I cuts in capacity as a horrible you know I don't wanna have that currently -- still don't understand by these and win. My grandson knows more -- because we used port Richey hospital and we told me that constituted won't have a place as well yeah that's we. You know if you use it capacity they would understand that's not that important. But one of the first order put on the chart ones anyway don't go there there hammering all of these vaccines in our society which have pageant which. Mean cause autoimmune problems and -- other all. They do have some purpose but they also have so. Possibly detrimental outcomes and until an adequate studies done. I guess a control group we don't really know what they did. And our -- is held as a nation is going down because and they genetically model -- foods which. Other countries don't allow that happens so this. This week we talked about weak dollar reform this dwarf wheat plant this game at all exclude Realogy. Wiggled free diets that are recommended now. It's like there was a cardiologist that took the nation's awful week and their cholesterol went down there. But certainly down their weight went down their blood pressure went down you know he had huge impact just by taken off this genetically modified food. So there are planning to help of the country on. Are not practicing adequate medicine that we need to have bureaucrats tell us how to practice medicine. Verses -- these public health measures so I probably will write a book so I appreciate you. Know -- are urging me -- Where you're so knowledgeable at all oh well all these subjects that you could put it altogether a different forms that the people of and it executed -- good job at helping somebody out there are you gonna do is to have the votes for -- health care vote for the lobbyists. Obviously when I don't vote for those people that are running and right rotted right deride Israel. The lobbyists but I don't want lobbyists that is our fruits or is mark commentator. Expulsion so he was he was chosen. O -- Obama to be. Preference are in and so so he has -- -- power and you've seen what's happened to our food system with him in control. I know Kim -- -- they stay up past the Monsanto protection act in congress were beautiful court says you shouldn't eat. You know tonight but that is because you know -- find that might be detrimental space they don't have to pay attention to you know I can go ahead kids brought it. Right right is no constitutional shorter witness against. But the but the vaccine. Far. Message subject we can talk about we've talked about that too but the vaccine. For all this corruption is corruption is what it is. Is transparency. And so if we look forward to rat out people and it -- -- in which are listening to folks is is something you won't hear. Even talks even though there are their more. In -- -- was going to -- -- -- they lose a lot of money there's -- -- drug company -- is with us. And -- Yeah that's that's that brings up that noxious -- story we're -- cycling. Was thirty dollars for 500 pills and with a 2000 dollar to balance those it never got in the vision that government. Protected the drug companies sent out there was a shortage. You know. So it's been over a year in the -- should have disappeared but prices still. So what just shortage it was a purposeful increase which -- Costa health -- Tremendously and you know the it was a Republican Party I guess that went ahead under George W. Bush. And so that that you couldn't get drugs from other countries to bring them in the United States to compete. Against the drug prices and you were allowed to negotiate price of the drug. Medicare were not allowed to negotiate prices drugs and whatever the drug companies said Acosta is what we have today. And so. You know they have special protection. And and the drug companies have a immunity from litigation for vaccine injuries. Which is unheard of anywhere else. You know so they did that were they did that floor. What they call it. Security. Summer national the bench because when needed vaccine education or some. Major -- -- vaccine companies are gonna pull out of the United States and lesser granted immunity from litigation. And so they granted him immunity so. What are chapters would be -- -- you should avoid. In the agricultural product to get subsidies. Like porn. Like sugar. And tobacco for just 93. Whether it -- subsidize tobacco. And yet the FDA you allow people Nelson new world tobacco -- there are pictures of people with -- -- goes and who knows why are black or so yeah right. So why us market is subsidized product that would now we know there's no question that the interest lies. -- America he lied about it and so we keep subsidizing. This is Donovan. You know. It has very little to do. -- got a Croatian tobacco in his backyard and he got busted by the ATF. Tobacco and firearms. Because. He is growing tobacco. Without adequate license. Up. Until they don't have wrote back I didn't know that. Well he didn't he didn't he should've gotten subsidies and that'd be illegal and I'm not I'm. And then I'd actual product but it's if you think about it all these all these vegetables and these subsidies. You know they're they're the ones are on the list not to much you eat -- avoid. And so -- that -- Bigger chapter for use only things that will have to write the book conduct go to a doctor freedom and he's he's he can help I'll albeit editor notes that. And education news is so valuable and you know you'd agree -- some talk you go to a lot of you got a lot of used a lot time on your own to go to a lot of CE courses -- courses what you learn. Right yeah I -- I try to get all my credit and nutrition conferences in my anti aging Cox's mind. Medical conferences and then I go. Out and took on line classes for public help. For sure cheers and saw trident because I'm Jewish I don't know why I like to. Or well opt opt out your humble and out of soldiers he spends over 60000 dollars. On education with its -- -- whole bunch of other things that you know doctors like me haven't done nearly as much. That's an idea I think that's just amazing that's why you're so knowledgeable. You know you're here -- out of respect for freedom has got a wonderful practitioners. And -- you have -- Mike -- is likely. And like -- and he you know he has a very broad practice C east is progressive and those are places. That I haven't incorporated yet which should. Well the. I taught myself in a rally of medicine Vick is I get it from both sides. All the people are so alternative called me you know not all sort of enough. And the folks that are released straight ahead medical colleague the Q were the -- work. You know it doesn't happen very often but I mean it's -- fear. You know right in the middle I mean I'm obviously right in the middle of this news and issues because I'm not totally -- sex scenes. And I'm not totally infect them not really for them but I'm not only totally against either so hearing in -- middle. In some of these other issues you know I mean I'm very much for nutrition. But there's also some really. People that aren't doing good nutrition advice either so it's hard to say -- all nutritionist surrogate says it. Yes Florida has sent prices to. Two. The American dot diabetic association is diet. Mr. Is starches and sugars and and we should -- the Mossad waited so. Those patients are told the check sugar off and if you are yours to. -- -- -- medicine you know don't don't cheat yourself out of being a potato or your pancakes and waffles are gonna put us. That you can take care of what that's like sugar will give you drugs or death and that's one reason I quit the hospital because they were. They're gonna give IV. Regular -- -- to patients whose butcher worst type two and -- about 200 right. This dedicated their diet and take them off of stark picture they were gonna keep giving them. A lot of charge picture and then give them an ivy what's. Insulin which can cause sudden -- looked like civic reactions and have bad facts. So I just I couldn't at the time -- dietitian that was on. Waiting to change the diet because that's where you strain and that's what -- -- American diabetic association recommended. And now that he's a school board member of the cities -- -- -- talking music you know back you're right we should. We should change or die at all -- stark picture. The -- alive that. And the school diets. You know I try to change school died here and counted. They can't be changed except by an act of congress use. The federal large programs can only be changed by congress. It really you don't know that. Well I I just thought of another thing for your book is to know what your doctor doesn't tell you about nutrition all this. When she went down about which a lobbyist Tony. About health and in doha father mr. director of health care system. In one of the problems I think. In this transparency things is we even free doctor for -- loss in his doctor's note our medical doctors are trying to give it to him. It's ahead of time talked -- But -- a profit of documentation. Consistent component for patience that you don't. That oral medication we see that pharmacies you know you know legislation about those people Staten drugs -- -- in and the emotional problems go away. The side effects of drugs are usually causes of -- nutrition depletion -- the medication. So we'll get people to start taking medication. I'm -- you know nutritional. With their with their drugs and the -- -- On my. -- patients are Scott started selling nutritional in my practice because outside of the store and they get a low quality one -- they would get an official effectively. But that's impression I could keep him from me and I used -- action. They would and they were they would have a benefit and it would go buy out less expensive wanted to store. And it would. They're receptive to come back they come back about from me again so. So it is not good nutritional product -- work they're not absorbed they're not gonna work on exactly. You know if you can't assimilated in your body they're not effective. They're not but not why don't like former rock worked so so a lot of people think taking my sister bought. Fit fish -- at Sam's and you know thousand capsules in the spotlight gets in her pantry. You know what -- opened it up and almost knocked me out in the right. It's gonna France's so you need to buy quality products and appropriate size containers. Especially on visuals that can go arranging these people refrigerated them you know so. Well one thing -- recommend is bit if you can't. Tested by spelling is bind to your capsule. Bite into it and see if that's Branson because. One of the companies that deal with the selector. But into the capsule not to tip today and -- are at the recommendation of the of the rap. And I couldn't taste it it to states that almost -- the vitamin. In -- vitamin. Was that your sister does have to the -- Victories -- official yet. What you have -- those two research companies so so they can do racers that look at replacement that in researching right. Michigan myself because that's what they like. I. And there's a player -- when she played for -- them right there. I'd hate and by the way and freelance. Used to do a lot of reserves and it was certified -- by the -- -- circled on medications of the if he's he's really pretty. Knowledgeable on most. Drug drug interactions nationalist. Look at that didn't -- amateur pharmacists right like to say he's so bill taught me something today about schedule ones that it now. And he's a real pharmacist -- immature pharmacist -- Getting clinical research -- hadn't read understand. That'll the FDA process which is horribly. Expensive. My lord just get a drug markets a billion dollars in that the generic companies can. You know scam on the island NIC duel for millions of dollars in I have to go to the process of going from chemical oil appointees whose. Preclinical -- Percent of human studies and then you know it does all that -- horror corporal alimony and we wonder what drugs cost so much but you know I did. That are ninety. You -- -- this bill let me ask you this is. Is it true that the like the FDIA doesn't isn't budget any money from the government they get all their money from fees that they charge. The drug companies. Cities studied drugs. This is what I hear now there's 111000 people in the -- So that that he lots of money. And so -- they're coming after. A company first is because that's what did you compete well late date they do -- -- -- pharmacist. Because about political problems the drug companies don't like that particularly -- money. You know we don't we don't fill prescriptions for program. I don't think ever now because the study so I think we have this is what I hear and and who knows don't read their mail and let me read their mail. But I will say that you're exactly right this is what I hear. And probably probably that they. On our state board to prison in defiance most like to control -- -- -- can keep it going -- -- artistic -- a -- the FDA. Itself so I think that you're exactly right they need to offer that too and they need to cut out the inning India. The drug companies supporting. The FDA because they determine what's what's. Was out there. And I mentioned earlier about. The soda companies now putting -- -- returns. Was some sort of company pay a lot of money to allow them. Published ticket they paid them to allow the production as Britain. And put that in in -- -- soft drinks. Publishers at worst worst. And effort Roseville and all this involves humans and other -- I think that's true causes river. So that's dozen -- us why you need. That you. I. Have some -- put put lobbyist in your title. Which a lobbyist isn't it about what -- -- In the document if we all document which would save the government. Which was saving the company's. Right now. -- well these other. Or you gotta go to object okay -- ago OK sorry we took so long we just we gotta give you two hours ago. Okay bill I know. So no problem no problem thanks for being on the show are OK okay. I wouldn't take a break here and we will be back in. Couple minutes. Right. State to Europe. Laura let's get healthy is coming up after these messages on tall thirteen seventy. Welcome back to let's get healthy with bills -- on talk thirteen seventy. -- and song. As -- That's exactly the beat the cardiovascular. Problems in the CPR credit -- he just did that beat up. -- -- -- -- That's exactly what it's supposed to do. So which you do is when you have a patient. If you put them back in your head or doing. Even she. You. Well when doctors -- freedom we leave here. There's a couple things about your practice. You know you get pregnant issues that people -- student gets a chance OK you know are actors. Yeah we have a rusty fire cracker in our analysts TI -- does the -- physical therapy. It doesn't do manipulation like -- World -- -- does. But it's amazing tech -- issues they're these boats mainly athletic injuries but he can use the taxes. -- problems was gullible origin. And I used it a couple of times and for -- -- over BitTorrent to treatments. The -- of motion in my pain actually kept -- but I. -- -- -- it gets more trees I didn't do so that's one points but very very cute. Four but ankle injuries like that that's that famous. -- think that they done -- -- BA basketball players begin practice for you for swollen ankle that's not true ligament injury. Now back to playing the next day I mean that's that's how amazing roster is this over -- years. And that's -- -- or. Chiropractors does and I actually do I asked about the manipulation which is similar chiropractic so -- bags. Also do prescriptions for it if it's necessary for most licenses there that type of this success that he pork. Syria regards. Thirteen reduce allergy treatment or testing and treatment. News contesting those rules shots. Discipline will eventually that we -- doing that yet. But we do that through companies that -- that down services who does. Has -- text that's specially trained for testing. And is under -- right across offer Maria she's. An actress allergy issues. And where you can -- lately I went 226372. Rotations yet so it's one stop shopping -- We try to beat. Where your reputation. I was saying. Very careful we got a couple as well. Just from my people. Friday is on Tuesday. Get organic strawberries. For your lover. Our carrier to. Delivered to somebody you respect his selections. And trip for yourself. Reward yourself. Myself from doing good or -- self. If you talk yourself that's not a commitment that putt but the strong organic is so delicious and they're so good for you. And I heard yours ago that there were some people -- California. There were putting a -- irrigation water. House unless evident today if there that you would know about it. Because in organic strawberries they can do that. And organic they can't go do that. And the taste is really good this morning show issues and their part of the dirty does. As for spreading so you wanna glacier user cannot modeling and maybe some -- times during the you know what -- you deal if you want to strawberry which is to. Also but don't bug in -- While running beats walking for breast cancer survivors exercises they just -- interest of our live longer infectious it's. -- as captured the interest in Houston women's health. -- -- Elections as walking this way there's great sort of get out of where we -- -- the site to cover -- government's -- If you don't know anything about. Offenses. Original testing room talk about that next week. Bipolar patients -- -- -- psychiatric minutes and attempts which YouTube but that. -- -- therapy -- what they recommend. If you don't controlled -- to -- control. You the solo -- which control. Option that of excellence does does that matter. Which you -- you -- it until you fully control this after the show Phil -- I can tell because -- So people your control. And remember that if you. If you care people with love you you're treated the person that you were -- and yourself capsule stuff that's -- -- bless you all for listening thank you doctor -- -- that well but I have a great weekend and enjoy the weather let's which. Tune in next week for another edition -- let's get healthy with the bills whale pod and saw. Thirteen seventy.