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Real Estate Radio Austin with Steakley & Stubbs, 2/2/14

Feb 2, 2014|

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You're listening to real estate radio Austin would stay -- and stuff on talk thirteen seventy. Now live in studio when -- -- local real estate and finance experts state -- stuff it's. Good afternoon Austin, Texas and welcome to real estate radio with stately in -- It's the most important hour of your radio every Sunday right here on talk thirteen seventy for fortified PM. Our goal as always is to empower our listeners by educating about every aspect of your next real estate transaction. I am your host Stephen stately. By MLS number is 274124. I'm a loan originators and bring its Manger with the Texas team. At supreme living on a mortgage guy. -- sit here with my friend my co host our director of sales and marketing this huge racist. Those nerves haven't had a case doing great hello Austin campus Sunday to the Brooklyn -- -- -- I'm I'm excited I don't know why I'm such a good -- I don't either needs to tell what happened this morning and well and what just happened Smart. For don't have this morning usually it is really two reasons why guys immediately yes how within donate some that are really give an -- -- you know it is an act. -- maybe it's a trip vital trip coming up lets us you know -- around on the side of Annie get out of here a little bit leaving tomorrow leaving tomorrow villains you know -- -- fly into Denver. Red rocks is a beautiful place spoke Austin's own ghostly observatory will have their last show ever there who love them it's -- -- be great -- -- it's zero wind. -- his stuff how I was outlet whatsoever well I think they're they're short work on other projects I'll talk about how the bloody today. It actually. Up got somebody in the industry to every number reach out to find out there trying to get the state ins and outs of what they're doing but I think it is bridge I'll do another project to me just two guys. So I'm sure you know there to Prague may go hard each other or plug there but there but the thing is they're they're getting big I mean there's still -- still can -- expand Jamaican gazillion dollars because there independent label I mean they -- not done everything themselves a minute we'll have actually heard one of their songs intro unlike in CIS. -- at the TV -- just I was like wait a second that's -- miserable always. And and it's funny to hear you look at -- it was got -- rock stars and I think that -- singer -- lives in my circle seeks to you know just. And a neighborhood that you -- you wouldn't think you know you live there but I guess I'm guessing that he's conservative fifth. And it rocks are limited circle C block. -- That it. Look at all of us at wolf you know where -- role in Carolina February path and the only reason there's some other shows that. March isn't this kind of a big month for -- it is millions Stubbs we both participate on a nonprofit not a one C three yes fundraising event that happens once a year out here the Austin rodeo rodeo Australia -- on -- Our. It's the barbecue cook often that it nobody's ever been out the barbecue -- -- and yet about sent about fifty teams. Paying thousands of dollars a piece to get out there and inner and all the brisket and chicken and sausage in the ribs and beans and all the different type competitions they have -- -- This is our 25 year yes our team name is so a lot paucity death with a lot posse to kicking team. You can find us and -- to be divvied out law. Saw LA PK. It's a media icon like parts of the Ada dot com likely to second -- I always I don't spelled as -- -- -- that affect gas tax credit that's the posse to dot org as were a 503 assets of basically and my dad. Dance stately bill Bentonville archer -- and didn't. But today kitty Dryden accidents of huge real estate tycoons from the eighty's and ninety's these guys started this team back in 1990. And I -- my buddies grown out there has seen a sixteen year old holds on around and around and actually getting cooler president of beer. Tool. Data that -- course -- ten years later as we became in adults with jobs we've we kind of took team over. And this is our 25. Year 25 rodeo you're really good at this summit also impressed last year lectures my first year to be involved. A Hamas showed up in -- and what an amazing group these people are passionate about it. Organized and am making cuts and could brisket well hundred year. 25 years in we've raised about 780000. Dollars it is just our barbecue -- now. And this -- the whole rodeo in the whole rodeos trees millions suck but where the money guess it goes to by the start Texas. Scholarship fund which is something that was set up probably. -- eleven years ago. And every year they put about thirty or forty. Texas agricultural kids. You through college on scholarship it's awesome so all of those -- kids. You know we we we the big tent yeah we serve -- barbecue and beer literally from sunup till Sunday barbecue beer and -- it's. Dry rotted out at all or take it this is tip jars we get ones and fives in twenties go in that tip jars and every dollar. It goes into these tip -- goes to a scholarship fund they tally everything up at the end of the week in and hopefully. Which we've done 2325. Years up possibly to wins top fund -- and that's why we're out there we went top fund raiser and were placing him Briscoe were place and I'll show ahead I mean these boys will collapse of ringers in the air. You could brisket we want first place Christian last year. But we did with top fundraisers Celeste are we done it about 45 -- and our goal this year for our 25 anniversaries can be fifty to 2000 which shall put you over the 800000 dollar mark it will fare for 25 years -- -- -- Stephen Drew a lot of money. It's not a big men the second highest team out there is Dixon across the the 400000 marks and words were way ahead of the pack. This probably gonna be our biggest year ever Alston rodeo he doesn't come cius -- possibly to dot org you can find it in Google if you wanna make a donation. Log in there you can do PayPal donation there's a bronze silver gold platinum sponsorships anywhere from 215 to 20000. Out. And it's really great cause even if you can't afford to donate come out and CES. We're gonna have like music Friday and Saturday night march 7 EM AT and and you come out all the Barbara key wanna eat for a few bucks in the tip -- all the -- injury for a few bucks in the tip jar drinks are -- to militants have we'd love to meet shifts. So poke your head in there ask for stay clear -- and I'm -- -- my points in the right direction I'd love to have you -- if you got to if you're local company in -- you wanna get involved with fellow corporate sponsorship. You know a big get title sponsor will guarantee a banner outside there and you know 100000 people go out to the Rodeo Drive so it's it's good marketing people see your name out there as a sponsor that you're doing good in the community it's. It's really great all the way around and it's often he would have a team goes on us yeah. We haven't Tito's sponsorship did Kelly -- we have it easy to heal the sponsorship agreements it's going to be great locals Austin. Tequila local laws and vodka. Beer bands. But more brisket barbecue -- mr. -- -- -- Again march 7 the day today. -- the seventh as -- Friday you know we'll start servitude around one that Friday and will the party will go until about 1 in the morning and that bouncy as Friday or Saturday march 7 or eighth. Yes while we are on the topic of love given back to your community which -- -- as if you're looking. Sit to do this -- and we -- few sponsors of of -- -- just get involved do -- do something give something back we say it almost every show. The texting the supreme lending is now officially. Sponsor and a supporter of the wounded warriors project. And -- am excited about that makes me feel good -- contact with them on trying to get a wounded warrior out and and put him on the fishing boat run amount -- belt and her or her war ever. And up and get them out they're so if you guys would get involved with manure project. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah reach out to us on the web if you just -- email don't wanna have a conversation. Www. Real estate radio atx the -- Maggie let's let's take a quick -- second you know we couldn't do the show every week if we didn't have our sponsors we are blessed to have our sponsors. Great local businesses. I'd like to -- Iran -- hero the CEO of the real state radio network there affiliate Tennessee Diego -- -- -- Bob -- great local insurance guy with goose has insurance. Police then Tiffany were there with the patent law firm our favorite title company and town. One of them asked most most efficient. And friendliest places to close our next home purchase that. Mr. Sam knocked in with Texas best credit repair and of course JT hasty with Wesley car -- and your house need a little facelift your fix -- put on the market called JT at Wesley power -- you can find all these guys on our website. We did we Debbie got real estate radio atx. Knockout. Well we gets we can actually started we doing I don't go until that when we get started we would like to do -- Like to do this little segment it's certainly be a big hit we're actually started a lot of phone calls were selling houses were selling house says we're gonna a lot of phone calls from realtors were getting traction from all of you listening out there. And if you have a listen the show before. Or fiction and go to the secret world of pocket listings are all right and no you know out of pocket listing is basically it's a house. It has not on the market yet it is not didn't beat -- system. The only person that knows that this house is going on the market is that namely that -- on it yet the realtor who's six and Lyndon. Us. And now. Our listeners. So feels blessed that your list of this show I think it's important to talk about just real quickly is that the benefits of the pocket listing and the the benefits are when you have a home that is not yet on the market. Know what just look at that so all these multiple offer situations you guys if you're about to get the market you have heard multiple offer situations get ready is there and Condo circle C. North east south west all the every neighborhood you're reasonable I ran into it twice yesterday to two contracts one had four offers in front of our. The other one had five. And these are all most of these offers are over full price and so. Populist -- is a way for you to possibly get information on a house. Before it hits the market before all these and their families -- -- Freddie and this is something special. It's really important -- Well hold on we're gonna we're gonna have to do a little little -- Let's let's take a quick break we come back from the break we're gonna tell you. The addresses in the realtors -- his pocket listings you won't want to miss this stay tuned -- -- did you know that insurance is the second leading expense in the economy and health insurance rates and rising at a record pace in property tax going up and and home insurance rates increasing 30% year over year people are fed up and shrewd choice on your auto and home insurance with a guy waving hello morning -- off tonight. Who's at insurance. -- it will -- you rate stood dozens of carriers to fight the best rates which -- home and auto for a true choice call god women had five point 26914086. That's five point 206 and 14080. Six. Buying and refinancing a property is stressful so why had a stress filled closing in on top of that. Here it patent law firm and our goal is to provide a smooth stress free closing for you. We take a country club attitude towards servants we raise the bar and all facets of the title industry we have multiple locations throughout Texas Spanish speaking in escrow officers and are available after hours on weekends and during holidays and visit PL FTC dot com for info patent law -- raising the bar for closing services. You're listening to real estate radio Austin when -- glanced -- on -- thirteen seventy. Now might -- in studio fewer post local real estate and finance experts -- and stuff it's. Welcome back Austin, Texas you listen to real state radio with stately in Stubbs -- -- always reach us on -- off their hotline. 51291988. -- find us on the web at real estate radial atx the outcome. I donated to. Pocket listings and again yes folks low inventory market right pocket listings mean these houses have not hit the market yet this is an opportunity for you to see something before it hits the market so. Listen up yes sites that's what we got our. -- first on the list if you look at from a Georgetown this home is in about the medals at Georgetown. It's it's over 2300 square feet it's a four bedroom three bath wonderful family home perfect for entertaining -- guest room. A full -- separate from the other three bedrooms. Two spacious living areas. An oversized stuff covered porch all recovery -- corner lot. Also. It'll be listed by Connie here and with century 21 HSK & Associates one nice one into the. Endorsed him. I the next one the Allendale hot a hot man dale -- -- I was six contracts novel idea -- that's kind of becoming midtown -- it's it's. Now there's really nothing downtown Syverson -- yeah talk about and that's right. But Alan hill area between 100 -- bridge. It's 2200 square feet it's a 32. Got mature pecan trees you don't see mature -- turns out in the suburbs and her right. -- sides brick it's a quarter a lot. It's gonna come on the market about 399000. It's gonna be listed by John -- -- with the Riley realtors one of our our rates realistic companies here in town. And what are we addicts can and it's news man. A block and see it from here the downtown Condo. The 360. Love building now -- sweet see you run out the window this is a unit forty. 305. In this is you ready to the penthouse it's gonna be cheap. Effective fourteen. Foot ceilings of viking appliances relief -- -- cuteness. Custom everything I mean course you imagine custom sound. Flooring the lighting 24 hour concierge service is home is loaded yet. Price you ready to give it to me one point eight mil. Chump change someone just Ratajczak -- and -- that Denise -- -- over their realty Austin Bob and -- issues she's listen this property. So if you're looking downtown area 360 building we've got this one for -- and we've got another one. Yeah we do all right in the 360 again. It's a two bedroom recently converted to a large 1000 square foot one bedroom got to parking spaces one storage space. All the modern upgrades wood floors throughout custom closets custom bedroom enclosures. Additional storage an upgraded appliances in the hill country views takes center stage on the 31 -- floor of this Condo project. It's gonna be coming in right and about 505000. Again this one is also Denise bodman realty Austin to one of our favorite real estate companies here in doubt we'll see -- great folks have been there what else we -- there are. Right downtown condos. You're looking to you move in the downtown area. You know finding something new and in the low -- is is almost it's getting difficult find anything is difficult anyway anyway yeah Brian -- on the show out in December tell us how they're like 52 listings total. Downtown right no doubt it's nothing so this -- -- -- downtown it's the brass -- place. It's a one bedroom one bath. 832 square feet I mean that's a decent size for one better. It's on eight foresee got a great view a full service cuts year LA parking fitness center rooftop -- have been -- -- is gorgeous you've got to storage and it's a loft style Condo. With concrete floor six exposed ductwork spacious room. In -- got a balcony with -- view. The price point is going to be 309000. -- -- that's that's a fantastic cap price points out to be downtown and Denise bodman again realty Austin do you guys want to. Any more information on any of these. You can give us a call 51291988. -- If you are out there in your thinking about putting your home on the market give us a call we'd love to get your house on their tour you could potentially. So your house. We love to help you out. Or so before leaving goes -- -- -- -- don't include on the market and let us some of fortieth right. A native dvd content with the need these agents out there again reach out to this 512900. 1988 fight -- on the web reel stay radial atx dot com you can email us through the website will send you over the contact information for the listing agents. Rag on us. Exec that this is that what he had pain it's it's a segment that's near and dear to me is at its heart we know -- -- -- about this. Mortgages mortgage matters. Mortgages do better and you don't -- steps such in this industry it's kind of important. I LSU got a ton of money in the -- Jack even if you do that kind of money in the bank you might wanna keep it there in the market for less fudge we will finance that you donate more. Yeah we've -- -- that all the authority can learn a lot more the stock market and your dividends a lot of times that he can get a for a half percent interest -- -- -- money come -- cheap money. Well I moral mortgage matters and of course I mean stubs -- mortgage guys signed the Texas team it's pretty lending yes so basically at a rate that date itself from last week rates are still holding. You know the the economy grew at a mere 3.2 percent in the fourth quarter which was less than economists predicted walk off as the fourth quarter is typically the strongest due to holiday shopping seasonal hiring so what that means it is. All of us they say that the shopping season the United States is literally the biggest portion is between like November the fifteenth and December 25 -- the -- -- -- That's when 980% of the retail sales happen. So it says they're expecting you know this huge fourth quarter to kind of save everything it just came in pan -- -- you know and it's not not impressive at all out. And we heard rumblings that a Wall Street that this was gonna happen you know back in early January when they were just starting to get an idea -- the sales weren't. And here it is. You know it's it's still not enough for the Fed not to cut their tapering which is always the big a big talking here this week the Fed decided do another ten billion. Which I think is great. We always started off with a 85 billion a month and a mortgage backed securities and bonds that they were purchasing. A few months ago they dropped it down to 75 billion in this week this either gonna taper another ten billion. So we're still gonna have 65 billion dollars a month in printed honey I mortgage backed securities to keep these interest rates down. The near future but again you appeared on the show every week. As the tapering continues rates are gonna go up we still predict interest rates act. Or above 5% by the end of the first quarter hurting -- plus percent don't panic there's nothing you can do now it's just a natural progression when they start pull in the money away. Private money has to come the end and the only way for private money to come in as if the rates offer better yield -- have to be higher. All right so are Freddie Mac averages and again we give -- Freddie Mac averages because we can't quote. Eight PR lawyer in the Freddie Mac overnight averages your conventional thirty year fix this week still hovered around or point 375%. Your fifteen year fixed about three and a half percent to ten year fixed for those of you you know 45 to sixty years old may be buying your. Your last how's the when you wanna grow old and the tenure fix this in the about 3.3 75 -- is still almost free money out at that point if you can afford a ten year mortgage. Do it yeah I mean if you're 45 UT your mortgage the house is paid off a 55 you retire at 65. I mean it's if you can -- Kenneth I mean if you can afford a fifteen take a peek at ten. We should are you advising people lock right now lighter -- sure I am I am I know we we've been an up. Kind of a downturn hockey here in the last week and a half let. Things this week is stabilized. Here we haven't seen any thing well we actually ticked up just to hear from last week that the ski area in maybe year. I need to the discount points and the like that. That's -- a little bit higher but we're still we advise people locked. Because if rates go up. But nothing he can do. But -- the Texas team that supreme lending if you lock in and rates go down a quarter of a percent. We floated down. You know problems no question no there are locked we just -- it's part of the customer service package that we offer. At the Texas team its -- lending. If you need a home -- give us a -- five point 2990. -- 88 so back to the rates just finished up on the interest rates. FHA USB ABA all your different products. Still hovering around -- a quarter percent. You're Jumbo loans which is any loan over 4171000. Covering about born half percent so still. Really low folks guessed it if you think you missed the boat last summer you know when we saw the 3.3 -- in the three point fives on a thirty year fixed conventional. You did. But let's take -- net none of us have -- at all but you're deal we bid if if we did we'd all be rich. So it's still still it's time for -- four and a half. When I when I got in this business rates were seven and -- -- you know the average rates in the twelve years -- been doing this for six and a half assist in the last two years which he rates under five. -- in there and take arena site there is nothing wrong with that too that that's that's an interest rate you wanna keep for a long time a product he'd be in that house longer than you want to because your rates who though. You know I think that these ultra low rates are gonna cause people to. Just -- the average homeowner stays in their house for five to seven years I think this could push things to like seven to -- enough that because good husband or wife is in their thinking. Well -- three and a half I think when you stay -- -- -- her let's let's just. At all yeah absolutely are at Austin for others you just tune in and we're the experts and everything -- state mortgage investment. Homes condos. You wanna purchase a home refinance a home. New home equity wanna pull pay off some -- -- and purchases were all things rural state we are your realistic concierge so if you guys want to reach out to us and asked -- eight have a question or you can text us that number -- 51291988. That's rat all right guys we're gonna take a short time out. We're gonna know be talking to Stephen -- with new -- look caters after the break it down a little bit after that we're going to be talking some investment tips for us is there any real estate investors out there. You won't want to miss this stated. Being denied a home loan can be devastating to you your future and your family. Don't go and getting a mortgage alone talked to a success is best credit repair and build a realistic roadmap. We can improve your credit score by 100 points in just 45 days whether you've been declined a little for a first time home -- we have the knowledge and tools to help you get approved. Call us at 51230. Wait 6004. At Texas best credit repair dot com. Texas best credit repair local service delivering real -- results. Did you know that insurance is the second leading expense in the economy and with health insurance rates and rising at a record pace in property tax going up and home insurance rates increasing to 30% a year over year people are fed up and shrewd choice on your auto and home insurance with a guy waving hello morning -- off tonight. Who's at insurance. Goosen will -- -- rate stood dozens of carriers don't fight the best rates -- go home and auto for a true choice call -- women had five point 26914086. That's five point 206 and 14086. You're listening to a real state radio off to. -- 57. And welcome back Austin, Texas listen to -- state radio was basically in steps. River you can always -- -- right here at 512990. Aviator. Find us on the web -- real estate radial atx the outcome guys in segment three. And do we we've had a few weeks off without having any expert realtors on the show -- but I'm excited. When he fourteen our first expert of the year -- sure I could do we have with us today. We you've got Stephen Scott with. New home looking years Stephen Mann thinks we'll show you do today Hostin thanks for having me guys I appreciate -- you bet you bet so. Got to drop their out just drive around and you you or they can about purchasing a home on. That Stephen is not met with him several times he's an expert new homes. He works well new homebuyers. Stephen understandably specializing in in first time homebuyers and what areas are you -- and -- are focused on central Texas. And also in Houston as well I was kind of like you guys I was any bogus blanket first look at the source start off in the mortgage industry. And dom you got the kind of like we're gonna use and now he's woo woo -- Karl. Loan offices and bankers look like you got offensive -- okay yeah. -- -- need -- -- out there but they don't get any glory you know -- some comes pushed this -- -- cholera -- state days in our east see the real estate agents coming in don't have like file papers and a file I have like a whole. You know. It's near you brought it there and it is hitting everybody expected guerilla data because he's delighted that found that house but you don't you think it allows you the most important -- -- And I admit I like this again. -- I had a doctor just gets credit for the first time ever. Here's where we're usually pays for injuries to pay -- -- -- you know that's and and we think is that a compliment from the top of the food chain we we we don't really didn't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I was with in Italy mortgage at the time I started with a I start with a brokered. And we're about to go under so he'd be brainstorm with interlinked they had twelve well correspondent banks -- it. Predominately in the Houston area there's one -- I think they're still here in Austin. They're about twelve to thirteen. They were don't sixty million. -- -- It's nice it's a huge benefit I mean being in the mortgage business in the coming over the rules stateside because you understand what we go through. On a daily basis scraps in the game when we we approach a borrower and home buyer and we need. Specific document. Or updated document I -- it's that's not open for conversation -- you understand that we need that it. You know it seems like we're the bad guys -- time I'd -- I'd do blah. Well we we did mention last week it -- best agents -- -- realtors to work with. Are those that can kind of walk you through the mortgage process Kirsten to how this is your guy right here yeah no doubt. Absolutely so Steve let's get in you man let's get in your business and it -- mean let's let's talk a little bit about. Here we understand that -- your your great first time home -- you understand the new the new home market. I want to talk about. What what are the benefits of -- in the real -- just worked him with like a new home sales person. Well it's it's it's kind of like doing your own Texas -- you know I mean you can you can do it and but I mean do you know what I. You know tax breaks or -- new. -- its economy now he did ask not what you do you you -- nurse or Europe teacher right and in so you want someone who can. At least you directs you make sure there at their filing your taxes right it's the same way in a real estate transaction you're not gonna. I mean you can't negotiate -- don't know what to negotiate on real estate contract. And so even though you'd go lean and they'll take care of everything for you. I know a lot of cars that don't even all of our closing cost were you know and and so when you're saying no I haven't no money down alone on. Or you're you're -- you have a down payment and so you're like why are you nor -- to bring it tinkering. We you know because it's guilt factor that in you don't -- closing thought simple stuff like that I'll tell you I've done my taxes one time. I. Gave us a lot of the time. They don't want to spend 250 dollars Dubai -- that very -- dire economic outcomes data. Arms aren't enough Uncle Sam radar yeah -- obviously GA every time -- -- -- -- -- and brought it right out etc. got on the Texas State that first -- job at Dell to actually do this -- never do that that it does it it's. -- even -- I think I. Greater danger -- would you're talking about. -- know the -- the benefits of working with U verse is just going into talking have been doomed the new sales counselors that they have at the model boom part is. You know what that builders offering from a closing cost perspective and many other assistance that they guy dominate your your familiar with the property taxes -- familiar with the -- -- -- the community and -- -- familiar with all the communities next to it right in all the builders. Next to that one. In not only realist take has this taken a step back for even walking in what what's the monthly payment on their own that house and students are walking into it are you proud to even qualify. So you -- -- looks. Right USEC okay I'm gonna go over here and walking you know -- him a great morning. And then they get you hooked in your son and a contract and in they seemed over Europe contacting your your loan application to the preferred lender. And they come back and say oh he's you do qualifier which can afford this house in this community has so now the wife his. Is the man to stress and husband now in and now they're located at 350000. Are home and now they have to look at 200000 dollar home and and it's just not the same feeling more now they're experienced some. -- we talked about that last week out as it is when you go into a new home purchase and and you got to look at it as a product pricing got to look at it as something that you're gonna buying not something wanna -- level I think that's really hard for all of us to do when you walked to these new homes and I mean they're decorated to the night right. They don't spare any expense making you fall in love and I think when he walked across the threshold so let me tell you let me tell you -- chicken little bit. -- what I do for mark -- somebody -- me and they say hey Steve you refer tourists are -- -- -- -- -- your -- -- to ground. You guys can follow -- homes and takes his. Twitter new homes in Texas FaceBook is to ground. Actually -- and how my website today for you guys who are so we'll look today at my first rollout is really new homes and takes -- -- CO -- officially rode out today you guys can go. It's a schools that is La. I'm -- -- really lifted up tonight what are we you'll see him there you're gonna see I have a new home located. In soap opera diamond he deal with first time homebuyers -- don't have the luxury builder is on there. I'm -- from 300 them below and got you have what -- -- the first time home by our product. The builders that I work we closely with arsonist. We have -- you have DR Horton you have Wilshire. -- -- You have. -- B. -- normally like to work with the first time home buyers and builders excuse me dad can't help my clients pay closing costs you as I don't want mark. Lines bringing tinkering and yeah to a real estate transaction they don't even know that they still got a you know pay for the extra drops and during a 75 dollars a piece so a little prayers and we get -- sometimes you don't get a garage door opener for bonds at 15100 so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So soap opera -- try to starts from our deals is zero down zero movements are try to get me with little to no money down dishonest might let's see them we touch on that little bit and we're talk about zero move in zero down it's a product we've talked about and in previous shows but. It's the USDA areas. Not just US TA you have you can USDA you target no money down loans so we have. We have USDA at NASA rule. No money down long so this area specific right so you got to -- you beat you Maynor. You have your juror -- and. Are Celine and her young daughter Gary Leann got outskirts of town pretty much cut -- -- Any 88 -- outskirts area like farmland smaller communities where the US Department of Agriculture is coming in and they're they're putting money into -- zero down loans. The interest rates are phenomenal folks except the PMI the private mortgage insurance on these deals is great it's a quarter. Avoid your FHA loans are such you if your interest -- and be a little bit outside a town. I mean USDA is a loan for you liberty hill yes. Yeah and I and I got and I got news for you gave if you're 200 and below that's probably where you gonna go. Right yeah this is just gonna be hard for you to give give the home that -- -- looking for in Austin -- -- home prices here are. Our armed you know pretty strong they're they're well over 200 and some of those they're used to that people who wanna know living with a good schools and things like that so so if if if there's listener out there that's thinking about getting in the market and they want blue or let's say yeah. House for 200000 dollars -- what's the first products -- what's the first step of the process what do what do they -- first practice that -- I would do is our cinema with they loan officer. When I give will be sent to Gary K was a supreme. His team on what you may sixteenth it's I love I love supreme. And not just because you know you guys -- here but because. Com they're signed up a pretty much any program. Okay and that's what you want you don't want to Linder. Especially from a depository bank does a specialized markets right. It just doesn't make CC get in a mortgage which are going to depository bank write it to try to obtain a mortgage they're more concerned about deposits. And so you'd go to their bank are you go to their mortgage bank they specialize in mortgages and they can qualify you for whatever programs are available. So we're talking about VA USDA. Ponds and so when someone -- and things awesome so up. Let's talk about the -- quick and I think we touch on so if you are if if you're coming -- you're looking at a a new house and have you seen the ability. To be able to use. You or preferred lender posts of the builders. Yes it Ed what kind of success we have that -- not very good success -- And I'm gonna give a little Kia I don't know off track instructed us to the listeners -- streak in supreme hands. In house. Processing and underwriting. For use some you guys may not understand that it may go we hit -- -- but if somebody's processing -- known and Arizona you're in trouble. That's right if before we get this yeah you do it this week -- I swear we're not -- This is not yet not -- you have on the shows they have let me make a lot of money throughout the -- -- -- -- -- that is count. Think they -- done about it you're underwriters in California and a different time zone on New York. That that that could be. Pretty bad deal for you. And so that's what this one though the -- that you look for when you're obtaining a mortgage company sold by having that they're able to get a lot deals that aren't. You know easy breezy done Khan not -- -- -- mind. But but they can definitely had you know do some challenge files where. If you have a preferred lender at a builder who's gaining ten or fifteen leads a day. You know -- goodness she you know. Yeah they need an entire -- on the to a guest and everybody he's not he's gonna cherry pick the top absolutely and tell you every now basically more debate what he's saying is you're -- -- customer service we're not depository we don't sell Larry is none of that let's take a quick break we'll come back -- we continue. This conversation as new homes that strategies to give it -- there -- gas this. Stated. Buying and refinancing a property is stressful so why -- stress filled closing in on top of that. -- -- patent law firm and our goal is to provide a smooth stress free closing for you. We'd take a country club attitude towards servants we raise the bar and all facets of the title industry we have multiple locations throughout Texas Spanish speaking in escrow officers and are available after hours on weekends and during holidays and visit PL FTC dot com for info patent law -- raising the bar for closing services. Being denied home -- can be devastating to you your future and your family don't go and getting a mortgage a loan. Talk to us that -- is best credit repair and build a realistic roadmap. We can improve your credit score by 100 points in just 45 days whether you've been declined alone for a first time home -- we have the knowledge and tools to help you get approved. Call us at 51230. Wait 6000 or at Texas best credit repair dot com. Texas best credit repair local service delivering real estate results. You're listening to a real state radio off to. I'm 57. And welcome back Austin, Texas solicitor real state radio statement Stubbs. Remember you can always reach out to us off here our hotline five went 2091988. By this on the web real estate radial atx dot com. Bagging if you just tuned in for sitting here with a real proud Soviets can scratch your back in the Steve -- Mr. Steve -- -- with new hope locate your community guy the Gaza mortgages. Brokering it was a mortgage banker and now he's an expert realtor he specializes in new home sales and pretty much 300000 below lots of first time homebuyers stuff -- be just and in. Before the break we were talking about you know zero down programs and then Stephen was mentioned in how he likes to get closing costs paid. Pour his client -- let's talk about that a little bit longer. Yeah you got its so Stephen army we we've we chat a little bit about deal what what to do with processes. I wanna talk about. Just stood the differences so of of an inventory home again in and -- to be built so for you -- Does he just to an end if if you or clay if you have a client -- you take -- -- neighborhoods -- in the -- potentially have a a -- more on the ground. What's what's the difference to me what's the difference in in home it's to be built in one that's its standing. Right so we so we get the blank check for supreme. Indian we have to act after the approval studies say -- -- -- -- -- and we have a pre approval -- but that's key because that's how you negotiate. You know bill you know if you come in you don't know where -- matter what -- doing. That's how they can they are so so step one -- give Steve -- stately call give the actuary tables call it political group that absolutely makes it easy it's free it takes about ten minutes for an online loan application interior hire somebody at the birdies -- you back to you and literally just an hour top embraced you what you're saying if you walk in with a pre approval letter is on preapproved occupy on the par after the market let's get to that smile leveraging tool now you know because they know there OK here Friday to -- I can make it happen this guy has -- Preapproved Marco mania I'm gonna keep this real to whatever he'd be right we're not waste anybody's time right up got a fire aren't typically go a day before and our preview and I'll let him -- come the next day I think that's great that you do that and what I look for is our -- Darrow. Wolf what an inventory home. The -- signal on the ground Paris. And that builder has to pay taxes and -- at property and interest yeah yes now we got to fire sale -- So if you choose to build a home from scratch -- totally firm may not have -- -- -- -- the size that you have in that community which marked the product. It's perfectly fine you can go to from the ground up. -- did you whatever builder incentives that comes with -- and of course you have to take a portion of that and cover your closing costs and everything that's left over you can use it to what's incentives. In the anything after that increases the home price cuts and so every thousand dollars is what typically six books add it to your mortgage snow right -- OK so so game you'll start from the union as long as you don't will be a pre approved. Amount you should be -- And you know anywhere from fortify most of deal. So what are some things so -- home buyers to look out for. When when the -- the house does not know that you first on Omar they've got all these emotions. It it's not an easy task you think you that you sign here or start build your home it'll be done in six months right what are some things -- folks look out. For what our state the number one thing that I look for is to community you know you have a lot of beauty Demi coming to a community into is Barbara lots. Net net -- at community could have foreclosed you never know he says if you see a -- for rents turns to the curb appeal is not the air. The community pool looks like a lagoon you know. You -- but they got it's the product in -- you know you may want to do they wanna think about putting their money on the ground and our community. I typically look for curb appeal. You know enforced it's a way. I like the quality of the builders -- -- energy efficiency are always look for Secret Service are worse around determined to Whittier years. You know that stuff coming standard -- backs whereas under mount saint. I try to get our most things for the climb even though it may not be that important to -- Because if you're gonna resell your home five to seven years as part -- -- gonna put in had to compete which repetition down -- road anyway right -- uneducated in the house you know and that the go to pay for it with insisted to give me. So what you were mentioned it was as far as the incentives -- -- you -- use X amount of dollars towards upgrades in the house so that you can I follow levity -- her personal touches on it. But you don't wanna go overboard and does he need to save some left over for closing costs are rising got to put more down and just your you know your zeroed out -- FHA -- under USDA loans -- this closing costs can can be anywhere from three. Even five and a half percent just based on the size of the local. Absolutely and anger you are so prevalent or other incident as well like for example they have NCC the mortgage Chris it is key with some. To me is better than down payment assistance is 2000 dollar tax credit. -- -- -- Every year for the right -- of the -- -- second not a 166 dollars a month as well yes and so you can use that you know of course take their portion of that money when you file for your taxes have been the year put it in and different accounting. You know put their money out and put it down -- On on your mortgage loan them to decrease the payment yeah so that's the gift that keeps on giving. He totally is having it -- if you do the math. That's like being able to afford about an extra 25000 dollars on your mortgage note right yes in in home prices because the FB and CC tax credit imminent. As you may have me around but you know texas'. There's a community state so you may have a spouse that doesn't qualify but you still have to include their dates. And so do you know you have some income coming in but they're seeing you only can afford this. In CC can help you get approved for a little bit more in those situations we don't want qualified for more than what you can handle. But if you have a assess their pursuit situation like that enact a program that I will recommend in of course you get to go to pay it forward right. It affects if you if you're just it and we're talking about the MCC program of the NCC program does have a 1%. Upfront fees on 200000 dollar loan it's gonna be two grand. About a 150 dollars and MCC processing fees but. It's worth it -- mean two grand. As long as you own that home every year do it. And you get within the army should go to thanks for that so we have. Could hurt like -- -- -- -- it's true that we're soon zeroed down zero movie and at some time to get to perfect don't even gets earnest money back at the close until it was so it just depends on keynote. Are there. JB it was so this -- is since it's going to be go that's what we're talking about I mean I remember two years ago I'll -- name of the builder but I remember competing when -- originating our member competing with a -- -- what you don't use. Or preferred lender in the year to lose 40000 dollars in in that kind of hit and can I feel -- -- of us are thinking about that in it's just it seem so crazy to me. But you gotta follow the money in all the -- lobbyists. Hit Washington and in those builders got more money and we you I guess I don't know but what are what are we -- -- I mean -- -- the maximum still we have some some limitations on us up now well know. It's 2% it's 2% and typically it's that's including notre title policy than they're given for the preferred lender now. Most of the realtors are known in Stephen tests on the second again I was you can negotiated ease your lender. When you walk in there with a pre approval letter I don't know builder out there. They might say it. At the first interview by DR Horton KB all these guys you -- in there with a pre approval letter from another lender and say this deal's gonna happen because this is our guy. He has all the products we needed to -- as the -- in two or three weeks. It out of -- gonna give you the incentive. -- the dealer disclosed yesterday was any Texas veteran and deal. And so India and so on this climb was disable crowd and put this in disable. In soldier -- with Texas -- bewitched every mortgage company's not. If you qualify the house has to have a person to get on and which is statistic any deficiency of it got you ending you have to be a resident of Texas for at least a year qualify for the Texas and they cut that program -- are -- down a 600. And so a lot of a lot of mortgage banks aren't -- with their program in addition to having the disability. They'll give you half point off the boat right. From being -- program so they recorded at a four point one too far. Got in Nam and of course being inept program got a 33 point six -- -- and so they got a 200000 dollar house loose with a thirteen 67. On it -- before she takes her her you know her her her abduction on our tax rate for being to say it was yes we get another. You know -- -- prevent it. Told you so just saying it when we knew when you explain some of these programs to some of these lenders that don't have that. Net sales agent we'll say OK you know who will keep the with a slender Serb. Is disarm about how you structure your -- -- I got it so. Let's talk about you during your website how to get in touch with you I mean what are you lost it today we got Stephen's got your if I agree with that. But at least doesn't Stephen -- And here Stephen Scott's take it taken so this particular. He's -- you don't look haters guys he's one of the best in town he works with with with all the builders and if you want literally. You can get into a home for how much -- nothing for nothing to. And even -- if you like credits and if we play it rides. And we go in knowing all the upfront fees the HUH transfer fees all the title fees any -- builder fees get -- a survey what have you. We can easily get that thing is within you know hundred bucks and at Texas team it's free media will give you credit for that hundred bucks did you know that thing for little Sharon. Absolutely an and I do my part as well on the team player so if you guys are in a lease in the -- is -- I have a lease buyout program. You got to have to stay if you know in an -- in an apartment that's -- or. -- -- to them are not fixing. You know their property like he needed to win -- you you know you can qualify embarked you know we we have a lease buyout program things -- Fantastic and even if you don't know if you can by now's the time to figure it out yes give us a call -- 51291988. We get a pre approval -- in touch with with Stephen Scott he can help you out his partner overtaxed to the supreme winning is Gary cables are both fair test to what they do. Stephen what's your website again how to. I will be in touch with -- it's everything -- new homes in Texas. And dot CEO our and then contracted to calm he wants 14100 dollars -- that -- CEO guy as a failure gives you did not -- if you do dot com is new homes and ticks is that's CEO peaking going there. He'll want you to register. If you don't want me to Karl our current tape she could put a fake number you book which -- email -- team and will update properties as we go arm. I'm doing real life. Product so I have to put the the pitchers in myself because typically when you go to the web sites are you get its floor plans and our next week we don't know what's here. Which there are -- to bring a cigarette they're taking pictures -- -- real house absolutely what's aired this is on the ground -- look at this neighborhood this -- -- this is what you get yes fantasist a set that's what separates me from the competition and it has information on the on the homebuyer programs. If you go to my business affiliate page. I UC Gary's information you can click on his swing fell out on loan application right there on the spot. I have credit repair service desk local that suits you garrison -- car tech -- if you skated need in your scores are where they need to be. And we will force serves or even having insurance down there and give you competitive rate. We homeowners mr. Austin there you have a one stop shops are you. This guy you hope it. You'll look at here's where we we appreciate you coming out thanks yet and it. That event is divorce we hope you -- a little bit more today's move forward towards your next home purchase or vapor recovery much much more in the coming weeks. It's always remember to tune into real estate radio was stately and steps every Sunday fortified DM. Right here talk. Thirteen seventy. We'll let's go buy a house Austin, Texas.

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