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Retirement 101 with Sonny Ackerman, 2/2/14

Feb 2, 2014|

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Sunny Ackerman and managing partner -- Pegasus retirements are resistant to what will. Central Texas -- -- -- parents across Texas and Atlanta for their children. Sure and get them. A lot of his clients and becoming. Period of time online and take control of their financial life. Also think now what 3449768. That's 3449768. Good Super Bowls. In the afternoon vote for you football fans. This is your host sunny Ackerman and welcome to my show retirement 101. That can be heard every Sunday afternoon from 1 o'clock. Until 130 on the -- talk radio thirteen seventy. Every week you'll hear me discuss different topics that center primarily around assisting you as I do my clients. How to navigate through this sometimes difficult and also worrisome thoughts. About how you're handling your money this year was not folks just about retirement -- cover all types of topics whether it's getting out of debt without declaring bankruptcy. And also since I am a certified college planner which I'm -- discuss today a little bit. This is a subject that I frequently talk about because quite frankly about 90% of the parents. I have initial consultations with. Really had no idea how the process works. Believe me folks it is a process. In successfully. Planning and more importantly. Saving thousands and thousands of dollars. On your kids' college tuition. -- shown parents that -- that they could only afford to send their student to a state school because you know quite frankly that's all they thought they could afford. How to again understand this important process. And sometimes depending primarily on the student and it really does a lot of it depends on the student. Is had to get that child into a private school and get this food less out of pocket expense and his state school. If your son or daughter to day is a freshman or even worse a soft weren't high school. I can take you literally have no time to waste homey at 512. 344. 9768. Listen I'm not a fee based advisors on my visit with you won't cost you a -- -- something down the route and you want to tackle this. Awesome experience yourself it could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars of your Harvard during retirement dollars. You say this some of the other services that provide for my clients and showing them how to safely grow their asset base in a way it is easy to understand. I mean sometimes financial planning can be very difficult to understand. Some advisors may tell you that in retirement. You're probably gonna be spending less than before he stopped working. You know something -- firstly do buying into that line of thinking. First of all. Inflation. In the concern and it's a big concern over rising health care costs. Can quickly put you behind that curve. Those two factors alone can usually impact. Quality of life that you may enjoy during retirement. Isn't any one dimensional retirement plan that stress this data retirement income -- in my opinion. Fall flat content these global economy in a hoax it is a global economy. I should listen -- -- my clients ways to create a guaranteed lifetime income stream. With -- sacrificing the opportunity to leave money to their family. Or meant to their favorite charity. One of the Ares I specialize in is recommending flexible high quality income products. That provide not only growth the principal protection. In addition to knowing that if you will be able to convert. Income stream that we. Quite frankly folks you just cannot live. Again folks don't be fooled into thinking that you probably can be spending less money in your retirement years is just not gonna happen. My clients the comfort of knowing exactly how much -- -- lifetime income you'll enjoy in your later years to life. Is one very important step in proper family planning but it's not the only step. I can help you discover other strategies. That maybe you've never heard of or been advised to investigate to maximize. You know stink to hook you leave the week you see yourself living in retirement. -- keeping your money. Constantly working you. Is that cinema show many times we -- all in life we're all great crested haters no matter what the situation is whether it's cleaning after garage. Or or taken the next step in financial planning. And and also we are haul our best -- to our best to avoid change. And even though as I've always said changes without a doubt the most constant currents in our lives. Most of this is the most Peter -- and our lives. Folks in my practice so we're all ages of individuals don't tear with the year's refund your 75. I can show you ideas regarding well for humiliation. -- common issue a large percentage of the people that I visit with. I have never heard. Are you getting close to retirement age and that you may want to begin to investigate your Social Security benefits. That you -- a lot of people that simply don't know how to maximize. An important income stream. If you're in that situation you getting close to -- looking at who's who's type of aspects in your life call me if I went to. -- or or 976. Say let me show you. How do you increase -- benefit. At quite frankly you've paid into for all your working life. Oaks today more than ever I mean people that are at a point in their lives where that tolerance risk in their shows and investments. Isn't quite as high as it used to be and they are looking for safer more reliable ways to humiliate wealth not just for retirement. As I mentioned I've got clients in the thirties and authorities. And that have seen their whirlwind K plans dropped and radically over the years but you're also looking for ideas for shorter period. Look there's no one size it's all in financial planning but there are ways of taking some of the worry in the sleepless nights. And this sometimes in mind blowing task that we all face. I can show you where he's just reduce or even hope police and eliminate some of those worries that are typically associated. A lot different financial instruments. And if you -- those people that has to call their advisor has a boost to getting periodic calls from him or her. You know. Maybe it's time for change. And may be the fear of change can be a catalyst you to start looking for alternatives. Okay this is a good time to take a break. You're listening to sunny Ackerman and my show were. Harmon 101 can be heard every Sunday afternoon and from 1 o'clock until 130 on the new talk radio thirteen Stephanie. Again I can be reached at 5123449768. Stay tuned folks you wanna hear what's coming up next. Sunny Ackerman and managing partner from Texas retirements are resistant to what will. Central Texas there -- parents across Texas and Atlanta for their children's. Streaming of the it's his clients and becoming dead -- My line and take control of their financial life. -- also think now at 3449768. That's 3449768. Okay folks we're back. -- you're just tuning in you're listening Sunday after. And my show retirement 101. Can be heard every Sunday afternoon from 1 o'clock. Until 130 on the new talk radio thirteen seventy. Okay in this segment -- discuss a topic that I've seen people totally freaked out about it. And that planning. And that's planning for your son or your daughter's college education. If you go to my website which is www. Pegasus. Retirement dot com and that's PE GA NC west and then simply the word retirement dot com you'll see that I'm a certified college -- And in today's economic environment the cost of higher education as you will notice I rocketing. I show on that site some of the costs that some colleges per year cost. If you look at it it is mind boggling to think that tuition at some universities to reach as high as if -- I've. To even 70000. Dollars a year. And if you're not and say this. If you are not discussing with a qualified advisor. How to help you with this awesome experience. You could end up paying sticker price your kids' college education. I tell all my clients that have children whether -- five years older were -- after fifteen years old. It's never too late to begin planning. And in the college planning process. What do Lebanese misses with but caused me to discuss this subject in this segment on this week's show. My -- in Dallas that play tennis with -- US TA tennis player and I'm a pretty serious tennis player. Anyway he was told me last week about a friend of his that lives out of state to. And that they were in the process of filling out a form that is probably the biggest night near any parent. It's getting their child ready for college and it's called the fast warm. It's basically stands for free application for Federal Student Aid. And let me just give you -- little warning if you would have to put out that form. And then standup but let's say you're close to six feet tall -- stand up. And holed that formal over your head it would hit the ground. Electricity it's your mind boggling experience. I mean it's it's it's almost like giving a root canal five days a week it's it's crazy. But in any event. It seems there -- their son is a senior in high school in the Paris legacy of their try to tackle this experience themselves. In filling out this mandatory application that's basically administered by the Department of Education. In the it's used to gather personal as well as financial data. Of the family and basically determines the parents expected family contribution. -- into that in a little bit later in this conversation. Expected family contribution is what do what they called EFC. Let me. Just interject this this sentence in that respect to college planning. I cannot go over the whole process and thirty minute to take -- just don't have the time and a producer wanna allow it. So in any event -- will be just some of the highlights of this particular fast. Because like -- said that basically determines the parents expected in the contribution. Which is then passed on to the college where the student is ninety. In this is the only part of the equation. That they can't as a hum place -- point gonna. People don't know that there are prime merely -- funding sources for financially. First is the private sector which is based scholarships. Folks that recommend that that represents about 3%. Of all of the college funding that's going on in the United States. Secondly is the government which represents about 47%. Of the funding that goes on in the United States and for some of you that have. How and at worst in high incomes you know that you won't be able to qualify for government funding but I can help you just as well. I've helped parents who make over 40500000. Dollars a year. Lower their cost of tuition for the children. And then lastly. The last source of funding is colleges. May represent about 50%. I shall hear it's meant as of may -- your child. Trapped two to college is his -- colleges they have aliens. And billions of dollars to span and then looking to spend those dollars but they're looking to spend those dollars on kids are tracked it. That they know at some point in time. We're gonna get back to that a particular college that there are there are graduating from. Like I said filling up this past performance is listen it's almost like getting a root canal five days a week. And here's the other thing. About 60%. Of the fast of norms that are submitted. Are rejected. Due to either juniors or being in complete. Talk about pulling your hair out. In some colleges they also even require a more detailed complex version of that has formed known as the CS as well. By the way that stands for college scholarship service legacy and that's an even bigger nightmare for parents. Now for you procrastinators out there as -- building out the initial mass of warm here this. He's to file early. No matter what your individual state or school filing deadline. When it comes to important financial need. This form. At least be filled out sooner than later. And quite frankly right after he fears if your services is a senior in high school right after January efforts to which is that this is the date the federal processor. Begins accepting applications. Sooner he'd do it after January 1 leave me the better. Here's the point many types of financially especially need based aid. Which includes grants loans and work study programs. Limited. And most importantly are awarded on a first come first serve basis. That's why tell all my parents don't wait if you listen if you if you got a senior in high school. Don't wait after. January 1. Asked of warmth doled out called me at 512. 344976. Say I can show you how to get this thing done quickly. And and haven't done for you. It's like -- said the sooner the better it's always a first come first serve basis. And processes is I can -- if you try to tackle it yourself it's mind boggling but it has to be done correctly. And released to the school's financial aid administrator on a timely basis. Because quite frankly the better your chances of receiving consideration. From maximum. Amount of financially to do literally. And that may make you eligible for believe me when I say this books. This is chess beginning successful planning for your opportunity for financially. Now we -- the myths that I hear from. Parents and ammunition consultations with -- is one of the best. That most parents that don't know the process of college any college colleges require you to pay masters. Which is the FC expected -- the contribution which stands for that. They they expect to pay that. Well the reality is colleges use the -- that equation and that expected in the contribution. To feed gear and to determine your financial need. It's not what you have to -- Your child may be eligible for student loans and scholarships. He would -- she doesn't qualify for need based -- You see the fans the form basically services a financial data clearing house. An actual financial aid package offers. Comes directly from the colleges. Folks working with the college qualified college planner in my opinion is invaluable. Whether it's me or anybody else achieve seek out a pinch to parents of path to miss any recent -- form of that test performed. And help you maximize. Your financially potential. Otherwise you may be spending hundreds and believe -- hundreds of thousands of dollars of free your child's education. Can't tell you the amount of people have worked with in the past. At her kids graduated from college years in years ago yet they're still paying off expensive that vital education. Because they didn't know the process. -- again successfully. Planning for your kids college education. Listen I speak from experience. Of my own mistakes. By not seeking help this tremendous expense. And if your child like I said before his freshman or sophomore in high school. I can take you folks who literally have no time to waste. You have to start now or face the possibility. Of unfortunately draining your time and funds to pay this unbelievable experience. To this -- go to my website. Which is like us at www. Pegasus retirement dot com. When you get to that website click on the word service. Which he hit that hit that tab and navigate -- to a selection of services my company provides. Then click on the -- certified college plan. -- you can see all the services that provide my clients that are facing this monumental. Task. Unless money is no logic here. Check out their service I provide it could save you thousands and thousands of dollars of your hard earned money. Remember if you going through this process now with one of your children. And there is senior in high school. EFC is not what you are expected to -- This is just index that schools used to determine eligibility for aid. Tell all the parents I have burst in initial consultations when I mean this sincerely. It won't change my life one -- if you don't let me help you. It could darn sure change -- If you would like more information on the topics -- discussed today. Whether it's. -- -- college your kids' college educations. We just make a couple of more remarks about that. So that you know what to expect when you get to this process. Number one please don't -- and honest colleges are looking for qualified. Smart. -- -- Hard working and students. They're looking for those in the missing college is willing to pay for them. -- they're looking for that well rounded individual. That has not always good scholastic career. But has some good in my career has a good social career when I mean -- good social career I mean somebody who gives back to the community. I can show colleges what you were child if he's in that category. And he does extra curricular activities does volunteer were. I can show colleges. And show you how to do this. Where colleges are willing to Haiti your kids' college education have done before and I've done with thousands of people believe me I can do a preview. If you are looking to. Possibly make some changes in your life it's a fresh ideas to grow your -- day. Maybe you know of the concerns like paying off your kids -- college education like I mentioned before. Like instance in some sort of my college planner I can help you with that mind. Boggling process. Or maybe your one year your New Year's resolutions is getting out of debt. And by the way without filing for bankruptcy. I can help you with that to. Folks. Let me say this. I hope you if you are put off and enjoy the Super Bowl today it's gonna be a great game between the Broncos in the sea -- This is your host sunny Ackerman and I can be reached I went to. Three or 49768. Or commit to before simply go to my web site. At WWW. Dot -- retirement dot com and check out the service is my company provides like I mentioned in the second segment in my showed today. If you one of those individuals that has crested and we all do it's it's I don't know if it's part of our DNA -- what it is but were all great -- Nader's. If you're one of those procrastinators -- is waited until -- son or daughter is a senior in college. Don't wait any longer. An important fast reforms got to be filled out if you submitted its earliest possible. I can show you how to save thousands of dollars on your kids' college education. This is your host sunny Ackerman and again I can be reached by one to. 3449768. Or your interest in some of the services that provide other than college planning to simply go to my website. Again it's www. Pegasus retirement one no one -- I can be heard him. Thanks again for listening and I like this and I hope you enjoy the Super Bowl period of pure football. Have a great rest of the --

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