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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's Sunday Austin. Welcome to living wealthy radio read your -- Teresa couldn't. Good afternoon -- listening to living -- the radio heard every Sunday afternoon here on talk radio thirteen 70 AM yeah. Streamline the top thirteen seventy dot com. I am Teresa came in helping here this wealthier. Resources are available for you and living well the radio. Dot com. You know someone who has cancer Pratt's friend or relative died after battling that's horrible disease. Cancer hasn't seemed to make sense it can affect the young as well as the old it strikes people down their -- -- their lives and no one knows how to cure it. Or do you weigh tons and tons of money. Billions and billions of dollars goes towards the search for a cure each year. And it still seems so out of reach. That treatments chemotherapy radiation surgery. That we discovered options huge -- life threatening and certainly not necessarily have backed. Yet some people claim to cure has been with -- -- long medical experts and researchers are discovering. More and more alternative treatments that don't -- patients. Sick and in pain. Maybe there is a way to fight back after on May be cancer doesn't have to involve. He now or other painful treatments that often harm people more than the disease. -- and her husband father of board devoted Christian medical researcher. -- freedom advocate. Former competitive bodybuilder. And also a certified public accountant. Is the author of cancer stepped outside the box. Thorough and well document minted best seller and how to cure cancer through alternative means. Welcome to the show -- If thank you treatable haven't gotten that really appreciate that toward the conversation. Powell might pressure. So why interest in cancer you certainly have a background in CPA and I assume that's your profession of toy list. You know it is it's not good these are actually spend more time now and that helped round that you would -- CPA will put. Yeah I got a master's degree from Baylor in taxation and that that's what I thought I would do the rest of my career -- early ninety's got out of school not -- for his seat gave up five years in 1996 my dad got sick. And within 25 days the time that we took -- to the hospital for stomach -- he died of cancer and so that was really the beginning of my cancer research. Didn't understand how. Seemingly healthy men -- -- 52 years old could. Go to the hospital for stomach -- indeed dead in three weeks. And so that was what really began buying my -- diving down deep inside the radical for lack of better term. And I begin to re searched. Alternative natural cancer treatments that point and began to discover a lot of things that we're not really well known. To the general public at that point and that's why I eventually after seven years almost seven more relatives ending -- with my mother must a couple of grandmother or grandfather and uncles cousins. And your mom -- about baseball my whole family treason and that was why I got into cancer research. So what did you learn from your research. While I learned that there were a lot of people they were being healed. With natural type treatments will be non toxic treatments elect called in the book and but what we're we don't really hear you need mainstream stories about they're not on the news they're not being covered you're. If they're they're dismissed his anecdotal type stories by -- than mainstream most mainstream doctors but I learned that there were. Literally thousands of people there will be cured one particular treatment began to run about initially was called vitamin B seventeen electoral. -- about it from a man that was sort of an -- -- in New York State that have been diagnosed with terminal cancer when he was eighteen named Jason bail agent now they're trying to -- I've never heard about any kind of natural cancer treatments before that but I began to learn about Jason. He he went to a couple rounds of chemotherapy back in the ninety's and thought it was gonna kill me and in his bid -- that -- -- our blood -- just almost certain systems compromised he was sick he had pneumonia. I think he just say I'm not do -- working -- -- -- -- -- to. Talked to. So he began to do research and learned about vitamin B seventeen which is produced in the pit to back Carter Apple's. We started eating -- any any totally reversed its cancer. -- began to share that information. It one point literally had over 1000 testimonials on his left side. The people -- Democratic they've used just paper -- neither apple -- them. There cancer gone away so I was just blown away by these that was just one of many different treatment that I began to read about and I do I wondered. Why don't we hear about -- quite what does my doctor. What is my dad doctor not know about these street that's why -- week what we forced to do a -- get stricter -- father. While they can start him on -- wanted my mother back from the surgery. Or develop my relatives go down this traditional past. In none of them knew about these alternative treatments. So I think the answer is obvious that why doesn't the established medical community embrace. These alternative therapies. Well they're looked at as quackery. In the recent have to look at its core values because. When the doctor goes through medical school here she is not taught any natural that -- -- natural treatments can be efficacious for at least according according to the FDA. Only drugs can treat disease. And so you have a natural substance like an apple seed. -- -- some amazing molecules that editors select the toxic cancer cells in a doctor can't fathom that back and actually work with a benevolent about it medical school and -- -- -- -- natural treatment and medical schools because way back a hundred years ago something called flex and report. It is -- dictated the drug intent to type of medicine -- medical schools teach now. An and and so that's what doctors don't know about these things they adopted other people they are not educated in the in the area cancer they're not educated on natural treatments have been problematic med school. So is it's so simple to treat cancer despite eating you know apple seeds and apricot seeds. Note it's not a simple it's not simple to treat cancer that they're that good a job adjunct therapy. That are complementary therapy. -- he's not productive but I don't recommend. So that somebody just goes you know asked John down apple -- -- structure cancer it's very complex. There's a lot of different things that need to change are most likely. The person has been diagnosed with cancer has some kind of an immune compromised position and systems not function properly. That allows those can't herself to get a foothold in the body. So there's an underlying toxicity. Most likely there's probably. -- poor diet there's there's just -- that there's there's. Good good -- doesn't doesn't things that are there that are combining to lead to cancer so. Curing cancer naturally -- of control and internationally. As something that takes into a coordinated effort to change a lot so well because it's. It's not a person's fault that they got -- diagnosed with cancer but -- most likely something that is then going on in her life. You know it stretches. Or Bob reported eating habits or lack of exercise are both being exposed to. Radiation toxicity or district that is just so many think you're going to take a total lifestyle change. To completely control cancer while on a long -- -- it's not it's not a simple as going to distorting Apple's -- but that's what Jason did. -- -- from him but that's not something that I that was recommended that you do it's it's it's not something that you go. He kind of -- jello the wall and see if it sticks its -- treatment since it started takes some work into research. So why do you think seven of your family members. Died of cancer it is there something in your genetic make there is. We do you have any thoughts or theories on mountain. You know I don't know I don't think that there there was a study that was done and and Norway and I looked at 90000. Identical twins. And if anybody had it's almost identical DNA would be a -- identical twins. And they did look at those 9000 and only 10% of them. We have had cancer at different times -- -- -- which one would have cancer the other didn't. But not only 10% of them both would have been diagnosed with cancer in the studios in certain lesson -- two years so that that really to meet -- -- -- genetic period cancer but it -- happened in some of these genetic make up a little -- that caught their immune system to be more easily compromised in the and to allow the pinch yourself to get a foothold there -- elements within the -- developing cancer cells on a daily basis. But it went and these -- systems function properly. And the -- is not -- not form tumors in the pesticides of course the body become what threatening. In and so it's not it's not really a genetic diseases forced by researches show. -- -- immune if you look at it doesn't say a hundred years ago around 19100 the estimates are that one of eight people were diagnosed with cancer that and now according to the World Health Organization to contend. One and two men wanted to win. That a lot today will face cancer diagnosis. So we've got barely over a hundred years and goes from one and 821213. Well you know Unicode didn't change a hundred years something happened and what has happened is the industrial revolution. It's flooded our environment and -- -- hot water with toxicity didn't complement our bodies. So it was you or is it your family the seven did. They live close to tether or were they to pick -- up. It down a salmon fire sense. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- be the main reason is that the do that through that they've been eating their diet. Contains substances that are carcinogenic. Causing the cancers and and I think that the main thing as -- food. Positive giving examples of of some of the pits that you think per person to -- Picture on them one of the things if it became very popular over the last twenty years as hydrogenated -- slowed the researchers found hydrogenated almost. Because. So so to turn cancerous because the lack of oxygen into the electron cloud around selves. So -- -- and older huge huge huge demand much -- need a lot of -- drugs in almost. People that he margarine -- we have larger margins it was a couple chemical molecules would -- plastic. And there there are many carcinogen it. Substances in and the beauty products and hand lotion and cleaning products and how did the list goes on and on and we've also got over the last six years the pesticides on the -- of fruits and vegetables have just gone out. How to control and that besides your body looks at pesticides that if there's you know estrogens or take estrogen your body -- intact and as estrogens. And as a result can throw out they can make it -- the ratio of testosterone to estrogen your body. Which puts in can lead to estrogen sensitive cancers like breast cancer uterine cancer cervical cancer prostate cancer and so forth Libby is the combination of those. So I hydrogenated oils you mentioned margarine but it's vegetable shortening its whip cream. Do you trident white Brad in non dairy copy Kramer's and it's really everywhere. It's everywhere yet everywhere. And you know it but it before. Mom and dad in the rest my relatives -- genetically modified foods are not taken foothold that now that's something else that bit. You need to be aware of the people need to be aware of his these -- Arafat foods do you monitor huge problem. In the food supplies anybody -- Processed foods. On a daily basis that are not organic it's probably just in the good helping them genetically modified organisms whether it be -- your corner. Content you'll. We're getting do you most of -- processors that that's another thing -- -- the -- -- -- I just got back. From lecturing here in Memphis. It conference and and that somebody can last night in the material world what is there to eat fortunately there's you can't eat anything anymore and yet -- the bottom -- that you really can't. And but yet to be -- to know what foods are good what good garden. The general is going to grocers or chopper on the outside the first -- Get organic that you can and -- would have been allowed to watch because that's where the process you have to modified through dark. It -- so sticking to the vegetables and fruits and organic. An organic you know that somewhat. Now I mean who knows right now on whether that the way they're labeling and and the rules are they going from the organic or not necessarily a 100% but it certainly is better than. The other staff in the hydrogenated oils in the pesticides. And the lotions all of that you know your skin is your largest or again. And when you are putting on the make up -- all the lotions. And they hop all petroleum based products that cause yeah. Have been known to cause cancer. You are just in the you know. It's worse than actually eating. It it suits. Yeah you're right it's too you know where will. Really being pelted with toxicity with carcinogens everywhere and so you're right in it but you're basically the largest organ that absorbs so you're gonna absorb. People it's funny you know people will put -- All right filter -- until -- put -- on their on their understate it and that's what the water they -- but another take shower without having children cook. He used to go about 510 times if not you it is great. Now I know we've got we've got filters on every single and a rush hours at home. Found out that very reason because you're right that this goes absorbing that chlorine even though what your drink -- it's great if you're not drinking. You know donated water back you take a shower and that the heat you know the hot water. In fact makes it even worse yes it certainly does. So if someone is. Concerned about not someone who's got cancer that someone who's concerned about you know making some major changes the first obvious thing is. I think water and that of course then what else what else to recommend they -- Quote the main thing is the diet I think because that's one of the things that you can control you know work. Well being pelted with toxicity here you know that there are so polluted. Airplanes -- there are spreading chemicals we've got you know we just got. Food water air. Are so polluted and a -- there's there's not much you can do it here. And so what I try to do is focus people think they actually have control over and one other thing is it's going to be good enough so the food is definitely something that you should focus on. He cleaned out waters the second. So if you're -- if you drink it like he did you have. Yet filters on the water on the stick it to your house if you have you know well what we that we live around the country here in Texas we have law. The F clean water that's another thing that's huge and so. You're you're screwed clean water get a water -- -- -- -- -- -- that you drink if you get filters on your your crap that -- if you are -- municipalities political water so you can get you know you get -- the toxicity and heavy metals in the different carcinogens in the water broken yeah Florida's a carcinogen and several studies one of the most recent census was released I think it was twelve so that floor I'd consider. It's been Lincoln and and in numerous ways to Austin's accomplished bone cancer. They did that they've known it's Rupert for years for decades. Even though they've been dripping in the missile water supplies it is carcinogen. So you know my focus is due to control what you can't for the food the water. And it detoxify the world being comfortable toxicity that that's one of the reasons that that you -- -- immune system typically would compromise would it make sure to detoxify and so I'll recommend people do where at least want to you do full body clintons know Clinton you're cold you're living your cute -- you're you're less static system and so forth detailed that in the -- -- very. There's an order in which you need to detoxify political body -- makes cents. One thing that most people don't do it -- emphatic float your lymphatic system is when -- -- detoxification systems accumulate best buy and cut down motion that is achieved twelve rebounds some little mini trampoline -- rebounder. And he's seen those little. Q3 put trampoline that you inside and you're dead. Yes apps that I've got one at that you don't want the one that you can easily get an academy your local sports. Starr at that doesn't have the right balance praise you Monica online in the car a rebounder one and actually has really good sprang. The -- you know I am not familiar with the -- at the local stores caring. But yet the one that we have we went up minor better to grant I honestly don't have read some research because the research and I think -- Vietnam motion to stimulate the lymphatic flow -- helps to detoxify the body and admitted it -- your immune system function properly -- -- -- -- from the system as part -- immune system. Another thing that I recommend this is for folks to if they get into the arms to the latest on how far it would solve it you don't if you don't exercise much if you don't sweat much need to sweat. And and so far infrared -- doesn't -- pretty Brian your your head kick out of most Bartlett sergeant Leahy and you know headed out the bodies under -- because you just have a massive swept Richard got it it's not even look like a typical song that you used for a for a race that's very important well to swear so. Just impractical thing that people can do to two. Have to defend -- cancer in this in this age where we are being. Constantly get with carcinogens. So traditional methods of someone's got cancer right around. -- it's it's a very bad I can only imagine it's a very scary time and someone who got cancer who is more aware. Of traditional treatments verses. Alternative treatments. At it you know god forbid I'm in that situation but I can't even imagine right. And you look at the medical establishment and the pressure there is to go through the traditional. Therapies and treatments. But really how effective speak to how effective that the chemotherapy and radiation and the surgery is at treating cancer. Well it you know it all depends on what kind of cancer to start with. He didn't for instance you know Lance Armstrong will successfully treated its testicular connection with the radiation. Well that's one of the of the few types of cancer that radiation and good to saturate it. And the reason is because their schools -- not in internal organs they're out it's easier to have. Selectively radiate them without you know -- on the other cells in the body more difficult to radiate an internal or -- to thank its support. Until it depends what kind of cancer that there was there was that it was done at northern -- cancer clinic that I refer to quite often it was slightly in Australia. I think it was 2004 they released a study that was published a -- and they looked it over twenty different types of cancers and the effectiveness of -- that there got a five year survival -- and that's how -- typically look at can achieve success now in the five years. They determined -- overall he contributed. Two point 1% effectiveness of 5% about five year our survival -- so. Can you Don and number. Two point 1% two point 1%. Effectiveness. After five years. That's right yeah. The way -- -- it was because the contribution of chemotherapy to fight -- survival rate Utley was two point 1%. Did not with the research based on a specific type of cancer just cancer. -- brawler. Those it was 20/20. Two different types of cancer heavily. That that they looked up. That's not he's not yet not really something you want to jump headfirst into commuted the actual statistics is that. That's crazy that's increasing number. Yeah it is and what what -- -- -- but it. -- -- And I wrote this book and published in 22006. And had an idea that the book would would so many copies of -- happened and that bit. People begin to look to -- true to help with cancer and in my mind goes just -- to put information out there so people could make a good choice. Look at that as you mentioned. When people are diagnosed with cancer they're they're just overcome fear and so if you don't yet and already done her research by the time that diagnosis -- to be part of its research and you just can't talk -- here a lot of people are very very scary diagnosis. And so that was the whole purpose would be put in the book that was just to get people knowledgeable -- -- not if if somebody wants to -- to traditional and in need chemo radiation surgery then -- plus model -- war but they wanted to alternative but I'll call them you know I -- provide them with the information -- -- they can -- to to make a good decision for purchasing in the that was his last. 78 years -- -- post book we can't count the number of oncologists have contacted me when they've been diagnosed with cancer. And they don't wanted to keep mr. Putin notes to toxic. In the side effects and they're not worth the benefits. So that's team that what about radiation. Well studied there were. They -- that that doctor Joseph furcal published I think it was 2009 he didn't need to study on. The kept he has mentioned that the cat and the radiation in cat scans causing 30000 cancers every year. People getting -- camp so -- radiation B cumulative talks. Its interest in -- the you know what about what about that piece of the TSA now because you know yeah you go there and just when you got to fly and a backlog. Frequently -- state. Different lectures and conferences and so I've got to go through. TSA and invited us. And it actually thing about it is that that 2008 they begin to implement with the radiation scanners. The millimeter wave scanners -- the media. Packing packing into the Arab becomes -- -- that a particular -- -- scanners and they implemented -- -- basically. Rendered image or your did your naked body. I'm sure that people -- -- via the images online. One of the interesting things is that they're not telling the TSA agents of course that that both types of machines have been linked to increased cancer specific lymphoma -- remember correctly it that the person that was done at Boston Logan Airport. -- under the TSA agents there work. We're three to four times more likely to have to not be diagnosed with -- simply implement it doesn't change. Out the of course they're not telling agents that that this is dangerous it is that the radiation is it is it could trigger cancer look at the cumulative -- so in other words if you go through. One machine watts probably not gonna have a long term effects. But you go through -- -- -- -- Yorker and every day or your standard period TSA agent standing right by the machine. You're being exposed that every day miles. Greg I -- three weeks ago that the New York City speaking and girls club -- LaGuardia Airport. Not spoke to a couple TSA agents who courtside opted out. The radiation scans don't go to bat -- -- it's a full -- -- And they -- what what did you what opt out. And so I explained on the research side not on the of the cancers are being called blood -- can use the -- entries that is that they just about the difference that I've been they were lying to us. I knew that dangerous. Stand down. Until then I got into -- bit. It's totally unrelated cancer but it is funny. Because that's got into it with them about the after the fact that it are you really get you guys really keeping us safe by doing to make it now running against. Sometimes and -- under the old written. Metal detectors sometimes we go to the radiation scanners. -- it it was so important to go to these new machines what we push into the old metal detectors. I think that was the way to keep you safe pick it was so important that you -- its full audience thought it would let some people that pay up -- through the metal metal detectors and to that this this quote came directly from one of the supervises the TSA LaGuardia. He said this whole thing is not -- -- security theater. I love that term and down security theater that I mean that's exactly what it is. Might normally does not go through the scanners we get groped is what I call -- you know we got -- every time we travel. We opt out. And from time to time we will get asked the same bang and down. -- Austin one day. There it and typically I'm the only person opting out are my -- and I the only ones opting out that there is this gentleman who. Looked at me and he said oh it's great that you opted out. I'm a medical doctor and a Ph.D. in radiation. Are now an uncle it's but -- it X rays. But a -- that sound or radiology radiologists as a radiologist. And he said I have studied this it is crazy. What they're doing. Yeah and at the end of the day. It you know -- the TSA agents you know every now and then I'll say you know the government has studied -- there's no issue in my husband's favorite -- I think it's fabulous sign. Is that you know what does the government say to our boys in Vietnam with Agent Orange. They -- to them and what -- not provide us now. Yes yes yes the government that has the track record of lying to us about almost everything for the last hundred years what are we gonna leave now. Right absolutely well let's go to quick break. And out when we get back. You know when you're diagnosed with cancer. Is your only solution for your body through painful place Aniston life threatening treatments. Are there alternatives and according to -- and title and our guest today there are alternatives and we will discuss those and further details. Right after break. Three skin was living wealthy radio. Living wealthy radio visit Teresa's team online and living wealthy radio dot com. 1803820830. Now call 1803820830. Welcome to call season. Well for you Rio which is Teresa com. Are there alternatives opening. Your body chemotherapy radiation or surgery when diagnosed with cancer. Time voluntary and author of cancer step outside the box does have some alternatives in some real. After the solutions as to how perhaps you can prevent its. And getting these dreaded diagnosis and if you -- diagnosis. -- -- to -- Besides. Alternative treatments in time we were talking about. Come right before the break. And the you know how our environments is just everywhere we go -- being bombarded. Right -- toxins and when we travel I mean that's just him if you're traveling a lot you know in my opinion a resource that I've done and end your family does the same thing. We will not go to the scanners we will opt outs of this year's yen down good. -- I'm glad to hear that you do that I honestly on the warmup and the clock now will not allow them IQ that got three girls and little boy and you know I think I would go berserk if not so somebody can have my little girl so we just don't block. Well I can appreciate that and another's a group of people out there that paying down the way of of fighting this is by not traveling. But yeah I'd love to travel and and I am in business and I -- travel to conferences and I'm not to allow them to steal my dreams. So you know there is there is a conflict Barack. And at the end of the day you know the joke is I got grown ups and I'm -- and and that literally mentally I you know I just process that. All right it because what's the alternative right I'm not driving everywhere. I guess that's why don't -- command that. Actually what we do I mean he broke so far like provocations we distrust you so overtaken with another extra Judaism to drive that not a big deal. The main person to travel -- me and so you know I do you still plot -- -- -- I I don't have a cab driver where they travel to speak. But frustrated -- distraught and -- it take longer but that's -- good. And that works right here at or for a yeah what else is out there that people may not be aware of thirty minute contributing to the toxicity and and we were talking about radiation right. Right and radiation -- a treatments you were saying how oncologists. You know contact human -- diagnose -- cancer and like I want to the radiation I want to the key now. Well what else is out there that people don't appreciate microwaves. Are are another thing. Yeah Michael Eisner -- really. Toxic that the radiation that that is emitted from microwaves -- through -- accolades seven or eight years ago. That's very very dangerous I would get rid of the mark it down to -- to the that it changes the chemical structure these food as well. It makes it into a mountain in your body can not an -- be responsible through the use new. That's one thing unity -- you have to dirty electricity of a magnetic. Frequencies. That's another thing altogether -- we can do a whole show that because he got all the Wi-Fi hot spots you've got all of the electrical on the power line to get the grid. I mean. Now you got Smart meters. I don't know if you're familiar with the Smart meters and it's gonna give up on everything. We we opted out of the Smart meters okay I got a demeanor. And it was not easy to do. Okay good the could be -- we knew there was a lady knows that until recently that I think it's within. Not only seconds of being exposed exposed to the ambassador that the Smart meters are emitting. That it does it completely changes the dean may have cells so and so you know you're looking at it and huge increase in cancer potentially can be Smart meters -- it's just it. Every word crazy. It and it may we don't and you know yes we all have cancer cells right but it's amazing there's some people sick when you. When you think about us. It is yeah it is an and that's that's all the more reason. To be really picky about what you could anybody about how much you know -- eating the but the quality could treaty because that's the way that you're going to be able to it fortifying -- new system. And -- Fortify you just -- on that front bunker developed commercial something that's. They're two are you going to be able to keep keep your immune system healthy so that you can try to Upton leaves it in and -- have adopted it tells you. That the the true that you put your -- really has no bearing on your health did you start doctor go to somebody that knows what he's talking about -- she's talking about. Because that's not true I I. 100 -- here and and bowed to beat Texas it's our medical doctor that school. And in twelve years school. Including his is undergrad then eight years of residency medical school so -- he only had 12. Hour course on nutrition. And and were asked about that that -- to our course like not to. Two hours twice a week for a semester he does not like two hours from ten to one day. Like really that's the only in the and that's that's pretty much typical high medical doctors don't have any courses on nutrition. It's of course they're gonna tell you that. Most of will tell you that nutrition is really not that important but the -- matter is that it is probably -- most importantly you can control and so it's very important just to eat clean diet and then watch what you put in your body look at -- here if you're putting things into your. Body. But hydrogenated or genetically modified foods which have been shown to cause cancer. You're just in increasing the burden on their immune system that in it and you're gonna help the cancer get a foothold with the food that you -- you either going to be eating let's put it this way that could be you needed either gonna help fight cancer it's gonna help cause cancer. That's a great that's a great way of putting it that's a great sound -- and in your opinion another resource that you done. Do you have. Thoughts on what they're a vegetarian green based diet is better than you know like a period diet are -- Not eating meat and what's your what's your what are your thoughts on that. -- -- Vegetarian diet works for some people and I'm not vegetarians we still eat meat and eggs and we drink raw milk. And that but we -- it's clean. So you won't make sure that it pretty liquidity -- that it's from a grass state cal it's been sent on grass and organic and not -- -- RB GH antibiotics and so forth if we chicken and make sure that it's free range organic chicken that the chicken haven't been. You know. Injected with each round of sterile and so that there they're eight counts when they died of fat of the kidney walk and he's totally a natural. And it's a world war will particular about the kind of meat that we eat and networks for our family. But not of people that do well on an honor the indicted vegetarian diet it all depends on what we're sure -- I think the main thing is. I know a lot of people that are adamant that you should only eat the or he should only eat pay Leo or so whatever. Didn't think it about him that Adam what I think. It that you should be very aware of the pesticide solitude but you can't be modified foods that are into the antibiotics -- -- -- that are given to the animals and make sure that whatever the -- that you choose that works for you that it is clean as possible. I totally agree with what you just said I think having some people do very well and began and there are others that that don't do that while and it's it's a matter of the individual. We are we mostly. At -- read exactly how how you -- thumb. But what if someone's been diagnosed with cancer. Does it make a difference whether they are still eating meat are not because I think a lot of treatment centers out announcement of treatment centers really focus on. You know green vegetables and fruits when it comes to treating cancer did get in on that. Yeah you know I would say that if you've been diagnosed with that would look late stage cancer. Helped stage three or stage four cancer. You can't you really can't go -- action if -- go. -- the next sixty days if you just go completely organic it. In raw. Begin big no no no animal products -- two spots so it Jews. Several times today. Detoxify. Copy and those are great to stimulator deliver. You know but the buyouts accretion net and helps detoxify your system clog up -- cause a lot of different -- So I think he can't go wrong what we need at least in the short term if you wanted to go. Begins organic -- for a couple months and just see what happens they announced that it lecture last night -- interest. And somebody asked the very similar question. About diabetes. And then another question about fibromyalgia which is basically determining doctor has no clue what you ask yeah. If you go two months Robby -- -- organic do a lot of using the matter what you're conditioned its start browser or diabetes or cancer. You're gonna see -- huge. Difference in your help issued improvement in your -- over the next two months and in my opinion. What's the most outrageous out there alternative therapy you come across when it comes to end. Com health and cancer. Well that's funny that you Internet I'll just tell somebody about that over the last week I got an email may be a couple years ago from somebody that says that there. There. Natural -- -- can get loans they've had told them that each day -- key to treating cancer and actually was to -- three you'll vetoes. And I'm not make him so I read those three do we chose not blame is not Tito's. Doritos and not one not. -- but three. Yeah so you know it it's funny. But it's really kind of sad to trees to look at what it does is people here that in in in that make anybody that this bounces natural treatments. That girl on the same course -- that would be an -- because whoever whatever doctor told the patient each -- -- there will be. That's not gonna do anything to help treat cancer but I you know people here that they save -- alternative treatments are quackery comes. Look out of the guided his doctor told me three to -- to treat cancer. That idiotic I don't that the idiotic so everybody that does anything alternative an idiot. And so the capital everybody into the same category. That's that's just crazy what what about like. That you think has some sense to afraid alternative therapies that you think might have a shot at helping someone to healthier -- Treat cancer. -- yeah let's see. Hypothermia at the -- -- it's not really out there but it's one that most people don't know about and so it superheated. You know secretary here -- getting your -- real hot. The -- hypothermia as cancer cells are premise so they don't respond to -- very well. So when you get your body at about about a 180 degrees and has very good chance of children's cancer cells but there have been normal cells they they're much more adaptive. And so you don't kill normal cells. Particular cancer cells and so. Academic a little bit of that a lot of people that are even their natural cancer that financial cancer. -- In the realm don't even know about that one -- that talk about in the book of hypothermia. -- talking Everett's on men's and into the yeah of these maps. Nine net adds that he diplomatic and does it get your body about a hundred name. There aren't that that the reduction will be treatment while the markets. That's the people think it could cut about spiritual or not is -- -- the frequency crisis so you you probably would -- Raman writes -- to. Who have figured out that there are a bit different cells in the body operated different frequencies and he -- specifically target cancer cells by. Blood in the bottom of certain frequencies. And you can kill you could kill the cancer cells and only the cancer cells by only. It's bloody body with a certain frequencies which he called more but I think he called. Mortal also Larry frequencies for. Within that term for the -- that frequently to kill cancer cells. So I'm a lot of people that use the right machines. Tutsis would treat the cancer and been very successful but it felt kind of -- -- people here that you what you use and frequency machine that alienates. Yeah it felt like it but it actually works you know very well and you know it is. What else. One of them want the treatment that works really well that people think it's. It's bizarre because it worked so well isn't that the -- like one that I another Doctor Who developed it it's just a combination of a different medicinal herbs. And it treat cancer extremely well extremely effective at treating cancer but it. You you know you tell somebody and that. The best -- their best bet is to take. Drink. A little herbal tonic with eight medicinal herbs and it just it just sounds too good to be true -- -- too wacky to be true. You know because the doctors don't talk about it pharmaceutical companies don't talk about it. But here's little product that you can buy you know over the cap -- The cut they -- for medicinal herbs and a lot of different method of action about the way they kill cancer cells and also have different methods by which state modulate the immune system. And you can buy it online and you can take it at home. And that developer that this is a medical doctor that developed at first thought of a brain cancer it's brought his father wouldn't take it. Until they put him on the -- hospice they -- be dead within a few weeks she did ten years. That's one that -- -- about the book but it's nothing but a bunch of backyard we'd pick though you know for truck left a better way to describe it. And it's got a bird's life if they want. It's a lot one not. My plan and its backyard herbs that he put together. Well you know I think accurately -- I use that term because that it was. Told good morning it was Morse stitched Fishbein who used to be head of the American Medical Association that was responsible persecuting. Dozens of doctors writing that the country. One of them being carried popular pocket -- one of the big -- Reverend Wright and the list goes on and on he called the hockey tonic. A bunch of backyard leaves. But how could top the hot pocket treatment had a very very. Good track record we treat cancer but they're not necessarily speculators but what is the -- ones that it's a tremendous arms that most people -- Armored you know you've heard of Harvard singer Aaron Curry hypocrisy -- green tea extract -- -- degree -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Ever turtle that got -- some compassion flower battle methane -- first -- just got a bunch of basically. Got a bunch of herbs and reach. They grow naturally in -- and extracts from from plants. But I think it it's been a lot to them. Carrier and so you get to delivery to the immune system you delivery into the bloodstream. That bypasses the gut and a lot of the a lot of oral. Supplement the war to a lot of oral treatments. Bringing needed they don't work too well because of that you're you've got -- -- active you don't get delivery into the new system. This works well because the fact it's been a lot of -- -- don't bypasses the gun goes to the bloodstream. That he heard about oxygen therapies for -- GAAP. Yeah yeah I've got to. I've got a chapter in the book on oxygen therapies aren't column bio oxidation therapies that -- oxygen therapies. Hydrogen peroxide ozone there I talk about a little. And your thoughts on Hannah and Meryl nothing cancer. I loved I loved that happened actually on the Carol also on Fox News. You -- -- he -- that. Yeah and down week she wanted to talk about him I was shocked that that they wanted to talk about this what I didn't think he would make an immediate area. It -- arrows out there and I love the fact she's got a platform on Fox News because. She's so beautiful and she's so up on all this up I saw her. I think last year couple years ago and she she is right on and I'm -- so -- step up platform. I'll meet you yet she's great she's really upon your -- have given that there are on the mainstream and talk about this stuff. But I try not I have I went up there they can you talk about some computer some of the more accepted treatment in the book. And in the first and she went to talk about so we did that yeah it is it's it was ground. By all the top -- you know and there's there's something like 25000 different -- terms of 1930 article popular mechanics he's entitled 25000. From the point -- -- most people think of you have to -- because somebody's laying around the united Doritos and watching watching. The movie. And then bet that one of the twin prop up usage -- you can smoke. But there's somebody that uses that you really need to address those keep people need to know but it's not -- smoking. I mean there was it is -- -- want to superffoods and so like sterling and Kerala. Got all the essential fact you have to give the government right ratio the -- to make it situations -- -- gamble in Atlantic answered. I didn't plant and our crack. And -- -- having -- oil compared to 5% -- It's also very effective treatment for cancer. And then not harness market it better -- -- their ability to -- up but it is impossible to compare the -- -- it. GHT -- -- -- at all. But that's what we want but at the capitalist system here does the commendable it's which -- but they're basically. There are chemicals and have medicinal properties -- -- -- -- TV. It is kind of growl and that is most like electric component. So that it would keep its local pound this but cannot industrial -- with no THE you know dvd these -- are part. But it has a lot of medicinal uses and so might my interest had initially of course can promote cancer affects the anticancer effects because that have been done. On him with breast cancer colon cancer prostate skin uterine pancreatic. Thyroid cancer cervical cancer. And cancer of the mouth cancer of the liver. It's amazing that study has -- -- that and then all of them show that he had. Mitigate the spreading of the -- certain stops -- angiogenesis switches. The former your future in certain blood system for the tumors so the commitment tumors can't can't live without the blood supply. And they have also stimulates the so this cancer cells to commit. Suicide which is called it popped dozens. Who we were talking about. Hundreds and hundreds of studies. And the latest -- in my book there cancers aspect of the block a document an elite group to all of these studies that have been published on club med management to development to report that showed that the media had -- -- Plant it is extremely anti cancer. Yet the drug on wars I think is a drug -- -- on our health than in many ways and -- year at. Fabulous day last year at just such a great resource and love to have you back. Please share -- our listeners your web science. Ya Ed thank you for that we're street I appreciate it may boggle your -- exit interview this is great because. I've been on just where there's not really much blown back and forth but this is not that somebody that's educated on the other hand it but that's what you're talking about I really appreciate -- dementia are being unusual and I love to come on again people keep fighting cancer treated dot net. That's my main web site can buy the book there. And I know you do do a search for -- I've got several other. Books that are that are out there -- -- it was such -- my main. He's a -- dot net. And we'll certainly post does your contact information your website on living welcome radio along -- The recording of the shouts anti we will definitely happy back. Got class keep up the raid works now many people need this information Mikey now so. Secret history and appreciate it thank you.