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Diamond Know It All #17, 2/1/14

Feb 1, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's time for the diamond now and I'll show preceded locally by Austin America's diamond in the post series Jordan and David diamond now and all will answer your questions about diamonds -- -- -- engagement rings. And they may even help solve your relationship problems exist till 8327792678. Or email your question to David diamond note all dot com and now here's due in days. It's another week closer to the big -- jewelry holiday Valentine's Day which coming up right around the corner. Dave -- you feeling about this Valentine's Day retail why I think it's always exciting you know. I I I believe that you know people just look for opportunities to show that person how much they love them they may not openly do that all day long been an everyday of the week and I think it wouldn't win one put that they really do want to do something really romantic something really sexy something. In other than candy. A little lingerie. OK I think they if they wanna show how much they love that person and. So you think that perhaps this year jewelry diamonds. Going to be big sellers for Valentine's what's hot thing if people are looking up. -- it -- its colored gemstone attendance and earrings the really hot. That sounds great so you can get him in the collar you said this before another shows. You find out what her favorite kind of shade or color is and you get a gemstone that sort of coordinates. That's absolutely right most men go. Oh -- wage or birthdays in July well it just opened July okay today -- I try to do Texans okay. Little Billy Williams earned him if that -- bright and so it sounds cliche you just -- just sit around and buy something that. Colin that they would look good and well colors that they east ten to go with with that clothing okay and how they dress. And then a sometimes should you should bring a picture and you show the jeweler of the person waiting on you com. What they look like as they can get a lot from that they can find out whether their perceived by the weather this tailored to a live. Macho type whether there you know the you know mom -- -- -- type you know. And -- -- You can go in her closet and look at what color she has hanging in the class and that's a clue as well absolutely and if anybody watched the grammys did there was. Tonnes at the grammys who actually batter jewelry nice -- jewelry more fashionable jewelry. And then the golden gloves and I know we talked about it. Golden Globes -- -- necklaces very little indoor meant not a lot bracelets a few -- what did the grammys have yet. Like cussing a -- Katy Perry she had this gorgeous topaz. And diamond earrings and ring lot of rings there was a lot of rings a lot of earrings. But it was she looked absolutely stunning. They've really they've made they made -- the actresses look bad and then Alicia. Keys. She wore -- absolutely. Gorgeous. Crystal Hayes and the tight and the Titanic time and if anybody knows what that is and I was like charcoal -- -- NRA sort bomb. And and black and white diamonds it was just saps at least on now I love the black and the white combo yeah -- And just even if you more singer Sara mom as a -- us. Guerrero Morales for Austria has appeared. She was wearing a gold cocktail ring. And rose cut of pink Opel earrings in eighteen carat gold are absolutely. Absolutely really breathtaking and so that they were dropped annually type hearings and it was a lot of drop -- these. Anna Farris she was wearing. Blue sapphire and diamond earrings that would dangle and they were. There really really gorgeous so they out -- shown the gold glove I guess maybe they make more money the patent. Well maybe they're more fashionable and maybe -- staying gimmick because that you think with the musicians the same thing that they get sent these pieces to where they don't actually own number. 99% of the time may. Get them sent by they admitted deal didn't -- Have. At the Oscars and a few times they've had a lot of problems with the -- disappear often. So when I don't think that they're willing to give as much. And to certain to people OK the -- proved himself let's say not to be responsible. Well but do you think that musicians would be. It'd be a more afraid of musicians get robbed than actors out and I mean that's my -- -- let me Christians tend to hang more on the outskirts of society you know and I mean. -- Hilary -- had a gorgeous diamond dome type. In rose gold ring that she was wearing. It could have it came from Rebecca designs and it was valued at over 6000 -- very tasteful very beautiful. And we talked about a lot of people. Think about proposing this time a year valentines as a great time to propose didn't get one of if you're if you're in that weird place I think at -- colored gemstone ring as a really good alternative to getting her engagement ring. I happen to be in the business because of colored gemstones I think -- fascinating. That doesn't mean. I mean diamonds is in a bit just there and -- colored gemstones and mean they grow. I mean this crystals. And they grow just like a no you don't water of them season. Look at the no fertilizer in the let go my faith what about that I was thinking -- colored gemstone no at all showed that just doesn't -- I have not vote. But my feeling I am not a lot of courage and still know and I'll let you know the funny thing is -- to the news. There -- about the average diamond is about six billion years old. So one of your contemporary hits it exactly think. Don't look good for that LA and great to. Proposals do you hear when people come into the store and they're sharing. You know what what they dead or what they've heard anything -- Funny you ask that but I'm on the epic. Felt that he hears it obviously we talked about the sport proposal sporting games. Last week because we gonna that's burned out and I want to let it during a game by. I agree we talked about that but you don't want. I really. Don't think that's a Smart move marriage proposal. On arrived at a basketball game march 14 2008 that was disperse. They had two and one night both reject. Marriage proposal rejection of a basketball game again on August 6. -- 2013. Rejected. Okay. A video that there was a proposal at UCLA basketball game reject it okay. There we go UCLA again. On full video of it I mean it was on TV everything guy he got. Reject reject supposed to moral of the story don't -- during about the bond yeah. I think it's a bad idea okay well what what kind of creative proposals have you heard about lately -- I'm glad you arrests. Terrorists out there was somebody that turned around and he arranged at Disneyland really great place that didn't. Get -- -- valentines are always callous enough and he arranged with a model dips company. That they came in they did they came upon them and they were dancing and the young men joined they they pulled the young man up to -- to dance with them. And demand. He got down on one knee. OK and he proposed. It took a lot of planning. It to you he had been with a woman five years while and he thought it was time and it was right and she was completely. Clueless. OK and she was so excited and she accepted. And she'll have that memory for. Arab her mom never and then come there was. The graffiti marriage I think this is kind of cool the person goes of their walking in the goes up any post shock out of his right. I -- does of this whole thing on the wall and he proposes he asks her to marry her. Graffiti that I have. -- was really it's like it's different it's something you always remember on I think it's comical. Amateur with a you have to be an honest tonight and I got -- maybe appreciate it Garten Google I guess it took a lot of planning and that that's the part both of those things took a lot of planning on the gentleman's part man and I think that it's commander that's what a woman might be looking forward -- that's right Q -- commitment -- -- -- those are really ones that I can't picture myself being involved -- OK how about this what. Men makes fake movie trailer okay I'll get back to that he can do -- write your -- house because of computer isn't. Cameras in the hooked up and everything aren't I liken as like okay attacked. And he acts it all out on on any. And -- -- trailer that he emails to -- How is that why -- Gmail -- how about this one you rent a movie theater out however sitting down thinking she's gonna want to may -- -- in the trailers come up. There's the trailer that where he's asking her what's in it took it to a new level what I want I expect -- home are failing to realize it until after it was on a few minutes. A few seconds okay that it was him. -- okay. And he was acting out all the times different times in her their relationship. Thing is how they met. How how different episodes during their relationship. And then he appears at the end in the aftermath or not I like Allen Vietnam -- that's kind of cool. Greatly listening to the dime they know it all on talk thirteen seventy you can email -- question or comment are sure your -- with us we'd love to hear about it. Dave Ed diamond know it all dot com. We're gonna talk about some Valentine or romance or jewelry seem to movies. I'm coming up and also get into the fourth season have you up purchaser Daimon -- -- let us stunning now and I'll show on talk thirteen seventy. -- -- -- I'm in love when I met her my life became better than any dream I could have. I know that I don't wanna live without her but should -- -- -- -- diamond for Valentine's. I saw some engagement rings at Austin America's diamond but do I want to propose right now maybe it's too soon no matter what you purchase from. Austin American Stein and she'll love that they are the experts say you can talk it over with them and feel confident when you make your selection if it's too soon for an engagement -- consider a beautiful American made American designed colored gemstone piece featured in Austin American Stein and a Suzanne -- land -- would be nice. Or maybe gemstone rings very popular right now and perfect for Valentine's -- see what's new at Austin Americus diamond in the -- lock Mo -- in breaker no matter what you -- she'll love that -- supporting a local Austin business I'm so thankful she's in my life no matter what you get at Austin America's diamond she'll love it. You're listening to the -- know it all on top thirteen seventy -- George. Setting here with that they know it all himself mr. day of the movie buff and we always seem to. Talk about things that remind -- submitted last week we are talking not Chick Flicks and this week we wanna talk about movies that have jewelry in the them. -- -- -- You sound so we we we -- -- actually Lori said wanted to talk about those movies that are really there was a something spectacular with the jewelry. Com about the movies and and then all of a sudden all those movie just popped into mind what -- they had the biggest one I think of as the Titanic because the whole. -- about the -- was finding that. What's that sound that they thought was at the bottom of the ocean and then woman -- not happening I don't know if you know this but this was actually. It was -- Copied something in the that a real incident that was a little bit of a real incidents for the whole hike was a -- and well -- that that is but that the the jewelry. And that was about finding a necklace and and the 800 treasure hunter Tom is looking for supposedly this on this diamond. The person that -- had the diamond was her name was rose and she was still alive. And then she tells the story of how of the how she ended up with the necklace in the end there is revealed that the damage did not go down with the ship. Rose had. Headed all the time she had had a portrait painted of her by you -- someone on the ship that. Did her -- of her with a necklace on button this chemical. So what is is there -- So the Titanic was a real historic. Debate add that part as -- romance to the navy and that wasn't real get a patent on a real that was really based on the hope diamond. -- -- -- know that's what it was really based. But they didn't use it from the -- but here's the interesting part after the movie. There was a jeweler a bit made up a necklace he made and that is a 170. Garrett. Part shapes sapphire instead of a diamond okay and 65. Diamonds around and knife and so lines so lean now DR and she wore that harm the firm at 1998. Academy Awards I am the diamond no at all -- -- -- more this it was kind of a replica of what. The movie yet that exactly was a rebel go what the movie showed -- cut and but he does think his fifth funny car. -- now we're waiting for that funny part Dave by getting well the -- -- her husband at the time movie she was married to them out okay. They he bought it for her 2.2 million valley and -- -- yes. What is his name he's like the perfect -- and because we 'cause he bought 2.2 -- -- and then about him he's so sick piece French I believe I know he's just. What is the -- I just pay down my heat for her like she needs anything she does everything she Celine Dion. Like I -- well anyway. Come that's the stuff dreams are made on whether other movies I think about diamonds are girl's best friend that's from Maryland in Rome movie well obviously. And Christina she -- most expensive one ever on a -- in a movie set. She wore and the gentleman's prefer blondes. You know on that and I'm not gonna sing this for you have but did you remember the -- she -- saying time and -- Very good at their -- okay. And it goes on about how about how men grow old as girls grow old and we all lose our charms -- okay. In the end the square cut. The pear shaped cut these rocks don't lose their shape. Like women do. Diamonds aren't and thereby. Okay. In the film to emphasize the song. She laud the moon of Harry -- 25 point 95 -- so just under 26 carat pear shaped in the -- natural canary diamond. That was even in those days was in the millions. Today would be an even higher. It doesn't get the most Barkley -- that. -- Maryland and around I mean tomorrow hello. Any other navies. Ballots. -- -- was the Pink Panther. That was based around a real jewelry thief who was called the pink -- up are okay at the time and -- -- little pink. When his team to pay their outdoor right in the movie -- he took on that that that role but it has since it was about a jewel thief and about a pink diamond. That -- had a flaw are in the pink diamond. And look the flaw. The imperfection. Looked like 8 PM affair and that's how that all came about yeah. Abandon them sometimes and there's the return of the Pink Panther so that was two movies about -- same actually -- Two movies are about the same diamond and then they dropped it. Pretty women I think of she -- that gorgeous necklace found Julie Roberts stand in that movie. Was at a dot turner remember was at a diamond necklace she had her hair up -- gorgeous gown there is actually it was rubies and rubies and diamonds and I kind. -- rubies and diamonds and it was worth a quarter of a million dollars an election and now. There was amid an armed guard it's stood behind the director of the whole time that scene was being shot no doubt and and speaking of shooting the movie he was ready -- -- to -- OK anybody that was gonna come and grab Garry Marshall then yeah yeah Gary Marshall said the reason that whole scene came about. Was the fact. That parent Li. -- Julia. Sweet little Julia the girl next door look. She liked to party at night. Well she's had a series she -- monitor costar she's had a series of. Bad early to -- -- it -- -- she's just Garnett picked management's out of the expressing legitimate and notoriously woman yeah yeah let's keep it low and so Gary Marshall went to Richard -- and said. You know let's wake her up this morning. He said I wanted it when when you show with a necklace I want to the snapped a box honoring him -- -- and she doesn't that. And for that beautiful smile that she -- -- -- me what I wasn't planned he wasn't planned and it was planned only that Gary Marshall asked them -- give it do it. But they filmed it. And it wasn't till the last day of editing that they arrested there and and lo and behold that became the this Taylor that he and a -- That's seen -- So he putted and even though wasn't scripted mechanical. Mouthpiece falcon that's a movie that there were it wasn't a piece of jewelry but the Falco and the goal falcon had jewels -- the -- -- all around that was based data -- -- real the real thing also. It was the original was the. Commitment how is and this is I love this commitment house and hawk. A ceremonial. Pour pouring vessel made. And 1697. Which was. Gifts that was sent by the knights of Malta century -- to the form of a jewelry encrusted gold fell into the king of Spain. Yeah well okay along with the falcons. Okay and the whole movie was about the falcon in retrieving that falcon. That Sam Spade have the whole time Humphrey Bogart era classic movie right I not get information. I'll let go out by the way what little that out of things are -- that most people don't know whether it's not that though. They -- nothing more than a prop okay I'm making that movie there was no real gem there was no real falcon didn't need an arm artist I'm the director for that's on that. But that prop was auctioned off in 1994. And it brought 390500. Dollars per -- not a real crimes other fate. Because the movie is such -- class now come out to one of the greatest movies off sound I can watch that a hundred times Humphrey Bogart he's. -- this could diagnose dolls show on talk thirteen seventy. And we'll be right back right of your best. I'm in love when I met her my life became better than any dream I could ask. I know that I don't want to live without her but should -- -- -- -- diamond for Valentine's. I saw some engagement rings at cost and America's diamond but do I want to propose right now maybe it's too soon no matter what you purchase from. Austin American Stein and she'll love -- they are the experts say you can talk it over with them and feel confident when you make your selection and if it's too soon for an engagement -- consider a beautiful American made American designed colored gemstone piece featured in Austin American Stein and a Suzanne -- land -- would be nice. Or maybe gemstone rings very popular right now and perfect for Valentine's -- see what's new at Austin -- diamond in the -- lock -- pack in breaker no matter what you buy -- -- and a W supporting a local Austin business I'm so thankful she's in my life no matter what you get -- Austin America's diamond she'll love it. It didn't into the dining -- all show. On top thirteen seven -- presenting sponsor Austin American -- and we'd like to thank. The folks over there. You know -- If someone is thinking about proposing for Valentine's Day. It would be good to kind of quickly go over the force seas of selecting a diamond because. A lot of people have heard the -- is but they don't maybe necessarily know what they are. I agree with you. I think when someone goes to look for diamond. It is like going to buy a piece of -- And if you turnaround in the if you. If you are looking to buy a piece of art you wanna know all the things about the artist you want and all the things what is medium was. What he had in mind what. So on what you really want to know whether it looks -- to make you feel good to look at it. But it does -- to a new blood diamond yes you wanna know it's clarity as you wanna know the color. And it would everybody calls and great color I want a good color is a lack of color. But on the other hand right now brightened this error over the world and this -- -- and our timeline. People look. Who are buying more diamonds with a little bit of body color than they are in the coldest. So. What is. You know doesn't mean if you have a flawless diamond. Okay which looks like a bottle of water if you you we've all during every -- some sort of mountain water. And if you look candidate in the it's really not clear it has sort of a grayish steel look to Witten. And that's what a colorless diamond looks like. And that that's my interpretation a little bit of a -- here I think yeah yeah well you know that's suggesting that the years ago they used to call them blue white diamonds but that's only a -- with for rest and cement. Which is giving it a false sparkle moved. Actually in most states today that's against the water used that term. Blue white diamond because it's not considered a -- term. Well you always say you know it's good to know cut -- clarity cost that kind of thing but it bottom line comes down to what do you like what is your I like what it. You know what what do you think it's pretty -- you're right because there's a design around there right now one of the things that they do. Is they -- the -- that's what the biggest largest. The most conclusions and they use it in the form of art and they do something different with the home and that can be pretty too. I dislike you knew Brian emerald. That there's a lot of it will. Admirals have the most flaws of any gemstone. There. They call them gardens. That's the technical term believe and I'm -- of them of the flaws and yet it's called garden. In if you can't appreciate. That. Then you shouldn't own one. So there even the expensive ones have flaws in the. Such interest when I think back to I got in correlation to picking husbands are I any effect life and and thank you can appreciate the plus Tokyo on the. That is so. This and I always see the tiny and took -- bone -- -- I'll figure it takes about three months. Okay when you know someone to they stuck to become the real self. Three months ago but you know it's that three months then then I'm like god you wake up you see who is this woman. So how long did you know you're right before you knew she was the one actually instantaneously. Love at first sight absolutely I act today she doesn't listen to the value on beyond that I want you do you want here romantic idea. I -- -- my wife's a lot younger than Miami and play she looks a lot younger than she is yeah and what happened was. I -- she's really nice and and she must know some nice people and I just figured. She knew somebody asked him to fix me up with someone. And she did she fixed me up with herself. Oh. Yeah the hot city that -- told me that she fixed me up with some on and then. As she said Saturday gonna go out and starts a two time kind. Who got all excited you know what original it's like a -- it. It was surge and she's beautiful in my life you know picker has -- as they that it generates good and he said it mercifully. Because some women would be so -- feel so bad to the you're asking her for some and that they there. Pride would make them just go way am I won't say -- cry about it. Feel sorry for themselves yet -- stupid okay. Afterwards everyone else would say. How -- you could tell she was in love with me by the way she looked at me and I'm a guy I didn't see it I didn't you know I wasn't. My head wasn't -- that way and and so I just ignored it all right just didn't see it at all. But that it that they said that every time she looked at me to tell that she was absolutely in love with a one out retention lakes that you like Intel chief being human and. You documentary about we'll vote the will leave that luckily he's not alone. What you know which he says now she says such -- you know we work together she she says that. Sheikh sometimes she'd like to drop kicked me across the room and I always say is this one of those times she goes except hopefully. There the other day -- just like to me she is exasperating she'd like to mean she does but I think you know what I'm talking. -- being asked so you talk about the wife that work live it right why is your network wide right then you have another route we're quietly -- Right and then I have. The one in Southern California as she does all the art work for me for advertising and whatnot yeah. Man night on the idea guy M she puts it all those my ideas together. For advertising and -- on her name is Claudia and she's my other wife. And I tell all my wise that I love them the best. Okay epithet that really I governor of the and I do we do like to do right now on the public -- -- -- the best fits yeah fifth. Well we only about a minute left -- we always give you this last minute to share some. Final words of wisdom we hope. He got I got envoy idea of. Every relationship has its own problems. What what makes it perfect as when you still want to be there when everything sucks. We're gonna and the show with Red Sox tough but yeah. Even diamond night on top thirteen seven -- thanks retain an end.

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