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Feb 1, 2014|

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Welcome to let's get healthy with bills whale on talk thirteen seven. He's here to take your call -- 39013. Seventy and now here's bill -- We'll hear these bills will also. Experience. Favorite. -- -- -- -- -- There's a big world and. -- -- -- Good afternoon you know she's. She's of that trip doctor -- -- right that's very -- -- Listen that's a really good feel -- the -- and we we -- natural ways of the year ago when. Yeah I think a lot of people are looking for ways to empower themselves and learn more about how they can be proactive -- Learn about the -- -- -- in prevention of disease than. So it's something and I looked at two hands and I think this month when people getting interested. Well also impact while -- becomes very competitive actually you -- this kind of good the sad part is that there's people out there that. They get those kitchen you know education in this it was you know. Rates start them constitution's. So it's -- they feel it is and most you know. May may you gotta you gotta be really dedicated because it changes in news -- -- They -- doubles or two years. In these you know you're playing -- us it's difficult doctor's note saying don't get into it causes protect some. The rate it isn't letting people who go into any firm Edison. Usually there's -- giants to learn lifeline in a lot of lesser of researching things that dollars and we have to -- -- education and take you to maintain our. In the world most of us and Texas -- Linksys and other state as a leading protects its late that the touchpad that doctors would have opinions. So that we do have -- Yet contain education. Where we every years ago and -- and you know renew our licenses. So it's. It's a lifelong learning process. Well number one you literally shook your relation with your with your patience and lectured him the question. And it's true what the real doctored doctor -- It's tough to do with the insurance because. Companies changes church policies. You Somalia and it will. Postal carrier noticed anything. So -- But but it's really important that we work on neutral. And -- just general Patricia drugs like forms some believe that some -- And I think is -- Something that I think that answers. Inclination for it is that is biting as an instrument of yours holistic. Treatments that. I truly believe it's great acting -- -- -- everything. -- surgery. On the -- that. They're well I think it is one at the that's. Really it takes time to get people to -- what is the appropriate course attacks and it's. In its long states to a lot of people opting to sports. Doing things that. Affects. Hopefully. Change. Serena helped. Right exactly agree I agree. We have some good similar. We do those times. OK he. -- -- yep -- so it looks like we have coming up that really interesting and Rex to be talking to doctor put at the end of our show today. But he's going to be giving lectures on February 3 this February 7 PM at the south. South Lamar people's pharmacy on acid reflux and gall bladder dysfunction. Which serves both extremely comments anyone out there suffering from either conditional probably -- -- a lot of NC for that lecture. We also. The same night but at the lay claim people's pharmacy the wellness center there. There's akin -- and -- diet talk by -- -- in -- Stansfield. And it's same -- it's a popular night it's. Also. OK so following that so candy and period it starts at six and at 7 PM. After Paris shoot -- impact is going to be. Discussing heart disease cholesterol and blood pressure how to beat them naturally. So that would be it but did double -- -- that night. For the press torture for the press one nobody OK and that's great its price these are free. That's an -- of division that you yet so there's no cost associated with the free seminars to have people come and learn more. The February 4 we have gluten sensitivity and management techniques that of the south problem our conference and and that's but Don Marbury who works with chance of recent times and seat. Will be speaking at 7 PM again gluten sensitivity in management techniques. On February 8 we have doctor -- books doing a treat dyslexia screening. And that's from two to four at the south Lamar confidence in the trickery opportunity. A lot of people in kids' kids and adults have. Dyslexia but they don't know and it's really interfere with their ability to. Do his will that Camden school and even other tasks in the eyes and so this is a good opportunity to get screened for free. And doctor Phil's books that really interesting holistic approach towards treating it if it's identified. Edit churches it was as good because she will show you how to do. Help diagnose it. Oh great yet I partition yeah I think it's its own presets for every eight. Them two to four. And that's on Saturday when you do have a baby's autopsy that's right yet of anti youth -- -- 25 so we'll see you know babies can be. Earlier -- of it on time LC home. And -- so you don't want. This -- be Agile AG early. The -- double and they were not cheap user 22 to four -- two dollar. John touched off -- to two dollars. They recalled. There's a free repair kit to go -- you can -- once you have want. Or this you can call will accuse him question. What to do were calls and emails also. Press writers and credit trends as far that's enough to maybe step back a little afraid approached us for her. And we shortly with the problem let's. Want with a plastic mustache and beard went with a penny but one party control. So that those users. It -- just -- they were eighty parts could be choking hazards that book. Yeah. They -- they they -- -- your -- is you know others for Rico. Took -- -- some other bottle water you know problems that are. Oh with somebody you can we get the phone call. Also there's don't have to -- we good children which we have room in. You -- ridiculous. Doctors. Partner. He retired. And by the way you have a practice. At duke at the -- the more -- which. That's right in the south -- location they will be in a couple weeks of he had enough for maternity leave but I'll be back in about twelve weeks and so. But it two FCC patients there at the south of application. And and -- their mandate. Monday Wednesday Thursdays at times but Saturday or Sunday here. We have doctor late -- He's going to be calling him. They're pretty quickly or code you know and Laurie Anderson. And register props to -- bugs she retirement that went back into. -- -- time to talk -- that says that the news. Really important emphasis -- Hillary's support because you can treat them. Safeway and I think you that your pregnancy -- Exactly. Doctors here THE -- He's chiropractor as special as he certify. Trying. Urgent problems and so that's that's -- -- Which you can -- your program for practitioners also for. -- In the interest. -- -- you he's please mention is here. He's this week. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- to what it the movies. That was about to. It's called acceptable levels talk about talks talks. It's 000. Where is that this sets the decree. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's about levels options. Market to actually. -- we -- there there's no to so one. So. It's documentary. -- -- was. With politics. -- -- Duties. Artest. -- picture. It front were -- Soda is say the -- -- of them. The field Bebo we attribute. So if they have the video of -- or. -- that -- yours. I. Think if you get a breezes should. You be for. Secession. As. -- As most news. And that's really it took -- needed vegetable oils that we're talking about. It looks like Peter Reid congress that are removed that from their formula. There of their race the race changed to a thing to musher to. It. Well I was encouraged people to go there's something called material safety data sheets -- -- switched to help people of the risks of certain chemicals. And it's good so is go and meet those and to see you know what is this substance -- their body is a good idea. Put your utility you're confused -- doing ridiculous tree I get chemical and singing but that that was lots of chemistry and -- -- of the time -- graduated from UT with that -- so. I think it's important for people to know there -- resources out there and it's. You know we are definitely living in a world where every day whether its terrorists -- the here. There's a lot of chemical exposure which I think is intriguing to some of her parents. Increases that we're seeing him in a lot of chronic diseases and it's good for people to educate themselves. When you hear this your second child last two years day and you're very colorful picture you have so we can produce show the you by others for academic pregnant -- like pregnant or whatever your wife whatever you know there's some things that you can -- right. There's a lot of things -- can do to cut down exposure and then answer -- that's perfect actors prepare a little whip Trent extremes that in terms of limiting. Exposures and so you know. Even choosing. Organic produce the steps of the dirty dozen and China cut down pesticide exposure and to using cosmetics products. You know with BP's pretty simple easily just some sort of a soap -- that. There's a cosmetics database to go to cosmetics database that word and you can read. How toxic -- other currencies on a daily basis whether it's something for your baby here met and make up that using your skin every day. -- -- you can go in and plug in the name of your -- and -- tell you on a scale of zero to ten toxic it is. And you know strawberries. Have a proper system which. You can use it more. Information. They did you know that -- an election in just. And also some people use it to to help prevent cancer which he treats captures jailer Preston the catch and this anecdotally. Some meant a story that took a couple of a cup of truckers are wrestlers. Education and technology -- which was so capsule form if you do that. So there's some additional partners to. Fever. So pleased for kidney stones that Briscoe. More thanks so it's desperate medicinal ways and reduced production so. In addition see you may and fiber. Magnesium torturous. When he's 66. Be a civilian adequacy and it programs totally. But at the organic is ritual right. Great Qatar which they talk about originally prevent strokes of the Christian. Too so affected as -- to food can be there's. And and it -- -- or -- truckers Travers run away that's. Provoked. And it I don't know anybody tell mr. market we decided. Early on decided about three years ago -- oracle there was putting some people putting as -- -- dish water. 06 and -- -- -- control you know I don't know where there's children. You'll find out if that's what that you Google try to lately exe. You missed it wouldn't. Lecture me so to speak to auctions it but I can say that. If you give this great love the weather dirty dozen. And we give whoever. Truckers strawberry is -- so toxic and probably very addicting. Like -- The other can accomplish great was it you are human history. I don't think so based computer and next every evidenced (%expletive) actually looked around. I haven't. Seeing them elsewhere organic chocolate instantly going to be there were -- Yes but it's it's sort of and they case that -- -- in most people find currency make the switch that can taste the difference. Will affect our gut say do the taste test if you don't we give them countered -- we do your Kia soul if somebody. That would give way strawberry. And they say of their cases of its equities picked yet they're so and so us that what we did -- good. Hill's basket and that's. So. Plus a health benefits but if you if you stress -- too much -- be careful. You know -- takes a very healthy. As for the locals desperate love me. It's got a harsh or avocados probably okay. Yet there's the clean fifteen and that's another good resource and environment -- group puts out every year the dirty dozen and fifteen. And it bananas avocados are usually. On the clean fifteen you don't concentrate pesticides estimates that thick skin. Whereas apples of the theories heroism. That Judy does the worst things you want to buy it in -- post. Truth it was -- takes care. You know what we're gonna take a break here. Would get to. Straight trip to the hour. And actually -- -- Is it today that they have but that is such -- we're glad we're yes tough couple weeks. But what you call -- 39013 seventy. I want to three out of Turkey's is that sure we're -- we're sort of things quickly but the press fires. If you lose listened to us. Probably -- so as we stand so we're doing co Q. Are listing review your. More of let's get healthy is coming up after these messages on talk thirteen seventy. We do have a dark with the -- games. Usually she puts you haven't received notice the beautiful place via she would. Big talented. Well they don't have a great day if you call us you treat us chips collections in Nicklaus. You're working it's it's going to be nights ago. -- -- India which -- -- today we have doctor. A former favorite well legacy -- problem partly a favorite doctor. Otis. This has the right thing. They are I. That's played it becomes cluttered he knows a lot of doctors big idea that you -- Year after -- -- cause autism. Another -- does this thing. At -- bit you -- give it a lot of talk about diabetes and here because that's always in the news. That is top health concern for Latino families. Apparently they tend to 15. Latinos. Says -- is the biggest problem place that they weren't this. -- those sizes cancer. Is it's just because just 122. Steps cancer diabetes will be. Is the biggest health report about -- recruits on the team. So so is -- its big Pacific health concerns. That mr. respect there. There's a couple of genes. That may be causing a -- -- get cancer. And so so. Is I think youth study at all. Here worry that you're -- Celtics -- York. Macy's. Or they -- -- assessed every four hours to. So -- clearly doesn't we have we have a technical difficulties. Actually well they got. It OK I don't departed that okay cut out okay. -- publicist and your corporate. You never years ago which you -- talk to somebody else will fall to talk to -- isn't a conversation with they can't hear you can't hear them Tulsa. Well let's talk on here with -- Motorists. So -- so we're talk about diabetes and that there's they discover a couple of Jesus say to me. -- like fetus is here for them to get. He's going to get visas so. -- So is the conservatives is so what are the major it was say this the biggest problem. They worry about where this real they worry about the use it to its strategies. Of the. Iowa I don't think that's. I don't think that's a good idea. To put a lot of emphasis on the genetics involved Hispanics also have a diet -- instant. You know it's very start rich. Zone to go to rice and beans with almost every media and so. And I have genetics where they don't have a lot of time. -- You know with tea. A modern diet they've been -- you know there's the American Indians whether -- from Mexico from. You know this -- United States. Still have been hunter gathers much more recently considered Europeans and so much less genetic very adaptability to. -- -- -- And together diet. But to risk socially. If they will you know adhere to that and moving that direction they can take care of that very easily. Their risk for diabetes affects everyone. So we television genetic it's like oh you're predestined you kind of cheated. And I just don't I'm as educated talk about the -- I think just emphasize. OK you're a little more risk -- other people but. Did the ability to to reverse that risk or eliminate that risk through proper diet some reasonable exercise. Is still there and that is is not that hard to do. And there is tests you because a lot of times. You know -- really watch -- sugar just just get over Coke. And look at to capture. New Coke and reason these -- liquid authors heard a funny thing -- culture today. Yeah -- -- -- -- things that are marketed as being healthier -- you know smoothies that are in bottles and things like that that times have just as much citizen Coke or -- video. You puke cuter he's an excellent use right in publisher. Of -- Turkish agree to -- vegetables to videos. Well first of -- but at least through. You'd be careful too much for. If it but that's definitely testify to help you slowed down the search of the actual set list to use. There's there's him by listening to it from there were trying to. Traditional Chinese medicine. A to have a field that calls progression -- abuse and instantly. So the progression. Success -- purposely to -- -- is that doctor because of a receiver because what happens is that people think well OK -- like it does too little and now. Not to worry about it so you can worry too much because of genetics of these it will if I take this Chinese medicine. It'll it'll start to regression. But. I think we're gonna be careful. That. Well I mean it wouldn't talk about reversing it some McCain got rid of the diabetes or trauma type two diabetes or talk about it -- -- when you say -- this can slow the progression. These indexes as we can go. -- -- this the wrong message. I I think it can help people you know and and two to reverse it completely. Hate -- -- and get people. A lot of confidence that they can accomplish. And I you know in its so largely it's you know and you work with so many people on the set such that disease of late sales though. Really helping educate people and help them in separate them changing their lifestyle it's hard work they have to do a lot of times they can't. -- -- -- And I think you know the question about genetic testing is different types of people some people. Look at Jeanne. You know knowing that they have a genetic disposition as sort of -- -- sentence like you're saying it whereas others find it empowering and they think -- do everything possible. In my life style to not let this happen so really partly depends on the mindset of the person you're working with then. It can't be a motivating tool or it can be sort of eight at that backfired and have the opposite effect. Now I don't see that too often are. You know he's -- much to -- chickens at the genetic. -- various health issues -- that whereas for some people it's actually them motivated for them to really. Take control of their health didn't know that they have a predisposition is not their destiny. It gives them an opportunity to really target their efforts so finding you know if you know you have a predisposition towards. You know Dave -- there's certain cancers so for some people that the positive tool that. For others like you said they'll take it as sort of their seat that they have they're gonna get that Imus well there on the towel. So -- -- -- it depends on. The mines and the personality. That you know what's interesting that you can look at any group you can look at they have this group gets more this in this group it's more of that and the treatment for all of them -- And so it really doesn't matter what your group just pre destined for because the treatment for preventing. That from happening is all of them the same lifestyle changes. And well here's what I like overthrow Tarlow what portion of energy which is something. If you'd have to usher chemical or chemicals to destroy our target -- that put him. That was -- allowed him -- that uses it to put our current. The and so those rhetorical and what I like to read this study shows the chocolate and red -- prevent type two Egypt's. When -- zealotry and. But that's. And he could have saved and I have a study shows you anything's. That's what I like to read it. Oh god -- it's. Yeah well along that -- there in recent years is that on my research looking at. The impact of the environments on the development of Take Two -- Beason. In addition to the -- -- stale factors and diet and exercise. They're finding that certain types of chemicals used to these few -- persistent -- -- chlorine pollutants. Have a big. Factor as well and causing -- so. Again the of the environments. Always has the role. -- these -- books does two things. But I think that's the key. Is that. To educate people like to lose your company can educated Apatow that -- -- it very well be okay. That -- people -- -- -- -- by doing and that's right that's right it will buy your book easy way to prevent abuses. I think that. Ups and usher at the FDA's do the right thing -- is bta plastics. All these things apartment. And now they get the swing or just just saying -- The BD OTP. Votes the you know. I think that must visit distrust ethnic curry with the public Carol. Things that was trying to do here. Because that which is a that is politics it was politics as in this cause problems. How's -- might have to -- also buy a ticket as pertains. It should be pulled off of work ethic. Lately I mean I think we've all heard the rumors as to how that's. Got on the market. Right. Is probably true. I think it was a strike or target just a rumor that's right here today and they're allowing it to be. You know so there's Perry also let's show. In -- government that's that says part of passing big businesses some goodies there isn't that. We're going to be careful because we elect people. We don't let CEOs of companies that they're spraying crops and I don't know -- that there. We do elect politicians. Ladies and misses -- there's a message actually that they're there you're looking at this next year the landscape to Collins could we change excellent. This landscape elect a term. Because ago look at some talks that are out there. To to spring with -- press says things like that that maybe because let's -- because now the ghost or pay the Bill Buckley. All the -- I don't know maybe no room will be. Movies you okay. So my return to the electorate is being monetized. It's. -- like elected joke registered about mystic after it was so cold last week that. They saucer to the chances all part. But there are allowing. There. Try that this but I thought to be great no more in a box. You know these details because that's the resistant suit. To tease. Kind of products that we have today music to super -- -- It hospital. Does keep -- -- hospitals today. So it is a big deal and there's lots of research going on with these place two years ago. The just if you play. Record and rule 300 years. 382. Of these people. All over the world 52 lottery people. What happens is that they can understand why they the Soviet the house. It -- killer body the other so people that live. And but just went away in the 2000. Troll. So there's -- Knows. It's their -- about another -- the problem. Because right as you said earlier. Perceive you -- your status of the bacteria that cause a problem just Cisco Systems and if struggles in arsenal's subject right. -- I'm just yes it is it's not that person which yeah -- nursing homes a lot of times in urinary tract infections and that sort of thing. And you know -- as. We were talking a bit earlier today that the it's. Do I have not seen -- resistant strains that government chooses not to too difficult to get rid of let's say the -- they're developing resistant strains in. And a big part of that is putting of these. All of these cattle and livestock on all these antibiotics and and the reason they're placed on antibiotics by the -- as we're feeding them food or not society. So you'd be the grains which put them on causes liver excesses and you have to beat -- down. And that's why you have prearranged -- It's good for like nine days draw on your refrigerator missile ready to cook too sweet that he. But just it's it's. Grain fed by this you know the third day of Israeli for the you know these and they need to thank you need to. Since verse and so if we would just do things. The way it's designed to recognize that was some respect. And recognize and you get outside of treating things. Outside of the way they're they're designed to be treated and you get into trouble pretty universal. And I don't know why it's taking so long to to understand. Right it is we didn't have just talk about this but the black long leaf extract protects against fatal effects of radiation. I don't wouldn't have that story to. Now at -- general don't have an answer for left Jerusalem. It strictly to go the distance torture. And secondly reaching doctor -- thanks. Yeah -- think I'm on the I'm on the apple web site Sebring clinic dot com SE BR I NG. Clinic dot com and then six got to look out over and sit there is a good fit for what I do with what what you he's -- maybe texted him. And so we'll look pretty unique that we're pretty broad based as well we treat you know primary care. And six -- I didn't. I don't take insurance. My PA takes insurance. And she's excellent source so she works on me I supervisors is excellent -- -- can almost completely trying. Been practicing for thirty years and a very inclusive alternative medicine. And so I'm sort of introducing -- to hormones in. She took to that -- conduct water so that's been wonderful to hear from my clinic and no patients so desperately. But the phone number of years I've won two. 84756188475618. If folks if you go. Go the morning and have some nice restaurants there. And never ever have. The they should. It's our thanks again what's extra happening to outdo him effort to. We're going to take a break yours through and turkeys and it's we talked about the -- that's real here just. -- -- -- -- -- It is -- It. It. More of let's get healthy is coming up after these messages on -- thirteen seven. Are you currently on the market for a new home. Have you been thinking it's time to stop raining and come -- -- Hi I'm Stephen statement posted a real estate radio Austin show right here on talk thirteen seven. I'm also branch manager -- and originate with supreme lending at supreme we're dedicated to providing you the best -- experienced the highest service levels and competitive interest rates supreme lending is a direct lender with total control your loan is processed -- written -- approved closed in funded all under one roof. So call us today five point 291988. That's five point 291988. It's free to give pre qualified for listeners of the show so don't hesitate calls today five point two. 91988. That's five point two. 91988. Or go to state clique group dot com that state like a T bone steak tell you why group. Dot com. I'm tree right in with the exception to the wrong. Have you ever planned a special treat and then watched it turn into a nightmare. The vacation getaway so crowded with kids you felt you were sharper on spring break. They're stylus to wind her marriage problems in your ear for three hours well that's what we have reviews sites are for. There's nothing like letting people know that the new tiny little spot would be more accurate to describe their sizzling salmon as oil change in a fishbowl. Or that a veterinarian has a waiting room so cramped he could only bring in your dog after he's been neutered. Right positive reviews more than negative ones but when the truth ugly naked Walking Dead ugly. -- review sites -- wars. That complaint letter to management how rotten review will not meet your food poisoning disappear. But unlike that left over sizzling salmon you will be able to safely unpack and -- it again. -- I'm -- right -- with the exception to the rule. Senator Obama will not work. He's incapable of this Savage Nation wanted to become a part of this Savage Nation weeknight eight to eleven on talk thirteen seventy. Welcome back to let's get healthy with bills -- I'm tall thirteen seventy. Yeah. -- -- -- Jerry's box. It's yours is little. I mean this. Call your home several settled the blossoms. Well that's where they're your private parts of drug -- -- can't really -- So that just two. That as we've animals is his way through that he could bring your dog -- -- That would that's a crowded -- For what. -- no you know what -- as opposed to those. And so. And I played credit yeah. It's. So so it Lori Lori. Is that Japan. I don't podium and -- well she's only. Two major networks which has seen it at this year -- wouldn't put that in a -- vote here -- -- the would pass -- -- this briefly we have a lot to career. What was with that there's rigid attitude it is very -- one is an expensive. -- that were -- fast so but just to. Well. And the Christians and. Is that the conspiracy theory answer to is because. The united the pharmaceutical companies and the and -- Got together and -- forties and started trying to stamp this out. They have geologists have -- -- And I let me in here. You know and in war. There it. It is there and as a place -- Specialist is out and and just because there's history. Animosity between tenants from Madison. -- Out on -- after. He is a little bit inconvenient. We expect people to take care. And a lot of people on his music. Well the Aussie we take about two things you need be licensed. To do great function. You're doing great function because. Because you ups Charles street -- Eric can you give him no tablets or goes. You know that without something like that we don't know calls him to -- with mr. Prescott calls the vote to do so. -- the answer to our system bestows characters as health care and I think that is really. Says that there has to be that animals here competition. Is politics between professions. Well you know there was his time -- in order a long time. Win in order to be a member of panic. That you had she. Way care. Not only religion that practice coming -- -- you wouldn't associate at any time you can. And it was want to this year to. Clauses in their violence that they ever enforced. There's an IQ tortures them. Tyler says it is and then talk about and so. He she has a doctor. To a park way away from her front door. So that they'll buy season can be -- girls -- it's less utterly realistic human. Yeah it is so. You always so let's talk about the cut him some things you can do with a stomach accident yes if you can reverse -- U haul and -- protected you can. People. Sound like you bin. Read ahead. Yeah that's different that's. And a the you wanna talk. Because we got some -- Stance and you know I. Well. You know wanna give people an opportunity to have them safe and effective tools to try and get themselves -- -- right. Sooner rather. And it -- huge topic area. In handy. In attendance on Madison. They save 40%. So -- -- abdominal complaints are never diagnosed. And in on the apathy. Diagnosis is a little bit different candidates saying that we have hundreds of remedies to. She is -- the notion that the board that we're gonna talk about radio are now only answer for you. You know is. Of gross oversimplification. But either good -- gravity. They can help a lot of people but first an element talked about is -- senate comes word bill said remember are setting -- in the person -- need to act on account for this coming. The person you know meat chili. And kind of restless. And and it probably -- for small sips of water. But. The thing that's going to be giveaway from our senate have. And that there is going to be a burning pain which is better with the war and carry. Or war Katrina in any form. And burning pain in his -- that they've got. Which is better from the heats. And it's interesting. It's burning pain but better from. And is that it's gone on in your senate. And are sent him is a good choice for you. And -- attack -- it but a war on that. We changed the homeopathic remedy made from it to cat. A lot of people -- something and that it attacked and -- The homeopathic remedies at the -- on and it is. -- dairy goods are all kinds of -- You'd be very nine if you need it it can act he might even see. Not just from just -- to develop food. This is now. -- put your right. And you may or may not throw up. But -- kind of feeling better. Future. Italian fairly clean. A lot of tennis and people have excessive disturbances time is coded alert. Dirty air looks kind of weird in some way in which he needed it and wanna. Intestinal normal. Really not changed. Whether or not -- stroke approach and I kind of feeling better. And he's gonna have Marines -- -- itself -- should be heated town aren't. Politics. And then the last to go and attack. -- very -- remedy. And certainly we have a lot of people. Who have gotten sick right now pandemic. Maybe after having had that with allergies to lower. At same time and -- elect Ghana when you -- now lines. Mentioned to. The first line. Is -- Camara. And it has that feature that we've discussed. Last week. They'll -- Malek -- adult Camara is worse. Whenever there's change -- weather. So where have any roller coaster kind of temperatures. That in itself is -- indication that it might be a good time. Window from market -- try a lot of people. If you need dot -- -- And it had been kind of cutting pain. -- may have -- flying these tools. And they give away easy innings and it sugar or are shuttered. Has some kind of little's says Islamic movement when you're throwing up. -- we're gonna to. Step toward this for a present target. Those. We are right here. Proceed arsenic. If the Tawana. The Camaro and the question is addressed its. -- -- -- yep it was going to be white yellow or dirty if you need headrest it and -- -- a bitter taste in your mouth. And you and I have what -- college coming after the ads on field. You know feeling everything in your stomach. And guards. And I didn't feel like your stomach is gone. And partly that's going to be -- McNamee will call anything. Down with a key is people rather say action programs. So it -- when -- that he is for you have a problem. You've -- to was extort more right around and hit tentative and you work and you know -- was slicker but Tuesday's. Wednesday's. I work at Wesley to kick your Friday. And every other sending and last Sunday and I will be there -- As such great. If -- combined state. Every great as a love to see you or anywhere that customer tomorrow it's not -- Any kind of basic tech. And I would love to see but hopefully enough suggestion -- -- yeah. And then that was thanks again and your phone number once again for your private practice. Five went to seven here at seven. The year at 0710. Leverage as a thank you so much and it hasn't -- recent are right thing and it. Of course about -- Coleman's experts. I'm sorry to Fernando Ortiz three after that we'll be right. More of let's get healthy is coming up after these messages on -- Thirteen seventy. Welcome to let's get healthy with bills whale on talk thirteen seventy. He's here to take your call -- 39013. Seventy and now here's bill swearing. This is Phil's program got 200 Tyler which is and Tyler did you. Well it's always fun and doing it and they've been talking about it's a lifelong learning process that is learned something new and -- the shows will. Well read beauty or stubborn to do you do hopefully. -- -- -- -- -- Are you guys -- -- -- yeah yeah we we have that Japan and other -- doctor. And she's from the saints globally which tend ST cheer me what would you competitive schools here. -- -- he has seen as a. It's a Catholic Obama and Hillary didn't fitness -- Well. This week has big football -- Itty -- guesses on who's gonna win won't because can be yes I think there. And it bears fan I don't even know who's playing at a really -- so bottom. -- I was in Denver yesterday she's she's -- bunch of this Maryland to have yearly topics and everybody was stripped stripped of their blue and orange shirt you know not just moments -- -- bay Packers and by default and I literally got -- at one moment black. I didn't. But now I'm here and -- that we're all sure that I promised the literature on the track coach. Anyway the Broncos in Seattle -- They're both incredibly strong. If -- -- have the interest Seattle Seahawks has that lived there for slaves. Half of great teams. Went in there where you from that just -- I'm up in Milwaukee on okay so little headquarters of -- science. I I'm not there I just actually about another I've been -- hours northwest. Of Minneapolis. -- Yep and I'm dumb question torched Chicago walking but not have a on the mission. And they're really up there -- golden. First time all -- in Italy that it took him. It's in the article. Is about it. And so well. Only have to follow -- to a conversation on our. I know exactly what's been some -- is it to sleep. Oh well it is another topic important topic that so many people struggle so. We're. -- -- they say that while we talk about this earlier the Blatter you know -- your Blatter. Can officially. If you go to sleep with a full letter. Can you -- -- Verizon and you Blatter as best option right. So we want us. They and that it's interesting that you wanted to try to ties or history or the other gall bladder and street. One could look all of not nervous system trying to control things like let's reachable -- grade and it actually liberation of all of other orange. And so if you're not lest -- -- your nerves I relaxed called state of nervous system function. And -- no -- -- systems churches stress hormone. Then we'll have much that are involved a lot of that was a good chance that you would be a pretty good speakers well. When that's due in -- people experienced if they're feeling more anxious or add to that being have to go that mr. -- often. You know they're avoiding -- letter much frequently so. There's about that. -- heard us you know sixty reasons but look while we need perversely. It was. Oh yeah he was spent a third or use the ones you would spend a third of their lives sleepy. 35 years. War. As you know you know you fixed -- that they say. Well we we hope it's a -- put a I can only hope. He was concerned about longer about the did think it was actually. So sources report that people launched in the value of sleep. Can do. So this program yeah I personally. -- Alex enjoy that statistic. Once you've been awake for twenty hours -- more it's equivalent of having a blood alcohol content of like one. The Jews. Typically open will be order from most states -- your coordination -- on your speed actually keep our attention about your decision making mr. horrible. I think we live and that's where everybody thinks you know I can just more intuitive marchers say a few more productive and it's very much true. So. To be good neighbors everybody pretty much need to solid -- nine dollars a night. And then as he aged adults. At the Russians aged just isn't true. People never launched a lot -- rare person Egypt and where I've -- pretty well but that is certainly not. I can tell myself yes outside the next thing you. And I certainly and yes it definitely. I did everything now and restored or more and more -- Wallace diabetes and hypertension and you know big on politics it's. What it cost them any different types of things that you and others sub optimal -- and all of our church after watching. Make sure that we don't develop and every single one of those studied and that type of force we patterns to actually resolve it in sub optimal. Me are big and let's get -- -- -- first and then actually -- Or are you. All want. Diabetes blood sugar regulation issues but we'll certainly attack that next but we're not just there are obviously like. Oh that's a lot of critical. Well you're programs told insomnia and sites. Like that -- site dot com right is so correct -- So six so this a good title in the good name to those laws. And I you know program forward. For doctors. Tyler. Christians. Any practitioners. It is so -- can go and choose some dvds audio CDs. Which pinch yourself moment. This -- much. Share that with as many people as possible such as well -- Travel around and teach for neuroscience a couple of months about elaborate on what to transmit and Obama and you markers as number one. Strike at trump shuttle mission mr. -- so what practiced this. Scott what do you -- on interstate obviously on the application where else can we all know we've already. Optimize actual amount would change their diet what else can we. -- would share for Republicans or -- -- the last couple years people -- yet. Dinners everywhere should mention it as a nation wanted to get -- kind of education event and sort. That topic covered so I didn't I didn't used. Eric can you give us one clinical -- that would help people's sleeping as we speak only going to. Turn into -- high earlier except that which we think the most important. I was in the -- I think the biggest political -- in terms like. It literally right churns in the early. Joke. -- Abdullah -- -- election -- -- -- -- kick them over the -- while -- hired after the son Jett are few other nature camp. Are you guys are gonna I'll work. All of a -- that -- how much electricity around the homes Abdullah told -- -- creep up an extra hours. Won't that you're struck. Out all its. Electricity is enormous -- in their later. -- just urban challenging our hopes expedient that all of the lights. So on the big -- it should -- all that's one problem. Outs -- all we are watched -- -- right up until the end can't stay at wake up. If you are a policy. Bright -- At least an hour but what you're trying to go down there must do. Yes definitely. Endowment even these people don't really as -- veterans have little Indians sources have lately been alarm clock that has been great letters or. They may not have black -- lions so early in the morning -- it's coming in when they might get another 45 minutes an hour of sleep so. But there are some people aren't official that little light things while I. I don't quite get it my patience and I would syndrome. -- some people don't recognize. Them -- are just since they were a little bit from the concrete like Scott is a great. Quite cute and then the other thing is getting some confidence -- -- and it doesn't have to be dramatic and huge. Try to go out all of you for hours but you try to go to bed. -- -- -- -- -- -- He doesn't -- wind out there to treat our. -- exercised its orbit. Results are like it was sort I'm not right or I want at least three hours and the Czech side and try to do to bad. It's good when you exercise you insult what would come straight -- there's. Won't include all of they all keep you energy short should try to -- and are afraid that double troops -- We saw 24 hours or subsites way to keep yourself -- -- you should -- -- and then -- -- freshman -- does this popular. Tried to have a yeah PM after a company's premiums. And yeah. And all of that up and object there called her translator Smart brain. What -- that -- -- which never -- -- Barrier puke and steered -- outburst of music albeit. -- Well those are nice as well as a little bit of IV EDP cabinet culture that precursor Serbs -- They're -- so there's one it's all been smooth. -- -- doubles and all of a cabinet culture as well and your total them all of them are not in the regular cabinet but those are -- its products. I think the benefit of what -- All of our armed all of us -- -- stallions in Lugar and so that's a good old cold. Which can also owns the station only that it -- actually she developed search on the -- more prevalent. -- all out of all these great things that I thought. The balance. Our chemistry. You want them to be but some of them are very active during the day just. By. You know. Geologic chemical fingerprint was -- while we're trying this week. So you say there's a test you can you can test the levels of -- -- -- -- yet so -- haven here and test. Are written and so it looks the -- looks at -- time and cortisol in the -- looks -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- two -- -- Easy easy -- related. Especially summit is that he tried a lot of things so you know that's an excellent -- to start somewhere and -- some of these common -- sleep eighteen communities as well but it's there. In someone's really -- it's good to. Test and find out Fisher. Well usually I'm sure. Are dreaming about that are people who assert pressure and wanted to try and in Portland State task entry into the and people that are borderline belligerent. Us. Very. I like all or. Pray that is exactly when -- won't. This idea and exchange that's suited -- Another tool and if that's possible. Washington I think he just he thought that's what I don't want to ever beaten these people it means -- -- But stroke or Europe Europe. Africa which you have specially trained teachers in this field. -- In this and let the subject he has let's say it's -- Diddy -- done insomnia insight dot com it's obviously. It was willow well here she comes back don't just tell the whole what was it was wrong -- -- -- -- -- of reportedly socialist mystic Africa. By the way you call it turn out of Turkey's seventy -- Turkey's seventy two we'll be right back. More of let's get healthy is coming up after these messages on tall thirteen seventy. We've we've got a black folder. I think -- Reductions or would this report back. We delusions. -- just getting torn. I'm not sure what happened there and I apologize follow -- -- a lot of people you know -- We're got to technologist he's -- so. So. On the -- Carriker struck this testing is a strip that people -- checked in years there vials that. Is how can attest business of in the contested. At home where they sent off. Should I just do you wanna take. Farewell and say they've basically -- collected saliva sample Lanier in simple little violent they have to mail it off and it takes about two weeks the results to. -- -- It's incredibly convenient because it's a test that's performed at all. Which as a -- most stressed were people you know you don't have to go anywhere and the best part about it is as you get some windows and to those different called bio markers because -- transmitters and -- each week or month that the time when people most of the matter. So you know it should have a cup -- -- but still attest that night received pretty good but it's more achieved and I concentration on the leadership -- the -- -- -- -- in the day and triggered the fact that. You have -- practitioners like. Extreme tablet on the -- knowledgeable -- If he can -- straight testing is just an enormous task. Greater Boston area. And cared what people are -- -- -- and trade program for practitioners to. Dvd outlook should Rick yep just for -- -- So I think that there would be ideal -- -- got a particular open a three weeks. And I'll be 72 shot to think about -- totals you know protection the brain. Causes is secret talks. It's an incredible anti oxidant that we tend to think that just does that hormone which girl or more that you were just -- forcefully -- It has wonderful and I actually properties someone argued stronger include a trial on. And so there are a lot of people oftentimes cancer survivors but we'll take multiple doses -- on venture out today and anything about that. Brain trauma and the -- standpoint which is kind of all the -- while he's personally is that even if you take out on the in the morning. Say they'll -- -- some capture up today and the no release that by Forbes says syndicate at tracks that potential that -- during the day and then it would get to speak at a at a that it might want to try to dark -- that dark mistreating your eyes and actually helps you release a bunch -- opponents personally. So. It's it's a pretty great. That are part of a club or ball -- actually has more on. And currently states. Girls or about. So yeah I never have any problem with people trying to go on and grows again one of those first steps. And a rookie Tyler has a question for ally in the end his case I was looking and you website -- -- noticed there's another -- And diagnostic kind of tool they use the sleep in midst device and he tells the world and you look at. Sure the -- of mutants like program I I named epic as others have excellent feature which -- which church urged the audience like couple. Together all the -- in our program and that one had a in -- its practitioners aren't used these two together and with the advent of technology being what it is these last couple years out in the homes -- studies. That are very cost effective. So we can take -- subjective complaints you know. Say -- Johnson -- just -- -- guess people all we can have her do you know called lead study. I'll have people to answer that just get a window and an average up nights. In their own bed in your patients and their very best. And then we can get test scores these. And acts as long audience on exceed and break down he challenged the programs they helped me or does -- -- -- -- mean. Well there and markers that looked like her leg -- Arms without. And that we got this course there are a little bit. Then I'll be more -- possibly the march 1 and -- But so often patients achieved just -- her -- that I can do or is what I go to a street Patrick that's got to try yeah. The street well all I got really excited it's incredibly cost effective and loved those tests I charge dollars a night. Hundred dollars to get to make the fantastic -- -- -- one of those you Niger to rescue some neuroscience. Is socialized currently -- that we can get. Well that's an audience oddity and coupled with a little bit of biochemistry. And then. We have biochemistry and actually hunter region they passed to treat six point Garber to. Rain. That Houston off. -- visit does that devices it's news explains to select foods sort of didn't go. -- medical school it's too little electrodes and that's what's called it should be KG it's achieved these electrocardiogram. And they developed all the rest somewhere when they looked at cheat sheet music also this iceberg your restoration. -- -- call party or pulmonary -- Great they're breathing patterns and you know -- I'll stay. Our stage in your order sweet. She would keep your brain -- to create the restoration along actually once the data dictionary and -- -- each agency wanted to choose. You disproportionate. -- don't charge that you're creating a generic and country estate there's just once they break all that data out of a paltry picture or. And it's really on what's been interesting and almost measures of our use of is that how people that think they don't since the -- And the most are there adults are about -- also urged -- Pulitzer a lot of quality patterns are pretty darn good. -- -- -- -- there's no possible way that I consider that for the -- that well you know miserable calls they want him. What -- are just as clinicians to do it utterly focused and that's what additional worked through the picture they should solve it by what shall we keep our future. Rage and pain in its success we'll let you know as a constant anti via and how does that I would get that a -- that I would are but he. Let's insisting and how does that different from the sleep labs what kind of technology the DEG. And abilities are. To do it each unit also usually -- electric won't -- on your -- most of us should just actually observed outlaw them. And then there's two different devices that are available in the one -- without oxygen saturation. So you can decide which ones like she was like -- personally. Arsenal are not indicators -- -- that that would have oxygen saturation. We're not indicators there that look like obstructive apnea -- -- track I want them at the end of almost flat where they can really start they let the street -- -- -- start to try to dose oxygen -- to provoke right about person actually a Wall Street. So. And -- -- or inexpensive screen device and a lot of times again what a lot of patience are absent corruption as well as OK what else we do. Some people -- after her cancer and other people respond very frustrated with all of this week after many months which could use it. Aaron so rich country that stringing the lectures and get registration shuttle launch deuce and should not where Anderson she and Daniel are you frustrated. Shall we and neither she was asleep machine -- -- -- -- on. Eventually another package -- -- that's you're living your -- trying to lecture. And that would have not and I'm not where there's so she -- waves which is an idea -- get yelled you doubt this street machines. Ought to try and do the job it's supposed to be a million checked closely with the -- -- -- numbers are. And that's sort of the ladies -- starting. It's about. Whether sleeping is so important and in Russia the turn of the century entry -- the they conducted experiences greatness expert puppies. That deprive them mostly. You'd have a sleep at this extra -- brokerage. Ought within four days. The happiest. Shows the value of sleep. And he normally -- during the first two years of baby's life this. Parents who -- six -- -- on average. And well. Don't tell you. We have great to have your first thoughts are expected number two and so I unit just -- Team knows the last six months he's been sleeping so incredibly well science remembered what it's like to sleep again bring in time to start over with a. This well. Just turned two and we find that this past month and then not enjoying factor that regular night's -- and collect. It's a beautiful thing and that's what you appreciate it somewhat smaller that we don't know that. Did you feel like if you miss six months of -- that's what that says. I think it is a -- we had a bit of a time Fella delicacies at him that it Russell. It has stumbled. Should doesn't kill it only makes it stronger than just. I think what one of the newest most exciting -- is an interpretation that two months old I was that they checked it out that while yours keeping your brain has to talk to try. And it's called good glimpse at a system that your record deal. Cells in -- central nervous -- summer actually cleaning up oxygen cleaned up inflammatory markers and it under the all the kick -- wall where we didn't offer last. So we may well -- that things happened. While we didn't sleep -- it's still don't know why exactly we -- it's actually yeah and they live this brand new research out we don't hold all of this is that I'm your nervous system that we can talk trash. And sort of the affection that can be of course they're very important. In terms of how the brain aging. As the decades go by myself again please everybody lecture body and your brain crashed so very important. So they're gonna give that -- system that you can Google it's. -- it good it's okay. Yup last week and one for people start read about that some of the newest information on why we all -- what is that. And -- as good -- -- -- -- thought of the people understand there's good reasons for the public that there were some time. I've never interested -- That's right. -- looks like so much show wicked has gone wrong and we have people -- deal shows so. So complex time. I'll be happy to come back I promise next time we're not well yeah you are best stopped by and I has mentioned once or -- -- -- -- want to teach you as well built so that's. There's pressures and time that you just. Thank you -- months in a shoot -- that kids don't go well yes yeah I. And I liked it actually on number. A. Think his comments thank you -- -- dad but I guess it's in the community which. Are mystic breaker analyst on the record. -- let them. And where they welcome back to ship. From this morning ya gotta say that. We as a technical problems. Here this show we just -- he he missed. It oil -- to pick over structured well. We got great production and -- goes. On the road again as -- what was it. As well it was gusting OK just. Thank you so lets you. -- let's. Some dark area. And -- program but her -- February 3. At 7 o'clock. This out -- location. Brewer the third as well. -- -- -- -- That's going to be at 7. O'clock but it's -- and mr. lobster. So I've got their -- but Telus would with stories actually talked about -- and because you should. It. The congressman -- you just spend -- talking about which is exciting. About that technology. -- any aspect of gestured at every trucker acid reflux is tied into that sleep conundrum. And then the second thing of course is that gallbladder issue. In the knee sanctioned science acupuncture and -- -- listen to ensure that the golf letter actually had highway here. The terminals right on that point on the back in your head. So your gallbladder or not functioning the way it should be it can most definitely in the near what are we utterance he was mentioning. Or stages of sleep and -- so it and I'm. Not a normal way of thinking that. When you really look at it of the meridian perhaps waved the goal order does have this kind of a short doesn't -- -- The resort you don't want -- really -- so we'll go. You. Are luxuries what is the silent reflection of people obviously. Yeah are -- of cancer. Its office. -- separate your throat is this does have that self reflection -- -- us. So. It never -- have backed out Cochran could order. Such high level electric absolute necessary then to issued. That's what the spirit bear rigorous and so forth but good connection recruiters are ability. That you could really see that difference out of the soccer considers -- government. Back Marshall bit. In that that leads to the other idea vote. -- -- When you don't have proper GI. Function. This happening he referred to -- and you don't three. Even for a few seconds during actually. You action can't look back structure and your threat area. In the blood is not always are it's not going at all. It's being withheld because you're holding your brush and the moment you finally got gassed being brought. It's what your cardiovascular system into the atrium. And it stretches your atrial. Chambers there at least Google hormone called AMP. Atrial. -- You're at a uptight. All the credit -- prior years -- to sleep. She cannot look to wake up and he. And people that have they tend to wake up and -- because -- makes what you hearing what our period. And oh yes -- that lighters. Well that's that can happen when your sleeping -- here having this. -- you're actually hardly. Despite major more here. Are actually escalate. So digestion and clean and -- chemistry it'll all play together that's why Reid have all the soldiers firing. And that's from hoping to bring about currently in China China about. That's just -- actually. So -- don't -- -- seminar and learn all about this UB your your empty and yeah definitely at two. Natural ways he's learning about the actual things so. Hurt token you do a great presentations I'll guarantee you you'll go to sleep. During the first -- and didn't. It particularly because you hours of a typical girls that'll probably -- good -- your Shula for which if you. So little bank. And UBQ it's 7 o'clock. You missed it became a private practice or work -- with co authors -- so we we with. The groups are working. I remain in the proper opium assets. Reflux and gall bladder dysfunction that. Tie him to the whole indigestion issue but there are components of that that covers -- so called letters off. Your gallbladder removal. Is a quick operation is usually a problem so it if you can for the gallbladder removal your lucky your better off right. Yeah I always like Kevin -- equipment. -- that explains it. What this is contracting. It all up and oil -- essential -- called -- would detect air or trying. Being studied in Israel as a under way also higher sat there and also help people -- -- -- -- -- -- But sat there by that allow the release toxins. This is really -- shorter and some some very essential oil lemon they would have. Better access to -- by -- open a channel rappers. Close -- well we actually used to people who have medical sector where. -- other -- letter leaks suggest they take what I dropped the Lebanese little out of cold water. -- it it act act like it and all but that's how powerful the multiplying capacity your. -- What looked -- That that. You know so we get better as a as a new way of helping them -- you know unique back. Just maybe grade them. As well expect concentrated up that's slower -- labor or Korea this oil. And we use race handle it great so bitter I frequency and our pastor beauty so me lemon what -- -- -- group. And I've seen available as. As capsules -- there any reason why that wouldn't be if it was. Broken down in the stomach is any reason -- that would be it -- I'll turn. To have her take the job. I think I am sure you capsules are you saying that power -- liquids or. I believe it's just -- for sure it's -- Yet it is the manufacture. -- an excellent. It actually doesn't chase so bad it does call water turns the water or color Clearwater so Whitewater -- -- it. I doubt it it doesn't pay that at. A water goes down court quickly and what I think that. At least people are shuttling from a lot coached. Donors are asked that we wanna give them a direct right so I'd have to look at that they're talking about job. We actually get regular drop -- proper. Well this is the big thing we want to keep talking to people computers. And so it's our guarantee you you'll enjoy. Let's start there energies. To trio obviously. -- free samples of just -- it is going to the the use our competition next -- -- people's arms and two doctors. And that's lending rate that is I didn't -- and I am -- rate policy there. Are right thank you -- thank you a conflict here okay. Take a break here. -- that week we are most edges of them to. Work. You like your quick so ballistic -- common throughout -- of these will be. More of let's get healthy is coming up after these messages on talk thirteen seventy. Welcome welcome back to. She -- we have. Our next -- storm -- -- Yes I'm here with us. Millicent -- Very much sleep problems all of those sorts of factors -- Learn about that. Elected for diabetes is just so. Red line to help prevent red wine and chocolate communities. That does. A stroke. But anyway it's -- Which you have something that so that you had a problem which is we're finding out about. At least a third of the population but beat -- problem causes some people are -- into -- The coach and a great. Yet Egypt and that -- Dalia. What is -- we -- receiver it is just things great mystery motion. Yeah. But you could -- tolerated OK. -- -- feel better. Used. And -- knows for you really Portland. Eight yet it -- hit it very very important and at first I didn't think I had a problem I thought it. I had a blood sugar problem and I thought I had other. -- I didn't let it stated being. Flat -- real culprit. Note. You -- your medicine right. In your medicine but it also can be a detriment. So they simply rule lost employee -- years that is several years ago or twenty years ago to went home. And he was allergic to shellfish. And somehow negate some shellfish. In hermit practiced. So. You know so it's just be aware that these allergies food allergies -- are really important. That is not OK and army people. From. Gluten intolerance you. Referred. To assure our mission to orbit and. Yeah and I I would. Treatments -- -- and looking for answers and -- Actually -- relieved that. It would it's unlikely and that I had to get educated on. -- -- I have -- and and what it and exactly and and take it out of my diet and now -- -- vigilant about keeping it out of my diet that I accidentally get exposed event. IE. I have inflammation and pain and insomnia and or. At a couple of weeks. And it's not an eight all. And think you're seeing how common this really is and how easy it is to play. A couple of it out of your diet and -- -- -- EL. -- and it -- -- food is so he's in front. It's infectious skiing easier and easier calls. Because of the problems we have with with -- so -- this calendar week to pressure. Whether it's that we were growing and maybe people wouldn't -- caused this problem. Is. There any Clouseau was causing all of this that. -- and I think the combination and seeing I think it a combination. Genetically modified it back out I think it. That that well it strictly it and I'll edit and -- as. We -- American or not added as resilient and it hasn't. Are hearing nrgreen parent. Well we're getting inked a number of fronts. So whatever it is it's a problem and the way you found out -- -- just stay with for a week it's. Yet and I am politics. Out of my diet -- -- that but there. And act -- And. My my colleague that you know. After three weeks and UN happens let the worst that happened -- at our. Now word. You go into something else. Well so sure that's -- you talk is about it's about gluten gluten tolerance. And how you can avoid eating gluten is at the crux of speech. 889. Had at 7 o'clock at that people -- on south Lamar I will be talking about -- What it is what it says -- Different people look at it affects different people differently. And how to get out and diet and then Adam. And know what some alternatives are and how to rebuild. A lifestyle and eating lifestyle. We're gonna samples retrieved the Irish aren't -- an -- I just -- just got a -- -- -- But. That is as people come about six and ten votes so are so what it is those numbers systems. I heard that you are caring and near great and repeat a crack at it -- Anthony Wright Edmonton and I heard that at. This. So I think you are. -- reluctant to make remarks finance debt clock and -- So have nuclear free talk ripped the west. -- there -- people out there. It was like here. That is his views such as course. This is. So. However we just gotta we gotta get that here so cute tonight. 7 o'clock at this story. Appeared to -- -- -- Folks thanks for listening to show. It is time ago week and you know distance toward the weekend where those cute so far. Chemicals would say towards. It next week. And a walk have Taurus George Austin's a great -- so we speak -- -- Thank you thanks for listing will be back next week. Tune in next week for another edition of let's get healthy with bills whale on -- thirteen seventy.