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Jan 29, 2014|

Dawn Loughborough discusses Defending Academic Integrity and Research (DAIR) and what it means to be "Wakefielded." Nancy Prideaux talks about living with arthritis and the Arthritis Foundation.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's Sunday January 26 and you're listening to inside -- stand. Nancy garrido has lived most of her life with rheumatoid arthritis in fact she can't remember the time of her life when she was completely healthy. She's gonna share her story with us. As well as free sources that are available tech every once he needs help at the Arthritis Foundation. We'll also talk about the upcoming walk to cure arthritis that's taking place in April. You know what it means to beat Wakefield it. We'll stay with me and Don left Borough will explain she's the president of the board of directors of dare defending academic integrity and researched. That's an organization that's focused on helping doctors and scientists especially those involved in researching vaccines safety. We're coming under attack like never before. That's all coming up on inside Austin. Did you know that nearly half of everyone who works. Worked for small business. Small business is the heart and our economy when you -- small. You're helping your friends and neighbors are supporting the people who support our school's. Sports teams and -- That's why we're asking you to keep our community strong. And support small locally on his. The message from this station in the national federation of independent. Online and -- BC dot com. Hi I -- Texas First Lady Anita -- and I'm doctor Kyle Janet Texas health and human services commissioner. Flu season is in full swing and cases can be severe or even fatal so it's important to get vaccinated. As a nurse I know how well the vaccine protect she from getting aspirin plays. Any -- -- the -- don't wait for symptoms to get severe report consult your doctor. For more information including where to get the fixing to visit Texas -- dot org protect yourself. And your fellow Texans. -- So Nancy you know you were diagnosed. With grim turn arthritis of theory and it's right yes that was in nineteen. And a freshman at the University of Texas. Well that had to feel pretty devastating it really did because all of my friends were going out ten. Enjoying the -- campus and I felt like I'd been hit and track your symptoms. I had flu like symptoms in the end my joints which is start aching in it. Think that really triggered it for me was realizing neighbor symmetrical it wasn't like -- I've just banged into something on one side ahead on both sides it was -- The joint. -- And so what what is it did you spank a gosh something's wrong I gotta get to the doctor fast I did at denying how to drop of course my freshman year because I felt so bad and by the time I got home. For the holidays we -- the GP and the G peaches and welcome our she looks like you use -- your hands and I'm thinking and know I have it. An off I went to that Cotton Bowl with splints. And porcelain -- so my horns. For on the index fingers were already began of course Texas lost that that's beside the point and and seeds of what was your next step after that. To keep it just saying I fueled bash and it was really the GT. Health center that diagnosed me. Did you feel tired of other symptoms aside yes I was that he. I lost my apt to high eight. I just didn't feel like college freshman. And apparently you apparently because I knew something was really wrong yeah inside you -- answer it right and I would run. At night just try to get some exercise in by the next morning. Could hardly stand up around you -- nineteen that congress is happening. So was the UT medical facility for me phenomenal yeah it ties. The doctor took one look at me and sent me to the -- know whether doctor I had seen had any work on me. And he said continue to collapse. Come back in two days. I walked in. Two days later in he said I don't know whether to diagnosis it's -- our way because your -- -- -- juvenile rate to rise. Or ignorance it's our way you need to see a specialist. Right way. So it's diagnosed with a blood test -- -- threats or me plus the observation of the joints and how much. Heat theory is coming off of that you -- violent it is. They act did not take X rays at that time after that that appointment it was the rheumatologist at ice on it took apple. Battery it next race answer some OK so you go to the specialist. What does he says. He says you knew nineteen -- go ahead and say it's our way. Even though I was truly eighteen in the symptoms first started. So I've been on that course of just calling it RA instead of -- -- now because of that. That right in my age or is there a difference in treatment. That I wish I can tell you I im gonna say yes. Because they were I younger body maybe that shouldn't shouldn't be Enders some of the medications and I take it. Just a disease itself this is probably. How is the treatment is -- medications at the first step is it's surged ahead. Yes -- Back in the day. When I was diagnosed the first course of regiment whereas -- massive doses of aspirin and so -- -- massive doses of aspirin. And and then moved to gold injections. We seriously like seriously and signature -- well I don't think it's a derivative of gold -- -- and it. You go in for -- Nguyen in for it in injection I never got past every three weeks some people can go further on night. -- never. Past three weeks with that treatment in addition to. Some form. In team's mandatory. Trek did that help a -- were you feeling better. Yes album with out those medications. I created probably not finish school. Drilling -- the gold and the massive doses of aspirin. You know finally moved to battery in the inflammatory after union that your bringing us more than I can stand omni massive doses of aspirin. -- -- -- and kindness yet I didn't realize that's and that's not fun when you're trying to listen to lecture. It's OK so did you think OK I've had some medication and now I'm fine. Well as a college student I went into denial for. Part of that time thinking I don't wanna take these medications I'm just try to rock along and so. I I did that and I did think well this is this is knocking them down to -- match. And I'm going to be fine. And I -- that the thing I wanna say is I am fine but it is because that incredible medical care. Cutting edge drugs. Doctors use day I can make this better. By this surgery that's -- -- because I have had multiple. Surgeries mainly on my. If you're just now joining us on inside Austin I'm speaking with Nancy pre she was diagnosed at age nineteen. With rheumatoid arthritis so Nancy when you wish her first. Surgery. My first. Surgery. Was five years after my tightness. And path. I began to have an incredible. Pain in my left -- In did that. Turning point was I was going to day. Exhibited the metropolitan museum in Houston art to see the Shanghai exhibit and I could not walk out. The museum my foot locked and I could not put any weight on it. And I thought something is terribly wrong and when a stranger has to help you out of the museum that that something. And it began to happen and I finally win in. And I haven't had attacked. They went in and did exploratory surgery from. Pulled out some things cartilage that sort of sitting in it didn't really help. And within two years I had my way. Refused. Because that joint damage was so severe at the bones. Are lining up an interlocking. Paver. Rough on the edges and then ninth richest. -- -- and therefore I could not put any weight on it. And that's essentially what -- where arthritis does it attacks the challenges are well that's just one of the things that it it's not only does it attacked. That lining up that you points and also can attack your organs I've had. Bouts of peer card died this switches inflammation that. Lining the stack for the heart. So that's one thing to people think oh well arthritis sets an old person's disease -- that's because you run team -- you play too much tennis. Rheumatoid. And it's just one of hundreds of different forms of arthritis. Can attack here. Here at various organs. Heart your race thinks that people don't. Normally think -- As being a form of arthritis so it must really vary from person to person and yes and for each person it varies from day to day sentence can be having a terrific day in. Then the next day for several recent your body decides to work against. Wow that sounds really frustrating. Idiots. So do you is your strategy to literally take it one day at a time you wake up at the morning in and see how it goes yes and I also think that it's it every day is a gift for -- list of whether I can. Play tennis again which -- can't or things that I used to love to do you even know why can't. Do those things physically. The one thing about arthritis is it doesn't take your spirit or your heart or your mind if you can just. Realize that it is a gift in some ways it forces you to look. And yourself in these capabilities in a different way and appreciate things you -- have frank and absolutely and you absolutely do you live with a lot of daily pain Nancy. Yes. And in fact I've had rheumatoid arthritis -- perhaps my life and that's that wonderful thing about the mind I don't remember life before her. So this is my normal so you have found your new normal I have found my new normal how. And did that take I imagine. I mean this is this is a disease it's with you forever right there is no known cure. And you don't know what -- performance can take over the course of your life. I would expect oppression to be really common in a diagnosis like that. It is I think it mean any form of a chronic illness will. -- at some depression incentive for people that are predispose to that it couldn't. Be. Even harder. To deal with that. And how can you say it's I still struggle -- Little bit. Gosh. Is this this is how my life is going to be a might not like I had a discussion with someone last night about RA and they said -- well. He looked like you habitat bad you're not a wheelchair. -- -- I wish I had a wheelchair but it's. So coming to that term I have uses. The web my life is going to be like. I would say 95% of the time off I've. Mastered that but I'm human -- 5% of the time I think that this -- This is -- writer this is it fair but I think it probably took me to when he years to get here. Really that's when you would say you hit the turning point out yes that this is not. This is a lot I've been in the road I'm going down a lot of been given let's go. Good attitude. So what if I may ask what parts of your body today are affected. By your mature Paris still mind my feet and I am underwent a major for reconstruction. And last December a year ago December and then my hands my rants my neck. I'm back. Then so far. I've eaten my niece and my hips are not. Impacted that that it's painful okay. And what are some of you or some of the tools. The used him to manager -- and whether it's mindful listen meditation to the medications what are those things that you find. Really help those things that you can't do without that get east through each and every day. One with a sense of humor. For me. A sense of humor and trying to just really remember that each day she kidnapped. I have a very supportive husband and faintly. That. Get me through. And and I am my -- my hands are very disfigured and my husband Ali say. I think they're so pretty your hands are so pretty well but -- that they are not that he thinks that they are so that is encouraging. And incredible. Medicine. In great doctors. -- fabulous rheumatologist. In Austin. That listens. Understandings. Have is encouraging. In and I think I work. I mean I work full time. I volunteer and community and I think having that purpose of serving others. Is really probably what gets me -- it's a combination of those things. What would you say Nancy to someone who has just recently been diagnosed and is dealing with the trauma that experience. -- to a doctor that you can really. Trust and believe. Seek the support of the Arthritis Foundation intercept of wealth of information out here. Form a support group. Take care of you whether that is emotionally. Get some support and counseling. And try. Any of the match that -- -- your way I know people fearful. What can happen by taking interacts. For me it's made such a difference in my life I can't imagine. Not. Taking a risk to take something that can make my life better or my quality of life better. Talk to people find your reach out and find someone that his party's lit the way of that path for you. To find out how they coped in deceit that life can still be good it's just altered. Do you eat a lot of anti inflammatory foods I try to union that you took some. -- mentioned the Arthritis Foundation let's really talk about them how they made a difference. For you and how are they making a difference for others today. Will 1 and I am a supporter of the foundation so why can't all of the literature that comes in the arthritis today magazine is. Right up there. With that southern living for me when it comes in the mail it definitely. 12 I've read it cover to cover because even though I've had the disease a long time there still things for me to learn and so I used that as a source when I was newly diagnosed. There was a support group. That met here in Austin. That I was able to attend so that was very helpful just hearing. From people that they gathered the people and hearing from them that we -- very supportive and then working with people. Within the foundation in other community volunteers for. Our walked it's coming up in April as -- -- theory very helpful. So on Saturday April 26 that is walk to cure arthritis Austin is -- the -- talking about yes tell us about that. Why am very excited because I have a pair of pink to issues that I -- Not all lined up to Wear because. I think people think of arthritis a walk that's an interesting combination. And when I talked to my friends about it I keep telling him this is not a time to race this is about. Coming out in enjoying the beautiful campus of concordia. And being out there in showing support for the Arthritis Foundation. There's a short -- there's a long -- idiocy beautiful. Trail. I did not get to walk last year I got to because of my foot surgery and just enjoy watching all ages side I enjoyed the actor. Your people out there with here. And small children. Apt to -- people that are definitely senior citizens out there walking in to bring their dogs is was just a very. Best in. After -- morning. And just a lot of fun and showing people that arthritis. Yes is it impair your math ability perhaps. Bet -- we can all still get up there and market her own pace. Why you walking in particular can walking and exercise help our threat is absolutely. In that is one of the things I should just mentioned earlier is it I really do get up in the morning. And protesting issues on and walk in my neighborhood because all it takes is a really good parenting issues. In -- Giving out here not only does it help -- me up and get mine joint meeting. It is therapeutic just to get out and be outside. And watch the sun come up or C a rabbit or deer in my neighborhood and and it doesn't cost anything except for that my time in the ten issues -- it does make me feel better on many different. So folks want to participate. In the walk where would be the best place for them to use sign up that Saturday April 26 walk to cure arthritis Austin. Concordia university right yes I am going to recommend that they go to the web site. And it is Debbie Debbie Debbie you dot walk to cure arthritis. Austin dot org. And -- folks in this mostly individually aren't teams. Well if they're mainly teams and we -- and that's brings about the competitive spirit in all of us we're all out there right now recruiting our teams and getting people. At invested in joining the walk so if they go to to Deby Deby -- to out walk to cure arthritis Austin dot org. It is a very simple way to. Create -- around team. I welcome anyone to join my teammates mean tees greens. Or many recent sent angels butterflies birds being asked that -- I love. And so they can get involved. In I'm not gonna say probably they may know somebody that has arthritis and she's a great way to honor that person or. Remember that person is to come on now. And while quick facts. And makes a lot of sense all of the name of your team Nancy the winnings. If you wanna join Nancy's team you certainly can't. You're listening to inside Austin I'm speaking with Nancy pre -- she was diagnosed at age nineteen with rheumatoid arthritis she hasn't let that stop her. From living a very fulfilled and satisfying life. The 2014. Walk to cure arthritis Austin is coming up on Saturday April 26 and you can be a participant. So there's a five K as well as a one mile course and there's activities you know for entire families kids dogs seniors. So it sounds like a great way to get the whole family involved. In doing some good. Absolutely. Actually getting a little exercised by your. Arthritis Foundation has a mission to change lives by funding cutting edge research. Advocating for pediatric rheumatologist. And fighting to ensure that people have access to the medications and the treatments that they need to feel better. If you're feeling inspired. The website to go to -- walk to cure arthritis Austin and dot toward anti can folks make a financial gift -- they're not able to participate. On Saturday on April 26 but they would want their funds to go towards this important research can they make a gift on that website. Absolutely in it is also very easy to follow the instructions and your many. Many ways to to get on that particular website can be given to a certain team make it to be given in general. So. Please please please support the Arthritis Foundation Nancy is there anything. Else that you would like people to now a ballots the Arthritis Foundation or about living with Burma toward arthritis. One thing I would really. Like people tuned to know -- to remember that this disease does not discriminate. By gender. Although more women are are diagnosed. H. My counterpart is in theory darling young woman she's four years old and this disease. Is isn't one also to that you cannot look at a person. And no. That the disability or the debilitating nature of severe illness because I think. For the most part from my hands. I mean if you look at my feet. It EU hopefully don't look at me and first thing out of in your thought is there's something wrong with her physically. And I think that is one of the things that is hardest on me as a young woman. Because I looked fairly normal. But really had a theory painful disease. In I do have a handicap sticker. In which uses it in people would say hey you can't park here in. What that did was just remind me yes or something wrong with me. Instead. I have to lacquered atmosphere recent I have lacquered. -- so to be mindful that just because you someone looks normal doesn't mean that they don't have issues going on especially with the various. Forms of arthritis. So true are looking you Nancy and I had no idea at looking you there's no way and be able to -- really just in terms of how. Minute and examine you head to -- but when you meet someone. I think -- Kathleen Turner. She doesn't look to me like someone who has crematory brightness and I found it recently admitted that she's a staff person. Very true. Cannot judge a book by its cover thank you so much Nancy for being here and and sharing so much of yourself with us today thank you -- imagine it's apparently enjoyed our conversation in nineteen people come out and join me. And joint all the other -- then on April 20. That's the walk to cure arthritis Austin Saturday April 26. Registration starts at eighty and that's at concordia university. And you can find lots more information on the web site. Walk to cure arthritis Austin stop work. Back in a moment with more inside Austin. For America's wounded warriors sometimes are coming home. Itself. Every one of them needs our support to meet the challenges they face every day. The US so it provides Americans a way to offer support to the warriors and their athletes. Join us. Visited USO dot org to learn how you can make a difference and I. The US now. And I Levy story please. It breaks my heart to tell my granddaughter now but I -- begin the books last year. Because at age related macular degeneration. Or AMD into blinding disease -- -- might be sending an independent. I wish I'd seen my my doctor -- Because early detection is key to saving your son -- energy Calder foundation fighting blindness at 1800. Blindness. Her free packet on preventing and managing AMD that's 1800. Blindness. You can do. How do first get involved. And being mimicked him. Good question I first got involved the difference. In the church in its founding. Person involved with it was that we were looking at. The plight of these pictures and -- intend to come under attack. Other working in the best interest of the public health. We decided we needed -- -- structure in place to defend them and push back on. Corporate intrigue that whether. Slandering them. And it was silly but it -- -- -- their foundation. And done we started -- me. It's based in hot sticky in the aren't there. Yet. And -- defending academic integrity and -- church. DEA I honor. And our email addresses they air TP IR in -- -- and CU high IR. By me yet. -- gmail.com. -- we've been going around the nation hosting fundraisers. I'm very private in nature and where creating fake base for people to have conversations about the well being of children. About. Infrastructures. That are currently in place that support. Public policy. And let me introduce. The whistleblowers that are really effectively. Taking on integrity inside of these. Government and academic content structures. And they can beautiful -- and then make it up they bump up but I can't. Corporate interest and find themselves and living -- academic -- For things like vaccine -- church. Vaccine safety priest church. GM. Toxicity in water. Problems with instruments and dentistry he'd been transmitting diseases is not properly cleaned. Her. We have a lot of different environmental concerns that player. That workers -- and where these researchers have been slandered. And once they find it and it. Medium -- it says it very difficult thing he -- lose your reputation in the and it. And it takes years to rebuild and we helped them with getting. Correct information out about their church. And restoring their reputations because these are people whose work really -- -- tattered. These are examples of areas where. The findings of the research are not necessarily align. With interest in corporate America that right. And be sure that these companies might be spending. Some of their faster resource. I guess that would be fair thing to discredit. These researchers. In the hope of getting them to writer may -- quit what they're doing war. Just get to a point where people are no longer paying attention to them. Correct and it looks like you're up against huge odds when this happens and simply by having this structure in place where we helped them with legal aid funding. And went public relations around there. There their cases. We're finding that. This structure is keep carrying them on me. A trenchant things that happened to people that you know like enter -- doctor Andrew Wakefield. Philip at the heart of this is that the international. The media blitz around. His work and while we found is to keep taking apart. The the claims against him more -- very unwarranted. His colleague back in the United Kingdom has been exonerated. For the work and claims that that were brought against them. And yet we don't hear that we we hear about. But claims that he was saying and I'm mark I just liked it and let and easily members said by him in his paper. Brian writes -- with respect to vaccines. Did I read that that his premise was that then measles mumps rubella vaccines should be separated. Not that you should not give the vaccine and I understand that correctly on. That's correct that what's his initials on cake and what happened last tailored several families that approach can mean he's an academic Castro and urologist. And he he didn't have any knowledge like citizens and parents came to him and said. I think my child has delicacy and you want to detect amount that I think you're at the wrong place and not act and not a competent actors -- -- seriously. Something happened to my trials. After the MMR vaccine. And they have serious diarrhea problems serious complications. And then contained. They can verbalize -- because they can't speak. And we really want to look into. Can he get that and and it and the paper that was peer reviewed you know with a team of doctors atlas and researchers it was just an neatly. You know they investigated. That they had found. He knew -- -- Four children are taught to listen to those described as but it can -- -- And the case that was brought against them -- Did you get -- Higher B approval to do look at the research and it turned -- they weren't doing consistently doing clinical church. And published a paper so they -- got married for their work. And in that paper which is the most under -- and over talked paper on the face of the planet. -- children if you actually read it -- which most people happy not to is that -- today in the paper. We're concerned. Petition new delicacy. And the parent has suggested. Related and a -- We think we should do some more research on. Very simply died saying. -- parents are saying and investigated further. You know -- -- until whirlwind. Medium mugging which was started. After the case Diane. Reporter from the BM -- British Medical Journal. Named Brian -- and he's currently. In a reliable and there and often taxes. The verses and a doctor in Wakefield. Forward slandering him and he said that he can be Wakefield -- quick fraudulent. And that he meet at commanders and he was given access to all sector. Records and information as a journalist. And we're not really sure who he was working for. My understanding. That he may have and corporate ties that he's an ally and trying to hold up. Big industry in just interest by taking down this position. And in effect what they're able to do to the media. Not -- was just that. He took away his. License to practice they didn't particularly medical. Degree that you can't do that but they kept away and can effect is sending his country. Its reputation. And then what we're finding is that -- treat your -- correct. It has been replicated time and time again the most recent paper back and 2013. At a Wake Forest. That was able to produce the synopsis the same information. That says there is unique. To these past play. For her artistic and -- -- which is separate disease and Crohn's Disease. It's that separate disease and other and -- that was -- Again proven correct. He'll even when I you know I do a lot of advocate he worked in Washington DC and I was attending meetings last year and I age. For which they were disconnecting them I can listen in and calling bowel disease. And -- researchers that was speaking that day said you know doctor Andy Wakefield although there was a lot of controversy around. His work he was correct and we need to move forward. So that was eighteen years ago when you can imagine how stock that has been and imagine. That what could have been consolidated. Doctor Andy Wakefield had been able to continue to collect. Unfettered. Would be of benefit great benefit to the public health of these children. And instead petitions became afraid you know there's that term out there cult. Being Wakefield did. And nobody wants to be Wakefield it means that the industry is gonna go after you and nick and it. Turkey down take chillier credentials and make a monkey of view. And then on top of that film you know -- kinda difficult to get funding later on academic funding for research. And so people don't wanna be Wakefield is so it's effectively. Shut down further research into is about disease. Children win. Activism which is that really crying shame for those children -- -- -- -- experience tremendous pain. They have and other papers. -- Consensus paper. Done -- IE the American academy of pediatrics and published in pediatrics. You know by consensus said children. Who suddenly become. Violent. You know banging their head similar self injury it should be investigated for -- the -- Even now that was published several years ago I don't I wouldn't say there's been a lot of progress -- for these children. Well I I certainly haven't heard any of what you're saying in the mainstream media. As we think any paper. That confirmed what was originally discovered and Andrew wheat fields research with his colleagues. Would would be would be big news but it's an interest in state and once big pharma. You know I guess they've interpreted their research as a threat against. The vaccines that they produce vaccines are used assessment. Not just in America but everywhere. And interpreting that red instills fear and as you said time has -- really cries a chain reaction in terms of being Wakefield it. Yes bill the killing of fact the vaccine industry is already. Protected from any liability to 1986. Catholic immunization acting. Protected. Vaccine manufacturers. From liability which means that each vaccine his tax. And that -- Fun for me. Compensation program for her children who are in fact vaccine injured. And there is any vaccine compensation program that most people don't know about. But it would set up in 1986. Under the president Ronald Reagan because. They understood and vaccines were -- described as unavoidably unsafe. Which means they know that has certain percentage of children will react and have adverse event. And as a matter of conscience do society. This compensation program set up. To. Compensate that family -- his children need medical care for the rest of their lives come from things like. Encephalopathy. Brain damaged. And in -- compensation program. They've compensated about the 2.5 billion dollars just several thousands family. Of which we enter -- independent preachers that shows. Many many of those children like 43% of the ones we -- had -- his. The other side that you don't hear about his -- here that vaccines are safe and effective and that's kind of the general Montrae that is them coming out of there. Government agencies. But the flip side is you know there are the scariest reactions and risks associated and that people should read that vaccines -- Prior to making the petition about a child vaccinations. Because -- that the if something does scope Ron has litigious as we are in America and you can't actually see that the pharmaceutical company. If your child suffers an adverse reactions to vaccines -- That's correct that you would have to petition. The federal agency that deals with the vaccine competent station program for injured children. And that you have a window of time to do that as well and it's it's very content is not an easy program to get through. It's turn people down more often and not in. You know if you don't have been neagle still sticking in your arm it's considered a coincidence well that's a coincidence that parents are total. Now yes not much more research needs to be done that this that whole area could be what it could be. Is you know I find it very fascinating and that we can be improving. Vaccines we can -- Perhaps. Figuring out which children would be more susceptible to having adverse events or. We can also research. But in the cascading effects. Vaccines that happens over time that's been out some you know some of these infectious diseases. Can mutate quickly some of them need to be thoroughly. So rule you know keeping up with mother -- in effect that -- be very fascinating work and yet it's very shut down because. When he finds findings that that go against terrifying problems associated with. Vaccines that it's like going up against some multi billion dollar global industry end. Again that we -- founded by adding that the Care Foundation. As grimace and that's big if all of this look. Just having this structure completely. Alters the playing ground because. They've already seen website that has been publishing. Slander that we approach and said that not correct ticket down. You know web -- that parents can do to find out information about vaccines and -- safety. And and so we think Larry had some immediate impact despite being structure that's put in place. To keep and I am and and protect and say you know we've got your back. Because. At least gonna wanna go into the field. Unless there's a climate for being elected to have integrity. And watch for men and mine from around. What's happening to their children in and you know that's that's something we're. Falling on your -- for -- her children's health of course it's that same time he wants to be lake. Absolutely. If you're just not joining us on inside often times speaking with Don left -- she's the president of the board of directors but the dare foundation. Defending academic integrity and the research Pristina the example of that Andrew Wakefield here or not and that's an important. Distinction you make on the -- if people are afraid. Do research. On what ever environmental issue there may be or medical issues something that is. This hurting her children bring people in general. This is something that needs to be brought to the surface and if people are afraid of being discredited because it interferes. With -- gross profits of some multinational conglomerates. Whether it's big pharma or other. That's gonna discourage a lot of folks from doing much needed research. That's great great and and the courage it takes to deal whistleblower in this day and age I mean it's kinda sexy to deal would -- lower these days but. It's not an easy path and there have been cases where. You know. Things that and get done without integrity -- every church sitcom of these corporations. That. You know proclaimed that there product -- and then -- researchers to come forward and say. You know. We are told to manipulate data we applicable to. Change -- -- numbers so that. Things look better so as to -- finding that this really is going on and where Care Foundation focuses. Is in that realm of the physician and maybe pictures -- they're working our families so that it's that protection zone for the public. To insure that and -- and the food and water. Act truly safe for us to use and when somebody had something important to say about that. If -- be allowed to to get that readers and do it unfettered and think about what to regional however they are and and then we can deal with the right if things aren't great -- can fix it. I mean I'm not big believer that. You know we put a man on the moon. We have the technology to do so much that we can't. Deal with that foundational level of what is so. We can't -- integrity into the work and then thicker and and have open. Discussions about solutions. It's what the outcomes of Andrew Wakefield paper with his colleagues was in regards used. Simply separating the vaccines the senate doing measles mumps rubella at the same time years ago when I was a kid they were separate vaccines. What does and the resistance to exploring. For what I guess why is there resistance to exploring that if you if you can become. Hill it's my understanding. Speaking to is doctor Wakefield set the thing. Vaccines are not as they were not made available to the public can mean night. At that time. So there was concerns that as a result of his attempting. To go that -- that people simply cannot act and meeting. And that sea air. You know the public having. -- say in in Chile and in the public health. Could keep -- the vaccination. Program. Was of great concern -- The public. Agencies that where meaning -- Infectious diseases for the nation's milk. I think it was more. That they had to shut down that pathway. And my concern people would just say -- can't -- it -- that. So they had to come -- split. All is well you know. And then Marc -- in anti and they were using -- -- team from Canada. And that particular. Content type of measles. That was part of the -- -- in the United Kingdom was having problems in Canada. As well and check in fact Canada has decided to stop teasing that. Specific version of the and then we didn't use that -- Here in the United States -- mind. However in -- new research these different strains. Vaccines it's quite sizable too kind hitter. That he would take safer route by. We know every church didn't have these things showing up on the single file vaccines. Where he'd get measles separate from month -- separate from Allah. You know -- the most logical. -- way I think. In coming up what their recommendations. That since the combined MMR vaccine list. A potentials. Safety risk. And the past played with barely be seen to separate them and keep your child one at a time. And instead. He's been quoted I should say misquoted as saying don't fax me your child. That's correct and in the Wakefield. Come from -- generations. Positions with high integrity and they vaccinated their family -- so. You know a lot of the this and that came out of that what is it and try to. It parent and a to continue to Saxony and and not worry about it isn't the issue and that he got caught and then a median amount Troutman. -- really quite cruel. You know the effect fun. On the whole thing has been. There are real tragedy do without -- children everywhere. And it and it could've been spoken about I I don't I don't understand it you know we've got when he got initiation deal with -- race it. And have conversation about it but when you've got these. Decisions being made on. Bottom line tenure here up against different -- -- support. So what we're fighting pit to change that and we would not deceive the breakthrough for her -- and Wakefield and learn from putting together. Material that. Explain what happened in. Help parents make better decisions. And the other area that I think -- Wakefield got in trouble for -- You know there's there's an old practice and in pediatric and that is -- first and foremost that the doctor the physician. Listen to the parent. The parents. The closest to the child. They know that the child. Tibet. And so this practice of listening to the parents. It is really important tool critical. Assessment. Of our children. And you know what I think captain analysts. And this idea of the authoritarian. Model of physicians says what to do it. Based on the science and that science is based on integrity. And you got a pretty committed by -- which here in particular when he can get in that partnership with that position. As a parent. In your -- -- them in describing what with -- current health of your child is and there are a lot of traffic there. But in only leave Lebanon very fast paced world to her pediatricians. Are. Candid information about. Medicines plant and vaccinations. -- should be used and there expert in that area they're relying on that science. And if that's science. Isn't allowed to kill unfettered. And it has just trickle down. Problem that comes up and Matt. You know basically has become some mouthpiece of -- and -- to the pediatrician. And really look into this. Do they killed -- churches themselves or they relying on. The American academy of pediatrics. -- Every church that is done and funded by these large corporate interest it's it's an interesting question to take a look at it now. England he'll find more -- more physicians. You know wanting to be in partnership with parents. And saying trust your instincts and that's what -- like that he said. It's apparent. That particular decision. And I'm not sure that that went over so well with the policy. Makers in Indonesia in America. Yeah I -- sounds like parental installation and definitely more powerful than than what the policy makers. May say and that's revving. Well the wrong way and that of course is where defending academic integrity. And research and then and I am I'm with you Don I can understand. What -- these questions can be asked and YA. They can't be looked. It is for the betterment. As everyone. Who lives on the planet you were talking about a commonality among. Humans and it's wonderful that you have set up the Deere foundation. Defending academic integrity and research because they do you think. It's essential or -- these questions to be asked and answered. That's great attorney terrorist people wanna contact me they can. Send me an email at -- inquiries at gmail.com. Which is to be a high car. In queries IE and EU. IR I. At gmail.com. And I would not in -- popular with anybody is interested in in the conversation. These things are going on right now this is like living history and -- idea. The network of conversations. And policies that support those. The research that has been done. Exists. You know we can interrupt that and McCain creed and -- future. In my opinion. Would get out of this handled further for the wealthy children and and a it's gonna take them some. Heavy lifting work to get it done. And it starts -- is inserting integrity. Back into the conversation. And so we get down meet his public comment and or federal agencies Lee. We speak to you congressman Lee. -- work with. People in the public health and these fundraisers are quite a meeting. We had people come from PS TA from. And National Science Foundation attending. These events as well as integrated and these chiropractors. A meeting. Positions and these are interested in. Holding stick. Approached to help. And it's really coming together it's a lot of time routinely hear from the CDC that 54%. To. American children have chronic illnesses. We parity up the worst of demographically. Speaking -- in the worst categories. For our common childhood diseases. Would -- -- to comparing irony in two other developed countries. Including sudden instant -- and a lot of chronic. Asthma allergies and a full -- activism. So we've got some Arctic is unique things now and it's not too far to consider. Met a solution to one problem make -- A prop a new trial and instead of problems to account. Candles when we talk about things like. Genetically modified organisms. In what is helped impact. When we talk about vaccines which contain genetically modified organisms. What is the health impact and so these are long term. Studies that need to be done as well is he now. Let's be mean about it and and work. With integrity around -- solutions that there are. So I'm really excited to -- he'll help people. Little you know be introduced to benefit the very positive and exciting news. Initiative that I think well. Latino retaining a lot of momentum. -- events or having our son you know I've walked around the cocktail hour and they hear people. Talking about things that are really a concern for them and their families well been. And at a meeting with researchers in and being able to have those kind of conversations that make it different is it. You know where empowering people to investigate there around health and and take charges that time I'm really excited. I think that. You know this winter Washington DC host. Of a million of these -- fund raisers for a different. Organizations. And one of them that I attended it was time and a sex trafficking and slavery. And that's another issue where you look at economic -- big how can ever take at a time. But you know I take it on it by talking about it and then incremental changes happen. And we have to celebrate be incremental changes. One very big issues. And we have to act with integrity. And one of the things I about working at that people like kept -- Wakefield. He is there committed to our children and a healthy and wealthy. And not you know. They don't run away and hide. They didn't Jerry curry -- And they're very intelligent. And -- and not making -- comments from. From the hectic and very fair people -- To care about people -- It's been wonderful Cuba. To have a chance that talking about the hand and I hope people contacted me that theory the theory that gmail.com. And and we can get to get there there's an incentive com. April 12 and thirteen. Hosted by the fact that some traffic that I hope people show up doctor Andy Wakefield will be and then there in class and texted. And it's called kids -- the -- trash day those. I'm very excited. To talked eland and if people ask any questions can contact me in Q1 hosted dinner for a -- Give me an email for that as. It's and it being quite extraordinary has. Whistleblowers come give lectures and it. A chance for people to hear what it's going on in the back. Don thank you so much off from making time to share only important work. The -- foundation is doing. If you're just now joining us I've been speaking to Don left arrow on and I and she's the president of the board of directors of the -- foundation. There is defending academic integrity and the research if you'd like to get in touch with -- you can do so directly. And during email -- DA IR inquiries. At gmail.com. Again Don think so much time. -- heat trapping me. Thanks for listening to inside Austin. For America's wounded warriors sometimes are coming home. Itself. Every one of them needs our support to meet the challenges they face every day. The US so it provides Americans a way to offer support to the warriors and their. Join us visited USO got to learn to learn how you can make a difference and I. The US sound. So there you are got a few bills in your pocket Daniel -- shared on. 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