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He Said She Said Radio, 1/25/14

Jan 25, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's he said she said radio on -- thirteen seven. All ride is Saturday night yes it is and we got the band back together -- we did have thought that. You're listening to he said she said radio and for our longtime listeners we took a little break for the holidays. And now for our new listeners him. Boy do we have a show for you yes you did tell you right now let me introduce everybody's in the studio and we got a full studio tonight. First off I would like -- you introduce who we have and he says co -- seat tonight we have mr. Scott Bailey with lighting EK everybody has the don't want that's right dropping by force sun light conversation there you -- I. But I. Somethings never change they down and I am glad we also have Daniel Siegel with California closets. Think can he go and I'm doing great glad to have you and -- we're going to be doing the catch enough -- now what you have been doing over the holiday wishes and fresh I think that -- and then to New York laps to we have mr. -- -- area. With skyline CoreStates. Glad to be back again glad to have you back on different realm it's time that's right all new and improved exactly -- -- and we have an addition to our he said she said radio team that I am very very excited about right we have. -- and it and you wanna do it. Mr. John server are not resident resident why was there part of you. Happy Saturday everybody happy Saturday -- -- and because as there -- first show after the day of the holiday break we have an amazing restaurant has RB stroke guest. We have just loving with Jefferies. Maryland. And really excited about that -- the isn't. -- right there right -- when your fridge eight vets are all you have to do your. And several before we go any further let's do some -- it. We can review brought to you by life being dropped in for some light conversation at 10401 Vernon road or on the web -- light meaning dot com. What I thought we might do for week in review since we've all been on holiday vacation I'm sure we've been up to a lot of interesting things have what we kind of go around then and talk about what we've been doing and I thought what I'll do is I'll just. -- out how to get it via the -- -- sit. So it's sort of like you know coming back for the first day school at what I do in on my summer vacation right. -- that were gonna play a little bit of what economic summer vacation all right. And what she did is this is our first time ever. To go away on vacation for Christmas. So weak took a Christmas cruise out of Galveston gosh you know quite sure how it's gonna feel about that. Back right but my one criteria for going away for Christmas was we weren't going to fly anywhere. So what's wise that because I'm not flying over the Christmas holidays of like an -- yet Johnson Martin's hit down hard. Not yet a phobia are now a man and and announce that we drove to Galveston we got around in the beautiful navigator of the seas for moral Caribbean right they have a whole should decorated for Christmas holiday Christmas do you think plane. We had Christmas Day engine make. -- -- Margarita values. I'll hold a friend's day that's not what they're known -- or not. Brown Margarita. Bra and a Cheeseburger in Paradise okay. And and -- it is a. And the most important thing was a red stripe on tap as I answer and say yeah all right. My life is that you -- and and so -- concerned that she was not gonna have the same culinary experience says the rest of well let me tell you that that -- just bell all over -- have a different kind of she had different Indian Curry's. She had all kinds of amazing food matchup we roll with him or her play constantly on and -- On the second formal night we got invited to captain's table so that was really fun to -- Yeah muscle in captain Brian let me tell you what he's the youngest captain I've ever seen on one of the -- it is very entertaining and very engaging and yet it was a lot of fun that's cool so that's what I did on my summer vacation awesome so -- really what did you do. Well you know this year -- -- had a quiet. Time at the -- household which was good we can really go anywhere we had people visit. But I have a tip of the week instead of a story okay. In the tip is. We need go Christmas tree shopping. You need to. Some kind of a guide as we always try to go for like. Ten and eleven for the tree now some we -- we've had a twelve before that. When you go in all these trees are around you you Connelly experts -- fail that picture he's. And it was wrapped and so when they unwrapped its that we could look at it. And decide whether that's the tree we want -- dries my kids crazy to begin with because -- -- attorney. I don't know I don't know no not well not that one would diminish maybe that one so they had just kind of let it sit and -- -- so. All through out the Christmas. These and the treatment got wider and wider and and it got to a point where you could sit in one -- and not shoot -- -- I played it. And other so tip of the weaker tip of the year whatever. Get measure or. I don't know get somebody close circumference frustrated conference can you got to know the circumference make them stick Petrino and shaken confidence that you can't -- -- you mango tree that then. -- I don't know living room right but it was beautiful. It was a beautiful tree the tree that a Christmas and it drank water a lot -- -- until new years day it was still drink of water and we got it. Three weeks before Christmas. That's amazing because when I first began here from the north from the northeast. And I would see like the day after Chris -- All the Christmas trees oh yeah her but the now well now and I was like. I mean you think you can legitimately legitimately keep it to little yeah Christmas you can but then I realized it was that are out there. And dot corrected its Zelaya. That's that's so anyway that's my -- of the weaker tip of the year whatever make sure you don't buy two big -- -- okay. Well that's a that's a good about all that over for a few months yeah when I first got. He got the tough thing to think about that if you cannot put any questions and bringing back Scott Brown answered for you never know -- that -- and look at the next grow there yeah. That -- -- it. And that mr. Herbert what are you worried you know over the holidays. Well I -- and on that an excursion for the first time. -- always been with the distributor. And then have always worked my tail off during December and L article again October November December Newton is go time but this is my first time on these -- and doing so. I found myself with little free time in December of which made me feel very odd package should be doing so yeah. All the time. And I proved to Missouri to see -- Our first Christmas in. Probably twenty years I've been there so. That's great it was great except it was six degrees it was a bonus -- -- -- and out at a Nevada but putted right in between the two big Arctic blast right. It was a witching hour hall both ways but it was riches upon on a property which is frozen -- Honda doesn't -- on it and my daughter Sandra the first time to some monster that's possibly get time. -- -- them there again it did just anything that day he did special remove the Christmas holiday is who worked a lot about. He did yeah it while John was taken that ride yeah but but I. I like what I do so when it's like. Your hobbies targeted. On and made -- aged eggnog where it's the sound and have been thinking about doing for years and -- just haven't ever done it. Do you know what it's it's a classic way of doing eggnog to preserve your eggs at a time when there was no reservations -- -- views you know sugar and alcohol. It was a way of getting an egg nutrition. Throughout the wintertime and that's where eggnog came from 400 years ago when so they drink eggnog. All during winner well that. And I. All corporate medicinal purposes. Now -- it was get back forty years it's interesting just like what I did Josh is now authority. At Jefferies and I didn't make enough unfortunately I made. For a full 750 milliliter bottles and I had a group of ten or twelve or fifteen people that heard. That -- was ready to go and it is aware that they attack back at the opposite -- the -- other people came and angry that it was gone. And -- pretty snooze you lose as yeah and a prediction here yeah exactly we have a lot of yeah I -- an industrial history. Thank you twisters today and get it Jefferies early that -- good idea that it. Yeah exactly there. Now we have to Christmas that. Mr. Siegel what we do over break right. Well it's coming back to me -- just got -- there's a kind of a Mexican jail. You know. Now I think back on it my holiday started with -- Behind dinner Jeffries on Christmas Eve my family and we had a great time. We went down there and elect sort last minute had dinner in the bar with the kids and they drink a lot of ignorant knotted him Clinton and it was fantastic and sue the theme of this show tonight apparently is doing some traveling that you haven't really got around the holidays. So we did that as well and we had Christmas at home and then like the next day we we tore Christmas tree down like whom -- Christmas Day liked how loud Jason Day. Did what Karen doesn't like to do we hop on a plane and we flew down to Mexico don't see that you aren't cleared down Mexico way right and so we spent. Ten days -- go and had a great time was her third trip to Mexico this year. And number one question that people ask me what I thought about Mexico yeah can you guess Scott I just went to Mexico what do people normally say what's your bail cost -- did it like today where you don't let Josh -- -- did it did you feel safe down there. It's it's more like this. Did you feel -- -- yeah -- -- -- like you got I felt great you know or don't feel safe is in movie theater in Colorado. Oh hey this is it up tonight -- stuff I don't know I think yeah. -- can go a lot worse places than that and for lack of safety in the US whatever but we had a great time and so we did that and I came back after new years and years down that was great who did Christmas here in years there and while awesome. That's very awesome that sounds great and mr. Q zero. You -- you -- that over the break and holiday season and you're always something. I left to do this season traveling. So I flew out Christmas Eve. Because that's when I travel -- meeting. He had about. 10% the amount of people left -- Hillary ever gonna yeah yeah afternoon flight nonstop back to Florida it was. 29 degrees that -- I believe by the look back and I landed in seventy eight's Mary Lou knows so I get up the plane went from. Jeans -- long sleeved shirt jacket to. Port shots port shorts flip flops a teacher while we're happy literally in ten minutes I think that temporary and the only delay was asked leading widget to our delayed because the tubes that are there called pizza tubes that she register those speed of the plane. They have to be heated and at 30000 feet freeze over. One was a registered. So. Seven after two hours now you have are not stopped turn and afford a half hour. That was not stop not stop when you are citing -- stop on the tarmac. Went to Florida hung up there. That would you know some new people innocent people Corso still working even -- and told me not to try to tell him not to have. And what happened to your old people if you -- the new people. Who cares about that well either they're there they're off the -- They're up to. You know everyone is the ultimate thing our whole family lives over there and now we've I flew back New Year's Day. -- treacherous too yeah. That was the easy as -- as usually accompanied by their real advantage there -- -- hung over on -- -- thanks so that's hung over -- NCAA that's mannequin that's the only which it every time you. So much play it was an 11 o'clock and I'd be the airport at nine you need to fly drunk. What I like on the plane and make sure that you're catching back up with where you were earlier there and you get another tip of the week. General and that's it for the week is make sure when you're leaving have so they drop you -- get back in the same position you were five hours traffic. -- -- back Roy back to Scott Bailey on the Christmas trees they're gonna think about that what I was. Ten years old I sold Christmas trees oh boy out of Florida not by -- tree from Nike price -- In Florida now Dell came from North Carolina and Al came from Wisconsin a crowd like out Z would have to sisters in Florida at large trees which we need more here. -- main thing that we always did was shake the tree out. But say it will still grow with wise when it drops another. Thirty to 40%. Based on what your look oh it didn't -- so you'll witness when you're gauging. It's a comfort -- at a very great. Double what you're looking at because that's which -- gonna wind up with I -- -- you exactly. Now next year that's -- that you that's what you've got -- -- On the line guy who's and we got Kurt the tree got there's not that popular -- then why did I still dealing with let's -- -- would still be no way. Well you like a little wood and an -- I don't go there. So we're gonna take a little break pays the bills -- welcome back we're gonna talk where Josh from Jefferies and I'm real excited to you visit with -- so -- Stay tuned we will be right back and you weren't listened to he says she said radio. On talk radio thirteen seventy hang in there -- -- We can review brought to you by lighting. Dropped in for some light conversation at 10401 Vernon road or on the web at light inning dot com. It's he said she said radio I'm talking thirteen 78 only Frank Pallone. -- way. See there's no way. Jean king. Thinking of building a new home but don't know where to start. Keep yourself asking questions like how do I choose the right builder for my project from my style and my project. I don't I find the best lot in our community and what about financing. These are just some of the questions I hear over and over again I work with folks just like -- one built their dream home but don't want to turn into a nightmare project. Hi I'm Karen nephew ski and my firm by design custom I'm consulting was created just for people who wanna build their dream home. But don't want to have to put their life -- to do it. Using my first experience working with -- builders and architects interior designers lenders and all the other service providers involved in the construction of your new home. Could save -- time frustration and not to mention money. So if you're thinking of building a new home call -- at five point 20917. Hole he's 653. Don't -- fielding your dream home turning to a night. News. My twin lakers celebrating 75 years with twenty Austin area locations or on the web that's when -- dot com -- welcome back to key senators she says radio I saw thirteen seven. Hi we are fat yeah. And -- Saturday night or our very first show back on life and that really really excited. John about the restaurant that he's invited tonight so it is Jefferies. Which is an Austin icons. And John. Once assured listeners -- -- that's why you chose Jeffrey's car come back -- Like all things. Food and beverage especially. And I've known Josh for quite awhile he's a mix apologists is -- -- just extraordinary. Don't comment please. Not make solid just what not a public he's a veteran tiger -- -- I act up. He's very very crafty and all things alcohol -- for you Kerry Democrat of alcoholic -- leveraged. I think upper Smith junior worked in for her and talks yes rich and I was a caskets of -- Items that aren't you know just a couple months ago so mom and -- -- Jefferies and that was good match and I love what his new company is -- -- so -- David good facelift in. It goes about -- that the Russians the death this gorgeous. Well today essentially you know they kept the brand and it kept the bones of the place -- -- totally. Rebuilt it that's it you know inside out. It's going through this kind of classic American men. Some people say steak house there's -- state program for share because we do dry aged stakes in your comment from the first Paris and Austin to really offer. That level of state. It's a little more than that it's. It's about kind of navy reinventing some of the American classic with -- but also just propping it up and saying like to have a great neo. Go all out and be luxurious if you -- you know and caviar and champagne and all that good stuff and you know from. Nose to the tail and just stood up so. So tell us about the -- for folks who have been where it happened to Jefferies prior to. What's the -- look and feel how long did it take right. I'm so. To first -- Jeffries is now part of the -- Mormon hospitality group. Do -- Lambert and furloughs and Elizabeth street cafe okay. And so. They used. Clayton and little architecture and two to do it because they have such extensive extensive experience with historical remodel OK yeah and they wanted to keep obviously they wanted to keep. The outside look at Jefferies and everyone knows the kind of iconic west you know Clarksville doubts again. The they used mark Ashby for interiors to give it a real fresh kind of almost like a really nice house now and it's matter restaurant then you know I mean it it is. You know the finishes with all. All the various woods and other sycamore there's old oak. It's got this really cool you know. Pollack he's going to a different camera or great near -- exactly. Who's kind of eluded me. Those are the best around -- and Israeli he regards yeah. Not try to hang around as much as possible yeah but again it could I find my life improves and I didn't surround myself with those types of people who. Debit tuition at a custom home concierge during that remodel your right hand to hand and I must apply rise. -- like saying that they want to add their eyes are loyal remodel took a little longer than you know how that always -- always that yeah. I think we closed. Jeffrey is. And a parole. Was what year we announced when he 1414. April 2012. Hung hopes to be open that fall and opened may. Of winning thirteen wow now the year his career his suits. -- -- months that's amazing well you know recently with all day you know people moving to Austin to right now we're not best kept secret anymore not anymore we are out there and so good trait they're just all really really busy there. It doesn't completely surprise yet that's and that's always you know. That building Jeff has been around since 1975. While you're gonna kill back some players -- -- 00 yeah. -- that -- be there member you know. Let's that those of all that sort of stuff. So I. We didn't steal her. She came here and. Why -- Turk McBride -- you get this. That's on -- better wire pliers dealing -- -- yeah track behind their back on track tonight. Mercer is an issue where -- David Bull and congress can't. She's had a lot of experience internationally Stewart for Joseph wrote a son -- -- -- restaurants. Notably in Taiwan to spend some time -- while. She's amazing I can see that influence in your in your union menu and yes this I mean it's like I said there is. It's classic interpretations in a lot of ways but you know we have like occur -- show of -- like press steps and it has. Compressed Asian paired up Andy's Kenneth white sole way you know things that you wouldn't find and an American restaurant right in the sixties which is. -- what we're you know the decade we're kind of hovering around yet now while Coca you know I mean yeah sound -- do you think that you're seeing like a change in the clientele with that with the new. -- he had kind of sort of you know it is like you'd like you said it's an icon. So we get. All the people that have always been gonna Jeff -- for you know birthdays anniversaries. Celebrations. Close of business deal. But there's also I mean it's the new kid on the block again and again and that always Turner's son interest with the what's going on. And to exactly yeah so and and also you nuts it's done. They're people they're funny people. Who have told us whether that's true or not that's what they say they fly to Austin to go there I know why they came that's very that's awesome. Now amazing I think you know the -- has changed so much in Austin McChrystal there are stressing in the last. Ten years on I mean amazingly. And do you know you talk about like. -- that the top Echelon restaurants I think you know. Jeffries has to be if not one. The top one or two in terms of like no hands down share need to go I don't care where you go you're going here -- Jeffrey's right now right it's amazing. About seems to CB what the folks that Obama Petit thought view that and not involved. That on the website and I'm and I wanted to read that says that now listeners know her there because I thought it was it was just says a lot on right and just makes you if you haven't been there you wanna get there and balance the books -- -- -- had this to say about Jeffrey that says in an era of restaurants known for and off the cup approach. Jeffries is sophisticated. Throw backs. As sophisticated we aired the flower arrangements matter. From the comfort of upstairs matters and a refreshingly the customer matters welcome back to find dining. So -- -- -- -- yeah yeah is that great well yeah FC there has posted on a petite and integrate your -- article yeah. And. Well I'd tell them I'm an edit this down to you know assailed the things that it really needs to say yeah I didn't do that yet that it. -- let's so let's talk a -- little bit about the the the things that you brought pressed the San yet now let's do it. For a sampler platter. If you will of things that I kind of like to eat went on there we've. And classic wedge salad. I spared with -- and Huntsman bake and fresh avocado -- today. Pickled Shalit buttermilk dressing Lucci is straightaway. By. A delivery system for. Buttermilk and blue varieties of course but that's what alleged ballot is all about right now than it was great detail how it is -- It is not meeting every line. And as well as well yeah mine's gone since that you can get a job and that's the right. My favorite of the bunch is the tartar. We. I didn't didn't and that's yet that we buy. Beef from three primary ranches we do nine in ranch which is the -- you know the co -- Mainly out of the midwest. And we have been in branch family ranches and Texas and amazing -- tartar is -- we saw a lot of tenderloin and whatever doesn't make. The state cut makes the tartar took it. Actually it's when -- made for Christmas dinner. One of the things and it's for Christmas dinner in addition to being yeah it was about -- Stanford. My my Finley who hadn't had this sort of flood streets all around this time we -- out there we had to retire. I I nailed that not gonna lie. I you're going on living now. You down the line right it was an it was like two pounds of tartar allowed a uniform around. My aunt -- I -- she doesn't Turkey. She's primarily vegetarian but she got down on him like that Nokia. So that non union yeah -- and now she's -- how about some Retief yeah some sort of picking up. -- a candidate to go on. So John tells a little bit about the the want to be paired up for us tonight that's right. Well a brother a sparkling and I really cool -- whites and -- some scrutiny from accurate everything from Italy today. I always start off with these are -- Oprah Psycho. And everything here is available -- to onlookers example that right coach went. I think you're putting your picture up on the FaceBook page with the pricing -- -- -- we will do that -- that that our listeners if you can't if you're driving you can't write it down we got at all for him right in your. Staying home before Valentine's Day but percent to it was a nice way to start evenings -- again -- them different and usually drink of eligible soft citrus notes. Speeches. Really really good. Approachable. A starter and you know if you didn't make a reservation -- somewhere. You probably eating at home. There's -- let -- go out and Valdez is on a Friday night this year and who visited -- probably outlook earth. Okay so if you wanna go to Jeffrey you're SO out yet he's dead I doubt -- -- -- to bring it up but as an let's 2015 -- -- -- that who along with the making of your trainer Andrea yes. It's -- slopes of Mount Vesuvius. -- you know a lot of men around -- from the and hashish oil there and it's it's great beautiful sunshine there really groups agree screwing their slots and minerals to beat them. And it was a great fit and it was a great taste in one really -- really give this -- go to nicely with the of the creamy butter and it was very drive it was nice that solution and the price -- the preview special variety. 1999. They get out easy money CNET Chinese money and just tired or -- on the -- you have a barber -- from Piedmont there brought. This. -- -- -- -- -- Tartar excuse me this is actually fantastic with a also good. Well we are going to take a break and -- couple bills. And we come back we are gonna view we're gonna go around the table and talk about are living by design segment -- do you have the will do that when we come back don't touch that I'll and we will be right back -- listened to he says she -- radio. I'll talk radio thirteen seven days will be right back. But as far as the beast was brought to you by twin lakers celebrating 75 years with -- twenty Austin area locations more on the web at twin -- dot com. It's he says she says radio. Pod and saw thirteen seventy. Home is where life cabins and hit the home office -- -- on -- viewers can watch over her business and a mother can watch over her son. Don't need the room where a night like scared away monsters granddaughter and now a granddaughter. It's a cell that holds the final album and brings generations face to face for the first time. California closets we understand what home means in the center more than three decades we've been enhancing home. Thank creating custom storage deletions from people like you. We've helped -- imagine spaces discover hidden potential and most of all of find balance yeah. See how California closets can work week year to create a valid solution that fits your home and your life. -- -- Discover the possibilities for your home by scheduling a complimentary in home design consultation the day visit us online in California closets dot com more stuff into our beautiful show room in downtown Austin -- and Lamar. -- Living by design brought to you by by design custom home concierge your dream your home our mission. Don't let building your dream home turn into a nightmare took care and it's 5129172653. Or on the web at homes by design dot CEO. Welcome back to he said she said radio on talk thirteen seventy. We're back we are back and got -- I thought that form and at that -- and this did not have. Way to start the second part of the show that tried. The right in the market sell and speaking of living by design one of the the things that is very important in a home. Is sliding exactly there are important very important it is good to see at night well if you don't have the -- Terry you know see what to put in the house. That's right right it's a good golf how -- gonna find you want how to find you want to tell you countertop or how -- ago. And how to get out of -- take out your glove. And if you did that still playing hard rock formats are a lot of so so speaking of lighting all right let's. Well actually we were on the tail end of remodeling our show room that's right he did big green well yeah we -- out. The old nasty carpet that we -- before put down some new carpet we've moved the walls we've added news no wonder you're nodding when Josh is talking about the Jefferies -- right that's one of the things -- just kinda keeps going on you're like okay this has got to be done this has got to -- we gotta get now and we gotta get now and you know it's I went to tear it up you might it get after you -- get on exactly. That. We've opened up the show over him it's. We've added new product and on this Barr is from there's companies called Lou Lou. That we have and I don't -- yeah yeah it's a different you know you got it. Have to have fun with -- right -- all right -- Wednesday Bryant. Slam oh is another company. There actually have New Orleans. On the make all different kind of lamps and also some decorative hanging fixtures also to go with lamps. It's a real -- school. Type of line. As Mars is lamps and everything. Also out of people gonna have fun with their house well in I mean it's not it doesn't have to be all that kind of staunch he you know. Don't sit on matter don't going to that we learned yet that are gone all that's not the bronco show tells don't touch those -- -- don't super gas exactly. Yeah touch -- now right well and that's kind of the way it is and lighting now I mean you know a year everyone wants a more comfortable home. Where when your guest come and everyone feels comfortable on the matter where they are now also. It's the same with lighting yeah I mean you know we've enlarged our lighting -- So that we can show more. LED product -- that yeah well that's the way it's going everything's going LED. We have some new decorative fixtures that where the LEDs are actually incorporated. In the fixture itself. So now they've figured out how to take. Now that means well. I don't know it's hard to describe on the radio yet can you -- to -- why does it and that's right dress deceit it's at 10. 401 Vernon road and we're not too far from the domain that's our environment near breaker. On that she had come into the show over him because. The fact of all the new technology that's out there that you can retrofit in your home that. You're already in. Or if you're building in new home you can go ahead and put in Amman as it has amassed from you know is everyone's liking it they're utility bills and then also you know. During the summer having these rolling brownouts are black -- as it is and time. And as everybody kind of goes to the new technology -- On all of the the power plants that the becoming a real concern in Austin as more and more people are moving here and you know well is not just -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- how -- you know we're -- -- -- the the power plants the coal plants in -- to other plants that we need. And so the only way to you. Get around that is -- have more efficient lighting and every one town it's got to find a better way that's right you're plugging -- Tesla this is. Yeah. I. Let them leave you know let. Yeah yeah. What's interesting that you know that you have a couple of things it's him on the odds wise you know eat that music that's at some -- and lighting that really change certain Modi now he'll exactly and an attitude just an emotion right structure you guys have great impact on Alex who you know you're talking through these things and people don't. Well to folks -- Sharon. -- actually taken sit down with the -- years doing in new bill will actually taken sit down with you from the play ends and walk through every room of your house and ask questions about what you're -- to be doing in each random. And then from there we think of lighting as and players and the reason why we think that way it is because when you come into a house. Or into your home it doesn't always have to be the same. You know -- lights on lights all right if you wanna -- control every. Different fixture that you have in your house you know you have general lighting task lighting. Then you also have some art lighting. And you wanna be able to control and then that and control and be able to change that and keep that different. So when you walked into rim every time you come into the room not the same old. Well I only have one setting and that's either Dem or hide her on her off. And it creates a warm feeling in the home when you. Condemned things down and actually control you know one of the things that. That I really love about going into lighting ink is when I bring clients in -- -- -- we sit politely Bryant go through that session with -- Every single time that happens they come away and they know we didn't have a clue as to what we didn't now. If Dana okay we're gonna put them Kansas steal and -- triplets and pictures around and you know what's to think about -- primaries so Obama is -- -- -- because it is it's it's not only the the mood which I mean we're are there was a dimmer family rights like we want. I did not -- and I -- switch on did I even did my Al and I fixture. On the idea in my mind master bath fixtures in the when I wake up and I go in you're gonna show him that I don't need that -- either. Nobody. It the bad news right now happening and it's it's -- after daylight. Like if I got four year old is looking for the -- on the -- that he -- Sarah. Straight which can relate that's -- It's also like those magnificent. You know fixtures oh yeah all the candidates are places mid century modern or something that's -- like Jerry Recco in the -- -- it's. Changes the looker room it does it in and you can take an update -- room. Very simply by painting and putting in the new light fixture. Absolutely I mean you can complete no transform will tell you people it will be get the rest of the house it's like painting -- rooms then you -- They have -- looks so I. Edited out -- now the other one and a guy that won and that's what we want that the only ones I don't know Brian and ask you this question I don't know this about about your company's surface is is everything more interior -- you do both experienced no we do landscape lighting and we also do interior decorative decorative lighting we also do recess. We do -- systems keep it light do it yeah if I'm gonna switch you -- -- -- and if you elect another foreigner you can traits got paid that I. And yeah. I think about that bill that I. We might and I do not urgent hey I'm his client as odd that now. Paid we're eight bells when we go back we are gonna play one of our favorite section the Mars vs being his game show men and ladies I. I mean he went seven callers on -- on counting on. Notice there are no females in the studio. Back with that we are gonna take a quick break you're listening to he said -- that radio on talk radio thirteen seventy don't touch that I'll come on back will be right back. Living by design brought to you by by design custom home concierge your dream your home our mission. Dual -- building your dream home turn into a nightmare healthcare and at 51291726534. On the web at homes by design done CEO. It's -- she said radio. I'm -- thirteen seventy. Family owned and operated for 75 years -- -- as locations all over central Texas. When it was an extensive selection of wine experience walking in here doing too little and certified wine experts to help you selections and carries for -- Haitian. It's no more about your favorite wines and spirits of more than 40101 -- held every weekend when the lakers locations throughout central time. Well what classes of -- for more information. And other events and visit us at when -- dot. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Morning. Welcome back to he says she says radio. I saw thirteen seventy. Not right. Fact that is yeah that's right that's exactly right. And now before we went to break. There were two more things that I wanted to ask you -- before we go over John Daniel and talk a little bit callous closet right is so what's hot lighting. The hottest thing in lighting I would think -- are I would say it would. The infusion at LED into decorative fixtures impact so that's really coming along -- -- I mean at a fast clip which is get down to a lot of people didn't know. How far LED would actually commend as far as in decorative things and it kind of got a good look to it yeah. Oh yeah good clean beautiful. A lot -- so and you'll love it when the utility bill comes as no yeah definitely any air won't run as much so that's right -- So and then for folks that I don't know where did they find. Where they find you well. They can look on the way go to lighting -- dot com we have an interactive web site there where you put in what -- -- looking for and it'll pull -- all the different -- that fit within that criteria. Instead of just looking over and over and over at thinks it's you don't need right so it's an active that way. Or they can come to our show room that 10401. Vernon road we're on burning near breaker. Very close to the domain we can almost throw a rock and hit the domain name and where we are how often do you do that. McClellan you know every -- you know you know sometimes you just wanna go out there and just say dot domain -- yeah. I'd have to ride especially when night perky series driving home -- I got to leave much time. Iraq into your car. That's the bat a little bit Euro housing Tesla because that's right below. -- every man's existence seven iron from the -- there. That's not at all surprised I'd write that it's your frustration and apparently it's helpful that evening we aren't -- its -- -- helpful items let's move on over and. -- -- closeted life in and I think that you know who women really get that. Current and takes it takes like men have to actually haven't experienced that before they realize -- then I think they actually had a bit more avid about it and I'm in the wives are. That's the big news in the -- have closet and be. Cut a who has closet and got heat I mean outside to -- it like for example although the project that you nine that you and I are working on right now yeah yeah. The the mistress a closet is just. This gentleman of the house closet is just as -- yeah as palladium that yes yes well. You know it takes a lot of planning for that she went in when I think it's really funny it's an electric comedy show every day for me when I'm in my show room in couples come into work with one of our design consultants and I hear that. That I hit the husband's talking you know I need this album that in it's got to be. And now I'm thinking in the back of my head I've seen it -- on hundreds and hundreds of times. You're going to be. Were relegated to the corner right. Trying to track but in a new built like the project that we're working on and he gets his dedicated space -- You know cordoned off from the time Shura and -- it looks like -- -- clothing store very big and that's elation perhaps I'm -- eight years Scott was talking about lighting in the morning and go to the bathroom turn lane. I am right the bad that that causes similar your day starts there and answer if -- base if it starts out. Crappy right you know it's not. It'll be current is all of them trappings set the -- it's the way it is it is absolutely not and I look back closet in this project there were among about that that Scott was also involved and ignorance when the lady of the house walks into her closet. Is it lovely sparkling chandelier. -- trying to wait us and our you have to -- an era -- if you look at Russia room you look in the masters going to be chandelier. There you just gotta be luxury that's right yeah it's gonna really enhance my pile of clothes and I've only get. Well right now it's got out ideologically where he built the structure for you -- -- use it ask you -- -- remotely. California -- -- EO. What is new god there's so much going on we have revamped so many things like Scott we've done you know show room -- models and there's always new products we're bringing in some fantastic news staff -- from Italy. Texture to. Textured panels that you just -- -- anywhere while hear things that. Look and and and feel completely different and then you've had before things it feel like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Effort on the more. It. Even within the first thing the most fuel saving their first visit -- you're not just closets it's like not sorry we're not we it's in the name and that's a little bit of misnomer because yes in 1978. When we started this that's what it was intended that industry right you know it's like if you need a fantastic media center or you have. I mean how many people home office -- -- sure gorgeous functional home on this yet we do that garage pantry. You know custom furniture kitchen bath we do all of it your way outside rocks yes sounds like we're making new boxes that's right. Certainly there's just so we we can just hit somebody declares the home and it's all customers all local it's all suited to your needs I'm a lover I'd like -- Had a custom tailored cut is. Where you are -- now. Had -- dead -- -- there who can stand on that note we are going T take a break again and again when we come back this time we're gonna the market for these that he just yet our way. Okay production but it says yes that's a good -- so call in and we're gonna play the game you know we you're listening to she says she's at radio. On talk radio thirteen seventy we will be right back. -- Yeah. The Mars -- -- has didn't show sponsored by California closer to the Texas hill country. Beautiful downtown show. -- -- -- -- It's time to come out of we are back. I can tell you people how excited I love Donna Bailey -- That's because guys ruling girls drool. CN. A few days that it track maybe that. Hey listen because you win a lot folks in that hey doesn't know. Scott -- is so happy. Sponsor of the markers I did look as far as their right here love that he does that say I love that theme song come up. I guess. OK so we have some -- we have -- he's fit nation and she's good nation all right. Thank you -- I'm in the oh why was the only eighteen member version yeah like these guys alert and how we hear that three. Every time we play this time by myself -- -- -- help and I am not immigrants my -- and then we get slaughtered every week Brett -- right I had gotten it right it decision. I don't like yeah right so what do we have on the line -- she said nation. Well we have Debbie on she's a nation and in this gentleman's name is. I'm not sure that we know who that is it's mister mister Bannister an accident that he created mr. acts doctor Google -- -- speak a little. I hope it's got to -- that the I -- a group. The research department please do not encourage this -- Other -- wins so what that's apparently what I remember way back when was that the men won last until the ladies go first. Which means that you get to pick a number between one and six and that will do your thing. Okay Debian -- don't you pick. And blew it at thirteen and yeah okay that's that's not the -- -- This yeah. Jimmy how we need to merely need to make it easy on the reasons. I went and did pick between one adds that there is no thirteenth mourn and have one and 68. 16 nose on my back. Honest officer I hadn't been drinking for the black out. When the techno goodness it. -- okay and the great. Okay we're going to race all right ladies -- it hit today is cloudy with a chance of meatballs and meatballs meant Ali's. In which type of cloud with the meat balls before pound debt. I believe. Well. And so is the limit just -- -- of course serious move. Cloudy with a chance of meatballs proved he newest. -- -- that again. The first one is pronounced members -- perfect one is pronounced cumulus and the third one is pronounced cirrus. Seriously porn video. -- -- -- to make an upset yet which is one of our lovely winds right sweeping step to do it. I think just -- -- unless. There is seriously because there yeah I met him. Then that's where we're now would. I am the -- throughs. That's correct. -- -- -- now the top clowns can and meatballs and numbers which is low clouds and the sauces -- pay little lump the how I can maybe you could start to get a little reason he's here again -- whimsy from the -- apartment that now who. Gentlemen all right guys we got to take this on. Now the mysterious mr. X are you ready we have another we have another lady joining that team as well -- Not helping the helpless right. Gary I can hear well okay then there's the gentlemen's -- that it got my wife just going on the other side I really need to. Well you can Luke Luke and her there we know the left. KJK. -- -- -- back and it doesn't concern is yes it's mr. it's. So that's up or put in the mr. triple a. Yeah. A. We heard stories that Battier -- before they have the telephones on overload yeah. Okay gentlemen to tie the score there it's one through six and leave three out. -- Under the under the being explored to -- for -- while. One can never won with a number one -- -- number one you don't. Aren't gentlemen put on your thinking Cameron. Which Oscar nominee as a possible trifecta going in the category. Best picture best actor and best actress. Is an American council of Dallas bar or club or the wall to Wall Street who. -- outdoor sport right now. I think it's -- -- -- American house does this in the number the -- gets line. There's no one can only idiots didn't get there at actress nomination now yeah Amy Adams for best actress. And David Russell -- director and the producers of the picture and Christian -- -- -- executives -- -- -- -- is -- out -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- what I stand -- nearly -- under -- -- -- and mr. Leslie and you can't see it just has a fantastic vote tie he shared like it really does that the credibility right so when balloon on the radio but the -- him here. -- -- -- I can I had to admit I'm not and I did have to invite me back and think Jay Leno went through what do you think yeah. You guys -- -- -- -- which is American national American hustled him again starring Chris and Dylan and anonymous you aren't directed also. Are you nick and Josh is here. The answer. I'm -- -- on a Monday night yeah a good bit of the eccentric American Bryant ladies it's your time and it's pretty. Yeah I'm up to that guy. That's less slaves is show up slightly at ten. Leslie what are you drinking this evening I'm not saying I'm reading -- truck makers to get they might -- wide -- -- pretty. Which. They have called me and bad good -- you should drink can get the it was against Altria. -- -- get seldom that John they provide that service right so John what is it what is a good wine to drink while you're listening to he said she's had radio. Night train. Yeah. It is really -- they have amazing flavor. Rainbow. That pay gap here -- from. I'm drinking unicorn and rainbows are yeah. This tournament and and it and it fits them get out of so like Skittles due to round without them again ladies -- anyone so three is gone and no 11 is gone right so we have to. McCain. Six -- a fresh stuff that's what I thought it. You have a problem. -- and we had 245. And six part choices. I don't -- attacked -- well. Gallant fire which -- -- -- -- these numbers I guess I don't know how I did I can't do it happened doesn't. This is currently the studio appreciate that Reagan. Got to -- having it start nobody like stripped him -- And -- got home for mama must Wear out where to take care of it right. Number five this is not a cloud. Question. A little different. Cloud companies are using your business strategy that believes. That the average household will increase its digital footprint in the next few years by what percent. 400%. 600%. Or 800%. Can I guess they had a little incident here. I hit ballots in person act that this is leveraging these collection did against the issues that make up. I. You this -- I'm gonna hit mob hit the ball -- it urges Jack yards mark we think steady growth. -- -- we have what 46 and 800. Okay. And I. Yeah 600 -- grade. -- argued during. The. Remember this is about fun not a done really knowing and and on top guy on. -- -- -- and doesn't plan -- doing it okay 600 that's where we're gambling. No. Yeah. You had it right there was no cut it's close to a thousand and the FaceBook and Google and Amazon are predicting that the gonna need servers all over the place now when you look close look at teen mom. -- -- well we usually did. Well -- got -- done just that little comment on the floor. He then you question yourself and went to six hundreds and do not let yourself hat now dot always go to person at that first idea. Don't fit again and that's right duct fried chicken wings and to me yeah all right gentlemen two of 24 -- six well. But about four. What about for what about it and little cars possible -- for those -- and it just happens to be obese -- questions I. We're going to be you know we'll have later took place is already been done. Dining room with a cavern CNN's became restaurants around the 1830s. With a famous restaurant called -- -- But where is the oldest existing dining room and America is -- in Americas and in Maryland Massachusetts or New York. What do you think the oldest and now how would have waited and normal average person know that they wouldn't that. Research department. And a woman against your questions as to what the name of the planes were. What about that yeah. Now it and yeah thinner than last. And. But -- blue as mr. Chuck Grassley did well. This is your position politically yes I opened my -- endorsers pop -- Analysts are now -- double honestly I know the name of the -- tax it's. What is it it I think it's embarked. I was excited as a union oyster house I think revealed union oyster Janet well we've got another sign that this. So -- right now and answer haven't we concur. Absolutely I can hear can turn for the U three gentlemen do you know being -- Just a little while ago. Is it clear that the union -- -- Actually it's a place on Cape -- but the union oyster house is in the top them. Okay all right and mr. do we just hey you just. Knowledge I love it just printing giggles what what is the name of the restaurant it's called bloom the red room which. Out in Cape Cod and it's been in existence for 300 years but the -- is really slope. The best thing that you -- and -- who really did. Yeah yeah I and and natural. Causes. Obama can take step out on your husband both mr. husband on the and at this. So the guys have Q&A row and the late if you need to get one of these right number two or number six. Taylor -- an odd number again and what about who you love the course and on and on number. I never I won't let any side shows a sorority I think -- that Mercer. I don't want an amateur which is just against tech. It's it's that you think it's this sense and meaning when he says something bad idea. Learn. So we remember too which we received the -- At that -- Oregon only -- of all right he's gonna Leslie you're gonna love this one -- -- real time but I ritual which recent storm is named after Roman god and he. Yeah where they wait forever and we learned don't remember it's multiple choice -- I can't believe that's audiences -- right platform. Katrina guess it was a. All right it's had -- -- could syndicate and from my parents -- to compared -- welcome to start this maximum. You try to pick -- different look. Okay but that -- Please -- let's sure -- sorry for Roman god and he got her out and tank is it Janice. Jim and I or sandy. No I don't. Do you do you didn't -- get married at bats -- it he added did not if you wanna jump on the right he's I'm OK with not -- What do you guys -- think that -- what what can act. As a man Jim and I. Course. Sydney mythological. And guide okay let's make it easy it's the reason. Is that no solid and gotten yeah. And apply even -- sent -- candy. OK I'll go over again it's a recent snowstorm. And our store and I'm Brian intact as we we get confused on. We think deputy public out of your data so it didn't look right. It's not sandy okay yeah. Then there's department Richard sparking a ticket no -- you've -- little help here otherwise this will never drag it across the peninsula. Large. My god okay let's go with a week. -- Did he is actually. Am I didn't name the storms after the months now as well which kept him. Who knew Bruno -- our -- research and I want you is that -- was one last week yeah less today today unless we're here today it was called Janice and -- it. And because of it here. I know the storms the reaches more than them right all right gentlemen for the win. They might -- my house and I. Cannot get this number six ranked number today all right gentlemen for the win. Blue line has been a favorite consumable for a long time right. About how long though for a thousand years 6000 -- over seven thousands. Yeah. I think it's the middle you get a job -- 2000 yet you're odd -- this is your team room. 6006000. Check -- -- gas collar out what they. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- debt that sound right to me. So chateau job who's the oldest beer ever shut Georgia -- John who has found and threw out the rebound and a -- -- in China and its it was like 5000 result. None of them like the -- Tony's. Here. Seeing you thought the resource group report was the only one look at what ivy. All right so our trial I guess it's going to be six fouls you eat that for 6000 years. Honestly. I so liked. Close but no cigar or 7000. And the Mediterranean Brothers all the franchise on wine and olive oil and 7000 years ago today it so we have a time. Shipyard but now that means we're going to a tiebreaker I had break we intend to. Dot tenth start when we win tickets. And we want to get -- That's right now everybody what do we know how stormy -- yet Janice Janice speaking of maybe you go first -- you get first grabs at the room -- Tyler Russell threw for the. And Loren Roberts grabbed best. I repeated behavior -- it and I can't say what the person and so are my -- OK okay -- released Philadelphia voters that family radio shows and early childhood we just never get this the tiebreak. -- for the ladies to win. What is mother nature's largest recorded single snowfall in one day and it didn't happen in Austin so was it six feet seven feet or eight feet. How calm on. The irony is fat a hell I've been in sixty. They're out there. Yeah yeah yeah it -- this this quick. Six feet right actually -- which. I would definitely -- -- I don't mind I can tell you where did I do understand side's demands. 013 the end does it mattered if if that happened in Colorado well. What. Yeah out yeah learning environment Eric -- this -- was. Jack Nicholson is not helping John is home does that help job. Well I tell -- what it. Coming days there have obviously and eaten into petty and how many feet was -- -- Zoning codes -- a lot of. Hey let the hate hate. Whoever get the candidates to sound like a lot that let's -- -- -- -- -- Gentlemen for a win six or seven. Seven I think at seven it's mister husband. -- Seven. Seven share seven -- And I've been that is because snow yeah I -- and bursting market through it. Seven. And we had a. Came there and now I'm. And runs through our. It's. And can't be. Another band and the shaft Leisle household and I. That's going to be Mahdi told the turnaround I don't think this is already snowing here okay. All of these guys don't have Jeffries. Do with that whenever you well and Debbie for calling we've got one for -- to -- -- -- about that race. Hey guys let me get me to meet there next Thursday -- I want to intercept and even snow in Colorado. Again as we have no losers on he says she's a great answer I don't know the losers we're all winners to be drinking now. -- if not I'm really concerned with. -- -- -- I can't five and well that was a really today back from break it is yes that's a keeper ha been on the event that we there. Thanks so it is we're gonna let him back on the -- I'll say yeah right. She didn't backlog of duck fat fried chicken wings again how does she did get that. Bouncy well -- my calling you that there's always another day. -- -- always another day we're we're gonna go to break and out when we come back we're gonna talk some more food Bergen our High Court Jefferies and talk about -- we got a lot of things we talk -- today we got things to do we are going out to break you're listening to he says she said radio on talk radio. Thirteen seven. The Mars vs seen his game show sponsored by California closets of the Texas hill country this of their beautiful downtown show rheumatism Lamar where there's a surprise behind every roar. It's he said she said radio -- -- thirteen seventy. -- -- -- -- Home is where life happens -- the Hamas this -- on supreme viewers can watch over her business and a mother can watch over her son. Don't need the room where and I like scared away monsters -- daughter and now a granddaughter. It's a cell that holds the final album and brings generations face to face for the first time. California closets we understand what home means in the center more than three decades we've been enhancing home -- creating custom storage deletions from people like you -- We've helped -- imagine spaces discover hidden potential and most of all we find balance yeah. See how California closets and were immune to create a balance elation that fits your home and your life. -- -- Discover the possibilities for your home by scheduling a complimentary in home design consultation the day visit us online in California closets dot com more stuff into our beautiful show room in downtown Austin -- -- and Lamar. -- Yeah. My twin lakers celebrating 75 years was twenty Austin area locations or on the web that's when lakers dot com yeah welcome back to key senators she said radio's god -- thirteen seventy. I had came out of the game the the guy that finished high five in each other here in the studio level of their game. Now I'm sure all guys are all behind me will continue you know when you lose like weeks and weeks in a row it's one of those things -- and we've got. Oh that's right chart and it's good to win at least we have one we -- between the I'm not I'm not I'm not. Since yeah yeah. And every department could run around going hey he's a test results at this yeah. A -- No no need to -- sweat Seahawks after that that's right Seattle boy. So let's get some food here yeah that's -- can't really rowdy in here Bryant says Josh tick through this some of the other dishes that you brought us. So upper the wedge salad we talked to Loudon brought the classic -- start -- zone delicious related news he was very good. I can see how you went to two pounds of that -- I can have played on it my house but I kept most of flavors we have a Jefferies headed to capers and no. At my house today clarified butter and olive oil of this movement in that -- -- Agassi clarified -- by the gallon because. -- a -- What else that bring about the flogged her and dot com teacher mean no delicious yeah. Mandy asked Erica with each match and popped in white line on down have a little NASCAR oh. Well. Ion business it's Nelson Gonzales now no pay nothing at all nothing. As did perfect its delivery vehicle serve wine and butter and that's great advantages could really regret yet -- out and. Tom I don't know if anyone else was but I unlike slop and with my bread trying to get all the juices and everything in there -- it. Five Ratner brands of bread tonight too that something that. Oftentimes doesn't get enough play it just freezes. We have an amazing -- staff's been and we do all our -- and house. It's very special spending caveat that the -- that Brian is from Elizabeth street but it's from our head baker who incidentally is on vacation in India right now she's a south today. It's cool yeah while some surprise come back with some new stuff the Pollyanna and then certainly on Ryan. And celebrity -- again and want McCain's missed junger rewind wizard. Tells that -- want that we've got to you that you brought with. Well some of the others are brought so this Sergio let's assume that is the producer from the island of Sardinia. This cost -- can announce the name of the great can now. And went really well with the scales and actually the grim march great from the round. But it also if your health kick happens to be the great -- with the most is very trawl. In just -- compound yet it keeps fat and cholesterol from building -- and arteries OK and people on the island of Sudan Sardinia. I've been drinking a little bit amendment could -- content. They live longer than anyone else on the planet. Other than the people from all cannot -- -- -- -- -- Is now in unison Turiaf wells. This up so I can't say that tonight we're all gonna live at least five minutes longer -- lately you are big. Thankfully it's at odds right now thank you John Glass half a terrible way of looking at -- I think yeah -- not gonna suffer I've marathon hardly even now. For him. I think that as. And if you are curious about any signs that -- been talking about tonight remember just go to our FaceBook page and on will have a photo album of the show tonight. Where you will see. That's right if you're staying home -- Valentine's Day and cancer center in. Our data for sect go. The suburb Brusca we talked about -- very we're finishing with and -- Maroney from Alec green which as the amazing. Huge secret line Austin from the -- I was gonna cost you prepare any -- -- -- -- -- -- so -- that these grapes or are harvested. And then drive for four months to the you know lose a lot of their moisture really wow now see get a lot of good sugar extraction and in the press and and make pitches into some amazing amazing. I that's amazing that candidate right now. Yeah I had that and we follow ratings at all this -- -- -- has -- 96 point reading from James -- one writer for the -- to. All right that very that's her business that is right we are very classy -- he says she has noticed that we've just learned a whole bunch we did. Israel and it looks a little bit about the craft cocktails -- -- over at Jefferies and I was looking through the form -- -- -- before I get there I have to ask you this question. On the bar menu you have your serves and you have caviar as. And it says please ask for the martini cart in cheese cart you know let's printer now is variety cart. -- she's dead martini look at. Well again it's kind of a throw back to back classic. American. Hotel dining thing where it's like. You've got your captain of the room yet comes through and says connected via a special treat. Used to be you'd have you know steak Diane or Caesar salad than table side four yards. You know cheese presentation and that's very Europeans only Epson. -- cartoons that have taken -- a lot like you're saying you know. The last ten years food has gone crazy and that's one of them and so what we thought we do. Is tape three very iconic. Classic cocktails -- Martina Manhattan real passion even and we let people. He would table side and that's fun -- all right yeah. I don't realize what goes into it it's yeah let's sit at the Bart Bryant exactly and so it kind of brings the -- -- table it's a talking -- me it's a conversation piece there's a lot of well it's educational to make sure we choose what spirits were gonna offer and so it's a very tailored experience in Iraq. You know whatever brand you like might not be on the card right so it's going to be a chance treated likewise like this and say we have this. Try something that and you find some doubts that she likened joys that love that word in there. Right back and a half a hang. Yeah we did there's been a theme yet there. And so when I was going through your bar menu there I love the names that you get into your -- cocktails yes tell us about the yet debt in the gulf stream. A one of my favorite. Books from the thirty's is buy this. His I don't know what you Collins he he married any -- lies in his -- it's -- junior. And he was just a bonded on that win all over the place and he actually did some of the first -- tolerating. And South America and Mexico at a time when they were. Very unknown because the thirties as a whole different time period chair he's really good friends a threat Ernest Hemingway in this is one of Hemingway's favorite drinks and and and so it had two names it had a death in the gulf stream or the Hemingway of survivor. And I don't know if everyone knows Hemingway was a diabetic and when it came to drinking. -- two choices he can either omit the sugar or on the alcohol. Well that's never the bride Gloria guys thought I -- an -- we will -- So I kind of modernize this journey because -- is was. Knows sweetener whatsoever so it is incredibly tired it's nearly and drinkable. You is a functioning alcoholic. Was fine with no -- so he just wanted the booze in you know the line right now. That's a fun when. We've had on the menu since that thing. Wright story I mean you know it's amazing I'll -- still all right right -- gearing up everything that we do there's some kind of history too so it's great when you can hear. You know the history about it during anchor better you know. Just anything that you do it's great to hear that. He and the other one that caught my -- -- for personal reasons was the royal Bermuda yacht club cocktail. Sounds very class same page that lists being a better myself and more importantly you have the run of choice in the she said household which is now game which is what we make our holiday -- take out. And it's -- I have to go to cities and. Up for our offensive generally mountain K it's on the island of our paid it's not had a a time that this -- came around. Every recipe looked for it says nom -- Because that was the Barbados from -- and then I think this -- also from the thirties. It's great it's food it's a variation on our class a cocktail known as a daisy. We -- whatever spirit in this case run and then citrus lime and a couple of volunteers to -- net. And it's also been on menus since day one and people love it it'll sneak up on you though not. It's three ounces of Balco. All they all the I don't know all the it and -- area details on the going on you yeah -- and in years to Harvard report that I just -- And I could have heard anything -- -- there that he would be on either side balanced I don't know -- somewhere about it on the green -- problem -- -- pay -- are rampant right now like oatmeal which I. Fifty campaign in the background. Who thought the a threat but it could happen. Well. So and you also have another restaurant called Josephine house and I wanted to you make sure -- give that all the respect as its daily got more casual than definitely than it sounds it's straight it's a lunch and brunch spot. It is opening night it's really just serve. Drink some mighty eating -- yeah it's cool it's a great complement to it. It's a little bit more. And a farm to table size of fresh light and refreshing. Can we get you to come back in and highlight just subpoena yeah. Yeah a bigger yeah that's the also yep we could actually move the whole radio show to Sunday Bryant's. I don't know. Dad yeah I'm signing -- for now well yeah. -- sign -- unmet need any idea of and I higher ups that are listening who just happened to him. Yeah Africa -- kind of divided it that well we're gonna take a quick break and went right back we're gonna talk a little bit of Scotland's worst states and more things and -- they -- Don't -- that style and. We'll let -- be here be square that's right. Bars Rees threw -- my twin lakers celebrating 75 years -- twenty Austin area locations for on the web that's when lakers dot com. -- never -- it's he says he says radio I'm saw. 07. Family owned and operated for 75 years where lingers as locations all over central Texas. When offers an extensive selection of wine experience walking in here you. Too little and certified wine experts to help you selections of carriers for any Haitian. It's -- more about your favorite wines and spirits of more than 40101 -- held every weekend when the lakers locations throughout central time. Well worn glasses of great for more information classes and other events. Visit us at when -- dot com. Thinking of building a new home but don't know where to start. Keep yourself asking questions like how do I choose the right builder for my project from my style and my project. I don't I find the best -- in the right community and what about financing. These are just some of the questions I hear over and over again I work with folks just like he's one built their dream home but don't want to turn into -- -- project yeah. Hi I'm -- that's -- and my firm -- design custom -- consulting was created just people who want to build their dream home. Don't want to have to put their life -- -- to do it using my first experience working with builders and architects interior designers lenders and all the other service providers. Involved in the construction of your new home could save you time. Frustration and not to mention money. So if you're thinking of building a new home call us at five point 209170. All he's 653. And don't -- fielding your dream -- turn into an idea. Mighty and a leader in all kinds of lighting solutions for your home or business being the united clear leader in the world and recessed lighting completing our exceptional sound legs while an -- -- noble thing to me and calls detached energy efficient and Levy lighting solutions -- the best -- -- mean for your budget. It doesn't like anything has you covered with good better and -- -- -- options to fit every -- and I did try to entries since 1959. Top five for some like conversations -- -- located at 10 point 01 -- about an online at -- he dot com. Living by design. Brought to you by skyline floor skaters get designer grade wood flooring at a fraction of the cost call occurred at 866609. Wood to -- visit them its guidelines floor -- dot com. Welcome back to he said she said radio on talk thirteen seventy. Hey everybody we're back. Yeah I need right and never get back into living by design. And we're gonna talk to caring about by design custom home concierge. Yeah yeah yeah. So what is that what he did does that. Is like a big word and I'm sure everyone's like what in the world -- is a custom home what does that yeah what they. It's -- -- scratch my -- I. We need hop pop and let. Well what we do is we work with busy executives and professionals who dream of having a beautiful custom home. One built just for them that has everything they want and nothing they don't. -- They don't have to quit their job or their life to do it. So if that sounds like anybody you know now you can relax because you don't have to go it alone anymore we created. A custom home concierge service just for you. And yeah how how how does the service like that the custom home that's his service there really help that client. So what we found in working with exactly that kind of client for the last several years. Is that only they really wanted. A custom home that they would build and they were just overwhelmed at the thought of having to find the right home sites and builder and architect. Landscape designer all of the things that went into you building a luxury home price. So so many times they would end up settling for an existing home and you know having to re modeling right or make you into what they want it right. And so imagine this if you had someone that we do. All the research for. A couple of. And imagine if you can be presented with only the best choices for use your style your budget. Your personality. And you don't have to mention them anymore. I'm minutes we've done all that well. I have. And -- asked why. Do enjoy all the fun of building -- out while so and what we've parties with a process that can take over a year our clients have told us that investing in our service. Has save them time that save them frustration but most of all it's that it hit it has ended up saving them money. Yeah so if they -- and matter of getting us for free ride because they wouldn't think to go into you. You know writing -- and have a whole house lighting plan done them. And have its. It Daniel work with your folks at California closets aren't really get because so many times -- new homes get built. And I know you find your team going in afterwards and ripping now the builder Larry closet never got to. Putting -- -- -- -- -- to waste of money right there's no doubt about it I think that most people that I have seen building homes who don't have a service like jurors who really don't know Luka where to go Francis -- they're being led. By who they trust the most in and -- it or you know they have a pretty bad right now they don't even know the questions to ask right and they're very educated in their profession. Meant they had they find themselves lost in this and they don't like the feeling and it causes them to be stressed and they don't enjoy the whole experience. Now and we really I did -- because we have so much fun doing it it really is our passion to do this let's turn and so we love introducing them to. To folks like everybody here in the studio -- EU included. But it's even more than that because they want to feel a lot of our clients don't live here. Right and so win their new home is ready they wanna feel acclimated to Austin team and they are interested in winds and then your interest in what are the restaurants in Austin. And so by the time their home is ready they feel like Austin has really truly their home right. And we get a project review where we're you know it's restaurant referrals are indeed coming up talking about places like that would really fit their lifestyle center. Yeah -- in -- cabinetry and we're going to be great solutions for you but let's let's make sure the duke acclimate to Austin right it's. So Karen had -- we had a we get a hold of you I mean how do how do the photo Paula and -- to to get this service. There's a couple of different ways -- you can. -- go and visit our website we're doing a brand new website that's really gonna focus on the comes concierge service. And so in the coming shows we're gonna be talking about that but you can also -- -- we've got a great FaceBook post. By design casting him home concierge service. Or you can just call me up on the phone and I will be there -- 5129176. By three and it's just that darn easy. Perfect. All right everyone do it right when he no reason to what you would you want right. -- and it -- to name it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So Kirk Ellis what that tells us Scott. So we've got a little bit change -- since last time we're on the ship oh yeah that. And now I'm handling a lot of the production side. So alert and eating what you wants. It created which would be darn near possible merit will find our right. Like a good concierge would -- exactly and that's all tied together. To make things happen for the client make sure it is what they want. You know and they're. Or take a life is gonna change based on flooring these days obviously in a lot of things are built around or -- Honestly before he's to be okay what paint a reason right. Active today what wallpaper re using right now the flooring is the main focal point. If these -- rounded up answer so we have so many options and design factors that's built into what we got now. Pre existing products. Among the many -- we deal where -- manufacturer sells plus a full blown custom. -- we can make exactly. What you want. So how -- same -- of -- if you -- -- -- him right he says great we'll make sure there are no limits to what we have to cut you know possible is doing. Did the same thing -- closets. What do you want to look like right because it's gonna be an everlasting thing is the last time we gonna do it. What I like about what you're bringing. To the clients into the to the custom marketplace is. People would be afraid to do that to get accustomed product because they would be afraid that it would be priced right out of their budget exactly would wanna do it -- not so what's our line. And it's not a sense that what did. We've changed the market the fact that we are. Manufacturing the products then we cut out the distribution aspects. We cannot commute you know multiple salespeople. All the overheads that are always associated with everything else. We go to the ABC flooring company current what do big bucks companies you're paying all those associated costs. We come out. While so we're direct. We get time we do overseas. We ordered domestic we have capabilities that are beyond while -- this point. Well and the other thing I like about that is not only on you know you're taking up that middle infrastructure. But that is very daring of you all because you've also taken a way that -- pointing because Xena is single source if you but that's it right I mean that that's a good thing and for the client. -- it is in the fact that we're still gonna work and strive to hardest to make sure it's exactly what. Client Watson right there and you jump through to -- try to jump through hoops and -- email you by around 1 AM by. You know that we we just wanted cater to the client make sure that they're happy their selections -- not to run of the mill stop. It's not the -- out of box that's not a 69 cents that you see on ads. We are those -- Now because they'll know their product I mean they're making their products that they know exactly everything that goes into that product they know. So there's no question yes. Of -- I kinda know where that comes from a kinda how that made they know exactly how it's made area. You get balls that aren't cancer -- men and so tell folks where they can -- -- Make it fast and skyline for skates dot com they can reach me at 8666099663. Or bikini -- -- is gallon for skates dot com. We're working closely with a lot of big companies around here that are still. Personally and professionally -- own company's. You know in the with a lot designers in an architects and custom builders so we cannot forget those services to them. Based on a referral based service -- which in contact with the people we need you in touch with two. But still creating that ultimate goal of the best product that you can have you know my -- doctor floor as well as the one question I have is is that you guys share a room that people can come to it is indeed the product. We do have a sure right I go mobile a lot of aspects of the business because -- again people are very busy right. It's nonstop I literally in 24/7 Karen can attest to it right. Again we're gonna make sure that's enjoyable experience it's what you want you're not pressured and anything. It's never been a pressure sell one never beat pressure sale it's what you want against their for indefinite that point is very. Well and speaking of enjoyable experiences -- I won't talk to you John for a couple of minutes before we're gonna have to wrap up the show drive John tell us a little bit about you tell longstanding relationship with twins occur. Absolutely. And what is that relationship. But he -- and you are and what is that there are amazing partner for me not I'm not in the company were there is one vote. I work for an importer right. But I -- you're to the trade that I am through a distributor partner to -- trade depends on their customers right. They carry. My kid he's bringing in almost 400 lines to Texas now through republic national -- our distributor partner. And twins as one of their great partners and mine as well so -- worked. Through republic with twins and they have a myriad of of my products. And that's out when you go into twin that you have the great selections of of ones that he did right. Tremendous not selection canceling their their Greg Craig Stanley and company have known for a long. And also I'm you know I'm really excited that you're part of the show because you're going to be bringing us great restaurants all throughout Austin so tell -- a little bit about your your restaurant customers and how you work with them. Right. Well I work with the distributor partners well and their salespeople to. Sort of good communication. Line with with all of our restaurant partners and mentally. Sure sure wears them. And get him on the table near I get monetary yeah I asked on retail shelf there that's my job is to remotely company's products. And for a listeners out there if you have -- questions that you would like John to answer. FaceBook page that will run -- will be able to get him there we'll get him over to John and the very next show you'll dvd answer to your -- -- questions and if I don't know all home really -- Well that's good because that that -- that's what's. I -- you know and yes. It's you know it's amazing the knowledge that John has as he talks about these -- I mean I just sit here and just to listen. To how he describes. Each and every wine and what it goes live. I mean I I've wished that you all. Out in the radio land can hear. What happens behind the scenes when we're talking about different wines in. How they work with each there how they -- with the food on my value may have Flash Memory isn't there's a million combinations -- -- -- all right let's you have to try -- never. Products and they and the best line as the winner like borders open with several but I. I -- Well we are just about out of time on get the nod from the production -- -- a great show back from break had a plan to have everybody here another successful. Episode notes are an John do we have for our restaurant next week. It mr. Coburn says the general manager of -- OK awesome I'm looking forward to that very. You've been listening to he said she said radio living by design we will be back next Saturday night from six to eight bright and will be looking for you two -- thanks for listening -- Alcan. The present day thank you cared.

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