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Diamond Know It All, 1/25/14

Jan 25, 2014|

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It's time for the diamond now and I'll show preceded locally by Austin America's diamond in the post series Jordan and Dave the diamond no and all will answer your questions about diamonds -- to -- rings. And they may even help solve your relationship problems exist till 8327792678. Or email your question to David diamond note all dot com and now here's due in days yeah. -- have a great show planned today we're gonna talk a little bit about Chick Flicks later on and also allows some more advice about -- Valentine's gifts 'cause it's right around the corner. But. How are you doing today. Doing terrific you know we had a great time at the spurs came -- When we went for your birthday and -- your daughter was along with us and -- and and -- that Milledge had such older children okay. But now Europe bureau. In four days. I have got actually my children should be a lot older than they are because I started really late so they are actually young for my age are they going to pass your age does that does that how it's gonna work. Where there eventually gonna be older than you. Because you're gonna stop upping your eyes. I've -- now now. But I did have. But my father is the within me -- every time I have a birthday he's always depressed because you know. He'll say I can't believe I have a daughter to have all. -- that's how that works but we are in San Antonio for the spurs games and Abby and I had gone to an -- game. And Madison Square Garden where somebody had proposed -- more sitting in the game she's like. -- I guess they don't do it here -- needs to be like Madison square garden and no sooner had she said that. Been down courtside some government even ask someone down. Which then raised the question how many people really get engaged. Okay journalists ports -- -- -- -- like not talking you and I and and the next thing -- -- mom I am I right. I called the different sports arena isn't talked -- I talked to the spurs and I talked to the Celtics and I talked at Chicago. And so -- found out they don't keep any statistics on it. Because it's all about money in it it's whoever is. That -- sponsored that does that put the kiss cam is a different if somebody gets engaged. Club decides do proposal tyranny has -- Okay com then they just stick the cameras in the keep them there -- a little bit longer time but the funny thing is -- found out that at the spurs game. There have been there was two proposals in one night. And -- And both of them rejected is one of them. Was with a finger. And the other one was a flat now. Wow OK and it's. Stupid why would you ask a woman to marry you in that public kind of an arena and and not already know the answer was yes that's -- elected -- thing you know don't ask a question -- you already know the int yeah and to do what's so publicly. You pretty much need to know that she's gonna say yes. -- got to tell you there was come in Connecticut there was some baseball game this past summer. And where the live. Few each bedroom turned around and asked them. He wrote -- to the amounts -- and he said I'd like to propose to my life. Girlfriend out -- on during the game and he went along with it -- everything he called the the gentleman up to the and he that he called the young lady up and he got down on one. And the and he. Did this romantic proposal. And she turned around and said. No way Jose Ramon he had a game and that was that so. I'm sorry I can't she just she just says I can't marry you and she runs off they always seem to run off I don't know what this. They publicly humiliated at such a private moment. Yeah I mean even in Long Beach then there was an all the couple they were from 53. And 58 years old. And they and Iowa State they they really they met at a basketball game. And they turned around and -- they started dating and any proposed two or three years later. And that went really well that -- what she said yes and they're very happy. Well I think if you're a player or coach. It's so appropriate I was involved when I. ECB. On the radio in Florida there is the F issue baseball coach was. Asking his girlfriend who was on the softball team to marry him and what they did the whole wedding made -- the proposal at the game. But at half a halftime baseball there's not halftime -- This the seventh inning stretch right they did the wedding she got married. At home playing eight and it was really cute and I was the color commentator and I'm standing in the dugout with him asking him you know. Coach baker how do you feel how what is your emotions right Tony looked at -- -- you. I'm about to get married I need to end this interview -- -- -- like. I was so into my job to do is really exciting to actually talk to somebody right before their wedding. To get there and their emotions he usually you don't. Get to do that in a church setting. That's true and you know hit there was one in Long Beach where -- at the prom long beach state. A young lady who plays basketball. Not the -- and the lady she plays basketball and they actually lost the game in overtime. And she was zero for the evening she did not put two points. But at the end of the game he -- down around one -- proposed Eric. And she did say yes well she must have been emotional because you're already emotional case you've had a crappy game I think she cried. She did a lot of emotion. And back and UCLA. My alma mater that's right. Well there it is. The camp that you know they re there at the Los Angeles sports arena -- -- the usually plays the -- resumes in on this couple in the stands but instead of -- up for a smooch. In Manny pulls out a ring gets down on one knee. You know he does the does the did the deed. Fair and she just stood there looking at -- and that was dead silent on the crouched in the crowds cheering up. And everything is excited and she said. Well frank. I can't marry you. You would think that you would get indications if a woman has an analyst you. What you think about marriage -- brought up the question of marriage and do you like kids who would've -- you. And then I think you've you've got somewhat of a problem yeah the fact to the thing about how in touch with you with our men. With the process or are they listening are they looking for. Clues. You know it's the same thing we've talked about and how to pick out there writing -- -- -- you've got to ten cent that's absolutely right. This to people and their relationship. And you really should listen both people should be good listener so would your wife. Which issued a type a personality where she'd won a public proposal or she more of -- Right now she's very private. I I think that but she's also well she's not come. In the sense of Islam. So. It would have to be flowery. And okay cart announced it was it would it was her and I it's you know I love you okay. It. She's not very romantic the you said that you're pretty reluctant. Think of a diamond on all show on talk thirteen seventy. We are gonna talk about Chick Flicks because we promise last week that we would. Right after this message farm are presenting sponsor Austin America's diamond. I'm in love when I met her my life became better than any dream I could -- I know that I don't wanna live without her children by current time and for Valentine's. I saw some engagement rings at Austin America is diamond. But do I want to propose right now maybe it's too soon. No matter what you purchase from Austin America Stein and she'll let it. They are experts you can talk it over with -- -- you can feel confident when you make your selection. If it's too soon for engagement ring consider a beautiful American made American designed colored gemstone piece featured in Austin America's diamond. As Suzanne talent and it would be nice maybe a gemstone rings very popular right now and perfect for Valentine's. Comes he what's new at Austin America's diamond at the harper lock mode packet breaker no matter what you buying -- lettuce. And you'll be supporting a local Austin business. I'm so thankful she's in my life. No matter what you get an Austin America's -- don't let it. This is the diamond LL show on top thirteen seventy I'm -- Jordan. Sitting here with a -- all day but who knows a lot about diamonds. But you also have an opinion about. Talking about and what men and women on things women hate about men as it went through. It Catholics came up bright and so we discussed talking about Chick Flicks -- before we do there's some confusion about what did. What a chick flick. Actually I was. I was always -- the impression that the chick flick -- You know what do these romantic. Gosh geez slot probably you know home like a love story media who. Right that's what I thought and I thought but it but it it as it turns out that's not the definition of a chick -- although those movies can be in that room but. It's a movie did directed towards women -- -- women would only watch what supposedly women in our knowledge and -- that a man would I hate to go -- like. All the studies done on that. Believe it or not. Number one chick flick was Thelma and Louise could not believe this so that. And makes perfect sense to me. That's an outcome that's like that. Song I am woman hear you roar -- that last scene where they try to -- clip if that was the best part -- kill themselves shut -- -- and adding that I'm getting a little clearer public definition of the navy and a man would just hate to see up and don't get me wrong there's some Chick Flicks that I like like what. Like when Harry met Sally how could -- not like that young Raymond OK and that's later he's dancing how did you not like that movie implemented chick flick remember those that movie ice castles my ex husband loved that movie I thought it was the sappy yes I didn't wanna see that -- it. Yet it's. Ice skating in love whatever but I could appreciate it pretty women I can appreciate that. Somewhere in time that's one of those. Really sappy love story movies I didn't like -- again if you're -- I. Differences there can be your romantic men and none romantic women like we said about your wives. I don't think of myself with very romantic. -- but I do love the -- Sense and Sensibility with. Mr. Don B I can watch that with Keira Knightley I could watch that over and over and over. Well the only thing good about Titanic which -- which is drunk chick flick was that the boat went down. Now Titanic was like the number one grossing movie of all time so men had to have gone to see that maybe as well what I think this is when you mentioned that I really love to. Love actually I'd obviously love that movie while anything with. What's -- any factories and Nottingham all. And always the British got a got caught. On the road picking up a hooker. I mean. He's in love actually he placed the president of he plays via the prime minister yeah prime minister -- president -- -- who comes and it for ya gotta he's looking and he's looking for example if I can think. But -- -- well. The notebook. Is that on your left notes it's on my list. That is one of those in the -- the music started -- -- Nine so tell me how bend it like Beckham makes a list like that I mean that it's not. It's not even at its not that every -- every woman's movie should be feminine but this was about as far from new women's relationship now. It was his team it was about it was it until it a young girls soccer my daughter loves that it was about a young girls on a soccer team itself now first wives club nine listed and I even liked that movie my. An officer and a gentleman yeah I mean you're going way back now what -- -- these from to the top 101 -- that movie the break up. I mean it's weird that things are not seem like why would a break up movie -- but it was such a great lust clerk if it was lots rooted and he was so sorry in the end and -- A little cute. I attracted to the one who the bad -- you know I think. That's workable if you wouldn't you always with a bad boy does nothing -- guy -- the night sky could be -- can be best catch on earth. And you just go right over and push him aside to the bad boy yeah yeah. You're right about that then you end up in divorce court -- our our producer Juliette had some -- favorite she. Let's see what how. What does that mean it's out right now some new Meryl Streep is nominated for -- sorry August August August Osage county right right it was a play and that's it was it was a good. It was excellent actually if you want to about real family relationships in the real world with real problems. And real personalities. I loved it do you think it was a chick flick. Now now where their man. There were men and then there was a little bit about love. I don't wanna spoil if anybody has seen it but one of the sisters is in love with. Her. Her cousin. Who turns out to be your brother -- our other products into. It's just how like double steel magnolia. Kind and that was he -- me under a list there were some men and it. But the women more than big the only OK so how does Jerry Maguire fit into all this great love story. It's about it's it's got any it would Tom Cruise. Sports mean. That's on the yeah this. But I'll tell you though there was another one analyst that I really like because of the would votes he was a manufacturer would -- must love dogs. Out that was again one. I would I would I like that -- looked -- -- but even guys you know we'll. We we liked the idea of being in love too well and it's changing times -- if you talk generational only which. By the way as old as you are I'm surprised you like some of these relationship maybe with. I if you're like my dad's age. -- no way people who sleep in every movie period but I mean to see a movie we wet I remember -- remember A River Runs Through It yet I love that great movie you're great great he felt slate. Really how could Jeff -- to the because it must have been your company it was about health relationships. Knows all about father son relationships to which you think would relate that. I know the most guys wanna see a movie about relationships. You know in your special. Now I I liked working girl. That would made the list that's an anonymous -- weight back but -- now working go -- has got Great Lakes to. -- Melanie Griffith. That was she's an inch from the waist down she's terrific. Well -- let Richard talk about her for so long ago you know we have people that weren't even born Lauren tried nine JRR I bride wars. 2009. Bride wars -- bridesmaids. And young -- boards ports WA IRS. And -- how about that Jane Austen book clubs. I didn't see that and I looked at 2007. Boot bellboy in my -- top of this I am the diamond -- at all. Just thinking about it did have a cluster and Bob. About diamonds -- jewelry that is what the title of the show hasn't we will talk about that you wanna call us at 832779. 2678 or you can email David David diamond all knowing all dot com. Before the show is covering -- -- about actor's name IKEA I look Yemen at the British -- We're gonna think of that -- gets some help -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We ought to do about movies that -- jewelry and that that this that was a main focal point that you own and valet bike and more on topic for our show I mean certainly shouldn't you narrow it that there like. For example. The one with. Julia Roberts from pretty woman pretty woman that was all about the -- of the -- seen that member of the necklace seen in the the the box. Yeah me and you know that was add -- that was that that was an in the script he did that to bring her to life and it's dead -- at the end of the world's great. We're going to be back a little bit and talk about. Valentine's Day which is right around the corner so stick with us this is the diamond and also on top thirteen 78. Presented by Johnson America's diamond. I'm Richard Crawford frost and America's diamond our entire staff is thrilled to be supporting the diamond know it all show. We'd like to invite everyone to stop by all American style meant to -- -- and let us assist you with your next to repurchase. Like Dave says I've been in business for over thirty years and have a serious commitment to excellent customer service. Stop by and enjoy the most beautiful diverse selection of fine jewelry Austin has to offer. Austin America's -- now -- north OPEC breaker. Listening to the diamond know it all on top thirteen seven. Davey you've been in need jewelry business for a really long time. And was at a family. Business that you've got into our. A back and was -- Rhode Island that you first got don't know. Is an effect it was a family business and how -- and and now that I did everything in my power. Never to be in the jewelry business just a click OK you can -- I did really well David -- of the designer I get right I don't want it in the family down my father what was it doing manufacture. Who and his father was a -- manufacture. And it was. It's interesting -- I went to work for my dad once. Through the summer. That lasted about four minutes. Walk in the fifth and he handed me a grown. And he said you've got to go out sweet shop floor. And I turned to him and I said I'm -- son. Likes it. These -- -- expect to run this place. You -- and how long it takes to sweep the -- that was great training device as well I thought you years later I agree with few movement at the articulate time. I said. This sucks because you're a budding no Nadal that's right it. Tell of budding -- knowledge to do what I about college. Eight. Everybody I knew was a little resistance -- so it just it just what happened and I tried to happen to love it I I love the colored gemstones of it. More than I love the diamond part of it but that Colin -- is very. Very. It's -- it's fascinating to me that. Minerals they grow and you know it's it's subtle like that Superman thing with the you know when he goes into cricket -- get -- and -- -- -- crystals are there and that they evolved who the chances of the world or whatever there was. Well and it's a family business today for you because your wife works in the business with -- as well so. Do you find that because I know you work with lots of jewelry stores across the country do you find that. The industry. Off fosters the family owned locally owned kind of fun thing that were trying to promote here on our show while I. I happen to think that that that independent Juli makes up the most of it but on the other here and here in Austin. They seem to thrive on it okay fit all locally owned is a big thing that's how the whole -- think. I started to keep Austin weird yet I heard that that they want that's to promote locally owned while those -- and demand that that would invented the slogan offers made to slogan. It was it was actually the whole thing was inspired by him his name is read Wozniak what was an act. In 2000 while giving a pledge to an Austin radio station I don't know which one he made a comment. But there really funny thing is. That it was not set out to beat people weird it was about the weird things that I here in Austin like you have that guy's house it's. It's turned into a museum of junk. Matter of fact if I'm not mistaken. Rich kids Crawford Austin America Stein and that's his brother in law. The junk opposite -- looks okay. You know what else I moved here from Florida which and I was in north Florida and the big gun. Implement north Florida is we don't want it to look like South Florida and -- that it's like this Disney thing where everything is. New and clean and fresh and sparkly and I come here in Austin and at first it was a little jarring because Newser there's. Old stuff you know I went to the Saxon pub. Saturday night and that was my first time being there and that night on the road it's that thing looks like it's been mayor since 1940. But that's what the weirdness about Austin -- you don't find in other cities they wanna clean everything up and make a brand new. Well that's still -- thing to end. And now the coffee mugs those -- coffee mugs. That say Austin as we did keep us in weird people Austin weird and it's it's and the fact that that that originally this was to promote local businesses. Let's cups and make. And China -- the. Well we don't they don't honestly didn't -- I believe you could you know I live in dripping and that's just west of weird outstripping slogan. So local business and supporting. Local businesses -- important to us here on the show and down. That's why when your thinking about Valentine's gift we really want you to shop locally. Be great free to visit our presenting sponsor Austin America's diamonds they have all kinds of great -- -- -- Valentine's. I'm afraid I. Have got some of the most beautiful every day jewelry -- everybody thinks of Austin America's -- is just diamonds. But that's not the case anymore they have a lot of every day fashioned beautiful sterling silver jewelry they have colored gemstone jewelry that's very very affordable. Yeah and what's hot right now not it's. Rings and bracelets bracelets go home. And bracelets. 'cause on the on the red carpet when we were talking about gold gloves a lot of the girls were wearing they were wearing necklaces but they all are wearing bracelets and rings so. What you know the show that there was system awards show this past weekend from. I I can't think of -- move that was. They showed pictures and there was no jewelry at all they've had anything on it and there was no -- hearings known nothing. Well I don't know anyone and that would love to gut jewelry for Valentine's well bracelets in the very end and an interesting. History about bracelets. Bracelets have been around since 500. BCE. And I'll bet he worked as we talked about this what. BCE means. -- now won one authority says it's. BCE. Is before -- comment. Existence. And and that's before Christians. -- moon and then and so which is it I am I've never I've only -- BC. Well that's a long time ago regardless of what it but it but they wore bracelets on their bombs for the arches wore them so that the when the string let go. They had a -- a leather bracelet on their -- so that it wouldn't dump it wouldn't tear into this him -- the men are wearing them. And India in India that women would have been ankle bracelets in the types in the amount of -- break loose bracelets have to do with. Marriage. Bomb and how long they've been married how many children they have all kinds of things so it's an indicator. The jury isn't just for -- minute indicates something about their calm even then and Bulgarian history. They -- these colored. What do you call it. Like now from may type bracelets and different colors. And that was supposed to be for this mythical woman that palm would allow spring to come earlier rather than later. This could give us so -- do Wear bracelets from doing years and then. And on the egyptians with the -- Arabs. They -- the bracelets. To that longevity of life they even were buried because it had to do with the rebirth. And the that -- -- Is that little -- creature right now we're scared to actually on the bracelets originally that every ounce can Arabs were removed and then it became. A stone that was carved like a a beetle -- and we've talked about tennis bracelets on the show before that. Swears he never Lloyd Chris Allen is Chrissie Everett back then. Yeah was playing tennis she made that bracelet extremely popular and then it was a controversial. Thing on bracelets with kids in school and there was. Color coding I remember that a few years ago he -- Arafat. The diamond on all knows all about that any -- knows what the colors mean no ruling right. So the yellow and indicates the -- -- willing to hug. The pequot and indicates the where is willing to give you act -- Got some of -- that they were banned from the school because I think some of the other colors were a little racy what they got some of them. You know yeah we don't need to say it yeah we don't like on the -- back -- another was three for you than they really like can't. Yes so today if you went over -- America's -- What kind of bracelets would be in the case quote. There there these gorgeous drilling silver bracelets in the case. Naturally diamond the diamond bracelets beautiful diamond that Solomon rose calls on Michael's song mean yellow gold. So all of them with black diamond some of them would diamond and sapphire has some of them went diamonds and ruby east. Okay. But absolutely a pro you can do pro bracelet. You know and the men they even have men men's bracelets over there I love when a guy wears a bracelet I think -- those they -- They have ones with -- leather and strolling Silva down by a by an American craftsmen. And manner affected he's in the Massachusetts. Well so. The most important thing to say is that Valentine's. Day comes up the same time every year it's the fourteenth of February you have some time don't wait till the last second if your lover you know somebody that. You wanna get a Valentine's gift Josie Richard covered Austin America's diamond. Before we close out the show Steven. Here in the building helped us with the name -- -- actor can think of Hugh -- sound good that was probably even think you are probably thinking. If we'd have our Smartphones and we can have Google that pretty quick. And -- If you up. Question for us about diamonds -- jewelry gemstones what ever it is -- about proposals didn't. Give us a call 832779678. Or email as a Dave. At diamond no at all dot com. Final words that wins this is the portion of the program debris you get to just you impart. I think that. The best advice I give anybody in any relationship whether it be a work relationship or love relationship or friendship relations. Honestly. I think that's really really important. By the way and and and at which reminds me of this you know it takes about you know 3040 people to build a really nice house. And it takes you know may be a couple hundred -- a couple of thousand. Policeman to take care of us a medium size town. And it just takes one good woman to make a happy home but you know. It's really hard to find it good housekeeper. And with back we wrap up another show what they do is tell us what he --

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