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Welcome to let's get healthy with bills wail on talk thirteen seventy. He's here to take your call at 39013. Seventy and now here's -- way. 3013. Sit through national producer 12 wheelers. If they're calling -- -- -- question mr. accomplished. It is a few economists. Which was just holding. He called it. Well us either so we got a good show. You Georges where. General well coming up here about fifteen minutes. There's a new program he's gone or bulletin. -- about -- you -- Program to lose weight and he's got a program for them. So you're -- as per usual extra -- to worship your particular. And a -- right RG three to well they're RG three. That is Leo the captain -- News. Phenomenal and it's just we've just got to him. We were. Doctor -- for Bernard feature -- about it too dark. Also. This or two Asian meal. Deal -- Or artisan artisan. Leo mr. bistro. Where investment parliament -- program. Laurie Anderson should talk about this is bouncing around whether or two ago. As you know is going to coach great today Cuban this is. The last couple days. But. Laurie Anderson don't talk about. You know. What to change in the weather. Connect. We have cherish it whether tiger -- just. So while that happens you can point. And -- guts doctor Pasko. Chiropractor and she has -- -- -- -- of New York City here process and yours. And then -- you don't talk about issues that are in the area. And a good night's sleep natural obviously she and some of them she's. -- -- very good really got some good results. Could feedback and she's doing. And they were gonna talk about. A film coming out the dosages. That she OC. And it's called. Unacceptable. Levels. Were talking about talks -- -- to play at the board Greek theatre. The a week from this current. Third. If your chance to go see it. Would now needs it's. Also portion of the of the proceeds goes to help for local. Formula so that would be -- -- So yeah we -- -- talk about by the way -- today which national compliment. Opponent that you will it will. Daniel Unicode and Unicode companies. With a you know that it. Nobody knew about it Justin is not to let it affect double compliment Daniel Daniel you do a great job don't we show. A closure to the half that's back in August. Because you put a smile some more space if you compliment. Remember your families is the biggest. If you tell -- some you don't blow. That's almost as good. You just tell somebody please elector here what are you know you don't know that well which elect say something personal to us about it if you -- like to -- With your ex lover is always at least at least. Appreciative. As Russia they believe you want to. So that that soon. There's -- there is is this is kind of funny I hate this court since he has hey when you. When you offer someone sincere compliment. On their mustache. And suddenly. She's not your friend anymore. So that's that's. Card. Accord since. Well let's say Swine Flu test run through vaccination may be to decrease in -- legacy. To talk about corruption because. This acupuncture just don't talk about. How to get a good night's sleep better talk coming up. Use that they beacon that's. Let's see that's only twenty. We're sure that's and I don't see if you're gonna see just a second. Where it's coming up groups in the thing next week so. So that that'll be you know. Good talks don't sleep what -- trouble sleeping. And you do you need to go to the civil war acupuncture and -- In fact. Acupuncture can help you. With migrants. Thank you pushed her movement if you got migrants. Try to -- You get a -- good idea to push to open. I don't. There's a new charitable robotic. Doctor wrote it reduces don't drop him a little bit the new -- global probe by how to. There we just got in a mushers and their all the storage and -- to. One day and see effusive. On them so various. And it's or 33% increase in nutritional formulas so. Alternative that is probably the best thing you can do. It -- yourself to. Did your -- your system again and again it's doubled in your petitions together. And being healthy. The irony. -- thank you -- about it you know talk about how officials don't have that much vitality seemed to help. I'd be -- insulin together. Will reduce toxicity. Reduces the Mercury. -- fish. This course as a leverage for the should be different astute. If you for your four year while you're pregnant you're just pregnant -- you're also -- that because. What you do what you do you're gonna have some fish. Mercury in your system near yourselves and blows that would have to let them vote. Enough of Mercury ethyl Mercury. This this is to be punished I don't know why they spent on this particular study. Parts that mortality is higher for patients died in weekend. What's -- about -- be higher at night and weekends. Especially on a weekend we got a busy weekend. You can't get to the hospital quickly. If you get -- get away from other people before the -- sometimes. Although if you do have -- attack and pressure or or bill bill this year and the other. It's higher at night and weekends. So that's what you sleep well positioned opposite number well you -- -- that newness. And so -- -- power to pleasure. Or gasping for Brooke or for air what do you. When you have sleep -- Or hearse drove through -- route from your created citizens. This is something that -- Would be open for discussion. But this is somebody's. This is advanced fitness by using. They suggest -- better. Well guess what folks butter isn't as bad as -- used the this is better than polio we think polio as a way to go official world ridiculous. That's a weapon you do our group. -- if you get organic -- especially. That would be this deal and of course if you can get broader. That is. Completely. Company completely. Not pasteurized the -- better you can get cheese's restaurants. Educate your daughter. It for the top big theater if you get better use organic and has -- bit of sodas in attack code sort of -- whatever. It is and our first Swedish T shirt. That she be careful with. Is especially -- and what to stay away from Dutch soldiers if you -- refrigerator. I was just shoes. It is similar to talk to -- -- in these things that you were listing here if you say. He's wrong it's not -- her mansion is rising drove you welcome to. Talking or stories about Hispanics. Well. -- better lot lower and the -- kind of threats. Especially sweet honey mustard -- Tonic water they -- tonic or regulatory. High fructose. Torture. Tonic water enough here -- people -- gin and tonic conducive to do that that's probably okay but just okay. Just -- keeping refrigerator because. Electric and water that's good apple cranberry juice is marketed. If you have any kids when you give apple juice or -- bridges. And what you do is you give just a little bit maybe you know. An inch in the class and the water. Because I can coast approach to. Now they say cranberry juice but actually directly cranberry juice again it is. For less so weird to theirs and encourage users would not go with you -- Management actions. Well now they're saying that if you get to concentrate current reduced. Even so water has a sugar and a work. Process chiefs or across charities. -- Russian camp but it achieves. This process -- process obviously. He's got some problems with it changed its process. Try to get the -- the organic. Organic -- That restaurant you confront its little expensive but as a gesture as -- if you think you can by the way this broke this -- otherwise you got a group formed -- The insurance -- leverage over they say don't keep your -- this -- yogurt does not flavored. And doctor with sugar and all of them flavored malt. -- -- -- -- -- Who work okay. Which hit the pleasure if you can't stand as shortness of -- And it goes -- groups. The others ago broken bottle -- -- Americans don't go keeper. It was like a somewhat shocked or whether it was Robert taste -- key for governor Joseph Torre to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Let's should be much of anything. News of fresh chicken breasts in Turkey -- this is from the G election Regis says so. Got a lot of -- Salton outreach and and they are running out and welcome -- like this where you know. Once again -- the chance that's. I don't you know cooking and all is as part of at room temperature. To publish your temperature in your house is pretty in the summer probably going to be soft the shares issued turned equipment. Hopefully if you if you get took. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is is actually you know. Checkers like Coca -- is always going to be the Coca all. You can use that in place of Morgan. What -- picture here we agree that coconut. Oil is solid. Room temperature and -- that Travis and Time Warner. Toaster thing actually has a good flavor to the dosage just hope we don't. Too much that it's witnesses in men's fitness what they're about questioner. That come to. And then the colts echoes they say it goes on good -- assaults and -- Announce our crowd is great. Sandwich and we -- rumors sophomore store traffic to hazardous. We have -- into. -- Differently carrots. You -- sauerkraut. For rent beets carrots. And jar. Cuban refrigerator you toast bread but I don't excel which is Reagan. -- stress. Disorder. Is -- issues -- you know detective. Vegetables and you -- -- and the restoration. It's. It's got a lot of lot of process things. And once again if you if you have a chance revisionists Slater show Corzine should actually. If you have a chance to go see the movie which is showing. A week from what I went to the -- a bit toward the third and DMC board -- square. Cemetery to -- Discuss it Brown's father seeking punched in the world which is -- operation children. He's got to worry about that and I don't so it's it's so this really -- quick clip from the movie to exemption to. So. The more you know. Nobody going to be -- vehicle for the support for the Gulf Coast. Something interest and talk about heart attacks. Heart attack survival. Rate in the UK is lower than this week. They know that. Britain knows. So they did the study and they and other material -- Why there's nothing we should compare our rates of survival rates are test compared to other countries. We're take a break let's take a brick president and it's 22 after the hour. And there are gonna have jump out here and -- like. -- -- -- and it's. I'm judges those two guys spent 27 years developing. This program that is easily introduce. To Austin to peoples and you don't like this so. Let's take ten if you call it by the way -- what 23 out of thirteen seventy. Three adults are too soon it will -- -- Roar of let's get healthy is coming up after these messages on tall. Thirteen seventy. Welcome welcome back to the show this is -- trailer. Leo we get a weakness for doctors -- -- today's user. As. Well that's okay we were -- showed just reviews centers. What we Austin doing that we just that -- was so we just have solved it. You want to southwest. We have master rooms mortgage. Jon -- -- -- -- consist competitors. Football right. Oh wait we re you know Wichita doctor John knows this doctor well. OK I can win this. This additional products that we are going to have this first post -- RG three. And is bound to rebels. That's correct it so yeah so well a -- -- the URG three came about lose. Really because I was looking for. And -- naturally -- that which helped calm down. Somebody's brain that is what I noticed while I was doing a lot of research. Was that whether it that a -- spectrum disorder kid -- brain injury. Are under or degenerative process. But dementia or anything like what happens is that your immune system. In your brain turns on. Skull -- -- activation. And that doesn't -- -- off so what's stopping you had to turn off sort sort of research. How about your personality. Hold a dignitary from China it comes that was. That he had visited us and I was -- -- said you don't want. We're doing this research on one fractured societies. Which is present not -- small amount. And -- and we figured -- out for meant it. And -- apple these. Cognitive properties well -- much research on it. Our record but he's right auto and said. Why don't we do that intra nasal please. Optional wants to deliberately to the brain and then -- -- add that it's in my brighter side to it because. Ethnic and abide by the side. It it helped your cells have been -- so called -- might have kind of real. Rejuvenate. So it helps basically turned the circuit back on almost pick your brain. -- united focus -- -- are peaking at saint your garage. Or communicate. Almost like a circuit word you know -- -- it. The circuit breaker got football. And you wanna turn it back on and so. Neural regeneration. There's a lot of research going on that area -- can -- private sector and great study at University of Washington. And then. Archie threes at these rates steady showing up decreases inflammation to -- put it together. And lots of people using it and so far at the beginning is that you know bill. It -- and not achieved its stated that is stand pat. People think sharper. Can processor and grooms are improving much more dramatically. You know greater improvement on kids should it get concussions. Eight so I can't -- left -- that. Actually got this morning meeting at that she wasn't able to speak. And we got -- that are somewhat actually. You know former -- of cardiology Jeter's side and I felt pretty Smart guy. And any -- and we think we could do so like you know this party and her voice that actually improved which makes sense because that control percent. So that they can in my right decided RG three and that's. You know they are exciting new research interest and compound. But I it's gonna help a lot of people which -- -- brain injury and and with chronic nerve degenerative processes. Have a about parkinson's it helps that. Possibly. Well because and -- have given -- a lot of people with parkinson's problem but you shouldn't it could tell just from the standpoint of parkinson's. Is that is that degeneration. Iran but it kept that in the substantial Packers. But don't put an urgent Iran's armor is generating. And losing mitochondria the energy -- -- they don't have to -- around on our. And they're getting answers to circuits are getting damaged so you would think that it could help a person whipped -- parkinson's. Type. Condition. Now about a month ago we talked about product on the show. And of course they don't tell you which product is because they're trying to keep it somewhat destructive -- -- develop something. But I'm pretty sure week traced down the content it causes cells to communicate better. They gave the example of people getting tired about talking grew one dollar and communicating the long term can be can also. As you get all the -- communicate better. You know it's so they sent -- I was with your cells as you get older than it does not communicate so well except for your parents. Communicate -- But. To that music -- system that is get the cells communicate. Well I think actually bill I think fit what my particular my drive effectively is giving the cell's energy. They'd be able to continue to signal. There's a lot of conjured up. Back at it this is. -- If it does it -- -- all you know those like soccer or go away. There -- Epic that my driver's -- there and it's cute and -- -- your round and remember. My economies -- Iran threatened to buy rating hormone. And you're kidding AMP. Activation sellout electoral cap cities you know people that you -- -- and also activate some mitochondria to insert outweigh. So you know it's this multi pronged strategy keeping ourselves young which really geeky you are you know successes -- I'm -- natural therapies so much into it is that we're creating multiple signals to the cells. Allowing her for this generation need to remember now. Read by and grow -- any age the more I keep the inflammation. Down. Right the fight inflammation down in the grade and I kid and I can get -- interceptors to get more sensitive and out of your three best. And and I can light but mitochondria matched. So I had the energy tells cells what to do now -- now work you know worker can look at strength we've got that ability. It well our brains beat goes through that bureau with generation process again occasional lack. All of us when it under stress that the sugar launcher -- street got pushed that -- -- -- but. Well they say also what you don't have illustrious life used to say looking you know longer. Because that -- agent of nuclear option. That explains away. Well about the fact that the two were just too much were slightly too much against a right -- -- it's. Not communicating well. Not all wrong here. -- -- was written boost what twenty books it's. When he books. How many votes that. Probably wait -- human -- do it. Well this for the good of the country because you got your your biggest book and your biggest work is depletion of key nutrients. Because prescription drugs. And. -- thank you I appreciate debt I just updated all the -- -- now that we chart and that. You know that eligible that I thought. We still it got to get that -- else because you know even that he's actually in commercial want PD tells you that -- -- -- We get we get a doctor -- right. Eight magnesium when I prescribes suspected where it looked back after the number two -- distract erotic. And it apparently -- -- stepped right -- you like it. That yourself or thirteen would be well it is quite easy bet beat it's bad it'll what is that the app. Not to mention Yemeni creatures concede yet but it out. It's so common in each it would be you short short term anyway so. That the on going passive mine continued -- searched. To look towards new drug induced retreat depletion and continue to all of our database. My take Joe's performances which Osama about -- -- -- and with -- whatever it is these tests drugs. -- Stadler technical content is not the pages are -- -- In this country in this country the country's head. Out. And so we talked about it as -- this wreckage trying to settle some. The site. Right you know the biggest Iran Qatar -- doctor. Alison well you'd uses these questions. We have a doctor I don't know because it's on the party's answer. -- -- and exported globally -- you know it's interesting because once and that. Which guarantee that actually -- bigger companies that makes the stat man and I went up and talk with their border. Big kids today they didn't even admitted it -- 2% of the time people are now taking medication. Twenty. Sitting in the courtroom. And Andy said Bledsoe will bring it out to. But as we want people to pick at that particular medication. That we acknowledge that that it will negate people cook got a lot of work in our clinical trial pursued by committee. They absolutely we have -- smile just. And that's something that we -- and -- it's still hidden from us some great things like how to -- it but he like these you know we can't figure out why can't decide the it's to create this. Off brokers call for which doctor -- which was rich Texas the father took -- to and he helped develop -- -- -- And in the first. That drug. Of the court. -- date they have a patent to combine cookie to court right the company and you of our largest it was the company. But they never exercise. Now now if they ever exercises the -- were about lawsuits. Because -- it will not -- A heart attack because like compute in order him. Has gone to a few billion dollar terms that -- Yeah so it's. Yesterday state law seek treatment anyway I mean -- that's the thing. -- -- -- -- Let's talk about something that is -- little -- -- talk about your acceptance and hope your future. And a program developed. That tone will help pressure and it is the metabolic code program. Yet which explains metabolic and what metabolic needs in -- -- by the code program you've got some. Regulatory -- Yeah I mean you know. Probably closed or 2000 doctors. And pharmacists how to use the medical care program. Two. To help figure out simplify what a weak but it just goes to do. Whereas the occasion -- that data from the year named big player -- any -- all. One of the most important part of of if the thing about capital kind of rectify it is like playing metabolism is. Everything going on in your body right now every biochemical reaction going on your body Tuesday. Is your metabolism so let -- you're treating inflammation but he -- -- reform how much stress hormones all that. It create how you feel today more importantly where your -- it's going to be tomorrow. And most importantly. You build your metabolism. All I'm. Your history so -- I'm hearing your mother's womb. -- day. The -- should take the stretcher wondered nutrition at the UN are. Exposed to your genetic. All those things. Create. Politician. Your metabolism it's functioning today. And and there's no way they can't market those pop. And say it will which areas of my metabolism. -- giving me problems. Or should I focus first contract that they've managed my way or just get more -- moral lie right better energy. You have got all of war. Does not want to put out there both for your TV doesn't think Iraq he's not a welcome to TVs -- -- exactly and so that's. Yes but that's kind of the basis of the -- to start working -- 25 years ago. And and really it was because what I what I noticed was -- -- fantastic teachers make that it has started to make outscored Ontario Canada. Doctor Alexander -- was my mentor. And had abducted almost as a chiropractic doctor ahead -- -- -- -- -- medical. Illustrate Anderson one's a domestic. I had so many sectors gained. Mentors but the points mean isn't it I watched people's studying and looking at I functional medicine for example. It it it and I. And I changed some 2000. Doctors a year or so and -- pharmacists and other health care professionals yourself they'd all come out of class is going I don't know where to start. -- -- it I don't care. And so the total was developed the sale -- Let's break it down there's five major systems in your body can't worry about. First what is your energy system and outside your adrenal pirated pancreas communicate with each other you can get under stress. You can make yourself insulin resistant you got it strapped. Its commitment regular. You can eat it too much -- -- trigger inflammation that and commodity. Create more cortisol rights you have to understand. Where is the balls and might try out of my relationship between these -- And an excellent that we talk about the -- got immune brain barrier which everybody talked about that -- through the revolutionary met -- talking about a point five meters so. Now I feel revolutionary. So what I want to get it understanding. How and when did you get in the point we have -- -- -- -- people up to realities in eczema may be a bottle of great ideas that got. PodZinger -- to get struck the and so what we've done is we've we've got to create a system that makes it easier for people to break down. We're ready start well ready to do we put -- tight together it's. You know -- street -- -- abomination diet. They like there's a million of those types out there with little caveats left to right it's kind of demystified Argentina dietitian -- this bout. So we created an -- in three we traded little sensors with the company that work for Realogy. Halogen free directory. Organic. Three range and while -- So that people could say gee the first thing about the LP. But I do wanna try your programs I just worked right by the well it -- who delivered to your door now. Which I thought pretty cool that we got that he's I think it's the person program the country's natural -- it all 48 states. And public respect quality of fitted it that it is eight blocks or less a meal but I think it's an epic and business. We get -- that it did. Well is also extremely healthy either of the -- regular -- or. -- it's a complete mobile for one person. Eight dollars a person. But exactly hurts that's exactly right at it -- is -- what you gastric bypass yeah actually in the cumulative back again you know. -- so some people even in the -- after I. They're using these meals because they at least they're eating healthy whole foods. Which of course is. Kind of the epicenter of what I think people need to. News he helped people -- you know exercise moderately to get plenty asleep and then after that current chemistry and understanding -- That you can get those things on line. It got pretty good shot at the well there's your aging. And and I'm looking at the biochemical -- your body as you go through generations. You know decade to decade in and as you cross each each new stage in your life. We're getting off to a better one Jason well this is working. And then Doctor -- -- do some tests in cholesterol. You know things to see the baby whale or whatever but. -- -- And wind. Equipment -- down. If you look. Mr. exercising because of -- -- says -- -- Yeah so it. -- that's accurate. That there isn't about our program about the metabolic group program mr. helping people lose weight. It's not a it's not need. An 800 calorie diet the case is you guys you can put people on programs or 500 later carried. They get so epic called rebound rally in. All the sides and -- three months ago that I figured -- wrecked shop and figured -- -- -- The -- -- the right -- compact that's the lesson. But it. Took care of their brain right now. -- -- -- -- Part of what we view as we make sure they get enough calories to be calorie range -- and thirteen hundred all the way to 2000 calories for men. It's it's lower carbohydrate it's called modified low carbohydrate diet -- that -- look for the weak spots like. They -- the enemy problems so rewarding is it issued the atmosphere to -- blood sugar problem but it took our -- of surgery Eagles. I'm very troubled sleep and they did talk to -- -- -- to -- that we got future it's that we designed. That breaking news. He's helped it overcome that program in the you can get at all is as -- A portal that they can sign on to track their progress. Get their new recipes. Tractor supplements tractor directed there on medications and hopefully when they're hitting opposite other medications. You know -- the body -- all the good things and and then also we have remote -- because what it's so that we can. Keep connected to because we know now is. But it -- people that are trying to change like stop. They used pretty well you -- -- connected to them yet either -- laptop via phone console we even got dietitians available who were trained. And suited tolerances analogies and note that edit in need -- -- a counsel from an expert but it may -- a practitioner. That would -- time. We have that available work. So we'd like you know get that's what we're seeing you get to work 24 people -- -- natural therapies straight. We struggled with getting everybody to really work out so -- you know -- -- school art institute. And I and I know that -- personal practices that we decide the governor -- you know provide people. -- -- -- Welcome back what way out. I sell it. But we have dietitians that work with it and are -- and are able to each. People in India available to be off line due respect conference call needed. And that we have -- -- your eyes as you well know in some states. Dietitians are the only people that can you nutritious. So that's what we are positions on absorbers of pharmacy or blister that -- -- being able idol. That there is a dietitian. That they are able partner where. And yet provide quick arts programs in the pharmacy because -- -- -- I don't know -- you keep it turning it party that you any kind of specific diet. And other states like that too. Know it's directly in a Texas is still got the rights for for certain -- clinical nutritionist. And other health. Professional BO with you that. We fought every year we don't that the one -- collectors of mobile up. Because I think stay connected to the patience is really important. It's certain or is it sure is just you know. Eat your vegetables today I cannot do that gap will be questions straight it's just being -- AG special today. -- -- -- drink less water today yes or no right that a manager George request and collected data bank. I think it's giving people the right -- live right quit smoking just quit smoking you got to adopt. Just go right. You have got to bring them into your fold and spent time -- -- talked to the state touch with a and I think that this mobile something that's developed currently. To develop. That terrorists. And you're absolutely right I mean look I think all people are looking for -- they want us to help. You know they want to hold everything in -- -- and Anderson I don't feel good guitar and -- think straight. And you know what they're not going to be perfect civil can't criticize the one that falls short. And we just -- -- to become the best they can be so that you're able to enjoy their life right at the -- and yet we're just trying to get people. They get laid -- feel the energy correct these metabolic imbalances. So that they're able to enjoy all other aspects of life you know what it's a delight to achieve -- just family of friends or work. They -- their passions. You know yeah which we should have that right note that that they are saying is you know always liked it the last thirty years has been vitality at every stage life. It's no matter what your street your world today about Ernie tiger will start to forget stuff writes it deserves to get them past the satellites and a. Well -- this this quote here people are fed by the food industry. Which raised two to the hill. They are treated on the health industry. Which pays attention to food. It. So electric -- because it's true. That we we forget but that was urged house at that to be some Socrates. Which. As before muscles. Posted by. I was -- five. And. You're -- want -- program. Until. It. Though it was at work deposit it was a parked there there was a -- the carpet well the one -- though. My -- and now all of that was. Earlier that's -- real people tell me. You tell -- elegant and probably. Well I don't report out but he says Edward. Potter back but wonders of modern technology great yeah. This uses that don't start the day trust the. Articulate because that means that it's that the truth is. You know I think one of the things I felt the weight loss -- -- upset that the big signature at it -- of that stability out fitness for -- world was sick. Wake up this morning calories in calories out about equality -- what do you got the politicians not and I think people getting frustrated today because they expect. They're big jets beat the report after dark hours and what do you want people to go it was street diet low carb diet and I don't anyway and that's because it's the hidden. Disruptions of the -- and -- That's our problem right so it's about blurry -- cortisol level -- -- sleeping what you heard and those of the things that we got it. Yesterday by the -- special compliment. So all the daylight. Daylight you would tell you need to give your company that you -- -- about. -- pictures. 010. As we you do air brushing -- -- You know. That -- Right. But to sonic could be okay where you got another good right just live and archived. We've -- -- ago cause he's gonna get. Dale thanks so much. It would look over this and civil arsonist to go. Out current -- agent. All right we gonna take a break you were deliberately -- will. Forgive me for hope and hope she will. -- from the counter ultra that's good -- our list a break and went to visit its Houston. It or I would think right by our -- -- -- battle for these if I want to turn -- ultra conservative. And -- about. More of let's get healthy is coming up after these messages on talk thirteen seven. Okay. This. Trombone in the backwater that is a half hours and hours its its its own problems -- intense. Those of us. -- aggressive person with the right now I. Hate the fact she's probably got -- in her house so please it's. Can't -- -- around his ability I think you get out of every day well he's probably gotten more readers something. Teeny little partition and down period of -- -- her I don't know what mr. Cuban. He does drink a lot -- -- though. This that I heard it. -- view the call. Will finish it up and little else. Let's talk about we got for a college -- up with everything election. Well we can't let that and yeah it sells space -- -- call -- program so what we -- what we have here though is the problem. Causes the certificate is -- cold again I guess what Tuesday or Wednesday. -- -- and whatever right. Groups rose again so this -- coaster -- we're all experts. -- Hilton. It doesn't. You know and it effects tells us more than others disappeared in the right. Or the wrong. Type of person. And it couldn't be especially easy -- It's sick or start feel a little under the weather when -- latter. Is being in such -- roller coaster. A policy if we can go through this a relatively quickly if we have to rule -- This is up after the break here. Well you know what I would really like helping. To there are a whole group of gravity. And sent our wars deceptive delegates pick Clinton weathered it and chocolate and but want ways that we can use -- in tradition. Is that it it points. A group of remedies that are likely to be especially effective for things that -- a better already gone on. We also this year if you see him. The cold weather and the well there are gonna bring it back and other rational pollen. And to the remedies that are great fragility there that have signed up a lot this year. And that are worse. In the letters -- as our Alley hepa. Red onion and everybody's heard about. -- -- -- -- -- -- So this year it's probably have better than average year. For those two remedies initiator feet. August the patient and good for peoples that track that no additional two would rather not so excellent. Yeah so yeah because. Sadly that's his lips are suffering. Those -- get an extra vote on this feature because it kind of weather we're having. And in the end flew at half of being blue -- That has this feature is -- we have talked about include this year he is that a coincidence. Probably. It just having him. They'll -- me him and aggravated when the weather's gonna discuss and a and there's plenty of people have seen. With their family your coworkers that are different people. You know a bad cold or cold with a bad cough and also -- -- -- and one of our great conference committees is yet tart. It ammonium -- can. And in part. Is. -- -- -- -- weather now you really very immediate target. When you. So lead. Or a boy Elaine or above blame all of our. Correctly and feeling in your chance could you -- It says he knows somebody could get that bad cold and -- content. And they have current. Temptations on on then it's a great year. Condensed -- in part. Because of our overall weather -- What count toward me torque that threat that is actually entities so so. I keep it and -- It's an R&R. -- -- People listen this thing I can lose. Well that's for other needs as you're you're at the Wesley store I am. But a couple of minutes and -- it was six storm as -- today -- Friday to sixty Friday and every percent to. Not tomorrow but yeah. It can ask questions. And that's it. So a couple of things so -- we yeah. Syrup production this just kind of -- wake up in August -- -- That was something -- -- -- so OK so. Real audio VO YO. We have created too risky gravity. Because -- and the weather or have it here it's good for our kind of acute. Complaints. You might use reality here right now with a dry cough. Man. My each speed. Up fairly high fees airlift I. Check -- -- suddenly couldn't take collapse of the feed it to develop. But -- maybe some other kind of -- and then and the complaints. And the dead giveaway is attracted to -- wants to be completely. -- No movement now. So so what can drive -- kicked off his -- Consider that one just -- notes have a child on brio. Is pretty nine. DR YBRYO. In real. So. It has to a later and we're -- here only -- Is -- so after. Wolf -- children. Is a. Some work as is forecasted. Is somebody who is pretty sick they're very depleted. There -- reality. -- You know kind. Not date night hit. Self interests and personality. That kind. Down to bury -- hurry. But they've got. A lot. A lot of nasal discharge of its watery discharge quote -- is like a prophet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Though -- after the people are pretty -- There can't pay them a compliment them. Well it's hard you know. You get these workers at yet okay I don't want it sounds like to be Hispanic Mexican -- -- That's shot a shot and so does tennis a minute ditch or something flu shot to -- for almost certain that the doesn't. Those little casket that. Yes not Estrada is. There easily -- Almost -- collect all of -- Colette yeah it kinda sleepy. You know they are. Incredibly -- count and there forget all they can -- a little. Beauty. But the movie it's based out there it is possible that haven't had kind of DT feeling. Try announcement. Constipation. Well here. So the Divx thing is that you introduce this we have this website would be. He was urged that. The tees up and -- -- -- Yes it should. Forecast isn't real threat so those all the other little -- in terms of what's -- The best thing though is -- years you'll be its store tomorrow or Monday Tuesday Wednesdays thirst for. -- And take a break and your phone number once again. Violence soon evident seven double load senate candidate. Go by the -- -- if you got a question what are these okay okay okay -- thank you so erratic. All right okay. Aren't we are going to. Have a break have a verdict right. More of let's get healthy is coming up after these messages on talk thirteen seventy. Well I hear take your calls on this in this country here. In fact I'm a bit briefly to you. No -- we never quit we never. If you keep your off time that I know of Saturdays. Recuse. There's like most about these programs don't take calls. Them Nazi. You know -- used -- so that's OK. But we do you know which you do this week we hear them all time Stewart. Right now we do one of my favorite papers of the sport talked this morning. Doctor could ask you. Can. Yeah. Well up front in Europe is slip you the first that are from this that it is the New York. Yeah. -- -- -- -- I should all -- to. Act. Texas obviously. And we total different story. That this and so -- and apartments pronouncing that. So full count there's a bit over that. Subject. Well blistering -- line I can -- yeah it's sort of striking out. Well. -- only eat -- actually a band while most his time in Raleigh, North Carolina -- okay. And are now at this point have been no matter yeah. Whether the weather's nicer than two. -- We view. You are certainly. Educated in your chiropractor. Doctor chiropractor would you have done this in the coal. We have twenty years over three years -- experience right. Great and that I've been doing traumatic moment in my practice. What I saw pictures -- like I've told you earlier. And it was on the Internet and they're like oh maybe later tennis -- you're at the very bottom you know which which one's the two torn about. That would sure there's more than one cast -- in this country. Doctor. Original. Yeah. Well I came -- numbers and also chiropractic. We're told him astute Stewart tragedy and so and so. But but. All of you were the most attractive policy that hook up. You look young. How much I -- probably look I know I -- much and Manning camp is -- Mexican turned fifty this year. But I've looked at least ten years younger than him and IQ credit. -- actually beyond cheap fuel well company shrieking. Wind is definitely taken a couple minutes that I can kicking or twenty years. The other is getting adjusted and taking care -- buying but alt well I think the main thing is at a mental attitude. It's just I'm happy. Reduce stress right good good attitude as sort that. So how do you just journal's parent. I'm not you are -- aren't at all if he cannot crack and -- there's clarity issue. That's a good leader -- territory if he's buying satellite people cannot connect that would only are right they want to call it right -- -- and implementation task ahead cracked away. Yeah but there's there's lots of evidence not showing guys wrote something recently about how you can. Just work -- -- has -- -- workers spot -- here's a stimulating spinal cord protects against parkinson's symptoms. So you can do to protect against parkinson's symptoms by stimulating the spinal cord. That message and I mean that's an -- match. So -- thing. I don't see how exactly do you related commitment from parkinson's so I'll have to look into that Australian just. Sales -- Saturdays -- two reasons. January. To tell if -- to. Be reading. Anything. And what's very interesting -- different on what we're talking earlier. You had product from the study that has come out recently. And when I went back after we spoke I walked back into the lecture. And within about three minutes would be LBJ land that was on stage speaking. Started talking about -- researcher -- they're doing presently and the cast on EP TJ yet it sure you can respect of Omega 369. -- seven that are out there. And he started talking peak -- get it do you want to hear any DTL. And expanding that -- met recently talking about little different doctor -- keen wit. Make entries -- official. And a lot of people waiting -- -- really -- -- we're talking about earlier so he needs me a lot of state and what. -- interest thing is that touched -- arms. Associate professor with Albert items earnings. University hospital and squelched he. Has connection there. When he talked to some of the people that our -- in the research department. Placed an epidemiologist. And they could actually look at that intelligent to statistically valid or not such. And should he -- troops for the most common which heard about and recently. And if they were balancing. And they can't even when we've had some what understudy technical matter and outreach means that they will look at a variety of different other -- And it not reporting on that but they're looking -- -- expect that out there and literature and the referring to right to -- our defense and what are. Idea or not much because -- would -- that we. Actually published in camera recently. And it won't that they. Group of people these doctors who looked at 3635. Studies with a friend only used twenty of them. Or is there article because they would want that deported. They're idea. And the other three -- 635. Did not support that idea. So can we don't we're not valid. Because at that didn't support that idea into a really interesting that many think that we keep public out there in research journal. They're not actually there -- -- at a board of people but it doesn't mean that the study actually Alan. -- gesture and and that's trying to be so careful so glad you found out that because I think that somebody though with them. The government has nothing has got some publication nor has. That it can't happen it's not just out of that list that he does so less prone and accident. Because people see -- we'll talk about it and then the read. In the newspaper next week to. That that's -- -- true that it increases says Brian whatever the zoological elect says involves electric electric segment in the spinal -- Improves symptoms of Parkinson's disease and rants. So that the results were published in the the journal of scientific reports. From duke universe there's so if you look at that's where you confront document -- -- -- -- to think you're looking at neurological response thank you definitely see how it's really it just as -- have a look at architect nurturing and traders cheered him -- don't -- responses. -- I'm on the Internet. Doctor Miguel. Palacio del Ali Alatas. Is person you can -- Google that found this is not a Pearson. So if you wanna check it out camp -- promising you know escalated. If it's protects against parkinson's symptoms. Which can -- -- and Kenya and from. -- loyalist let's talk about what you want to which you your work you and I really think it's a great program. Senator -- want to get healthy and lose weight and it's a matter that resolution they were they wanna my resolution meant to happen. It's -- January everybody that's in your calculation gallons and you know an architect contention. Eating healthy and -- much. I think you tell you funny when patients come in and they're hurting America that they can parent and sometimes they're related to -- -- overweight issues or inflammation issued Courtney unity taking medication that card -- sent -- should. Until that panel talk about the program that we're gonna put the mom a couple months first line therapy and which version that we're gonna put her marched explained how -- can make the deal better every week there's can't stand bench. They get all excited to look at you can't make a I am currently -- and -- still formal hearing in their mind they're like yeah I want children. And wanna lose -- little -- only going to be perfect but wait meet Ali you don't terminate overweight. Or even under much killer we have struck people peace treaty which can be just you know or sometimes more -- -- out Europe under muscular and figured that level. -- -- -- On and you may have -- too much -- that partly it into -- and pat. -- salt -- and called angry fat. And client -- hormone in the body. All these things can come into place so. The need to get what we're looking at the first time -- -- -- -- first. You're only making sure it went on a nice healthy diet but it's very difficult for people to look at how to -- And if they knew how to eat well they wouldn't be sitting in my chair can say whatever -- known what to do. Can we use medical. Which is a coward Cheney and we have the right he's from one you know -- related -- watch. Score could be related to taxation can implement a change EI help. On it it covered so many people in Indonesia to each week that they can initiate or -- twenty ball age. It -- an energy. It makes some people and it speaks to not say it would be less expected and they went up trying to fight street to get all the -- pick up -- -- -- just -- come along the program could easily delete press supplement into it to Barry don't have to buy extra couple. And it really it becomes part of what could buy -- -- their menu of food for the week and buying groceries and acute medical. And make it really complain EP and cons I explained earlier make I think it is really important that people understand that. There are many many many different pictures out on the market -- different kind of -- -- -- Vietnamese wage right should actually Williams what a person's. -- -- But they are medical food which means that we have had. Clinically validated. How it typically will feel certain disease education. Deepest library like condition or other health care practitioner. Can only be used under their supervision. Security could not something you can just buy into the grocery store. Speaking of that higher level. And we had to clinically morality how it worked and we had all these different -- that we've -- 223 years. Over and over again -- help you can do big things particularly appropriate diet. Whatever aid to the medical Richard -- you can be pretty quiet it will pay you somewhere between nine months from Q you're hurting diet. But we can achieve with the team and -- weight loss and cardiovascular markers that in truth in just a twelve week period of time. -- that what you want twelve weeks or not much two years. Arctic and procurement is that gut it in -- fifty dollar weakened vaknin from one of the most expensive flight so it's so easy and -- Fifty dollars a week. And it's. You wanna explain what. Medical foods nor. Was his vision true medical -- right. Chu a medical food and that means a component to everything about it had to be approved with that FDA approval with that we can make medical claim. -- unique -- something that forward spokesman called the literature the protein shake the protein itself into a higher level. On YouTube had completed pre pre mixed it can container commuter countered ethnic yourself. Mean he turns approaching thirty gig conceded by the time you get it -- your home or part -- on the shelf. Do you -- -- -- to be that it takes a lot a lot of research we've been trying to your technique supreme age and we can't get the credit team stabilized. -- -- Response that we want we keep making it but he just wouldn't be as good as we would want to play for you can -- -- And so we want to we won't -- you know we -- -- ethnic issue with that -- it has vitamins mineral. That are greedy to include in -- our -- when it called ultra you know that part -- McNeil. Thirteen cars are perfectly -- we put a multivitamin in there such. We have several urgent we have a -- version. Which has I don't nutrient which it for cardiovascular health more lower cholesterol and triglycerides and then he had C. Each. We -- political -- -- attract restriction which the primary weight loss I don't teach. We -- -- at least sixty ingredient touched it or extremely special decree it. Unique research at Nokia NL to -- In which it'll help the instrument. Which means it means you there. Still get into the town which means it's you and -- you have more energy that's not story. We find that most people have -- peace and Pletcher issues it starts are important in terms sensitivity issue whether -- can stand. And if you take it over -- treated time it can reverse that situation. Can we even have quite taken diabetic. But what followed that program which do you report no different from people munchkin gears. But we can reverse the diabetes and they can be and not dietetic. -- -- -- -- It's all shook her 360 is a huge -- Yet I know -- -- put them on completion official -- And you have to eat healthy he couldn't eat whatever you want and just kick shaken thinking you're going to have improvement. Our member here ago doctor Blanton talked. It was twenty years ago there's there's this yet he really -- it also there's -- and I want to know the name of the product you can but we haven't capsule forms. To exercises. But you can you can drink he has -- these Russian. Sat is sitting room to the table there they want to see if it worked and they were cricket market. Exits. And that really got kind of hide them they started ticket product. This and failed to clear and with that election are so. They were sober pretty sober. So one I know I overdid it was while -- -- north Austin. That's -- drug itself and more drug. Wasn't -- -- knows just you know Heidi you about you get a ball -- and about -- your wives a sister told on yourself that you got. As sort got south and at that like before -- capsules. Like a south that was sober. So legacy yeah now if if you could delay the whistle while you know. I found my church papers saying stuff out and about thirty minutes right here. But -- it does work that's the reason you do it but it does -- a lot of value at Arco. Yet we will we get peacocks products that work like that there's some. A variety of different once we actually -- increased to -- -- liberal -- trashing. Eating up as a template mandala perch at home actually constructions change. We're actually talking about that today has from people are more exchange tickets. Can medication and other people and actually the -- from politics and that medication. It can be one of keeping either they become older and -- because the toxicity. Or it could be that they have a normal functioning without unlike what I teach for the majority people in our population change -- -- different. Function up to -- because it's an old match. Car has so much traction yet attempted deal with -- picture -- time. But a lot of people have a little liver function but that there are a lot of people that will take deliver products that we had. Mom and -- cleared the one I used it every day just because I travel a lot. I don't know right now I -- -- clean and gonna get a plane again tomorrow. And with that one up with talking to my body try to come really really -- -- annual profit -- like alcohol content apple contract. I think they actually look at. Are the very quickly -- Or suggestion. Was something here that this is other research and a few more Americans sent this to you. Even though if you can. If you threw you leave your interest group production here. Of this is a title muscle is three times better than that promotes. And for years. They were there was a burning issue about osteoporosis. The researchers were confused about as to whether bustle Arafat has a greater impact on bone mineral density. So Australian Vietnamese scientists have now shown -- effectively bias. Is three times higher than impact of satin Mets. Tonic including the protracted. So it is -- goes in the board discussion can do all options -- -- -- -- we have. Interest in following up -- that because I think we talked to people. And they say you say the keyword. Exercise you know like well you know. About a year ago that he was is that put the value of Utley. -- It so much in the masses three times higher than the impact of sadness -- Lot of people don't understand but it because you're density of your -- effects of have you person. Can can showed -- bone density sometimes better than -- -- person. Because -- because you deal with -- Quaker. So that we can't one that went to the internal clock people think that they just calcium. And that's its -- don't you realistically need a combination of at least twenty different. Up between. Mineral full truth -- collagen organic you're -- challenging and you need kielty and make you can't structure. All of these can correct combination can complement its gonna help the Obama. Actually need it too -- -- election shine and them a lot of people are aware that. Many -- men -- they start to lose bone -- entry. And that's coming not from a you don't really you -- we're looking at won't which. Now if they each are having fun -- just as rapidly as Clinton -- and then we're -- younger and younger people and were relating to -- from Montreal. Well future who really cute Gene Upshaw. Because static inter related with. Meaning having pro inflammatory fatal kind are increased by having that especially Billy -- ritual that. -- Clinton inflammatory. Reaction to the body. So there are a woman when you're actually can go -- you're going Q may -- -- don't -- -- home builder. It works slower and he -- and get church and -- occupy -- The King and I like kind of a little Pacman easily at all. Those starts yeah. -- you can make it seem profit happen if your body to lead and an inflammatory -- for a period of time. Everybody's a little different Turkey can take a little over several months. Kick start the prompt when I start to have -- -- Anybody that has a chronic injury that they're having learned their body with inflammation or action. You're having patent it's causing inflammation in order to have an order -- duties with information on Clinton to mention Clinton now rapid Omar. Actually compete -- -- that would be related chipped it can have -- -- -- -- beach. It has to -- that so it'll be related to -- and Cheney. Well if some position in this by the way we can just like Tokyo afternoon now. But. But are sexier for this business. Year. -- -- Jabil is so good you can live off that could. You literally can I -- after and about that Monday I we both had wanted to different parts of the country in. Well we're walking through the airport together. And I sit here and I had 502 meals today. And that was all I eat cat you know how -- can live like that -- essentially kidnapped them recommend -- and contribute could live in accurately that way. Because of the quality in -- pain. I don't recommend people would you bet that the only time we had someone do something like -- it. Instead of doing what we put troops best when most people think about asking you just -- -- nothing but water. Or worse with the bread and water action actually changing the way the Irish coach and you're expecting to eat hot metabolism in which is an unhealthy weight should ask. Two we will match with. You to eat hot product well what you need. We have preparers and listened to the show you know of the reform again yeah McDonald's sells faster rate -- so they're prepared. And as well and after that I got the nice stable fit for this Texas minister AK 47 what protects the ammunition to keep that. Bat -- at -- in the medical community they go yeah. We'll see you don't for a long time. -- meal not politics that takes a while faced. Some Mexican goods and Calipso. -- because. It's so. We ethics there's so -- -- or divorced are people listening. That's involved with this program would like it more people forget people calling and asking about it all important civil about it. The first therapy is is does work it is which got somebody good to educate people about it. All I know that he'll also you'd think the -- -- -- he yeah I -- with that. Which is a violent people in our offense and -- that wage you can monitor the curtains -- come to step on the scale. And they can -- county don't look into hostile attack. -- we can monitor that you can look at exactly how many pounds of multiple cat person ethnic each. We look into -- -- educator award or she can monitor toxicity level if you look at their regular health. We have a lot of different parameters that we used you delegate that the person is encouraging each and let them -- at what would still need to do with them. OK so so. I think I think that's important note about it and -- doctor and bedazzled she's. Judge issues doctor -- earlier you know not recently I've been to share in joining the conversation. Yes she's a doctor -- news this morning so. She's aware roses and I think we just need to. Can ballgame and would rip them. And or you've written questions. Answered. Every parent families of the Richard you know she got nothing to do. Yeah got a guest was a pleasure. And a -- it's Michael's. All right great. It's. All right thank you -- you have a great week that aren't seen in my talking to you try to give them a little while. Now you're talking to us. Another mile -- -- -- is going to be peoples but there. They're not as exciting as not just -- -- -- they're much like you got another day -- they're. They will be cute though that's your eyes your your -- reaching about. Maybe 7% Boston. This weekend so. Because it was so much -- thank you thank pat you really want to again thank you so much looking thinking OK I think it would take a break for a game. Oh. You know that's progress -- I think he can -- Things. Are let's take a break three -- -- -- if you -- -- problems to those are subject with Europe. More of let's get healthy is coming up after these messages I'm tall thirteen seventeen. Welcome back to the show. Back to -- what that music. -- just look at the we'll have the -- to advance. The rest of Washington that -- the -- Analysts and I've seen you dance. That your second government today Alice. Initiative it you know yours today -- -- people they know that people know a couple of the people -- there Watson's tomorrow. You know nobody ever says the -- -- synthetic elusive for. The future of -- -- the perfect. Let me evidence that stand out. Oh look your failures. Even those not leader for. So well we have Jiang -- This that was say hey you -- that is a hell of nuclear -- though why did you. You write this it's an issue this program asylum to. Collect -- -- You were here at the people's rooms and you recognize the lady with me today -- -- -- I write about and we met once a place to place that day. Paterson has some good things about shoot messages that your. You treat people and -- which are sworn to go -- You can actually use acupuncture so everything's. Four for a migraine headaches. I didn't know you mark -- -- -- for -- critics. I think panic brain had -- been any kind. So if you got migraine headaches. -- -- you right. Where were they reaching. Was giving our earliest evidence commissioned. You're Ratzinger when you have rituals are given and refusals are privileged to cause you know -- is excellent student clinic. Two and it. To not to about it he said. Well -- -- -- -- answer to it a 600 right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- To a -- -- 600. In -- through the corner. 620%. Which cars -- 223. And you're just bite -- erupted on the road almost right is that wreck between the people's pharmacy and university federal credit union up. Such great and across highways that go low maybe is good location. That's there across from which you're -- your right there -- find us stop us pancakes. -- really too. Sacred to you tactics. Embattled ruler of -- presents breakfast foods so -- -- insertion you used to bridge of appreciative. You're putting some. Super excited but -- time. And any attack on Monday night on the -- -- pretty evident that aren't yeah. And it's called a big lead early and burned an -- about all the reasons. Why -- person -- actual filings we are saying exactly what the deal. Nationally all want a good night's sleep well at all do you talk about both tone and the gather anything else that supremely. Or is it are you talking about primaries -- does lots of things actually you can do for sleep and trying to pitch and spot that. But. All are welcome briefly about the -- certain little kind you know their elected an aunt and and general. Melatonin in gathered under lock in and around and -- would be very hopeful Sarah Adam obviously on the -- Well mark I'm not saying that I mentioned earlier Atlanta which is. Yeah I -- hands. Thank you herb. That is well. Up balance balances the can -- George Alison. You land with the stars. Still has. It that it. Chinese character. Currently that that guy right you know actually my little hearts. Yeah. It got. About how -- -- you know a -- in -- naturally. We -- promptly and actually. Everything is. That I -- and over cracked -- helix country. And things of that nature and I learned answering about. -- what I hear is never had a great over cracked you know really as you know it. You know typically I think. I've discovered I have. Three pharmacists right now. That are fresh out of form Cisco and you're fairly fresh out of school marching like maybe 23 years or five years of. And the student. I don't outspoken forty years. -- for years -- -- -- near as pretty close. You look so young. Fellows like two years but when you're fresh -- school. Lefty jumped pharmacists. Days they're head and shoulders of them. Sometimes people that are then a long time because you get all the newest newest herbs and what their -- I am I am actually aware of all the years. I've been urging you heard Berry could get a lot on who you want you here yet. Great Britain. But she's not exactly yeah yeah. News science of medicine. But -- lottery -- which is exciting in the field as they're growing in and we're looking at it in different way. So how bloggers as acupuncture. And round. Used. About a hundred years. -- -- And the years that. America all that document and trainer early -- -- the picture perfect accent. And now everybody Alec talk about little you don't do it all out. -- and I think what angle the fact that you know the flip side is back in years there yeah. More mundane event here that you lack integrity. Internet hospitals are there. And I'll sell like in train and they have been higher on medical facility dedicated is. The management and let you go into a hospital and they are and I don't. You got your hands and their -- are all coming in here you are asked -- acupuncture treatment. Yeah actually. I found out in the rules that are in the end and -- really -- can't think Terry. Well I kind of collecting and -- and acupuncture but after playing here at home. Next. They actually had acupuncture. Department. The -- -- to. India and. Integrate it yet have an integrated at a French parent -- At least -- But I don't know -- should the younger but I do not back expert's expert has really you know somebody. From my field there. Lawyers are I'd like -- Bremerton apartment there if I'm not mistaken cancer treatment centers of America uses acupuncture as well. There are prepared. For -- -- cannot live with empathy and you know at some of that on the knowledge and vomiting. And garlic and the treatment. Yeah well and that's so valuable to me what you can keep people feeling well through chemotherapy or through their main cancers there it is what we're from league. And I shingles. -- after I did know about it. You are with me but Markus and myself Austin it was a we can after two weeks to -- pretty early. In -- room. And listened to week's news here. -- And you know. So some people so we do we get this product is you can spray -- And ten support waterfront is a lot try to legislate it worse so I don't largest superlatives to actually hurt for a patient and it it. So it's is tough and because of ours. That's environment -- our roots of -- prescription -- you can use to help someone and -- browser. Returns to work. Giuliani in the prescription drugs I mean I had a patient in the day came in who had to be on a -- -- and two different payment who's taking orally for shingles just nothing was touching. From a and this is some producers cases that should. You know unfortunately I mean -- we get train wrecks because that can't try to get that thing sounds. Via next time in some of them -- you. Yeah. A -- -- I want complete wreck that you've been there -- -- and it only got email is right up front. It'll be -- completely. Right. Singles again on the radio real question. Mr. -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't care -- -- much unity career. Ailments SE so and so everything's on election pretty healthy for from these. As I get older -- -- -- those times. And so. Changed. So once again you're majors -- tone. If that is that the world sooner people's pharmacy sinners but they're. Next to the store bucket. Over or by compact would really -- justice. Don't have a really dedicated area. -- my hips and. For the tops -- you know what we used to multi use space in the back and we just projection protected up and also people can see the presentation it's great we can. -- a fair number of people. So yeah -- rather. It is Friday yet if you're thinking about coming up to. Seed James taught. If you would give us Colin -- CP so we'll have a chair ready for you it's 2198600. And that really. You know it's going to be great putts it's different option garden lots of people -- And prepare them in the event was at my current that actually out -- have a -- outside -- and yeah and I think what makes and -- There's. -- there's one problem with -- some. It's free. You should be charged for. -- there are a lot of things. So just wouldn't -- just bluntly here but it does come -- and sit back and George. Was less about an hour. Okay. And are your life to learn this would be very good because it's amazing what you can do region. At any merger plan lots of people have tried all of -- -- tried melatonin they tried some the other over the -- things that they maybe haven't on this -- -- I think it's. And it can be really good information for people who struggled with sleep for a Long Island who really. You know meet some other solutions. -- should definitely you know touched -- so. Going to. I'll I'm gonna say that I never met with the -- To record high pollen count -- and it probably alliger project he income people -- On that I rarely have a ninety and a little bit and I. -- them out hugging me and you'd look up to this disaster. Actually armed in a lot back we have I have available back immediately coupled with fear and actually here we have what. I think -- your hybrid account not only in the air. Yeah and that I would give him a lot of people -- last -- I'll probably go over a little bit what options there are exactly you might have a problem. -- -- If that sounds pretty fantastic -- people are really struggling this year. -- what it seems like a lot of people's near their normal things that are using for allergies are also just not working. We need their parents are going full -- So there's lots of things you can -- It is -- Which and I hope you -- it's a turnout and we. Rule yeah I -- I ever had people go this these seminars -- an impressive. Year Hampshire go through which to come along. It's just so. Which -- doing so -- Actually as a big is a big problem with a lot of people. We get questions about try this I -- justices and causes -- tolerant and they'll see an. Or shortly but. You know they'll see -- need I don't -- -- -- times -- Benoit. But it does work for a lot of people with a similar trap that did work and try this doesn't work -- these things. Now we you know we need to get a little brochure or something about you which are doing so that we can. And two people and conceive. And do that. But OK yeah. Harsher economic. Yeah. When you hit the stores so people and sentenced to be vigilant missions. OK -- thank you so much for being with us. It and have a great weekend and a gruesome hit OK okay. We're going to take break. We're not talking about and labeled. Little -- of this movie coming out unacceptable. Levels. It will be up to the you know there were go that's the -- specifics. Eleven. -- More of let's get healthy is coming up after these messages on talk thirteen seventy yeah. -- -- Seven. This is -- royal group. -- about something that he'd go to this rephrase. This company well worth the money. The process the props go to the former ranch freedom last penalties these. People with these local forms and all that destruction someone you know which is great great. Video we. This year we have lawyers were -- -- in -- way she could come tonight on this show her combined might actually because it's it's a week away it's a week from what -- again next week to. But I want you to tell if you can. Because they have to have a certain number five shortly probably -- so the numbers right now. You go to UGG dot com. For tickets and information more from mission to UGG dot com -- I'm sure that needs but -- You can call restore it to you it's too but yet to get tickets has to. So acceptable levels and just the best ways for me to. Tell you -- brown is a he his father seeking to urged the world which is where operations of children. So to create this documentary. Wonderment and his camera travel which to solidify an interview about minus the field of science. Efficacy and low. Its competitors to the opposite is true mystery of how the chemical revolution. Roster where we are and what where -- -- where we should not go. In the future appropriate bigger -- or let's listen to. A little. That the -- the movie it was about so just just government -- -- will be right back after. 8080080000. Chemicals in these companies are free to put it here on the market with zero information about hypocrisy properties. You look at some of the things that are on store shelves today and you. -- -- We've products on the market and nobody knows if they're safe or not and nobody's testing and because they don't have to I don't I take chances find something could be really bad for my family. That's the game. Chances are you've bought them already yeah. Almost all of our consumer products are made up of chemicals and a lot of those chemicals are harmful they're different chemicals that are different levels and it's getting it was every conceivable way. And so your body is ground zero in the battle. Pollution that's the fundamental change that's happened. Insistence that any future development. These things can all be affected by Gary Small amounts of chemicals well somehow we have industrial chemicals floating around our bodies. Do you think one of those would be enough but 232. -- it's kind of hard to say what's going on. You know when people start wanting to know about this stuff. When somebody in their family is cancer. Horrors. Learning disability people say to you what what are we need -- -- that please -- -- serious. Every. So -- ago this is going to be a great movie. Oh and acceptable levels. And Lexus can be well on us again this weekend this weekend will will talk about. In place of war movies you conceive with some but it's. Really don't -- putting. In our bodies on bodies and X -- We got about a minute left our list so it's about -- -- room briefly all. They found out now can be used treat depression treatment. So just be careful because -- taken we have to it would take to tell him -- consistent year. Actually it doesn't help affected next spread of the flu in conditions were so. -- -- us are -- to please sir I think song basically run. It is are things because we got stale it's gonna try to. We'll -- show for listing you'll have a great weekend and -- hope that doctor -- -- of mr. rector. You know to donate. He's excited to what 982 and I got 600 the Clinton honest and and gutless little -- there are. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Tune in next week for another edition of let's get healthy with bills whale on talk thirteen seventy.