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Real Estate Radio Austin with Steakley & Stubbs, 1/19/14

Jan 19, 2014|

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You're listening to real estate radio Boston wins -- glanced -- on talk thirteen seventy. Now might -- in studio when -- post local real estate and finance experts state couldn't stuff it's. Good afternoon everybody welcome to real estate radio with stately -- this is the most important our radio every Sunday right here on talk thirteen Seve from fortified -- our goal. As always is to empower our listeners by educating you about every aspect of Euronext -- real estate transactions. I am your host Stephen stake -- might in MLS numbers 274124. I'm a branch manager and mortgage banker was supremely ending the Texas team at supreme lending. A city with my esteemed colleague my friend my co host mr. Jason's -- -- guess how we do and days. -- fantastic. -- -- -- treatment and good we -- that still baby shower on had a mean we have about sixty people out there about twenty. Five kids run around and and the rest for. Or or guys and gals that we know and support us and I mean it was fun -- old dance dance party you know the little. The video games they have ninety -- from the TV now you can stack up like 34 or five people. And we just we have we had a dance off its feet out of articles about it -- were blessed to have such a great -- you know I felt bad I had to mrs. Clinton and I got this problem in January -- -- priorities comedy into the nurses in the most most people the deer season -- courses over. You know let that be ended December book so I'm on a level three gave me it's mirroring its really time probably in February. The funny thing is is you ask me to go and I seriously thought about it you did -- -- -- wait let me think about that don't -- community text to be back and like perhaps maybe -- her -- Our fifth if it unless they get about you and I was fifteen -- of -- about the job. But if -- people of Iraq do it again I don't know early next week and I'm super excited once once a year the state police million. Get together and we -- -- annual outdoor trip we're going to be -- Nazis to bone hill. That's the honey club that I'm on which is out and sinner -- anybody's familiar with sinners. It is or Centerville. The rocket that anecdotes just general for the real trees are to -- of -- an athlete of that pine country top official high country. Lots of bass fishing in big -- and we're looking forward to my brother will. We didn't property group my dad Indians basically who's also within property group we do once a year. Really eat a lot of meat products always -- and drink some adult beverages and justice can cut loose some lot of usage without the kids this and just do -- thing colts Daniel -- trips. What about -- when we got planned this week well. We've got another another baby shower coming up we're we're doing that Houston. But me and I've got a road -- -- coming -- -- -- there's benefits have a high school pumps are college buddies that works for Tito's. And mark my buddy Jim -- has got all the -- got the snowboard trip like we're talking in Tito's vodka handed Orlando right -- I'll stay our our boys -- -- -- dead -- -- -- -- -- -- sponsor in the past the out there to rodeo and they do a lot of things but I -- on more importantly he's a good friend of mine and my favorite band has had their laps showed red rocks and -- has been around rocks but it's out there. Out of the little south of golden so -- an hour south of boulder and it is like the best in youth outdoor venue. I think our country every course that's right here up in their couple times but there -- it's like a mountain and they came and dynamited mean blew -- hole hole in this. I though I've seen tons of pictures of old -- at the theatre -- -- and a lot of friends -- fallen -- widespread yeah that's ahead Alex we still account he's a threat I have actually seen -- trader at red rocks I'm not a huge widespread fan so folks out there listen you have probably. It would would kick me in my gym for that that's probably not. Listen yeah so we're we're gonna go see Austin's own ghostly observatory. On Monday yes they -- great and an opt out was lucky enough to get a hold of them when they had their five song EP album and I got that handed to me buyer and that that south by south lesson I think there's twelve people in the audience watching this guy. And -- -- and put it out there but. The guy next semester and she is awesome he has its eyes my cousin for -- -- equity divided the first. I didn't the first time that I some over at the Mohawk and a pizza on a life. It she -- what bill she's -- in the AS -- there is a partner with a little Hough was an excuse but to do that it could be a -- I guess I'm -- out of -- So anyway after the red rocks we're we're gonna head over to two keystone which is. As a personal little place in my heart I love that place -- -- -- down to earth it's not like Brett -- any of that stuff it's awesome and that may sound elementary but snowboarding is -- on my favorite things to do besides the fishing and -- side so well I'm excited to get out there do little bit of that ten year deal it is its regular takes a quick little three day trip and you know we get up there and and you know popping and -- now -- kind of what we at all that's a serious three day trip it is god -- mile wide nearly wiped out we're gonna be deceived the office. On Monday now. That he would data wherever yank him out. -- -- while excited about that so good week coming up Tommy and -- you know new year here we go harming her eat you -- will be busy doing their office -- We are we are our brilliance where the Texas teams that supremely ending. I looked at the stats. For Friday night and we have taken nine B eight loan applications. In the first two weeks 20142014. -- and just tell you that's about double. The pace of -- were this time last year and I don't know whether it's a low inventory none of the higher interest rates. Are getting people off the fits but will take it. A figure than any. I was thinking about that on the way. Actually -- to frame the two workouts one else thinking about us of why we know what's causing all this and -- I don't know far right or wrong here help me out but I was just thinking that that may be realtors are just kind of used to holding on inventory. Over the holidays in maybe they shouldn't just fired off a minute probably would've sold so you know they kind of hold hold hold -- release I mean maybe we can we now. We have Brian Katie we we didn't probably group on the show back. -- December right and he was talking about we arrest and make recommendations to people when they should list their property and they're looking to do a spring sale and he was saying that he didn't. Recommend people list their homes between December 15 to January fit right. And I think in violence there after throws out but don't come market that I need for Scotia up for absolutely it is hard and I just don't think you can't wait I don't know I mean with what we're still seeing multiple offers were still seeing four and five contracts. Go on a single property were still seeing people beating over the asking price as having get into this stuff. I don't wait folks Armey here here every week I don't really think you can think about moving to think about put that house on the market just do it yes we're going to be talk him later on the show. To David Tate and David is with the heat team of realty off. I'm excited about -- this guy on -- -- known about it for awhile I've met him briefly. Over the holidays holiday party for for realty Austin but yet he they they know what they're doing those guys got will be experience there. The -- TV realty Austin in general coming out would have put an outstanding list of students and -- they have over the year for sure absolutely folks if you just turn to an Indian. You know if he just started listening to this show. We are experts in all things real estate this is. A real estate show about Austin, Texas we talk real estate we talked mortgages we talked investments homes condos. Home purchases home refinances and come home equity loans to put in cools the cache of college. We talk about land purchases pretty much all things realist coming transactions that we do last year we did 60600. Transaction so what. I mean what reason why Bob -- wanted to bring that up this guys if you're out there and you want to refinance buyer home remodel your home if you need pain -- -- a plumber feed electrician. We wanna be your resource utilized us. And you can do that by given us a call had tough 51291988. Or while on our website realist stay radio atx. -- out you make you eager for not that aggravation for us on the air you can actually there's a little welcome page and click on their -- your email address in the years -- Stubbs will give back. -- with your questions. We can set you up for the next -- real term and we have them on the show almost every week yes so uses -- resource to use us as you work. Real estate -- years. -- that's what I like to put it can't put it there again at an off fair number 51291988. All right guys. Every week we could not do this year though with our sponsors -- -- take a second think our sponsors wanting mr. Ron -- hero. Rod is the CEO of the real estate radio network to elect a big guy Bob Wayman he's would -- -- insurance great local insurance guy. At least send Tiffany over there at the patent law firm. Sam knock him with -- best credit repair and mr. JT hasty with Wesley power washing -- need to clean that house up. To get ready for for listing. Power wash the or just springtime make mom happy and put a shine on this thing and -- you're gonna have. Can have that though runs all of of the drive way you'd get rid of all let him get Wada and we get him in. And I want to get him out to my house and I've got three sides. That all sandstone limestone south and it's looking -- so. -- for the ladies out there this is kind of like in the facial peel the how I hear that you're good figures off of that house units at its gonna look great and it's extremely affordable and I got ways to do -- that actually. Save water 68080. Sponsors you can contact us 51291988. Find us on the web real estate radial atx dot com. And -- will he be contact information for each of these guys let's let's continue to sheer. Business with the local Austin businesses that's important folks keep this Austin economy. Going five local. Well our -- -- just a little bit lungs let's go ahead and take a quick break we come back we're gonna have mortgage matters need in our business mortgage. Does matter yes Jason and I both work for. The Texas T you know -- supreme lending industry we're going to be talking interest rates are going to be talked in the 2014. Austin housing market in trends. You won't want to miss this stay tuned. Being denied home -- can be devastating to you your future and your family don't go and getting a mortgage a loan. Talk to us sex is best credit repair and build a realistic roadmap. We can improve your credit score by 100 points in just 45 days whether you've been declined a little for a first time home -- we have the knowledge and tools to help you get approved. Call us at 51230. Wait 6000 or at Texas best credit repair dot com Texas best credit repair local service delivering real estate results. Did you know that insurance is the second leading expense in the economy. And with health insurance rates and rising at a record pace in property tax going up and home insurance rates increasing 30% year over year people are fed up -- shrewd choice on your auto and home insurance with a guy waving hello morning -- -- tonight. Who's had insurance. Goosen will shop your rate stood dozens of carriers don't fight the best -- we go home and auto for a true choice call -- women had five point 26914086. That's five point 206914080. Six buying and refinancing a property is stressful. So why can't stress -- closing in on top of that spirit patent law firm and our goal is to provide a smooth stress free closing for you we take -- country club attitude -- servants we raise the bar and all facets of the title industry we have multiple locations throughout Texas Spanish speaking in escrow officers and are available after hours on weekends and during holidays and visit PL PC dot com for info patent law -- raising the bar for closing services it's. You're listening to realistically go off. Now here's even. And welcome back. Texas you're listening to real estate radio with stately in -- remember you can always reach us on our offer your hotline. 512900. 1988 or find us on the web that real estate radial atx dot com hi guys we just we just finished talking. About so what's going on instead tonight's life yeah some exciting stuff about red rock and things like -- an important stuff and our revenue for the relief at the nitty gritty -- -- -- -- -- and every -- so before -- get in -- -- matters we're gonna talk about interest rates and stuff like that. Let's talk about something cool we like to do and that's the secret world of pocket listing yes and if you don't know what a pocket listing is. Talk witnessing folks is it is -- home. It's fixing to come on the market it is not an MLS yet -- public it's not public it's not online there are no pictures of it. This is listing that's fixing to come to marker and wirelessly this year though you have an opportunity. It may be viewed this home before all those other people who are -- to put contracts on this home what to do it's the march 1 in line. If you got their passenger town if you live here. If you're looking and if you're in the market you already know but you're thinking about get in the market there's homes out there and I'm even here in this is going out -- -- Cedar Park. Up Allendale northwest market so we'll see diner -- on a ranch area to an antenna switch like me and -- amid all -- you're looking at multiple listing. Excuse me multiple offer situations and in one way. Had to stay out of that is actually if you property afford hits on all the rest of the general public so. I'll go and get started off missing number one is in my neighborhood north would particularly up north would from farmer and OPEC has -- across the domain. This is the 2000 square foot one story three to -- -- up to the green -- And Dutch government sure trees and in -- contests and those Manny -- -- gorgeous out there all green and it seemed to still appliances it's on a cold -- built in 2007. Need in this is north walk on north would neighborhood know -- and it -- on the -- hit the market in May -- to have a little bit of time and -- prices to be around 32325. So -- if you look at the -- -- in -- area you'd like more information on this property. A you can give us a call on this properties listed by Kevin McCourt. If you have interest in this property you call us right now 500 -- QB 512919. Yates could be. Steven what you got. Our we get one over in park place neighborhood which is up in Cedar Park. 2155. Square feet it's a 32 and a half to living rooms this property -- let the market a bit over 200000. The property is at 207 north rainbow ridge -- there in Cedar Park it has a radiant heat barriers extra insulation Berber carpet. The -- Really sell him. Help me with that -- -- house in hand mixes clean it it's clean it's probably that -- modern. New stuff and I guess about 24 and it sounds like all the time -- huge backyard gonna storage shed. This properties listed by gear at Wellesley with H escape Austin century 21. Yes and up next stop is guys blew the last. Last tour starter -- take one be looking in Stein and this is Warren. 2917. Bright -- overlooked is a five bedroom four bath with canyon view you know child somewhat unfamiliar dealer. That's pretty pretty pretty it's got a pool got outdoor living. Outdoor kitchen on this properties listed. By Kelly tape with a -- team realty office today in the house yes -- has -- David is Sears so what she got of their Steve. The last one we have is also in staggering it's it's 12308. Los Flores drive it's a five or. Greenbelt views huge yard with a pool tons of outdoor living and includes an outdoor kitchen which pretty cool yeah. This property is all still listed by Caylee Tate in the -- team with realty Austin who again will be talking to David -- -- hear about the team yes -- who else so they had again pocket -- spoke -- -- listings that have not hit the market that is if you wanna hear about eating more details on these pocket listings are you -- reach out to the realtors involved. Give us a shell out 51291988. Find us on the web real estate radio. Atx not come to hop in their real quick on the populace -- thing if your listener out there in your thinking about -- your property with the nation's you don't have an -- give us a call will throw your property on there will be your pocket -- next week so. You can call us or text. Texas or or hit the web site and will be more happy to. To throw. You're listing on the error or matchups the real true what Everett as -- we'd love to help via. If we can definitely listen up again next Sunday will do populist -- begin with a bring in new sets. Facts of the cool and we like to let's -- a little bit we like to do this every week. When we came in if we have time and now is we like to talk a little tech. In a little segment we call tech corners and basically we have tech items that are helpful. In the real estate market during house's sore or condos or whatever. What do we got up this week it's all right tech -- this week we've got an application. That's called jelly. Majoli peanut butter jelly time -- tell well you know it's it's it's this this that's pretty cool this guy Biz Stone. That probably doesn't ring a bell but Twitter does. They can -- If this guy founded Twitter economy in DC strive for a chart data he's he's -- poor Korea right. -- anyway the basic principle here is it's it's a way that you can use your your social. Network and and your friends and the whole premise is this is your friends it in you or social network probably knows better than Google also were targeted. FaceBook. -- -- -- -- in what they do say take those two. They may put them together so you your Twitter and and your FaceBook kind of kind of merges. And the whole point is saying I think the easiest way to explain this is just go to an example. I was at the W the end I walked in to. -- bathroom of the movie theater Alps while this tile is awesome cool now that tiles in my bathroom and going through the process to try to find that title is tough so you can go -- the W. You beat wash your hands you look down at -- White -- counter tops great we can take a picture of that. Then you can jelly it. In jelly will throw it out to all of your Twitter followers. And the people that you follow your FaceBook friends and their friends and it gives them an immediate. Opportunity to reach out he would say I know that as it's at Florida court or that's called. You have to porcelain -- to about one -- you know whatever it is they can they can give you specifics on that. So. You know basically get thousand professionals Chiming in on what it is yeah yeah that it easily to Google to now it doesn't it's kind of it's he wants to take the place to do -- -- discuss and that. Mr. Biz Stone mr. Twitter. -- he just sinks its you know CITIC Group going in it's I mean how can you Google picture right I mean can she can -- -- that you probably can. But but his whole thinking it's just that you if you walk in. -- restaurant you see a bar stool. Or if you. If if you run into somebody that you haven't seen in awhile if you think some -- famous I mean Indy -- picture that you take of anything you can throw it out there and people tell you wouldn't be here crew can come back and Antalya and you have to believe what they tell you because it's online -- -- -- have you noticed -- -- so anyway that that's tech corner of the way guys every week we try to bring you something pretty pretty neat so if you got one check out jelly. Android iPhone. Don't go go grab it it's pretty collapse. Very cold very collide Inglewood everybody likes to talk about. Mortgage matters -- course Jason nine who work for the Texas he met supreme lending or. Supreme when he did about four billion in a residential mortgages in 2013 so we're not a little company -- worried about forty states. Our local office here. About 29 employees strong we have two more starting next -- -- we'll be up to 31 employees and just pretty great considering three years ago we were at twelfth yet but if and that's all attributed to this is crazy. Real estate market that we have here in Austin for free nice guys to show that has a little bit to do it but pretty -- and we're kind of the big deal in our -- it. Anyway let's start up mortgage matter site so some good news rates actually are down a little we got three weeks in a row we've seen uptick in rates and everybody's freaking out -- that's real laughter loads eccentric sector sector. All the economists. I don't know who pays these guys but they're they're saying -- that tell you know the economy is picking up in all the signs -- -- -- the economy's picking up and even into the -- December half the economy's picking up I'm. They thought we you're gonna see -- jobs report at the end of December of 200000. Gains. In the nonfarm payroll and that's what everybody was predicting. Well things didn't go as planned the hand of the economy league written in 1980000. All it takes is this for Smart got to say something stupid and I think to build the market so -- so that it will believe anything they say it is actually so anyway duly fell -- 1101000. Jobs sure which is -- -- excellent that the markets react to stuff like that it reacts with a shot a sharp drop in the stock market with the -- About the stock prices which lead to a nice improvement in mortgage rates so. You know we never want our -- innings we never won her for a one -- we never really seen that stuff drop but. If you're buying a house it's kinda good news for you because the bond market improves and rates improve a little bit. So let's do the rates real quick before -- in the nitty gritty of mortgage matters can not quote rates legally online because like I'm sorry on air because I cannot give you an APR. So we do every week is we just -- be the national averages through Freddie -- -- Freddie Macs and we've moved down a little bit on your conventional thirty year fixed you're gonna be about four point 5%. For a half percent and today if you listen last week. We're four point 625 to four point 75 so that's. That's a pretty good little little jump down that'll save you 25 to 35 dollars a month on a 2000 dollar mortgage folks. -- your fifteen year fixed for Baghdad and a three point 625. Your FHA you're USDA your VA still hovering around for a quarter that's down from four point 375. Week over. -- your Jumbo loans Jumbo loans -- loans over 4171000. Governor a four and a half some and we've -- to the social before Jumbo money is now is chief has conventional gas we haven't seen. In years and years and years and for his mind this is this is Wall Street getting back in the market is Jumbo investors or private banks all right this is private pools of money. And -- the interest rates are fantastic and I think they're really looking for. These high income Americans to kind of bring that market back a little bit long term you know maybe offer make accounts and stuff like that to be locked -- months out. Heck yes. I like half my pipeline for February yesterday did bush could ansari on Friday fess up things again I Wear it where -- notice from the Booth. We got to take a quick break we come back we're gonna continue talking mortgage matters would not touch on. Interest rates a little bit more but more importantly. Let's talk about 2014 let's talk about Austin, Texas what we're kind of looking in in the real estate market. He won't want to miss this state to vote. Real estate radio Boston what's -- and Stubbs has hosted by local real estate and finance experts Stephen stay clean and Jason stuffs. The purpose of the show was to help consumers understand what's really going on in our local real estate market. We are teaching you the why and how to so you'll always be one step ahead of everyone else what you need to sell your home for top dollar. Refinance and save money or even by your first investment property and state William Stubbs can help. Call him directly at 51291988. That's 51291988. Take advantage of speaking with -- -- -- anytime you're entering a real estate transactions. Having someone who can answer all your questions that truly cares about you and your family's best interest is priceless. Gulf state police dogs today and you'll be glad you did. 51291988. That's 512901988. Or you can visit real estate radial atx dot com for more information. And welcome back Austin, Texas you're listening to real state radio with stately and -- and every can always reaches on -- off air hotline at 512990. Mediator finest on the web real estate radial atx Dhaka. I game you're just tuning in we're talking mortgage. Matters we just finished talking a little bit about real estate we talked a little bit about mortgage rates. Talked about me and Stubbs and that will be got going on the week's super important that's you know we went our audience that kinda. Get a feel for who we -- concern you know and I think it's amazing you know somebody's personality can actually comes over the phone picture and you know I I get to see it every day when I take loan applications and were pre approving people for loans it. You actually get a feel for somebody over the phone which is nice. If you get a feel for us he can tell that they were little silly where we're kind of goofy and he's got a he's gonna have to be light -- to be in the business we're in whether it's real estate title. Or a title attorney -- Bora Eva -- of realtor and a mortgage broker whatever -- it's a stressful business and it takes a certain animal -- for each of us to be able to do it couple shows back you mentioned how many people we come up with that it takes to complete the home. Buying train 7070. Seventeen between it's. You know the the mortgage folks. The realtors involve the assistants. Processors -- processors underwriters. Closers funders all the title completely escrow officer aren't the people over the poignant and actually research everything the appraisers the survey here. The inspector there the actual closers. Who appear goes on and on and on seventeen people so. If anybody tells you get real estate doesn't run this country they're full of it yet because it's a major major piece of this economy in this economy back going and so. If you think about buying a house let's do it that's what we do they -- -- and get some advice from us listen to some tips -- will give Diego a term buy something that's fine so that's gonna make everything better in this economy it's if it. All right if you miss the interest rates the conventional thirty year fixed ever afford to have the fifteen year fixed around three point six. FHA UST ABA four and a quarter so those are really low right now. And your jumbos are still sit around for a half so. Something cool though I wanna touch on just for minute. Back in November you heard on the show. Mae and Freddie Mac decided they're gonna do away with the 3% down conventional loan or right now now FHA still has their three and a half percent down loan. And the VA still has there's 0% down loan in the USDA rural and still has their year -- 0% loan. But tech conventional did away with their competitor 3% loan behind so -- back -- to requiring. 5% down on a conventional loan. So what they did there was -- 5% down and then they said well let's allow for a 2% gift. But the borrower still needs to bring 3% of their own money their own money in little Jim -- bank account to the table to buy that house. Well they got a little bit to push back and that the powers that be up there in Washington -- gonna name any names -- who these people are up there. -- -- -- -- -- And this change is gonna come out to -- later on this week we've already be getting noticed from the mortgage insurance companies and from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. They're you know allow all 5%. Of the down payment on a conventional loan to being gift. You're probably asking that did not think it was gonna go that way it did -- this -- -- -- Grassley would gift is a gift as when a family member. Or not aunt or uncle or whoever comes to insist that says little Jimmy I'm gonna give you too angry and towards the -- this house. So they can DB 5%. Of the down payment on a 95%. Conventional loan. All can be gift Oscar race -- just when you got -- sources in no seasoning your house or. Well you'll you'll source that you do a gift letter home from the relative affect if it's. That the government loans allow -- also. But I with the government loans mom and dad have to show bank statement a lot of time mom and dad don't like the show and thanks to and its fifth so the conventional as you actually don't have to have the statement you just have to have a receipt of the wire showing that it's coming out of their bank account. And then receipt of the wire heading to the title company and then a gift letter which is something no Linder. We -- supreme -- will provide due to fill out her -- neat neat product he says if you first time homebuyers for those of you were a little bit short on cash. Mom and -- your rich uncle Jim become men. -- year sorry gift to you know nothing 5% down payment. Andy get into it you have as you guys just give -- engaged out there and you look at buying a house I mean that's a perfect Honda to get that house gift so. Seems he's coming decent credit and if you flatter and yet he gets good credit to get a stable job and -- in there and conventional loans are really not that hard to get folks the reason why people do FHA loans typically is because they got credit problems -- If you don't have credit problems conventional as the way to go all day long. Because FHA now and he didn't hear from us last year FHA has lifetime mortgage insurance. Lifetime monthly mortgage insurance the states on that -- forever whereas conventional on your mortgage insurance falls off what you paid it down to 70%. Loan to values -- basically. Your loan balance vs the value of that house once you get down to 70% your monthly PMI can falls off your whole payment goes down. And your clear -- and stay in the house for as long as you want to. -- -- a neat neat deal I think we're gonna continue to see a little bit of loosening of the bootstraps go and into 2014. As Jason Mitchell last week I don't think we're anywhere near seeing the stated income loans come bash is it passes just yet we're -- -- -- -- a couple years of but it says that this is NIC you know it's it it helps people. And the -- fills a gap to move in that direction it doesn't mean and it fills a gap that you'd be filled. Because that -- you first on home where proven 5% of their own funds in the bank was tough -- was tough and back guys let's get in to Austin real estate market let's talk about things to look forward to it -- fourteen. -- so this is pretty cool. To. Austin master planned communities we're listed as the nation's top sellers away if you we believe that's right here in Austin, Texas. Top fifty best selling communities in the country it was in any report by John Burns consulting this -- at once a year security. Crystal falls. None of anybody's been out there crystal holes beautiful rolling canyon views. I mean -- as pristine Texas took injuries you can give it to your beautiful golf course out there you know lots and lots of -- here. It used to be kind of hard to get to him yet but says and I am a catering it's got to eliminate your ranch and and before the told roots my commute to the office who -- -- three in my OPEC was but 25 minutes. But senator right now door to door and about twelve -- because at Cedar Park it's front door. Could do -- office in twelve. And at my brother in law actually lives out there and crystal balls. And his commute in Dawson I believe he tells me is a little under twenty minutes. So if you can imagine that when you're out there all the way you know past. The Cedar Park center the -- hockey games are. Although ended ended yeah central Austin in 20/20 five minutes here. And the prices. That you get out there and Leander I mean you can get a 5000 square foot house for 500 grand. There's an amazing amazing homes that. You know in downtown Austin lot of custom stuff out there crystal falls Soo beautiful stuff in downtown Austin yeah you pay a 1000002 million by and for something like that so check out crystal falls departed on a web crystal falls. Dot com. Let's see what else we get says the other master planned community which was in the nation's top fifty best selling communities is terra Vista. They're around for a guy get a free tennis that there Vista we disclosed his lone. Probably. In October I'm so glad terra Vista made such a come back our member when the market cry a little bit and everybody was paying any children to hear this all foreclosures were were -- a lot asks. Yeah builder for did not sell lots back to developers what developers love Maxwell and how it came back because now around -- is completely command that we got a bass pro shop compliment Alter or how about that ruling and of that -- blows your style and that's not -- six or and gander mountain out there which has. Really -- and let me get some really big box stores company -- -- -- around -- you know a great place to live to see over the next few years for sure. -- terrorists. 249. Homes sold Interior Minister in 2013 while that's a -- and I didn't mention crystal falls. The sales and Kristin Holtz was 305. Homes. That's that's you know a home every business day pretty much going to go in and around here. So incredible to make the top fifty cities the top fifty communities there was talk in the communities -- cities in us has a big deal not. -- and let me just note -- that -- seventeen master planned communities in Texas at Austin but Texas. Made the top fifty list folks this is a big deal. Texas maybe we talk about this every week we do. Talk about all the businesses come to Texas how we got little delay in doubt they're in the suburbs which were built now. I mean this this is a great premarket -- in a great long term market to be in buying a home by Lillian in taxes are specially in central Texas. How can you go home now get out there contacting good realtor let's let's find something -- to -- and I would ask again on the -- here. Got some data points that spotlight past and present Boston market conditions so. Basically from 2006 to two dozen thirteen we -- about this little bit last week. The central Texas area added 343000. Residents all right so it's about 47000 people per year. Moved to central Texas. But the apartment construction in the single family building permits didn't come close to reaching the need I -- so what they're saying is. On a year to year basis from November 12 November 13. 8900. Building permits. All right so get 27000. People move an -- you get 8900 building permits and that's apartments and houses that is weighed down and take that back to the mid 2000. And we were seen about 171000. Building permits per year. Now whether it's the land positions whether it's you know our our great city government down their make a little bit more difficult to get building permits. You know we got to pick it up we got to pick up the pace and weeks we said this a little bit last week we know that the builders are giving those slot positions. And we knew -- probably touched on this maybe a little bit later but I know that. Leave it sound Morse and companies just picked up 12108 curse out near crystal falls -- And done when the big the big gap investment companies out of Phoenix has picked up 2000 -- -- -- while that's a that's a big. Big place yes it is for those you just tune in you listen to -- radio stately and Stubbs. If you guys have any questions when he temporal state are re models investing refinance your home -- home we need to realty you don't have -- -- up put your house in the market. Give us a call if you wanna know what your house is worth. Give a -- we can get that done for no charge at all our number 51291988. Stephen what's got on the agenda -- well. Still talking about past and current market conditions then there -- things that to touch on. Is in 1981. You interest rates were 18% and we left about this again a few weeks I think yeah I was couple weeks and my dad had nineteen or so percent and he talks about a kennel like that here granddad talked about we don't -- uphill both ways in Minnesota school if I -- -- I had 18% interest rate. I can't even imagine eighteen percentage during the they had it. But -- basically that the US economy in 1981 at 18% interest rates sold 600000 homes. Well 2013. They built about 600000 hopes. All right so your every year you know here we are thirty years later -- for thinking about it with them that the pace. That the economies during the -- this people are coming to the state of Texas up. Low inventory folks. UK it's really really difficult to find your dream house of yes so don't wait it's not going to be better. For several years and when it is better rates are gonna be back up to where they used to be historically you know six and a half seven somewhere in there. Which compared to your four and a half today. He talked about two or 300 dollars per month maybe 400 dollars per month if we touch 7%. More than if you bought a house this year yes. So that's seen any else interesting we're getting Nelson one minute sign for our youth and I think Steve Stricker story in Dallas -- banging on the window. Well let's so there's a lot of apartment buildings being built downtown. And there with a low inventory and it's something that hits raiders also the nobody ever talks about but their thirst. People out there developers talking about her requiring longer term leases. On apartments right downtown so some of your six month tier one year -- they're gonna be requiring a two year little piece. Hurt somebody got turned down with over 600 credit scores. I mean that's what you see when you got 98 occupancy levels on average across our city and surrounding areas they're turning -- mean pull their pull your credit. And I mean at 600 credit scores. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 120 days because they must sound and let that get started first here I -- -- let's take a quick break we come back we're going to be talking to David Tate David's with the IT team of realty Austin we love that group -- Justin. You won't want to miss this stay tuned. Being denied a home loan can be devastating to you your future and your family don't go and getting a mortgage a loan. Talk to us Texas best credit repair and build a realistic roadmap. We can improve your credit score by 100 points in just 45 days whether you've been declined a little for a first time home -- we have the knowledge and tools to help you get approved. Call us at 51230. Wait 6004. At Texas best credit repair dot com Texas best credit repair local service delivering real estate results. Did you know that insurance is the second leading expense in the economy. And with health insurance rates and rising at a record pace in property tax going up and home insurance rates increasing to 30% year over year people are fed up and shrewd choice on your auto and home insurance with a guy waving hello morning -- -- tonight. Who's -- insurance. Goosen will -- -- rate stood dozens of carriers don't fight the best rates would go home and auto for a true choice call -- women had five point 26914086. That's five point 206914080. Six buying and refinancing of property is stressful so why can't stress filled closing in on top of that. Garrett patent law firm and our goal is to provide a smooth stress free closing for you -- take -- country club attitude -- servants -- we raise the bar and all facets of the title industry we have multiple locations throughout Texas Spanish speaking in escrow officers and are available after hours on weekends and during holidays and visit PL FTC dot com for info patent law -- raising the bar for closing services. You're listening to real estate radio lost it -- -- and stuff. On talk thirteen seven. Welcome back Austin, Texas you're listening to real estate radio with stately and -- -- -- always reach us on our off -- hotline at 51291988. Or find us on the web at real estate radial atx. Dot com. Apparent gang here we go we're gonna live in a segment for her we like to bring in a local professional a realtor as he's expert advice on all things real estate here. It atx apps we've got to mr. David tape in the house mr. David -- is with. The -- team of realty Austin we're huge fans supremely ending are huge fans of realty -- just -- and a ton of business -- way yes but to you can't get a better group of folks over there. David welcome to the show. Most readers take them. So David I'm real sure custom home builder developer. -- how do you help you get in the business trying to make a buck is expected. To. I grew up in the excavation business and -- well doing that I sort of setting architecture. And that led to building and I moved Austin in 1980 and needed to gigs so I it's sort of building. And did restaurants downtown -- 63 and eighty -- -- is an elderly -- -- we've just got touched on ladies a little bit ago those 18% interest rates you remember those Jimmy Carter days -- that this happened just before via the night so or you're also an architect. Unlicensed are unless. I've done design build three years. I didn't have the patience to stay in school -- get a degree got you. But -- custom home building developments -- a lot of stuff going on so you work with the team I understand. Tell us a little bit about your team. It's my wife Kelly and I her hand. Several years ago we -- working together in real. Mainly focusing and realistic I can shut on the building for years because we focus on that just. So we could have more time with each other and more time with their kids. You know eighty hours a week her run real state yeah -- and we may build -- just kind of consumed our lives. Get together team he takes on she takes on the sounds like a perfect fit housing going. Would it works well it works well good finishes -- yes -- -- -- is that -- there at that side and we had a little. A little meeting at the coffee shop out there and insider -- -- man she's she seems like she is ready to go in 2014 easily see you slowed them down there a little bit with the building the development and your folks and more on the real say sales. Yes mostly real estate sales end. Developing. Tom from developing some -- some. On lake also waterfront lots to talk about those and everybody looks like Austin Lisa and I. Lake golf man -- have got webbed feet I didn't and now I love lake costs I've grown up out there and -- we kind of claim and his as the weight board. Where wake boarding was born in I think there's little place on the Orlando little hospital argues that but for the most part I mean I think that's where it started out I. I love it so it started back released a -- her face perfect ever really good look at it the little things over the feed me in all that's. If so what's wrong with these -- what he'll do better Obama somewhat old Truman water skiers that -- an old man and still ski tournament do you really -- so daylight runs guys get out there early. This together to get other before the wake boarder yeah he goes out committed -- -- water flowed over the years I've had a lot of buddies that that. Were some of the founders of wake boarding in the have been doing of revelry and author wrote I know a couple those guys coupled little lake Austin they're still doing it. And wow good for them good for them. Sort of -- of the lot -- developing. Just in a preliminary stages of developing some waterfront lots and we will probably so few laughs but mainly wanna build custom homes on America so that property what what size lots and and where are these going to be here can you can you -- Can't really say where right now what do we say lake also got it got -- and I don't think I don't weigh heavily and tied up yes got it was. We're in that process but. Soon there will be -- -- slots. Three to. Approximately three acre lot while. That is fantastic. One though they've got to be out not end because there's just no lots in so yeah I got a little idea but guys you're looking to to build on lake Austin and you can give us give us a call in -- can cheer up a Davis contact information as well. David if if there are listeners out there listened for those you just two and then we've got David. -- here with a -- T realty Austin or talk about developing lots only costs and come and if you're interested in doing that how to get in touch with the. You can email me David Tate at realty Austin. And Tate -- TH ATDs have. David -- -- realty Dawson my phone numbers 512632. 8272. My partner and bride's number is 512 and. 7505777. Cost of car modern -- Yeah -- and realty Austin I think we say that a bucks on this show but I mean Hillary real estate breed husband wife teams -- it is. Well it's is it helps I mean with the time in and all that mean you can't be passed the -- on that two people were Canadian -- them -- -- more of affiliate out for sure -- it's great it is usually -- on the boat you know hey -- -- have a vote -- -- -- calls absolutely. So we have realty -- seems to be a popular choice these days so what did you -- I don't realty -- You know probably. -- I was their branding users. The branding is beautiful but rights are geniuses I'm I'm a fan I've just met him at -- -- when I'm Matthew over at the the Avery ranch. A holiday you client appreciation party and in those guys are just ray and I mean they're Smart they can be to bring these fantastic. What else. Professionalism half -- registration company via the reputations in very professional. They have. Many of Austin top producers in the company. And there really are real estate web site search engine isn't just the none compare it it and sent it it is -- and almost as a -- everything. I could you know act I got to research like property taxes and mutually -- on how's this when I'm fixing to get a contract in and do the pre approval of somebody's. And everytime I search of properties for the like thirteen 01 Wesley drive -- -- realty Austin number mile and I know exactly where to look on the real Justin pays to find out with the property taxes are with the school district is the NATO ladies all that's up. When it. As far as a tech company a tech real estate company they got it that if they get it done -- they've they sure do there's no doubt about it so we're we're we're talking a little bit about about developments and and and building only costs and I mean you you've been a custom home builder for listeners out there that are are taken that are making that choice to not do any track columns and actually you take take the big gamble the risk or just -- does make in the decision of a building custom home what are they need to know and choosing a custom home builder. Number one find somebody that you feel calm -- with you build trust with him they really get what you want to understand what you want. And then you know good documentation. And good architectural documentation got you then. Really know which one up -- more you can decide -- -- to block him the better off for going to be through the process. It seems to me that challenges of you knew you sesame we can even use. The lake Austin lots as an example but. You you have this picture of your dream home in your mind. It you guys actually access to put that on the ground that that seems to me like you would be pretty big challenge. It's a challenge and that's where you really need to build communicate them. You know understand what each other's. Needs are and expectations are what do you give media and other Latin I need about another 4050. Years -- -- give you call the it happened I Thomas. Development only costs and know what else is what is what else is up there foot in rough hollow and -- wait another waterfront community we all know that that you're specializing liquid. I specialize in central Texas -- but but we really do. A lot of business in lake -- and rough hollow represented a custom builder out there Yates custom homes so nice he's fantastic and easy to work worth. Very good very professional. We have one property were finishing up. Probably within 45 days. It'll be under age fifty years has great views it's got courtyard cool because. Kind of a modern edge design a beautiful place it's well. So we got that I'm sorry we also we've got about ten lots -- -- tests -- really lots so we can build anywhere from. 802 you know 510 million world good -- I don't follow yeah. Hi it's kind of a dream up they they did that really cool. Community park with a moat in the bar to fill -- and now they're I don't know who's in charge they're -- but I love that's for their rough and it -- -- -- -- Is out there look guys as real estate realistically studs were fix the finish up with with mr. David -- that eighteen real T Austin. -- just to agree group over the you know David. Tell everybody how we get a hold you -- your -- one more time. Once again you can email set -- team at realty Austin dot com. My numbers by one to. 6328272. Kelly's it is 5127505777. Possible hey we really -- thank you David for coming on the show look forward to working with you in a good luck in 2014 -- luggage back on the show sometimes and so thanks a lot like -- -- I got some shameless -- of a lot of property you have got that are fantastic we have -- tabs in the and Hyde Park area we've got I've got a fantastically Boston waterfront tossing. Anyway yeah well let's let's talk about those later shows later this month for sure let's let's put it all out on the table again. It definitely are good we appreciate you -- -- they want to -- -- -- guys that that's the end of our show we hope you learned a little bit more. Today as you move forward towards your next home purchase will be covering much much more coming weeks are remembered always to the end real estate radio with stately and stuff. Every Sunday fortified PM right here -- Thirteen seventy let's go buy -- house. So politics it's. Not all applicants will be approved for loans home loan program -- -- annual interest rates of change them and are subject to underwriting and approval. Supreme when he is not affiliated with the government agency. Supreme lending corporate analysts ID 2129. Branch an imbalance Clinton nine point 2504. 8800 business -- drives 300 Austin, Texas 78759. Supreme lending has an equal housing opportunity when being denied a home loan can be devastating to you your future and your family -- -- and getting a mortgage alone. Talk to us -- is best credit repair and build a realistic roadmap. We can improve your credit score by 100 points in just 45 days whether you've been declined a little or first time home -- we have the knowledge and tools to help you get a -- Call us at 5123 only 6000 or at Texas best credit repair dot com Texas best credit repair local service delivering realistic result. Did you know that insurance is the second leading expense in the economy. And with health insurance rates and rising at a record pace in property tax going up and home insurance rates increasing to 30% a year over year people are fed up and shrewd choice on your auto and home insurance with a guy waving hello morning and results tonight. Who's -- insurance. Goosen will -- -- rate stood dozens of carriers don't -- the best rates would go home and auto for a true choice call -- women had five point 26914086. That's five point 206914086.

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