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Welcome to let's get healthy with bills whale on talk thirteen seventy. He's here to take your call -- 39013. Seventy. And now. Here's -- way. Well good afternoon folks this is Bill -- we want to welcome -- by even more importantly. -- co hosts psychic. Doctored -- of -- Records -- -- on off the hill now rush there was tossed your time. Yeah that'd be that'd be the speed trap on look back at disappointed. Again. That's why you won't major. Ouch that hurts belt let her work and talk about relationships now how about this so. This one way trip to Mars. You know I I've got I've got -- -- got -- topped analyst at the level but on that rocket. Well I think that that's I think that poorly -- Utah has four kids. And he's got he signed up for. And he's so far in the running to go to bars -- when the trip. They sit there and they teach you you stay there arrogance. On Mars to death do you part. So I don't know. Is Alex's when he promised when he murdered two do its part till death or rocket ships to a -- that those videos. In the interest of so I don't know what's gonna happen to in ways she shouldn't Wear regular which an hour later. So you know we it's a segue from ancient so. We've spent much time talking about it. Delusional to call and talk about it by the way you Colin. According to have showed they are now thirteen 73 and turkeys in the course a big thing right now is cedar. We go Laurie Anderson -- -- actually just moved. -- -- -- A couple of children okay we've been developed and says this is kind of like the speed show dresses. It is right that. We used to be that we can't practice that can. I have and have my copy this afternoon I mean any more break -- -- maybe it's just a matter of the fact that me remembering the whole panel because the minerals are imbalanced. Which. Which is true which is true I mean let's face that your that the American history is -- Very finely -- when it comes to its it's its susceptibility to environmental triggers and one of those is that it belts of minerals -- people -- -- -- -- a couple of. Well they do and we need to give them including -- he's. Easy easy way to have noticed when they're Bakken play and how you do that we have -- or give a little in the cup well. On Wednesday and they're graphical sip of the cup. It will know instantly if they have proper. That are already there and -- say. I take something they're they've held. Yeah like it is to. Sell it doesn't like anything it's not like anything if you love. Don't have been our visitors bureau minerals a taste like you drink of water. If you have -- girls. He'll take -- that terror which means you have plenty but the beautiful little cool that they can bring -- what government and that way don't know. I'll Wear tight right now about 99%. Of them all they can't taste of bank. They like water -- one person -- -- and it has been median net. My farm raised food that you talked about the local arbor community. But most of say they'll taste -- -- -- the so why don't agree father did you talk to you. You know I think Africa little simple. Particular critic of undertake home. If they wanna get them and that's another way for them to check in the morning. If their minerals are finally coming up Google took -- turn a different color. -- Robert Tools people for doctor Victor to have that all of this just to say well. Finally get proper mineral levels. Well we talked to victory that would be victory. Though there are finally -- finally got funerals kept it in the well meaning and and you're actually right to play that morals and telling -- telling him that has been used by. Integrative physicians -- -- past -- records for for decades -- your right actually it's it's kind of shocking to see that number of people that are that have. Does such a deficiency in the minerals and yet don't seem to know -- we know that mineral deficiencies and tied it with a lot of different things for example calcium to those he's copper deficiency. Has been widely associated with with chronically ill hypertension. Now. And major major role in the heart itself the besides the pressure. -- major factor apart. Coupled with -- and -- I'll wake and that's another general that we didn't talk about -- involved and at 300. Synthesis of and the editor need all them -- you can get. I remember at left at least -- mr. Wales that well we're very irritable vitamin. Different. Let me -- assets and carbohydrates and productivity not a recoverable mineral. And that's scary that we don't because it's really the starting point if you don't have the girls. All these other attributes of -- you're trying to attain it it's your body's gonna have a hard time -- not coordinated with the proper. Michael micrograms of that girl that's quite easy to get done. And I elected as people -- Flickr so they actually -- My -- and as a catalyst for soul when he sold me. -- -- couple under order 3350. Document is. -- -- -- without magnesium you can have a problem. Yeah so make your heart attack. And even turn. 18 or Jean its release of all by itself that you -- heart attack. My goodness what articles calling things just. That you could ever offered her body as I expect these you know and take -- -- just calls the entire. Vascular tree down and that there just. Is that my -- and possibly via. That the best former vikings can take at night. It's actually is because. These minerals as you ask me to describe the last time that there really -- usual Adam. There in the -- they're part of the current oil. We're always hoped that the minerals in associate transferred into the food but we're fired up that's not happening. And so we have to couple them. What the mile like listeners because. Companies in itself is so highly charged and so I united. As typical for the accustomed to take it up that's -- -- back when. In the sixties -- -- greater pressure on how to help our government get a -- -- by what are pregnant. In the body can resist up taking liberals because you gotta combine them so tell him that he followed with magnesium too worked about. It cannot patent held view on the day that particular piece like you've mentioned it needs to be about who was as a great way to sort. That you or an empty wooden tradition blues. Were so it was just storage that way. -- send your husband to war yourself. They're back -- -- for. Antonio pulled out of VA LE TT in the the SET resistant form. That's standard for. Doctor of science from the pastor of political association that -- its -- places that are not about licensed. And the under Texas local -- and -- like -- the the PM today to practice critical control. Health care return offer. So. You do SunPower. I -- on general when he's still won't do it twice when he's -- if you -- the scenario isn't. Credible to actors who took it. It's got -- on January 22. Wednesday at 7 PM. People's self -- location. And mr. Quayle who speaking to -- but very generous. Two help people that it hasn't happened during that little drinkers felt like that's Italy but it is Beckett -- -- with tens of a 20% discount. Not a complete package. Of what you need to get middle cover we talked about how difficult federal car. Well I have people drink aloe Vera drink it without their medals because that's the best way to. And the federal. And of course up and down here -- to your intestines who has time to get into your body that's where you want it. Go and it's not easy to do so we get the whole package of -- left. Call it greens and those little tests and a way to know that they've actually arrive. Bobo who also. And probably par for a shift of Wesley can put together a really good solid excellency. The specialty and so I don't think both you can. So just column but if you took up there and learn how to eat. Religious outs which you can get you can beat good very very tasty they're. Now. And grains they're great as you know every course and -- I've never receive about the pastor doing any bench presses we've got some big fossils. And a gorilla and elephant belly greens like crazy you look how strong America we -- like we're gonna vote. That's all that you expect it so she's got a hundred guests all Grafton potter. -- there's nothing that's that's the part I like about it no exit and nothing done who has never been heated just off to war to. Just water I -- -- to put a little. That pink well. -- brought up earlier -- -- sometimes we have Adidas from the Antarctic. Technical over the -- and air over the can -- I thought they Marines wearing. Otherwise it but it might. And -- you know. Preparers these -- get ready to give out whatever it is you know and they're throwing things on the ground there there. Keep guns or old Mexico lost ammunition. But for food and water water these difficulties which -- war. But can you could survive one of these products that we have there powder form rightly in the greens. -- sure. They have a shelf life. Quite a bit lot longer than posted because during the processing. We don't need anything we keep a loss of its highest level energy. Still locked -- interest and then -- questions while we're doing that with nitrogen. And then just before we feel that we -- -- my academic. Oh wonderful storage. And one more thing. The bottle itself. It was invented. Particularly by. You're helped to create a very special barrier against -- For. Updated 750. UV light and so forth that cause our addiction to go around branches so it's been thoughtfully. Because. The option -- consumption. -- we can make things nutrients very vibrant and analyse it -- ticket picture of them with a brilliant camera. -- be shocked or light is coming out of these scraps of. -- us and think about it noise I hear you should minerals bottoms are things. These powders and just add water right -- okay. So what are you don't talk about personal. To people know Whitman -- written to mr. -- -- lose. Motorola is the most fundamental. Developmental single pad from which means it's not an animal it's not a basketball. It's nice dark. It's -- not Harman Adam. And they come. Individualized like calcium like magnesium like posture at the potassium and copper Zuckerberg -- that. These are real pieces of beat her putter and some form that we call minerals that make up. Major part of our structure as a human and plays like we mentioned. Many many many functions so it's bad that people don't get the idea that your bones -- -- your connective tissue. Are all they'd have a liberals and if you don't have any. You start having these bone pain that receding gums and wrestled I played and switching and I listen to -- to understand that they're slowly. Losing their function and structure bikers don't give many middle it's not enough food anymore. It is like you had -- -- local farmers have to rotate. Compost and do things like that they have -- their movement in general or are getting the girl power boot. Well there may be a little obviously but that's I think their souls being depleted as Richardson. And or more every year. So you broccoli. And actually -- organic you're probably gonna lose some some future shuttles from nutritional you know crack. So -- -- felt patient you know sure you can buy. Three bunches a sparkly. Or one bunch of -- organic but that one punch you bought organic is worth about five. There and we have actually a brick reader you can actually squeeze the -- clear whether or an apple put -- there -- -- you -- mineral content if they're not the same. OK so this. Discrete about your gonna introduce yet on Tuesday night. What we used to transport tech to -- -- pictures. He's like so so what so it that wins tonight -- -- -- this -- and how do we know I was raised I don't know that it's really. Well that's a good question. Partly the work -- goes into collecting the raw materials. Is unbelievable we talked about to solve the collector with a wooden. So with -- alone for a variety about the -- for the it's not being grown and recycled water we call it that might be something called. A year now where. Its path the water that's being used as has the clean. Form of water the soil is -- work casings and compost and different. Ancient soils that are mixed into the ground that the these Kraft Foods have the highest. -- -- -- thing possible that we have a there's every and -- in this. 55. Graph that there is -- one container. We've and we've put multiple grass is because together they cover doubles spectrum. And we also offer if your kidneys are really helping me out actually offer what we talked about that he's in the he's setbacks would quit today. US do it satellite or an offer. A poll that from coral reef under the surface of the water. That's a combination of point 8% calcium. And 12% -- magnesium drizzle and that racial what you need to -- to one. People that are war era corporation a year ago. Vigorous and it's something that knows. He's upset about it if you missed the call re so. It takes to honoree grows -- re so right how this I was assistant wanted to. It's sustainable because the only choral we take is package that not above the water is point below the water and at the very -- Which is another -- another reason why aren't much. We actually don't have much to read we take the coral that's being shed. So weakly to the same thing everywhere in both -- red deer everywhere we don't -- the progress -- Hillcrest that they -- -- take that. The -- a couple of the sailor after that -- and on the tree so we're very careful. What what was that -- into the world organic and sustainable. We don't damage coral Easter Clark -- from the bottom. That's a common cold. Which about things like that is sure which -- assistant whom lectures system or. As sentinels there. On paper yes. It's sure Santonio. The most recent the most important development issues that -- to -- today. The most important war as -- to Austin. Yes and the next one is right reasons either team. And we've heard of the help him in the heat that we need accountable but there's help him being used all -- body. It is the largest quantity is dynamite program is quite a large amount almost look at how. Of counts of first bootleg of micro level what Lekkerkerker mention about koppers that is the micro little party. -- -- -- Pardon this time periods and yet their pay about what. I call mighty little remind -- of mighty mouse you know trying about -- powerful. To be sure to leave fingerprint and if you don't have a and just talked about the blood. The blood cannot regulate properly without mineral. Unquote you just mentioned with the -- support will help him at least. I -- him and called proper -- called a calcium channel bought there's all kind of issues that. Territory rise that should happen if people just got from -- So and Salisbury to please so if you've just got to look at the goodness for council where you've got to ask are you early attack on. And that and the amount of -- slash pro I would. Get. You'd you'd you'd have to drink you know -- A lot and they wouldn't get anywhere near what you get the greens that you mention bickering have a better way to go. -- were accountants and the minerals first it's up. And bill bill vote bowls but in front because he knows he knows when my pet peeves is when people's well you know you drink. I drink a lot of they'll get plenty calcium than ever -- well and unfortunately we know that a lot of these minerals require. During specific PH balance -- absorb calcium for example is. Notorious that it means a good acidic environment in your stomach to be at sort. So people that are taking acid blockers for example purple polar Tums or whatnot camps were the calcium. But but. Dairy by its very nature is Al local ones we will blocker -- you lose the enzyme they'll choose her calcium from -- when -- about three years old so. Which goes back to your point to point that you know it's actually essential that we do get these greens and because. These are actually optimal he balanced on PH wise they got proper completion of these minerals to allow our bodies to swarms of natural form. Right and so true and that's I liked the idea that the body has never asked permission to raise the temperature of the -- to a fever that needs to. -- -- never asked for permission to -- put pressure throughout splitting some would provide disaster permission. Two. -- those things that just does that and likewise -- that the natural progression for minerals secure and accurate given to it. Through the greens ever talked about or other ways. Or the. -- -- or that with -- when Bob I talked to me. And that it does talk to us and even if mr. Collins I just talked to me to it usually serves -- the phrase hey moron. -- You want to hit the funny part that well. The bones and he's our actual -- reserves but not the way more people think about -- there meant to be -- In a very specific form girl like. Deal to give me your skeletal system and -- your teeth -- -- so for -- when we are own the mental problems those reserves. Which were never meant to be used on a regular basis. That -- it's called them. The -- -- get too technical here but micro Chris but I attract the -- and the worst thing about it. It does work like your pocket exposure to buffer top two issues in the -- with the -- from the what. But only temporarily. And that night when you're actually being that has -- and do with a load of stolen the girl that she took earlier Bolton he. It can't be excoriated can't get past and the -- for the body doesn't ask permission -- put that in your side. That meant girl that calls cause cataracts and future to put to the lying there blood -- McCullough -- of the arteries. So this is another reason why you know steel minerals from your own body. -- and ask for permission that'll keep doing it to you finally get the green on the screen and I'll vote. Helping get in here let them let them be satisfied. Not a huge ripple. Where Roger for. -- people called her sources. Minerals. Part of people while people say that people really rich in minerals in the news. So we think about. I think that's wonderful songs you know where you're getting that -- and I hate to always felt like. Respect it's not a car. But there's certain places of the country I would -- to be called. -- and different extra electric factory it is so forth. Hillary get it is from the Antarctic heard and felt problems up there there's no. Hopeful poll the so. Untouched that as these make the most of believable caller hot it's -- Michael -- honey and the pollen that they collect is. And here's what I think. Dollar -- in the kind of all the different grasses -- we make over eighteen different policies and one capsule or you could buy it and that's tough port. Take -- back -- medal because of the mixing it up to her -- from earth that we've found that are clean. Well there's -- saying. Wrote brown have shows some times and -- Byron. Is written -- beehive products Bible. And it talks about when it minerals. It's that dissenters in the US it's also -- -- -- to vote bottom ones. Enzymes -- as a political writers -- -- beneficial for audiences. All of these is packed full. And people like you say. I think where you where you harvest that people in Mexico -- -- Always teased out the idea that should you have to be bothered to show us. Well I'm -- You know Lebanon immediately leave it's gonna. Have to have a prominent and she's gonna have all the mineral but are gonna bring a book about -- policy of the country that. What the people victims -- wonderful and lovely. Lady she's lovely let's hear from her. You aren't we don't want your debut at -- there. -- she's always list. I bet. But we have to run your -- I do I do appreciate you bringing home run you about this and effective they've gotten a good taste and in some. So Google tickers because I'll -- can assure you it will Fiji Water you. What are examples right of these products you have those. Well I've a sample had a test -- that'll for sure I will we'll make sure there's some -- redundancy. -- -- The pollen not the best we can't slip into the last couple days. All of that need. You know that will probably help with the with the -- the chip that -- So the other scored tone we're going to be always it is to do that legal thing like. Okay the season with 7 o'clock right Simmons though she says seven territory second or 2% went Wednesday. 7 o'clock get people's self Lamar. And built well was overly generous for the first scattering to get 20%. Off -- I've never heard of that's quite generous off of everything that's related to this idea of getting their minerals up so that we can have some low hanging fruit for regret it -- Like that we you know we also to tell -- not really in the pharmacies it's in the competition next door. What can be a couple of extra -- the products are going or have one displayed but they get copies of it in the pharmacy right. You know we're we're you know we're we're not trying to say something you can buy a lot of this on purpose to it. We just know that approach you know you'll -- suggesting. You very careful to make sure that it's about quality. That's. Structure carrier are. Well we cures -- Now so. Tennessee is everything else you cover -- as -- -- to run you click OK I think you covered it pretty okay. Why waste wasting it crushed a should be either a shipment -- on whether this great salad nothing that's just in from the south. Out disputes -- -- if you. I think if you don't do that with us again it was into doctor. All right we'll take a break his -- This will -- music to. And ultimately it will be exit if you think so call number is 39 of thirteen so there's 39 and thirteen cents. I'm here doctor Victor -- with Israel and operator of people's house -- -- -- will be right back after this isn't news right by the way. And he's right where we don't know -- we have no news just let us know -- good -- America. More of let's get Hilton is coming up after these messages on -- thirteen seventy. Kills whales I'm told thirteen seventy. And welcome back into the zone this is the what's about to hear on talk radio thirteen seventy. But doctor Victor curry shoot today with the ever ambulance and always knowledgeable adults -- owner operator she. Bottle washer or Austin or pharmacy people's. -- should run. The only question period like it Jonas here on the here that every year is 512. That is 512 let's everywhere -- Austin 39013 seven is the number 39 of thirteen -- Feel pretty question us with the with a meeting in May be out -- come in with him on the wine should be able we have a line. And phenomenal cocker proctor ran. Speaking nutritionist. From Houston and so is doctor rocks and Edmonton electorate an -- Yes sign him hello -- -- have. -- us a regular word taxes out vetoed it works if we get into there's a censure. Petition right. In -- down. South of Houston. Prior general area original. -- But this is cervical health awareness month. So I think we've we have -- talked about it much. But. You know between ninety pitches for. In our 92 blows around. 21990 viewed the disparate range of certain cancer reduced by almost 70%. So the -- screenings may have saved a thousand house. So -- recommend that people make sure that -- -- screen he's not too much. Or whatever two years. Things are carriers that ship which could use some killer. I'm always want to mention that you know the circle health awareness month and thanks. It's important for women to. Onscreen. Action in the past at least least every two years maybe every year in which a doctor says. So. Now Dutton tended to try to send a triggering and one of the things that I found that that -- it's very strongly with women's prep a predisposition or the -- because they didn't eat this place is caused by a virus. HPV virus that and there's about. Thirty different such -- four of which were actually very -- transformers but the likelihood of those fires becoming problematic and actually turning into cervical cancer. Goes up dramatically because people per are very pro inflammatory if their bodies and swing state or very toxic and carrying around a lot of of toxins and heavy metals and things like that. Any weakening their bodies and some difficulties have you seen this in your practice. Yes and you know one of these. Probably most people I mean everyone agree at this. It really it pledged to what you're talking about the environment I -- everyday people make cancer but healthy bodies. Actually can't you know prevent it from getting out of control and that the atmosphere. Or -- thing that I see that its aid breeding ground for cancer is low nutrient status. Low oxygen. Art you know I popped too cute and I it. And we have those three things in combination you. About toxic environment -- literature you spell that just actually. Could create a huge turnovers. Often built into each hit a cancer so. And what were broken cancer. Riches as sound just in Crete port access. And really you know could increase in the methyl groups helping you know. Which I mean they've done and -- all I don't know if you all have read this great country has not increased a look at it and sort out. Korea -- -- there's dirt there's a reason that a lot of that and I don't know if you dumbest Sony your patience that. That second and with that have displays of sobriety all put them on for about you know 80%. You know raw vegetarian diet -- trying to get the the amount of those. Those -- vegetables other fighting nutrients and and we're we -- -- gas and natural foliage that's. But the natives were should drive it and I'm certainly there's been a lot of evidence of the literature using. The -- fully formed doubtful -- -- count on -- -- fully -- but that seemed to work well for providing us as well but you know I've almost view I think that. That triangle for the -- bringing in and it is natural form is probably better way to go than relying exclusively on on supplement. Absolutely and for the people who share. Do not write -- and they do here. And I talked earlier in the book not eating on the go people are on the coach Dave wants you -- -- convenience -- it's. There or not. I couldn't be published -- much education out there that people don't. In the afternoon just light nesting site a real -- it's like plastic. True story -- a little hamburger from McDonald's. Forgot about it. Into look -- trumpeted up and my on top of my closet. Totally forgot about two years later and Newt I hit something -- Florida like that you knew it can be water act to stop by and opened the package and it was eighth hole it was a little small hammer for McDonald's and it was just petrified. It's never been -- the bet racing contracts are hard to pick on me what industry. If if if roaches are avoiding it so should you if -- toxic chemical compound -- -- -- -- pretty well I mean an end of Wilmington Jim Meier my in my upper currently when -- are here often says look it's the back -- -- Canadian bacteria aren't even able to break it down given given the opportunity. What hope that your body. Be able to break -- uses nutrient. And that's true and that's where at the chemical toxicity that's when we know works you know people think they're feeding their bodies by doing it but. It for the people who are not going in getting you know -- Good vegetables and fruits fresh like I believe and hold them meaning showing that one ingredient like broccoli -- -- an ominous altered our car a little reached. If they get deep in the proper form like a lot of people get welcome Molina will have much -- twenty you know. Seemed on the ingredients might note that not a whole series yet it does park motive that it not I'll Carter it's just have one. Word anger ingredients or these people need to start taking in more cities and not in supplement -- important. OK so so let's let's start there then let's assume let's assume for a moment and this is big assumption that people can actually get a foundational good diet. And I would say if you in if you can if you don't know how I would say go once he you know a doctor like doctor murdering ten or convincing me or one the other. You know there's lots of good clinical nutrition strategy should be -- to him but so doctorate in assuming that they've got a good guide -- and do this where they start getting that foundational. Nutrient status back up to talk about being part of the Triad the push for cancer. Well even if there eating. Good like. I am sure you try your patience thinking I want people to -- -- five different states small cities let's hope it's good. -- thirteen. Have a very small target there play like maybe decide that it is a complex carbohydrates. In a -- the -- you know vegetables or sell it spinach and our actual. Even doing that as we haven't -- toxic environments. I had I put them on a new medical clinics called starvation essential there's one or in another one for women it. Can supplement on the goat it'll act form it's very easy. Just grab it I. You know have a picture of naked people think I mean yes they're eating healthy but still need in the pocket while he still needs and help and that is -- -- -- Supplement not like about it there's two more -- and minerals and Biden and then and it has official and it's. For women or calcium with the market crystalline Pataki actually concentration which is good for our help. And then it also has earned a chicken and and that is a really good foundation. And of course on top of that I like the power greens as well track. Theory very nice stuff by the way everybody when you were when you read the Beckham has labels and and I've used the departure and not to mention myself. To read about commences you know one unless otherwise trek in my position latest on doctor -- in the position just chill you to have more than one so you just got corrected. Have more than just one. Now I can break out like this power and they are actually very east during -- Yet they are and you know I'm also train for iron and and people think you know. They look at me tell you must be very healthy and I'm -- option exercises great but over exercise like you know running marathons that's like that actually increases. You know your -- looking for because oxidation of free radical productions from exercise. So how are bringing to an awesome. I mean I'll take to the -- today to try to keep my body -- like. -- acidic environments will -- bacteria. Fungus. -- so even -- I'm doing something healthy. I need to make sure I keep my environment out and -- -- -- you know growing inside my -- What what we're doing in the -- world root for the employee who administered the customer -- Delhi's -- -- -- -- stores. We take the car agrees with the at least for other -- combined to throw the book. And I -- -- it. Can work or used microchip that if you text of the chocolate dark green the scoop that. Low power to even if you want to. In GT. You can could destroy all songs like these men that are Kokomo. And what I used as the basis. This coconut milk. And I'll tell you it's just almost like a -- that bill is -- this bird but is very tasty there's no sugar. For an ushered in the -- and at least that is so sweet. Deal. Yet it is it is wonderful and collect up front like there's chocolate and then -- like a Berry flavor -- there that the Mets players -- each inch chain at different players they're not only you know. -- -- -- -- -- just try this at this very minute. Version what do American bulletproof right up putting. -- -- -- oil oil. In order coconut you know what that -- -- her coffee which. At that two other costs applicable. So it station owner Bob butter -- to create. Really good putter Dakota -- a precaution we're we have access to -- shall we do. So yeah I have to come visit went on vacation and look at you know what else can you what do you write your book -- writing a book. Been written now in its RD term about the launch every pretty much done I'm just waiting. Cute. With Amazon to get on Amazon and also. -- a web site. But it's pretty much it's that it's amazing lighting it is not hard at all this -- a afterwards. -- unit yeah. -- actually went up to launch -- show our. Notebooks and the putter -- do. Luck thank you yeah I could wanting at all you know it. Information that so many people put out there and all my brother died of a heart attack at its breached and it was because -- the -- all the Adelman coached and he just didn't know how to connect the right choices at home you know everyone trying to keep an unscheduled much. For people that are you know lifts. Helps -- while they're in and out of airports -- about Clinton did you make consolation -- now you know I'm pretty much guiding them that you're an airport. Internet well if you're at eight -- -- -- Italian restaurant if you're asking me you know basically here is an option that. -- what she that is healthier choice. -- did what Georgia put call. Call on a long ago. You know what I'd do a thunderbird difficulty of -- Now we're -- we have we have yet to -- -- we have Chris finished week. We -- stores grass finished this photo of a meg -- is just. Business like fish -- finished. And in which -- that. -- -- world. Donor forms in the world has the that we -- That's -- that. And you know what people understand I mean maybe some people know about you know search. Students. And Aaron and there's a Colette thanks and what is that one -- ERX serve Fiorina talks about what happened with. Animals. -- -- -- -- Well we're we're toward there was a cast -- that is CA -- is their compliant feeding operations. And that's what -- your listeners. A practice of felony if you ever failed. The necessities places -- -- felony if you're if you're caught filming for a title First Amendment right here in your -- you -- expose what they're doing. And so you know that's about people become deacons -- possibly they leasing. So but what do you do you do for me what do you do when you're going. Nine. All right when -- I try not eat out very often in his -- and that's eating out I try and yet it. I look coming percent. -- they have. And so if I can I think it could I like like he you know are like. He bachelor and you know words from. In the wild it is you know -- of -- collapse but he's going to cursing out there were also thirteen she bats which steamed asparagus. And -- Sometimes -- fifth. You know broccoli or something that broccoli doesn't. They're pretty uncomfortable I'm organic broccoli educationally really well. And -- or science so have or -- But I am not prepared and sometimes I'll get a dry with a -- I -- -- in and I'm diplomatically inside I prefer most of the outside -- it -- -- and -- -- skinny at all. Term and that's usually what I'll get anywhere or I love all different kind of greens like a lakers finished as well. -- -- there are -- festivals. And by the way these -- chicken they don't use hormones and chicken if you work hard. With the use our rights and these so -- -- -- And I I -- picture you can share or merely. Sergio aggregates it and it all at -- you have and it hasn't been marinated learn about it -- those are the cook cook -- well. I think you know getting what I heard -- aren't you held them you can say can you do this and you just -- -- to do. And probably I have found an anchor and a time. They'll make it -- perhaps -- one. I got when -- like to do -- probably -- I'm trying to play I would get -- and -- And I won't pitch a -- on top with a little bit American -- and garlic. That's wonderful and CNET community better and everyone -- -- ticket in August -- look -- -- on -- that's better than query Kentucky. I'm as -- red lobster red lobster in Austin doesn't from the I don't know where I don't know. If you'll cook an argument to bring -- room and ask him to. More restaurants are starting is that people at every morning at 10. I could eventually it. Wells against the -- and you're getting more more gluten free pizzas. You know there's there's -- begin pizza that almost like. Taken off the northern making it though. Israel -- -- I -- so I don't test market Israel first. But that that's going to be tough because it's an advocate. -- -- -- because you have certain of instruments. Is complete with two. I'm excited though I I am excited you know there are changes like that Obama starts a little bitty. A little -- -- -- on a couple on the water -- first little ripple but I'm excited our future because now people are starting to try to take control of you know they're they're tired of being just that that people are demanding better called. Well a lot of you don't know this but. Being BO. Brohm and -- below. Is in note -- you of these. That drinks sisters flavors so districts. Were to discipline to our very Denktash. They used to what to do that -- -- under the the sisters rather from a floated to the surface it looks yes. Do you believe that they put like retarded sister flavored. Q so what's happening is that people are switching to water using. In a lot of these. Soldiers are losing sales like 60%. And interest to tell her team and six to eight to swell about seven and their -- that -- Cola's diet drinks. So I think that's good because people -- running thanks to you and your books and shows like ours. We're going to show more often because I think people -- educated that you write it. Of course I don't if they're -- that we've put BBDO. Every bone headed visual. And that's just especially when all that's pretty you know. Prominently well but the but the problem is that people like you don't know that that Romney does a lot of things the body not the least of which is against it like poisoning which knocks at your thought. Yes that's certainly out to compete in the same. The September -- that would Bayreuth. But when you go a step further with Coke I mean that's -- came -- with alcoholic -- formaldehyde to get heated up to eighty degree. It is converted. Bordering Kenya formaldehyde -- wood alcohol you're thinking people don't even realize that if -- directory. Typical psychosis that's earth are in the summer being taken out you know I'm the trying to bring -- -- -- they're you know that you're what sites -- -- -- -- -- I -- Not pre diabetic on number one now they got a different problem another drink and about the -- Russia and a few years ago I read. That in California so farmers are pretty pretend. -- to issue water robbers. Michael sweeter. Sosa does set -- we do -- post talkers -- on Tuesday very. So we started doing only organic strawberries -- -- sometimes it's -- -- for error -- their questions to me educate you answer given your your lover. -- finished Armstrong brazen and so with that. Well and integrate it doesn't help but here's a study came out so well last week published the American journal of public health -- -- sixteenth this year. Right according to me get -- -- the national health and nutrition examination survey. Think the people the 20% of the American population that actually drinks died mixed diet diet sodas. I'm actually the consuming more calories because they train their body to bring in this such -- -- is -- calories and overeat. So I mean you know the -- they're finding out that go well you'll lose -- here on these -- no you won't actually. You can date and they can do bad things your body regardless -- We'll with that we don't it was a bullet proof from last year which examined them these -- we take a break here. I'm gonna -- going to handle that I'm gonna carry this book stores you ago. We knew we needed to let us know when we respect and -- talk about it. Another web site to go to you to -- -- about which -- doing DR. Rocks and oral exe in -- the two reasons. Doctor Roxy mint dot com. -- and find out more about the boat can view when. -- any time you would also that would wreck -- -- Just for the heck that was you know who was -- show we just -- -- the -- -- -- plus a special fund for an hour you know. I'm not there and check out these you see straight. -- talk about a bloated musicals. -- -- -- you can actually you can Google -- bullet -- There's all kinds of people. Lou those shows and move. You can read about it you can also you emotionally intimate so it just try and we eat drink coffee. The bullet -- car. You'll stay with -- for a while they of that massacre at right. Okay well thanks again rocks and what a pleasure to -- You. She spends -- -- -- and his chiropractor and Anderson. Account. Record imports for a nutritionist looks like so much we can blow for. Months. Ago. Well that the differences that doctor acts and body body builders so. Europe and watch my step she's she brought me either coast with respect to -- You know will have to do was she says -- mr. -- which is bird. -- website. She she'd sought stock walks and we got we got more people coming up -- don't walk the walk after a short break. Which -- believed in charming but it is still not coming back with Jack -- well souls -- or not. Her weight loss and so are coming up if you've got New Year's resolution is always going to be the last is okay. Great okay and get the questions meantime it's got here 3913. Seventy will be back right after the. That's more of let's get healthy is coming up after these messages find -- thirteen seventy. Welcome back to let's get healthy with bills whale pod and saw thirteen seventy. Welcome back. The show this is the let's get -- shows here on talk radio thirteen. Seventy. If -- like joints your number here's 39013 7 and I am. Always playing happy Toronto's Lone Ranger -- gorgeous robe and went just to suddenly dollars a great start but that's right there was good music by the way. Economic it's in the lose my my I find out I -- dollar bill he was their -- on the side but I of magic cat was sent a -- are you with us. It may have a pet -- as well and I know get here you. Yeah I know you're very well. I don't that's where your great shape. I thought to going to began my getting. Allen I haven't -- -- -- the morning -- dedicate gallon and get out there. You know it was a lot of people are Smart. So. Yeah so. What did you do you go to. I can't anytime fitness center at praying about how he -- I had been battling an exercise for about fifteen. Larry I really did get help from little brown eight. Hell I am going down this track -- -- many creating indeed accurate had a child actors -- along with I can't and I'm glad. -- would be with them do so you're going to be urged us. I am I all am I typed up exercised and for awhile so I wrote back -- All and I Camry can and is based here teen age is create ads that begin to act if they think happened at that Green Day. You know where your personality people -- directions and we -- so you're gonna have our class but just. Let's go to the gym would work. That's what I eat I eat again elect a teeny bit but how might -- actually a great program and leave it at. Hammack. It shifted to a semi it's meditating to have a great and it -- way. Bush -- can be fun it would do -- -- this. Sort. We eat joint action I exit I. Isaacson. Isn't promised cuts -- probably -- I -- And I see what I'm doing right now I want. -- jargon and I did the result the first couple to. Years ago now -- ago the hospital with an injury you know getting back and satellites -- -- -- will be in the council to this year may have to walk and more than. It. April please add him but if anybody knows by the worry you continental -- and that is I don't know exactly -- ten. OK let's. Men have and we'll let out have to get -- tape that -- -- hit it to happen. A girl like that ATP circuit ATP tribal. April 6 and portions of the basics of folksy or your first year it bill. Bills -- committed in the capital ten K is here and you know I've ever done and. And yet I had back to. A lot but not in the past couple years -- flat -- and -- -- Dickey got tired. Well you can dress up you can word come in order to -- Now what's interest -- is for sure that it. If you did that prime minister list. You can a teacher. Delegates at first he served up -- and so are running 53 ministers have thought that are clear to the table where that the T shirts. There hasn't been decide against running with the columnist you don't sound so the teachers were all gone except. For the children's. So I got children's. Teacher for the pressure kept first up the 2000 and -- Right now is not the wall so I. Don't get it. Which are so right so this to come -- this can be -- you know. Yeah I am and how different not the people you would hit it right trying to act at seventeen and at -- it's true. Weight loss resolution recharge okay. That's right. All along and -- -- is -- to how people. We met today and read it I can't -- and they're -- relations. But really we're just gonna -- Frontline keep both departments -- and trying to cut to negative connotation and I don't wanna talk to people out creating a Palestinian cabinet and how they integrated into that night and how to make it work. Does not liked -- Or -- aid at it for me it's going to be formats and and enact and brings a lot I said. Everyone in Atlanta and it's going to be handicapped and kind strain which is at Brad Apple's side impact. -- reds were on. A run. Brad apple cider vinegar which it didn't actually I had eight and that's fine except that it's. Wonderful story not going to be getting a play wonderful -- prevalent until I want that they care. -- a student like that. So that would be -- -- between first and see yourself some more temperature and run to red lobster. -- What are you could you just don't don't do drew -- consent role I had -- -- like it might. -- -- -- -- Well we're we're gonna you know you by the way you are working the -- -- -- work right there are very happy to have you thank you and your adjustable arm. And suggesting and so what oh what we're gonna do -- leadership there he makes the breasts I think is this the best salad. Four for a group of people have big bowl so you can you get the respect to if you want to own on the salad that he served. Wellness people a year and half ago national conference. And I have them. So -- -- okay. In house but actually he's he's written some books and I have some books and he'll do it for us if we if it -- those books -- I am excited I want everybody -- and the bottom line as. We. And make the issue isolation and runway and that there because we want to add Eric felt they want to be happier banners and -- while we are. Let's get talent to actually hold it we need ballot race now if you want to only play how exactly do you believe that happen. And and I did you have Brandon. Lockett a lot and I can talk the talk about it about how people. Like it data and if that and -- -- attainable. And achievable and -- feel great about himself to conspiring. Rather it is eating can be hectic -- is trying to at least white -- gray. And that really is a large part Beers just that when you when you sit there and you know you get out there and and then you get on the track and start running around there is that there in front of the the bulls salad and you think you know I just I just can't do this and that you know and you get through the first week and it's like you've got you've lost a pounder -- practiced. And and the -- things worse than almost anything else. We email while -- -- saying that because that's exactly. They went to bed I mean I -- my painfully different from many different directions to where we're really trying K. Latest way to -- exercise and I -- Our line has like it deep and we go back to our old habits really act especially if they were comfortable with and our comfort that. While we get -- -- act like trying to date tempting me. And that they eat your -- air ball and you're just not share or what to do next. And you really didn't get putts and you have to have rounded up and and I -- it's gonna fire you don't want to make these changes. You have to change your minds we need change we need change your mind any changes watch Oprah so get and it's an intense and gallant man. -- better direction. Some sunscreen. -- because your lesson which crossed well yeah and no one would put. Cross over problems. All I thank you get it back. They got it whatever you know I did rally so helpful that people yell at anybody expecting out and actually application. For me. I do I really. And passion and as ormat. And that's what I did you only because extremely -- have experienced. Everything. People anybody that tried every flight back I've been camp when I was sixty pounds and there. And I -- what it feels like to chime in the way. Patty once they get out and start creating these healthy cat and these little patient forgetting which is now it is if the -- our -- and that. Itself -- the. Accurate how it. You're asked me. You know so that I can talk about it I have an attempt at Ellis said keep that Michael. Well don't -- registry. So. Maybe next time you can charge but I think people the bull might not appreciate trees so. But that's we charge five dollars and that will go to support. Some charity or something I don't know but I think 2002 it to Uga -- have a great program so folks remembered we've got to run your but remember -- Best route to be disease is something -- short -- Now why even have may have thought that I have. They say yeah well -- that -- -- -- Yeah so so right now let's go here to. To a -- another breaker a little bit but. That's going to be January 21. Which is this coming. Tuesday right 7 PM. At the south -- more competition right next to store in south Lamar. As 380 one's self tomorrow mr. red lobster. And he just just leaked. When they tell you cat story. Eight kids that you and I Katherine catlett ever and that everybody can -- -- -- except for -- that for AM bringing surprises. -- and let them. -- so I should be able to to. This great. Okay folks thank you so much -- for -- -- And we'll have good -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I. About. All right so. We got other things to talk about your cute. We're talking about you know food choices. You know that the best choice I think right now and we have for the brick. A couple of minutes OK let me say permanent government. Look for Munich Conroe. For a permanent it cut out we have a storm we had a south one vote. The stuff that's been left on the shelf too well noted that he that this business unit to a careful thing. Scandinavian vikings had dropped on several different about the doors of their homes the Roman soldiers on the -- -- -- It's -- even think about it. It's got out of the America is deep threes got about twenty and Omega three's company issued. And the permanent. Is the best form I believe -- and there's been some studies in. The modern processing strips of vital nutrients away. And then you have to enrich it was synthetic bowden's. Go to after fermentation -- -- role -- decision retains all healthy perks. But the natural including -- immunity and protection against parkinson's alzheimer's. Information government budget and -- -- threatens. So permanent fix there you can officials believe they have the of the reform to rusher. How good is from two -- which for an. So people that are and ask -- yet. Lex thinks there that it hospital soon. -- look there was. -- period. Go looking for every taste now atmosphere. Soft Boson. Actually this morning in my dog loved the identities of mortgages with no cultural things to. Him that -- But it is Sunday he'll do it but if you the national occurred about eight do you think about this. During this flu season. Other -- for Rick got a raw wood would probably the way to go. Communal councils -- a couple of commercials are good for you know. -- it's a double -- a lot of lot of mothers gave their kids out of world growing up. And you people that it isn't like it. And I think -- come out of all about it with taste that good that reach its next time we go zero to parchment. All right right now we got to go. So we're taking a quick break years and you know we go to homeless the yes just train train ticket. And she -- Trench and a giant cheetah artistic break in them by the -- don't call them. With the comments of -- thirteen seventy. You know Turkey said it would hear about it. More of let's get healthy is coming up after these messages -- and -- thirteen seventy. Chad good job of music you go to -- Victor got checked. Shut it jive I am I am I am so why I am phosphorus okay. Well we do have something here that's. That is also going to be good for our next guest. But -- just a -- Tina. Her. Just either there or are you do it. -- the united musical two agents and I and I. -- -- back -- where you know. I think every good -- so you are doctors physical therapy so it's if I break myself trying to dot. Trying to dance music and it worked out. They care yet accurate. Most of scooter was doctors. -- don't you think that they -- Actually content in the Poconos and that of its. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So. Or you pasting your. -- -- -- What is the way either way you're you're gonna do you call yourself a doctor or doctors former welcomes them I'd be all right now. -- What other reason I don't like to confuse people I don't -- this is -- -- for justice. I don't recall doctor because. -- that people think that you know -- Are working her treating her diagnosing or whatever and and so they just thanks to doctor should be for people who -- -- UD's and videos of people that are. There really treat people to think. I do you actually act that's that's that's my aunt and that is all people -- -- computer especially when I know you need to work -- setting. Among position that really competed clients or patients -- pointed there there around. You know -- their patients that they would be. AC I have to if I have to disagree with that point remembering covering -- -- -- collections and looked. The word doctor ritual comes that word does Syria which means to teach. The problem got as as an awful lot of doctors know will there and these dues DC's whatever that that are teaching their patience and things. All are doing is you know -- what you need to do this and do that you're really going to be a doctorate and teach the people around -- elect of Syrian means. So in that respect I think those of you that are doing trying to get that education regardless of the letters -- Are doing far better about -- being doctors in the guys that don't spend any of that time with the patient. I think I'll point out maybe I feel like I'll give you an example came so there's and there's these women or walking along you know walking along they're doing just fine and as as a walking along there's this fraud on the side of the road right. And the frog says kiss me. And the one looks to show us what she's anxious kiss me. And and she knows what's great or quite like this in the front goes because few -- meal turned to an endocrinologist. She is low oasis she reached down picked up front with senator. She -- -- -- wanted to forget who want to court but it would chickens can kiss the frog insurance but -- can't get talking frontal talked a lot more commander chronology as well. All. I'm sorry I asked -- Well. It's. But just got to take I agree and -- doctors agree to about -- -- -- coming on board. The problem news is that with obamacare the way is set. This is gonna get worse than our doctors are are just getting out session. Cause the years -- three minutes. They they just they can't practice to what they've really wants to talk to patients lot of really want to accident concert medicine do lots of things. And it's very difficult. Productive course shoot to record in the big spending thirty minutes an hour. You know with patients. He's got that knowledge to do it and he can help people. So the doctors and took almost about to school or something to an -- at the bottom of that and their -- also. -- your emphasis on a whole different -- because. -- 2000 doctor about it go to medical school 1000 doctor. I would be very frustrated. Right now because insurance companies are just they're just so in the course if you don't take insurance. Re going to. Well you know good point out affectionate -- and that an added that we haven't today at the camera about -- -- oracle. I'd be content what you do and I don't want those types of restrictions on my practice actually love to spend a lot of time. Have you and I and they'll W restricted then usually you ask any unit and you can't you don't feel that you know whatever they -- became my practice. I'm actually primarily cash -- Okay so you do some insurance how -- in with patience if you -- and future. Well depend on -- -- company that that's a whole other topic it really does depend on featured company cut. But a little Kayla thirty minute that they don't really wanna cover much more than. Maybe you know. Dirty -- he's thirty minutes. Yeah or left and I really don't want to -- To publish did you do so news. Which did you -- and shake their hand actor now. Well I can't really quickly can you tell -- what was. Good character really a portable readable -- and I -- -- then on a good 45 minutes to an hour and a lot of it. Let it would cut nearly eight manual therapy air team we talked about so I had -- I'm really is the anger that he become a content -- Well I think Q for a second high and he will air AMT or what you're SeaWorld X announcements threes. So for Clark. There's an archer most judges found that you're -- of dollars for an -- Sony wants almost as I did not say she was busy. Which include Lipitor will have to -- that machine she may be doing great she might do something really phenomenal. It getting -- Also. What what -- practiced it what -- Just general practice reform and you do moments and Clinton are out so hundred dollar rally. In hundreds and she's not worth I don't know Jessica I think that where you and I need to go to dinner that's all. -- And -- well. If you if you're you know you to certain areas of Madison where people look better fifth. Years you're given Botox or whatever -- doing you know some people like that. And I just think so I think that's so much suffice. Have to say debt that this guy I don't think your your chart and quite that much. All of my god are not hurting not marry Melanie will let me ask about which you are it was short dealing though because I mean. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I'm always of the opinion that you know I can put -- they're supposed to be but it's a balance between the bones in the muscles that really get to campaign. So he reset the -- among the bones all you want you've got to have muscles don't expose do. And the actor released technique that you use that regularly practice actually is phenomenal. Manual therapy you try to decrease pain increase functionality of muscles. It really it and market get doctor out negate your information you because. I think we we we -- speaking earlier about how I I don't. I advised on I I feel strongly about it isn't gonna bite on -- I'm always looking for. A great knock that means that the combination of chiropractic and in your knowledge in nutrition -- it made -- talent that's. It could be your contract or I'll I'll I'll tell for anybody else at their -- get all the through Lakeland clinic. But the 2192198600. We're right there execs -- Yeah sixth when he went to 3219600. -- right and guaranteed at least -- in its hands on need to do manual technique might Daschle. Where we find -- sort of I -- down our application or the awful independently can network which is bound together sort net. So you know you'll do like. Senior I kept opening your elbow on that he can. I'm clash that could take pressure in that direction and you open up your -- aren't invitation. And if you you trials -- that -- and it really should bit. Pain goes away if not a couple of bad as a physical therapist. I'm sure you're -- you're looking at the whole body. -- you know where the about it aren't it's trying to -- all -- different theme. And -- just not -- the real alert but. Sort of like look at the -- actually -- during that. -- that but -- and they want to do that or on addicts I mean that I really couldn't expect shortly asking them. All along they're on their journey Q posture correction. And you -- a lot of people in a couple of people get. Get out -- payment stay away from surgery using missed. Yeah actually didn't think I feel like our plans to -- we -- to get your daily catch -- But in the book until April and they -- just solidly. Just people that have planted out or are looking ahead M per merely award and -- Because we need to act on it and he'll -- -- -- and they go off -- Think I think I think we winning this that we is an appointment for bill in the second week in April. Because these are now he committee he committed about when he gets a minute on the year into the capitol and get this. And I'm gonna remind us we're very excited about us but I did say that we're gonna run -- I like that cat I know that one. Yes you know. We used to recruit -- about the current -- -- right now every -- we don't take a requirement. Okay. Let me can I ask you by the way connectors about these these and all that just thank governor of tournaments. Yeah. Yeah I'm I'm kinda curious about which worked out people like cute I was so you chart -- Could be a normal charge cash charge for which you do. I you're not my area at all and I noticed several. By the way people like actively you can do is go to actively dot com web site -- active relief. It's kind of writer there are good many. It's funny. But that DUI. I know a lot of whatever charging in right in the middle. In ranging from our wealthy for about fifteen an -- 3045. Calories a clinic people -- -- -- -- like a lot of time a lot of -- -- under that. I think -- 200 bucks. Other pike and how do you call on the line did a great and act I referred -- -- And that at a particular -- -- they -- make Turkey 85 dollars or thirty minutes in the first initial. In the earth. Contact with and it's a 108. An island in Canada Turkey hunter boxes well. -- about that it can be out about you know between. You know 85. That that's probably not along that about your 2030 minute treatment QB all out -- -- Now at a Cracker Barrel Mark -- And let's let's bring context to mean that. One of the top three areas that usually and getting getting. Thrown out your shall I know you do your TU -- due to air Marshal right. Your -- -- so they figured it two or three sessions on here T trying to get the shoulder back to someplace you've got. Sillier you'll win 100 -- while maybe two to fifty whether it. -- -- How much. Yet know how much to shoulder surgery. Surgery plus plus the time off from work plus a loss of mobility plus the I mean it's like -- think you're talking five green us start with there's so. What people -- -- look at -- prices were or are you could go to somebody's hurting twelve dollars and miles an hour early. So armed conflict what is -- deals are looking at those can't remember that. You know dealing with some of these things compared to the price of trying to deal with that because if you don't take care of the -- what this -- or if you go to surgical route. There's gonna be additionally the price to pay for the down the road and realistically this is going to be far cheaper much more natural option and trying to proceed you know just automatically going -- -- life. Absolutely -- it and and part I don't need to tell people that it that the -- -- the putting her in the figured that he do that and they leave and you seen people I love it it will tell me -- changed their lives in the locker and so many messages that thanks so much in it and that's why I loved that about fifteen years that's I absolutely does it. I love what he loves. Could tell you is that at the website is actually released -- comes. Get that but that's why let that get active and they RT yep -- -- that can't lose your -- We know we have got out. You know pretty well. To. Treatment out. So of course a lot people. You can say about thousand dollars of that but most people if they have insurance where news and interest are covered obviously. That that's a good point ally and of course -- to -- that and people that they actually do is they keep the air burst and a lot of -- I'm Tanya turn down. Surgery a year ago loss -- orders to please dislocated. And -- about 1%. Sophie does the lady of south often. On Bannister Bannister. I -- -- how -- you so what she did a good she's trying to grease and you're in countries. While and she were with Bush's decision to shouldn't have your level probably is more. Well I don't know well I don't know guess we don't have time begins but -- that so I'm just that I didn't do surgery. So it's gonna go through the airport. From card with a beeper goes off and. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A relationship you know run after putting you're asking you do yeah you can't -- Now the insurance to cover who honestly I don't know maybe thirty. Thirty -- I don't know what it was and then they stopped. That's a thousand to -- my goodness. If not gotten the surgery. -- a -- a lot more like -- deceptive and so. So that's why I think that's what we have to show -- were talking to you because you know. DF sources you can do you do insurance at all. I think I'm injured I can't say in the -- -- they don't do you give people peace and that. Then again and get reimbursed to make -- -- because they really affordable now. Yeah they go so I think tests this -- as is so good choices. But compared to 500 or American. You know if I do my opponent and go over get reimbursed from your right. After that you get -- that we're we're Schultz is another version were to reaching. -- you wouldn't bet the worst are from downtown we began count went down at 17100 Al Anwar. In that this conflict yogi. Used that -- -- Room for error that. The other stuff that put us up to one that has a big hole now. Know. Her or close at the whole art yes I think. The key to the clubs always condoms has to do. Our. Commitment to buy it said to themselves the more. The TO you know and now at a young -- okay. And talk to who stood those just collier which was supposedly -- your website. At that you -- you know -- ER. Occupational therapists. Specialize -- people out and took it on the upper extremity. And elbows -- shoulders your. Children are looking at noon right now. Rotator rooted and other terrible terrible to. Get a shoulder you cannot sleep you cannot write -- -- not do anything. Like golf. About important things well that'll take LT LT outsell all of the folks out there. Little yeah. And that years ago I actually was in. Two -- to go -- and take them to -- to see what doctors can -- down years ago I actually was. I was actually in and researcher it was a researcher. And while I was in graduate school -- actually blown -- nine were a -- which pretty badly. Doing some exercises and I don't went and saw conventional and so are you need surgery doctor another surgery like. So went and saw a tournament referred to -- and -- into what went to a chiropractor. Faces are young and he actually did -- be getting our -- on and actually released children save me from surgery so mean. So the reason I guide part of the reason I got into this this bridge minutes in the first place because I was safe from surgery. Don't even know I was told time after time that I was gonna have to cut off. That's cool so you know I would I would suggest now for anybody -- bill bill you've been there on the shoulders and and that's just children it's like. If you get back -- like paint kept pain I mean there's a lot of you know basically got muscles and just totally not behaving themselves. To your body go get this a try. It is far better than getting cut. I'm -- world. You have success story to people in that nobody you know where you can be reached and a and they just come I've visited there or talk about their problems. You know I I would do you have but I am always in front of a client yeah -- -- -- decried that. You know the people that element is that the kind of a lot of people. Which is what I know would just so -- put. Just a little upset against him some time. And excited -- Like I talked to people for -- and folder tree at a country I never had ever tortured and then I just a crook is that I don't I think what educating. Like we were saying that I work. I'll call a timeout completely creep by and I love it because that would be. Appealed. I'll just -- one. You look this isn't so that you. Can use that includes. You have a lot. When I'm just tiny little -- X sixty at the the. Yeah we now -- your your -- -- rather muscular little five foot -- I think three thing. Like -- I need you you were mean let's let's let let's let's look at it that you were in the contender running forfeit his doctorate Austin back to this twelfth. And I -- -- act on it or not I only got it because I want competition in yet over the competition and -- could do. Yeah no more. Also hit so yeah you're you're you're in good shape Obama tournaments didn't -- by the big guys can take off. I've seen pictures or your -- it's. I am glad that he can -- it. Well it's great talking to him and he wants to do you go to remote rehab dot com. Call me any time. I loved and enjoyed our chat. Oh yeah yeah yeah will you do know about you know. But you can't taking new patients for -- right. Wahlberg who had I'd get to that report is coming or not. The -- content that you are -- -- -- -- Why. People talking in that because -- -- the -- -- current. APC. And oracle are and aren't in Mexico and back. You know musicals instant. He -- talk therapy okay that's not the problem. Really. I don't know I think it -- such barrier bill and people that wanna turn it on and that helped. -- Thank you for. Your welcome. This with you and I listen. The students -- -- well your your front of -- -- -- sure. I'd like people. Are now in this he. Well once again the address 17100 south Lamar. Is there was Salvador said. And it's 3330. And it's an old economic side of the -- got a good preannounce and it Sydney and try to you know at Carmen Garza does massage. -- -- -- OK Carl regarding. Look at the card and can look at. -- -- look at the place was OK they can do that right. Absolutely. It -- count and of course I'd be in and not. You about those Halo 3 or word right yes thanks thanks thanks again and thanks for being a look at each evacuated -- OK -- You know thanks for being -- all right we're we're gonna take it right thank you have a good evening. A great weekend. All right it is. Soon. As well that the -- drove them all over the world all over the world production there. -- after treatment. And if you'd like to join us for the -- 39 of thirteen says it 39 at thirteen -- we got a little bit left the show it like to asks any questions. We'll be back after these short messages. More of let's -- -- yes. Okay. This is. Things wrong. Things wrong. He joins on the ground I'm sure they'll do with them which counts I'm sitting here next to Rory Rourke the suggestions mom. And -- excuse me Laurie Anderson. Ronald -- -- so. But idea bright idea. And most people are wondering why we're just playing the James Bond theme we're talking to Laurie Anderson and -- answer would be because others. My credit practice -- -- very violent he -- evidence hasn't. -- -- -- -- -- That's -- that there is there is some light. Bachelor out -- play in the club scene. That is dying he does and his hit on number that I. Can't know. But -- but the reason we like them because you work that you're favorite of and as I was as a husband and -- earlier I mean when I was driving along this afternoon and I looked over and saw what appeared to be. -- forest fire and I do wish that it actually was a force -- to them in things being down. Instead we're stuck with -- -- wonderful yellow haze that's causing yearly. -- burning eyes and itchy nose and sneezing coughing hacking gagging and then basically all the joys that come along with cedar fevers. That's Holland is wrong about his future that it does -- thanks Ron so help me. Help each spot but a dual this is really. Got lucky -- and you know I'm a holy path that would cut -- -- -- -- -- You know I want to remind people that there are other tools to. You know and is that the plan that he and it. Our wall. Now. It can increase seen this year. You know pan and so there -- a lot more people look at her outlandish things and it's. You know collection isn't what we'd like to be -- -- conscience so. I want people to know that even if you know the -- -- choices maybe -- that has acted to. And some of the best tool. I have absolutely have to pick the -- But because. They're quiet little Freddie -- to make the right selection. These -- -- -- that you are OK so successfully. Pet Aliyev and feedback. Revenue it could it. If you feel like you've been chopped -- -- seat things clear through Q okay so the -- the burning eyes and the nose. That's right all that stuff is you know and yet. You don't know any thing else. Your symptoms or the remedies try -- -- You. Should tell people. That you do. -- Because that's a classic example -- -- Because accounts from some. Of festival. The causes your eyes to water. And you know what happens when you put it in certain solutions certain concentration. Because your -- to Europe. It. -- lucky maybe. I would go -- to work for you twelve dollars. Off into the oh it was more that so you're you're. By the way -- won't forget. We're gonna talk about where you go to -- to. When that. Oakland to -- conclusion. So so you'll be it to Wesley sternum right. I will do -- -- to isn't it is I'll be back at -- TCU Friday. Certainly available to help people sort out which tactic -- Mike is best for their senior leader or course on other issues. You can also find me at my private practice. Here on the south side of -- as violent to set an accent has double the sense that it. Or -- true since we -- has come. Although -- ways to reach. And you can't reach the homeopathic remedy may try to read it. Allen's team. People are achievement and it -- -- -- And another plant gravity that we've talked a lot to -- your fever is concentration. It's kind of the aptitude and now -- keep that. But you know he's -- burning. And then. -- A lot of cheers and maybe it'll cost. Course of these. Phrases -- Well. It sure looked. The Alley and he. And blood and tears but it nasal discharge that -- It -- Iran your nose that you little red. And Italians -- is that batter in no heart and worship or. -- this -- they have. The key years experts -- a little bit. But that is discharge plan. And there worse. Hair. And batteries. So there's sort of opposite. Way. You know and it's pretty easy for it just sort that out. You know you could do worse. And to take both of these together and it's not that expensive. It would be huge investment take about. And that's bad -- -- a lot of pressure which wanted an answer for it. But -- at this point in -- if you most of them don't care to feel better you -- should drive it all over Israel based. Diluted to name gravity. Thing. And I think they should -- -- -- -- -- -- antenna. Did whose. Strangest grammys. Are. Both plant remedies won his -- immediate pullout 'cause. And there's a lot of meetings with that Hannity and symptom specific -- of light as a swelling his eyelids. That. -- -- Around tried asylum. Is another strange remedy and it you don't wanna be to get your figure -- -- No -- to change the politics Catholic on the Internet. But. Unity -- caddie maybe picking airlift to want -- to you figured you know senate armed camp. Histamine. Will help all of his -- I think you know that's. The -- made rounds. You know hit it. So. It handing out addicted to his reaction to its line is it reasonable choice for you. And the last twelve analysts say something specific about his -- dot. If you get -- -- Some people. He has obtained sort of -- and is -- eyes trying to credit the company cheap phones. If that's a part of viewers -- -- situation. -- and out of it is good choice for you. And yet it's easy to half a dozen other good gravity to. Certainly the people's pharmacy stores. I'll have some sort of paper reference you could look at just tries to sort out your symptoms. I'll be happy to help people do that at prolific -- tomorrow. And. Okay thank you call 3278 days that stone called the store. And you talk to the -- about it commitment to come by NC but the degree to see. It was you know I'm times this year customers. You know if they can't find the ten minutes to give me -- until weekend. Probably. Sort through it happened -- sentence to get good selection. You have got a lot of people born and -- -- for them as really good because this is. This is the worst season -- Singleton ever. It's pretty bad. And -- I don't want people to peel back in the true corner I want to know that there -- tools in the situation. When are we gotta go it's really good target to use it could be right yeah and public and messy tomorrow I -- have a Diaz who knows. If I do well -- for sure well -- -- always good see you now. Well well well here ago. -- you -- -- -- -- raised by the way she securities anchor. OK I'm feeling for for for all. Of the well thank you so much. Gatorade to Jericho and most of them. Daniel Daniel's -- Michigan race to the globe this their batteries. And there were. Kate. Okay well thanks -- for being on the show your work and it will be a great weekend is looking up by. And you're at that -- storm. I'm the Lakeland store six when he -- 83 com on. Every afternoon. -- at 219600. Fiscal stability safer. Fifteen ministers Tennessee with -- -- what we did give me. Animals with the -- -- -- on Monday and Thursday morning when there again by calling the same number 219600. -- People love you do a great job. Because you can do adjustments. Adjustments and nutritional counseling testing and mean a variety of free talks as well go to people will listener comment about talks coming up. Including this coming week on ergonomics at -- make better posture keeps up -- -- so what's free learning opportunities here pokes have a great weekend. We will talk to some. Tune in next week for another edition of let's get healthy with bills whale prime tall thirteen seventy.