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3 Guys Sports Show, 1/17/14

Jan 17, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- Sports Radio. Simon I think guys -- -- in studio minus one source our -- ran -- -- is asked. Is is doing -- to incorporate kind of thing you know he's. Ran and by the way honestly escorts along with friend and worked. -- not -- myself Alex Frankel and silliness of -- -- -- our -- Patrick Davis -- hosts a show on Tuesday nights here on our sister station excited for what some called Austin live and local it's at 7 PM it's at 11 bar on south Lamar if you're here listening in Los Angeles nonaligned. Yet a closer to check out some of his in Austin thanks for joining us again I was always when beer and -- lord of the board the guy pushing the buttons tonight my man mr. Casey Johns. Yes indeed. He sat there is I don't wanna talk a like just after my radio I have wanted to ask before getting anything. And more hot war itself brand where it's all of the three listeners we have where branded as I want to make or five or five for five -- and -- that you know we've been under the progress wanna make sure that -- they can listen to us online right now because like I I talked my -- awhile ago announced a bomb you never listen to sports show -- She's big on listening to our our sister states rated morning show with -- -- Sarah -- four point seven but she never was the sport should or should I care about the sports part which wants to hear her purse on -- as they say in -- her meet all. So she's listening online and Al paso Texas a shut out mama and she can hear. We're gonna death absolutely. Thirteen Sony dot com or the tune in film that's a few analysts online brand or away who sits in in the room and as with the other guy. But three guys Portuguese and doing some corporate stuff it's pencil -- managed to Friday's meet the five. He's out does that -- and yes sports show. At that the corporate offices I wish away as he has in the corporate offices have -- you know it into a Smart he was dvds in Philadelphia so resident is an hour ahead. We are in central time. Not yet one Harris away so hopefully there at a bar happy Aaron he's -- yes he's loosen its -- He's like hey guess what an awesome show. As a you know he's not because he's now on the show so you want to gain from us yeah. Said that -- Philadelphia they're gonna love to hear roller roller wrote Charlie Strong and absolutely speak you have indeed speaking of Charlie Strong coming up next are we talking about a some Panetta is here in Austin -- a portion of the Charlie Strong. He's the head coach here. And -- see yet. A list earlier in the week of expectations that it when he expects his players can now or in a bank that list pretty funny you've heard the lists if you haven't. Here's my thing you've heard you've heard the PC take that take did you have to have on this match mattered actually -- Give you a different take on that also something that we called last week when Patrick -- was hanging out. On the show that's meant something that we toll calls and he's he's in Texas fan reduction of that because one Mel carper totally. Stiller under clearly he was listening to show you -- similarly he was also of course breaking down AFC and -- not breaking anything gallery DVR picks and we're going to be talking now a little bit about. NBA -- I wanted. -- in the NBA -- playoffs this too long but Patrick Davis is the big NBA guy if patty's -- Sanchez San Antonio Spurs guys that's dipping because we aren't central Texas duplicate spurs update will do that. That's up an -- three guys sports show. Charlie Strong has signed as a new head coach here for long warrants. Tonight with a list earlier in the week of his expectations of students. There's eleven Obama and they're pretty darn good and -- or super excited about it but when you breakdown is eleven you know like number one players will attend. All their classes and sit in front two rows in the currency rose. Of all their classes. And they are gonna coaches -- in mind checking on these players get it. I get it back -- but you know I mean that's not been out of the ordinary that. It's just making sure. It's just a little things that you have today and your mom my mom our parents would say like can -- trees in the front a classy look like yours isn't like that like to really interest and in school. And no parent ever says make sure when you go sit in the back of the class yes in the back which ahead and and don't get noticed you never hear that so and you know. I get it number two and that lesson no headphones in class no texting in class sit down and are set up and take notes. Really it's like you got -- I mean when I saw that Mike doesn't that fall firm every student. Yeah I mean it's a lot of it is a lot of these rules are the this is how you get through college and they're. Our players that dumb I don't know that I don't -- to say don't -- I think there's gonna be those players your crew we had a couple that didn't play in the Alamo Bowl because of because of academic Bailey in it's hard to fail. -- -- student athlete when your football player it's hard to fail these coaches are teaching. Because there's -- class you're getting you're getting tutoring you're getting so much help that if you put the effort forward. If you just try -- pretty much gonna pass every class. Which a lot of -- there's a big scandal North Carolina right now because and they apparently some of these players -- graduated with a fourth grade reading level oh boy so. There's you know but it's not. That hard to graduate if you try if you tried you can graduate and that's all these these first few things -- try of course talking about coach UT coach Charlie Strong expectations for his team. The came out earlier this week and then he's got if a player misses the class he runs until her three misses two classes. His pole position he runs he misses the real position coach runs and I love the lad and coaches don't like to run. That line I was like all right now we're talking here the other ones -- you know the other two rules the first Cyril. Laid out for guys like you and I in school that was the one that sucks and that's gonna hurt yet that's it Chia. Really I mean enemy -- you sit there to your position unit that means of a freshman. Comes in and doesn't go to class and their sits in the macro or have -- headphones on even something like that Nino gets in trouble. Then you're talking about making seniors run because a freshman messed up. That is where a team comes together. And you all fight for the same cause because certainly it doesn't matter if you're so. Freshman sophomore senior you have to go to class. And then we've also got no earrings in the football building no drugs no stealing no guns and treat women with respect to business pretty a class act because that. Your -- brought here you know free education because that. Number five players may not live on campus anymore unless they're seeing year certain academic stands by Alibaba -- Ellen on campus. I get a number six the team all lived together eat together suffer together and hang out together -- become a true team. Hey that's cool I mean that it got to have a unit mentally. It's -- what is it be absolutely winning units especially this -- came with Louisville. He had that he had -- Teddy Bridgewater -- in number one. A first round pick. That guy is part of the team right everybody else and think of clicks like in school we -- everyone clicks and -- -- that we don't want is clicks. And there's no time for rebuild and on time for that. -- is gonna win now and the players are gonna learn that they rather practicing -- minor injury. These are things we're not building for two or three years down the road he's not gonna milk that he has a big buyout and along contract. He's he's planning to be big twelve champion this season. I love number nine the focus is on winning in graduating he said something earlier in the week coach strong and I'm talking about. UT head football coach said that you came here or not to play for me but you came to go to the University of Texas -- you know meeting go to the university of coach strong. And I loved that -- and I ask cool man SF Michael. And now also just number -- strong coach -- met individually with seniors in key leaders are re emphasize the plans is to win now. That's pain you know basically get that winning culture back in the UT would say that I think but it just. -- elite culture wasn't gone but the attitude was with the players the players felt they were gonna win it without trying and that you can't have that I love the last on Patrick. I don't wanna talk about things -- really do things and we just talked about it now it's time to do things and then that's it. What a great you know and that's something I would love and a half print it out as with everything -- with relationships even if you're with your girlfriend. If you're dating someone is about eight year fight not tiger couple fighting all the that banner that says I want to let these -- -- Do you think now they're locked in my you know may TWA the office you -- they're like hey let's have a meeting to talk about this like. No I will just go do it with -- the meeting I don't need to talk about this. Let's go make things happen so no more meetings as UT football. We're gonna we're gonna go win game. Love it the world -- -- -- here and of course the new head coach here at death. Not much new anymore armies to its host well go to -- head coach now I don't -- knows now is the head coach of ours were talking about coach Charlie Strong here -- early in the week in Austin here he was sent out his expectations and that's been a big blow up here. And at 18 I was eleven and was sent back here and does but a lot of them -- like come on like really like these players should know exactly what's going on. Of course -- -- in the three guys sports show brand and work easily with those saying he's out tonight. -- and and we got a -- mr. Patrick Davis who I host a cool show. At our on our website on mcsame foursome not commerce assay society its most there'd be -- awesome live and local. And that that's in the show that he does on Tuesday nights at 7 PM on one at 11 bar on south Lamar. You can check that your living in Austin go by will be there definitely miss him by now you got yet. Comedians got. Why it is like music. It just about to and you do in a live show which is awesome so go support your alive and local scene here in Austin, Texas when we come back and I'm glad that's -- is in here. Because -- a -- Texas fan and earlier this week melt -- percent through the Houston Texans are going to be taking that number one. Of course not -- per year drew route. For draft you're draft guy on ESPN united in their dad and something that Patrick and I called. The couple weeks ago here in studio with three -- sports that's coming up next. Scored thirteen seventies three guys sports shows join the conversation on FaceBook and surged three guys sport show. 1213 73 guys -- show. I join the conversation always -- surged three guys -- joke. Why got some on -- and on line which by the way can listen on the two men two in the mode mobile radio apps. On you can grab that and talk thirteen semi dot com or eight granite from your. You'll play story can buy Dallas the appetite teams are iTunes I say via iTunes I'm not an apple guy so. I mean Google guy case civic type I can get there how you can get it on the app via iTunes App Store the gas -- I'm not apple never have never been never going to be there. Sorry spiral. I'm with you do if you're listening. We will convert it -- sponsor my mom actually is converted before I haven't she'd -- the iPhone is easiest thing to do. I'm honest figured out on my way out Anderson here and sometimes I struggle with my my hand drum menu docs were going my Droid that we guys -- so we got my friend look at this -- we know you're stubborn when his days he will change. One never enough to do sports show the app for free that fact that that yet that's -- it -- for free by the way someone -- on my house mentioning -- war through the third guy. -- not with us tonight he is doing bigger better things that he's actually being paid for. Corporate stuff and by month Monday to Friday defied -- a pencil pusher. That's the best way discredit -- to its corporate work in -- it was an online and I and has the -- -- says that. Just listen to the opening he also engraved and I replied back saying holy blank a compliment from you I love that. And then he wrote back saying. Blank here I compliment you all the time season. So there are a good times brand and good times we -- -- reluctant rather something that happened last week here on the three guys sports -- Patrick Dave is that voice that Laffey is hurt he's -- and for Brandon and -- -- brands are -- -- -- and hanging out about -- tragedy could see him. On Tuesday night to -- here not seeing cruise over by 11 bar and you do your show awesome live and local. It's a nice a variety show right -- The ratio we do we we take the podcast we do -- -- a company showcase MI music's illegal but everything -- gets -- and you know you're sporting the local here in Austin it's like when I want -- on south from arsonists -- Patrick bets on -- financial CS there as well. But when you've been coming and like you know last week -- form we've been talking about the NFL draft. In losing to number one and earlier in the week you had ESPN's -- hyper come out and say. That Johnny -- Zell is gonna be the Houston Texans -- that's what he's thinking it hasn't presented at number one ago we are saying that but. You know I mean who listens us now tapper but the deal -- patch on askew. You worry Houston Texas -- you've you've been on forever since day one since day one since day one. I was an Oilers fan I waited they had did not have a team for years and then when the Texas came a set I'm start from the beginning how do you feel about that. I'll tell you feel ID I personally am not a huge fan of the guy but I can see what he's done. Over the past few months of kind of staying out of trouble staying out of the public guy just working out getting business done. Where teams are starting to forgive is foolish -- you know young behavior ago or maybe he's not you know maybe he's turning into a man. And if he's you know he's still only going to be 20/20 one years old at this point and let him come up and we can take in the -- the way and he will be the future of our team do you like Teddy Bridgewater. Instead of a giant hands Al. I -- I said all this year that I think college football was just on a down year. And I think part of that is that the quarterbacks there's a lot of good quarterbacks. But I don't know if there is an elite guy Johnny -- -- most likely to make an impact quickly. In the NFL I think of -- anybody in their. I think Bridgewater is as wells a number of these other guys have a lot of potential and could be great with the right coaching staff and the right team. But. I do you know I think -- -- if you come in and the Texans as we just talked about Texas. Is that expectations not to rebuild. I know -- have the number one draft to get the worse you know worst record in the NFL season which you're expected a turnaround. The Texans have a lot of great -- yet you're expected to be your rating on Wales here at Cleveland Browns now. There there -- -- to be the playoffs next year so you wanna quarterback who come in and win. By the way melt hyper. Back in September. Said the Johnny man's I was not a first round. I I would agree with them into. I had. Look at the crop of quarterbacks he said though even back in the day in September your right hand there's no clear cut guy. Mean the most exciting here like -- if anyone you know I will never argue with anyone saying the diamonds -- It's -- I never say that if someone says diamonds also -- summit ever say always great. No way I'll say he's OK. You know great as a whole different -- -- Tom Brady. Peyton Manning these and had no idea ecology can say judge means a great college yeah -- just like high utility had gathered actually there's nothing there and that blood. In the NFL he'll be okay. I I think he could be really good. It's all the question with smoke hyper in the affected UC so many red flags that teams look for -- so when you say he's not to be number one pick. You're not saying he doesn't -- -- level or the ability hearsay I think teams are gonna stay away from the gut. He's a little bit shorter you know he likes to make his own play coaches don't like that he's had all of the field problems. That's where you say teens are going to stay away from him. And when he came back and he's shown that teams have shown interest. Teams still smoke diaper that he's going top five that's why did that analysis has changed and he's not going out of the top five now. Course overtime matters -- pepper from ESPN earlier this week said that died as diamonds l.'s number one pick for the Houston Texans I'm. You know bill O'Brien the head coach of the Texans college coach drew a straight out of Penn State. DIC and C as a perfect fit for diamonds out just because you know he can relates he's he's not like a guy like gay. Guys like -- I'm thinking of the giants' coach I guess Tom Coughlin -- -- Coughlin who has been called him for a long time though I know you'd like. If you put man's L with the giants and Coughlin -- be -- O'Brien I mean he came from the patriots look forward to Penn State so he does have an NFL pedigree and he's worked with the Tom Brady. So you know most NFL coaches are gonna want that type of quarterback. However. I think him being a young coach he'll be able to work better and not be set in his ways and know that. The track record is gonna go whether they win or lose so he's gonna work with the Johnny man's -- as opposed to. A coach who's been there a little bit longer and has you know it is cities in his ways because I've looked compared time until the Vince Young a lot. And I think that it is an app compares and Jeff Fisher was at Tennessee for a long time and when he didn't he and Mike when Vince Young was drafted he didn't like in the entire time he was they. Or Iraq anyway and aid that's dedicated -- -- like comparing yet you rights and again I don't think -- can pull rank and that -- their means that. Johnny Maine still is always you haven't RG three Mike Shanahan think they'll be Friday Mike Shanahan CAD and get this deal I think he with a young coach a young quarterback and -- I love it love it of course Soledad man's cell possibly gonna -- hopefully at Texas do it just for the PR move. To get some excitement back there and take down to four gave -- four. I'd love it if I like -- -- don't like it once you know he's not take he's not going two or three -- he's gone through thirty Singapore. As they now pay three guys -- here along with in studio lord of the board pushed all the buttons give us on air mr. Casey Johnson -- impact Davis a left me taxpayers can be. Heard and seen and doing a show -- it's called Austin live and local on Tuesdays at 7 PM it's -- 11 bar if you -- Austin, Texas a lot of guys and listen online to talk. Listen online it's not thirteen semi dot com finally won one bars on south Lamar -- taken out there on Tuesday night's seven will be -- pats will be there of course host an event. And dad Brandon -- and studio. Do and then more important stuff in this sports show. Coming up next of course every break it down NFL big big big games on Sunday and get AFC and the NFC championship going down. Never never again you never know what's -- but we'll give you are making you could be pleasantly surprised we're not saying the stuff and everyone else is talking about. That's coming up next to ground. Thirteen seven these three guys sports show. Join the conversation on FaceBook surged three guys sports show. 1213 73 guys -- show. Join the conversation always -- surged three guys -- Joseph. It could have been scripted better -- I mean. -- look at the games on Sunday here AFC game in New England going to Denver. And then later on that afternoon you get sentenced to four and is gonna Seattle. I'm -- I even think anyone else can be matched up. You know why -- we even paying him in this is that what it's again -- season we pretty much -- as I didn't read the when the came on set all dogs eaten. He's an all dogs in to see you had a complete four different teams fan. He now -- stuff happens it is like to move on Patrick I you know what I like this guy just like to eighty the underdog and I just like -- and on in. Course that voice right here in studio that's Patrick Davis who does a show here in Austin. And a variety show it's a loss might well legacy and at 1:1 -- -- -- on Tuesdays that's on south market -- in Austin of course -- listen online. And you do and so I talked thirteen -- dot com. Patrick Davis -- in the studio fill Jennifer Brandt and work who's out students mourn porn stuff in this and that -- in the -- on the long and get us on air for you to listen to us is that the lord of the board mr. -- -- myself out Franco. And yes Sunday is awesome its rate rock band and that type man. Me get stuff after me get stuff Phnom I am I might go with the dogs again this week. I mean -- I don't think there is in the underdogs well there's no underdog technically you know this is not but it looks like you now it looks like. I mean -- It's the visit I'll go. The visiting the visiting teams -- this is the proud Tom Brady came out earlier this week he said you don't really relishing the underdog role -- really love it might Tom Brady. You've you've been in the AFC championship game eight times since 2001. You are playing to be in your six Super Bowl which NBA record for starting quarterbacks to be in six Super Bowls. How. Can you even say the word underdog without just laughing. At me like under. I we're supposed to win every year in without going to the Super Bowl every year there are teams -- up you're an underdog if you're supposed to be there. Absolutely I mean but you know. Oh man I mean -- now Nooyi has had a great season. Considering what they've had the deal. You know enemy had bad made the decision to let let's Welker get old not just that early on but injuries man changes injuries one after another after another not having a rank in the running in train on. Finally as we saw last week against scalpel just going off I mean it's just but. When does that I don't wanna call it lock. Because a team like that in dynasty he's not locked. But I think -- I mean when has run out you know I mean is around here I mean you know of course. Does this Peyton Manning not get it done. Yeah it's is -- that this is this is why I have no interest in these two teams but is why I'm gonna watch just because it's been an awesome match up -- old school man. Though I mean it's one of those things where you can't complain. When you have the two best teams that we knew all season we set and we talked and we talked though you know all year. About who were the two best teams in the N senior -- the two best teams were -- in New England. They just were the two best teams earlier and they're playing for the championship it's the way it's supposed to be. You don't always see that now you know I wish third you know with a nice to have an underdog in the game the -- against. But I think of Peyton Manning has always kind of got that role even though you know. They are projected to win he's always generals a likable guy who's only -- wondering. You know he hasn't had the success that Tom Brady has. He's always been very likable and Tom Brady just not is likable the. -- absolutely not mean when you're that good look and and you win all time going to be like so it's just it's you know it's pretty much. Everyone who likes Peyton vs Boston by the way has always -- we ran an award is not in studio with us this weekend he he he picked. Well last week he's going with that Denver's. He's he stepped out their old -- The way to listen to arrest there -- has been set up by the way Denver five and a five and a half point favorites. Over the going on patient which is still with a -- Denver I kind of figured both games will be about 33 and yeah I agree I agree but advanced to me just point it's -- me. Boy I can't wait on several can't win on this one. It's going to be it's going to be one of those games and the amazing part is when you pay when you get to see the matchups between Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. Both those guys the game is never -- -- so you look down and ego -- its final five minutes of the game. It doesn't matter what has happened you can ski you can see thirty points scored in the final five minutes a game easy. This is one of those words is gonna go to the and you're actually -- just how the scene ga either game last week against effort that they came back it was like oh boy I say this even if you're not a football fan even if you don't care about the gay everything else. Turn on the fourth quarter -- fearless in online still the gotta watch this game I thought the whole game now this sort of a fourth court it's like a NASCAR race. Yeah well he not gonna watch all the last for an uneven on the NASCAR fans still. The agency especially if you're watching if they were at a Daytona 500. You wanna watch the last hundred laps that's when stuff gets on moving and shaking his rock and that's the same thing that's happened with the New England Patriots. Visiting Denver. And -- man I mean just the you know you just saw so much went down last week and see that's that does that -- The San Diego almost gave Denver around you know I mean that's why I'm kind of like the -- can -- -- -- got -- -- when you operate how they alzheimer's almost made and. How many times this season did the patriots. Go into a game and they were down at the end and they were out of it and somehow miraculously came back. I mean David had a game against Miami where they had everything going in just it didn't quite hit the miss they be missed the past means that. But they still came back in that one it's amazing it's not over it's gonna be phenomenal I I personally I think -- gonna pull it off. Retaken I've taken -- Broncos I think that this is just opened their season and west smokers get on Wes Welker is gonna haunt them. And rightfully so you know like that then the patriots never make many mistakes. The players make their mistakes yesterday as in -- Aaron Hernandez kind of mistakes. They made a mistake of not resigning Wes Welker and indeed I believe so they argun on them. But I'm sticking with -- that dog you now means that you you know what it's gonna make the game more adjusting for me yeah. And I I got it. That's always say I cannot root for for Tom Brady and dollar either patriot I did it kills because I have -- -- say -- -- tune in to five minutes of Boston Sports Radio. And you will. You will hate. To bits of that void all yeah -- I believe you -- just meet I never liked. I'd blood -- prior listening online -- -- the tune in radio app. I didn't never he's a Red Sox had a rats I hate -- patriots as an. And nothing against the city of Boston but just sports but you know -- because they're also good and that's the thing you always hate people that are really really good. Like Jimmy Johnson ask -- on that NASCAR. Six time champion you hate them you know I would -- to -- people hate the spurs because they -- as they've been so successful -- landing on the thing is they're boring the spurs are boring Jimmie Johnson's pretty boring. And that's trend here Tom Brady never really see much in the news about a pretty boring so well and listening to what -- Tom Brady is how he noted in my five. Oh yeah still known if that guy you're dead and you're listening around the players as you guys give Tom brazen lie if you view you if you win the game keeping and now. Though you you don't get behind 50 tell ya the truth Casey don't tell tradition now in tell you in the C Roy you can high five after the Super Bowl that's it. By the crisis we are talking in the AFC. Real quick before take a break Patrick -- mango mental update of what happened in Cleveland went on -- -- Davone Bess going for the dumbest player in the NFL award he was he took the final two games off the season for. For personal reasons. Words do we a picture of him smoking what appeared to be a marijuana cigarettes. I've been -- tweet a picture yesterday. What appeared to be a bag of marijuana and was arrested this morning at the airport for me -- by with that officer. I do it yourself favorite look up the whole description of that fight because. It's amazing. He was in a fighting stances pants are falling gas usually policy on the guy he's -- I don't know throw the guy -- hope -- gets help when things right now. -- five point 75 million dollars guaranteed. And he's active likable. Yet everything Cleveland is a mass with the Cleveland Browns of course so look for head coach should do so and then I got a wide receiver that's. Well Jack that I -- -- have found without Wentz is of course brand work. When -- three guys is not here right now he -- Denver I am taking New England Patrick Davis stepped in Denver. We come back. -- hit the Tennessee's. Dan and had the NFC's who hits NFC conference championship I tell you -- he's gonna win. And also ABC news' Nancy that's coming up next. Thirteen -- these three guys fortunate. Join the conversation on FaceBook surged three guys sport show. Thirteen 73 guys -- show. Join the conversation on -- -- surged three guys -- joke. Pain in studio with me is that Patrick Davis who is filling in her one brand -- -- is doing important stuff. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Because he wanted to do an important stuff that's Davis might awaken he had found his friend of ours not -- friends and coworkers here at Entercom monster and and -- from the station he's also doing some very cool on mcsame four point seven our sister station called Austin -- local. He is doing on the live Friday showed -- -- -- 11 -- south Lamar -- CNN hang out alta -- man yet some comedy this past Tuesday and respond wasn't stated I'm not a comedy guy and I laughed my Butler the tell in this town is amazing that -- as the comedy sleeping in this town I mean anything I was -- -- -- the best I I am lucky to get the people like it's come on the -- it was awesome man it was a great timing you know -- -- after -- -- -- clocked -- only five -- again and only five. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I cannot listen online are forgotten -- -- online wants to -- when you come visit drop on by. On Tuesday night especially the commander in south by -- big deal under and I would -- you know you never know with Sanford the south by we we -- to keep the few things of course -- and that's that's that's good stuff follow him you can go to -- -- 47 are common in search box type in -- live and local. So this. This game the evening game than the one at 530 -- in Seattle. This -- make my money back from losing my money with the colts and patriots -- this is where I make my money back because. Seattle is favored by three and a half points right now I don't get it's. I get the great defense save them at some feel just a home field but did anyone not see the 49ers play last week. Just saying -- -- this is what I'm pumped up this could be the Super Bowl here. This conceivable I mean I appears right now the Broncos and patriots is completed a you know -- yeah I oh you know what earlier. -- and you know I'm looking at you know you go Yahoo! Sports -- you go to any he has been -- -- move the front page it's it's it's Tom Brady and Peyton Manning and my -- You know cool I -- and remind you one thing. The Baltimore Ravens. Because they have to -- 49ers in the Super Bowl last year and I don't think any of us thought that ravens team was as good as the patriots are Broncos are this year man. I mean. See I mean look when we get to the symbol of a little bit and -- an older building that. Sunday at 5:30 PM here or -- time and Austin. -- role as this is census before action Seattle Seahawks just because you you know it's the new rule it's been I mean it's been a runaway -- a little bit yeah. But it's the new one you know you speed maybe the ravens and Steelers not so much anymore now. But this is the one the bad blood you don't stand this is where they. H this is the kind of -- California thing with the Oakland Raiders used to be big and everybody had. There's just that thing about California -- -- laid back rebound pretty much everything. But their football. So that -- that -- West Coast. Football they'd take it seriously then I mean that those guys are common with bad blood. I mean you saw last week with the Carolina Panthers and you can just look. It's either Panthers. Did not they looked too nice they didn't look like they knew what they were doing in that position. They you know any sensing that would happen they got down the 49ers look like they knew what they were doing they came to win that's why they did. And I think they have that edge on Seattle. Seattle's got confidence they don't have experience. But I still think Seattle at home I still don't trust -- jeopardy. I still don't believe that this saves his good team can put together week after week. I think at home we can see some beast mode happened I think we'll see Russell Wilson really shine. It really at this is his time to shine. I paper CN I'm I'm your goal in the underdogs you're a way I'm going home. GAAP and you know I get it but here's dealers the X-Factor. In this game. And you saw you've seen it all season line and there's one team we just -- -- that we said that the earlier that the -- on page certificate themselves probably about west Welker and they will be they have been all season began. The one team that's kicking themselves about letting someone go way is -- Baltimore Ravens. In -- Bolton. It's just amazing they could afford him they they could afford him and got to find a way to find the sign bold they gobbled -- and they have Crabtree who Harbaugh. Said it was the greatest. Catcher. Of all time I mean bold insists the X-Factor dated I mean he's shifts Olivier territorial and Vernon Davis if there there's no there there they've got some good options those are you're Deming. That's what's gonna -- over the top. Seattle's got home field advantage at twelfth and have a yet. Sanchez has gotten Poland and the other averages Crabtree and Davis. Death and man that's why I mean that it's the foreigners can be beat you know black you know last season we thought. You know it is it was in his cabinet met at the book had the went for the team magnet all these weapons EC Frank Gore is -- like machine. Yeah I mean I had this relies firing -- that big run last week he dated like three or four yards to to get the first down those agreements facility at 23. And it was it's he's he's played out of his mind against Carolina's defense I I agree I. It to me it is they have not put it together on a weekly basis. They've had those flashes that it they put together yeah they're the best team in the NFL probably and of those weeks they don't. They don't in I don't think they can intimidate Seattle. So you're taken to Florida niners are aimed -- OK I like ACL on -- -- Seattle. And I'm looking here in Miami on iPhone I say for -- -- -- -- is not with -- -- is doing is more important stuff -- just hanging in here. The weakening at any time except that it has been hanging out there that's why you're you're filling in for Brandon. -- and sickened forty hours. A brand so far as it has Denver 10% Cisco -- and you got you're taking I was taking take a drug Denver -- and also remember hello -- I'm going on San. We we just posted on that the FaceBook page you can get 23 guys porch on the FaceBook page. We wanna hear what you guys say -- I Wii is put up that he thinks I mean I've got I got home he's got away brain is got a split at home and away. -- a little bit different but -- know what you think is well. Definitely definitely definitely faces stick around and -- is going to be next. Then kills and we're gonna talk to Rick Hagen gave basketball. Static kill basketball you know YME ninth month. I'm just if Randy was here he's going no I just got in line -- is because. It's just bottom line this season two launch that's said that's it so early articles they -- a quick grimy new -- just ignited the Broncos well. No he's he's thrown Brandon -- I don't FaceBook page you terminated possibly and that that phase of his runaways or street -- sports room you little like you know -- -- -- right now but yeah. Forward and talk NBA basketball I guess friends on here you know the whole show -- goes -- crap without him. Talk it's an NBA best ball that's coming up next here and previous spurs updates as we are or are there are definite lot of spurs fans here and Patrick Davis. Now -- -- Texas man San Antonio Spurs guy like bursting -- not a rocket -- that's coming up next. Thirteen seven these three guys sports show. Join the conversation on FaceBook and surged three guys sports show. It's a thirteen 73 guys were -- oh join the conversation always -- surged three guys awards show. -- -- Just say we did a fine job of holding -- stamina I would mr. brand new workers usually sit next me here on the three S -- He's an F filly to win some more stuff -- -- -- eliminated Fridays at eight defined yet pencil pusher extraordinarily. So he can be with us tonight -- -- -- of course Patrick Davis a left to meet these Geico of course a worker coworker friend also -- and -- monster and and then he also listening critical on our sister station makes a four point seven it's called. Austin live and local. They do a nice cool variety -- going down -- 11 bar on south market here nonsense on Tuesday night 7 PM. -- Patrick and if you wanna find out more about your -- I'm muddled state government cents -- seven dot com and and search box type in -- in -- local and push the buttons mr. Casey -- the lord of the border in a fantastic job. Thank you for -- on the nine. Trying to make sure ascendant you know why it sounds fantastic outside you why because usually -- pushing the buttons and I I've never felt. I've never thought. That the feeling the beyond time could be feel this good I'm sitting by Blake across a I was at my lake across a mild my arms and in my legs is kind of like this in mind. I mean it feels fantastic and Patrick as you know we've been telling him this for the past year I -- I've I've seen Casey's face turned so regularly -- the CU well -- -- -- you know finally he has seen the -- here is a deal all that we we do this show for free we don't get paid for it okay. That's why I never won NC -- you into the no pace I'm not getting paid for this. Now. Italy and out definitely right now you want to four out of six minutes left. Just -- time of course when -- -- Franco here are three guys sports show gives it time gives us time right now to talk about MBA which one thing that I don't want to talk about it. Look I love the NBA but I just in the secrecy -- like talk about it at the in the -- bullets were when it's when it's got to wrap up so basically I don't pay attention my -- right now looking at a -- television screen in the studio we got today here on ESP and we have. The clippers playing the -- knicks I see clippers are in game score haired 34. And that's at 38 there in NASDAQ principles of -- there in New York to -- a look that good so that leads us to. Two things number one. I saw a glimpse of I think what seems to be an all star uniform. What the hell is up with that actress I went away big NBA fan and experts and as last. And there's got leaked a couple days ago in the NBA finally just to put it out because the big news can happen and first of all you know like I I don't know if you remember when. Bill -- was -- Santonio like in the mid ninety's. And they had like the hot peppers and everything on it was there was very -- -- -- yes very -- this they were not a great uniform I've still got a David Robinson won a third I held that game. I -- those for sale last CEO last year's champs sports on the river -- I have I still have mined from the X I went to the game. This when it's got the big -- -- the big thing about it -- sleeves. If not eroded their sleeve not a bad like that actually for short sleeves like AT shirt short sleeved shirt. Is it at least bits I I don't know I don't know if it's the Dwight Howard tight fit or more lose speed. Feature but it's it's a teacher in the sad part is why they're doing this. And they're not telling you whether doing this -- they're trying to get sleeves and they started putting in some games they wanna put advertising. -- -- -- And more money -- And so on to see the all -- in the east is gonna be sponsored by Coca-Cola in the west is gonna be sponsored by. Third base sponsor of the -- so give them a little of it laden -- not -- at least -- elect I mean you know I know further down the road we are going to be nine MM or an -- now about Kobe Bryant and grading couple years ago hats and say about that. They find here and when does it you know he's seen a WNBA I still like you just find a way to put it on the regular Jersey make it right like they do with the championship game. Legal pads and you combine the regular Jersey without X I don't wanna. Like I -- hate to think to walk down the street in C Cade. Plan in my query and LeBron James Jersey that he's like I'll idolize this guy's -- And then it's got these sponsorships all editors and enjoy -- with sponsorship there's -- enjoyed. MBA right now on a Patrick Davis. 88 year big Santana spurs and they have a fantastic record is what can I I look what I'd say I don't follow tonight I I'm a closet -- at least a -- cloth the -- but the -- 31 -- -- they are leading the -- love it's -- not hate playing number -- the last. Up poorly comes the San Antonio tonight so this is a huge match up. Of two beat two top teams in the west blame the night. The big deal with the spurs right now the big story is the injuries that we've been pretty healthy all season. And the spurs have allowed you know that's why they have a good record as you know he seems like you we talked about the clippers having Chris Paul out it's been huge -- to the -- Danny Green just got diagnosed with a broken hand he is up four point 34 weeks. Tiago Splitter also up three or four weeks of the right shoulder sprain. Money to -- we left the game a couple of days -- with a sore hamstring he's back now but it's one of those things of you have to monitor his minutes and make sure you know you're not over use and the game in the playoffs. So right now is we're getting donuts in the second half of the season and getting down to the -- part of the -- now when I'm rated jumping and yet. This is the point where you need your team to be healthy. So -- coasting -- ready. And the aids the injuries are not good Boris deals have to play where minutes -- opposed. Jeff Ayers is really stepped up who I believe I still think he had like five or six dunks. And a game the other night and big they were the post game press conference and like Jeff Ayers had five dunks tonight Tony progress that's got to be a -- record at best and I know what you know it's dumped on the -- -- trip in fifteen years. That's funny and by the way of course we're talking spurs here and three guys sports or pat Davis not -- columnist not to don't go to super fan of the -- that's -- the good thing about this is biggest upset in our biggest disappointment I think -- -- west is -- lakers by far but that's fortunately I don't. There's a disappointment I think it's a discipline exit the lakers with Kobe came back too early got hurt again. You just click that team they're just not that good it's that kind of put together that. They've reunion team -- can they got together to make players in me and me a bunch of young guys to try amount. They're they're trying to hit free agency hard this year -- get out some money in if they'll be there within two years. Talk in and being at the -- -- we're gonna -- -- -- wrapping up on FaceBook again you can like is -- -- three -- -- and it was like contaminant that anything you want of course. You get the big AFC NFC championship games. Around the room brand -- taking -- Denver Broncos in the essence is point nine -- Patrick Davis. Taking all the the guys are supposed to when Denver and that Seattle myself bounce Franco taking it. The New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks are outside senses the 49ers falls on FaceBook like mystery -- sports out.