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Diamond Know It All, 1/18/14

Jan 18, 2014|

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It's time for the diamond now and I'll show presented locally by Austin America's diamond in the post series Jordan and Dave the diamond now and all will answer your questions about diamonds gemstones engagement rings. And they may even help solve your relationship problems exist -- 8327792678. Or email your question to David diamond note all dot com and now here's due in days. They today. How -- you today and a great comparing myself I'm great -- coming up on a birthday here and a few days that mental and -- -- -- going to be. Telling me that. -- know better than to ask the women her age. It but I am dropping out of the demo that I've enjoyed for many many years so that gives you a hint. Lying you know -- demographic when those cards what do you or is it doesn't. They are the cards and I'll take that long time ago a -- those offers a look at. And then you early bird special and I'm faith but I get the ads along the right hand side you know for depends and stuff like that it would be right yeah. Good luck with that down so whenever. We have Valentine's right around the corner. -- know it's about a month away but valentines it's a very important holiday in the jewelry world I guess. It is and can be all its second highest engagement time. Com next what Christmas actually next to come graduation in June. Home people get engaged to the finish college or whatever and it education they're going through mood and they say quote now I can get married and moved you know what should I do next -- I'll get married uninteresting but lest some time we talked to and that was some I didn't have a lot of the history of saint Valentine. -- you told me it was a pagan holiday and that quickly corrected because saint Valentine. Right how about the pay against. But it it's been going on since 27. The AD. And there are over this period in history that it's been -- really kind of the interesting. There than three different. Saint Valentine's. Or -- credited to Valentine's Day over history and even to this day the Protestants and the Catholics can't make up their mind. Okay. Which was led to which was which and who was right who is wrong. What what did he do well what was all it was about. The particular Romans -- ruler at the time. Wanted to come he didn't want. The soldiers to be married because he thought that. They they wouldn't they would be thinking about home and they don't wanna go home to their family. So he made it against ought to be married and be in the military -- -- than they'd be willing to give up their life for the state and right now we're about yeah how far that would gum okay. But down. And so he married people in secret it was kind of I read this one -- kind of funny. He married them in secret and them bombed the governor of would find out and thrown in jail. -- -- So treat it out of fighting either way -- coupled sewer level would come to same downed -- and say can you -- -- yes it's a lose. -- So you know it's funny because I was wondering if Valentine's -- at the history of it really had anything to do with love so apparently it did. It did it did. There have been certain many symbols over the years that are associated with of our times this one is a little weak for me. You know they give roses on Valentine red roses yes but if you and and so. Historians. Say that if you take the word roses and you re juggle all the letters you come up with a hero oaks which is the Greek god of love -- and that's why they give roses. Really you didn't think the diamond note on new law. Think that well I'm in -- techno source probably -- the air for that would Alpert give -- The Internet what -- -- it out all -- -- yet. Well at the diamond note also that it has to be true right but I I actually what I do is I checked many sites and then. I only talk about the things that are all the all three degree but what about cupid in relation to love. Cupid was an mythology. Mythology gold mythological. Logical -- boy I really couldn't get them out. Cupid and Latin the word cupid means desire cupid is represented as a naked chubby boy. With the wings and possessing and mischievous smile. He carries a bow with a quiver of arrows which he uses to trans -- the hearts of the youth. And maintenance. -- like that -- fans -- So what are the best gift for Valentine's. If you're not gonna ask somebody tomorrow -- -- could not I think a nice and that right now and that's a very very hot. On a with a colored gemstone could be even a heart gemstone. The world diamond pendant is a nice way to say. -- you know you want said that the little boxes when you see those little boxes riot and none of them things government gets right and on this. A lot of a lot of things in June period earrings okay earrings -- big we'll talk later of about the awards but. They hearings to -- the awards. The Golden -- youngest. So. You wanna give something that you know if it is it appropriate to give a gift of Valentine's if you are not. Neeon love quote if you're just dating someone or or do -- stay away from twelve million world. I think that you would turn around and buy something less -- you it wouldn't have to eat eat. You don't want it to look anything like a promise ring or an engagement ring that's why a nice little and then. -- so. If fits their birth stone is rubio or it's they like him a system that you can do any color if you if you notice would. Did the woman you're dating of the young lady you're dating. -- is certain colors that would be a. Pro bring it on to do so so I'm thinking. -- there's candy. There's flowers but if you -- jewelry that means something serious -- would you say that that was true but I would say that that was more of a commitment from. Okay who who this guy need to know this information has especially come commitment phobic men may need to know what's appropriate 'cause I don't wanna say when I'm not feeling well. I want to know that I've had many customs arm of this one -- out that long ago and he was he kept looking at everything he was afraid this would send the right messages would send the right message. Since I like turn that I'm in love with Eric. But I don't wanted to think I don't like her. But -- -- and I knew he was having a conversation with himself. If if that it. And mental histrionics yeah you -- get at the yeah my wife I always think she has somebody in the bathroom whether she's talking away a million miles -- minutes -- at the I do that too but I do -- in the car I taught myself three things written them yet. You know years ago -- who used to be able knows crazy people were there walking on the street talking themselves. To date with the with. With -- yeah -- know everybody's talking to themselves ready and slight regret that I. Well we've got a great show planned for you today we we are to talk a little bit about the Golden Globes. And we'll talk about. What's going on in the world and jewelry news. But since Valentine's is the second most popular time to. Proposed. On next segment let's up some of those creative proposals that view a day -- have gotten over the years because being in the industry. People tell you what what they did what was -- what worked what didn't so we're gonna share some of that information. And I want you to join him on that because you have so much vast experience of that every. Yeah sure I'd be glad that they think yeah I have a question call us at 8327792678. Or you can always email your question today the diamond no I don't dot com. You're listening to the diamond -- at all show on top thirteen seven eighths. A little bit. Then you. I'm Richard Crawford frost and America's diamond our entire staff is thrilled to be supporting the diamond know -- all show. And would like to invite everyone to stop by Walsh America's domino to normal walk -- let us assist you with your next to repurchase. Like Dave says have been in business for over thirty years and have a serious commitment to excellent customer service. Stop by and enjoy the most beautiful diverse selection of fine jewelry Austin has to offer. Austin America's -- now Torbor north OPEC breaker. You're listening to the diamond -- -- show on talk thirteen seventy presented by Austin Americus -- if you have a question give us a call 832779678. Ballantine threat around the corner. And dame. People proposed this time of year what is the most creative proposal you've never heard. Okay I thought about this I've asked a lot of customers over the years I've print stories over the years this was my faith okay. A person you re creating the scene from a movie. It was romantic. Okay. Just like in the goodbye girl if I know if you remember that movie Richard Dreyfuss on -- second marriage -- yeah right yeah. And he arm appeared on the rooftop of the apartment building. Seen. From. Humphrey Bogart movie. And that was dinner and it was candlelight he -- the half and was dressed like you know Humphrey Bogart. And he talked like Humphrey Bogart -- the -- to there and that the romantic -- that is terribly but so what was at the stupidest proposal he'd ever heard of something somebody did that with just why did -- what we -- he can. The person that six you know minutes after the -- somebody they run to Vegas and it -- Ali -- I agree that works out really well well and I also think guy to ask someone to marry them and she says no. There's something wrong with that proposal right there because you should always know the answer to that question before you ask guys. Think to get the feeling you just look at each other and you know I mean you you you feel a connection you you'd be you know. As much as even. I don't like to admit my wife and I it really connected and then. Even though I hate when she knows when I'm thinking okay. I think it's nice that she knows when I'm thinking who's going to catch Tony to Kenya so if you are asking and she says knowing that shot she then something's definitely can and if you want it though both. Think I picked up out of all the lists that I have -- of people would have told me stories and I've. I keep these little journals on that and the -- these in my favorite. If you're a movie buff and you gonna take care of decent dinner and a movie so Valentine's Day. You could talk to the theater and you know when they do the little commercials. Mean for the movie now -- dot you could you could pay them and they would put up on the screen. Then when you marry me yeah it definitely did Alamo draft house I could see that they idea that -- think him. And first simple surprise after she goes to bed this when I really really like. She goes you know Arab women who in the bathroom and take off that doing they go in the bathroom whatever wash their -- threat I don't know moist I. Take all the jewelry out of the her box. And put the engine eight Milan went -- and when she wakes up in the morning and have to she gets dressed and everything there it's going to be. That's cool and it's very surprised yeah I liked the outline that's what my favorites. And then they create Joan podcast you could cause you know we do podcasts and and running so he could take a podcast you go and and you could go to Enron email the at the linked. And there could be you right on her computer screen wherever you wanted to okay. In with a proposal to I think his -- very modern dance. Enough so he thought I was an old man you know you do the goodbye girl reference which was from a hundred years ago and then no doubt in my mind you know I hope. Out of all the checklists I've been made to watch okay yeah I -- -- that was. Let's talk next show next week about chick flick yes that's another topic that is -- aren't so what about the one that I told you about. That happened to me where we went to the restaurant and -- desert the -- -- had written in on the play around the outside in. Syrup or whatever will you marry me that was very romantic that is very heroic and that was that was in my list because you told me that to me. I'm going major listen media turn all of proposal yeah. Well yeah police they got that we hit my marriage and -- it didn't have left the and it's a good thing that was a loophole. Loophole. That. Other proposals people come and share I'm sure all the time when they come into the jewelry store after the fact Lemond wanna brag and man wanna get a -- What are the other ones that I like to us a person that that has him and his -- fringe to go for walks every night. And so he pre arranged in the air France's set up a picnic dinner then okay. In the park and they came upon it. And Q and he proposed that. I so -- and then on I would -- of -- you timber on the Internet where someone was in Europe. And they are gonna propose and what he so he and his girlfriend her fiance erect enough can't take his -- provides yet they were on the steps of some more in parents they. And he had invited her entire family to come. And so he got down on one knee and then she looked around in there with her mom and her dad your Brothers and her friends and sisters all unbeknownst to her. So it was a very romantic that he included everybody and they were there for the big celebration. Did she say yes. I have I think Sally I don't think they would have put the video out there. That -- picture that was romantic he used to. Well. Proposal I and -- guys have to. Turnaround and save themselves. You know. You don't wanna say that the woman you love hate you wanna do it okay -- you know you just wanna do it it. Well mavericks up that Vegas I think you're talking about. So you're in Vegas he'd been drinking all Pena licking each other and you decide to get married you know how I always kid because I wanna go to Vegas. Get in the back to the cab didn't go to that Elvis drive through just now they all right so naked in the backseat of the car right and get married that way via you have something we talk about the rest -- life this -- be a lot of. You know weddings have gotten so elaborate and expensive and I think proposals. Have as well. I mean there's a lot of pressure for you to them -- -- your fiance I don't know if you remember but we try to get somebody to come on the show. But there are companies now out did little arranged the whole thing they designed it they write you pay someone can be created for you -- -- to it at that in -- you know what ladies if the guy can't think for himself don't marry him -- you can't put a little personal effort. You know my first husband it was if it was this time here with my birthday. And so he gave me a birthday cards are you gonna keep reminding me of that right that a -- thank you -- kind of brought against it but show he double column. On the birthday card. And I was reading along in the palm and it was very you know simple rhyme. And I got further and further along and I realized. He says something about. Something life. And it dawned on me what rhymes with the word life. And it was like would you be my and I -- I mean it was so surprising and wonderful and I cried -- beautiful. Again that I area haven't filled but but the proposals are dead he do you armed keep the pictures from these weddings and just cut the group -- and -- also it's up my kid's dad I don't I don't want him out but I did cut the cycle. -- -- -- -- Public and close up then to. And we're gonna talk about jewelry and what the stars were wearing and what the trends are because a lot of trends come from. The celebrity's. In our next segment if you have a question for -- the -- now at all. 832779678. You can email us also David -- on all dot com. The Diamond Hill at all show is brought to -- in Austin American diamond you're listening to and on talk thirteen seventy. Don't overpay for your diamond engagement ring seed Richard Crawford and Austin America's diamond. Boy asked me what's the most expensive part of this -- liberate. Is that the -- -- diamonds is that the labor. No stock market up we did carry almost all the big decider likes to wanted to see it all the magazines ever -- -- line they were a lot more expensive. Was supported better know we had to pay more for them because they had to pray. For all the promotion they were doing to get their name out revenue charter customers more Wear and deploy more than any better so we found some incredibly good US company. I gotta say most of the designer lines are not made in the US -- -- at worst also are thicker -- -- perhaps it was literally ten weeks before we -- get it if we did -- their own companies spews CO weaker candidate than they needed to run away we could do it two or three days. Highest quality jewelry that's made in the USA. That's Austin America's diamond and the opera walk -- back in the breaker. This is the diamond -- all show on top thirteen seven behind -- George then. With Dave the domino and all we like to thank Richard. Over at Austin America's -- for presenting the show and. Well you know that that brought up a whole interest thing I was thinking about. You know britches and American made in how the story is transformed into. Mostly American made goods. And so -- that started me thinking and so on and so forth and I did some research -- American made goods. You buy American made. And you just pay a little bit more and sometimes even lasts. -- in my research showed. That. That you -- Helping Americans stay employed. People think about while this this company closed and laid off say 5000 people but they don't realize the effect that 5000 people. Has come. -- -- called the outskirts you know it's the rippling effect. Almost Kennedy -- all those companies that support that company with their. Coffee machine with the restaurant is viewed. I write the restaurant or they may be supply janitorial supplies to the -- they made. To supply. Just bomb product that they need -- what about it took somebody loses their job they don't have income they can't spend money in their community which keeps up businesses going back. So all these Jewish doesn't have all these -- -- designers and and you really ask and made overseas they've made in China then made in Taiwan then. They're made in come places that. Don't help Americans -- well I'm proud to be associated with the Richard. Made in America goods. Good move maxim overnight. Smart business that yeah. Well last week the Golden Globes. Sunday night where they. All the stars come on the red car bed and I was watching as that though women were going -- the red carpet and I couldn't help but notice. Dave that. You know all these women were wearing off the shoulder you know shoulder -- downs. And not a single necklace in the butts and wasn't just last year that statement necklaces were all the rage they. They weren't but I tell you what I but I did some even further investigating. Okay. And this has really actress amber heard it you know -- sheet. No it ever heard that she's and -- she does what are you push because she would. Does TV. And she had time and listen to this she walked on the red carpet she won an award by the way. Black rodeo and sterling silver and fake diamond. -- looks -- -- sure fakes on the red carpet and the red carpet 360 ducks might be why don't who Shia -- the lord turn of HBO series enlightened. War. A fourteen karat gold -- with this annihilate purples. Skies ring yet that have a meeting didn't see necklaces but saw a lot of -- yet a measly 3600 dollars. I mean. I hope that's an indication of how bad of an actor she's moved house of cards Robin Wright she lord Dana Rebecca design it. A 440. Dollar ring. While 440 though it's ridiculous. The -- Wear the jewelry makers would. Give all the -- what to Wear an -- ego wise because those that this is sometimes. You know quote unquote lost them down. Actress. Cate Blanchett ward diamond earrings from show pop out I liked her earrings they were pretty they're big and he got a very cool everything was pretty much understated. And Amy Amy Adams of Latin American hustle. She have done. A yellow gold diamond and -- need a jewelry by Lorraine Schwartz and it was simple. But very elegant and I have to in the to a it was not showing -- -- but it was very beautiful. I don't I think get the cost on that one breaking bad is Betsy Brandon. -- -- -- -- -- Or lately Danica and eighteen carat gold and diamond bracelet. Not only that it was actually -- picture of it is not only different it was tasteful and it was absolutely. Beautiful. -- Ran sixth and my protein that all right I do lousy in the -- She -- forever platinum ring with a 42 this was the biggest deal that night. Fourteen point fourteen and have Carol all wheel shaped diamond. But it is some that was one of the few pieces that had a real value. And you know. But it was just plain and boring. So so coming out of the awards any trends anything that. We look the Indiana Missouri business she think's gonna happen yellow gold is coming back. Yellow gold this coming -- platinum things might be over and earrings was the whole thing at the at the awards. It. If they didn't have any jewelry on on their wrists are on this thing is but they had hearings it was. Interest and and they're not earrings I mean some gals they're hair covered there tearsheet couldn't even see that they had earrings on so. I guess dangles are gone the big dangling earrings maybe I don't know. You know though lady from a fast and furious. I also. Tacky. She she hunts and stuff that it absolutely cost 18150000. Look like custom doing. And can. Well let me center talking about bringing. -- -- nail polish I saw that black nail polish on the red carpet in these gorgeous gowns. So they -- The celts were wearing black in that dark blue and I -- surprise me. It hit in the -- is the ridiculous part because. Addresses were very colorful for the most -- lose a lot of color reds and greens and you know move on to our surprise -- that so the nail polish really. You know. That's if you had an evening gown on I could see that well and there is some gals would have 45 brings on -- wasn't like the one. Nice statement rang their beat each finger would have a ring. On -- I don't know I think I'm probably showing my age that just seems -- well I get a day for me the best piece they're okay it was Elizabeth. Is -- -- of American household. It's RRO HM. And she have done the most gorgeous diamond bracelet. It was eighteen carat gold and diamond it was cost 35000. Dollars was from Harry Winston's. OK it was suspect. -- -- -- and ring and it showed really really a lot of class. So we translate it for us. The statement necklaces gone which by the way I'm so behind the times I was thinking this year I was gonna buy myself -- -- -- and yellow gold sell you heard it here on the diamond -- all show on talk thirteen 78 and will be right back right after this. I'm Richard Crawford frost and America's diamond. Our entire staff is thrilled to be supporting the diamond know it all show. And would like to invite everyone to stop by Walsh America's dominant normal walk -- let us assist you with your next to repurchase. Like Dave says I've been in business for over thirty years and have a serious commitment to excellent customer service. Stop by and enjoyed the most beautiful diverse selection to find jury Austin has to offer. Austin America's -- now -- north OPEC breaker. You're listening to the diamond -- at all show on talk thirteen seventy brought to you by Austin American Stein and -- the diamond LL is a third generation jewelry manufacturer buyer and retailer. Did -- grew up in the Providence, Rhode Island area. The original jewelry manufacturing region of the US. His knowledge of the jewelry industry. Is immense which is why he's now -- and the diamond no at all they've actually -- Jewelry. But he also has an opinion about almost everything else which is what the show tends to be all about so now. For the final segment here steady the -- know all with some final words of stump if. Well right before I get into that I -- tell you know for the -- of my wife and I've been going to see this counselor okay. And that -- you know we've been married 25 years and -- When asked when the council so what's the problem and I didn't know what that the problem was either. -- my wife went into this unbelievable. Tirade listing every problem everything I -- did wrong. OK for the last 25 years she -- it and about neglect and lack of intimacy and -- this in -- only in this. Okay at feeling unloved. In the entire dialogue you list of unmet. Needs she hit. Didn't jerked -- that was the -- -- yeah you heard a guard. For 25 years finally after allowing this to go on and I'm very painful amount of time. Therapist gets up walks around the desk and embraces her and stats you know console in her. The therapist trends demean insists. This is what she needs three times a week. I said whoa. You know I can bring your on Mondays and Wednesdays -- Fridays I go out the guys. And -- are lower wrapping up another shown next week we're gonna talk about Chick Flicks so if you have a favorite chick flick. We sure would like to nobody can email us at David -- -- -- dot com. And we'll take your questions -- off the air if you like Davis or call 832779678. To reach just. Thank you so much stay another a great show wrapped up any final words ugly. Every relationship has its own problems -- makes it perfect is when you still warrant to be there when everything sucks -- That's true I guess we have time for one more -- now.

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