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Jan 18, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's delicious mischief Boston's food and -- radio group. Our presentation. Of specs wines spirits and finer foods and now he's the guy who loves to talk with a -- -- John -- mirrors. Everybody welcome to another edition of -- malicious -- booted my radio program toward. Texas has always delicious -- is -- presentation of specs wines spirits and finer foods while a little bit later will be visiting -- specifically say that three times specs specifically. For. Or are great -- -- segment whether that turns out to be beer or spirits or or of course -- line I think we talk about it and get the taste on the show more than any other single. Beverage because well we loved one who doesn't. But this week prior opening segment and again and how close -- we are in San Antonio. Certainly one of my favorite cities anywhere at great city for food and also just a great city for great city a great place to visit. I'm told a great place to live. And weird and definitely starting here and now today a great place to eat we're at the -- pearl brewery and I've been following this for years now. I came to this place it was sort of but other than the old brew house that was obvious and visible from just about everywhere and and beloved by all. It's pretty much of a mud hole except for that and now. You wouldn't believe -- I can't believe -- there -- so much there's so many great buildings so many restaurants so much retail so much residential that that I'm I'm discovering and I'm a little bit lost even based on having been here only a year ago so it's an amazing thing an amazing revitalization going on here. On the expanded river walk that's right the river walk now comes calling -- well. I'm I'm here with that -- have known back to his New Orleans days when when I was in New Orleans and he was in New Orleans thus we knew each other steps the chef. Stephen makes you is here. And and Steve and you just opened a place that the part of this explosive development that's exciting development you're restaurant brand new it's called Huard. Now we are looking at some cured -- here are. And that's always a pleasure right but tell me a little bit about how this idea and indeed this name came up. Bout with a name came about it's twofold really John and thanks for enemy again I loved you and this program with you. It's twofold. My love of cured -- obviously is very evident when you walk in the building and see the large chicanery case and you see everything in their aging -- as they say you can't miss it. And you can it run right into it. But it also. Is AM. Kind of a little tribute to the challenges that I've had in the past with lymphoma and subsequently. Being cared. That that's an amazing double meaning on a restaurant for short not. If if only all the restaurants nor had two or three meetings like that especially meanings that are as meaningful. As that intensity. Now what kind of inspired you to -- a restaurant I mean I understand that you are in love with obsessed with. Cured meats are coterie. I'm I'm an Italian freaks I know the salute me collect connection well. But but still I mean there's there's loving it and then there's making it those are two different things and I never would've predicted ten years or so ago that that so many American -- of one kind or another would start. Making this up experimenting with this stuff and indeed having something like you have at the front where the first site inside of a restaurant is a bunch of meat on hooks. Hanging and curing mean what what what kind of what has happened to us -- the food culture that. We're not. Afraid that in fact were fascinated by it. It's really it beyond which it's it's almost. A revert to how things used to be. These are techniques that are thousands of years old and for me personally it's such a rewarding process because there's so much time obviously that goes into in the have hands that'll be hanging. And at twelve months. Before we can actually sliced them and see if we can actually benefit from the -- of labor and so at six overall policy you have all this you stared at this am every day for like twelve months. And you don't know if it's gonna be is and yet. Well that's -- that's the thing you know we we -- them once a week we check them. See that the album moisture levels are dropping the way we predict them too and really just depends on house how how how big the -- as before it goes in we're dealing with some some great local farmers and you know we can get some really big -- in here and so we're looking for about 30% weight loss and so. Her -- Thirty pound -- to lose 30% weight you know it takes a long time. Well let me just point out that I'm looking for a 30% weight loss as well and you're not helping. Not now -- even tell me a little bit because while. The first thing you see is all these cured meats that you -- -- this French name for a tradition going back those thousands of years. Your menu is is sort of celebratory of all that that I'm thinking not limited we're gonna have a tasting. Of some things in the second half here but how did you go about figuring out in perhaps inspired by the farmers' market here -- you go about figuring out. What San Antonio wants Utica. Well you know. My wife and I when we decided to do this restaurant and and we wanted to place that we wanted to go. And we thought about what kind of things are missing. And in being an old farm boy from Wisconsin I love doing it farmers I understand a little bit of that mentality and how they think in. If you've ever the most challenging thing I've ever had to do is is trying change of -- mine you know they. Date -- what they wanna grow and they know what they wanna do and they know how they wanna -- and when you start talking to them about. You know I love your. Radishes but could you pull my the ground maybe a week early because I love the the sugar or that. But the -- has said that the greens that are on there and they look at you like you're crazy sometimes because they think you just effort for shaft but. Because I've done these things and brought up on the farm and and have. I've raised animals and and and grown all kinds of you name it whatever vegetable we've we've added. I wanted it to be a celebration of what they do in the hard work they put in every single day day in day out holidays weekends it doesn't matter farmers never take a day off. And so to have the ability to just walk across the street. And it -- see these people and and get great pumpkins and and and young to Brito and and and even local well is this I mean what shaft wouldn't wanna have a farmer's market caused us. What -- indeed I can make a lot them who would then don't. So says there is that let's talk about you a little bit before we get to tasting -- in the next segment that -- you know. Farm boy from Wisconsin when you and I met your chef boy in new violence that -- he kind of far -- that happened in what did you what did you learn in New Orleans before you came here to San Antonio. Well everyone knows that you know. -- -- you know I did grow up farm in Wisconsin and we weren't. Wisconsin's not to culinary Mecca that that everyone thinks that -- I thought they were lying to me. You know -- so at a young age I really got inspired by kitchens and being in kitchens and you know attended the CIA in new York and came away with this degree and thought to myself where cargo. And learn and New Orleans popped up on the radar and I decided to move down there. And fell in love with the city that people fell in love with my wife there it was from there with a nice touch although -- lucky to get to move away confusing if you fall in love with somebody that they never let you move. Especially in New Orleans you know it's really hard because they love -- down there and and that take take them away from that. Is is always a challenge but you know we found level we moved -- to San -- I came here. With John -- opened restaurant -- in that 2010. And what a great surprise San Antonio's is. Is a lot like New Orleans and a lot of ways they have such a great -- when it comes to their people. The culture of the old buildings the history of my goodness are so much to learn here about the city and we just really. Those are the things that attracted me to New Orleans and so. I really enjoyed being in this city and being part of it. It's like you know New Orleans was way better enchiladas and I'm OK with that now before I take a break you know what. What excited you because there you are when when we visited the last time on the show you were at -- on the river walk certainly a major tourist gathering place the entire river walk would be. I'm here you are at what has sort of evolved to the surprise of some. As as another. Great tourists and local visiting our gathering point the -- Rory bomb what what excites you about here that you decided to that your first restaurant your home would be right here at the par. But it what excites me about the early is that it's such a catalyst for. What this city's going to be in the next 1020 years and in the air really. Changing the dining -- changing that dynamic changing really the way people think about food and to be a part of this it at the ground level to be a part of it to be one of the first. And and Wilson's. Ultimately one of the only restaurants here after it's all said and done and everything's built this. It's it's an honor for me -- I love what's happening here I see the transformation. You can see it in the city concede in the neighborhoods. It is the catalyst for so much that's happening around here while certain. -- and as I was saying earlier I've been sort of inadvertently watching the girl I don't know why I came here like ten years ago to do something judge some cook off do something. And in and I thought oh this is interesting and I like I love beer so anything that's based on the -- tradition is OK with me. But to see how far it's common yes how fast it's come there. Is an amazing thing so if you haven't been to San Antonio -- be sure the -- development is on your your hit less than it is an all just river walk river -- report -- Alamo -- you have to go to the Alamo I suppose but but you know it's just an amazing thing an amazing tribute to the future. That this city has to go along with -- glorious past we need to take a break -- even say whether it's because when we come back will be doing a great ingrained tasting from the -- back. And then the forty hours out. Back here -- cured at the world from -- Jeff even and a little. On the side and delicious mr. returns. Don't -- that it'll spoil your dinner. Instead here's more delicious mischief with your host -- to -- us. And now from the shelves of suspect wines spirits and finer foods this isn't -- great -- grain. Well we're going to be singing a song on today's show and that song is -- I learned a long time ago and it's called the Espana. Because we're gonna be traveling to lift Spain to add Spain CM doing an already to take some really really wonderful lines and it. If you haven't had an opportunity in your life to get to know Spanish -- may be never tasted a single Spanish wine in boy do you have a pleasurable education ahead -- you because I'm convinced. That some incredibly fantastic wines some of the best wines and all of Europe and that's certainly saying a mouthful strictly for a guy like me who loves Italian wines so much he loves French -- so much. Opt for me to say that Spanish -- represented very special subset of that old world wine thing is saying a lot. And I'm sitting here or somebody's gonna get us a real lesson not to mention a real taste of Spanish wines and that's on the cutting you know and that is the export manager. Our other company calls the at a kind opry at the company it's a family it's a bunch a winery is that the bunch of things and I. Tell us about this Sierra and robbery -- thing because just before we taste wines but we talk about Spanish -- in general. You know people wanna know where where your coming at this from. -- Well second -- -- belongs -- family which is it and -- And again family basically candidate at eighteen sent -- -- and I managed it. It's not in town 1957. -- -- state and nation yet Malloy and is that it commercialize his lines on their particular brand and he does so with the brands and that again. And I. His son's come on boys and sentenced whereas Andy. Won the -- -- -- his advantage wine maker comes on board at. The beginnings of -- mid seventies. And he goes -- I am. Trading at Powell while wine which is cutbacks some -- So we'll be looking aftertaste that San Vicente why should check it suddenly shallow and at the moment just to give you some back and they can't family. Actually have at the moment six wineries in Spain as six wineries that I amongst you regions. At and added and -- which is red planet from from the -- -- some recent announcements yet which is -- -- about. Have a why Nelson tired -- -- region that they're scientists at the end of 1990. And have a company which is called the mean it warden. And it is a lying areas based NASA. Winds themselves actually -- -- all ST yeah. So so in in in in a geographic sense that people can kind of caught up in their minds I map of Spain. Where where we mostly talking here in terms of this family and this wine growing a lot grape growing winemaking operation. It's it and it's mail Hotmail from being an -- -- -- -- and a half from Belle -- And and like I mentioned it's it's a family of of great guys. A family trait -- and senators from mistaken opinions. We're creating lines that are out a 100% and Nina and -- incidents that sustainable agriculture yet it -- to China that essence of company. Well that's that's a good essence to look for and not let us talk a little bit about Spanish wine mean even even in the context -- Spanish foods because. I went to Spain while I don't even know 35 years ago and at that time I had never been lucky enough to taste any Spanish wines in this country or certainly it never tasted in Spanish foods and -- people still had Mexican food instead I like or don't like that Spanish -- -- mean it was that bad back and and and there was so much greatness in Spain in the food in the wine course in the culture in the people in the language and literature. Now we're not having that problem it seems like in recent years more food people are more and more aware of Spanish food products I guess that's partially marketing. But then more important to us here today. People are more aware of the greatness of Spanish -- what's going on is it. Is it all marketing our do you think that the Spanish wine world is doing as it were a better job day after day after day. And it's just a combination I think that keep our intervention that we have is that we have -- -- which -- them millennium which is a -- that adapts perfectly to. I kind sheets -- climates. And the keeping of it and many eyes that it it's very rested pilots and ran that happen -- two with winds that can be done by the glass that lines actually gone very well it's. And again Mediterranean diet it's. And base it. All the Mediterranean diet is among other things healthy and also delicious so that would be a very very good thing now before we start tasting here here on that. I don't typically pick on people for their accents because I love accents I love people -- accents on the radio on the back and understand them. I think accents and a lot to shows about a New Zealand wines are Italian lines are or even French ones sometimes. But you have an accident that mystify me what is your story because yes you say Spanish word that Spanish as the day is long. But in other words not so much well how that your accent probably in the play. And it's actually buy it and add him back in Scotland and not even close to spank. It's not it's not that my pants I sent Mankins which -- itemize. And and I actually when it's Syria. As sort of the mid. Some of the it to buys into domestic issues in university and the university -- Ends. I guess I found love with their region and I have an accomplishment Adrian I'm back I'm back in 2003. That in that -- for ten years. Anarchy that they can famine in -- percent. As they say in Scotland we're glad you moved back. If that's really really great well let's let's talk about a -- here -- I take this. Is this Cody JM I'm I'm doing an Italian pronunciation it's the you know. The you know their laps he ever got they -- -- tell -- tell me about this and not how do you how do you Spanish Scottish people say that that name. Well this isn't fat -- cult party say it's -- caught it in Spanish. I say actually hasn't meaning. And fresh Spanish scriptures that if I didn't actually pick skull -- Silk -- exes in English to see -- sometime check. So this is -- -- medicine if commemorating nests and at so why not comes from. Highlighting the Nina Gordon. Ed the grapes themselves are actually coming commitment to what it is in gusty out at me -- using I younger drapes from -- and -- which isn't part of so the -- is a 100% and an. That date yes I'll listen to Chang get on that primary for it so it's a -- is -- image for six months French American milk. And outlined in our philosophy behind this company guess as to make lines that are all about high quality length of fat affordable. Let's let's talk a little of that what do you tell me about the -- neo great in in particular because. I'm in recent years I think most of us I mean it certainly have gotten been lucky enough to taste a lot of that but but most people heard that. But I'm sure there are still people who are still you know how it is in the wine world on that. I mean they're still people who only dream Merlo pinot noir cabernet or whatever it is our only drink wine from this corner of France. And and yet tempered EO both as a Spanish thing which it has but then also as -- as a great that's grown in more and more countries considering its popularity. I mean what what would you say are its qualities why should people why do you think people love -- -- so much these days. And -- Anthony isn't a lot of people because as it does it's very Paterson. You're getting winds. Masses of it if it's not Shaq. Nice -- lack. And with the guys -- I mean the are very particular in the sense that we controller opinions and these are being attacked the MR -- announced -- getting winds and very fast very fit -- with it sort of integration of well you know these are lines to indict by the glass. And a company -- it. Let's let's talk about that too because the whole food friendly -- movement is very near and dear to my heart I mean. I know that. A wine tasting are -- evening can be very pleasant but the fact that point of fact is I don't do that many album I have wine with food I love wine with my meals and and and and certainly those of us who've been who've traveled -- a lot of validation going to countries like Spain where. Wind is of course enjoyed in wine bars and all that but most of all it's a meal time thing I mean meals tend to have wine not Coca-Cola not sweet tea -- At the winemaking level I mean what do you guys do is there something that you do your winemakers do. That helps this wine this temper neo these company a wind speed more food friendly than they would be if you did something else. Not in reality as our philosophy is always been making wine on the evening at -- in the -- so for that reason. I guess what they're really trying to do is get -- -- if a particular area and of course get after it. And as mark has its say his alignment Tina I add China to -- it to -- it great when it comes and still. But just trying to do why considers healthy as Kosovo winds -- -- have expression lines have that -- -- -- -- nicer Romans. I'm trying to -- your people can die. I'll let you know what we're about to enjoy 1234. More of these lines after Cody say a cloudy -- see -- -- But we have four more wind here. From us the attic and -- and I'm having yet here to describe them with us. And we'll have more today's -- grains right. Still hungry. Here's another helping of dilution dismiss chips which are host John Denver just. Welcome back everybody thanks for joining us for today's rate ingrained segment from the -- the specs wind spirit and finer foods yes I am your lucky host John de Mars and I get to sit here. With a lady named on -- cutting out. And she of of Spanish south Americans Scottish extraction talking about the wonderful Spanish wines that -- ever count -- Maria. A family own line operation in Spain sort of spread over the the famous famous famous region known as real hot and also the cast do you region Arquette -- as we've learned to call -- another famous streets -- that Spain culturally historically in every other way now. Now I know we're gonna we're gonna taste the wine here now that actually carries that. If you will the company -- that way the company flag it's called that the American top area it has real -- written on it so that should tell us where it's from presumed. And also of a word I don't understand but I've seen it here and there before beyond. The beautiful word whether we understand it or not but what's the story on this line and a. Case -- -- and amity that is our mother lining its express my new need to find in 1957. I said on Saturday I had enough for those of you may be not familiar with. Basically -- -- -- so we have to ninety Manges. One reminds Manges as he added that Amanda and another reminds me to actually asked yet that they had that. An aesthetic and that it plays a very import empire and though and we yet where relocated because basically at Texas from the -- in humans and which alleged that basically if it to have for it to be a perfect if it. Most are having it's actually advocated by this area. Still. Contemporaneous and Braddock that that perfectly well -- The -- -- the climate and location. Probably why grows pretty well and other places as well if it's that adaptable. Accident. Anthrax. Elvis legacy as a family at the golden miles in the hunt so to speak Stockton area not Latvia which is a fanatic so. Right up to an area which is I don't. A hot everything is on the left hand my agent at the river at -- it pretty much beat those being -- that on the up his mind. That transcend that -- that hat in front of us is a line which is from I think it's that we -- that are sort of funny I use. That this election I think it's it's a selection of -- its from they have they have out which is front lines much rather from a two Emmys and -- -- yet. And firmed -- and I -- should be from the times of a wide yeah. It's a line that is teenage -- of eighteen months. I guess can't act and -- the winds that we had from the strange -- -- that are sort of fine let them at which additional. Men. Things up for a high winds that are respecting. Each instance that it I -- -- nation which is light carpentry and. I see SC well. With that we're gonna talk about a little bit more from a good deal more about real time fact that here's a wind that you mentioned earlier before our break and it also is -- from the Rioja region because that's what it says. Com and since we're taught we had a -- ounce up from 2008 this is digging back a little bit farther it's -- 2006. Sun Vicente what's the story on the Sundays and. But some extent is actually at a fresh single vineyard -- Matt Carson and traded back in 1991. And it's from I think it's equine name which is called saying it is semi -- -- actually has a pretty nice story because it's one liner racing at its enemies and that. Which does one -- Sunday saying it. From one single vineyard at cannot -- from one Democrat Alex is pimp and the out and now. Are as we've been translated -- hairy very tempting me. -- always my favorite guy. So basically what this is is it's it's an adaptation. Are close enough. And Cranium which is typical from it and find ourselves in the minds. Yet. 96 production it's just a bad extinct so as a family we -- basically back memories of the seventies the attention that this brattle hats that a massive selection and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So what is it what does it mean the way you guys operate that you saw the possibility of extinction I mean you're you kind of like saving the whales like erratic. Well basically the main difference is that -- any of that hasn't and any the general -- an arm on is that a bunch of stuff is allotment compact and the various months after getting a lot more concentration for it. Which is about this line of all of bank. It's so I aimed at a M you will see it's a -- is -- it's classic it's got that nice rates and upper right risk that a little spice. It's minimal collateral matches got that nice velvety texture. Which the name -- south and the constant -- because underneath the economics has this kind of velvet silky feeling. So I am an imminent that it represents. They area that come from because saint Vincent is actually the same effect kind -- and that a sense yet that and also saint Vincent is -- saint of a gray colors which is kind of what -- eating for the past five generations. No no saints -- of beer makers need apply when you're in when you're in radio hot even though I'm sure. If it's anything like any other wine country have been too there's a great deal of beer consumed by the winemakers in in in and around now. Here's one of the really interesting name also -- I mean let's face it there's a lot of real -- going on at this table and that's just fine with me 2007 -- -- sort of splitting the difference in the last two but this one is called and put on T goal what is open to you don't mean. And when the economy and so he can have it checked flights acts. You have a Latin. The reason is because you have them nineteen change it to that the top. It's thank you come across the first landing which could be right in Munich which is also culpable in the this jobs and about a hundred meters again and then you find a second and you ain't that belongs to our wine eating -- -- announcement this mechanic it's been -- Edwin. It's. A wine that is. Has -- that -- her as Smart flora must hat -- -- send it. More nerve nerve he -- what do we do what are we talking about here a reason is because of the -- and it just saying it only had sixty cents a meets science and -- -- its limestone rock right in me. So so wine that is very France. Can sense that mentality. Men. And it's like that you know it it's nice. Room and -- -- -- nice -- -- it is now. It's really really amazing I'm. I'm loving your open Tito. And down you know hey has it been pretty well received in this country and our friends at -- -- certain amount of -- and down. You know how how how is that how is pushing the open Tito going party. Has been said very popular facts and he did receive an award for -- -- -- the tops of the American magazines. Which actually named at number one lying in this price value. And that's that's great because I mean in the real world which is where I tend to live except when I'm on radio but in the real world people don't except. Quality without reference to price I mean it you know it it's like if it's five million dollars it almost doesn't matter what's in the bottle but. But it's really really good stuff and and that that's amazing. I'm let's let's move on to that to the final the fifth and final line The Today Show again we. We go back to the out well understood Spanish word to -- you know -- exposed I mean it always is in the bull fights and the lack. This is the 2007. I'll be read this. What's going on great labels by the way I mean there there besides some some of them are very traditional. European style with pictures of old building you know relying drawings but. Some of the ones like -- wouldn't -- are on the reds are are much more. Graphic artists stuff I mean they're much more like striking imagery. Tom what is the striking imagery of this and what's what's inside the bottle. Academy -- as a line that amongst relying entirely to call this car and that this is pretty much -- region initiative and I. Back in 1998 we treated at company and its leaders on its Al inmates. So I mean it's as an -- that maligned for his company that it's actually means -- The idea is that we're selecting and anxious from there is being sent me on to the study fact that she is not. Together she -- of activists spices to get on those paramedics that complexity for that reason on the front label you will see that there is an image of Martin. Yeah and by the by -- by which we don't mean the -- goes between bricks spell we mean by brick and mortar -- mortar and that's still where say you might have food or some other entity and crush it inside of that so so it is that's what that is it's it's very very striking image with great. Rich earthy colors and down and that end is there a great rich -- wind inside a lot. What as far as are each end compacts -- -- each image is a lot more extreme. -- -- get high temperatures. In the summer cooler temperatures in the intent generally speaking arise from -- attempt to have a lot of power high alcohol -- extra check. Well they're trying to cheaper at Disney company is -- for the elegance of -- So their fire and you gonna by buying very specific being anti NASA cheats centers -- -- -- to decide what to -- reduced alcohol content. And then at the same time to maintain -- tentative -- of tire if I it's Hawaiian that humanity getting all the nice diet. As rich fruits of moms it getting a little bit that trends. And you've got that nice silky tendon and it's a grand exit which goes fabulously well state. We'll have to try that very soon here and religious mystics -- we -- think got on the cutting -- for joining us she being in and the export manager. Are they -- winery group known by the names he had -- how Korea in Spain and focused. Not only in testy but especially in the legendary wine region of -- hot thanks for joining us and a and that about does it for another -- raking grain from the shelves of -- Wind spirit and finer than what we have one more -- to delicious -- coming up. Right after this. And now for one more bite of delicious mr. Here's your host Jon to -- us. Welcome back everybody thanks for joining us here on delicious mischief in San Antonio. You. Things can be so mischievous and certainly few things these days can be so delicious as being in San Antonio. Whether I'm looking for great Tex mex food or some of the more cutting -- places that are popping up here -- -- it's a great great great food city more and more I -- -- -- Stephen acute just just a couple weeks ago and opened his restaurant cured at the pearl brewery and we were talking earlier about you know the inspiration of the name and and the -- -- aspect and and -- Steve American before. As we start tasting here I can't help but notice yes indeed. There's -- Jericho -- -- -- from no doubt your wonderful display up front Terrell you know all of that. Give me quick tour of what we've got here and what you think you know why you think these very special here it cured. Of course -- small sampling here a few items we have. Marina smoked ham hock and parsley and we just. Really just took those down and use the the natural gelatin and in the juices to set that Serena there is day 120 day age. -- waddle or line. That was actually just finished up in the last few days so you really lucky to be here at this time because it's got a wonderful flavor I started it like this and aren't going to he's. It's age yet freshly age there's something. Exactly. We have apple helping you pork -- yet that's. Just made from. Berkshire pork bellies and then. Hate -- conference chair on style sausage. This one on the end over here is a local citrus and go to green so. Very much in the season. What's happening here at -- rural farmers market -- go -- is not an immaterial thing here at -- definitely and I how to love -- if such it's such a wonderful surprise and if anybody is never had it is they they are so surprised by just how flavorful really as. And then the last thing on the plate here. This is a one now that we have a lot of fun with their tea with two or butter and it's overload. Butter is butter pork is pork what what what that is pour batter in it's basically with pork -- we -- it until it gets very creamy and air rated in. There's nothing better than just a little salted pork spotters spread on a cracker. Well I it would they are there's the port butter and there's a cracker side. We're in business here. Well to -- is both have what seem to me kind of sausage relationships here one. What is this one right here that kind of dark hidden and tense and intense looking. And then another is is is is more like I don't know what that is except to look it I tasted it he said it is delicious so talk about take us through those two. With a one the one on your left over there is actually -- -- that we make out of local quell that they come. They come to us from then there and all the best Quayle's come from and Dara apparently -- Exactly they they do such a wonderful job up there diamond age and so that's a -- drew loud that we role. And slowly suit because -- just perfectly and slice it put on the plate and then it served with a little bit of our carrot marrow. Which is the inside of the carrots and chocolate -- grits. Chocolate and LA -- so that's an interesting little dash of Mexican nest here to have a chocolate -- grit going on what. How -- how did you think of such a thing of the chocolate -- lake grit or -- since they tend to be plural. Well I'm on a mission here. Introduced everyone has never try to grit or grits. Here in San Antonio and it's one of those things where. Just like myself -- the Wisconsin new -- so many instant grits all those years that that you either really. Hate them or you don't know any better and so when you come here and you actually have real grants that have been slow cook for about four hours. It's a it's a wonderful creamy process that really transpires and so but Johnson chocolate Malayan there it really helps. People recognize what's what's going on and and what's happening in and the flavors work really well -- the warm spices that we haven't well. Alas I can never be without -- saying whenever I go to those breakfasts places you know the kind I mean where they say. You know at some waitress without with a monotone says grits -- hash browns I say -- that was it happened to be great. I'm out now this I think is is harking back to our meet New Orleans time in a way it's. And I see the menu calls it -- and why black boot then tell me about that. -- those for the uninitiated. There are very much New Orleans it's it's a traditional blood style sausage with the -- pork fat in it that we make here in house. But then it served on a the little bit of pain Purdue if you remember what that is from -- bread or are spread putting sort of right. French toast -- status exactly that -- spread it's it's -- not a lot spread and then. One of my favorite favorite. Fruit that you can only get certain times a year it's served with quits so it's to me it's kind of a little bit of a breakfast on a play. -- Yet you know and and win when the food started showing up there were some definitely different and kind of you know in light of the season kinda wintry. Smells go on aromas and and I would have to guess while I couldn't pick -- out of a police lineup. But but I would imagine that quince is one of those that kind of the -- just as old so called pumpkin -- spices -- broke the holidays. -- is good at forming. Seattle up -- and it's it's such a surprise is it's another one of those things that. If people don't always Trier recognize and and you know we've got some great curious -- and hearing customers that come in and wanna try new things and very. You know and then we we were starting to see a lot more sophisticated -- you know this is a very well traveled city there's a lot of military here that. That are stationed all over the world and have great pallets and we're trying to just accommodate everybody. Mean I'm always I'm not only surprise because after all how many times can you be surprised by the same thing but but. I see that people in Texas are often surprised that San Antonio is the second largest city and certainly one of the fastest growing cities. You know that I. I don't know people to certain people Alamo centric or something because people not from here don't understand what what a juggernaut of economics and and culture this place really is which produces people who wanna come in and eat -- and or or just talk about your Quinn's. There they are here it seems like. There's a lot more of a market a lot more acceptance for creative even shaft driven cuisine then than even five years ago much less ten years ago. Definitely. And that's a great thing over about being over here -- we have a great mix of tourists and locals that come here to just to see what's happening. But I you know I'm a big believer in travel and we see a lot of people here that. Have traveled all over the world have been been a lot of different places and people who are moving here for whatever. If it's a tech company or they're working with a a large industry and those of the pallets that we're we're trying to grab those of the -- people who. Really want -- want something a little bit different you can get Tex -- here and it's really good and -- as at San Antonio's got a great -- -- there is. Great culture here and people really understand. Grapefruit. We you know Stephen that there's that phrase you had me act and that looking at the menu you had me -- can be re -- sliders. I just thought this thing I mean this is some sort of secret fantasy of mine that no one's ever satisfied until now. You can't read a slider how did that what's what's the deal on the. It -- though it's. For me it's it's it's really fun it's such. Great tender -- we take the country to shoulders and we brazen down we actually use Alamo beer to praise them down and so it -- -- really good flavor really light. Flavor and then we finish them off with the kind of a sweet smoky barbecue sauce. We put months of locally made bread. Some -- Shia they squash or -- time as I say to many times and only knows what I'm talking about in the kitchen. And then now someone's -- they would know which I doubt the out of matches exactly it. Exactly so it's a lot of fun and that's that's on those -- that surprises a lot of people because it is so approachable. Lunch and dinner you know you can come in and get something like that not feel like you're gonna break the bank. Well that's worth noting for people listening who maybe don't know the deal here it cured I mean it's very comfortable very casual and very affordable so you've pretty much invented my perfect restaurant Stephen -- -- before we have to get on out of here today there -- several -- to three desserts go on on one as the Texas citrus which goes well with this time of the year for sure. I am but there's one called simply -- terror I don't know if we've I was gonna say if we feel Quinn's coming on again -- -- tell me about the desert called. When terror well yeah I -- -- desserts we can I have this six or seven or eight different desserts that weren't very well composed that we have three that are. Very very much composed plates and winter is say carried Carmen cheesecake. That is served with a -- care mount. And it comes with some red line vote stop lady -- a little little baby apples and so everything that's just kind of perfect about winter. On one plate in my mind. Well it's it's terrific and so is everything here from I mean there's a great line that's a great bar so -- cocktails to be had a wonderful beer last. And then of course the welcoming sight of meat being cured before your very eyes. All part of the restaurant called cured here at the pearl -- development in beautiful San Antonio big thanks to -- even make you for joining us just opened Jordan managed to find some time to talk to us that's always a pleasure. And also thank you all for joining us here on delicious mischief as always a presentation -- wine spirits and finer foods until next time. I'm your host John -- -- and I'll see you -- that next meal.