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House Talk Radio 01/05/2014

Jan 5, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good Sunday central Texans get ready for the latest real estate and mortgage news. House talk radio John cheap -- -- -- -- Bad things are listening to house talk radio it is Sunday afternoon at. January 5 -- -- fourteen each week we're live at five -- thirteen seventy. We discussed at Texas real state and answer your question I'm John Hughes CO local mortgage banker. And my co host is here with regional Douglass with Douglass residential. Deal with them. Hey John thanks to the intro it is a very very cold. We had January 5. It's almost as political -- as yourself are. So to our list is out there if you are huddled around the radio and staying warm inside. You are an effort big treat has here's where you -- to -- everything real state ball and one -- As every week John -- we field questions from buyers and sellers and we like to share. Some of their concerns throughout our -- talk radio. Com as well as here in the show so healer of the pros do it but. Please feel free calls through stories and questions on cross talk radio at 51239. Note thirteen seventy. 5123 NATO thirteen seventy its call in show so your realistic concern. -- to hear from. -- false on Twitter to your house talks Austin we have a FaceBook page as well. We continue the conversation. Off there. But to get sculpting and a thirteen -- this is a great show because we're gonna give some predictions for 2014. The super show of the year that's right. This is where we're going to be able to predict. Exactly and that's her for. So 2014. Well. I'm gonna say. Yeah we talked about you'd think back over the years. News this market turned around. Win. The realtor or work with for line all the -- -- for -- in 2012 amuses. -- I can count on one hand. Or two hands relieved in there the number of agents that work at the barn property this is kind of before the market started picking ups and if two of twelve but they were the first him. Sedate -- agents -- to assault was going on like this is this is the bottom but he actually -- frame that. I don't -- its -- realtors that last year was the year of the investor -- about twelve. Out of -- well well I think twelve was when. Everybody should've bought that not everybody did. Thirteen investors -- and that's for years correct. So thirteen to go out -- to use your investor. What's 2014. That's the question well I think that we look at it in you know I was thinking. Come October. You know in the fall. The writing on the wall was. This the way that informative and investors are basically move in and gobbling properties. And did at some point investors not because pressure of an up and as industries grew up and also Mexico's president buddy's house so. The investors -- back at some point in many investors back out guessed that that makes from four. If the first time homebuyers cash in hand with the rents doing what they're doing which we are gonna talk on the show later. How old we just talk about affordability it's such a home prices are -- -- So. Now that rents are sort of moved north fairly quickly. We thought is -- -- and it is gonna make room for the first time home -- to come back -- have a big presence in the market but. Reading some recent. Kind of into the year beginning of the year stuff. I don't know I think that this can be the year of the repeat buyer. For many reasons. Well. Them makes you think you have something I a term like Europe with. Called the what if buyer or the -- cellar which interns in the work -- it's right what if we can get X dollars for our house. Would -- You know you very good discussion your your colonel -- embedded not to wire your spouse and your partner and thinking. Are you asking me yes there was -- just I think that conversations happening a lot of animosity because that if the easily link where if Hillary gets this much if you were. Asking the list is out there. I got -- Pay you five dollars listener if you can colon. And we can give you on the air it what if price but if you're asking me. What's. How many times do I have this conversation the what if conversation. Twice. Present today. With home sellers at saint line. I think -- -- -- -- hole and move weeping and get my home and we start. Well I don't know if that's enough I mean we spot the home 510 years ago that we get acts and in a lot of cases that answer is maybe. Maybe can't Hayward does call in show we'd love to talk to what a -- what do seller out there. Our phone numbers 5123. -- -- -- thirteen 7523. In -- -- thirteen seventy -- you just bought a house. What a -- -- -- toll could sell your home. For -- at 50000 dollar profit. The what you -- port. Yeah now six months ago it you know it would it would you do -- after the response depends well they're asking me your money. It's back office because. I would probably go for the money and upgrade you know which she would say -- -- -- you know and stagnant but there's always even for even for those. Stability focused folks out there that don't want them do there's there's a price there's probably a dollar amount that here's what I don't look for it that they -- -- The problem is we're human -- for. This story so this what are -- and I even told you a story before but this was probably at beginning of December. And I had hate in me. Yard sign out of my car for sell. Dark side. I laid it up against. -- Primakov are afoot to a house -- restore -- exit left in my front near the street currently that this. -- -- up against just leaning a B of storage shed. And it was there for probably a day and again I was walking by. Any called assigns an am still -- sense -- -- -- house that's got this white trim. What's price and a side. Had no idea of the -- like that for sale. -- -- -- To known what you do look at your it's and it's a -- number so that I -- I are just limiting it to treatment is true grit but that's trail and so he says no it -- instead he says. That's the street name. -- -- And a kind of laughed -- -- realized very quickly what is going on. Is out walking his dog. And this guy. He old and a large franchised furniture franchise. Instead Texas he would. All of these stores. I was sitting there and afford the house no matter what it -- probably I don't wanna say it on air but I'll say it was equivalent -- it was safe rooms -- ago where you said that -- -- -- -- -- -- entire financial -- ago at Texas. He owns a lot in a very recent success successful dot. And he had set ethic you know mr. -- -- real statement -- never really thought about selling its proper elaborate live to that worked and it says. Everybody's price will be your price humans house it's it's now I don't know and now the -- is on the other foot. I am thinking. Gosh. And he even said look I'm happy to spin and hundred. Maybe 200 above thousand dollars above market. I just don't know meet at the house to be pretty special it was we have local house we have request for -- house and I'm thinking well that what would be do. Well. A follow up a week later cited it in. Make this decision -- -- have the money going to give him a number but never panned out. But it got her funny conversation I had that what if conversation with myself. Well it's gone on all the time and and and I have a bar and Aaron and this is just you know they have a they own a home they built -- for years ago and in Leander. Round -- and 25000 dollars. In you know but a tract home -- eroded -- you know builder built -- never. And they were approached by an agent announced. If you get this for your house would you sell and disgusted. Share. They had a contract that's amazing and he's that's -- in them and that's it's happening it has happened there well. We got to break it -- the call if you're in the scenario and you like to talk through your options or retrieving some specific with -- and help you understand what. Your value might be. Collison. At 512 window thirteen seventy. -- Good Sunday central Texas getting ready for the latest real estate and mortgage news helps talk radio John -- -- -- -- -- -- And welcome back. Talk radio unit which charges in the -- Douglas. -- -- local real estate experts here to help you. As promised. Experience -- smooth predictable. Real estate transaction with a mortgage side or the realistic side accusing -- homers in your room. So. I met met. -- you sent an email written by this today actually. Where you're trying to help -- -- of -- home buyer. Understand the market him if -- stayed in and -- kind of direct -- kind of fascinated me what you're saying is nothing necessarily knew that you really laid out. Why. This is not a market where you care and sort of casually watch the market. You know go to work check your dream now there's a couple listings uniter agency cumulative these tomorrow around for error. You're gonna miss out you're gonna miss out over and over and if that's your strategy -- got to move quicker right now. -- a lot about buyers are just -- You're gonna buy -- home today not afforded the luxury of if it comes on the market today and it looks like something that that your profile. That you can. Wait. Couple days sometimes even through the weekend you can wait just to actually qualify it and see if it's if it's good fit. And you can't you cannot know -- -- right can't and yet if a home goes through a week or two of being on the market. It's probably got a couple things. Going for like it's overpriced or the conditions not -- do is put it should be or it's got some undesirable quality. Four Ian backs to highway here it -- a double fault -- updates while. So. -- but for new listings that hit the market for new listings that hit the market. And there's tons of these neighborhoods out there were people largest craving to get in because they're good neighborhoods are portable they -- -- Most of the homes were all built the same way the schools are good. There's not a lot of updating its needed. And there's dozens and dozens of these neighbor it's out there. Buyers are lining up the date at that house it's listed to get site. There's there's 203040 showings. Of of of buyers that are willing to get in and you can't afford to wait. And what's driving nets. Is as you said there's a lot of buyers and in -- Want them -- rating and 15100. Now this price point for the -- buyer was in the 200 right now yeah right the lower your wallet that was Hillary ego because there's places that are threes and fours and fives there altering the same thing bit. You know around talent in this particular case. The home's price throw 200. Yeah it's cheaper to own and -- there's a lot of folks -- and -- -- I mean iconic character repentant man there's a lot of folks that -- bought it last for years because the economy. -- certainly didn't but they're ready now. Their ready in native. Their -- has been going out of the -- is ready they've been ready they've been there already on their fifth offer because they've been making offers since June. True so you are as a home -- fetus if you're just starting this whole process. This year it's -- -- the process there's people already had if you are the things I'm committed. I thought was mentioning is that. These are folks are competing with. As a -- up there 30% -- -- in central Texas. Last year war groups and cash. So initial authors point cash part of ours is a supply of bars compared to 2% down that are competing -- your offer maybe 5% them. And they're gonna look more people are stronger -- -- close faster. Right. So rents. Are very consistently fifteen her bomb on three and counselor so these folks that you're competing with or dislike either paying fifteen or boxer rent. And they can buy and keep their payments and -- they're very motivated and asked him point. And the other thing is. Is this a timing issue I mean if there are there buyers out there that have the flexibility to look at the house immediately. And if you're in a position where. You know instantly which can avoid this but your position where you have a job you work all day. Where he worked long hours and mr. spirit of court houses you've got to figure something out you have to mr. place counters -- and that one of the things you mentioned off those -- if you have a spouse. Or maybe of a family member even that's very helping this process. The one that's the most available go look at it. And then -- took the offer him. Yeah without right without it even the decision makers in it quite yet. Or having a -- thing about it being what what's really. Which really crazy is that there is I've done it more times this year a folks have been making offer after offer. A house assignments seem. Crazy the McCain must not be seeing it because there's a 5050 shot even if the gonna get the offering wants to get the often they're -- look at the house they say he likened. We -- But at the same token that's that that's that that that should be a for folks that are discussed certain to follow the real estate market. That should be very good indication of how all how competitive it is now do you go hang -- hang her head in the sand you know. Not for me I really liked trying to buy a house that. I just I don't deal with it. Well either one or two things are gonna happen one after renting. A returning co -- And you're just gonna be subject you. Having. Pay more money in rent or two we knew what to eventually buy something. -- be a higher. Interest rates will be higher. I think I think the problem for some folks as they just feel like maybe we've -- peak. That's true I found a lot of folks that think that that that we're a bubble and at -- -- crashing down. And I'll tell you what the number one problem -- yes. In my mind that we have way too many jobs. If we had fewer jobs too many job with tomatoes if we had fewer jobs to be few people who veneer of a few of beef that it needs to be. Mean less money. Well I think you know we -- which is -- -- -- -- it's good that we have to -- an advertisement so well you're -- that is the -- -- in. It is we have well high paying jobs to not -- -- we have high paying just -- regular unemployment is at four point. On this in December it was a four point 8% without the loss of coordination well. An index you know folks. Now I'm I would be right there with you except I happened to set in on several presentations and last last bit in the fourth quarter last year. Where city planners. City Council member types that are that are try to -- this has been -- They're out there are certain really new in the statement sort of on this in fact article today. Headline -- -- a statesman -- it was you can afford an -- more there it's becoming very. Mainstream department this. It's the that the growth is coming here the jobs from here that high paying jobs folks are willing to pay. Prices. We farce are higher than what they are now. To live in Austin -- is going up. In in this is includes a suburb it's it's gonna start since central lost and it's gonna spread started out as ours started a -- nearby here with your buying in in round rock was born in Georgetown. We're not a Beaulieu I don't think colonel and we're not we're the peak anyway in and waiting in argument if you were an apartment another reason why you win either and that is it differently. In some regulatory changes that are coming that are gonna push -- -- more. You know are there now you pulled me you're technical show -- well I I've got to talk to our -- character who is that. Type of person. Who would. -- -- It would definitely who likes shopping for stuff and saying five bucks I mean you'll drive across town in the state. Because when you're if you're that kind of person you are part of your decision on whether or not to buy a house or not is related entry. You've got to listen because rates are absolutely doing yeah. In 2014. For every one is going to be just the national Connery. In the Fed's. Reduction of buying mortgages that the ending of the -- QB three that's gonna start to drive interest rates up. That's what we normally talk about but there's some other factors going on in one of those it is. The fees. There really mostly behind the scenes but the fees for mortgages. As is going have been here here's what's going on there's real inching our -- this week. I'm analyzing the risk factors are different credit -- down payments. For our conventional loans. And what it shows it is. If you look at the. Rate of ninety day late payments and the folks at have a -- -- not immediately or more so all the word for it might relate shorts -- -- were looking like delinquency delinquencies. He was delinquent up there if you're looking at an. Somebody -- which probably look at this from two angles one angle is. The amount of folks money that. Put down a down payment and number two you'll get credit score on the news and numbers will tell opposite a look at -- -- six say these folks that you follow our times that they don't have the money. Which means they don't have a job. This -- well and -- -- I'm not judging him I'm not as there's no judgment here is is just fact. Given certain factors one of them as Sony puts less money down and -- a lower credit score. Is it true that they're more likely to get behind in the mortgage. In in this -- in just the last this this data is not just the last few years were our times this state looked at over 20000. Mortgages. And we're back all the way to and from 19952008. A case of recovered -- that terms. If it's not you know just let's just pick a little window of time. So if you play it 5% down vs 20% down. The data shows that you're more than twice as likely to Italy and so. For example if you put 82 point 1% down. Your 10% of mortgages during that time frame we're going to miners -- more from point. If you -- the government numbers 16%. 60% mortgages -- him. Have been later. So that is out there so is this a national average looking at absolutely yeah now looking at credit score because -- -- folks coming. They have a seven her credit score. And then they go on line and they go to these web sites have you know advertise low mortgage rates -- and they see your mortgage and they called me and they say. On it mortgage rate a case so what are your rates the case and I and I told a -- -- let's say in today's terms are telling them four points and five and they're going -- they're saying four point 625. -- -- -- And what gifts I have some Democrats. Well in today's. Today's market right now. Based on what Fannie Mae requires us to do we have to charge -- he gets passed on raises that rate about a quarter percent. It's called low level pricing adjustments and -- here's what backs this up -- seven or does not a terrible score but if you look at the data if you give us some forty or higher. Two point 8% of those loans are delinquent if you have a 704 point five -- or twice but a significant number. More of those loans Behar so we have to adjust for that in that -- is by default a slightly riskier loan. Now the -- -- the reason I'm saying Elvis and were among individual and inaugural your privacy before it is. That if these adjustments are going in some cases twice as hard so if you of a seven underscore. And your putting 5% down today that Britain Ireland according to her it could be. Creates a half percent higher as getting -- later and Yeltsin would basically their biggest racing the cost a couple of the -- the cost of Cologne based on this data says that certain loans are higher risk. And instead of just -- on the -- with all loans are saying hey if you have these attributes. Maybe slightly lower than. Even a moderate Lehigh credit scores that are super Ireland. You're gonna start seeing slightly terrorists if you -- last doesn't mean we can't do that 5% down is just the rate my dual hard so. Do you think the B and testimonies on our rates are gonna go up this year on the other -- now totally off topic. In order to get a conventional loan. You have a six a credit score and -- and FHA loan you have somewhere 58590 do you ever see that the conventional loan. Floor. Will go down so an organic and slow nearly 6867660. I don't see that and and just to correct you are just a mixture we're given the right mission if you're putting groups and given the sixth when the conventional. An ambulance if you're doing. -- groups and analysts at 5% down going to be 660. At and so. Will those go lower. I. Probably over time. They might but you're gonna pay for. For example in today's -- does this round numbers and according to race here after enforced closure but if you have a 740 credit score -- rates four point 625. Hypothetically. If you have a 660. Evenly Cuba fox now that rate might be. Five and 25. And a half percent higher. But that's -- -- at like a significant it is it is Nader pin hunt bucks for a month an -- a house. Because -- a lower score. But you back to to remain -- topics here. One of which was. The what if -- folks that. I really little back to this because we didn't take a break we'd love to take a phone -- over the break. If you're out there you don't Libya air and it's fine we get it if he if you liked it just. Tia John -- self talk to you a bowel. -- what if price of -- suite we would we would either talk to right now or we talked you know off there -- some earlier in the week are -- -- -- Bible into. 39013. 75123. You know thirteen seventy. I'm gonna take a short break but we will be. Catching back up here real soon. The latest real estate and mortgage news -- talk radio. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Laughter the last little past the half hour mark here. It is a Sunday. January 5. Congratulations to Charlie Strong. Who won big here additions to actually -- I think -- protect. I terrific you know I have to say I I really likes electrical outlet this is -- sports. A Sports Radio talk show but real quick -- -- To talk about it and it'd be settled it would. -- we have see something there to you I think that. -- beat them -- About out with grace. Great job. I mean after after the blowout game and seeing things -- it was I. Distraught is would have tested the character. Intellect and bring Charlie. To a strong and it's the press but he's only been coaching for four years and head coach which -- but I think it's great you know young guy. Strong recruiting. Of canceling. It like at quarterback. So how Indiana Duma on -- basketball Indian basket we have certainly in the event all this is the -- this is not a sports Armitage Texas subtle. Follow basketball. There in Texas and you found any right Texas at the falls basketball. Olympics that moved -- from the north little addition. Gosh it's an Indian it is especially -- -- that gospel. As a team let them will -- -- It is what are stuck asking us to step outside for just exec and it is cold. You know it's cold outside. But it's cold. -- At -- down that -- -- got to go to states. So yes here's the here's -- -- can portal costs anymore. And now it's really sad to read this thing it's profiling your family. Who lived in central Austin. And they decided it was more affordable to up and moved to Smith bill. The harassment. It's -- not if not Austin. In two on two acres. It was more affordable to do that and stay in the -- not. Just -- -- typical way to do it when. I I think that's that's actually. I don't think that's a fair presumption they -- from. Being in the middle of a very deceit going to have acreage that's the problem I have with all these discussions we were in one couple weeks ago -- -- gonna affordable. How to how to keep Austin affordable discussion with city planners and try to run in the -- -- Boston partly soft. And that's my problem is the it's the the what I keep hearing them say as we wanna keep people in Austin we don't have -- They just need based with the implication that a key periods. They just need to learn to live in the small condos or some kind of small -- unit because. Debt that's the only way to keep it affordable if you have a house on an onslaught in Austin it's gonna go up in price. So you need to learn how to live in a four plex yeah that that's that's the new model learn how to make it affordable for people when do you think there are some people that will one idea. The best columnist you wanna live they don't that's not the American dream for most people aren't. So that's why people we've got to -- so they can have a little bit away in the house. And and live in. You know. Vet vet -- this house is now Smithfield amusement and now you know this might have been. It's the same folks fifty years ago the -- to Allendale and got a lot with the house and you know picket fence and but you can't afford that anymore she got to go out to -- do you think that's the implication of this article. Do you think that that's the conversation affordability is all rolled into mean granted folks that have been. Leasing that garage apartment from -- ball at 300 dollars a month for the last twenty years now -- kicked it moved on and now they've got to go fight at a place that can rent for. Maybe 400 or five. It doesn't exist so. It's kind of like luck. Okay. -- we're gonna find something that cheap and believe me out here is quite a bit from people that are wee -- credit property and folks are. Checking things out and in some veterans -- we rent property. We do have struck departments that were once leasing for twenty years at three or four bucks a month now. They are actually leasing 15100 dollars month overnight because got you into the -- about. -- think about -- that Osasuna are paid five month. So and now it's 15100 a month. Three times more. Because they were -- because we never went up on them. For years right in there that is what -- I do like what this article today said it made that point that you don't we don't talk as much about we talk about. How expensive it is to own -- house. Well we don't talk much about the renters out there. You have seen let's just say the with -- -- market approach you last were 50% last year. The -- it depends any of the Pitt regret that averaged 58 it was just a 20%. It might have appreciated forty year -- people talk about 400% to up. They're hurting. Possibly as much anymore and then homeowners can remember we have a segment I forget what was if I'd be like. It was either June or July of last year it is because I had a client. That. Was. Keep captain noticed it. Basic is -- ending up in noticed three new. And it was sixty days out and said look you've got three options do thirty -- systemically through one a month to month and he's paying 2500 -- month. 486. Maybe 700. Square foot one bedroom one -- point of enrichment. He got his renewal notice. Who's gonna look at month to provide a house it was 4100. Bucks a month. It was a while but he's apartment complexes this is what they're doing I had to be right down I'm going to be Shearer bits still on me about that that's almost. Almost doubling -- -- So here's the actual number of murders or Austin -- increased 313 point 5% from 2003 -- 2012. And thirteen point 5% that what nineteen year. The rental and rents increased 43%. The Mets -- Now what does show is that between them three and twelve. Rents went way down and then went way right. Well we're down to another where so there were some much bigger than 43%. Spikes in fact recent -- for -- that's an average -- polls that. But that's the problem I mean. I don't know I don't know with the answers are really -- accused in the here here's another point -- says that according to the Economic Policy Institute. Who live a modest. Lifestyle. You've got to make 67000. Or 660097. 667000. At all like at an X 66000 little modestly and I think I believe that. A -- that back I think human and more it. There are still going to be so many people that wanna live here the -- -- -- lesson that you make 50000 were those -- ago. -- militants I think that's what let's keep this positive thinker. Yes Austin is expensive but what are my options. What -- I -- if I if I make let's say you make 60000 memento. To keep positive -- -- elect to focus on the future. We have a Holland. Of apartments. Hitting the market in downtown and help at least stabilized rent. It doesn't and analysts are stabilizing and -- down a -- he's -- -- they are it. So -- going around the going to stick to talk numbers the going rate for downtown. Properties is not through its. Jerry to -- it's an opportunity to tune to unit to have bucks a foot. But what means to get affordable you need to get into dollar to dollar fifty foot -- that ball coming a lot of these parts of south Lamar bullet -- downtown. There advertising for -- to about me at fifteen to -- him about a month. So now optional one. To just be patient groups are gonna come down. I. Hope option number two. Buy a house where. Within your budget where it is that that within your budget in the suburbs that probably perhaps. Support could be guy a -- anymore could be the -- is hitting -- where your lifestyle -- you can you can still go south Austin and find property for affordable property. You can still -- south needs to go to work we have to we have to compromise somewhere. It come -- little more commute. There. I mean there's always be compromise. Org -- for the property in compromises will make for. It since money is a finite resource. We -- ever every home buyer has to deal with. -- -- I didn't actually so I'm really really competition aspect with this superstar couple and -- -- met him and I talked about a half at a house. And they were looking for year. They've seen prices go up and you know this guy he was -- he works in. He's in the like that the -- BC network. And so he has a totaling it was around he's young -- Probably can be heard abilities older and 25 -- 35. And the net of that conversation was there waiting years and finds perfect property. Key. He has missed and he realizes that he's missed so much opportunity. In just waiting. Perhaps his answer came this conclusion was but. Go to suburbs by having affordable maybe its policy mean minute Leno may never live in. But at least he's hedging the market because. Does that does rising tide is looking all votes. In as you sit and watch this -- get higher and higher you're you know the need to be paying more more for properties so maybe you see yourself maybe. I can't find my. Great property to live in the -- media by an investor property. And in a year maybe two I'm finding the house that I really Libyan and of selling that investment property. It's been able to make money. And it it's if it appreciated. It let me tell you what to retain -- what that solution. Accomplices. There's a survey here hedging the market at what point true but here's a survey that truly payout. And it talked about barriers to homeownership 55%. Of the respondents said the number one obstacle was down payment. Are the solution. That you just listed this talked about. Gives somebody. A year from now. At least the same or bigger down payment. By the house that the room. Right actually are you keeping 5% down -- house that you're not really super happy with that. Let's say year two years goes by you appreciate it ten to 20%. After the -- and -- you've got. 101520%. Down for your next out of money that it right in tonight buying a house and not have to pay a mortgage insurance. Which helps keep repayment or. It it just -- and that's that's why. Joyful -- here we started the show with this as the year. Of the -- buyer. Is -- are already folks that bought. In years. Pass they have the equity abject and and and their they're okay watching the prices go up because if prices go up on the purchase. Prices are going to their home sale price and so they can to that it it makes cents. To watch the market and not get involved. Is not a very idea I mean I don't know if you fall -- currencies governs -- Austin that he is syndicated columnist in the states and want to papers he's an investment guy. And he writes articles on. In what it has articles and today is that if you are if you have your cash in if you had your savings. During this. Program -- If you have a Europe or savings in cash and not and investments. You're losing. It is not moving him. The inflate -- your your tactically losing 2% a year at least invest in something city and I keep -- inflation Cynthia housing. Mean can't look around and not understand the housing market system like gangbusters you know. So. This college show. If we have. Struck a -- Or if you've got a burning desire to talk to us -- you have a question we'd love to hear from -- -- for the -- 51239013. 7512390. Thirteen seven cryptic one. Quick break. But we'll be right. Back to -- forty niners are up 13% over the Packers. Third quarter. -- -- -- Get ready for. Real estate and mortgage news -- talk radio John cheap seat and -- doesn't. And welcome back talk radio. Sunday January 5 we're live at five here. Number here's thirteen hurts me about -- 39013 seventy 39 of thirteen 7 AM she's doing so. -- -- I've got to talk to you about it and -- -- -- pre route. Right now what we're seeing is a lot of I'm at in my office where a lot of calls from -- -- kind of generally -- you know count rises for some Omar's. And these are folks that. You don't have had a mortgage or if they did they have won several years ago in when their economy kind of slowed down. A lot folks that sell at that time. Either voluntarily or involuntarily in terms of -- short sale or in worst case for closure and they're ready to get back into the market and buy -- home and they're they're calling and their little anxious about the process because it hurt a lot into the water change. -- And just anxious to anxious is that the way to describe and former little worried about having their credit or -- About you know going to the process that this kind of test the waters counted. I just want our listeners and you know -- it's not as scary doesn't have to be quite mysterious -- qualify for a loan is really pretty easy. It's. Really a matter of where do you work how much you make. Where's the down payment coming from and what's your credit. We can usually qualify for a mortgage. And of course there's lots of little small questions that we asked the united know why were asking but we're just kind of fill in the gaps -- to figure out. Things like how long leaders -- term stability. But it's other than running the credit it's really not that invasive and even running a credit report is not a big deal -- I have clients that. You know they just they do not want to credit were -- Iran. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Credit I tell you I attended a class a credit and -- they said that. Credit scores and now runs in the ointment in it's 45 days within a 45 day period when you -- -- crippled for. Getting a home loan they categorize it as. Shocker for hold -- your opening credit card or your -- triggered a core to so. And that is. The credit bureaus in courage. Buyers. To shop for loans parents -- and he can get that -- it's you get up to three pulls within 45 days. And it only -- credit this guy said it -- fiction credit score two points. Well I'm an important so you ain't got good credit it's not bad credit -- even if you've got moderately your credit the point is you've got to have good data. And I can't tackle buyer. It going back to we talked about thirty minutes ago. Credits work can significantly impact the -- in some cases super problem programs like office -- you gotta have good data you need your credit report at least once by islander. So rather than having several conversations about. The erratic. -- what you might qualify for your credit full -- to pass the -- to just -- underscoring that you're gonna talk to islanders. They -- -- you can just tell the next wonder hey I know my credit scores this. That lenders should be at -- -- pretty good feedback based on credit scores were not have to report again. -- -- -- qualified deduct their shot confidently. Rather than being concerned about what you might call or find out. That's your New Year's resolution from John should see you look it was a tough talk radio. It with the -- have -- to show and we welcome. A very exciting vibrant 2014. Real state. Market in Austin, Texas and we're here to help you to. Call us pay off -- talk and -- of a -- -- here's 522644160. We are here. See -- next week.

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