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Jan 4, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's delicious mischief Boston's food and wide radio program of presentation of specs wines spirits and find her through. -- and now he's the guy who loves to talk with a smile fool and your host Jon deserves. Hello everybody welcome to another addition of -- mischief that food and wine room radio program -- Texas. As always delicious -- is a presentation of specs wines spirits and finer foods I hope you're having a good day I know we are here in Fort Worth that's right that's the big giveaway to big reveal. We're in Fort Worth this week for malicious mischief and finding a good deal of and I might add. And in pursuit of said. Delicious mischief I've looked up and I have known for several years now -- Jon and Al and an amazing chef. A successful successful restaurant -- guy who has had had restaurant called by and -- find Texas was seen. Which really taught me to love some things that I had never quite tasted in Texas before. And and now chef John has a new place called waters well you know you think about the word a little bit Jon and down. I think you've gone all seafood honestly -- certainly played a part. At -- else find Texas cuisine particularly. Oysters Texas however which Texas valor which was approximately the best oyster dish I've ever had. I'm happy to see it's made the crossing but how that it happened that that by and -- kind of inspired or -- gave birth to. This -- call waters. Well. I've loved loved the seafood part of the game for so long and I thought you know nobody in Fort Worth. Does seafood first on the fine dining side I mean everybody -- -- -- a steak house that does seafood -- -- restaurants that do little seafood. But -- hasn't been the focus of a fine dining restaurant or. As long as I can remember and it's it's just one of my favorite parts of parts of pzena -- apartment fish and so I've got a one restaurant that features game and won the debate on fish imagine that. Imagine I think you're you're reliving your childhood here about. Now up up here in these parts John I mean I'm sure a lot this at least some of the fishing you do growing up was fresh water. And -- you go back far enough in this part of Texas and and most of the speech was the you know rainbow Trout and kind of like bass maybe I don't know but but of course now with transportation the way it is I mean you can get wonderful fresh seafood from the gulf or elsewhere army halfway around the world that you choose. Just tell me a little bit about where you'd choose to focus your seafood quest and and what are some. The specific seafood that that are are really showcase your waters. Well I mean hit the nail on the head there really is no excuse anymore for not having beautifully fresh seafood it it transports well I mean it's on every airplane going up. Across the world every day there's there's seafood. You know available to anybody it's not the cheapest you know thing to do you have to you have to buy the right amount you can't waste too much is that you have a very short shelf life on it. But what we try to focus on your waters is. Heavy influence on the gulf. I'd like to use a lot of red fish -- that's local as close as local can be in for work. That's I mean we use the Jerry's company for our oysters we like crab -- we like to get our. You know. Texas oysters Texas -- Texas shrimp we've loved doing in the wild stuff out of the gulf will be red fish. A lot of flounder -- off the coast like Wachovia when it -- just a little bit we -- yellow fin tuna from the gulf there's there's so many things there but. I'm not afraid to bring in stuff from the water that waters of the world as well we get we get some European stuff I love the New Zealand waters amendment so many fish out there in the city so to speak in. We were trying to celebrate everyone -- So many fish in the -- I've heard that the full hour from my mom I think. Now now I -- let let's talk about why a little bit I know you mentioned wilder often you hear the phrase wild caught. Even in this day and age when it wins seafood you know when farm raised seafood it's come a long way in May have its own kind of you know story to tell. But UN a lot of chefs really really come down heavily on the side of wild caught do I presume that that labor thing why it took. Quality issue and and there and there's more than one reason I we tend we tend to focus on everything here that's wild seasonal and most importantly sustainable. We don't wanna bring any farm raised fish from another country and for the most part there there are very few exceptions. Like Iceland Icelandic Arctic char is fine but I want -- that that sounds pretty good -- is too cold up there to get to get nasty threat. But you know -- farms and -- culture in general has gotten a bad name and some of the very deservedly so when you when you. When you find shrimp all you can need for a very bargain price you gotta wonder how they make -- from that cheap wee we wanna support. The local and the wild American fishermen as much as possible was a great heritage there we take care of our waters very well around the US and we we like support that. You know John when I first walked into this restaurant waters in Fort Worth today I saw well probably several things I've never -- seen or tasted before. But one of them is your display slash dispenser for oysters I. I have no IDA some what evil genius scientists came up with this oh OK you get. Tell me describe for our listeners who can't be here and see it. Just what it is you concocted to to keep oysters so well rod that is raw oysters the cold kind. And and ready get ready to roll. Well one of these are shots weakens that. Well one of the -- the unique things about about our places that we offered twelve different oysters every day on the half shell and I don't think anybody else is doing anything you know close to that we're. You know and it in these parts so. I wanted to make sure that if we're gonna do that many different oysters on the half shell that we had to display were but it could see what they are. You can't just stick oysters on a tray in front of everybody expect in the survive more than a few minutes so. I sat down with a stainless steel guy and we we came up with a contraption that's stainless on the sides little dividers in between each compartment glass on the front and we've got. And oyster -- second hole 12100 at a time expert pretty fun. It is really fun and I think it'll it'll it'll help lure people man who who may be just mildly curious about whole oysters on the half shell but. Never quite took that plunge you know I mean the sense of exploration of and of geographic diversity which will talk about in the second but. Is this really really great so you mentioned gulf oysters and god knows we're all committed to of that and them. On but you don't limit yourself to gulf gulf oysters tell me a little bit about the range or or that diversity of oysters that at any given time on any given night or day that you. Have your waters. Well typically don't have show we're gonna have twelve different varieties of moisture we right now water a little warmer around here so we're going with colder water oysters a lot of East Coast varieties. A couple from the far Pacific northwest cue from Canada couple from my New Zealand. I go with colder water when it comes to half -- oysters whenever we're gonna cook and -- all Galveston back. Well that's good idea our art our oyster is -- now one of the ways that that you're on your seafood your wonderful fresh seafood that that are seen on ice when you walk into waters. One of the ways they turn up and was certainly one of my favorite things in the universe. Is that seafood tower tower still a chilled seafood towers they hit three times. On how do you go about forming or or or devising your tower and what goes on. But the towers -- that my favorite -- you know everybody tries to traffic -- happens you know what's your favorite dish on the menu and you know -- never wanna -- -- -- in aren't all that but you're you're actually gonna tell us ought to say it's the town workers it's got a little bit everything on investment favored it -- -- like and also with. The tower is a double Decker aluminum structure with two layers of ice. We've got a half a lobster tail on there we've got shrimp in their oysters on the half shell tuna tartar. A little -- cocktail of something for everybody that I. Well that sounds great now now I mean. In on the shell I go to so many places that you sort of described earlier -- many meet centric this being Texas restaurants. Wild game or or or stakes all of that good stuff. And and therefore a lot of the places I go to really really specialize in red wine be -- the French Bordeaux Burgundy deal or that Napa Valley cabernet deal. I'm guessing here when you created the idea for water's got to realize what's white wines are coming our way tell me a little I can look at your wine program in. What you think your customers needed to be. Sure we certainly didn't skimp on the Weiner got 350 different winds on the last it's played really well I might -- describe that because I can't begin to describe it that's pretty fun when you walk in the front door there's a big round glass of wine -- that you can walk -- -- around -- -- pretty much every bottle there and each different section. The bulls are on display according to -- there on the list so if you're more visual. And would rather see all the labels on -- rather than that just read them off the page you can walk around and look at the wine list and order as -- displayed in the case that's kind of fun. -- about the white line. 'cause I interrupted you what. You know -- most of those from the US most from overseas I guess you probably since you said you like New Zealand probably a couple of their so when you'll want sneaked and there are some out. There's a few Marlboro valleys and they're absolutely when I started rightness this wind last I really had seafood in mind so we're pretty heavy on on things like -- solving don't belong. Pretty big on my Chardonnay. I have a very large selection of dry rose's. A lot of sparkling wines. Big on pinot noirs we certainly have a little bit of everything is that there's a lot of cabernet in here and there's. You know plenty of other whites and -- to go around but we've we've focused on what I specifically thought would do the best. With our secret program. That's super well we're -- not only hear more about your secret program that taste some of that when delicious mr. returns as always first we'll go to our great ingrained segment. And then before the hours out will come back to waters here in Fort Worth -- chef John by now and take some wonderful. -- things from his newest. Great isn't it wonderful restaurant we're having good old time all that and more. When delicious did you return. Waiting known you for solutions dollar sale. 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And now from the shelves of specs wines spirits and finer foods that this is -- and rain. We're going to certainly one of the great wine countries on the face of the earth and and really one of the foundational lying countries that taught the world. Not just that line is good but how to make it how to appreciate it. And on and on and on the history of lying in the history of France are interwoven. Quite delightfully I might add. And down one of the primary. Regions that people associate or lust after -- when it comes to French wine is of course Burgundy there are several. And all of them have their claims to fame and -- been known to like them all. But the fact is Burgundy is a very very special place with a special set of traditions of history's. And down one the one of the better known maybe one of the best and most known wine wineries wine companies from the Burgundy region of France is Jozef Rula. And unlucky enough to be here with laundry brands that you get the if you get the message -- here with a guy who is the name of the company. And done and that's always a cool thing so Iran -- a little bit about before we talk about Burgundy at the place as the -- place and has that. As you know a wine really and on the world stage because that's where Burgundy lives and breathes I noticed the breed -- once -- and -- -- but then tell me a little bit about your family I mean how long -- been doing line in and what do you know about how the family even got into wine and Burgundy in the first place. Well. Actually it's with its long story but my great grandfather and all week it's all right basket and and my great grandfather's as a line it was leaving and should be read in witches. Executed between Paris and -- And at some point he was very much interested in starting to use some lines down in in the -- Korea where -- that kept -- warns of bringing. So he moved down in 1980 and the purchase -- the the rights of the tree company that was already making in producing into the wind and decided to use zone. And so he started to do that for his friends and to make small leaning out of pets and he did it from me -- -- in 1918 with with a philosophy that was to produce one that I respect the detail walk them should Taiwan and you you you've been Warren I guess. And end and in nineteen eighteen my grandfather took over. -- -- line and and the rating with my grandfather is then you re the ones who. -- peppery and yeah as as being at farmers and buying vineyards and use one of his own opinions that beauty in Britain is to be an owner and -- who winds up your own. And managed to group through the Second World War that was kind of a tough time to use engine goes to is during your occupation. And and then after that in nineteen continue to develop the -- that the demand then and having the same passion for India in 1957 my grandfather third generation. Same philosophy and expanding the the company in 1960 invest in and -- -- region where Jews and whites only. And and in 1987. In and went all the way to Oregon and united. Whole Oregon well let let's that's a long way from Burgundy. That's a very long way but it goes back in time in 61 actually won his first trip to the United States and -- on and that well maybe -- would be fun to produce someone somewhere around and problem that set to him and when you should. It is something you -- phone in my finesse and you know and why it's all of that. Harmony and the whether or not does not have to -- and an end to war and so he went all the way up -- again and and 87 was able to stop the demand of them which is demand while Oregon but let's go back to Britain. I even though I was gonna say the one thing I noticed between Burgundy in Oregon is a great love affair with the pinot noir grapes so there is some good sense. Bob Mondavi are not bad -- But -- don't -- going back to your family where do we leave off in the family history. Well aid. You know it's that it's an ideal time family run today I have two Brothers and one sister foresee things we all are running the company. Sources at the line has been producing line. -- since 18833. Years full command the fourth generation which is kind of unique having foresee -- -- the brother is to estate manager announced opinions very much into organic farming which was satisfied by the way. That would make my sister's the winemaker. In in Oregon she's also the guardian and the -- for the warrants in Britain. And my younger brother cities the general manager and nine. I'm I'm based here in the United States. I've been -- -- for seven years my heart remains in -- I ms. burden but in the meantime it's great to be here and trying to get more people into into morrow wind -- and we on how to an 84 acres. In in in in burn injuries or and should be reasoned opinion -- the it's a love affair between between bringing -- -- I mean. And and it's a fascinating regents are great rich region and unfortunately many people are very intimidated when it counts -- it should not be. Because it's all about what's in the blah and the pleasure it's -- So let's let's talk about how that pleasure gets in the bottle I'm. What what do you think Z. Makes Burgundy I mean let's skip over for the moment the intimidation factor the fact that like many great lines around the world suddenly it seems scare people off you know. Federal thing about I'm not worthy you know blah blah blah I don't believe that for a second but I -- What is it. That makes -- the winds of Burgundy Burgundy wines and and particularly the lines of -- throughout so special. That they stand out so much on the world stage. Well it's it's probably several factors but but if we go back in time and it's 600 years of of -- studying and then and by -- tennesseans by the months. And and then this region is it's for the unlike -- -- -- -- in online shop and and there and and there is some tremendous. Sharma and complexity yen should finance and solid -- and nuances in those lines their food and -- as well and and and history behind that is so exceptional that. It sparked some interest whenever -- there's so you're not drinking wine known as soon as you get into -- you're drinking it -- if history is well and you're drinking the passion that the people opening those. We -- I like to say it that we're producing lines with a soul and where and and and the wind with a -- might not be perfect every -- and that's the beauty in life it's it's you have diversity among diversity Yemen. Obviously you have to different location and take a while but also. You have the fact that you're gonna have -- his vintages and you can have often teaches and what makes a great event it's a great vintage. It is that you have -- -- it is. Now my family has been as I said -- in being doing this for for quite -- now. We've we've we have a study now wind which is elegance which is sent complexity but they're also very much to -- long lines so -- you where you would like to refusals winds. Keeping in mind they gonna be open. Among friends around the table with with great food and and the whole idea is to give them the essence of what Britain is giving us. Through to sort through the location and -- and and -- variety. And ultimately you get in the gas and if I see you big smile on the face and say why it's good but I'm not a wind -- cents and its on Tuesday while it's good. That the best thing now have a couple minutes before we have to take our first break on this great and -- segment but I know about that smile I've been testing new -- -- Russia day which is incredible. You mentioned several times to why so knowing that Burgundy as a region may have several different terror allies in it. Tell me what that we need to know to appreciate the -- of of shows after ram and what don't what. Happens with your -- -- well. We don't controlled Taiwan which is expressing detail while through the unification and it all starts in the opinion my brother Phoebe likes to say that you produce great points in the canyons Mormon in the -- You don't produce wind with that numbers and computers you produce language a common sense that it. Has so what we're expressing detail why if if I may very briefly talk about the tent why I think in real estate people -- -- that location location location. But it's the same thing in -- something years of very well located and some others don't have that tablet is orientation or location and holding it. So some of the winds are apps and the extraordinary that's what all the cloak and some others amp amp -- or more -- its level wind which is more that the whole region. Not not do the winds from from class I said I mean it's it's about the elegance and the new alliances and it's not about. The dark -- the extracted sweats which which are penalized not about that. And again we're talking about harmony with talking about -- so if if you are looking for warrants which are harmonious which have that great sound -- and complexity yen balance and harmony. That that's the Stein about Alvaro wines and and behind that you have to 10 o'clock -- application that speaks by itself. Now it's hard to speak about the location to tell you exactly what wind will keep you but based on 600 yours we knew the winds of people anymore pressure. Would be kind of been very expressive very tightwad driven. The winds. -- signed a question it would be a little bit more intensive -- -- as well. And it's based on this expenditures of up -- studying in winemaking. That. That is great and and just mentioning those names like putting the chips onion you know. Those are such great names in the world different line than I want to face them so we got that break your articles mr. We come back. Our great -- segment will continue. With today's tasting right after this. Still hungry peers and other helping a delicious mischief which are host John Denver just. Welcome back everybody thanks for joining us here on -- it's just I'm your host on the merits. This is great ingrained and we are talking with lower on throughout. Obvious Jozef drew the winery the wine company the wine family really in the Burgundy region of France and and and the wrong let's let's let's start tasting some lying here and I mean I don't know forget the Ramallah have to lump sum together which we hate to do right but -- The first mine -- tasting is is -- -- that more and more Americans kind of -- getting even though we're not -- French pronunciation. But Houdini marked trash day and what is the story on this because in in in front of me here I have up a nice one with just the those words on it. And then another one called out. -- TL premiere crew which I guess the more words in France the better the Weiner may be more expensive I don't know but am but those are both. Have a relationship has a -- mount rush day what's the story on those two lines. Well beating him how much is among those three famous villages in the in the -- the bull and which is the southern part of Britain and kept it in March is assigned march and so. And I -- -- like to said that between you -- the winds have been -- have a great create a million very aristocratic let's put it this way very very very -- and you -- tomorrow it's good to be -- kind of aristocratic it's it's good to be thinking exactly and then you have the winds have just -- -- it which -- -- bit more -- habit more so. The core of the wind is a little bit softer. But what's great balance and overall great intensity. And then you're moving up the latter with the public as you say Edmonton mall wart you have on the legal. Well it's true right away but most of the time it is and like to see if I have. But -- minutes and have to talk about that the classification in -- go for okay. I I I like to compare it think -- indeed the whole region of Virginia as the island of Manhattan. So that's what you would be few and all those and opinions all of Manhattan and you -- all those great jewel but usable and it was horrible and that's it no other name on it. Then if imagine Europe. At town midtown downtown that would be -- it's so human being one step up and in those places obviously at tartan army town. -- the consider it the better than downtown even if you might disagree with that -- like I gotta do disagree. And I disagree to graduate. And and within those publicly. So you're at the public through eleven and Europe have been it's -- and within let's say upper east side for example upper east side you have. It is more -- public. And let you all the way almost opted out of with the palm -- and then with India operate side you'd have the Fifth Avenue facing -- That would be the -- So it's it's the location location or so into real estate and UN. Jury about a new Yorker. Well well it's. I'm not in the realistic at all as just that and -- so many people humorous story -- stated and I thought that would it's kind of a nice and easy way to expand the pacification is one of the better ways I've ever heard because people do understand you know that the better address you know that kind of idea in which. Which to better -- is definitely about lying classifications in France in many and many many cases. So what happens you know what what what is so special about this -- Pawlenty -- the premier -- From the Fifth Avenue facing Central Park if you dwell on what what is super about this line. Well you gaining in in in intensity in the wind you're gaining a concentration as well but always with a -- is harmony and you have those nuances of white flour white white fruit as well and the tremendous tremendous texture and the wind stays on the planet and he swallow it. And and then it stays and stays on stage and and and that's the beauty with the new furniture at all what department -- overall. I want to mention another thing and in all the whites because it's a little bit of vindication here all the whites -- All we -- which company grip right and all the reds with no exception stoppages with an analogue -- that by -- just happened. It is by at all excited by -- that's what we have to follow and and that is the reason why there is no mention of the great pride and the label because it has to be shot and or -- something. So where high ranking not the -- -- with highlighting the location where am writing this specifically. Companies. Out of of the opinion -- is that it is so. The genie is between -- two depleting -- the UK in concentration. In length in soundness in complexity and potential for raging as well. It it is definite yes slightly more menu you've tasted it -- and slightly more weight on the -- But at any time it's had yeah it's buttery it's -- which it's definitely not to what we have been -- it's all about elegance and complexity. You know you mentioned the -- the magic or dreaded words -- and battery and end over the years in this country I mean we've had this huge theme with Chardonnay whether it was embracing Chardonnay just assuming that the only white line on -- -- Chardonnay. And in some cases rejecting Chardonnay like I'm over Chardonnay -- -- -- you guys aren't friends for God's sake making. Some of the most famous line on earth which Chardonnay and -- Does does that does does the evolution of -- NA if you up put it in quotes if people can't see that but does that impact your popularity when people either embrace Chardonnay or you know the ABC anything but Chardonnay crowd I'm not one but there -- there is that crowd. You know how much of that flat factor -- light and Burgundy with your white line. Well over the years we haven't changed our opinion tradition and the style of low -- so we will always have been sticking to our guns and and and considering that -- one way of producing and one -- difference of understanding and and and trying to get the best of the best of those to -- Was shot and isn't sorry barrel or or new barrels it's a tool to produce the line and should not be considered as a net Netflix. The secret of a great line from berg is not itself it's the overall thing what you do and work you do in the vineyard and then in the winery. I do mean a lot of people and I say on on and on not drinking Chardonnay and I am I know right away why did they say that because it's used DB its buttery and -- Nothing wrong with those lines but let in Burgundy it's not the shot -- -- you're drinking -- you're drinking and so thousands shop and is in the world is only one month so one parent in demolish it. So it's it's going to extreme in life is is not good -- and asked if he does feel my family we're trying to be harmonious and now lines as well. Being too extreme you're getting at some points -- getting to -- -- annoyed or fed up with that and it is and you want to go back to the roots and the roots it's all about harmony and balance tonight and that's what it is about. I love that and not in our final three minutes today let's talk about the Red Line because. I -- an incredible lover of pinot noir. And more than Chardonnay to meet Pete NY and all of its iterations including Oregon where your sister I think is is making line. I always love -- in line here's something called it that shall wait let alone in the com. And also that he -- close game shows OK got it. I'm telling you about these two lines obviously by law -- -- Mars we got that covered but what happens in the bottle what's the magic of these lines. Russia China bush is an invitation to leave it it's their votes to -- -- level of -- and and end its it has a little bit of earth in this tiny red fruit -- it's not about the concentration it's among those villages -- few villages which aren't fortunate unknown or not Heidi rated. And they should be because they had it should be -- rated. And then the price -- to spell -- which might be okay for you but not for me. Well the the the part we can tell about the price for a long time but what work on the I'm under eurodollar situation and then will not be able to get -- -- -- -- -- -- as just kind of a joke but but China -- is is is for us. An invitation to Brittany means you get that those tiny red fruit flavors there's an -- finance on it. Again it's very well -- it does not have a deep deep concentration as well. And then -- -- the emotion is one of our flagship line this is this is the first -- -- migrate and my grandfather purchased in 1928. That one my agony YouTube and tasted him in his -- dark here on the current Europe and more black fruit oriented. Some earth Venus as well spiced -- notes. But both -- are definitely spicier than the one they -- lay there and Yvonne I mean in and delicious I. I want to eat that with something to drink it with something or eat something with that right now. And it's you said it all you want you want to -- with you want some food with it and goes off food lines those on -- food lines and friend -- as well I mean you want to share those born with some friends. It and that that's what it is so here again it's not about the man who tradition and what we've done in the winery. Even if it is important it's all what is done in the vineyard and that's how you express and you get that expression so. You have to example among many many others in Britain. Just inviting you to drink open don't be don't be scared about -- it just is -- for it and play with it and then you'll discover -- path through those lines that's great low. -- I think gotten around throughout other shows that to last for joining us here on today's gripping -- segment from the shall the -- Wine spirits and finer foods well these are some amazing wines so if you if you do get two aspects near you 'cause there's bound to be one. Look for the winds and I'll spell it for you DR OEUHI. In which of course any good French person studying in high -- with -- because that's how it's -- -- come but amazing wines in the Burgundy region which is as you probably know by now is an amazing region on the pacing ourselves we need to take a break here on the list. Back with more food more wide for a spot right after the welcome back everybody thanks for joining us here this of course is -- -- I am of course your posts on the merits. The lucky guy gets to be in Fort Worth this week yes that's right Fort Worth, Texas as though there could be any other. And down we're in a restaurant called waters though that the latest expression of a very very gifted chef John by now who from several years now it's at an -- Fine Texas cuisine on and I guess the seafood on that menu kind of kept screaming do something with just needed some -- me so he has a restaurant. That that certainly has its share -- red meat just like its share of red -- but is very very seafood centric and and John we talked about oysters on the half shell. And and I happen to talk because I can't ever stop talking about your oysters Texas -- One of those baked oyster dishes out New Orleans -- bill Rockefeller row like Texas -- except better than those. Arm you also have a new version -- new dish called grilled oysters tell us about that how does that how is that even done and then secondly what's -- kind of sort it tastes like. What I love oysters on the half shell but it certainly not one of those things that everybody -- dive into it you know. I understand people are a little squeamish on oysters but when you cook on all man he. There's so many flavors you can bring out. These have particular ones that we grill like to put right on top of hardwood drill. We get a little smoke flavor. They're sitting in their shelves rattled top of the bars. While -- -- open so they're sort of bubbling in all that good stuff eventually that's their right right when we shut the oyster with all the top shell off. Let himself on the grill in the bottom shelf and then put a label of a nice rich -- garlic butter on -- let -- start to sizzle. As soon as they started to cook and that would smoke a start but so -- that flare up and send the edge of the shells little bit. With little layer about -- John bread crumbs on top. Run -- in the broiler for just the second brown mop and I'm telling you it is -- some. -- well I think they are ranch and just for those who maybe haven't tried -- Texas Feller have been unlucky enough not to possess your cookbooks. Tell us about Texas -- because I don't think I've ever like -- big style oyster dishes much. You know this one's funny it's kind of a combination of several -- different issues I thought that we kept playing with until we felt like we got it right we we take oysters on the half shell. And on the bottom layer we do a little bit of wilted spinach with tough so -- so it's got to Texas likes to a low complexity. And on top of that we place a crispy fried -- and on top of the oyster and I civil Lara holidays often make it as rich as possible. Well all you know not not to make anybody any half shell lovers mad at me but I still think that god created oysters to be fried I think that is just about. The best taste texture thing I've ever put him -- out. Now speaking of all those things including taste texture and a little bit of Louisiana and turn turn in terms of your mention of -- so you have a that your signature seafood gumbo armed. What what makes you -- seafood gumbo your signature but more importantly what do you what do you pour into it if you will that makes it's a darn good. Which -- a little little of course idea. I mean gumbo is one of those real personal expressions everybody has their favorite gumbo everybody makes -- -- I usually like -- the best I'm I'm really curious about -- is of course everybody's got a certain certain Gumbel they love and you know this is. This is one of those things that I I spent a lot of time working on lived in New Orleans for Perot while the ship them in the French Quarter Brennan family of -- right. That's right it worked for mister -- be stroke and they make a gumbo ya yeah that's still just out of this world but that when I make mine different. We use a little bit of a lighter room. I've got -- We've got on do we sausage that we make in house and there. We -- crawfish and ours and I use a little bit tough so I am battle more complexity and richness to to the rule overall. Amazing amazing gumbo and that's. Come in for me that's admitting a lot but -- we're gonna move on now to a red fish dish and one of several I'm looking in the EU EU official change out a lot lunch dinner all that stuff but I mean SE group where which is grade I I IC rainbow -- today which is which is really a super thing. GOP you know southwest even battered -- got to take that separate from San Francisco and from the north side -- -- or whatever it is and north beach and make it into something southwest but I wanna -- southwest dynamite red fish. What makes it's a dynamite like. Well this one's got a little bit of our of our -- planned on -- so we put we put a little bit of heat to it it's a very complex -- plan where. We're we're we're given a nice little little trip on the wood burning growth so it gets a little bit of that roasted flavor it's got a nice spice to it. Nice light -- we do it over jasmine rice this is one of our lunch specials. A little bit about how a -- lime purple long so it's got to. A light butter sauce with a touch of spice is well. It's it's a fun light lunch item and -- fish is one of the few awful farmed fish that I really love we use copper shoals red fish farm down and down outside Galveston and they are phenomenal so you can get great red fish all -- without worrying about the while population. And any can even be -- had local right there you know which is really really cool now on one of the things that you know I I have this this part of my family has a New England connection and I when I saw lobster roll. I got all excited because that's one of those things you'd you'd eat on the Beecher at some of those great all restaurants on the Massachusetts coast that there. I mean a lot of them specialize in lobster roll I didn't expect to encounter in Fort Worth, Texas -- When you when you take on the lobster roll what are you trying to do and what's yours like. Watch I lived in New England for awhile I went to owners New Orleans New England you got all the you discovered a journalist there were. I lived outside of Boston for copiers and went to boarding school and I went I went through New England culinary institute of Vermont. And I kind of separate the world that the two types of people those who've had a good lobster roll and those who have. And if you if you have you know who you are a lobster roll something sacred some special needs to be almost all pure beautiful fresh lobster. Little bit -- seasoning a little touch of celery salt not a whole lot but on nights toasted -- little buttery. On the lobster meat in there and it's just one of them one of the greatest. Inventions of our time. I. So it's like those who do you crab cakes with actual crowd you're doing lobster roll with -- actual lobster. That's my public service announcement that crab is never spelled with okay. That is funny now now when he gets to be dessert time before that she -- side -- I'm intrigued by by your listening yes -- sweet potato grits which sound fascinating themselves all by themselves but. But what are a couple of side that you think are particularly interest being different or or perhaps even just from your heart here at at and water. Well you gotta have a potatoes aside and some kind of a potato thank you thank you very much. The cards aren't that bad it's okay cards are not evil so one of the potatoes I like to feature here that's kind of fun and lies we do a crushed red potato. With a nice a contest over the top but he some crushed local cons. Nice salon drone basal pesto and kind of infuses into our crushed it is -- the phone right now a lot of flight. So what the heck is a sweet potato -- I'm not so sure. Well we take a little bit of sweet potato mechanized pure ray and fold it into a nice rich. Savory cheese -- I mean lots garlic onion when he is savory flavors of cayenne pepper little sweet potato you're right it is all -- Well that's great now now of course for all of this no matter how much. Else we eat here today. It's it's gonna come time dessert for dessert eventually and nothing will make me give it give it up you know you have I think I've been hearing about -- I love. Icebox pies from my childhood I mean you'd walk into some old diner and you see this this she'll leak case -- K you know refrigerated case then I. I guess that's what I -- box -- But but I mean you've -- Up on the ice box high tradition and taken on quite a trip. What is this what is called the nannies lemon ice box cheesecake and it's actually got a little bit of history here this when I worked at a restaurant. Back in the ninety's called Randall's -- wine bar in cheesecake through -- like ninety different flavors that long name. As -- of that on a business card but it that we we had like ninety different flavors a cheesecake and one. Over the years has been. And has has survived the test of time and people ask me even to this day the way you worked your Randall's few members that that lemon ice box thing he used to make. And with the number request thank god for that. I thought you know what we can we can bring that back there's no reason we can't reinvent that dashed. So we took all the flavors. The basic components and have brought it back that this was originally named for Randall Wallace with the owner Randall's and -- and his grandmother. Used to make them an icebox pie and it. It started with I can of minute maid frozen line made him cool whip them. All kinds of stuff which certainly either -- jello and somewhere that would make it really 1960s. Or whatever. That we -- -- -- and up the solo -- start with all raw ingredients but the essence is still there it's organic free range outlets. The answer it. A free range cheesecake I like the idea and it got a nice solid layer of of a nice dance rich Vanilla cheesecake and then a very thick layer on top. A really tart but sweet. Lemon cream topping and that some candied lemon -- over the top in the Malia. We we put a little Graham cracker crust all over the top of it kind of an inverted cheesecake is there. Upside down cheesecake -- Now we just have about a minute left John that in terms of an experience I mean this place is beautiful it's got wonderful. Extra special touches the wind the circle of -- up there that the the oyster -- mean you got things here that no other place I've ever been as exactly like you have here waters. In terms -- just the experience. From service atmosphere to yes food what do you hope people take away as why they need to come back again and again and again. I hope people to see that we really do have a true passion for this the independent restaurants of the world are. They all have to make their own name and it's a difficult difficult time to compete with with the chains I mean. Texas is about 90% chain owned restaurants so. To be an independent be successful you need to do some different and I and I hope when people come here they see that I'm just really passionate about food. Especially seafood -- you know from this side we're bringing in fish every single day we're not we're not order enough fish on a contract rights and frozen case. I call my -- guys we have eleven different purveyors as of right now. We call on every day we find out who's bringing in fish and usually we buy stuff off a boat that's on its way to the dock that's gonna make it by FedEx cut off so we can get at the next day. That is cool its enemy it's a brave new world when it comes to seafood John NL when I think got chef John and Al first of by males find Texas cuisine and also his new restaurant waters which described itself as -- else coastal cuisine and I'm feeling like. I need some palm trees I need them coats but I've got it right here in Fort Worth or that about that the frenetic days delicious this just has always a presentation of -- wine spirits and finer foods. Until next time I'm your host John the merits and I'll see you. And then next --