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Dec 21, 2013|

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Welcome to let's get healthy with bills whale on talk thirteen seventy. He's here to take your call -- 39013. Seventy and now here's bill suasion. Well well well this is those -- -- welcome national coach Fisher. -- chiropractor in terms of today doctor Victor version. Bill restore times and you just roll it now now it's really difficult right. If these companies well so I swear. This is Alex while it is -- Well how about a story that first year of the for the first day of the year should say with a hike. Some sort of take you. There's dedicated. Lecture effective -- -- 100. Dedicated souls. Gave their souls -- absolutely is -- -- For working during. It taxes pork and Wallace. Outdoor activity of the month so analysts -- the so you can find out more about it -- aren't going to. Texas works well. -- talk again next. The connection. That the -- backs up what we've had there's been lots system in the press about an interest even mild -- expert talks and help. Him. Wrote -- past week. Got the university lecture. Don't they serve it over 9000. Adults. And talked about just thinking of a moderate lecturer -- walk in 2000 to today. The mission that that that reduces your cardiovascular it's by like 20%. Not pitchers fatal flaws stroke risk by 8%. And just you know just old and destroy it and Laura -- wrist. 8%. Historical 2000 questions today. To take it these you know he beauty salon. Devices proponent -- and visual to -- Or for those -- issues. Pacific is good to measure 2000 steps in his steps. So. So in Oreo we were. So this. Decision. By the wherever petition bridge is closed. -- post for the water it's. Just for repairs and -- so that -- you. And the weather looks good if you have been outside you know to go and advice. Well it is now the smoke but it. This morning not so much. -- and an and is much of a joke as I made about a the weather forecasters said by 1 o'clock it'll be gone. -- -- 1245. It's next great 1 o'clock rolls router thinks it's like -- roll back. A beautiful. Well Patrick. Up -- -- and the weather and because it's stuff impressions Texas which you know like you know what I what gets me is you know be raining outside. And they'll say. If it's answering that. While training. Way. Up to us you have to window. Here as an increase -- that happened I -- -- -- -- -- -- Well you are talking earlier about this an -- the true percentage. We were hatteras and was -- -- Edmonton. Bigger news. Two Jews and I've also lines. In his corruption treachery sixty year old muscle to that a twenty year old. -- And went viral -- to muscle to -- but muscles trying to increase so the muscles looked better. Which an increase their work. This is in the journal cells CO yeah as soon and targeted mechanism aging. In reverse and so is it something related to its. Original mostly one way ticket. If your aging is one way you can't reverse -- you can use there. Particular person -- those cells to communicating well -- That would be organized and. Well there are certainly multiple mechanisms for aging and and say -- communication and more importantly mitochondria function -- under the -- your cells that generate energy. On this very important that any -- talked about the content might Antonin -- nuclear time acacia gonna scrabble can come up. But and we know that that's intrinsically tied -- -- those those my country works well. I think it's really great that extra and get more focus on the idea what -- economists and functionally based us. Yep well us in a way they're working with that went to Fargo -- that. It would their music you're a Carol for AG -- you -- with. Just two other once -- And it was about a country dry out because they do they do to diminish his size can drive -- futile exercise your user number of them decrees that aren't so. On statistics and re grow the Cisco is designed to people that took care of themselves. You know they're sixteen years old and there's still some there's -- communities in your world. Well and I think I think the take home went on and aging medicine like anything else that it's it's a combination of things. -- EU is in AD or music and associate molecule in the simply reduced form. You can use that to try to boost things up beacon news how this -- cute and we've talked a lot about -- -- on the show for from a good diet -- Some periods antioxidants as we know that knocks it damages part of the aging process as well and don't tell your hormones -- lot of anti aging docs. Functional Indies for example that work with people's. Who stress along the idea of using bio identical hormones testosterone progesterone. -- things like that -- accounts at the body and smell tone for the -- So -- just it's it's a combination approach which are actually right it's got to be. You're not gonna get rid of the aging process which you can maximize your way of healthy aging and healthier and slow fashion. I think we're always looking for the phone -- so. This has -- close if if if it pans out like things and I know you portion of -- for much work. And I know we're kind of mice and I know if not years abuses its it's apparently the the water fountain on the hole in the US -- from where they print all the money. But expressed her best protected place on the planet at this point anyway. And -- -- or at least temporarily. Well -- way to -- to so. Because of this -- Houston. This sorority is such include. All. You can confirm. The cause of death for three even. And because of that there issued new guidelines and treat the -- Texas -- Texas this is national news and taxes. So using. The doctors listen -- DS HS. Host a Texas TX a humorous. Entity with which -- -- and doctor August trees and these patients here's a question are they recommending heavy enemy. -- in ghost Jericho Baptist where you know. Our -- recommend your -- can actually. For the Swine Flu wellness -- -- so. -- here. In your bar cart officials have reported two cases. Patients. And they have to waiting on test results to term if for recent us can be churches -- trying. It's also known as H wouldn't want and it's I thought this one approves of H five and on. -- and maybe this is doctors actually got a twelve and one. And nurture it and it was I think that to them. Good direction doctor to -- -- -- treatment for patients with flu like symptoms. Even if initial tests come back negative. We're right now that's kind of weird and it's indicative is it negative results of the test -- -- well you used to give. He took it you know among flu drug market but new flu drug. This coming on next season. Companies Japan and Korea. The story yet because -- because the tale of -- mention Hitler Tamiflu. -- as dishonest on -- they still prescribe it and while opposes the public scrutiny effect and so. Definitely you know -- -- has mentioned here effect expires. Is. Getting. Old -- -- and he all the bud bottom seemed by the -- All of which -- substantial this. For boosting to achieve any. -- on the -- who works. I would never go against the inmates. Infinite standards saying that vitamins useless. Well number one. It doesn't kill people -- that trend and number two is. Is that it works. So those two things alone will probably keep it from there they are popular. And systems house because is is it something we need to think about that weren't sick care. And if you get sort of manicures. Are really helps people. Maybe we should maybe this network discovery very popular because a lot of money made people sick there. Well -- -- if I'm always reminded when we deal with and exactly it's exactly that sick career always -- statement. One of the foundational works of traditional Chinese some papers last. -- -- about 25 BC and one outlines their talks about. The superior physician treats before the early but into the disease the interior physicians' -- and -- and full flower. Which makes me look at her health care system about now we don't treat. We don't treat things for -- -- we we told full blown diseases that we treat them you know chronically using medications. Causes. And I look at that quote and think to myself well do we really have a spear health care system it in yours sectors as well. Let me ask you something you -- -- Tennis for -- in the blood tests and -- -- about just the regular -- Testing and -- so it comes no penalty was justified to test and so it's showing. On the average Joseph could you wouldn't mystery. -- Appearing and what I'm hearing is that doctors will tell you well. You're okay. But you know that's OK and -- -- you -- -- 122. Page. But -- year when -- publishers hundred that's what that -- doctor of laws of tournament that we needed to be a hundred. And in your outlook test then they stars talked about. Which is which is which they -- Only problem in there and there's even concrete proof that. Consistent watchers -- 95 creature receivables -- the casting note that you're describing goals for example. And consistent lectures about 95 which is well mr. It is as were Easter treat consumers to question okay while president when you when you do a close. To spur. And it's not a hundred nose down. It is it's. Today he's here whatever it is. Okay well that's okay you know just watch it. However if your cholesterol. Is it is below one. -- For encryption across -- over. Well they used as a -- at the start they start the booster getting grief over water it's. Okay. Which they waited to advocate -- -- -- yeah why is -- we'd jump all over construction. Codes well it and that and this relief and just Beckham believes 97 from different. American Medical Association audience that that. In your increases and in -- -- Your body takes collection group which sells. Well levels -- -- people more time pre. Elevations and insulin dimension. Any increase trackerless Richard ills but it's cholesterol. And yet they don't seem to be addressing the Pletcher nearly as aggressively going for them cluster. It's funny enough well also publicist team you know is more important policy team. I think to cluster bombs and you were a lot of -- cluster. After doctor always work in the early 1980s and that homocysteine levels and shouldn't be just connect just look at it that what what are what are the treatments. War even pusher but especially publicist to notre for a -- -- that -- production truck. How can they -- -- that works well -- anyway so we're thinking of well again. Well nothing nothing biopharmaceuticals. That for -- you have to answer B sixteen and between preached peace that. I just read that be about booze and pot and his record good for you are a waste of money of course are a waste of money educate me about prescription. Oh -- -- the -- trying to deal you of all people should not gonna make your not gonna make a million dollars slope. It's sort of talked about a company's -- putting them. Nutritional. Official. Another another regarding that one does pit crews that -- world with with PH deal. But but it but this is different changes just enough so you can you can -- if you can't have something. So there's enough changes that. And they're trying to say that it takes two incomes. More. Of the official this'll count politics with this particular drug really wedges has few side effects didn't like it did the loss of consciousness. But it didn't make the same claims about falls that other pharmaceutical officials tell us August time yeah. So it over to about realistic. It's so -- it's totaled. How about helped -- to enjoy healthy again you know he -- can you -- you have I just came from you know. Serve healthy meals and -- -- wishing us -- Because what happened in the series healthy meals. If you get a meal -- taste everything so maybe it's ovals there's some that's twice. Make sure that the food is cooked properly to reduce the risk of blog. I'm -- food borne illness well if -- reception of the raw chicken is contaminated. In retirement chicken breast -- which everybody's. And I said are sick contaminated. By -- you serve food chicken or anything pictures. And fortunately there was for -- -- to worry about -- out. And I and I didn't factory and talk with it -- so. Engage in activities that involve exercise -- just dancing hiking. Hiking and walking -- so what about unity -- gathering in after the gathering. Which -- dues are walking around the neighborhood -- your neighbor but you'll see the afternoon after Thanksgiving much receipt you -- Ago. In my neighborhood. I don't know I -- -- I gotta I -- never I didn't like it rough neighborhood really. Well I know the gated communities to kill him you can. -- catching it was -- remembers -- about the health history sure that's a good thing to do. I'm -- A year pitchers duel today. How often -- you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Welcome Willie. -- in this profession -- that is something to get a Israel it's like. And Thanksgiving dinner percent -- table about halfway halfway through the -- -- -- talking about. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Means -- served at a Houston. Apparently you've -- ouch right just be cautious -- that they that that's one of the things that suggest the other suggestions on. Of course you have safe travel to -- for travel you can you can do. And environmentally conscious throughout the holiday season. So when you get rid of traction news the people mr. Richards cricket -- cutesy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Ninety days from buffalo this. Which has such good. We do we'll people or listening in this do Willis Jennifer would it is probably holding with the bated breath. To talk about her book and what she's done a little book when it didn't Georgia's. It's witnessed Olympic -- but -- may borrow that from Jenkins is an ambulance you know that you. -- to able to talk more about. This great book that they'll fire fighting over at more here coming up on the let's get healthy show. Here on talk radio thirteen 7 AM my name is doctor Victor perjured under today playing. Edge of the Johnnie. -- the bills will. Hosts. Owner -- bottle washer and overall nice guy people's Austin's mayor pharmacy people's. Stuff and hearing it. Well listen you. And Jennifer. All right we're talking we're vote because we want -- and if you lost. But this book. Review with mr. Yes I can barely hear you I'll really. Pointless now OG -- you'd better get over it by the end and -- out there -- I can't imagine it now. Yeah I -- chemicals. To better. As far as I was synthesizing. Well a rectangular. Hearing Huard. And you heard nothing but not okay and -- look at. OK so one thing I've got to warn people there's more than one Jennifer what is the books of some. If you go ask my dad and warned him that actually. Well in line you don't work. It was what's going to be confusing if you go to Amazon.com. You'll see at the very top shopper Jennifer would cookbooks for cooking. In the Novo receive five books here. Effect real real short. Present thought they were used. The orders in the cook. -- an exciting. -- -- there's there's some good looks pretty good. -- books yours simple Gibson. If there was one through rebar and and that it's not from me. But the hope -- don't book you have. With that on Amazon com right -- which you have someone retirement today correct. Which is a really good book. And as well written and -- recipes to a -- Case entry republic case just in the news source for cases. Think my daughter porn to -- -- united chalk it nobody bars -- what your judgment. That's one of Santiago at least 31 who doesn't she. The maple corner and they took him. And basically lump -- although it appears that the right to you know I like them being that says there's a lot of but. I love to -- tired coming here -- As my high favorite. Well you know you've got does granola. And is very low sugar. On adventures. And test -- on a concern. Added that it is to -- -- -- it is you'd be surprised. That actually has credit and that -- sweet taste yet. We hear about granola -- have to find something to that has notion that submit to order to put an otherwise is to -- And we don't want to much reduced just as Lucy you have half a cup when -- -- And so the establishment you know which you can try as the court cut if you want to if you're worried about future. You know the podium maple syrup that's. That's natural and -- so you sort of take that but what. Huge amount it it's really actually if you think about it you know I think he's hit -- cup sense but not -- cup. So that's quite a bit that it makes. No -- -- -- -- in their case so it actually goes pretty far spread out there that actually. Not you personally but -- sweet enough you know it -- certainly I think literally director -- -- that child. You know Jennifer you -- a -- west. Which was your husband daughter. And your daughter had a health problem so you Kansas. Could you or use in your kitchen as a -- Yes that they didn't I had never really occurred about doesn't create any -- the one that -- back when she was first. Diagnosed with having issues that was about seven years ago and we've caught the doctor. Evidently -- -- -- -- doctors because she's had issued. From birth basically with different things that are rashes -- not has just happened the doctors just wanted to give a scary cream and I that's typical. What that you -- to the empty term future -- We -- accident medical doctors Turks hoaxes at all does yeah that's enough now -- And so we just we in that turning -- now Japan -- because we were kind of hitting a brick wall where it. The medical community. And we they recommended food allergy testing. And the rest of hell yes. And so we had. She tested positive about 28. Different period. On an all of them were all of that everything theory everything gluten. So. Story yeah. All the treatment except for peanut -- a little odd. On that week in me but I -- kind of different about food allergy and it's sometimes they can be unreliable we've had that happen sometimes. Because if you have got issues that can make a difference. As but we didn't know that time it. Chewed up the magnet to -- country processing disorder in ADHD. So I certainly Belichick and I did not -- ago the medical -- different medications. And that's when I start I have is that Clinton streak taking three diet. And that's kinda what got me started. Now a lot of a lot of people know about the good gluten and for those few that haven't heard about it. I'm gluten as large -- -- protein content lead early in the Ryan thank you that this chewy consistency that government likes. I'm it's not natively and -- but it does show what the notes because usually. Processed on the same machinery so usually most intricate and it is will come now that Casey. A lot of people don't know an awful lot about casing itself. The Dominican that's a portion collateral for -- -- approaching in dairy products really insidious thing about T seen is they'll put it in a bunch of other things and not as. -- -- -- That are necessarily wouldn't necessarily think of being here in the first place. So it's it's. It's -- every -- Anything processed yet to be -- care -- to start getting a little paranoid always read your labels right. It -- -- is worse. Well I'm not stretching all three together -- -- pretty much in almost every in Vail daily use different name. For the year and it's so you have to be really aware. You know for believing they can have different names for it and it can be enough they'll say natural flavoring. And that can be gluten that can be case seen you know -- story I'm sorry it is hard -- can be tricky. Well sure Walsh took you know partially how journalist. You know -- -- -- is. This is away is as a way to get around. You know to something. -- -- So. I remember reading about it of -- and this is -- ago who. Two loss surgery with people who had. Colon cancer things like that he almost wouldn't do surgery and some buys that truck I don't know called news. Because the case and would build a prisoner. Lorca. And he just knew this would cause cancer so I don't know if -- rates -- about that a still don't know whether it was. There's also a case it was kind of good treatment decisions. Now come into boring and one of the more insidious things as both gluten and casing. Can actually make what morphine like compounds and gluten cult like include a more funds in -- some difficulties of fronts it'll actually did you do these various things. I'm that are actually very deleterious for your body on the part of the reason these these case of more funds for example -- The casing diet becomes so important and get to dvd and HD because. That that morphine like response is actually partially responsible for their hit -- did you try to assure your daughter. Oh yeah and it did. For one summer and that we as a reminder that could. We're making a lot of kitty straight now and she wants decent law and I'm making any better for the neighbors that are not good and pretty chasing pretty and see what needed -- and I told us today and they're making up adjustment today. And while we're gonna make that stuff for us and I mean -- trying to basically replicate everything that we've done today but in the policy way. And -- Yes yeah how are not -- does that seem drooling over everything today and I I had a reminder today. The fact that we I let her breath a summary go off of the diet. And it was dramatic on sea that -- and I heard about that in the book because she she does. She couldn't -- -- -- that she's full of energy but it it went wire her it was really strange because they've gluten in the case being. Would wired her. So that she couldn't sleep which is bouncing off the Walt yet she couldn't Ryan. So -- at all she'd get all tired out and she felt terrible. And so it affected her behavior her concentration with just nonexistent. So it -- it's amazing how something that it is. You know scene and -- actually -- simple because it's not too personable but. It's not a complicated thing can make such a dramatic difference -- kids and it's just it's exciting in my opinion that we've been able to -- You know being you know having her be on that medication. Into that diet. All right Mike I couldn't agree more money -- My cheerleaders and there's the straight in my family definitely problems with Terry and Tom might. My my child in because we've known this has been gluten during freeze since since day one. And we -- look at kind of -- it and everybody complains about how now. Howell missed strict we are with my son's diet and no I don't want this we got us it's gotta be this. -- my god it's so difficult you know having you guys over and feeding and everything else and yet but the same miracle turnaround. And get -- of us. That we haven't had any your aches and we've had we've never had about a colic. And he's always been a regular he's you know he's he's just incredibly strong child is this great immune system. 60 you're so lucky and and and I don't wanna tell them like look this is not what this is the seemed like your complaining about us what we're doing to try to keep -- -- in the first place. So yeah so here's a question -- different. So -- you -- all these little these really bad goodies today remained good -- -- -- -- -- who really aggravate the bad goodies for today. All of our neighbors we'd like to take about -- and I know that I. Like your. So they're all they've they've got that that you don't want people. You know they eat your standard American diet and you know their ideas healthy and my idea of how they are like night and day. And so we you know -- certainly sounds -- Oliver neighbors every year for Christmas we bring them. You know -- it's gonna play it -- -- basically you know. But then when my family comes over they get -- healthy version of what we just made it. On the net and they have actually a lot of the recipe than a minute try a bunch of stuff that. Christmas but I've never done before and think that Pedro post new recipes and so I'm -- actually put a -- on their sleep. Because we have these -- things are cheesecake bars and I'm gonna try and duplicate that if I can. And dipped pretzels and these. Temperament -- capital can -- ping -- Yes I am looking forward to trying to new. How sound. That they -- -- it together that's. Well we've we've -- -- not until Atlanta actually interview the author of all the junk food force though it's out there are. I didn't otherwise have to -- about it. What Jennifer what got -- irritation to we have Delhi's there there -- not all gluten free but win -- kitchen remodel his coach about we're one of the things that -- partner. We're French -- that -- this Florence. Flowers chocolate cake that is just to die for and people just love. As got really so -- is so good. Organic this or any there are things that and we it was sort of -- -- so what we do have been somewhat by the way. And we December years you would order one for for holidays. Or whatever just just we we if you could do. Could torture -- but. Well what happens we ran out of the regular cookies cause people dislike the record cookies -- -- for -- And so there wouldn't there was. To what to -- -- frequent so. And so we ran out -- so we had a fun sort through quickly just for record cookies and we did. Though they went too fast found the source goes wrong degrees larger. Some -- chance. But left us or adjusting -- when you have include free cookies and have a son -- to recruit cookies. They're not -- treat people. They they don't trust who treat you so much for something they think is going over their hands. And sometimes additionally when -- can good free. That it -- your round and so a lot to -- to bring in order that -- this problem. Did you talk that a problems with -- making. I have the hardest time with high current that the like that thing to do to roll out and back maybe my cookbook actually handle. What I call on principle. I -- because I just took panelist had given up but it is frustrating for me and I wanna make it easy. -- I -- I kind of make things. That is until I 'cause -- up. Doing -- that were difficult and just made it simple -- -- like that I have an apple pirate to be in the book. They had to crumble topping and is that the put post irrepressible I'm sorry. I'm pie crust that recipe that in the book called so and so basically discounted taking something that is. More -- -- this screen is making him the ball. Now mind you I think I'm getting -- outrageous because. It is that can be challenging working with the flowers even if you've got to have you on mix sometimes paid -- it -- it all apart. There's something about week that's so good about holding together unfortunately. Post a third group gluten gluten. And it turned out a 2000. Turkey is -- to oxygen tortillas are -- a breakfast tacos. And for us to serve a good free breakfast taco with use corn. -- and so we found. And tortillas. That tastes exactly like we and it rolls in pulls together everything. As Rebecca -- rookies. Sort of straightened -- for breakfast knows. And I actually -- we're here at that in my book is that. I added that it -- -- cracked again I am I. I elected -- I don't like rolling out and -- it I would like that even when it greens on the economic chipped it. On the did not have corn and I try to equal that unit looked to be high allergens a lot of people's. Thus paperwork right you were worried about intelligent vote to cool. Right handed her I have a few recipes in the book that do you have -- but some I'll forgive a substitute for several long. Like I haven't Johnny cake recipe which has. Like but that's that's kind of it. Olden days -- recipe but it kind of like -- -- gripped a little bit. But I had accused -- flower if you are not able to warrant the kind of those kind of things. Because I know a lot of people you have corn and sensitivity. Nevada or they can reach your own FaceBook right -- investments. Asked if they type in that gluten free case seemed pretty toward free allergy cookbook definite amount old. I'm in my head my evils that my picture and ticket it'll. It gives information about where you can violent book. You could also purchase at Barnes & Noble right now. It is. As stock on Amazon or working on trying to get it back in the -- again. -- don't -- of -- look at -- rest easier now they say well actually in this -- -- to feel better just double check Amazon -- back stock. And they -- at least right now they say they got they got they got at least one account -- home -- -- My best interest that would earlier this afternoon and they didn't have it. Same. Thing that Europe being interviewed here we go maybe that's a tough time right after that and princes say we go to -- -- -- for a tentative. So so yeah great free Turkey is is a -- talk about it so yeah. -- -- -- Kind of doing a little bit more or an attack by -- think -- talking to -- another could quit because. I am actually more sensitive to my daughter it took a lot of things that I am actually I do better well it's free. I'm hearing a lot more pirate cities to be more grain free kind of like -- titled little bit more you're familiar with that. And just kind of doing more of that to try -- -- them got issues that have been going on me for a long time. But my daughters seek treatment. All that good response is -- problems but I'm a little bit more sensitive. How does she know. She is now and then it's. So a cup what is air route Errol route hunger. I used cornstarch if you can if you can get their. Terrorists the Baikonur. Made -- look I don't I really don't know a whole lot about it but they had this same consistency. And -- As cornstarch. You can buy on line and actually give inspiration in the middle aren't beginning of the book. On a weird to purchase that it could easily get on line from places pretty cheap. But I hope which has aerobic moderate builds -- -- not subjective conclusions. As to. You can help -- starts -- that's usually more money. It's usually cheaper to go. On line from places I've found that -- -- increased it's amazing and in health food stores are great that there are some really candidates as they give the local cooperative in my. Well you've got to baking powder here -- bathroom and bingo making sold about treadmill. The dealers. Mr. Friedman Fareed. And that's important moment for. -- -- You -- -- so so which your gut and my daughter was -- currency earlier. That my daughter just loved the fact that you've got a list of all the products. That you need for any recipes in the book right. Yeah yes I try and do that because I know how hard is that you first start out. Particularly overwhelming so it trying to make it easy for anybody who is you know starting out -- just. Because I know how overwhelming it is when I started -- overwhelming for me. And I would have loved to have had some resources to -- here bite here or use and let's cut away geared to books that. There's Turkey and chicken bones that are free of traits that are good for -- Cases of free. Sugar for his current. Condition of star. Source for a short for source for it to pre -- supreme in the Shelton's. Original -- -- -- -- Corner ranging and I think there's -- sugar. That I know -- -- I don't. There's. Because your resolution Michael Milken. And I know that's something to them. Victor particular conceive him. -- milk and -- all of this before over ethnic. And coconut milk I think it's -- coconuts -- -- can -- -- -- you can take and mean. You know not just make him feel kind of -- that -- -- you can do cast you know it can affect I got them. You can look at -- Tokyo restaurant coconut computer which is which is useful that expensive. Yes it well and they all have additive -- That -- except for one brand of canned. Which is cannot bear the name now the rest all have Oregon which for people with identity issues -- -- the -- trigger. And I have to like I couldn't get any of the canned coconut milk except for one that didn't have -- but it was about 400 again moon and the dog to get OK got to find -- she paraded in essence this is cricket you can make. -- how to make -- -- -- the liner then depending on how much and it's just that he what you can say it's a hole. That you have leftover cash and music you can dehydrated and make can homes -- -- -- that and you have literally. There's actually no race whatsoever and I describe how to do that the book. OK I have to ask you -- you can you can make him milk out of any nut that's that's that that you can get race. What now I have some are pretty happy yeah -- that is why. I have to ask if you tried instead she'll melt is it really gets green. You know I -- about how people and that it actually not bad some of -- -- had walnut you know cash you know. Flax seed milk which I have to take it now looks like he's not with a little overwhelming. It's not like dirty socks to me that's that's the only reason but. But it the tape that labeling act which is kind of thing that this now -- keeping -- -- -- But -- this thing now this isn't that good. Answers. Yet I had my husband can't stand out -- either side this. Yeah but it. You know there's a lot of different -- in -- it's either. How would say compared to all the knocked has almost the same. Has almost no flavor which is great with not like that. -- you get fitted into that help viewers please you know what you think Castro of packet hits like. You know -- something you know make it won't make it taste funny felt. But yet there's a lot I just let the almonds and their coconut. Those are the only kid I used for the book of the the most common for people. And then certainly certainly here. The getting a hold of save the the -- and flour and coconut aren't things like that. I'm fairly easy I don't look at sourced locally that beaten at the the coconut -- on and that. Doesn't that -- candidates but certainly. A lot of recipes that you got your book. I'm talking by using alternate art for example there's -- its worst locally for the. Yeah. You can buy it and ball which is usually the cheapest way to go home -- have -- go through like a local car lot for. Look online for different resources. You know there's there's there's a lot of different places he came -- and now -- because it's becoming so popular. Well you know the sales serve our country is it is going gluten free. Or for a third third. But arguably now what I say it took free of me I try to go free -- to -- intentionally use your party in order. On your neighbor from neighbor can include three. -- -- Jennifer -- here if you're about your neighbor he knows you know a restaurant does -- things I -- -- overshot it by about property room. I'll just the what the slow cooker curried chicken. Slew slow. Slow cooker battery chickens ago does I'm always trying to mix of -- -- and kids. That's ahead. Yes it's. It is -- and it a took a lot of and the recipes that we're feeling pretty favorites and this has tried a lot of them were passed down recipe it. And so. Like my grandma is chicken and -- This that's been here it is probably my a certain. Probably my second favorite recipe in the hole but. Just because -- is that it just reminds me of her and I can correct that it. Very very scary. And gluten. Loaded basically with us then switched it pretty -- dress is -- -- let's just let -- on fourth title. It is really it's one of my favorite. -- you've got lots of chicken recipes in here. So I'm sure all -- this -- it. Ballot that chicken and beef. And consistent manner. There is an -- to the -- epic case. You know today have a mix up there we talk on the show through four years ago. I think it's Betty Crocker about punishes some pictures here it would take out there is blueberry. Pancake mix. So bloopers on the package. Pictures of the group bird like you have here. -- real bloopers and -- package but they checked it out and there was no bloopers and groups. They were just -- imitation blueberries and whatever. You wonder how that I think about that and the. Yeah yeah that's pretty bad. If they're real -- very on the top on my right foot and in my blueberry pancakes no imitations. And -- just a read this book is so interesting we just can't connect crypto we've got to go here but you know Jennifer would -- -- -- -- now. Amazon.com. Yes and Barnes & Noble. On the basis. Not to say you talk architects and then you know. Your little -- I've been attacked -- the other than taxes then all of this Russia has an Austin does. Yes it was era in. That ways -- particularly. Yet to see. But he hasn't been detected. At an Atlanta. Well if you ever come to Austin be -- to see her picture. And one teacher with no. Agenda here to put a new -- person -- -- I'm kind of working out on a little I have to keep encouraging me to try it and get from our recipes and trying is that the economic -- the page -- states. Recipes fairly frequently although there are on the holidays have been a little bad about but I keys -- -- -- on every week. The so we are -- helped a lot of people so we appreciate -- -- doing the news and you know and that's talking to you. It's happening and have a Merry Christmas. And Lancashire neighbors won't all just -- I'm yeah it's weird. And -- the next -- you do isn't sentence and giving -- the bad stuff to get the good stuff and a copy of the book. I'm very he could -- are deliberately. Well you know if if you don't tell it was good for that I would go -- with a. And that people can -- I don't know I have a lot of older neighbors and a lot of I don't know what gluten free really is is since this. And age. I think most of -- did it negatively where it. I don't want to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well you -- record this year. But you'll get past those -- tree -- -- -- -- -- problem. You give it away is that -- pleasure what's again Jennifer. The gluten free. -- CA Tennessee in pre and sort of free that. Thanks again for being with. OK. Okay YouTube product. We'll take a break. The ticker breaker we're going to Lori from the court. Acoustic break and we'll be right. More of let's get healthy. He has coming up after these messages on tall thirteen seventy. Well -- about solutions we'll we'll play the James Bond the music business here. Because -- talking to -- -- -- Are you with -- -- doubled since -- 707 doubles and seven injured in the attack. Gosh a lot of wanna get that region. So. Yeah I expect that they only had two and two buttons on -- there. Yet the dollar to. Yeah. So. When we talk about something and you know we're we're. We can get off -- Is now they've got. It is big news today. Today. Let's -- -- Swine -- in Aston repeat of that response from another Texas. -- attention and other coming -- was some. Trying to support calls for. So worrisome development. Well I think. I think that may. -- a -- for us to give people. I mean capital. To deal with them and that's what I. And we got a little bit last league at -- that. -- broad spectrum to let me apathy has. Certainly everybody who doesn't have -- until I cut scenes and awards in front -- in the medicine cabinet. That's an. But -- and hard about things all homeopathic remedies today. Give people a range of ideas. And how the flu could show up. And what they might have on hand to help protect. The first kulicke -- attack -- an attack and I. Act united born in -- he didn't have come on suddenly. Especially after the person is getting sick and -- their bid price. Or exposed to it cold and especially cold wind. But today give away for action. Is that the person who -- sick. Says -- feel like you'd get it done. We have to do we can't have increased -- of -- -- and it's really -- I. You know but to look I hadn't been so take -- -- tavern and -- -- has said. And so that's good because -- isn't good -- Casey alone will end to be economic or mature people know how soon because you know. They don't recognize an AKA year. It hate it actually pay as you -- Eight CEO and I key EU -- I can not and yeah. We talked about go to combine well you know it's a little bit like an. Accident. -- -- anybody ever told you that lawyer homeopathic -- sound like a spell from Harry Potter and not a. Well you know he -- select. We've -- -- -- cell lines if there isn't any Latin for it sometimes we make up his captain found Michael. This is the supply of. It and -- comic temporary land but a lot and we cannot and flew into practice. Oats. To. Can act nice and later in the congress from among. Some people on him excessive levels of sanctions. So that's a good -- And next on our -- attack about that you -- -- -- her totally out. You've Victorian he'll be used PE. KT. OR. IEU and. If we're driving so can we just up the CEG. I am never play scrabble. That. There so you can if you remember act tonight and you you couldn't. So for the U. There'll be a lot of meaning. If you've got a flu which means that needs you to -- -- going to be a lot of these things but probably the low. Notable characteristic of the -- though. It is fairly intense body. And specifically. Didn't going to be pain. -- -- deep pain. And pain that I feel like your bones separate. And there won't be a whole lot of frustration with a few parents. But we -- get that first generation you're gonna feel bad -- As are you saying if it is like when you can contractors to. Pupils taking. It off with. We've got a -- What does that actually. I don't think doctor Victor could make -- about -- that was it keyword chat I don't trust and Annie doesn't tell -- current. I got out they would temperatures of the lot and yet so well the other will commit to -- the way to remember that as she'll get run over. -- amounts are breaking yet ergo there's there's you. You know you. You not be mistaken in that not not be a mistake mistaken for Hubert and Michigan. -- the victims. And but we're tax equity. Clerics what's and what's so it's the last thing. Red -- RH US. In the first words there and with the -- hacked it gives me a lot of stiff and you know the body -- is going to be more -- dissident. And can nickel -- list. You know you're don't want to. Mean -- and around a little bit. You're going to be batter. For -- You know literally just rabbit. And -- his position. You know you don't want to be changing your position frequently does it makes -- feel that asked. -- there's just physical rest. Kind of -- a -- and a feelings yet. Italy killing EU. Might PM little anxious and prone to some unexpected tears. But it's really this stiffness of the physical records and that they're getting getaway rough hacked. Also. Not so common with the influenza but certainly it happens and if you've got it then that means there's -- of these press attacks. -- trying on into the Utah. You know just stick attack now look at appeared and at the end of it right and -- toxic and cancer free you. And -- -- tell. -- -- well you can imagine not receptionist and Christian issues too. To Houston in two and now I want -- and yeah that's cracked the case of the red triangle the body aches are skewed to stiffness is the big thing. Sit and physical rest -- -- Red China tribute. So that those great. Salon to have a wrap for influenza. It hit -- In and he can also have. We're sharing. And -- hands five. Those are good for all kinds of acute that the influenza. If -- temperatures got up and down quickly you know alternating. Fairly lightly. They're curious. And if you have a -- liar. Those -- so it's kind of feed her or did they load slope kind of building. And fair. One of those two. We. Virtually always give you sound improvement. Amid put the news pictures as quickly is that targeted. Single remedies homeopathic practitioner can choose for you. But it's good and helped me get you back healthy. More quickly -- other. Now if they want to if they wanna go for targeted. Homeopathic remedy incidental to the -- assured like -- all they -- All right we're gonna get all the. They can retrieve my private practice. By wood to seven years seven years here it's 70 -- Also available through our -- homeopathy. Dot com. Or they can come to be as people I've received that -- the -- door. Tomorrow and a little bit and -- that morning and I will be at Westlake said Tuesday. Okay. And is you know it's it's the reason they're so valuable. -- there's a lot of acupuncture shouldn't -- the Pegasus cardinals. But you know there's there's not a whole lot of public ethics. Down the -- so valuable and if you wanted to if you would just go by and talked to -- patches ticker. Because of free information to start with. Now for such a serious and you need to have the constitution but there are pressing very reasonable. I think. Well thank you bill I'm certainly thinks so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But put that with which you could gain from the justice issues phenomenal. Yes and you know we can certainly. We didn't do a lot with captaincy and very clinical kind of land which is the way we talk about radio. You know but also in -- conscious -- in people's pharmacy. We did -- you -- it -- in at ten minutes. On the floor of the door and often do an awful lot of help paralyzed people. Group that is. -- -- You can do what that's true. Well and on what to say it is just keep up the good worker -- Well thank you I sure appreciate it where. Well and make it true flu season this year. In fine shape especially if we remember. You know that's. Not to let that fear mongering to get ahead. Well cars started because if you checked in -- Texas now halves. New guidelines for for just taxes for parents who couldn't -- three people died in Houston from each. So there really -- it's an age when asked to -- So we -- there's just there's confusion out there so. As well factors shop for. So thanks so so annoyed just the three and the three negotiate Laurie Anderson and. You know and don't forget to -- the basic stuff you know eat nutritious foods we can tell your friends and joy of modern exercise. If you get sick changing -- Load -- -- -- -- -- You -- -- effusive in -- and him can. You that you jump in Austin President -- now mr. -- thank you so much Iran and it okay thank you. About. He's bound to. -- Big -- all right bill. We do throughout -- He said he got a question I would talk about calling through -- -- -- -- -- that connects him to him. -- You're OK let's give Hilton is coming up after these messages on hole thirteen seventy. Welcome back to the show this is bullets could also help the show here on talk radio thirteen 70 AM. Also boosting living version as an army host phils whale owner and operator of people's Austin's favorite pharmacy. I feel like it was -- here in the main line here is 51239013. Seventy 39013. Seventy. We are here take your calls coming up right now believe we have -- -- she recovers a line from Tulsa Oklahoma and doctor Larry war. Tell -- -- area are and act -- not too bad. We had to rush or less distant -- we had the -- we're -- Pushed things back to a -- thank you so much for. Delaying your teaching them. Don't worry listening to how to protect myself from the clues that could stop. There you go years ago earlier massed troops so many other things and acupuncture and nutrition and you know go for faction guttural fashion or prep work it's nice to give you something else. Don't probably have mastered that I gotta live up to -- reputation I just. I do a lot of stuff. Well it's good you know what I always I always like when Michael Swiss army knife approach you know I got to bully for that I can handle there you go. Where you do talk -- she talked and it caused them to news anatomy physiology nutrition don't -- to divert capital the room at the same time even. Yes -- I got to practice Monday Wednesday and Friday and teaching. Tutoring campuses on Tuesday's and Thursday's. So that's currently. You know when you're busy you're happy. Well you know if Gloria added dominated slowdown I just have to -- Hang on let's go. There. Grab my hand were going up so it was a tee time you have back to us know the showed pictures. I have I think at think get due to talk with. We've raised a lot out here a bit. You know -- you know yeah there you go okay he's good so -- just -- trees so. We're trying to let's talk about this product at what's ago Tony folks this is not a commercial. The fact I just try to do when I got home to trots. Pulled away to think I loved enough to protect something Larry what I did. Is up put it in what he's from others you know use for hot chocolate right -- talk about an up and up a little while cause I ask you about the values that you water. I use little. Cream of the net income in at all yeah now being hit it it was so Barack -- Why that chocolate flavor. I thought wasn't it is no sugar. Others and look at one or two grams of sugar in the current. But but it's. That was good. Else I think that was the the regular -- greens if it was the chocolate player when -- yeah I've done that before. I'm talking about the power -- premiums that they've added added the I know. MCI and tried I -- try to. Yeah it's that the Berry flavor and it providing vitamins and minerals that are bio active in addition to all the other bland -- super fruits and greens. We'll see if if there's a commercial never say -- I am trying. Is it good and I was sick I'll match trap that it was like -- Was going I was -- for two days. So you know it yet where -- such good rip at it right. -- -- -- -- -- Well look forward to -- -- and when he gets it out and you put out. I think they're awake here that we got to keep keep the train -- -- -- -- -- we don't agree it's appreciate. Well and you well have you written a book by the way. Which book you look at your written a book. About Britain I've got eight or nine. On an all Spanish and wanted to. Well what you do -- what road is that you know options could you imagine what you can contribute. With a lawyer or -- all things you're doing. Well you know amazingly I was sitting there with a group of mental health professionals. Thursday I got an opportunity to. Give enlighten them with some of the latest and greatest things that we deal linked to neurological Leo. That we you know I have -- now that's wrong kind of brain and gotten behavior bit. They're just now recognizing that SS RIs and stuff are working as well and and we were talking about this -- green premium as one government. I just I went in that a little apprehensive and and thinking well now I've got a really beyond my game to. To know my -- thousand bees and they have a clue. As to what we we take for granted. That the others. Health care professionals know but -- I don't know it's our job helpful -- Yes it is your right as part of society tell you you know we we try to do the mystery can. There's lots of things that forces can do we're traveler who we can do to. Right to help these doctors because the gut is so important -- member. Talk to doctors about you given abolish you know let's listen what your right down the prescription. That's at the officer Obama talks so that when when the can over the store -- -- reconnaissance. Well at and that's what I was telling them that. That rate of infections autoimmune disorders are going hand in hand with mood disorders what's the deal they -- we've got so much of their. It can't recover on at all. Well we know we know that what sixty or 70% of the total sir Tony your body that -- -- transmitter that's involved with. And depression for example is is manufactured in your intestines out of central nervous it's. Yeah so anything it's pro inflammatory to your gut it always it all goes back to that I think it's -- nothing else would be in and in agreement. I was invited to listen in on -- webinar. Last month and one of the things they did was in the world health organization's stated that by 2030. At the current trend continues the major health disorder will be facing has not. Heart attacks or cholesterol it'll be depression. And it goes with dimension does and the brain is yes so. Is so critical to. And that's one of the things if they -- -- burn out. That the body can't recover and that's one of the things I told them. Shaken this can't our greens. -- adapted to -- and stuff that are that do to help detoxify help that phase two liver detoxification. And bring that system back around. So the the premium -- do its part Greece premium right that's that's it. It goes into solution really well -- Of tension maturing thing to do them. No I am I put it in and a cup with a live in -- get. But I kinda liked to throw it in one of those magic bullet things that I -- -- a handful of blueberry better. A quarter of a -- and their -- that it just helps the flavor even that much more. It's quick the quick breakfast and beat him so fast food can be good for you. Is in -- don't you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Have a -- talk about that chapter. Out with a printer doesn't have a chalk it. -- the premium is Justin Berry flavor. You know the public chalk this bitter. And if you make something hot chocolate you've got to have something there that over computer destruction. So the premium has -- nothing. Or for. Reserve pretty no artificial flavors those sweeteners during that they sure -- locals know and it has. No sweeter men older bigger fish or shellfish or blah blah blah but those vegetarian as well. You know so it's just so appears sick. So people. All -- all affect those killed Michael Dugan does. And and just have a year which ought to -- now I don't fear that we talked missed earlier in the show now Texas -- excited because we have three people died in Houston. Because of the -- Prevent. That it needs some PR OP straight on that. -- He's this stuff you'll -- -- and adapting grandkids bill. Well item up spray him every day do you really well if at all here dollar. I I got my daughter's onboard. Two keep them up Betsy -- got heat shield. -- don't went to the Pacific although it'll help it reduce the time that there's very much my daughter musical -- Through voice. And it does work -- So this part grange you at all yet tornado festivals are no that was in the does not premium -- which you have in the previous. Well they've got 25 servings of fruit and vegetables and -- and the power. That's us in -- and you all go out and urged the digesting enzyme that keep boosting but note that sold the pro about it everybody. Federer Federer plus all the added -- -- so it it's truly a super dude. You don't wanna say a panacea but it -- pretty close. Well to get out your your number or does that tell you how much -- problem -- Is there. Of the well billion robotics have in LA and L have to -- us. And I can't remember the exact amount. OK but if you want some more time or hurt you -- -- -- at all you know couldn't take up -- just going to solution. And what would technically bloke. And in themselves seconds mostly you know we've got this. This coffee now -- it's bulletproof you're bulletproof -- and -- -- I -- it must enter this -- and you put. Oil and some token little girl and you can't use voters really good daughter and protect your coffee. The -- bulletproof. In which you do as you cricket and your coffee. Rule last year like six hours or so you dispute he uses to. It it's I guess the all slows down that's good good Pepsi T. What else does a pleasure in Austin I have been trying to turn this rush Boller rector bother coffee shops and you can just as it -- so. Always we have meeting of chain drug triglycerides for our weight -- patients and such but. I'd never thought about association of coffee at the center of the cup on my. Well but -- -- -- think about you can which could add to this and geocities possibly I don't know but. You think that because you have you have a blueberries. Right yeah she -- these are great to -- Well actually yeah they do but I'm I'm just saying if you want if you just it was you know. A lot more practice down -- you know really mr. Mueller. The black C brown like. To use water use the local -- maybe Kokomo with. With with the GT to. Admit I don't know I'm on the -- trying to. Just -- longest -- -- that coffee doesn't give futile chores from now. Ago the charge for that by the way. It was argued it wants or you're so busy. -- as a company in Latin America all right and stuff via. You know asks if they would take. A company like new Medicare and their product I don't think they come out with a -- Cockamamie report that says -- polo Ottoman era another author mean in -- there's there's a treaty. Chewing on a piece of cardboard and a T bone steak. Yeah I probably don't need to cardboard so I'm not going to use. And inadmissible or unable to absorb. Some vitamins and stuff that's probably what they're using in those reports. If you can charge for cardboard like Hewitt dissenting -- Tebow. You go you don't. You don't have you know we got Mercedes. But America has very conscientious of their quality and that's why I I don't mind at all touting them and to my patients and and and stuff -- life. -- the process to you know. Well I'll give you or break -- completely go under the shall communes and I've built obligated to me to break -- -- good enough to kick. That -- RNC. To breathe every -- reports fire -- made durable and CT a little while ago. Aren't all right with thanks again by Tyler particularly well okay because of -- right. Let's take a break can you take right now. A favorite and let's talk or a loss to hold on you're obviously there were excited or from talk about after the break I'm most excited to be here bill Varnado Turkey's seventy. -- -- -- -- To cover you just -- We'll get a skill. -- us. We're topics -- and by the -- offices researcher we don't have all the answers. Obviously but -- view if you support. Research answers you'll mortgage interest -- Information about what we're talking about what we have they've got a two year. What are you don't do what we have. Ballistic break through an ultra conservative with it. More of let's get healthy is coming up after these messages on -- thirteen seventy. Welcome back to -- let's get healthy with -- whale pod and talk. Thirteen seventy. Pat on the back what can -- we showed here on talk radio thirteen seventy. But it is doctor Victor -- -- pretty interesting political nutritionist again with the did today with bills will. Owner operator and chief consultant floor peoples hostage for your first. He'd like to join us here on here the number here is 51239. Of thirteen seventy 39 of thirteen seventy. The lines are open and bill -- more than -- take any of your questions on a variety of subjects related health care bank. -- -- What I'm doing fine picture and you know it is total of about -- -- -- -- something you'll please -- major major piece of changed making. This really phenomenal. I mean I guess it makes positive -- -- major green -- just a piece -- checked with the -- Change is very good so we're journalists and Aaron withered as something of food as self interest. This may be good for so. So. Tell me about Tivo your practice how you how people can -- -- to -- and take advantage of your retirement. It thanks -- you -- entertainment stable with a window outside not know if anybody's Anderson by wearing a little bit more about me or about any of the pressures that people's. My money. My Africa's that a plea to the people's -- listener Lakeland. A -- 6223. Also see patients occasionally Monday and Thursday mornings herself more so. Well in both case you can get a hold me through our main -- listeners which were the number there is 5122198600. Votes to 198600. -- am and what I do as a are technically what's called corporate interests that is my specialty is internal medicine and the practice imports are. Most of what I do is is the thing that doctors supposed to be in the first place were doctor comfortable let we're considering which means to teach. So mostly -- -- adult patients -- London you know most of my practices mostly nutritionally based. You know we will -- double talk about appropriate testing whether that's. You know conventional blood testing or -- blood testing -- say that food allergy pill for example that that Jennifer what was talking about what past. If we need -- just for food calories or Chester fire purchased or Roger touched her anger to regionals are stressed. We'll talk about appropriate testing and we'll sit down with fuels -- program personalized for you. They'll say OK these are -- -- we measured in this where we need to get cheese we've got scientifically backed up you know. Measurements when you try to that it took to meet. And we've gotten goals try to get you back to it to an overall sales for your feelings that are. Legacy and use -- missiles that is herbs vitamins we use specialized diets. We've got an acupuncture -- -- -- -- they're that he uses. That'll cross refer with. We've got some massage therapist their work with a -- like -- out of doctoring any news or who's also lifts all of us. He's our resident homeopathic and have a consultation so. -- there's lots of good things and -- -- for anybody that was not quite sure that alternative medicine is your thing. You know what give us a call on -- get to one tiny disks that are -- it looked like so don't doctor Victor for fifteen minutes just kind of see if this is a good fit for me. I'll be also double portal will grab a cup team will sit down Tennessee -- listening to bring to the table -- -- feel better and that's and that's for for going. The other thing also in this part of bird or. Our offer that the people Boston. I'm there's opportunities to -- outside the radio shows here certainly bill brings you a lot of little things here on here. But there the practitioners within people's. We -- weekly helps -- ball itself more accurately point. -- are -- -- the public on a variety of subjects become an urgent warning about those. Of the new series for this coming spring for the next six months is already a -- our clinic website and people's well listener dot com. I'm and there are and upcoming talks rolls on her website people's next. So lots of good opportunities coming up I'm all for a lot of that free opportunities if you feel like financial year. Gonna have we're with alternate to jump and everything you know what struck freestyle -- -- look at it more information about. Getting health. Exactly and by the way next to us -- room talk about. Recap for the year room talked about some highlights for the years things it recovered in -- issued missed the -- -- -- -- -- That were really pardon last year. Things so little bits of information. You know political pearls that you can use for Christians. If you protect yourself against. Cognitive decline following surgery. They -- the Staten drugs to help. With the -- district of not for long pretend for a sharp protest after surgeries and potential sometimes a year -- major surgery. To overcome them right. And also -- testing for a dimension. You know you gonna do you on the show for about yes -- suitable. And -- -- -- going to be enough for. Plug you -- one side of the other currency to install the same month old. Course but my properly that is this is Austin bill I mean half the people literally into on the street can't bring that one not shall we cut the cedar. You're right so and heart disease. There's new imaging methods to protect our -- risk. And proving god help reduce our attack as. The outline direct yourself gardening. Can reduce or text and we just mention 2000 worst accident walking can -- along so this guy I think we're gonna. We're gonna go over those education system and other shows that there's there's you know there's reserves is really. Scientific research. Industries search -- just -- those. Based on demographics you know you. And I are looking well looking at Jesus movement. We talked about for instance there's. Jeanne two sets of genes and so he spent the disallowed from usher. Lord -- Taylor. And that's why I think that things -- -- a lot of Hispanics. When their room. On. The in the group eating sugar which a lot of cute -- and -- They just that just -- sweetness. Well. You know a lot of Americans locations. The problem. There too sick or not a not a suite built this thing as well a lot though is felt something sweet but just -- finger and just -- You know the sickness and Kendrick. But let's hope. But genetically speaking you know there is something. -- if if you averaged a certain gene. A lot I think there's two issues -- what you think. Yeah yeah -- you used to think when I was growing up. Is due to obvious to terrorists you are sure that -- -- conservative gibberish and a few guys if you if you if you. If you -- that generation. -- -- Well but it's not but it's not all about that this that the social factors are big can big part of it. Tom might might graduate degrees in human biochemistry genetics and the traveling to discussions with. Whenever chief company for -- is doctor Jim -- And Jim and I have this discussion before the expression of almost any genes at least half and our little. Mean that's that's being generous I mean that the way that I tell my patients is that looked. Particularly to gladly get like machines that test whether to go and -- to get -- -- molecular -- to get anything fate was accounts that the thing. It used in the Middle Ages to explain things are out of control but there's a lot of these things that -- It's a matter of you know that the environment you put yourself in his proper mindset it's secure your -- -- -- -- I mean it's you're not -- to anything that the genetic makeup that you've got his. The black board but you have to work list but everything that you are is the writing that you put it. The story of your life is the writing not necessarily the shape of the blackboard that is contained and you are more than your genetics behind it that's permanent -- -- did that people would have -- -- for. For pro alcohol is okay so they may have the genes for alcoholism if they stay away from alcohol that doesn't mean that means it could be an alcoholic. Your genes merely that they give you confines of some place to start their own -- -- negative news in that. Genes are feeding you to have anything you have to control your decisions about what you put your mouth how many steps you take a day whether it's 2000 forecast how much exercise you -- What he's such a smoker not smoke you know if you decide to be positive in your life sentence -- for trying to solve without. That they're good positive things are -- -- you know swallow it swallow self pity and lowland and depression. All of these things are things that define your overall health -- choices. I'm not a big fan of following the idea that that teens define who. If you averaging though it can news -- is if you if you go Prokofiev. 10 o'clock tonight. There are some -- symptom of -- allows you do that and you circle righteously. The jar the population can't do that. So we have Majid Pollack says is be careful. Missile test or the other guy can tricky on the table doesn't mean has changed it's it doesn't use. Something wrong you should appeal to the same thing of alertness does that mean to hates his -- more -- -- Commitment to people can do that you know they can drink more than others. In 2000. There's -- zone. Got micro for instance of research shows I'm gonna -- cabinet in activate drugs. There's a micro call. -- -- -- -- That it protected land auction traditional auction will go to auction. Then they can became deactivated. Religion very heart protector -- So knowing. Knowing culture -- July in May be taking some mixture of microbes we're learning more more about the value of these of the cut victory. And -- and you know want to have some good bacteria. Some good victories to. Two year old. Most rural. Of the of super greens and well in an explanation of that and there was I I do post structural classes on the weekend I was teaching a group -- this week. Number one of the -- group neighbors that I brought up even talked about. Bummed that the pro about a battle starts from Burris that she take kids that than the kids that have been born. By -- -- -- -- -- normally -- gut flora tends to reflect the kind of bacterial species seen on the scam and stuff this modeling and generally presently god. There was another study that showed that if you took mothers who work. Who were pregnant actually gave them probe by -- entering during pregnancy. You would have seen the effect in the children because the children and and O'Donnell and having. Lower rates of asthma and allergies. So I mean there's there's I mean from -- there's a lot of them evidence that these this these -- -- we have our horror. Intrinsic to the -- there bodies this correct for the world and yet what do we do our kits they're born and error brought into this world and one of the first things they do it works those antibiotics and you know they get a little Eric get more -- why Alex we don't look what they're reading they're with the belts maybe and all those. Antibiotics and -- knocking off their probe by -- good good thing good program gone from Alex got. Making this has to be more prone prone to breaking down later months. Yep and if you're -- about why. Aids and HIV is not a sentence anymore. You remember I was if you got anyone to don't go if you survive days like this bass -- or whatever. You know that if a star had aids. -- Dessens. But -- it says about that time. Thanks to our turnaround you know -- magic Johnson's out of 20/20 five years right so this in fact there's a new epilepsy drug. That blocks the nature of the Baptist. So the fact all kinds of things to block what is so so don't have that so thinker probably. A half ago they may have of actually fortunate that. Oh. Well there's terrorism -- there is some evidence that there it's possible there. They found for example there are some people have a genetic polymorphism and one of the other co receptors that -- -- Asian virus. And smoltz were there are some that are naturally resistant to -- trying to -- But remember -- we party poured we've poured almost as much money and HIV research and a cancer. Com am realistically I don't think that there are any closer to the vaccine network. A few years ago I mean I maybe wrong African television somebody popping out for no resistance but I think. I think it will go to the same sort of strategies used contained the virus preventative in the first place. -- where we need to continue our efforts unfortunately if you look at expansion of the virus in the population there's been there's been a bit of a resurgence because people have seen increased lifespan. And they're not scared about the tendency. To not use the same kind of protectors. Activities they did before and try to make sure that it wasn't pro am. New you'd mission word and people need to do with him these auto workers polymorphism. And that's that's mine that's mine that I -- be -- with you just -- -- but you've got this -- -- -- but and nobody listened probably. That part acumen that now all know it basically means that everybody's got different different versions she okay. And there are some people is versions of the gene makes me give them except drugs. -- legislation yesterday. So -- -- bios BioCryst we talk about this I think earlier today but bio Chris you -- wise to -- in a country mile long bus was talking. Because the but. Submitting something to be lifted -- -- as coaches -- -- -- accepted. And it is. Per out of here PE RAM. The IR program -- For the flu. With the -- For the -- So so we think about you know arm. I was like you know both like the bottom. Until we get something this just go to attractiveness Ashton sort of was. Welcome the sun. Tennis -- -- 2000 steps. Discount today at the next time you go to parking union forced to substances. Well it's funny is if you if you look at that can go back to that study that they said that they they published. If you look at the -- reduction in risk for stroke and cardiovascular disease. 4000 -- extra steps -- equivalent to you know the standard dose in terms of reducing risk the standard dose of the stat and medications. So mean you wanna you wanna reduce and as opposed thinking you know Lipitor or something a lot of a lot of cases to reduce the prescription speed and try and -- -- And yet literally it's like pulling teeth to get fuel lectures or does it doesn't take much that's the point it doesn't take much training future health -- So in the cup as we have left and we're going to I'm just tell you. The pizza -- that has vegan Pizza. Inn pizza you know they've got to include frequent site can't really be two free. The company cut in the ovens and those -- you -- Scioscia Ceglia. Is not going to be in the pizza though is to agree but when you -- it. The agency. The same oven with the same equipment you know well it is in the -- you know between engineer service that the that the pizza pizza. They're goodness it's -- -- -- -- this is an Israel. And Israel is saying I see you -- as your chair during the -- or Greg about the neck -- I was Domino's. As -- usual which -- probably come here percent. They -- with Regan. What they're doing is they're using -- -- was soy cheese and vegetables. So move. Is that something is going to be a big summer over here wouldn't -- No what I'm willing to bet there are some parts of Austin that's gonna be actually. That that will sell. I'm in my house but I can expedite a little -- plural. If you have located right if I'm like my racket. Is if you don't don't want is them. A little. Special seizing on like taco Bell's seasoning if you get that. We'll talk a bill -- little package you know sprinkle some I don't. Well I'll I'll I'll I'll say I was considered a form of cheating it's like you know it's it's. My best friends -- clutch Q and and I was cleared out to him that eating stuff that tastes like bacon and smells like bacon and eggs and bacon. She's still count as having bacon -- is this week is finding a way around. -- soy cheese to me is just it's. If you're not gonna -- she's -- -- cheese and how much I tried this I'd by the way tradition to it gives that choice she's my -- Sunday. Yeah yeah a funny just how our dynamic it is pointed straight across.