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Diamond Know It All, 12.21.13

Dec 21, 2013|

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It's time for the diamond now and I'll show preceded locally by Austin America's diamond in the post series Jordan and David diamond now and all will answer your questions about diamonds gemstones engagement rings. And they may even help solve your relationship problems exist till 8327792678. Or email your question to David diamond note all dot com and now here's due in days. Merry Christmas ho ho -- the toy you first heard this summer you and holiday spirit day if I'm. Actually very very tired. Home okay on this war on these people wanting to spend thousands and thousands of so it's very tiring. I would I guess the retail business this time of year. People that work end retail. Have the least amount of holiday spirit you know and it's like every other like any other business people warrant. You know and on the largest. For the cheapest. And who they want the most for the least -- group. So it's been called being frugal are so we got sheep or on I think it's it's it's to dream. You know I try to explain to people. In my last -- course more than my first house from the Fed only -- besides the fact that I'm olds OK that probably means that inflation has hit us. All maybe it's so way of us -- taking the whole notion of Santa into our adult life you know -- you wishing you dream and you believe it's gonna be under the tree. So we wish we dream we believe we're gonna get that item for the price that we think it would be. I thought I I agree but it but the reality of things has to send them a little bit I always tell people buy something of smaller book by equality. Com and and that way you have something you can treasure forever impasse and -- from one generation to the next -- there is that relationship you know in the kids -- little. He wants the big boxes and a big items so that there's a big while. As you get older it's the smaller boxes that have the most amount of anticipation. I just talked to my sister recently she reminded me of truck. When she always wanted to share beat to back in the sixties when they first came out machete to its call to get its way before your time. No no but I want my first Carly that I -- -- as the Chevy it was in no Obama remember about it. It was before the November. Yes did you know that no I mean something not very nice in Spanish which is part of what they had to. Did you know Diana I am not yeah I'd say it means I guess it's that kind of bad words -- -- OK -- we -- start -- that let's -- she wanted to Seve to you. Yes so what I did is and back in those days to have these little models. You can -- down the little hobby shop and and I made a little -- model of the Chevy two. And then I put it on a big box in the driveway with them. With a sheet over a you remind me she still waiting for the car. -- -- -- -- Well we've got four day until the big day and what what's hot item. This year in terms of gift giving if I. I think this year it's really been engagement rings and anniversary dance. Anniversary -- because there was a whole generation there of ninety's in the early two thousands where. Women were wearing at all and wondering and aware and wondering. -- throwing -- ring and wedding again and now they're out there they want that wedding band that they feel they were they would cheated. Smart -- -- good way to get an extra -- undertook threat today. A few women and you know -- you always play that you know. That -- -- the car the extra card which is crying. And it delivering let get right to pay I don't really need it but. -- good selection of you know engagement rings and naturally. Or white metal is ism is still -- and micro -- days still then. But there's a lot of things out -- also color is playing a big. Colored gemstone to playing a big play. They're filling that void. Of when you can used to be able to buy a bracelet for. Not a lot of money let's say from 500 to a thousand mound but there's a lot of beautiful stuff -- -- Richard has. The most magnificent colleague Jim jewelry have ever seen Albert got an air ball and -- in the US. Birthday. Well I was looking at some research and I think it's a regional thing till I think here in the southwest. But colored gemstones are doing very well as opposed to may be other parts of the country which and I Texas thank -- it actually brings up the. Well we're gonna talk about is the new the new color. -- -- -- Radiant balked kid named color of the year for and from Purdue when he fourteen -- which is. It's a purple issue. But -- if you share in purple and pink undertones so Pam talent comes up with a new color how set even -- and you know. Tell you the truth that. I don't know how these people come up with -- -- you'll see. I always find it strange that you it's just like TV shows like. One network comes up with a show that. Okay we're gonna have a detective. Who has you know one on and one leg. And mixing you know every network has got to detective with the one on one leg -- and it's the same thing in the in that world. Who who's to say what color but you'll see fashion and clothing and in jewelry they'll be a certain color. And so they mix I mean there's only so many colors in the rained out so they're mixing colors to come up with me. The new radio nor can run though they find gemstones and remember -- most colored gemstones and 99% of urban heat treated in some soda -- a permanent adjustment needed to bring out the colors ought to change the colors noted deep in the colors -- to lighten the colors. And bombed that's how they do it like for example blue topaz comes out of the ground absolutely brown. And from heat treatment which is permanent. And it sucks and it's an acceptable practice this. To heat treat yes it's not so it reminds me of the Crayola crayon box -- names of the colors of that -- changed throughout the years so that. Is it just have a new name for a Connor. I think the jewelry industry looks at the clothing. Industry. OK but they answer your question on the Intel now that's not a jewelry now that. That color that yeah they always been around a designer grant architecture. I guess everybody else chooses that. So you were talking about lady's -- for the holidays roll Lexus are always big for Christmas is it big still today I took. I think it is and it's funny but the Rolex is not a big watch in Europe only hear them. As a status thing here. Yeah you had told me awhile ago about what beyond marketing slogan was. For the role was at the Rolex company about. You know what you don't have a Rolex yet what where did you go wrong or could -- -- the gate yes there was a commercial they they did -- come to make men feel about it they didn't have a role I really clearly felt that. So. December also -- -- some people have a birthday in December which may not be a good thing. Because kind of takes you Christmas birthday do you combine again Steve fine net. People will get one thing you know four of their the lady on their list of their birthday is close to the Tony theft. Well you have several of -- I think that. That some people hope that gonna get to gives. But I think most people combine that time. I really do they made to spend a little bit more than they would normally I know I had a friend he hated he didn't want his birthday gets in December wrapped with Christmas gift wrap it was one of his pet -- Sarah yeah. Feel slighted you know I have a worry that -- even when he grew up well he never grow as a man out. Do you change they asked them up. But fell out we talk a lot about what women can get for Christmas but its flight to belittle what in the jewelry world and wanna. Something has some great stuff out there been around as an African if you go to Austin America's diamond over the gobble up. They have some gorgeous. -- crafted you know right here in this country some silver amends bracelets. Done with bomb. Any leather BM braided band. Com and there are cuff links in their. I'm struggling sobering is that it done and high fashion. And in a tuxedo. Type things. They have. Money clips and you know little things you would normally think of to give but they make a nice little added gift and you know a money clip book possibly a key ring now. You know he can get a mas are Roddy key ring though when there -- so ready thinking drive in my as a Roddy okay. And this. At bracelets and often I see a lot of men -- bracelet and necklace and. Absolutely kind of a rock and roll so obviously -- Leo Damascus steel -- Damascus steel is so different gonna steal against number. Can you seem hiring. It's made out of Damascus steel panel that the audience can see my ring a hot hot hot hot I'll just tell -- it's it's nice -- manly very -- If you look -- as far as you can not send us an. The phone numbers 8327792678. You're listening to the -- note also on top thirteen 78. Presented by Austin America's diamond. Oh OK okay yeah. -- -- -- Richard Crawford for Austin Americus diamond at the -- walked. -- -- -- Christmas -- is Tuesday and I wanted to thank Austin we've had a great year thanks to you come -- -- America's -- in these last few days before Christmas and absolutely. Positively. Say thirty to 70% on all finished jewelry -- -- -- -- -- -- -- bands diamond earrings diamond bracelets diamond -- -- thirty -- 70% -- -- -- -- -- -- these last few -- thank -- You're listening to the diamond bella at all on talk thirteen 79 -- Jordan. Sitting here with David the diamond know it all he also knows a lot about a lot of things. If you had -- like him to answer a question. What it's about diamonds -- jewelry or or relationship questions Dave has an opinion gives the call and -- are wrong. 8327792678. Anything in the news that we need to know about jewelry or any you know and. How hard it is that communicate you to laugh that this would should at least -- a smirk on your annoys you so there's an expectation that I am a finalist for the story to running the attack on the. Let me this rev up my -- and let me warm up my laptop. Up to -- It sits. There it is Doris pain. Doris -- is a jewel thief. And -- pain weight she's 83 years old. And -- to stand trial again. Which means that she's been arrested because an 83 year old woman who steals jewelry -- Yes and I watch and know that she was refused bail. By her return that her attorney was told there were no bail would be allows -- she got caught yup. And the reason for the no bail because the -- lawyer challenged it. Because when her arrest when she was arrested choose past what are occupation was and she said now you got to give us. She said I am a jewel thief. So here's pleading not guilty not guilty -- -- So she's so I didn't do it and -- said what do you do for a living in season after a moment to think so she's a stupid criminal yes very -- But still at 83 she still up there right admire her she didn't retire -- sitting get a why aren't. Surprise she only got reluctance is only the second time she's ever been arrested. In -- so. Person getting into the jewelry thief business do you well matched a -- how she did it. She's old she's 83 years old she went looking for some jewelry. And then she sit up -- I'm so out of breath do you have a place for me to sit down. And they Broder wrote considered down and they brought the -- over to her and then she said couple you didn't bring that other piece that -- you said. And then she still one of the pieces -- she's a big con yes she's she's slick but I bet you she started when she was younger college did she had a different technique. I'm just thinking is that something. Is that a trade where you have to be an apprentice with you know -- seasons jewelry thief -- -- -- hit it. I mean honey get -- done until the trees out. I really don't know. I think that the that's -- learned profession I mean. Because specially you know if you're it's depends what the of breaking into stores and robbing them or are you content and holding the mom -- you'd just sleight of he and or whatever after -- okay I think that. But it's really a shame that this people out there I always thought most of the jewel thieves who were in Europe but apparently we have our own right here in the united well good grade but it's one of those professions yet. Christmas time gift giving I have a question and nine email question that we got. I'm. Okay so what's the deal with buying. It's easy instead of diamonds do you what is the deal with our feet -- don't disclose or -- or Katie do. We people in the jewelry business many many times by the gentlemen most times. Com get past two and stay by the ring the mounting that the engagement ring and they don't wanna spend the money for the diamond and they asked to buy -- cubic zirconium which is. That's easy easy easy. And -- Most stores when they make the person that they read out a statement that that it was past four in the full knowledge of it. But I don't think and we have had over the years certain people command and the woman denial. And I say if you really love this woman. And you really wanna marry this woman. Tell her you couldn't afford the diamond right away that this is the ring. And then and then a year you're going to prioritize them so you get a setting that has the size that you could. I imagine yourself affording at one point right exactly so you don't get a big. Key mixer colonial because then you'll never -- him to get to get a and there. I mean you know I know people that go on trips and cruises and whatnot and they Wear. Cubic zirconium. Hearings you know on the cruise they have this you know. Well you -- and they don't out of your hotel around you know what you get stolen anyway that I hate to get pushed down for fakes I'd rather be pushed out. The real deal but. What do you thing that you should have this conversation wave before you purchase the engagement ring like check her out like how did you feel about. You know yeah of -- -- that's a good idea and husband she could say how do you feel about fake orgasm that. -- that's right exactly. The and I just think it's dishonest and that's not a good way to I know women. And have an effect comes up and it's in bad taste and it's it's a -- very badly that she doesn't like the idea -- she didn't know. She will never. Women will never elect you feet together for thirty years later they all remember what you'll be wearing on that debt. In the long run it'll cost you market you'll have to buy something real every birthday every Christmas every anniversary at. Where you build smaller diamond a -- and you -- -- and you know. -- but I just think the issue by you know but if -- can't afford by some things mall buy something nice by something of quality I think that's and. Gordon I mean that is to me now. If a woman whose only interest and if -- -- -- fiance are the pressing your dating of the person you're married to his only interest to them. Then in buying expensive guess so to having you buy expensive -- He says something round well you know they'll get this is not our quote relationship segment for you bring up a good point I think the secret is. If your into the material. And the money as a man you'd better find a woman who is equally intuit and there are a lot of men that are comfortable. With what I need to do to make her happy is by her stuff because they don't -- You know participate may be on an emotional level or they don't wanna spend a lot of time with their I want to be at my job doing my life and I wanna buy her. It's got my wife says -- on the nominally. Because I like to shop. Most men don't like to -- I like to shop and I'm in the -- fashion business so. I hate to shop and I'm a woman same thing Hammond an anomaly is a nice way to put it yeah but but the but yeah I don't I wanna go only know what I want going get it I might -- to a fight like number three so I -- to go back for awhile and -- -- -- they -- Monday went -- -- accused. -- -- Let us I mean where uniform I grew up. In Catholic school and had to Wear the uniform every day and hated it now as an adult I wish I wish I had a uniform and get up when -- have to think about it can Wear it everyday. I think this is the pits Plaisted I've got to -- did you about the guy that would into OK LA you got a joke he and you say that. We're going to be back he's gonna make you laugh hysterically like you've never left the floor. What we have to take a break here I'd hear from our sponsor. Our presenting sponsor is Austin America's diamond. Over in the armour walked home pass and break or we'll be right back with a -- -- -- right up to us. Richard Crawford for Austin America's diamond at the -- walked -- vacuum breaker. Christmas -- is Tuesday and wanted to thank Austin we've had a great year thanks to you can't -- America's -- -- these last few days before Christmas and absolutely. Positively. Say thirty to 70%. On all finished jewelry he -- amounting -- and abroad for bands diamond earrings diamond bracelets diamond necklaces say thirty to 70% on all finished -- Jim jury these last few days thank you. You're listening to the Diamond Hill at all on talk thirteen 79 -- Jordan with today's the diamond bella at all. Without further ado made me -- okay. Well this isn't that intellectual job -- not well okay. Joan walks into a Jewish door niece's high Hawaii you Lisa and interest and and engagement ring. You know I mean that's that's perfect music to a -- -- can be said but I don't wanna spend a lot of money because this is only my first marriage. -- -- The get one because you know each time you get married you have to top the last democratic government that. How many years this field. I've been married three times the ones that -- wife to the same guys that technically two time for a richer or bad the first time that it had to go back and. Just -- again yeah I was bronze I have known. I have a question for us he gives the phone call and leadership question at 832779. 2678. Would love to hear from you. Engagements this time a year people. A stressful time for any couples dating. Because if you're gonna -- if you're close enough that you're gonna bring him back to meet your family. Or her back to meet your family you get those looks. The you know the stairs spike went already are you gonna ask her to marry in that kind of thing. I mean that the list these are the questions you can test. When you're single the question is when are you going to find someone. When you are coupled the question is when a YouTube going to getting -- bracket. Well when you're engaged the question is are you going to get married but. When you are married the question is are you going to have kids. Getting into yeah that's the question is -- Willie Young kids find someone okay. When your kids are coupled the question is when William kids didn't give -- when your kids getting engaged in question is what are your -- gonna -- Mel I got you got to run out and and here is the last bit -- when your kids get married the question is when you gonna give me grand joke -- If true it's a tough talk -- that's. Like nobody wants to be dating around this time of year well I. I think that you know some of the things that people should consider that we you know I think it's society. It's TV commercials it's TV show -- that put that kind of pressure on you -- you know. You know I think everyone has something different in their mind. Well for what the perfect situation is to get married. Some people wanna be a little bit financially secure as a matter of fact -- finding and today's times. It's kind of really upside down from my point of view because I'm I'm really old. But on. Today a couple get together. They buy a house together. They have a child together. And then they get married and then they get there right you're right I think that's insane because they aren't sure if they wanna spend the rest of their life with peppers and well guess what if your kids with somebody you're stuck. You're gonna have you gonna be in contact with that person hopefully. Europe you know for the rest of -- is this a good time to propose. Because you know engaged rings around the holidays that's a big deal is that is that a good -- us I think you that you wanna. If you're going to the future in laws right -- -- of the prospective in laws have. House food for Christmas that would be the perfect. Time -- talk about the smile on that woman's face okay when she goes and gets home to her mom and dad's house. And she can turn around and say look. So you do right now or propose these deals before like right now lightly edited before exactly ha agreed that would shut. Everybody got to put up with that he'd been ahead of the party. It up absolutely need. Nor would it you can go with if you really want a spot going blind and didn't go over that. Richard's story over and Austin America's diamond at the artwork and buy -- and by her one of those counts 74 diamonds okay that's gossip blog go like no other diamonds in sparkle. And everything that we talked about on the show about how to get clues about what kind of range she wants. And you know one of the things that you said was you can talk to them the mother. Love your prospective bride did around Christmas you what if you pulled her aside at Christmas and said hey can we talk I wanna ask your daughter to marry me next year Jeff. May be for Valentine's Day Soledad that you priming the pump a little bit to continue at least gonna have you know I remember 01 money not my wife comes from a -- family. And she's the oldest of seven. So once Sunday was sitting there and I'm not married and was sitting there having dinner. And she gets a call whenever the suns was coming over for dinner so she can -- might play and she took food off my plate because your son was coming. Maybe if I was already married that wouldn't happen. But at the -- six with a -- The dynamics of the family around the holidays -- in other events the best of memories and the worst of memories. It wasn't for David diamond on all about relationships about engagement rings and -- no matter what it is you can email us at David diamond on all dot com or give us a call. At 832779. T 678. You're listening to the diamond no at all on top thirteen seventy. I'm Richard Crawford frost and America's diamond our entire staff is thrilled to be supporting the diamond no -- all show. And would like to invite everyone to stop by -- American style I'm not a normal walk -- let us assist you with your next to repurchase. Like Dave says I've been in business for over thirty years and have a serious commitment to excellent customer service. Stop by and enjoy the most beautiful diverse selection of fine jewelry Austin has to offer. Austin America's -- now outdoor board north OPEC -- breaker. Dave the diamond Noel is a third generation jeweler who personally has over four decades of experience as a manufacture designer buyer and retail jewelry professional. His extensive knowledge in all facets of the jewelry industry is immense. Dave has made it clear he'll work only with Jewelers adhering to the highest of standards and ethics. He said many times there's only one way to do business in this world and that's the honest way. -- only associates with the best. This is why Davis chose an Austin America -- diamond at the armour walked north -- package breaker to present the -- and know what I'll show here in Austin. So -- just thinking about purchasing an engagement ring precious gem jewelry or would like to redesign some old jewelry. We invite you to listen to the diamond no at all on a -- and know -- all show right now on talk thirteen seventy. And now here he is days that diamond no at all. Welcome back and the color conga. Diamond snags ten million dollars at Christie's this week this the last auction of the year. They finished off of their last auction day they sold. Com. 852. Point 58 -- -- -- Flawless diamond for ten point nine million. Dollars a beautiful emerald cut. Right way to end the year nice commission on that -- well I watch it and know they finished the day. At a hunt base auctioned off in one day that only that he would take all day. 193. Point eight million dollars worth of jewelry and how. Flawless diamonds I mean that they did Lehman and even show pictures of the small ones Tony two carats okay. Ten point 25 carrots that went for two point six million dollar get these items for auction well what happened citizens when when they get thereof they look to see how much of the rough will be flawless -- study it and they -- and they market sometimes but I'm a rough has been study free year. -- the famous diamond cutters -- of the world that mean they sometimes will study a diamond for a year year and a half. They'll plotted out. And so on and so forth and am I gonna tell you. It's pretty intercede to art from none of the which is which is that it passed on from one generation to another how to cut diamonds. Well we're about to end the show. This is let's see. Slash -- before Chris man's gonna give you the final word if you have any. Inspirational. I treasure they're still going to come on a roll for jokes today okay go ahead. Okay. A farmer and his wife for and you know they were just hanging out on the on the right -- on the pig pen you know and talking and his wife -- routes is coming you know it's our fiftieth wedding anniversary next week. And he goes -- nine now. She says what do you think we you know rose one of these pigs and right oversaw all of our friends and have a nice party -- fiftieth. He said why should you make that pink stuff for. But the -- but the but the the big you know let's day that lead like that we issue of married Chris -- it's a wonderful Christmas TU into our audience and see you in your lovely wife. And you thanks for -- into the diamond now all on top thirteen seventy.

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