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Dec 22, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's Sunday Austin. Welcome to living -- radios -- your hosts Teresa couldn't. Good afternoon -- listening to living -- the radio heard every Sunday afternoon here on talk radio thirteen 70 AM yeah. Streamline the top thirteen seventy dot com. I am Teresa came in helping use this -- here. Resources are available for you -- living. Well the radio. Dot com. As tiger Ernie at the federal level becomes more and more out of hand she might be looking for answers. How do you reclaim their liberties -- take a stand against. -- constitutional. Governmental. Dex how do you reverse the massive expansion of federal power. While the answer might be slim simpler than you realize the hope for America just might be your local -- As the chief law enforcement officer -- your county. The local sheriff has the power. The authority. And the responsibility. To resist -- any and then constitutional laws and actions. State sovereignty has defended by the local constitutional -- Just might provide the answer to a federal government gone rogue. Our guest today sheriff Richard -- is an author speaker former share of Graham county Arizona. And in 1994. He was the first share the United States. To challenge the constitutionality. Of the Brady bill and ultimately why not. A landmark decision at the United States Supreme Court. Based on state sovereignty. Share Mac has spoken at nearly 100 Tea Party rallies and other events across the country and is a frequent guest on nationwide TV and radio programs. And share Mack thank you for joining us again another -- radio. Well that's all right thanks for having me appreciate -- which is Teresa thanks so much. How well my pleasure you know so many recent things going on today regarding firearms. And state sovereignty issues but. Let's share -- the listeners a little bit about your background and how you came to be involved in liberty -- causes in the constitutional sheriff commitment. Well. I pretty much created the constitutional sheriff movement not so you apply. Back when I was shares closed only shares for eight years I wanted to be sure -- much longer best. I lost my third election. And it was during the same time that I was suing the federal government and you know a lot of politics against me was that oh he just wants to be. An activist -- response to fight the federal government. Bet he wants to do that -- to run for congress or do something that's all we want as a share up from. And you know it was a very. Effective political ploy used against me and I didn't win at the US Supreme Court until. About ten months later so they you know small town politics with is is what it is you know and I understood ramifications of being involved in politics and that is. You might -- sometimes at. So that's no problem. But what I want all your listeners to know and understanding is that. I. Got involved because the federal government just got too intrusive it's two out of control. And too far away from the constitution and this was of course during the Clinton administration. And the Brady bill was the first time in American history. That the federal government. Probable problem -- legislation. That commandeered the office -- -- Under. A for an arrest -- we refused to comply. You know they try to take care all the dissident sheriff's the rebel sheriff's the very beginning today we don't you might not like his bit. Just in case you think you might feel it just walk away from this we're gonna arrest you if you try to do it. And that's all true I mean it's right there at the Brady bill I'm not making any of that up if anybody can look at to Brady villains here for themselves but. So I have. I did some really crazy I assume the Clinton administration. Six other sheriff's only one from Texas which I'm really surprised about I'm still surprised today that we don't have more shares in Texas. Involved in this freedom movement and in this state sovereignty movement. And then just the the basic independence movement. Let we're trying to get -- and we're still working with a lot of movement there are some. Really good chairs in Texas so I don't wanna pretend that are not because there are but they don't need to do more and we need to make his constitutional sheriff. Movement bigger better and faster and and so -- need to contact your sheriff's until -- just left. We wanted to do more and so. My loss to -- All the way to the US Supreme Court we want. Shares to from Texas was there with this when we went to the Supreme Court and people need to realize that this is fantastic. And munitions. Used today. Against the -- that the federal government including. And especially. Getting rid of nullifying obamacare. And as a matter of fact we have the state of South Carolina. Attempted to pass house bill 3101. That uses our Supreme Court decision and ruling. To justify there nullification of obamacare. Well explain to us a little bit about the Brady bill debate for those who aren't familiar with that. Target. Well the Brady bill. Was a gun control law. That actually diversify its phases of the Brady bill. There were going to be another Brady bill past one year after the other for five years. Luckily we got number one. Part of it declared unconstitutional. Because of that. Brady bill 234 or five all died in committee and -- -- believe so because it was going to regulate. Ammunition out of existence. It was going to tax. Federal -- licensees and gun shows and got chopped out of existence. They were just gonna regulate that gun business. Out of existence. And on a lot of people don't realize just let the handful shares sit defended. The Second Amendment and filed this lawsuit against the Brady bill literally saved. Gun shows and the gun business it would have gone I mean are better. Probably would have been other lawsuits that would have helped but this this -- saved. A lot of effort a lot of time a lot of money and a lot of lawsuits. Until. This is it this is something that was unprecedented because share are suing. The federal government in waiting has just never happened before in the history of our country. And the standing that you had to sue was that they were requiring you to enforce. A lob that you saw that you that was unconstitutional. And. Yeah look literally there were trying to force us to participate in that control and now I don't look I'm not going to -- is no way. And so. If it was it was the Brady bill itself. But it was also the -- -- to congress set I was going to -- because first and foremost. You're sheriff does not answer to the federal government. I don't answer to congress. I don't reported to the president he's not my boss. He's not your shares lost he can't fire you're sheriff he can't tell you sheriff what to do -- they can't tell us how to do our job. And that's what they were trying to do. And realize that this is just a matter of of jurisdiction. You don't have the jurisdictional authority to tell me what to do so I'm gonna go to court -- that now I never saw. Trees you know I wasn't -- even have to think that this would go all the way to the Supreme Court every couple on that never happened. Well it did. And we watch and it was a real miracle on abducted it's a miracle in this case has been hit from the American people. And you couldn't get a copy of the decision yourself at my new website what I did. It is I went through that decision put all the highlights an important part in a little booklet called. That victory for states' sovereignty. Is fit figure. Front pocket -- -- -- it's really to carry around it's the same size as your pocket constitution and you should keep both of those together. And you get there as fact right now on all our products for Christmas for all the months to December. You get a dollar product to mark off fifty to 70%. One of those little booklets as Haiti says you have to buy at least five -- but anyway they're only their -- Wait cheap and you should be passed and goes out to your county commissioners who shares county attorney's. And it but he also worked in the state it would -- your governor. And there's. A little firecracker palladium. Georgia. Who already took just to -- governor after she saw. What. South Carolina was doing to. Reinforce. A state sovereignty and unity in our decision to do so. -- so basically the decision the Supreme Court was that. The state is sovereign against the federal government. They're sovereign period. In fact that's a good word -- needed. Because. Scalia and right in the decision he said. This stage retained. An inviolable sovereignty. Well you know as Texas or Arizona or. Idaho were to be and and maintained. And inviolable sovereignty. That means the federal government can't tell us what did -- do worse operatives we have to took no higher authority. Had. That might bring to to to light. And it might these are some. Recollection. Is that. Who -- the federal government who made the federal government. It was a thirteen original states. We the people and the states for the federal government we certainly didn't have ourselves and other cities around -- says. Well we just -- keep your adversary did this horrible revolutionary war because. He wanted to control every facet of our -- so let's form another federal government. That will do the same thing. Now. They've made -- federal government intended to be impotence small. And out of our lives of our backs. And now that the federal government has violated every principle of that and has taken over every facet of our lives in. Very similar fashion that king George the third did. What do we do about it. And that goes back to what you were saying earlier that is the county sheriff is America's last hope and I have a book. So title the county sheriff's. America's last -- if we're going to take back America were gonna have to do it. Will share supporting cast in Civil Disobedience. I do not support. An armed conflict I do not support violence but I definitely do support telling -- that lawmakers. I'm not gonna do that -- -- base that -- an economic tell you right now Teresa. I will never take obamacare. I would not use it I would not subscribe to it. And I am not going to pay any fines for not doing so I am a free America. And if they get exempt their buddies they can accept Meehan I'm self -- -- I'm not I'm exempting myself -- obamacare I will not pay fines. If they send -- -- I guess so certainly jailed but evidence. Did and that my share to protect me I hope he will. And I'm gonna stand firm that I am not taking that I have a free America and I'm not going to do it. Well practically speak gang. What what more and more Americans I think are are adopting. Your belief and your and your values and they're fed up. But practically speaking and the sheriff might share your position that aren't there are other local. Law enforcement. Departments that could enforce. The federal law us. Well I guess they could but that the ultimate authority -- county is a share and and it you know could it stayed officer. Move over highway patrolman wants to try to enforce that I just can't quite see that but. It is possible. That they can do that -- The IRS has been assigned to enforce that. And so hopefully. The Highway Patrol in the chief of police figure in your area and the county sheriff we'll all get together and say you know what we're not gonna let him do that here. And we're gonna let the IRS now. You're not gonna find anybody. You're not going do. Put anybody in jail. You're pocketed an audit anybody regarding. Obamacare. And we already have plenty of incidents where is the sheriffs and put the federal government on notice. I did what I would share fight till the federal government there is a few things that they were allowed to do it by counting. And I -- we need every sheriff to do in this country in fact there's a little older 3000 sheriffs in this country. And we really have a goal to create 1000 at least 13 of those sheriff's volcanic shares. We wanna create a thousand constitutional shares oath -- sheriff's. Strong constitutional sheriffs who will enforce the law it and force the bill of rights in their county. -- They learn on your -- witness protection to your on your way -- how many have you train its. -- we've trained about. 300 or more and oh we certainly gonna do more of that. And we have about. 500 on our list on our web site at CS peel away dot org back everyone to your listeners should go to that website. Become a member and become part of this grassroots movement to take back America. A peaceful solution to what's going on today. So -- CS. People they dot org essential constitutional sheriff's. Peace officers' associations CS feel any -- -- And we don't have -- later on our website and multi radio. So we'll we'll certainly bring that up. And these 500. -- constitutional share laughs if push came to show. You think they'll stand up for are the constitution. Well that's what those. Are our hope is they certainly have. Made a stand on the Second Amendment. And the 500 that are on our web site have. Indicated. That they would not enforce any more gun control laws that they were not going to allow the federal government commitment. Show anymore gun control down our throats. In our states and and our counties. Really that is the answer that is the solution. If we're going to keep this movement peaceful and effective. We're gonna have to have local authorities and not -- shares. But peace officers chiefs of police city councilman. And women. County commissioners. -- local officials working together. To uphold and defend the United States constitution. And more specifically the bill of rights. The bill of rights was formed. And developed by our founding fathers for one specific reason for that was look. We know that the constitution might be a little bit. Say in some areas that might be ambiguous in some areas there might be some gray areas here and there we understand that might happen. But we want a declaration of rights where nobody can make a mistake as to what we mean. So they develop that that the bill of rights as to beat bill bill. True principles that. Government could never violate that government could never legislate against or touch or encroach upon. These are the ones that are untouchable in fact that's what I -- my my 8 sit and -- for the bill of rights is simply this. The untouchables. These are the rules and these are the principles that government can never. Touch. And now after 20000 gun control laws in America against the Second Amendment. You might consider the possibility that government doesn't care about our own principles. And that declaration of rights established by founders somebody has to restore that today it's not gonna happen in Washington DC. Those politicians are already bought and paid for I don't care who they are they're they're not standing for what really. Is. The principle. That the Second Amendment while the other were based on. To some degree or another. All politicians. Have acquiesced. About the Second Amendment. I'd say the founding fathers we need to look up what they attended about the Second Amendment and we have to. Emulate. What they said and what they've meant about the light of the people to keep and bear arms it shall not be infringed. We have over 20000 gun control laws in this country. And how many of our staunch. -- constitutional conservative. Politicians. Are doing anything to repeal -- laws. Or to make sure that we don't have the federal government in forcing nose in our jurisdictions. Or there are states don't make it most laws or force anymore gun control lost I mean Texas isn't even a constitutional carry state. We only have four constitutional Kerry states in the union. And if so why would we continue. Jews support politicians. In Texas or any place else that doesn't have constitutional very. -- very interesting about the state of Texas how it's got the reputation of being you know constitution on Mary maverick and but it really is not very friendly when it comes to gun laws. Though and a lot of others do I mean the bureaucracy in Texas. Can absolutely drives you crazy and you know the enforcement. You know I lived in Texas recently you well know. And I didn't know how to figure out there. Told roads on the hot on the freeways and and I got really confused when I was first there going into the Austin area. And I did it wrong and I got some nasty letter of the -- else and I -- 25 dollars because I didn't pay my Chelsea. I call them and I says hey I want to challenge that I wanna go to court they see you don't get to go to court. But did you take -- money for. To go to court. I -- I want to go to court -- contesting this and they go. Well what -- your license such it's such an -- I'm not here to discuss the merits of the case for the evidence I'm telling you I want Gary. And they didn't allow it. There is a well you could come by Austin sometime and if you have any evidence to show that you're innocent -- I don't have to prove my innocence you have to prove I did it. The whole systems backwards it. It is so backwards that you know texas' that is better than some states. But. In a lot of ways it's no better than a lot problem it even some of the worst ones I mean the bureaucracy. And the regulations on the policies and Texas. It drove me crazy to where it was actually one of the reasons why we moved. Seriously it was one of the reasons we've -- Very interesting. I don't really that I didn't do you have to read and write bad but somehow we still managed to have a reputation that we're very constitutional and are very. You know pro business and pro liberty I don't I don't know how we're able to maintain that reputation when the reality is that. But we there's a lot of room for improvement. -- -- there -- a ton of room for improvement so you know what we are going that go ahead and I think this is good good place to take bright. If you're just now joining us we -- speaking with author and state sovereignty at the -- sheriff Richard back. About the surprising amount of power share holds in his colony. And help this ability to enforce and defend. State sovereignty could be the solution you are looking far. Against a government that some would argue might be out of control. Teresa -- living while the radio we will be right back. Living wealthy radio visit Teresa's team online -- living wealthy radio dot com 1800. 3820830. Now call 1803820830. Welcome to -- season. Well thank you Rio -- Teresa com. Some would say that Washington DC has truly gotten his hands. Do you have options to protect yourself from. What some would consider -- federal government from Obama care to gun control. The sovereignty of our states in the sanctity of our constitution. -- being eroded. Our guest today sheriff Richard Mack. Explains this solution and the surprising. Solution as to. What we might have in the power that your local Sarah pads and your county. -- -- -- Sure that's a few examples of sheriffs that are in force saying. Are imposing bare their power and their local counties we know about. The sheriff who recently was acquitted in all places Liberty County Florida. Yeah who is I think he was charged wit -- kind acts. And they were trying to fire him from his job after he released a man that had been. Arrested. For carrying a concealed firearm and the funny thing is that he was doing. -- No he wasn't and that's kind of go back to what we were talking about with all the regulations and policies of bureaucracies. Try to enforce. What happens is that the real sense to me list. Texas bureaucracies or Arizona bureaucracies or federal government bureaucracies I don't care where they come from they start to happen -- -- who believed that their policies and regulations supersede the still bright. Supersede the principles of freedom. Supersede. The principles as described in. The declaration of independence. The pursuit of happiness that it citizens' homes in this country. Is not superseded by. Regulatory. Authorities. Whimsical. Policies and judgments. So that's that's the real offense going on in this country and I don't care for comes from Austin or. Phoenix. Or Sacramento. Or Washington DC they're all the same. And we have got to give bureaucrats. Out of the way so that we can once again become a free country. So this year fish story. Is some very. Indicative of -- play. It's it's a huge and lesson and demonstration of what we're talking about. A man by the name a slate -- is just driving down the road and going at all. Doing nothing wrong. Eight deputy sheriff says oh what if Candace were to fire on the right on that. Winding road he's got a very why he wrote all these do and is going to help. He gets stopped by the deputy and that it. Citizen tells the deputy I have a couple of guns in the car I was on the front seat right here. And the others in my pocket at that time demands still has not committed a crime because you're you're. Your cars like the extension of your home you know you know you don't. If you don't have to have a concealed carry permit haven't gotten in your car at a even in your pocket. So the deputy Foley about an arresting. You now that he's out -- you know he yet he doesn't ask these thought that was concealed carry permit that. So hang on 12 let's let's just -- Claire. Yeah riding his car he got his guns in his car he gets pulled over he tells the cop to psyche shed. I've got some patents. And Jesper having the guns the officer said get out of the car and arresting and. Yeah -- -- down has found the gun in his front pocket and it was a real small. And you need to remember here. This man is not a prohibitive -- He does not have a criminal record. He's not about to commit a crime he's not intended to commit a crime he has not been a problem with a police department or police in general. He's just too good law abiding citizen he's an honest man and he was honest with the cup. And this is where I have said. Concealed carry permits. Issued by the government issued by the state are double edged -- Yes I have a right to do that but why do I have to ask for -- permit. -- I 72 permit. And it's a permit can be granted. It could be taken away it's why do we require permits and charge money to citizens to get these permits. About that which is already guaranteed. In the United States and state constitutions. -- licenses and permits. Are. Permission that went when you go apply for a permit or license you're asking for permission but if if a greater alive the constitution the bill of rights has already granted me that right I shouldn't have to ask anyone her mission. Per. -- to carry -- -- And that's the whole -- and so I'm against I'm against concealed carry permits. I -- to get one myself once after I left the sheriff's office and since then. They've made a law that if you're retired law enforcement as long as you keep up on your blog for figure out fire trading. You can carry a gun anywhere in the country. Well. You know I would -- several leaders of why isn't that I can't as somebody else can't. You know so anyway. The gun laws in this country are stupid. And unconstitutional. And just inappropriate. What's what are common now -- -- -- -- is you know all these members of congress. And judges. And attorneys. Even in jurisdictions where you're not allowed to carry concealed. They are allowed to carry concealed. So why is that why why the double standard why is that such a bad idea are asked to carry guns but they're allowed to. -- the places where they have constitutional -- where they do not allow it require any permits. It is Alaska Vermont Wyoming and Arizona. How the crime rate is doing to those force states. Quite well they're lower and they they did not increase when that happened errors ought to be in the most recent. That there's -- crime rate did not go up when they did that. When they got rid of the purpose it's because we used to have to here in Arizona used to have a permit you have you used to have to have a permit. Well they got rid of the progress -- and go -- so white in -- do the same thing why are we charging people why do we establish these bureaucracies to oversee this. When in fact. There are unnecessary and there's proof that there are unnecessary and that they do not have anything to do with reducing crime. And the four states again Alaska Vermont Arizona and which -- Wyoming Wyoming attacked. So going back to the story Liberty County Florida this over. Floyd very particular hostage Jill and share -- Was in office nine weeks witness separate. He's got less than. There is very severe exactly hit very -- Brothers called the sheriff and says hey. Oh what are your deputy just arrested Floyd. And so -- present I would go check it out she would so he went down. Talk to the deputy doctor this doctor the arrested. Citizen. And he decided that there was no crime committed and he released the man. -- -- -- -- This is exactly. What we've been talking about at the CE SP away. That is what we want all constitutional sheriffs to do with. Describe that this is exactly what we want all sheriffs to do. Keep your word -- -- both stand for what's right. And it's somebody in your jurisdiction gets arrested for a stupid charge for heaven's sakes. Nullify it. Well that's exactly what -- -- steady set a tremendous example for assault. Well the deputy didn't like it -- the deputy called the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and they did this they go investigation. And they serve the Google search or aren't sure Fitch. And they arrested. Shares -- and booked him into his own jail. That's so stupid this is and that's so stupid law enforcement is and that's so stupid government is. And anyway they did it and. Almost ruined his life. The governor. The governor followed suit in trying to -- defense families' lives. And ruin the career of a good honest man. A new veteran. Of the united states military. And and let's talk about that for a moment so -- he loses his job. They didn't want to pay him. Where. Hope that they governor did that the governor came in and suspended. Sheriff bench with out -- Now -- the date -- I've been around. Police suspensions. Almost all of my adult life. And I have never seen one. Where you suspended without pay before they go to trial or before the investigation or the administrative. Investigation is complete. They want to make it very very difficult for him and wanted him to just succumb to. So the charges and just played away and go away. So -- makes his city the -- prosecutor. And he was just on tape television a lot during the Florida State quarterback fiasco who is gonna get charged with sexual assault or whatever. Anyway Willie -- does what I have abet the Willie -- is the same ones. That -- this reassure French. And he offered sheriff's -- A plea bargain. And he says. Yes. If you take -- our field and just resign from office will drop all criminal charges. There's some other time you know down the road you could -- again and we'll share that -- the pound -- -- -- take -- -- you know you could offer -- any deal. He says I will not take. So. He -- -- -- have a fight right here and these -- well I guess so au prince so are you. And so they went to court and a jury of six people found sure that's not guilty I was at the trial. I've never seen a trial. Ever. Had no basis of fact. No criminal. Episode ever occurred. And this was the epitome of a trial that should have never taken place. This was a miscarriage of justice this was saying misuse of public. Five. This was a huge. Violation of what government is supposed to be about in America. And that joke is that the trial was a joke. The judge even had to admonish us that audience. To not last. And until in the trees I had a hard time not last seen and I had to hide the kind of person in front of me a couple of times because I was just laughing. Almost uncontrollable. I mean it all boiled down to whether or not sure -- Did well like it out used quite out on -- name on the -- law. And they're all trying to prove who did this quite out dastardly deed the white outcry in the Liberty County. And seriously is it 80% of the trial was. Who waited out the name slowly perished did you know rob. -- Now why was out of the addition. Because whoever did it was trying to. Alter. Official documents. And if it nullified the arrest what does of the what does -- effort to debate if the guy's name is another he was in jail anymore. So anyway it seriously it became such a fiasco. And such a farce. And they sit. They they asked. Liberty county sheriff's employees. That you pointed out. Excuse me did you write it up although I don't use whether. Did you see reveals why did you know. Guide his team but it did you see share fit quite no but here is -- -- with -- out in his hand outs. That's a ridiculous thing got. And -- that vestige share -- ask you to two lighted up now. So I mean it got so ridiculous. But. As I said I think that this whole thing was aimed at all assurance especially Florida sheriff's. Make sure you don't do anything like this make sure you go along with what they tell you make sure you support the state laws as they're written. Just be a good little robot. Program. Program yourself to do everything that government tells you to do whatever the legislature passes you'll enforce and you do Richard told. What do you think just got -- now. I mean that vineyard times do you think it's backfired because you know a couple days ago an owner or times. Ran an article saying you know sheriffs are now refusing to enforce laws on gun control. Yes absolutely. Didn't that New York Times article it is -- the New York Times it was actually -- very good article. And yes there are shares in Colorado. Fighting their own state gun control laws there sheriffs in New York fighting gun control laws there sheriffs in California fighting gun control laws. There are shares all of this country. Now standing. For what's right. Steady to protect the Second Amendment -- to protect the freedoms stepped in to protect. Amish farmer and Elkhart county Indiana like Brad Rogers has done. What are taught constitutional sheriffs in the country so -- federal. Drug administration's Food and Drug Administration. There's DEA agents come and is -- start harassing an Amish farmer because he doesn't pasteurized milk there about -- particularly jail finally. Sheriff. Rogers comes in and says look do you have any probable cause. Well and we can do spot inspections DF probable cause you know you have any more now. Don't come back to Mike Downey without due process without the probable. Will cause without duly signed warrant if you come back here again to try to arrest any of my citizens follow rescue. For trespassing. -- Know there have been back in two years off some. See this says that they've worked were talking about even if there was pushed back I don't care. We have to stand we have to do what's right and look what we have now though is mostly. True that is standing against the incursions. And the overreach of the federal government. Isn't working we just need more people to do it and imagine -- thousands of shares of error is in America. Doing the same thing. Standing against. The higher risk the FDA's EPA. It up and all these other. Bureaucracies. In Washington DC. Who think their policies supersede develop right. While. So Angela group that if that happens we we take America back. Nobody gets hurt and we restore the constitution. And your group that your -- -- Sarah movement. Is playing a big part of this and and how can we as citizens. Who loved the constitution and want to restore America how can we support you and your efforts. Well I have to tell you started taking -- drink I have to tell you. That there is a way to do that. Every one of you. Need absolutely have to get involved in this process. We can't take America back without we the people being involved. Join -- as he has if you -- join this movement become a part of it. There's not very many solutions -- how many how many solutions do we really have. State sovereignty is the solution but we need people who will enforce -- we have to have people. Schools say look we are the ultimate check and balance here we don't want to hurt anybody. We're not saying you can't exist federal agencies were just telling you. There's a few things at our television -- -- do anymore. The shares have got to have the support of the people. We used you need to have a relationship with your share you have to know who years he has to know who you are he has to know what you want it works for you. Get the books. That I have there available on my website the county sheriff America's last hope. Every citizen should read that and you -- definitely passed sat around and absolutely get to victory for states' sovereignty so. Every public officials concede. We authority. So it on this we party of the battle with the US Supreme Court we've already won. They cannot force us. To comply with a federal mandate that's in there. It's over and over it's in the ruling it's in the decision that's in the order of the court. The state cannot be compelled to enact or administer federal regulatory programs. We could not obamacare out of the way we could not a lot of these gun control laws out of the way we can restore liberty to every county we can start taking back America. One county at a time. We must be involved in the process. And I basket each one of yet. Join us become a member. Become active in the -- you -- and what we're doing. Let me competent play right now let me hear Freddie -- -- the sheriff's -- at Hotmail dot com if you have another solution. Believe me I'll enjoy it tomorrow. The constitutional share some peace officers association and the CS TO way you've done some great training. My understanding at one point is the sheriff's that are invited to participate. Don't pay anything out of pocket. Is that still true today. It mostly is. We're having another. Training session in Las Vegas in January. All that we requires -- share -- show up so we're not paid for the -- this time or the travel. That your room and board of trade force so all you have to do was show up and it's free. How many sheriffs are signed up for January. Well we're doing that right now and we're anticipating about seven B seventy size. And -- so yeah it's it's going to be a smaller ones we've had much larger. But this one is kind of a unique group this one is not open to the public. It's not going to be videotaped so we're gonna really do some interactive -- workshops there. And all of this is to do what -- how to we better protect. The citizens in our counties probably better serve and protect our citizens to make sure. They're not being victimized by government. That's what our big concern -- that's what we wanted to do. And that's what we will do if your share gets involved in this and you also. And are these seventy to 75 new sheriff that have not been through your training before. Some -- -- the -- before some mobile will be there it's just kind of the cream of the crop. Okay okay and how can and our listeners get -- sheriff's involved are invited. You wanna talk to about it say hey you know about this since and then tell them that you want them to go to it and I haven't called me and that they can get all the -- first as date. And I invite Mike -- again im going to be -- convention. And -- goes you betcha. -- and we'll see about it there's some chance we will not have the other side lines have expressed. A desire to stay with the government then -- side with those who destroy our constitution. They're not welcome to our convention. How many what's the percentage do you think of a sheriff's out there about -- that kind of from sentiment. Well it's too many. -- where we're trying to seriously. Our goal is to get 1000. Shares on board. You know they share in Houston he's he's not going to be outboard their share for the ballot she's not going to be a board. This year and Austin's a pretty good guy that that look like he has much interest in the in the creative aspects. And I really I'm really surprised by some of the sheriff's. That don't wanna step for freedom. Either they're too lazy or just don't know enough about it I don't know that. What's there it's world every 1000. What's the reasoning. You know what they they wanna keep the money coming in from the federal government lower you don't. I have heard that one before that they're very concerned about being turned out for federal grants. You know per share to think that that's free money. And the federal grants are appropriate at that this federal government should be finding his office even if it's only two or 3%. The federal government should not resigning your office that you should not be acquiescing. And probably before this the king of the federal government for -- money that is not their money. That is taxpayer dollars and if you need to find something go to your own citizens go to your own. County commissioners and find your own office don't ask the federal government to fund your office. Well Sarah. Thank you so much for sharing with us today. You've helped this understands. That the sheriff is the highest governmental authority in his county this isn't something that you made up the Supreme Court of the United States. Has sided with your position. Within our county is the sheriff has more power than the governor of our states. Even the president the United States which is this. Especially the president yes. I mean that's just awesome to know best. But we need your help. For our share rafts. To understand. This little known authority and urged them to defend the people of their county's. How we will have them living while the radio dot com website. Links to -- CS PLA. So that right. Dot com and you are -- -- dot org -- and your email and I pray for the day that you -- have at least a thousand share -- who have taken the vote. Absolutely a constitutional sheriff. Well thanks so much for having me you know this is a -- that should be resonated well across the country because it is a solution it is the only solution that I've seen that would really stop and that put the federal government back to their place. Well thank you for all the work you do and -- continued don't stop. And god bless you and thank you for joining us again today on living -- radio. Merry Christmas TT sheriff take care -- fact that I. This presentation is for educational and informational purposes only. 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