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Retirement 101 with Sonny Ackerman, 12.22.13

Dec 22, 2013|

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Sunny Ackerman and managing partner -- Pegasus retirements are resistant to what will. Central Texas there -- -- parents across Texas in the planning for their children's. Sure and get them. It's his clients and becoming -- -- yeah. -- line and take control of their financial life. Also think now what 3449768. That's 3449768. Good Sunday afternoon folks this is your host sunny Ackerman. Welcome to my show retirement 101 that can be heard every Sunday afternoon. From 1 o'clock until 130. On the new talk radio thirteen celebrity. Folks every week you'll hear me discuss different topics that probably center around assisting you as I do all my clients. Had to navigate through the sometimes difficult and also sometimes worrisome thoughts. About how you're handling your money. Folks this show is not just about retirement I cover all types of topics. Whether it's getting you out of debt without declaring bankruptcy. Since I'm a certified college planner this is a subject that I frequently talk about because about 90% of the parents I have initial consultations with. Have really no idea how the process and folks it is a process of successfully planning and more importantly. Savings. Thousands of dollars on tuition. Down for -- obviously for their child's education if you have more than one child. It can be ultra expensive. I've shown parents that thought they could only afford to send their student. To a state school because that's basically always thought they could afford. How to again understand the process and I consider it is a process. And sometimes dependent primarily on the student in their grades in their social activities. How to get that child into a private school for less out of pocket expense and they would've spent on the state school. Now if your son would just say this folks if your son or daughter is a freshman or sophomore in high school today. You literally have no time to waste called me at five went to. 344976. Day folks I'm not a fee based advisor so my visit with you won't cost you a dime. But you know something down the road if you wanna tackle this -- awesome task by yourself. It could cost you thousands of your hard earned dollars. Don't we just talk but just some of the services that provide for my clients and it's also show them how to safely grow their asset base. In a way that's easy to understand. Folks I live in lake lake Texas but I travel all over Texas I've got clients from here to Amarillo. You see I don't require my clients traveled to see me I'd make it convenient for my clients because I travel on them. Whether it's going to your home where your officer. May be system meet for a cup of coffee or have lunch. And you know quite frankly I do this for two reasons there and there are the kind of selfish reasons number one. It's like a sit for the convenience of my clients just like I mentioned but also I knew if I -- she -- house. There's a great chance that -- gonna have everything that we need to talk about the pertains to our meeting because most people keep their financial info don't. So I mean let's face it folks our country's financial picture. -- and the brightest we all know that if you watch CNN. Even if you watch your local news you know that our nation's debt has increased over 200%. In the last ten years. So. If you're still doing disable claiming you did ten years ago in two -- global economy. Of course but depending upon your net worth. Maybe you've had some sleepless nights. Listen. Here's the most constant thing in life Wisconsin thing in life that I know of this change. And a lot of people avoid it like it was the play. If you're sitting there wishing and hoping that things will get better for you wouldn't and for your family with a strategies that you have in place. Think about what happened in 2008. And that unbelievable tsunami we had financially. Now if you're out there listening in your in your thirties -- forties and you may be having Newark. First child you and your significant other and you're worried about what. Education is gonna cost in eighteen or nineteen years. Folks fear not. I can show you. Ways. To navigate through that particular process without having to rely upon going into when your 401K these. Or some other qualified play Anderson whether retirement plan that you put aside for for when you do decide to stop working. You have to think about it. What's the future's gonna bring. You can't sit there hoping and wishing that your stock broker chose the right stocks at the right mutual funds for usually a home run because look. If you're at a point your life for your tolerance for risk is in his -- he used to be. And you're looking for a safer -- more reliable way to humiliate wealth. And I mean that just for retirement prefer short term to furniture like sooner than later without the worries there's typically associated with many financial instruments. Call me. 512344976. Say folks I can show you ideas and are gearing T you didn't know existed. And as I've mentioned on my show before many times no one set in stone financial plan fits everyone. There's so many stories in the media today but the sky high as falling. You'll hear that and you should never convinced this. Where you should never invested HAG should never invest in that. And typically folks most the time it's the advisor. Whether their professional advisor or just a friend or neighbor. You're talking to. Typically there's some form of bias in their conversation. They have something to gain by putting fear into the story. So we'll hear some advisors generalize and speak at extremes. Like over the past ten years there's been an average growth rate of ten to 15%. Of folks I don't generalize what my clients. As I've said everyone's case is different in general -- typically is not healthy for a client. Look folks is a financial professional planner I look at my client's needs on a case by case basis can always look at the specifics. Of any investment or financial tool. And then after time spent fact finding and that's critical for me. -- in fact to my clients not historic sales. Because based -- that allows my clients to make the best decision for themselves and for their family. It doesn't matter whether you're looking to she really don't others dollars for the future or your planning for your child's college education which I can help you have. I use the same approach. Before -- take a quick break since we're in the holiday season and we're all planning on. What to give our friends our families are spouses. I just like to take a quick moment and thank -- listening audience for tuning in to my show. Retirement 101 every Sunday afternoon from 1 o'clock until 130. On the news talk radio thirteen seventy. Folks it -- in a distinct pleasure of mine this year hosts in the show. And I want to thank all the people that hold me this year after listening to my show and ask for help. You see folks my business is not just helping you with one financial problem where another. My business is all about service and that's simply that has served me in my practice for years. I personally. Personally local out of my way to do business with whatever the situated be with people that are from service first in their chosen profession. Folks let's take a real quick break here you're listening to sunny Ackerman. And my show retirement won -- one can be heard every Sunday afternoon. From 1 o'clock until 130. On the -- talk radio thirteen cents. Stay tuned folks I'll be right back. Sunny Ackerman and managing partner -- Pegasus retirements are resistant -- what will. Central Texas -- -- -- parents across Texas and planning for their children. -- -- -- -- Sunny and also looked at is going to becoming. -- line and take control of their financial life. Also think now what 3449768. That's 3449768. Okay folks we're back vacation just tuning in this is your host sunny Ackerman. And you're listening to my show retirement one on one and can be heard every Sunday afternoon. From 1 o'clock until 130 on the new talk radio thirteen seventy. Again I can be reached at 512. 3449768. Or if you just wanna check out some of the services -- provide. You can go to my website which is www. Pegasus. Retirement. Dot com. Okay in this next segment wanna stay with the topic of service because. You know most of us have pet peeves and I have to pet peeves entered its you know just. I take it out of my hand one of them is having good manners. In what I mean by good manners is something that just drives me crazy is like Francis -- a grocery store. And you know it's a tight space and somebody walks in front of me does this excuse me pardon me. I mean that was something that I instill in my kids when they were -- when he just first learned how to understand English language. That's what my pet peeves but let me -- my biggest -- of my biggest pet peeve is service. Whether I'm offering it or I'm asking for -- -- from the people I personally deal with and I know that my clients expect from me. So here's my question to you. When was the last time your broker or your advisor -- the case may be gave you call. Not just off for the latest and greatest investment opportunity but just to say hello hey Sonny -- you doing as a family doing. Does that person comic tend to at least once a month. Or do you have to call him or her. Think about that for a minute. If the person that's taking care of your money is not someone that -- you consider a friend. And what do mean by a friend is I don't mean somebody he chum around with what I mean by a friend is -- most people like coma friends -- people and I trust. I know they've got my back no matter what the situation news. Or B. Is that someone is doing business with you is that so would you recommend when your friends. If it's not. And think about who you're taking advice from. I'd like to -- at this point Tom I'd like to discuss some of the services. That for my clients -- summarize because this could be a long conversation. In my producer and he's got a shot clock on the side and watched my time. Any event the first service I provide which who is is one of my favorites is income planning. It's like has has one of my favorites. Folks you'd be surprised in -- people I come across that make a great living. But it says nothing aside for the future -- -- decide to retire. Now for me personally I was like to -- fortunate enough and I had a lot of fun doing it. I used to work for Nike. Is that offered me the opportunity to meet a lot of professional athletes and I've done some business -- some professional athletes. In the biggest thing that I always stress to those young men that we just giving -- to whether it's basketball or football what are the case may be is. You have to you because of the amount of money. That was coming to them you have to plan for the future and you can't wait. Take your first contract and whose side. And allow it to grow because a lot of these guys is you know a few. If you're if you're an ardent sports -- and you know you watch shows that he is -- where a lot of these professional athletes at 35 or had broke. And those of the guys that you know but the bit Lee's fifth two or three big houses but they never -- for the future. I can show you how to play and income plan for the future so that you and your family have monies. And you don't have to worry about what's gonna happen. When I turn 65%. And you know when -- retire you won't have to rely upon Social Security. To. Make Olympic. You don't. About 70%. Of the business owners and I -- independent business owners that I call on. Primarily since most of their money back into the business which is understandable but there has to be a certain percentage that you put aside for in complaining for you and your family. And that's where I can help them. Okay the second service providers I think I mentioned I'm a certified college planner in that what I do is I show. Parents. How to navigate through that awesome awesome. Experience. Of trying to get financial aid for your child because it is if you've ever filled at a faster report. You know that it's almost like filling out tax form. If you hold it up over your head at the paper will literally dropped to the ground. I can show you how to make an experience not only easier. But I can show we -- I've mentioned before on this show many many times. I can show you had to literally saved thousands of dollars. On your child's college education it doesn't matter whether there five years old or their freshman in high school. I can show you had to save money for that. Very expensive experience. And you know in today's world it's it's -- need to be a necessity. For were for good jobs for people to have college educations. I can show you where he's the you knew -- who knew where possible. On how to negotiate. With colleges because folks -- -- take something in today's world. College is a business it's yes it's a form of higher education. It's also business in the heat treat it like a business but here's the good news. Colleges are always looking for intelligent. Well rounded young people because here's what happens they know. That they picked the right kids to go to their schools at some point in time when that child graduates. Based on their background and their grades when they graduate they go on to their chosen profession. There's a good opportunity they're gonna give back to that school. And we've heard it time and time again here -- in in Austin. Of what some of the a looms give TUT. So that's another service I provide and I can show my clients. How to make that process so much easier. The next service I provide is a service and I really enjoy offering me and it's it's has to do. With purchasing and precious metals gold and silver. I can show you ways of purchasing gold and silver. From qualified wholesalers. That over the years and by the way folks this is a buy and hold strategy if you're not gonna hold these these points for more than two to three years. And it's not worth doing but I prime merely deal in the precious metals a -- about precious. I'm talking about points that are made prior to 1933. I'm talking about coins are made an eighteen hundreds. That -- dealers you know there's today in today's world in these specific types of commodities. There's fifty buyers for every one seller. In the returns. On these coins would boggle your mind and that's another service sacrifice and I can show you how to buy this stuff. And in buy it from -- qualified wholesaler. -- next service sacrifice is for people there for a one case. Now on my show before I've mentioned I'm not a big proponent for a one case I mean think about this for a second folks. So reluctant to -- said okay. Stephen. I'm going to offer you an investment opportunity now you're not gonna know what you're gonna invest in but. And you're also not gonna know. How much the fees are I think it's the best thing for you. Would you look at that person like to have a third guy. I think I would ask her what do for a when -- has folks. I mean like I said I thought that was the biggest failed experiment and our government ever decided to to put us into but hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people. Our our and it's our kids -- amount of folks that I visit to. In May talk about their 401 case and the first thing I'll say is okay what he invested in. Well my employers taking care of that familiar players not taking care of that the custodian of that for a one case taking care of that. Well here's my next question. Let me ask you something Stephen know what are the fees that your paying on this well. I don't think -- paying any fees. -- wrong about that why do you think the regulatory. Government for the -- went case or governing body should say for a when case. Just recently put out to a new law that states that 401K. Providers. Must show in clear print. Which fees are your 401K. So now if you're one of those people out there today and you're missing the show if you've got to for a -- came from -- -- former. Employer you're not sure what to do with it. Or maybe you just recently retired. And you've got a 401K. And you're still in their boat you know what to do with it. Give me a call I can help you out five went to. 344. 9768. OK real quickly there's two more services that I love to provide one of them is was what I call and annuity check. See I know that for certain segment of the population. They buy a new season and for the right reasons to. Annuities are basically pension products. They are not investments. If you have any nudity and you don't know exactly what its investment especially if you have a variable annuity. I don't have the time to do win to win a variable annuity is an in and all links. But there are hidden fees and variable -- That you know really truly about 99% of the public has no idea what those hidden fees are because they either bought it is a bank. Or they bought it at their at their brokers. And folks. Those -- the two worst places to buy insurance products so if you evident duty and you're not sure how it's performing. You don't how to -- statement. Or you're looking to replace that with something else that is more. More custom or should say more viable to you and your family call me five went to. 344. 976. The last service -- provide that I just absolutely loved talking to people about is getting out of debt. If you're one of those individuals that is just buried in debt. I can show you -- he's easily getting out of debt in anywhere between nine to ten years. Basically depending upon your situation. So if that's kind of where you are in life in you know you've got sleepless nights. You when your spouse or bickering because we -- we we all know that. You know about 90% of the time most of the conversations that are out there -- between spouses are all about money. If you're in this situation give me call Todd went to. 344976. Say okay folks my producers given me the the sign that I'm just about at a time. So the old shot clock is just about done pursuing. If you'd like more information. Regarding the topics -- discussed today whether it's becoming debt free. Or whether -- wealth accumulation. Saving on history its interest payments. Maybe you're one of those folks out there your small business owner -- you're looking to reduce the high interest that you probably paying a bank. To fund the loans for your office supplies your travel. Maybe it's a company car that your your funding. I can show you more efficient way to find your business. Or maybe you're in your thirties and you're just starting a family. And you worry about like I mentioned logo what does coach gonna cost me an eighteen or nineteen years. Again folks these are all stressful situations. That I can help you -- Again my phone number is five point two. 3449768%. To go to my website WWW. Duct Pegasus retirement. Not come. Please jump and I wanna take this opportunity to wish all of you very Merry Christmas. I hope your holidays are everything that you hoped -- -- this is your host sunny Ackerman in my show retirement when no one can be heard. Every Sunday afternoon from 1 o'clock until 130 in the afternoon on the -- talk radio thirteen -- Have a wonderful Sunday afternoon and look forward to visit with you again.

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