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Dec 15, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's Sunday central Texas get ready for the -- this real estate and mortgage news -- talk radio. John -- and -- -- its. And thanks for listening to help fund radio. It is Sunday which means we -- live at 5:57. AM. Every -- been thirteen seven to freedom of thirteen seventy. We discuss -- -- real -- answer questions about the market I'm John cutesy of local mortgage banker and -- walk my cohost Joseph Douglas. With Douglas residential. Thank you Joseph and so for illicit stuff that we -- questions from buyers and sellers every single today. And we want to share some of the concerns throughout house talk radio dot com and the president do it but -- it caused her own stories and questions on talk radio. 5127756820. So this call in show -- you have a realistic concern. Reflected a threat -- hammered out policy by 1277568. User and I -- welcome Martin our special aggressor clay Bernie click thanks for joining us -- think Alicia thank you for having on. So. I've got to have an amendment to shout out your general -- -- So my son plays an eight year old baseball team. And I just. Cruised over here. Shortly after they won the championship. And now consider parks of the -- tournament and I wanted to give the boys a shout out so -- the voice. There nobody euros -- well that's awesome. It was a lot of fun it's ten teams -- a win and out of contiguous us eclipse that -- coach and is great -- And a barely have a voice left that. So wanna get my shots are -- here is the team the team players we get Cody. Year ago here at -- Rome Logan drew -- and Reese and -- awesome those guys played an awesome gradually guys that's big that's big yeah. He jets that I've I've really relate this real stated that it is -- a less indices that we all it is just an -- the term would play -- those kind of one off. Tournament policy in the winner when there's not a regular season a lot of times team to kind of studio in the play it'll turn earn theirs to keep. Just on them for advocates from the parents. And them. You know one always go on this team is is is very real estate oriented -- -- a community that was. And literally logs is a baseball as the house that was and within walking distance to the baseball. Fields. And made a really easy to get rule involved and look even on the mortgage guy I'm not on the street like you guys. I love the idea that how much influence you have on folks. When they're making those decisions and you didn't give them an a you can help you think of things in -- -- Case in point I thought I thought you take this where you said you'd like -- can hit you that when they watch the -- lot. Like this is what we have to effort -- this agreement has been living here. Out of you haven't seen. Not just in luck. I mean it's. Barack -- came -- from -- right up the republic which fielded dreams. That if a. So there's a study. Q answers are you -- -- out of control so there's that there's a study this this Suisse economist says if there's a there's a human. Flaw when it comes to do something for home. And -- flyers. -- commuters paradox. And they found that. People. Under estimate. The pain of a long commute. Because they're looking for that. Large square footage -- in the suburbs that they can afford thriller pride you know they they think their inner city houses tend to be smaller wanna get a bigger house. And they underestimate panic -- Well I think it also couples stuck to it but the American dream as most folks skeptic about what kind of what kind of hold of the gonna provide for the family. You know there's a single person they don't need a lot of space but when you think about having kids. The spouse. When -- come home safe it's good schools. You most likely would have a bigger home so where these homes exist that that that's affordable that's pretty key thing is that -- -- portable. Wasn't a limit those sometimes folks buy an extra bedroom for grandmother comes once a year or. You know date they get. I mean that they make decisions based on things that happen. You know very seldom when they -- it's been the same -- of a smaller house blustery time -- what do you have you ever because there have been in the car fuel and think. -- -- -- But right does that happen this year stretch and -- the -- too big and you refugee to any bills you know it's a big stretch that day at the big dream became mom's gonna come on the time. It's -- -- heard about that -- -- if you if you about how somebody would somehow level -- their lives to build more visitors and. -- lie you know. I think it also -- comes into being status symbol to now like I might do you believe those bad. Lot of folks. Like you said. For those couple times a year. They would have extra space for this needs whether -- be Thanksgiving -- have a big space. Or program all war they mean. -- some office thing -- the -- ran out of their house. Well I tell folks that's when they bring -- -- elect. What would you values that if you pay today won the one time fuel which about that ruling -- a partner Bucs would rent out something. Potter books about twelve as this you're paying that they're going to the suburbs and about the extra gas goes into your commute time and holes traffic -- traffic. Well the truth is it's really more than that right I mean a lot this the suburbs bring not just -- it helps but you've got. You've got somebody -- tend to have more cameras in a concentrated area to increase your likelihood of moving down the street from. Kids' friends. You sometimes have little lead teams that are used to to be in the suburbs and other reasons bright kids have but this level but. I think there's something to it I think that's what he's seen with the economy is that folks have. Figured up doesn't I don't -- -- the space. And there are doing now the reverse. There's Doug -- giving up suburbia and moving back down right I mean. -- -- -- Matures blisters -- thinking through this process to -- -- -- 39 of thirteen 7313. -- -- on house torque rated comic carcass but. You know I've we saw this -- I saw listed Jesus where. Like 20082009. Even ten and eleven like big two story houses lost a lot of value. It anywhere in building now there's I don't remember what year was but it was recently at the national homebuilders convention they said it. Now the builders are building smaller but -- upgrading all materials and all that Fossett's -- -- nicer -- making it is -- smaller and cooler. Them. I -- it kicked out of though when you go visit folks Helms that they're selling their house. It's up 4000 square feet. And they might have two kids but it got six bedrooms and Kenya which molesters the cultures shut down does nothing up there except maybe -- air hockey table if that's all they have. -- -- from the -- but here's the reality is is that there's probably a good. Good -- this is a good example that you shouldn't you need space you don't think in the house means. Formal dining room for. -- still build those that well there can get away their right to make you more from multi purpose but. -- -- There's probably -- women out there that it would disagree that this is often to geyser right ambulance did it or days a year than Liberty's yes thank you Ali let's get rid of that table and make them more living stories now and now have to at a table at this table got to put it somewhere. Well what's called a formal office though. Having the fault or whatever this takes -- well and our. Way we've got to break. But let's reminder folks 39 of thirteen centimeters call where a two -- that got us here. Look to talk to you or you've got -- part of our show. You helped us know what you wanna talk about -- problems that Rihanna thirteen seventy. We are live at five here on thirteen 70 AM we'll be right back. Good Sunday central Texas get ready for the latest real estate and mortgage news house talk radio John -- and and -- Douglas. And welcome back to health. Talk radio Sunday it was in the -- at five. -- -- -- I'm just it's it was a re ruining America. Got a great guests -- whether it's clay Bernie Bernie real sick thanks for joining us quite. Thank you again for having me on this exciting comment yeah yeah we are normal we were at once this weekend. And -- we talk federal state and and even in the business sixteen years back when they used to facts stuff. Yeah instigate that long silky papers and had a fax writer to go with the contracts -- AstraZeneca Abbott pitched. No notes better than that actually was included in the contract saying that anything over -- legal and binding but -- we get a FedEx everything. The checks for FedEx Pittsburgh down. A bit different time in it and an Internet game. Yes and changed everything via. Night with bitterness that still sent into the carrier. Well took -- Here we are talking about different areas of town and you've been an awesome for ever harming since you were young and and her appear went to school here. It's caused an area and what does that -- part of town you think Tuesday. Sort of maybe a hidden gym when it comes to north things talking the -- sure about is that it's -- too darn expensive to buy in Austin you know south weigh three northmen why. There are -- still some areas of laughs about it. Yet there's. There are they're getting harder and harder to find me David Joyce solo. It's cause -- -- all over the place. I am in even expanded geographic boundaries that they started off -- I've come across an area that's -- you it's time. It's just north of 20/20 two. So -- -- you it's over by the old DPS station march when he yeah. Now some -- we used to -- to remind your article is and everything else was that the only one in Austin can. Mean I would south east ago there and then I think at some point they open up one down south. And and in others the supercenters but the further out -- question. Did you guys drive to your drivers. But -- got -- on the biggest car. On a particular -- on a parallel parked -- a leader. So. But it might never -- that actually funny that what did that -- tell -- that this was my dad. Drove this as a banker in the Celtic -- And drove in 98 Oldsmobile. Isn't it is called and 89 years it was a year and a if you exactly at that I think this thing. Was about 74 feet long. It was massive and headed diesel engines back in the day when diesel engines and -- on a car a car that's and it's this so it's -- -- -- that's it's. So that was what you're that your. 1992. -- -- your car and old is able to -- this thing. Eighteen would have used this is one of the product and a smashed through something existing Catholic solid steel with its huge success so visitor or had a Amy down courses in 1977 Ford Granada. As a prohibit it was huge and it weighed -- wears me -- it made so much. The average American and US UV. Yeah no I failed the first time. Have pulled out in front of a motorcycle and the guys had around the block party afterwards. -- -- the at a mine and and nineteenth and seven. There's Lincoln mark seven over -- -- -- -- it was like at least and -- long and I made a run and there. And we are totally did -- pro partner yet apparel pardons part. If you have idol that even -- -- -- minute I don't know if you -- you anymore you -- and that passed. So. You have people to back this -- -- of the day on May be here and Alex and had an accident and violence. It's it's a -- -- at its most of the house is rubber built in the fifties there mostly pier beam. Two bedroom one bath you know lot of cedar. I think that's the reason. Material used to is from the area. Cedar posts were part of it means things like that. It's right there all big lots of point 15 point six acres -- the script but it population as. I was just north of -- met. Deep user that is just yesterday that EPS there's a tiny little -- avenue difference through them. A couple of a couple of and he. He used to be. An airport. Thirties and forties infected ages torn down field hangar where Howard nursery was across the street and twenty minutes apartments or something -- Yeah elder polar orbit as a singer. It -- -- day in the -- and that big back then there was this with the likely insulin in a no no it was in there that you can see they have as some pictures on one of these web sites that. It said Haley years. -- something airport. That's kind of a neat piece of Austin it's gone now to know -- that ever Wear number if you're listed in nine mr. Warren. Maybe you were there scholar at 39 of thirteen seven or 51239 at thirteen seven -- -- -- what happened win. With values where. Airport goes there used to be there and and take where the airport near granite. The new airport wasn't too far away but I got to believe that what's the plane started I am native made a huge difference that I've heard stories and and research efforts stories there you can buy. House when the flight path was just go over your head you know for forty or 50000 dollar businesses today announced. That dealers leaving out east. They've doubled almost overnight and now because the lots are so big builders are able to put. Nicer homes bigger homes in the neighborhood alliance to see you Austin really encourage. Lots of being at the opening garage apartments allow housing DO. So there's a lot and most of the dollars and -- most of putting in town homes the -- kind of keep the original. Look of the house. I think it's cool I love it I spot in there. To redo myself and to move into because it's nice fenced yard. And Francisco and it's great location she got 35 a pack when he three -- right there be an iron fifteen minutes to the rest station cluster. Yeah there's two of them whether Christie won in another just announced that thing I am. Smaller island animal that was damaged in Victor having to so close together but what think that there's gonna be at the highland mall exodus that. Urban rail and I'm wondering if this can be if there's a difference in urban rail and in this kind of like this the Leander to downtown rail. Well they think minus San -- it's so there's urban -- in the regional rail I think in the regionals when it goes from San Antonio. -- Georgetown. They're drilling in them -- -- I want. I haven't -- to order and it's a bit so convenient are the pilots the cars like a total recall this lots and I don't know any real people. However is its sixth straight shot. -- disliking to sleep lost its sense mistress -- due south of maybe I'll start calling them and tell us America's I would you should know I -- with dual. It is like if you actually -- that it's to -- get to plan ahead via. Artist just haven't done an Olympic and he'd play an extra time somehow. Write that name but I think I'm totally off on. To me like the sale -- up -- -- under your drive downtown to pursue lights. I feel like it's gonna take an -- longer somehow. -- -- The question would be with the wrong if you've. Ridden the train what was your experience. Collector quality Renault thirteen seven. Why would actually seen up there. Announcement seeing out there actually have a I have a crisper. You want to do you would talk first of China now pick up the -- to ticklish so. Is it with what happened at Scott you where -- values doubled when -- -- the flight path of the Mueller dish yeah more -- -- DD. I don't -- I really don't know the answer them -- spot -- what happened with the values just north of the new airport at the first street east side. Windy and -- Mueller it's gonna be relocated. To its new location which you further east and I don't know but I believe that there is called university here to host yeah so I know it's a really popular area right now because you can. You could get a house for 200000 dollars. Well skinny and you're still really -- I can't I can't buy anything in secrets out. The secrets out well and in the evident Mueller in all the change or come with -- mr. -- he Muller. Home prices and Mueller are just saying there's anything yet that it's not affordable it's not affordable shelter. What might be good quality Atlanta metro weather yesterday and that they can -- and I was thinking this exact thing may -- this is the whole approach the let's make it not for now but -- waiting to make it affordable later at a you do that well what they -- they gonna bring in another new way of audience. I don't know. -- I'm not an expert on what. A couple of for expire -- and I've seen him you know they bought the bottlenose. I think that a lot of the buyer just over 200. Yeah and let -- out there isn't a 3300 now and submit a 100000 dollars a few years. But what does that what does that say go for the Mary you have the next stimulus combined there -- have to pay 315 careful. But it do you still have. The the the economic support that the downpayment assistance programs for that specific area are still over there so it is still. Affordable got a call that yet qualify and of the way the program works just cut interest in let's say that let's say that. You can afford 150000 dollar payment in they have some houses that are that are 250. Right. They're trying to build smaller towns that are. Quote for all. You -- 4150 will go long you. The other 10000000. As like interest Sri Lankan seeking to and -- mortgages as 150. And when you sell it though. You have to believe you have to give them back if you -- compute you make profit. You got to give him that percentage. Back so let's say it's that's there with a few hundred for development and that's. 60% support them after a 40%. UB40 percent you're down there. Then we if you make a 100000 European -- Your -- the original 400000 the import is something like that I don't wanna open after that exact. Only works is very tight -- suit -- a tough place to keep them. It's a -- being very well I don't think they ever way to register to keep the extra hundred. -- -- -- -- equivalent to for a year and the way to the rates are going to mean you can -- a school Leo told them. There's much from or cost 313 seven. I don't know I would tell folks to evil under the proper because right now it view on propping Muller. There's a really good argument that the -- is can he keep Gordon when you buy their narrow. About -- -- -- by anything in there right now most that Britain and for the right price there's a lot of -- a statistic. One in three homes sell within the first two weeks. -- question. If it's too if if if that statistic is that it's actually has two weeks or it's more close like five days six days hours couple parts. So when he see it just is that red hot these builders since they announced that they've got lots available. -- weather's -- that's been built. Folks are buying them -- builders can't even. Predict what their next wave of of inventories become available so buying resell remark like that's great if we only know prices are gonna go up. Well thank -- into -- And -- the folks that -- and they can actually. -- have -- folks in Muller. They actually have a better here on the street who lived here you can call us here public to tornado thirteen seven on health talk radio. -- -- -- -- -- Clayton thank you so much for on the job as a defenseman being on their -- quicker you know what you stay on the show -- talk -- -- -- -- -- you. Just garments of 5127692251. Thanks again and protest listening to this -- -- thirteen seven year join the conversation house. Which accounts for Boston. We'll be right back. Good Sunday central Texas get ready for the latest real estate and mortgage news. -- talk radio. John GC. And jewel dug us. And how great has told listeners judge shoots me. And also played burning. Welcome back guys. So here. It was elevated it to -- much -- check. Clayton Harris. John and we're back from Iraq all right all right Kate so. Curious to your thoughts on this matter covering some things out of blue 'cause I was I was doing a little research this morning and. The couple news stories that caught my attention and it talks about a growing trend with seniors and we're seniors are -- house in commuting and I'm curious to see what you're seeing mortgage front. Also on the -- at front. So -- throw a couple just statistics. A high level. They say that. In the cup this coming back next ten years. The senior age of folks that are sixty tigers orders that reflects a third track so we see the seniors grow right published a record. And in Austin. They say it also populations grow by. 16%. In the last six years and there -- we're expected to see let's say another 16%. Year after year after year and at least that probable. So of this we get a piece experiencing a lot or seniors moving here. -- seniors moved. To they believed that relocate to different cities. As they age. Well there was this article last week in the Wall Street Journal that made the point that. The reason it caught my eyes because it mentioned Austin that seniors. Ten. Too well there's a new movement of seniors there they're moving to college towns. Because of the vibrant and the youth in the restaurants and just the activity. Verses. In the story. Are my words but the story points out that. If somebody was quoted here saying go to Florida to die. Go to Austin, Texas to live. And its effect kind of thought process you know. They let it go someplace for the could have that they've they've retired let's say they were never renewed sense of life -- -- -- well there was a another report that came out. By the militaristic so look this decreases. A lot of good bit of the ruling known for doing a lot of research lot of data but that her stuff. And when they had profiled aware of the best cities to retire you. The two states that had none of the top 100 list Florida Arizona. The tune -- one states that had notes to actually take -- it's at Gainesville is the only sitting for. That made the small metro category. You -- in Palm Beach in Miami. And Fort Lauderdale at the open -- points that it is it is. If there's little that people who's saying it. Seniors are one -- dollars more -- -- television to Florida where is it anymore. Snow birds that the cuts being sober and this is actually from October 2013 and this is very -- It also wouldn't say that. Four of five seniors they don't wanna move. To a stay in the same home -- -- -- community. At their -- through a fairly small. Mating. But -- you but OK so going back to when you have millions government -- Margaret still over the next ten years third of a population we seniors. So that. So what they predict. You look at a place like when he percent of them will be mobile. Hopefully. We can according to your statistics. So -- And my my my thought would be as. What would the impact be here in Austin, Texas listed a tax it's a place to relocate to mystic to act. We're having we have marching we've got work college towns we're putting in getting a medical school. And we're putting him better public transportation hopefully -- -- Imagine what. I don't know influx of another 30000. Seniors in the next couple years -- due to our community. They build. Like out west and and had -- building does garden home earlier today you know homeowners association or Condo association because it takes care of all the maintenance. And they cannot move fast enough. And it's most of the buyers -- you know the seniors citizens you know. Over sixty over seniors tires and Anderson. They're still active so go play golf -- and headers they can go go -- even at that a lot of restaurants elections. Yeah it's equality electing up there and not to sit around. And often. What do you think that a lot of the condos a little -- that -- of these condos. That are being built downtown. And tunnels are not cheap is -- in by 600000 dollar million dollars. So are the folks that are buying them they probably it's probably six states that young. Group well that's the point of Walsh editor mark. Article with the users hire and -- is all iron -- attractive meaning that they can choose what I wanna move to choosing Austin are buying. 800 to have happened when -- -- our house in part creek or -- downtown restaurants. And that's a second home. It's not ready and it's the second hole architecturally interesting is that the neutral -- -- Well what do how that would actually impact the culture downtown could also typically seen music capital world we've got the dirty six street. We've gotten that. -- we got the the warehouse district I mean this is not. You don't typically think of delta and Austin Caspian a magnet for seniors but. And extent they're all mixed and it's funny how it all kind of all kind of really works. Maybe have figured out -- back -- the first segment we're talked about. Buying a smaller house in the inner city. They did at the threat they get it out again and I know firsthand. There's more money on a smaller on the pick and there's folks of where where I have talked about so -- sell their home they -- northwest hills they live. In all areas of Austin if they're -- they raise your kids there thirty years later. There some other -- -- -- at home. That's now -- to have. More problems roof leaks have they -- -- model they -- at a renovated and -- say look -- -- cash. Let's go buy some at smaller to travel be downtown. I think it's again be big deal in Austin. Inches the other baby boomers I mean it's a lot of the or harm her barrier arms so. Okay my observation is if folks that are in their eighties right now and corrupt. There is born at a time when. You know you can discuss stream by attract them. I mean you have to have more thought he would have more money Bankston 100% funny and he had to go save your money Emmy winning on the home. Exist there wasn't as liquid resistant trader now. And and in some cases there with the depression. And they may have lost their home. And so -- little more cautious about. Moving away from home with their very comfortable and it paid for usually ethical difference. But the baby boomers to an experience that's so much and so they don't place that value and home like they don't feel like they're going to be on the street. You know there's a chance of that. Where I think I think some of that older generation and maybe you know it systems and eighties for you know they remember there was a time when. It was kind of scare. Him. But it -- -- read read this that this is in the business insider. From -- colosio. And it says by 2017. The US adult population that over the age of fifty. Well controls 7%. Of the country's disposal income. So it that that to me was a crazy think so. In 34 -- at all three years or four years and the over fifty population control 7%. Of disposable income of the of the money being spent at least -- -- seniors. Well let's say if you're one -- to bring -- local mortgage discussion here. Because when seniors are trying to buy a house it's something I've been found it difficult and they don't understand because. Will happen is maybe retired. And you might have a pension but it's not what your salary was four. And if you do need to get a mortgage. You know. -- -- the days where we can just say hey you've got. -- in dollars and IRA. Would you be alone for a 100000 terrorists. We know you can -- her doubts after 5000 bank in some decisions are made or vendors sometimes but does this is permitted. With small local banks but -- national mortgage companies -- mortgage. Banker. We're regulated now we can't make judgment calls like that we have to show are very different that you cannot. Steady. Annual or monthly income -- and so when your senior. One of the things to do is talk so if you're thinking you're gonna need to mortgage maybe gonna sell a house at 2000 violence 300 chilling in a 100000 mortgage thing with the good. Right well talk to more of -- because. You can't just have money in the bank off you have to show how to income showing up on taxed so. One of the things you can do is set up just a regular monthly withdrawal from irate. But you need. You have three current agreement continues Europe to show you proceed for three months before we considered stable so if you thought you gonna buy one in January that say you know or have a set up. Yeah -- account and come. So when he handled that it's sometimes prudent. Other types of income we can use that replaced seniors we can use dividends interest income gain if you got a history of it. And we can use pensions. As long as we showed that this topic comes missed continued for three years or more must pensions are structural lifetime -- so. I would say that yeah we've got up almost fifteen minutes remaining here on the show. And if you're listening out there you have a question. That we hitting -- for a show. We the -- call and see if we get -- -- early -- to go in the right direction. On where find. -- product. In preaches a 5123 there -- thirteen seven and it's 5123. NATO thirteen. Senate seat belts is wearing. Now on your head because my candidacy for yeah are you trying to get into the playoffs and I'm going against my team -- I mean that's. Overly you have players go to. I -- the cowboys. Even with Jerry Jones still there and big -- play against -- Dez Bryant. We really talking about this and really we're we're going there -- -- professional football -- tossed. It doesn't do you have a teenager yet you know what we will get we will get the first international soccer team -- -- -- football team. In the United States it is significant world and -- that's our professional sports team that's how you next election and you think that they have receivers -- with a point. Oh absolutely and so now that's brought the European influence and a central and south American Central America needs to have we have gas tax in their commitment that I have a feeling it. If those targeting exhibition games or something something will happen some sort of expansions America and also prefer it be better. Well supper short break. We will be right back the gives culminates -- -- -- three and a thirteen seventy. If you have been Mueller few events are word that you Scott you. And living near the air quite -- thing about selling if you're listening. This union and -- at all. And welcome back how -- radios. It's Sunday at 550 which means you're listening to. -- Jacksonville -- us flame burning. The local rules that experts. Talking about. Hope things that never considered like start you. Regular. They're things that matter most real state so. What do you think this. According to the Huffington Post. They -- an article seriously talked about how the Rick in the written coming out of this real state coming out of the DD. Mortgage meltdown and as there's the cities are being reborn calm the tech hubs are driving up the price real state. Responsible the telecoms are responsible for being the high growth areas in there also -- The tech itself the tech jobs are responsible for driving a -- it's. Is that fair to say. That's happening here Austin single handedly detect jobs sector is what's forcing values to go up. I know I know in my office were a lot of clients for work with the folks moving here. Amendment from out of state they were good for tech industry yet. Yeah I -- and a lot I think a lot to do with that when you look at north Austin there's IBM Dell apple three of them oracle FaceBook there's Emerson Freescale. PayPal the list goes on and there's also all the smaller. Businesses that support them. So I think that there's probably good argument that. Where there's tech. There's going to be higher demand for housing. There it is hardly -- housing there's going to be prices are gonna. Probably move Norton out. When -- -- for sure. Now is -- terms -- -- You know what -- room we were on this show saying. I was saying. Archer receipt -- -- -- -- Just not sure that there. -- Richard Richard you know bring the low for us. I think it will be saying in a couple months Napster records for an afternoon. I believe that so -- more reference in his thirty year fixed rates are in the mid fours right now born half four point 625 most borrowers. And that the writings in the wall it that they're going to be heading into the low fives and so. That alone is a good reason implies something now rather than wait for the summer. I was honest numbers. Yesterday on -- and tells her alone. Afford to have for -- five. So currently for a -- -- -- rates are far at sixty dollars a month to 720 dollars a year. It was the so was the 2000 to look at that double that reported on a lot of you -- forty dollars a month. Just that reason let's talk about. -- I can tell him at times news conversation where. You've got a client is looking houses and they were looking for a year and literally you're first looking and rates were. -- around earlier this year and there's been three and a half its discount distract you -- -- -- try to time the rate right. But they're also thinking hey rates are this house. Was thirty -- cheaper. In 2012. Sometimes even thirty grants intent it was up -- it. Ten to 15%. Point percent. Let's but to keep -- upright my awaiting their pricing himself. Up to higher -- them. It's tough in this isn't just like your central core -- -- this is all around. And what's gonna happen and awaits -- next summer. It's probably going to be not a -- at reasonable prices and higher rates when Dutch bank says. The feeling just doesn't make sense to wait right now the village sort -- prices going up in the pay more for the house. He you know what's interesting so there's no inventory so what's a -- to do. Keep waiting -- Washington that's not her no no I think the answer is this ticket to augment. Product that's actually a really good work I think you have to have a contingency plan yet but you kind of hedge. You may you may not be buying -- -- -- now that Easter buying something so you can kind of read this appreciation there -- infants and and and perhaps sell a few years. Have you are you've just got to expand your geographical boundaries and -- looking at it you have to get creative and you've got to find relatives will onto our way to do that -- in a mortgage brokers on but I really am yet to be aggressive you can't just sit around and wavered on lap time and happen. We knew what I've seen I've I've watched this happen I watched this play out of the last year's so years ago. -- -- -- So a working moral to you guys were buying property them before before really are caught on the public eager for us this is the time government. And this last year. I've seen is. Parents encourage their kids to -- And were being willing to cosigned for them because they can't quite qualify. Because the parents now they notes that they're like these rates are trees you have to Bosnia even if you pay 10% more in the house. Affect your hitting for half percent got a so. There -- the time but we're just about time. -- get you one more shot out to my team. What it took an -- we won the the rents the grand to 2013 greens tournament that's awesome is -- about us that it is done. It's -- CP UIO. -- Like I think from the movie the issues. And we editor time so I got a lawyer -- -- -- the boys here this on the radio so get -- Diego area Brandon -- -- -- -- -- -- Did you guys expect to make in this dead they're happy that that's awesome and after. Well we're back next week -- thanks you for joining us thinks that guys -- great yep actually thinks we're back next Sunday live at five. House talk radio continue the discussion though if you have any questions contact us at -- -- -- dot com. We're monitoring how weak and will be there. -- next week.

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