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3 Guys Sports Show, 12.13.13

Dec 13, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Listening into that three guys sports show brought -- my third. Based -- ball. Boy it's been awhile since pushing these buttons brand name and -- know I had it in me I was. Singer left hand prosperous -- all elements here and -- No screw ups let's knock on what there. Been a very impressive let's go and turn now I ask hey you know eight. You've been doing this year for the past couple weeks on your round and with several -- my friend Patrick Davis who works here in our buildings. Cats comments and you know it's kind Linehan and the fans third person out there by the way the fan can Chinese and want are facing page -- -- outer -- -- -- Search box type in the number 33 guys sports show and you have to check it out right now I've got some great questions about some of the top -- talk -- talk about tonight's go onto Thom -- on there well let's go and start with what's going to be the very first topic. Which is. Mack Brown or Nick Saban who'll be on the sidelines next year for UT. Also cowboys or Eagles who will win the NFC east for the big one of course that first one that that's. The buzz and Austin and let them on -- -- for studio and just gets sent away brand and you know we are in Austin, Texas again. Here on talk thirteen seven the you know our our share of the three guys sports show it's a showdown might I -- fans Brandon your -- fan and the other person there. The fan being audio listening now. And on FaceBook and there's been others it's their station here that covers. The -- very well. Yes that's what they did and we -- here on three guys to give you everything else along with the elements and I'm warns that we give fan's perspective and again until we Wagoner you know. Britain where not just gonna get that much into it because everyone out there that who knows what the situation of the warrants that we can give you different perspective of it. But the fan I mean what you read on on on forms on FaceBook yes so the big deal of course when right now I mean literally in a meeting. Right now yes coach Mack brown and and and and Bill Powers president and the -- athletic as he Paterson. They -- meeting there's a believe here in Austin there's a a a I guess and events happening at 7 PM a 630 football they think -- -- and -- will be on the Longhorn Network tonight. Yes so it's kind of weird in little weird so we'll find out I guess the fate of Coach Brown. I don't know we will I mean there's a meeting the -- immediate I don't that we're gonna find out tonight the -- I just don't think that's the appropriate place to do -- thing. But I feel like by Monday you'll have an answer and of course China and then -- was thank you know on FaceBook and if nick -- our our coach Mack brown and we throughout the Nick Saban because that's just whatever once and all the rumors going back and forth. But brand insert you know you -- -- you know I didn't go to UT you didn't go to UC you know but we are in Austin sexism and we respect. The hell out of you -- because it brings a lot of money in and and when UT's winning we feel it here it's -- loss in the city that it's pumped in when they're losing. You could feel it because people are -- pissed off. So it affects you and -- and some torn away. And I got I mean I just have to say that if Mack Brown is leaving please do it the right way because. Then this job if he does leave it's sexy is hack for the top coaches and whether the NFL. Caught the ball. To come to because Mack Brown made it sexy right well is all he already is is not being afforded that luxury of doing at the right way with the story breaking this week and that's unfortunate because. I think the man deserves a lot more in this town I think he does -- now. As a fan I like the fact the story was broke and know what's going -- absolutely I mean it's -- this is this is for dudes and for and for girls on their big sports fans. This is our us weekly yeah I mean this is seriously -- us weekly we we we this is the -- -- we hurt despray Greg coming out of my god. You know because you heard rumblings and rumors but then you planning -- to break point oh my gosh. And any news in Austin, Texas appeared blocked that's the news here at along with in the nation I mean that's the news that's breaking that's news going on right now about that it's hard not to hit it hard not here. And hard not to talk about it but you know. I mean I've never met the man. I talked him once in the phone. But not me person on the buy it anyway different but -- but you're -- exchange -- Or yeah story out and out now but but but I mean we talk about on army several points -- morning sham. Prom but the fact is that. The man deserves a time of lot of -- that place when it is and it's just you know. I hope he's around in some capacity because I've never heard one thing about -- I've always heard. Guys are girls love on the I wish it was my grandpa which is my dad. He's a lovable guy I mean look aside from football just his personality -- love that's exactly as he says he has that type. Personality that when he's talking -- he makes you feel like the most important person aren't. -- -- never spoken with him I've only seen it what what I've seen on TV what I heard distort heard stories of people of told. That's your point of you hoping sticks around I do too because he would be an absolute. A huge asset. No matter no matter who comes and coaches his team as long as he's around it's good for Texas -- -- of course it was. The three guys sports are talking about the most talked about story here. Madison DOS attacks but in the nation I -- -- -- coach Mack brown and the and his -- and you know we're giving our fans take on a brand that we never played down -- on our lives except as kids eyes or maybe some semi. -- like one year exactly one year college. But but we're in the Arctic that we think that and and I think Brandon and Brad and I both agree he's going out there better be in style or at least more stylish than it has been you know those with getting Lee the man deserves a lot. I think in brand and agrees to me that he's done this job. Opening if there is one is sexy because of coach Mack Brown. Absolutely you pick out what it was like when he came in here. Sixteen years ago it was not as it would. Yes Texas was it was Texas I mean they've they've been there have been good for how many years ago. Prior not but not not right up to -- when he started but. He changed the face of this program. An inmate at what it is today and really has spoiled these fans here cost and so much that that is why they are acting you know throughout the course the -- calling for his head calling for his job. All season long especially after that it's too early season losses that I hate the fact -- -- -- it is it sounds so crappy now looking at like same today deputies ABC's -- the fans and -- mean. I mean he just he did was winner Leon you know an office and has one or 23 maybe now we -- it's a bad seasons just average. Well again weren't nationals -- -- season yet he had he had at least one bad season and look. I realize that by Texas standards and -- of course one thing we have to remember these standards that we're talking about. Were the worst set by Mack Brown. But what he did with this program so one bad season a couple of average seasons. The L last year -- Al mobile now following up again this year down mobile not exactly what UT wants what they expected. But. I still think he's got it going the right way now. If he says he -- -- around producing need to go. I don't know I I still think it's probably time. But he deserves more than what he's getting right now I think if you can get someone had better. Fine. But if not. Why would you and I say better I mean and Nick Saban but why would you I think coach needs that. They have a good chemistry right now knowing he would this sort it's just it's it's such a crappy situation I just I'm I'm so glad I'm not involved in it. Because just the run that they did late and he just one death. It's Sasaki firm this really sort of reminds me of the Indy reach Philadelphia -- situation -- this is absolutely that -- he leaves you know there's going to be schools knocking on his door absolutely I mean it's you know what it is -- a lot of it with any job at the like ability factor yeah. And this guy and the guy that is Coach Brown Mack Brown you like abilities the sound of that off the charts and he'll be fine wherever he goes -- -- six round -- -- announced. Sure we've all one point call for has had a seven because we've we've Texas fans have been -- here -- but either way now Hank. It's all Gooden and you know I will find out very singer was going on. Speaking of what's coming on here very soon and three guys sports of course next to -- -- and wore myself -- -- that third person is use the fan out there right now. Which can chime in on FaceBook Brandon posted something pretty sweet unfazed that wanna hear from him. Yet we wanted to know what do you think is gonna win the NFC east the cowboys or the Eagles looming always in the world our own destiny -- I can't wait to talk -- -- you -- because you are a cowboys fan. And you're always in this predicament particular Greg quick break and come back we'll talk more college sports and college bowl games that will talk about those connection -- -- sports out its. Three guys sports you -- the sports at all. We. In a third base sports bar friends of the three guys sports Olympic sponsor of the guy's sports. You can not just. Yet you that you cannot just watch the ball game on the point on the 31 but you can watch and Heisman is weakened that's right Johnny men's cell has been invited to New York once again. I don't think he's gonna win and telling anyone anywhere in the country thinks is gonna win but. You don't think it's good invited six people there which is quite a field and I think he's kind of look at -- -- -- absolutely and you can watch the Heisman Trophy presentation at any of the fourth every sports cars. The F Foreman and the one in round rock they have the one in downtown Austin is on six and -- -- They have the the 183 and Anderson known location and -- and our favorite. As of lately it's been hanging out there for a while watch parties is the one on -- itself -- as I 35 and slaughter which is where we will be for the bowl game on New Year's -- -- -- at 7 o'clock AM hey coming -- everything -- sports that we will talk Dallas Cowboys and we'll come back and also -- mourn NFL especially a big game last night where. What Denver civil beating a path path tunnel vision we'll talk about that but. Of course big stuff going on college football before it's that FaceBook is where you define as yet you're the third person along with brand work myself Alex Franco's. That third person his view and you can chime in and be a voice on FaceBook branded that FaceBook is blowing up what every put up there man it's on I. Serrie is in fact the comments that we're getting regarding the the Mack Brown Nick Saban situation -- -- put the question -- the question I've posted. Was will either who will be on the silence -- -- will be one of these two or will be someone else. The consensus is that neither one will be the head coach of Texas next year but. There was one comment in a quandary which which is is outstanding and thank you all that are posting on three S sports just face it pays out a way to find it in the search box type and three guys sports -- number three it was like and this is coming from a huge Texas fans as we are the biggest money making program in the NCAA. We're moving in the wrong direction and the right things are changing it's time for a change in Mac at. Mac will be very well compensated and put back in the Texas lower as the legendary coach. Well said I mean of course these comments don't reflect our fans here they are sports so we just gave European art and I think that man -- adding that a you say what you want brand and I settle earlier that you know anonymous to go to Texas but we get a we've been in Austin, Texas for a long time now. I mean not that long were in our thirties we've been and I've been here since 2000 ran around men 20052004. And but we get it best thing we get it here. Whenever the -- longhorns win. It affects us whenever they lose it affects us because people are there happier upset and you know no matter what I mean if Mack -- still the coach -- not. Did it that that job and it's open it's sexy is talents into the most paid job because of what coach Mack Brown did so. You gotta give -- -- that you're not along our gasoline deep down I'm hoping that somehow he makes his way on ESPN. And takes either Lou Holtz or or Lee Corso liked it's he needs to take Omar finds places Lou Holtz is. -- money every year love them I love them it's like no lol lol lol that's Graham pot. But you know Matt brown on the Mack Brown anything he's great he's just lovable every girl -- an -- and it was it was my dad -- my grandpa -- -- George W. Bush. That's I felt about it and I guess descending here from from girls. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- George W. Bush sending a letter to keep you had to basically an Alabama kicker for after missing that oh wow what a great -- is -- -- great -- more like -- bill and -- has not -- -- he's. He's mean nothing to prove to send nice letters like how is like and it actually there's a spike has like ability factor and you know what -- find some of those scumbag Alabama fans had to learn a thing -- -- are absolutely believe we're giving him death threats -- I am -- in my ass kicked on FaceBook and we're going imagine how important it -- unbelievable. Speaking of college the -- speaking of Alabama big bowl games so of course the BCS championship sets but boy. Brand I was just in New Orleans this past weekend yeah Sugar Bowl you think the national championship as Alabama and Oklahoma. I'm really see this I mean my god everyone's is going to open it just crazy about it I mean at least in New Orleans it was a big deal well it's a great held a match you wanna talk about two big name program. I mean outside of Texas USC mean Alabama Oklahoma doesn't get much bigger than that. However where would you go given the choice national championship. In Pasadena to watch the matchup of course which is Auburn Florida State or Sugar Bowl -- no brainer Pasadena. Really. I don't watch a local. -- and I've been a passing it Sox. Out rather watch that -- to being a part of mine but often New Orleans. You're gonna go party -- -- off an end and then you're gonna go watch Oklahoma get the Ronald did it but you know let's see what's funny here. Is this is what's. This is just the true fan. Just the true fan right here because I want ago. I'll watch anything in New Orleans is the part of my butt off and you're going for the pure sport of the national center of the Pasadena. Party bought off anywhere I know there's nothing like New Orleans. Did I just 111111. But the matches men and I mean on cyanide and you would think it was national champs have been New Orleans which is that it's each game but I mean well which yeah I mean did I thought. Florida State Ohio State. We'll going to going into the week and hasn't brought CNN I didn't think that at all and it and I said this out over a month ago I don't during one Friday when -- -- gonna capt Thomas was in here knowing them. I said you watch out because Michigan State will be Ohio State in the Big Ten championship -- want to bet on that stuff whenever it comes up and I'm trying. Want to do that anymore thank god I gave that -- awhile back but that's and that's exactly what happened and you know that SEC championship games I mean. I was on the lot's got to be a little old after awhile do some defense here but. That sets up an amazing national teams to game of Auburn Florida State I think we're gonna see some some great offense statins you've got to have the Heisman Trophy winner. Janus -- and who will win it tomorrow night going up against really. Mean you think about that Auburn team. Outside the trade -- and you know anyone -- team. The only reason you know probably is because what he did against Missouri and hang in an Alabama nose lips closed my friend. You know I know we'll get to it when it comes closer but I -- your prediction for that. Right now I'm going to pick Florida State. Really am a change that but right now I'm gonna take Florida State I'm taking Auburn you can mean highlight that. Are these are you what it's it's tough not to take them -- after the way that they've been pulling off win after win after win this season if Georgia though the -- thought was a fourth and 1778. Yard crazy touchdown pass in the way they beat Alabama. And then to just put it to Missouri who was a great defense coming into the game and they just they ran all over them we just mentioned a lot of by the way. -- enzyme that tugged at the BC a -- championship game here on the three guys sports or -- it like it's on FaceBook type in three guys sports of the number three. And you can chime in anytime please please China China here we I guess we have a lot of comments that friends is dying airliners the -- just came and they brand and only losers quit gambling. I love. And Matt I promise and guess who posted that one. Was it -- player air coworker that. A surprise. -- Nelson well I guess there was a little fans that are gamblers it was a co worker with Patrick Davis -- accident like that he also find and a fund that rehab is for winners. I'm gonna -- -- three guys scored. There was a bombing -- years. Coming up here in the sky sports we are going to be talking about how it's. Denver loses a statement last night when when in effect that's gonna have on the FC playoff picture absolutely ends and plant. I SA sign at San Diego after rightness it's it's just so repetitive it's descendants of San Diego I'll bring in afternoon -- -- -- you know I'm -- -- back in winter. Dad would come back and we'll also be hit math at. -- in Dallas Cowboys as welcome appearance and be very cool to augment the cowboys and -- -- a super fan. This gets them pumped up and it seems like every year year in the stands situation I feel bad for you -- on a closet cowboys fan. Claus and I feel free every time it was like the longhorns and they lose it affects us in some way announced and the non cowboy fans that we'll come back we'll talk about that seven minutes from now here in -- three guys Porsche and will also. Like -- on FaceBook chime in as we wanna -- we wanna hear you got a lot of comments made it does coming up next beginning -- -- three guys sports show. -- Listening to -- three guys sports journal. What do you -- third base -- ball. Plan and I think our fan base is growing. Found it's growing like a cancer house without -- how much it's been growing it's growing you know line. Is that a guy. When our when our maintenance guys. That comes in and cleans a building denying now in the crew I -- -- get another job of course you know it -- -- he handles buildings. And we're a big building here and lastly where in Austin, Texas and today he just walked in during our commercial break he was -- an attraction now as it was you know. And then he looked meanings I NN. I tell you -- work they've done their building down the road in and and they all listen you guys the three guys sports show and the growing -- -- -- -- -- about it. I tell you I've talked about a guy before he's your guy he's a great I can't imagine he would do that some but he said that we actually did the other there's the the other building licences on Fridays because they know that he's aren't -- that's very nice to know that someone in Austin, Texas is listening to us. Well but judging from our -- except our mom and dad and that so I I think I think there's more than just a couple judging from the post on -- speaking opposed by the way on FaceBook you can like this type in three guys sports you know. Give us -- like. In China and you are the third person of course is -- work myself out Franco where the three guys or so including new you can chime in on FaceBook type and three guys force a number three -- -- like. Brand and boy even posted some good stuff on their -- -- a ton of comments a thank you got -- in person actually really quick is this is from -- authority -- radio regular listener of the shelf. -- -- He does like ever lets all give -- a hard time and again is like it might be easier. For -- to list the teams that he doesn't root for I don't think Martin's ever give me a good time like government ninths. He likes you that's I now and ended and I appreciate that it's kind of like when your kid and you and you know that girl -- -- -- when your school we always polar Bear Bryant to -- whatever right yet but you know what I would think you'd be weird if Martin Fogarty. Told me something like nice that would be like we've encountered a strange but that is so true because I -- I -- -- analyze any ally. There's a die hard guys on the radio there this is my team loses that. And then that's me where and then there's the times when I come and you know all of a sudden. I'm wearing -- Seahawks shirt and brands like were really. And then Martin -- here like dude come on by the way I'm looking forward to the saints collapsed on the stretch because after you went to the Indianapolis Colts game and they beat the Broncos big Sunday night game. They've now gone three and three cents. You you were at the saints game this past weekend they beat the Panthers. They've got to collapse to write yet and I was wearing colts stuff that time now you're -- you have I was and a house where insane stuff that's our time. Are such a sell out due to -- I'd go with the flow it's very chick like is -- -- go with the flow yes. Because you don't wanna be the guy in the at the stadium -- in the other team's stuff. You don't show up and and -- nothing but this is your role as a fund our brand and -- I'm very -- like when it comes and investors but that's where it cut. That's right take heat from you and people like mark authority and you know what I said it up for myself so I have to take it -- I put another one. -- and -- all and I thought I might ask a -- the Fuzzy ball on the top law its data. You are elected it's there it was cold I almost bought the gloves that the receivers were there that it includes and -- -- had an. What's the flu or whatever. The music is so -- opinions you know again like you're doing a diamond cutter yes. Yes WWR to BCW fans know exactly -- -- diamond Dallas page given a diamond cutter yes. But -- yes now -- animals bought those but you know. The target so that being said China on FaceBook you can give me hell and he knew Brandon props interview I had an officer spots the three guys sports of the number three. And now of course you'd be in the third the fan we'd love to hear from you we are fans here as well and there. Brand and we talked about it talked some NFL here we'll get the cowboys are coming up. About seven minutes now but Denver lost and we lost at home is a big deal while very unexpected especially area. Home against the San Diego Chargers a team that. Open down there they're seven and 7UP and down all -- they've got they've had some very good wins. And just some horrible loss and here's a -- you don't wanna live news. And power to Philip Rivers. Disease is a cocky SOB. Yes he is that's is Philip Rivers and that he will tell you he'll tell you your face knowing that but you know a former there they're coach -- mark McCord. He's what he was former Denver bronco coordinator -- and -- it enabled Boston mile high yeah they were able formulated nice game plan and I think a lot of teams look at. -- -- -- -- But John has got their number is let's not forget it's not Madonna's brother runs a defense for San Diego. Yes it's not going to be Denver Broncos now his brother being announced -- I'll tell you what. They've got something figured out about what it does in the AFC is it opens things up for New England now because they they control our own destiny -- they went out. This -- they're the number one seed but do they went out I mean here's a deal. Ground now and I know ground killed your -- team just like he had killed others and how he -- Only a lot there and tired of driving and listening. To concede that don't -- -- it kills you still. Amazing how we hate. Players when they get hurt. And we like will tweet him and tell Mike dammit. He killed my fantasy team this one I'm not -- on him on their ability to blame this one on the on the NFL and their rules about -- people high into the -- and it does you know he got taken out the need gas and and looked -- by NFL -- -- also -- -- -- -- -- actually gonna happen -- one's gonna happen and it's -- -- this isn't the first -- -- more people talk about this -- now it's -- a star. -- it happened -- boy you're right the AFC playoff picture I ask you Alex I mean you're looking at the AFC playoff picture and you Denver New England obviously there are Indianapolis is there at Kansas City has to be there. I I'm. The AFC north Cincinnati is looking very very good especially after they put in the away last week but your team the Baltimore Ravens last week when you were out. I actually brought them up and said they are a team to look out for began their legs their star and Dennis pin is back this week I know people who do this but that's not a big deal. That's his just chill Flacco is go to -- opens that offense up even more than what it is and I and I'm gonna tell you I think they are is scary prospect down the stretch a big news that I got in looked. I know you said my team emeritus and -- lives of the saints and that wasn't the afterward what almond scone with a the Baltimore Ravens and it does make him scary and that's whether civil champions because you know you -- you have Jacoby Jones and then you have Torrey Smith and now you bring in Dennis panda of course you know -- -- -- -- guys are playing tight infirm and whatever but you bring sure hands his favorite that's as Jason Witten basically Tony Romo. Now you don't know where the heck this things gallon and the defense has just been getting better and better all season long this team absolutely -- out for our times have we seen a team with. At the New York Giants with their Super Bowl wins a team that comes in as a wildcard and just get hot at the right time. I think the ravens are poised to be that team this year man I hate to save ground. But look I mean. Honest look at it at these teams I mean -- Denver we saw a little something last -- New -- -- wrong I don't know me yeah they've had these miraculous comeback when's the last couple weeks against teams you know Houston -- -- ending Cleveland I mean. Addition of the Cleveland by the way that was a horrible pass interference call in that game. But I think I think Baltimore Cincinnati right now are the teams look out for by the way and since it's early in the C rolls nowhere near ruin it AFC's and -- -- -- -- I've seen a noticeable after a -- and Denver -- last night. And after everything -- just said. Yeah I mean it's tough because your little all over but it's that you can do as a fan you can be all over the place Brandon you know what I -- right now I'm really wanna take Cincinnati. -- you know I never thought I quits after I've known you for how long I -- are being honest -- gasoline you're homer when it comes says NFC yes cowboys all I'm not gonna take them to -- Super -- but -- I really liked the -- any dolls and -- and that defense is solid I mean they're just -- as any other defense in the AFC you heard it here of course I was today's -- and thirteenth yep Friday Friday community you've -- here and three -- sports -- at 639. PM brand and Mark Dayton Cincinnati Bengals to visceral I know one girl I'll be happy about that the gas -- a series wasn't us. We should senators Clinton she loved it but what was her name now I don't know I think man accidentally turning now. They're -- no matter. We thought. We are -- don't have a loan Cincinnati man and it's funny if it all ties back the long -- we thought she was dating Cedric Benson -- you remember that it's. And he was not vote that I don't know if that's good or bad press. Then. He was a bad theater at that time places to -- I don't know. You're just not saying it is pointless and Janice Clark we are Johnson tackles well and judging by this weather and traffic he may -- into a problem. Come back where it's a quick break in at the guy's sports of course time and on FaceBook anytime I've been three guys sports and give -- the -- On FaceBook and we will read comments. Stick around we got some Dallas Cowboys -- coming up right next. Let me do that three guys sports -- What do you -- third base boards ball. By the way this weekend you can go watch the Heisman. Trophy presentation and and you do you have an idea of course soccer -- seventies and the official station for Aggie sports you can -- watch joining hands -- In the end president presentation -- things in Gwinnett. Now -- would have played a little bit better those last few times I think united you know I wanna uniting the -- Allen on the defense. It's kind of kind of parlay isn't there a moment to talk Macs but it's kinda Tony Romo -- Tony Romo can't play defense either. No he can I mean they think he would -- man's Al brown. You're not gonna win games in your defense can't keep the team another team on the end zone can you imagine if Tony Roma had a pitching defense. He would be Peyton Manning Tom Brady of these guys all the best. I think he'd be right there you there's no reason -- I mean he would be your breeze on a great day he wouldn't you would be that. If -- awesome defense by the way. China and because we're about -- -- Dallas Cowboys chime in on now on FaceBook of course three guys sports show his brand -- to left me myself -- Franklin at their person as you. -- you talk to us on FaceBook and you type in three guys sports on the search box give us -- like the number three. Lots of comments below and envoy brand has been on fire with the studies and ask him absolutely in the NFC east is coming down the cowboys and and the Eagles. So I posed the question who's gonna win and actually puzzling to an article work Troy Aikman says he thinks the Dallas Cowboys are going to win the NFC east. So that led to some interesting Donna Troy would say anything else not well it's funny because one of the comments that we got. From cold -- says it. He was on the ticket yesterday and -- and he said that it was going to do it could this article that he picked the cowboys so I guess you guys flip flop and Troy and raising a lot like you. -- since the Martin who we heard from earlier said Aikman obviously is -- -- labels of the head that he even watch them play on Monday the Eagles are really hot right now by the way Marten is a big Eagles fan. Big cowboys fan here on the other side wrong Casio says. Sadly Aikman is wrong. Neither Jimmie Johnson or Barry Switzer -- walking through that tunnel they're the most frustrating team ever I really believe Jerry Jones has replaced the -- now version of Al Davis. And I sat and yet I think. Every Taliban -- agree with that any no we are gonna talk cowboys are reminds those -- right here on that now but yet. Brandon I mean seriously we're never gonna see this regime change with Jerry Jones. Until he -- Now -- -- unfortunately I mean I hate this you never wished death upon anyone but I'm sure a lot of cowboys fans. Sort of wish it for the change because it's jumping on an hour as long as he thinks the bad GM there and in Dallas is doing a good job at a there are a statement and oh that's right he's Gina Smith and -- -- -- But evidently gave it to you you brought -- the cowboys' defense and and it's a huge issue we saw that someone Manning -- the bears they never once forced upon. They didn't have a time they may even amateur I don't think so it's sad because Lane Kiffin was great at Tampa Bay. Great defensive coordinator when the Tennessee with a sign on -- money money -- and I'm sorry. The Monte Kiffin of course and followed his son -- the Tennessee and that USC and just it was never the same from the Tampa Bay and then cowboys. Fans like you and I words are I'm not a super cowboys fans that we're like hey this can be great money Kevin and it was all right to begin there were signs of greatness and then there was that they were getting turnovers left and right but that's what was saving them. Now they're not getting those turnovers and it's killing him not to mention though the injuries that they have had and he can't you can't continually blame. Blame things -- injuries because every team in the league has injuries of course coming out today position on planes it's only one obvious point -- out dance group who is it's a huge steel deputies that. Big leader and -- team -- Carter also will not be playing -- there's two thirds of your starting linebacker -- out. Morse Claiborne listed as questionable with a hamstring injury probably not going to be playing. This team is is amended divas like the walking wounded out there and and they just can't do anything right and of course coming up we will be talking now Pelosi to visit here out in perfect I'm looking down about pat -- with little thing called the brain and six pack and ready together. There were an -- to be doing here in about -- the six minutes from now. And that again that I see the cowboys made unless of course that area of course of course -- -- -- -- even with a seven points I read I'm putting them -- there are so basically brand six McEnroe it is where brand and put six matchups together and it -- And by the way if a spear sponsors out there listening to that you can sponsor of that here in the three or sports -- their sponsor would know what the -- absolutely. You can ask -- on our face a pace that and three guys sports and a number three but that that coming out that being said I mean you also have been injured. Outs Aaron Rodgers yeah so you have -- plan. Running the show hopefully we don't see Matt Flynn from the cup we very year a couple of years ago. And against that Detroit where he lit it up for. A plethora of TV's -- and it's since he's been back with the Packers this season OK if I I'm really. Genuinely worried about this match of it Brandon. The cowboys lose agreement. They're done with Matt plan now. -- -- -- cowboys fan yet at your watch tennis where he watched this at third base sports bar when he wants and -- This game on Sunday -- -- I will be out of their race or are you brilliance is usually the these type of matches where -- -- -- -- you like to do it in the comfort of your home with a pizza. You have an -- for a I don't feel very good about this one I think if you if you Barley sponsor going to be different parts in this you really don't feel I can about it now. -- -- You know I'm not I'm not the biggest cowboys fan and I reaffirm it affects them when their latest as everyone else likes him rounding. -- -- that's not much confidence. But it is -- with the bears did so I realized I was on the road it was in freezing cold weather and I just. Don't trust them in any capacity and even next week against threats -- -- they've got two games coming up against backup quarterbacks Matt Flynn. And Kirk cousins. Who will be starting RG three will be on the bench. And I don't feel good. I sure. I wish I did I -- going into the into the into week seventeen -- the Eagles I was like yeah they controlled our own -- they are going to win the NFC east all it was is went out I wish we had. I was treated as easily go back to old tape. Firm around this time the last three years. SM yeah he's at the same thing every insists that it's one of those things where when they got two games over 500 or seven point five few weeks ago Monroe. It's time to list. -- room happening now. At Milford rather I have for when I hope I hope it works in your -- I hope it works out weakness. Well let me tell you have to sit and watch you cheer on the ravens through the playoffs again this year when my cowboys sit out again I'm gonna be so pissed. -- well I mean how I -- but let's look on the bright side earlier. This year. -- this here yet before baseball started you said. Your other team the Boston Red Sox he said they had no chance and help him make the playoffs that's true I did and you had no faith in them -- and little mile there -- He performed in the regular news and your pleasantly surprised so hopefully that works out and hopefully we're -- everything quick break. Back in five minutes we're -- called rain and six pack and -- -- her brand -- 66 matchups that are. Pretty sweet on paper and the roading which of course the Packers and cowboys made that ready. Men had to -- -- -- -- here coming up again bring in six decorate them and after an element of your takes on I think transit post stuff on Facebook's more stuff. It's been rock and we'll read more your comments on our FaceBook page by the way type in three guys sports of the number three on FaceBook and likeness. And you've -- at their personnel and other -- sports -- -- brand New -- I'm -- Franco we make up the three guys sports. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Courses week in you can check gas -- highs men and trophy awarding. The presentation presentation. And and -- -- confidence. Yeah that'll be tomorrow night. You can go to any of the third based applications and watched Johnny -- -- you're texting an imprint. For your Florida State you'll you'll be watching -- went to win the award this year and battling back years. Freshman. Praising redshirt freshman excuse maiden. And you -- -- the fourth they're based locations they have the around application downtown location on sixth memo pad they also have they want a three and Anderson now. And they have on South Park meadows -- their prime manslaughter either way there'll family friendly and patronage so rocket that go out to third base and enjoy. Brandon we do anything here every time horrendous times. And three guys sports it's called -- six McEnroe but he. Basically brand puts up six awesome match ups and throws in a rowdy in there. And then you can China also with anything you like. If you if you degree here agree or disagree with our -- on FaceBook type in three guys sports figures like the number three by the way you via their personality guys ports along with Brandon myself Alex. Brand's got a smirk on his face them again are pics are we still doing these same pics you sent me airline. No I say you -- those -- They were -- 36 PM I am looking in my phone hand organism -- little different because I had some but I want to put in there that I knew you would have -- so we're gonna it is a little different Tammy I cut a -- on. UN hire a team yeah I -- -- we we've gone to this were 5050 were like husband and her husband and. This is so now against six of these six of these he'll be finalists are right let's get -- started first one. The Chicago Bears are at the Cleveland Browns Jay Cutler will be starting over Josh we can honestly this is a victim game Alex. We got. Bears. Bears the gas gas after -- advocate yeah bears absolutely I'm home I'm. I think I'm gonna take the browns in this one ruined yeah. With color -- I think he throws a couple picks something McCown wasn't doing throws and Louis have -- am going bears because Keller can. Underperform after all that number is back and then -- next on the list the Houston Texans at the Indianapolis Colts the colts are favored by five and a half -- all the way they have. Have to wrap this up and be strong -- mean evenly isn't a couple here and then they -- -- -- win now they've been struggling I'm gonna take Houston Texans finally get opposition I can win their third game of the year. All right next game the New England Patriots minus Rob Gronkowski at the Miami Dolphins this is a -- game the dolphins have done. Gain over the Richie -- meet a massively to the dolphins almost did the patriots aren't as here you have taken -- I'm taking the bad the dolphins and I say the patriots somehow find it -- what way to win this and in -- Get the number one seed -- playoffs. All right. Here's one Korea the Philadelphia Eagles at the Minnesota Vikings the Eagles are favored by five and and Eagles -- Martin went ahead one and one and -- you know this -- non gets some love when he sees you where some Eagles -- marte one I'm going with the Eagles on this when I have -- because my starting quarterback a fantasy football team to get it promised land of finals is -- polls that's funny because I am going to do the same thing because -- -- nick -- the league -- and final -- -- -- what. Baltimore Ravens at the Detroit Lions this is Monday night the law and somehow are favored by six. See this is the wind where it's like okay when -- Vegas the united down by. So long with the ravens for everything that you and I talked matter this point about haven't Dennis and -- yes I'm gonna go at the ravens do because the lines of look horrible lately by glass one Sunday. Green Bay Packers at the Dallas Cowboys the voice are favored by seven. I'm I'm shocked that they're favored by seven and down taking -- cowboys especially in their garage on the cowboys need this I do not feel good about the scheme at all Eddie lacy who is a little banged up is supposed to deploy. I'm still -- Take the -- al-Qaeda I don't really old. And I just don't feel good and the rowdy the one that I knew you would not let in here tonight 830 the Iowa Hawkeyes are on the heels Iowa taking on the Iowa State cycle as a battle of the top 25 teams. Iowa State number one in the country -- Iowa's number six. It's taken out in the nation an ally as Tony -- in the hot arid hot cyclones haven't seen. Ha where they had by the it's in Ames's not at Iowa State this is on ESP and you. You said I'm taking the cyclones doc I'm not because his brand is -- -- guy but I. I did see last I mean the -- -- role in the UT and played and they were great team and brands and watch these guys the cycle and you begin here. I'm taking the cyclones as to what you said I never thought we'd be in its matchup ever I'm gonna take the Hawkeyes this I guarantee this is a better game and the other top 25 -- this week in North Carolina Kentucky. Man I figured I'd get a laugh -- -- -- -- agree on your audio it's I don't want that I knew -- North Carolina Kentucky but I had to do Iowa. Of course you can keep up with -- song we belong here in the three guys sports. On FaceBook -- in three guys courts of the number three give us some also wanna give a set out to -- giants to make this happen engineering wise in the Bakken and Patrick Davis. He does like a felon for us here on their guy's sports and as our voice -- -- Manny and -- our -- been fantastic and thank you to everyone that posted to -- and everyone all the fans and grand -- especially you as as co -- much lab follow us on FaceBook type in three guys sports so. The number three give us -- Can only go.