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Dec 15, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And go ahead and they can't talk. Thirteen seventy. Sunday Austin welcome to living well you radio -- you're. Teresa couldn't. Good afternoon -- listening to living wealthy radio heard every Sunday afternoon here on talk radio at thirteen 30 AM yeah. Streamline the top thirteen have beaten down time. I am Teresa -- in helping you this -- here. Resources are available for you at living well the radio. Dot com. If US troops might -- to your door and demanded the surrender of your firearms. But you comply. If the federal government enacted a lot of -- -- need to get microchips. Which is a mess. What if the government said he had to pay. More than half of your income in taxes. Far buy health care insurance through their system. -- -- what point is enough enough. At what point do we say simply Nomar. Is part of the secret to living free. Which is the American way suppose -- -- realizing that you can only be dominated. When -- willing to be submissive. Our guest today Michael that -- is an author constitutional scholar former talk show host. -- sure former political candidate in various races. He also ran for the presidency. Of the United States and libertarian ticket in 2004. And also for congress in 2000 sex and on the campaign trail Michael found time. To write a book about the constitution. When I highly recommend. -- good to be king the foundations of freedom. US congressman and presidential candidate Ron -- known prayer. His integrity an independent views. Wrote the forward and got his most recent book secrets sovereignty how to survive the second American revolution. -- was written by Michael to teach people what is required on a practical level. To begin the restoration. Equate with public we thought could never ends. Startling changes may be around the corner and Michael would like to educate you on how to liberate yourself and prepare for the worst. Michael thank you so much for joining us again today. I'm living up my radio. What are what are they are. Well do you. You and your information. And your delivery. Has always fascinated made you you have the ability. To communicate and articulates. The vision of our founding fathers and what baby. Secure expressed in the constitution. And it was my pleasure at the day we met and I took your constitutional class that my family. Years account and was just fascinated with your work ever cents. So I appreciate you being on here. Tell our listeners a little bit about your background and what got you started. And interested in an attack -- what's now very controversy all. The constitution -- Ours but we were doing all schooling. For the receipt and structure for age we live very close to Chicago. And they took my brother unite all the museums and Chicago. They we would go on vacation every summer and it servers June 48 has become more United States. We achieved most of the national parks we visited. Dozens of state capitals. And they just look shall we have information. That. It'll be taught us how did you restructure kill Osama go to library. In he -- something that -- has stated. Well I started -- light crude and back at any troop. By competition and canceled. All by. Living expenses -- fixed my apartment normal car gave me an orchard. And unfortunately. Our air crash whenever you were not great location. More than a year become which is not a temporary location. All of this for -- became impeccable. -- local did it ever look at what these guys -- I didn't hang -- extinction of the money that I didn't anticipate. There and I Turkish deputy. We are -- this sixteenth -- they'll play each contribution. And done that quickly came to the conclusion. That most of what our government. Is unconstitutional. I wouldn't -- enough but couldn't possibly be true. If they were true then we look at people writing you know they -- -- protesting in the streets and not a that would happen. Every search control and -- Edward cook book creature from drew a lot. And that book conditions debate and I would draw the problem was my work and I get a match. From that moment I became a crew leader or liberty and freedom. -- -- Something crumble like this. And not get involved most guys are listening walking down the sidewalk and saw a woman being more it interest you. Built -- -- and it will completely shocked and and you don't make sure that the woman was hurt and it would seem walking through a mall -- find it additional trial crying and her mother. Go into rushed to help people that it's. Built into. Yeah we're going to fix something more law. And when something is strong this cook there's troll Nicole. I can do it should support to people about the constitution. Teach them the difference between all rights and privileges. And important. Deliver. Its common problem we ask you expect it -- -- and NB entry in my social worker. Michael -- is a lot of fighting words. Terror detention and large I would really enjoy life if the government go -- leave me alone how well we could make money I'll meet you you know in creation my standard of living. You know all I want the government to do -- a lot don't hurt don't think -- Yeah everybody you know I don't your read that you're walking down a sidewalk and somebody comes up and they start to show what he's. It gives you some level of course itself ultimately I step on the put their. They're going to resist the attack what they're not hurt. A lot. It looked at what you're trying to say most of my world. If they want trying to term interest -- it right in this thing that I bite -- -- -- sure I'll address. Or -- protect our I can put under by the end. You know uncle and hold my life from Micah said it would. I would have to restrict the I wouldn't have to -- myself almost better. And what disturbs people -- -- constitution. Is that quite convinced that. That they are under attack their government is not doing things and their best interest. It's it's a very disturbing permanent distinct lack -- So what -- our society what would I might look like today. -- The government respected the constitution. -- the government itself would be extremely. Small. It might even be it trivia question -- radio programs just to let me just -- you know federal government. Crops can only lists. Seem -- there's which -- the government any power at all. Add anything the government is doing not listed in article one section. Is by definition. Unconstitutional. We would have far fewer people who -- It. On the government. Will witness actual security would have Medicare. We wouldn't have a lot of -- -- -- -- -- that we currently ask. People put -- a lot more blood. And they would be a lot more talk -- they could be a lot blog and don't try it because their incredible it was so. The United States is still. The greatest country in the world. -- quality of our government any kids but. -- government. If you could we have -- yard -- You know we're we're all would not -- -- and how fast you can I want without every ball and so most people don't realize. How the deficit the government is under way of life. So why so much. Talk about the constitution if the government isn't respecting yet if we're not really living under the constitution that the United States government. -- is that really a republic. What are we living under when mrs. -- we live under control radical dictator. We we lived in Communist country. And later as well or could it be kink into the trap crucial. I describe what continental. And it turned out much about people's surprise. That all. Flanks. Of the Communist manifesto. Are. Looking quite -- I'd say that's how we operate this country. And to pull back here across the region were talking about the costly and is because the constitution as all of the principle all the ideology. Believe me. -- real quiet here or that type of concrete that we alert about a goal. Is what we follow those principles. To wave the flag of hope to -- it -- have money will have freedom. Not think. Without he would fought. Preceding. Who were being an old. The golden gate great without a lot a lot of people doing it -- drawings and figure out what it looked like. The orbit for the full set of cement. So if you want to -- -- freedom and liberty you have to know the blueprint. For. You could also build a -- I follow certain principle. The people under the principle it appears they've all -- -- or that the other wished he could not control or get it. You're certainly not in control. But other people law it is should wish they. Jewish journal that our people and government are under or by eight or maybe -- -- stupid for not being able to get. They -- not to -- accidentally. They're doing these things you do liberal. And really able to get away with because you don't. The -- -- that would protect you from. Can you briefly discussed those principles just you know I'd reminds her car are listening audience to maintain -- say of this is craziest thing I've -- parent there's no way of living under dictatorship and. Well let's go first of all -- the economy is you know working -- people can't afford to take vacations. Attention because then. Our government didn't like our withdrawal are sure -- counterfeit -- money cat could not call it. If if you I decided to protect. Our goals and Michael are we could -- went on the low block first look perfectly good. Yeah really really enjoyed it -- until we caught. And I will go to any -- how counterfeited. Even 101000 -- it will work with -- Or are -- not part of the federal government. You can look forward under the blue -- isn't so occupational outlook but it. Torture there's no more part of the government and coach Bret. And they were on constitute only given a monopoly. On. -- or not. Article one that would cause six tells congress that they push -- ability church. Elder president. To give -- fish pride organization. These provisional authority to do -- they didn't do it a hundred years -- reported third -- 100 year anniversary soldier. There and if -- all four are -- 101000 -- what could happen. The people of the soldier. Who cover visited little if not quite trillions of dollars. That's why all the prices going up that's why in the courtroom that what you can't afford it they should go back then it's been deliberate. And the idea. That simple idea that congress could vote. On whether or not and wasted. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know what how how dumb can we do what usually over toward influence over the here we are will -- -- -- usual trying to decide whether or not. Congress is going to raise the -- there are a lot. -- like and all of the voting on whether or not each could have bought another bottle. Oh and about another bowl of course are pushing the least bit. All going to need all those people could never read -- -- don't there is corrupt central. What is the other items. I'm utilitarian it's out of control I mean I do have partial friends in the military or respect the military. As a concept. The constitution allows us to do now know defense. Not anchored actually roll off the if the Canadian army data in the United States. Didn't tell us how to spend our money and had their older economic sanctions -- we would put. You know kick -- may Foley expects a north of the border we took power that. -- -- -- another country tolerated is because the United States stands. What or more on military defense that all of the other country in the world. It is amazing to see how much money. America and -- defense and we send our soldiers went through protect liberty not to do you know people think. You couldn't hold oil to. A total -- feel it. And that the American people look for. You know pushed to believe support group which -- the really great crop that they do support the troops under don't support. The political conflict this seven and 230 country -- -- the world. They're supposed to beat defending that -- let it all. Look but did and -- did not say. So. Just about everything the government. Islam competence of the Department of Education. Is unconstitutional government has no authority. True control work now what are older more of all and that's -- number and of the Communist -- Why would I Communist government -- -- -- -- Educational. Disappear. If -- that ball. It would simply try to take your money you wildcard present. Darkness that my. If we can't indoctrinate. Children. I think they're supposed to be submission to a -- Coalition of the seeker. Don't listen to the police -- here -- -- come up with a battery uniform. If you're supposed do we were out here because the government is now law. Wolf if we can clean up the government controlling all virtual that is that a little bit. We won't they won't be -- and not even know. And Intel I probably -- of California and dish -- to realize that it did most of this day. California. Passed a law. That makes the story -- so illusions at all that they were legitimate problem problem. I admit that so little is a form of government. That not a legitimate global -- that's certainly not -- that -- So look socialism. Is -- system where the government controlled all the you know most of the property and communism position. All the direct control all of the proper. Including your body. Yelling is about equal but I learned that it what are you don't. And it occupation -- -- go up to be after not like what the doctor. The the government gives you an aptitude test. The government tells you what you're going to be doing -- question your life. You know week here trouble all the. So. America is a really really portion of that already. You know people ask me why I guess like so -- I told look at California. All played a perfect example. People leaving -- for -- -- rats leaving thinking. The economy is bankrupt. You don't believe he packs his opinion level they're they're forcing. So the people -- not -- at group health wealth and well. All the people with money. The government is doing well. Redistribution. And it wasn't so true once said that if you work one year old. You are not safe so of course you know. However here forty years old and you're still so -- yes I'll play. Yeah. Social force some -- wonderful. Everybody how ever reached the educate everybody could have helped here. It would be just wonderful world picture like this should be -- -- that advertise big forced social. Anger toward your goal and who walking. What -- matter who wouldn't want everybody to be educated everybody out. At a wonderful dream. -- have a 1% of the people pay for it. And the idea is that once you to be forty year old trying to a little living here trying to play -- wrong. -- children's education and the columnist. From what you've got. -- push somebody all all the sudden you realize. That. The advertising. So -- little weed out all the bad. You know you'll you'll realize that it socialism has a lot or. Yeah based there you're not likely. You know peaches and cream says you know the people promote it. You know -- about. Now and you're you're absolutely right it is and just look at Tom bomb like you said California why why are people so many people leaning California adds. Very rapid rate right where they're going to they're going to. The states that have laughs. And less tax since last state taxes are no state income tax. They're going to the states could have done very very well economically even though we're living in and it you know some would say recession or depression period of time in this those states. What do they have going for them they have an economic system that is less oppressive and less regulated. What a surprise you about the political system we've all put so much Preston has failed us time and time again. It might be time to take control all of our freedom take it back and our guest today Michael -- knack. We'll discuss this with this as soon as we come back from quick break this -- -- sitting in the living wealthy radio. -- -- -- Welcome you -- which is Teresa com. If you're just now joining us for speaking with author and constitutional. Scholar Michael that generic about fundamental problems of our political system. How to -- sovereign and free and recent events it's certainly shown that the American economy. Is in trouble all people are fed up. With the tax and spend sits down and didn't RB. Remain. Awake to. Really how our government is operating and this whole dream of a swimming under a constitutional. Republic. Is really a dream and not reality. Michael when I first discovered this and it's. G Edward Griffin creature from Jack Lyle was the book that did it for me -- almost eighteen years ago. I became very depressed. I had to go through a mourning process. I didn't want to believe in the that would I had learned in finance score one on law school about how our money system marked how the government worked. Was a big fat lie. That over time. As I. Grieve it's. I came to the realization that you know so much how we understand government to be. Really is rhetoric that's not reality. It's not it's not it's not reality -- -- do you go through is very very top. I don't know many of the people that class are changed stunned disbelief. And I apologize for what you didn't -- eight hour session. It's much like. -- covering that you were you know we're forty years old and you think -- got everything under control that you dish cover that you were adopted. Also. Thought about your life are potentially not crew. And and they would be out quite -- I imagine. Judy discovers that you know the people you thought or about a dead or. Well biological. Did you stay. There are shaped object eventually. You realize that doesn't matter whether. You know these -- or biological parents are not used to be called ministry you can learn things you've accomplished. And that's -- -- -- It doesn't do you very true you -- don't. And you know the only way to be happy right now that you. -- in all reality ignore the -- assertion that there are economic problems ignore the fact that. Our electrical process doesn't really work. Yeah -- just -- -- to let the people are watching and are doing your best interest in a lot like yourself. In order to be happy because when you look the out. Unsure of the people watching our. -- and it is going to what they're doing and purpose that. You are financial just a bit about to collapse. And look at finished actually got college. People get jobs. You know even a master's degree but they've got a 10060000. Dollars or vote. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They don't bore in with our British practice. -- they would invested more educational. And that they'd be able to. Go lies to the top. Yeah we're all of this information to really become part of me you know that -- structure. And it was a war. Virtually find out. -- you are looking at 400000 dollars to a bush didn't get. If you realize you -- It'll go on the street starboard and it hit a shot -- how did -- make quite a bit about it. A lot better. Without a college degree. -- It'll it's hard. To see into the future and dedication is it possible. Where. We will act. And we go -- -- crucial. -- a lot of people war. Well I think all. That's our. Air quicker knuckles to let's let the I according to the amount most people don't know that including most of the church. That you were shipped. Six and thought there's going to be a real -- the economy is gonna get worse. -- -- -- nation that anybody really wants to hear. You have to plot their course offering you information I'll bring you true. And it's typical to let go. Lies we've grown -- -- And depicts a completely different. Only if that's what needs to happen. If you look at additional ride into the future. You know one of the questions that comes up on a regular bases. Today those who are trying to processed. The truth is you know why what's in it -- congress what's in it for those that. Are. On purpose trying to destroy our country and our economy. -- -- -- -- -- The members of congress. Were supposed to be here I have voluntarily submit in order to try -- draw. Congress was supposed to be a light time plus. They pay at 280000. -- here. That doesn't include. All of should create a and it. Accomplish. All -- -- -- a -- percent. There. Are requirements. Eight or forty year. For your congress. Continue to -- before water out all of the risk your life even when your -- walker are. You are -- If they calling retirement -- not only that congress can vote to get themselves awaiting. What you and I said look -- -- to do that just get myself. Totally clean. Or it you know I was -- -- worked hard -- server 1520%. Pray. That worst hit. And start studying you discover that. A lot wish there were connected and can't -- so well. It will insist on their lifetime. And I are required without Social Security if so security was so great. Wider membership -- first usually completely different. And we are still. In control so wonderful why are members of congress exempt for many the gun control. The -- the right members of congress. Had concealed carry her. -- well I -- -- a member of congress is really dangerous when you're taking a wait and writes from the people. Still once people find out. You know they were -- a little bit. And the stage they're worrying right now people are finding out. -- or people are. Listen -- extra loans well I first started out strong and CB's just incredibly that they. People would -- result compensated only. And our community here are able to get need to realize that most of what Alex that's. True all well and there is a low. Under English -- let me and that. We can't population. That now -- just just not quite right. There it will -- economy. Good congress is clearly. You know it capable of doing about it. There -- a lot more or where her. -- torture has been targeting -- And I don't old British crew and cold there as big blue -- where's -- united in our direction and and it's partially cold fact. And that has to be another step we're just actually. Got backed by cold percent. Most people don't inflammation out so I had stayed. And there are local countries that are getting ready to -- did not -- their money in. In gold based currency. And -- other countries start to do that. States before they literally we lose the economic -- The country's -- I have a list of them there are. So. -- -- -- -- -- -- Which it believes its -- push soul well. India China. And South Africa. And they -- tired. Are being manipulated. -- see the United States will follow. The war war grew. The united stage dollar became the currency. Basically all of the other countries in the world and Craig used the United States bow. And you know that's what it's the US dollar and -- -- well. Well. Eventually people started not liking the power because of -- of -- printing too many of and so what we bittersweet sent military soon as the middle -- Didn't -- -- that they. All shell oil for US dollar. Well all countries and so we have to have oracle -- have asked the US dollar. Was our military and and -- Yeah we -- -- poor countries that are on looked up at this oil. In -- a grant to transact back discourse you'd think cold is a problem. Global commodity. And third base -- well how old power forward or. But you know what are trying to Indiana. Soldiers. And -- population. We know we have certain and people in that stage but the question a little girl with gold. -- You know they have to go to the goals -- we will. Otherwise we lose did he become. The Third World country or. Yes a mansion. How prosperous those countries are going to be if they go to the gold standard and their -- we we would become. The Third World country our currency would be worth nothing. Well our currency is already worth nothing that point that the perception. The perception that. Not at this like something which is where value comes then value is based on perception. That's correct and all in relation to have money is because you can get it if someone else. Forward goods and you at least in your collection hours because -- out there like the green collar. Here because -- put a marble wall -- the president they're collecting US dollar so they can buy a car and the kids to college. To improve their and the Golden -- and -- So which US dollar for the things they really want to. Well if you bought a car. -- content hurt now your great great happy. You know fought in the civil war right -- here's what we're really you've got a problem. Her old -- confederate well we're going to be about. -- I think you could offer them as souvenirs. You can donate it to a museum. I think it can actually think our -- Confederate money was or something. What kind of the -- But if no -- will accept. Confederate dollars for a third you've got to Concord newspaper. And that's exactly. What your -- If you continue to and question your -- You just keep all of these US dollars -- loud and very difficult. You know today they can you a letter and tell you that you've got a quarter million US dollars -- -- Well -- when things get really I think they can you another -- ball well what you have you know quarter million US state crowd that. The important thing. Yeah you can. In the bathroom and usually they're. -- and most people -- denial that's going to happen. -- but what are some of the practical steps our listeners contain -- liberate themselves and think outside the box. When it comes some living their life about denying time the government system. Well the good musician is yeah the first changes that you make -- going to be medical. You can hold the way to thank the bat usually usually the hardest part. You know stocking up on food do you believe thing. Pictured and in need recruiters art. Here. If I go to the doctor I think got. Basically a -- -- vocal way yeah. No -- the girls -- look at me I -- so why air their ticket I -- -- -- -- there really be -- player has. Soccer in the coming got to give gun salute mr. Gorbachev that got to exercise. You know and you talked they don't you know supplement to get myself back into -- Like really typical the doctor. Want to -- it -- up strong crude and an actress I. Thought it was really know. It's probable. To me. If I quote -- our -- did -- vector at all. -- currently in the -- -- you know maybe there's somebody looks like Milan goal we were on their anger. Now. -- -- And actual bullet. Hit or a wild -- could acquire -- What we don't have liberty liberty would be ever would it would still. And she's got a way to achieve things that start. Happening on your your own mind. Clearly answers. In the what -- you don't. Not a -- you know -- it into a schoolteacher. Who didn't get credit crisis you've got to listen to police frustrated. Do whatever your editors are -- to get it worked out quite a recording and there are vacation. You're so I couldn't -- them. To look towards someone in the story. To tell us what to do that most first thing -- -- You know that's according -- -- -- start thinking for yourself. And recommend. That you watched soccer on fruit. I was in Dallas recently we -- I thought and went to the store and all twelve well then yeah. You know quickly -- they'll want Shiite squelch this ultimately filled again. Let you know people coveted -- -- -- milk and quit golfing immediate. Sort by name. I thought you know maybe a week. Or -- -- -- And controlled jointly and nobody is putting new food on the well. -- you don't have you know and good action. You know late teens and I think this deal -- -- for a little walk like that that -- -- -- the world congress. And it the government says we will give you -- tools that would. It can put this -- -- -- -- -- -- and let -- be really difficult to resist and I are are. You're really really hungry. You'll turning your blood. Could be his legal. And that whole complete your -- Can you stuck up group I would personally -- and let her -- well in additional burden coldest possible. Or important commodity. You know stuck up unquote papers -- -- -- -- -- they put the couple people felt that in the future. And then I believe need to -- guns and ammunition to protect the food on the sort of the Woodstock. Speakers. Certain psychological studies that indicate. Neighbor will be willing to steal -- three days without food and I think it will -- Q after seven days without. This would -- society is very -- And he just look at the way people treat each other people also or a -- more. You would get more -- -- -- great. You know everything is becoming frustrated. The -- property -- Thanksgiving and you know black Thursday and Black Friday. Does that and Saint -- why it. I leave. I. You know he last week to call. Eight short sighted crying that would be impossible for me I didn't commit in my mind. He's got an all. Out there but there's got over the course they -- what I eat. -- camping out and treating each other like. Animals. All absolutely -- I'll buy so we'll let her no I mean this crazy over crap. -- stuff. -- insane hadn't actually isn't saying and that being. To quote we all imagine what would happen if you're hungry. And you've got to feed your family what you know I think it would be Black Friday. Times ten. Yes. Naturally and saying that. And you and I are talking about this people who religion and -- these people are crazy he's never gonna happen. He denied it. The greatest country in the world. It could never happen here what we used to say that something like the wolf creek or creek never hear. We put it this -- Croatia as worry no more direct -- -- happening here. It is happening so absolutely. Michael all. Please share with our listeners. Your web site. Information and -- and he'd have linked the web link to your eight hour course that is online. I cannot recommend. Your course -- I think having an online is great but it does not compare. To experiencing new in person lives. -- web site is constitution. Preservation. Battle. Prosecution preservation dot -- Call eight. Look you can go to the web site -- effort to. My first book which has called quite -- and the others searched for him or secret silently. -- -- -- -- -- -- Which shot or piano only so so. What copied it just sending -- sort ulcer and look. -- -- -- available undermine. Their archives it. There -- seven. One hour video you can watch. And most. Watch a video online and they called me and -- were they in class. -- -- -- this -- Saturday December 14. I would be teaching like black intellectual content less attention. This all sounds familiar to incorporate. -- -- I'll be like glass blocks from the transaction and beat -- 8404. So I'm excited about this class site I know -- -- steps ultimately help support is that. Or have a better. Back to trickle up yet. Life. Torture and thought and of course that's -- they're still pour little the United States we all was well liked it. And we will also have all your links posted on living wealthy radio dot com along with a copy of this sounds. Michael. You take good care again thank you so much for joining us again today. And down. And we wish you well. You can debate we're here thank you all -- competition -- return brought to -- we've got to have presidential -- Friday morning. This presentation is for educational and informational. Purposes. He presented does not consider your particular financial objectives or situation and does not make personalized recommendations this material is not intended to replace the advice to a qualified tax advisor or legal counsel or other professional. You should not. Information in place of personal consultation regarding your specific situation needs prior to taking any action based on this information. Info provided is reliable but we do not guarantee its accuracy and timeliness -- or completeness.