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Retirement 101 12.15.2013

Dec 15, 2013|

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Sunny Ackerman and managing partner from Texas retirements are resistant to. Central Texas there signing isn't parents across Texas and -- -- -- -- -- -- And also because it is going to becoming. Online and take control of their financial -- So now what 3449768. That's 3449768. Good Sunday afternoon folks this is your host sunny Ackerman welcome to my show retirement one on one. That can be heard every Sunday afternoon from 1 o'clock until 130. On the new talk radio thirteen Saturday. Folks every week you'll be here here and we discussed different topics the senate typically around assisting use I do all my clients. Have a -- how to navigate through this sometimes difficult and worrisome thoughts. About how you're handling your money. Folks this year was not just about retirement I cover all types topics. Whether it's getting out of debt without claiming bankruptcy. Sense also since I'm a certified college planner this is a subject I frequently talk about because. Quite frankly about 90% of the parents that I have I visit. And on an initial consultation. Really have. Really have no idea how to process. Of college education and cleaning fort financially. And folks let me say this it is a process. You believe he truly is. I can show you folks that have children in high school how to successfully saved more importantly. Not dipping into your retirement funds. How to save thousands of dollars -- your child's education and other tuition. I've showed perish that thought they could only afford to send their student to a state school because that's what all thought they could afford. How would begin to understand the process and sometimes depending we have quite frankly printed -- primarily on the student. How to get that child into a private school for less out of pocket expense than what state school would cost about your son and now listen up folks. If you son or daughter to day is a freshman or sophomore in high school. You literally have no time to waste because college quite frankly college's first come first serve type situation. -- if you're in that type situation give me call it's 512344976. And it is my office number. Folks I'm not a fee based advisors on my visit with fuel cost you time. But I like I tell hole might my initial clients. Down the road if you wanna tackle this awesome experience yourself it could cost you thousands of your hard earned dollars. Some of the services -- provide for my clients and showing them how to safely grow their asset base in a way it it's easy for them to understand. Let me say this little bit about myself -- I live delinquent. But I travel all over Texas and I've got console protects us. You see I don't require my clients travel to -- I'd make it convenient. My clients because I travel them whether it's going to your home your office. Or maybe just to meet for a cup of coffee. And to be honest with you folks I do different two main reasons. Number one -- primarily -- like a sit for your convenience you don't have to travel to -- way if you live in and -- north Austin. But number two more importantly it is -- now after the thirteen years have been in the financial services business. Typically people on that I visit keep if I was at the home they keep all the financial information and home. So there's a good chance they won't forget something that could be -- into our meeting because like I said most people keep the financial stuff and home. So let me just say this to mistakes. Our country's financial picture of the brightest. Our national debt has increased over 200%. In the last ten years. And you know if you still doing the same old meaning you do ten years ago today in this global economy and believe me it is a global economy. Depending upon of course your -- may be having some sleepless nights right now because of where you are in your financial picture. The most listened -- me say this folks the most constant currency and life is changed. And a lot of people avoid it like it was the play. If you were those folks who just sitting out there wishing and hoping that things are gonna get better for you without looking at new strategies for your family's financial future. Think about what happened in 2008. That tsunami that happened to our stock market you wanna see that happen again to your financial future and your families. If you're listening and in the listening on -- -- thirties or forties. And you -- you were significant other are worried about your financial future to make -- but recently blessed with your first child. And you concerned about what higher education is gonna cost. In eighteen and nineteen years in the -- he should be because it's going to be astronomical. Well listen you're not I can show you safe ways to plan for that necessary expense. Without -- need to India for a one K or your IRA. Or whatever funds you have set aside for retirement. Or maybe you're just sitting around hoping. And praying that the stock -- he chose. Has chosen the right stocks and mutual funds and help you out of this unbelievable situation with FaceBook. If you appoint your life where you were tolerance for risk. Isn't that high as he used to be there's a lot of us out through that just fit that category and you are looking for a safer more reliable way to accumulate wealth. Not just for retirement and at this is just to retirement show. But for a shorter term defined nature of life sooner than later without the worries that are typically associated with many financial instruments. Call me again 512. 3449768. I can show you ideas. That are gearing -- you didn't know existed. Folks have mentioned my show before many many times. No one set in stone financial plan fits everyone -- somebody different stories in the media today that the sky is falling. You'll hear that name you should never invest in this or at your age you should never invest in that. Folks most the time it's the advisor whether they are professional advisor or just a friend to a neighbor. It's talking can typically there is some form of bias in their conversation they have. Something to gain about. And fear into the story. Folks we're gonna take a real quick break here this is your host sunny afternoon you're listening to retirement 101. That can be heard every Sunday afternoon from 1 o'clock until 130 on the new talk radio thirteen seven. -- folks on the sunny Ackerman and managing. Armed services and so what will educate central Texas -- -- parents across Texas and and also look -- is going to become. -- line and take control of their financial lives. Also think now -- 344976. Thing that's totally foreign born 976 day. Okay folks we're back. If you just tuning in you're listening to sunny Ackerman and in my show retirement 101 -- every Sunday afternoon. -- 1 o'clock until 130. On the news talk radio thirteen -- before we took our first break I was talking a little bit about. What sometimes advisors and sometimes good intentioned friends will give you advice. On what to do and what not to invest in it typically sometimes they're putting fear into the story. So we'll hear some advisors generalize and speak in extremes. Like over the past ten years there have been. An average growth rate of ten to 15%. Well -- with a -- selling historically. I don't generalize what my clients as I've said everyone's case is different in -- realizing typically is not healthy for clients. As a financial professional I look at my -- knees on a case by case basis and I'll always look at the specifics of any investment or financial tool. And then after two time spent fact finding which is ultra important. -- present facts not historical. To allow my clients to make the best to Susan. Themselves and for the family. It doesn't matter what you looking to accumulate dollars for the future planning for your child's college education. I use the same approach with everybody before a ticket a a moment to tell people what I want them to put to going to I take time. In fact finding. In finding out what exactly is the client looking for and what their needs. That's what's most important. And that's something that served me and my feeling for years. I personally will go out of my way to do business no matter what the situation is with people. That -- service -- in their chosen profession. I mean think about it folks. In any walk of life that you pitcher -- If if you come across even if it's carpet cleaner or a mechanic who have been the case may be. Think about the effect are they giving you service or they just selling you a commodity or service. But if they give you servers are you willing to go on you when you do business with him again. That's how I've -- a practice docs is giving service and service first. Let me just say this. In the many many years that I've been in the financial service business. That's one thing -- always preached my clients is no matter when -- let me ask you this. To preface this this whole statement it was last time you broker called you just out of the blue anticipate Haiti's -- he's doing -- I didn't call him to. To selling anything or offer any advice on stock or mutual fund. Or any type of bond discount just to say hello how you doing everything okay these are fairly OK -- -- aspects of my profession that I think are Paramount because. We tend to consider myself a salesman I consider myself a consultant. In my main golden can -- profession. The way I handled my business. -- to be of service to my clients because it always comes around to it. The people that TV service. The people look at the business you know I'm not looking for short term client I'm looking for a long term relationship. Okay folks. In this particular segment how will discuss an asset class that most advisors. Don't even. Had very little clue about it and then asset class is precious metals gold and silver. Gold silver folks has been used his money has been held is great for great value. From a 6000. Years. Gold and silver are basically in my opinion viewed as well health insurance protection. It's the most liquid to monetary asset class in the world. Folks golden serve recordings of certain types are accepted throughout the world and they can be easily stored and transported. And more importantly can easily hidden as well and for this reason owning physical gold and silver as opposed to paper. Represents. Financial safety. Privacy as I mentioned wealth insurance protection -- what I mean by wealth insurance protection. We all know the dollar is being evaluated all over the world and I'm not one of these gloom and doom top advisors. It wants to scare the heck out of people about what's going on our economy it's obvious if you turn on the TV you'll see what's going on currency union. There's a bunch of guys talking about -- consider the skies -- I'm not one of those guys but here's what I know I do know that these two precious commodities if they're purchased in the right way. Can't last as monetary asset class for you and your family for many years to come. Investing in gold and silver today -- the right type is an excellent upside potential for you. You -- folks silver like gold. Has been used in some money for centuries. But unlike gold -- get this. Silver has more industrial uses. So the supply of silver's been depleted and -- on the day to day basis. Today -- let me say this is matches I know about the gold silver market today enormous shortfall. Is developing -- silver. He looked at top -- -- brokers for decades have talked about the need to diversify your portfolio. Don't put all your eggs in one basket they -- When was the last time your broker mentioned using this asset class. -- live breathe your family's portfolio. And to leverage your financial protection. Very few that I know of like -- -- folks think of only -- asset class this wealth protection for the future. Look here's the thing. As our country's debt crisis continues along with what's going on in other countries like Greece and Ireland Italy and Spain. And most of Europe. Remember. We live now in the global economy what happens in Europe directly affects the US dollar. And directly affects the stock market the US stock market you know the papers that we print like crazy isn't what that we used to be worth. It just isn't the dollar is being evaluated everywhere there's some countries it wouldn't take it in like -- -- the beginning of my show. Investors. Everywhere that I see you are looking for a safe haven to park a portion of their assets. How do you feel comfortable running stock market roller coaster today. Is it simply that it based on what happened in 2008. And folks let me just say this in 2008 I had cries that that lost anywhere between 6065%. Of their net worth. Because most of their money was in the stock market. You wanna have that happen to a kid and I'm not saying we're looking we're going towards another tsunami about everything that I read here from the economist. Saying that things are not going to be is -- as they are today and -- more. The -- a couple of key reasons to look into this particular asset class and one reason why looked into as well. Not only for myself but more poorly from a -- There's two of the biggest reasons our number one privacy. And number two liquidity. Now let's let's tackle privacy first privacy because due to coins needs in condition. In its scarcity certain corners are classified as collectible. And therefore are known dealer reportable. Now don't read into the fact that I'm telling you that hey you don't have to pay your taxes. On the sale of precious metals and they're considered a capital gain on saying is if you find it credible dealer which I can show you. That credible dealer because I worked with several. All I'm saying is that they do not for a court. Sale of that commodity but it's certain. Particular age. That has to fall under. Okay. Let me also say this about this conversation. Is for a silver goes let's let's look at liquid liquidity. As far as liquidity for these rare coins which I'm basing this conversation on there are two -- ratio between fifty. Buyers. To one seller. What does that tell you that the -- class. Coax them to stop right here in just two. -- you real quick break again you're listening to sunny Ackerman and my show retirement when no one can be heard every Sunday afternoon. From 1 o'clock until 130. On the new taught me. Folks -- with no regret that. Sunny Ackerman commanding. I guess this retirement services and so what will educate central Texas area sinuses parents across Texas and Atlanta credential. -- -- -- -- And also because it is going to become. Online and take control of their financial lives. Also think now at 3449768. That's 3449768. OK folks we're back if you're just tuning in you're listening to sunny Ackerman. My show retirement 101 can be heard every Sunday afternoon from 1 o'clock. Until 130. On the news talk radio thirteen seventy. Before we took our last break I was talking a little bit about precious metals and how they can offer a wealth protection for you and your family. And there are certain types. Of precious metals that are. Really truly most people can't find it now. Here's a key thing. You have to be able to find these these products. From reliable dealers if a dealer is in part. Of an industry. Regulation it's called alienate and that's the American news -- association. Don't buy from them I find so many clients have dreamt I spoke with -- about this asset class. Start buying points on the Internet and if you don't know what you're doing -- you beginning -- that just aren't worth with or not going to be worth. Which you think they might be worth. There's also something this -- BI CTA. And that's the industry council for tangible assets those are two particular aspects of buying gold and silver that if you -- by that. You need to -- and that from a dealer. It is part of those two particular -- regulations. Don't. As far as to act asset -- -- -- this -- precious metals in my opinion. Is pretty quick frankly to buy and hold strategy. I typically recommend anywhere between two to four years to hold onto those before we decide to sell. So if you're out there listening to you right now when you're one of those virus is looking for a five to six month investment. Don't buy gold and silver because it won't give -- the returns and two to four year. Hold we'll bring. It up let me ask you this why do you think China is encouraging its people to buy gold and silver. Since the Chinese Government started allowing their citizens to purchase this asset class a few years ago. China has soared to the number you can quarter of gold in the world. Only behind India and yeah maintains the number one position. Get this in July of 2011. Just a couple of years ago. Folks marked the beginning of the Chinese silver's futures market that trades in the Hong Kong. Mercantile exchange the what does that tell you. Do they know something that we don't. -- golden silver is high on their list. While they -- to compete in the US dollar. And then as the Chinese Central Bank builds its gold and silver reserves. With the hope of this being the new reserve. -- -- reserve currency. It's that simple. And can do they know something that we haven't crest yet. For those people out there in the listening -- -- are looking to add something to their investment strategy. That's truly diverse. And growing in value deeply. I would look at gold and silver as a safe alternative to just and other going down by an -- darker by another mutual fund. If you would like more information about how in the what it. In those the two most important aspects of this asset class. Is how to buy it and what to buy because there are certain coins that are more valuable to others and I know how to buy them call me at five point two. 3449768. -- be happy to help you with this valuable commodity. Also you can use an -- -- this he can also using it for gold you can also put qualified money. In gold which is your IRA that's qualified money you can put Irene money into gold. Call -- again at 512344976. Say not tell you all about that. Folks if you would like more information regarding the topics I discussed whether it's becoming debt free. Or wealth accumulation. You know many many times in my shows -- discuss these particular topics but maybe it's saving on instruments interest payments that your interest to him. Maybe it's your small business owner and you're looking to reduce the high interest your pain on business loans for your office supplies Asia travel. Maybe it's company colors. I can show you more effective way to find your business. Maybe union thirties and you just starting a family. I can't think about how much college education is gonna cost you another eighteen disk 219 years. And again these are all stressful situations that I can help you with my phone number again -- 512. 3449768. Or simply just go to my website. WWW. Dot take assists retirement dot com. That particular website we'll tell you all about the strategies in the services that my company provides. And based on my show today for those -- you that have an interest. In gold and silver. Which is becoming a he's very strong commodity and has been for years on the marketplace combing a 5123449768. Folks this is your host sunny Ackerman my -- retirement 101 can be heard every Sunday afternoon. From 1 o'clock and 213800. And talk review thirteen seven. Have a great Sunday.

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